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the MOKiq.fir6r times; Sunday, may ie, 1897.
"i '
After careful consideration, and
finding that they require so little
in the way of repairs, we have con
cluded to repair ALL Eclipse Bicy
cles absolutely free of charge. Punc
tures, accidents, &c, included, when
brought to our store, 14th and H
streets, by owner.
Eclipse Bicycle Co.,
J. D. LASLEY, Manager.
Interest in cycling among the members
of the various organizations la at present
divided between the club runs or other
Etnctly club events and the racing meets
which -will soon occur at International
The latter Is perhaps the main topic
of interest for the reason that the big
meet on Decoration Day Is only two weeks
Titere is no doubt -whatever that "Wash
ington possesses more speedy riders than
any other city of equal size in the country,
especially in the amateur class. "While It
Is to be regretted that several of the best
of the local amateurs of last year -will
ride In the professional ranks this season.
It is a good feature in ono respect. It -will
give the new riders a better chance at
championship honors.
"With Fred Sims, Mudd and George Ball
out of the way the coming amateurs will
have a more open field than last year. This
Is especially true of seoonds and thirds in
all races. "With Fred Scbade, last year's
champion, and Billee Sims still In the
"push" it looks as though the honors He be
tween them. But this view may be conUd
erably modified after a race or two occurs,
and it Is possible to get an Idea of how the
new men have improved.
There are at least three amateurs who
did their best riding at the close of last sea
feon and their work In the openng races
will be clotely watched. These riders are
"Wilson, Clum and Dannemlller.
"Wilson is probably the most promising
one of the three. He is a splendidly
built boy, hard as a nut, and apparently
has the necessary courage of a winner.
Bis riding in the closing race at Columbia
field last fall showed him to be a remark
ably speedy man, and It Is thought by
many that, be will be the surprise of the
International Park has been Improved
greatly since last year. The track has
been put In excellent condition, the gen
eral accommodations much improved, aud
a new Judge's stand erected.
On Decoration Day cars will be run from
Georgetown on a five-mlnutc schedule,
which will be sufficient to carry out al
most any crowd.
LjUng to the rather uncertain weather
sis season, the majority of the clubs
knglittleinthe way of special amuse-
flub runs on Sunday have been
(Veil attended, but even here it Is
ted that the early enthusiasm Is some
what on the wane.
It Is the same old story the lack of
really good roads In the vicinity of the
city. Recently several clubs have gone
over to Baltimore on trains, taken a long
spin over the roads about Baltimore, and
have then come back to this city by rail.
This is not a desire for novelty, but rather
an Indication that tho local wheelmen
Local Mgr.,
453 Fenna. ave.
Prepare tor the UreatBlcycle
Kace Meet on Decoration Day.
are driven a way from home In a hunt for u
really good cjcle-road.
of Columbia Championship on Decoration
Day. All amateurs residingin the District
or Columbia will be eligible to entcrln this
TheL A.W. championship fortheDUtrlct
of Columbia will be contested each year
hereafter at each last circuit meet. The
L A. W. will supply thcprizes.whlch.under
the rules, must be a medal inscribed
D. C, L. A. W., one-mile championship.
If that ejele path between this city and
Baltimore, which has been so much dis
cussed, could be actually built, its popu
larity would be marvelous. There Is no
doubt that such a path would be of im
mense mutual benefit to the two dtius.
Only one thing will bring this improcinent
about and incidentally many others and
that is organization.
"Organization" is the battle cry-cif, the
League of American "Wheelmen, and the
numerical strength of that body with Its
thousands of branches in every State of
the Union, show whatmay be accomplished
when the wheelmen get together. The
fight for good roads has been waged by
the order with relentless zeal for many
years, but never more energetically than
at the present time.
The roads around "Washington need im
provement, and the only way for the
wheelmen to secure It is to Join the local
L. A. "W and lend their efforts In the cru
sade which will certainly be started
I.. A. Y. Notes.
