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ILK:. FULTON'S loan office. 1218 Pa. avc.
nw.,moneyloam-doa wattes. mam.nds,
JeAvelry, sliver ware, etc, apuHm
-PVNEY TO LOAN -$1,000 upvvaxd. t 5
and-5 1-2 per ccntron D. C. renlertau.
S250; 5300, etc, at C per cmC al
transactions conducted with econtfiiicai
consideration lor brrrowers .
H SAUNDERS & CO., 1107 bt. UW.
Loans made on rnrniWre. riMos. Horaea.
&Iffiol? ! ffircroe:,
(ilUi" street northwest.
TANTED-Loan or SlpO: good beeutity.
Addiess J. B-. this office. np!5-3t
IDLJ MONEY will rind a tare . per cent
real ctlate iiivcstinent at U rED
bvvtes uriLnrNir and loan asso
ciation. No. 1313F st nw apl4-3t-cm
jONEyWANTED "Will sell to pay 8 per
cent semi-annually, several Drst trust
im-ruragcs 500, and upwards. Address
TRUST, tlits ortlce. apl 3-1 ot
JIONEY TO LOAN, from S5 to-S50, to
.eliablc partiea. J. H 1SCRNS, Room 8,
Control bldg., 9tb and Va. avu apll-t
LOANS negotiated on stx:l:s, londs, old
line lire lKiiicieM, bank and sjadlcui.
neuilicales, building and loan atocia
lu.n utouk, waiehoui-c receipts, etc no
delay. Apply to YERKES & BAKER.
Room 42, 1110 F U nw. cr
in largo and Miiall turns, at 5 per cent.
, no delay
il. M. PARKER. 4.1 S F Bt. nw.
MONEY TO LOAN at 5 and 6 .per cent;
fiocuntv, real estate In District of Co
lumbia; Iio dcliiy beyond an mMec,ig? fr
property and examination or title, wau
T ER 11. ACKER, 704 14th st. nw. mli-a-tt
To loan on Washington City leal estate
r,o delay .
1008Fst.nw. nm0tl
Loans on heal, estate.
6. 5 1-2 and 0 per cent.
mli20-lm GaSCH BROS., 1307 F st.nw.
WANTED A "first-class union barber.
A. C. HARDMAN, 1909 7tllst. UW. It
WANTED-Active mau; best references.
ox So, this office-
WANTED -One white barber; steady: and
one for Saturday. NEW NATIONAL
WANTED -A boy to work in grocery btprc;
4-Ages 32 a week. 1420 7th st. nw.; bet.
K. and O sts. xt
nieu; none 'other need apply. M. D XRJ-..-FORTH
& CO., 923 ra.ave. nw. it
V A NTED Bo v; experienced Press feeder.
613 b bt. x
WANTED-Pupils in telegr.ipny; day and
bight school: typewriting i.-cv Ad-
uress OPERATOR, this rflce.apl5-3t
WANTED A voung man, with 2 or 3
years' experience in setting type miu
miming job press. Address, gating wages
W ANTED Young man to do outdoor work.
j).A C this office. ap!5-3t
WANTED Jewish young man, with about
525 capital; good profits guaranteed.
Call GU2 2d sw., after 4p. m. at14-3t-em
IV ANTED -At ouce. one experienced sh
elman at Now York Clothing House. 311
7i.tnw. apl4-3t
WANTED -Immediately, two expenenced
.latent office draftsmen; permanent posi
tio.is. WILLS ON & CO.. Le Droit Build
lug. apl4-3t
A .iKTUD Young men to Seam the barber
trade in 8 weeks, at National Barber
Ci.iiege, 315 6th st.. rull feet ol icols lice;
ciu.-.tant piactiee, position when through;
circular free. apil-c
"aTantED White cook; light work: no
washing; good wnges. 1702 1-2 10th
Et. nw. aplG-3t
1V-NTE1 -Youaggirttohlnarundhouse:
wages $1 per week- 1010 E st.nw. it
V ANTED White hotel chambermaid; also
i i cleaner. G14. 13th st. ne It
IN ANTED Experienced cook: also child's
nmw hmall family. 614 13th st. nw. It
FIVE good hoaies:-rea.,-ona'uIe WT.ges; free
of charge. MRS. MOORE, 306 G st. nw.
V ANTED -Settled colored woman for
general imusework; (no white or young
person need apply); must btay at nights.
010 5th st. nw. lt
AVA'XTED Pupils In telcgraphj" day and
night school; typewriting free. Ad-
fliess Ol'ERATOR, this office. ap!5-3t
WANTED Nurse, with ref, at 21-15 N
bt. nw. lt-em
WANTED-Toung white girl (not under
1) to work In Inncli room. 617 12th
t-t. nw. It-em
"WANTED Girl, for general housework
1118 lllh ht. nw. lt-em
Sv ANTED AVhlte girl (German preferred),
small family, general housework: must
lt- ood laundress; good home. 36 R Rt.
nw. lt,cni
WANTED Cooks, white and coFored. 1717
' 11th st. lii11
V.tiS TED Four cooks, chambcrinalds and
. general houscworkers; good wages. 441
o st. apl5-3t
WANTED At once, 2 experienced busiiel-
31 ODSn, nil 7th -st. nw. ap 1 1-3 1
WANTED-Milliners, at once. Call on A,
FISHEL, 72G 7th st. nw. L ap!4r3t
Crrx and country help furnished free;
, send postal. Mrs. MOORE, 306 G ct.nw.
' It
GOVERNMENT employes desiring to in-
creabe their income can do so after hours
no samples or canvassing; excellent oppor-
luuitv. Address S. E. C, this office.
apl 4-3tem
B-hLIABLE servants furnished free; send
postal. CAPITAL BUREAU, 441 G bU
WANTED Cooks and general houscwork
i cr.-.; good wages 1514 loch st. nw.
WANTED Cooks, generaL houscworkcrs,
waiters, drivers, potter, chambermaids,
m.rCi-, boys, farm bands, gardeners, Iaun-
cti;oM,es,4aiiitors.watchiiieii, engineers, tira-
ijiu'tt: quickest place to get work.
KLE FORD'S, 427 lltli st. nw.
WANTED Bycolored man and wife, situa
tions as butler and maid or nurse, re
spectively. Address COMPETENT, this
oittce. npl4-3t
WANTED A general agent in Washing
ion for a Boston houser vTmld need small
capita! for supplies. W. J. CALDER, Room
1 1 , America u House. It
WANTED A good combination saw table,
urainc lathe-, and jig aw. THE S MITH
KtatloDN apl6-3t
WANTED Place as chanibermaiuor nurse,
by reliable colored girl. 942 R at, nw.
W ANTED By colored -woman, place as
cook or gcueral housework,. Tor private
family. 2244. Cleveland ave. nw.; call for
three days Xt
"WANTED-Situation as working house
keeper; first-class cook; by a competent
-wnite womaTi. Address UOfJSEICEl-JI'ER,
429 7th st. nw., Room I. : It
WANTED - Bya colorcdgirl, placeas cham
bermaid or assist with geaeral housework;
best citv rors. 1406 12th st. nw.
WANTED Ey a competcnl girl, place as
cook or chambermaid. Please call 420
7? st. nw. lt-em
WANTED First-cla6S cook's place, by set
tletl warn ivonian; private family; city
or country refs: aist with washing and
ironing- No. 819 Del, ave. ne. lt-em
WANTED By-colored girl, place to do gen
rnl housework in 'small family. -413 6th
st. nw. lt-em
WANTED A place, by a young colored
wd:ilau, chambermaiflorgeiicral house-
-wort; can rnrnish ref. call or address
XI40 Del. arc ne. lt-em
"WANTED By flrst-cla8 colorod ivoman,
place to do general housework: refs.
