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The daily enterprise. (Livingston, Mont.) 1883-1884, April 22, 1884, Image 3

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... exnrees, (going west) .
expret», (ÇoJn ? <?a«t).
li, «troinjur »est) .
J J*
.No. H, i going ra«U....
, -eiiicexpress, U?" 1 »!» Xvw *'--
'ÎLtjr■ express,tyoinf east*...
ÄhtNo. i«,a.....
{1'^ht No. H, <fcoing»*«*fct.......
.....1 A> I». m
..... 1 P in
......8:50 j). m
..... 7 :*'k) a. m
1 ; I». m
1 :*& Ji. m
1) :UJ u. m
Oiien week day* Iront 7 a.
gunWw ,romy tü . 3 1 K !"
IjiiuCHtttS PotAuffice.
m. to 7:30 p. m.
Xi„iiév order and register business trans
( „j trot" i>* «"• to4. )•. m.
Vigils going east and west close at 12:50 n ni
M t\ W. WRKtllT, PostuuiRter, *
MAMMOTH nor Sl'RINtjIS Mail leaves
Livingston at 7:30 a in. fciumiajs, Tuesdays
aI ,d 'j intrsdajrS.
A. A. JDkkm, Agtf
local layout
Our beautiful spring weather con
tinues. seemingly without prospect of
Special arangf me«t, to include races
and other interesting features will he
presented at Ute rink to-night.
A crossing is being laid from Corn
wdl A Locke's to the de out platfonn.
Another long needed improvement.
It. C. Simpson, a recent arrival from
Jamestown, is erecting a residence
north of the track on the west side of
It seems pro! Kilile that the Ilonie
stake mine in the Clark's Fork dis
trict will become as famous as its
•peat namesake in the Black Hills.
H. II. Norton lias completed plans
for a neat residence, the erection of
tvliich will begin next week on the
.site of the one which was burned last
The firm of McDonald & Ilarvat of
the City Meat Market is dissolved.
Mr. Ilarvat retires and T.'P. McDon
ald will continue the business in its
usual style. •
The railroad station and telegraph
office at Cinnabar is to he opened very
soon and will probably he under the
management of S. -C. McGillioray, now
at Springdale.
y Yesterday afternoon a nee track
was laid out on ground west of town.
It will be smoothed and prepared for
the feet of the flyers and doubtless be
a popular institution.
The firm ©f Blair & Donovan bas
dissolved. Mr. Blair retires and will
devote himself to his ranch west of
town while J). I. Donovan will con
tinue the business alone.
The Illinois Central 1ms issued a
special tariff quoting rates on coffee,
sugar, rice and molasses from New
Orleans to Bismarck, and points on
the Northern Pacific, west to Livings
Sixty cranes have been erected along
the railroad east of the Missouri, from
which to catch the mail pouches with
out stopping the fast train at uuiin
portant stations.
Thomas T. Richards was shot dead
on the 15th, at Murray ville, in tie
Coeur d'A ler.es, by Walter McDonald,
in the course of a b.tr room row. The
coroners jury justified McDonald in
doing the killirg.
The Sehree, Ferris & White com
pany have secured three lots on the
corner of Second and Callender streets,
through Savage A Elder, and will erect
thereon a warehouse in which will be
carried on a general agricultural im
plement business.
Sol. I) drdorff and Frank McAlaar
had an encounter last night in the
course of which the lat ter pounded the
former with a club ••with intent to do
1 »oil 1 1 y injury and without provoca
tion" as the complaint alleges. Deir
dorff secured McAlaar's arrest and Ihe
dse was heard before Judge Seward
this afternoon.
John Wheeland has brought a re
plevin suit against Rev. R. Livingston
to determine tho ow nership of a boat
claimed by both. Mr. Livingston
bought the boat of some peison who
does not seem to have had any right
ful claim upon it as Mr. Wheeland
8 »ys lie has never parted with his own
Not a trace can he obtained that will
lead to the discovery of tlie identity of
'he person or persons who killed the
two Flathead Indians in the Gallatin
vdley in tlie early part uf the month.
