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X"- y-y--v ,r
-;-p ti,vp -',
U. K. rUL.TOXSloaaorace.lUlSra.ave.
nw., moiicyloaueil on wavcues, diamonds,
jewelry, bilver ware, etc apKT-Cni
eial, tuch as life policies, stocks, bonds,
builulng association shores, syndicate cer
tiriealtt., etc No delay YERKES &
BAKER, 1110 F Et. Take elevator. tX
nous us, wye.
Loans made on Furniture. Pianos. Horses,
Wagons, i:tc . at lowest rates and quickest
possible imie. Strictly courideutlai. Please
call bufoiu. becuru.g loans elsewhere.
t10 F tucet northwest.
M0NE1 Tu LOAN $1,00U upward. at 5
dud o 1-2 per cent, on 1). C. real estate.
fc260, $500. etc. at 0 per centr. all
iiuutuctious conducted wiiu economical
consideration for borrowers.
aptO-tf 1407 F et. nw.
MONEY TO LOAN at 5 and o pel cent;
eevuuty, real estate in District or Co
luuiuia, uo ueiay beyond an inspection of
piopeity auo examination of true. WAL
TER t-. ACKER, 704 1-li.n buw. mh2&-tf
SVANTCD iittTbe rTat once." 17 i 5 1-2 7lh
bt. nw. ;je25-2i
WANTED A white boy to work in gio
cery; call at once; wages $2. 14-0 7 ih
nw. lt
"WANTED Al grocery clerk and meat
cutter. Apply, before 1) a. in., Willi
rets., at ".cui-S Oth and A fct. te. It
WANTED btnart young colored man aa
waller. UtfUwN JUUi011 ROOA1, 510
llth bt. nw. lt,em
aNxa..l, aood union, buibcr at i'.iUL
E.'S l'utOii, 1000 -1 1-2 bt.bw. tl-em
WANTED In oui c.ty depaitment, a gen
tieiiiau possessing gcuerui business
ibility, wi.u can can on better class of
..lude. u uisUaigiou, talaOi SJ-5- weekly,
ipplj ii.uay at 10 ouock, LIPSComb,
1000 F.&t., 2d f loor. lt-em
"WANTED l"ouug man, who tpeaks Gei
liiau, aua lius nome experience in tenu
lug bar; be sober ana nave ref.; small
wageu at start. Auuress GERMAN", this
ornoe. je24.-3t
WANTED A journeyman barber ol bteady
habits. Apply to G. W. SCHWAB, 33
ilouioe bt., uueostia; appiy at once.
WANTED Young matt for diamutic club;
no experience required. Auurebs A.MA
TEUR, tnib orrice. je23-3t
WANTED A middle-aged white woman as
cuiuuiaaion lor little gin; comioi table
Uonie; a iare cuauce ror tlie right purtj.
Lall after 5 p m., Gil L st. biv. lt
WANTED A settled white woman. Ap
ply 1 1 Fentou st. ne. 3e25-bt
WANTED Woman to do' washing, iron
ing tmd general housework; good wages,
rers. - nil lotii st- uwr it
WANTED A young lady bookkeeper and
cabhier, one having experience preferred.
Address laud 14tu St. nw. lt-em
WANTED A neat and industrious col
ored womun to cooh. and abs-fet with
wabinng and uoniiig, mubi nue good city
rcb. and stay nights, no other need ap
ply. 020 9ih et. nw. lt-em
"WANTED Strong young white woman
to do house worK. btay ulghtb; no others
need apply. 1357 II bt. uc. lt-em
WAM'isu-Cook, chambermaia and girl as
nurse lor 1 child; good nome. 17u2 1-2
10th bt. nw. je24-3t
WANTED 0 cooks, chambermaids, and
general house workers, good wages.sieady
work. Call today, 441Gst. Je2A-3t
WANTED A white girl, 14 to 18 years
oiu, lor houseworK, -in lamuy. Auuress
BOUSEWOKK, this, office. je3-at-em
XANTED A lady to help In a tailor shop.
CaU or address A. WOuF, 503 14th bt.
iw je3-3t
WANTED Lady canvasser; good commis
biou paid on house funushmg goods, etc.
Address T. 40, tnis otlice. je3-3t
WANTED At Madame Malllson b EclecUe
Cutting SchooL and Diessmaking Acad
emy, Ool lUth st nw., ladies and mlujes
us puplib; positions rurmstied tliose holding
dipiotnas; patterns cut to measure; dress
inakiug Oouo reasonably. Send for cir
tulais. apl-tf
WANTED At City Intelligence Office,
cooks, waiters, general housewarkers,
porters, drivers, nurses, laundresses, cham
bermaids, cleaners, boys, laborers, diMi
washers; quickest place to get work.
BUAiKLibcOKD'S, 427 lltb st. nw.
"WANTED Young man of good education
and capable; mirst find employment;
clerical work preferred. 11. T., this office.
1 1
WANTED Good skirt hands; ouivmosc ac
customed to flue work need apply. 1015
&, bt. nw. jel4-3t-em
WANTED Will pay $5 per mouth to party
becuimg me a ifostt.uu paying 40 per
month. U. P. C, this office. Je2 i-3t-em
WANTED Reliable young German would
like placeasassistambariender. Address
C. M., thlb office. je24-3t
WANTED By competent, steady, mlddle
uged white man, light work of any kind;
best of references. 322 la ave. se.
WANTED Good mixer wants place In
lirst-ciass restaurant or hotel. Address
F. F., this office. Je24-3t,em
"WANTED Respectable colored man fiom
the counliy, aged 24 years, desires
a place as poiter in a stoie, waiter In a
lunchroom or oHicr indoor work of that
kind, cau furnish lefb. Address J. W.
SIMMONS, 311 S. C. in e. se. je22-3t,em
WANTED Situation as clerk in grocery
and piovis:on bioie, best icfs. Addies-J
N. O., this orfice. Je22-3t,ein
WANTED By a respectable colored girl, a
place as chambermaid, nurse, or general
work, ptcasedon't send cards.but call. Ill 9
23d st. nw. j je23-3t
WANTED By a white lady, a place as
housekeeper, c-ompanlon, sewing or gen
erally useful. Address KEF, this office.
WANTED By a wltite girl, a place a6
general houseworker or ehanioennaid
and waitress in small familv; no objection
to leanig ihectj, best ot icfs. Address
L. B.. 205 E st. ne it
LAD Y wants employment paying 54 per
week; sews well; will pay for Govern
ment position; is daughter ofsoldter; aloue;
partj to share two lurnished rooms; half
expenses. Address E. M. 13., this office.