New members George A. Fowle, 615
Fourteenth street; Charles ilcGuiggan, 932
F street; J. Barton lllller, 1323 Thirty
fourth street; F. G. Shaw, 711 G street;
M. L- Stelee, 601 Alaspachusetts avenue
northeast; S. Oden Scott, Lincoln National
Bank; O. T. Walker, 204 F street north
west; C. J.Bell, 1327 Connecticut avenue;
Frederick V. Coville, 2145 California ave
nue; S. F. Emmons, 1721 H stieet; A
Irwin Gardner, 11150 street; Smith Hoover
210 T street; Arnold Hague, 1724 F
street; 0. "W. Hayes, United States Coast
Survey; Arthur Keith, United States Coa6t
Survey; Franklin Moore; F. R. Parks, 1719
Riggs place; "W. H. K. Reinecke, 916 F
6trjt; Louis H. Stabler, 1003 F street
northwest; Henry E. Thompson, 113 Penn
sylvania avenue; B. E. "Vernow, 1620
Twenty-second street; P. C. "Warman,
United States Geodetic Survey; lUrs. Alice
W. Alden, 1740 Ii street.
District Racing Board At a meeting" of
the District racing toard, held last week,
It was decided to hold the one-mile District
As Mr. "William Jose, the official handl
capper for the District, will be away
from the city on business until July, he
has requested Mr. Mott, the chairman of
the national racing board, to authorize
Mr. "William T. Robertson to act for him
during his absence from the city. Mr.
Mott has granted his request.
League Runs May 30, Valley run; June
2, "Wednesday, Silver Springs; June 9,
"Wednesday, Bennlngs, via Good Bope
Hill; Juno 13, Sunday, Brandy wine, Md.;
June 16, "Wednesday, Chevy Chase, Md.;
June 23, "Wednesday, Alexandria, Va ;
June 27, Sunday, Century run to Frederick
and return; June 30, Wednesday, city run;
July 7, "Wednesday, Cabin John Bridge;
July 11, Sunday, train to Baltimore, wheel
down shell road; July 14, Wednesday, For
rcstville; July 21 , Wednesday, Silver
Springs; July 25, Sunday, Dickeys; and
July 28, Wednesday, Chevy Chase, Md.
Rights and Privilege Committee Chair
man Larriraore, of this commtteo, has his
hands full with three cases of accidents to J
WE have a miscellaneous lot of
shop-worn and second-hand bi-'
cycles at extremely low prices
cheap for cash or on easy pay
ments. These wheels must be
Bold quick even at a large sacrifice
every one is a bargain. Good second
hand Columbias are better than most
other new bicycles- Now is your chance
a good bicycle for a little money.
Take advantage of this opportunity it
won't last long the time of sale is
Manufacturing Co.,
members on account of reckless driving,
and will push them through. He also has
a case against a policeman in one case who
refused to perform bis duty in arresting one
of' the drivers who was clearly at fault.
The matter will be brought before Major
Moore for action.
Capital Hi. Club.
The annual election of officers of the
club took place on last Saturday evening
with a good attendance "or membeis pres
ent. 0. J. Allen was elected captain; Dr
J. W. Wirt, vice president; Dr. J. Bartlett
Hills, secretary; W. C. Alien, chairman of
the amusement committee; Nick l'oung,
lloekc, and Prince, members of the whist
committee, and D. E. Macomber, chair
man or the road committee.
Dr. Hill's retirement as captain was a
source of regret to members, but as he
stated that his business presented Win
from properly performing the duties of
that position his resignation was leluc
tantly accepted.
The run of last Sunday was to Marshall
Ball, and out of the eighteen men who
started, seventeen rinished. Ten riders
took the boat for the return trip, while
the others pedaled back.
Today's run is to Redgevillc, Md., a
distance of forty miles. This will test
the staying powers of those who go, and it
is probable that only the strongest riders
-will show up for the start.
Some time during the day u tandem race
will occur. Dr. Lee Harbin with George
rAukam will be pitted against w. 0. Allen
and W. F. Roberts. There has been much
discussion as to which team is the speedier,
and the race is Intended to bettle the
Geological "Wheelmen.
