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j^ixüoad Tim: table.
W f'
.»nKivu „
f.^i ...........11 .aO p.m.
i :55 p. m.
." :.'.'i a. m.
• civ-*,'.
dim,' " '
t >.J.
.... ............ b:35 1 ». m.
';V ......12:!5p.m.
■iA-'.:. ........ l:£>p.m.
st) ........... 2:0" p.m.
ti . ..........11:45 a.m.
............... 0:45 a. ni.
9:15 p.m.
i Living-toil
for meals.
"Adjoin al pass bbakos.
ruction Department.
, '-u'diUc
NO. 4. i NO. 2.
lit Ü'
p .-i.,n. .1:0.) !2:20pm
g.,*ir. >>:-'5i)p. m. 12:00am
i,j. ,<»:•» !>• m.ilî :30a m
; V,:j-v. '5:10p m. K* :40a m
1:20p.m. 9:50am
■ ; ill others second class.
]f.,ni, Sr,, of Findley's is in
Lumber (lompnay is still booming.
f V
. X ( >
Li: j uif hased to-day from
; fib!
;t lino Pain for liis bus.
■/ ■. t f j *
tbroc rVorf'S for fresh fruit
(('< t ,!
4 -n all iiin.is, coptectionery and
.h b
' \v<
ulhoni lias opened a restau
nuit J!
;d tit
iy lunch room on lower
\\ ..in l;
; !'( ft
: j r l
••t! '/il
v r.lways on hand at tho Montana
]!. A
. Cl:
u.diulm left last evening on
It flip
Helena, Deer Lodge and
• canned fruits and sauces at Mrs. Lyons'
g : „r )T tcry.
I judge Du 'long and D. K. Buchanan
L 1m ,:ed from Bozeman yesterday
I, ,, li( ;jj The Jailer has received his
commission as deputy sheriff.
I (j;<vl.ci & Pro., hare just received a
, „.(1'ii; inert offine custom made clothing
.'.bpi/ipvtl.ing made by any inerclnmt
... style and quality. He sure and
"'dr them before seudiing cast for your
James Ward moved one of his
biddings from the old town to Main
Itircit to-day. Clark City will be a
bK- iLd village" ere long.
y. ;r ov,n native lumber is now com in" from
|D .. •! < ot a superior quality. Call and too us
v.-j buying
Yesterday 1>. K. Buchanan sold liis
buildimr hi; d lot on Main street to the
proprietors of the Milwaukee beer
|li;i'J, V, bo intend to move into it. The
[price paid was $-,'2Q(h
lb beef butter in Livingston is kept and
[Mv Mrs. Lyons, the ( lark street grocer,
will sell in largeur small quantities.
Is we dose composition the eastern
iin due last evening at 10:20 has not
; arrived. We. have now been over
I day's without mail from the east
lad Ik gin to feel as if we were cut off
ly from the outside world.
This is th:' f.....non for fruits of all kinds, and
ivcjrchihb-K, and Matthiedsen in the only man
I Loir.:.-' r>m wuo keeps a full stock of them. Go
it any of his three stores.
Iiailr i.i'l ticke' « bought and sold at the Brewery
[Hndquiirt'.TS. I*. Flannery.
Outlie register of Use Livingston
tel appear tlie names of the follow
listinguished party from Rouen,
[France, wlio have just returned from
Park. Mme. Gulnare de Chanta
lbert, Eloise de Brabant. Henri de
allant, Guillaume A'Lencon, and
IAgniole Montespan. Also J. Rad
P'ff" und X. K. Armitage, of Eng
1, r.nd A. C. Goodrich and wife, of
I ; v,n m e & Stuff are daily receiving their
[winter supply of heating stoves.
Matt Black t.lie county clerk and
faulte dim have just returned to
Lilian from locating a coal claim on
fk creek a tributary of Clark's Fork,
uioy brought back fair samples of
:,: 'l arid say they have a ledge^our
ut11 feet wide of the mineral. The
of this mine has long been
known but until the completion of the
* > y °f the reservation a few weeks
it was believed to be included in
'-Indian country. It is found to be
t: 'tunnies oil the reservation, howev
o' t-'a, or Kood, pure éoffee,
fi,,. ?,Ur ürocerj store oa Clark street.
L;. ■ ; !:it i ire flie wi'd winds paying—only that
iVier' U! . s °' iU *.' L ' and that Lawrence
'«Rs;.'»Vc« VC noeiW 'd a large invoice cl heat
I'*KTEitp rise's story of the
t : M ^,)und trout caught a week or
^^° at mouth of Mill creek, is
M-1 Ul * 1 *1 * n I ssue °f the
s '0"!.t limes, and beaten so badly
■" w Live entirely l„ st
|J Yellowstone
fishermen. This is
j;- 1 the Times, "The
atpit ! " >n ^ l,ut season was seen
wagj,.! X /, ,1<,Ss ° nl ' !e last week. It
S'xteoi ULT * ilt * 0: '" 5, ' u ^ weighed
i*i e w .j Agent Ronan caught
la. C? V?*' u l>v cxpress t0
earvlDsf. * e<î,Kl > but owing to
'ip to • j,* L " * (,,ilr * where it was carried
* lu die end of
toe track and brouglit
«SÄÄ 7 P0tat0es
Ailluir Brown, an English artist of
not", is stopping at the engineers'
headquarters, the guest of Coi.Clough.