13 11 th SC UTT- upl4-3teL
WANTED By neat, respectable, wliite
girl, situation as housekeeper in private
family Address O. S"i, 29 I st. ne.
ap 14.-3 fc
"WANTED place as child's-nurse, by Rood
colored girl. 1230 1st st. sw. npl4-3fi
HATS TRIMMED for 25c. 720 8tU st. nw.
"WANTED By competent Rcnmtress- and
dressmaker, work at once; refs. given.
Ii. M. N., this office. apl3-3t,ctn
"WANTED By boot, job, and newspaper
printer, place on country newspaper; can
alto run Mergcnthaler typesetting ma
chine: sober and reliable. Address 11.
THOMAS, 101f 7th bt. ne., "Washington,
D. O. It
.WANTED By ministerial student, exper
ienced a, teacher, a position a 'raveling,
salesman on salary or commission. Ad-
dress ministerial, this jiiiuu. it
WANTED A refined colored man wishes
a situation in law or real estate office.
U. A. R., this office. It
WANTED A reliable colored boy from
the South wishes position as office boy,
or in barber shoo; or with private family;
can jrive good reference from home. Ad
dress R. W. HOLMES, 123 Lst.sw. It-cm
WAN TED By young man, place to drive
or do work around store, work around
house or any kind of work; Rood, sober Tel
low Call or address 170G 12th sU nw.
apl 3-3tcm
WANTED Bright boy or 1G wants work
of any kind, m stole, driving wagon or
as office boy. .JAMES-STOREY. caie As
son a ted Charities, fell G bt. nw.
WA.NTKl)-USrKLL--V l't u.
WANTED Small engine or other ma
chine, one to three "horse-power, ciicap.
948 N. X". ave. It
WANTED A trustworthy woman, with
her on. would like to care for ;t houe
during the fcummer. Addreas AI. W . this
.office. aplG-3t
WANTED To buy, a Fecond-hanil cah
register. Addiess, stating Iowe.it cash
price, box 05. lids of lice-. cpl5-3t,em
AVAXTPnTRV T?t7Tim?i? pnnrpuvT
Viil stop all leaks- free, and charge only
Tor painting: workgunrantecd.
ap9-tr 1023 Sth st.n w
WANTED Dresses to make, 5 up; Easter
gowns ac snort notice;, bicycle suits
specialty: perfect fit guaranteed: Baugh
nian's dress cutter, D. MADAM HYATT,
908 N. X. ave. ap3-15t
nw.. rurnishes first-class board at $12
and $15 per inonth;also desirable rooms at
reaMmable rates. ai)13-7t-em
WANTED For cash. aURinds of old United
States postage and department Ft-amps;
collections also bought. n. F. DUNK
HOUS'I. IOuS Tth st nw le&.tr
WANTED For cash, 2 or 3 Ucycles. 3d
andlv sts.se- apl5-3t,em
WANTED To purchase becond-hand 97
Rambler bicycle; ali, second-hand No.
S Uambler frame, 94 make." 124 11th st,
se. ajilu-3t
WANTED sTmurbanhouse suitable for
grocery store; not over 5 miles from city;
witn oac-h:iir acre of land; illU caMi; bal
ance monthly payments TOM HI'LLI
VAN, 618 K st. sw. apl5-7t-em
FOR HIRE At prices to suit the times,
liorsc, carriages,, and -wagons; all styles;
also board horses by the day, week, or
AND HARNESS CO., 927 D fct-aw.
FOR HIRE To drummers and business
men. horse and buggy or Dayton, SI. 50
and $2 per day. Apply to the REX
STABLES, rear 615 E at. nw.; telephone
call. 109. aia2G-tr,em
EXTRAVAGANCr-Paying rent to a land
lord i extravagance: the money you
now pay for rent in a few years wllLbuy
you a home. ir you wish io know now,
call on W. C. CLARK, Itoora 30, 937 U
bt. apl C-l m
PIANO tuning, Sl-50; good, work; drop
postal. 305 12th bt. s. JAMES R.
DURITY apir-3t-cni
ONLY two more weeks of reduced rates:
ner-t cabinet photos., SI per dozen", until
April 30, at CASTLE'S STUDIO, 723
7th st. nw. apl5-3t
FOR SALE We are not having a re
moval sale! Our old .stand proves a
successful place for our business, because
we paper rooms for from 2 and upward
and guarantee satisfaction. F. G. N0LTE,
810 lith st. No branch. apl2-Gm
NO CHARGE for consultation. H- D.
GORDON, Attorney, 918 F, Room 2.
BUY vour safes before they go up; new
and 'second-hand. TRIPPE, 935 D st
nw. apll-7t
1,000 WHITE envelopes, printed, $1.50.
legs and in splendid condition, S140; d
cash and $3 per month.
One Square, suitable for a beginner, nice
tone and action." 540; 53 cash and S3 per
Pianos for rent and" moved.
an8-3mos 924r7T.ST.
GASOLINE, 10c; lamp oils. -no. 1Z and
15c. per gallon. Send postal, B. F.
DAVIS , 602 L'uu st. sw., anu wagon will
ii. L. HAYS, cheapest printer la Wash
ington lemoved to 441 G st. aw. See
Mm about your printing. ""Wort de
livered when piomlscd." rnh27-lino
THE PURE DAIRX LUNCH. :1D ii ss. a vr.
The best lunches in tne city. Corfee a
specialty. mh6-tf,em
PRINTING Business cards 75a per 1,000;
other printing equally as cheap; maga
clues bound for 50c; miscellaneous books
rc-boumt: paper ruling, eta u. . AVIL
LIAilS, 615 7th et. nw. feG-tf.em
COUNTRY BOARD Fairfield, on Chevy
Chase road; U street cars pass the door;
every convenience;- terms reasonable, one
carfare; shade abundant; highest and most
healthy location that can be, obtained; will
open lor reception of guests May" L Ap
ply on premises after April 20. "Will be
out on Sunday from 2 to 5 p. m. W. W.
WARF1ELD. aplo-3tem
GLEN MANOR, Forest Glen, Md., open
May 1; 9 1-2 miles on Met. Hranch B. &
O- R. Ry commutation fare 6 1-2 tts.;
splendid table and excellent rooms; large
grounds and shade; healthy location; $5
per week: special rate t large families.
Address GLEN MANOR, Forest Glen, Md.
THE TEMPLAR One squarefrom Capitol.
207 Pa, ave.; excellent board and -room
from S4 ro SG 'per week. apl4-7t
WANTED By mother and daughter, three
ront not to exceed S10. II. F. M. this of
lice. ' It
WANTED By a lady, three furnished-
rooms in the suburbs ot the cly, for
light housekeeping. Box -18, thiyofficc. It
WANTED Gent wishes Tur. room In nw.,
with occasional use of organ or piano;
not to exceed $8. Address S. S., this of
fice. api-i-3t
PLACE a card, in your window for room
ers or boarders: get them at The Times
counting-room, 5c. each.
FOR RENT A nlcelyfur. front room ;south
ern exposure; 5 minutes' walk from any
department; cheap; also a gentleman to
share a room, 55. 604 lOtii St. nw.
FOR RENT Unfur- $152 large com.
rooms: small store room" and" back porch;.
Berond floor; light housekeeping: a. m. i.