The cycle riders of the Geological Survey
got togethci lastweek and organized a rlub
under the formidable name of the "Amal
gamated Association of Geological Wheel
men.' This name Is perfectly right and proper
for a wheeling club which represents a
scientific bureau of the Government, and
warning la given that all funny talk as to
its dimensions is out of order.
The officers elected are as follows:
Charles E. Cook, president; Arthur Keith,
vice president; H. C. Hunter, secret try;
Davis Hannegan, captain; H. M Wilson,
first lieutenant; James W. Thorn, second
lieutenant, and Dr. W. C". Wirt, surgeon
The run last Sunday was to AlexaiUrtaT
What the scientific results of that run
were Is kept a secret, but there Is good
ground for the belief that the expedition
to that ancient town was in the interest
of archaeological research.
Today's run will be to Sultland and all
the necessary scientific Instruments will
be carried along. It Is indignantly de
nied' that baseball bats or corkscrews are
included under this head.
Century Cycle Club.
The Centurions' objective point on last
Sunday was Surrattsvlllo, and the fine
weather brought out twice as many start
ers as on the previous Sunday, when a run
to the same point was scheduled. Consid
erably more than a dozen men made the
trip In good shape, and the two hours for
rest and dinner was greatly enjoyed.
On last Monday the regular meeting of
the club was held and several matters of
business were accomplished.
The baseball team Is rounding into good
shape, and the members declare they aio
going to win the cycling champl wiship
of the District. There are some clever
players on the nine, and they put tp
a surprisingly good game as a team
Standard of
the world.
lz.ouo feet space,
Zgd and F eta.
During DccoratiopDay &r large party
of the riders will reave for -an extended
tour through the ShenapdQahyValloy. This
trip Is looked forward to wjtb much an
ticipation by those who- wlll.go, and also
by other wheelmen ofthcclny who Intend
to make the same jtourvjater In the
jjcason. m
Arlington Wheelmen.
The Arllngtons hada big turnout on
their run to River View last Sunday.
Thirty-three members madethe run, and
nil finished, except 'Chlco" Quesada.
His wheel broke In half, and 'he was com
pelled to make the la'st part of the trip
perched on a wagonloiZfl of hay.
"Chlco"l8 the son of Senor Quesada, the
representative of Cuba In this city, and ho
Is most popular with members of the club.
Mr. Kelley, of Baltimore, was the guest of
the club on the River View run.
On Wednesday evening the club took a
run to Cabin John Bridge. Walter Thomp
son bad about the same misfortune as
Qucbada on the River View run, with the
added misfortune of being somewhat in
jured by his fail. Ho will prohably not be
able to -ride In the approaching races as
a result of his accident.
Queer Wheelmen.
The Queers went over to Baltimore on
last Sunday by rail, and In company with
a number of tho wheelmen from that city,
they enjoyed a pleasant run over the good
roads. A visit to Electric Park was made
and there were several Impromptu races on
that excellent track. Dinner was en
Joyed at a well known inn on the "Shell
road," and late in the afternoon the mem
bers returned to Washington by rail.
The baseball team Is getting on finely
and practice is had every Sunday morn
ing at Sultland. Eeveral games have been
arranged with other cycling clubs, and
much confidence ! Wt In the ability of
the team to take the local championship.
The Glen Echo Gun Club to Hold a
Expert Marksmen of This City, Baltl-
tluiore, Gernmntown and Other
Places Already Entered.
The Glen Echo Gun Club has arranged
for a big open trap shooting tourna
ment on Decoration Day, on their grounds
at Glen Erho. The list of entries already
includes all the expert gunners of this
city, as well as the most prominent ones
of Baltimore, Germantowu, Rock'villc and
Frederick Citj. It Is" intended that the
event shall arouse the tome what dormant
Interest In trap shootlpg, and a large
number of extremely handsome piizts
have been offered. The sjioating will be
governed by the American Association
rules There will be twelvp events on
the program, three of them being for
merchandise prizes, ana the others sweep
stakes. In the sweepstakes all purses will
be divided Into four moneys.i where thtre
are fifteen or more entries, and where
there are less than fifteen, Into three
moneys. In the swetTistake events fhc
price of targets will be 2 cents each,
and in the merchandise, 3 cents each.
