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The daily enterprise. (Livingston, Mont.) 1883-1884, September 14, 1883, Image 3

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•oins.' '
! T Üiî!
...10:20 p.m
... 5:00 a. in.
... 8:40p. m
... 8:15 a. in.
.. 5:15 p.m
, ..10:35 p. m.
.. 5:10 a.m.
... 9:4o p.m
.. 8:45 a. m.
... 10:< 0 a. in.
iD 1 " - ----
(on»t ruction Department.
I* ? ,
n ( mr.abar. <
Ar. 5:15 p. m.
4:12 j>. m.
4 :09 p. in.
3:33 p. in.
9:08 in.
IV. 3:15 p. m.
„ town.
of routine. Illinois, is
of sllfl't 11111*10 Wll
! 7 ..,. the Livingston Hook S
beet jnu^r
];rV(MJj 11,0 well known post
f J{i vers ble, is \isiting Living.
. o;t lath in Montana at
[lôu r '•
Jim, t! e plii'os )pl>er of the
is p,-tying his Livingston
,1 visit.
(i ii wi'guis for sale at Met
k M. <'• Murphy, of the Bruns
i ipj. lias just returned from a
[t( ,i:,izeniaii.
M:i*! ill
ivs 1 1 very
Î: fj - jii"t received a heavy eon
r,ili. r <>rni,i -rr,pear?, lemon«,
iy. toMiatoefi^mvimljers, fresh
lionev in the comb.
f jji.,ke ami J. L. Butler are
jr-in active canvass of Helena
.lin-rtory «>(' that eitv.
,)|r Metro|xil!tnn bur fora pood cnck
■ ...jvtliiiig in the way ol drinks or
î \.J. Hunter and his family
jit retten la y in town, upon their
Irnfio ii a visit to Helena.
lutter in I.ivirg*tnn is kept and
j v J!is I\ei.s, the ( link street grocer.
,i:i*il in li.rgei r small quantities.
fninkIhihlvviu. formerly a Northern
n»minetor, is in Livingston
Lj visit to I*orl land. Oregon.
.... „ , to
ftyWivseol summer i* liegr'ing to fade,
j»riitle icniii der of a beating stove
,,r. Lawrence & Süiß have a line jb.,
pjlerday' ( ast bounl train w is
•tinroiigh passt iigiM* tiain from
rliiiil. It was about six hours
irviir fWiiug tackle at the Livingston
l(4r tM ain street.
Qiuel Denny, I). J. McCollum and
[• Rimiiey are recent purchasers
in Riverside addition. They
fcrrect residences.
i »mi hair always on harm at the Montana
mi oinpaiiy.
Pfluvn & Sax, the Main street fruit
inews dealers, will soon move into
ht store which thev are building
Rt the Brewei y saloon.
'Mcuanod fruits and Buncos at Mrs. Lyons'
[K. II. Miller, commercial traveler
t'e* gnat Chicago hardware
P. Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett &
is taking orders from Livingston
[A.K. Yeikcs and Frank W. Van
pit'll, with their brides, were passen
' rs on last evening's train for Boze
,,!1 - Xorthern Pacific coaches never
a happier party.
I • "»n na'iw- I'ttnltor i« now <*»niii«'* from
* f a M1 *" " or ooulitv. Call and see us
H- K. Burch, of Nebraska, has pnr
L,t d a lot on upper Main street
' '''-•'•L II Elder, and will build a
hui, 'ling thereon. Mr. Burch
I^tstogo into business at this
'int. •
^•P0^i° r Metoalf d Co in
1 " ,ltlw to *mt purchasers.
Il'uitlev and Clark, of Radersburg,
leci * n tlv sold 4,000 wethers at
11 1 "* 1 head, to Meyers Bros., of
, ' 1 ? rhvr. They also sold to the
^ '»in 2,000 young ewes at $4 pei
iecounty commissioners have no
Clough to put th,
„ ,u ** t,ie Biirk branch in
I,./ (0I, 'btion as when disturbed
^uli| C ° nf:tri,:lion force * piuticularly
load through the Second can
r^r^ I L L h, in ^ to, '. Rook Store, lower
î ^eum! tiCî fro:n an ex(; bange that
n* r n°i f - C " ster co " nty
■'«ofsi 10 , 1 , 1 ; I, \ Iv " | s- ,|lt; > printinsr
Wie,, " Uu - "eure willing to
^'Sl'I'u.wctL anyUli " K re * ardin K
Wntin, i.,, • as a n,8 tler in the
* trille t, K> ] SM ^ S8 * ^ ut sum sounds
i 't'i'llp) * .
received a
nad" I*'" mad " c,< ?t}bng
M. ht '«UÏsid a Hi *"£ u, ^ han i
tb:L. ltüi WwTÏÏ Be sure snd
! *». 'we Sfcnduug east for your
Judge Shipman, a circuit judge of
one of the Michigan districts, is in
town, accompanied by his wife, and
the two were being shown around
Livingston yesteiday by Sam M. Le
Itoy. who had known the judge in his
native state. They have just returned
from the last spike celebration, and
will go from here to the Park.
