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OUGHT your Spring Top Coat
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The circulation of The Times for
the week ended April 2, 1807,
wat. as follows:
Saturday, 2tlurc.li 27 38,700
Sunday, March 28 24,107
Monday, March 20. ... 37,500
Tuesday, March 30 38,102
"Wednesday, March 31 38,430
Thursday, April 1 3S.132
I'lJdny, April 2 38,237
Total 253,388
Average daily circulation
(Sunday, 24,107, excepted).. 3P.203
I hereby certify that the above
Ik a correct (statement of circula
tion for the weclc ended April 2,
Manager of Circulation.
Advertisers, are cordially Invited
to satisfy themselves us to the
correctness of the above figures
through an examination of our cir
culation book-, blauk paper record,
and circulation cash book.
City Brevities.
The brick work on the new public school
At Fifth and K fctreets northeast, has been
erected to the third story
Senator Earle of South Carolina has
been ill at the Metropolitan Hotel Irom
toubilitib for about ten days.
"Workmen are waking extensive repair,
to the fountain on Executive avenue, di
rectly oppoMte the Treasury building.
The Legion of Loyal Women will give a
soiidl tonight at their headquarters, Xo.
4113 Tenth btreet northwest. The good of
the order committee will have the affair
in charge.
Folicenian Feyton discovered a Email
blaze about noon yesterday in the bicycle
roonih of It. H. Dobbiuh, at Xo. 90A G
btreet northwest, and t-ent in an alarm.
The file ivat readily extinguished with
damage of only 5.
The first of tiie complimentary series of
illustrated lectures to be given at Gonzaga
College Hall will be delivered by Itev.
France X Kichard-ou, of New Tork, on
Wednchda evening, his subject being
"The J'ootnuutb of Christ."
The Sunday school children of St.
Aloysiu. Church -.vill give the operetta,
"Gluek. Aur," on Tuesday and "Wednesday
evenings of Easter week, the rehearsals
bein' in charge of Miss Kate Lackaye, the
Eister of Mr. Wilton Lackaye, the actor.
Dr. Charles S. Grant, the well-known
Kew York surgeon, and his bride, are at
the Arlington, having arrived from an
extended Southern tour. Dr. Grant, who
hub many friends in Washington, was
recently married to Miss Sheehan, the
daughter or C Sheehan, owner of the fa
aioub Congress Spring, at Saratoga Springs,
N. X.
Open the Galleries and Museums.
To the Editor of The. Times:
The opening of the new Corcoran Art
Gallery on Sunday afternoons is one of the
mo-t progressive steps ever taken by an
institution or its kind in this city. It
is to be hoped that this is a forerunner
of similar action on the part of other
institutions devoted to the advancement of
knowledge and culture. The value of
Euch a movement, which places within
the reach or those who have no time
on week days, the opportunity to exercise
their higher powers of enjoyment, can
hardly be over-estimated, for nearly every
one will admit the ennobling influences of
art, poetrj-, music and the study of nature.
And what better time have we for such
study than on Sunday the universal holi
day? We need Sunday schools worthy of
being called schools, where science and
philosophy, and morals unpervertcd by
theology might be taught where lay ser
mons, unbiased by creed or doctrine, might
be delivered and where people might feel
that they have a common interest the
happiness of the race
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Health Officer Woodward Wants an
Ordinance Against It Passed.
It Destroys Private Property and
Is u Prolific Cause of Dis
ease uud Dentil.
Health Officer Woodward has (submitted
to the Commissionerh a report In which he
recommends the promulgation of a muni
cipal ordinance prohibiting spitting in
btreet cars. The suggestion of the health
officer has the personal support of the
Commissioners and will doubtlcsb receive
their olficial sanction.
This movement on the part or the health
officer ib based less on aesthetic than on
bauitarj reasons, and is in line with steps
of a similar natuie already taken In xew
"York eirv. Chictico. and iironoscd by the
city couucil of Philadelphia and the In
diana State loard or health.