In the eentof unfavorable weather the
shooting line, will be covered, thus furnish
ing complete protection to the marksmen.
The handicaps will be a follow?; All shoot
ere will start nt known traps. Any shooter
making more than 80 per cent, or securing
first or second money, will shoocat unknown
angles until his percentage falls below 80
per cent, When be will again shoot before
known traps.
The range of the club Is perhaps one of
the finest, and at the same time most
picturesque in this country. Situated on a
high bluff in the midst of the bold scenery
of the Upper Potomac, and with the cbir
sky as a background, it Is doubtful If the
range issurpassed by any In the world. The
gunners shoot from the platform of vruit
was formerly the Chautauquan Casino,
which affords ample cohered space for a
large crowd. Tlieshooting will begin prompt
ly atH) o'clock in the morning, and will
probably conclude late In the afternoon, as
the program is a long one.
The electric cars, starting from Thirty
sixth and P streets, will run to Glen Echo
on a five-minute schedule during the day,
thus affording ample opportunity for all
who wish to go out.
Following Is the program for the day:
Event. fee.
1-10 birds 1.00
2 15 birds 1.50
320 birds 2.00
425 birds, merchandise, 6 prizes.. .75
510 birds LOO
6 15 birds 1.50
720 birds 2 00
825 birds, merchandise, 6 prizes.. .75
010 birds LOO
10 15 birds 1.50
11 20 birds 2.00
1225 birds, merchandise, 6 prtres.. .75
A tournament will be held at Frederick
City on the 26th, and many ortheWashlng
ton marksmen will go up to participate.
It is likely that a number of the Frederick
City gunners will come back with them, in
order to take part in the Decoration Day
Furniture stored, $1 to $6 per month,
with B. & O. Storage Co , 10 to 16 E st.
ne. Telephone 112.
Its Your Own Fault
If you Invest in so-called "cheap blcy
cleajandUban you have trouble. Such bi
cycles, without name or guarantee, are
tbtriga ot tho past, as the buying public
have become educated as to what con-BtitutoL-a
good bicycle. If you cannot
afford to pay S100 for the 1897 SPALD
1NUBICYCLE, and you want a bicycle
tbat'lsfguaianteed by a responsible house,
buy 'bne of our new SPALD1NU tuux
CLES, 1H96 MODEL, at $50, It Is
Boiawith the Spalding guarantee you
Know .what that is and is a new wheel,
perfect in every way. It has only one
superior, the BPALD1NG, 1897 model.
TWb Is to. bargain offer that cannot possi
bly last long. Think of it; A NEW 1896
BPALDING, in perfect shape, and sold
wttb'our guarantee, for S50. Don't hesi-tatfe-decide
at once-
3 iA
,r Another man's experience Tvlth a
- dry goods store bargain-counter
. t . "Wjieel.
.', iTjfa BICYCLES
. ; k Pdollars
(( rc t
r Mr A I nTHuiiiN N K vJiJ T
h M S i 1 nl JRJM VJ iMi . ma,y afford you food for thought. $
Wil iWtW I Gormully & Jeffery Mfg, Co I
A i V7-l A
Ss Vv?A jL a
The Truck Wan Heavy- From Recent
The bicycle races scheduled to take place
at International Park yesterday after
noon were postponed as the track was en
tirely too muddy. The heavy rains of the
past few days had made the track heavy
and the downpour of the previous night
made it a sea of mud.
It was hoped that the sun and wind
would dry It sufficiently to allow the
races to take place, and the postponement
was not announced until late In the after
noon. Consequently a large number of
people made the trip to the park by car
and on wheelsonly to meetdisappolntment.
The postponed races will be run off on
next Saturday afternoon if the weather
Hlgli Jumps, Hardies, and Hammer
Throwing on Franklin Field.
Franklin Field, Pa., May 15. The an
nual dual athletic games between Penn
sylvania and Cornell were held on Frank
lin Field this morning. Summaries:
120-yard hurdle Final heat won by Mc
Klbben, University of Pennsylvania. Time,
0:16 3-5.
