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ness, soreness and chafing, and
has made cycling injurious.
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High grade. (TCfl
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603 E St. N. W.
Ram's Horn fnnl
Through the glorious Soldier's Home,
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where you can enjoy the best of cuisine,
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'Phone Nos. 263 and 1575.
Branch office, Webtern Union Telegraph
Zmi. 935 D St. N. W.
Sent to Prison For Stealing.
Charles Green and Thomas "Washington,
the colored youths who were arrested
tor stealing a number of pairs of shoes
from the Regal Shoe Company, were ar
raigned in the police court yesterday after
noon "with three cases of larceny against
each. Detective Sutton and Policeman
McDonald gave evidence against the pris
oners, and Judge Mills fined Green $25
di 75 days in Jail, whllo Washington was
assessed $35 or 105 days in the same
L & r? Ngffy
It Gave the Spiders Two Runs
and the Game.
aiC'Tauios IMtcIiL'd a Good Gnme, and
So Did Cuppy, Although Both Wen.'
Hit Harder Than the Score Indi
cates DeMunt. nud Brown Distin
guish Them.selves by Fielding.
W. L,. Pet.
Baltimore.... IS 3 .857
Cincinnati 15 7 .682
Pittsburg 12 7 .632
Philadelphia..l3 8 .619
Boston 10 10 .500
Louisville 9 9 .500
Brooklyn 9 11 .450
New York... 7 10 .412
Chicago 7 14 .333
Washington.. 5 14 .263
St. Louis 4 17 .190
Cleveland, 0; "Washington, 5.
Bultlmore, 14; Louisville, 11.
Cincinnati, 12; Philadelphia, 3.
Brooklyn, 0; St. Louis, 3.
Chicago, 11; Boston, 5.
.New York, 11; l'ittsbiirg, 5.
Washington tit Cleveland.
Baltimore at Louisville.
Philadelphia at Cincinnati.
New York at IMttKbiirg.
Boston at Chicago.
Brooklyn at St. Louis.
Cleveland, OhJo, May 18. One run again
was the narrow margin by which theCleve
lands defeated Washington today. Jle
James, who was knocked out of the box
theprevlousday, was given another chance,
and he came dote to redeeming hiimelf,
but Bloke's home run killed the pitcher at
the finish
Aside from one very rank error by Cuppy,
a throw that was la the end responsible
for two runs, the game was a pretty clean
fielding one, as DeMontreville's mistake
only gave one base and was an instanta
neous fumblo The pitchers were hit harder
than the score indicates, for many a base
hit was killed by brilliant fielding, De
liontreville, Erown, Burkett, Tebcau and
Elake doing some splendid work at base
hit robbery. The audience was small and
The run-making was done as follows;
For Washington, In the first, jLwojnen
scored. Brown singled. SelbTich doubled
again&t the left field fence. DeMontreville
filed to Blake, Brown scoring. McGulre
went out. Selbach scored.
In tho second, Cartwright singled. So
did Abbey. Reilly forced Abby. Cart
wright scoring. The next two were easy
la the fifth Brown walked. Selbach sac
rificed, DeMontreville bunted, and Cuppy
threw tin ball to the fence. Brown scoring
and DeMontreville taking third. On Mc
Gulre'fl out DeMontreville scored.
Paces on balls started three of Cleve
land's run" and wild pitches helped two of
them along. In the first both of these
mistakes by McJames, combined with a
single, scored one, and an out off first
In thefourtha base on balls, a double and
a triple cent in two. A base on balls, wild
pitch and a home run by Blake added the
two in the eighth. Score:
Cleveland. K. H. PO.A.E.
Burkett, 1. f. 10 3 0 0
McKean, s. s 110 8 0
Sockalexis, r. f. 0 0 10 0
O'Connor, lb 0 1 14 0 0
"Wallace, 3b 10 12 0
Blake, c. f. 1 1-10 0
Tebeau, 2b 12 3 9 1
Ziiumer c 10 10 0
Cuppy, p 0 10 11
Totals G 5 27 15 2
Washington. R. H.I'O.A.E.
