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We have too many kinds of Shoes, and we're
going to close out some of them during the
next 3 days. The following Shoes are good
values at their original prices but SI. 20 a pair
is less than most of them could be made for,
even in 1,000 pair lots.
Ladies $2 Tan Laced.
Only 78 pains of tlit'in
StyllHli pointed to
11, C ii nd D ividtbh
Monday, Tnesdiy and Wednesday,
Ladies' $1.75 Sandals.
TUnekKld, putiMit tipped
ll-Ht Urown Kid and (ont
About I ao pnlrh in all
Monday, Tneadav an.1 W;daesday,
Low Shoes.
.It is
by all
tlint there
are no
Low Shoes
In town
that can
with ours
In stjle,
asd general
$2 Brown Oxford Ties.
Tlit'lnteM prlm;Hivle
Point I'd or coin toe
"B, O. T and K "widths
About 1H0 pairs only
Monday, Tuesday ant Wednesday,
10 styles,
15 styles.
At S2 OO.
12 stjlP1?,
At 91.no.
8 styles,
At Sl.liS.
6 styles,
At .Si-00.
4 stiles,
At 7.1c.
Misses' $1.50 Boots.
Dix's famous ninlce
Of best Tirown and blaclr
Laced and buttoned
Pointed toes Hand Cwidtlis
100 pairs Sizes 1 I tot!
Monday, Tuesday and Wedn'siry.
EXPERTS say ours are the best and most comfortable.
WELL-POSTED SHOPPERS pronounce ours the cheapest
Ladies' 16-inch Boots.
$2.50 grades at
$3.00 grades at
$4.O0 grades at.
930 and 932 Seventh St. N. V.
233 Pcnna.
i g- a-gag m 9st
It Will Not Be to the Music of
the Marine Band.
3Ir. Iloosevelt Ordered tlie Scarlet-
' Coated Gentlemen to Discourse
Sweet, iiut-ic at the Lecture, But
Soon Found That in Doing bo He
Vns Doing "Wrong.
The management of the Universal Postal
CongrCfcS has rtm Into one more washout.
It has'become tangled up with the Marine
Band and organized labor. The commit
tee of arrangements for the Pictorial Con
tinental Transit, to be given by Post
office Inspector John P Clum at the New
National Theater on Monday night, for the
entertainment of the Postal Congress, de
bired to have the Marine Band play during
the show. This committee waited on At,
Blttant Secretary Roosevelt and made itb
request. "Certainly," said Mr. Roose
velt. He Issued an order that the hand
should attend the lecture
Organised labor heard of this. H also
heard, that although the members of the
Postal Congress, President, Cabinet, and
Justices of the Supreme Court were invited
guests, yet the general public was expected
to pay the usual price for admittance to
the show. Then organized labor re
minded the Navy Department that it had
been agreed that the .Marine Band was
not to be ordered out in aid of any Invest
ment enterprise. Then the Navy Depart
ment recollected that this was so. Yes
terday Assistant Secretary Roosevelt re
Yoked the order he had Issued, and last
night It appeared that the Marine Band
would not play, though efforts are being
made by the managers of the Postal Con
gress lecture to have the second action of
llr. Roosevelt undone.
All the invitations 6ent to the delegates
have been accepted, and the whole con
gress will unbend its dignity, dress itself
In swell clothes, with necklaces, ribbons
and swords, a"nd give the people of Wash
ington a chance to look it over. Many of
the delegates will be accompanied by their
ladies. The diplomatic corps will also at
tend and the private boxes will be occu
pied by President McKinley and the mem
bers of the Cabinet The committee of
arrangements Is endeavoring to make this
a very swell affair and It is .said at the
who is to be the hero of the occasion, has
consented to wear a white collar and a
pair of cuffs.
The route of the lecture will be from
"Washington to Niagara, with stops at
Philadelphia and New York.thence through
the lakes to Duluth, to Bismarck, to Yel
lowstone National Tart, through Montana,
Low Shoes.
We are
told by
men who
have been
that no
house in
town is
a6 great
a variety
of btyl(B
in Men's
Low Cuts
as we
"We have
Bouihern Tics,
Oxford Ties,
Elastic bide
in all
the desired
bhnpes and
colors of
Calf, Kid
or Patent
L, until ci.
