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ir " -
Infighting and Hitting on MIiS
Breakaway Being Practiced.
Backers UnaWc to Place
Money Except at Heavy
Odds Al Smith Says It "Will IJe
a Buttle Royal Amphitheater
The Worst Thing That
Possibly Happen.
By One Who Has Been Through It.
We Believe It to Be Unequaled" in
Truthful Annals of Facts.
Unsuccessful Attempt of Two
Men to Rob- James Jacobs.
Carson, 2s'ev., March 13. The final work
en thearena where CorbettondFitzslmmons
-will meet on St. Patrick's Day, was con
cluded this alteruoon, when Hie reserved
Ecats were numbered.
The kiueio-soope was put in place at the
ringside, and the arrangements whereby
the big mill can be reviewed at leisure
by thousands, is all completed, and only
requires line weather to make the picture
a success. The sun had almost the fierce
ness of summer heat, and its drying qual
ities were quickly manifested by the ap
pearance of the roads, which, though still
muddy in spots, were sufficiently dried off
to enable both men to do some twelve
miles of outdoor work. The effect of yes
terday's pow-wow over Silers' interpreta
tion 01 the lules, was manifest in the woi :
of both men today.
Fitzsininions was particularly attentive
to hitting mi t:ie break and i.i clincnes, and
Eocbcr and Ban Hlckey wore a gory up
pearance as the result of the Cornishmau's
Corbett, too. did a lot of infighting and
Billy Wood's pneumatic device did not
avail Mm much In the way of protection
from Jim's shoit-arm punches. Corbett's
foot work -was most admirable and none
of the squad were able to make him ex
tend himself.
The Cahfornlan's quarters were the
Uecca of all sightseers today, nnd Char
ley White had his lands full in keeping
the crowd, of which two-Uirds were
women, from encroaching too much on
the limited space in the handball court,
ritzsimmons has recovered from the
ihotk he received when Corbett deliber
crntcly fouled himaccording to the Chester
field rules, and he was in great humor
today. - He took a good lteating at quoits
without a murmur and admitted a number
of deadheads to sec him at woik. From
a short spin on the wheel he turned to the
punching bag for ten rounds, winding up
with a geyser display of hard hitting.
Ernest Roeber was first man up with the
gloves- Bob invited the mau from Hanover
to "come in and fhrht," and Ernest ac
cepted the invitation. With true pugil
istic liospitahry ritzsimmons met him at
the door and opened a cut about the
German's ear. Keener kept "coining in"
just the same, and at the end of the third
and last round both men were smeared
with blood. Dan Hickcy laughed at
Ernest's misery, but he lost his smile
when Fitzsimmons split open his fore-
ncadin a breakaway. Three rounds were
all Ban wanted and Stenzler was thankful
when his boxing engagement was declared
off. Dob's inside work concluded with
a few games of handball. He sprinted
twelve miles in the afternoon behind a
horse and buggy driven by his wire. He
reUred early.
Corbett was even more vicious than, the
Australian. He purfed up Jeffries' lip
with a straight left and dished up a few
hot ones to Billy Woods, spattering Woods'
mask with blcod and splitting his lower
lip. -'Brother Joe" was more cautious
than the others and kept at a icspectful
distance. Jim wore out Sprinter Ryan
and Billy Bclaney on the road before noon,
covering twelve miles altogether in his
morning's walk. He :cnt considerable
time with the dumb-bells and clubs, con
trary to his usual custom. The wrist ma
chine was not neglected and the punching
bag was given an extra whirl. Three fast
games of handball left the champion in a
nice perspiration for his artemoon's box
ing. He was not to irritable as yesterday,
nor did the presence of the crowd seem to
annoy him so much. Not less than fifty
vehicles were drawn up-around the hand
ball court and every knot-hole commanded
a premium.
A mob of small boys climbed up on the
roof, and many of them passed in through
the skylight and perched along the rafters.