Blown, i.i 2 1 3 O O
Selbach, l.f. 110 0 0
DeMontreville, s. s 10 3 3 1
McGuire, c, 0 0 5 10
Wrigley, 2b 0 10 2 0
CaiLWiigitt, lb 1 1 12 O 0
Abbey, r. f. 0 1 0 0 0
Reilly, 3b 0 113 0
MoJaineb, p 0 0 0 4. 0
Fairell 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 5 0 2113 1
Batted for McJames in the ninth.
Cleveland .2 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 x 6
Washington 2 10 0 2 0 0 0 05
Earned runs Cleveland, 1. First base
on errors Cleveland, l; Washington, 2.
Home run Blake. Three-base hit Cup
py. Twc-base hits Tebeau and Selbach.
Left on bases Cleveland, 5; Washington,
3. Double play Tebeau and O'Connor.
First base on balls Off Cuppy, 2; off Mc
James, 4. 8truck out By Cuppy, 1; by
931 Pa. Avenur-
GtniUrm n'e Simps fr
til occasions.
All styles from
S3 to $7,
5GA Cleveland.... 11 10
Locb & Hirsh, Outfitters to Men a d Children.
Lease Has Expired.
Money Savers AH Round.
If 'ou value a genuine cash saving don't miss
this sale. Our prices have always been low as
all Washington knows, but we have fairly eclipsed
all our previous records in the prices we now ask.
We direct special attention to the bargains in our
Children's department.
Kegulnr Price $7.50. Now $4. SO
lii'Kulur Price $8.5. Now $5.10
Itt'KUltir Price $10.00. Now , $6.00
Il'ular Prlco $12.00. Now $7.SO
lN'tfuhir Price..' $12.50. Now ST. SO
It'Kulnr Price $i:i.50. Now ..." $8.10
Iti'Kulnr Price $15.00. Now $9.00
Ht'KUlur Price $10.50. Now $8. BO
JtcKulur Price $18.00. Now $10.80
Hi'Kiilur Price $20.00. Now S1S.OO
Il'Kiilur Price $2.50. Now $1,50
Ilt-Kulur Price $3.00. Now SX.SO
J'uulur Price $3.50. Now SS.IO
Kt'KUlur Price $4.00. Now $2.40
ttejculur Price ..- .$4.50. Now SS.TO
Regular Price $5.00. Now S3.00
Regular Price $0.00. Now S3.60
Regular Price $0.50. Now $3.00
Re;uinr Price $7.00. Now S4.SO
Regular Price $7.50. Now $4. SO
Loeb & Hirsh,
910-912 F Street.
James, 5. Umpire Mr. Hurst. Time of
game 1 hour and 55 miuuteb.
The Orioles Add Another to Their
Long Llht of Victories.
Louisville, May 18. Both teams played
badly today. The Colonels played a little
the worse anil enabled the Champions to
score seven runs in one inning. All the
pitchers were wild. Score:
Louisville. R. II
1 1 Q
F. Clarke, 1. f 3 1
McCreery, r. f 2 2
Pickering, c. f 2 0
Kogers, lb 2 1
Wilson, c 1 1
Stafford, bs 1 2
.Ifilinsiin. 2n O 2
Clingman, 3b 0 0
Frazer, p. , 0 0
McUee, p 0 0
Totals 11 0 24 14 6
Baltimore. II. H. PO.A.E.
McUraw,3b "3 10 0 3
Keeler, r. f 113 0 0
Jennings, ss 10 3 5 1
Kelley, 1. f 2 2 10 0
Doyle, lb 0 0 5 0 0
O'Brien, lb 3 16 0 0
Stcnzel.cr 0 2 0 0 0
Heitz,2b 14 3 4 0
W. Clarke, o 12 6 0 1
Corbett.p 2 10 3 0
Totals 11 l-i 27 12 5
Louisville 104000 4 2 0-11
Baltimore 0 4 7 0 0 0 3 0 x-14
Earned runs Off Corbclt 2. First base
on errors Louisville 2, Baltimore 4. Left
on bases Louisville 7. Baltimore 11. Two-
base hits - Rogers, Johnson. Three-base hit j
McGraw. Double play Reitz and uoyie.
Struck out By Frazer 1 , by Mctiee 1, by
Corbett 5. Bases on bails Off Frazer 3,
off McGee 6, off Corbett 7. Time or game
2 hours ami 48 minutes. Umpire Mr. Mc
Dcrmott. Attendance 3,000.
The Tlroohlyns Defeat Them in a
"Well-Played Game.
