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National Geographic Society's Ex
cursion to the Blue Itiilgc.
Exploration of the Historic Itetrlou
of Bull Hnn and Alnna-sns Gap.
ZUujor Hotcliliiss Lecturo.
Tlic members of the National Geographic
Society, accompanied by many of their
friends, bpent yesterday amid the lavHi
charms or the Blue Ridge. A special train,
elegantly appointed, conveyed them from
thlo oity at 9 o'clock yesterday morning
oer the Southern Railway, airiving at
Linden, Manassas Gap, at 11:30
After leaiug the bottom lands of the
Potomac the train abcended the v alley of
Cameron Run, and soon left this to ascend
the plateau; thence up and down oer
the rolling surface of the Piedmont pla
teau, whom; summit has an elevation of
350 feet; thence westward to Thorofare
Gap, in Hull Run Mountain, over red
Mesooic sandstones and shales, and then
thiourh tl.e mountaiii itself, with all lib
tragic recollections of the din and clamor
of war
Finally the locomotive, puffing and
panting, climbed up the Blue Ridge to
Linden, v. heie the partj disembarked and
forthwith proceeded to discuss a sumptuous
repast in evidence near the depot.
This accomplished, MaJ Jed Jlolchklss,
the famous old "pathfindci," gave an
eloquent bketch of the war history or the
region, and Mr M. R. Campbell, in an
interesting address, called attention to
the phjsical geography of the neighbor
hood At 1 o'clock Beveral of the party as
cended Mount Monteiej, en the north of
the gap, 900 feet above the station, and
1 frOO feet above the sea, -while others
ventured to climb High Knob, on the
bouth, 2,400 leet aboe the sea
rroni then points extensive and magni
ficent; iewN were obtained, especially to
the wet ward. In this direction lay the
Shenandoah Valley, stretching to the north
east, is far as the eje could leach.and to
the est wni d across to the North Mountain
Through it, meandoilug in great curves,
rould be traced Shenandoah Rier and the
north and southbianches, and betwe-n these
ttreams were seen the strange forms of
Masauntten Mountain, enclosing a canoe
shaped -v alloy. To the eastward stretched
the brokcacountrytothcBull Run Mountain,
and beyond that the undulating surface of
the Piedmont Plateau.
The train lert on the return trip at 4
o'clock, arriving in this city at 7 p m
Among those who engageo in the trip
were the follow lng: Mr and Mrs. Gannett,
Mr. Everett Hayden, secretary of the
tociety, Mr. William T Powell, Mr. Weston
Flint, Miss Gertiude E. Kelsey, Miss Ellen
r. Goodwin, Mr Gregolre do Wollant.ot !he
Russian legation; Hon. and Mrs A. Mc
Creary, Mr. and Mrs. Darius Green, Mr.
'Niels Groa, Mr. W. H. Veerhoffs and Miss. S
Veerhoffe, Mr. and Mrs Henry W. Taj lor,
Mr and Mrs. A. L Sturtevaut.Mr. William
A. Smethtiurst, Mr and Mrs. Price C.
Claflin, Mr Henry Melville Chapman Dr.
Louis W. Engster, Mr. Allan Da-vis, Mr.
C. W LiPle.MifsM. Little. Mr D. T Meit
w ago, Mr andMraW. H Peunell.Mr and
Mrs George Patten Whittlesey, Mrs. Rice,
Mr. and Mi s. A. S. Perham, Mr. B J. Coylc.
Mr Thomas Kirby, Mr. H. Miller, Major
Spiers, Mr W. H. Butler, Mr. B. G Camp
tell and Miss Campbell, Mr. W. M. Pea
body, Mr C. K. Weed, Dr. and Mrs. Baker,
Mr and Mrs. J. C. Brown, Mr. P. L. Yates,
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Brown, Prof and Mrs.
J. C. Gordon, Mr. E. L Peck, jr, Mr W. H.
Wells, Mr. Collin Studds, Mr. S. 0. 11111
burn, Mr J. B Castle, Mr. L A. A. Thurs
ton, Mr W. N.Armstrong, Mr. C. G. Wat
Fon, Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Carson, Mr. and
Mis J. E. Wright, Prof. J. W. Chickering,
Mi and Mrs H B. Blair, Mr B Daly, Mr
E C Lloyd, Mr. and Mrs C. W Cross,
lir and Mrs. J. L. Dillcr, Mr. and Mrs
W II . Sciman, Mr. T. B Bucll, Miss E V.
Triepel, Dr. T. F. Hance, Hon. C H. Gros
venor, Miss Helen Caunon, Mr and Mi.
E. 3 Chauber, Mr and Mrs. W. R. Camp
bell. Mr and Mrs. H. Farquhar, Mr. and
Mrs L Kohl, Major and Mrs C S. Wilson,
Col II. T. Blount, Gen. J. J. Reynolds,
Hon J. G. Cannon, Dr. D. J. Kelly,
Mr H H. Bergman, Mr. I. B. Noyes,
Hon M. N. Johnson, Mr. F. M. Barber,
Mr and Mrs L A. Simon, Di.E. A Clark,
Rev S L. Brjant, Dr. H.B. Deale, Dr. I).
T Day, Prof. W. J. McGee, Mr and Mrs.
N' T) Srrry, Mr. William A. Dc Calndry,
Prof M Swartzell, Mr. F. A.Lester, Mr.
Ill V. Baldwin and Mi. William J. Wallis.
The committee of arrangements -was as
fellows' Henry Gannett, W J. McGee,
David T. Day, John B. Wight, MnJ. Jed
Hotchkisp, Di D. C. Gilman, W. B. Clark,
Mrs Charles D.Walcott, Mrs Geoige West
lnghouse, Miss Elsie Bell, Mrs Phoebe
Hearst, Mrs A. W. Greely, Mrs. Eppa
Huuton, Jr , Mrs. Arnold Hague and Mrs
George II Williams.
ERATIONS that make people 10 to 20
years younger looking; also operations for
the correction of projecting or ill-shaped
ears, noses, and all Facial Deformities.
s& ,
Kal removes -wrinkles.
No. 2 removes "crow's feet."
No 3 sets the ears closer to the head.
No 4 operation for the cuic of catarrh.
No. 5 reduceb the bagginess of the chin.
No C reduces nostril partition.
No. 7 removes the hump on the nose.
No 8 removes "slack" from drooping
No. 9 straightens a crooked nose wall.
No. 10 produces a oimple in the cheek.
