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T"-" ".' Vr TV
TH1! MOftKINQ 3331338, TffiDfESDAT, 3TAY 19, 1897,
money -wanted Ayr? to loax
II. jC. PULTON'S loan office. 121Ta. ave.
ur., m jnuy loaned on watcncs. diamonds,
Jewelry, silver ware, eta nplO-Gm
MONEYT0 LOAN -From S5 to $50, to
reliable parties. J. II. BURNS, Room b.
Central bldg., 9th andPn. avo. my I - tern
erul, 'such as life policies, -ttocks. bonds,
building association Minics, syndiiate cer
tificates, eta No delay. YERKEo &
HAKKK, 1110 F st. Tal:c elevator. tf
houses. etc.
Loans made on ir urnlture. Pianos, Horses.
Wagons, etc. at lowest rates and quickest
possible time. Strictly eoiifltleiitlal. Plenee
call beiore securing loans elsewhere.
610 if street northwest.
HONEY TO LOAN SI .000 upward, at 5
and 5 1-2 per cent, on D. O. rent ctate;
5250, 30v. etc, at G per cent: all
transaction conducted with economical
coaslderatltn Tor bonowcrs.
V.1L1.UU 11. SAUND;."S & CO..
apio-tr 1407 F st. nw.
LOANS on: REAL estate.
5 and 0 Per Cent.
ap20-lmu GASCII BROS.3307F st. nw.
MONEY' TO LOAN at 5 and 0 per cent;
secuntv, real estate in District of Co
'cmbia; iio delay beyond au inspection pt
jiropertv and examination of title. WAL
TER IL ACKER. 70414thst. liw. mh2S-tf.
WANTED White hotel cook Tor city. Gil
13th Jt. iiw. 1C
WANTED Man for insurance business;
good contract for piopei persons; aiary
paid to good man; ref. requited. Adinuss
N. U. K., this ofricc. it
"WANTED Young man to canvass: free
oiitrit; eood pay. cuu a. uitir nm, ?-
41-2 st. nw-
WANTED Male; n fltst-class cook; Amer
ican and lsuiopean; capable "f cooking
for 100 people- Call at ihe GENOA, 80t
12th ot. uw.,3 p. in. mylO-Jt
WANTED-A good, raber. industrious blioe-
maker. Call 13a II st. ne. Jyi!;31
WANTED Two plumbers' helpers. Apply
after 4 p. m. to JAB. RAGAN, laOd
Fa. ave. nw. lt-em
WANTED -A tioy "who has a knowledge
or typesetting, to learn stamp making.
AddressiiTA Mrd.thibolfice. iiiylb-St.em
WANTED -Flrbt-class barber at once
1102 7Ui bt nw. lt.em
WANTED Barber, at once,
ue.: come leaay tor work.
202 11 lb bt
WANTED- 2 white barber; salary ??8 per
week. 31 y Pji.ave.n-w iiiylb3t
WANTEl)"ABOoa apprentice boy in
bakery; one who has i.orKed before u
Ihe bhop; German preferred. EWALD S
BAKEKY, 20 U bt. ne. iuyl7-2t,em
WANTED Place as first-class hotel Laker
loi ttie teasou, beashoie or mountains.
AddrcsJ A. It. U. tuisorrice. myl73t-eiu
WANTED Orfice loy; wliitc; good pen
man. 1817 14th bt. nw. myl7-3t
WANTED -Salesman for druggist bimdnea;
SiOO per month and expense, experience
uiuicctbary Address J. L. AKAlbu KONG,
20 Burling .Slip, N. Y. myltMi
WANTLD-Cauvasbers to bell diamonds on
installments; must be able to luriusu
bonds, pply to JACOBS BltOS., 1220
Pa. ave. mj ll-10t
"FOB BENT" cards. In plenty, at Busi
ness Otfioe of The lime; & cent eich.
WANTED An -cxuerlenced
Call 230 N. Cap. bt.
waist hand
WANTED While hotel cliambennaid; also
cleaners and vegetable cool:. 014 13th
t. nff. It
WANTED Colored cook and laundiess;
leavertty with family. G14 13th bt. jiw.
WANTED Six settled women at ouce;
stay niglitb. 306 G st. nw. myliKjt
WANTED tudured AVoinan coou, must
stay -at uignU SI 2 per month. 205 AM.
se. 1 1
WANTED A lady to sew on children
clolhci; one who can run the Standard
mauliiiie; none but a neat hand need apply.
901 9th st.ji-vv lt
WANTED- Two clerks, who understand
working on penblou claims. Address, in
own naKmvrmng.sLatinge.v.perieiie, wages
expectwd.etc, PENSION ATTORNEY;. this
office. iylS-3t
WANTED At once, experienced girls to
sew ou any part or dress making. Apply
2010 G bt. nw. lt.em
WANTED A capable white woniau for
general housework in family of adults;
imibt be good cook and laundress: stay
iiighls Apply at 1119 E. Cap. bt. lt.em
WANTED Awhlte girl to do general house
Tvock. Call at 30b Monroe bt., Anacos
tia. Cars i:ass dcor. myl-3t,ein
WANTED A bottled eulorcd woman Xor
cook" and geueral housework; must stay
nights and biing ielb. Call at 110 0th si
ne. lt-em
WANTED Good, reliable girl to do gen
eral housework for two: no wabhiiig and
Ironing: stay at nights; 5 per month.
Apply at btore 218 4 1-2 bt. sw. lt.em
WANTED Hernial young lady with mu
sical talent to trael; private car; visit
ing bunimer resorts. LELAND, 1311 II
bt. jiw. myl 8-3t
WANTED A lady to -work on Tine custom
coats. 1408 E st. nw. my!8-3t
WANTED White general houseworker for
tirivate family. 01413th nw. myl8-t?t
WANTED Colored cook, washerindlron
er, tol cave a ry 01413th n w. layl fc-3t
WANTED A settled woman to do general
housework; no wastung; miibt btav at
night. Apply 500 E. -Cap. st. inyl7-3C-ein
WANTED A EtroDg, intelligent young
white w'omas to do light laundry worK
for lunch room and assist at waiting on
table when needed; with joom and board
No. 309 7th CT nw. rnyl 7-3t
WANTED At Madame Malhson's Eclectics
Cutting School and Di-essmaklug Acad
emy, C04 12th st. nw., ladies and jnlssea
us pupils; positions rurnished tliose holding
diplomas; patterns cut to measure; diesa
making done reaiouably. Send for cir
culars. ap21-tf
Hrs. L. C. MOORE
Selects reliable help. 30G G bt. nw.
WANTED Men or women to work In the
U. B. Dept.: employes preferred. Ad
office. It
and white help furnished from the South
and New Jcrsey.and from ttiecm-. GEORGE
HARRISON & CO., 402 R bt. nw.
WANTED Cooks, general houseworkers,
waiters, drivers, porters, chambermaids,
nurses, boys, farm hands, gardeners, laun
dresses, janitors, watchmen, engineers, lire
men; quickest place to get work. SHACK
LEFORD'S , 427 1 1th bt. n w. myl 5-7t-em
-WANTED Cooks, aiambcrmaids and gen
eral houseworkers; ;good wages. 441
G fit. myl 7- 3t
WANTED I furnish hclo to leave the city;
cooks, chambermaids or waiters. 829
7th bt. nw. mylG-7t
FURNISH all kinds tr help. Call or ad
dress 829 7th st. nw. myl0-9t
WANTED By a respectable colored girl,
a place as iiurseand chambermaid; would
VSS U).r;o away Cor the summer; reL Call
1915 It st. nw. it
WANTED By a settled white woman,
place as working housekeeper in a wld
ver's lamliy. Please call or addiss
?1 F st. se. xt
A BRIGHT, capable woman will paySlO
in cash and ;10 per month, as long as
she Is employed, to any one who will
tecure her a position at salary of sso
or 'a ddrc&s CAl-ABLE, this office.
