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tike table.
.. 10:15 p. m.
.. 3:15 a. m.
8:40 J», m.
8:15 a. m.
. 5:15 p. m.
( goine »•<**'• ■■
I ^f*r f *L%it , !r «»»!>• •
& SsKÄ:::
> »Csi* «?>••••
, 14.15" in C
...10:30 p. m.
... 3:30 a. m.
... 9:4u p. m.
... 8:45 a. ai.
. . .........W«» & * »•
luifrlin. 1
IX' 1
i Lickory.
)>*• n ■
1 »alley». 1
. .1 *
Jjii*. «"
.. a,». »
b{ liiiiX 1
( innabar. j
Ar. 5:15 p. m.
4:42 j). rn.
4:09 p. in.
3.33 p. ui.
» : Vi p. ni.
I>c. 2:14 p. pi
LtrluifKton Po*< office.
c|m v.« from 7 a. n». to 7:30 p. ro.
^'ir-inl to 2 p.ni.
' üfdrr »nd re*i*ter busmes* truns
i lI,r - r g j jn. to 5. p. in.
I>*, «Jnifrtst and west «•lo.«e at 9 p in.
I jj*!»# 01 »j.- WftioUT, Postmaster,
local layout
•Othe rink and skate to night.
ta i„ ])an Edwards and James
. ( ,j] ot Chico, are among the
^ers in towu to-day.
at Cornwell & Locke's.
Tlf narrow gauge tramway from the
- ,«1 U> til«* Northern Pacific coal
" tt ill 1)6 completed about Do
bber 15 th.
<{>h Oysters at the Rig Horn Store*,
father Guido arrived this
and will hold set vice to-rnor
' all at 10 a, in.
,,in Wrizslein's
outlier the hour
:■,( drill
ks and beef tea at Jim Kane's
jhf skates for the roller rink have
,-omj hundred pair—and Mana
Mintie advertises that the link
U be open for skaters this evening.
rna «ant a good Hock, NiblocK has a
alt stork to select from.
I Every member of the Livingston fire
npaty is requested to give his at*
»line«at u meeting to be held this
ning at 7 :*jU o'clock, in Frye <fc
IfKoy's ollice.
K Niblock liai juat received a large In*
r of clock*.
I The lau (1 to be broken for the Crow
iians m the valleys of the Big
Earn and Little Dig Horn rivers is to
(plough. «1 iu five-acre patches so
lach family can make a statt in
|îko«e heating stove* ol Lawrence & Stuff*
niiim. Call and set: them.
Dr. Newcomb came down from
fckory last evening, and went on to
»man after a short stay. The doc
r expects to spend Thanksgiving
iii bis family in Minnesota, but will
absent only about a week.
«retire Ac Stuff are. dai ly receiving their
ster supply of heating stove*.
LtonCohn, the young man who got
tii«difficulty in Livingston, is said
be the same who was forced to leave
tte, owing to some trouble in which
*omin was concerned, and who af*
*ird figured as an expert roller
**rat Bozeman.
hr heavy and shell hardware of all des
Ma». g* to Lawrence Ac Stuff's, Main
ïb« Pioneer Press publishes an un
seated rumor that the North*
heifio has ordered a reduction of
fD per cent, m the pay of its agents.
r « has already been a greater re
0D h* the salaries of some of the
d* and station employes on this
T,,on * Hs instance Miles City, Bil*
Livingston and Bozeman.
* w* rt ** rjr wo °* ' n quantities to sui
LteT orders at the Metropoli
® the Chronicle wo loam that ! the
'*1 Maxey has sold his coal mine
^ Canyon, to J. K. Maxwell, of
«täte of Bela ware, for a consider
"Uted tube $20.000 in cash. It
^ hat Mr. Maxwell is an old
•ylvania coal miner, who having
"uiiiteUa competence in coal op-!
atls ***** proposes to deal to a cer
^ 18 c «*l lands in the west.
