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The World of Business.
"Wall Street Yesterday.
Xovr York, April 7 -The dealings at
the Mock ej.ch.uige today -were char
acterized bj extreme dullness, and as a
rule the fluctuations were confined within
narrow limits The resolution intiodLCCd
in the Pennslvania legislature to io esti
mate the affairs oT the Lehigh S Wilkes
barre Co.il Company led to an attack
upon JersjJj Central atthe opening, and the
htock declined about a point to 7G 1-4
J,urclKies to coer short contracts prompt
ly led to an advance to 77 7-8. At the
Mine time Sugar declopcd walked
strength, and on unusually large pur
chases advanced steadily from 110 1-4
to 112 1-S. Firms -ith Washington con
nections were the principal bujers, and
this led to rumors that legislation -o.ild
he f.nor.il.le to the sugar refining intei
Hp arter all 7 he general list impioved
1-4 to ll-l per cent Subsequently the
advance wis partially lost, and Leather
ruled weak on a revival of the lepoits
that the company-intend1 to shut down
its tanneries, for a shoit tune. Near
the close renewed puichases of Sugar led
to a rally ui the general list.
Among the specialties bait! more ami
Ohio Tell 1 :-8 to 12 3-8; Brookljn Union
Gas Jumped rrom 99 7-S to 102, and consol
gas from 1 50 3-4 to 15U 1-4. Speculation
closed fiim The dealings? wcic confined
.argcly to the piofossloauls. Bujing and
belling orders for foreign account -were
hcurr-v ll u. suhiuit. Tne total tale, -were
only 118.S05 shares, including -11,500
Sugar and 10,200 Jeise Central. Net
changes show gams 1-lal 1-'- per cent,
Sugar 1 :i Jiug Baltimoie and Olao. how
ever, lost 1 1-4, Tennessee Coal 3-8, and
Lea'uerpieferred 1-8 ptrrcpit
The bond market was easier today. The
sales tooled up SMS.t'UO Canada South
em lirsts fell 1-2 to 110; Chicago and
Northern l'aciric first 5s, ceitlfic.itos,
1 1-1 to 4 1-4, Cleveland and Canton first
5s, ccmficates, 2 to 08: Duluth and Iron
Range 5n 2 to bi). Lehigh and Wilkesbaire
iHJir 5s, 1 to SHi, Rio Grande Western 4b,
1-2 to 72, St Paul ami Sioux City first
s. i --4 to 130. Tennessee Coal and Iron,
Birmingham division, con Os. 1 to 85,
and St l'aul, Minnesota and Manitoba con
4 1-2-, 5-S to 100 In Government bonds
$19,000 coupon 4sof 11)25 sold at 124 1-la
121 "i-S, and $700 legistored lbof 1007, at
111 1-4
Nv Yoilt Stoelt MurRet.
Corrci.ted dadj ly W B. Hibbs & Co.,
Hankers and Bioker.s Meml-ers of the
N Y Stock Esxhunge, 1421 r street.
Op. High Low. CI03.
American Spirit
American Spli its pfu.
Ain.cucai Hennery..... HOV 112!-; HUV: lll
American -gar. pfd .--. .... -.
Amcncm Tobacco J 73 ,b .3
American Cotton OP .. ... ---. ---
Atchison, lop. A. h. F.. 1 S lOJi WH X
Atcn..Toe.-nd..r.prd.. 20 ViU .0
Baltiniie.t.Ohio 13'i 13ii 1 1 h
BavblatcGan ii V '
Canada "-outhcin iH X 'H
Cinsda racitic .... ---
ChcsipeskeA Ohio 17 17 17 17
C..C, l..S.-t. L '$& SUM : -Jik
Chic. Bui. A. Qulnc.... 71 715 7d, 7;,
Chicago A. Noithw'n.... VH',i WW tm, itii,
ChicanG.is 7S,' U 78; :bj;
O.-M.antlht. P. 7J?i 73i 7-& 72
C. M. A.S'. Paul, p.d
C. R. 1. and P. K) ti f2.V Vlh
ConolidMcd Gas 157 13SX 157 15iJi
llcl.Lac A. ett X-dl
Del. A Hudson U3? lul.V lu3K MJ..
Den. A It. Crandi,pfd. - ----
Erie IL'X 123! 32', 1
Genera. Elect lie. 31 -2 SIX 21
Illinois Central
Louii le A NashMllo.. i&,i 4bjtf ioi 4 .A
Met. Tiaction
Manhattan M ti M H
Mlol'isa" Ceu
Mo. l'aclhc. i5 V.i 1d,S lali.
M.. K.AT.ptd ' 1 H XX 2734
National Luad Co 23 2Ji tJ4 i,i
Kat.oiial Lead Co .. pfd
ew J ersej Central 76s 77Jt 70V 7..
Ifcw loikContr.il lfu lmjf loo tot
iJorthern l'acillc lZX U.'S l-'.V 1.
Kurtlierul'-ciuc pid ) .ii iiX iBJ-i
Onuilio A Wcs.liu
Paci-cMad . "!h iujg 27
l'lii a. A Uu.iu n. 0S - v-Os 'ii',
KoulliL-m K-.u.u Jj.pfd... -3e -& 'Zh -b?i
lean. Coal A Iron. -oH a, "4 .W
Union l'.icilic b G 5J'rt o,'i
U. is. Lc.itherpld bi)i biU l'4h 4,
abash pfd lly lih rJJS l-?i
Yui.eliiig A L. June
V. A-L.li.lilU
ett. Union Tei. Co 8u3f fc07, bOJ bu
l'hiiaucipliia Tiacilun.. ....
The dull, almost enUrelj piofeesional
market jettertlay bhowed as the result of
fic hours, biiiallfluctuatioub closing pneeb
blight'j aboe those at the ojK'inng where
there wabanj change As habbeea pointed
out iu tin1- column before, natural causes
such as uould influence the block
market under usual conditions, cannot be
counted on to ha e their erfect In such
a narrow market Manipulation had Its
own via ; a faiily btiong pool can do as
it wishes vtith a stock, and on the receipt
of the woist kind of newb jiriceb aie as
likelj to go up as down, rather more, in
Uhe jiublic is not in this market. It has
no railh In the McKinlej boom when it
comes to risking money on its faith. Al
most no commission bujing is being done.
