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WANTED-A.rtlst; an experienced man
tor finishing solar prints. Call Monday
morning, bet. 8 and 0 a. m., or bet. 12
and 1 p. ni.,at CorcornuBldg , room 85.
WANTED- Bookkeeper in a tailoring store.
AddressB. 10-1, this office. It
WANTED Reliable young tnanto set type;
on.? uviio Uvea in Alexandria prc-lentd.
WANTED -A young man with 2 or a years'
experience lit the drug business; must
have u od rers. Address PILLS, this office.
A..-i!' Schoolsupphes; country work;
' 100 salary monthly; "with ULeral addi
tional con.ii.isiunH. U. O. EVNS Sc CO.,
Chicago. my2-4t-sun J
wAKTliU Two paperhangers.
TER Rl'NEN., 808 D st-SW-
1 t-eni
WANTED Industrial insurance agents;
a grand chance to make money as n Md
sue. Call at Rcom .'5. 0C l'a. a-ve. uw..
WANTED Good barber for Saturday. No.
803 D st. nw. iny21-3t-em
WANTED A white truck ganlener: Uer-
tnun preferred; ou Brentwood road MRS.
WANTED Two "wide awake salesmen
to travel; easy wor; good pay. 4 37 7th
st., room 3. my21-3t
WANTE1)--Men to learn barbering; .puly
eigiit weeKs required; cools uoauteu; nair
dressing uiUKit tree; catalogue i.oscpaid.
tlty. . my21-3t
WANTED A good white barber for Sat
urday. Apply iai0 32dt.iiw. iiij3-2t
WANTED -Salesman for druggist sundries;
$100 per moutn and expense; experience
unnecessary. Address J. .. ARihKONG,
20 Hurling Slip, N. Y. niyl3-tf
"FOR KENT" cards, lu plcuty, at Busi
ness Office of TBi: Tunes; 5 cents each.
WANTED Colored woman for housework;
good wusher and ironer. Call 132 1st
t. nw. t'
WANTEeT As assistant to bookkeeper,
young gin; must be neat, penman and
correctutngures; state saiary wanted. Ad
dress Box 10, this office. It
WANTED A good, honest colored girl,
ror housework. Call at M. DE CRE b,
427 10th st. uw., upstairs. my23-Jt
WANTED Young colored girl Tor cham
ber work, waiting or nursing; rers.; write
or call. L. B., 00G L tt. nw. It
WANTED At 11-13 Conu. avc ; first-class
skirt mid sleeve nanus, uone oilier iweu
upply. v23-3t
W4.NTED A bright, smart young lady;
not under 20; to assist in our order
department six hours daily; must be quick
aud willing to learn; eaiary S w '
Apply from 10 to 12 Monday to MAN
AGER, 2d lloor, 1000 F st. nw. It
WANTED-A woman ror general house
work In ramlly or 7; must be good plain
cook and lauisuress aud give satisfactory
ref.; go home nights. Apply after 8 o clock
a. iu. Monday. 1102 E. cap, st. my3--t
WANTED-A young girl to learn the music
busiuess. Call, with rer., at Oil u su
mv. lt,em
WANTED A neat white -woman for gen-
eral housework. 2313dst.nw. U.vin
WANTED Young colored girl lor cham
ber work, waiting or nursing; rers.; wiite
. or call. L. B. coo L fet. nw. It-em
WANTED- A reliable cook in prlvaTe
family; bring rers. 720 l' st.. Ueoige-
town. iny--t.em
WANTED A house girl and waitress at
135 M st. u-vv lt-em
WANTED Girl for general housework,
close to city; must stay nights. Apply
10 to 4, 015 G st. uw., giouud lloor.
WANTED A settied white woman to cook,
wasn andiron Tor a family or Tour; good
rers. required. Apply on Monday, between
and 12, at 3108 Q st. nw. It-cm
"WANTED Maid for children: must bo
able to mend and darn. 1141 N". H. ave.
": my22-2C
' "WANTED At once, woman who has cx-
r uerience at bushclinc .work. M.DYREN-
Foktu CO., 923 l'a. avc. myl-tr
WANTED A white -woman that can ap
WANTED Lady stenogniphcr and type
writer iu law orrice. OH AS. E. BARBER,
o1ces70t and 703 7th st. uw.
WANTED Lady, not under 20, to sort and
Me papers; salary, $5 per week; hours 1
to 8 p. in. JOX'UE, this orfice.
WANTED t our chambermaids, cooks and
general houeworkers; good wngos. 441
G bt. iiiyL-3t,-ni
WANTED At Madame Mallifcoo's Eclectlo
Cutting Sciiool aud Drefctuaking Acad
ciny, 004 12lh st. uw., ladles unit nushcs
us pupils; pottluons furuislit- tlKwe icultliiig
OlpiouMib; pwiterui cut to measure: dit-s-ina-Hig
duuo te-touably bend for cir
culars. upl-tf
WANTED -Everybody to knew Uie telc
graph oottool. 201 I) st. nw , will be open
aay and night all e-utmer; traplls wanted;
ipecial rates; summer term. It
WANTED Dutch and Irish oomodlnas;
iUo ladles for dancing. F. C. C, this
office. It
IF OU ueeu country or city servants
send postal. L,M)I1'EX.CHaNGE,031
F St., Room 4- established 1877. my22-3t
WANTED Two married couples; no in
cumbrance, garden work; big wages.
Room 4, 031J- n. my22-3t
WANTED Cooks, general houseworkcrs,
vaiters, drlvetx, porters, chambennaids,
nurses, boys, larm hands, gaideners, laun
dresses. Janitors, watchmen, engineers,
firemen; quickest place to
10 get worK.
bt. nw.
FURNISH all kinds of help,
dress 829 7th st. nw.
Call or ad-mylU-9t
BALTESMAN by large firm; 15 weekly
to beginners; advancement when com
petent; experience unnecessary; llnestline
or goods; biggest inducements. For sJm-
elee and contract address Box- 1210,
hlcago- It
AGENTS- Decoration Day; England'sJubl
lec buttons, badges, etc.; trolley and ex
cursion party caps; watch charm novelties;
summer resort specialties; catalogue Tree.
MlLti, 3 Dunne st., New York. It
WANTED Will pay cash for good horse
and buggy; must be cheap. Address or
- call after 5 at 1208 Fla. ave. ne. It
WANTED A lady, stranger in city, will
do dressmaking for GOc. day until repu
tation is established. Address l'OUNG
LADY, this office; It
WANTED Young man with 525 to assist
at nearby summer resort; 55 per week;
steady; age 17 to 20. Call at 2101 Pa. ave.
WANTED Accordcon.slde.nnd sun plaiting
doneatOjipenhelmer'sNew Home agency,
514 9th st. nw.;tpluklug done while you
wait. iny22-3t
WANTED -To rent stalls at the B. & O.
market, N. J. ave. and D st. nw.
WANTED -To exchange bicycle for light
phaeton or dayton. Address II. T. W.,Ar-llngton-,
Va. iuy21-3t-em
WANTED Everybody to know the best
butter that comes to Washington Is made
In the Elgtndlstnco.by -ou;is.aiidsntpped
direct to R. B, Youngs, 76 and 77 O st.
Market and 09 Rlggs Market; present price.
25c or 5 pounds ror $1; iiostal orders
promptly filled. my21-3C
WANTED A horse ror his keep for the
summer: light work and good care. Ad
dress P. A. D-, this orrice. my20-4t
WANTED -To cxcliango a second-hand
piano Tor lady's '00 or '97 bicycle, it.
L. B., this orfice. my20-3t,em
Will stop all leak fee, and charge only
lor painting; work guaranteed.
-P9-IZ 1023 bth Bt.ni?