Jeffries, Woods and Joo Corbett, each
sparred four speedy rounds, and McVey
took his customary trouncing. Jim has
the knack of hitting in clinches down to
a fine point, and his boxing champions all
bear red blotches on their chests as a
result. Upper-cutting he does not seem
to favor. His arms swing less rigid than
Fitzsimmons', and he keeps -well over the
guard in a mix-up. His general appear
ance won over a number of Eastern ex
perts who Baw him today for the first
Al Bmith, of New York, final stake
holder in the big mill, ai rived from San
Francisco this rooming and headed for
the Bullion Bank, where he deposited
$25,000 in certificates. This amount
will be handed over to the winner on
Bt. Fatrick's Bay- After visiting Shaw's
Springs, Cook's Ranch and Stuart's arena,
Mr. Smith dictated the following inter
Tlew for distribute-in to press corre
spondents: "The prospects aic the most rosy that
ever attended an affair of this tort. I
find that both of the men aic in adniliable
shape, and if there ever was a sincere
pair of pugilists you have them in Cor
bett and Fitzsimmons. 1 find that thcy
are trained to an edpe and the contest
thould be a corker. Such confidence as
the men display is astonishing. Of course,
there must be a winner and a loser, but
if you can find the latter or a line that
would lead to that conclusion by looking
ever and talking to the men, you beat
xne. I cannot for the life of me recall a
contest which presents such complex ques
tions as this in the matter of 'calling the
"I went out to look over the arena,
too, and find it the best of its sort I
ever visited. There Is not a scat in
the whole vast structure which does not
present a clear, unobstructed view. The
welter and feather-weight fights I look
to for a whole lot of genuine sport. The
men arc so evenly matched and have
trained so faithfully, that I would not
be a bit surprised to see the best fight
or the three crop out in one of the lesser
engagements. With these conditions,
backed up by weather such as one would
expect to find in tropical lands this time
of year, I predict that Mr. Stuart will
frpfc some returns for the ceaseless and
untiring pluck he has displayed. It
would take a whole lot of money to In
duce me to miss the treat I know Is in
store for the lovers of the manly art.
4 "AL.. SMITH."
The two poolrooms are not talcing in
enough money to pay room rent. A favor
ite combination is Corbett, Green and Haw
kins, and the odds against the trio have
been cut down from 5 to 3 to 1. The
wad of Eastern money which was sup
posed to go on Fitzsimnfons is notin sight,
and there appears to be enough San Fran
cisco coin behind Corbett to keen tp odds
where they are, 10 to 7, with Fitzsim
mons at the short end.
Excursion rates from the Pcciflc coast
were effective today, and trains are head'
ed for Carson from all points in the West.
Ticket sales are light in Carson, buta good
flemandis reported from the West.
Mr. J. B. UATTON, a well-known citi
zen of the District, who resides on Congress
Heights, and who for the past year has
been a trusted employe Of the St. Eliza
beth 1 nsane Asylum, at Anacostia, gives his
wonderful experience:
"For Hie past u.rce years I have been a
great sufferer from nervous debility. My
entire nervous system was unstrung; I felt
blue, miserable, wretched andmisanthropic
most of the lime, and was disgusted with
lire. My memory was rapidly railing, and
1 felt constantly tired ami Ianguul;l would
frequently wake up in the morning more
fatigued than when I wont to bed. I tried
doctors and patent medicines over anil
over again, but all failed to give me relief.
1 had nbout leached the conclusion that
minis was a hopeless and incurable case,
when I was induced by a friend to make
one more trial, and I placed myself under
the care of Ur. Walker. His treatment
worked like magic. My troubles ceased, my
nerves became steady, my brain clear, and
life once more looked bright to me. I
have talked with dozens of Br. Walkers
patient, and all arc loud in their praise.
1 have been employed for the past year
ac the St. Elizabeth Insane Asylum, at
Anacostia. and reside with my family at
Congress Heights. "
(Signed.) "J. B. GATTON."
Such is tho invariable outcome, for Dr.
Walkers tiealment never Tails to cure all
disorders or ttie brain and nervous system,
diseases of the skin and blood, cuiartii,
asthma, consumption, malaria, dyspepsia,
rueumaiism, neuralgia, honnorrhoida, dis
eases or women, sexual weakness, and all
chronic and deep-seated troubles of what
ever nature.