JgIibB. Woouljary Dermatologleal iistiiuls
New Tork, 127 W 42d st : Phlla., 130G
Walnut st; Boston, 11 Winter St.; Chi
cago, 163 State st.
Address letters to 127 West4.2dst , N. T.
NERVOUS TROUBLES, all kinds, cured
With AMMAL. EXTRACTS 1'reo Book
tells how. Wash'n Chemical Co . Washing
ton. D. a
o . -k. ,-.-. ism. o
J It's Going to Be Hot
J this summer. Last summer will
be cool compared to it so the
a weather prophets say. Better get
those electric fans rigged up in
vour office and home at once.
4 We'll supply the motive power
J U. S. Eleotr-c Lighting Co.,
5 213 14th st. nw. 'Phone, 77.
- -b.Tfo'M- 'W
Do you know that you can have the Morn
ing, Evening and Sunday Times delivered at
1eur residence for fifty cents a month?
ft I ix M 1
V " "s.m
The World of Business.
"Wall Street Yesterday.
New York, May 22 The returns of the
New York custom house for the week
ehow a finther falllug off in impots
and therefore substantiate the assuilon
that the extraordinary linpoits of over
$18,000,000 two weeks ago was the
culmination of the mo-vemcut to antlclpite
the effects or the tariff meisare now
uudcr discussion In Congress. The de
crease in imports as compared with last
week is over $1,000,000, and as compared
with the previous week mora than $7,000,
000. On the other hand the exports of
mcicbandibo are gradually increasing
It must not be inleired, however, that
th' decided change in the foreign mer
chandise movement foreshadows a cessa
tion of shipments of gold This Is the
time ot j ear when a laige amount of
commercial credits aic ordinuiily sclMcd,
and this jear they are laigei than usual
because of the phenomenal impoits of
mcichandlse leferred to above. Account:
must also be taken of the fact that a num
ber of European governments, particularly
Russia and Austria, are willing to pay
what amounts to a tmull pieniium on gold
to Inciease their holdings of that metal.
This explains the shipment of 1,200,000
today, and the engagement by a Poston
banking house of 5500,000 for shipment
on Tuesday next.
There has been no change this week In
the character or the dealings on the Stock
Exchange. The proposed investigation of
the anthracite coalcompanlcs under 1 he new
anti-trust laws passed by the last legls
latuie, has resulted in lower pries Tor
Jerey Central and one or two others of
the coal stocks The extent or the decline
in Jersey Central, however, would Eeem to
indicate that -peolal causes have influenced
the fellers or that stock. The lemalndor of
the lln- Is in the main higher than last
Kidder, Peaborty & Co , of Boston, will
export to Germany on the steamer Trnve,
sailing fiom this port on Tuesday int,
$500,000 in gold This will mako the
total cviKirt since the present export move
ment began, $13 60 1,47 1
New Yoilc Stock Market.
Corrected d-dly by W. B nibhs & Co.
Bankers and Brokers, members of the N
Y. Stock Echnnger 1-127 F street
O". IIMi Kow.CIos.
Amorlc-ui Spirits 10J 10,',' Mi 10X
Americin Still Its. pfd
Am. Fugti Refinery. ... UXH "81; IIR9i 1T3-S,
American Migir. pfd... lony 101K 10 X Wi
Americiii Tobacco O'- 'OH Gi? 70
AtcUiPim Ton. .. S. F.. 10'.' WK 104 0?
Atcli..To".-uulS.r.prd.. 10 193S 19tf 1
American Cotton Oil
rt-iltimnre A-Ohio UJ2 12 113.' 12
B-vy State Gas
Cun da 1'acitic
Canada Soutliprn -
Chesapeake A. Ohio
O C I' X t 1
Chicago. Bur." A, Quliicv. T4" 7 V Yi" fiCI
Cbicigo A. Northw'n
Chicago Gas MX SI?,' MY 61
M.anUbr. I ' 4X 'i'i 7-1
C. R. I. ami I- f3j H t8Sj
Consolidated Gas
Del.. Lac A. Wet
Delaware i Hudson.... 10i 03i 10. U2",
Erio 7
GonoralClcctilc 30,'.' W'A 30 30
UliiioiB Central
Lako Shore
Louisville A. Nashville. UX 5tf HJi 15
Met. luction 10G? iOJv,, 10 Jfi lOBV
Maul.attiii oo :5J-J blj ti
Michigan Con...."
Mo. Pacific. 13 13 1.5 IS
M., lC.AT.pfd T, TtU 17J 'SI1,!
National Icad Co
Nat.onal Lead Co .. pfa
New Jersej Central.. ... "lh 7IJ tOJi 5"J,V
New oik Central
Northern Pacific
Northern P.cinc pld.... JWJi 3G M 3fa
Uiitauo A Western -
liciuc Mail '- 'iuj-i 26 VO'j,
l'hlu. A. Rculiug. IS lb 17?,' 17
l'hiladolphia Vi action
l'ulliuau -
boutlium Kailwaj.pfd... Zt C .b 10
'lexas Pacific
J eim. Coal A Iron lbi lb' lbK 1SXA
b. o. Loatner pld 6J? 51 61 W
Wabash pld
WiieeliiiK A L. Lrio
Wcst.Uuiou l'oi. Co 7b? Ibii 77X 74
The long gaps in the tuble tell the 6tory
of the stock exchange yesterday There
was an inordinate dullness after the fhst
few minutes and an absence of anything
except smUl room trading It shows that
people aie afraid to guess the market,
even tnoe who speculate most rashly, in
thefpee ot the uncertainties for thlb weeK
Prices closed slightly higher than Friday
Eom of the factors to be counted in
the equation of the next few days are the
very uncertain Cuban situation, with Us
almost numberless possibilities; the tariff
discussion, which will be taken up in the
Senate; certain Supreme Court decisions
which may come out on Monday, and the
probabilities of larger gold shipments his
It uow looks as if Mr. Reed will force
the House to wait for the President
to act in the Cuban matter. Possibly he
cannot, however. Mr. McKlnlej's next
step is by no means an easy problem to
solve. The story that he and the State
Department have been flatly repulsed by
Spain is probably true. The message
which he I s said now to be preparing may
be scut on any day. That he acts with
personal Integrity cannot perhaps be ques
tioned, but every move in the Cuban game
so far skeins to prove that the Administra
tion Intends that Cuba shall purchase her
and the sugar people $150,000,000. In
thellght of thib Idea, the repulse of our offer
by Spain is a very pretty subterfuge to
keep the people or Spain from open revolt
agiinst the government.
