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Covering Operations and Developments of Kevin-Sunburst F^eld Fully Each Week and Briefly All Oil News of Montana
oiLi the Kevin Courier inews
KEVIN, Toole County, Mont., Wednesday, July 26, 1922.
$2.50 per Tear
Volume 1, Number 13
Oil Showing at Louis Well Said to Assure Production Soon
That the deductions of Dorsey Hager, the Sunburst
Oil & Gas Co.'s new geologist, as to the location of the dome
in the eastern part of the Kevin-Sunburst field are contrary
to the advertised theory of the company's first geologists
is made definite in a second statement issued by Mr. Hager
and published in a Great Falls paper following the publica
tion of his first statement and comment on same.
"The center of this giant structure is near the Troy
'Svveet Grass well in séction 21, township 34, range 2 west,"
says Mr. Hager and further adds "that the Sunburst well
is near the axis of a large north-south fold which is a part
of the big structure to the south," placing Kevin adjacent
to the main dome, if Mr. Hager's de-*
ductions are correct. With the Camp
bell discovery well to the northw'est
of Kevin and the Louis well, now be
lieved to be in oil, just north of the
town and the Rocky Ridge dome ex
tending across the immediate territory
of this place, Kevin has every pros
pect of being in the center of a field
of tremendous possibilities. This does
not preclude other towns within the
Sweet Grass Arch from being on or
near oil, as some geologists of repute
are working and recommending other
portions of the great Arch from the
border at Sweet Grass south a great
distance, and the showdngs of oil in
the Gladys-Belle well in the Sweet
Grass hills is further evidence that a
vast territory W'ill be found to contain
Continuing, in part, the Hager
statement says:
Apex of Dome
"The apex of this great dome is
now well recognized by all the large
'dl companies, as well as our own
With the Aloe
syndicate to the
including the dis
to the northwest and
to the
(Continued on Page 8)
Campbell No. 3
Close to Kevin
Material Being Hauled to Location of
G. C, K. S. No. 3 Well in Section 26
Only One Mile North of Kevin.
And closer and still closer to the
limits of the Kevin town site are the
oil derricks being erected. Announce
ment was made at the Gordon Camp
bell officè here Monday that the lo
cation of the No. 3 well for the origi
nal Camphell-Kevin syndicate had
been spotted on the northeast of the
quarter of section
township 35, range 3 west, less
mile dii'ectly north of the Kevin
townsite, and that material for stand
ard rig was being hauled to the loca
tion and the pit dug.
to the east, the Gladys-Belle 'i hree
the Louis
In-One to the northeast,
and now the No. 3
north, the bunch
cover y well
Holding & Royalty company
west, the center city oil camp L about
surrounded with we:
The new site of the syndicate third
well is on ground owned by A. Gocd
dertz, Sr., who, with his son, is part
owner of the Kevin townsite and hold
er of much acreage now considered oil
land, and the hole to be drilled will
not only bring the actual field closer
to this town but wil no doubt soon re
ward one of the town's pioneers who
has helped to make the discovery and
development possible.
or rigs.
Hogan Well Spudded
The Senator T. S. Hogan well, 22
'spudded in' July 18,
35-2 west, was
according to George Perry,
manager, but continuance of drilling
had been held up the latter part of
the week due to shortage of fuel. This
location is about midway between the
Ohio wells and the Gas Ridge sector
and will be another interesting test
and according to latest deductions a
vexy likely one for oil.
, »
Women may be men's equals, but
you'd insult a lot of superior women
if you told them so.
Ranchers Believe
Troy Report True
Residents of District in Which Troy
Sweet Grass Deep Test Is Being
Made Say Inside Information Is
That Oil Strike Is Fact.
That a considerable quantity of oil
has been found in the deep test hole
being made by tfye Troy-Sweet Grass
Oil Syndicate with a diamond drill,
northeast of the northwest of section
28-34-1 west, is the belief of ranchers
living in that vicinity, according to
Arthur Pederson who was transacting
business in Kevin Saturday. He liver
in that section and says the rumors
and press reports being circulated
last Friday are true if people in close
touch with drilling operations can be
relied upon.
The report which reached Kevin
Friday morning and sent to Great
Falls papers is as follows and these
reports of oil showings of this well
have been so persistent that Kevin
people are inclined to believe that the
showings of oil are of a substantial
"Insistent rumors that the Troy
Sweetgrass well, on Gas Ridge anti
cline, was in production in the De
vonian formation met regretful denial
at the office of the Troy-Sweetgrass
in Shelby.
"This telegram was received by a
Great Falls operator from a Cut Bank
" 'Troy-Sweetgrass brought in to
day (July 20). Oil rose to 700 feet
from the top of casing.'
