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I'aritlt express, (going west)?............1p. in
„tic «-xpm», »g<»i«g eaut,........... 1rS>p. m
, mi 'i*t No. 13, (going we * f ' ............ 9:ô0 j». m
1 ... Hit No. 1-4, (guiugfitst)............. 7:;J0 a. m
1 ' " DEPART.
,. a <jlic express, (going west)............ 1 : p. m
ulmitic express, (going east)........... 1 :35 p. m
I r* i"l't No- )•', «A. «in g west)............ lU:ôUp.m
J. n i"lit No. 14, ( going fa«G............. 1):W> u. m
Liviup*ten Potitofllw.
Open week days from 7 a. m. to 7:30 p. in.
Srtidays, from S4 to 3 p. in.
Money order and register business trans
actr d from 9 a m. t<>4. p. m.
vi jps going east and west close at 12:50 p in.
F. W. WEIGHT, Postmaster,
local layout
Dinner will be served at the Albe
marle to-morrow between 5 and 8
o'clock. /
A very large freighting outfit from
"White Sulphur Springs is in town for
goods for Spencer, Mayn & Hartman.
G. T. Chambers with his family,
has moved into the residence built as
a parsonage for the Congregational
church. It is a neat residence, pleas
autly located.
Dr. Campbell has contracted with
the county commissioners to furnish
medical attendance and medicines to
the indigent poor of Livingston for
the sum of $200 per year.
This morning Levi T. Field, of Bil
lings, transferred all his stock in the
Montana Lumber company to the
value of $5,000, to F. L. Mintie, of
Livingston, secretary treasurer of the
A special meeting of the board of
trade is called for this evening at 8
„'clock. The special business to be
considered is the matter of town in
corporation now pending before the
district court.
A telegraph line is to be built from
Townsend to White Sulphur Springs.
That line should have been built from
Livingston and our people in neglect
ing to encourage its construction have
let a good opportunity pass into other
U T. Ceperley left to-day for St.
Paul and Winona, Minn. In the latter
city live his associates in the owner
ship of Riverside addition and he goes
principally to consult with them and
conclude arrangements for laying out
a public park in the addition and grad
ing the streets'of that part of town.
A telegram received this morning
by W.L. G reen from Joe Murray, at
Mandan, says that his sister, Miss
Nellie Murray, died there yesterday
at 12:30 p. m. Her illness called Mr.
Murray there some days ago and he
has remained by her bedside until
death ended her long illness.
The Pacific express of yesterday
had attached to it a private car of the
St. Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba
road bearing James J. Hill, president
of that road and one of the railroad
kings of America, and a party of
friends. Mr. Hill is one of the own
ers of the Great Falls townsite and
water power on the Missouri near Ben
The National Mail company has ob
tained the contract for transporting
tue mail from Livingston to White
Sulphur Springs and thence to Nei
hart; also the contract for transporta
tion from Big Timber to Martinsdale.
The contract price from here to the
Springs (one round trip weekly) is said
to be 81,300. The company Was mail
contracts all over tiie west —it is a
professional star route concern. The
celebrated star router J. W. Parker,
of Atchison, Kansas, is president of
the company.
The Livingston brass band contem
plates giving a benefit ball in the
Koller Rink on Friday evening of
next week. The proceeds will go to
thu purchase of new' instru
meats needed, uniforms and printed
music. All residents of Livingston
certainly feel like encouraging the
band by such means as are within
their power, and the ball will give
them an opportunity to render well
deserved aid and at the same tune en
joy a pleasant dance. We hope a
huge number of tickets will be sold.
•L K. Pardee, a mine operator from
Phillipsburg, near Helena, is visiting
* n Livingstoti with his friend G. J.
( bi the Atlantic express to-day was
*'• B. Young, qf Marshaltown, Iowa,
Raveling passenger agent of the Cen
tal Iowa railroad.
through this country to get informa
He lias been out
patrons of his road, who wish17:30
to organize an excursion to visit Mon
tana and the National Park. He will
carry back a glowing report and the
result will be a very large excursion pf<
Iowij people to this country in July or
Mr. Walter Livingston, formerly
Northern Pacific cliashier at this sta
tion and now agent at Forsythe, was
in town to-day.
F. L. Mintie, F. B. Rice and L. T.
Field went down to Big Timber this
morning to visit tha Montana Lumber
company's mills.
If we mistake not this item from the
Husbandman, White Sulphur Springs,
refers to one of our subscribers who is
a friend of R. C*. Griffith of Livings
ton: *• Walter Scott, of Copperopolis.
who lias been here under -treat
ment for the past month, is lying at
the point of death.*'
Meagher County Items.
Company B, 2nd cavalry, Captain
Kingsberry commanding. arrived
Tuesday en route from Fort Maginnis
to Walla Walla.