148 A st. ne apl4r3t
EOR KENT Two fur. rooms; closets: 1st
,nud 3d floors; $12 and $10; south hall
room S5; house and furniture new; refa
OWNER, 221 E sC. nw. flplfe-3t
FOR RENT Nicely Tor. rooms rrom $7 upr
single or communicating. 1X31. 11th. st,
UW- pl5-3t
TTtB LokNXNG HjiEs 3&IDAY AJBIJL i6 189?.
COOL, delightrul rooms Tor nail, or tho
umnier at Pleasant Vie w on Chevy Chase
railroad, 2 1-2 miles from city; Hotel Fair
field Just across road. Apply MISS A. V.
MORGAN, on premises or Tennellytown
r. O. up!6-3t
FOR RENT 3 unfurnished rooms, for light
housekeeping; newly papered, bath same
floor; rent, $10 month. 421 Mass ave.
aw apl 6-3 1
FOR RENT -German private family has a
price reasonable. 1224 I st. nw. apIG-3t
FpR RENT 1 large fur. front room dose
m J elision uuiiuing. vue otn bt. nw.
FOR RENT 2 fur.orunfur. rooms, cheap.
1010 7th 8tnw: lt
FOR RENT Large furnished room; steam
heat and gas. 414 6th st. nw apl6-3t
FOu KENT 2 fur. orunfur. second story
roonib; bath on same floor, 171S 8th
st. niv. apl6-3t
FOR ItENT 2 unfur. front rooms; heat.
-s,.V.,luU bat,l; :?8: llse I)iuno- 1720 8th
n- aw- , u 1) 1 G-tf
WANTED n unfur. rooms on 2d floor;
suitable ror light housekeeping; state
r?fltJ, 5"!nnri??" 'VWrras UNFURNISU
Ll, Iki.s. 29, this office. it
p?mi.1i;viT";?,,;ont a.ml ,ack r00ln &uit-
--i i,M,LliB7l 1,l,"sckeeping; no children.
-02 Delaware ave. ne. aoiG-nr.
!? ,.I1t.I?.,0,,,mmuCftt,nK ilioms; 1st,
nr wi.V'.Ut'cl f,orh: terins moderate; with
or without board. 114 C bt. tie. apl6-3t
F(i L'i U oTL,arKe.' "wly-fnniishcU rooms:
mVi "" am), ;'(1 noor.sr suitable for 2
gentlemen. 418 Oth st. my. apl6-7t
1Jhl?Sr'UrBC' rruu' ro " s'litablufor
iononBcni&;i,l,?S; , i)rl,ral0 "nmny: i-ntnu
apToW t,nw.; prlee $10.
J!"?hfrill mTSTV27 ?lh 8t" nw" HecontJ "
apl6-3t y !UUl lj!,Ck roww fur-
F.m!'TT? IarKC Com" mifur. moms;
second ffoor; every oonvenieiir.; also
api6i"S- "15 9th 8t'8c" Mw't
r2?.Sai.,B" tlle,n 'itT,1(jTim-"cotng-nM
i' ,-.7 -l!ow' cardhTor rooms and boaru;
an Kiiius, oC.
K91i RENT Fine largo parlor: suitable
for office, rent icasoiiablc. 420 10th st-
Il . n..1 r..' .....
4ii.J Ot,Ulll
FOR RENT-lst or May;" l "large" ci
room, with board; suitable lor 2
jnV1";".' aci"K Park; terms reasonable.
4014th st.nw. nnlr,-:ii..f.m
I'OK RENT nrtT imii n-. ..,
4 unfur.
looms; 2d floor: S14 iwr innnVh
FR IET-Nicely fur. room and board,
S-t.r.O per weee. 227 1st st. nw.. near
Cap'tol. aplG-3t
What Do You Want?
Whatever it is, you will comeniearer
. n
getting it by putting a Want AcUin-TnE
TlMES than any, other way. . k
v m
And it won't cost a small 'fortune,
either. ONB CDNT a word is all that is
asked for them in any of the want columns.
You need not eveu come to the office. IQn
close in an' envelope the advertieient,
plainly written, with the price of one cent
per word, and we and the people you are
hunting for will do the rest.
You may send postage stamps if it
will accommodate you.
&'''M&'' Si & CSfc&'jSfg
FOR RENT 004 3rd st. nw.; two 20
Story rooms; newly furnished and pa
pered; all conveniences; near Pension Of
fice; private family. apl5-3t
FOR RENT 2 fur. rooms, 1 block from
r'.ijritol. No 46 C st, nw., near H. .t O.
station. apl5-3t
FOU KKXT fur or unrur. front rooms;
private family. 914,11th st. nw.
apl 5-3 1
FOR RENT 3 unrur, rooms; nicely papered;
housekeeping; $7 per mouth. 21 Myrtle
st. ne. - apl5-3t
FOR RENT Furnished rooms', $4 and $5;
convenient to cars. 420 Muss. ave. nw.
FOR RENT 2 or 3 2d floor room3. fur.
or unfur.; a. 111. 1.; housekeeping allowed.
023 2d st. nv. apl4-3t-em
FOR RENT Unfurnished rooms; heat, gas,
and bath. 511 3d st. nw. apl-l-3t
FOR RENT 1017 11th st. nw. 2 very
pleasant fur. rooms: bath on the- same
floor; terms reasonable; iers. exchanged.
FOR RENT Furnished rooms, ull iniprove
mcius; 2d or 3rd floorsr terms reahon
able; res. 715 H st. nw. ap!4-3t
FOR RENT On rirst floor, large parlor
and small room adjoining; rotKherii ex
posure; light housekeeping permitted. 94 L
M st. nw. apl l-3t
FOR RENT 2 large nnfurnishyd rooms;
gas and bath; $12. 20 I st. nw. ap 14-36
FOR RENT No. 10 Grant pi.; nicely ittr
mshed 2d and 3rd-story Trout rooms
large closets; southern exposure: summer
rates. ap!4-3t
FOR RENT Three nnrurnished rooms;
light housekeeping. 100 Mass. ave. ne.
FOR RENT One large unfur. 3d-story front
room, $6; or a 2d-story front room, S3.
142G Rhode Island ave. nw. apl3-3tem
FOR RENT First, 2d and 3d floors, fur.
or unrur. with or without board- 114
C st, ne. ap!3-3tcm
FOR RENT Furnished hall room. S1.25
per week. 415 G st. nw. apl3-3t-em
EOR RENT Large furnished, front rooms;
lit corner house; southern and eastern
exposure; heat, gas, bath; ac summer rates;
smaller rooms, S5. 201 I) st. nw.
FOR RENT 645 2d st. ne.; 2 2d-story
communicating rooms; furnished or un
furnished; newly painted and papered;
large alcove in front room r light house
keeping alio wed ; rentmodemteiipI4-3t
back parlor, bedroom and front basement
dining-room and use of kitciien;in private
family; yi2. 912. Va. ave. sw. apl-Kt
FOR RENT Nicely fur. front room; 2d
story; excellent table board. 1 015 L st
nw. apl4-3fc
FOR RENT 2 unfur. rooms, a.m. i.;90S
K st. se.; rent, $8. Call 10 Va. ave.,
coal yard; no children. apl4-3t
FOR 31ENT Three unfurnished, rooms, 2d
floor ; bay window; a. m. 1.; for "light
housekeepingr newly papered; summer
rates. Call After 5 p. ni. 1149 1st st.
nw. ap!4-3t
FOR RENT 1214J N". X are, nw.r tur.
rooms; excellent neighborhood: summer
rates. - Q apl3-3trem
FOR KENT Front roorrr, rdcely furnished,
comer house, private lamlly; all Imp.