"The news spread rapidly and the
wires to Shelby were literally burned
up with inquiries. The Leader called
the Troy-Sweetgrass office, learning
that though there have been excellent
showings of oil, there is no sand as
yet and accordingly no production.
''Drilling is proceeding in alternate
layers of shale and limestone and it
is believed that the limestone will
shortly disappear, after which a sand
is expected. The hole is now down
2327 feet."
Kevin Oil Man Is
Donor Child Home
The Montana Deaconess School for
Children at Helena is one thousand
dollars richer as the result of the
generosity of Kevin's pioneer oil man
and discoverer of the oil field, Gordon
Campbell. The donation was the result
of the visit of Rev. John Chirgwin,
field superintendent of the school,
who was at Kevin Thursday and Fri
day. The institution was established
14 years ago by Rev. W. W. Van Ors
del, commonly known as "Brother
Van," with others. Since that time,
over 2,000 children have found a home
and received a good education at the
school according to Rev. Chirgwin.
The school is conducted under the
auspices of the Deaconesses of these
United States.
At the present time a magnificent
new building is being erected to ac
commodate the ever-increasing num
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Through Madison
Shelby, July 21.—The Troy-Sweet
gras.s well has drilled through the
Madison limestone, found to be about
700 feet thick, and is now drilling in
a brown shale which is heavily im
pregnated with oil, according to men
returning from the Gas Ridge anti
cline. Production is expected in the
Devonian, sands of which are at
around 2,500 feet. No sand has yet
been found below the limestone. A
complete log of the field will be yield
ed by the core of this drill. The well
is located on the highest point, struc
turally, it is said by some, in the Ke
vin-Sunburst field.
Drilling today was in a black shale,
according to advices from the Troy
Sweetgrass office. The drill passed
through 50 feet of blue lime and final
ly 150 feet of black lime, making 930
feet of what is considered the Madison
lime. The black shale is getting
coarser and is expected to show a sand
soon. Throughout the last 200 feet
of drilling there have been showings
of oil seepages in crevices in the lime
and oil is coming up through the col
umn of water, showing on the sump.
The Madison lime varies from 700
to 1,250 feet in thickness in Montana,
and it is believed that the Troy-Sweet
grass is now through the lime, into
the Devonian, believed to be the
source of oil.
R.R. Strike Begins to
Be Felt in Oil Field
The strike of part of the railway
workers started July 1 is already be
ing felt here in the way of belated,
freight shipments, much drilling ma
terial and tools which should have
been in have not arrived.
The blanket embargo on certain
classes of shipments, announced by
W. P. Kenney, vice president and di
rector of traffic of the Great North
ern last week is drastic, and prohibits
The site is on the southwest of the
"dead freight" southeast of section 3-36-3 west, on
building mater- [ the Baum permit, about one mile
north of the Campbell discovery well,
the shipping from Great Falls of any
thing but so-called
shipments, such as
ials, coal and lumber.
This rule applies to all shipments and the company was named because
within the state of Montana, but does there are some who contend that the
which, or near which,
the Apex is to drill is the apex of the
Rocky Ridge structure. The No. 2
well of the original Gordon Campbell
Kevin syndicate is only a short dis
tance east and north of the Apex site.
This particular district is scheduled
for much drilling.
not apply to interstate shipments. It j ground upon
means that no Montana town will be
able to ship foodstuffs by freight in
any neighboring town.
Towns without reserve food supply
must either secure their provisions by
express or by shipping overland by
Every man approves the strict en
förcement of all laws that don't af
fect him. ^
Same with wives as with auto
mobiles—it's not the original cost,
but the upkeep.
Development Activities
T. S. Hogan,22-35- 2W.
Ohio-O'Hanna No. 1, section 26-36
2 west.
Ohio-Claire Stevenson No. 1, section
3-35-2 west.
Ohio-Swayze No. 1, section 34-36-2
Ohio-Sanden No. 1, section 1-35-2
Ohio-Davey No. 1, section 34-36-2
Ohio-Davey No. 2, section
Rice No. 1, NW NW 8-35-2W.
Homestake No. 2, 26-35-2W.
Black Magic Oil company', SW SE
Gordon Campbell-Kevin Syndicate
No. 1, NE NE 16-35-3W.
Sunburst Oil & Gas company No. 1,
SE SW 34-36-2W.
Holding and Royalty, SE NE 21
No. 1,
section 2-35-2
Sunburst Ohio No. 1, NE NW 3
Aloe Oil Syndicate No. 1, SE NW
Rainbow No. 1 NW SE 9-35-3W.
Orchard No. 1, SE SE 9-35-3W.
Coe No. 1, SW SW 4-36-2W.
