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The daily enterprise. (Livingston, Mont.) 1883-1884, September 08, 1884, Image 3

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^aii^oad hme ta üe.
N „. l.
rrev' '
fr< ; '
:i* -
N«>. i 1
p ! \ i. i
I <'i)inc west)............1:85 p.m
"•'oinir east»........... 1:25 p. ju
mmr \veptt ............9:50p. m
I-mim east »............. 7:30 a. m
i-'nimr'-wept)............ 1: p. m
uim; <'ast 1........... 1:35 p. m
■ oi!i_' west)............ 10:58p.m
oi:ij « a.-lI............. m
Uvin^t« 11 Uoatoftice.
k ,]:us troiu 7 a. in. to 7:30 p. m.
!J, t I roil) to 3 p. ni.
ftu" u - ', l( j ( . r and register business trans
su . to4. p. m.
,, ,, ami vest (-lose at 12:5(1 p.ru
]■■ \V. WRIGIIT,Postmaster,
out in pu rsuit of the
who committed the rob
i 'ark one week ;igo.
V party i
Mgl'" a - vliKM
u'c arc iniormed that the National
tf .j ju tiio Turk will be closed for the
I'm on 11 m- 15th day of October.
grit- * M
rjj,- train from the east was delayed
p r , oriiinc hours yesterday by an
,,M>ff the track down the road.
; & Pease ranch sold at
on Saturday was pur
<1. II. Carver for. $'400. The
bought by A. L. Love.
of snow fell
IV Mevei
sheriff's sale
crop w;
much as six inches
at Mninniotli Hot Springs yesterday.
It disappeared very rapidly however,
j s iloubfless till gone ere this.
Messrs. Curran & Lenilian report a
]j \ t j I v tra<le m Hour for last week, bav
in,, soM from 3,000 to 4,500 pounds
daily. They are sole agents for the
.•Fargo liest..''
yjiid sj at I (it d all over the engine of
thi'Pacific express to-day, and some
what on the coaches, bore witness that
tin late storm extended eastward with
sullied nt severity to wash quantities
of mud upon the track.
joe brown, superintendent for the
litar Gnlcli Hydraulic Mining Com
pany, was injured some days ago by a
boulder which fell or rolled upon his
foot, mashing it considerably and
necessitating the amputation of three
The members of the Congregation
al church are requested to attend the
church meeting in Judge Tower's of
fice at 7 o'clock. A full attendance
is required, as matters of great mo
ment are coining up for consideration.
In order to set - * at rest rumors that
the Nort hern Pacific depots at Helena,
would be removed f rom their present lo
cation vice-president Oakes and Land*
Commissioner Lam horn have publish
ed a notice staling definitely that they
will not be removed.
The condition of the crossing at the
junction of Main and Park streets has
heeii a disgrace to the town during the
past few day
Inis s' dice at enterprise to start a
movement to lay a plank walk across
that sea of mud in anticipation of the
time when there will be another per-
io I of wet weather.
-lohn Kelley's concert on Saturday
fvening was attended by a large and
thoroughly appreciative audience. The
mdv shade ot disappointment was
th.it the entertainment did not last
l° n b , 'i'- The old-timers who heard
I'i"' years ago and listened to him
:l b r d)i licit evening say his voice has
little or none of its power and
sweetness, while his control over the
violii! is greater than ever.
Auhacli & Moore have dissolved
partnership. Mr. Moore will leave
f () ! butte, where he may reside per
manently, or he may return to Living
ston in a tew days. The many friends
lle has made during his short res
idfnee in Livingston hope he will re
1111.1 Mt an early date. Mr. Anbach
"ill continue the Chicago beer hall,
11.1.1 v - iH see that it looses none of its
Mirelv seme citizen j
Mr. George Build was in town a few
,l0 »rs yesterday.