Men whose -ess of strength and vitality
iiutv be attributed to mental woirv. over
work, sexual excesses or the follies of
youth are restored to healthy, vigorous
manhood by Dr. Walker's treatment.
The highest fee charged Is
Medicine included.
Office, 1-111 Fa. ave., next to Willard's
days, lOto 12; Monday, Wednesday, Thurs
day and Saturday evenings, G to 8.
Ordered at tho Point of a Pistol
to Surrender His Money Strug
gled With His Assailants, "Who
Escaped Police Have a Small
Clew to Worlt Upon.
Republicans Have Wjf, Xet Com
pleted the Tariff fifjl.
John L. Sullivan and Party Tarry
in Chicago.
An Exodus ol "Windy City" Enthusi
asts "Parson" Davies Accom
panied by London Sports.
Tho Estimated RevenubiFrorn Duties
on Sugnr in tho New Hill la $50,
000,000 The Woolen Schedule
Pixes the Strong Protective Char
acter of tho Hill.
Chicago, March 13. The exodus of sports,
thOEe who fight and have fought for a
living and those wiio try not to miss a
notable ling encounter, tobk place from
thiscity for Carson City today. The parties
weie made up of men from various cities,
most of them coming from east, of Chicago.
The gambling fraternity of Chicago has
been financially embarrassed for a long
tune, and the local contingent was com
composed principally of sportive politi
cians and saloonkeepers of means. Enough
outsiders came into the town to make a
respectable showing at train leaving time.
John L. Sullivan and party came in from
Boston at 2:40 p. m. over the Lake Shore
and occupied the center of the stage for
the would-be sports who couldn't go, un
til the "Parson" Davies special train
over the Rock Island road left at 5:30
o'ciock. There were hulf a dczen in the
Sullivan party. Including Jimmy Colville,
who will be Corbett's timekeeper; Frank
Dunne, George Gary and Billy Hurd. Sul
livan showed himself around town and at
a variety theater until train time.
Sullivan reiterated his intention of
challenging the winner of the Fltzsimmons
Corbctt fight and pointed to his record as
evidence of his sincerity of purpose, rather
than a desire to advertise himself. He
added: "1 will fight for any amount the
winner names and will cover any money
he puts up. 1 believe I have one more
good fight in me." As to the probabil
ities of the Carson fight, the former cham
pion said: "Corbett ought to win rut he
will have to fight coolly and carefully.
If he loses his head, as he did in liic fight
with Mitchell, lie Is apt to get whipped."
Jack McAullffe came in from Boston
by the morning train with Larr Killehan
and did not mingle with the Sullivan party,
although he went on the Rock Island
special. A party of fouitccn from Luna,
O., made connection with the same train,
nnd several Buffalo sports arrived to make
a trainload.
The Davies special also carried a dele
gation of twelve members of the Na
tional Sporting Club, of London, in charge
of Major W. Y. Wtthrop. There was a
big crowd at tiic depot, attracted by the
presence of John L., who lesponded to
the cheers and cries for a speech by
bringing ills 250 pounds of flesh and
bone out on the rear sleeper and bowing
his acknowledgments.
Five Pullman sleepers contained the
sports. The train will go through as a
special, beiug due to nrrlve at Carson at
noon the day before the fight.
Another party of sports from Chicago
and othr cities left in a private car on
the regular Northwestern Railroad train ut
G o'clock.
Betting here on the fight In laTgc sums
has been dead and there is not much indi
cation that there will be a icvival next
week. This is a Corbett town, and the
Fitzsimmons backers have been holding
out for such big odds that Corbett money
has been sent to New York on commission
to lay on at more favorable odds. A few
wagers weie made here today among the
incoming sports in the hundreds of dollars
at odds of 5 to 4. Some knowing ones are
waiting Tor next week and the latest news
from the training quarters before rlacing
their money. Most or the moneyedjocnl
snorts, however, arc either on their way to
Carson or have already bet all the money
they can afford these times.