Lumber comi ^ «■
Judge Maguire informs us that he
had decided to open an office m Liv
ingston for the transaction of Lg d
business, especially that relating to
real estate mid mines. He also intends
to erect a building in the town and
will thoroughly identify himself with
our interests. He will be a valuable
sequisition to Livingston business cir
(j° to Matthiesmn*« three stores for fresh fruit
SÄ 0l '" U kiDd "'
Those heating stoves of Lawrence & Stuffs
are daisies. Call and see them.
Beside paying the entire construc
tion cost of the Livingston lock-up,
the county commissioners appropri
atod S150 to build a fence around it
and buy a stove and fuel, for all of
which the people of Livingston feej
duly grateful. Any return of money
paid into the county treasury from
this side of the range is a subject for
the highest congratulation.
Be sure and call upon Goughnour before
buvmg lumber or anything belonging to the
' t .de. '
Melkern & Sherman have taken
charge of the Metropolitan restaurant
and lunch counter and will henceforth
operate the business in first-class
style. They have employed the be&t
cooks obtainable, will keep the
j table supplied with everything the
market affords, and will use every en
deavor to gratify the taste of those
who may favor them with patronage.
The proprietors know what const!Iutt s
a good meal, and will furnish it at the
This is the season for fruits of all kinds, and
fresh vegetables, and Matthiessen is the oulv man
in Livingston wao keeps a fail stock of them. Go
to uuy oi his three stores.
jb., t $i,o u0 that Judge Conger will be
re-Lirtated and is anxious to
What Livingston man is it that has
is anxious to place
some more money on the same terms?
Tue Courier knows of such a man and
sinfully expresses the hope that he
will lose. If the better's modesty
will permit we would like for him to
call at the Enterprise office till we
feast our eyes with the sight of a man
who has got a few thousand to bet on
a small deal of that kind.
I -au ronce & Stuff are daily receiving their
winter supply of lieu tin g stoves.
Frank Bennett, foreman on the
Great Republic mine in Cooke City,
was in Livingston yesterday and left
last evening for Helena. He reports
great discoveries being constantly
made in the Clark's Fork district, and
that capitalists are quietly, even se
cretly, buying every valuable property
that is offered for sale. The day for
big operations in that region has not
come yet, he says, but as tin evidence
that it is fast approaching, he men
tions the fact that there will be seven
smelters in operation'there in a year
from now.
For a line quality of tea, or good, pure coffee,
*o to the Star grocery store ou Clark street. Mrs.
H. WTMowry, of Movvry & Fair
banks, of Minneapolis, wa.i in town
yesterday delivering The Northern Pa
cific Business Directory, published by
that firm. It is a handsomely gotten
up volume of 300 pages, containing
short descriptive sketches of every
important town along the line of the
Northern Pacific from Bozeman to St.
Paul, a list of their business men, the
advertisements of many of them, and
a good selection of illustrations. It
will prove a valuable guide in the
transaction of business between the
towns along the road and for general
reference. Next year thj|.publishers
will get out a similar work, having as
its Scope the whole road from St. Paul
to Portland.
Whst are the wild winds saying—only tha*
winter will soon be here, and that Lawrence
& Stuff have received a large invoice ol heat
ing stoves.
A. M. Berry, Judge Maguire's
brother-in-law, with Mrs: Berry, their
two children, the judge's three
daughters and Misses Hosmer and
McCarthy, of Virginia City, came in
ast night from a three weeks' tour of
the Park. They traveled in their own
conveyances, and all were delighted
with the trip. Miss Hosmer is the
daughter of Judge Hezekiuh Hosmer,
formerly chief justice of Montana, a
gentleman of high literary reputation,
one of his books, "The (Maroon,"
having had a circvUtion ou both
sides of tlie Atlantic, Miss Hosmer
is a professional elocutionist of marked
Mulkern & Sherman of the Metropolitan
bar, compound the best cocktail in Livings
Two men, Johnson and Welch, were
brought 1 efore Judge Seward yester
day charged with obtaining money
under false pretenses. They had
found a Xorthern Pacific check for
$79.50, payable to the order of C. J.