WANTEb-Placc by first-class white -woman
cook, who is -wiRiag to help with
any hoiibework or washing. M, R this
otflce- inyl9-3t
WANTED By wliitc woman,placeas good
cook; no objections to country. 2309 Va
avc. nw. it
WANTED Situation as chamltermnid,
nuie or wailiess; goodTcfs. Call 1821
Rbl. myl9-3t
WANTED Washing and Ironing to do
at Home and general housework ly the
day. Call M. W.. 700 Abt.ne. at
WANTED A place as cook or to do house
work; quick; good ret 2113 12th st
WANTED-Washlng to take home or out
s or out I
It.eni J
( J.4JX- JVUi U. UTTi-
WANTED "By a respectable colored girl,
place as inirM; or to do general house-
-wiirl iii !i .ntll fiir,iil. iHNlRUV.MOK.
i 1G13 13. Cap. st. It, em
WANTED By -a young German woman a
place for lignt liousuwort: will go away
far Miinuier if wanted. Address M. It.,
702 Fla avc. nw. It
WANTED By a coloied girl, situation as
maid or nurse, or go away for hummer.
DUNDORE'S, 709 L st. iiff. It-cm
WANTED A settled white woman wishes
a situation in a private family to cook
and do plain wabhliig; best city rets, iox
T E, this off ice. myl8-2t,em
WANTBU-Place to do general house
work. 1200 Quakers court iiw.
WANTED By white woman, piuco to do
general housework; no wasulng or irou
lug. 1000 2d ne. myl7-4t-cm
WANTED By three colored alrls, chum-
berwork or general housework; reftf.
441 G st. mylG-4t
WANTED Firs'.-class candy maker in bon
txiiiH, counter goods or penny goods dcsiics
posiuon; tet itas.; young muis; n.ariletl:
honest, temperate and last worker; is also
a good caudv wagon saiesiuan and soda
water wan. CAN BY, tliih otlite lt
WANTED Situation as driving or wait
ing; or general housework; lereruicuts.
Room No. 4, 423 N. J. ave. nw. It
WANTED Position as collector by n
young jnau, lugitiy InoorfcefU, give bond
or have cas-li deposit; liealth compels out
door work: mcdti ave saiaiy Address EN
ERGETIC, this office.
WANTED-Placc as janitor or villlng
xu do anv kind ol woik; will ieae the
city if icqulred. 1130 ltith st. nw. 1 1
WANTED By young man, place as roller,
diive wagon, caniage or In bicycle
Ktoie. Address 1440 B.l.ave. nw. It
WANTED Situation n cook by colored
man; Fiencii and American; good refa.
13 5 1 B hi. jie. Jii yl:t
WANTED v iiiaehinist. woilc ot enmloy-
n.eut of some kind. MACHINIST, tills
orficej myl-3t
WANTED Situation by a coloied man as
cook: can do general housework; icfs.
DUNDOUE'S, 7Gw L St. nw lt-em
WANTED -A position, by an experienced
man, having 14 years' experience In
hardware, grocery and snip chandlery busi
ness; rerb. as to ability strictly finst-class
in all respect . Addrebs L. S. QUACKEN
BUSH, 1011 Cameron st., Alexandria, Va.
WANTED -Dy a good boy, 17, a position
to make l.imselt useful in a wore, beat
of icfs. Address L , this office. myl8-t
WANTED I will give S10 jier montli Tor
a iHJfattlon paying not lebS than .f03 per
moa t li J. 11. T. . J-ni so f i ce. m ylb-3 1
WANTED -By rcspecUible colored boy; just
fiotii country, placeto work around house:
wiihug to woil; and apt to learn. Call or
addies- 820 10th bt. nw. mylH-3t
WANTED -By respectable colored man,
place to care for horses; willing to do
anything; ref. 1034 4 Mi st. nw. J1''!8'11-
WANTED-A gentleman ivih pay $-10 per
mouth -while ictamed for a Uoveinmuut
position jmymg not less than fcGO per
mouth. E. T. M ., tiiis oHlce. mylfc-3t
AM'11D : A place asstenogiupher, tjpe
wnter, bookkeeper: experienced; beat
leis. -.oarcss BUSINESS, this olfice.
WANTED Position as forem-ui t.r Job
compositor in book and job pniiiing
orrice; 15 years' expenenoe: .uodcratc
balary. Address Box 07 , this -jf I'ice.
WANTED Type writing and btcnography;
quick and accurate work doue at low
prices. 42 Wash n Loan & Trust Bldg.
'PhpnclS7J5. 1 1
WANTED About 200 young laying hens;
must becheap, for cash. AodrebSiiooin S,
505 E st. nw. It
"WANTED Washing to do at. home or out;
first-class. No. 8 Decatur st.ne.iiiylU-3t
WANTED The best pair of work horses
50 win buy; also good double wagon
and harness. Address Room 9, 505 E st.
nif. It
WANTED Partner to learn patent prac
tice and take chaige ot office: refs.
exchanged; 5500 required. Address 1'AT
ENTATTORNEYjthtbotfice myl8-3t,ein
WANTED To' rent small j"arjn, improved
for poultry raising, near railroad. PLH'L
TRytbis orfice myl8-3t
WANTED The best horse 20 will buy;
trial wanted. 1817 14th bt. nw.
Will stop all leaks free. and charge o.y
lor pamUug: work guaranteed.
np9-tf 1023bthst.nw
WANTED Board in Takotna' or Brlgtit-
wood for gentleman, wire and child 3
years old, for bummer; refs. Address, with
terms, etc., J. W. DONALD, this oUice.
m y!7-3t -
WANTED rirst-Class board In exchange
for first-clabs vocal and piano lessons.
Addressl'ROFESSOR.Unsofnce. myl7-3t
FOR PLEASANT summer board apply to
MRS. YEIRS, Rockville, Md. m yl 9-3t
CLAGGETT MANSION Delightful rooms
and first-class table board; Bright wood
electric cars pass gate. Apply oujremues.
WOODLAWN Open May 20; pleasant
.rooms: healthy location; large grounds;
clectrlcbells;gaBandartesiau water. MRS.
M. J. COLEEY, Proprietress, Rockville.
Md. Adiliess The Ciarendou, Washington,
D. 0. ap27-lm
WANTED To rejita bmnll rami, buitable
for poultry raising. Address, with full
particulars-, RELIABLE, this office. It
WOULD the person please return the
umbrella taken by mistake from Ilecht's
store, children's clothing department, i-n-
day morning. HECHT'S. 515 7th uw. 1 1
LOST Bunch of keys; can be easilyidenti
Xied; -finder will .receive xewa rd by re
turning same to CHARLES H.MILLS, 1740
S st. n w. It-cm
LOST On Saturday night, going xroin
School bt. to Columbia bC, Mount Pleab-
auL, a gold dragon pin. Suitable reward
will be paidif returned to 528 12th stuw.
LOST On Sunday afternoon, aj-iockctbook
containing an amount or money, a blank
check on a Boston bank and cards bearing
the name of one of the delegates to the
postal congress. Will finder return same
to Hotel Cochran and receive rewaidJ?
myl 7-36
FOUND 5 hogs strayed on my place
Sunday, May 1G, Grinder's brick yard.
Owner can liave tliem by -proving prop
erty and paying charges. M. C. GRIND
ER, near Rosslyn, Ta.
STRAYED To my premises, St. Bernard
dog, Friday. May 14. "Owner can have
same by proving property, paying for ad
vertisement and expenses. W. S. GRIF
PITH, 471 C st. iiw. myl7-3t
FOR SALE Firjjt-cl ass side-bar buggy,
cheap. 819 13th st.nw. niylo-3t
FOR SALE Four very line diivmg, coupe
or carriage horses, 1G hands high: also
one imported Cleveland bay stallion; for
ale or trade. 485 1-2 C st. n-w. it
FDR SALE A good laundry wagon; cheap.
FLYN'N & BLOUNT, 217 7th St. sw.
POR SALE-Must .be sold private gentle
man leaving city -wiU sell his driving out
fit, consisting Of a very tine road horse,
Brcwbter buggy and Concord harness, lap
robe and whip. Can bo seen at J. W.PRES
TON'S Midway Stables, 7141 st. nw.