An apparently carefully planned attempt
at murder and robbery was made on James
C. Jacobs, a cab driver, on Fourteenth
street, between 1 and K streets southeast,
about 9:30 o'clock last night. Jacobs lives
at No. 227 Fourteenth street southwest.
He has been employed as a cab driver hi
this city since 1879, having for some time
past been in the service of the Rapid
Transit Messenger Company.
Jacobs was in front of the company's
office on Pennsylvania avenue last night
about 9:20 o'clock, when a well-dressed
man approached him and asked what the
fare would be to the comer of Fourteen tli
and K streets southeast. Jacobs replied
that the price would be SI, and the
stranger, throwing a paper package that
he was carrying under his arm into the
cab, jumped in arter it and told the cabbie
to drive to the place designated.
On arriving at tho corner of Fourteenth
and I streets, the man pointed out to the
driver a house on the west side of Four
teenth street and told Jacobs to stop. He
did so and his fare ran up a high terrace
on which the house rests and disappeared
within, while the driver waited.
Tins house in question is an old-fashioned
two-story and atllcuilck affair, with
out doors or windows. There was no light
in evidence, and as there were but two
houses in the block and no street lamps
for several blocks in either diicction, the
place was an unusually lonely one.
When the cab driver was on the point
of deserting the scene without his money
his fare returned to the front of the struc
ture and called him to come up on the ter
race nnd receive his pay. Jacobs climbed
the terrace with some difficulty, stumbling
and nearlyfallingseveral times in thecourse
or his ascent on account or the durknessand
the muddy condition or the ground, and
finally stood before the man, who de
manded: "How much do I owe you?"
"One dollar," replied the cabbie.
"1 thought you said 25 cents?" returned
the other.
"You know I couldn't carry you that
distance Tor that," replied Jacobs.
"But it took only a short time only
twenty minutes by my watch. T looked
at it Just as we turned In from the Ave
nue. '
"But I don't charge according to tho
time," protested the driver.
At this Juncture a strongly-built man,
with the lower part of his face concealed
by a white cloth, rushed upon the couple
and. with a revolver aimed at the head
of Jacobs, demanded his money.
Jucobs, trembling with fear, responded
"All right. Don't shoot rne for 00 cents."
Without waiting for the cab driver to
comply with his demand the man tcized
him by the throat and a despeiate strug
gle ensued.
Jacobs managed to clutch the icvolver,
while with the other hand he grasped
his assailant by the throat. The men fell,
and during the struggle the pistol went
off, without striking either of them.
Atthc reportof the weapon the would-be
robbers darted away, their speed ac
celerated by the presence of a passing
wagon on Pennsylvania avenue. One of
the men made (straight down Fourteenth
street, toward the river, while the other
turned into K street, both succeeding In
making their escape.
Jacobs jumped to his feet and yelled
"Murderl" at the top of his voice He
then jumped upon ids box nnd drove his
horse furiously to the Fifth precinct sta
tion, corner of Fifth and E streets south
east, where he related the circumstances.
After hearing his ttory the sergeant in
charge directed him to detective head
quarters, where Jacobs repeated the tale
of his adventure.
In the absence of the detectives, Scrgt.
Perry told Jacobs to return at 9 o'clock
tills morning, when the detectives will
be present. The police say there is no
reason to discredit the statements of
Jacobs as to the occurrence, and will lake
immediate steps to apprehend his assail
ants. It i3 thought that the men were ac
quainted with the movements of Jacobs
during the past few days, and had seen
him display a roll of bills on various oc
casions, the plan being to allure the driver
to the place in question nnd there to se
cure his money. This roll of money,
amounting to $35, together with about 60
cents In change, Jacobs had on his person
last night, but his assailants failed to se
cure It on account of their flight.
The only clew to the men Is the package
carried by Jacobs' fare, which the latter,
for some unknown reason, left In the cab.
This package contained two ordinary
bran sacks, somewhat soiled with use.
1,000 yds. 2-Inch
Black Velveteen
Binding will go for
one day at
IC yard.
10-yard pieces
Sanitary Cotton
BIrdseye to go for
a day at
2,000 yards black,
gray and col'd SI
liclaa, in 3 to 10
yard lengths; usual
price, 10c to 18c, for
5C yard".