Should the District Commissioners fol
low the suggestion of the health officer
the new regulations will liecome operative
alter thnty daV advertisement. Then in
every one or the btTeet curs there will
appear a placard warning passengers that
it is against the luw to spit on the floor
and that violation of the regulation will
render the violator punishable by fine or
That is about the way the warnings read
in the New York and Chicago street cars,
and although arrests are not often nmde
aud convictions lw,s often secured, yet
the moral effect of the ordinance has been
observed to be beneficent. It has had
the effect of diiectiug public attention
to the danger of infection from the victims
of consumption, diphtheria, typhoid. Mid
other infectious and contagious diseases.
The regulation is directed mainly as a
check against the spread of consumption.
One-seventh of all the deaths in the Disti ict
of Columbia are due to tuberculosis of the
lungs. For the sixteen years ending
June 30, 1SD3, the mortality record of the
health office shows that out of 7S.000
deaths, 11,000 were due to this terribly
fatal disease.
That it is an infectious disease Is estab
lished bejoud question The bacilli of
consumption is emitted by expectoration,
dries aud passes into dust, but the germs
live aud, it may be, are breathed into the
lungs of a healthy person, and subse
quently cause death.
Then there K another practical aspect to
the foul habit of splttlngln street cars, and
that is the destruction of private property
It is not easy to calculate the annual loss
by damage to clothing sustained because
or the spitting practice. The dieses of
women are particularly liable to injury.
The Indiana. State board of health, which
is striving for the same manner of legisla
tion a sought by the District health
officer, lays considerable stress upon this
point of destruction to pioperty.
There are difficulties In the way of en
forcing this rule of action in the courts,
but the public yields readily to persimmon
In Chicago if a passenger spltson the floor
the conductor shall direct his attention to
the placard and shall admonish the wrong
doer to desist. If he refuse, the conductor
shall call a policeman, who, If he shall sec
him spit, may arrest him. The conductor
may also swear out a wnrrautauniii'.t the
alleged offender. There are few prosecu
tions under the law, but it is widely ac
cepted and respected.
A Capital Traction conductor said "ast
nicht, when touched upon the pubject or
the proposed reform:
"It is a good thing, and should be
pushed along. Some people, partlculnily
tobacco-chcwer". are public nuisances. Mid
ought to be set down on by the hand or
the law, or knocked down by the hand
of a policeman. Often have I seen ladies
be compelled to raise their skirt, and tread
their way carerully around pools t.f to
bacco venom that had been spilled upon
the car floor. The car companies and cm-
plojes will be pleased should the Commis
sioners Issue such a regulation."
A woman said: "The practice of spit
ting on the floors of ears is dirty, dan
gerous and disgraceful. It is astounding
that the sons and brothers of women will
be guilty of such u practice. Our health
and our skirts have some rights, which
spittei sought to respect. I hope the Com
missioners will squelch the spitter.O
A Douse IJiirnlnrlzcfl nnd Several
Ijirconles Committed.
Five robberies, including one of house
breaking at night, were recorded on the
big blotter at headquarters yesterday.
A robber broke open the rear door of
Matthew E. Cook's homeatBcnningbridge,
Saturday night, -while the family Mept, and
carried away a purse containing $2, sev
eral articles or clothing, and a large quan
tity of canned goods and preserves.
F. A. Brauagan pave his "Victor bicycle
several days ago to a small white newsboy
with instructions to take it to a repair shop
for some slight alteration and then return
it, whereupon he promised him a bright,
shining 25-cent piece. Since then Mr
Branagan has seen neither the boy nor the
bike, Upon learning that his wheel had
Thousands of People Have Dys
pepsia in Its Worst Form nnd
Do 2sot Know It.
A weak stomach is the cause of about
nine-tenths of all diseat-e.yetin most cases
the wronc thing is treated and the true
cause oveilooked.
This is because a weak digestion pro
duces systems resembling nearly every
disease because it weakens and disturbs the
action of every nerve and organ in the
body: roor digestion causes heart trouble,
kidney trouble, lung weakness and es
pecially nervous break down or nervous
prostralioa: the nerves cannot stand the
wear and tear unless generously fed by
well digested, wholesome food.
Keep the digestion good and no one need
fear the approach of disease.