Sayer Bros, have raised 127 per cent,
of lambs tliis spring,' that is, one hun
dred and twenty-seven lambs to every
one hundred ewes.
The contractors for the Townsend
road expect to have it passable by the
4th of July. They have until the
29th of September, however, to com
plete it.
Some parties have jumped the Nei
hart townsite, or in other words, lo
cated a lead running across it for the
purpose, it is thought, of holding the
surface instead of the lead.
The Benton Lumber company are
starting a big drove of logs out of.the
Smith river, canyon. The logs have
already been dumped into the surg
ing, foaming, turbulent river.
J. D. Wealhenvax & Co. are engag
ed in developing the ''Golden Chariot"
lead, Togo. They are down 30 feet
and the lead is 40 feet in width, is rich
in copper and carries some gold and
Messrs. Burt & Ivline have had won
derfully good success with their sheep
this spring. In one of their flocks
numbering 1,500 ew r es they have some
thing over 1,600 lambs. Who can
beat it?
The interest in Birch creek contin
ues unabated; new' discoveries are be
ing made every week and work is pro
gressing steadily. There is in all
probability a bright future in store
for this camp.
Communication is now open with
Neihart and men are in from the camp
every day. But little work is being
done there at present, the miners be
ing mostly all compelled to suspend
on account of surface water.
The county commissioners, have let
the contract lor building the Town
seud road for $6,500. Marks & Tier
ney got tiiat part from Carpenter's to
the North Fork of Deep creeK, and
Lars Emberson and SamT Allebaugh
get the remainder.
L. D. Beary, of Townsend, circu
lated a paper here this week and rais
ed $700 to assLt in building a tele
graph line to tliis place. Townsend
will also contribute. lie is well
pleased with the result, and assures
us the line will be built within the
next sixty days.
We had a pleasant call this w'eek
from Dr. McKay, of Barker district.
From him we learn that the smelter
has not closed dow n permanently, but
that operations v'ill probably com
mence as sooti as a meeting of the
creditors can be had to examine the
report of the late run.
F. H. Hughes and J. D. Weather
wax have submitted a proposition to
the county commissioners to build a
road from l"ogo to intersect the Nei
hart road, and asks permission to col
lect toll until such time as the county
may see fit to take the road off of their
hands at cost. The road is very much
needed as it w'ill enable these gentle
men to get to the railroad w ith their
ores, w hich aie rich enough for ship
A Card.
My sincere thanks are hereby ten
dered to the kind friends who have
aided me in procuring for our Baptist
meetings the elegant Estey organ now
to be seen and heard at the passsngei
depot, where services are held each
Sabbath at 10:30 o clock a. m. and
o'clock \h iïu U- Livingston,
hon. John 0. coni'it n presiding;
Special Correspondence.
Bozeman, June Gtli—Court pro
ceedings to-day are as follows:
Lewis M. Howell et al vs. Benjamin
Ferguson et al. Demurrer to answer
withdrawn and reply filed.
Maggie Frazier vs. William J. Fra
zier. Divorce. Proof of publication.
Defendant defaulted; submitted to
court. Judgment of divorce and cus
tody of children awarded to plaintiff.
Matthias Mounts vs. William Davis.
Default set aside on motion of plain
Strasbetger and Sperling vs. Milo
Maeumber and S. W. Orvis. Submit
ted to court; judgment against defend
ants for $965.50.
Mary M. Brown vs. John IL Brown.
Divorce. Submitted to the court for
trial. Judgment .of divorce and cus
tody of Percy L. Brown and Clara S.
Brown awarded to plaintiff.
Sarah M. Snow vs. Francis M.
Snow. Divorce. Referred to Wm. A
Irnes to take testimony and report.
City of Bozeman vs. Adolph Levy
continued until next term.
Religious Notices.
Presbyterian church—Rev. L. E.
Hanna will hold services m the Meth
odist church on Sabbath at 10:45 a.-ni.
Communion will be held in connection
with the morning service, wdien sev
eral persons will be received as mem
bers. Sabbath school at 9:30 a. m.
Congregational church: Preaching
to-morrow at 10:30 a. in. Topic: Com
mon sense view 7 of dancing. A lec
ture, the first of a series of lectures to
be given on intemperance, at 8 p. m.;
"Bible w'ines." Every one most cor
dially invited.
Choir of Congregational church
meets Oils evening for practice.
Good News to Smokers.
Fr.csh cigars every day at the Cigar
Factory; also a complete assortment of
meerschaum pipes, cigar holders, brier
pipes, and in fact anything in the
smoker's outfit in the market. Home
made cigars from #40* to #100 per M.
Eastern cigars from #25 to #00 per M.
Baled Hav at 60 cents }>er 100 at T. P.