FOR SALE 2 traps, 1 dayton, 2 surries
and other carriages and buggies on ac
count of storage and charges; great bar-
salir7Dst. nw. xnylg-ttf-em
FOR SALE 1 Une panel wagon, 2 side
liar liuggies, 3 daytons, 2 phaetons, 2
canopy top cut-under surreys, 2 jump-seat
surreys, 1 set surrey harness, light set
double harness, "2 extension poles. 213
11th -bLjuv. myl 8-6 1
S. D. Houck, 301 10th st. nw.; largo as
sortment of new and becond-uand double
and einglo harness, 100 .sets of govern-
-infint "watron -liarnesa? slcaja to n ncdt-
mentof double haok and coupe harness; 100 1
government saQOleB. apllKlm,em
FOR RENT A single lady needing money,
would like to rent two large handsome
this Office. it
20181-2 H st. nw.; 3 squares from State
Dept.; 2 rooms; furnished; 2d floor front;
light housekeeping permitted; delightfully
cool; large bay window house; rent, $16.
FOR RENT Two rooms, 2d floor, Tor house
keeping; newly papered; S12. 735 1 lch
st. nw. myl9-3t
FOll RENT Three unfurnished rooms,
secoud floor, $12 per month. 282 F st
nw. inyL9-3t
FOR RENT For light housekeeping. 2
fur. rooms; in. i.; 3d floor; S12 per
month. 310 10th st. sw. myl9-3t
FOR RENT Large parlor and bedroom on
1st .floor; communicating; 2 bedrcoms
on 2d lloor, communicating; low rent. 408
Oth stiiv. myl9-.ltrL
FOR RENT Fur., front room, 52.50 per
week. 717 II st. 11 w myl-3t
FOR RENT 810 12thst. nw., several rur
nished rooms:also two imfuinibiieil 'om.s,
at-bummer rates; rers. oxehangeO. myl9-3t
FOR RENT Fur. room tor gentlemen:
?3.50 per montli. 932 L st. uw. It
FOR RENT 3 unrui. rooms on 2d fioor;
batli. hoi and cold water, ami gua. con
venient to all lines or cars; centrally lo-
cated. GlU La. ave. nw- mylS-3t
FOR RENT-Three nicely Jurnislicd rooms,
feecond rioor, with batu and gas, in pri
vate ratnlly or adults. 223 Fiidt st 11 w.
FOR RENT Four rooms and bath, partly
fur or unriir.;.two line cars pass dofrr.
OWNER, G42 Cbt.ne ii1?li:li.,il
FOR RENT Fur nlMieil rooms for house
keeping; S10 GOG Pa. ave. se.
Kfit it knt c. f, si., nw . nlcelv fdr.
iiont room. 10 per month, also hall
room, $1 per montn. myl8-3t-ein
FOR KENT Two nicely rurnished, com
inunlfatng rooms, ou 2d ricor; or will
rent beparately; private family; biiumier
rates; southern exposure. 021 1 bt nw.
myl8-3t-e.n ,
FOR RENT-Four unfur rooms on the 1st
noor: a complete fiat; everything lirst-
clnss for housekeeping; refs. 1416 8th st.
nw. Price, S14. mylH-3t,ein
FOR RENT Fur. or unrur., onelarge rront
loom, 2d ficor: convenient to all car
Unci. 34b McLean st. bw. myl8-3t,eiii
FOR RENT In small private family, pleas
ant Turjijbtiud hut k aud Jruui i(Hjiut. .tui
or without board: terms reasonable. 210 D
bt. iiw., between 2d and 3d sts mylfe-3t
FOR RENT Onefrontor hack roomiunfur.
or rur.; terms reasonable. 1507 O st.
iiu iirylK-3t
FOR RENT Newly rurnished rooms: large
becoud floor back uud third rront, 9eacn;
cool aud pleasant 723 lltb st. nw.
FOR RENT Funuslied room, with or with
out board. 15 5th bt. ne. myl8-3t
FOR RENT-Large nicely furnished front
room, second Dcor. with 1Jitrd for two
gentlemen, in pmale family of adults:
home comforts: S5 j.er week each 1005
Nort bCaroltnu se. my 1 8-3t
FOR RENT 830 12th st. 11 w., rnrlor bed
room, furnished; bow window; corner;
reasonable. myl 8-Iit
FOR RENT Fur rooms, with or without
board, at 16 H bt nw. myl8-3t
FOR RENT Furnished or unfurnished, two
or three large pleasant rooms at 2149
K hC. nw Can swi the owner between 5
and G p. in.
FOR RENT Large, nicely rur. room on 2d
rioor, $10: alw two on tntrd Clood. s and
S8 per montli; gooJ location. 802 H st nw.
myl8-3t .
FOR RENT -Unfur., suit parlors; suitable
do lor.dentisr orfaiullv. adults. 1 fr , Jd
floor; summer rates. 90b N. i'. ave.
FOR RENT Fur. looins-.clean and cool. 014
Vi at. nw. myl--3t
FOR RENT Tlircc or four unrtirnished
rooms; 2d floor; light housekeeping.
100 Alass. ave. ne. '"yiJ:?.
FOR RENT 3 unrur. rooms and lath;
entire 2d floor; 12. 027 Q st-.nw
FOR RENT 1011 12th St. nw., fur or
unfur. rooms, simrle or en suite: wri
vate fanuiv; no children. inyl7-lw.'ii.
l'OK RENT A beautiful room, furnished
entirely in blue; suitable for 2; also back
pailor; terms reasouable for summer.
2141 Pa ave. nw. myl7-3t-em
FOR RENT-No. 119 Pa. "ave. nw., rur.
rooms Tor light housekeeping; ait impiove-
nicuts. inyl7-7t-em
FOR RENT Furnished rooms, with or
without board: tiled bathrooms on each
floor; goo'Jlocatiomallmoderneonveniences.
1012 13th btnw. myl7-7t-em
FOR RENT Fur.; large front room, 1st
floor, $10; one 2d-fIoor, 6; or two com.,
S10 a mouth; two unrur.. 2d floor front:
water; private entrance; central. No. 429
lltlibC uw. myl7-3t-eni
FOR RENT Furn. and unfuin nun. Call
at207Gstnw. myl7-3t,em
FOR RENT-80S Gth t. aw., .nice, com
fortably rurnished rooms; transients .ic
commodatcd. myl7-3t
ir desired.
-Nice rooms by the week; hoard
709 Sth st nw. myl7-3t
FOR RENT Cool, pleasant rooms; flrst
cla&s board; S1G per month. 725 Sth jae.
myl4-7t-e n
FOR RENT Large, nicely furnished front
rooms; heat, bath and jjas; at summer
rates; smaller rooms, 55. 201 D st
nw. myl3-7t
FOR RENT The upper part ot 1350 Wal-1-icli
place; 3 1001ns and bathioum: pri
vate entrance; S10 per month. ir yl-7t
POR RENT First-class board and 2 large
lront rooms, good older; central, con
venient, home comlorts; desirable chance;
board aud roo
ins jor two nuuits, 5s-u; cool;
call and see; high ceilings
Address W.
a. u., tins orrice.
WANTED -Fur. bedroom; private family
prclerred; in exchange would furnish
handsome upright piauoas rental; lirst-class
condition; best of icfs. Address PIANO,
tiiis office myl8-3t
WANTED By married couplu,2or 3 rooms,
nw., suitable light housekeeping; give
terms; 110 children. CALIFORNIA, this
office. myl8-3t
WANTED Furnished room with privileges.
Address K. N. It, this office, myj.7-3.
POR RENT Flat of three unfur. rooms
ou 1st floor: 225 E bt ne.; SI 5 per
mouth; mod. Imps. myl8-3t,cm
XOUR slow and doubtrul accounts, unpaid
checks, notes, Judgments and outlawed
claims collected everywhere. Call or ad
dress HANLON, Lawyer, 1114 G bt. nw.
POR 2.EKT Beautiful summer residence,
with Ice, garden and fruit; one-half jnile
railroad btation, Leesburg, Ta. Ad
dress P. O. Box 57, Lcesbrug, Ta.
OPPORTUNITY Suburban home: price,
5425; beautiful location. INDEPEND-
EN'CE, this oltlce. myX7r3t,cm
HOMES CHEAP On the new electricrail
road from Washington to Falls Chuich.a
beautiful suhdlvislcnUias Just been opened,
with wide streets and avenues, known as
BALLSTON, about 2 miles from Washing
ton; car rare 5 cents; 8 minutes' ride
from the city bv electric cars, or 20 min
utes on a bicycle; sdleudid road.