Mrs. H. M. Lee of Rochester, N. T.,
writes: For the 6ake of suffering hu
manity I want to say that from a child I
had a very weak stomach, threw up my
food very often after eating, and after a
few years nervous dyspepsia resulted, and
for more than twenty years I have suf
fered inexpressibly.
I tried many physicians and advertised
remedies with only temporary relief for
neivous dyspepsia, and not until I com
menced taking Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets
last September, six months ago, have I
been free from suffering caused by the
condition of my nerves and stomach; in
short, chronic nervous dyspepsia.
I have recommended Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tablets to many of my friends and now I
want, In a public way, to say they are
the 6afcst, pleasantest, and, I believe,
surest cure for stomach and nerve troubles.
I write my honest opinion, and 1 will
gladly answer any letter of inquiry at any
time, and feel that I am, in my small way,
helping on a good cause.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets Is not a
patent medicine, but they contain only
the fruit salts, dige&tlve acids and pep
tones necessary to help the weak stomach
to promptly and thoroughly digest food.
Ail druggests sell Stuart's Dyspepsia Tab
lets at 5t cents for full fcized package, and
anyone suffering from nervous dyspepsia,
sour stomach, headaches, acidity, gases,
belching, etc, will find them not only a
quick Teller but a radical cure.
Send to Stuart Co., Marshall, Mich.,
for little book describing cause and cure
of stomach troubles, giving symtoms and
treatment ofthevarious forms cf indigestion.
I Attractive
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Pliif Iflti
wSj pa.
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ly upholstered in silk tapestry, mahogany
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13 usafeM?jgcq;i,t.'lft;
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olid oak, consisting of hide
hoard like Cut, ix hciutirul oak
high back, cane se.ts cnairs, fine
oak exteiiRifib' table, two hand
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and 20 vanls of No. 1 China
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GARNER&CO.'SRetiringSale i
not been taken to the tliop he lejrorted
the matter to the police yesterday.
That the worth of a watch is in carrying
it instead of keeping it locked in a trunk,
was demonstrated to Miss Clara Monroe,
or Ko. 11--1 New Jersey avenue northwest,
one day last week. Someone stole the
timepiece oue day last week and yesterday
she asked the police to look for it.
John McKenzIc lost his overcoat from
a hatrack in a hall at the American Housci
where he had left it while lie went in to
gee dinner.
C. B. Robinson had his overcoat stolen
from his office by a colored man Saturday
Sam Lee Loses His DTome nud
DIs Money.
The Chinese laundry of which Sam Lee
is proprietor, at No. 45 II stinct noith
ea&t, was destroyed by fire last night Po
liceman McNamee, in pacing the place
about 10 o'clock last night, discovered
smoke coming from the building, and at
once turned in an alarm, to which engine
No. G responded. The building, which is
owned by Albeit Carey, wab gutted by
the flames aud the en tit e contents de
stroyed. Sam, who is an Americanized Chinamau,
was away with his wife and two children
at the time, and did not know o hismis
fortuneuntil he returned homcshoitlj after
12 o'clock and found his place or business
and all that he had in ruins, including a
Bum of money concealed in his trunk. It
was not until a late hour this morning that
he was able to find shelter for his family.
Among the contents of the house and
which was also destroyed was a coiibldcr
ablc quantity of Chinese silks, laces and
bric-a-brac or Oriental pattern, which the
celestial prized very highly, and upon
which, it Is believed, he carried no insur
ance. Sam has been particularly unfortunate, as
his laundry was burglarized some time ago
and his wealth was then stolen from him.
The Inclement "Weather Prevents
the Exhibition nt Fort Myer.
The first of the outdoor spring drills
of the Forb Meyer troops, which was to
take place this afternoon, has been post
poned on account of the rainmll until
some later day, when the ground will be
in good condition.
Ample notice will be given before it takes
Cupt. Day's Condition.
