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baiibcad time taeie.
1 r*
jli, fxprew, (going v»ert>*.......
Ht ic .»going ti-rt)......
..-lit No. 13, (going wert) ......
.;i.t No. I t, igonig*etiBt.|........
ilic express, (going westl.......
anti«' express, (going eart)......
•i-Iit No- 13, («olno west).......
■i'lit No. 14, « ^oiutj east,........
..... 1:35 p. m
..... 1:35 p. in
......#:S0 p. m
..... 7 :3U a. in
1 : p. m
1:35 p. in
J»:U) a. in
IJiin^ton PoNtottloe.
Oix ii week days from 7 u. m. to 7:30 p. ill.
»rom 5 î to 3 p.m.
Moiiev nniei" ami register business trans
^,.<1 liotii 0a in. t«*4. p. in.
\i tils going east ami west close at 12:50 pm.
F. \V. WRIGHT, postmaster,
local layout
Yesterday's Pacific express was de
lved by a land slide along the bluffs
east of Pig Horn.
Major George G. Hunt with troop E
,.i the First Cavalry will be command
ai.tat Fort Fllis hereafter.
Emigrant travel to the west still
continues large, but the east-bound
emigrant coaches are by no means
, nipt y these days.
one thousand six hundred cattle are
now on their way over the Northern
pacific to Montana and 7,000 more
xvill he shipped this Week.
\Ve hope to he able to report in a
day or two that the best coal vein in
(iallatin county is located within a
vci y few miles of Livingston.^It is a
new discovery.
o. l\ Chisholm of Illinois has been
nominated register of the United
States land « dice at Bozeman, Mon
tana, in place of Davis Wilson, whose
term has expired.
Meirn- Wetzstein and "Heaver
Tom" had an engagement on Main
street last evening which ended by
the latter being shoved through the
window of Campbell & Merrill's drug
The directors of the Northern Pa
cific have authorized the letting of the
work of construction for twenty-five
of road east from Tacoma, W. T., in
the direction of Green river and .Stam
pede pass.
s. C. belcher has a garden of peas
in Riverside grown entirely in the
open air that have been in blossom
several days. IIow is that for an early
crop at this latitude and- altitude?
They were sown about the middle of
The contract for keeping territorial
prisoners in the county jail having ex
pired it will not he renewed. 'Plie
county commissioners have asked
Judge Coburn to make an order for
the removal of the whole lot to other
Courier: The Daily Enterprise
of Livingston has passed the one
inile post. We frankly confess that
we never expected to chronicle the
event. Persons less enthusiastic and
energetic than its proprietors could
never have accomplished such a re
Major Conger during the winter
past lias succeeded in unearthing cer
tain evidence and plenty of it that
the Park Improvement company had
men in its employ killing elk in the
Park contrary to the Park regulations
and the statutes of Montana and Wy
White plug hats are said to be the
proper kind of headgear for Blaine
followers—the chief always sports that
kind of chapeau. This, explanation
accounts for Col. Sanders' appearance
with one the other day as lie was -re
turning from the convention.
The base ball club got out and prac
ticed last evening with encouraging
results. The club finds that among
its members are several very fine play
ers and in about a week they hope to
have a team sufficiently strong to war
rant an advertisement that they are
open to challenges.
We thank C. S. Ilefferlin, Northern
Pacific agent, for a very valuable wal'
map issued by the company showing
tlie country tributary to the road and
far to the north and south of it,as well
as from Lake Michigan to the Pacific.
It is the most detailed, the most ac
curate and the most extensive railroad
map we ever remember to bave seen.
Accompanying it is a shippers* guide
to all iKxints reached by the Northern
Pacific or its connections.
The Enterprise regards it as ad
visable, as expedient even, that citi
zens generally should unite to make
the dinner of which the high officials
ot the Northern Pacific will j a» take at
the Albemarle next Wednesday, a
banquet given tlifem by Livingston
vrorthy of the place, the time, the
%*ve:s and. lUe acceptors. Each of
our public-spirited citizens should
make it a matter of personal interest
that the whole party gain such
a pleasant impression of Livings
ton as will last them a long while. It
is worth 1 »earing in mind that we have
more to expect of the officials of the
Xoitheni Pacific than of the president
of the United Stales.
Charles S. Hartman of Bozeman, has
been admitted to practice as an attor
George Huston returned from Boze
man to-day after his long service on
the grand jury.
John A. Cliater is trying to sell an
iron mine at Three Forks, this county,
to eastern capitalists.
It. A. Bell, of Gardiner, was in
town yesterday and to-day. He too
has been doing service as a grand
After a very pleasant visit with
their relatives here, Mr. and Mrs. F.
B. ltice left to-day for their home in
1). W. Parsons is to he the North
ern Pacific express company's messen
ger on the Park branch this summer.