40-Inch Dotted
Curtain Swiss will I
go for one day at
93 pairs Notting
ham Lace Curtains
-to go foe
49C Pair.
Chenille Ball
Fringe will go for
one day at
2C yard.
Store News,"
926-928 rtH and T06 K Sts.
Wilson May Box in New Yorlt.
Howard Wilson, the well-known colored
boxer, is in receipt of an offer from the
New York Polo Athletic Club to meet a
lightweight In the arena of the club next
Saturday night. Howard has the matter
under advisement and will probably accept
the invitation.
Traveling Elite Eords.
St. Louis, March 13. A special train
left here this evening over the Chicago
and Alton road for Carson, Ncv., carry
ing a party of local lovers of eport. The
train is a sumptuously fitted hotel on
wheels and will be the home of the cx
curslonirts until their return after wit
nessing the Corbett-Fitzslmmons fight.
The train will receive excursionists until
Omaha Is reached.
Meeting an Indiana Republicans.
A well-attended meeting of the Indiana
Republican Association was lipid last even
ing at the headquarters of the Union Re
publican Club, No. 1319 F street. Col.
John C.Chaney was In the chair. Capt.
John K. Gowdy, chairman of the Indiana
State central committee, was present nnd
addressed the meeting. A committee was
appointed to select a permanent place or
Pointers About Pugilists.
Tommy Ryan now wants to go to Eng
land and fight Dick Purge for the Welter
weight championship of the world. He
has authorized the Police Gazette to cable
a challenge to Burgc and an offer of $400
expenses ir the latter would prefer to fight
In America.
P. T. Powers, president or the Eastern
League of ball clubs, and the well-known
promoter of sports, has received a letter
from Charley "White, In which the trainer
saj's that Corbett is fit to battle for his
life that he is bigger and stionger than
ever before, and looks to be a sure winner.
Powers places great reliance on White's
Jack Daly, of "Wilmington, and "Kid"
McPartland have been offered a 81,200
purse for a twenty-round contest bj Match
maker Billy Newman, of the Polo Athletic
Club. Daly was Avilling to accept this
offer, but "Boo" Bougherty, who handles
the reins for McPartland, has so many
engagements for the "Kid" that he could
not see his way to accept the offer.
Tommy Ryan, the welterweight boxer of
Syracuse, and Pat Raedy, of Washington,
have been matched to meet in a twenty
round bout at the Rienzi Athletic Club, of
Rochester, on Wednesday, March 17. They
will meet at catch-weights for a good-
sized purse. Ryan will have a cmch in
beating Raedy, for the latter is in r.o way
capable of giving Ryan a gcod, hard light,
and the latter should put Raedy to sleep
Inside of eight rounds. Ryan must cer
tainly have his choice in picking out easy
marks, tor he has certainly had more stiffs
to box than any other fighter in this
country. New York Evening World. The
World's "wise man" will have to change
his mind about Raedy being a "ttiff" after
the fight Wednesday night.
The Republican members of the Ways
and Means Committee put in a full day's
work yesterday. They were In session un
til nearly G o'clock and would probably
have been at work at night but for the
Republican caucus.
When one of their number was asked if
the bill was completed when they separat- -j
ed at 0 o'clock, lib smlledbroadlynnd said
it would be ready Monday, ills manner
indicated that the legislative, day of Sat
urday might be forty-eight hours long.
The members of the committee declare
that no copy of the now bill has gone out
of the hands of tne Republican committee,
and assert that the figures for the great
majority or Items as printed by the news
papers are made up by theseveralreporters
who have been seeking advance iuf urina
tion? One of them stated that they were
much amused atsomeof tlie"guesses''aud
laughed heartily in discussing them.
It is probably true that most of the
details made public have come from the
same source and there are some errors;
but It is also certain that In the two
great schedules of BUgur and wool, the
statements published give accurately the
figures or the bill up to the prebent.
How thebc may lie changed before the
bill is introduced tomorrow, not even a
member of the committee majority In
ciiarge could tell. Strong pressure is still
.being exerted to secure alterations In
the wool andwoolen- duties. Also several
other schedules are still open to discus
sion, and it is in the power or a majority
at any time to reopen the discussion on
any schedule.