"tore* for fre*b fruit
' * ** kind*, coafoctioo«ry and
* Elder this morning re
•id* an ° lX * er * rolM Chief Justice
gianting their motion made at
an* and dissolving the
in th ® mining case of C. J.
nUT'*; h * a * Kmrn8 and p - H -
J' 1,118 CiiHe has created coa
Kin r! < reSt * rotu prominence
Armstrong, to whom
ty lv rouser are under cor. tract
C Valu *hle property in
KO tO^Vn n"' ^d ron an d copper
°f»ork ' w< * turn out a superior
" to-dav linn 0, % nedj com l >aD y» { * in
his made arrange
Ikr the
appearance of his com
to the
to run
, .
P»ny at VVetzstein's ballon Friday and
«m XXr ^ evftnI,, ff 8 » December 7th and
*■ ur interest in this company hud
been aroused by the universally high
encomiums bestowed upon them by
the press of every city where they
had appeared in the territory, and we
had feared they would not conclude to
appear at Livingston. But all doubts
on this score were set at rest to-dav
by Manager Boyd's advent in the
town, and on the dates named our clti
zehs will have the opportunity of lis
teniug once more to the performances
of a first class dramatic troupe.
Skating at the rink to-night.
ILtUoien & Lampman have moved
into the building on Main street for
merly occupied by the Oyster Bay.and
aie ready to receive their patrons.
Call at Cornwell & Locke's ior your morn
ing cocktails.
A. B. Curry has taken charge of the
office work of C. W. Savage & Co.'s
business in both Livingston and Miles
City, making his headquarters at this
Staple and fancy groceries at N. C. Mat
thie8.se. 's
If "on© of the boys" who addressed
this paper from Helena had sent in his
name, his communication might have
been entitled to consideration. We
will say, however, that on the matter
to which "the boy" refers, we believe
we are well enough posted to maintain
our original statement.
Have you seen Jim Kane's goose?
Theie will be preaching to-morrow
by W. E. Archibald, pastor of Con
gregational church, in Bingham's hall
at 11 a. in. To|)ic—Love the fulfilling
of the law. Also service at 7 p. m. in
same place. Sunday school immedi
ately after forenoon service — 12
o'clock. Strangers and all those with
out church homes are invited.
Vanity Pair, Sweet Caporal and Old Judge
cigarettes at Cornwell & Locke's
Mr. Spencer, of Spencer, Mayn &
Heitman. of White Sulphur Springs,
witnessed the recent fight between the
Flathead« and the Crows, on Shields
river. He says no one was killed and
no one hurt except the Crow w ho got
a bullet in the thigh, and one of the.
Flatheads who got three of his finge' s
shot off. And further, Mr. Spencer
says he believes the three Flatheads
(one of them a squaw) would have
wdiipped the whole Crow band if the
shot which took off the Flathead's
fingers bad not broken Ins gun at the
breech. The Enterprise believes
that the Crows who came into Living
ston with the story that they had
killed two Nez Perces, or Flatheads,
were arrant liars.
Delicious beef tea and all kinds of hot
drink* at Jim Kane's place.
Even for those who (like tli9 re
porter) do not danco, it was a genuine
pleasure to step into the brilliantly
lighted rink last evening and watch
the gay assembly moving through the
graceful dances to the measures of the
inspiring music provided for the occa
sion. All present seemed to find
themselves amid congenial surround
ings and to enter fully and successfully
into the business of enjoying them
selves. Dancing did not fill up the full
programme of pleasure. About 12
o'clock the party adjourned to the
Livingston hotel and discussed in its
fullest details an excellent supper that
has gained for its provider the highest
praise. Altogether, the opening of
the rink was a success' in every way.
and those present will always cherish
! the most pleasant memories of the first
night at the skating rink.
Hot Sants Cruz at Cornwell & Locke's.
Tri-Weekly M ill Service.
On and after December lGth mail ser
vice to Mammoth Hot Springs will be in
creased to three trips a week. It is un
necessary to state that this is not in re
sponse to petitions as they have not been
sènt yet. Postmaster F. W. Wright wrote
to inspector Bauuernian some time since
regarding an increase of service
on the route, and in that % way the change
probably came. It is not so desirable as
the daily service we had been enjoying up
to the first of this month, but will answer
requirements very fairly this winter, and |
next snfinir will again witness the est«' -
ut.u ng
lish nicht of a daily mail
Northern Tacific Dining Cars.