Capt. B. F. Day, or the United States
Navy, who was seriously injured by fall
ing down three flights of stairs at the
Hotel Varnum Saturday evening, was
yesterday removed to the Navul Hospital
at the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and
Ninth street southeast. Yesterday morning
he revived coubciousness surriclent to con
verse at some length with his friends, and
it was upon his own request that he wus
taken to the Naval Hospital. There were
no new developmentsln his case ycbterday,
aud his physicians were more hopeful of his
recovery labt night, but his condition is
still critical. Mrs. Day is expected to
nrrlve from their home at Glascow, Va ,
this evening. . '
,. .i ..., t, c,wi xvnU
niture that is Jn its riBIit plucc In u pretty utid well ordered Home. Is there any piece that yOUlt home
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week for every room lu the hoube. It's well worth your while to study these prices, for there is
inmiev saved on every one. Cash or credit, Just as it suits you. Cull and let us explain onr unmatched
credit system.
Newest importations of China and Jap.
M"t:ings, very choice patterns and qual
ity, very low in price.
Fancy Matting Sc
Fancy Jointless Matting.... 13 X-2c
Extra heavy Ohlna Matting.. 18c
Ycry fine quality cotton
warp Jap. Matting 22 X"2c
Vnrv i.nrire Corduroy Couch,
upholstered in new cover designs.
Lariro Oak Bedroom bultc, a
bargain at
verv fine o-urawer uouu
Beautiful Ilrass and white
Enamel Iron Beds
Handsome folding hardwood
sewing table, with yard
on top
verv handsome urabs L.amp,
with hand-painted globe
very large oak neuroom
somely carved, large beveled
plate glass in dre.sher
6-plnt Enameled iron Kice
9-quart Enameled Iron Teakettle.. G5c
Large Euamelad ivon Slop Jar....60c
i iiii'iiim i ict ..... i. '
Splendid gas, gasoline, and oil ranges;
also oil vapor stoves of every description.
Selling prices very low thin week. .,
Good 2 Burner Gasoline Stove. .$2.48
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Gas tocs from '$1.25
Tne celebrated Fire King
Ranges at prices beginning at.. ..$8. GO
icASH or
PETTIT. 415-417 Seventh Street 1
Countess Wachmcistcr's Eloquent
Exposition of the Occult Science.
Man I'ohseshCh Four Bodies nnd
Seven Principles, the Physical,
Astral, Mental uud Spiritual.
The Countess Wachmeister, the able ex
ponent of theosophy, made an address yes
terday morning at Typographical Temple
on the interesting subject of "Life After
Death." She was introduced by Rev. Alex
ander Kent, D. D., the pastor of the Peo
ples' Church, after the usual service. Dr.
Kent in his remarks spoke of some of the
points of contact between theosophy and
the geneial principles of all of the high
est forms of religion, and welcomed the
speaker as one of the many who were
endeavoring to add new truths to the
fund of human knowledge.
Mine. "Wachmeistcr first spoke of the
various manner, in which the people of
different creeds prayed, and described in
some detail the methods of the Salvation
Army, which bhe characterized as emo
tional. This style she compared to the
leligious antics of the Dervishes and
Shakers. She traced the song "Tn Ra Ra
Boom Dc Aye" to a Persian origin, all of
this to show the erfect ot trausient emo
tions socially and religiously.
Another thought of the lecturer was that
there could be no happiness in the heaven
of most of the Christian creeds as a
knowledge or the mlbfortuncs and crimes
of sons, daughters, wives, etc., would
contradict the idea or eternal happiness.
The knowledge of a wife in heaven of the
rnithioKKiifiKs or vlciousness of the widower
she likened to a btate of hell on the part of
the sanctified widow.
To understand death she claimed it was
necessary to understand man, whom she
treated as having four bodies and seven
principles. The four bodies were the phys
ical, the astral, the mental and the spirit
ual. Tho astral body she held to besubject
to the influence of food, therefore diet was
an important consideration in theosophy.