Mr. Brown has just returned from a
two months's sojourn in the Park.
He has employed his time in making
Pointings of Park scenery and has
already completed about twenty pic
tures. They will be taken to England,
and, being line works of art, will at
tract universal attention, not only to
themselves and the artist, but to our
Yellowstone Park. Mr. Brown will
uiso prepare and deliver in England a
series of lectures upon the Park and
this portion of America, and has a col
lection of specimens which he will ex
hibit on these occasions.
Those heating stoves of Lawrence & Stuffs
are daisies. Cal i and see them.
f he last rose of summer is begin in g to hide,
the first gentle reminder of a heating stove
lor winter. Lawreuce & Stuff have a fine
\ :illiable Opinions.
Among the guests in Livingston
yesterday and last night was Dr. A.
II. Mitchell, who, during this and
several previous sessions of the Mon
tana legislature, has represented the
county of Deer Lodge with marked
honor and ability in the council. lie
had just returned from a visit of about
ten days in the Park, and was well
pleased with his trip. But chiefly was
he surprised upon this his first visit to
the Yellowstone valley by what he
saw of the development of the country.
It was to him a source of pleasurable
surprise. Of Livingston he had form
ed the idea that it was a minor raihvay
station; something like Gallatin City.
VYliat must have been his amazement
to find such a city as actually occupies
the site of Ills pictured flag station?
He has had time to look over % the
town and its surroundings, and has
formed and expressed the most flat
tering opinion regarding it. He be
lieves it to be the most promising
town in Montana. He says that with
its beautiful and most advantageous
natural location, and with all the ben
efits that must flow* from railway aid,
Livingston has a brilliant future be
fore her. He also vouchsafed an
opinion which, while novel to most of
our readers, will still be recognized as
one of the probabilities, namely, that
Livingston will within a few years be
the capital of Montana. He expressed
sound reasons for this belief, and
coming from a man of Dr. Mitchell's
position is something to be stored
away for future reference. • lie leaves
this morning for his home iu Deer
Lodge, '-prettiest of Montana towns,"
visiting the Helena fair en route.
C. B. Towers & Co, are receiving at the
Boston Boot & Shoe Store, Main street a full
line of sporting goods, including rilles,
breech loading shot guns, revolvers, ammu
nition of all kinds, fishing tackle and every
variety of sportsman's outfits.
Hospitality in the "Kailtvay Age."
In a former issue we have spoken at
length of the presence in Livingston
of E. II. Talbott editor of the Rail
way Agi in his palatial private coach.
Yesterday evening wo had the honor
of enjoying Mr. Talbott's hospitality
on board tlie car in company with a
few other invited guests. Beside that
gentleman and Miss Herrick'who filled
the position of hostess, the party was
composed of Col. J. B. Clough, (chief
of the engineer corps and his friend
Mr. Arthur Brown, the English artist,
J. J. McLaughlin, Livingston agent of
the Northern Pacific; W. Buckingham
of Chicago; W. 8. Eberman, of the
Tribune and J. E. Hendry of tlie
Daily Enterprise.. D. E. Fogarty
Vice-President of the First National
Bank was invited but unfortunately
absent from town.
The gathering was a most pleasant
one, and without consulting fellow
guests we are safe in saying that all
present enjoyed the occasion in the
highest degree and feit it to be wortu\
of a long remembrance. "While the
delicacies provided at table were be
yond all praise, the guests could not
but recognize that Mr. Talbott was
the largest contributor to the general
enjoyment by his easy art of entei
taining- those around him.
A closee acquaintance with the
editor of the Railway Age proves him
to be a gentleman eminently fitted by
nature and culture for his position as
journalistic representative of the great
railway interests of America. Ilir.
wide, general experience, liis thorough
knowledge of railroads, bis evident
intellectual ability, and the respect
which his personal presence commands
all make him peculiarly fitted for his
work; and it is not surprising that, i
a mark of the esteem in which the
Railway Age and its editor are held in
high railroad circles, he should have
received the princely gift of the eqach
he now occupies.
He will go down to the terminus cf
the National Park branch this morn
ing to meet Mrs. Talbott and her
friends upon their return from the
Park, and be in Livingston again this
afternoon. To-morrow morning the
car, tastefully decorated, with its oc
cupants, will be taken down to Gray
cliff, and after the conclusion of the
Crow war dance will go west to attend
the railroad celebration. Thence the
party will proceed by easy * stages to
the Pacific and return eastward in a
few weeks.
N. C. Mntthiossen has ju. t received h lieary cop
FTgniaent of California pears, lemon*,
oranges, apples, celery, tom :to«s,cn>.:muber8, fresh
eggs, «ml California, honey in the comb.