The aggregate or the sales yesterday was
Tory small discouiagingly so
The bear argumentb just at present arc
that bpnug biibiueb has not de eloped
as it has been hoped, not at all, in fact; that
railroad earnings are not increasing, and
that judging from precedent, railroad piebi
deutb will lie unable to keep their tiaffic
managers from cutting ratcb ab soon aw
,he tension due to the Trans-Mn-bouri de
cibion is lessened It is said herein Wash
lugtoi. that the Attorney General will
be asked to ea.oin the Joint Traffic Abso
ciation Trom continuing its, piebeut oigani
zation under the Supreme Couit decision.
The outcome of the Chicago election Is
likely, to ienew the feeling against Chicago
secuutieb The dullness of the anthracite
trade, the decline in stocks of some of
the ludu-tr.alr., flood damage In the North
west, West, Southwest, and South, and the
uuceitamt aliout the tariff are certainly
dlstui lung rattor- It would seem probable
that the mniket will go off. today, the
bears saj Certainly higher piices are not
to be expected.
A i evolution has been offered in the
Pennsyliama senate, asking for an in
vestigation Of the iclations between Le
lilgli and "Wilkesbnire anl tl e Jcisey Cen
tral The resolution called for the pio
ductUm of the Lehigh and "Wilkestiarre
books, and was leferred to the senate
committee on ooiporations One cannot
predict what will come of the resolution,
but Jersey Central is in a bad way. Astute
traders are of the opinion that it 1 as not
yet reached its bottom level
Tow. Jones i Co say of Leather pre
feircil "The attack on Leather was due to
reports of bad "business and lesulting clos
ing of tanneiies Some of the belleis
nave looked into the matter rather caie
fuliy and have statistics to show that the
affairs of the Leather Company are not
all that could be desired. They intimate
that the outside tanneis have made money
at thecxpense of the Leather Company, and
that the latter imve large stocks of hides
and are unfavorably affected U the heavi
ness in the pi ice of leather Some of the
talk is lather oxtieme. It appcais, how
ever, to be believed by some important
lntei ests, which accounts for the con
siderable short Interest and the peisistcnt
selling in .Leather during the last thirty
The earnings of Mibsouri Pacific for
the fourth week of March show au increase
f $20,000.
Bturar bad considerable Etrength yestcr-
day, advancing well in the morning, but
losing Its gain lat'rln tile day. Some one
is manipulating Sugar with the intention
of making a big sale pretty soqji. Its,
strength is not a healthy one, with all this
tarirr dismission going on. People who
are usually light about Sugar still be
lieve, despite its strength, that the in
siders aie not; the ones keeping it up.
Wnhlnutoii Stock Murker.
Kales-Capital Traction, 10 at 513-4;
and IS at 52; Washington Gas, 4 at44 1-4
and 3 at 44; Chesapeake and Potomac '1 ele
graph, 42 at Gl 1-2; Pneumatic Gun Carr
riage, 50 at 4Sc and 100 at 50c.; Mergcn
thaler Linotype, 20 at 121 1-4, 20 at 121
and 1 0 at 121 1-4.
After Call -Metropolitan Railioad 6's,
$1,000 at 114 1-2.
Bid. A-kM
r. R.-fs-itlOO QJ I" 11J
U. S. 4's, C. 11)07 k J ll!Uf 113
U. K 4's. l' r. 12M I-''
U. H. JTs. 101 Q, F U"S IHJa
.", lii)3 VC-Mnr Funding".. JO
0 llrj 'tOyear I undine' gold ..1 i
7-, 1UJJ. "Water Stock" ciiricncv.. VLH
7s 11'jA ater Stick" cur ency. W-X
'FumllnR" cuiicncy IlCYs WJ
jiiscki.i.a-si.ous WOJ.US
Met. UH o. 19.5 UW,
Met UltCoiiv. Ls IH? HO
Met. It It Cert, ot Indebtedness IU
licit it It as. 1J1 i0 hU
Cckinctun R It 's SO
Colli Ida It IWs. I'JH Ho
Wash Gas Civ her A. Cs. 1WV27... Ill
Wash Gas Co.Spi ,s. !0l.31... 115
Chesand Pot Tel 6V I8y.19sl 1 0
m Sec A TrV. I' and A. 1U03.... 10!) ... .
AuiSecJb Jr.i'fi.AaidO, !!)'.... 100
Wash Maiket to lt tTs, ItV-'-VJIl.
S7.0 0 rutired anuutlly 108
Vv ash Market Co imp UX 12-.T 1 S
A.bh Market Co cAt'u Gb. H'-1-.".. lite
asonic Hall Asooi nioniV ltK)ll. 1J3
Wash Lt Inribit)'?, 19JI 9j
r.ink or Wiijiiiustoii 2o ......
Bank or Hcjnib.ic "OJ
Metiopoliiai: "SJ lu
Cc.nral -
Fnimcis' and Mechanics' 174 19j
Second ...... 13.! ......
i itizeiis '"
Colli ui ia '31
Capital 1SD 13J
WebsKiid l" tf ,10
Tiadera' i 10J
Lincoln 10-
Ohio EO 100
Nat. sale Deposit and Trust l
Was.li. Loan and li ust 119 1J.6
Ainer.Sei-uritj audTrust Hl
Wash. Safe Deposit
Capital Traction Co
yicttopolitau ..
Washington Gas ...................
Georgetown tias
U. ta. JiUcnlc Liht
Fire ucn's .....
v etlopolitaa
German Ainenc m
Natio lal Union
commeici 1
TlTl.nlfeUltANCi: STOCKS.
Ileal L-,iate 1 itle
Columbia llt'.c.
asliiugton Title
Chesapeake and Potomac
American Gi.i;uopliniie
Ainencan Giaphojihoiie, pfd......
Pneumatic Gun Cam go
Mergci. thaler Linotype (new)
Laustou Mmiotypt)
Wabhiuton .Maiket
Gieat Falls Ice
Kor. and asli. Steamboat-
Lincoln Hall
L3u Di.