The message soon to appear should,
to follow out this plan, be bellicose in the
extreme. If the President, counselled f he
obtaining- of our desires from Spain by
force, the Spanish government could then
back down with grace before its propl,
who, themselves, would not caro to go
the length or war with us
Then the Administration could "de
mand" that Spain accept the payment of
the enormous Indemnity by the Cubans
and Spain could reluctantlj agree to take
the $300,000,000, which she has no
right to.
The sudden energy of the Congress will
almost surely force the hand of the Ad
ministration. The moves In the game are
likely to come rapidly. The meaning of
this to Wall street will be certainly large
fluctuations, probably a hot decline when
tin message comes, probably a fine rally
when it is known that there will be no
war and that the whole game is simply a
commercial transaction mostly with the
object of benefiting the sugar people,
certainly mistakes by the average specu
lators and certainly profits by the sugar
The talk ot a probable favorable de
cision in the Nebraska maximum rate
case was the principal bullish factor dur
ing the short Eesslon yesterday. The de
cision will be looked for eagerly, and
-w 111 probably have an immediate effect,
though it may have been sufficiently dis
counted by people who have guessed It.
The quarterly report of the New York
Central and Hudson River Railroad Com-,
pany for the quarter ending March 31,
shows the net increase ot the road for
the quarter to be $010,585, as compared
with a net income of $610,055 for the
corresponding quarter of 1896. The re
ports show that the gross earnings were
$9,508,022; operating expenses, $6,451;
975; net earnings, $3,056,040; other in
come, $625,402, and fixed charges, $3;
070,662. The net income of the fiscal
year to date is $2,180,142.
The percentage of costs of operations of
j tbe earnings, excluding fixed charges, was
.:::: ::::
W.ll Be Tour II mc if Located in
Adjoining the AMERICAN UNIVERSITY, at roitj-rifth street and
Massachusetts avenue noithwest, the Boulevard of the Capital City, leading
to where its future growth miiht be and wheieitis assured. Here
center ART, CULTURE and EDUCATION. Their value cannot be
computed by money. Couple them with WEALTH, and jou have
solved the pioblem of domestic lire
The Homeseekers of Wesley Park
Aie assured or the rapid appreciation of their property five, twen
ty, an hundicdrold not only by the growth or the city being in thnt
airectlon, but by the eruption of the magnificent edifices of the
AMERICAN UNIVERSITY, costing ?iu,ooo,oou. These two rncts toupien
togetbei, or evui singly, gives assurance, doubly sure, for tie rise in
value of the lots la Wesley Paik, and these LOTS, at exceptionally
reach or all.
p. s. Like property In certain HectioiiH of tlie North-went
Avliicli sold a few yenrH Mnco at 10 mid 15 eentM per
foot is now -wortti more than from fifteen to twenty
five rimes 1th then -value. It hnd neither tho prospect
nor the opportiinltythat "WESLEY PARK Iiiih today.
You have hut to open your purse-itrlii-;is uiid tho
latch-stiinjiH to a home and an investment, hejond
compare, will he at jour command.
Washington Iioan and
613 Fifteenth St.
Correspondents of
07.80 per cent For tbe same quarter last
j ear tbe percentage was 08.70.
The bear elllng of the coal stooks is
E'ddto be based upon the unfuvot able con
dition of the antnrncite coal trade It Is
chained that this Is not only a. past con
dition, but that It has been fully dibcounted
In the stoclc market Certain shaips be
lieve that the coal business has now turned
the corner of adversity, and that Improve
ment in the earnings of the roads dependent
on this Industry will surely come.
An independent dlstlllei sys the trade j
In ppirlta is oulet, and that prices are just
about on a profitable bais. lie says,
however, that efforts are being made by
outilde parties to break prices
Dew, Jones & Co say of Ruillngton:
Buyers of Burlington have two reai-ous
for thclrfaith The first Is in formation from
the management coming through various
channels In regard to the outlook for the
property. The second Is the hope that the
Supreme Court decision in the maximum
rate case will be In favor of the Toads
Theie could be nothing more important Tor
railway Intciests Just now than a Supreme
Comt decision denjlng to some eMnt
the rightor railway commissioners to make
nrbitiary reduction in rates
One of the ftock market possipers says
that the principal reason which led the
Southern Paciric to make the recent ex
change of lond with Atchibon was the de
Eire to I cucfit Paciric Mail Pacific Mail
is reported to be loaning $600,000 in New
York, and to have $100,000 in London,
$100,000 In San Trancisco, and $400,000
deposited to its own credit.
It owes nothing but current bills and
financially occupies a position probably
shared by no other stock selling at 27.
Kidder, Teabody & Co. will ship next
Tuesday $500,000 in gold to Germany.
There is a continued absence of int.lrte
support in Jersey Central. It seems prob
able thit the stock may be rallied despite
this by the manipulators, possible even by
the bears themsplves The bears believe
Jersey Central Is bound to go down, and It
is pliuslhle that nothing would suit them
better than to see It go back to 75 tem
porarily, in order to put out new lines and
make the 5 points over again.
It is being claimed now for Chicago Gas
that if tho Illinois senate does not pass
the gis bill the courts or a subsequent
legislature will certainly permit consoli
dation. The people who say this put
out the suggestion that tho stock will
meanwhile reach a higher level on its earn
ings and a dividend sale. The present
figuies, however, are tho highest for some
time, if not forever, the shrewdest traders
in gab are telling me.
Mr. Sllsbj's connection with Mr. Lind
blom, the Chicago broker, has undoubtedly
been of great benefit to him Mr. Lind
blcm is recognized as one of the best
authorities on the wheat market, in addi
tion to being a most reliable and satis
factory broker to do business with Mr.
Silsby may congratulate himself several
times a day on having made the combina
tion. Washington Stock lixchanije.
D. O. 8 65's, 50 at 110 1-4; Washing
ton Gas, 12at 13 1-2;U. S. Electric Light,
10 at 80; Riggs Fire Insurance, 50 at 8;
American Graphophone, 50 at 9.
, 113
rr. R.-Ts R190-QJ
U. S.-i's. C. 1D07Q, J
IT R 4'a. IQ'S
U." S. 5'fl. 1W4 0, F....
5s ISM "20-yoir Funding"
03 1902 'MJ-roar Funding" gold...
7s 1901, "Water htoek" currency.