WASTED Small modern liousc; Uiipito!
Hill prercrred, If central; must be first
class and low rent. Address GRAY
"Inventive Age" Building. it
WANTED To buy a bouse with not less
than C room3, on monthly payments; not
xccedlng $15. Address S. 0. L., General
Delivery, City Postoffice. my 21-3 1, em
preciate a goou piace 10 uu k"""
housework in a private fnmtly in Galthers
liurg, 2 1 miles from city. Call at 432 N. J.
vk nw. my21-3t
AN experienced meat cutK-.r would like
a position iu grocery not opening on
Suiuiay; reien:iic irom ii,:stnt employer.
MEATCUTTER, tlilg office. It
WANTED --By a registered pharmacist of
long experience, a position to maiuige
store. Address M. II., this office,
in y 23 -3 1
WANTED -A position as cook, hobtler, or
waiting; good references, CHAS. CAR
TER, 1425 11th st. nw.- It
WANTED-By a young man, position of
any kind, in or out or city; will pay any
ours lor ins trouole. Adurc-ss Bo.v -o.tnls
office. my23-3t
WANTED A position us driver or any
ile.sciiutiou; wed acquainted with the city.
A dd ress 0 l... this olllcc. ?-.t?,a-
WANTED- By a respectable colored man,
place as house man in private family;
goo j rciereuees'. ,ull or undress W.
WILLIAMS. 20 M st. sw., city. lt.ein
WANTED-By young colored man, work in
kKC.ii-u or .i- m can lur. i'e oi iff.
Address W. WINS LOW, No. 121 E st. uw.
WANTED--Employment as a bicycle re
pairer. L. it., this ottlce. iny22-3c
WANTElP-lTy vouth fnmi country, place
to milk. Ml LiC, this office. my21-3t
W ANTE D Bycoun t ry youth, employment
or any kind; goou writer; best rers.
U. P., this omce. iny21-3t
WANTED Position in ding f-toie by grad
uate ol M. C. I'.; lour yeurs' expeiience;
reih. D. i M.U-GUAV-, 20 E fet. lie.
WANTED I'ositlon as barkeeper; good,
quick mixer; best iefs. . Address BAR
KEEPER, this office iny20-3t-em
WANTED By two colored girls, chamber
work, gencYal housework; rers. -I'll
G fet. iny23-3t
WANTED General housework, in city or
out; city ids. 1702 l- 10th st. nv.
WANTElT-IMnceTby colored "girl; nursing
or chambermaidls work. U2 Fentou st.
ne. IS
WANTED Immediately, home Tor young
gui as chUiiiuermuHi or lignt liousonork.;
can rur. ref. Address by malt D. T., 816 H
st. ne. my22-3t-ein
AVANTED A place by competent "vvalti ess;
best refs. Apply 1-123 Cliapiu st. nw.
WAN'TED Vasiiiug to ao at home or out;
Muii action given. ISO. 723 Dumbarton
avc. nw. niy22-3t-em
WANTED By a -white gitj, a place to do
light housework. Aduress L.. 322 l'a.
ave. se iny2-3t,erii
WANTED Young lady desires a situa
tion iu private lamiiyasuiiainuermaidor
to do plain cooking; colored; witli city
rer.; in or out or city. Call at 1311 Sst.
11 w. ' lt.ein
WANTED-By colored -woman, place to do
geueml lioi.w.-urK. 1011 au bt. uw.
WANTED Place by first-class white wom
an cook, who is willing to help with
any.iousework except wasuing. R. M. A1-,
this orfice. my22-3t
GIRLS -wanting situations roc chamber
maids or minxes or cooks: can give good
rets. Call or address 1131 lSth st. nw.
WANTED Housekeepers What Is home
without competent and reliable servants?
ou'euu always fiiid them with reft, at
SHACKELFORD'S, 427 11th st. nw.;
orders rilled with dispatch. y'217t
first-class cook.
Grunt ave.
by colored woman as
2122 8th st. nw., above
WANTED -General work or chambermaid's
place, by colored girl. 2122 bth st. nw.,
atwve Grant ave. my20-3t,em
WANTED By colored woman, place to do
general housework in smalt family. 1011
3d st. nw. my20-3t,cm
WANTED By two colored girls, cham
ber work, general house worn: ref. 441
G st my20-3t-cm
A BRIGHT, capable woman will pay$10
in casn and $10 per month, as long as
she Is employed, to any one who will
secure her a position fit salary of $50
or $00. AiMrusa CAPABLE, this office,
ray 19-0 1
WANTED -Boarders ou top of Blue Ridge
Mountains; pure air; good water; Hue
view. Apply to J. T. PHILLIPS, Linden,
Warren Co.,Va. iny23-3G
MOUNTAIN BOaRD, pleasant rooms, fresh
vegetables, cream, etc: particular atten
tion to children. MISS E. SWELL. 1." -
"" iffyiu: ,i,y"e!n
WASTED A few boarders, at an old Vir
ginia homestead iu the Piedmont region;
horathy location: pleasant, airy rooms; good
table; I 1-- miles or railroad, telegraph,
churches; term" moderate. MISS SLAUGH
TER, Winstou, Culpeper county, Va.
FAIR VIEW FARM Langdon, 1). C; B.
C- C ..vt met It1f I I . !..
4. t vbfcv?fc f - .'-iW-- iJU.
water, large lawns, sttade, &c, milk, cream,
Tegctables, poultry, fruits, &c.. on farm;
cluc to station; terms low. iuy20-3t,em
CLAGGETT MANSIONrdelightrul rooms
und first-class table board: hrishtvood
electric cars pass gate. Apply on premise.
"WOODLAWN Open May 20: pleasant
rooms; healthy location; large grounds;
electric bells; gas and artesian water. MRS.
M. J. COLLEY, Proprietress. Rockville.
Md. Adlrcss The Clarendon, Washington,
D. C. ap27-lm
FO i-RKNT -' WitlTrirbTcTjiss boord", fur
niKhed rooms. 111 11th st. uw.
ROOM AND BOARD Two gentlemen oc
cupying the .same room can have nicely
rur. room, 2d rioor, with first-class board
in quiet ramlly in nw., on 3 lines or care.
Tor $. per week each. Address ROOM
AND BOARD, thfe office. lt-em
FOR RENT With board, large 2d-story
rront room, at summer rates: comer lo
cation; south front; convenient to cars.
401 G st. uw. iny2-3t,era
WANTED By lady, board"; bhort distance
in country; rers. exchanged. Address,
with full particulars and lowest terms, D.
. M., this orrice. It
WANTED Unfurnished rooms and flats
for light housekeeping: centrally located
and reasonable rent: we have several appli
cants waiting to fill them. Apply COLUM
L. aud T. Building, Oth and F sts.my23-3t
WANTED 3y family 3 adults, Hat of
4 or 5 rooms and private bath; must be
centrally located; iirst-class and moder-
ate rent. Address M. J., this offlce. It
WANTED - Couple with child (3 years) de
sire pleasant room and board: shady
grounds on suburban car iijic or in riw. part
or city; price, 550. Address A. B. C, this
orrice. my22-3t-cm
WANTED A neat, pleasant room; rur!
or unfur.; light housekeeping; good ten
ant: 54. Address LADY, this olfice.
WANTED Three or four unrur. rooms foi
light housekeeping; 2d floor; centrally
located; rent not to exceed 515 per month.