Price of lots $125 and S100 each;
size, .25.feut -wide by irom 100 to 150 feet
Terms, 5 down; balance 31 per week:
no interest; 10 per cent orr for cash. A
large new station has Just been erected;
300 shade trees have been set out. Ball
ston has a line graded school, 2 stores, 2
churches, and already a population of 250
persons. Buy a lot for a home or lor spec
ulation and buy quickly so jou can pick
your choice. I Jiave oriso large and small
faims for sale. Call for particulars and
plat. JAMES E. CLEMENTS. 1321 F
st. nw. myio-lm
Teaches HARMONY.
oastructlon Blvcn at residence oC pnpll.
Convenient hours. Terms, $2 ner lesson.
-LddressA. TREQINA, 1 8th art. ml
Washington, D. C.,Mayl9, 1897. Sealed
proposals, in triplicate, will i.e. received hero
19, 1897, and thenjipeubd, for ruinishing
during fiscal year .etuling June 30, 1898.
such forage, straw audabran as may bo
icqulred. Information' rarnlithcd on appli
cation. United State Jeserycs right to
eject or acceptauy rattpropoHal.s,or any
part tlieieof. Envelopes containing pro
nosnls should be niarKod "Proposals Tor
l-oiage, .Sec," and addressed Major C. F.
HUMPHREY, DepotQIM. myl9-2C
for tlie United States Marine Corps
Headuusrters U. S. Muiiue Corps, Quar
icriiuihter's Oflice, WasliiuKion, D. C, Alav
.1,197. Sealed proposaisin dupUcate will
be leceived ac this cfilce autil 12 o'clock
"O0l,,o, ie 10th day or June, 1S97. lor
-furnishing supplies, consisting of cloth,
kersey, flannel, blankets, Helmets, caps,
koojik-. niiiltarybtores, blooms, brushes, etc ,
Tr4.tlVje 0vli ;'ur,!j a tlui tlopato r Supplies,
" Murine orjm, at Philadelphia, Pa..
-?.' ".f'l'li'gton, D. C Sealed proposals
in duplicate will nlso be received at the
Winn; place until 12 o'clock noon on the lOtli
diiy orj tine, 1897, rotruniithiiigscationcry,
to be iU:ll cred ut the Depot of Stipplies.
iiMUagtun, D. a -Scaled propoualB In
duplicate will aleo be received at the same
place, and dnte (10th flay of Jim-. 1897).
f'r furniNliliig the quaaUty or ice tluit
may be required during me riscal year
ending June 30. 1898. at the followlng
iiu.tiicd places daily 'Sunday excepted):
Headquarters LT. to. Marine uorps 7o Da:
Ai.innellarxacks-, .Nay lard, A nshiiigtun,
oJtZ" v,lbs sal-''l proposals in dupli
..,?! , J tv. 'tcfn-ed at the same place
T V, clDCk" 1"),m ou rlu 3d duy of
f..?ut:;..1SS'7 fur -rations, Jo tagu. fuel, and
lauiidiy work, at one and all of the iollow-
"K niiiees, iitimeiy, J'ortsmouth, N II.
"i..i'.ion wine liuartermusiei.at a
ltigiuii, D. C the AsMs.Uuit Quaiiermas
ur, 1100 teouth Broad stieet. Phlladttlplila.
J a., and to tlie Conmiaiidliig orricers at
Maiiae Barnteks, Urooklvn, N X., and
Losioiu Mass. Thib oflice reserves the
iighr, to resect any and alt bids and to
wan eoefecs, and hid.x from manufaeturets
or reguljir dealers in supplies only will be
considered Proposals may be made for
one or more articles, deliverable at one
or more stutiona. Pioposals should be
untuned -' Proposals for bupplies, Fuel,
J-orage, Liiuudry Work, Stationery, or
Ice, as tlie case may be, and addressed to
MAJOR H B. L0WRY, Quartermaster, U.
s-- Marine Corps, Washington, D. C
,,, ,..,, , , . "..",..w.. V..tltll,iiUl I
FOR SALE -We have mine of the best
paying grocery sturex in tlie onv for
salefrom 200 to s,ut; ir you areloiiking
lor u iiou business. &ee COAiJilsu. iAu
EAC1IANUE, Uoom 2.01U P st.nw base
ment. . lt
POR SALE A fina-clus diuing-room, n
ixsite Uovt building, doing gcod busi
ness; a reasona 01 e offer will luwiru.iibri-
reason for selling, sickness; rent teuixtiiii
K'v ,. sti0 .vrs. Address DlNINt-
"uwi lino oiiice.
POR SALE-myl9-7t
Saloon at
r03 U st. nw.
FOk S ALE Lunchroom atagreatbargain;
nice U-ade; reasonable rent aud good ma
son for billing. Address 15. li. .. u.is r,r-
INVENTORS-Capital supiillcd ioi tleex
ploiation or it,eihciiou InvenUons, pat-
euiwlautl lll)I)H.t,lMlt"Il.':il.'l.rL.-.!.!i.fi.t:.ii...,l
Write ilnmeilintelx- IVVDVTinva ti.jj
office. . " H.vin-Ht-
FOR SALE('henp.ifold atiinc: conar
grocery nud meat market. Corner 10th
and Mass. ave. nwj
9.1: iby : Market hto'te: complete 1 v fit ted
eJ t iw.v-verf "I'Pa'Ktmthit, including lari:e
VL,...y.: '"' eealoa, nieatbli-k, sav..
v"...-. eie. jud itu st. aw. mylrt-9t
F1.i.,SA.LE-Want sel1 t quickly. grr
i,LI? fct.ore,cor. 3d.and.Uts. sw.; cheap;
Joojxat.&w. myia-au
1J,?imL,Ec,f?Sr' ""'fecbioneiy, and no
tion tore; well btocked; doing a good
business. 1G03 loth st nw. myir-3t
F.?,1 SALE A Drst-dane tw-chair bar-iif-r
shop: new furniture, good wade and
mVSkf-F. particulars ajmly
. J. HLtIMAN,223Cst ne. myl7-3t
FOR SALE Smull grocery and coafeetioii-
0rrs:re' clltal- 4 th aud D sts. se.
inj 15-0t
WE CAN SELL your business quics. wish.
(,"itvW publicity. COMMERCIAL EX
CHANGE, iCoom 2, 019 F bt. nw . base
n,CIlt; niyia-Ut.em
F9-?.,?.A.E.Ts,tores ana 'msiness chances.
NEHBOLD i CO., 425 U it. nw.
myl 3-7 1
i'"OK tiALiE We arc showing a -very lurgs
assortment or Aloxiey s improud xiry
Air ice Boves; the Lest and most econoiu-,-fa,lnfo,rw1,olelli
""tohers and gioeers. THE
L.U., ructory xear or i, 10, aia fata
" no- mlt2b-tr
FOR SALE Cheap, Jf told at ouce, 2 oak
bedioom sets aud 1 enameled set, 4 fold
lug beds, 4 odd Ledsteads, 2 wnrdrulses,
sideboard, hatraua-tire'-es.G waslistands,
leather library suUe, tine piano lamp, new
bed lounge, one Turkish couch, parlor suite
or odd pieces, moquette carpet, revolving
desk chair, oak easel, pictures, gasoline
stove and oven, oil cloth, rug, 100 yards or
fine matting ia large pieced, window
bcreens and doors, feather pillows, wash
tubs, Jump, kitchen table, dishes, Slower
stand, colonial mahogany sora. meat grind
er, clock, piano titool, bird cage. 921 New
York jive., down-stairs. nryl9-3t
FOR SALE A few more pure bred white
leghorn chickens, the best of all layers;
also eggs Tor hatching. Apply to THEO
DORE BARNES, No. GOO CenSerMarket.ou
rueUiys. Tiiursdavs or Saturdavs.
FOR SALE -Remington typewriter, S35;
'94 victor bicycle, lo; botn servlu.-aiiie.
1800 N. J. ave. my!9-3t
POR SALE About 40 fonts of nearly new
Job type; hand press, etc.; cheap. 1800
N. J. ave. myl9-3t
FOR SALE A large, handsome oak roll
top office desk; cost ?S5, for $10. Ad-dressRJ3L-L-T0P,
this orrice. lt
FOR SALE Portable oven, second hand;
will do work equal to a brick oven; price
low: twins easy. WJLLLARD, this oince.
POR iiALEOne 40-qt. Icecream macluuc
and freezer, in good working order.
Apply to GEOROE.C. VONEIFP,G13 4 1-2
it. sw. 1 t-em
2'OR SALE A splendid folding bed, S4.