I'rom present appearances it bids fair
t° remain one of the unsolved mvste
iies wherein is contradicted the old
adage "Murder will out.*\
I he Metropolitan hotel is again open
,or business with the dining room mi
dei thv management of the pioneer of
Veneers. €. It. Evans. Though Char
ls yet bobbliuguboui upon crutc ies
ry ^MU5gruv , v , Js. a aiU H iiK ' . B .L-^
and canes from the effects of a recent
broken leg, he is still in the "ring.'*
II« served a chicken dinner on Sunday
last, for which he is deserving of
great praise and credit as welt as the
liberal patronage and encouragement
of the town tor his enterprise.
The effort to obtain the punishment
of the sheriff of Custer county for con
tempt of court in that he did not sell
the Savage goods under execution
placed in his hands."resulted in noth
ing, the judge not thinking the sheriff
had acted contumaciously.
The ticket elected at the republican
primary held at Bozeman, on Satur
day, is said to favor Col. Eaton for del
egate to the nati ' convention. It
was opposed by another ticket said to
favor W.W.Alderson for that position
but the Eaton ticket sw r ept the field by
102 to 34.
Yesterday afternoon Annie Bennett
was detected in the act of pinioning a
a bottle of perfumery from a number
of such articles that were shewn her
over Campbell & Merrill's counters.
Being asked to pay for the article she
denied having it in her possession,
whereupon Mr. Merrill made com
plaint before Judge Seward of the
offense and Miss Bennett was fined
&5.00, and the costs. Mr. Merrill
says he has suffered so -requently
from the loss of small goods by tue
hands of shoplifters that he conceives
patience lias ceased to he a virtue and
he will no longer endure it uncomplain
I. Orschel took this afternoon's train
for Miles City.
Sheriff Blakely was in town yester
day and to-day.
P. Flannery left this afternoon for
a visit to Bozeman.
Mr. and Mrs. John Conly returned
to Livingston yesterday.
H. T. Ceperley returned yesterday
from a hasty trip to Springdale.
C. S. Hefferlm, Northern Pacific
agent at Livingston, made the trip to
Cinnabar by to-day's train.
Crawford Livingston will go to St.
Paul upon leaving Hunter's Hot
Springs without re tu ruing to Living
Jas. Kinkade, of Bethany, Mo., a
cousin of our friend Tom McDonald,
arrived in the city Sunday and is look
ing over the town for the pnrpose of
engaging in business here.
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Mintie drove
down to Hunter's Hot Springs to-day.
Mrs. Mintie will remain there a time
in the hope that the use of the water
"dll effectually relieve the lameness
from which she h so long been a
Cavalry Change.
The detailed orders in regard to the
First and Second Cavalry are that they
shall exchange stations as early as
practicable after June. 15t!i. At that
date the Second will quarter at*Fort
Ellis and the First at Fort Coeur
d'Alene, whence they will exchange
by marching. The First Cavalry is
under the command of . 0rover
with headquarters at Fort Walla
Walla; the Second is commanded by
Col. Hatch, with headquarters at Fort
Custer. _
The Hidden Hand.
Don't fail to see the* Hidden Hand,"
the greatest of all southern dramas, in
its superb revival, by Whiteley*s great
••Hidden Hand" company, at the Rink
Opera house on Thursday evening,
April 24th.
The great sensational comedy-drama
"The Hidden Hand," as presented by
the great ami original Whiteley s
-Hidden Hand" company, at the Rink
Opera house on Thursd. v evening.
See it!
Superb revival! Elegant scenery!
Great specialty company! Fannie
Francis as Archie and Capitula! T lie
best entertainment of the season.
Don't miss it.
bath at T. R. Mayo's
i y ' Y . ' r
SPECIAL mention.
Go to Mayo's for baths.
Fresh oysters at the Big Horn Stores.
Go to the Big Horn Stores for fresh oys
Try a hot or cold
new rooms.