At $1.25 $1.50
At $2.00 $2.50
At $H.()0 $4.00.
Men's and Boys' Bike Shoes.
Kangaroo Calf Laced ....$1.50
"Comfort," black or tan $2.00
"Perfect," liand-niadu $2.50
19 4 and 1916 Pa. Ave. N. Y.
Ave. 5. E.
Washington, through Alaska, down the
coast to San Illego, oast to Palm Beach,
Fla., and north to Washington. The trip
-will occupy ninety minutes. The itinerary
lias been printed in French and uent with
each Invitation.
The English "Wnrhhin Intrepid Or
dered His Helense.
New Orleans, May 22. The steamer
Clearwater, from Puerto Cortes, Honduras,
brings the news that the English warship
Intrepid eutered the port on Wednesday
week. The captain at once requested to
know of the Honduras government if there
were any foreigners in jail, arrested for
connection with the reolutiou. He learned
that there were, and made a demand for
their release, which was at once complied
Among thoe held prisoner and leleased
was Gon. J. Drummotid, who had led the
revolution at Puerto Cortes, and who,
being wounded, had been abandoned by
his followers and captured ami taken
to San Podro. The commander of the
English warship made his way to San
Pedro, thirty miles inland, and arrived
Just in time to prevent the execution
of liiscountryman.Gen. Drummond.
Wonders of the New Big Teles" jpa
at Yerkes Observatory.
Williams Bay, Wis., May 22. President
Harper and Trof. Barnard, of theChliMgo
University, tested the new telescope at
the Yerkes Observatory last night. Prof.
Barnard says: "This insttument collects
25 pei cent more light than the Lick
telescope, and this means a great deal,
as it allows us to penetrate one-fouilh
farther into space.
"The telescope will show the world much
that is new concerning the asteroids, the
little worlds between Mars and Jupiter,
and the science of astronomy will be en
riched bj Its discovery of many of the
secrets of the double stars. Wc can prom
ise more accuiute measurements of dis
tances to the fixed stars."
Successor of Havemoyer Selected.
New York. .May 22. C. H. Scnff, has been
chosen director and vice president of the
American Sugar Refining Company, to
euccccd the late Theo A. Haveineyer. .Mr.
Senff was formerly connected with the fnm
of Haveineyer & Elder, but has been out
of active business since the formation of
the trust.
Suicide of an Ex-Sheriff.
Erie, Pa.. May 22. IX-Shcriff of Eiic
County William Mehl, a prominent Repub
lican, aged forty-si-, committed suicide by
hanging at his home here this morning
Mr Mehl was an active candidate for col
lector of tlie port He had an incurable
stomach trouble, and this is the only cause
assigned. He leaves a wife.
papering rooms, that youTeally can't afford
to let the rooms stay an they are. Only $2
up for rich, stylish paper, and the finest
work. P. G. .Nolte, 810 Ninth street. No
branch. my23-tf
To save stock from damage
we sell for little.
It shown our good Judgment to do so. Building operation
would work havoc in Holllng delicate fabrics Wo Hhould.
lose them all. So wo mnrk down, down, down, to the, lowest
notch such goods have ever been sold for. Take thin; as your
shopping list and come ns early iih possible tomorrow.
$2 Skirfcs, 95c
extra wide: lined and
bound. Worth $2.00,
$1 Waists, 33c.
dcred Pen ale "Waists;
made to bell at $1.00,
39c Dresses for 19c.
Children's Percale
Dresses, age 1 to :
made or good quality
percale. Worth 3uc, for
$1 Wrappers, 49c
Lot of Percale Wrap
pers; made to sell at
$1.00; all sizes,
$2 & $3 Capes, 98o.
Balance or fine Cloth
Capes: worth $2.00 and
Jstf.ou; to close,
$4 Silk Capes, $1.98.
Lot or Silk Capes;
worth 5-i.OO," to close,
50c Corsets, 293.