91G L st..nw. lt-em
I- OR SALIC Two thoroughbred beagle
hound puppies. 104. K st. 11 w.
myl8-3t-uin " '
POR SALE Top buggy, S8: oak wardrobe,
SH. 17111-2 7,th st nw. -myl8-3t
1-OR SALE-Clilckerlhg piano; 7 1-3 oc
tave; line condition; splendid rosewood
case: will accept $00: easy payments. Call
or address M.,.2729 P at, Georgetown.
FOR SALE Ice Icrwim freezers and re
ceivers complete; :20-guUon. 805 North
Capitol st. inyl.7-3t-cm
FOR SALE Cheap, a stylish bay horse.
Inquire of W. E; .SCHNEIDER, 1207 F
st. aw. myX7-3t-em
YOU can get them at Tho Times counting
room: window cards for rooms uud board;
all kinds, 5c. ,
FOR SALE Diamonds on cagy terms; drop
postal; agent will call with samples. Ad
drcsa H.M. S.,this dHlce. jnyll-lOt
J.'".OR SALE Presh cows; always on hand;
would also exchange Tor dry cows. JNO.
DENEKAB, 3510 Brightwood ave.
POR SALE Dachshund, collies, spanlals
and Jox terrier puppies; also youngrtame
squirrels and moukeys- SCHftllD'S JJIRD
BTORE, 712 12th st nw. my7-tf,em
FOR SALE Pend-water heater, smoke
stack (30 inches diameter, 70 feet high),
water-tubo holler f0 horse power), and
two power transmitters; all in first class
condition; no reasonable offer refused.
Apply.to G.C. THOMPSON. Chief Engineer
J'unty Ice .Co., Armory place, near 5th
and L sts. nw. ,. Ce25-tC
FOR ENT Store and dwelling. .719
7th st. nw.; cheap. Apply to owner,
1734 Tth at. aw. mylG-Tt
Do you know that you can have the Morn
ing, -Evening and Sunday Times delivered at
your residence, for fifty cents a month?
i-'wu, diuMi.; u. a. iavui Tiainlng Statl'i', 1
d,T,y"'.rC R,J-: -HrouWro. N. f.; Phlla
del ihia.; and X-viuzim Itlaud, 1'a.. Anna
V 'Us, Md.; U'ashingcon. D. C; Norfolk, Va.: I
",','' uV-Mii c-; '" tbliuul. Cal.;Hiem- 1
mw V. ""'; il Ssltka, Alaska. Blank
I'.wi l'";;ltJo"s ",KI l,roi'-ii an be obtained 1
iiHl st;.ndard i-Mimnii.. ,.nn.i,....i
ii'un (
SALE Slian Tor' t-fil hnrlwr u-m.
family; newlj ruteil2-eiiair burbei autp;
int leasing trade; retitiaee. including buite
?.,..! ?""1 ',lltadIl- for lKlit houhekeepiiig;
ownei about . u enttr otuer buslmx, Ad-drtf.-,a
lo.sc., this--office myls-3t
59Fiaavenw.Dh.7 mis 55,000
147 andl49 Piercestnw,rh,6rms.. 5,000
a- L st-nw.bluo mis..... 3,500
,.?. an(I3340T st nw,r h, G mis. .2,600
.1,.',! Ring place ne, 0 rms 2,000
.ii.l O stsw.bji.orms 2,000
irrr vvyllo bt ne. rms 1,050
JH:H!t" stnw.r h,4rms .., 1,550
.,? K Ht 8e r " 5 rls 1.500
,;.'M.. Ht sw r h, 5 inib 1,400
1020SCnpltolst,bh,5iiiiH 1,350
1,-rttol2(iScotfsalleyne,bh,4im8. 1,200
414 JU. t se, f Ji, 5 this 1,000
Store anddwg, 17th, betECupandA
. sis-.... ; i)00o
4 alley, 12th and 13th, T and U sts
.w 1,000
jr ' , Q t nw, r h, 5 mis l.ooo
000 lOtli stne. rh, 0 ims 1,000
Alley bft 4 1-2 and Glh.il and I sts
-. 900
Jalley.butNCapandlsi.O andP sts
UM- b00
039 20th st ne, t h, 4 uns 000
-., irr rt
7th st, bet T and W nw SI 25
N st bet 23d and 24th aw 1 25
1 Jit, bet 3.'d and 34th nw 75
lth st, bet E Cap and A m 75
D st, bee lath and llith sts 11 w. 0
Lintblcimi place. U'taist and 32d ots. 4b
Iv. st, bet 13th and 14th sts se .30
Nw cor 18th and A su se 30
b st, bet 33d and 34tii t nw 30
1102 N II ave inv, 9 rms, fur., 55;
iiururnislied, , ...S35 00
1003 7thstnw,7 rms....- 10 00
50 lv st ne, 0 rms 17 00
911 11th bt nw, 8 rms 22 00
1383 F stne,. 0 rms 10 35
1014 3d stne, stable, 0 rms 15 30
9iy 30 btjnv.5 rms 1G 30
007 N .st nw, G rms 15 40
1 115 Sampson st nw, 5 rms 15 00
55 Derreesst nw, rms 14 50
9l and 921 Ua avc se, 0 rms 10 30
3109 ittaw, 0 rms 12 50
2l04 7tn hkiiw, (! rms 1200
923 Ga avc se, Oriiw... 10 00
410 S Cap ot sw, G rms 12 00
1010 aud 1018 Covington st nw,
4 rms 10 00
02a and 030 aid ave sw, 4 rms -.. II 80
1311 and 1310 Union stsw. Grins.. 10 30
208 Brooks court nw, 5 rms 9 30
2112, rear 2211 7i.li stnw 7 00
The above Is only a portion or the prop
erty on my books. For rull list call at of
lice Tor buller-n tsued-n tn 1st and 15th.
917 F st. nw.
FOR SALE-Great bargain; new G-room
and bath, buy window, press brick; not
and cold water; latrobes; slate mantels; pa
pered; lot 17x105 to 30-iout alley; price,
only )j2.,.30: terms to suit. Apply next
door, 535 Ky. ave. se. ii:yij-2t-eni
FOR SALE Own your own home By
pnyiug 555 casn and 91 O per month tc
Ciiu be accomplished, and you won't miss
the money; nearly new aud linelv papered
-'-story lrame, with about 2,000 lee t of
ground; Jine p.irkiue;. large porch; hydrant
water at kitchen .door; stable; :io-lt rear
allej; within 1 squares electric car hue;
east of. Eineolu Park; 111 an Improving
t-wuuu or euv- Price, 51.425; title pur
led. O. M. BRYANT, Warder building,
9th and P sts. myi.s-:tt-em
FOR SALE With S-iuO Invested I can SOU
you a Hrookiand house less than co.-t,
that will net you 10 1-2 per cent. E. E
PERKINS, G05 Gth st. nw. mylS-3t
FOR SALE -A weil-buttt brick house; all
mod. imps and newly papered and paint
ed, with stable to public alley. Apply on
premises, No. 1609 8th st. nw. myl-tf
FOB HALE A beautiful new nuuse; 0
Looms un.t bath.souti. front: wittimono
Fquarn cable cars; price only 54,000; a
little cash and balance $10 monthly and In
terest, lakes it thta v,ffi JOHN P.
PAKET. 1411 J fit. maiy-tr-em
FOR RENT-Special price; 1149 1st st.
nw.. b Koms. a. 111. 1.; perfect order;
Old v s.ld.50 W. C. DUVALL, 925 F ht.
l-Ol: RENT SlG.aO; to small jamlly, new
G-room brick, all in. i.; Just papeied; con
6iete st., near three car Rues; chuichesand
schools; line neighborhood. Emerson st.
ue. inquire at 1300 myl9r3c
FOR RENT $30.50 will rent 131 F st
nw ; 9 rooms and batu; house in first
class condition; suitable for two ramilies.
JAMES RAOAN, Owner, 042 E ne.
