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The Wibaux pioneer. (Wibaux, Mont.) 1907-1919, October 21, 1910, Image 1

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Tfte Wibaux 3*inneef
Addresses the Citizens
Upon Political Issues
Republicanism and Stalwartism
Vigorously Denounced.
Carterism Arraigned
On Monday afternoon tlie Hon.
T. 4. Walsh, the Democratic can
didate for Uniied States Senator,
arrived in Wibaux according to
schedule. He was escorted by sev
eral autos that made a brief tour
through the farming country con
tiguous to the city. The meeting
was called to order at 3 o'clock in
the opera house by the chairman
Mr. W. H. Rucker. The intro
ductory speech was made by C. C.
Hurley who spoke to a fair sized
audience. The speaker took up
most of his time in reading an ar
raignment of Senator Thomas H.
Carter, made sometime ago by Mr,
V/iley of Helena.
Mr. Hurley was followed by
tie* Hon. T. J. Walsh, who paid
the citizens of Wibaux a glowing
tribute upon the tine farming coun
try witn which they Were blessed,
quoting from Thomas'Jefferson he
said that the farmers whose life
were identified with the soil were
the most virtuous, and the most
industrious class of citizens that
the country possessed. And for
that reason he the speaker was en
deavoring to champion the cause
of the people as against the cor
porate interests of tin* country.
In support of this statement the
Hon. speaker referred to the liti
gation in which he was interested
in behalf of the.state of Montana,
iu preventing-the Northern Pacif
ic from socuring a patent to 1120
acres of the best and richest min
eral lands in this state, which they
contend they have a right to, for
lands which they surrendered to
the government for the Rainier
Park Reservation, which was ab
solutely worthless, in spite of the
fact, under the homestead act such
lands are exempt from Railroad
grants and homestead purposes.
The speaker then referred to
Senator Carter's political career as
an office holder since the year 18
88, and at the same time the at
torney and supporter of railroads
and railroad interests. The speak
er then proceeded to show that the
main issue today was that of the
people against the trusts and in
Wood and
Plow Work.
Gasoline and
Steam engine
Wibaux - — Montana.
support ot his contention he cited J
the great battle in tin* House ami J
Senate over the Turriff Revision, ;
showing how r the Insurgent Re
publicans were strenously opposed
to the schedules that were adopted
under the dictation of Senator Al
drich, and his pliant tool Senator
Tlios. H. Carter of Montana. The
speaker showed eonclusivly that
the senior Senator of Montana vot
ed to raise the Tariff on iron ore,
cotton goods, farm machinery, and
crude petroleum, commodities that
effect the voters of this state to an i
interesting degree when there w 7 as
absolutely no necessity for it. He
then referred to the adoption of a
Corporation Tax Bill, which was a
substitute for the defeat of the In
come Tax Bill, and in the consid
eration of this question he demon
strated that Senators Aldrich and
Carter were the moving spirits in
the defeat of the
peoples' measure
the Income Tax,
and securing the
adoption o f the
Corporation Tax
Bill, the measure
of the Corporat
ions. H e then
spoke in relation
t o the Railroad
Regulation Bill
whose provisions
were s o vicious
a n d obnoxious
when introduced
in the Senate that
it called forth the
denunciations of
such men as Sen
ators LaFollette,
Cumings, Dolliv
er, and Beve
ridge and a s a
consequence i t
was so amended
as to contain the
provision that the
railroads should
not charge more
for the short haul
than for the long
haul. To the cred
it o f our Sena
tor be it said, he voted for this
bill as amended.
The Honorable Gentleman then
urged the voters of Dawson Coun
ty to support Dr. Donahue, who
would go to the legislature and
help ehet a United States Senator
who would rather do the will of
the people than the bidding of the
The Literary
Dont forget the Literary Saturday
night in the opera house. Every
body come. This is for all. Good
musical program.
Subscribe for the Pioneer—,
HTly HUibaux Countv JFarm
par from the maddening crowd is my Wibaux County farm,
Whose teeming fields bring us our daily bread;
A home-like, lowly dwelling, cleanly, snug and warm,
With broad blue prairie skies hung overhead.
We are not burdened with the miser's hoard of gold,
No costly furniture stands in our way;
Bnt we can keep away the wolf of want and cold,
Can keep from owing debts we cannot pay.
Our table with the staff of life is daily spread,
With blazing welcome stirs the evening fire;
The howling blizzard may be raging o'er our head —
Safe is our shelter though the strife be dire.
Our farm is tilled, what though our home is small,
And we can only offer simple fare!
As long as we can know our friends though great, or small,
Are true as gold, why need we longer care' 1 '
We have our cares, and sorrows as all mortals do,
Some difficulties that we bravely meet;
We have our chores and tasks with which we grapple true!
But then, we have our joys, so pure and sweet.
Think you, that such a life too even in its flow?
Too silent, calm, or barren of events?
Its simple ways too still? I do not knows;
I think he conquers all who wins content.
C. E. W.
Registeration Notice
This is to certify, That I will
sit within each and every pre
cinct and register the qualified
voters of registration District No.
2 at the time and place as follow:
Yates, precinct No. 35 from
October 24 to October 26, at Wi
baux' precinct No. 2 from Octob
er 18 to October 22, at Wibaux, j
precinct No. 2 from October 27 to |
Octodea 29, at Hodges, October
17, between the hours of 9 a. m.
and 9 p. m. of each day. Those
who from sickness, or other caus
es. were unable to register dur
ing the two weeks designated,
will register at my home office
on Monday, October 31st,
W. E. Williamson,
Registration Agent District No. 2.