But with the duties on .sugar and on
wool settled it makes really little differ
ence what is done with anything else, so
far as general results are concerned The
customs receipts on sugar aloue will amount
to nearly one-fourth of the total. Uhe bill
Is not likely to bring in much more than
$200,000,000, and the sugar revenue will
be $50,000,000 or more. The receipts on
woolen manufactures last year amounted to
something like $25,000,000, f while the
value of wools brought in rree of duty
was about $35,000,0001 on which ttie
duty would be probably $26,000,000.
The mere addition of wool to the dutiable
list fixes the character 'of tiic bill and
means protection all along thJ line.
The amount of revenue, or 'course, de
pends upon the quantity or-'goods im
ported. As shown by thdWilsbn bill, this
i sometimes an uncertain ractor in the
The basket clause in the flax, hemp
and Jute schedule will probably Impose a
compound duty on all manufactures con
taining not more than TOO threads per
square inch, and 50 per cent' oh all above
100 threads. This would Increase the re
ceipts by nearly three million dollars.
The following nddltionalflgorts are given
Wood pulp, one-twelfth ofa cent a pound;
chemical pulp, unbleached, bix tenths of
a cent, and bleached, one-fourth of a cent;
bheathing paper, roofing felt, and printing
paper as in the present law; copying paper,
etc., weighing six pounds to tho ream, 8
cents per pound and 15 per cent; more
than six pounds, G cents per pound and
10 per cent; albumenizedorsensitized paper,
30 per cent; surface coated papers, card
board, etc., are taxed 35 per cent, as In
the McKinley law. McKinley rates are
restored on envelopes and papers notother
wise provided for, and on books, playing
cards and manufactures of paper not
otherwise provided for.
The rates on buttons are lower than the
McKinley rates. Agate buttons will pay
one-half cent per line per gross; pearl and
shell buttons, 1 1-2 cents per line per
gross and 1 5 per cent; buttons of vegetable
ivory, glass, bone or horn, one-fourth cent
per line per gross and 15 per cent; shoe
buttons, 50 per cent ad valorem.
McKinley rates are restored on matches
and percussion caps. Musical instru
ments are taxed 35 per cent and fans,
except palm leaf, 40 per cent. The
present rates remain on pencil lead and
photographic dry plates. McKinley rates
arc restored on pipes and smokers' articles,
hatters' plush and umbrella sticks.
Orchids and other plants used for forc
ing under gluss are restored to the Tree
list. Other additions to the free list
are cocoanuts in the shell, copra and
pineapples. Diamonds nnd other precious
stones, rough or uncut, miners', glaziers'
and engravers' diamonds, not set, and
diamond dust remain on the free list, but
jewels to be used in the manufacture or
watches and clocks are made dutiable.
The general clause at the end or the
bill is lert as in the present law. It
imposes a duty or 10 per cent ad valorem
on all raw or unmanufactured articles
not otherwise provided for, and 20 per
cent on all manufactured articles not
provided for.
Safety Hooks and
Eyes, all sizes
for one day,
IC card.
$S&S&$32SS&$ SS&32.32&3sm33S 0&S &! $&$& 4
You can ieei assured or tour tilings when you buy here viz.,
that equal qualities cannot be had for less money elsewhere in
this or any city that your money will be refunded when your
purctiase is not satisfactory that deception is never practiced,
and that the advertisements of this store tell the truth without
I In nine times out of ten you'll find this store underselling
t all others.
1-Day Matting Sale.
28 rolls very good White
China Matting will go on tale
tomorrow for
35 rolls fine Japanese Cot
ton Worp Matting in plain
white and fancy patterns
usual 3Cc yard sort will go
on sale tomorrow at
50 rolls very fine Japanese
Cotton Warp Mntting the
handsomest damask and em
broideiedpatternt really the
finestmattingtobehad- and
sold for 50c yard, about to
go for
New Organdies, 91c.