FOR RENT -4 10 Q st. nw.; improvements
finished: .house open for inspection; 6
rooms, liaHs., not water, range, bath, .gas;
parking, large yard, house arranged for
two families; rent $20. myl8-3t
FOR RENT A nice 5-room house on Huron
bt, neai Columbia road: special induce
ments H. W. COFFIN, Washington Loan
and Trust Bldg. mylfc-;3t
POR RENT $32 per mo.; 1318 Cor-oian
st; S rooms and stable; key 132 l Cor
coran Inquire of OWNER, 1410 P st,
or 3301 13th st. nw. mylh'-3t
POR SALE A nice 2-story house; 8 rooms;
cellar, bay window, hore barn, carnage
house, woudhoase, clucken-house and yards;
1rnit of all kinds, 2 acres land:, hi village
of Herndon, Fairfax county, Ta. AMOS
K.. HALL. myP7-3t,em
POR RENT No. GOO 15th St. ne.; G rooms;
coucruted cellar; pressed brick front;
baj window; and all m. i.: only $15.20
pur month. P. J. DIEUDONNE, Ohio Na
tioual Bank Building. inyl6-3t
FOR BENT- 813 39; G-rcom, brick, GS6
4th st. ne W L. AMIGER, 934Ebt nw.
FOR RENT 405 and 407 3d st. sw.. six
room brick; water; in splendid condition;
to desirable colored tenants; $13.50 each.
Apply 942 K bt. nw. npl-tfem
WANTED A modern brick house: bay
window; about 7 or 8 rooms; northwest;
rent about $80; permanent tenant LEE,
this office. myl8-3t,em
FOR HIRE To drummers .and business
men, horse aud buggy or Dayton, $2
per day, nud special prices for pleasure
driving. Apply to the REX STABLES,
rear 015 E at. nw.; telephone call, 109.
FOR HIRE At prices -to suit 'the times,
horses, carnages, and wagons; all styles;
also board horses by the day. week, or
AND HARNESS CO., 927 D fct- nw.
July 1 to August 31, 1897. Couirj In
cluuos 80 lectures by Mr. Justice ilurian,
of U. S. SupremeCourt. For catnloguead
dress Jl. C. MINOR, Secretary,
inyl0-13t-eod CharlottesUlle, Va.
Unredeemed Bicycles Unredeemed bicy
cles at 1-3 value; just received from the
storage warehouses or the Manhattan Loan
& Storage Co., Philadelphia, aud now on
sale at our salesroom, 434 9th st. nw.;
450 unredeemed high-gcade, brand-new
bicycles, such as 1896 Syracuse, 1897
Liberties, 1895 Ramblers and Tictors;
also 1897 Delmr's World Snndow, for
ladies, gents and children; also high-grade
tandems, sundries and parts; we exchange
and buy outright: salPsrooms open ever.v
nlglit. .NEW -XORK CYCLE CO., 434
9tu at. nw. myls-Gt
POR SALE Cheap, bicycle; weight so
pouuds: in perleec condition, Tor $23.
Address 'MAC, this office. niyl8-at
Unredeemed -bicycles at one-third value;
Columbias, Syracuse, Pacers, Ramblers,
Spaldings, March, Worlds, Flyers, Niaga
ras, Shirk, Liberty aud Tictors, and other
prominent makes for ladies, gentlemen and
children; new and sccond-linnd; sundries
and parts. Salesrooms open evenings. Wo
also exchangeor buy outright and taken on
storage. NEW YORK CYCLE CO., 434 Oth
st. nw. myl2-7t,em
Its magnificent location on the prin
cipal residence avenue ol" the city,
Massachusetts, and 45th st. n..w., in
conjunction -with tho AMERICAN
IONS cxpendituretfor its marblcpnl
accs, carries conviction everywhere.
Apply for-Jots to HOWARD P. JOHN
SON, Wash. 'Loan and Trust Bldg.,
Room 34. my It- f
FOR SALE One lot at Falls Church and
one at Kensington; half price. Address
U. P., this office. my 17:3 t-em
FOR SALE 2 lots at Columbia Park.
Inquire 608 Tcnn.ave. ue. myi7r3tcem
From Station, 13 1-2 St. fc l'u. Ave.
in crrcct Aiay 9, 1897.
For Alexandria (week days), G: 30, 7:05,
ex.; 7.36, a;uo, ex.; 8:30, ex.: 9:00. 950,
G.rfO,7:oo. 8:00.9:00, 10:00. 11.-0 p. m
l-or .Mount Vernon aud Way Stations
(week days), 0:30, 10:05, 11:00 a. m.
1.06, 1.1.0, j;o5, 3-O0. 4:o0, -1:15 p. in.
lor Mount Vernon and Way Stations,
Sunday only), 0. 30, i:00, 11:00 a. in.
:90, 4:00 p. in.
i,Kor. AfHngti and Aqueduct Bridge
Vjeek days), ;oo. 8:30, 9:00. 10:05,
h1?,?0'110 " 1:20. 1:15, 2:05.2:40.
J: 00, 3:30, 4:00, 4:15, 5:20, G:05, G:25,
7.00, a.oo p. m.
ivA!or. Ar"Stou and Aqueduct Bridge
SuiiUay om), a.oo, 9.00, 10:00 10:30,
7 mH0',11130 a- - 1:00 noon. 12:30,
i'vH' i':iU' -:00 -:. 3:00, 3:30, 4:00,
5 3), 5;oo, 5:30, 0.00. 0:30, 7.00, 8:00
P. in.
btiggajj checked Tree for passengers
huldtug rirst-ciaw, tickets at Station. Ei-
cjclea. 5 cents eacli. U. E. ABBOT.
than ours, lou can't una anyone who
will do better work Aud theie are no
prices so low as ours. Think ol 52 up lor
papering rooms. P. U. NOLTE, 810 9th st.
No braiiclu myl9-t
ElftE htatue8 for month ot May at II. C.
LANCASTER'S Catholic cook store. 12
l"linw myl8-3t-ern
A PROMINENT Wartilngton business man
is tlie owner of a irnctoflandiu the very
ceuter of tlie new oil field in W. Va.; wells
have been and are being bored all around
this properiy; m every instance producing
oil lu enoriiAius quantities; It is pi oposed to
organize a i-mali syndicate for its develop
ment; fortunes are being made by hundreds,
and a few dollars invested in this syndicate
will bniigyuu thousands. All Interested ad
dress OIL, this orrice. mylS-3t
TRUNKS REPAIRED If you have a tiunk
that needb "fixing"' up, mall postal and
we will call for it. First-class work and
leasonable prices. TRUNK FACTORY.
723 7th St. nw-. myl8-0t
1 WONDER who pays the highest prices
lor gentv eait-orr clothing: drop postal.
SAUL BROS., 923 D st.nw. myl5-3mo
feiAUilTLl worn, Jirst ciacs tailor-made
clothing at hair price: better than some
new onus: mil-dress sjits to lure, only SL
J. COHEN, 1104 7th St. aw.
AT IDE Business Ofrice of The 'lliiiea
you will nuu Window Cards or all de
sert prions "1 able Board," "Furnished or
i'urin&ueU Booms, With or Without
P.Orf rd. ' "Furnished Rooms.. With Board,"
'Furnished Rooms." Five cents is the
price or ccli card- apzi-tr
TO INVENTORS, expert mechanics; mod
erate prices; repairing bicycles F AE
RO WARMS CO., 31513th st. uw. myj G-3t
1,000 WHITE ENVELOPES printed S1."2B.
LUW-PRiOE PKlNTlNli CO., 031 F ht.
nw. myl 6-7 t-em
WAISTS cut by S. T. Taylor system, 50c.
Leshous given In this system Repair
ing done Main bell, 505 Mass. ave. nw
MAY S Furniture Stores, 2100 14th and
1129 1 st. uw.
EXPERT uplfoisterers. Mattress making
and inattreoses for all; remake with new
best tick, s-4.50: cleaning old ilcU and hair
and remaking, 53.
OLK new rtverMhie mattress, with lest
tick, S3.50; cannot be equaled elsewhere
ri S7 Chairs caned irum 50c; perfor
ated seats, 25c.
1-URMTtTRL repaired and upholstered.
Removing ami pacuugor shipment care
fully executed.
irCL.N.c c-xpressed promptly on shortest
CARPETS cleaned by our process, re
laid and taken up.
FUJK.S aud Jugs stored In specially pre
pared room.
PUICES ace jnodecate and work equal to
the best. my7-tf
FURNITURE jnoved; largest 2-norse.load,
S2 50; l-horse loads. $1.25; pianos, $2;
furniture jiacked and snipped; experienced
323 4 1-2 st. nw. "Phono 19G0.