Final 100-yard beat Won by Hoffman,
University of Fennsjlvania. Time, 0:10-2-5.
440-yard dash Won by W. R Hillary,
University of Pennsylvania. Time,0:51 4-5.
One mile run Won by George W Orton,
University of Pennsylvania. Time, 4:34.
One-mile walk Won by W. B. Fetter
man, University of Pennsylvania; time,
6 minutes, 46 seconds.
Running high Jump Won by N T.
Leslie, University of Pennsylvania; 6 feet.
Throwing 16-pound hammer Won by
W. G. Woodruff, University of Pennsyl
vania; 127 feet, 6 inches.
Half-mile run Won by A. Grant, Uni
versity of Pennsylvania; time, 2 minutes,
1 1-5 seconds.
Putting 16-pound shot Won by J. C.
McCraeken, University of Pennsylvania;
distance, 39 feet, 7 inches.
220-yard hurdle Won by Bastian, of
University of Pennsylvania; time, 23 .3-5
220-yard dash Won by Hoffman, Uni
versity of Pennsylvania. Time, 23 1-3
Running broad Jump Won by J. P.
Remlng'.on, University of Pennsylvania;
distance, 22 feet, 7 inches.
Roekvilles Defeat the Columbian.
RockviUe, Md., May 15. An exiting
,game of ball was played at the fair
grounds here today between the Co
lumbian University team, of Washington,
and the Rockville nine, the latter tJub
winning by a score of 8 to 7. The
One man's experience with a
no-name-no-guarantee wheel.
Everything a cyclist wears 1b shown in
our athletic goods establishment; the best
materials; approved, cut; original designs
for club costumes. Every form, taste and
purse is suited.
We sell sundries at the lowest prices to
be found anjrwbere. Why shouldn't we?
We buy larger quantities than anyone
else and you get tbe benefit.
Atbletic and Bicycle Headquarters,
1 01 3 Pa. Ave. '
visitors were strengthened by the addi
tion of Brown and Proctor, t the defunct
New Jersey League. The batteries w;n;:
Rockville Nicholson and Harris. -lumblan-Brown
and Stockslager. Eiht
hits were made off Nicholson, and thir
teen off Brown.
aiacey Wins the Iuaugnral Handi
cap In a Gallop.
Bt. Louis, May 15. Fifteen thousand
people attended -the opening of the spring
meeting- of the St. Louis Jockey Clnb
today. Macey won tbe Inaugural Handi
cap, valued at $2,000, for three-year-olds
and upward, covering tbe mlleln 1:40 1-4,
and whining In a gallop. Tbe track record
is 1:10. Summaries:
First race Seven furlongs. Robalr. 3
to 1, won; Dan Huger, second; Sea Robber,
third. Time, 1:30.
Second race Nine-sixteenths of a mile.
Dr. Coope, 7 to 1, won; Nepper becoad,
Howitzer third. Time, 0:56.
Third race Eleven-sixteenths of a mile.
Charm, 3 to 5, won; PeUas second, Charlie
Christy third. Time, 1:08.
Fourth race One mile. Macey, 3 to 2,
won; Ulysses second, Nimrod third. Tlmi,
1:40 1-4.
Fifth race Six furlongs. Dr. Walmblcy,
4 to 5, won; Harry McCouch second, May
Thompson third. Time, 1:141-4.
Sixth race Mile and twenty yards.
Celtic Bard, 6 to 1 , won; Marquise second,
Don Fulano third. Time, 1:431-2.
Driving Away the Blues.
How many people there are who feel
despondent and half-sick at timesl The
world seems gray and dull, and life seems
hardly worth the living. This condition
usually results from general debility, and
Impure blood. It can be promptly over
come, and the health restored by Tharp's
Old Reliable "Berkeley" Whisky. It Im
proves the entire system, builds It up, and
strengthens the nerves. Physicians all
testify as to its absolute purity. Sold only
at Jas. Tharp's, 812 F St.; $1 qt. It
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
not go to the seat of the disease. Catarrh
is a blood or constitutional disease, and
in order to cure It you must take internal
remedies. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken
Internally, and acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces. Hall's Catarrh Cure
is not a quack medicine. It was prescribed
by one of the best physicians In this country
for years, and Is a regular prescription.