Last week we secured
3,850 yards handsome print
ed Organdies in lengths
enough for diesf-os and
waists. These same geoUs
areclaimed by another t;oufe
to be impoited, lint tt.ey nie
not. In very handsome pat
terns, and if at lull prices
would be 25c a yard. You're
offered them for
Those 29c Corsets.
My, what corset selling!
Nothing has ever equaled Jt
before. But the values are
big. We got our hands on
two lots of corsets that were
made by the makers of the
famous "Thompson." They
aremadeof coiitil.andheavi
ly hound, andlace trimmed,
would te splendid value at
50o pair, hut we can ofrer
them for
Underwear Sale.
A lot of Fine Muslin Skirts
clusters of tucks and Val
enciennes lace and embroid
erysuch as are Impossible
to buy anywhere under 75c
and 89c will be offered for
a day at
A lot of very fine Muslin
Gowns made or "Fruit-of-the-Loom"
cotton, in Veni
tian, Parisian, and "Em
press" styles trimmed with
handsome French embroid
ery, with cascaded embroid
ered fronts, with embroidery-trimmed
collars really
worth $1.25, for one day at
Quite a big lot or Cambric
Corset Covers trimmed with
French inserting and em
broidery, and worth 75c,
will go for a day at
Linen Sale.
Full-bleacheJ Toilet Crash
to go for a day at
GS-inch Full-bleached Irish
Damask regular 73c. yard
sort for a day at
6 i-lnch Cream German Ba
mask, very heavy quality,
which iibiiullr sells for 50c
yard for a day
Embroideries, 121c
3,400 yards of Fine Nain
fook Embroideries and Edg
ings and Inserting to match
2 to 9 inches wide and
really worth 20c, 25c, 35c
and 50c have just been pass
ed over to us by an importer
who handles none but the
finest for so little that wcnl
can give you yourchoicefor.. jpC
White Goods.
1 ,750 yards Check Nainsook
In six different patterns the
usual IOC yam sort will go
19 by 38-lnch Pure Linen
HuckTowels hemmed ready
for use usual price 17c for
a day
Domestic Specials.
50 pieces check anron dngham
fast colors desirable patterns to
go Monday for
3c yard.
0-quarter "Utlca" bleached shcet
ng to go for one day Monday at
16j4c yard.
42-Inch Alexandria bleached
sheeting to go Monday at
6jc yard.
SI by 90-Inch "Lockwood" sheeta
torn by hand and laundered and
made up splendidly to go for one
day at
3Sc each.
Godfrey, Moore & Co.
Canada "Will Retaliate if the Rate
Is Raised.
Chicago, 111. .March 13. -President James
W. Ellsworth, of the Union National Bank,
who is a millionaire heavily interested in
coal mines, will leave for Washington next
Monday to urge an arbitration treaty with
Canda on coal. The proposed tariff is be
lieved by miners and shippers, he says, to
be defective in its consideration of coal.
Mr. Ellswoith says he ha'e received con
fidential information from' Canada that
the Bominion government will raise the
duty on coal from GO to 75 cents a ton If
the American Congress raisbs the tarirr on
Canadian wool from 401118 to 75 cents.
Mr. Ellsworth claims that such action
would decrease largely the business of the
Ohio and Pennsylvania coal fields, anil
the only wa to smooth1 over the expected
retaliation is to 1 ave fecip'rocal relations
with Canada on coal.
We have made the start, A more suc
cessful opening we could not have had.
Weather and all was in our favor,
We are proud indeed- of the way in
which our invitation was responded to.
Our visitors seemed to be pleased; if
they were as well pleased as we, then our
future success is assured,
You who could not come yesterday
should know that our opening will con
tinue all this week,
Manufacturers of Men's, YoutJis Boys and Children's Clotliinp
S. E, Corner Eleventh and F' Sts,
Free to Bald Heads.
Will mail on application information how
to grow hair upon a bald head, stop Tailing
hair, and remove scalp diseases. Altem
helm Medical Bispensary, Bept. P. Q., Box,
779, Cincinnati, Ohio- fc28-s&S-8t
Express and Freight Trains Collide.