T. R. Mayo has tho finest bathrooms in
Go to N. C. Matthiessen's for New Or
leans molasses. ^
Lawrence & Stuff are selling barbed
wire very cheap.
A very large assortment, of California
gloves at I.lnrmou's.
, .j^-aLXzi : ^::r; r ^ ' ^ e»fcjL^3g^i^jkBS3Msg
Go to P. T. Padden & Co.'s for good
Money saved is money earned. Selling
at cost at Harmon's.
Harmon will not he undersold by any
merchant in Livingston.
J. F. Gallagher is in charge of tho bar
at the Metropolitan Hotel.
Harmon lias a few summer dolmans
which will be sold below cost.
Harmon lias a large stock of boots and
shoes which will be sold at cost.
Have you seen those fine Brussels and
Ingrain carpets at Harmon's?
Remember the place: Harmon's, late
Savage <k Sons, Main street, Livingston,
M. T.
Ilarmon has a large stock of California
all wool clothing which will be closed out
at cost.
A pocket cigar case and five Tansill's
Punch cigars for 25 cents at N. C. Mat.
Those that intend to purchase blankets
would do well to call and examine Har
mon's stock.
Horseshoeing, new shoes, $4 per set:
resetting, $3, at Griffith's shop, lower
Main street.
Go to Billy Miles for baled hay, oats,
wheat, barley, cheap feed, etc. At whole
sale or retail.
The gentlemen of Livingston are in
vited to call and examine those one dollar
shirts at Harmon's.
Lawrence & Stuff sold 7,000 pounds of
barbed wire last week ; still they have
sev -.1 thousand pounds left.
J. F. Gallagher has reasntly refitted the
Metropolitan bar, and now invites his
friends to come and see him.
A very large variety* of Stetson and
other makes of hats can be found at Har
mon's, successor to Savage & Sons.
You can get wood sawed and split to
any size and delivered, at N. Ebert's wood
yard back of the Metropolitan hotel.
If you desire anything in the hardware
line, you c m always get a good article
and at prie- a low as the lowest at Law
rence & Sti Ii s.
A. Krieger & Co. are selling their im
mense stock of furniture, crockery and
glassware at bottom prices to make room
for a carloads of furniture en route.
Dr. V/. A. Allen will be in Livingston
on or about the 24th of April, 1884, with
a full line of dental implements and a fine
invoice of file finest diamond finished por
celain teeth. All work known to the pro
fession carrefully performed and satisfact
ion guaranteed.
Carriages, Buggies and Road Carts.—
C. A. Gillette, having located in Liviugs
ingston, offers to the public a class of
goods warranted first class in every par
ticular, and will sell at the very lowest
living rates. Call and examine, on Sec
ond street south of the liverv stable.
f SUCHET for Walla Walla for sale at Brewery
ii Headquarters.
N OTICE. Tbe copartnership heretofore exist
ing between Thomas P. McDonald and John
H. Ilarvat, under the style of McDonald & Ilarvat
is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The
business will He conducted hereafter by Thomas
V. McDonald, who will collect all moneys due Ihe
said firm and pay all indebtedness of the late firm.
Thomas P. McDonald.
John II. IIabvat.
D issolution notice.—T he partnership
heretofore existing between H. B. Blair
and Daniel I. Donovan, as Blair & Donivau, is this
dav dissolved by mutual consent, H. B. Biair re
tiring. D. T. Donovan will continue the business
asuming all obligations of the late firm and col
lecting all accounts due them.
Livingston, M. T., II. B. Blair,
April 21st, 1884. D. I. Donovan.
UHE DAILY ENTERPRISE delivered to any
L 'part of the city by carrier for $1.25 per month.
\X7ILLIAM I1IEK, stone mason and contractor,
Vf has opened a quarry of No. 1 good fire,
nroof building stone opposite the machine shops,
and will sell and deliver stone cheaper than ever
Boldin Livingston. Déliés competition. Leave or
ders with Babcock & Miles. William Riek.
tine groceries.