HINTUTG-l.OOOBusIness Cards, 65
"ceuts. W. D. DAWSON, fa07 Sth at. aw.
PRINTING Business cards T-oc. per 1,000:
other printing eaually as cbep: maga
ziues bound for 50c. ; miscellaneous books
re-bound, paper ruling, etc. u t. WIL
LIAMS. 015 7th scow fcG-tf.ein
Dr. Leatherrnan,
Medical and Surgicnl Specialist,
Treats allFormsof Private Diseases
Bladder X)iaea&ea, jtiluod E'iseut.ea,
Kiduey Di&euae, -Sltiu Di&eii&es,
Spec! ill .Diseases, jayurocele,
Syphilitic Iliriuuse.. Varicocele,
Stricture, Impoteuey,
Ad vice nud Consultation Free. Both
Hours, 9 ito 12, 2 to 5- Tues., Thurs.
and Sat evenings, 7 to 8. No. 602 F
nw- (Closed Sundays.)
FOR ADOPTION-A nice, healthy baby
girl to responsible parties. Address A
B., this office. myl8-7C
SPIRITUALISM Mrs. Zoller, medium:
seances Wednesday evening; interviews
daily. 813 Gthst. nw.,bct.H and I. it
WE WANT the attention or the working
man, we have a line lot ot suits (not
much worn) made by the best tailors,
that we can sell for less money than new
cotton ones-. JUSTU'S OU) STAND, 619
D bt nw. myl8-7t
Cor. 12th
and F Sts.
Treats successfully all diseases ot the
Brain and Nervous System, Diseases of the
Blood, Skin. Stomach, Kidneys and Blad
der, Night Losses. Sexual Yeakness,.Strict
ure, Varicocele. Hydrocele, Syphilis, and
all Private Diseases of either sex. Con
sultation and Urinary Analysis free
Hours 10 to 12 and 3 to 5. Closed Sun
days and evenings.
telegraphic medium, scientific palmist, and
caru render, tells your till) name, re
veals your past, describes the present and
foretells your future life; also telLs about
business deals, law suits, love (affairs,
family troubles, reunites the separated,
brings quarrels all right, removes spells,
causes marriages, and gives good luck,
eta; always .at borne, 925 II st. nw.; fee
25c, 50c, $1.; satisfaction guaranteed
or no charge. myl 6-1 mo
MME. FRANCIS gives life rrom cradle to
grave; sittings 25c and 50c; hour3,
9 to 9.J3Q2 E. Cap. st. myl8-St
GYPSY QUEENFortune teller; ladies,
50c: gentlemen, SI; (no sign;. Removed
to L212 list. nw. myl0-7t
MME. RETTA, card reader; know vour
fortune; 25c. and 50c 523 13th st.'nw.
MME. ESTELLE, Medium, tells past, pres-
entand future; cures all diseases. Hours,
9 to 10 no admittance after 91,", 19th
Btnw. myll-l4t-cm
UlO-i'n. Ave. A. v., WtusliJiigton, JJ, C,
Spccialistin chronic nnd.private diseies.
Piles, Stricture, Hydrocele, Gout, Catarrn
Dyspepsia, .Blood Poison cured, Vitality re
stored. Consultation free and confidential
to both sexes. Daily, 9 to 12, 3 to G.
900 3? Street Northwest.
Gold .fillings and bridge work a spe
cialty, at tlie lowest price: amalgam rul
ings, 50c; full sets or teeth on plates S3;
extracting, either by gas or local spray,
absolutely painless. 50c; without, 25c; all
work done by experts and guaranteed tho
.best: open .ou Sundays from 10 to 3
o'clock. mh22-tf
BclentIfi?polmlst and card reader; know
-your fate and fortune; opemdally; German
spoken; 25a, and 50a U29 H st. nw.
my 8-1 me
LADIES needing confidential treatment,
a sure and safe relief in all woman'a
complaints and irregularities. Gold medal
awarded for the science or obstetrics from
tho University of Munich-Bavaria Strict
ly confidential MRS. .DR. -KENNER, No.
8 7th st. no., near East Capitol st, Wash
ington, -D. AH
-.vfu.u.v., ja:uu, j.i:4&, a. in. x.u.,
i.o, i:i5. i:4n. 2:05. ex.: 2:40. 3:00,
ex.: 3.30, ft:oo, ex.; 4:15, ex.; 4:45, 5:05,
r',ex.;5:40, 0:05, ex.: G:25. 7:00, B:00,
J:00, 10:00, 11:20, 11:59 p. m.
,. ..r -Alexandria (Sunday only), 8:00,
9:90, 10:00, lu:30, 1100, 11:30. a. m.
h.'utm- l-:ao, 1:00, 1:30. 2:00, 2:30,
3-IUl :cm ,.i .'..... .ti -.'in end
1 KESS Parlor and Dining Cars, Harris
burg to Pittsburg.
i7hSr,.Mn,SI?i'nInS' ""?:. Smoking and
Observation Cars, Harrisburg to Chicago,
i?.i ""a,u Jnd'anapohs. St. Eouls, Cleve
ilarrisbur iJUriUt 1,ar,or Car to
1Ui"h, A1" KT link I'ullman Burret
t'-xr m,.;,L. lia"isourg. uurret rarior
rr,,.lltt.rnsuurE to Pittsburg.
.40 I . M. t'HJl'AUO AND ST. LOUIS
Express - Sleeping Car Washlngtoa
r. vLoY1?' nua keeping and Dininc
TSff harrisburg to St. Louis, A'ashviUe
1 H.u. Cllci""ati; and Chicago.
......i v.-iJ1 ,,xrr---i ..1 -lss Puu-
in,? M.cV,,.ln,R Car to ""aourg. Chicago.
TV? ,l 1Jrisburg xo Cleveland. Dinulg
Car to Chicago.
m,,"vm,'tn lejUng Cars Washington to
u!'8jJ"r- aE' Darrisburi; to St. Loul3
nf1".1 c.lncpn-tL DmlngCar.
,".. U" 'AWHU EJ'RESS-PuU--
r n b,l,et"ulnK Car to Fittotmrg.
' r'AV I- tor a.ane. anandaigua, ICochcs-
Sund ftl&gara rails daiiy, except
:ti."$Ji." " T?r ir nd cnovo dally.
fiSp o bnV.ajr- Kor Luct Haven week
V 'Si Whliamsporc Sundays, 3:40
7H?.rr1';nJi-0.r V.'llliamsport. itoclicster.
l.: ? aDQ J,a?ara Falls daily, except
Saturday, with Sleeping Car Washington
Vr t.rJ,or lusia' Cttnandalgua, Roches-?-...?W0,
,?,ud -K'oeara Falls dady.
..?... '.itK ("tr Washinpton to Elmira.
lul itiiiadelpoia, ew xoru, ana
in.r?' rUal,y, -" Paxlor Cars, with Din
111I. ,Ir,?m Irnore. Regularat 7.00
dnnitIa1"1,'J,( "lalaK Car rrom Wit
mlngton) A. Jd. 12.45, 3.15, 4.20. 50,
minVntt"11"3 r--- tn Sunday.7.oJ
HrIlrro5,n1'nton) A.M.. 12.15,3.157
7.Tm ,0".50' lo-u0 -Dl il.3ri p.ju. For
PhlladelpiHa only. Fast Express.SO A.
m !Te.?k. J8- Express 12.15 F.
mi T-eolf. aayS XM1 - y. m-
7 rnl K?r -ai8Wn. without change.
dally lars' aad 4-20 p- :M-
Jr, A"t,ant,ic City (via Delaware River
,...'"" 1 -wu. i.iiv.-a uti. y.iiu.
J-00. iO-BO and" 11.00 ' a "m., 12.15,
.45, 12.50, 2.01, 3.15, 3.40 (4.00 IRn-
lteI, iiu. 4.o. 0.40. o in 1; F.11 t it.
10.00 10.40. U.UB and 11.35 p. sal
On touuday, 7 00. 8.00. 9 00. 9.05. io.50;
, mV a," m,V Xr iG-li5- Z-W. 3-lG, 3.40,
(4.00 limited. 4.20, 5.40, 6 15 6 CO
(.10. 10.00, 1H.40 and 11 35 p. m ' '
J-or l'ope s CreekLine.7.50 a-in. and 4 30
;. in. dailv, except JSunday.
lor Annapolis. 7.00. 9.oo a. m.. 12 15
anu l 20 p. xa. daily, except Sunday
Sundays. 9.0b a. on. .a-d dup m.