51 53
-15 6o
bb til
l.s 143
I0 HJi
1L 13
95 100
SS 50
61 63
.5"J .to
121'.' v-.x
U 13
us no
Chlcago, Apnl T. The wheat maiket
was In a htateof panieand demoralization
from the opening tap of the bell until the
final transactions of the session were made.
Liquidation broad and comprehensive 'ook
place. It was started by Hradbtreet'h re
poit, issued yesterd.iy, giving an increase
in the woild's available Mipply of 2,052,
000 bubhels. LUerpool and other Euro
pean markets were weak and lower for the
bamc reason. Everybody had wheat to
sell, and many old forgotten lines of "long"'
property came on the market. The fine
growing weatherand constantly improving
crop reports added vigor to the selling
movement. Receipts at Chicago weie
twenty-two cars, and 113,030 bushels
were withdrawn from store. Tho .North
west had 203 cars, against 391 last Wed
nesday and 314 on the conespondingday
a year ago. Kxportclenrances were libeial
at 395,304 bushels May wheat opened
from 08 1-2 to 08 1-4, declining toG5 3-8,
closing at 65 5-S 3 5-S cents under Mon
day. Cash wheat was weak, and 31 l-2o
lower, and there was a reduction in the
premium on So. 2 ied. Receipts atpiin
cipal Western polnt.s, 516,095 bushels;
(.nlpments, 171,690 bushels Receipts at
Eastern points, 93,131 bushels; shipments,
116,326 bushels
CIiicag;o Grain unci Provision Mnrlter.
Corrected dally by W D. Hibbs & Co.,
Bankers and Brokers Members of the
N. Y. Stock Exchange, 1421 P street.
Open. High. Low. Closing
11 EAT.
May CS,V CS' 0i?5 GoH
July. 67ft 6K-J OoVi 6o7f
May 2IK 211 !3K- 23'-
July- 25S 25tf 24X U-h
May 17 I7tf l6V- lGV-
July 18 ib 17 t7,f
May S 20 V) 7.95 S.07
July b.tO ."U S.07 8 15
May 1.07 1.10 1.05 4.07
July. 4.15 4.20 4.15 4.17
May 1.50 -i.ZO 1.87 140
July 4.o0 4.51 1.37 4.37
"ev Xork Cotton Market.
Open. High. Low. Clo.
April 7.01 7.03 7.03 7,03
May 7.07 7.CS 7.oi 7.03
Juno 7. 7 7.U 7.07 7.U9
August.... 7.19 7.19 7.1H 7.14
Commission Stock Brokers,
G13 Fifteenth -t., Tlinno 505.
MorreKpondentsof Kolert Lindblom & Co.
W. B. Hibbs & Co.,
Members New York Stock Eschanj,
1427 F Street.
Concspondcnts ot
New York.
T- J- Hodgen & Co.
Brokers and Dealers,
Stocks, Cotton, Grain and Provisions,
Rooms 10 and 11 Corcoran Building:,
Corner nth and F street", and b0 7th. st nw
Members or the New York Stock Ex
change, 1410 F et., Glover bulldimr.
Correspondents of Mensrs. Moore i Schley,
fcO Broad-way,
Bankers and Healers in Government Bonds.
Deposits. Exchange. Loans.
Kallroad Stocks aud Bonds and all securi
ties listed on the exchanges of New York,
Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore bought
and sola. , ,
A specialty madeoflnicstmentsccurlties.
Bistrlct bonds and all local Railroafl, Gas,
Insurance and Telephone Stock dealt in.
American Bell Telephone Stock bought
and 6cld- mhia-tt
Mr. J. H. Paine Describes the
Conditions Which Prevail.
A Crisis Impending Trudo Lun- (
giiisucs, Supplies Are Growing
Deiuer ud Dieno Ibunpunt.
Spain'-. TnHlt u Hopeless One Tiio
Lushes to American Citizens.
Mr. J. 11. Pnlne, general manager or the
Peinmiieiit Savings and Loan Company of
Cleclmnl, Ohio, who has been with hi-
family on a tour thiough Mexico, is in
Mr. Paine came fiom .Mexico by steamer,
touching at Mat.ui7iis and Hauna, and
r,pe.it a day 01 two at eacli place. He is
11 pert.ou.ul friend or Uen. I'lthugli Lt-e,
and was couhally leceived ly lilm at
Havana. Mis. Lee and daughter lelt
Culia by the same steamer with Mi. Paine
and letl New York Monday oxening lor
Charlottesville, Va. Upon their depaituie
from Havana a large paity, cmj)risinK
Ameiicans, Spaniardv, and Cubans, accom
panied them out or the harbor in a tuj? and
gave lousing cheers for Gen Lee and his
family. The passage to New York avii-
lather lough, but all ainved in good health.
During his stay in Cuba Mr. Paine had
exceptional facilities for obsenation and
he gave the ie.sults in an inteniew with
a Times reporter today. He said, in part:
"It is safe to say that as long as Gen.
rilhugn l.ee represents the United States
in Cuba, and recehes the suppoit of this
Uo eminent, the lives and tlie rights of
Aineilcan clti'ens will Le absolutely pro
tected. In the interview which he granted
me at Havana, I was tliorouglilj impies'd
with his unmistakable earnestness and
detei initiation to uphold every American in
terest with iuricvilile thoioughncfcs. He
is eminently the light inuii In the right
place He has won tlie respect of all
clashes bv Ids marked sincerity, courtesy
and rirmncss, and the flag he represents
carries greater weight in Spanish councils
today than itever lias before."
"The situation at Havana portends a
crisis Tiade languishes, tupplles are growing-dearer,
disease is rampant, paper money
is received with inci easing distrust, and
all classes viuw the near appioach of the
unhealthy rainy season with giave nppic
henslon. If the Spanish military opera
tions Tor the ensuing month piove barren
of tangible results, as they aie almost cer
tain to do, this apprehension will increase,
to Mich an evtent as to cause overt ex
pressions of illsconteat, or which tneie .ire
now subdued but. unmistakable mutterings.
There will inevitably 00 iw a demand roi a
change in a situution which is so utterly
hopeless, and of which the outcome can
only be complete ruin and destitution.