St. Louis, May 18. The Brooklyns again
defeated the Browns this afternoon in a
well-played game. McMahon was not ef
fective enough for Manager Barnie, and
Daub succeeded him in the fifth inning.
Donohue pitched a fair game, but per
mitted the visitors to .hit when hits were
most needed. Score:
St. Louis. R. H.rO.A.E.
Douglas, l.f 0
Dowd.cf. 0
Turner, r. f. 0
Connor, lb 2
Hartman, 3b 0
Houseman, 2b 0
1 1
0 1
0 2
0 14
2 1
0 2
Cross, s. s 1 2
Murphy, c 0 14 2
Donohue, p 0 0 0 5
"McFarland 0 0 0 0
3 6 27 1-
'McFarland battedforDonohuein the ninth.
Brooklyn. R. H.rO.A.E.
Griffin, c f. 10 10
Jones, r. ..'. 2 4 3 1
Anderson, 1. f. 0 0 3 0
Shlndle, 3b 0 113
LaChance, lb 0 1 12 1
1 12
Canavan, 2b 0 14 2
G. Smith, s. s 112 8
A. Smith, c 12 10
McMahon, p 10 0 1
Daub, p 0 10 0
St. Louis
Earned runs
Two-base hits-
6 1127 16 4
0 1 02 000003
0 030200016
-St. Louis, 1; Brooklyn, 3.
-Hartman, Cross, Murphy,
LaChance, A. Smith, Daub. Home ruu-
Jonet,. Doluile plays Smith and LaChance;
Canavan and LaChance. First base on balls
-Off Donohue, P.off McMahon. 4; Daub, 4.
Struck out By Donohue, 1; YcMahon, 1.
Time of game 1 hour aud 45 minutes.
Umpire Mr. Lynch.
The Reds Beat the Phillies at Their
Favorite Game.
Cincinnati, May 18. The home team won
today by out'4ugging tho Phillies. Young
Damnum was presented with a fine silver
tea set by Upper Sandusky, Otiio, triends
in the first inning and immediately hit
out a three-bagger. Score: '
Cincinnati. R. H.PO.A. E.
Burke, 1. f 0 2 l 0
Hoy,c. f 114 0
McPhec, 2b 2 2 4 3
Miller, r. f 2 2 10
Vaughn, lb 1 1 10 0
Irwin, 3b 3 3 2 1
Schrlver.c 113 0
Rltchey, s. s 2 2 2 2
Dumman, p 12 0 3
Hollidas. s 0 10 2
Totals .-
Geicr, r. f
Cooley, c. f
Dclehanty, r. t
Lajole, lb
Boyle, c
Cross, 3b
13 17 27 11
R. H.PO.A.
1 2
I 2
1 1
2 13
1 2
Hallmaun, 2b 1
Gillen, s. s 0
Taylor, p 0
JohnsottrP 0
Totals 2 1124 16 4
Cincinnati 7 3 0 1010 1 x 13
Philadelphia 01001000C 2
Earned runs Cincinnati, 2. Two-base
hits Lajole, Damman, Irwin, and
Crosa. Three-base hits Damman.
Double plays Johnson, Lajoie and
and Cross; Rltchey, McPhee and Vaughn,
Cross, Rltchey, McPiiee and Vaughn,
2; Holliday, McPhee and Vaughn. Struck
out Geier, Cooley. Povle, Damman,
Burke. Bases on ballt Off Taylor, 1;
off Johnson, 4; off Damman, 2. Time of
game 2 hours. Umpire Mr. Sheridan.
Attendance, 4,000.
Thrre-llnKpers aud rioine Runs the
Feature.- of YosterduyVi Game.
Pittsburg, May 18 "Scrappy"' Joyce
and his followers found Foley as easy to
day as they found Klllen hard yesterday.
The features of the game were tho batr
ting of the big New York captain out of
five times at bat he nade-foiir three-base
hits, while Tiernan and Davis each hit
for home runs. Score:,,- ,
Pittsburg. - R. H.rO.A.E.