"WANTED-By German girl, place for.light
houHJWoik; uo washing or Ironing. Ad
dress 702 Fla. ave. nw. it
WANTED By colored woman; first-class
washing to do at home or by Uie
flay. Address 1522 3d bt. nw. je25-3t
WANTED By a neat colored girl, placeas
uurseor chambermaid, Wellrecomtiiended.
Address 2102 L st. nw. Je25-3t
WANTED German girl will do light housS
work or nurse children. Address L. M.,
thibofrice Je24-3t-em
WANT t ii Position as general house
worker; or will come by the day or week.
42tath st. sw. lt-em
WANTED A widow lady, 28vears old,"
wishes a place as housekeeper for a wid-
ower or bachelor. 320 L st. se. lt.em
WANTED A position as cook, washing
and ironing; refs. 420 L 6t, nw. lt.cm
WANTED By a respectable coloFed girl,
a place ascharnbcrmaidorgeueralhoube-
worK, call at any time. 151:: 12th st. uw
WANTED By a white girl, a place as
houseworker in binall ramily. M. S. U.
this orfice. 3e24-2t
WANTED A place as cook or housework
er; can give ref. 2113 12th bL ae24-3t
WANTED-By three competent servant
gJrib, bltuations as cook, chambermaid,
general housework; references. 441 G et.
uw: jc23-3t
WANTED-By a colored girl, place as
Chambermaid or nurbc. No. 322 B bt.
ne- 3e23-3t
"WANTED Agents for latest patented nov
elty;expenenceunnecobSury; money easily
made; lers. required- Apply bui iith at
UW. 3C24-3C
"WANTED-To rent email house on oufr
skirts; on car line; privilege or buying.
2144 Pa. ave. nw. it
WANTED Gentleman expecting to take
house in lit. Pleasant uesires to meet
party who will tako 2d floor, 3 rooms and
bath; or parties who will takeslnido rooms,
rur. OruiiRir. Address ROOMS, thisofiice.
WANTED Native French teacher will
give lesf.otiB and. conversation for table
board. ilMB. 1:, 121 J 4th bt.uw. lt.em
WANTED Horeea to Loard by the week,"
day or month, at tne Cential Stables.
Also for sale 3 buggies, l jump-seat surry
and harness, 1 small dilvlug and 1 mare.
UEV1KAL STADLES, 111 F bt. nw.
WANTED A file of dally Times, from
the beginning. Address G. A., this of
fice, slating completeness and yriee. -3C23-3C
WANTED A lady to share two furnished
rooms. E. G., this ornoe. jeL'3-3t
WANTED Feather beds Call at 1331
andj.333u Bt.nw. jo-llit-em
WANTED Those who have allowed poli
cies to lapse, to hear something to
their advantage by addressing WALTER,
FUAYSER, Abut. Supt., Metroiwlitau In
surance Co. No matter if policies nie
lOst: Jel0-7t
Will stop alllcaks free, and charge only
foV painting; work guaranteed.
apU-tr 10L'3 8th ct. nw.
1 Loca- Dal'y
tioiu Kent. sjIbs. Pr ce.
Giocerr, N Y. iW OJ Jl-30 liWJ
NW. U..o0 liOw J.00.UJ
NW. 2i00 40 OJ &.OJ0O
. . !jV. -0.t0 lStia 40tUO
" NE. LS.0U 18.0J 3-UtO
" SK. 0.0-J 10.0U 100.00
Saloon NW. SO. 0 Lai go. V'tOOO
NW. iO.')U i.0U l.liOOLO
Ci-ar NW. 0x00 Largo. 1,-oy.U)
SW. 10.S) Good. W.OJ
Luuchrooiu... J V. 4.00 li.0U 40j.uU
... aw. ittio ip.00 a.ooj
liaib.-rsiiop .. NW. -VMj b.tl) UU.VJ
A goud bAki r and 3 good coal yards cheap.
jo.-.'-':t,o;u Ul F sr. uw
FOR SALE A fine notion store wlth?G00
worth of notions, millinery, genus' and
ladies' f uniisniugs, ror 350; good location;
lent cheap. CuMMERUAL, bl'J F m.iiw
FOR SALE A grocery; $100 In block:
lUtures worilt S100; priLe, $100; rent,
10. COMMERCIAL, 010 F bt. nw.
200 cash by June 30 for first-class board
ing house business; part or furniture; doing
good business; elegant chance for person
with few boarders; must leave city July 1.
Box GG, this orftoe. 3e25-3t
FOR SALE A good, paying grocery;
owner" having other business. Apply
817 12th bt. ne. it
FOR SALE-One fruit stall, No 339
Northern Liberty Market. It
FOR SALE First-class fruit and vegeta
ble stand for sate, paying business, al
roady established; location, No. 332, mid
dle aisle and in tne center of the Northern
Liberty Market, 5tb.and K sts. nw. It
FOR SALE-A well-equipped grocery and"
provision store. wltha good cash trade,
In the nw ; good dwelling and stable at
tached; reduced lent; must sell on account
of sickness; well Invoiced. Address BEST,
this office. Je24-3t-ein
FOR SALE Conrectloneiy, ice cream sa
loon and cigar store. 825 4 1-2 st.
6W. JC24-3C
FOR SALE Grocery and provision store,
coiner 17 th. and O bis. nw.; best location;
no opposition and cheap rent; none but those
who mean business need apply. Je24-3C
FOR SALE An all-round grocery and
market biore, doing a busbies or 51,500
to $l,Mi0 a mouth; must be sold by 1st
or month. Call at No. 1500 10th st. nw.
RARE CHANCE 'or practical barber; shop;
well-established; well-rurnished: will bed
very cheap if sold at once. 1100 7th bt.
nw. Jt'24-3t
FOR SALE Grocery and provision fctore;
southeast; a bargain if bold at once.
AddreaS B. D. S., this office. je24-3t
FOR SALE Confectionery; good reason
for selling. 1213 32d st1 uv jclMSt
FOR SALE Coal yaid On account or ill
health, if satisfactory tonus cau be se
cured, l will uttpose ot my branch yards;
located at 511 a bt. ue. and 1602 iith st.
n w. Apply to V BALDWIN JOHNSON,
main otuce, lioi R. l. ae. nw. Jc23-3t
200 will buy, If sold at once, iliH-class
grocery, meat and provision store, splen
did business. 1122 lcthst-nw. Jc23-3t
FOR SALE Cigar store; stock, store and
fixtures; No. 0 Momoe St., above the B.
ii O. K. It, track. Anacobtia, D. C; for
sale at cost; doing a fair business; got to
sell to close an estate. Address JOHN T.
HAUKISON, 56 Grant bt., Anacostia.