"It Keemu to be generally admitted b.v
many or tlie candid 11 lends of the Spanish
cause that the permanent subjugation or
the insuigeiit foices and tenitory is almost
a hopeless tabk under the pitsent methods
and conditions, and that the destiuction of
the mateiial icsources and levenue-pro-duciiig
capacity or the island will be so
complete a& to lender further sacrifices of
men and inouej hopeless of adequate re
sults The guerrilla policy of the Cuban
leddeis prevents the possibility of nil de
cisive engagements. The insurgent forces
are now fairly ivcll supplied with arms and
ammunition, aud new supplies are still
coming to them, despite the stiingcnt ef
foitsof the Spanish cruisers to pieventthe
lauding of expeditions. As long as beef and
sweet potatoes can be obtained for the
maintenance of then gueinlia foices, it is
almost certain that they will keep the
field and continue the policy of liaiasMng
aud exhausting the Spanish foices.
"On the other hand, it is admitted by
candid friends of the Cuban cause that
it is impossible for the scattered hands
of insurgents to achieve any decisive suc
cesses in the field against the prepon
derating forces of the Spanish, and that
their only hope of final success lies in the
gradual depletion of their enemies through
bickness and desertion and the exhaustion
of the financial ability of Spain to sup
port further military operations In one
instance, near Mananillo, within thirty
days, nearly one hundred Spanish sol
diers deserted to the Cubans, preferring
the free air of the interior to the sickly
atmosphere of their confined quarters in
the seaports The neglect and brutality
of tlie Spanish officers, coupled with the
failure of pay and subsistence, will nec
essarily have the result of increasing this
tendency to dc-crtlon, and it may soon
assume formidable proportions
"In the vast extentof the oriental depart
ment and a greatportlon 0fthecentr.1l de
partment, comprising over one-half the
island, the authority of the insurgent gov
eminent btill remains virtually unshaken.
Revenues are collected, civil courts ad
minister justice, public schools are open
and the deeiees of the provisional "repub
lican go eminent are obeyed thioughout,
except in the few seaports and fortified
towns still held by the Spanish.
"I n the western, oroccident.il department,
the Spanish powcrisstlll inthcasceudancy,
though scattered bands of insurgents
constantly harass the lines of communica
tion, ami guerrilla dashes at SpaniMi
positions are of almost daily occurrence.
The recent capture of Gen Rins Rivera
at San Cristobal, In Plnar del Rio, while
a pevere los to the insurgents, is by no
mcan of ital impoitnnce, as the Cuban
army lias many a brave and tried officer
competent to take his place.
"The inhuman policy or Spain in treat
ing this widespread rebellion as a local
riot, and refusing to accord any or the
rights of chillcd warfare to the Cubans,
Mergcnthaler Linotype, United States Elec
tric Light, Pneumatic Gun and Grapho-
phonc, common and picferrcd.
Best prices to sellers and purchasers
Will lend money on them at good rates. -
W. E. LEWIS, (
npl-ot Hutchins Building.
g Interest on Deposits.
ft Boxes rented all sizes Large bur
glar-proof vault, $5 per annum and
M upwurd.
ffl C. J. BELL, President
The National Safe
Deposit, Savings
and Trust
v Company
Of the District of Columbia
Chartered by special act or Congress.
Jan., 1867, and acr of Oct., 1800, and
Feb. 1802.
Capital, One Million Dollars.
will soon reap retubutivg Justice in he
shape of heavy daTiiag'et"lalnis presented
by England, Gemuiny, France and the
United States on ijelialC pf their citizens
who have sufferedilosseliln Cuba during
tlie picf-ent revolt. " 'lbcsfc claims will ag
gregate a heavy total, ptobably not less
than one hundred milliohs of dollars A
Mr. Wilson, who, jor eight jears, has
superintended large sugar estates near
Mananlllo, belonging tto the Mews
Beattj Broc, ls now en loute t England
with verified claims aggregating oer
three millions, which will speedily be pie
sented through the Biltlbh government to
Spain, with an emphatic request for set
tlement in gold. The losses or American
citizens nlone have probably approached
$50,000,000 thus Tar.
"The record of Spanish atiocitles per
petrated upon prisoners of wai and un
armed men, "women and children for two
je.u past Is one of the blackest In the
piges of history, and is still lengthening.
lhe reports fiom the hoven United States
consuls, now on file in tiie Stale Depart
ment, "when brought to light, will reveal
authentic and inlly verified Instances of
barbarity, which will rival those of the
daik ages' of the Spanish inquisition. I
speak advisedlj, and these reports, unless
tlioy have been destrojed, will yet. istound
public belief. The evidence is confirmed
on every hand bj the testimony or trust
worth j e.ve-witncssas of different nation
altics, who could have no motive for ex
aggeration. No woman is sale from tlie
brutality of Spanish officer;, and soldiery
outside the lortificd towiib.
Without an j que-ttioa C110.1 Is one oT the
most valuable islands In the world, and,
under the protection of the American flag,
would within five years witness an enor
mous development of its Inexhaustible re
sources. Sugar, tobacco, corfec, iron and
copper of tlie annual value of mure than
one hundred and rifty millions or dollais
woultl soon be pouring into the maiketsof
the1 world. The reciprocal value of this
development to tho United Stales would be
enormous. A vast mniket for our surplus
flour, com, pork, cotton and manufactured
products ot every description would open
up to us in annually increasing proportions.
American lmmigiation and American en
ergy would soon transfor.n the islnnd into
the most prosperous country on tlie face of
the globe.
"II Spain could be induced to relinquish
her hold upon the island, which can
never again be .1 souice of profit to her,
for two or" three hundreds of millions, it
would be a cheap purchase, and its lev
euues, under the pioper fostering of a
strongnnd acceptubleadministratlon, would
soon oNceed the Interest on lour or five
tims the purchase price- Whetherthis pur
chase Is made 011 behulfof the Cuban people
under the guaranty and protection of the
United States, in return for exclusive recip
rocal tiade iclations, or directly by the
United State--, the development will be
quicklj apparent.
IiiNnector Jlainbloton Tells Where
Absentees. Mny Ho Kound.