A G ENC--, Room 00, Loan and Trust
Building, 9 th and F sts. myl-St
FOlt 'RENT 700, corner or 7FliiioTGts7
sw.; store and dwelling. 0 rooms; good
business stand. B. LEONARD, 530 4 1-2
st. ew. iny2-3t,em
FOR RENT Small family, aduTTsToccupy
inglumc liousc, deiireco rent rooms; price
low. 200 D st. nw. my20-3t-em
FOR REST Two fur! rooms, 2d floor,
front or back; S1.25 per week. 820 4th
st. nw. my20-3tem
FOlt RENT Rooms on 3d lloor, 939 Pa7
aw. Apply to CROCKER, the shoe man,
on premises. roy20-tf-em
FOR RENT-Nicely rurnished Tooiiis: 52
up. 5.3 13th. st a w. my20-3t-cm
FOR RENT -815 14th St. nw., hall-rooin;
cheap. my0-3t-cm
OK RENT-Beautirully runiiMied rooms.
clean and cool. 5 per week 419 U
eLnW; niyi'0-3t-cm
FOR RENT Newly funilshed rooms; large
second floor back and third rront, 50 each;
coo! and pleasant. 723 11th st. nw.
m 7
FOR RENT 1011 12th St. nw., rur. or
unfur. rooms, single or en suite: pri
vate family: nocliildrcn. myl7-lw.tui,
FOR RENT No. 119 Pa. ave. nw., fur.
rooms for light housekeeping; all Improve
nients. myl7-7trn
roll UEST-Furnished rooms, with or
without board; Uled'bathrooras on each
floor; good Iocon;allioder conveniences.
101-13th sen v myl7-7t-tji
FOR RENT-Nicely rur. rooms; $2 up. r23
13th s uw. i"y2i3
FOR RENT -251 Del. ave. ne. 2d floor
iroiibroom andhallrooni.communlcaUng.
FOR RENT 1 nicely fur. rooms, conven-
i'.Mtt 10 cars; summer prices. 1313 Cor
coran st. mv. rny3-3t
FOR RENT 2d floor rront; also several
smaller rooms; fur.; central. 5)07 II
st. uw. my23-3C
F0R RENT-Nicely rurnislied liack parlor:
large rront room; also hall room ou 3d
floor, with running water. 031 New
York avo. nw. my3-Gt
FOR RENT 4 fur. rooms, 3d floor, together
or separately; terms leasonable; ieis. re
quired. Out 1 st nw. aiy-d-at
FOR RENT -815 1-lth st. nw., front hall
room, cheap. iny'J-bt
FOR RENT With or without board, fur.
iroiib 3d-iIodr 100111; fine local .on; joii-
vementto cars; all conwiiiencesor a home;
terms leasonable. 030 Mass.ave.nw.
FOR RENT 500 2d st. nw.; three unfur
nished or furnished second-lloor rooms;
water in kitchen; every convenience lor
housekeeping; cool uud delightrul lor sum
mer. 1C"
FOR RENT A large furnished 2d-story
front room, $9; also another one, $7; 2
unfurnished, one $0 and one $5; in a
uew house. 1325 12th st. uw. It
1.; $10.50.
A nice, 2-room flat: a. ir
2122 M st. - my23-3t
FOR RENT Rooms; single or eu suite; 2d
and 3d Jloors; large closets, etc.; fur
nished or iiumnilshed; 1. h. k. allowed.
MRS. DoM ARR, 51 r3d St. li W. It
FOR RENT-Elat or 4 rooms, by, June 1;
quiet family; no children. dC"8 l-lth
st. uw. my3-3t
FOR PHYSICIAN Clean, plcusaut base
ment office to rent; exceUtnt location.
1220 13th st. nw. It
FOlt lrfiNT-Unfur., 2 or 3 nice rooms
on 2d rioor; bath 011 same rioor; con
venient to electric cars; no children in the
house. 22 8th st. ne. my23-3t
UNFURNISHED Three large rooms; entire
third rioor; $15 per month; with gas.
315 N.J. ave. so. niJ'!i3'At
FOll RENT Fur. front room, $0. C04 U
st. nw. my23-3t
For RENT Large, unrmnlshed 2d-s"Ury
front room, bay window, cabinet mantel:
low rent Tor summer months. 1312 W
st. nw. It
FOlt RENT-Nicely rurnishca rooms; rea
sonable. 105 11st. nw. niy22-3t-cm
FOR RENT Very desirable uufur. rooms
01 entire rioor at l51 9th st nw.: terms
reasonable. uiy2-3t,em
FOR RENT trroi7t room. fur. or uurur.,
with gas and bath: suitable ror geut's
lodglug or light housekeeping- Oil K st.
uw. my---3t,eiu
WANTED One unTur. rront room near
Patent Ofrice: reut, ?8 iwr month. Ad-
dressW.A., this orrice. .lt'cm
FOR RKM'-Fumished or unruruished, two
or three communicating rooms; 2d lloor;
bay wnldow; southern exposure; $8 and 50
each. 1005Ost. uw. my22-3t-em
FOR RENT Three rooms, all completely
rurnished, for housekeeping; 2d lloor;
bath adjoining; cool aud airy; bay window;
southern exposure; cheap for the suinmtr.
FOR RENT TwcTunrur. rooms; water aud
bath; hair-square from White Lot. 1412
Ohio avo. iny2i:-3t,em
FOR RENT Three ulcely fur. rooniB, 2d
lloor, with bath and gas, 111 lamiiy of
adults. 2:13 1st st. uw. my22-3t,cm
FOR' RENT Rooms, tur. or uurur.: nice
location. 1 51 7 Corcoran st. my2-3t-ein
FUR RENT Fur. rooms, very low prices.
415 G st. uw. lt,eni
FOR KENT Light housekeeping, back, par
lor bedroom; hanupomoty ruruisheu; front
basement dining-room; use or kitchen;
private ramlly; $13. 912 Va. ave. aw.
Ft Hi KENT- Throe rurnished rooms on 2d
rioor. 720 13th st. nw. my22-3t
FOR RENT-Nicely furnished 2d and 3d
story rooms; with or without board;
terms reasonable. 1418 Q st. nw.
FOR RENT 830 12th st.nw., bright rront
rooms, rur.; very ieaeouabie my22-3t
FOR RENT Newly papered and painted
2d-Hoor rooms; ail conveniences; house
keeping. 1815 8th st. nw. my22-3t
FOR REST Laige lur. or unfur. 100ms;
opening on veranda; delightful loca
tion. ili 3d St. nw. my-2-3t
FOR RENT Furnished atUc room; 51
jerweek 722 oth st. nw. iuy22-3t
FOR ltENT-JCool, newly rumlshcd rront
room; neatly kept. 1110 G tt. nw.
FOR RENT Furnished room: bath and
gas; 55 per mouth. 338 8th st. so.
FOR RENT 2vcrylargerooms;newh.iiise:
conveniences. 1104N.Cap.st. my22-3t
FOR RENT Three nice cool communicat
ing rooms; suitable lor light houM-keep-lug.
01 A st. ne. my2-3t
FOR RENT Fur. rooms, in a private fam
ily; gentlemen preferred; at 711 Masa.
avc ne my22-3t
FOR RENT- 1114 Bth ne. Pretty frout
room, well rur.; for geut ; nice Tor sum
mer; 510 per month. my22-3t
FOR RENT Fur. room, with or without
board. Address 347X st.$w. iiiy21-3t-cm
FOR RENT Second and thlidlloors 1701
Pa. avc. nw. my2-3t
FOR RENT 2 2d btory rooms; terms mod
crate. 813 A st ne. my21-3t-em
FOR RENT Two furnished rooms for 2
or 3 gentlemen at 052 G st. ne.; a. m. I.;
withGerman fumily; my2l-3t
FOlt RENT Large front room, 2d floor,
suitable for club-room. 1211! G st. nw.