FOR SALE Fruit and vegetable stand.
43 0 N. L. Market; cheap. J e 2 2-3 1-em
A GOOD INVESTMENT A few shares of
feied in a paying gold mine, a home com
pany. Call at trie orrice or write for
patticulars headquarters for mining In
formation; FRANK PLAYTER, Sec
retuiy, Itiggs Fire Ins. Wdg, 708 14th
bt. nw. Je20-tf
PRIVATE family; high, healthy loeationT
with lawn and grove; produce raised on
farm, . x-2 mllpb from main stem of B. it
O. R. R. Address Box 105 Gainesville,
Frederick Co.,Md. je25-3t,25,20,28
WANTED Suburban board; 2 rconIsf3
adults; easy access to city, particulars.
Address OONDUIT.this office. je24-3t-em
COUNTRY BOARD High Hill Grove,
house open for boarders, thiee-quarters
of a mileriom depot, stage meeting trains;
fiee ndes, riding and dmiug horbes. 1-or
further particulars call for RAYMOND
WALTER, Haines Wash, stoie, cor. bin
and Penna.ave. se. Apply G. M. WALTER,
Buck-Lodge, Montgomery Co., Md. jc21-7t
OUTREU 1'ARK Rooms and board, wltn
home comfortb, tenia moderate. J. E,
LEAMAN, Kockvllle. Md. Je22-1 m-em
VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. Excellent accom
modation ror vibltors at rirst house north
rrom uepot; liberal table; large rooms, fac
ing feea, suttaLle loi familv or purty of
rrleuds. Address ilrs. SEE, Box 123.
"CLAGGETT MANSION" Desirable rooms
and first-class table board. Apply on
premises; Brightwood electric ears pass
gate. Je2Q-7t
WOODLAWN Open May 20; pleasant
rooms; healthy location; large grounds;
electric bells. gasand artesian water. MRS.
M. J. COLLEY, Proprietress, Kockvllle,
Md. Address The Clarendon, Washington,
D. O. ap272m
WANTED Board on farm, for man, wife,
and child; within reach of Washington
daily; state terms. A. P., this office. It
LOST-Small black silk cape, lined with
black ruche pinned on collar. Return to
138 E. Capitol st.; reward. It
LOST June 22, on Sixth St., between Q
and M sts. nw., 1 gold-leaf ring, set
with small diamond, and 1 lady's ring
bet with 3 emeralds; reward if returned
to J. U.S., 1545 oth st. nw. lt-em
LOST icfcterday afternoon, rountaln pen,
gold pen point. Howard ir returned to
1743 E st. je22-3t-cm
LOST Members of tho Metropolitan Life
Insurance Company, whose policies have
lapsed, will hear or something to their ad
aulago by calling or addressing S. J".
HUTCHINGS, Hutchins Building, loth and
D sts. nw., Room 33. 3e22-6t
GINIA. Value, $100,000; located 56
miles from Washington in Northern Vir
ginia; prepares or advanced study and
lor buslnebs; charges extremely low;
patronage from 22 States- Address for
illustrated catalogue, K. A. MclNTYKE.
near Warrenton, Va. je25-26t-eod
FfR II IRE Horseand Dayton wagon, with
dnvcr, by the day or week. Address 117
3d st. ne. Jc24-3t
t'Ott JUKE To drummers and butdneM
men, horse and buggy or Dayton, 92
per day, and special prices for pleasum
driving. Apply to tho HEX STABLES
rear 015 E st. nw.; telephone vail. 108.
FOR SALE A beautiful place at Ken
tington, Aid.; must be seen to be ap
preciated; near electric and steam rail
roads; 2-story and. attic, 7-room dwell
ing; cellar, bath, furnace, small fruit, etc.;
bizet lot. 100 it. by 1 57 1 fcrprice, $5,250.
A.U- CAXWOUD, 33 Stir st. mr.
FOR RENT Two furnished, clean, airy
rooms on second floor; witn bath; new
house; 20 minutes' walk from Government
PimUng Office. 652 G st. ne. 3e25-3t
FOR RENT Furnished hall loom; $1.25
per week. 415Gst. nw. Je25-3t
FOR RENT Large furrooms, S7 and $8;
hall room, $5. 800 H bt. nw. jc25-7t
.FOR RENT Fur. room, 3d floor front,
foi 1 or 2; central; summer; cheap; re
duced tqC. mo. 604 11st. nw. Je25-3t
FOR Rr, -2 2d-btoiy front rooms; un
fur. 201u 9tu st. nw. je25-3t
FOR REST Pleasant, airy 2d-floor front
and other desirable rooms; good table
board: summer rates. 721 8th st.
lovely furnished rooms; terms low. 415
G st. UW. 3e25-3t
FOR RENT 1102 N. Y. a'o., large, cool
looms, 2, $12; light housekeeping.
FOR RENT 815 14th st. nw.; hall room;
cheap. Je25-3t
FOR RENT Large front room, fur., $4.50
pur mo.; alu), hall loom, $3.50. 032 L
bt. nw. 11
FOR RENT 1347 Coicoran St., largo front
fur. loom; 3 windows; cool and pleabant;
very reasonable. It
FOR RENT -Flat; four unfurnished rooms;
gas and bain; $12. 1520 15th st. uw.
FOR RENT Rooms; with board; S10; or
small furnished house for rent. 917
K. bt. nw. ,c25-3t
FOR RENT Cool rooms near Capitol:
2d floor front, $7; 3d floor, ?5. 224 2d
bt. ue. je24-3l-em
FOR RENT Two 2d floor commuulcaUng
looms: winter heat included, to respect
able coioreu parties wnnout onlldreu, S12
per month. 1211 11th bt. nw. Je24-Utrem
FOR RENT Hull room, large enough for
v. uoic setoiuruuuie;uiso d-Xloor room:
3 wlnuowb-. nicely rurnished; cheap. 925
L, uw je24-3t-em
FOR KENT-TwobTauti7ul parlors; rfoiit
unrur ; back fur., as .bedroom. 1002 O
st. nv7. e24-3t,em
FOR RETh'T-CooT rooms, rur. or uufur., for
5 and $d. 1121 1 st. uw. lt.eiu
FOR RENT For housekeeping. 4 looms,
one floor; a. in. i.; south Trout; uw.;
lets oNER, care Letter-carrier 98.
FOR REN1 810 12lh st. nw., fur.iooms.
Prices from ?4 to 25 per month.
RENT Large front room and middle
u; suitable for light housekeeping;
verj cheap
1U23 lOtll bt- 11 W. JC-i-oi
FOR RENT Neatly rurnished hall room;
$3 per mouth; all conveniences; ceiitiHl.