Benjamin E Hambleton, a special in
tpector for the Treasury Department, and
who is an old Washingtonlan, was a caller
at the Department or the Interior jester
day, Inspecloi Haiiibleton was .stationed
for sev erul j-earb 011 the Mexican border,
and saw stirring serviceln Western Texas,
New .Mexico and Arizona, His operations
often carried him far down into old
Mexico At present he Is stationed at the
recently created porto'f Mnini, nt tiie head
or Baj Hi-cajne, in South Florida, a new
little city, -loo miles south of Jnckxonville,
and the terminus of the Florida Eabt Coast
Mr. Hambieton spendBmuclw'f his time
in Key West, iuuUhaffa,jdlUHble sugges
tion to make to those people who are in
quest or absentees' supposed to be in Cuba.
He sajs that a nuti-bcr or adventitious
jouths are lounging around Kew West,
scek'ng the opportunltj to enlist in (lie
armj oritheration,nnd thatSheiiff Knight,
of Monroe county, in which Key West is
situated, will be glad to furnish Interested
personb with the names and descriptions of
these would-be soldiers.
Inspector Hamilton talks interestingly of
that country at the south end of the rior
ida peninsula which is as wild as the wild
est partsofthe wild West. Uurlng the past
year he has been kept busy watching for
filibuster"-, and the duty of searching the
Three Friends and the steamer 0. E. John
son has fallen to his lot. It is probable
that the expedition which Gen Nunez, of
Jacksonville, and Dr. Luis, of Baltimore,
would have liked to run off from Miami,
was prevented by the vigilance of this in
spector. He brings word that the City of
Richmond, which was well known on the
Potomac River last summer, is running be
tween Miami and Key West.
He Tried to Servo ti "Warrant and
the Prisoner, Objected.
John. Jacksonr alias "Red Bill,'' and Wil
liam Pope, both colored, were charged in
the police court jesterday arternoon with
committing an assault upon Policeman
John Maher. The affair occuned about o
o'clock Tuesday evening at Twentj -eighth
street and Dumbarton avenue. Maher was
serving a vvarranton Pope, whenhealleged
the two men struck at him.
Lawyers Carrington and Moss, for the
defendants, claimed that the officer had
not beqn assaulted, and added that their
clients had been arrested on their bad
Judge Kimball held the prisoners guilty
of a technical ossatiltand fined them $10
The New Torpedo Boats.
Secretary Long has decided that one of
the three torpedo boats authorized by the
last Congress shall be 2(10 tons displace
mentandtheothci twoabout230 tons each.
This decision is in the nature of a ompro
mise between the conflicting -views of
Naval Bureau chiefs, Constructor Hichborn
having favored the building of tl e smaller
boats, and the othcrjfiveuncnibcrs of the
board insisting upon- Uie Inrgcfct possible
boats to be secured vvitlLthu money avail
able. Answer ofir'. Tairo.
A Bwom answer vTo the bill in equity
recently filed bj MaryvL Ofenstein wns
filed yesterdaj bv Richard E. Palro, la
which he denies absolutely that lie In
duced Mis. Ofcn&tein to sign a deed of
conveyance, which the"Complainant be
lieved was a deed of trust. Mr. Pairo
states that the deed was fully explained
to Mrs. orenstcln bejfore she affixed her
signature. 1
Commissioner's. Judgment Affirmed.
The court of appeal", in an opinion ren
dcied yesterday, sustained the Commis
sioner of Patents in the matter of the
application of Lucius Draper, Jr., for a
patent for an improvement in shield loops
for garment supporters. The Commis
sioner had declined to issue the patent,
and an appeal Tvas taken from nis Judg
ment. Cnpt. Crowiushielrt Heady for Duty.
Capt. Crowninshield evidently does not
anticipate any opposition to his con
firmation by tho Senate as chief of the
Bureau of Navigation. He was at that
office the greater portion of jesteulay
familiarMng himself with the details of
the office.
Throueh Sleeping: Car to St. Louis
via Pennsylvania Huilroad,
Leaving Washington at 3:10 p. m. dally.
The Commissioners Will Pass
Prohibitive Ordinance.
There Appears, to Ho 11 Coiisensiis
of Opinion That It Is Nuisance
Xeerting Abatement.
The District Commissioners will have a
foimal board discus-ion of the expeclora
tion problem in the ntar future. The
result of the meeting will be an ordinance
piohibiting spitting In street cars, ami
ottiei public com ej anies, unless there is
a decided change of fiont.
The oxpei toiuiioiiiiuisunie Jiasloug been
a souice of annoyance and complaint. A
little while ago a prominent woman, whose
name cannot be learned, wrote to tlie Com
missioners asking that something be done.
AC about tlie same time a well-known
Washington gentleman, whose name t lie
Commissioners also decline to give, wtote
a simitar letter.
It was learned bj-the Commissioners mjou
arter that othei titles have uidinances le
l.iting to this matter. Information to this
effect was given to Health Officer Wood -vvaid,
and he was lequestcd to fr.im u
legulatlon. He has donu this, following
the lines adoptedln the othertlties
It may he stated on authority tiiat the
regulation when it goes in folic will be
very much like the following:
"Wheieas, spitting In the public build
.ngs and streets cms has been declared b..
the boards of health of cliff ei eat titles as
prejudiced to tlie health or the people re
quired to visit the buildings and ilde in the
oars", and,
"Whereas it is a recognized fact, in
addition, that it is offensive to the eje
and the smell, and calculated to defile
clothing worn by ladies;
"Theiefoie, spitting upon the floors or
public buildings and In street cars is,
hereby declared a nuisance prejudicial
to public health "
Following this will be directions to tlje
authorities to have conspicuous notlees
posted where they will do the most good,
to have junitors look alter their own build
ings and call attention of offender to the
law, and rinnlly directions for proceedings
against peisistent orrenders.
When it was learned thntthc matter was
under advisement by tlie Commissioners,
President Harries or the Metropolitan im
mediately wrote to them, expressing his
approbation of the idea, and requesting
the passpge or the law.