Dextor, who had lost it. They pro
ceeded to a restaurant and filled up
with square meals end handed out the
check in payment, getting good
money* in change. They divided the
proem ds and one invert ul his share in
a suit of clothes, and the other got
drunk and had the balance stolen
Ironi him. Then they were arrested
on the charge named, and defended by
W. II. Frye, they were dischared.
The check passed through several
hands, but rested with Pete &, Sol.
who are losers to the amount of its
face value.
Fine fiai latin valley potatoes wholesale and
retail at Donovan 's.
Mineral .Specimens.
We request our friends to assist us
in collecting a cabinet of mineral
specimens. We design to display in
the Enterprise office a collection of
such specimens, arrayed In a case,
where they may be readily examined
and admired by the many who call
upon us. Each specimen will be la
belled with the name of the mine'
Loin which it was taken, its owner
and, when obtainable, its value in the
precious metals. Such a collection
will, we hope, prove attractive to vis
itors, and shall always be at the dis
posal of the people of Livingston and
their friends. We earnestly request
our friends in the surrounding mining
districts to bring with them speci
mens for our cabinet when they visit
All parties having hills against the
Villard decora! ion committee will
please present them to Frank Basil for
payment before Saturday, Sept. 15th.
1883. All bills will be refused pay
ment after that date.
Frank Bush.
Secretary Board of Trade.
At this office, ten cords of dry pipe or dry
cotton woud.
The undersigned being al out to close-1 usi
ness in Livingston requests of î1*h public—
First— All parties who ivy have clartfi?
ag oust us are requested to call and g : ve us a
tdianceto settle before closing our bo -ks.
2nd. Parties oweing us are requested to
cal! and pay up their accounts.
3rd. Parties holding our checks are re
quested to present them to the hank for pay
ment. Respectfully
F. G. W inston & Co.
For Kent.
A ho ise at the lower en^ of Main street
two stories high containing eight rooms and
finished in the best style throughout. A p
p!y at the Post-Oilice to
F. W . Weight.
Notice is hereby triven to all parties who -rive
which liquors, wines or cigars are sold
that they must pay a license of
Ten Dollars.
for each dance so i-iven or they will he prosecuted
to the full extout of '.lie law. Such license must be
paid in advance, before the dance commences, to
in.o undersigned at ins unicc in Livingston, 31. T.
Deputy Treasurer and Collector for Gallatin
county, M. T.
tc &
Pi EmJ
0 ) - co'

£ ^
e, w
c fa
I would respectfully announce that after a successful trade for the past three
months, that I am
And with my increased facilities am prepared to furnish Lumber at Whole
sale or Retail, at prices that cannot be beat in the Yellowstone
Valley. I carry as complete a stock of
As can be found in the town of Livingston.
I can furnish anything in the Native Lumber line promptly. My motto is:
"Live and Let Live." Be sure and call on me before buying and
I will do you good.
—p"**! ES f E! - j ;siJ o^aiassB nw bbb
E t ters i mb Vcaa*' V^i" ctL/TEL« rJaN j
A saw-mill located ten miles from Liv
ingston; also, Teams, Oxen, Yokes,
Chains; a large quantity of native lum
ber in Livingston.
R. B. Emerson, at Burr & Park's, will measure the lumber.
Terms, cash, or good security. Address,
Postolîice Box 2, Livingston.
__ TTII r -II Ill I 111—■■■III—llll n I— IHM- ■■JIUKJJUJJIILU_L .11_
r * * «me —w m — j» » war thkb ; ■
L»a id
Suits made in the Latest Style, and a Sure Fit always guaranteed. Also deader in
Clothing. Furnishing Goods, Hats, Etc.
bo fists Lo
The National Park,
Stop at the POST-OFFICE STORE, GARD : NEIt, MONTANA, for your
Blankets, Groceries, Provisions and Everything you want.
ŒFc. .A.. UBelL
A Good Calf Boot for $2.50.
Ladies' Shoes from $1 Upw'ds.
We have also in stock, a select line of GENTS FURNISHING GOODS.
Eire Aml AMiiiia, Fiiii MU, aM U Goods,
Boots snd Shoes IVhds to order. Repairing Neatly Done.
Osill and s©o\is.
C- IS. 'X'oNxrers <3z> Co.
Mala St, (Me tte Bat,
Livingston, Montana,
chreiner & Sons
any firm
Fraudies — „ ......... ........... r «« «turn, mrwiu rorter, Jiu-.
or - Thw al3 ° ^
Main Street,
jßf, j r «*>'
. v. .

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