The mental body was nourished by the
intellectual food it assimilated. Some peo
ple, she said, a&slmllate nothing mentally;
r.hpv Rimnlv chatter all day long. The
spiritual body is a form of light fed by
every thought of worship and beautiful
aspiration. The lecturer then described
the various spheres to which the body and
its variations succeeded to the last, or
heavenly plane, where the spiritual body
rested beic-re incarnation. The joys of the
future state, shcsald, consisted In the
achievement of whatever was noble in
the ideals of the present state. Aftetxest
ing in this beatific condition the great prin
ciple of "desire'' was evolved, the desire
for reincarnation, and when this was ef
fected the evolution proceeded again..
In the final plane occupied by the
spiritual body thespeaker held that there
was absolute ignorance of the world that
was left behind, and this she maintained
was a wise and natural dispensation. ""We
live our lives here alone, for no one ever
knows the heart or mind of another. We
die alone, as we were born alone, and life
ia liyed alone In the last sphere of ev
fifMifntd. oxnollfintlv nut to ccther.
s$ Win &N
Chilli I'K-S
Beautiful- Cobbler
Rocker, oak and ma
hogany, finest,
only $2.48
cutimg ami
suae, nwuu-
Istcnce. A knowledge of the world below
would in cfrcctbe hurtful to us."
It was only through theosophy and its
teaching, she said, that one could believe
and say, "O, death, where is thy sting;
0, grave, where is thy victory."
iladamo "Wachmeister spoke without
notes, in a clear, stiong voice, using no
oratorical couceits, and relying solely on
her earnestness and diction for results.
The Hnley Hiind Concert.
"Will Haley hasn't much regard for the
courtesy of the Weather Bureau. It so
happens that, every time he sends out
word that he has elected nn evening on
which to glvTTtbe public a sample of his
musicians' accomplishments, that same
day do the heavens turn on the torrents
aud the weather generally becomes aB
disagreeable as it can.
Last night Mr. Haley gave a concert
at the National. The weather clerk evi
dently had his eyes open for the announce
ment, for the anti-Haley brand of wet
was on tap. ir there wasoccasion wanting
to confirm Mr. Haley and bis men as
rainmakers, it has arrived.
However, in spite of the elements, a fair
audience gathered to hear the band. Some
clay Mr. Haley will invite the weather man
to one of his concerts, and that will patch
up the difference, and the theater will
be crowded as it should be for these excel
lent musicians. Those present last night
were pleased, and evidenced their enjoy
ment In demanding an encore to every
thing, and double repents to some.
The program was interesting in present
ing two new two-steps, one by Mr. Haley,
"The American Beauty," which is an
attractive, vivacious composition; the other
by Mr. Stone, "The Matinee Girls." If
anything was wanting to make Handsome
Harry Stone popular with the matinee
girls, the dedication to them of this beauti
ful new composition will do it. The chorus
of trombones played well a selection from
"The Huguenots," and Messrs. hchuitz
and Wagener gave a pretty duet serenade
for French horn and flute.
The three soloists were: Miss Fannie
At Lee, who possesses a soprano of sweet,
but light, timbre, cultivated to a finished
degree; Miss Bertha Lucas, a viollniste,
with a masculine firmness coupled with
a delicate, artistic touch ana a swinging
fluency in lyric passages, and Mr. Wil
liam Grosskurth, whose cornet solo was
a pleasant success.
Funeral of Mr. Keyworth.
The funeral of John Keyworth, one of
the oldest residents of this city, took
place from his late residence yesterday
afternoon, under the auspices ot Washing
ton Commandery, No. 1, K. T., of which
the deceased was a prominent member.
Mr. Keyworth had been in the grocery
business In Washington, at Ninth and D
streets, since 18G5. He was also becie
tary of the Washington and Norfolk Steam
boat Company.
Protest Against .Engine House Site.
A petition, signed by a large number of
well-known citizens of Anacostia, will be
sent to the Commissioners, protesting
against the location of the new ,engine
housefor the eastern suburb directly oppo
site a public school building. The paper
points out the danger to which hundreds
of children going to and from school will
be subjected, and says thatthefcelection of
the site 1b witnout precedent.
Reliable Outfitters.
henutlfully finished. Fur
Refrigerators, hard
wood, dry air,
Boweu patents, very
besb made,
from S6.9S
WA WT W fiiv
Very pretty Baby Carriages for
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Huudsome Rattan Baby Carriages
for - S8.50
a i i i;
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Week In this storel
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Last chance to get a
Suit or Top Coat
At less than cost of
The material. Every
thing goes right down
To the bare counters.