FOR RENT Two unfurnished, 2d floor,
communicarmg, large, bright rooms;
closets iu eacn; bach, and all conveniences;
no children: near Treasury and Dark. 810
13th st. nw. my21-3t-em
FOR RENT 3 unrurnished, communicat
ing rooms, on 3d floor, with gas. No. -10
1st st. ne. my2l-3t
FOR KENT Furnished rooms, with or
without board, at 010 H st. nw.
FOR RENT Fur. rooms, with gas, 54 per
month, up. 414 Oth st. nw. my2l-3t
FOR RENT Twocxccptiouallylargeuufur
nished rooms; gas and bath; on d floor;
also hall room. Apply 116 D st. nw.
FOR RENT Handsome fur. room; summer
rates; in private family. 815 Stust. uw.
FOR RENT Furnlshcdroom, 55 per month.
-15 oth st. sw., nearpark. niyi-3t
FOR RENT Nicely rur. rrout and back
rooms, completely rurnished ror light
hoiiKekecptug. 317 Pa. ave. nw.: second
noor myl-c
FOR RENT 2 beautirul, cool rooms, fur
nished, with private bacus, ror gentlemen
only, on Connecticut ave., near K. st.
SUiiMEK RATE, this orrice. my21-7t
FOR RENT Two large :id rioor front
rooms; nicely rurnislied; single or en
suite; well lighted and cool for summer;
terms reasonable. 944 N. X. ave.
FOR RENT Two nice second floor rooms;
light housekeeping, or any way you want
them. 1537 Columbia st. nw., between
Oth and 10th and P andQ: my21-3t
FOR RENT Three or four unfurnished
rooms; second lloor; light housekeeping.
100 Mass. ave. ne. my21-3t
FOR RENT 3 unfurnished rooms, 2d floor,
511periuonth. 2212dst.nw. my2l-3t
FOR RENT 2 or 3 unfurnished rooms, for
light housekeeping. Apply 511 F st.
uw. my21-3t
FOR RENT Clean, cool, newly fur. rooms;
Northern people. 1220 13th st. nw.
FOR RENT Suite; large parlors, or sep
arately; high ceilings; cool; airy; fur.;
uiliur., oesiraoie neighborhood. 1100 Oth
st. nw y21-3t
FOR'RENTr-Niceiy" f urnisbed rooms; suit
able for light housekeeping; $5 to $10
a month. 225 1st st.jiw my2 l-3t
FOR RENT Furnished rooms, 8056th"
st. nw. Call after 5 o'clock.
FOKRENT -couimunicattiig.unnurnished
rooms. 700 4thst.ne. my20-3t-om
FOR RENT- 523 llth st. mv., nicely fur.
front room; cool in suramei; bath same
floor; Just vacated by party returning to
Philadelphia; price, 59 per month in ad
vance. liL,y
FOR RENT 2d floor front; also several
smaller rooms; fur.; central. 907 H st.
hw. ' my20-3t-em
FOR RENT 924 9th st. nw., next the
Mount V'crnoii flats; rooms furnished or
unfurnished. uiy20-3t-cm
FOR RENT Fur7; beautiful 2d story front;
rent low; 1252 lOtUst nw. my20-3t-em
CENTRAL and prominent locality;; lunch
100m doing paying business: exceptional
bargain. BRADSHAW, 494 La. ave.
f ' f my23-3t
'j'. " "
FOR SALB-iA- o!can stocked corner gro
cery at a big bargain. Address D.W. E.,
this orfice. m y 23-3 1
RARE opportunity; secure paying activo
interest Juanirfacturiug nuslness; this
city; operatig aiow; pay 20 per cent;
money 10 enlnTr?;Jjuit: will stand investl
gatlou. BRADSHAW, 494 La. ave.
FOR SALE A' well-established coal and
wood yardon account of other business.
Address COAL AND WOOD, this orricc,
THINK or It; numbers or payiug grocery
stores; prices ranging rroni $150 to
S1.000. BRADSHAW, 494 La. avo.
, in -.'-.It
FOR SALE Confectionery and ice cream
parlor, Including tools for making
candles, cakes and Ice cream; good loca
tion; low rent; cheap it sold at once. Call
O-L' urn Bt. nw. my23-2t
WANTED-Partncr with 5500 In estab
lished second-hand furniture business;
515 per week to each; must have buiuess
ability; investigate this. 021 N. Y. ave.
WANTED-Partncr with 5300 to 5500, in
established manuractuiing business; wood
workman prererred; good proritn and no
nsK. Aiiuress -"aktisek, this orrice.
FOR SALE-VTwo rine 15-ft. wall cases,
-1 elegant mahogany show cases; suitable
for millinery or Jewelry; also 10 very fine
oil paintings; now in storage; can be lxuight
cheap. Address PAINTINGS, this of
fice. my23-3t
FOR SALE Cigar, confectionery, gro
cery and notion store combined; doing a
good business; house of 4 tooms and store;
rent 520.DO; price, 5325; a rare oppor-j.?lty,l.U?vest,K-t0-
CHANGE, Room , 619 F st. nw.
my22 -3t,em
OR SALE At a bargain, grocery and
provision store; selling on account of
pUiorbusinees, 420 it st. nfc my22-3t-em
FOR SALE-Coal yard, with rine saw mill
and wUihloigonniyenrion; very cheap. Ad
dress COA Lathis ornce. my22-3t
FOR SALE Will sell thc"best paying little
fancy grocery, located on one of the best
corners in the city, or will tako partner who
can take charge or the busiuess; owner has
other business out of the city. FANCY.
this orrice. - it-em
CIGAR STORE, nw.; doing business $350
per month: owner engaged other busi
ness. BRADSHAW, 494 La. ave. my23-3t
;!! &&
If tbe-nro pub "fished lu a paper llko THE TIMES,
- -which reaches over 40,000 peruana every day and
la probably read by 00,000 more- Instance are
. 51'
every duy com luff to our notice where fifty and
one hundred answers urfc received to one Kinglo want
advertisement. It doesn't cost a gjrent deal to try it.
The Times oulyclmrges 1 cent u word and endi'iiil
vertlKemeut go.-s Into Tho Morning and Evening
Times for tho one price. Tho nme ad. in the Star
would cost ?roni five to ten times an much, and
would obtain fowur answer. Whntever you -want
.'! tbnt 1h proper to inn lie public, try with a "Want
Ad." Ton need not evon come to tho office with It,
for it Ik Justus eay for you to count tho words and
Hontltbo nd.nnd the money in on envelope as to Mend
It by a nici-KBiijr. Tou do that and let
and lt rinler do the rct.
&&''$' &&'&'$$"$3-&'HfrJ
FOR SALE A -china, glasswaro and
housefunilshliig store; a chance of a life
time: will sacririceowingto other business.
i uw. my23-3t
FOR SALE Dairy lunch and dining
100m, with 7 rur. rooms: $400; pronts,
$75 a month clear. 467 Q st. nw.
WANTED Partner in paying dairy busi
ness; already established; must have $200
cash to enlarge same. BRADSHAW, 494
Louisiana ave. my22-3t
FOR SALE Good-paying cigar store and
news stand, in the Mount Vernon Elec
tric Depot; good reason ror selling. Ap
ply at stand between 9:30 a. m. and 1
P. m my22-3t
WILL SACRIFICE A first-class lunchroom
on F st., near four Govt, buildings:
5225; reason, sickness. COMMERCIAL
EXCHANGE, Room 2, 619 F st. nw.
FOR RENT Best cash grocery and pro
vision store in city; also rtxtures. 442
st. nw. my20-3t-em
5175 will buy cigar and confectionery
store; low rent. GOVERNMENT, this
urnce. iny20-3t-em
FOR SALE 5590 will buy one of the best
corner grocery stores in the city; less than
Inventory; sales from $25 to 535 a day:
rent. 520.50; old established business.