7a 19i)3, ''n atcr Stock" currency
"Funding" currency 3.65's
Met. RR5S.1925 113
Mot RRConv. Cs HO
Mot. 11 RCert. of Indebtedness
Belt R R Cs. l'21
Cckineton KIWs 85
Columbia IUU's 19U 115
Wash Gas Cv Ser A. B's. lOCj-'iT. .. 114
ash Ga Co. bor .6's. Ii'Ol-'iO... 115
dies ami Pot Tel 5s.lS5R-19SI M3
mSecl.Tr5's. I and A. 1903.... 101
Am Sec & Tr -'a. A ard 0. 11KH.... 101
Wash Market Co IstCs. 190.M911.
$7.0i0 retired innually 109
Wash Market Co Imp o's. 12-27 .... 109
v ash Market Co ext'n 6's. ll!-'2r.. US
Masonic Hall Association 53. HfOS. 103
U ash Lt Inf IstCs, 1901 . 9i
Uankot Washington 260
Bank of Republic 230
Metropolitan 2S
Central -65
Farmers' and Mechanics . 177
Dec on J - ''
',itixens 123
"nlu'iil la '"0
Capital 120
eu Jnd h)o
Iraidrs' U5
Laucoiu lua
Trust Building', Room 34.
:::::: g :
'Phone 505.
Chicago, New York.
Nat. bale Deposit and Trust 117
Wash. Loan audi nut l)9? 123
Amer.becuritv aiid'lrust....; .... UA ..
Wash. Sale Dojiosit
Capjtil iractlon Co 52J' Mjy
Metropolitan nu
Columbia 6i WW'.'.
Washington Gas ax iSiA
Georgetown Gas 45
U. &. liltcinc Eight 8a "ut"
Firo-tien's 30 4q
franklin 33
.metropolitan " &
Corcoran 55
1'uioiuac - j,v """"
Anlutoa "..." lJi'
Gerinun Ainericiu ". jj9
National Uniyii j(j "jJ"
Columbia j, j (,
1111:8.. ;: V14 b-s
i'eojiio's ?g
Lincoln '.'.!.'. b& '.','.'.'.'
CuuiniurtuI , j.
Real Estate litio gs 102
COiUUiLila iitle o 0
V asiiiiiKtou .lule ..
UlStllLt ".' ""
Pcnusylt jui 1 40 jq
Chcsaueake and Potomac "" 8) e.
rt.un.uon Gra2liophuiie at j
A1uLiiL.n1 tirapuophoiiL, pfd lo .. '
Pueuiuutic O tin Carriage 'Z7 "af"
MerLiithalerEliiotipo (uewj 120V 12
Lau&tou .Monotji.o ov 7
W .iblimstoii Market " i4
Great Falls lec ."." j Yis"
'or. and v ash. htLamboat.,..
Lincoln Hail
tx. Uiv.
Chicago, May 22. People who were
selling Wheat Fridaj baw a new light
todaj. Yesterday's bulls were confirmed
in their faith, and Fridaj 'o bears were
in a moid to be converted. French uewi
had more to do with the change in ten.' er
than anj thing else. It wdh ciaimed tln.c
the official crop report would show u
drop in area of 10 per cent and a loss
in condition of 20 per cent torn last j ear.
An influential exporting hoase had a
cable eotmiating the Trench necessities
up to harvest at 12,000,000 bushels and
its requirements next freasoi at 70,000,000
bushels Less important news than this
woald lia-ve changed the temper because
the sentiment last night was too bearish
and the market oversold.
There was not much cash buuness, pob
slblj 05,000 bushels, nnd a share of this
was to replace the sunken cargo of the
riorlda. Xevv York had twenty-three
loads The expectation of a lot of bull
statistics Monday was not disturbed. Liv
erpool was strong at l-4d. advance, ignor
ing theoutbreakof jesterday. Argentine
shipments were only 8,000 bushels and in
seventeen weeks the South Ameucnn le
publlc hascontnbuted 12,000,000 less than
for the same period la&t year. It is not
to be supposed, however, that everj thing
is bullish. There ib perfect weather West.
Receipts are pouring into the Northwest
ern markets; 054 cars today.
Cliicngo Grain and -t-rovlston Market.
Corrected daily by TV. B. Bibbs & Co.,
Bankers and Broken. Members or the'
N. Y. Stock Exchange, 1-127 F street.
Open. High. Low. CI03.
ueat. l
July. 71 . j 72-X 70Ji- 72
Sept...- 60 i tff Wi G7'
July 2J L24X "M u.
Sept. 25 1 iVA-li XX l&
Oats. j
July. 177 1J&-J.8 17. 17.-;
Sept IS ISJ i7Ji. IS
July S 30 .SO 6.20 20
Sept. 3 27 S.27 8.25 8.J5
July. 3.80 3-S3 3.so i80
Sept. 3.97 d.97 i. 87 J87
Spare Ribs. t
j, Iy 155 -t.5r 1.50 iS5
Sept. &7 . - 57 -t.5i j 4.55
Vow Tui I, 66cton Murltot.
Oiicn. HI ill. Low. Clos
Juno 719" 7 2) 7.17 7.17
July 7.r2 7.2i 7.19 7.C0
August W 7.19 7.15 7.10
September CS3 6.b9 6 8j 6 So
The Letter of the Law.
"Did I understand you to say that jou
didn't have any company in the kitchen
while I was out, Katie?"
"Yis, mum; that's what I said."
"But I smell, the tobacco from ajilpeall
through the house."
"Yis, mum; the policeman was in for
half an hour, mum; but we were In the
parlor." Yonkers Statesman.'
A Risky Proof.
Prospective Purchaser You say he's n
savage watchdog?"
O wner Yes, indeed
Prospective Purchaser But how am I to
know that?
Owner Try Mm; Jes' go outside with me
and climb in that winderl Chicago Rec
ord. v
WANTED-$5,000 at 6 per cent, on ?12.
000 good real estate collateral. Ad
dress U, this office. my21-3t
"WANTED SI DO for ninety days; will pay
10 per cent and give 5)500 upright lose
wooU piano as hecunty. Address PRIVATE
PART, this office. my21-3t
U. K.FULTON'S loan of rice, 1218 Pa. ave
11 w., money loaned on watcnea, diamonds,
jewelry, silver ware, etc aplG-6m
MONEY TO LOAN From $5 to 550, to
reliable parties: no collateral required
Central bldg., Room 8, Oth and I'a. ave.
eial, such as lire policies, storks, bonds,
building association slmrcb, svndlcate cer
tiricates, etc. No delay. YERKE8 &
UAK.LR, 1110 F st. Take elevator. tf
loans mndo on .Furniture, Pianos, Ilorscs.
agons, etc . at lowebt rates and quickest
possible time. Strictly confidential. Please
call before securing loans elsewhero.
mo ' ttro"t north weat.