Hurry !
621 Penna. Avenue N. W.,
Under Metropalltaa Hotel.
d AT $
! Auction Prices I
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4 Rooms, $600
5 Rooms, $700
6 Rooms, $1 ,000
7 Rooms, $1,500 g
I 8 Rooms, S2,000
I 10 Rooms. $2,500 g
S Built on large lots; trees; wells;
fences; stables,; outbuildings, etc., g
$ and are worth three times these
s prices. .
The location is in the subdivision
known as Lakeland, Md.,on theH. 9
& &. O. It. R , and the Columbia and
Maryland Electric Railroad, about S
7 miles from Washington, where $
& the above electric railroad company 9
Sare building their large powerhouse
and car shops. For particulars ap-
s ply to
611 7th st. nw.
Than Were Ever Offered in This City.
H. Friedlander & Bro.,
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Figured Linens, 31 inches wide,
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trope and green", 7
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French Dress Ginghams, sill: stripes, 25c
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(Third floor)
Fruit of the Loom Bleach Muslin,
Mohawk Valley 9-4 Bleached Sheeting,
Heady-made, Hemstitched Bleach Sheets,
81 X90 ,
New styles Bates' Dress Ginghams,
3 cases Prettiest Line of London I?er
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Cheese Cloth, all shades,
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lGc Fine Moire Taffeta Ttuf-tlePercaline,
in black, grav, cream and white, at 9 3-4o.
luc Good Heavy3G-inchSHesia,lnblaCjt
and colors, G 3-4c
lGc. All-linen Stiff Canvas, at 12 l-2c.
lGc. Fast Black Guaranteed Nubian Per
caline, 1 o l-2c
15c Sateen Finish Lawn, in all nigh
colors, at 9 3-4c
GOc. Genuine -7-inch Herringbone Hair
Cloth, J'JC.
3uc Grav Herringbone Haircloth. 19o.
12 1-2C Fine.'lO-inchPercnllne, In brown,
cream and white, 6 3-4c
A. full line of Wear Silks and Ribbon
Cloth, for light organdie dre-ses, at 23c
25c Fancv Figured Taffeta Rustle Lin
ing, 16c.
8th and flarket pace.
Prices lower than any other
house in the United States.
I You must eat
in warm as well as In cold
Tpoiithnr Snma npnrilf make the
warm weather cokinr uimeccsa- g
my nnru ocners imiKeisusnt wuris.
by u-mg a Gas Cooking Stove Why
not see us about a Gas Cookinc
Stove we have the largest and
most complete stock frr.m which to
select and you 11 find our prices
greatly to your liking $tf and up.
I Gas Appliance Exchange,
H24 Mew York Ave.
0 a
5 Puttonholes are what we give onr S
" patrons in tleir collars. Ourlaundry '
4 work is as perfect as modern
5 machinery and expert help can
W make It. We are punctual fn call- K
4 ing, and prompt in delivering. No
disappointments. A
m Cor. MxtU and C Slreetn, A
a & & ww q
S3 Who are using electric power
2 say that it is not only cleaner,
W ctTai- onfl ollnnlnr til,r. rhnt 1
s? is actually much cheaper than g!
jjg steam power. Requires no en- S
w gineer. Investigate It your- S
W self. We are glad to answer S
questions. sj
I U.S. Electric Lighting Go. 1
S 213 14th st- nw 'Phone. 77
Than any others sold in "Washington.
Cabin John, Glen Echo and
Wo dellvpr freight of all descriptions
aiong the Conduit road as far as Cabin
John Hrldge and on the Tenleytown road
at very reasonable rates. ,
Telephone 263. HutchlDS Building.
"Winter Clothlnc all this ivook at Just -10 a
on the dollar.
311 Seventh Street.
No other house does, over did, or ever
will, sell such sterling qualities at such:
low prices as we quote. i
For Sale at the
Price . . $1,50.
H lr

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