Large assortment of candies just re
ceived at John O. Sax & Co.'s
. Fresh pineapples at N. C. Matthiessen's.
Fresh California fruits at the Big Horn
Strawberries and asaparagns at N. C.
Go to Mayo's for baths.
Try a hot or cold bath at T. R. Mayo's
new rooms.
Go to N. C. Matthiessen's for wall paper.
T. R. Mayo has the finest bath-rooms in
Go to N. C. Matthiessen's for New Or
leans molasses.
Go to Scbree, Ferris & White Co., for
oats, Second street.
Horseshoeing, new shoes, #4 per set;
resetting, #3, at Griffith's shop, low'er
Main street.
Billy Miles has a large stock of baled
hay, oats, wheat, bran, chopped feed and
barley, which, owing to the late financial
panic in New York must be closed out at
5E- kJkt 7 -a
Wîv s ™
_____ A man to shear sheep immediate
Enquire of T. P. McDonald, Livingston.
gADDLE PONIES for sale at Billy Mile's Liv
ery, Main street.
at P. O Meara's.
onè%i two iirst class coat makers
i jlOR SALE—A first-class, upright Piano,
quire at this oilice.
,1UR SALE—A fine piano. Enquire of V. E.
. Snyder, at Northern Pacific Livery barn.
I jM)R RENT cheap, a iirst class store in a very
desirable location on Main street. Rent low.
Apply to Allen Bros.
milE firm heretofore known as Chizeum & Lisk
JL has this day dissolved by mutual consent.
Lisk -carries jm the business and pays all debts
and collects all due the firm.
John Li 3 k.
Cal. Cuizeom.
Livingston, May 13, 1384.
D issolution notice. The copartnership
heretofore existin',' between Geo. N. Smith
and Will. O. Ilagy under the firm style of Smith
& Ilagv, is this day dissolved by mutual consent.
G <>. N. Smith will continue the business, assum
ing all obligations of tiie late firm and collecting
all accounts due them. Geo. N. Smith.
«, Will. O. Haot.
Livingston, M. T., Slav 14, 1884.
All persons indebted vo the late firm of Smith
& Hagv are hereby requested to call at my office
and settle their bills, that the accounts of the late
firm may be settled as quickly as possible.
Geo. N. Sj
H AVING bought tha island lately owned by
Burton Bros., I am prepared to deliver sand
to anv part of town as cheap as the cheapest.
Geo. T. Young.
r m
„ DAILY ENTERPRISE delivered to any
art of the city by carrier fur $1-25 i>er month.
8. SCOTT, D-D. 8.,
Fills teeth, with Gold and Plastic fillings,
Mounts Artificial teeth on Rubber and Celluloid
and on the roots of the natural teeth ; Solicits
difficult cases and guarantees satisfaction or-no
Anaesthetics administered. Office 4th door
west of Wims-or Hotel Mottana A v ' 4tte.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Pure Kentucky Whiskies!
And the Best Brands of Cigars.
A most elegantly appointed Sample Room in rear of the store room, where nothing bn t
Special Brands of Liquors?and Cigars are retailed to fc tlie trade, Also line Reading
Room equipped with upholstered furniture, in connect bn. A place w Aie gen 611
will.not be insulted, and where you Will always get the BEST good» to >e ia .
TOTAL ASSETS, $60,731,720.00.
Home of Hew York,
Hartford of Hartf ord.
Ph œtiix of H art ford.
Connecticut of Hartford,
Commeieial of Cal.
Germania of Hew 1 ork
Scôtlish , Union $ Notional of Edenbr k
Liverpool 4 London 4 Globe, of Liv.
lew York Life Ins. Co., Cash Capital, $55,553,902.00
Main Street, Livingston, Montana.
The Albemarle Motel,
E. C. DYER, Proprietor.
Newly Fitted and Furnished throughout for the especial accommodation ot National Ihrk:
Tourists and the travelling public.
Babcock & SVIiles,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Agricialtml Implements.
By the Pound or Car Load.
Special attention givent to Sheet-iron and Copper work; also Tin Rcofing.
T-CLSt XSeceiTred. a/t
Geo. T. Chambers & Co.
A large invoice of goods for the Spring and Summer trade,'in the line of
cooped -w^a-oiPTS
Our stock is large and varied, and we are prepared to quote prices with any hardware
house in the Territory. Comeand see us. GEO. T. CHAMBERS & CO.
Main street,
Livingston Bakery
- -!-!-
Fresh Bread, Pies and Cakes
delivered daily by wagon.
Sixteen. Xjoarves for $1.00
* Opposite Postoffice. w
We keep in stock a firs-tdass
article of Beef, Fork, Muttôn,
Fish, Fresh Ranch Butter and
Eggs, Poultry Sand
of all Kinds, fyi' ÈL ....._
thos. p. McDonald.

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