One lot of GOc Summer
or Bone Corsets,
$2 Cashmere Coats,
Infants' Long White
Cashmere Cents; em
broidered cares. Worth
25c Ladies' Hose, 15c
Ladles' 2Cc Black, SJlk
rinis i, Kegiilai-uiadeilosc
10c Children's Hose,
Children's IMbhcd Black
Hose. Worth 10c,
10c Towels, 4o.
160 uo?en or large ttze
Towels. Woith 10c,
75c Spreads, 39c
100 white spreuds,
Marseilles Patterns, full
sizes. Worth 75c,
50c Sheets, 29c.
Lot or good quality
bleached fcheeta. on.n
19c Silk Crepe, 10c.
Beautirul line or Silk
Crepe, in all leading
shades. Worth luc,
10c India Linen, 4-)c
8c Nainsook, 4?ac
Lot or checked Naln
(ook, in ten different
checks Worth 8c,
pieces or India
Worth 10c,
15c Bicycle Suiting,
SOpleccbofnew Bicycle
buiting. Sold everywhere
at loo,
25c Silks, 120.
New shades or China
Bilks. Worth 2Cc,
500 dozen Ladies color
ed bordered llamll.or-chlcfi-.
Woith Gc,
A Professor Charged With Forqery
Attempts Suicide.
New York, Hay 22. Ernest Joies, a
former prolessor of music ut Keion Hall
College, w1k w as arrested in Paterson,.N.
J., last night on several warrants clmrging
him with obtaining money on false pre
tenses, was today held on the charge.
Last night when the cobstable met him
with the warrants he attempted to shoot
himself, but the pistol wa knocked from
his hand, causing the bullet to go wild.
The bullet inflicted a wound in his breast,
however, which was dressed in the German
A lettt-r in German addn-ssi'd to the
coroner, was found in his i.ocket, showing
that he had contemplated suicide In It
he speaks of his alleged crooked transac
tions in Paterson and s-ajs the blame, in
cluding his own death, Is on the head of a
woman in Paterson.
Patrick Crntty "Wants Damages
From Capital Traction Company.
Patrick Cratty entered suit for damages
yesteiday against tlie Capital Traction
Company, claiming $13,000, as the result
of injuries received by being thrown from
one of the cars of the cable line at Four
teenth street and Thomas circle on April 2
last. It is claimed that the failure to close
the gate of the platform and the want of
proper observance in the rate of speed
in rounding the curve at Fourteenth street
and Thomas circle were the cause of the
accident. O B. Hallam Is tlie attorney
for the plaintiff.
Naval Orders.
Orders have been Issued as follows by
the Navy Department:
Commandei R. H. Bradford, detached
from the Montgomery and home on one
month's leave.
Commander G. A. Converse, detached as
Inspectoi of ordnance ut the torpedo sta
tion at Newport June 15, and assigned to
thecommand of the Montgomery July 1.
Prof. William Harkne&s is appointed di
rector of the Nautical Almanac office.
ProL W. W. nendrlckson, detached as
director of the Nautical Almanac office
June 15, and assigned to the Naval Acad
emy July 1.
Lieut. Commander It. Clover, ordered lo
examination for promotion at Washington,
I). C, May 26.
Patrick J. Kane Is appoiuted acting boat
swain from May 31.
Assistant Gunner A. B. Mackenzie, de
tached from the League Island navy yard
and ordered to duty with the Iowa.
Applicants for Positions.
The number of applications for positions
in the Treasury Department was very much
smaller yesterday than usual, containing
only these three names: A. C. McDonald,
Portland, Orcg., to be collector of customs
at Sitka, Alaska: Louis Frager, Tarbert,
Miss , to be collector of customs at New
Orleans, and James Jefferys, Camden, Tenn.,
to be collector of internal revenue at Nash
ville, Tenn.
Several Clerks Reinstated.
Secretary Gage yesterday issued au order
reinstating thefollowlng: Nathaniel A. Rol
blns of Maine, as third-class clerk: Maik
J. Bunnell of New York, formKily chlof of
division in the Second Auditor's Office,
as third-class clerk; Sherman "Johnson, ;is
third-class clerk, and J. C. Pnxler, as chief
of a dhislon In the Second Auditor's Of
fice. 55 To Kew York aud Return
VJn Pennsylvania Railroad.