F st. nw. my20-3t-em
FOR SALE We have several good grocery
stores doing a business of from 518 to
$35 a day; cau sell at inventory prices; big
bargains in nw., ho., and sw. COMMER
CIAL EXCHANGE, Room 2, 619 F nw.
RARE CHANCE Large and commodious
store, with fixtures, for rent. 317 Pa.
avc. se. my21-3t
IF YOU are looking for a good corner gro
x eery at a&ig bargain, address E. N. D.,
this office. -- iny20-3t,em
$15 will biiy 10-gallon ice cream ma
chine, several freezers and double screen
doors; all in perfect order. 1228 Md. ave.
ne. t' my20-3t-em
FOR SALESaloon at 103 H st. nw.
my 20-7 c , , ,
FOR SALE-A grocery store for $15,5;
worth 5300: aud one at 5225, worth
$350; these- itro exceptional bargains If
sold at once.f CQMMERCIA L EXCHANGE,
Room 2, 619 F nw. my20-3t-em
FOR SALE-TMarkctstore; completely fitted
up in every: appointment, including large
meatbox; also- scales, meatblock, saws,
knives, etc. ,2004 7th st. nw. myl8-9t
FOR SALE '97T- Crescent bicycle, cheap
for cash. Address. R. E. B.. 33. & P.
R. R. Station, TJ. N. Co. my23-3t
FOR SALE Gent's second-hand bicycle;
in rirst-class couditiou; $20. 919 9th
st. nw. " ; my23-3t
Unredeemed Bicycles Unredeemed bicy
cles at 1-3 value; just received from the
storage warehouses or the Manhattan Loan
& Storage Co., Philadelphia, and now on
sale at our salesroom, 434 Oth st. nw.;
400 unredeemed high-grade, brand-new
bioycles, such as 1896 Syracuse, 1897
Liberties, 185 Ramblers and Victors;
also 1897 Dehar's World Kandow, Tor
ladles, gents and children: also high-grade
tandems, sundries and parts; we exchange
and buy outright: salasrooms open every
night. NEW YORK CYCLE CO., 434
th st. nw. mylS-6t
FOR HIRE To drummers and business
meu, horse and buggy or Dayton, $2
per day, and special prices Tor pleasure
driving. Apply to the REX STABLES,
rear 615 E si. nw.; telephone call, 109.
59 Fla ave nw. oh. 7 rms 55,000
147 andl49Piercestnw,rh, Onus.. 5,000
2 L st nw, 0 11, o tins 3,500
3338 and 3340 T st nw, f h, 6 rms. .2,600
1000 King piace ne, 0 rms 2,000
301 O stsw.bh.Orms 2,000
2 wyiie st ne, 6 rms 1,650
1114 26th stnw.r h,4rms 1,550
1112 k st se, r 11, 5 rms 1,500
309 O st sw, r h, 5 mis 1,400
1026BCapitolst,bh, 5ims 1.350
I20tolt8cotfsalleyne,bh, 4ims. 1,200
414 K bt se, r h, 5 ims 1,000
Store anddwg, 17th, betECapaudA
sis , , 1,000
4 alley, ith and 13th, T aud U sts
nw 1,000
2735 Q st nw, r h, 5 ims 1,000
000 loth st ne. r h, 0 ims.. 1,000
Alley bet 4 l- and Oth, H and 1 sts
sw 900
alley, bet N Capand lst.O andl sts
nw two
039 20th st ne, r h, 4 ims 000
Per rt
7th st, bet V and W nw 51 25
N rit,bet3dniid4th uw l 25
F st, bet 33d and 34th nw..- 75
17th st, bet E Cap aud A m 75
D st, bet leth aud 1.0th tts nw 50
Liuthlcum place, bet 31 stand 32dsts. 40
K st, bet 13th aud 14th sts se 30
Nw cor 18th aud A sis se 30
8 st, bet 33d and 34th t.s uw 30
1102 N 11 ave nw, 9 rms, fur., $55;
unrurnished, $35 00
10O3 7thtnw,7 rms.,.. 4000
50 K st ne,6 rms 17 00
Oil llth st nw, 8 rms 22 00
13h3Fstne,.o rms 16 35
1014 3dstne,stable, Orms 15 30
918 3dstnw,5 rms 16 30
007 N it nw, U rms 15 40
1415 Sampson st nw, 5 rms 15 00
55 Derrees st nw, 6 rms 14 50
910 and 921 Uaarese, 6 rms 10 30
3409 R st nw, 0 rms 12 50
2W04 7th senw, rms 12 00
923 Ga avese, Orms 10 00
410 S Cap stsw, 6 rms 12 00
1616 and 1618 Covington st nw,
4 rms 10 00
628 aud 630 Md ave sw, 4 rms 1180
1314 and 1316 Unlou stsw, 6 rms.. 10 30
208 Brooks court nw, 5 rms 9 30
-112, rear 21i 7th stnw 7 00
The above Is only a portion or the prop
erty on my books. For full list call at or
rice ror bulletin. tssuedon the 1st and 15th.
917 F st. nw.
FOR RENT Newst-bl and large storage
room;cheap. 1126 Othst. nw. rny2i-3t
&& &9-
FOR RENT $10; 1329 C St. se., nice 6
room brick dwelling; in splendid condi
tion. ROLAND C. BOOTH, 10th and Gnw.
FOR RENT At nominal rent, a com
pletely fur. house until Oct, to careful
party. Address, with refs., SURE, this
ornce my23-7t
FOR RENT- 6-room house, newly papered.
1104 Park place; keys at 1102; $12.30.
FOR RENT 9-room brick; bath, stable
and a. m. i.; No. 425 Oth st. sw,; 525
per month. Apply to OWNER, No. 405
Oth st, sw. my23-3t
FOR RENT 4-10 Q st. nw.; improvements
finished; house open for inspection; 6
rooms, halls, hot water, range, bath, gas;
parking, large yard; house arranged for
two families; rent 520 my23-3t
FOR KENT 515 per month; 421 N st. nw.;
4 rooms, In good condition; large yard;
btable. Inquire C. T. -ODER, 615 E. nw.
FOR RENT 1345 L St. nw., 14 rooms; 2
baths; all modern improvements; low rent;
particulars address M. KEIM, 812 Md. ave.
ne. ltrem
FOR RENT Cheap near navy yard, 724
Oth st. se., 6 1 corns and bath; bulf brick;
house open; rent reduced. B. F. SAUL,
508 llth st. nw. my22-3t
FOR RENT Rent freo ttu June 1 to per
manent; tenant; after that, ouly 520 per
month; nice comer brick dwelling; Oth aud
F sts. ne.: 6 rooms and bath; bay windows
side and front; a. m. L; wide parking all
around; inclosed by strong iron fence. Ap
ply to I. W. BURKART, Jr., 605 Pa. ave.
nw. my20-3t-em
FOR RUt!405 and 407 3d St. sw.. slx
rooni brick: water; In splendid condition;
to desirable colored tenants; $13.50 each.
Apply 942 K st. nw. apl-tf.em
1''lt SAK-ARMS.
FOR SALE A desirable mortgaged farm,
containing 64 acres, six miles lrom Ana
costla, D. C; will be sold to highest bid
der May 27, 1897: a real truck and fruit
farm, as will be 6bowu: terms easy: op
posite Oxen Hill P. O..Md. A.H.GRIMES.