Smith, If .'..... 0 2 0 0 2
Ely, t-s .? 0 10 2 0
N. Davis, lb '. 1 2 11 0 0
Donnellv, 3b 10 2 2 0
Brodle.cf 0 2 2 0 0
Donovan, rf 10 0 0 0
Paddcn,2b 0 2 2 10
Merritt.c. 0 0 3 10
Leahjij. 10 7 2 1
Hawley.p . 0 0 0 2 1
Gardner, p 10 0 2 0
Totals 5 92712 4
New York. R. H. PO.A.E.
VanHaltren.cf. 1110 0
Tiernan, rf 2 2 0 0 1
Joyce, 3b 2 4 4 10
G. Davis, ss 2 2 2 4 1
Gleason,2b 118 7 1
Holmes, ir. : 10 0 0 0
Clark, lb 1 2 10 1 1
Warner, c 0 3 2 3 0
Dohcuy, p 110 4 1
Totals 1116 27 20 5
Pittsburg 01002020 0 5
New York 10 3 3-01201-11
Earned runs New York, 7. Two-base
hits Brodie, Padden. Three-base hits
Joyce, 4. Home runs Tiernan, Davis.
Bases on balls Off Gardner, 2; offDoheny,
3. Struck out By Hawley, 2; by Gardner,
4; by Doheny, 1. Double plays Doheny,
Davis and Gleason; Doheny, Davis and
Clark. Attendance 3,500. Empire-Mr.
Emsiie. Time of game 2 hours and 20
Bostons Try Three Pitchers Acralnst
Them With Little Success.
Chicago, May 18. Questionable decisions
on balls and strikes gave the Bostons a big
lead In the first two innings, but the Colts
had revenge by knocking Lewie out of the
box in the fifth inning. Stlvetts fared little
better, and after Duffy's men were hope
lessly beaten, the ex-collegian was given
a trial. He, too, "was hit hard. Biiggs was
in great Torm and pitched nib first winning
game. Score:
Chicago. R. H.P0.A. E.
McCormick,3b 2 3 4 2 1
Dahlen.s.s 2 2 3 3 2
Lange, c. f 3 2 10 0
Thornton, l.f .' 13 10 0
Ryan.r.f 0 0 3 0 0
Decker, lb 2 3 7 0 0
Connor,2b 0 0 14 0
Donohue, c 12 7 10
Brlggs.p 0 0 0 10
Totals .- 11 15 27 11 3
Boston. R. U.PO.A.E.
Hamiltoa.c.f 2 4 0 0 0
Tcaney.lb 0 0 10 0 0
Long.s.s 12 3 2 1
Duffy.l.f :... 0 12 0 0
Stahl, r.f .'..... 0 0 0 0 1
Lowe, 2b 0 0 16 1
Collin?, 3U .-.. 10 5 10
Bergen, c '. 0 13 0 0
Lewis, p ,...., 10 0 0 0
Stivetts, p :. 0 0 0 0 0
Mahoaey.p 0 0 0 10
Totals 5 8 24 10 3
Chicago 0 0 2 0 5 0 2 2 x 11
Boston 2 30 00 000 0 5
Earned runs Chicago, 6. First base by
errors Chicago, 2; Boston. B. Leiton bases
Chicago, 9; Boston, 5. First base on balls
Off Lewis, 2; off Stivetts, 2. Struck out
By Briggs, 6; by Lewis, 1; by Stivetts, 1; by
-Maho.iey. 1. '1 hrei-mse nita McCormicK,
Decker. Two-base hitsThornton, 2: Don
ohue. StoleaLas.'S Langc'Duffy.IIamiltJU.
Douule play Lowe, Long and Tenney.
Time of game 2 hours. Umpiie Mr. Mc
Donald. Other Games Yesterday.
At Newark-Newark 12, Richmond 7.
At Philadelphia Athletics 3, Norfolk 2.
At narttord nartford 8, Lancaster 3.
At Paterson Patersou 4, Reading I.
At Syracuse Syracuse 8, Toronto 10.
At Providence Providence 8, AVllkes
barre 3.
At Bullalo-Buffalo 3, Rochester 2.
At Ithica- Cornell 6, -Pennsylvania 2.
At Syracuse Syracuse 9, Hobait 6.
At Providence -Brown 9, Holy i'ioss 1.