' Leaving Washington 11 p. m. Saturdav,
June 12, returning, leave New York 11:"0
p. m., Sunday, June 13. Special train In
each direction. $3.50 to Philadelphia
and return via same trains it
$4 Silk Waists, $1.98
Handsome hssortment
of $1.00 Bilk. Waist:
new designk Worth
$2 Reefers,j79c.
Children! 2,00 Cloth
Keerers; latest styles; to
75o Umbrellas, 44c
New Uric of 2U-lnch
Gloria Umbrellas. Woith
39c Children's Hats,
Children's Mull Hats;
pink, blue or white.
Worth Sue,
10c Fans for 4c.
Handsome lincof Fans.
Worth 10c,
12c Pillow Gases,6-5c
Lot or i2olarge Pillow
UaK:?;, made or turc mus
lin, 6c
12c Jaconet, 6J4c
loo pieces or new
Jaconets, 34bicheswJde,
latest patterns. Worth
8o Lawns,- 3c.
Short ends or 8c print
ed Lawns, niw desfgns.
50c India Silks, 29c.
Handsome line of
novelty Hjlkn, 24 inches
wide. Worth COc,
dozen Men's large -
Handkerchiefs. ,-f
10c, v-v
806rtllSt.,kt. H&I.
1924 & 1926" Penn.Av.
House Republicans Against the
Senate Amendment.
Messrs. Dolliver, Corliss, Tawuoy
iinrt Other, Put on War Paint and
Propobe to Rent HouseH for the
Summer-Mr. Diugley Temporizing-Where
Thlfeu-Schedale Hurts.
"Well, gentlemen, w might as well rent
houses for the summer;" was a inopoition
which was assented fo by a number of
Republicans who met Ja1 secret ec-nclnvcln
a committee mom of the Capitol un Thurs
day afternoon. It wasfonly a new way cf
saying that they intended to light It out
all summer, the subject of the conference
being the tax on tea imposed by the Senate
At this conference were Mr. Dolliver,
Mr. Dingley, Mr. Tawney, Mr. Coiliss and
some others. Two of these present had
been telegraphed to lor 'ti.e puiposes of
the meeting.
It has been felt by Republicans ever
since the reporting o"f the-. tariK bill bj
the Senate committed that a serious
blunder was made when tea was taken
from the free list It was argued at the
the time the bill was being prepared under
the supervision of Mr Dingley that the
placing of a tax on this article would
be directly in opposition,- in the main,
to the theory of protection, that Is, of
home industries. It was argued then,
as It is now, that tea is- not a produc-t
of the United Statesand that there was
no detriment to any home industry by
keeping it on the -free list. The levying
of a tax on it, it was said, was an ad
vantage to be taken of every class of
people lu the United States, and es
pecially tgainet the poorer class, and that
the effect of it would be, politically, very
serious on the Republican party Mr
Dingley hud reported a bill which he
thought would raisesufficicnt revenue, and
yet a 10 per cent tax was laid on tea,
the most unpopular levy that could have
been made.
The object of this conference was to dis
cuss this tax on tea. It resulted In the
determination of all. present, including
some of the most representative Repub
licans, to fight the tac when it camu back
to the House. One exprcs!on of opinion
which was indorsed was that such a tariff
snoukl not go through, even at the cost of
the whole tariff bill,
Mr. Dingley, of course, did not express
himself so radically, but he is opposed to
the tax He was rather In favor of tem
porizing and defeating the obnoxious sched
ule by reason, and In conference, than in
pro-cipitatlng a fight in the House. He
understands the danger of the situation
considering the aid to be expectrd from
the solid Dcmocratfc opposition , and knows
that the indefenslbllltv of the tax -nill
cause a greate-r defection among the Re-1
puDiicanstnaa is represented by those who
attended this conference.
Mr. 'Dolliver was called upon by a re
porter of The Times at the Hamilton yes
terday afternoon and an attempt was mode
to get from him the plans of the opposition
in general terms. Mr. Dolliver declined to
be interviewed, although he was told of the
reports which ha leaked dntrfromthls con
ference. All he would sa5"r however, was
significant. He said thaj; there had not
been a tax oh" tea. filnce the war lndleatii:r
very plainly -what he thought should be the j
A Steady Stream
Shoe Buyers.