215 Oth St. bw.; near park. Je21-3t
FOR RENT Fiont rojiu. neatly furnished:
HO per month. 1015 17th st. nw Je2l-3t
FOR RliNT-22C 3d nw. Nice large l ur
room, 1 st floor; 8 permonth. je24-3t
FOR RENT 225 3d nw. 2 nice unlur.
rooms lor light housekeeping; 21 nooi-
terms reasonable. jel4-3t
FOR RENT Fur. rooms ror light house
keeping; water on the rioor. 120 C bt
nw. 3e4-jt
FOR RENT Nicely rur. or unfur. rooms;
central location; to quR-t lady; no ques
tions. Address LJW., tins oMcc je24-3t
FOR RENT Furnished room, at Fort
Myer Heights, BalstoiTroad; large front
room, south front; no fumlly; at $0 per
month. W. E. STEWART. je24-3C
FOR RENT 2 nicely fur. looms; 2d floor;
front and back, with batn and gas.
223 1st bt. nw. Jf'l!:1
FOR RENT 830 12th st. nw., 2d-btory
fiont, 3windqys; fur.; 1Q. Je21-t
FOR RENT-Light housekeeping, 2 fur.
rooms. 2d lloor; io per mouiu. - uu
floor, S10 per monin; water; gas; ull
lplete. No. 310 10th st. sw. Iteut
for 22. je24-3t
com i
FOR EENT 1 large fur. room, 2d floor
front, S7; also, 1 back room, rur., $5. 427
14 i-fr nw 1f4-3t
11 bt. nw,
FOR RENT Unfuru.. beautiful flat;31aige
rms., every convenience; excellent lo-ja-
tlou. S14. 229Dbt.nw. Je23-3t,em
FOR RENT Three looms; furnished; buit-
able for noubeueeping. Apiy ut iou
llthst. nw. Je23-3t,cm
FOR RENT Most desirable unfurnished
rooms at 1851 9th St. nw.; all con
veniences; with bath; terms reasonable.
FOR RENT Nice, largo, cool rooms; light
housekeeping nlloweu. 221 D Bt. uw.
THE ELSMERE, 1408 H St. bw.-, can
oner almost any cuuuhuuliou ui hwub
that can be desired, single or en suite,
with or without printe oath, at lowest
summer rates. Centrally located.
FOR RENT Two large rooms on becond
and two on third lloor, rurnished or un
furnished; low rates. 720 11th st nw.
WANTED A nicely rurnished room In
good location; no questions asked. Ad
dress B. DE VERB, this Qflice. Je23-3t
FORliEST A neatly fum. 3d stoiy nont
uu. for one or two gentlemen. Inquire
at 007 Marjland ave. sw. Je23-3t,em
FOR RENT 130 H Kt. nw., 2 rooms rur
nlshed ror light housekeeping. J e23-.lt
FOiTrENT Large, cool rooms in suburbs:
on steam and electric cars, housekeeping
allowed. LANGDON, this of rice. Je23-3t
FOR RENT Nice pleasant rooms, gas
aud bath, bummei rates. 709 bth bt.
nw. Je23-3t
FOR RENT One large front room, with
large porch; delightful for summer. 328
T bt. nw. Je22-2t,cm
FOR RENT Entire 3d floor, unfurnished;
2 large and 2 small rooms; a. m. i.; 9
per month, witn gas. 193U Uth at. nw.
FOR RENT 918 N. Y. ave. nw., large,
cool looms, with private bath, 1st and
2d rioors; summer rates; transients ac
commodated. je22-0t
FOR RENT S14; three large elegant 2d-
floor looms, with gas for light and
cooking. 20 1 st. ne. je22-3t,em
i-OR RENT Nicely furnished front hall
room; large closet; gas aud bath; large
shady yard; cars pass the door; gentlemen
only; price 85 per mouth. 816 Eabt Cap
italist. 3e21-3t-em
FOR RENT Large bay window front
rooms, on first floor, at reasonable rates;
smaller rooms on 2d floor; with hath and
gas; S5. 201 D Et. nw. Je22-7t
FOR RENT 1542 9th st. nw., nicely-fur.
rooms; single or en suite; cool and de
lightful; every convenience; everything first
clabb; prices very reasonahle: Je2l,tf,ein
WANTED A lady to share two furnished
rooms. It. G this office. Je24-3t
FOR RENT 134 E. Cap. bt., 2 large, cool
rooms, 1st floor, S12.50; 2 nice fur.
rooms, S15. e24-3t
FOR RENT Four -rooms,
st. n w.
Apply 612 9th
FOR RENT One or, two rur. or unfur.
roomb". 2d floor; gas; bath; teims very
low. 1854 8th st. nw. Je20-7t
FOR RENT Three unfur. rooniB, second
floor, for housekeeping. 813 1 Bt. nw.
FOR RENT 2 rooms for storage over my
store. U.E. ELLIOTT, 1520 14thstnw.
FOR" coml of tabieroom s and "good 'board
at moderate rates apply to THOS. WA
TERS, Maguolia ave., near depot, Takoma
Park, D. C. Jc24-3t-em
FOR RENT 1301 K st., fur.Tooms, with
board, upon reasonable terms; south and
east exposure; opposite Franklin Park.
ROOMS AND BOARD, $15 and $18 per
month; one block from city hall; on
Metropolitan car line. No. 318 3d st. nw.
THE CARLTON, 514 13th St. Family ho
tel; large, airy rooms; special attention to
table board; terms: single, $25; double,
$40; transients accommodated, $1 to $1.50
per day. e21-6t-ern
WANTED Large rront room, with bath,
for two gentlemen. Address K1NNE4.R,
this orrice. jelO-tr-em
FOR RENT $6 per month; Immediate
possession, to party without children; a
nice new cottage, 5 rooms and grounds; at
station on B.& P. R.R.convenicnttothccity;
refs. Address CALVERT, this orfice.
WANTED For casb.aUldndsor oli'. United
States postage and department stamps;
collections also bought. H. Fv DUNK
HOR8T. JLOOS 7th st. ut. mjrB-tr
FOR RENT 436 Q Bt. nw.; house open; 6
rooms; halls; lange, bath, gas, new paper
ing; back building; pat king; large'back yard:
urianged for 2 famlUOs? Improvements fin
ished; $20V Je25-36
FOR RENT 3319 Q. fit. nw., new P. B.
houbc: 11 rooms; a. hi. 1.; $45 per month.