MONE1' TO LOAN 5-1,000 upward, at a
and 5 1-2 per cent, on D. C. real e-tate;
$250, JtoOu, etc , at 0 tier cent; all
traiisactioitfi conducted with economical
consideration foi toirowers.
oplU-tf 1407 F St. nw.
liUiNol 1U LOAh.
On household rurnlturc. pianos, organ,
torses, carriuges, &o. All business strict
ly confidential L,owebt rateo, 110 pvbue
jty, courteous tieatinent. The teeunty
will not be removld from jour possession.
Wo make loans or any amount, from s10 to
51,000. Pajments on principal leceived
ut unj time, which willaebben cost of cur
rying tnc loan. You can have tho money
tno day ou apply for It,
Jti2-lyr 0O2 F Street N. W
MONEY TO LOAN at B and 0 per cent;
security, real ebtate Hi District of u
'umbla; no delay beyond an inspection pt
property ami examination of title. WAL
TER H. ACKER. 704 14th st. nw. mh2S-tf
FORSALECheap7"stjIish ladj's trap,
beats two or four; also side-bar top buggy;
trap and buggy harnebb; no reasonable
offer refused. 1329 H st. nw. mj -M-6C
TOR SALE 3 side barbi ggies,2phaefoiiK,
1 lino delivery wagou, 2 cut-under
sunieb, 2 extenfcien poles, 1 line set Miiry
hamebs, 1 line buimcrb' wagon, 1 extia
laige phaeton, suitable for doctor. 213
1 lih su nw. no2C-6t
FOR SALE Bay mare, 8 years old; nearly
new haruesio, fcinall cut-under wagon:
price, $75. 1225 10th st nw. my23-at
FOR SALE Cheap for cash, or on time,
to responsible party, a good two-horse
Knickerbocker ice wagon. POWHATAN
COAL CO., 1308 C bt nw lt
FOR SALE To the highest bidder, 3 good
driving horses Apply to JOSEPH
SOU Al t l.K, J W Preston s Midway bta-
bles, cor fathandl btb. nw. lt-eni
FOR SALE Ju-tarrived from S-henandoah
Valley, Va., one carload of fine hartes;
good workers and ruie drivers, strkily
guaranteed all Va horseor money refund
ed. Can be seen and Tor sale at D. DOUGH
LKT1 S fciile and Exchange Stable, 208
11th st. nw m22-7t-em
rOK SALE A good horse and wagon, sult
ableror bakery or groceiy Ajipiy atlllt)
J' nw. myl'2-3t
FOR SALE 2 good l'orse. harness and
2 delivery wagons; good condition; 450
and 575 for each team or separate 1122
lbtlitt nw. mj20-3t,em
OR SALL Horse, Dayton and harneao;
will belltogelher or beparate FRANKS,
2010 7th st. nw. my20-3t-em
FOR SALE 2 trapb, 1 dajtoa, 2 burries
and nther carnages and buggies ou ac
count of storage and cnarges, Aieat bar
gain 927 D st nw. myl8-tr-em
FOR SALF. 1 fine panel wagou, 2 bide
bar buggies, 3 da j tons, 2 phaetoub, 2
canopy top cut-under surrejs, 2 Jumii-seat
surreja, i set surrej harness, light set
double harness, 2 extenon poles 213
11th bt. nw. mylS-ot
rou can get them at The Times counting
rot m 'Miniow card&for rooms and board,
all klnd3. 5c z
The National Safe
Deposit, Savings
and Trust
Of the District of Columbia
Chartered by f-peclal act ofCongres.
;an , lb07, and act of Oct, 1SC0. u-u 1
Feb. 1892.
Capita!, One Alillion Dollars.
Money to Loan.
This company has money to loan 0
on listed collateral securities at 9
lowest rate or interest 55
g C. J. BELL, I'resldcnt.
Members or the New l'ork Stock Ei
change, 1419 F et , Glover buildins.
Correspondents or ilessrs Mooiei. Schley,
HO Broadway,
Bankers and Dealers in Government Bonds.
DepoMts Exchange Loans.
Railroad Stocks and Bonds nnd all securi
ties listed on the exchanges of New York,
Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore boughs
and sold.
A specialty madcorinvcstmentsecurltlea
District bonds and all local Railroad, Gas,
Insurance and Telephone Stock dealt In.
American Bell Telephone stock bought
and sold. innlS tr
W. B. Iiibbs & Co.,
Me...)Jtr3 Ne v Vor'c Stoc .. Evcaiiii
1427 F Street.
Correspondents ot
Ncn "i ork.
T. Jo Hodgen &, CO
Brokers and Dealers,
Stocks, Cotton, Grain and Provisions,
Rooms 10 anl 11 Corcoran Bnilllngr,
Corner IJth an I F streets, in I b'J" 7th. "t nw
k-h'a A luedicina
lk Lithia Spring Water
Is the only water that Is bottled under
"The First Battle"
For Sale at the
Times Counting Room.
Price . . $1.50.
rTlio only reliable female regulator
Neer Falls. Soldbydruggisti. S2.00
Ho n a fo. for "Woman's Safeirnartl.
' WILCOS HZOIOAL C0.22B S. 8lh St, ftili.Pa.
ff Chlelieater's Kbs11& Diamond Brand.
E-v uncinai una mij vchduic
VV urc. 1wt relUUe. ladies k
n..4.. v. n(.l.tfHt n)Ifa& filti
66". w v..w.i..s.. . .....-." -.7
Rxei, tiuta. wlta Dine nsooa. iukc
tirmi nn imtiiitumi. At Drsuriiti,orrad4.
c ....... fn. ..Ttlonlmra. tiamflBlftls and
"Relief for Ladlt," in UtUr.bi return
r Mall. IO.OOO Tnumoiuui jimae taper.
Sold bj all Local DruaiaU. PlIILADA 4" A.
1?J ! M
FOR SALE 7-room frame dwelling In
Biightvvood Park, lot 60x150 JAb l.