He arrived in Livingston yesterday
and began his duties to-day.
Lieutenant J. T. M. Partello, of
Fort Keogh, the famous professional
rille shot, and Mr. Farrow, also a
crack rilie shot, were in town yester
day, and went up to the Park this af
J. II. Mclnernev, of Livingston, is
now at Port Arthui, Ontario, acting
in th a capacity of either foreman or
contractor in putting in side-tracks
along that portion of the Canadian
Among the passengers who went
out on the Park branch this afternoon
was J. B. Kibler of the firm of Kibler
& Wing, general commission mer
chants of Minneapolis. He went up
to Emigrant Gulch to visit J. B. Mar
tin who was one of his Minneapolis
neighbors* Mr. Kibler is highly
pleased with what he saw and learned
during Ins twenty-four hours stay in
Livingston, and says he may be suffi
ciently pleased before leaving here to
stay in the country.
Accommodation for Tourists.
Sometime during next week two
Pullman sleepers and a dining car will
be permanently stationed at .Cinnabar,
the terminus of the Park branch,
for the accommodation of tourists
who may he forced or disposed to
spend a night, or one or more meal
hours there. The convenience of
such on arrangement* especially while
there is no accommodation in the
Park, will he readily understood and
will be abundantly appreciated. As
soon as the cars are stationed there at
Cinnabar,trains will begin to run daily
on the Park branch, leaving Livings
ton in the afternoon and returning
next forenoon.
Telegraph Line Through the Park.
Eleanor N. McGowan has obtained
a ten-years' lease from the govern
ment, granting her the privilege of
maintaining a telegraph line through
the Park, from Mammoth Hot Springs
to Cooke. The lease was made last
month, and provides for one office in
the Park, in addition to the one at
Mammoth Hot Springs.—Courier.
Last summer Mrs. McGowan, acting
in the interest of Ç. T. Hobart, start
ed to erect a telegraph line over that
route, but as she had no permit the
work was stopped. It is now to be
resumed and we trust .it may prove
the pioneer of an early railroad.
Private school.
Mrs. L. A. Flanagan will open a
private school on Second street on
Monday next, June 16th. Terms, S3
per month in advance. No pupil will
be taken for less than one month and
no deduction will be made for non-at
tendance except on account of sick
ness. ____
The Railroad Party.
The delayed Pacific express arrived
last evening bearing the party of rail
road officials of whose coming we gave
notice yesterday. It consisted of viee
l resident T. F .Oakes, J.M .Uannafoid,
general freight agent, Col. C. B. Lam
Lorn. land commissioner, G. W. Gum
ming. assistant land commissioner. C.
W. Thompson, head of the coal de
partment, $. T. Hauser president of
the Wickes branch. W. E. Cullen his
counsel, Auditor Martin and John C.
Bulett, of Philadelphia, a lead
ing director of the Northern Pacific,
.ami a number of young yeo
pie belonging to the party. All took
a great interest in looking at Livings
ton during their short stay and Mr.
Bulett remarked that "this is the boss
town." The party go as far as Port
land and will return here on Wednes
day next and go to the Park. They
accepted an invitation extended them
by Mr. Fogarty to dine at the Albe
marle on that day.
A Historical Correction.
A correspondent of the Benton
Press referring to the alleged oldest
man m the tel ri tory .James DuChamp,
says: Lewis and Clarke did not win
ter among the Nez Perces; had no
man by the name of DuChamp for
guide and interpreter. Mr. DuChamp
was guide and interpreter for Fon
tenelle in his explorations south of
this. He is the first discoverer of
Great Salt Lake. He is the man that
took John C. Fremont into the
great basin. Lieut. Lewis had no
squaw. Capt. Clarke had a half-breed
woman by the name of Cabena. He
got her on the Missouri river from
aieong the Ariearees. (She was a
Snake half-breed.) Clarke took her
across the mountains and left her
among her people. She afterward
lived with the Nez Perces. She had
a son by Clarke, who is alive to-day,
unless he died very recently. Mr.
DuChamp lias lived in Montana ever
since Fontenelle made his exploration,
with the exception of a short time
he was with Fremont.
A Butte saloon keeper who carried
»1.700 in his coat which hung up m
his bedroom adjoining the card room
of his saloon, mourns his loss now.
Some one removed it from his pocket
Another saloon in the same town was
robbed of $50.
Good News to Smokers.
Fresh cigars every day at the Cigar
Factory; also a complete assortment of
meerschaum pipes, cigar holders, brier
pipes, and in fact anything in the
smoker's outfit in the market. Home
made cigars from $40 to $100 per M.
Eastern cigars from $25 to $60 per M.
Thermoineter hats at I. Orschel &
Bros. Something new, novel and cool.
Call and look at them.
A carload of furniture just received at
Baled Hay at 60 cents per 100 at T. P.
