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Wibaux Pioneer
She Heading IBewspaper of IKHibauxssSworn Circulation 1468
Is Coming
Burgderfer, "the man with
the smile worth while", was
born in Carson City, a little
Michigan town which can boast
of nothing but morning, noon,
and night. The only diverson
was a Lyceum course in the win
ter. Rain or shine Burgderfer
occupied a box in the front of
the hall. The shivers and in
spiration received started him
on the way to fame and success.
Nature has done much for
him, however. He was born
funny. His advent into the
world was a joke, for the fam
ily runs to girls—his sisters are
all girls. Even the doctor's an
nouncement of his first appear
ance in public caused the fam
ily to smile. Born with an in
nate desire to amuse people, we
find him at the tender age of five
managing his own circus in the
barn, admission ten pins, the
family cat (near Angora) and
his spotted coach dog making up
the men menagerie.
In school we find him recog
nized as authority on the manu
facture of paper wads, conduct
ing many a warm debate with
his teacher, always taking the
negative side and never con
quered except by the faith cure
—that is, the laying on of hands.
His first appearance as a sure
enough "funny feller" taking
real money begins when he was
engaged to travel with the Hills
dale College Glee Club, the col
lege that produced the famous
poet, Will Carleton. Three
years with this company made
Burgderfer big enough to star
alone. He has appeared at
scores of the leading educational
institutions all over the United
States, at over 200 of the larg
est Chautauquas, on hundreds
of the best lecture courses, and
from every section of the country
committees report him the great
est funmaker ever on their pro
grams. His return dates are
not exceeded by any humorist
on the American platform. Do
not fail to hear him when he is
here. He is coming to our city
Thursday, October, 30th.
Fall and Winter Underwear! 1
_________ t#
We are opening the fall and winter season with a great display of good underwear. This is a rare op- X
portunity to secure your season's supply of underwear because now is the time when the heavier weights j*
are required. Make your selections early while the ^tock is complete. Underwear for men, women and &
children. Union and two piece suits in cotton ribbed, fleeced lined, part wool, silk and wool or all wool.
Come to Our Store. You will find that we are selling good merchandise at prices that all can afford to pay. Quality Always Higher Than Price. ^
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Che HOI. B. ©rgain Company "Che {people's popular (Trading Center" j*
The W. A. Orgain Co., Wibaux, f
A test case which will be of
interest to every stockman in
this territory was that which
was tried Saturday evening in
district court before Judge Hur
ley. Arthur Parsons, the well
known horseman of Wibaux,
had brought an action to test
the authority of the Live Stock
Sanitary Board to kill stock
which is running upon the open
range. 1 his came as the result
of the recent order of the state
board, putting a temporary
quarantine upon parts of Daw
son and Custer counties during
the prevalence of dourine.
Dr. W. J. Butler, the state
veterinarian, was present in
person, and was ably represent
ed by Attorney General Kelly,
who came down from Helena for
the hearing. Mr. Parsons was
also well represented by counsel
in the persons of Judge Loud of
Miles City, and attorney F. P.
Leiper of Glendive.
Several witnesses were exam
ined, but the time was far too
short to bring in all the necess
ary testimony, so after a session
lasting into the late evening,
Judge Hurley continued the case
until November 18, at which
time the state board and Mr.
Parsons will have all their testi
mony in
Attorney General Kelly was
assisted by the county attorney's
office. Several prominent dis
trict veterinarians were also
This will be the first case of
the kind decided in Eastern
Montana and consequently will
be watched with extreme in
terest, as it will have an inti
mate bearing upon the future
action of the Live Stock Sani
tary Board and every individual
stockman of the territory affect
ed.—Glendive Independent.
Dont forget the corn and pota
toe show Saturday, Nov. 1st.
Bring your bushel of dent corn or
five bushels of potatoes commer
cial standard to the Davis Hall,
Saturday morning before 10 a. m.
An N. P, expert will judge the
entries and lecture in the after
noon on the culture of these crops.