SANDS, Flint bt , near 7th, Prghtwood
Pa ik-. m23-3t
FOR SALE 30 acres of land lying directly
on the W , A. & Mt Vernon Electnc
R. R.; 1 mile from Mt. Vernon; beautilul
grove ror building. Address B. P HUNT
ER, Riverside Paik, Fairfax Co., Va.
1 BY. THE 1'EAR. Appl.v to
mj22-3t,cm 1506 Pa. ave nw.
FOR SALL-LenbO or Evcnaugc A nice
double hotihe or 10 rooiiib, cellar and
summer kitchen, water In kitchen, nice
stable room for 2 horses, 2 vehicles and
bay lort. over an acre or ground planted
with dirrercnt kinds or rrults; about 1
miles Iroin U ic O depot; right at btation,
mubt be seen to be appreciated Address
or apply, M MILLLU. Terra Cotta, 1) C ,
net station to Urookland my22-3t
FORSALE-At Lignum, Va , it four-room
rrania hous' mil three acres or land, for
$200 cash. Apply 710 0th st sw no21-bt
CALIat 023 f st. nw and see me about
lots at bouierhet Bench, on the Potomac,
45 miles from the city, the bet bathing
beach, the healthleht location, best rishmg,
best crabbing, and the prettiehti'ot on the
river: lots cheap; terms easy. "WM REED
IHV21-G t
FOR SALE AtLtguuum, Va , a four-room
name house and three acres of land. Tor
S200 cash. Apply 71 G Othst nw my21-0t
HOMEo CHEAP On the new eiectnc rall-
load from Washington to allsChuieh.a
beautiful wubaivlbion J.ab Just been opened,
with wide btrcets and avenues, known as
BALLSTON, about 2 miles fiom Washing
ton, cai fare 5 cents; 8 minutes' nue
from the city bj electric caib.oi 20 min
utes on a biivcie, sjilcudld load
Price of lots 5125 and $100 each,
size, 25 feet wide bj Horn 100 to 150 rtet
'lerms, 55 down; balance 51 per week:
no Intel est, 10 per lent orf ror cash A
laige new station has Just been erected,
300 shade trecb have been et out Ball
bton has a fine giaded school, 2 stores, 2
churches, and already a population or 250
persons. Buy a lot for a l.on.eor lor spec
ulation and bu q.ncMj to vou can 1 ick
jour choice I have also large and small
raniis for sale Cull for particulars and
plat. JAMES E CLEMENTS, 1321 F
bt. nw. mylO-lm
FOR SALE Lot containing 11,000 hq ft.
ojip Catholic Unieriity. Address W.
L. b., this ornce. mj0-3t,em
AnEAUTfr LL lot in the nv.'Touth front.
IL) by 10U reet to public alley, will trade
equity in a lot ne- or se , or a small
house, will pay dirtereuce in cash L.N.
CllAME, this office. my22-Gt-em
pobi orricE yo i ice.
"Should be read daily, as changes maj
ocLtir at anj time.
lORLluN MAILS for the week ending
May -t. 1 fcy , close xnouptly at thib oiliee
as follows:
iuiiiatlantlc Mull-..
MONDA1 (b At i UOp m., lorLuiope,
pei s a Urae," liom ew loik.-walij-mouih
aud Bremen betters lor Ireland
must be Ureeted ' Per Trae. (cj At
ib o5 p in , oi lieiaiid, ltneibouii, uer
b s Aurnma, irom isew lork.Ma Queens
tou, Letters lor other parts of Europe
must oe uiieeieu 1 er auuuiu. '
TLEbUAi to) AtJ "Op m. for Europe,
per b b. bt. Paul, from .Miff lork, via
oouthumpton tt) AtlO.oap m.forEurope,
per a s. untaniile', from ew lork, via
yueeutown. tu A.tiu o&p m rorneiMum
direct, ier s s KeiiMii,tou irom ew
lorK, via Antwerp Letters must be di
rected "Per Kensington. '
i.U.tsoAi-iu) At ytiO p. m. lor
Europe, per s. s. i. U:smatek'',liotu -New
lork, via I'lwiiouth.cueroourg and llaiii
burg uj AtiOOop.m ror theretnerlands
direct, per b s aandam, frofn.New lotk.
Ma Ai.iateroani Letters must be directed
"ler Zaaudam."
t kiu..x -vo At 7.20 p in , for France,
.Switzerland, Italy, Spaiu, Portugal, 1 ur
ey, i-gypt and lirmsli India, per s s.
La ua-eogue," from .New lork,ia ilavre
tbi At T.-O p in , for Germany, Denmark,
bwedcu, c;rway, (Lhrlstlaiial, and Rus
sia, per b s. fcp'ree, lioin ew lork, la
breineil Letters for oilier parts o" Lu
ripe, via Cherbourg, must be directed
"Per Spree " (c) Atlo 55 p m forXether
luudsuireLt, iH-rs s Herkeuuam.iromisew
lork, ia Hoiteraam Letters must be di
rected "Per werkendam. ' to At 10 55
p. m , ror Genoa, per s s r ulda, rrom Aew
lork Letters must be directed "Per
rulda." tc At 10.55 p m, ror Europe,
per e s Linbria," rrom .New oik, ia
"Printed matter, etc , German steamers
sailing from New l'ork on Tuesdays take
printed matter, etc, for Germany, and
tpecially aduretsed printed matter, etc.,
for other parts ot Lurope
Tne American and WmteStar steamers
Bailing on Wednesdays, tho German bteam
erson Thursdays, and the Cunard, French
and German steamers on fcaturdajs tuke
printed matter, etc , for all countries ror
w inch they are advertised to carry mall.
.Malls lor soutli and Central Amer
ica, w est mflies, ise.
MOMJAi-ta) At d io p. in ror Ja
maica, per fciLamei lloiu 1-osiOu. IC) -t
lb 05 p. m ror Belize, Puerto Lortei: aud
tu itemala, pei s.euuiir trom c Orleans,
(cj At 10 oo p. m Tor Aew rouudland, per
e. s iaeusoaie, rrom Aew iork. tc) At
10 65 p in ror Venezuela and Curacao:
also feaiaudla and Carthageua, via cu
raao, pel t fc I'hiiaoeipiita, irom Aew
Ioik icj At 10 55 p m for .Non.ii Brazil,
per s s. lherealna, rrom .New lork, ia
I'ara, Maialiam aud Leara.