Men's $3 Shoes, $1.98.
We have just about 400 pairs of Men's
Russia Calf Shoes, Hathaway, Soule &
Harrington's best $3 Dark Russet shades,
in six different styles of toe "Globe" toe
tipped, "Globe" toe plain, "Napoleon" toe,
"Trilbv" toe, "Orient" toe,
and "Buli-do;" toe. Don't
wait until your size is g-onc.
Cut this week to
Women's $3.50 Oxfords, $1.75.
Stili running the Dal ton bhoe Co.'s $3
Vici Kid Oxfords for women, in black and
russets, hand-sewed and turned, at half
price. There are a few sizes missing, but
we can proDabi3' lit any
foot on Monday aud Tues
day. Instead of $3 50 lhay
Republlm: policy He declined, alw to
aiaume that tlie ten pei cent tax -will be
in the bill-when it went back to tha Houe
ThM split already on thf tariff Indicates
two I lc Indications or prolonged debate,
the tiidf cohedulsand the tea tax -wliich.as
sal 1 bvnneof the conferees, was an histori
cal cauMi of revolution.
The cause are multiplying to suirgest
that the Dingley bill will not be rushed
through the House, as it was rushed -nit
of it The leader ar perplexed over
the Independence of several of the lead
lni; Republican who were counted or. to
sacrifice everything for the sentiment of
Mr McKinley", who called the extra ses
sion, and for whom Mr Reed has bejn
working industriously, to the extent of
doing the iiiQ&fe extraordinary and revolu
tionary things. It Is said that Congress
men have had plenty of time to feel tht
popular pulse at home, and that the tax
Mi tea has created the greatest troubl.
SonatoM wiih bix-ycar terms jre not o
senhitive to the popular revolt, and will
probably insist on their amendment, to
that the Republicans above referredto aud
tneir allies in reserve were proba'ily riht
Jn getting ready to rent houses for the
A. II. Alrtr-rmnii Wants a Medical
License Granted Xliui.
A petiUon for a writ of mandamus was
filed in tbe Mipieme court of the District
yc.sterrt.iy by Abubel H. Alderman, against
Carl II. A. Kleinschmidt, J. B. Grpgg
Custls Thomas Robinson, John Ridout,
.Tnspuh J. Darlincton. board of medical
directors of the District of Columbia, com
pelling tbe -respondents to grant the
plaintiff a llceuse to pracUce medicine
in the District.
It is alleged by the petitioner that he
-was a practiUoner of medicine in good
standing in the District prior to the act
creating tbe present mciical board, and
that, on January 2, 1897, he made ap
Tiiireitinn to the health office, through
its sccietary, William C- Woodward, for
a license and was refused.
On April 8, 1897, be applied again for
lis license and was told by the secretary
rh.Tt within two weeks definite action
would be taken, and May 11, 1897, he
iiirnlnreauested a license and was u fused,
and has since received no reply. He was
told that no charges had been fned against
liini, and he asks the com t to compel the
issuance of Ms license. Mr. Tracy L
Jeffords is attorney for the petitiouer
A Heavy Iron Door Fails Upon
Charles Crawford.
White playing in front of Barber & Rosm'
building, at the corner of Eleventh and G
streets, yesterday nttcrnoonabout 0 o'clock,
Charles Crawrord, a twelve-year-old boy.
luckily escaped a serious accident It
ceems that the iron- elevator doors In the
pavement were open at the time, and the
boy in some way knocked out the support
ing bar. causing the heavy door to fall on
him. Mr Atklnsonrwho was passing at the
time, ran to the little fellow's assistance
audconvejed him to Burrow's drugstore, at
thecorner. It wait found thatno bones were
broken, and other than several bruises on
the l ight leg, Jubt below the hip. no further
Injury was sustained. After having his
wounds dressed the Emergency ambulance
was called, and the child taken to the homo
of his parents, 1003 I street. southeast.
Civil Service Commission'. Report.