A Sure Protection
from malaria. Indigestion, and all forms
of summer sickness, Will b fojnd in
Tharp's "'Berkeley" Wlifcfcy It will tone
up the system at onceJ ami pit new life
and energy in the bodiv hold oly by
Jas. Tbarp, 812 F St. $1 quart. it
jf-Case of 24 pints only $1 S
8 8
S The Best Beer 8
That's Brewed
g of pure Hops and
Malt is made at this
8 brewery. Nothing-bet-
S ter as a delicious bever-
g age or as a spring
is dark, as its name g
implies verystreng-th- u
eninp; an.d nourish ino;. $
"Champagne Lager" g
is light beer spark- a
ling and satisfyiug-with g
meals and on all social 2
ffS-Cnsa or 24 pinlii delivered in
unlettered wauux for 41. Write ci;
Washington Brewery Co.,
4th aud F Sts. K. E. '?hoail2;
Bob FJtzwiinmotib Confers With the
Foreign Relations Committee.
Nothing could have been better timed
than the vibit yesterday morning to the
Capitol or Mr. Bob Fitzslmmons. It was the
one thing necessary to accentuate the air
of belligerency that hangs like the bloody
shirt on tho walls of the Senate chamber,
Democratic tide, aud on several fences on
the Republican side.
Mr. Fitzsimmoiis was very gaily dressed
In a dramatic suit of black, bis interett
iug personality being surmounted by a
plug hat He visited the corridors looked
at the inscriptions over the committee
room doors, the refectory, and after the
latter paused before the door of the Com
mittee on Foreign Relations.
"This Is the place, I guess," Mr. Fitz
siminons was saying to himself, half-medi-tatively,
when the door was opened cauti
ously and a Senatorial head, bald and
pink-tinted, appeared at the opening.
"Hello. Bob! Come in," was heard very
distinctly as the "lanky" Bob, "Kanga
roo" Bob, the "victorious'' Bob, aud all
the other Bobs in one entered, and the
door was closed.
When Mr. Fitzslmmons came out an
hour afterwards with members of the
committee he was talking very seriously
and was assuring one or the committee
that "he had the stuff to say that it
wouldn't take him more than four rounds,
Marquis Canovas rules."
It was stated, though not officially, that
Mr. Fitzslmmons is to go down on the
relief ship to Havana and will return in
about two w.eeks with the belligerency belt
ami several hunches of bananas knocked off
on the spot.
It was also stated that Mr Fitzslmmons
was lobbying in the matter of the antl
klnetoscope bill for the District of Colum
bia, and gave Senator McMillan, of the
Dintiict Committee, a true account and ex
hibition of how It all happened out West.
Mr. McMillan looked fairly well after the
Annual Field nnd Handicap Sport-s
on Columbia Field.
More than ordinary interest is being
shown in the annual handicap atliietic
games wh'ch will be held this afternoon
on Columbia Field, at Seventeenth and C
streets, by the Athletic AbsociaUon or the
Central High School. The games will be
gin at 2 o'clock.
The events will Include the 100 and '00
ynrd dashes; 440 and 880 yard unil one
mile runs; high and broad jump-; pole
vault; putting shot; relay race, and i-ne
and two mile bicycle races
The number of entries in each event Is
very much larger than upon former similar
occasions, which shows the increasing
Interest taken in healthful sports at the
high EChool.
The young athletes have been coached
by Trainer William Foley, of Georgetown
'Varsity, and their work in practice reflects
great credit upon their able Instructor.
Liberal but fair handicaps have been
given, bnt these will not be made public
until the opening of the games this after
noon. The management wishes it to be an
nounced that there will be no charge for
admission to the games today, and there
will undoubtedly be a very large attend
ance of the friends of the athletes.
Following will be the officials of the
meet: Referee, H. English; starter, W.
Foley; timers, Messrs. Hay and Prindle;
scorers, Messrs. Test and Fink el; .n
nouncer, A. Early; measurer, C. 1'ount,
and clerk of course, II. C. Hoge.
Closest Game Was Between
Thompson and Clay.
The eleventh annual tournament of the
Southern Lawn Tennis Association was
commenced under most Tavorable condi
tions at the Bachelor Club courts yester
day afternoon.
The closest game of the afternoon was
between Thompson and Clay, the former
winning 3-0, G-3, 6-4.