Commissioner Ross said ro a Times re
porter jesterday. "Although, person. dly,
1 am veiy much 111 r.ivor of tills ordinance,
I cannot say that it will become 11 law
until the board hears from all sides and
acts "'
Commissioner Truestlcll said in substance
what Mr. Ross did. "I believe we ought
to have such a regulation."
Health Officer Woodward said: "The
law is veiy much needed, both as n health
matter and for deceiicv's sake. It ought
to be a police regulation against vile man
ners, if there were no question of health
concerned. Hut all the authorities agree
hat expectoiatlon is mostdaiigerous. i"r.u
cannot say nnv thing too strong for me"
Among others seen by a Times reporter
yesteiday was Dr. X S. Lincoln. "There
is no dissenting voice," he said. "All
phyicinns agree that expectoration is a
positive danger; that the habit is un
doubtedly conducive to the spuad or dis
ease, especially in tuberculous cases."
Letter From American Consul Xames
the Date.
Assistant Secretary of State RockhiU
yesterday received a letter from Leo
Bergholz, United States consul to Trze
runi, bearing date of March 13, 180T.
In it the consul stated that the trial of the
three Armenians and one Kurd for the
murder of Frank G. Lcnz, the American
hicjcllst, who was killed at the town of
Chllkani, in the piovince or Erzcrum, Muj,
189-1, had been set ror March 13, too late
to send the result by the mail which
biought the consul's letter to this country.
The tiial hud been set down for March
11, but owiug to the illness or the presi
dent of the court it was postponed. Tins
Government w as represented by the Brit
ish dragoman, because the American con
sul's papers had not been approved, and
the governor could not permit, under these
circumstances, the dragoman attached to
the American consulate to act.
The tun! of the four alleged murderers
was by derault.tliey having forfeited their
bail and fled, the three Armenians going
to Russia and the Kurd to some place un
known to the consul.
Meeting; of tlie Exeeiitive Hoard of
American Republic.
The executive board or the American
Republics lield-a meeting yesterday morn
ing, in the diplomatic-room of tiie De
partment of State. There were present;
Minister Mcndonca, of Brazil; .Minister
Romeio, or Mexico; Minister Andrnde, ot
Venezuela; Minister Mcrou, or Argentina,
reprcscntlngthe executive boani; becrctary
of State Sherman, and Dirctor Joseph P.
The conference was a large one, the
subject discussed being the bist means ror
making the association as strong and active
os it was beTore the advent of tho Cleve
land Administration. The board also dis
cussed different plans for promoting and
extending commerce between tills country
and those represented by the board.
It was decided to go to work with a
will and to push commercial Interests into
the place where they should be, and to do
all possible to create an equitable reci
procity. French Cruiser at New York.
A dispatch from Lieut. Rodgers, naval at
tache at Paiis, was leceived by Secretary
Long yesterday, stating that the Trench
crulfier Fulton will participate in the ex
ercises connected with the dedication of
the Grant tomb at New Tork, April 27.
To Boston and PointB J-ast via Penn
sylvania Railroad and Fall River
Commencing Atiil 1 a week-day trans
fer sei vice between Jersey Citj station and
Fall River line pier by Brookljn annex
boats will be established. Passengers
wishing to avail themselves of this ar
rangement should leave Washington On
10 a.m. train.
npl,3.fi.8.10-e: mch.11,apl,4,G.8,10-m
At National Park.
Ladles Holding Passes Admitted Free to
Tark and Grand Stand.
Prices 25 and 50 cents.
Gamp called at 4:30 o clock. It
SOMERSET BEACH Tor summer homes
and inveotment; bathing, fishing, crab
bing, salt water; free from miliaria and
typhoid: to be well impioved: -15 miles
rroiu Washington; 35 per month: Colonial
Beach property for sale and rent. 623 F
st. nw- apr4r7C
Onlj Matinee Saturday.
Commence at 6 o'cloci; anarp.
Last four performances and farowoll of
J1IV. JUIliN I Tliia av,. .t-Sat. Mat.
....... w. "-
FrL Evening (last time)'
Pincro's coircdy.
Sat. eve. (last night)
APairof Spectacles
VirecedoJ by "WHEN
And tho London
Garrick The iter
M'g't Chas. Fi oil
man, NiaCT WKtK
Al KTTli
.Next Vt eek.
Miss Olga Nethersole.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Nights and Saturday Matinee,
Friday Night (only time)
Saturday Night,
Lafavette - - - - Falka Hatinee.
(By kind permission of Mr. J"ohn Hare.)
Sl'Sl.lAL I i.l-,31-.KiiI sUAlSr,
PRICK". j 25 .mil 0r.
Intioductory Performance of the
C.iKtln ,-,n. hk- Opt- Co,
Of Philadelphia, Presenting the Comic
1 A..KA,
SPECIAL: This orirunlzutlon will come
diiect from Philadelphia by special train
via Pcniisjlvania Railroad, returning to
Philadelphia, to appear In that city the
same evening.
THE UVl'al j;,lICON.
Seats on sale for Easter week, Wednesday,
April 11.
The Lafayette
Sunday Evening, April 11
Triumphal Return
And His Unrivaled Band.
PRICES -25c.. 50 , 75c, S1.00. Box
Seats, 51 50.
Sale Opens Thursday at Box Office-Soloists-
Elizabeth Northnip, Eopiano;
Martina Johnstone. Viollnlste.
III. I, tll.i v '1 llhlTKIt
One Long Laugh and a Merry One
Tlie Mysterious Mr. Bngle
A 'Farce in ThTee Acta,
By Madeleine Lucette Ryley,
Author of "Christopher, Jr.," and "An
American Citizen "
and a Sterling Company of Comedians,
including Mr.
ManagemeutMr. Altred Bradley.
Daniel Frohman's Greatest Lyceum Suc
cess, THE
His Own Special Company.
Sale of fceats begins tills morning at 9
i:ani Ol'KKA IlOO&It
KLRN'AN .v. RIFE. Managers.
Commencing r. IT -L.O..I I 1 3
Popular Price Matinees Wed. and Sat
The Talented Actor,
Supported ty the Ch.irming Artiste,
And a Competent Company, in
Replete with Startling Situations
and Uproariops Laughter.
All Seats Couponed.