B01 -N. X ae. nw. apl3-3tent
FOR RENT 2 rooms on 3LfJoor,-$5 eaclu
4U4 r 8&. nw api3-3t-era,
FOR- RrM bnturnistiea; tnrec t-rioor
communicating rooms: two rront; newly
papered; bay window in each; range In
kttcncn;heat; bath;gas; terms reasonable.
947 G st. sw., near Smithsonian. apl5-36
r- -iprT :
FOR S ALE-Good will and furnlturo.of
boarding and rooming house, running
successfully for 2 0 years; 20 rooms, well
furnihhcd: proprietor retiring: will lie sold
cheap. Address SUA1MER. this" office.
aplG 3fc ro
WANTED Saloon, for cash, In good lo
cality. Address "BROWNV" this office.
apl 6-36
PARTNER wantcdy'vltfi capital, for a
specialty unknown In America, mill ot
whicli the New YQfK Herald and World
made a report full 'if pr uj af? rthe ex
tierlments; (no special knowledge.) B-. A.,
this office. . apl6-3t
FOR SALE Stock and fixtures t a gro
cery, meat and provision store; cheap if
sold at once. 82 K st. ne. aplG-36
WANTED To any one who will pay me
$150 I will put them In a way to make
51.200 per year. Address STRICTLY"
LEGITIMATE, this qfflcc. It
"k. CONFECTIONERY and ice cream store
for sale clieaj). XXX, this office.
BRADSHAW can sell-your business quick.
Call, 49-1 Louisiana ave. aplG-Ct
FOR SALE Lunch and dining-room; lo
cation one or the rinest in the city;
monthly business $700; reasonable rent,
BRADSHAW, 494 La, ave. ap!5-3t
AUCTION If you deMre to dispose of your
htoclc-of merchandise, househoM effeeta
or real estate (iulcklv.at a Htnall cost, con
sult TIIOS. J. OWEN, General Auctioneer,
013 F snw, 'I,hone013. apl5-7t
i.TVu cii r? .WrU.eKl.;dlishnrt tiltn-cle busi-
new, good reasons for belling. Call 611
F st. nw.
FOR SALE Cigar store and news stand;
owner leaving city. 405 10th Ht.nw.
FOR SALE-Grocery. meat and provision
store: located sw. Address COLUMBIA
this office. ap!4-0t-em
WANTED Partner, with small capital.
one willing to do clerical work prervrred.
big money made quick: Address 272, this
olflce, J npl4-3t
WANTED -Partner, with $750; quick: I
have the best drawing card in ,xir,tencc
for Atlantic City. SHOW, this office.
WK CAN sell yonrJ business Tor you.
619 F8t.nw. , basement. apl4-3t
FOR SALE Cigar store: IocaOon, nw.;
splendid business and cheap rent: also
a liai Iter shop la connection. BRADSI1 AV ,
491 La. ave. apl4Gt
l-'OK "SALE Saloon 1250 11th t ne.:
$1,000; rent, $27.50: 8 rooms; will be
soul to highest nldcicr this week; make
ofrer. BCSINE3S EXCHANGE, 9 18 F bt.
nw. ap!4-3&
FOR SALE Barber .shop, 1102 ith ot.
nw : $300: 3 modern clhiirf. mirrors, elc:
rent, $25; make orre'r BUSINESS EX
CHANGE, 918 F st. nw. apl4-3t
HAVE CASH inircliu'ers for .iUoonsT. gro
ceries hitich-roonis, coalyards, livery
'!'. t ' ,10U-'Is 'J'""K Mori's, cigar stores,
mL'hurivlre,'1.. etc- no Pul'licity. BCSr
NLab EXCHANGE, 9 IS F s. n w. ap!4-3t
FOR SALE-$300 will-buy a good located
Jewelry store and fixtures; also stock,
wiiicn riusi.scs of watcaes. clocks, jewelry,
repair work tools, etc., gj; tuus5 be bold at
onco; going out or bnimess: do not delat
rBiUv"!," grand opening. Address
JLUbUl, thio, oirice. apl c-ac-em
.K!'-Pierm ,rl,,inS Envoy bicycle No.
vinrV, uJ hn-ar "' n''tl"K to nis nil
G? h st1 nCwlmg " JOiVES NURR,
out -cn bt. nw. apl6-2t
Dr. Leatherman,
Si'l-'n' swl!,Ht m tl cure r f pII forms of
,v.MiU?.7n''e!,sFfV, s-r'cture. Hydrocele and,
ailcocLie quickly cured. Diseases of the;
lilijoil, skin. Madder, kidneys and svph
.V,UL.ilfsaKi:s I'pmmienUy cured. Vital
1i.1v Si q1? ". 2 10 5. Tuesday, Thurs
rXi, 'I,'"1 Saturday evenings, 7 log. No.
002 F nw. Closetr Sundays. mhl4-tf
v-.vv.eL.n1!at you !,ilVL' "" othera
ihml,,,,? ,be, surprised when you look,
tiini S ,ur fi,lB iot of ciistoni-made suits;
'. ' ?.w,omi at,Prlces that will make your
heart beat with Joy". Call and spi iw
S-lV0LD SMD, G10 DstV
VA VA-LASCO, Test Medium; nlso
lacial massage and magnetic treattnent"
00 1 J; st. nw. . apl0-7ern
M,IS- RETTA. mediiimforspirit messages-ap9-7cmUC
5& G2 13Ul"n"'
MME. THEO 3uT)ruir.
Scientific palmist ahd'eard reader- know
your fate antirortune; open tlail" German
spoken. 2oc. and 5pc. 929 H st. nw
- apK-lmo f
oiairvoyant. Tells your name, age" and
just what you wan;to Knowr also tells
about business dcalr,.lcrve affairs, ramily
troubles; reunltea the isepnrated;' brings
quarrels all right; removes spells; causes
marriages and gnesoodiuck, etc.;alway3
at Home; fee, 2Cc, 50c. and "1, yc n nw
apl3-5t "
nS nr,?53, aad bTlaS0 wort spe
5i?. '"loest pricer amalgam rT
tngs, 50c; full sets of teeth on plates 55
extracttng, either by gas or local snrav
absolutely painless, Iqo without 25cT a
work done by experts and guaranteed tha
best; open on Sundaya IrouT 10 to 3
0ClQClc- mn22-t
LADIES needing confidential treatment,
a aure and. safe relief. In all woman's
comiflaints and irregularitlea. Gold medal
awarded for the science of obstetrics from
the University of Munich, Bavaria. Strict
ly conridential MRS. DR. RENNER. Na
8 7th st. e.,nearEaat-Capitorst. Wash
ington. B- U. ,r"u
FOR SALE--Brookland-$1,400 will buy
a 2-story, baywiadow cottage; porches,
5?i?r'l?AveUoaaJ 2-sWry stable; a Bargain.