GoodTellow hardly played up to his
accustomed form, although he succeeded
In defeating Wilcox by G-4, 6-2. Wilcox
did some pretty smashing In the first set,
and his placingturoughout was surprisingly
Davidson disposed of T. M. Wilson by
the good margin of 6-2, 6-0. Wilson put
up a stiff game, but Davidson's whirlwind
I play was too much for him
F. 0. Warfield took H. Ogden into camp
by the score of 6-3, 6-3. "Warfield's game
was distinguished by some brilliant back
court work, and if he keeps up the pace
he may fight it out with some of the older
players In the finals.
Driscoll beat Major Hall with comfortable
ease by 6-3, 6-4.
Metcalf won from H. Doolittle by de
fault Play will be commenced promptly at 3
o'clock this afternoon on the courts of the
Bachelor's Club, M street, between Seven
teenth anil Connecticut avenue.
Richard Croker's Rhoda II. Cap
tures the Ennlnp: Piute.
London, May 18. The New Market
second spring meeting opened on the New
market course today. The Ennmg plate
of 500 sovereigns for two-year-olds, six
furlong14, was won by Mr Richard Cioker's
hrnwn MIv Hhoda B. The Lord Zeat-
( land's St. Veronica was second, and Mr.
Leopold de P.othschiid's Galiuthia, third.
Nine horses ran
The betting was 6 to 4 against Rhoda B.
Rohisoh Tlenlcx a Rumor.
Cleveland, Ohio, May IS. -F. Dell Jtohl
son denies the report that comes from
Pittnburg, to the effect that there is uiy
disagreement between him and Andrew
Freedman, concerning railroad rates for
theNatioiril League t jam -s. Freedmau, he
Contented Behind the Bars, bnt
Fears Dyspepsia.
Millionaire Prisoner Will Conduct
IlUKlneos with Ills Office by Tele
phone IMeawimt Confinement.
With his personality buried under the
noncommUtlug title, "No. 326," Broker
Chapman yesterday passed the first day
of his sentence in the District jail most
pleasantly, as he declared.
Indeed, there is very little reason why
lie should complain, as everything that
money can do to soften his lmpriionmeut
has beeji done by his friends, and but
for the rc&trlctlon upon his liberty he
could easily imagine himi-.eir in his own
The cell which Is to be his abiding place
for the next thrity days has been fitted up
with furniture taken from one of the rooms
at the Arlington, even to a well-selected
library and a nursery refrigerator, con
taining a t-tockof dainties from which he
can at any timd supply tiinsclf with an
appetizing lunch. From 10 to 2 dally he
I has the freedom of theblg airy jail corridor,
in which to receive his frien&s and read
the newspapers, or which a full supply is
sent to him regularly. Added to this is
an Inexhaustible stock of choice Havanas
and meals served by the Arlington.
Mr.. Chapman's only fear is that, de
prived or the exercise to which he is ac
customed, he will contract indigestion.
For this reaon he has Instructed Manager
Bennett, or the Arlington, who superin
tends his cuisine, to serve him with meat
only once a day and to make bis menus as
light as pofslbla
Yesterday Mr. Bennett, who was the
rirst of the millionaire prisoner's long list
of visitors, suggested another method of
relieving the ennui and or frustrating the
purpose of Imprisonment.
"I say. 'Chap,' " he said, "why don't
you communicate with your office daily
by telephone?"
T had not thought of thnt," the broker
answered. "I did not know I could use
the 'phone. Can I, Mr. Leonard?" he
continued to the warden, who was stand
ing by.
"Why certainly, Mr Chapman," was
the answer. And the big stock broker
will continue to direct the business of
his office exactly as if he were stated
at his own desk.
Among Chapman's other visitors yester
day were Judge Dlttenhoefer and Judge
".Tere" Wilson, his counsel; John Mc
Cartney, and Sugar Magnates Havemeyer
and Searles.
They all spent considerable time with
the broker, chatting and laughing, and
evidently considering the matter a huge
Mr. Chapman himseir evidently regards
his novel experience somewhat in that
light, and in a letter to Mr. Bennett yes
terday scratched out the usual date line
and placed In its stead the words "Jail
Iron nill Entries.
Iron Hill, May IS. Tomorrow's entries:
First race Six furlongs. New South,
Arthur M., Baritone Hit HO each: Heln
T , Belle of Australia, Brlghenni!-, Our
Rouse, Lucy T., Ludrita, 105 each; Black
Velvet, 107.