Atlantic Coast Line Expcoss for Flor
ida ami points on Atlantic Coast
Line. 4.30 a. ir., 3 40 p. m. dailv;
Richmond only.io.57 a. in, weekdays
Atlanta Special, via Richmond and Sea
board Air Line. 4.40 p. m daily. Ac
commodation for Quaimco. 7.45 a. m
and 4.25 p. m. weeKdavs.
Tiiket office;, curej J-ltteenth and O
streets, and at the station. Sixth and B
streets, wiiuri- orders tuai he lert Tor cheek
ing or baggage to destination rrom hotels
and residences.
J B. HUTCHINSON. General Manager
J. R. V. OOD. Ueceral 1 assonger ilgnnE.
Schedule In effect May 16, 1897.
J-eaie Washington fru:u ric.r., . ..rner ot
New Jersey avenue and C street.
F01 Onvcago ana Actuv..t, V-estioulea
Limited trains, 10;00. 11:46 a. m., 8;05
p. m.
For Cincinnati, St. LouisandJndlanapoUa.
Express, 11:45 u ,m. VesUbided Limited
3:40 ,p. m , express 11 :30 p. ru.
For Pittsburg and c.eiv-ftaiid. oxpress
Catiy, I0:tiu a- m. and .5 p. u-
For Columbus, Toledo aud Detroit, 11:30
p. m.
lur Winchester and way stations, 3:40
and :&.ao p. m.
For New Orleans, Memphis, Birmingham.
Chattanooga. KuosvtUe 'Bristol and
Roanoke, 11:20 p. m. daily; Sleeping Car
For Lurav. 3.40 p m .dally.
For Raltimore. week days, 5.00, G.30,
X7 1)5, X7.10, X7.30, x8 00, S.qo, x9.30.
xio Ol), xl 2.00a. 111 ,xl2 06, 12.10, X12.40,
X3.U0, 3.20, X4.30, 4.35, x.05, X5J0,
X5.3U, X6 20. G SO, x.00, 8.15. X9.20.
11 15, xll 50 p m , und xl2 01 night.
Sundays, x7.05,x7 10, x7 30. 8 30,x.00
a. 111., Xl2.ll5,xl2 40, 1 00, X3.00, 3,20,
4.35. X5.05. X510, 6 30, XS.OO, X9.20,
11 15, xll. CO p m.. X12.01 night.
For Annapolis, 7:10 and 8.30 a m., 12:10
am; L.30 p. m.; Sundays, ti"30 a. m., 4.35
p. ia.
For Frederick, week days, 8.00. U.45
a. m ,4-30,5.30 p.m. Sundays, 9.00 a in.,
1 15 p.
For U
n. m.
agerstown, ilO.OO a. m. and :5.30
For Boyd and way points, week days
8.00 a m ,4.30, p. m. Suudays,
9.00 a. ru., 1.15, 7.05 p. m.
For GaUUerfaburg and way point1?, week
davs, 8.00, 9.00 a. m., 12.50. 3.00, 4.80,
4 33, 5.30. 7.05, 11.40 p. m. Sundays.
9.U0 a. in., 1.15, 4.33, V05. 10.15 p. m
For Washington Junction and way points.
8.00 a. m., 4' 30, 5.30 p. m- week day3,
9.00 a. 111 , 115 p. m. Sundays,
noyal Blue X.ine for Xevr TorU
nnd Plitlndclphia.
Alltralns Illuminated with Pintsch light.
For Philadelphia, New York, Boston, and
the East, week dayp. 7.05, S.00, 10 00 a.
ni., 12.00. (12.40 all Dining Cars), 3.00,
car open at 10.00 o'clock), Sundays, 7 05.
9 00 a. m , (12.40 all .Dining Cars), 300
(5.05iDiulngCar). 12.01 pighf. sfeejiing car
open 10 o'clock Additional trains for
Philadelphia, week days, daily, 8.00 p. m.
Buffetrarlqr Cars ouall day trains.
For Atlantic City, lO.Oo 111.. 12.00
noon, and 12.40 p. m. week days, 12.40
p. in Sundays.
For Cape May, XS noon.
jExce.pt Sunday. xExprcss trains.
Baggage called -for and checked from
hotels and residences by Union Transfer
Co. on orders left at ticket offices, G19
Pennsylvania avenue uw., New Xork
avonue and Fifteenth street, and at depot.
Uen. Manger. Man. of Pass. Traffla
"(Schedule-in effcot May 2, 1897.)
All train.-, arrive uuu ioc a jtm3ivaula
Passenger Station.
8a m.Dav. local Tor Danville. Char
lotte and way stations, connects atJi.tnas-fc-is
for Strasburg. Harrisonburg, and
Staunton, daily, except. Sunday, and
at Eviicliburg with the Norr..lk aal West
ern ilaitv and with the Lhfvape.ikc ana
Ohio, daily, tor the Natural Bridge and
l ll-t5taUm.-Dafly.ihe UNITED STATES
FAST MAIL, -carries Pullman ButfeS
biueyers. New 1'ork and Washington to
Jacksonville, uniting at Salisbury with
I'ullman Sleeper Tor A.shcville and Hcs
Kirinsrs. N. C Knoxville. Chattanooga and
-NnsiiviUe.Tcnn .andatOhurlottewitli Pulli
niMi Sleeper for Augusta. Pullman Buffet
fil"ener New York to New Orleans, connect-ln-
at Atlanta ror Birmingham and Mem
11 . i-.il. 1 ' " '-- ""- ' iM'W
Orleans without change. Sunset personaUy
-onductod tourkt excrrblonthiougn steeper
Sintlils train every Saturday to ban Frau
0"-) without change.
4 01 P i- iLoculiorFront.Eoyai, stros
biir" and lintrisonbiug,w-lthcmnectiou.for
iBtuunton, dally, except Sunday.
4 61 p. m uatij.iucul lor cuarlottea-
T10 43 P. mDally. WASHINGTON AND
rPED. composed at Fnllmun Yi.tibuled
Bleeoers. dining cars and day coaches.
'I'ullman sleepers Neiv York to Nash
;vllle Tenn , via Ashevllle, Knox11Io
and Chattanooga". Now 1'ork to Tampa,
vm Cluirloue, .Colubia. b:i;anna.'i and
ern -Railway .dining car, Greensboro to
ULVISION leave Washington 9:01 a. m.
daily. 1:00 p. ta. and 4:45 p. in. daily, ex
cent Sunday, and G:25 p. m. Sunday ouly
for KoundIlill;4.32 p. 111. daily, exceptSutt
dav for Leesburg, and G 25 p. m. aaily fol
lleindon. Returning, arrive at Washing
ton 8:2U a m. aud -8:40 p. ni. daily and
3:00 p. m. daily, except Sunday, from
Round Hill unu j o a- u,!,.),.,
Sunday, rrom Herndon, and h:ai a. i.
flailv except Sunday, rrom Leesburg.
Through'trains from the South arrive as
Washington 6.42 a. m.. 2 20 p. in., and
9 25 p. m. daily. Harrisonburg. 12:40 p.
in , and y-25 p. in daily, except Sunday.
-UdS 30 a. ii,.. dally, irt..u ti.niuiUt-Yiiie.
Tickets, sleeping car reservation, aud In
formation rurnished at offices, 511 .and
1300 Pennsylvania avenue andatPenasyl
Tnnla Railroad Passenger Station.
V. -LI. UICEEl, uen. supt.
j. M. Cti.L.1, xrartio MuiinRer.
w. A. Tuitii, Oeo. la.ss. Agent.
' 1 S.Jlrovn, Uen. At. 1'asis. xep
WANTED For cash.all kinds of old United
States p'osbige anddcpartnicut stan:p
collections also bought. H. F. DUNE
RORJBT, lQ05 7.tht. iiw iUiyO-Xt
Jacksonviue; o" " - -':w.i.a, .1
Biimliigliam; New xork to New Orieuna,
vi 1 Atlanta and Montgomery Vestlbulcd
VA.. Jt"4h wnahlnirtan toAOanta. South-

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