Miss Campbell, teacher of the school
Lig Timber, was in Livingston yes
1)r ; Willi. Landau, F. L. L., of Ber
Germany, is a distinguished visfr
t" 1 in Livingston.
il !1, Anderson, engineer-in-chief of
. ,l ^wthern Pacific, went east tevday
111 lus Business car "Montana.*"
j/ ,! ' aii(1 Mrs. E. Epos and Mias
oi Waukesha, Wis., af*e among
111 'Ms returned from the Partie ; gj
J J. Martin, probate judge of- this,
KunA* W lS in towu on Saturday and
uy do ' n g a little quiet political
George B. Arnold and his compan
ion who left Livingston in a boa
about a month ago. reached Miles
City safelv on Saturday.
Frank F . Frisbie, of Detroit, Mich.,
is at the Albemarle, engaged in pré
parai! oils lor a hunting expedition
through this country.
Robert E. Carpenter, of Iowa, the
new superintendent of the National
Park, who supersedes Major Conger,
passed through here to-day bound for
his post of duty.
Mr. Hall, of the Oregon Railway and
Navigation Company, with his party
of friends in their special car, came
back from the Park to-day and' went
on to the Pacific.
Rev. R. H. McCray, a missionary
who has visited all the so-called heath
en countries and has been around tiie
world a cumber of times, is in Liv
ingston at present. .
Mr. D. J. Kennelly of Mission, has
been admitted by the supreme court
to practice as an attorney and coun
selor at law in **11 courts in Montana.
Mr. Kennelly received his legal educa
tion in England, where he ranks as a
H. T. Ceperley, accompanied by his
wife and child, took the train yester
day for Winona, Minnesota, their
former home. Mr. Ceperley will re
turn in ten days or two weeks. Mrs.
Ceperley and child will remain there
about three months; her mother, Mrs.
I Foster, who has been visiting here
j during the summer, accompanied the
The Misses Ella and Ida Cfaroutte,
of Des Moines, Iowa, who have been
visiting here with the families of E.
Goughnour and A. L. Love, and with
them made the tour of the Park, left
to-day for their homes. Nothing
could exceed their enjoyment of their
visit to this country, and they return
to Iowa greatly improved in health
and spirits.
Dr. M. M. Davis and wife, of Bara
bas, Wis., Dr. C. P. Higbee, of St.
Paul, and H. C. Davis, assistant gen
eral passenger agent of the Northern
Pacific, returned from the Park on
Saturday and are still at the Albe
marle. Dr. Davis was seized with se
vere illness in the Park and is nor yet
sufficiently recovered to proceed on
his trip. H. C. Davis will visit Hel
ena and Butte before going back to
St. Paul.
Condition of Local Trade.
The cry of dull times in Livingston
is not justified by facts. Inquiry
among merchants—those who carry
stocks of staple goods, groceries, dry
goods, clothing, hardware—elicits the
j information that they are doing a good
trade and they offer no complaint
whatever. Several of them say their
trade has never been better. One de
partment of business in the town is
suffering and naturally so. That is
the saloons. But a little while ago
for every 40 (at the outside) men,
women and children in Livingston
there was a place where liquor was
sold. Did any person expect that all
those places, paying the high licenses
imposed, could exist very long? Is any
one surprised that several of them
have closed their doors of late? Will
it be surprising if the number is re
duced within a few w r eeks so that
every 100 of our population will have
a separate and individual saloon of
their own? The process of thinning
out has fairly begun and will continue
a little longer. Trade in all depart
ments is subject to strict, inviolable
rules. One of these rules—the sim
plest—is that there shall be no more
places cf business than business de
mands. The saloon trade is conform
ing itself to this condition as rapidly
as possible. In the channels of legiti
mate trade we are pleased to note a
healthy movement even at this early
period of the season. We look for a
good autumn trade and prosperous
business through the winter months.
Revenging Custer.