OWNER, 805 Oth st. nyr. apii.-3t
FOR SALE -A nice little Investment 6
roont brick: near the 14th st. nw. cars;
renting at $15.30 mo.; for ?1,750; all
dash or small payments. WM. U. SAUN
DERS & CO., 1407 F st ap!6-3t
FOR SALE -110 Kentucky ave. sc., price
$3,500: Giooms, bath and cellar: a. m.i.,
on easy terms. D. B. GOTTWALS, owner,
till lith st. nw. apl6-3t
FOR SALE-Six-room frame house; lot
24x130; built by day work; cost $2,200;
will sell for 91 ,300; Jackson St., Anacostia,
D. O. Apply to owner, 1253 K St. sc.
apl 5-1-vycm
FOR SALE Stop paying rent: 550 cash
and 1 0 pernio, buys a new 2-storyframe
'muse, in an improving section, with about
2,000 feet of ground: 30-ft. rear alley;
stable, etc.; porch; 15 1-2 ft. parking;
hydrant water atkitclieiidoor;tnfewblocKs
oi new electric car line and their fine
orrice building and ear-house; east or
Lincoln J'ark; don't miss this chance; only
f 1, 425; title perfect. O. M. RANT,
owner; Warder bldg., Oth and F Hts. nw,
OR SALE -Six-room brick noiise: v.-ater
and gas. Inquire 331 10th bt. se.
, - ap0-7t,em
fOR SAL.E One G-room frame cottage,
t,750; 7-rooiti dwelling, .2,:t."o, un
Lincoln st., Anacostia. Innulre T. E.
REAltUON, 307 Monroe st. ap(i-2w-em
FOR SALE A Ijeautlfut new tioiibe, 0
rooms and bath; south front: wnihiiione
Bquarc cable cars; price only $4,000; a
little cash and balance $10 monthly and in
terest, takes it this week. JOHN F.
i'AltKT, 1411 U Rt. malO-tf-em
1313 D st nw, bh, 12 rms S7ir''
l.too 20th st nw, bit, 0 rms ir.tP.R
3IG and 3is 14th stttw, bh tV'HJJJJ
"3 1 bt nw, bh 14 rms'. 11,000
JiA-111" f-t ne. bh, in rms j.-,i-oO
lT0-0uud 11 8th8tnw,and3-bh, ,rnA
rear.. . .... 10,500
1T1-I lsrb btliw bli, 10 rms.- .. 10.000
Frame cottage, Westey iteignts, 9 qqq
1.'. ,1.1t,'"'4t""c.','di,"ri'rius. ."..'.. h.- "
H'il l.'ttn stiie, bh, G rtii. 3.000
48and50Mvrtie.-t.bh.G.-ma -00j'
1253 to 12D!) F st and 530 0
540 lath st ne S100
000 Md ave ne, bh, 9 rms ."PO
1354 Md ave ne, bh. G rms .''S
1520 O fctmv, bh, 7 rms 699v
1519 I bt nw, bh, G rms 0,600
119 to 147"N O ave se, bh, 6 & 7 r. 0,000
120 to 142 2d blue, bh, 0 rms...'. G.uOO
1113tolll7Mhtse,rh, 10Grs. 5,000
17 17th ht oe. bh, 6 rms 3,000
4 K bt ne, bh, 6 rms 3,000
Per ft.
Nbt, bet 2 1st and 22d sts 11 w SI 25
Mtt i- 11-., ot-c lbtu and I7th, L
and AI stsnw 1 -:?
19tli at, bjt Band F sts 11 w..... 1 -"
1 Hi st, bet V a.ul W st.snw J -
P st, bee 33d a id3ttn scsnw i
D bt, bet ISUi and I9ch ubs nw uO
California st. bet 1st and 2d sts ne.. 50
P st, betN Cap and 1st its ne "0
S st, bet J.til a id .tltn stsnw 30
117 Lltli slue, 10 rms $3 0
210 N J ave nw. 7 rms 35 00
l4l8Hthbtuw,10rius 30 5.,
1004 Flaavene. Gnus (stable).... 20 50
1011 iiCupstne,rms 15 30
2011 L htnw, 5 ribs 1 50
328 Snrttce-stnw. G rms 1 30
2004 7th stnw. G rms 12 00
82H23clstuw. 5 rms 12 30
1G14 Valley" stnw, 5 rms 12 00
Str rm and 1 rm 1st lloor, 2 rms
3d floor, G08 La ave $25 00
Str and dwg, 408 1 1th st sw, 10
rtn-i 20 00
Str and dwg, 1275 25th st nw, G
rms 20 00
Sir and dwg, 1301 1st st sw, 5
rrns T. 15 00
030 D st. 1 rm , 15 00
62b D st 1500
Str and dwg, G2 F st n w, 5 rms- 1 1 00
Table, rear 71 G 6th st nw 8 00
Stable, rear 50ti 12th stnw 9 00
Shop, rear 1233 Blagden'3 alley.. 3 15
The above ts only a portion of the prop
erty on my books. For. full list call at
orrice for bulletin, issned on 1st and 15th.
017 F st nw.
FOR RENT -Furnished Imnn-dlately; 6
room brick; N st-. near 4 r-2 st sw.; gas,
water, latrobe; careful parties; $15.50 per
niuatti. .vddrtfhs RNT. tnU office. 10
FOR RENT -423 1st st. ne.; 3-story; a.
111. 1.; brick tesidence. Apply J D. MUR-
DAL'GU, G1714thstuw. aplG-3U
FOR RENT -Store and dwelling; a large
store room and fixtures complete, ice box,
etc.; separate or dwelling if necessary; for
merly and successfully managed by D. Con
n -ii r tne l.ni :jo v"ar".s .v, u. viiifMii
and retail grocery store: so. cor of II and
1st sts. nw.. criming urnce square, in
quire of D. CONNELL, 514 2d st.nw.
FOR RENT 2038 7th st. nw., store; 6
rooms and bath:nll motlernimprovementi.:
rent. S21.50 NAUCK1 & NAUCK, 1825
7th st. nw. apl4;31rem
FoR RENT G-room house; mod. imps; 68
Mass. ave. nw.; rent $16.30, ap!4-6t
FOR RENT 405 and 407 3d st. aw.: bIx
loom bricK, ivater, in bplendid condition;
to desirable colored tenants; $13.50 each.
Apply 942 K. et. nw. apl-tr,em
FOR SALE We are showing a very large
assortment of Moxley's Improved i ry
Atr Ice Hokcs: the- best and most econom
ical for hotels, butchers and grocers. THE
JO., ractory rear or I4, 210, itr 8tn
6t. ne. mh28-tC
FOR SALE Ue.st butter ever churned and
fresh from thechurn twlcea wcek;prlce.
28o . or 4 pounds- for $1. Remember, If
urs R. B. VOUNG'S butter It is the best.
7G and 77 O st. market, or GO Riggs' mar
ket Postal orders promptly fllled.
FOR SALE Tires-$5 pair; best 97's: full
Co., Now York. Agents wanted aplGt
FORb'ALE New Ricc.i mandolin and crise;
$9. 420 .Mass. ave nw. ap!5-3t
FOR SALE Nice la.-.se rug; dining table;
cheap. 232 9th st. ne. npl4-3t-em
FOR SALE I will sell my beautiful up-
ruriit oi.t 1 , wnii'ii ncjirly uev, at a
sacrifice, as lam greatly In need of money.