Taken up—One bay mare, star
on shoulder amt jaw 7 , very small
spot in forehead, weight about
1,000 lbs. R. E. Sutton, Carlyle,
Montana. Sec. 22-10-60 10-2t
The Celebrated Maytag is the
worlds greatest Hill Climber, the
Champion country car, Goes
farthest, Comes back surest, Sell
quickest and last longest, most
wonderful for power, speed and
simplicity. They climb 50 per
cent grades. They run 50 miles
an hour. Climbed Mt. Helena,
height 6000 ft. on June 1. The
first wheel vehicle ever to get up.
Frank & Johnson, Agents for
Dawson county Glendive, Mont.
Learn wireless & R. R. Telegraphy!
Shortage of fully 10,000 Operators
on account of 8 —hour law and ex
tensive "wireless" developments.
We operate under direct supervis
ion of Telegraph Officiuls and pos
itively place all students, when
qualified. Write for catalogue.
Nat,l. Telegraph lust.. Cincinnati,
Philadelphia,Memphis, St. Paul,
Minn., Enid,H)kla., Columbia, S.
C., Hortland, Ore.
The undersigned wish to give
notice to the farmers that here
after their elevators will be closed
on Sundays.
Signed, J. C. Kinney Elev- Co.,
Farmers' Elev. Co., Wibaux Elev.
Called by the Chamber of
Commerce of Wibaux
Further Organization Effected
Committees Appointed
Means Discussed.
The mass meeting called by the
Chamber of Commerce of Wibaux
for Tuesday evening met in the op-'
era house. The meeting was call
ed to order by T. J. Bnshell the
chairman; who formally announced
the purpose of the convention, af
ter wdiieh he called upon several
of the prominent citizens and agi-;
tators of the question of the Coun
ty division.
References were made to the fact
that the territory contiguous to
and conveniently accessable to the
city of Wibaux w as one of the main
reasons why action in this matter
should be taken, that the topo
graphy more than the mere geo
graphical lines w 7 ere the outstand
ing argument in its favor
It was indisputably demonstrated
that down in Custer county, with
in the territory proposed to be in
cluded in the said new county of
and that without even raising the
assesse l valuation there were acc
ruing from these lands about $90,
000 of taxes per year which would
be more than adequate to run the
machinery and make improvements
as may be reason ably demanded.
The various speakers witnessed
the fact that for the administration
of county affairs, this division was
necessary and demanded, in that
the remotest citizens of these coun
ties at the present time were com
pelled to travel 150 miles to the
county seat, that for civil and legal
purposes sncli as the subvening
of witnesses and the empaneling of
juries from these remote sections
it was necessary. It was stated
Wibaux, There
was a million and
a quarter of tax
a b 1 e property,
netting to the
county of Custer
about $42,000 per
year in the shape
of taxes out o f
which that vicin
ity receives in re*
turn $7,000 of
that for school
purposes only.
No improvments
of an y nature
whatsoever i s
made and not a
single dollar ex
pended to benefit
the farmers o
that section o
the country. 11
was further
shown that with
in the entire ra
dius of the pro.
posed territory
there were three
millions oh tax
a b 1 e property,
based upon the
low valuation of
$2.50 per acre,
that many a wrong would he tol
erated rather than go to the ex
pense entailed by distance, of tak
ing witnesses etc., to the county
seat for civil actions.
It was also shown that the pres
ent county of Dawson, outside the
city of Glendive, is not greater iu
population than the newly propos
ed county of Wibaux, and that the
amount of taxable property accord
ing to valuation is not greater in
the whole of Dawson county than
would he included in the newly
proposed county.
Resolutions were adopted rati
fying and making permanent the
officers duly elected at a previous
meeting of the Chamber of Com
merce. The following committees
were appointed: Chairman T. J.
Busliell; Secretary: E. F. Fisher;
Treasurer: Roy Chappell; Finance
Committee: A1 Davis, Paul Fish
er, Roy Chappell.
Executive Committee; T. J.
Busliell, W. H. Rucker, Al Dav
is, E. E. Jordan, R. C. Chappell,
H. K, Schuster. J. C. Kinney, W.
A. Orgain, E. F. Fisher, B. Par
sons, S. B. Chappell, W. H. North
L, C. Faltermeyer.
Dawson Republican Ticket
For Represenative— David C.
Maxwell, Glendive.
For Clerk and Recorder—R. L.
For County Commissioner—
Allison Davis.
For County Treasurer—Ira
Bendon, Glendive.
For Couuty Attorney-Frank
P. Leiper, Glendive.
For Sheriff—D. C. Finch,
For Asssessor—Chas. F. Beau,
For Surveyor-R. T. Hurdle,
For County Superintendent—
Miss Camilla Osborne, Glendive.
For Public Administrator—C.
E. Tisdale, Glendive.
For County Coroner—C. A.
Kinney, Glendive.
The Bank of Yates [Unincorpor
ated] new management, respons
ibility $200,000.00 is doing a gen
eral banking business; handles
farm lands, farm loans and writes
fire and hail insurance, We cor
dially invite you to call and get
.... Vote For....
L. C. Faltermeyer
For County

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