Mr. Davis landed in Montana
in 1885, and located in Custer
county, working around for the
different ranchers. In 1892 he
commenced for himself in the
cattle and stock business. In
1904 Mr. Davis purchased 9600
acres of N. P. railroad land and
through this business forsight
he became independent, the
land more than doubling in val
ue in less than three years. He
located in Wibaux in 1906 and
at this time he is president of
the Wibaux Improvement Co.,
and also president of the Wibaux
Telephone Co. Mr. Davis owns
the townsite of Dennis, the
coming county seat of Fallon
county, and he is also vice-pres
ident of the Dennis Elevator Co.
He is one of Wibaux's best!
boosters and when Wibaux
county was trying to be formed
he sacrificed his time and money
in this good cause. He has con
siderable property in this city
owning the Davis Addition to
Wibaux and he offers every in
ducement to the people in get
ting them to help build up this
section of the city. Mr. Davis
is a self made man in that he has
succeeded through his own in
itiative and with few of the ad
vantages that now smooth the
pathway of the ambitious young
Chas. Anderson, Glenn Leath
ermon, T. Parker, Mons Kert
vold, K. R. Bergin and Thos.
Hamre were in the latter part
of last week and leased railroad
land adjacent to their homes.
Progressive-Republican Ticket
State Senator: C. D. Newbary,
Commissioners: B C Baldwin
E Fitzimmon, B M Melum
Sheriff: Jas. Thompson
Treasurer: John Oliver
Attorney: Martin Flatted
Clerk & Recorder: F. C. Bunn
Clerk Dist Court: J. H. Keener
Assessor: Otto Enersori
Representative: M. A Slireve
Superintendent of Schools:
Clarence E Yokley
Surveyor: HL Cory
Coroner: T J Martin
Administrator: L M Beeinan
Democratic Ticket
State Senator: Robt F Ridgway
Representative: W E Wear
Sheriff: Matt J ones
Clerk of Dis Court: John Car
lock, Jr.
Commissioners; C PStorkle, B
B Gross, and C L Wood.
Attorney: J C Dousman
Surveyor: M P Meffert
Administrator: E A Mulkey
Supt of Schools: Miss Grace
Clerk A Recorder: J H Booth
Coronor: W H Young
Assessor: Paul Me Lean
Treasurer: Geo G Grain
Benefits of Advertising
Talk about the benefits of ad
vertising. Down in Florida not
long ago a family lost a child
which they supposed had stray
ed away from home and got lost.
After searching in vain for a
bout three days the frantic par
ents placed an advertisement in
the nearest newspaper. Imag
ine the surprise of the parents
i upon going to the door the next
morning to see a monster alli
gator upon the doorstep, where
he disgored the child alive and
and then died himself. The ad.
cost 25 cents, and it gave them
| back their darling child: they
sold the alligator hide for $5.00
and the parents are showing the
child in all the dime museums of
the land at $50 per week. Does
advertising pay?
Big Rally at
Dennis Nov. 1st
On Saturday, November 1st,
at Dennis will take place a big
barbecue and rally. The noted
orator, Mark F. Jones and Law
yer Waldron will address the
people on why Dennis should
be the county, seat and a grand
time is planned for all who at
tend. At noon a big free lunch
will be served and in the eve
ning a big dance will be held.
Everybody is urged to be pres
ent as arrangements are being
made by the Dennis people to
provide comfortable warm shel
ter in case of inclement weather.
The Dennis people are awak
ening to the fact that Dennis
should be the county seat of
Fallon county and every effort
will be put forth to land this
much coveted prize. Dennis is
ideally situated and if it should
win, a railroad would soon run
into that prosperous little city.
The Dennis citizens are all fine
people and if you attend the big
rally and barbecue on November
1st you will surely have the
time of your life and will never
regret going. Join the big
crowd and go out and see the
coming county seat of Fallon
Hurry! Hurry! We're No Camel
..... ..
Last week we called our sub
scribers attention to the fact
that all subscriptions which
were due should be paid so that
it would not necessitate our go
ing to you personally and asking
for it. Now some have come in
and paid up during this week
but there are a number that are
still delinquent and to these we
must say that we need the mon
ey due us and would appreciate
it very much if you would come
in at once and settle. All those
who are not in by the last of this
month will see us before them
with our little bill, for we must
have our lists in shape by that
time. Now do not compell us to
come to you but run right down
and get the matter straightened
out at once.

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