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Covering Operations and Developments of Kerin-Sunbursl field Fully Each " e °k anc ^ Briefly All Oil News of Montana
oiLi the Kevin Courier [news
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KEVIN, Toole County, Moat*» Wednesday, August 9, 1922
Volume 1, Number 15
~~ ~~ '* * ChanK ^
Another a! id Bigger Producer in the Kevin-Sunburst Field
t t
Another Well For Choteau
The Montana Giant Petroleum com
pany's well southeast of Choteau, be
tween Flume and Bole, was spudded
Thursday. The Montana Giant was
organized at Centralia, Washington,
by W. C. Pratt, president, and Wil
liam J. Gray, secretary. The latter is
in charge of operations.
The company owns 302 acres in the
Flme district and has leases on 2,800
acres, as a basis for capitalization of
$500,000. The company owns its own
drilling machine, which was rigged
up during the last three weeks.
Rainbow Drilling Now After
Obtaining Heavy Gas Flow
This Well Said to Have a Good Hole and Promises
Early Completion Into Oil; East Kevin, Ful
ton, Gladys-Belle Northeast, and Two Cali
fornia Wells at Interesting Stage.
The Rainbow Oil company's No. 1
well, 9-35-3 west, cased with eight
inch to the 1,300 level, after securing
a heavy flow of gas which it is using
for fuel, resumed drilling the first of
the week, with every indication that
the .well wil prove to be a producer.
Field Manager Thompson is well
satisfied with the work accomplished,
of the difficulties encountered
in view
and delays occasioned by lack of fuel,
■and is optimistic as to the well prov
ing productive at the depth of the
■Campbell discovery well.
A well receiving much attention,
especially from Kevin people, is the
befug drilled by the Gladys-Belle
■Oil company for the Three-In-One Oil
syndicate in section 18-35-2 west
which was past the 900 foot level Sun
day and making steady progress.
Field Supt. Roome believes the loca-1
tion a favorable one. With continued
Sweet Grass Paper Refutes Knockers
To Visit Field Would Prove Worth
Editor Holderby Says, "It Is Ridiculous For Any
One Who Has Visited the Field to Make a
Statement That the Ohio Is Slowing- Up
The following paragraphs are taken
from an article which appeared in the
Sweet Grass Advocate last week, and
are being reprinted by The Courier
not because this paper thinks the big
oil company needs any defense but
because we believe the Kevin-Sun
burst field has been injured by the
propaganda against this particular
company and because we believe ad
verse criticism of the company's oper
ations in this territory at least are
unjustified by the facts.—Editor
"While the Ohio Oil company is be
ing knocked down and jumped on by
both feet by a number of papers, big
and little throughout the state, and
accused of trying to put the Sunburst
field entirely on the bum, by striking
dusters and slowing up development,
the company does not seem to care
■one 'continental,' and keeps right on
spotting and spudding in, and buying
all leases and royalties available.
"It seems any one
who has visited the field to make a
statement that the Ohio No. 1 has a
small showing of oil and enough gas
to keep four other wells in fuel and
still some left. The Barr well has gas
rated all the way from 2,000,000 to
0,000,000 feet."—(This was written
previous to the bringing into produc
tion Of the Ohio-Davey No. 2 well).
"Visit the field and see for yourself.
Carter Secures 280 Acres
The Carter Oil company has secur
ed an assignment of the lease of
James V. McGuire on 230 acres in the
southern end of the Gas Ridge struc
ture.'The land is described as the N 'i
NE J i, N-- NW!4, 5-32-1 west; &Et4
NE-« , EV 2 SE Vi,, 32-33-1; SW 'A
SWÎ4, 33-33-1 west.
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Government Collects Royalties
Lewistown, July SI.—Joe Mont
gomery, receiver of the United States
land office states that the oil pro
duction from the well recently brought
in on the placer claim in section 11
at Cat Creek was 32,000 barrels for
the month of June. The total govern
ment royalties received on oil pro
duced on government land during the
month of June was $34,807.25.
Wildschultz properties still lead with
a total production of 72,000 barrels,
while the Green tract also shows a
good production.
progress the hole should reach the oil
sands during this -week.
The O. E. Rice operations, just
northwest of the Gladys-Belle, is
about at the same level as the latter,
the bit having reached to a depth of
990 Sunday, with casing set to 858
feet. This is being drilled with a Na
tional rig, two towers working night
and day.
The shooting of the Homestake and
Louis wells the latter part of the
week is said to have resulted in no
great increase in oil, although subse
quent and larger charges might pro
duce results.
as that of the Sunburst Oil & Gai
company in 10-34-2 west.