' . ___• ■tl»n Vnrfhom
Th® lllUlUg CJU* service Aoithcrn
. j
Pacific now extends over the whole lme j
. ... „ , *
from St. Paul to Waliula Junction, a car
. . _ and £ nr .i„iu>
to run between Ainsworth ana ^pra,ue |
, . ai iA«d nitliin a few davs
having lieen added wi Jim a u.w ;
A new and hiffhlv commendable |
A j ,
lioen added within a
new and highly
- . j j
minfremcnt is about to be inaugurated :
° ^ A . x . . . J t
on Northern Pacific trams. It is to sup- j
plj einisrantj with common, hMrtj toed j
—coffee, bread, canned meats, etc.
the dining cars at
about actual cost.
Hitherto this class of travel has been
preyed upon in the matter of food by
those w'liose ambition was to obtain the
maximum price for the minimum quantity
and the new system will be a needed re
form. Another innovation lias been the
substitution of white for colored waiters
on the cars between *St. Paul and Mandan,
and it is expected that the same change
will be enforced over the wholei line.
Go to the Big Horn Stores for iresh oysters.
There are four companies at Neihart
making preparations to take out ore dur
ing the winter. This is to be sorted and
the best grade will be brought to the
Springs for shipment east in the spring.
Sleets have been constructed to bring the
ore across the mountain, and it is be
lieved the road will be kept open all win
ter. Wallace Bell arrived a few days
ago w ith 1.000 jjounds of «re from the
Montana Bell, which samples from $400
to $000 per ton, and is expected in with a
load of Massachusetts ore in a few r davs.
» »
Anderson Bros. & Co. are receiving the
orp, and when they have accumulated a
sufficient amount for shipment will send
it to the Omaha smelter. —Husbandman.
Fine Larosa cigars at Cornwell & Locke's.
The undersigned have twenty heavy work
team's which they desire to employ during
the winter in freighting or contract work ol
any description. Apply at the Metropolitan
hotel, Livingston, Mont
P.W. Gallagher,
J P. McDonald.
Dissolution Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the partnership
heretofore existing between M. Roth and
bo!. Levison is this day dissolved by mutual
consent M. Roth will continue 'the busi
ness, pay all indebtedness against the old
firm and collect ail bills due them.
M. Roth,
Sol Levison.
Livingston, M. T., Nov. 22, 1882.
If you don't think the finest select oysters
that ever came to Livingston .are being sold
by the can and dished up in every style at
Evans & Plummer's Chop House, ask Fred
Notion of Dissolution.
Notice vs hereby given that the firm of Lat
terly & Seebich is this day dissolved by mu
tual consent. B S. Latterty will continue the
business, assume all indebtedness and collect
all bills owed to the said firm of Laîïerty à
D. S. Laffkrty,
Paul Seemch.
Livingston, M. T., Nov 17, 1883.
Winter Arrangement.
The public and patrons will please ob
serve that on and after Monday, Novem
ber 19th, and until further notice. The
Bank of Livingston and the First National
Bank of Livingston, will he open for busi
ness from 9 a. m. to 3 p. m., during the
winter season, except Sundays, and days
recognized by the laws of this territory as
religious or national holidays.
A. L. Love, Cashier.
Fred Ward, Cashier.
Did }'ou try Cornwell & Locke's Santa
Notice of Dissolution.
Livingston, Oct., 3fi, 1883.
The business relations heretofore existing
between Mulkern cV Sherman has this day
been dissolved by mutual consent. P. W.
Gallagher having purchased Ii. Sherman's
right and title in said business, and Mulkem
& Gallagher will pay all bills and collect all
dues outstanding against said firm of Mul
kern & Sherman.
M. C. Mulkern,
H. Sherman.
For Rent.
A n millier of rooms, singly or en suite,
convenient to the business centre of town
and easily warmed. Apply to P. O'Meara, î>
street, near Main.
To Loan.
$5.000 to loan on good security, from ! to 5
years. P. W^GIallaghek.
Metropolitan Hotel.
All parties who have watches with M. V.
Loomis for repairs, will pi ease call for them
at once, its he has closed up his business in
Taken Up.