Cnnadaigua, N. Y., March 13. -Owing to
the negligence of switbhninn, who turned
a switch the wrong way last night, the
Baltimore express train and a freight train
on the Northern Central Railroad collided
here, resulting in considerable damage to
both engines. Fortunately no one was in
jured, although the passengers on the
south-bound train wore thrown about in
the coaches In a promiscuous manner.
Cincinnati Contractor Assigns.
Cincinnati, Ohio. March 13. William
Holmes, the oldest contractor in Cincinnati,
assigned today. Assets, $50,000; liabilities,
S30.000. The cause of the failure is
given as liability incurred in signing a
bond for public work for a relative.
Accused of Stealing an Overcon
John Brown, colored, was arrested last
night by Detectives Gallagher and Carter
for stealing an $18 overcoat from William
Thomas, also colored. -
Defeats Oscar Gardiner in a Twenty
round Contest.
New York, Maich 15.-Piftecn hundred
people at the Broadway Athletic Club
this evening saw Solly Smith, the Cali
fornia featherweight, receive a decision
over Oscar Gardiner, the "OmahaKid,"
at the end of a twenty-round contest atl22
Both men put up a scientiric bout,
Smith, however, nearly put his opponent
out in the seventeenth round. He got in
a hard left swing on Gardiner's Jaw hi this
round and scored a clean knockdown. With
this exception the bout was pretty evenly
The first of the preliminary bouts, ten
rounds at 150 pounds, was between Julius
Mack, of New York, and Lou Eeckwlth,
of Cleveland. After a succession of clean
knockdowns the bout was stopped by tlie
referee after two minutes and twenty sec
onds of the fouith round. The decision
was given to Beckwith.
I The second bout, between Sam Bolcn
I and Fred Bryant, both of New York, ten
rounds at catch weights, was awarded to
the former at the end of the ten rounds.
Monday's Entries at New Orleans.
New Orleans, March 13. Entries for
Monday's races:
First race Seven furlongs. Harry B.,
93; imp. Summer Sea and Donna Ititer, 95
each; Grayling, Ivory and Hums, 100 each;
The Sculptbr and Nicholas, 105 each.
Second race Four furlongs. Bonnie Nell,
102; Belle of Erin, 107; John Connor, 105;
Lupia, Our Lizzie and Strathlqu, 107 each;
Sly Fox and Van Antwerp, 110 each.
Third race One mile. Selling. Pryta
nln, 96; Waterman, 97; Little Tom, 98;
Constant, Sautcrne and Trixle, 103 each;
Bavczac, Little Billy and Sir John, 105
each; Tenochtitian and Booze, 107 each;
Chicot, 108; Ben Waddell, 109.
Fourth race One mileand twenty yards.
Squire G., 94; Stockholm, 97; Alamo, 98;
Fasig, 99; Cotton King and Buck Behan,
100 each; Paros, 101; Judge Stcadman,
105: Bomlngo, 107.
Fifth race -One mile. Selling. Bob Hoy,
and O. C. Rumrill, 91 each: Mike Kelly.
the Jew and Zaldivar, 10C each; Lxion,
Sixth race Seven furlongs. Selling. Loy
alettc, 85;Clymcnaand Harazard, 90 each;
Earth, Stachelberg.MarieC and Oilcan, 93
each; Elkin, and Al Kyrie, 95 each; Annia
Teuton, 96: Sackvillc, 98; Tat Morrtssey,
101: Admetus, 102; Gold Top and Alvin
V., 104 each.
Raedy Is in Good Condition.
Pat Kaedy lias trained very conscientious
ly Torhls twenty-round contest with Tommy
Ryan, which is billed for St- Patrick's day
at ltochcster, X. Y. Racily and a party of
friends will leave for the scene of battle
Tuesday morning. The local boy will carry
with hhn the best wishes of a host of ad
mirers, who hope that he may be able to
win from the redoubtable Tommy. Pat hos
worked harder to get in perfect condition
for this bout than at any time in his ring
career, and If i.e Is given a fair deal at
Rochester Ryan will know that he ha
; Stark, 98; Florence Colville. 100; Jack I bcenluafight when theaXfniris over,

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