The thirteenth annual report of the Civil
Service Commission, for the fiscal year end
ing June 30, 1890. was made public yester
day, in printed form. The letter of trans
mittal bears date of February 8, 1897. The
report treats of the expansion of the Ivil
service, census of the civil service, re
vision of the rules, etc. It contains sta'e
ments of examinations and appointments,
trca's of thepraotical character of exainbiii
tionp. rcducdoas in the number of excepted
piPCPK, investigations, and promotions.
Bids for Sewer Contracts.
Bids were opened at the District build
ing yesterday for the construction of
sewers during the fiscal year ending June
30, 189?. The blddera were Wormlcy &
Bolden, John r. Larguey, B. GGummcll.
James McCaucllash, Andrew Glecson,
James Frawley, John Jacouy, Cranford
Paving Company, and B. J. Sullivan.
Private rooms for furniture, clean, dry
nnd hccure, $3 per month. B. & 0 Storaga
Co., 10 to 10 E Bt. ne Telephone 112.
HERE is to be no "let-up" in our great offerings. "Better Shoes for
less money than obtainable elsswhere," is the foundation stone
of this business, and we are building upon it steadily. You rob
yourself buying Shoes outside this store, We keep them pol
ished for you just as often as you com.3 In. Note the coming
week's attractions :
(medium wide) and "Corru
gated" sole. This great Bi
cycle shoe is sold elsewhere
at $4. Our price
fords in black and. russet,
hand-sewed and turned. A.
$5 value for
They Took an Impromptu Ride iu a
Stonecutter's Wagon.
One of the X.nssie Played Jehu
uud the Colored Driver Thought
It a. Great JoUe.
A luncheon was given to ten lively youmj
girls on Wednesday afternoon In a certain
ied brick dwelling on ; Eleventh btreet
ju-t above?C, northwest. It waspresuiuafjly
a success, judging ircm the satlcfied and
Jubilant appearance of the girls when
they rubhed out ou the irocti.oiLu, giving
tlie house a maikcd resemblance to a le
uiale seminary There wcie all sorts, the
tall, the shoit, the lean, the stout, and a
chariuiig picture thej made, giouped in
an affectionate schoolgiil manner, each
munching abalineorolive.
All vrent well until theze anived on the
scene a stonecutter's wagon, drawn by
a handsome .specimen of horseflesh, driven
by a riegio man. The wagon drew up m
front of a 1 oute a few doors above the
teinale seminary, and the dusky driver
weut beiow to bee Mary Jane. The girls
made a -wild rush for the deeerted con
veyance. There was a pause and a little ' argu
fication' between them, when suddenly a
tall, dignified young lady, diesscdin black,
mounted the diiver's box, and, with feet
swinging in the air and a most businesh
iike manner, grasped the lines and shouted:
"All aboard "
Evpry girl mounted that wagon and with
numerous shrieks and hysterical shouts of
laughter clung to one another in tht-ir
efforts to retain their footing, as with a
pull at the reins the big grey stepped boldly
on with his load of human freight.
One slender young miss in bicycle attire
fell flat across the dusty wagon, but the
fair maiden who handled the nutans smiled
not, nor heeded the cries to stop, but
rattled on. over the cobblestones.
The shouts aud laughter o the girls, and
tl'e rumbling noise of the old wagon drew
every head to windows and doors, and the
conductors and drivers on the "Belt Line"
even drew rein to give the passengers a
chance to see the "Passing Show."
To add to the excitement, the dusky
driver made his appearance on the cene,
and, seeing Avhat had occurred, imme
diately gave chase- The faster he ran the
more the girl with the ribbons clucked at
the horse aud urged htm on.
There 13 no telling -where it would have
ended had not the street beeu obstructed
When the girls found the driver was
catching them they started to run, but did
not wish to deceit their friend on the
box, who could not get down without as
sistance. The driver considered It a good. Joke,
and not only helped the drier "pro tern."
from Iht elevated position, but drove all
the young ladies back to the "female semi
nary." I.ansh'irgli File More Suit.