FOR SALE A very desirable farm of
225 acres, In Charles county, on Pope's
Creek. Line, B. &. P. R. R., near Lothair
Station; a new 5-room house, with cellar
with all necessary outbuildings; two youug
orchards, and lias also an abundant supply
ot water; convenient U. churches, schools,
and postorrice, and withtn a mile of salt
water; price, $3,500. For further par
ticulars apply to Mrs. 0. M. JAMESON,
73 L stnw., Washington, D. O. my22-3t
FOR SALE Farm; 143 acres; good house:
13 rooms; hot and cold water; barn and
all necessary buildings; orcliaid: plentv of
shade; land in high state of fertility;
location, 15 miles north or city. GEO. L.
STABLER, 608 14th St. nw. my21-9t
FOR SAL.E Farm, 50 acres; 7-room house;
out-bulldings; Umber; branch; suitable
ror poultry rarm; 6 miles from Congress
Heights; $1,000. 39 u st. nw. my20-3t-em
little cash, long time, large lot, 2-tory
brick house; summer kitchen, good water,
garden, riowers; subdivision; electric road:
near city. 113 5th st. se. lt-em
FOR EXCHANGE If you have any sub
urban or country property to exchange for
equity in several Hue 0-rooin houses.
Address MOD. IMPS., this office.
WANTED Centrally located rooms for
Cuban League headquarters: for both
men's and women's letigues. Answer by
muU. 1212 G Bb. myl-3t
From Station, 13 1-2 St. & Xa. Avc.
in errect May 9, 1897.
.or Alcxa"(lna (week days). 6 30, 7:05,
.uu, jlw.uv, 11:20, 11:69 p. in.
,. ,,r Alexandria tSuuuay only), 8:00.
9:00, 10:00, 10:30, 11.00, ll:30, a. m.
-i0'..110011- 12:30,1:00, 1:30, 2:00, 2:30,
?:vH'i:30 4:oo, 4:30, 5:00, 5:30, 6:00,
0:3U, :oo, 8:00, u:uo. 10:00. 110 p. uu
r Mount Vernon and Way Stations
(Week days), 0:30, 10:05, 11:00 a. m.
,;U6 1:i". 2:oo, a;0O. ' -:uO, 4:15 p. m.
lor Mount Vernon and Way Stations,
(Sunday only), 9:00, 11:00 a. m., 2:00,
4:00 p. m.
l'or Ain.igUm ami Aqueduct Bridge
(week days), 8:00, 8:30,9:00 10:05, 11:00,
11:45 u. in., 12:05,12.20,1:15, 2:05, 2:40,
.00, a:u, t)u. 4:10, 0:20, o.o5, 0.25,
: 00, a:oo p. ,
ui iiugwn ana Aqueuucs xiu
tbuiioay oul, b:0o, 9:00,
il:oo. iii.'iu i ... iv-nii
)J, iO.UO AU.-u,
:0u noon, l-.ou,
1:00, i:ao, :oo, :30,'3:00, 3:30, 4:00,
:io. 4:uu.
a.ou, 0:00, 5:30, o:00, o:3o, 7;t
:uu. 8:00
P. in.
Igga2 cliecked Tree ror passengera
hoiuiug rirbtlasa tickets at Station. Bi
cycles, 5 cents each.
FOlt SALE 110ES-
FOR SALE On wide concrete St.; $100
cash; balance, small montiuy payments;
new, 2-story, bay wiudow brick; 0 icoius;
bath aud pantry, alliuoderuimpiovements;
very select neighborhood; 1375 Emerson
st. ne., betweeu E aim F, 13th and 14tn
sts.; open dally. GEO. P. NEWTON,
O wner, 802 F bt. nw. my 23-6 1
FOR SALE Much under value; pretty.new
2-story. bay window houses; bulf and
red press buck lrouts, hlone trimmings.
6 rooms, batli and puutry. well built and
complete in all modem improvements; lot
17x75, wide parking; street to be con
creted next year, very easy terms: 1319
to 1329 F st. ne.; open dally- GEO. P.
NEWTON, Owner, 802 F st. nw. my23-6t
FOR SALE ORIENT A new 9-room cot
tage at Colonial Beach. Apply BAILEY
REED, steamer Wakefield. ruy21-3t
FOR SALE Corner house, with large cel
lar; 6 rooms and bath; suitable for a
store; 1200 Fla. ave. ne.;, price, $3,300;
on easy terms. D. B. GOTTWALS, owner,
811 llth st. nw. my22-3t,em
FOR SALE Own your own home By pay
iug $55 cash aud 510 per month, it can
be accomplished, aud you wont miss the
mouey; nearly new and linely papertd 2
story rrame, with about 2,000 reet of
ground; fine parking; large porch; hydrant
water at kitchen door; stable; 30-rt. rear
alley; within 2 squares electric car line;
east or Lincoln Park; lu an improving sec
tion of city; price, $1,425; title perrect.
O. M. BR ANT, Warder Building. Oth and
F sts iny2-3t,em
FOR SALE $3,250; a handsome new
house; central location; northwest; on
concreted street; hard times comptls me
to sell this house, which cost $-1,500, at
such a sacrifice; would sell to good colored
party; must realize $300 cash; take ad
vantage of this, and adtlress W 11.
GRIMES, this office my22-3t
FOR SALE li-vc you 5300 cash? Buy
nice 2-story lramc. balance can be paid
$5 monthly, rented to pay 13 percent on
Investment, colored or white. E. A . IlEL
SK.EN, 1216Ji st. nw. my2-3t
FOR 8ALK-A well-buUt brick house; all
mod. imps, and newly papered and paint
ed, with btable to public alley. Apply on
premises. No. 1009 8th st. nw. myl-tf
FOR SALE Wo are showing a very lurg-s
assortment or iiox ley's iioproied Dry
Air ice Box.es: 1 he best and most econom
ic 1 for hotel, butchers and grocers. THE
CO., ractory rear or -14. l, "l bin
t ne inu8-tf
FOR SALE Solid oak wardrobe, $10;
beUrujiusuiie, T pieces. Frencli piateglass.
15; 0 rolding beds, oak and cherry, $4.
56, 58 and 510 each; odd bedstead?, $1 to
$3; bronze piano lamp, $10, cost $40; Turk
ish rug, $3; oak commode, $2; mahogany
Sofa, 3; 2 wash stands, $1; white bureau,
53; 40-Ib long white hair mattress, $18;
6 walnut chairs, 5oc. each; solid walnut
sideboard, $8; new oak bed lounge, $10;
c.uih. 5M; fine chairs, upholstered iu Kilk,
$4; others, $; Rodgers group of statues,
$3, cost $12; wardrobe, $3; gasoline stove,
with oven, $3; single hair mattress and
bed, $3; dishes, lc. each; meat grinder, $1;
not home today. 91 New York ave.; down
stairs; don't ring; walk in; bell broken. It
FoR SALE- A twenty-five dollar ($25.00)
twin .irmere a linos? new: Tor ten dollars
($10.00). Apply at 210 G St. nw. It
FOR SALE 15-rt. awnlnc rrame, bake
trough, pans and other bakehouse uten
sils, also pueumatic bicycle, at $lo. 3307
7 th st. uw. iny21-3t
FOR SALE Cheap; soda lountain, iu good
order. 1146 7th st. uw. myl-3t
FOR SALE 3 rine showcases, witli largeT
fctroiig tables; price, 5-5: will sell sep
arately. Call at once, 1911 7th st.
FOR SALE- pure English biaek-and-tans;
remales; 4 months old; toin in the city
or Pans; 57.50 each. Call or address
Ao. 421 Oth st. nw. lt-em
FOR SALE Doctor'sTbuggy" cheap. 625
N. . ave. my22-6t,em
FOR SALE Soda water fountain in good
order; cneap. 9Q13dst.se. my2-;t-vni
FOR SALE-Will sell my upright piano,
which 1 have only had rour months; mis
fortune the cause of selling. Address 25,
this orrice. ruy2:-3t
FOR SALE 2-chair barber shop; reason
tor selllmr, ownei has other business; do
ing good business. 910 E st. nw. "
FOR SALE Young's best butter, 25c, or.