Tlie Tliree-Ilail Project.
, TYitliIn tlie last twenty-four hours,
we are advised that the U. P. and
X. P. companies have revived and
amplified the arrangement which has
been in abeyance lor some months and
that the three-rail project between
Butte and Helena, via Deer Lodge, is
to be consummated. Tlie details are
not ascertained, except that the U. &
X. is to have the entire local traffic
over its line. It is further stated that
the Anaconda comp iny has entered
into a contract with the U. à X. to
haul all their ores and bullion, and
that the road is to be extended to An
aconda without delay. The three-rail
project will necessitate widening the
U, & X. road-bed and putting down
new ties between Garrison and Butte.
We think the information reported is
correct in the main, but up to last
evening Superintendent St. Clair, of
theU.&N., had no direct advices
concerning it.—New North-West.
Go to the Metropolitan bar fora good cock
tail or anything ia the way ot drinks or
Mnlkern h ? her man of the Metropolitan
bar, compound the best cocktail in Livings
The sheriff of Missoula county, who
officiated at the execution of Ah
Young, a couple of weeks ago, had
the gallows built after a model of his
own invention. He had never seen a
gallows, but his own contrivance
worked just as slick as any of them.
For Kent.
A ho ise at the lower end of Main street,
two stories high containing eight rpoms and
finished in the best sty le throughout. Ap
ply at the Post-Office to
F. W. Weight.
$10 He ward.
Lost oil* the streets yesterday, r.n account
book containing a small sum ol money and
papers of no value to anyone save the sub
I will pay tlie above reward for its
D. Hoffmann.
i Office at
$10 tPswaiu.
From Livinsstoa on She iiteht of Sunday thelCth
inet. one brown mare pony with vint o faoo, whip*
hind foot and scisere br.ind on n-uaino-ilor A
liberal reward will he pafdtbr Üie anhuai3 re
turn to J. H. Enjjiiiijoiä. Livingston, .Mont.
T:ikon Fp.
Came to the residence of the Underrigim I, in
the Yellowstone valley th roe miio-i east of »>1 g
Tiuiher, on or about July 2-lrd, 1885, one hlat k
mare male, brandet S T on. kit ehonlder, and
dra^irfn" a rope. Will weiya about eleven hun
dred pound). * The owner in requested to prove
nrooertv. pay charges and take the animal.
Ciy Timber.
For Sale.
One team of horses, set of new harness and
a light spring wagon, just driven hum Fort
Benton. A bovo stock u i.l he sold cheap and
must he (i is nosed ot at ouce. Apply at_ Fitz
gerald's livery stable, Second street, Livit.g
Main Street, Opposite Bank of Livingston.
Everything served in first-class style. Cali
id see us. Ternis: reusm i able.
FOULES & RLLLi, Props.
D. ft/1. R£ESL,
%,■%, " bc'Sh- ÄpH»'l8;-S -TP**,*
Plan? and Spacifications^véî for any kind
of w ork.
I would respectfully announce that after a successful trade for the past thice
mouths, that I am
And with my increased facilities am prepared to furnish Lumber at V\ hole
sale or Retail, at prices that cannot be beat iu the Yellowstone
Valley. I carry as complete a stock of
As çan be found in the town of Livingston.
I can furnish anythin" in tlie Native Lumber line promptly. My motto is:
"Live and Let Live." Be sure and call on me before buying and
I will do you good.
Wright & Bartlett, Props.,
Dealers in
Drugs, Medicines > Paints , Oils, Books, Stationery, Eté \
Prescriptions carefully compounded clay and night. Main street, Livingston.
pfW. E. YOUNG, M. D., will be fennel at the P. O. Drug Store night and day.
iaut faiior.
Suits made in the Latest Style,And a Sure Fit always guaranteed. Also dealer ill
Clothing, Furnishing Goods, Hats, Etc.
Tourists Look Here.
The National Park,
Blankets, Groceries, Provisions and Everything you want.
HR. YE. Bell.
3 DSTO 3 nT
hoe Store !
A Good Caif Boot for $2.50.
Lad I 83 Shoes from $1 Upw'ds.
IVe have also in stock, a select line of GENTS FURNISHING GOODS.
Fire Arias, Ammltiü, Mi Tails, aM Splii flooâs,
Soots end Sho33 Made to order. Repairing Neatly Done.
03-11 gliacL see uls.
C„ 23» f 2T©*v^ersî ÔZ, Co.
Main St. Opposite is Bant, . Livingston, Montana.
V. ¥ ' S
Schreiner & Sons
Crtrrv a heavier and more carefullv sheeted ^tock of Wine«, Lionors and Cigars tl
arv firm in'Eastern Montana, oommstiag ot'Domestio and ImjxwtM Wines, Whiskies and
Brm<lies, Jamaica Bum, ILdlaad Gin, tvery description of Bitters, Ale and Porter. Mil
waukee, St. Louis and Chicago Beur. They are also agents for the J U Brunswick and
Buîke Billiard and PoolTables.
' ' ■■■ '
Uvtngston, Montana.

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