Address BIANO, this office. ap!4-3t-em
FOR SALE Two canopy-top cnt-nnder
surries;2 2-seat traps, 1 runabout, 3 de
livery wagons, 1 rme panel wagon, 1
phaeton, 2 dayton wagons, 1 buggy; all
kinds of seconu-hand vehicles tougtiu, toId
and taken in exchange-. 213 11th st. nw.
ap 14-76
WE CAN sell your piano, bicycle, type
writer, business, or anything. COM
sc. nw., basement. ap!4-3t
FOR SALE-Ladies" Eclipse wheel, in
good order; $10. 1111 I" et. se.
apl tr
FOR S.VLE A few more pure bred white
leghorn chickens on hand for sale; the
best laying breed ot all; also silver-laced
Wyandotte and white leghorn eggs lor
hatching. Apply of THEODORE BARNES,
No. Col) uentei'MarkctJonTucsdays, Thurs
days or Saturdays. ap!4-3t
FOR SALE New hand-made wagon har
ness, for sale or exchange for buggy
harness; at once. 711 2d st. nw. apl4-3t
FOR SALE The best bargain ever offered
In a piano, if sold at once; good condi
2, G19 F st. nw.; basement. ap!4r3t
FOR SALE 1 eight-seat hotel 'bus, 1 T
cart, 3 fox. terrier pups. 2 traps. 2fAr
TIONAL STABLES, 311 6th, St. uw-ap!3-3t-em
FOR SALE Two benches. Innulre at 39
O Street Market. apl3-3t-em
FOR SALE Fine work horse, $15; 1 set
heavy wagon harness, $5; a bargain.
Can 43 i3th st. se. apl3-3t-em
Woven wire Springs $1.00
Hair Mattresses $5.00
Folding Beds fe6.50
Hair Mattresses remade...... $2.00
apll-7fc 12237th nw-.
FOR SALE Fcod-water neater, smoke
stack 30 inches diameter, 70 feethigh),
water-tube boiler (BO horse power), and
two power transmitters; all in first-class
condition: no reasonable offer refused.
Apply to G.C. THOMPSON,. Ciiief Engineer
Purity Ice Co., Armory place, near 5th
audLuta-nW. ft5-tf
a. D. Houok, 301 iota. st. nw.; iarga
assortment or new and second-hand double
and single harness, 100 sets of govern
ment wagon harness; also a large assort-;
ment ot double hack and coupe harness;
100 government saddles. nil9-lra
From Station, 13th St.&Pa. Ave.
nor Alexandria. 6:40, 7:05, 7:30, ex.;
8:00, 8:30, ex.; -9:00, 0:50, h10:05. ex.;
11:00. 11:45 a. m.. 12:03, ex.: 12:30.
1:15, 1:45, '2:05, ex.; 2:40, "3:30, 4:00
ex.: "4:15, ex: 4:45, "G:00. 5:20. ex.;
5:40, 6:05. ex.; 6:20, 7'00. '8:00, "9:00,
10:OC, -11:20. 11:59 p. m,
'Dally. Ho express Bun days.
For Mount Vernon, Riverside and way
stations, -6:40, 10.05 a. m., 12:05, 2:00,
4:15 p. in.
"Dally, extra Sunday at 11 a. m.
For Arlington, hourly from 8 a. m. to
8 1. m. JaG-tf.em
Without Chance of Cars.
Sriiuiini,. 1,, (.ffecD Feliruarv f. 1807
1:21 p. m. Tuesdays, Thursdayrf and Satur
Solid vesUCuieo. cicctrtc-llghtcfl. stearo
aeatedtratn. with combnatton coach parlor
car, dining car and observation cur through
witnont olnwige. Arrive Richmond T:43
p. in. -Old Point. 9:50 p. in.
10:57 a. m. dally except Srcnda-. "Par
lor ir "tVajhingtm to icicnmrrnd arid Itlch
mond to Old Point. Arrive Richmond 2--15
p. m. Old PotnU 0:30 p. n Transfer as
TlcketB ana reservattona at offices Tenor
sylvania R. R.. intti and G sts.. and atsta
Con. Full information at u. & O. tickel
,H. w .FULLER. General PasscngerAgent
(Graduate of the Leipxlg Royal Conserva
tory of Music.)
Will receive pupds in piano playing, be
ginners as well as advanced pupils; also
In organ playing and harmony. For
terms apply at inusio room. No. 213 E
st. nw. mn22-lm
Teachea HARMONY,
Instruction given at residence ot pupil.
Convenient hours. Terms, S2 per lesson.
Address A.TUEGINA, 519 8th st. se.
A. V. H0LA1ES.
Mandolin. Ranjo and Guitar. Special
Offer a fliit-SG.OO Tlpaldi mandolin, S2.00
instruction book, sheet music and 20 les
sons forSlO. Spring term, 2o lessons, $10.
Studio, Room 3,034 F st. mli22-lm
FOR SA1-.C Cheap Horse, dayton, and
harness. 520 7th st se aplG-3t
FOR SALE A surrey and harness in good
nuiditlod. clieap It sold at once. Apply
1237 1st. ne apl5-3t
FOR SALE -3 fine horses, cheap Apoly
443 fbt. nw. ap!5-3t
Wrch, representing James H. Birch, man
11l.11 tiiivi'of iinricteoratej Bircn taruages
and Harness, Rurlington, N. J., will be at
the National Hotel Tor idla week, with a
full line of sample harness; aIo a .-ample
of the "Rirth Runabout,"' positively the
most popular singletrap of tuesi-a-on; per
sons anticipating the purchase of either
Cairiages or Harness will find it to their
advantage to call and examine this line of
samples; sample-room open from 8 a. m.
to 8 p m. apl2-7t-em
FOR SALE At a fiacririce. 2 surnes, 2
grocery wagons, 2 da j tons, 1 lightpanel,
ami other carnages and buggies at gicat
liarcniiiK: also Horse, trap," ana Harness.
927 D 6t- nw. fel9-tr
LOST OR STOLEN Fointer: gyp; liver
coioreu iiiui wnne, wwi oiaeK collar
aud ring Reward if returned to 3075
Canal st. nw. it
LOST Small 1'orki.htre terrier; flaxen
hair on head, yellowldh body, long tail
and ears, namir Tweeny. Reward if tc
turned to Mrs. REDDINGTON, 15341 st.
LOST Rla-3c bteel watch, with.monogram.
"jnuireEIevatorBoy,iloitntVernoT Flats;
reward. apl5-3t
LOST Red leather book; $73 in bills; re
ward If left at this office. ap9-7t-em
STOLEN April" 10; Envoy bicycle 1896
model. No. 18.781; a reward for return
of wneel or information leading to de
tection or thief. JONES & BURR. 513 Oth
St. 11 W ap!6-3t
FOR SALE $100 standard make Rent's
bicycle, good as new: clieap for cash. No.
8 Q st. ne., "West Eckington. aplG-3t
Should be read daily by all interested, as
changes may occur at any time.
FOREIGN MAILS Tor the "week ending
April 17, 1SU7, close promptly at this
orfice as follows:
JL'rjiUMittuutle Malls.
FRIDAY (b) At 9.20 p. m.. Tor France,
Switzerland, Italy. Spain. Portugal, Tur
key, Egypt and British India, per s. s.
La N'onn.indic, from New York, via
Havre. Letters for other parts of Europe
must be directed "Per La Nonnandle."
(c At 10:55 p. m-, l"or Netherlands direct,-
per s. s- Edam, from New York, via
Amsterdam. Letters must be directed
"Per Edam." (cr At 10:55 p. m., for
Netherlandd direct, per s. s. MaaKdamv
from. New York via Rotterdam. Letters
must be directed "Per Maasdam." (c)
At 10:55 p. m-, ror Genoa, pers.s. Werra.
from New York. Letters most be directed
"Per Werra." (cj At 10:55 p- m.. for
Scotland direct, per s. s. Ethiopia, from
New York, via Glasgow. Letters must be
directed "Per Ethiopia." (c) At 10:55 p.
m. Tor Europe, per s. s. Etruria, from
New York, via Queenstown.