5 pouudsfor$l;made by loungs .shipped
direct to I'ouugs.audsoid DyR.B. YOUNGS,
76 and 77 O-st. Market, aud 69 Riggs
Market; postal orders promptly rilled
FOR SALE Fresn cows; always on hand;
would also exchange ror dry cows. JNO.
DENK-AS, 3510 Brightwood ave.
FOR SALE Dachsaund, collies, Kpamal
and rox terrier puppies; also young tame
squirrels and monkeys- SCUMID'S BIRD
STORE, 712 12th st. nw. my7-tf,em
FOR iALE reed-water itc.iu.-r. r iOe
tack t"iO inches dian.eier, 7U leethigni,
water-tube boiler (tU horse power), and
two power transmitters; all in fix t class
couditiou. no reasonable oricr rerused.
Apply to G.C.THOMPSON. Chief Engineer
l'unty Ice Co., Armorjr place, near 5th
aud L sts. nw ft25-tf
LOST Some three or four months ago I
lost a scarf pin, with small gold tear and
chip diamond; a short time after an old
leaf-shaped earring, with garnet and pearl
setting in silver, and a few days since, an
old umbrella, with celluloid ring lu the
handle; valuable only to the owner. By
returning the same to 475 F st. sw.,or
Room 49, General Land Office, Interior
Bepartmcnt, the finder will be warded.
LOST-Between B. & P. depot and llth
and F sts., about 3 o'clock Saturday after
noon, plain Mack ji.-ck.ttKx.k eon to. iritng a
return ticket to Culpeper, Va.. und some
money. A liberal reward will be fold ror
Jtlie same if returned to 1014 I st. nw It
LOST Wednesday evening, between Oth
and E sts., 4th and Moss. ave. nw..a
lndj ssmallopen-racesilverwatch, withTob
chain attached. Liberal reward if re
turned to 423 Mass. ave. nw. lt-em
LOST Btack leather card case, with cards
of Mr. J. M. Mete-air inside, between 8th
and Oth sts. and New York avenue, about
3 o'clock Friday, May 21, 1897 Return
to 916 8th st. nw., and receive reward,
my 22-30
FOUND Sunday, May 16, on E. Cap. st ,
a K)ckctbook. Owncrcan have same by
proving property and paying charges. In
quire 100 IN- C. ave. se. It
FOUND-May22, 1897, a black mare. CaU
at 1318 28th st. nw., prove property,
pay expenses and take mare. it
FOR RENT A beautirul home; valley of
Virginia: suitable ror boarders: terms rea
sonable. Picture or house, 1705 21st. at.
nw. 1 1
FOR RENT Delightful village home; 3
story brick, 10 rooms rurnished; Jarge
garden planted; 2 acres in, lawn, fruit,
evergreens and flowers; overlooks town,
country, mountain and plain; 6 chuicbcs;
good schools; .excellent water; lilKh, cool,
shady, healthy; 1 hour by rail to Washing
ton; 1-2 cent a mile; rent $50; cheap.
ISAAC P. BALDWIN, Manassas, Va.
FOR RENT-At Forest Glen, Md., six-room
house, cellar, bath, range, hot water,
heated by furnace, Jind fire places; large
lot; near station rent only $12.50. JOHN
T. KNOTT, 918 F at. my20-6t
fHS' cx-; ibO, ll;45, a. in. l:o5.ex
1-0, LUO, 1:45, :U&. ex; 2:40, 3:00,
ex.; 3.-30, -;ou, ex.; 4.15, ex.; 4:45. 5:05,
5:'.ex.: r.Mii -nr. v -:. 7-no. 8:00.
7"?t -"ii1 , ee!c days PITTSUUKU E
h,,r "l.1.?101" ana Dining Cars, Barris
Durg to Pittsburg:
nhSlH.,.S,F,t"lln' fining. Smoking an-j
ft.V.0n, Cara arrisbtirg to Chicagd,
i?,lna.tl'!Hu,anal,0bs. St Louis, t leve
il-?nbrjletla Burret ParIor Car S
1 ParinV ALWF WJUS-i'oiuiian Burre
tr HLto Jlarrisburg. Burret Parlor
t In . 1,amsburg to Pittsburg.
rZKr1,0?1?' a"u Sleeping and Dinins
?Sf! DarrUbtirB to St. Louis. NashvlU
t foIa. a,ueInnati) and Chicago.
CaratoJSaTE C '
7'?inri,m." "O-TUWESTEK." EXPRESS
TMth..ri.nii,c,t'nmKCar;J 'Vashlngton to
, HPrK ana -"arrisburc to St. Louis
ii)a4o rVnc,'nnatI- Dining Car.
mnn ;nM; ''AC1F1G EA.PRESS-1'uU-
- r.aa peeping Car to Pittsburg.
''tVr -. i1. re. CanandJUgua, Itoches--unday
wiaKara Falls daiiy, exceps
llJ.'vrnr v1.; r?r Jil"11"1 and Ienovo dally.
?p o bunu.a7- ror oc Haven wcefc
l iu hhamsport Sundays. 3.40
Mnrfi'r-""'- f0 WliUanisnort. itochestcr.
snM.?ottnu,aara Falls dally, excpc
to ?.25, wi.t,.l.s,?epl,IK Car Washington
i 1 1 111 2,nbion n c&'' v,a U-rralo.
fir H,,rrnri:r1e.' aaaiidaigiia, RochM
ter, Burralo, and Niagara Falls daily.
tor iiuaeiiiiuu. Now XurK, ana
,.n . tne tast.
1TKT1 -"C?uR8IONAL LIM-ir7.r?.:-
raaily!.al1 1 ar-r Cars, with Din
ml.Jia. rPm 'niore. Regularat 7.00
(Dining Car). 8.00, 9.0b, 10. 00 (Dlnin
inanaD,dA11r!J0 AtnInB Lar from Wit
in o7T.a,,Ji 1-.45, 3.15, 4.20. 6 50,
lmV,V-aud. 113 r- "- On tJunday,7.od
Car?Lwri- 8U0' w'00' 110 (Dining
2.trZl 0 Wilmington) A. M., 1 Z. 15, 3.15
rlpfa,a only. Fast Express, 7.50 A.
m T:J:k, Uays- Express I-.15 P.
7rri7 $?r ostt,n, without change,
uaiiy Weci days' and 4-20 p-
i Mri,dan,.c V,Ity (v,a Delaware River
rIK.' aI,'raU route), 3.15 p. m. dally!
K?n !i,tI:P'e.-25.7.0l). 7.5W. K.OO. u (t;
?522' t1-0 nd 110 a ., 12.15,
Irif,5' H;FJ ?i9 9-1 B. S.40 (4J)0 llmi
niJ-00'. 10'i 11-15 and il.35 p. m!
On Sunday, 7 00. 8.00. 9.00, 9.05. fo.50;
linn autn,' i5.- 5. .0'l. 3.15, 3.40,'
i4;V. ltl;. 4.20, 5.40, 0.15, 6.60,
7.10 10.00, 10.40 and 11.35 p. m.
-or lopes Creek Line, 7.50 a.m. and 4.38
5. m. dally except Sunday.
ror Annapolis, 7.00. 9.00 a. m., 12 15
and 4 0 p. m. dally, except Sunday
Sundays iToo a. in. --d 4o p. m. Jr
AtlanUc Coast Line Express ror Flor
ida and points on Atlantia Coast
.ln5' 4?u a- "- 3-4B P- - daily;
Richmond only, 10.57 a. m. week days:
Atlanta Special, via Richmond and Sea
board Air Line, 4.40 p. in dally Ac
commodation Tor Quantlco, 7.45 a. o
and4.25p. in. weekdays.