Other completions 'expected shortly
is the Fulton, 1-35-2 west, and the
two holes of the California company,
26-35-2 west and 13-34-2 west, as well
Farms in spots for miles around are
covered with oil material. Derricks on
the right and left; to the north, south,
east and west. Whose outfit is that?
This is usually the question. Nine
times out of ten the reply will be.
Why that is the Ohio.
"The Ohio company is making a
record in sinking wells, the Barr be
ing the second to be drilled to what
is believed to be the production depth
and it has two more, the Sinden well
on section 1-35-2 west, already ex
pected in, which within the short time
the company came into the field is
considered a creditable record. In ad
dition there are four more holes being
drilled by this company and it is said
they have spotted eight more locations
and this is credited as many new rigs
and a vast amount of equipment is in
the yards at Sunburst for the Ohio,
and it would appear that dry holes
or insufficient prod a ;ti m is not to
stop the company from making a
thorough tes* of a wide area in the
sector in which it is operating.
"After reading the above paragraph
can any one say 4 hat this company is
slowing up development in the Sun
burst field. As a matter of fact the
field would be a sick one without the
"If this is the way the Ohio goes
about it to put an oil field on the bum,
it is certainly something unique."
San Francisco, Aug. 7.—Attorneys
and jurists from all parts of the na
tion are gathering in San Francisco
for the annual convention of the Am
erican Bar association, the annual
meeting of the California Bar asso
ciation and the convention of the Na
tional Association of Attorneys, gen
eral, all of which begin this week.
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Ohio-Davey No. 2 Well, About Six Miles North
east of Kevin, Brought Into Production Sat
urday Morning Wrth Oil Flow Estimated As
High as 300 Barrels and Which All Concede
Will Double That of Sunburst No. 1 Which
Has Settled Production of 50 Barrels Daily.
Another and a bigger producer was added to the Kevin-Sun
burst field last Saturday when the Ohio-Davey No. 2 well, about
six miles northeast of Kevin, was drilled into the oil sands and the
oil was forced over the casing for a time, and continued to flow
whenever operations were resumed.
No definite estimate of the capacity of the well is as yet ob
tainable nor will there be until it is put upon the pump, but every
one who has been at the well concede it to be double of that of the
Sunburst No. 1 new at a settled production of 50 barrels daily, and
many predict it will run a great deal more.
Drilling was continued to a depth of 1560 feet and Sunday,
with a vast crowd of people present, the well was being cleaned
preparatory to be put on the pump. A temporary reservoir was
dug and during the operations Sunday this was nearly filled with
oil, the precious fluid running in considerable stream when
The well is the third drilled by the Ohio Oil company to reach
approximate oil sands depth and is*
located in the northwest corner of the
northwest quarter of the northeast
quaider of section 3-36-2 west, east of
the Sunburst discovery well.
The oil sand was first reached at
one o'clock Saturday morning and
when Kevinites were at breakfast
they heard the good news of the big
well and from that moment on a re
newed activity could be noticed in the
oil camp and throughout the field.
Local officers of the Ohio company
appeared well satisfied with the wejl,
Field Manager Hesler expressing hinV
self as believing it would prove a pro-^
duction double of that of the Sunburst
No. 1, with chances it might be even
better than this. He said the pipe and
would be put on as soon as the
well was cleared and properly cased
and that the pump would then tell ac
curately the production.
Great Falls Gets News
Coupled with the report of the com
ing in of the Davey well, undoubtedly
the largest yet obtained in the field,
was the report received by Arby
Beardslee from'Kevin that the Louis
Oil company well on section 14-35-33
west had been shot, with a good in
crease of flow from the soft streak in
the lime at 1,740 feet, reports the
Great Falls Tribune. It was estimated
that it is now a 10-barrel well after
the first shot of 20 quarts of nitro
glycerin. After leaving it for the
night to observe results,
shot with a heavier charge today.
it will be
Development Activities
Gordon Campbell-Kevin Syndicate
No. 1, NE NE 16-35-3W.
Sunburst Oil & Gas company No. 1,
SE SW 34-36-2W.
Holding and Royalty, SE NE 21
Aloe Oil Syndicate No. 1, SE NW
Rainbow No. 1 NW SE 9-35-3W.
Orchard No. 1, SE SE 9-35-3W.
Coe No. 1, SW NW, 4-36-2 west.
Gladys Belle, NE NE 19-37-4 east.