A few days ago Sitting Bull and sev
eral other Sioux chiefs left Standing
Rock Agency and went to the Minne^
apolis fttHv where they appear as an
attraction. They are also to be trav
eled through the east.by .some sj$cu
, .Xlve <Jiep»t»h says:
transpired tbat ata effort w®* i
atiV* showy roan.. Th» foÜawip^üW
patch from St. Paul \&k> wf that some
crank cherishes tbqughtç. pf. yep
geàadej * ? k^iinSt • -| the old chtéf
A 7i*?»nWlr looked upon as
gaffer of the Custer
It just
made at
the Grand Opera House Wednesday
night to assassinate Sitting Bull. As
1 ääÄ*;
he was leaving the theatre an unknown
roan suddenly drew a pistol, and with
out raising it aimed it at the great
chief, but a companion knocked the
weapon down before it could be dis
charged. Both men followed the In
dians out but no further attempt was
made on their lives. Sitting Bull is
now constantly guarded; even at the
hotel a guard is placed at the doors.
Improvements on the Track.
The Yellowstone Journal says the
Northern Pacific is about to begin ex
tensive repairs and improvements on
its track along the lower Yellowstone.
The improvements will consist of cut
ting away more of the sides of Dix
on's, Sentinel and Barr's bluffs, and of
Iron Butte! At the latter place a new
dyke will be built 800 feet long and 75
feet wide. . The dyke alone will cost
$10,000, and change Hie water course
at the" point.
Nutritions Grasses.
Bismarck Tribune: A cattle man,
known as "Texas." is ir; the city. He
is down from Montana and states as an
argument in favor of Montana as a
grazing country, that he recently
drove a herd of 1,000 cattle from Texas
to that region, being six months and
eighteen days on the drive. The
change of climate, grasses, water, etc.,
caused a gain in each animal of from
150 to 200 poupds. "Texas" says
there is no stock country in the world
equal to Montana and western Dakota.
J. H. Hart's Pocketbook.
A pocketbook, evidently belonging
to J. Hart, of Missoula. Montana, was
found floating in the river near Min
neapolis a few days ago. J. II. Hart
was manager of John Oaplice «Sb Co.'s
business at Missoula, and was a promi
nent man who generally carried con
siderable sums of money with him.
He was an entire stranger in St. Paul
and Minneapolis. There is a seeming
mystery about the pocketbook.
When Frank Frisbee, formerly of Mon
tana, was arrested on the steamer coming
into New Y oik City from around Cape
Horn for stealing $7,090 from the First
National Bank of Portland, Oregon, $1,500
of the money was found fastened under
the frock of his little girl six years old.
Gov. Cleveland was serenaded by a
a political club at Albany on Saturday
evening, and replied to flic club and the
assembled mass of people amid great en
List of Letters» Advertised at Livingston
Mont., September 8. 1884.
Andrus, E. B.
Andrews, Mrs. Jane
Cafran, J. W. G.
Enderson/E. D.
Everett. A. SV.
Fraser, Mrs.
Franklin, Geo.
Huston, Alice If.
Howard, Janies.
Hornsberry, Win.
Jackson, Al.
Johnson, Mrs. Fanny.
Jon«;s, L. M.
Jacobson. Theodore.
Jones, Walter.
Koffman, Henry
Laws, G.
Lester, Win,
Meigs, Charles.
Miller, Miss.
McDonald, David B.
Miles, Matt W.
Me Minn, Thomas.
Nicolevsen, Anna.
Ohern, Thomas.
Richardson, F. L.
Seymour, Miss Minnie.
Sadlemire Smith.
Thnlsen, Ch.
glass of
The Roller Rink will hereafter be kept
open every night except Sunday. New
skates and new repairs just received. F.
L. Mintie, manager. ,
You can always get a fresh
beer at the Appollo Springs Brewery.
Leo. Kahn is prepared to take pictures
of babies by the quick process.
Go to Billy Miles, lower end of Main
street, for Oats, Wheat, Bran, Chop Feed,
Barley and Baled Hay, wholesale or retail.
L ITHOGRAPH pictures of Livingston for
sale at this office at 25 cents each : put up in
rollers and mailed to any address for 50 cents
each. Daily Enterprise, Livingston.