TLLSDAl (c) At 10 Oo p m for Costa
Riea, perbleainerrrpm.NewOrleaub. (d At
10.55 p. m lor ureuada, 'lnuidad and
Uouago, per b s. Grenuda, rrom Aew lork.
.D.Nfc&UAllC)-1.G 10.55 p. in. for
Port aumjuio, per steamer irom inuuuei
phia. THURSDA1-vd) At b:2o a.m. ror La
Plata couuiriea direct, per b. s Trojan
Prince, rrom Aew lork.
luluAl ici -vt, lc.oa p m., for St.
Thomas, bt. Cioix.Leewardaud windward
Island-., pei s s Mauiana, irom New York
icj At lo.Oop in., ioi 1-ortune Island, Ja
maiea, Sav.anita and Gieitown, per s b.
Altai, lioin A'ew lork. Letteib lor Costa
laca must be directed "Per Altai." ic
At 10.55 p. m., lor Cape Haiti, Uouaieb.
Petit Uoau, Larthageuaaudbaiita.Martha,
per s b Ueltteiu.iioui Aew lork tel At
10. 55 p. m , for Campiclie, Chlaras, Ta
babeo aud luetan,i.Li s b Liui.u, nom
I'ew lork Letters ror other parts or
Me.lco must be directed "Per Oiiaba '
(C) At 10:55 o ii.., ioi Aewioundlaud, per
s fe. SH"v ia, rroin New 1 or k.
bA'lUUUAl tdj At lii 05 p. m. for St.
Pieiie-Minutlon, per steamer rrom North
bjduey. lb) At 7 20 p in. ror bannago
de Cuba, per b. b Uabatia.rioiu Aew Ioik.
Letters tor cneuela and Colombia im-st
be diiectea -rer uuuaua.
Malls ror New rouudland by rail to Ilall
ra. and thence Ma fc earner, close heie
daily, ev pt bunday. at 12 05 p. m , and
on buuday only at 11 35 a. m
Mails roi Mtquelon, by mil to Boston
and thence Ma steamer, close here daily
at a-20 p. in (a) ,,,.,
Mads Tor CubateXLept those for Santiago
Ue Cuba, which will be forwarded ia New
loik, alter 3 00 p m , Wednesday up to
7 20 p. in. Saturday) close at this orrice
dally at J 00 p m., ror rorwarding ia
steamers bailing Mondajs, and Thurtdajs
from Port lampa, rla.(e)
Malls ror Mexico, oerland (except those
for tampechcChiapas.Tabasco, and Yuca
tan, which will be forwarded la New
lork, after the Wednesday oerland close,
up to the 10:55 p. m. closing Friday)
close at this ornce daily at 7.10 a. in (d)
Xiaiib-paeirie Alnlla.
Mans Tor Chma, Japan and Hawaii, per
s s Bel"ic, rami San Francisco tlosu here
daily up to 0 JO p. m , May 2j.(d)
Mails ror Liana and aap.ui, specially ad
dressed onlj, per s. s Empress of Ind'a,
from Vancouver, close here dully up to
b-30 p m., May 24.(d)
Mans lor the Society Islands, per ship
Galilee from San rranclsco, close here
dally up to 0 30 p. m , May i-'5.(d)
Mails Tor Austtalia (exttpt "West Aus
tralia which are rorwarded via Lurope),
Hawaii anJ Fiji Islands (specially ad
dressed onl),per s s. Aorangl.rrom Vau
couer. cloe heie dally after May U2, up
to 6:30 p. m , June 1. (d)
Malls ror China, and Japan, per s. b. Ta
than, from Tacoma, close here daily up to
b:30 p. m., June 0. (d)
Muilb Tor Hawaii, per s. s. Australia,
from San Fiandeco, close here dailj up to
0:30 p. m., June U. (d)
Mails Tor Austialia (except those ror
"Webt Austrulla), Aew Zealand, Hawaii, Fiji
and Samoan Islands, per s. s. Maiiposa,
rrom San Francisco, close here daily up to
0:30 p. m., June ID. (d)
i iu..K i al u i. i A i uS are forwarded
to the poit or sailing dally, and the
schoJUie or closings is arranged on the
presumption or their unhitcirupted oer
mnd transit.
(a) Registered mall closes at 10 a. m.
same day.
(b) Registered mail closes at 1 p. m.
same day.
(c) Registered mail closes at 6 p. m.
same day.
(d) Registered mall closes at 6 p. m.
previous day.
(e) Registered mall closes at 1 p. m.
Tuesdays aud Saturdays.
JAMES P. WILLETT, Postmaster.
SEXENNIAL LEAGUE pays sick, accident,
death and maturity benelits; new lodge
now forming, no charge for entrance fee.
Address D G mrjUELBERGER, Deputy,
1 23 0th st. nw. lt
WALL PAPER, loc. piece, on the wall
CHARLES C. SILENCE, 217 G st. ne.
ujjr o- u
WANTED The public to know we handla
standard typewriters or all makes; will
sen jour old one for you; repair machines
at low price; do you want a A'atlonal
cash register.' see us. Tl'PRWRITER
ERS' AGENCY, 1307 F bt nw.
PIANO tuning, 1 5U- tlroppovtal JAMES
.y.. A a. mwuiuib ai; niy ui-cui
TRUNKS REPA IRED -It v0u ha e a trunk:
that needs fixing up, mall postal and
I repair It at your house or call ror it, first
class work and reasonable price Addiesa
J. F. C, 527 5th so se ,or 111) Pierce st.
Anacostia, I) C. my22-3t
PRIVILEGES-to let on PotonTic RlveT
paliion at Colonial Beach, dining-room.
Ice cream, soda water and i-oit dilnks;
photogrupit gallery aud othei piivileges.
Addre-s I'HOS M CARR, Proptletor. this
ornce m21-3t
1,000 WHITE ENVELOPES printed 51.25.
nw. mv22-7t-em
ELECTRIC BELT should be on every
front ooraudtiiroiighoutthehou.se. Drop
postal to me The expense is smalL All
SJuds of electric work. P WADE. 218 B
st. nw my 21-7 1, em
WHO will exchangeorgan, horse, or wagon
for my nice carpet, bedroom, and parlor
furniture? Address FARMER, Occaquan,
Va. my21-3t,eia
SLLBY is ottering an all-worsted S10
suit ror b7 50: come quickly If you
need one. 1003 Pa. ave. nw.
m j 2o-tf e a
sultaJon, b to 10 a. m ; I toCp m4
women and children a diseases a specialty.