NOTE A good "-eat on First Floor for
25 cents Seats in Box, SI.
Next Attraction "JIM THE PENMAN "
1 Every Eve. Weil, and Sat. Mn's
Kathryn Kidder In the title role.
Next "VVeelt Seat sale tomorrow-.
ATAnPV Oreut -upcms of
rtvnU l-ir A X tlio Comedy Scnaon.
tllMCm M-.A0 lMCIUl::
All Dress Circle Seats 2oc
AU Orchestra Circle Seals 50
All Orflic'raChiir "'C
Next Week .Another big comedy attrac
tion and first time at popular prices of
A TPVAS sthki:
Get eat early and avoid the rush
...AH This Week.
Mokday. A MATINEES 1 Friday,
Tirptn .4 " UA "
The Young Character Comedian, J. C
t -trivia mwl liia Tllr- Cnmpilv Com
pany,' Presenting tlie Luugha-
ble Rural comedy,
L u.
All This Week,
Matinees Tuesday. Thursday, and Satur
day. WEBER'S
Vu un-to-date organization, replete with
Novel Features, Including
Next Week -The Rcntz-Santley Company.
Glen Echo Chautauqua
Athletic Bicycle Park.
Take Electric Cars at 3Gth st. and Pros
pect ave.
The Green(F street) Electrics take you
to the spbt-
Most beautiful scenery in the District
la sight of the Potomac all the way.
New Views. Xew Views.
Forty at every Exhibition.
See tlie new ones this week.
Dally, 2:30, 4:30 and 8:15 p. m.
Special performance next Sunday at
8:15 p. nv
The Wonder.
The Sensation-
427 7th St. N. W., Near E St.
VOICE. (Specialty ot iicginncrs.) PIANO.
Studios, 4 and 6, 03 1 F nw. REASON
ABLE TERMS. Natural Method. Voice
Tii.il C rails. uplK' Keclta.1, March UI.
JkV tt
legs and in splendid condition, $140, $0
cali uud S3 per month.
One Square, suitable for a beglniur. nice
tone and action, $40; 33 cash und S3 vet
Pianos- for rent and moved. f
ap8-3mos 024 7TH ST
DANCING -Ieara to dance for the summen
waltzing taught In four lessons: special
summer rates. Address YOUR LAD", triia
office. apS-3t
PLANK and specifications made clM'p. aC
1116 K st ne. np8-3Cj
y(JS for li.itcning irom I ign class lirown
leguorns ana oiacK iangsnan.: i per
13 401 llth st ne. ap7-at,em
IF YOU WANT a good niece of freth meaC
go to GOLDAIAVS, corner Itith and T
sts- nw ; fancy grocerits ami proviiUons;
steaks, 8 to 15c j,ouiid;fresh country egg,
0 l-2c dozen, from my own farm Stores.
ICth.T, and 20tti and L nw ap7-3t-ein
OLEBIN BARBER SHOP, 319 Pa ave.nw.:
all work: lj white barbers und rirst-c-lnss
in every respert. prices, shae, oc . haircut,
10c ; shampoo, 10c; bay rum used.
SEPARATOR Cream shipper; can find
purchaser; reliable shipper; will liavn
none thro wn backon his hands LACE Y'S
dp7-3t p
1 00O WHITE envelopes, printed. SI 50.
juuuN, tanjo and tiutta il orougnly
taught R BRAILSFOKD, 722 10th Kt.
nw cpb-3t,em
STONE BROS , practical carpet rtnovators
and paperhaugera. Address 01 1 G st. aw.
GASOLINE, locr; lamp oils; 1ft. 12- and
15c per gullou. Send postal, B. F.
DAVIS 002 'Jnd st. sw., and uacoa will
call. apU-ljn
AiS 'IED Large second-hand ice box;
also electrlt runs anu noiei inuie cinna
vare E- EDMONDS, fcOS 12th sL nw.
URLSS.MAKING Latest style: perfect flC
guaranteed By Airs- M. EDWARDS.
10G E st nw. np5-3t,ein
SPOT t AhH paid at once lor any f-tcreor
stock or merchandise. Call or address
B . FPUS, Howard Houte np3-0t,ew
IIPHOLSTEKING Mattress making done
at jour residence, first-class wort done;
droit rostal. H. RIENBERG, 1000 23d St.
k. L. HAl'S, cheapest printer in Wash
ington, removed to -ill G st. uw. fcee
mm about your printing. "Work de
Uvered when promised " inh27-lmo
THE 1'C-lCfc. UA1KA CCt-li. j o a ev uv.
Ihe best lunches in the city Coffee a
specialty mhtJ-tf.em
I WONDER who pnjsthe hlglnst prices
for gents' cast-off clothing, drop pos
tal. SAULUKOs.. 023 1) St. nw. jal5-3mo
PRINTING Business cards 75c. per 1,000:
other printing equally us cheap, macar
tluce bound for 50c.; miscellaneous Dcxfka
re-bound: paper ruling, etc u t. WIL
LIAMS. Clu 7th et- nw. fe6 tf.eza
i UK i. miH'i-
FOR SALE-Cheap First-class phaeton
and single harness B. L. McKNIGHT,
602 F st. nw. ap8-3t
FOR SALE Three fine horses: cheap.
Applj 443 I st Iiw. qp7-3t-
FOR SALE reasonable, carnage and gad
die horse; 8 years old; sound and not
urral 1 of auj thing Apply 1103 5th t. nw.
FOR SALE Guaranteed sound, liglitmare;
S30 1S10 st. nw apo-.ii.
J-Olt SALE At a tacnlice, 2 surnes, -grocerv
wagons, 2 day tons, 1 light panel,
and other carriages and buggu-s at gie.iC
bargains, also horse, trap, und hamesn.
927 D fct nw. felO-tf
TICE, Should be read dany uy all Interested, as
changes may occur at any time.
FOREIGN A1AILS Tor the week ending
April lO, iat7, close promptly at this ol
rice as follows.
'j.runutiaiitic JiaiiK.