Two additional suits were filed yester
day by the Julius Lansburg Furniture
and Carpet Company one against tlie
German-American Fire Insurance Com
pany of Nov.' Yoik, for $2,500, anil the
other arralnst the People's Fire Insurance
Company of the District of Columbia,
for S1.C0O. The suits ure for insurance
claimed as tlie result of the ''Rink" fire,
last December, which many of the in
surance companies declined to reimburse
the policy-holders. TonrinerandMattlngly
rcprescnt the plaintiff.
F. F. Phillips AVnnts n Divorce.
Fred. F. rbillips yesterday filed a
petition foi divorce from Lena A. PUllips,
on the grounds of desertion. The parties
were muiricd at flurmon, Penobscot coun
ty, Maine, September 25, 1879, and lived
together until December 31, 1891, -when,
he alleges, the defendant deserted him
without any apparent cause, and has since
lefused to live with him. W w. Millan
is attorney for the plaintiff.
General Bliss Retired.
Major Gen. Zenas R. Bliss, at his own
request, was placed on the retired list
yesterday. The nomination of Brig. Gen.
John R. Brooke, of the Department of the
Missouri, to succeed him, as major general,
will bo sent to the Senate tomorrow.
-939 PA. AVE
$4 Bicycle Shoes, $2.98.
We have purchased and will place on sale
Monday a line of Ladies' Vici Kid Button
B.cycle Boots, with the new "Coin" toe
"Janness Miller" Oxfords, $4.
There is no guesswork if vou want the
best Oxfords that are manufactured. We
mean the best value and most comfortable
to the feet. Once you wear a pair of
"Jenaess Miller" Shoes you will be satis
fied with no ethers. Ox
Penna. Avenue,
Established 18 iG. 4
I Bargains j
t On Credit,
d It's eas for the slrug--
p g-ling- competitors to rush
$ into print in our very foot-
t steps offering something- ?
f similar to ours at a similar S
price. Thi hardest thing
a they have to contend with a
h is to make the article appear a
$ to be worth what they c aim
for it. The fact that tre're f
t -imitatedstells for itself why
it's to your advantage to ?
"five us your patronage. 5
You'll find ours is the only g
4 reliable jewelry house in m
p America that guarantees 0
the quality and sells on P
such easy terms and at JC
i such inimitable low prices. -A
Next Week's Special: P
1 3stone $
I Gypsy t
J Ring, $20.
i $3 Cash; 75c Week. 5
J The ultra- j
? stylish Ring
5 for men. 1-4- 5
a karat Roman g
4 gold, set with 0
9 3 bright fine stones, a ruby, i
f a diamond and a sapphire f
f the colors of the fhg. As ?
? a bargain at $20 it is extra- 5
ordinary, and we guarantee
a it can't be duplicated for 4
less than S35.
Any honest person can y
P buy Watches, Diamonds and J
Jewelry from us on the fol-
lowing terms:
510 worth, S1.00 down. 50c weekly, p
Z JS13 worth, SI-TjO down. 75c. weekly, a
P 525 worth, S2.50 down, 75a weekly. w
A $30 worth, 53.0U down. $i U0 9
-weekly. A
f 75 worth, $7 .CO down. 51.50
A weekly.
$100 worth. ?10,00 down, $2.00 A
J weekly.
Caste! berg's
I National Jewelry Co.,
f !103Pa. Ave. 'taromco
A Baltimore Store. 10SN Eutawtt A
Established 1846. &
The Original
Hauls anything and everything. Nothing
too light, nothing, too heavy. Personal at
tention. Storage at low prices. Special
rates to contractors.
'Phone Nos. -03 and 1073.
Branch office, Western Union Telegraph
Building, 935 D Ol. IN. W .
GS?iSS5 G55Q :5SS SS'SS 555 Q5S5
from heat if fo don't cook over
a hot coal fire. Buy a Gas Cooking z
Stove -you will find it not only to
o '
be the most comfortable way of
2 disjxtslng or the ijuestioa of .summer
5 cooking, but al.so Hie cheapest. An
g immense stock of the most approved
g Uas Cooking Stoves await your in-
H 6pcction. Priced from $ti up.
Gas Appliance Exchange, S
S 1424 New York Ave.
Do yon sonar
i .

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