Gladys Belle, NE NE 19-37-4 east.
A. E. Louis Corporation, NE SE,
Homestake No. 1, NE NW 3-35-2W.
Three-In-One Oil Syndicate No. 1,
SW SW 8-35-1W.
Troy-Sweet Grass Oil company No.
1, NE NW 28-34-1W.
Sunburst Oil & Gas company No. 2,
NE SE 5-35-2W.
California company No. 1, SE SE
10-35-3W. Shut down, 500.
Gladys-Belle-Fulton No. 1, NE NE
Gladys-Belle-Three-In-One No. 2,
NE SE 18-35-2W.
Gordon Campbell-Kevin Syndicate
No. 2, SW SW 10-35-3W.
Ohio-Reibe No. 1, NW NE 3-3o-
- .A . :■
O'Neil & Catlett, NE 15-35-3W.
Rainbow No. 2, NW NW 15-35-3W.
Sweet Grass Oil and Land No. 1,
SW SW 6-35-1W.
Producers Oil & Gas, SW SW 21
Sunburst-Ohio No. 2 SW SE 34-36
Potlatch No. 1, SE SW 27-34-1W.
Big West No. 1,NW NW 6-34-1W.
California Co., SE SE 13-34-2W.
Potlatch No. 2, NW SW 28-34-1W.
Apex No. 1 SW SE 3-35-3W.
Mid-Northern, 9-35-2W.
Sunburst O. &. L. Co., 10-34-2W.
Dawson-Merkle No. 1, NWü NE M
Reported Canadian
Gusher Now Denied
Calgary,' July 20.
-The Fabyan well
ha., come in with a gusher. For a time
yesterday, oil was shooting 110 feet
V'. the air. The Imperial Oil com
pany's employees succeeded in parti
ally capping it late in the afternoon,
but during the evening the well was
still pouring out oil in large quanti
i'hfi strike is considered the biggest
one in the history of Alberta.
Calgary, July 20.—The Herald to
day ^ys: "The report that a gusher
had teen brought in on the Imperial
Oil company's property at Fabyan on
Wednesday has been denied by offi
cials pf the company. W. M. McQueen,
vice-president of the Imperial Oil
company, who is at present holidaying
at Banff, told the Herald over the
}png distance telephone that the ru
mored strike of an oil gusher was
without foundation in fact.
"It is not true," he declared. "A
condition has simply arisen, similar
to that of a month ago, when heavy
V lack tar and water up through the
gas pressure forced a substance of
Activity at Border
Coutts, July 15.—Oil activity on the
Alberta side of the border has taken
on a new' spurt this week with the ar
( Continued on Page 8)
Apex Puls Star Rig
On Site Early Drill
A Keystone No. 27 rig was hauled
from Kevin to the location_of the pro
nged operations of the Apex Petrol
eum company Saturday and as the
preliminary work of erecting bunk
houses, digging pit, etc., has been go
ing on for some time under the di
i'ections of Field Manager, John G.
Schwab, spudding in of the well is
expected the latter part of this week
early next week.
A reiwtrt from the Louis well Monday was
that the oil showing was so strong that it was
quite certain it would be brought in shortly.
One report was that oil was standing in the
casing fifty feet, but this could not be con
Work of bridging back the Ohio-Reibe
No. 1 is said to be in progress and the well Is
to be shot, it is expected.
Reports today convey the information that gas has ap
peared in the Gladys-Belle Three-In-One well, where they
are drilling in section 18, township 35, range 2 west. This
showing of gas at 200 feet is the shallowest showing in
the field to date, Louis well has excellent oil showing and
are drilling on the cap rock.
G. C. K. S. No. 2
Down 575 Monday
Bill Rhea, Well Known Oil Operate»:
of Oklahoma and Wyoming, Takes
Charge of All Field Operations for ,
The first well of the Gordon Camp
Campbell and Syndicates.
bell-Kevin Syndicate No. 2, off-set of
discovery well to the northeast, was
down 575 feet Monday morning, ac
cording to Mr. Campbell who was
seen by a Courier reporter at that
time. In connection w'ith the extensive
drilling campaign undertaken by Mr.
Campbell and his companies which is
now' well under way, announcement is
made that Bill Rhea of Denver has
become associated with Mr. Campbell
and will hereafter have charge of all
field operations for him and the com
panies with which he is connected.