Large assortment of candies just re
ceived at John O. Sax A Co.'s.
Fresh pineapples at N. C. Matthiessen's.
Fresh California fruits at the Big Horn
Strawberries and asaparagus at N. C.
Go to Mayo's for baths.
Try a hot or cold bath at T. B. Mayo's
new rooms.
Go to N. C. Matthiessen's for wall pa {»er.
T. It. Mayo lias the finest bath-rooms in
Go to N. C. Matthiessen's for New Or
leans molasses.
Go to Sebree, Ferris & White Co., for
oats, Second street.
Horseshoeing, new shoes, $4 per set;
resetting, $3, at Griffith's shop, lower
Main street. ,
Billy Miles has a large stock of haled
hay, oats, wheat, bran, chopped feed and
barley, which, owing to the late financial
panic in New York must be closed out at
Ladies' nights at the rink
Tuesday and Thursday, on which
evenings the brass band will
play. Three or four waltzes will
be played after skating.
H ERDING—N. Ebert, hiding enclosed several
Hundred acres of tine pasture land near town
will keep citv stock by the week or month, bring
ing it in every evening it desired. Stock maybe
left at Billy Miles' stable.
RADDLE PONIES for sale at Billy Mile's Liv
Ö ery, Main street.
W ANTED.—one or two first class coat makers
at P. O Meara's.
ADR SALE—A first-class, upright Piano. En
quire at this office.
LIOR SALE—A fine piano. Enquire of V. E
L: Snyder, at Northern Pacific Livery barn.
1 jV*R RENT cheap, a first class store in a very
desirable location on Main street. Rent low.
Apply to Allen Bros.
fllHE firm heretofore known as Chilenin & Lisk
JL has this day dissolved by mutual consent.
Lisk carries on the business and pays all debts
and collects all due the firm.
.Tons Lisk.
Cal. Oimnsim.
Livingston, May 13, 18M.
D issolution notice. The copartnership
heretofore existing between Geo. N. Smith
and Will. O. Hagv under the firm style of Smith
* Hagv, is this day dissolved by mutual consent.
G o N. Smith will continue the business, assum
ing: all obligations of the late Him and collecting
all accounts due them. Geo. N. Smith.
Will. O. Haov.
Livingston, M. T„ May 14 W-l.
All persons indebted to the late firm of Smith
& Ila^v are hereby requested to call at my office
and settle their bills, that the accounts of the late
firm mav bo settled as quickly as possible.
Geo. N. S
H AVING bought tin» island lately owned by
Burton Bros., I am prepared to deliver sand
to ant- part of town as elm:q> as-the cheapest.
G <;/). T- Y or vu .
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Pure Kentucky Whiskies!
And the Best Brands of Cigars.
A most elegantly appointed Sample Boom in rear of the store room, where nothi^ hut
Special Brands ot Liquor», and Cigars are retailed to.the trade, Also *«"*£*£
Room equipped with upholstered furniture, in connection. P ac •
will not be insulted, and where you will always get the BEST goods to 1* had.
TOTAL ASSETS, $60,731,720.00.
Home of New York,
Hartford of Hartf ord.
Phœhix of Hartford.
Connecticut of Hartford,
^ Commeieial of Cal.
Germania of New I ork
Scottish , Union Notional of £ den hr k
Liverpool fy London 4* Globe, (f Lvv.
New York Life Ins. Co., Cash Capital, $55,553,902.00
Main Street, Livingston, Montana.
TheÂSbemarle Hotel,
E. C. DYER, Proprietor.
Newly Fitted and Furnished throughout for the especial accommodation ot National Paik
Tourists and the travelling public.
A Bakerv has been established in connection with the Albemarle Hotel from which Vienna
Bread, French and Vienna Rolls will be delivered to families in any part ol the city.
T-a-st TESeceiTred. eut
Geo. T. Chambers & Co.
A large invoice of goods for the Spring and Summer tra de, 'in the line of
Our stock is large and varied, and we are prepared to quote prices with any hardware
house in the Territory. Come and see us, GEO. T. ^CHAMBERS & CO.
Main street,
33o.lococlx HvÆiles,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
BeirToecL "Wir©
By the Pound or Car Load.
Special attention givent to Sheet-iron and Copper work; also-Tin Roofing.
To all those who intend to purchase a summer suit to call at his
shop see samples and get prices Before ordering; elsewhere.
You cannot get a better make east or west.
jJ^pShop on "B" Stfeet.^JPS
Livingston Bakery
Fresh Bread, Pies and Cakes
t *
delivered daily by wagon.
Sixteen. Loaves fox $1.00
Opposite Postoffice.
We keep in stock a firs-tclass
article of Beef, Pork, Mutton,
Fish, Fresh Ranch Butter and
Eggs, Poultry and Vegetables
of all Kinds.
thos. p. McDonald

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