Second race-Six furlongs Selling. Gon
zales, Dick Lovell, 112 each: Con Lucy,
Sebastian, Arline, Gold Dollar, Frank R.
Harf, First Light, 10T each; Harry a, 102;
Cakewalk, 100.
Third race Four and one-hair furlongs.
Selling. X-Rays (formerly Jack Diver),
11: Kirkover, Forest, Startling, Irvanna,
109 each; Ecllefonte, 107; Marguerite II,
105; Altonwood, 103;Nejaunee. 95.
Fourth race Five furlongs. Selling.
Tioga, Otto, Parthean, Advance, Duncan
and Forenso. 107 each; Peep o' Pay II.
Beit, Juauita and Eunice, 105 each.
Fifth race Five furlongs. Selling. Filly
Commodore Roughau and Heresy, 107
each; Queen of Berlin, Tathena and Ida
May, 105 each.
Sixth rare Five furlongs. Selling. Aus
tin, 112: BelisariiiB, Canada Jack and Matt
White, 109 each; Minnetonka, "Lottie F.,
Annie E. and Athol, 017 each; Miss Julia,
100; Shade, 100.
Favorites Win at St. Eouis.
St. Louis, May IS. Five ravoritcs and
an outsider won today The winners were:
Tom Murphy, 7 to 10; Dr. WalmIcy,l to
4; Sorrow, 3 to 1; Danlluger.even; Pelles,
4 to 1; Jane, 12 to 1.
Louisville Races'.
"Louisville. May 18. The winners today
were: Cavalcro, 1 1 to 10: Pink Coat, 6 to .".
Urania, 3 to 5; Brauna, 12 to i; wane
Oak, 20 to 1.
Jolly Fat Men's Excursion.
The sixth annual complimentary excur
sion or the Jolly Fat Men's Club will t
given to River View this evening, and a
large crowd is expected to take advantage
of the fine weather for au evening's pleas
ure at this popular resort. The club will
give its sixth annual and grand prize
excursion to the same place on Monday,
June 1 1, The holder or each ticket on
this excursion has a chance to win a
handsome buggy, a gentleman's gold
watch, a ladies' gold watch, a magnifi
cent silver set, an eight-day clock, or
some other valuable prize- The draw
ings ror these articles will take place in
the evening at the View- The usual Fat
Men's .sports will be held, among them a
game of ball between the Fat Men's nine
and a strong District amateur team.
The Jolly Fats' day at River View is too
well known to need any rurthcr mention.
Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, of Columbia
University, New York, delivuied an imr-st-lcctur
under the rrf-riree r f tl e PcUetvof
Philosophical Inquiry at the Columbain
University yesterday arternoon
Scalp a
Made by a Uermatologlsfwlth 26 years'
experience in Dermatology. Sold every
wnerc. SiiperflaouHalr,rimples,Frecklcs,Moles,
Skin Diseases and all Facial Blemishes
permanently re.uoved at the
JobnE WeGuuiiTjf Dermalological MM,
New York, 127 W. 42d St.; Phila., 1306
Walnut St.; Boston, 11 Winter st.; Chicago,
103 State st.
A sample or cither Woodbury's Facial
Soap or Facial Cream, with illustrated
Book on Beauty and treatment of the skin,
jnaileo on receiptor 10 cents.
I Address a 1 e.icis to X2? t. 4dsi., N. i'
Bib Excitement Oyer the Great Cnrei
BeiDg Made By Hnnyon's SHIM
Specialists and witti Mm-
yen's Alliances
I.oeal Doctors Do Not Understand
It The Hospital and College
Professors Are AH at Seu.
At the Results Seen red, and SeeVi
Jn Every Way to Get at the Se
cret of Munyon's Peerless
Of luuyou's Rhen mutism, Kidney
Cure, and Dyspepsia Cure, which
Have Beeu on All Week, Have
Deen Splendidly Successful.
Find Quick Proof of Munyon's Pow
er and the Value of His Remedies
In Their Own Experience.
So Quickly as to Challenge Amaze
ment unit Wonder .Nothing- Seems
Too Difficult for These Jlnnyon
Doctors to Undertake They Know
.No Such Word us Ineu ruble They
Grapple with the Giants of Dis
ease Manfully, Hopefully, and Vic
tory Comes.