2111 i'a. ae nw my20-7t
TRUNKS REPAIRED 11 jou h-vea tiunk
that needs "Axing ' up, mail postal and
we w ill call for It I irt-claH work and
leasonable pnees TRUNK FACTORY.
723 7th st nw mylfc-bC
I WONDER who pays the highest prices
Tor gents cai-ori clothing drop rostaL
SAUL BROS ,023P st nw mylG-3mo
bilUiilLl worn, ilrstciaas taUor-mada
clothing at hair price, better than soma
new ones. ru!l-dreh s-lts to hire, only ?1-
J". COHEN, 1101 7th st nw.
in y4-1 mo- e m
AT THE Business Ottlce or The Tlmea
ou will rind Window Cards or all descriptions-
'lable Board, FurnUheJ or
uiirurnlshelltooins. " Uururnished Koomo,
Furnlsiie'l Rooms. Witn or WithouS
Bourd ' "Furnished Booms. With Board.
"Furnisned Rooms " Five cents Is th
price or eth ctrd- ap2l-tt
1.000 WHITE ENVELOPES pnuted 51.25.
OW-PRlCli PiflNllNG CO ,t31 F I.C
nw. mji6-7t-cm
MAY S Furniture Stores, 2100 14th and
1420 P st nw.
h.Vl'AK'1 upiiuisterers Mattress making
and mattiesses lor all; remake with new
best tuk, 4 5o, cleaning old tack and hair
cud remaking, $3.
OLH new rtemble mattreps, with best
tick, S3 50; cannot be equaled elsewhero
ror &7 Chairs caned rrom 50c; perfor
ated seat3, 25a
FURNITURE repaired and upholstered.
Removing and paikiug lor shipment care
fully executed.
aKL-iva expressed promptly on shorteaS
CARPETS cleaned by our process, ro
laid and taken up
FURS and rugs stored In specially pre
pared room.
PRICES are- moderate and work equal to
the best.
b'lORAGE rirst class-
TELEPHONE 202. Postal orders bav
prompt attention.
I W1LLPU1 your household effects, how
eer large or small. my7-tr
1 LRNITURE moved: largest 2-norse load.
ft-2 50, 1-horhe loads, $1 25, pianos, $2:
furniture packed and shipped, experienced
men oni e-OLLMBIA iKAAstt.lt CO..
323 4 1-2 st. nw. Phone 1060.
PRTNTT"NG-1()U Business Cards. 65
cents. W. B. DAWSON, S07 Sth st. nw.
PRINTING Business cards 7&& per 1,000;
other printing equally as chep; magar
Hues bound for C0&: miscellaneous booiu
re-bound: paper ruling, etc v c. WIL
LIAMS. 015 7th 8t.uw feQ tf.ee
Dr. Leatherman,
Medical and Surgical Specialist,
Treats all Forms of Private Diseases.
Bladder Di&enbe-., Klmal EibeuseM,
Kidney Diseases, Sltiu Dibeahes,
Special Diseases, Hydrocele,
Sjpt-llitlc Ditoeasess. Varicocele,
Stricture, Iinpotency,
Adicu aud Consultation Free. Both
Hours, 9 to 12, 2 to 5 Tues., Thurs.
and Sat. eeolngs, 7 to 8. No. 602 F
nw- (Closed Sundays.)
WANTED By two joung men, Southern
ers, the acquaintance or 2 or 3 refined
young ladies; refs. Tur. Address STRAN
uER, this ornce. my22-3t-em
FOR ADOPTION A nice, healthy baby
girl to responsible parties. Address A.
B., this ornce rnylS-7t
W"E "WANT the attention of the working
man; we have a line lot ot buits (not
much worn) made by the best tailors,
that we can sell Tor less money than new
cotton ones. JUSTU'S OLD STAND, 619
D st nw. mylb-7t
telegraphic medium, scientific palmist, and
card reader, tells jour full name, re
eals our past, describes the present and
foietells jour future life, also tells about
business deals, law suits, love arfairs,
Tamil j troubles, reunites the separated,
biingb quarrels all right, removes spells,
causes marriages, and gives good luck,
etc; alwajs at borne, 925 II st- nw.; fee
25c., 50c , SI.; satisfaction guaranteed
or no charge. myl6-lmo
MME ESTELLE, Meulum. tells past, pres
ent and future, cures ail dloeases. Hours,
y to 10, no admittance after 913 19th
st. nw. myll-14t-era
OlUl'n. Ave. .N. ., a.ujngtou, 1), C,
Sppclalistin chronic and private diseases.
Piles, Stricture, Ujdrocele, Gout. Catarru,
Dyspepsia, Blood Poison cured, Vitality re
stored Consultation tree and confidential
to both sexes Daily. 9 to 12, 3 to 0.
900 P Street Northwest.
Gold nillngs and bridge work ft epo
cialtv. at the- lowest price, amalgam fill
ings 5i c: full sets or teeth on plates fco;
extracting, either bj- gas or local 6pray.
absolutely painless, 50c; without, 25c; all
work doue ij- experts and guaranteed tha
best; open on Sundays frum 10 to 3
o clock. mh22-tf
Scientific palmist and card reader; know
vour rate nnd fortune, open daily, German
spoken: 25a, and 50a 929 H bt. nw.
myS-lmo .
LADiES i ceding onndeutlal treatment,
a sure aud safe relier in ull woman"
complaints and Irregularities. Gold medal
awarded mr the science or obstetrics rroin
the UuiM'i&ity or Munich. Bavaria Strict
ly confidential MRS DR RENNER. Nx
K 7th st ue .near East Capitol at.. Waah
lngton. D. U
July 1 to August 31, lb97 Couro ln
eluues JO lectures bj- Mr Justite Harlan,
of U S. SupremeCourt. For tataloguead
drcss R. C. MINOR, Secretary,
myl0-13t-eod Charlottesville. Va.
SPIRITUALISM Wonu 8 Hall, 721 6th
st. nw., Mrs. Zoller will hold her usual
Sundaj- evening meeting. Psythometrio
readings, tests, etc.; seance, Wednesday
evening at residence, S13 6th st. nw.; in
terview dailj'. It-cm
A. MICH AUX French, Spanish. Poitn
guete; lessons and translations. 933 N.
Y. ave nw. my23-GC
Teaches HARMONY.
InsirMUon given at residence of puplLj
Convenient hours. Terms, 52 per leosoiv
Address A. TUEG1NA. 519 tith st. sa.

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