Came to my place at Benson's Landing,
on or about Mav 1st, 1883, one white horse,
9 or 10 ye u s *>id, 14 hands high, dim brand
on left shoulder. The owner is requested to
prove property, pay charges and take the
animal awav. W. H. Philbrick.
brought to recover the
.nxtv-two collars and umety-eight cento, being a j
4 LIAS SLMMONïk —Territory of Montan:»,
A County of Gallatin, ss. in ju« r ico court, be
fore 1). II. B idloug. justice of tin* prace.
William \. .non-s aiai Edwin N. Re
wards, as W. V. .lobes it Co., plain rills;
Nick Begun, do fend ant The people ot the terri
tory of Montana to Nick Degon. the above named
defendant: You are hereby summoned to be and
appear before the undersigned, one of the justices
rif the peace in and for said count;/, witoin ten
days aft- r the service of'this sun: jug us by pabii- ;
cation, Is-nI, -jl !> o'clock a. m., at my oilice at Liv- !
ingeton. in said county. The above action was
un of oue hbiitired and ;
bohtuce rivie for goode.ua,-ee and merchandise eool
amt delivered n> you between the tiret day of July,
A- D. l£83, ami September J.'.tiu 1>TB, a- Galfi.iiu j
county, at y ,;;r request, besides the co.^ts of tuis |
action. The i-illo«.ving ptn|mrtv belongin«'*:«.you, i
{Ijp d'»femltnt, has been garnis:*: -ed by v; tue of
writ of atudiment, icsu'ed out of tSis court on 1
the 8:h day of October, a. d. to-wit: ar ;
monevs, sjo'eis, credit«, etfecta, debts gup or owing »
to you by or from the Northern i'ack.'ic Railroad
company, or J. B. Clousrh, the a*teat of said rail
roaa rom . >£av . .\ndytmare nereb.v notified that
** . vou to appear and answer to tbe plaintiff's
comr , aiaN UK ! ^ (id pl ^ ÜÆ wiJl j udg , neQt
j oa in the sum of §Ui 2 .*.^ and the costs of
this action, and that the above property, gam
*""> »vi.ua. ouu mill uiD ft'nnr puyci.., entu
isheed as aforesaid, will be applied to the satisfac
t ion of said judgment and cöets.
naiven under my bind thi* nth day of Novem
ww«w«f ;
Livingston Bakery !
-Adorers, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Pies and Cakes
delivered daily by wagon.
Special inducements offered to Hotels and Boardinghouses.
Boot & Shoe Store !
A Good Calf Boot for $2.50.
Ladies' Shoes from $1 Upw'ds.
We have also in stock, a select line of GENTS FURNISHING GOODS.
ire Ans, Ammunition. Filing TacMe, an! Sporting Goods,
Boots and Shoes Made to order. Repairing Neatly Done.
Oa.ll a,:n.ci see tjls.
C- □ToTxrers ds Co.
Main St.. Opposite tile Banl Livingston, Montana.
Commission Merchants
Flour, Feed and Provisions.
Apples and Other Fruits in Car Lots .
Corner Main and Lewis Streets. LIVINGSTON, MONTANA.
Sole Agents and Bottlers of
IL.-A. T 1 Z ' S
Celebrated Milwaukee Beer.
Especial attention given do out of town trade. Orders by mail solicited.
Old town, Livingston, Montana
Thompson Brothers
Have received their winter stock of Boys' and Men's
Olotlilng I
e a
And having purchased it direct from the Manufacturers at very low figures arc
abled to sell the same at preces that cannot be duplicated by any other
House in the Valley. Also the finest assortment
in the West of
Cashmeres, Woolen Suitings,
In elegant styles and endless varieties.
Ladies Underwear.
Our Stock of Ladies Underwear we would calv especial
attention to.
Groceries and Provisions
Main. Street
Thompson Brothers«
When You Leave the Train at
X-iixTSLn gston, - - IsÆoxitan.a.
erchants' Hotel.
The table is supplied with everything the market affords. Farlors i
accommodation of latlies, and the house throughout complete with evervthimr
, , . . a J V J u,lu e
sary for the comfort of guests.
Parlors for th*
At the Bar in connection with the House.
Terms Reasonable,
. Fsrk Street, Opposite the Depot
,W Jli JélTCHELL, Proprietor.

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