Apply WALSHE &r SCHWARTZ. 606 F et.
ms jCl7-fri.,sut.Bun-tf-cin
FOR RENT-Only $30; was $30; 414 N
st. nw.; 6-rooiu brtofc: a. m. I.: perfect
condition; large "yard; W-. P. METOALF,
1331J; St. nw. jL24-3t
FOR RENT Houbc No. 511 B fct. nC 0
rms. .and bath; all mod. imps.; $25.50.
Jol7-lw,ein .
FOR RENT A small, slx-roorn furnished
house for $16 per mo.; to responsible
party. 328 A st. nei; apply on premises.
je23-3t -
FOR RENT For boapf" 2, and $25 per
mouth additional, bouse of 10 rooms; 6
newly fur. and 3 peruiaiieutly rented; hall
carpeted. BUSINEdfireHANUE, this office.
FOR RENT 1308 Del-ave. sw., 0-ioom
brick, water in yard, $8; 313 O st. sw.,
5-iooiu brick, water and bewer, $12.30.
Apply 514 oth at. nw Je23-3t
FOR RENT 603 41-2 st. sw.; 5 rooms,
Avater ana gas, $15.30 per month C. U.
PARKER & CO., 4 l-2innd E Sts. SW.
FOR RENT To dcslnijle colored family
a six-room hoube; excelleut neighborhood;
nw.; all mod . imp.; $20 per month. Apply
to OWNER, 1115 S st. nw. Je2Q.7t
FOR BENT Rooms on -UCL floor, 939 Pa.
ave. Apply to CROCKER, the shoe man,
on premises. j j my20-tf-em
FOR SALE 4 flnej.. bay-window brick
houses; Washington Circle aud N. H. hve.
nw.; at great sacrifice; all rented. Apply
WALSHE & SCHWARTZ, 006 F bt.uw.
SERGE SUITS in Blue and Black Summer
weight; coat and vebt, $5; tailor-made,
worth doiiblo (pants to suit, $2), abso
lutely rabt color: half lined. CUld's Wash
Suits, ages 3 to 8, 49c, 59c aud 69e,
Pants to wash, 2 for 25c; oflice coats, 25c
up: L'ojV All-wool Cheviot Suit, 0 to 15
years, only $2, reduced rrom $5. At
SELBY,S,l903Pa.ae uw. Je25-3C
1331 and 1333 11 st. u w., is now ready
to receive your consignments, ir you de
sire to dispose or auj petsonal errects.
Call and see us or send us a card and wo
will call on you or send for your goods.
Regular sales every Thursday at 10 o'clock
for furniture, horses and carriageb, har
ness, &c , at 12 in. This is one oftiiefiuebt
locatlonb M the city ror an auction busi
ness. We will promise j ou good prices and
quick returns.
1 HOMao j. OWEN, Auctioneer.
J. P. I10RBACH, Manager.
EMRicil'S wood, onk or pine, spilt or
blocks, $3 one-half, cord; drop postal.
iiiu va. ave.se. Jol2-lino,em
"WALL PAPER 2 l-2c per roll, up-puiu
ing aud papering. .'OL'NGER,4io N.J.
avenvv Je22j.7t-ein
COO sheets linen Lote paper, printed", 75c.
nw. je20-7t
1 WILL muke aud delner a Uee-haud
crajou or pastel pouiaii on pajn.ent
of &i per week ciii i i.tr d. no chaige until
iatlsried; send address, and I will call
with bpecitueiis, nest lejs in Wabiungion
will be KiM'O. Address AUTIS'l, this or
fice. Jc21-7t .cm
HAVE your carriages look fresh and new;
buggies palnied and varnished for $5;
carnages at half usual price; call aud
get estimate; guarantee nrst-clais work.
HARRY DONN, 1327 II st. nw. Je20-7t
LEARN the new French system; everj lady
her own arevMiinker; the seif-riuiiig lailor
system taughtathaKprieelorthebuminer;
onl $10, or 25c a lesson; requires uo rit
Uug; so simple that undone can leani it;
rull instructions given; putterns and linings
cat rrom measurement at reduced rates;
dressmaking in all its branches at reason
ahlo rates. Appiy at 813 G st. nw.
Wo do all kinds of Interior Decoratlug.
Do the finest work, and charge extremely
low prices. Rooms papered with new, styl
ish paper. Only $2 up. F. G. NOLTE,
8109th st. No branch. Jel7-tt
TYPEWRITERS repaired atieduced rates;
all high-grade maibiues bought, sold and
pxchanged; rented, with privilege or pur
chase. NEWMAN S , Oil Seventh St.
, ; Jel5-lm-etn
ROUGH DUX LAUNDRY-24c per dozen;
strictly hand work. 1533 14th st. nw.
We propose through this medium Ut obviato
at tho homes or our'patronS the unwelcome
wash-day; weuseoniy the purest soaps and
filteied water, plain washing uud Ironing,
50c. per dozen. Each person's wash done
tcparately. jel2-l mo
"FULL DRESS suits for hire', $1, afJULIUS
COHEN'S, 1104 7th st, nw. Je4-tf
Drop postal; agent will call with samplea
E C. B., this office. , my27-lmo
I WONDER who pays the highest pricei
for gents' cast-orr clothing; drop postal.
SAUL BROS., 923 D st. nw. myl 5-3n.o
AT THE .Business OfHce of The Times
you will find Window Cards ot all de
scriptions "Table Board, "Furnished or
UnfurniMicd Rooms, '"Unruxnlshed Rooms,"
"Furnished Rooms, With or Without
Hoard. ' "Furnished Rooms, With Board,"
"Furnished Rooms." Five cents is the
price of each cardj ap21-tf
FURNITURE moved; largest 2-horseioatI7
S2.50; 1-horse loads, $1.25; pianos, $2;
furniture packed and shipped; experienced
323 4 1-2 st. nw. Phone 1900. my-tf
PRINTING Business cards, 75c per 1,000;
other printing equally as cheap; maga
zines bound ror 50e; miscellaneous books
re-bound; paper ruling, etc G. E. WILL
IAMS,615 7thst. nw. TeO-tf-em
SELBY Is otrering an all-worsted $10
suit for $7.50; come quickly if you
need one 1903 Pa. ave. nw.
FOR SALE At a great sacrifice, a very
stjlish black mare, 5 years old; kind and
gentle; pedigree rurnished If desired; an
excellent driver; guaranteed sound and
gentle, iraoress BLACK HORSE, this of
fice. . ;Je24-3t,em
FOR SALE Cheap, a nearly new dayton
wagon. Apply 1224, L st. se.