A. E. Louis Corporation, NE SE
Homestake No. 1, NE NW 3-35-2W.
Three-In-One Oil Syndicate No. 1,
SW SW 8-35-1W.
Troy-Sweet Grass Oil company No.
1, NE NW 28-34-1W.
Sunburst Oil & Gas company No. 2,
NE SE 5-35-2W.
California company No. 1, SE SE
10-35-3W. Shut down, 500.
Gladys-Belle-Fulton No. 1, NE NE
Gladys-Belle-Three-In-One No. 2,
NE SE 18-35-2W.
Gordon Campbell-Kevin Syndicate
No. 2, Lincoln, SW SW 10-35-3W.
Ohio-Reibe No. 1, NW NE 3-35
Ohio-Hannon No. 1, SE SW 26-36
2 west.
Ohio-Claire Stevenson No. 1, NE
NW 3-35-2 west.
The bringing in of the Davey No. 2
as the largest well of the field, and
the success of the first shooting of
the Louis well, left no doubt in the
minds of the most pessimistic that the
development of the field and the de
termining of a large productive are,
is now certain. At Shelby, Kevin,
Sunburst and Sweet Grass, the news
was received with great enthusiasm,
matched by that of the operators at
Great Falls. It gives a great impetus
development plans of companies
entering the field.
Mcire Wells In Sight
'A. ' telegram from A. M. Sellery,
laid man of the Ohio Oil company,
: "Drilled Davey No. 2 in this
Looks like a much better
wel than No. 1.
coitole more soon.'
Wo hope to get a
the well hit the sand at 1,520 feet,
It was
getting the gas on the top.
drijled in two feet with oil rising.
was then drilled in a distance of 25
feet with oil all of the way. The oil
cajhe in heads, the first rush of oil
shooting as high as the derrick, it was
reported. Later heads of oil came
wtien the under-reaming tools were
dqawn, it having been found that a
several times Saturday when the
necessitated under-reaming
carymg casing. The well flowed
The oil
was agitated
in this way.
(Continued on page four)
Ohio-Swayze No. 1, section 34-36-2
Ohio-Sanden No. 1, SW NW 1-35-2
Ohio-Barr No. 1, NW NW 2-35-2
Ohio-Davey No. 1, section 34-36-2
Ohio-Davey No. 2, NW NE 3-35-2
Rice No. 1, NW NW 8-35-2W.
California Co., NE SW 26-35-2 west
Magic company,
G. C. K. Syndicate well No. 2 SW
SW 35-36-3W.
Sunburst Oil & Gas-Suhr, NE SW
California Co., SE SE 13-34-2W.
T. S. Hogan, SW NW 22-35-2 west.
O'Neil & Catlett, NE 15-35-3W.
Rainbow No. 2, NW NW 15-35-3W.
Sweet Grass Oil and Land No. 1,
SW SW 6-35-1W.
Producers Oil & Gas,
Potlatch No. 1, SE SW 27-34-1W.
Big West No. 1,NW NW 6-34-1W.
Potlatch No. 2, NW SW 28-34-1W.
Apex No. 1 SW SE 3-35-3W.
Mid-Northern, NW NE 9-35-2 west.
G. C. K. Syndicate well No. 3, NE
IW, 26-35-3W.
Bitter Creek Oil Co., SW SE 16-36
Sunburst O. & S. Co., SW SW 23
16-2 west.
SE SE, 4
Ohio To Drill East Well
What will be the most easterly test
of the local field will be a well said to
be planned by the Ohio Oil company
on a 320 acre lease recently obtained
from S. W. Rankin on a location in
either section 13 or 24-35-1 west. The
lease calls for drilling in a few
months or the owner gets a rental.
Hannon Poor Showing, Report
A report unconfirmed, Monday eve
ning was to the effect that the Han
non well, 26-36-2 west, had been drill
ed to the Kootenai sands without find
ing a good showing of oil.
Frantz, Famous Cat Creek
Producer to Try Local Field
Man Whose Name Is Synomous With Develop
ment of Cat Creek With Denver Oil Men Has
Obtained Holdngs in the Kevin-Sunburst
One by one—and sometimes six or
a dozen—of the big oil men and big
oil concerns of the United States
come to the Kevin-Sunburst field and
when once they come they nearly al
ways invest and plan operations.
One of the latest of the never end
ing new operators here is Governor
Frank Franz, who was at the head of
the Franz Oil corporation which sunk
the first well and has been a leader
in the development of Cat Creek. He
is associated in the operations here,
under the name of the Montana-Sweet
Grass Oil & Gas company, with Den
ver, Salt Lake City and Great Falls
men, including L. Lilly and B. O.