It is composed of the best tonics known,
combined with the best blood purifiers,
acting directly on the mucous surfaces.
The perfect combination of the two In
gredients Is what produces such wonder
ful results in curing Catarrh. Send for
testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENET & CO., Props., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists; price 75c. S-l yr
3"t$9 $$$$ SsS! &$& $$& S
MAT" srst.
When a man feels that he has Teally
saved TWENTY DOLLARS in his
purchase of a bicycle, he naturally has that
much money to "burn." If a smoker
(and what cyclist is not?) he can afloid to
burn about four hundred more cigars than
the man who didn't buy a RAMBLER.
No "pip" dream" about It, either, but
cold, substantial facts twenty of them.
Did YOU cave money when you bought
your last mount? Our litOe booklet (free)
may afford you food for thought.
1325-27 14th N. W.
Down town agency at
429-31 1 Oth N. W.
Washington, D. C.
Ham's Ho:?n
the glorious
Soldiers.' Home,
Brookland and the
superb scenery of ihe r
Qu eon's Chapel Road to the
wheie you can enjoy the
best of cuisine, the coolest
of drinks, the most delightful
summer breezes. Come out
on Sunday over the perfect
roads lending to this resort.
A. LAUPP, Proprietor.
- Jnst think of a high-grade '97 a
- 'Bicycle f or S39 cash. Made and A
- - r..r,wi i-.- tm ri.nm.vnea 3
- - - "Tourist Cycle Co ." which is
owned and controlled by C. .
" Stearns & Co. This wheel sells
" " the world over for $60. Made
of Shelby seamless tubing
" ' has dust-proof Dealings ennm
" " eled In the best manner, finely
flnkhul nnl n fc.r.vliKh RtlU
B graceful as any wheel on the 3
K w " " market. Anv gear or height a
n - nt fmmo in 'hnr.h indies nnd 3
" ' men's models This bicycle
b not to be confounded with
' " the cheap, inferior department
" " store wheel i nor with the '96
" " model of back number wheels
" " selling at reduced prices.
"" Only a limited number (Just
tr tnt.TinflnRi. them in rtv-ini
- " - this citv) at tho ridlcu- Jjy
w " lously low price of....
Why buy a second-hand wheel
" " " when you can get a new '97
" high-grade Biccle with the
factory guaiautee for less
w " money.
Agents for the Stearns' Famous
"xeuow reuows.
1 229 Pa. Ave.
have niada a sip
to meot tho publlo.
Wo are selling hiRh-raila wheels la
advance of the times. SO J.
CEO-L. HALEY. COt E 3c. N. W
For Athletic Goods.
It's Going to Bb Hot
this summer Last summer will
be cool compared to it so the
weather prophets bay. Better get
those electric fans rigged up In
your office and home at once.
We'll supply the motive power
U. S. Elecfcric Lighting Co.,
213 14th st. nw. 'Phone,
213 1
Woodbury's .Facial Uream, manufactured
by Dermatologist Woodbury, is delight
fully perfumed, put up in tubes conven
ient fur use and is an acuuiMtion to the
totlet table. Its constant use gives the
sktn a soft, velvety feeling Kend 10a
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John ii. Woodbury, .Dermatologist, 1-7
West 42d street, New 1'ork.
XtN. urt. dun reliable, molts uk
Drngrbt tor CMcXiUcrt KnelUX Via-
teiM. waled witsi blue rtbboo. Tske
la itampa for particular, tntlmoatili ul
ReUef for imdlea," Utterly rctava
'rr.i.K..Auail Cn.. Wadlaoa Sonars
fioUbyantocmlDraaUi. PMltABA, VAm
wircnr BOMPmUN
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Never Fll. SoldbydrujorUU, S.O
OaiMt In. tor Woman's BaleCTUaraa
VJFor Css'i Only 1
fk Wta
I. B
rinwwgM8iiW.m ,iut,wi
Mt-J'jikhsox sWi " J

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