FOR 8 ALE Day ton wagon. AddressDAY
TON, this office. Je24-3t
FOR SALE Two good horses; $20 and
$30 each; good drivers. 1122 lttth st.
nw. Je23-3t
FOR SALE Small parcel delivery wagou;
cheap ror cash. Stable rear 1227 10th.
st. nw. Je23-3t
FOR SALE Cheap; one Ugbt top buggy
925 6th st. nw. 302336
CARRIAGE FOR SALE $137.00, cash
or easy weekly or monthly payments, will
buy a stylish Victoria; cost new $600;
was owned and used by a private family,
and is in good condition'. plea6c see car
riage at 910 1st st. n w. CAPITAL LOAN
GUARANTEE CO., 602 F st. nw. Je22-7t
FOR SALE 1 landau, 1 eight-seat '1ub,
several buggies; several cheap horses,
Oth st. nw. Je22-7t
FOR SALE 2 traps, 1 dayton, 2 surrlei
and other carriages and buggies on ac
count of storage and charges; great bar
gain. 927 D et. nw. myia-tf-era
FOR SALE Beautiful place ot 11 acrea;
6-room house, In a fine grove of oaks;
bams; milkhouse bearing orchard; near
R. R. 6tatlon; 9 miles from city; $2,000;
easy terms. T. J. STALEY, att'y., 623
F st. Je24-3t
FOR SALE In , Virginia! beautiful im
proved farms; near railroad, schools and
churches; In driving distance of city:
cheap Address FARMS, this office.
FOR SALE LOTH-in desirable suburb;
near station; ONE-HALF ORIGINAL
cost; commutation fare, 6 l-4c. PER-
FECT, this office. ' jefJSjfr
FOR SALE Lota 25X150 feet, $100 each;
terms, $5 down, balance $1 per week; at
BALLSTON, on cle"ctrlo railroad from
Washington to Falls Church; weekly fare
tickets, 5c. each way. Now is the chance
to get a home convenient to Washington;
very cheap. Can ror-parttculars and a map
or tho suburbs or the city. JAMES E.
CLEMENTS, 1321 F"tf. nw. Je22-3t,cm
FOR SALE On account ot death in my
family, -will sell' 8 iota at Coumbla
Parkrati sacrifice. Address NEEDY thbj
office. - u i je22-3t-em
So you Icmho that w etih have the forn
tag, Evening and Bundayimes delivered at
yew residence for fifty cents a rwnthf
PROPOSALS FOR FCEL -Clerk's ofilce.
House of Repiesentatives. United States.
Washington, B. c., June 3, 1897 SetUnd
proposals will bo received at this offiuj
until 12 o'clock m., WEDNESDAY, JUNE
JO, 1897, for the delivery of two thousand
(2,000) tons, more or less, of the best
white ash furnace coal (screened); also
one hundred and fifty (150) cords, moro
or less, of the Lest spruce pine, and one
hundred uud fifty (150) cords, more or
less, of the best oak wood, as may be
needed at the Hoube or Representatives
during the fiscal jx-ar, ending June 30,
1898; said wood and coal to be delivered
and stored In the vaults of the south wing
of the Capitol, at such times aud in such
quantities as may be ordered by the clerk
of the Hoube of Representatives. The coal
must weigh 2,210 pounds to the ton, and
the oak wood must be cut lu three (3)
pieces. The wooU mustmeabure 128 cubio
feet to the cord. The right to rewelgii tho
coal at the Capitol and the right to reject
any and all bids is reherved. The bids to
be Indorsed "Proposals for Coal and Wood,"
and addressed to A. AloDOWELL, Clerk
or the House of Representatives, U. S.
PROPOSALS to Improve the bntliing
beach -Office of the Commissioners of
the District of Columbia, Washington, Juuo
-4, 1897 Sealed proposals, Indorsed "Pro
posals to Improve the Bathing Beach," will
be received at this orrice until 12 o'clock
fn., on WEDNESDAY, the 30th instant, to
improve the binall basin ot the tidal
reservoir, near fie feouthern terminus ot
1 1 th street west. Full particulars may be
obtalnedfrom W. X Sicveiib.buperintendent
of the bathing beacn. A certiried check
for $200 on soni" bank in the Dibtrlctof
Columbia, or a certificate or the collector
or taxes that that amount has been de
posited with him, must accompany each
proposal as a guarauteethat the Didder will
promptly enter Into contract It his pro
posal should bo accepted. The right to
reject any and all bids or parts ot bids Is
hereby reserved. JOHN W. R08S, JOHN
Ui )lCi.1,r' AV- M- BLuV CK, Commissioners
or the District or Columbia.
U- Jail, Washington, D. C , June 24,
1897. 1'roposals are mvliedror rurnishlng
4i0 tons, more or less, or best blcuuiluour,
coal; 25 tons, more or less, or best anthracite
coal, and CO cords, more or less, or pine
wood, ror the use or and delivery at the
U. S. Jail, in the District or Columbia,
uids ror coal and wood snould be made
separately, addressed to the General Agent,
Department or Justice, and will be re
ceived until noon or AlON DA Y.June 28,
1897 The right to reject any aud all bids
is reserved. JuilN R. LEONARD, Warden.