Apply at once to W. F. Bidlingmayer, Cooke,
1 0. O. F.-T litre will be a meeting of the mem
• hereof 1.0.0. F. Saturday evening at the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineer's Hall,
Frank s building, for the purpose of organization.
J LAOK SALE at a bargain, »complete test.iuraiit
L outfit at Cooke, with a large assortment of
groceries. Have other business on hand,
ly a
Gallatin county, Montana.
by given that the copartnersnip or Snyder &
DeYoe is this day dissolved by mutual consent. V.
E. Snyder will continue the business, pay all
bills contracted bv said firm, and collect all dues.
Livingston, M. T„ April 14, 1884.
B. R. DeYoe.
'VfOTICE —Ail parties indebted to P. W. Galla
1 N g her of the Metropolitan hotel, will please
call and settle at once as he has retired from busi
JL associated Mrs. Welborn with me in the dress
making business, I womd bo pleased to see my
friends and the L.dies generally at our rooms, on
Lewis -.fleet, between Main and Second. We do
ail kinds of plaiu sowing, but make a specialty of
fine dresses, ar.c guarantee satisfaction in every
instance. Thanking my friends for past favors,
and soliciting their patronage for the new linn, ~
remain, Alisa. M . E. Nash.
•fcJOTIOE. On and after 1st clay of May, I will
L^j deliver ice to parties having made contract
with me, or others wanting ice, "betworn 7 and 8
o'clock every morning. Give your orders in time
and they will me promptly attended to. Ice in
small quantities 1 cent per lb. A. Lanut.
B OCK BEER! Next Sunday, April, 27th, 1884,
everybody is invited to take a schooner of
Bock beer with ni# at tile Apollo Springs brewery,
Livingston, free of charge. Adolph La nut.
FREIGHTING ard teaming done on short no
? tice bv N. Ebert.
1 *0 R BALE—Business stand, 2 'xto, two stories,
located one door north of Major Bmgaam's
corner, on Main street: also residence on lower
Main street. Apply to S R. bhrake.
flRlOltOUGHBRED BULLS,*-'VVe will have a
JL -arload of thoroughbred bulls for sale about
April 25th -Shorthorns and Herefords— enquire
at McDonald & liar vat's.
B y PRIVATE SALE -a nice lot qf household
furni ture o f all kind . A pply to D. Mitchell.
I lOR RENT.—The building now occnnieo by
A the Daily Entekpi^k, on s'? 1 * 1 '* For
t rips enquire ar Pris ofilc.
gsag i MiE,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in'
And the Best Brands of Cigars.
A most elegantly appointed Sample Room in rear of the store room, where nothing hut.
Special Brands of Liquors and Cigars are retailed to the trade, Also f b inf Leading
Room equipped with upholstered furniture, in connection. A place w here gent einen
will'not'l>e insulted, and where yon will always get the BEST goods tobe had.
T"o.st ^eceiTred. &t
Geo. T. Chambers & Co..
A. large invoice of goods for the Spring and Summer trade,.in the line of
Oux stock is large and varied, and we are-prepared to quota-prices with- any hardware
house in the Territory. Come and see-us. GEO. T. CHAMBERS & GO.
Main street,
Livingston Bakery
CŒ2L&-S- S, X=:rcp> (
Fresh Bread, Pies and Oakes
delivered daily by wagon.
Sixteen Loaves for $ 1.00
«X e MA ^>.
Opposite Postoffice. w
We keep in stock a first-class
article of" Beef, Pork, Mutton,
Fish, Fresh Ranch Butter and
Eggs, Poultry and Vegetables
of all Kinds.
THOS. p. McDonald.
Park Street Clothier
IIaa just gw iv-Lt!', .yjargo stock tif
Ready-Made Clothing,
GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS, Cloths and Underwear*
Of the best qualit y, and for life next 3J days special inducements will be offered.
Our cutting and fitting department is complete and we will guarnntw satisfaction.
Park Street, - « - - Uvingstofe.
• AG

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