AKE NOTICE.—All persons whose licenses
have expired will call at Geo. W. Metcalf &
Co.'s office and pay the same to Geo. W. Metcalf,
deputy collector of Gallatin county.
Livingston, Mont., Sept. 4, 1884. 79d0t
H AVING bought tho island lately owned by
Burton Bros., I am prepared to deliver sancl
to any part of town as cheap as the cheapest.
Geo. T. Young.
by given that the firm of Lilly & Murphy,
heretofore doing business in Cooke, Montana, is
this day dissolved by mutual consent. Mr. Lilly
will continue the business, assume all liabilities,
and collect all accounts. John T. Lilly,
August 23,1884. Geo. W. Murphy.
D issolution notice.—T he partnership
heretofore existing between Ritd. Anbach
and Win. Moore, as AnbachJfc Moore, is this day
dissolved by mutual consent, Mi 1 Moore retiring.
Mr. Anbach wiil continue the business, par all
bills and collect a'1 debts due the former firm.
Rud. Anbach.
Wjf. Moore.
Livingston, Mont., Sepfc 8, 1884.
N QTICE.— F« rtjee owing, Çràdtôy & Tojfi'urst
. f«>r vv Orx will caU and. sçttle for the same
betör* October 1st of the jobs will be sold to pav
çjjérges. : A*. H. Bradley . '
Treasury Department,
Office of Comptroller^ Gre Guraency,
j' ^ MM- Vßm MAX m >A*wVf 1OV7T. J
by giv<m to all, persons who mdv *
inst^The FiratNatwaal^Bank of;
. 'ashingyox, August 25,1&84. )
Notice is herebv *
have claims ag
Livingston,'' ]
must be presented to Charted,At Baker. .Receiver,'L
«fefeS®»« **+ r
j. ». Lut«
Deputy and Acting Comptroller ot the currency
I r : ajjjra
t -
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Pure Kentucky Whiskies!
And the Best Brands of Cigars.
A most elegantly appointed Sample Room in rear of the store room, where nothing bu
Special Brands ot Liquors and Cigars are retailed to fc the trade, Also hint Reading
Room equipped with upholstered furniture, in connection. A place where gentleman
will not be insulted, and where you will always get the BEST goods tobe had.
Real Estate, Insurance,
Town Property for sale, improved or unimproved.
Agents f«»r Eight of the Strongest and most reliable Insurance Companies.
Quartz and Placer Mines for sale in KrngrantGulch.
Quartz Lodes in Clark's Fork and Quartz and Placer mine;? in Mill Creek, Bear and
Jrevice Gulches.
Fine ranches for sale suitable for agricultural or grazing purposes.
Frank White's
Billiard and Pool Parlor!
Brick Block under Enterprise office
IPsirte: Street.
Having Purchased direct from the East an entirely new outfit, consisting of the
Finest Black Walnut Bar, Glass and Fixtures west of St. Paul, and new ^Billiard and Pool
Tables I would respectfully solicit patronage from the public in general. Gentlemanly
treatment to all, and none but first class goods will be deait out customers. Elegant Pri
vate Rooms in connection. Come and see me. FRANK WHITE.
Mineral and Soda Water
A. LANDT, Prop.
Keg and Bottled Beer Always on Hand.
All kinds of Mineral Water, Soda Water Ginger Ale, Birch Beer, Champagne Cider and
Everything in this line manufactmed and sold at this place.
To all tli ose who intend to purchase a summer suit to call a
shop see samples and get prices Before ordering elsewhere.
You cannot get a better make east or west.
|£§f"Shop on "B" Street.^JäFJ!
Livingston Bakery
Main and Second Streets,
Fresh Bread, Pies and Cakes
delivered daily by wagon.
Sixteen Loaves for $ 1.00
Opposite Postoffice.
We keep in stock a first-class
article of Beef, Pork, Mutton,
; and Vegetables
thos. p. McDonald

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