JC24, 25,26
2110 o st nw, b h, 17 rms $20,000
1420 20th st nw, bh, 12 rms.... 16,000
1733 R bt UW, b h, 1'2 lllib 15,000
1731 r st nw, bh, 12 rms 10,000
467 Mo ave uw, hh. 14 rms.... 10,000
310 ana 318 14th btnw, bh $20,000
53 1 st nw ll.ituo
1730 & 1742 F Et nw, b h, lOrs 10,500
1714 13th st nw, bh, 10 rms.. 10,000
1833 and 1830 Corcoran st nw. Or 8,500
1531 14th 6t uw, b h, rms 8,500
Apartment house, rear 1754 N st. ,
llrms 8,000
Collages lu Cleveland Park, $0,200
to 11,000
413 N Y ave uw, b h, a mis 5,500
H10 bth st uw, bh, 0 rmb 5.000
89 Fla avn nw, r h, 7 rms $5,000
147 and 149 Fierce 6t nw, f h, 0
rms 5,000
82Lstnw,b h, 0 rms 3,500
333b and 33 10 T st nw, T h 2,600
1114 2ttn stnw, r h. 4 rms 1,550
301 O stsw.b h, 0 rms 2,000
1112 k st se, r h, 5 rms 1,500
359 O st bw, r h, 5 rms 1,400
1222 Wyliestne, b h.Orms 1,650
000 lotn stne, b h. 6 rms 1,000
Frame cottage, Plney Branch road, 9
rms .., $6,500
Frame cottage, Brookland 5,000
2 rrame cottage, Harewood road, 4
rms 3.000
Frame cottage, Whitney Close, 8
rms 3,000
Frame cottage, Hurst place. Conduit
rd.Uruis 2.200
1909 13th btnw, 10 rrus 54? 50
1310 iota stnw, 8 rms ,V,
200S 12th btnw, 0 rms 18 00
607 S btuW.tt rms 18 00
50-01-6 Jaud05L stnw, 6 rms lb V,H
1011 6th stnw, 5 rms 15XX
1219 I st ne, 0 mis 150,?.
HZZ 23d bt nw, 5 rms 12 30
55 Derreesstnw.6 rm3 14 "
29U47ttmuw,0tius 1- 00
Str and dwg.500 R stnw, 5 rms
cellar $25 00
Stranddwg,937Rlaveuw,8rms. 25 00
Stranddwg.lJOllst st.sw,5rms. 15 00
Str anddwg,1116 3d stnw, 4 rms. 14 00
Stable, rear 1 314 Mass ave nw 125 00
Stable and bhop, rear 1417 Kstnw. 16 00
Stable, alley bet- M and N, 20tn and
21bt sts nw 15 00
Stable, rear 1229 and 122'J i-27th
stnw 1000
8tranddwg,421Lstso, 6 rms 12 00
Stranddwg,62F btsw, 5 rms .... 11 00
tne aoove Is only a portion or the prop
erty on my books. For mil list call at
otrice for bulletin, issued on the Island 16th.
Jel4-tf-em 917 F st nw.
FOR SALE 4 glass butter rerngerators:
1 40-gallon 4-can Ice cream cabinet;
4 Ice chests; 2 large sectional meat boxes,
4 1-2x7x8 1-2; 2 medium 3x5x7 1-2; no
reasonable otrer rerused and terms easy.
CO., rear 214, 210, 218 Bth st. ne.
FOR SALE-Contents of 7-room flat, fur
niture nearly new; sideboard; Fowler
spring, $1.D0; oaK bedroom set, $12; solid
black waluut set, $8; one set, 5. oak
dining table, 10 Teet, $4; 6 walnut chairs,
50c, cherry roldiug bed, $11, cost $30;
bed lounge, $4.50, cost $1S, handsome
portable oak wardrobe, $9; gas shades,
l5o.; what-not, 3 nrarble-top ice cream
tables, rosewood table, mirrors, linoleum,
oil cloth, rugs, carpet sweeper, dishes,
glassware, cooking utensils, cuspidores,
couch, hat luck, bookcase, pictures, odd
beds, bureaus aud washstanqs, accordion,
toilet sets, parlor suite, clothes wringer,
bird cages, rish globes, upright showcase,
walnut desk. 921 New York ave-Je22-3t-era
FOR SALE-Youngs' Best Butter, 25c or
5 poundb Tor $1, and you know the qual
ity cannot bo equaled In Washington;
postal orders promptly filled. R. B.
YOUNGS, 76 & 77 O st. Market and 69
Riggs Market. Je25-3t
FOR SALE At a sacrifice; a pair ot
10-ton jrairhanKs Ecaies; can do oougnc
cheap. Apply at 430 10th st. Je25-3t
WANTED A -very small cash register.
Address HESS, this orrice. lt.em
FOR SALE Barber's pole, chair and glass;
an ror $io. y3 n. x. ave. je:M-di-ein
FOR SALE Oat set; bed, bureau and
washstand; cheap. Apply 918 O st. nw.
FOR SALE-Slnger machine, $7; White,
$10; Victor, $12; New Hand machine,
$2.50: all warranted,at OPPENU E1MER S,
New Home Agency, 514 Oth st. nw. Knire
accordion anu sun plaiting; pinking done
while you wait . Je23-3t
FOR SALE A bargain; child's carriage;
good as new; only $3, cost $20. 617
G bt. sw . je23-3t
F'OR SALE 100 egg Prairlo State Incu
bator; good as new; price $10. J.BAX
TER, Hyattsvllle, Md. Je23-3t
JUST received tho second installment of
tnose blue and black summer-weight
serges; coat and vest, $5: skeleton liued;
colors absolutely fast; tailor-made; worth
$10; pants to suit, $2. Another lot child's
wttsn suits; age 3-8; 49c. 59c. and 69c.
An all-wool boy's suit, $2, 6-15 years;
have sold no better for $5. Office coats
25o. uii. Straw hats almost given away;
car fare free at 1903 Pa. ave. nw., J. W.
SELBY. Je22-3t,em
FOR SALE New counters and show case;
cheap. J. LOUIS KRICE, 1700 Pa. ave.
n Je22-3t-em
FOR SALE 100.000 old, brick, now Iv
rng at Tho Rink. Apply to The Julius
Lansburgh Furniture and Carpet Co., 1226
F st. nw. jc22-3t-era
AM leaving city; will trade my 100 wheel
for a No. 1 gold watch. Address H.N. H..,
this office je22-3t-em
FOR SALE Fresh cows; always on hand;
would also exchange ror dry cows. JNO.
DENEKAS, 3510 Brightwood avenue.
Five dollars per month will buy a Call
graph Typewriter, standard make, guaran
teed and kept in perfect working order.
Prices $40, $50 and $60. Preliminary in
structions given. NEWMAN'S TYPE
WRITER AGENOY. 611 7th st niy30-lm
FOR SALE-Bull terrtcrs,fpx terriers, col
lies, spaniels, Dauchehand, puppies;
chesp;alsos wans, peaTo wis. etc. SCHMID'9
"'UU STORE, 712 12th st aw. Je2-tr-em
From Station, 13 1-2 St. & Ta. Ave.
in errect aiay , 1897.
Ppr Alexandria (week days). 0:30, 7:05,
7:36. ox.; 8:00. 8:30, ex.; 9:00, 8:50.
": "p. ex.; ll:oo. U:4f?. a. m. 12:05. ex.;
1.20, i:io, i:45, 2:05. ex.: 2:40, .oo,
ex.; 3-30, 4:00, ex.; 4:15, ex.; 4:45. 5:05,
u'nn' ex.; G:40, 0:05, ex : 6:25. 7:00, 8:00,
0:00. lll'llli 11 -VII 'tl'.KII "n Vr..
-- -".vv, ii.u, ii;uu p. m.
, ..?.r .Alexandria (Sunday only), 8.00.
:00, ao:oo, 10:30, 11.00, 11:30. n. m
2:00, noon. 12:30. 1:00, 1.30, 2:00, 2:20,
:00 3:30, 4:00, 4:30. 5:00. 5:30, 6:00.
l:.L7-oo. fe:oo. y-oo. 10:00. ll-20 p in
For A !fY,tfwirfn n....'..ii... "w a nn
9:00, ao:oo, 10:30, ll.oo, 11:30. n. m.