Ticket orfice. corner Fifteenth and O
streets, and at the station. Sixth and U
streets, where orders r"be lert Tor check
ing or baggage to destination rroni hotels
and residences.
J- B. HUTCHINSON. General Manager.'
J. R. WOOD. General 1 ttKt-ngt-t Agos.
Schedule in errect May 16, 1897.
Leave WosBinstou frt.m vui, t,ner "t
New Jersey avenue and C street.
For ChicMu ane Aurtuwett, veiiibuIMl
Limited trains, 10:00, 11:45 a. m., 8:0
p. m.
ForClndnnatl.St. Loulsandlmllanapolls.
Express, 11:45 a. in. VeUbu!ed Limited
3:40 p. m., express 11:30 p. m.
lor Plttaburg and cievciuud. express
dailv. 10-.UO a. in. una 8:5 l. :u
For Columbus, Toledo and Detroit, 11.30
p. m.
For Winchester and way stations, 3 40
and :s.3U p. m.
For New Orleans. Memphis. Birmingham,
Chattanooga. KnoxviMe. Bnsbii and
Roanoke, 11:20 p. in. daily; Sleeping CJ
For Lnray.3:-40 p. m. dally.
For Baltimore, week days, 5.00, GJO,
X7 o5. X7.10, X7.30, X8.00. S.30, x9.30,
xl O.OO.xl 2.00a. m..xl2.05,12.10.xl2.40,
X3.U0, 3-20, X4.30, 4.35, X5.05, X5.10,
X5.30, X6.20, 6.30, xS.OO, 8.15. x9.20.
11.15, xll.50 p. m and xl2 01 night.
Sundays. X7.05,x7.10,x7.30, 8.30.X9.00
a. m., xl2.05,xl 2.40. 1.00, X3.00, 3.20,
4.35. X5.05. X5.10, 6.30. X8.00, x9.20,
11.15, xll.50 p. m.. X12.01 night.
For Annapolis. 7: 10 ond 8:30 0. m.. 12: 10
and t-3u p. in.; Uuuuuys, du a. m. ,4.33
p. m.
For Frederick, week days, 8.00, 11.45
a. m., 4.30,5.30 p.m. Sundays, 9.00 a. in.,
1.15 p. m.
For Hageratown, :10.00 a. m. and :530
p. m.
For Boyd and way points, week days.
8.00 a. nx. 4.30. 5.30,7.05 p. m. Suudays,
9.00 a. m., 1.15, 7.05 p. m.
For Gaithersburg and way points, week
davs, 8.00, 9.00 a. m.. 12.50, 3.00, 430,
4.33, 5.30. 7.05, 11.40 p. m. Sundays,
U-OU - m., 1.15, 4.33, "1 .05, 10.15 p ,n
For Washington Junction and way points,
8.00 a. m., 4.30, 5.30 p. m. week days,
9.00 a. m., 1.15 p. m. Sundays.
Royal Blue Line for New Yorl
and Philadelphia.
All trains Illuminated with Pintsch light.
For Philadelphia, New York, Boston, und
the East, week days. 7.05, 8.00, 10.00 a.
no.. 12.00. (12.40 all Dining Cars), 3.00,
5.05 .Dining Car), 12.01 night: sleeping
car open at 10.00 o'clock), Sundays, 7 05,
9.00 a. m., (12.40 all Dining Cars), 3.00
15.05 DiningCar), 12.01 night; sleeping car
open 10 o'clock. Additional trains for
Philadelphia, week days, daily. 8.00 p. m.
BuKetParlor Cars ou all day trains.
For Atlantic City, 10.0O a. ui- 12.00
noon, and 12.40 p. m. week days, 12.40
p. in. Sundays.
For Cape May, 12 noon.
sExcept Sunday. xExpress trains.
Baggage called Tor and checked rora,
hotels and residences by Union Transfer
Co. on orders lert at ticket offices, 619
Pennsylvania avenue nw.. New Forlc
avenue and Fifteenth street, and at depot.
Gen- Manger; Man, of Pass. Traffic. (
(Schedule In effect May 2, 1S97.) I
AH iraia-arrive ana iuo e-iujiianl
Passenger Station. i
tf a m. Dally, local for Danville. Char-i
lotte and way stations, connects utMnnas-t
a for Strasburg. Harrisonburg, and
Staunton, daily, except Sunday, and
at Lvnchburg with the .Norfolk .md West
ern dally and with the Chesapeake una
Ohio, dolly, for the Natural Bridge U
lv'llfm.-Dally.lnc UNITED STATES
FAST MAIL, carries Pullman BuffeB
-leeuers. New 1'ork and Washington to
j-cksonv-le. uniting at Salisbury with
Pullman Sleeper Tor Asheville and Ho
Rnrin-B N C. KnoxviHe. Chattanooga and
Nsnvuie. Tenn.andat Charlotte with Pulll
im Sleeper for Augusta: Pullman Buffet
l-eer New York to New Orleans, connect-in-
at AUonta for Birmingham and Men
jlT.i. "' ''u" , -vt.n 10 isrW
Orleans without change. Sunsecpersonally
-omiucted tourist excursion througn sleeper
n this train every Saturday to San ra
eisco without change.
4MJ1 P. ni Local ror Front Royal, stras-
bur- and Harrisonburg, with ejnnectic.n for,
Bunt-ton. daUy, except Sunday.
1 p. m inuij, local lur C-arlKtes-
1043 P. m Dally, WASHINGTON AND
ITED composed of Pullman Ve.-tlbued
lecDers. dtulng cars and day coaches,
Pullman sleepers New York to N..sh-.
viile Tenn , via Asheville, Ruoxulle
nud Chattanooga; New York to Tampa,
vi 1 Lii-irmtte. Colo-Ma. fc-arminati nd
JacksonHUe; New York to Memphis, via
Hirmtn-nam; New xork to New Orleans,
via Atlanta and Montgomery. Ve8t1bjieJ
aa.V coach Wastiagfon to Atlanta. South
ern Railway dining car, Greensboro to
DIVISION leave Washington 9:01 a. in.
flkilv. 1:00 p. m. and 4:45 p. in. dally, ex
cept Sunday, aud 0:25 p. ni. Sunday only
for RoundBilL4:32 p. ni. daily, exceptSiu
day for Leesburg, and 6:o p. in. uaily fol
Ilerndon. Returning, arrive at Washing
ton 8-26 a m. aud 8:40 p. in. dolly and
3-00 p. m. dally, except Sunday, from
Kouna Hill auu .'" - "' oa.i, e. pS,
Bunday, rroni ilerndon, and :J4 a. in.
anily except Sunday, rrom Leesburg.
Through trains rrom the South arrive an
Washington 6:42 a. in.. 20 p. m... and
0.25 p. m. dally. Harrisonburg, 12:40 p.
in., and 9:25 p. m. dally, except Sunday,
ndS:30 a. n... dally, irom t-iuir.'ottesvuie.
Tickets, sleeping car reservation, aud In
formation iuruished at offices, 511 and
1300 Pennsylvania- avenue and at PenasyV
anla Railroad Passenger Station.
W. L UiCEEN, Gen. bnpt.
j. J. ciiijp, irattio MunuRer.
v. A. Tii Kb., Gen. asj. Aent.
' li. S. Urown, Uen. Act. Pqss. Uept
r . ' , ;
WANTED For cash.all kinds ofold United
States postage and department stamps;
collections also bought. H. F. DUNK
HORST, 1005 7th st. nw. myO-tt

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