Mr. Rhea is said to be a driller and
operator with a record covering many
states and has successfully put down
hundreds of wells in the Osage field
of Oklahoma and many in Wyoming
and other states,
tendent of the Indian Territory Illum
inating company, a subsidiary of the
A. V. Foster interests with whom he
was identified for some time in the
He was superin
Osage territory. Later he was with
the Western Exploration company
Wyoming, did contract drilling in that
state, had charge of the Wind River
Producing & Refining company's op
erations, drilled a well in Arizona for
that concern, had charge of drilling
wel! for General Oil Fields Corpora
tion, and still later sperintendent for
the big Barnsdall-Foster company
with headquarters in Billings. He
comes here from Denver and men ac
quainted with him say that the local
field has secured another top-notch
operator and the Campbell organiza
tions are to be congratulated upon
getting such an experienced and sue
cessful all-around field man and
The derrick for No. 2 well, section
35-35-3 west is being rigged up and
unless the railroad strike stops ship
ments it will be ready to spud in
shortly. Two boilers for this and No.
3 well are now on the road, already
delayed, as well as much pipe, which
was learned Monday was being held
up at Chicago.
Ready to Spud
Gas Ridge Dome;
The seventh well of the Sunburst
Oil & Gas company in the Kevin
Sunburst district will be spudded in
within the next day or so, or upon the
arrival of a 12-inch bit, on the Suhr
permit on the Gas Ridge anticline.
Drillers were rigging up Tuesday
morning and were practically ready
to start. The permit was secured by
Carl Suhr and taken over by the Sun
burst Oil & Gas company for deve'op
ment. This is the farthest west of the
Sunburst or Ohio-Sunburst wells.
The Ohio-Sunburst-Sinden well,
the most easterly well is now at 1,000
feet and will begin to take a place in
the news. This well was found to be
at exactly the same surface elevation
of the Sunburst discovery well, and
the log will be watched with much
interest since it is nearly three miles
east and one-half mile south of the
Sunburst well.—Great Falls Leader.
The crawfish is the only animal
that progresses backward—and you're
no crawfish.
The next shallowest showing of gas
has been developed in the Rainbow at
to Manager
270 feet, according
The Homestake, offset of the Sun
burst Producer is now' setting a 10
inch casing on oil sands and may drill
today. Louis well is expected in hour
, ly. as they have had oil showings for
' some time. They are now' drilling on
very hard rock, possibly just above
the oil. Manager H. Louis wishes to
be conservative, and developments
will be made public, and it is thought
that this well wil be more favorable
than the discovery well.
The Homestake now have their cas
ing on the cap rock, and the weif is
expected in today or tomorrow.
Oil Showing Confirmed
Further confirmation of the show
ing of oil in the Troy-Sweet Grass
diamond drilled hole southeast of Ke
vin was brought here Sunday by G. C.
Hoyt and H. C. Stapleton of the
Throe In One Oil syndicate of Shelby.
Mr. Hoyt said they had just come
from the well and that the core was
saturated with oil. The hole being so
small no production is expected, bat
it is now certain that a regular sire
hole would bring oil in commercial
Black Coulee Is
Scene of Oil Test
j effort, C. E. Biggs has again interest
| e( J Gordon Campbell in the oil possi
i * n £ °' Ids intentions to give the terri
! tory a gond test, leases were taken by
I so many people that the acreage could
After two years
Chester Reporter:
bilities that lay southeast of Chester
and south of Joplin and Inverness.
In 1920 Mr. Campbell spent several
weeks going over the formations in
townships 27, 23, 29, 30, ,31 and 32 in
ranges 6, 7 and 8 east, and at that
time Mr. Campbell was well impressed
with the looks of the structure. But
on account of so many people know
' n °f .be blocked.
; w «*nt to Kevin where he brought in
the first well in the Sweet Gras>
| idea that the structure could finally'
I be worked out, and during the past
| y ear negotiations have been in prog
ress between the Black Coulee Farm
ers Oil and Gas company, the Doby
Ridge Oil and Gas company, and Mr.
Biggs. These two companies hold
leases on a large portion of this ter
Mr, Campbell then
Mr. Biggs has never given up the
I ritory and along in Msy f this year, a»
agreement was entered i ntû by these
two companies and Mr. Campbell, tJxaf* 1
Would give Mr. Campbell six months'
time to put his field force on. the
structure and then to signify his in
tentions as to whether or not his
company would drill.
The Black Coulee structure, accord-
ing to geologists, is a likely looking-
oil structure, but no doubt some weeks
will elapse before a report will be
made by the engineers ahy geologists.
Sleeper Taken Away
The G. N. sleeping car which has
been kept at Kevin since oil discovery
in March to accommodate the surplus
transients unable to find room in the
many hotels and sleeping quarters of
the oil camp, was taken away Mon
day. No reason was given for the dis
continuance of the service but it is
believed it was preliminary to a lim
ited train service here and to elimi
nate the care of the car because of
shortage of shopmen due to the strike.
Did you ever know a broker who
was really broke?

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