"Printed matter, etc German steamers
Miilmgrrom New Yorkon Tuesdays, Thurs
days aud Saturdays take printed matter,
etc.. ror Germany, and specially addressed
printed matter, etc. for other parts of
White Star steamers sailing from New
l'ork on Wednesdays take specially ad
dressed printed matter, etc., for Europe
Tlie American. Cunard and French Line
steamers tnks printed matter, etc , for
all countries ror which they are advertised
to carry mails.
.Malls ror soutn and Central Amer
ica, West Indies, &c.
FRIDAY -(c) At I0:5t p. m. ror For
tune Island, Jamaica, Savanilla and Grey
town, per s. s. Alene. from New York.
Letters for Costa Rica must be directed
"Per Alene." (c) At 10:55 p. m. for Cape
Haiti. Gonaives, Petit Goave, Carthagena
and Santa Martha, per s. s. Kitty, from
New l'ork. ic) At 10:55 p. m. for Cam
peclie. Chiapas, Tabasco and Yucatan, per
s. s. Saratoga, from New York. Letters
for other parts of Mexico miiht hv directed
"Per Saratoga." (c) At 10:55 p. 111. for
Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago, per s. 3.
Grenada, from New York. (c)Afr 10:55
p. m.. for St. Kitts. and Demerara, per s.
s. Talisman, from New York.
SATURDAY (d) At 12:110 p. m. for St.
Pierre-Miquelon, per steamer from Halifax.
Mail. for Newlouudiand. by rail to Hali
fax and thence via steamer, close, here
dally, except Sitmlav. at 12:05 p. tn., and
on Sundays only at 11:35 a. m.(d)
Mails Tor Miquelon, by rail to Boston and
thence via steamer, close here daily at
3:20 p. m.ta)
.Malls for Cuba, by rail to Pott Tampa.
Fla and thence via steamers sailing
Mondays and Thursdays to Havana, clo&c
here dally at 3:00 p. tn.(e)
Malls for Mexico, overland (except those
Tor Campeche. Chiapas, Tabasco and Yu
catan, which will be forwarded via New
York, after the Wednesday overland clos
ing up to the 10:55 p. 111., close Friday),
close here daily at 7:10 a. m.(d)
Tri.uspucJfle Alalls.
Mails for Australia (except those for
West Australia, which are rorwarded via
Europe), New Zealand, Hawaii, Fiji and
Samoan Islands, per s s. Monowai, rrom
San Francisco, close here daily up to 6:30
p. m., April 24.(d)
Mails for China and Japan, per . s.
Yictoria, rrom Tacoma, close here dally
up to 6:30 p. m., April 24.(d)
Mails for the Society Islands, per ship
City of Papeltl, from San Francisco, close
here dally up to 6:30 p. m., April 24.(d)
Mails for- Australia (except West Aus
tralia), Hawaii and Fiji' Islands, specially
addressed only, per s. s. Miowera, from
Vancouver, cloje here dally after April 24.
up to OUJO p. m., May l.(d)
to the port of sailing daily, and the
schedule; ot closing is arranged on the
presumption of their uninterrupted over
land transit.
(a) Registered mall closes at 10 a. ra.
sarae day.
(bj Registered man closes at
same day.
(c) Registered mail closes at
same day.
(d) Registered mail closes at
previous day.
(e) Registered mail closes at
Tuesdays and Saturdava.
P. m.
p. m.
G p. m.
1 p. m.
JAMES P. willett. Postmaster.
8 .
7?M,iK .week days-PlTTSBURtf .
brrM"; ?.rlr and Uming Cars. Uarri.
11 -,s, I'ttsburg.
oerrtSnr?.t',,,njt'. DJlne Smoking and
nnHnllPI Vara-, .larrtsburg-to Chicago,
land flndt.lMn.U,?naK)l1 st- Loa1 U
HamfburV0 0t J'arIor Car to
1 ParioV cir? w-r-ma ituffee
l i- v; v. - iiisourg.
MBnre sii?!1"0 ND rtT- ''OTTI3
ItR -fl--anK-ieSS S
anadLlc"lomreto ac- tS
Crto,aKg C W'-a. Ditun'
Pittsburg nWiS'W w-"nton to
1 iitsourg and Harrlbburg to St. i.nnK
Car. LouIsvl,lQ a Uncmnati). Bining
Xrdn JJ;.31-. PACIFIC EXPRESS-l'ull--
".an s'e-,PlnK Car to Fittstyirg.
'"t'.r ,JlAr,? nne' Cannndaiguo, Roches
Suntjay wlaSara -" daiiy, except
1(J.'5?,; '?r "J1"1 and lienovo dally.
.i-1'""' Kor LoCk ilaven wceic
p Sli Wilhamsport Sundays. 3:40
7M?irrf-."V, ?f. W!"a"isporr. Rochester.
Kutfnd ,.laKara. i-aiis dally, exenpe
tHnSn'T Car Washington
i iMV?pternsion.UnfiKe' v'a uurraro.
ter M,.rr"-Sr-t'ne. Ounandalgua, Rochf-s-
S.e"...iVn,"rnVvan,n'asara "falls d"au"y.
i.-.. .p.P.f.Lar Walimgton to Elmira,
l'or X'auadelpnia. ew xor. ana
tne nst.
tvi.-ti'" -.."CORLaSIONAL LIM-
i,,.-R' anyrail 1'arlrr Cars, with Din-
inrj? ar zl Pm Baltiraore-. Regular at T.OO
, (D'ning Car), b.oo, 9.0U, io.mo (Dining
' ,VwVailrf,x1.-00 fll-imc Car rrom WlP
liungton) A. il. 1.45, 3.1B, 4.20. 0 50.
' 7&" 'An1 i1-3" '- -" On Sunday. 7.00
. (Dintag Par;. 8.00. 9.0O. 11.00 (Dlnin.
iaJ .f r?.m Wilmingtonj A.M..
1 t'uli' ,b'.0' 10-otr aaa 1I;" l- l'or
, I hlladelphia only. Fast Express, 7.50 A.
Ji- week days. xpresH 12.15 I
i. weeic days, 2.01 and 5.40 P. M.
-r-ky; $Tr s'on. wf-hout change,
alu?y week aay3' " 15 p- &-
For Atlantic City (via
Bridge, all-rail route 1.
or Baltimore. 0.25. T.Oi
10.00, 10.5(1, 21.00
12J5,, 3.1o.
Red;, 4.20, 4.30, 0.40. Hlft.
10.00, 10.40. 11.15 and iL3b
On bnnday. 7.00. 8.00. 9.00. 9.05, 0..
77V "'.V X?- i5' X 15- -ul 3-15, 3.40.
(4.00 limited;,- 4.20, 5.40, 0,15. B.50.
,.10. 10.00, 10.40 and ir.35 p. rn.
or Pope s Creek Line, 7.30 a. m. and 4. 3(J
. m. daily, except Sunday.
For Annapolis, 7.00, 9.00 a. in., 12 15
and 4 20 p. m. daily, except Sunday.
Sundays, 5.0i) a. in. &-d 4.2bp. m.
-.tlanric Coast Line -Express ror Flor
ida and points on Atlantic Coas
&laS' 4:? a- lr- 3-4B P- m- daily.
Richmond only 10.57 a.m. week da ;
Atlanta Special, via Richmond and Sf a
board Air Line. 4.40 p. in dally. Ac
commodation Tor Quannco, 7.45 a. m.
' and 4.25 p. in. weekdays.
Ticket orrices. corner 1-IftPenth and" O
treetsand at-the station. Sixth and H
streets, where orders can be IertTor cheek
ng or baggage w destination from noteU
nd resloences.