Skepticism, doubt, prejudice and bigotry
are all being swept away in the rushing
tide of success which follows the work of
Munyon's great specialises.
Two or three tunes within the past
week the doors have been closed so that
the busy doctors could get a breathing
spell and catch up with the work.
It matter not what the disease, nor
how rirm a hold it has, Munyon's speci
alists won accomplish ics overthrow.
Rheumatism, neuralgia, catarrh, asthma,
bronchitis, dyspepsia, kidney and Brlght's
disease, deafness, all have to yield to
the subtle influence or Munyon's remedies
and Munyon'b great health-building devices-
Mr. G. W. MInnick,2729 P street north
west, Waslungton, U. O . says: "Home
time ago an injury to my knee was fol
lowed by serious inflammation, which
produced great pains and stilfness, and
interfered with walking. The condition
continued to grow worse in spite of treat
menu A few weeks ago I placed myself
under the care or the Munyon doctors,
takiug treatment with Munyon's Elec
tric Machine. I was entirely relieved of
pain and distress after this treatment.
My cure has been complete, a? I am now
abie to walk without the slightest diffi
Cures Paralysis, Stiff Joints, New
rnlgia, Nervous Diseases and
All Muscular Pains.
Cures Catarrh. Asthma, BrouchltU
und All Throat aud Lung
Munvon's Rheumatism Cure seldom faila
to relieve in one to three hours, and cures
in a few days, Price, 25 cents.
Munyon's Dyspepsia Cure poMtively cures
all forms of indigestion and stomacii
trouble. Price, 23 cents.
Munvon's Cold Cure prevents pneumonia
andbreaks up a coldin afew hours- Price,
20 cents.
Mirnyon's Cough Cure stops coughs, night
sweats, allavs soreness aud speeddy heala
the lungs. Price, 23 cents.
Munyon's Kidney Cure speedily cures
pains in the back, loins or groin, and all
forms or kidney disease. Price, 25 cents.
Munyon's Headache Cure stops headacho
in three minutes. Price, 23 cents.
Munyon's Pile Ointment iiositively cures
all forms or piles. Price, 25 cents.
Munyon's Blood Cure eradicates all Im
purities or the blood. Price, 25 cents.
Munyon's Female Remedies are a boon
to all women.
Munyon s Vitamer restores lost powers
to weak men. Price, $1.
Munyon's Remedies at all drugglstB,
mostly 23 cents a vial.
Eminent doctors at your service rree.
If you have Catarrh or any Throat-or
Lung Complaint, call and receive a frea
trial local treatment- We po.-itively euro
PerMinnl letters answered with free
medical advice for any disease.
Sundays, 2 to 5 p. in.
623 1 3th Street N. W.
I "As cool as a &
You'll reelas"cool as a cucumber"
after preparing the summer meals
by means of a Uas Cooking Stove!
No dirt no odor no uanger and
very inexpensive. Let us show you
our line or Gas Cooking Stoves.
Very reasonably priced iS and up.
Gas Appliance Exchange,
1424 New York Ave.
J li's Goirg to Be Hot !
this summer. East s-immer will I
r be cool compared to It so the (
j weather prophets say. Better get ,
5 those electric fans rigged up in
9 your orrice and home at once. (
a We'll supply the motive power t
J U. S. Eleotric Lighting Co., j
X 213 14th st. nw. 'Phone, 77.
Woodbury's Facial Soap and Facial
Cream make a grand combination ror tho
skin, scalp, ami complexion. They are
used by Fifty Millions or people annually,
and are sold everywhere Send 10c. for
a sample of either Soap orCream, and 132
page book on Ueauty aud care or the skin.
John H. Woodbury, Dermatologist, 127
West 42d street, New York.
PCMchcutcr'a English Diamond Brand.
bora. Kalal with blue ribtoa. Take
ho other. Eefust dangerou tvbttttu V
Umt and imtuuum. AiDr3Tistt,orMal4.
In stomps tor particularj, tttlimtroUl as!
' Keller for Tin it I c," in Uttrr. by retiu
MalL 1O.0OO Tcltlmcalslj. Kmn Pawtr.
i..i...i..rh.mii.iii th..t;,llvi Boiirk
8clJhj.il Local BrowUU. FIULADA Vi
JIt b
- ' -. .D

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