Jones of Denver, George T. Hansen
of Salt Lake City and Dr. Donald K.
Woods of Great Falls.
Announcement was made Wednes
day that the company has already ob
tained holdings in the Kevin-Sunburst
field and that drilling machinery has
been loaded for shipment. A policy of
Manufacturing company, covering the
states of Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Mon
tana and Idaho. Later entering the
development is being outlined.
Hansen was formerly district west
ern manager of the Alis-Chalmers
Lease of Northwest Ohio Producer
Brings Estate $40,000 Cash Value
Lease of Northwest Ohio Producer Brings Big
Cash Figure When a Part of the Howard
Wolf Estate Is Sold Showing Great Faith in
This Field. .
Another deal showing that there is
no lack of faith in the possibilities of
a large area of the Kevin-Sunburst
field was reported during the week
when the sale of the lease on 320
acres of land one mile north and
west of the Sunburst discovery well
by the California company, subsidiary
of the Standard Oil of California, for
$40,000 cash, was asked Tor approval
by Judge J. B. Leslie in- Cascade
county district court.
This land is part of the Howard
Wolf estate and was sold on court
order by Jeremiah Wolf, administra
tor, at private sale held Monday j
Royalty Brings Good Price
That royalty sales are on the up
grade is evident from recent transact
ions and while there is too much on
the market in territory not yet defi
nitely proven to make such stuff high
price, the close-in pieces are turning
at fair prices. Bill O'Haire, Sunburst
booster and manager of the townsite
of that oil camp city, Saturday, sold
a one per cent royalty interest in 160
acres, the northwest of section 9-35-2
west, at the rate of $10 per one per
cent an acre, the buyer being the Car
ter Oil company. It is understood,
however, that this particular royalty
was sought by the company because it
carried with it the redemption privi
lege on the land.
Starch, sugar and fat are each com
posed of the same elements, carbon,
hydrogen and oxygen, only in differ
ent proportions.
Stevenson Buys Royalty
L. C. Stevenson, president of the
Sunburst Oil & Gas company, ha»
bought 2Vz per cent royalty, coveting
160 acres of the O. L. Hannon place,
where a well is now drilling. The
royalty covers the west half west half
and the east half cast half of section
26-36-2 west.
This purchase, made at a time when
the Hannon well was at a depth to
show possibilities ought to be re
assuring as to the value of this sector
of the big field.
mining business, he opened and devel
per mines of the country. Hansen
recently became interested in the oil
business operating successfully in sev—
eral fields,
oped the famous Walker mine, situ
ated in Plumas county, California, la
ter disposing of the mine to the In
ternational Smelting company, a sub
sidiary of the Anaconda Copper Min
The Walker mine is
mg company.
recognized as one of the largest cop
Lilly is a well known operator and
during the last few years has been
extensively connected with oil devel
opment in Wyoming, Texas and Okla
homa. Lilly will be in charge of oper
ations of the new company.
Jones is of the firm of B. O. Jones
& Co., investment bankers of Denver
and Salt Lake City, and has "been
identified with the financing of oil
and mining enterprises during the
last seven years.
Dr. Woods is a well known Great
Falls physician.
The amount or location of acreage
of the new company in the Kevin
Sunburst field has not been made
the far eastern
The 320-acre tract which brought
$125 an acre is described as the west
half west half of section 28 and the
south half of south half of section 21
36-2 west. Under terms of the sale
the estate retains 10 per cent of the
oil and gas as a royalty.
C. F. Holt, additional appraiser for
the state of Montana, fixed a valua
tion of $50 an acre on the land, as
agricultural giving a value of $16,000.
The location is two miles south of
thet own of Sunburst, on the flats
east of the Great Northern railroad.
The price is higher than that paid in
part of the field,
which has been bringing around $106.»
East Test This Fall
Another test a considerable distance
from present operations is to be made
at an early date by the recently or
ganized Hanson Petroleum company,
backed by pioneer oil men of Montana
including I. W. Hanson of Shelby,
when this company's first hole is
drilled on the west half of section
34-36-1 west, six miles due east of the
Sunburst No. 1 producer. President
Hanson informed a Courier reporter
at Shelby last week that operations
would begin within 90 days of the
time the company was organized. In
addition to the company's develop
ment campaign in the Kevin-Sunburst
field, it is going to put down a well
in what is considered gusher territory"
of Cat Creek.
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