J. B. HUTCHINSON, General Manager.
J. R. WOOU. General l'axMnger Agenn.
Schedule in effect March 2d, 1897.
eavt W .s.nijwjn 1 .1 n.a u.u, ...I Ot
Aew Jersey avenue and C street.
tor 1 hu-rtg. and .irmwet, VeHttbitbit
Umfted. trains. 10:00, 11:45 a. m.. 8:03
p. m.
Forctnclnnatl, St LoiiIsandIndlanapo9v
Express, 11.45 a. m. Testtbuied Limit j
oto p. m.. express 11:25 p. ru.
For Pittsburg and Cterrfand. express
duily, 10:00 a. m. and 8.5a p. u
1 or Teredo and Detroit, II 25 p. m.
ror Winchester and way stations. J3.4L
and 15.30 p m.
For New Orleans. Memphis. Birnilnglam.
Chattanooga. Knoxville. Brfsta and
Roanoke, 5:00 p. in. dally; Sleeping &c
For Lnr.i-.3:40 p. m. dally
or Baltimore, week days, 0.00, C30
S7.05, X7.I0, X300, 8.30, x9.30, -20.00;
kl2.00a.m..l.o3, 12.lo, xl2.40,xi.ot,
15.20. X-UO, 455T X5.H5, X5 1H. xMd'
kC.20, G.30, XS.OO, 8 15, x.1.20, 11 15!
icl 1 .50 p. m.. and X12.0 1 night. SiuTd.y..
X7.05. X7.10, 8.30, xfc.OO a. m., xl,05.
X12.40. 1X1, loW, J.-O. 4.3D, XQ.VO,
X5.10. C.30, xS 00. X9.20. 11.15. xTl.SO'
P- m., X12.01 night.
ForAnnapolis.. I0andS.30 ip..I2aO
and -t.3o p. in., Sundays, d:ju . 13., 4.5
p. m.
For Frederick, week dars. Tzsr, 11 xi
a. m., 4.30, 5.30 p. m. Sundays, 1:15 p. m
1 For Haceratown. IIO.OO a. m. and r, rtn
I ip, m.
ror Boyd and way points, week ?,y?,
7.35 a. m... 4.30, 50. 7.05 p. m. Sun-
dars. 115. T.05 p. m.
For Galthersburg and way po.nts week
ays 7.35. 9.00 a. m.. 12.50, .l 5 4.3.
(4.33. 5.30. 7.05. 11.40 p. m. Sundavs.
y.uo u. in., 1.13, 4.j, j. 05. ir.iu p. ,11
ForWashinstfin Junction and war noimN
frj5 a. m.. 4.30. 5.30 p. m. wede davl'
-.15 p. m. Sunday J
Royal Blue Line for New York
and -'Ittliidelphla.
I All trains illuminated with Pintsch I!ght,
For Philadelphia. New Tork. Eo.-.toi..un?
the East. week. days. S.OO, ( 10.00 a. m.
TJiningCar), 12.00, (12.40 DiniiigCa 3.t l
15.05 Dining Car), (12.01 night. Sleeping
par open at 10.00 o'clock!. Sunt sys, 9 Ou
n. ni. Dining Car), (12.40 Dining Car;, 3.00
1(5.03 DmlngCari. 12.01 mght; sleeplug car
pnen 10 o'clock Acdiluat irunis io
Philadelphia, wee days, 7.05 a. m. daily
.6.00 p. m.
I BufretParlor Cars on all day trains.
For Atlantic City. lO.Ou a. ui.. 1 .00
noon, anu i,4u p. m. wee uaya, 12 40
p. m. Sundays.
I For Cape May, 12 noon. x
jExcept Sunday. xExpress trains.
1 Baggage called for and checked, from
hotels and residences br Union Transfer
jCo. on orders lert at ticket offices SI 9
'Pennsylvania avenue nw.. New Yort
avenue and Firteentb street, anil nt-deoo
"WM. m: green, chas. b. scull
Gen. Manager. Gen. Pass Agt.
(Schedule In effect April 10, 1S9T.) '
All tratus arrive ami leave Pennsylvania
Pa.iseuger Station.
8 a. m. Dally. local for Danville. Charlotte-
and way station-:, connects atilamw
.as for Strasburir. Itarrisonburg, a&d
Staunton, daily, except Sunday, and
at LyiiL-imurg with tlie .Norfulk and West
ern datly. ami with the Chesapeake und
Onlo, daily, for the Natural Bridge oud
11:13 a.m. Datty. the UNITED STATES.
FAST MAIL, carries Pullman liutleu
Sleepers. vv York and Washington ta
Jacksonville, uniting at Salisbury wich.
Pullman Sleeper Tor Asheville and Del
Springs, N. C.,ICno.vilte and Cltattaaoov.1,
Tenn. , and at Charlotte with I'MHitTaa"
Sleeper Tor Augusta: Pullman .buffet sleep
er New Tfork to New Orleans, connectiaij
at Atlanta for lrnutigiiam aau j.. -plus.
nutit tr.un WdMiunu m. .v-
Orleans without change. Sunsccpersoaall7
conducted tourist excrrslon thi ougUMeepec'
on tuts, tram every Saturday to San l-'r-cisco,
without change.
4.0I p. in Loeatrur Front Royal. Stras
burgaud Harrisonburg, with connection ror
Staunton, dally, except Sunday.
4 51 p. m u, local fur Charlottes-
V,10:43 p. m. Dally, WASHINGTON AND
ITED, composed of Pulluuiu Vw-tibuied;
Eleepers, dlnlug cars and day coaches.
Pullman sleepers New York to Nash
ville. Tenn., via Asheville. .noxvillo
and Chattanooga; New York to Tampa,
via Charlotte, Coltimhia, Savannati and
Jacksonville: New York to Augusta, via
Columbia; New Yor to Memphis, via
IHrmihgham; New lork to New Orleans,
via Atlanta and Montgomery. W'sllbttled
day coach Washington toAtlanta. South
ern Railway dining car, Greensboro to
DIVISION leave Washington y;oi a. m.
natty anu 4:45 p. ni. daily, except Sun
day, and C:25 p- in- Sunday only ror
Round lltli. 432 p. m daily, except Suti
day.ror Lcesburg, and 6:25 p. m. dally for
licrndon. ituturinng, arrive at Wasiuug
ton &:20 a. ni. and 3:00 p. m. datly, rrom
i:utind lull and 7:06 a. m. dally, except
Sunday, irom llerudon. anu S:J4 a. xa.
daily except Sunday, rrom Leihtirg.
Through trains rrom the South arrive: at
Washington 6.42 a, m.. 2.20 p. rn., and
9:40 p. m. daily. Harrisonburg, 12:40 p.
rn., aud 9:40 p. m. dauy, except Sutday,
and 8:30 a. n, dally, rrom Charlottesville.
Tickets, sleeping car reservation, and In
formation rurnished at offices, 511 and
1300 Pennsylvania avenue and at PenasyJ
Tania Railroad Passenger Station.
W. ii. UitEfct, eu. supr.
; j. M. cj.?, Jtrnrnc aiuuiikc?..
' y. A. TUitK., Uett. Pass. A;eut.
s. Urowu. Gen. At. 1'ass. iept
FOR SALE-Greafc bargains; two lots on
Rhode island ave.. nw . Eckington, 25
xlOO, only S750 and SG25; unquestion
ably the best InvcstmenLi, adjoining tho
city of Washington. DANIEL . VRM A T,
1313 F St. nw. oplG-36

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