FRIDA Y-(b) At 7:20 p. m .for France,
Switzerland. Italj, Spain, Poitugal, Turk
ey, Egypt and RrUiMi India, per s. s. La
Hretugiie. rrom New York, via Havre Let
ters Tor other parts of Europe must pe di
rected 'Ter La Rretagne. (c)At 10 f.o
p. ni., for Europe, per s,s Lucauia ,rein
New York, via Queenstown. UlAt lO-oo
p. m., for Netherlands direct, per s e.
Amsterdam, from New York, via Rotter
dam. Letters must be directed "Per Am
sterdam ' rcAl 10.55 p in , rorGTHia,per
s s. Em", from New York. Lettersiuustbe
directed "Per Ems. c)At 10 55 p in . for
Scotland direct, per s. s Furnes-ia, rrcm
New York, via Glasgow. Letters .Mtihtbo
directed "Per Furnessia. cAt 10:5o
p in , forNorway direct, pers s.Thlngvalla,
from New York. Letters must be directed
Ter Thlngvalla. '
"Printed .Matter, etc German steamera
sailing from New lork on Tuesdays-,Thurs-days
and Saturdays take printed matter,
etc , for Germany, and specially address
ed printed matter, etc , for otner parts of
W hire Star steamers sailing from New
York on Wednesdays take specially ad
dressed printed matter, etc , ror Europe.
'Ihe American Cunard and French Line
steamers sailing rrom New Xork take
printed matter, etc, for all countries ror
winch they are advertised to carry maiL.
.Mull fur sou tli andCViitrai America,
West Indies, etc.
THURSDAY lOAt 10 53 p m., ror
Fortuue Wand, Jamaica, Port Au Prince,
Savaulllu, and Carthagena. per s s. AI
leghauv, rrom New York. Letters for
Costa Rica must be directed "per Alle
ghany." d)At 7:20 a m for Port An
tonio, Jamaica, per s. s America, from
Baltimore .,,... c.
FRIDAX (c) At 10 5.) p in for St.
Thomas St. Croix, Leeward anil Wind
ward Islands, per s.s Madiana. from New
York. Letters for Grenada, Trinidad and
Tobago mu;t be directed ".'er Madlnim."
c) At 10 55 p. m for Fortune Island,
Jeremie. Jiicmel and Aux-Cave per sh
Andes rrom New York. Letters for Be
lize Puerto. Corf and Guatemala mus5
be directed "Per Andes." (c) At 10 55
p in for Central America (ecept Costa
Rlcai and South Pacific ports per s.s.
Alllanca. from New York, via Colon. Let
ters- for Guatemala must re cnreocu "i er
Allianca." fc) At 10 55 p m for .Cnm
peche Chiapas Tabasco and Yucatan,
riers s Citj of Washington, from New York.
Letter5 Tor other parts of Mexico must bo
directed "Per City or Washington " (c)
At 10 55 p m for Mexico, pecinlly ad
dreeil onl , per s s C Condal from New
Y'ork ia Pugressoand Vera Cruz fctAC
10 5- p m , for Cape Haiti. St Domingo
and Turks Island, per s s. Cherokee, rrom
SATURDAY-! d) At 12 15p m forNew
fonndiand. per eteamer rro? Iabfax.
SUNDAY filth) -(f) At 3 50 ;. in. for
Nassau, N P.. per steamer from Miami,
ifjlls for Newfoundland, by rail to Halt
fav and tnence iia steamer, lose hero
dally, -xcept Sundav, at 12 i)5 p -n. and
on Sundays only at 11 35 j in (d)
Mnllb forMJnuelon.by rail to Boston and
thence via steamer, close here dally aC
3.20 p m-fa)
Mails for Mexico, overland 'exNpt tlioe
for Campcche. CW .pas, Talunco und Yuca
tan which win 1 e forwarded via New
York after the Wednesday overland cIo-s8
up to the 10 55 p m clo-ing Friday)
close heic daily at 7 10 a n ;ri)
Mads for Cuba (except those for Snntl
aco de Cuba, which will be forwarded via
New Y'ork, up to and including the 10-55
n m close Wednesday!, close here daily
at 3 p- m . for forwarding via steamer
sailing Monda-vs and Thursdajs irom I'orC
Tampa, l'la (e) .....
I iii!.paeiile AInils.
Mails for China and Japan, per s s.
Gaelic, from San Francis,.. io.-Iitreoiiy
up to 6-30 p m , April 15 (d)
Mads for China and Japan, per s s. Ta
co'mn, from Tacoma. cIo"e here daily up to
G.30 p. m-, April 10(d)
Mail Tor Chi.ia and j.nan, operl.ill.v ad
dressed only, per s s. EinprMts .r Japan,
rrom Vancouver, close here dniiy up to
6 30 n. in . April 12 (d)
"Mads for Hawaii, per s.s Australia, from
Sail r r.I'lCl'CO. - ist; iiciv uaii) uj, iw o.w
n. m., April 14.(d)
Mails for Australia (except those for
West Australia, -which are forwarded via.
Europe), New Zealand, nawali, Fiji and
Samoan Islands, per s. s Mono wai. from
San Francisco, close here dally up to S-3U
April 2 1 up to G 30 p in.. May l.(d)
Mails for the Society IslarnU. per s-hip
City of Papeltl, from San Francisco, closo
here daily up to G.30 p in , April 2 l.(d)
Mail" for Australia ( etcnt thfe for We6
AiWraliai, Hawaii and Fiji Islands, spe
cially addressed only, per s. s. MIowira,
from Vancouver, close here daily after
p. m., April 24 (d)
lRANdi'ACirK, MAILS arc forw.in.'ed
to the porl r filing daily, and tno
schedule i msins Is arranged on ttte
nresuinntioii of their uninterrupted over
land transit.
(a) Registered mail closes at 10 at m.
same dnry.
(in Ret;istcrcd mail closes at 1 p. m.
(c) Registered mail closes at G p. m.
6ame day.
(d) Registered mail closes at 6 p. m.
previous day
(e) Registered mall closes at 1 p. m.
WednesdJjs and Saturdays.
(f) Registered mall closes at 1 p. in.
pro i Mis day.
(g) Registered mall closes at b p. m.
orevlc iih Saturday
JAMES I'. WILLETT, PostmaBter.

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