For Alminr. v.rfiAn n wv Rtntfnnfl
(week days), 6:30, 10.05. 11:00 0. m.
12:05, l-i(j. 2:05, 3.00. 4:u0, 4.15 p. in.
or Mount Vernon and Way Stations.
B?tlay only), 0:00, 11.00 a. m., 2:00,
4:00 p. m.
niiiupmo nnu Aque'iucc unugo
(week days), 8:00, 8.30,9:00 10:05, 11:00,
11:45a. m., 1205, 12:20, 1:15, 2:05, 2:40,
3:00, 3:30, 4:00. 4:15. fi;20, 0:05,. 0.26.
7:00, b.uo p. m.
For Arlington and Aqueduct Bridge
(Sunday only), a:OOt 9:00, lu:00 10:30.
i1..0',11-30 a. m. 12:00 noon 12.30,
1:00. 1:30, 2:00, 2:30, 3:00, 3:30, 4:00.
4.J0, B;uo, 5:30, 0:00. 0:30. 7.00, 8:0O
P. in.
lUggagxs checked Tree for passengers
holding rirbt-class tickets at Station. Bi
cycles, 20 cents each.
for AriuigtoQ and Aqueduct Bridge
FOR SALE One '86 Sunol bicycle: btrlctly
high grade; 24-inch frame; with new
cones, sprockets, chain, tlies; '97 Brown
k.lffdllV r'liTu tinrn hfinHlit- M4T LDa rfh
light; everything up to date; will tell rcr
oMu uusu. -t. v. uuLiritrjiii. i.u xfit.ii
st j it A
FOR SALE-$12; Rambler bicycle, 1895
model, with lamp, tools, etc. 325 C se.
FOlt SALE One gent's Columbia bicycle;
lu condition. WELLS , Oth and A bt. se.
FOR SALEr-RIders, attention! By order
ot the different storage houses we rep
resent, I am offering all high-grade bi
cycles and tandems lor ladles and gents
at the greatent attractive slaughtering
priccb 01 the year. Advances made on
these goods must be collected, and there
fore above sacrifices will be made. Such
high-grade bicycles as Syracuse, Rambler,
Columbia, Worlds, etc., etc-, new andslight
ly used, will be offered at this the greatest,
bargain sale of the year. Sundries and
parts will be sold also, and no reasonable
offer will be refused. NEW YORK BICY
CLE CO., 434 Oth st. Je20-76
Persons desiring udvertiboinents
under this or uuy other classifica
tion, heading tiiust not address Tho
Times und sign only their lnitiuls.
Letters addressed to luiiiuls, unless
ulso addressed to a street and num
ber, or a P. O. box, will not be de
livered through the mail. Such, mn.
ter Js unmallnble. For instance, "J.
M. V.," Alexandria, could not be
reached through the nostoffice.
Clairvoyant, Business and Test Medium,
1914 Pennsylvania avenue. je25-7t
MRS. BR1GGS. clairvoyant, can bo Inter
viewed at 722 11th st. nw., on all af
fairs of life; chionic diseases a specialty.
JUDGE Did not receive your note until
Wednesday; please make another appoint
ment. Address A. P , this offlce. lt.em
THE "3 DAYS" CURE (ror men) leads
all remedies in this city; a prompt and
permanent cure or no charge: consultation
free DR. McKEEHAN, 716 12th St. uw.
PROF. CLAY tells business, love affairs,
losses, cU., bangs separated husbands,
wives, sweethearts or lovers together; re
moves spells, bad luck; 50 cents; 10 to 10
daily. 4e9 11 st.sw. jc23-3t-em
WILL all persons who saw the accident
to Judge BleiUoe, on 9tn st. and Avenue
Friday, ltithmst-, kindly leave tneir names
and addresses with the judge or see him?
513 13th st. nw. Jc23-3t
Competent gentleman teacher desires
more pupils; reduced rates summer term
MANDOLIN, this ornce. Je23-7t
Eearn the new French system; the self
mtlug tailor system taught at half price
for the summer: only $10, or 25c. a lesson;
requires no fitting: so simple that anyone
can learn it: full instructions given; pat
terns and linings cut rrom measurement at
reduced rates; dressmaking In all Its
branches at reasonable rates. Apply at
813 G st. nw. Jclb-ot-em
MRS. BRIGGS. clairvoyant, can be inter
viewed at 722 11th st. nw.,on all af
fairs or life; chicnlc diseases a specialty.
FULL value paid; full value given. Enow
ye all men that wu are seling the best
custom-made suits, "hardly any worn.''
at figures that can't help but please you.
JUSTH'S OLD STAND, 619 D bt. nw.
802 7th st. nw., 2d floor.
And Chiropody. AnIta. LO PAZ .Assistant
GYPSY QUEEN Fortune teller; ladles.
50a; gentlemen, SI; no sign. 1212 II
st. nw. Je20-7t
MADAM' RETTA, clairvoyant, medium
and card reader; 25c. and 50c. No. 510
E st. nw. je20-7t
Cor. 1 7th
J and F Streets,
Treats successfully all diseases of the
Brain and Nervous System, diseases of the
Blood, Skin, Stomach, Hldneys and Blad
der, Night Losses, Sexual Weakness. Strict
tire. Varicocele, Hydrocele, Syphilis, and
all Frlvate Diseases or either sex. Con
sultation and Urinary Analysis free.
Hours. 10 to 12 and 3 to 5. Closed Sun
days and evenings.
800 F Street Northwest.
Gold rulings and bridge work a spe
cialty, at the lowest price; amalgam Idl
ings, 50c; rull sets of teeth on plates, $5;
extracting, either Dy gas or local spray,
absolutely painless, 50c; without, 25c; all
work done ny experts, and guaranteed the
nest; open on Sundays rrom 10 to 3
o clock. mh22-tr
HALEE, Medium,
Scientific palmist and card reader; tells
your full name, roveals your past, describes
the present and Toretells your ruture life;
also tells about business deals, lawsuits,
love arrairs, family troubles, reunites the
separated, brings quarrels all right, re
moves spells, causes marriages, and gives
good luck, etc.; hours, 9 a. m. to u p. m.;
925 H st. nw.; fee 25c and 50c; satisfac
tion guaranteed.
610 Pa. Ave. N.W., "Washington, D. C.
Specialist in chronic and private diseases.
Files, Stricture, Hydrocele, Gout, Catarrh,
Dyspepsia, Blood 1'otsou cured; vitality re
storcu. Consultation rree and confidential
to both sexes. Daily, 9 to 12, 3 to 6.
LADIES needing confidential treatment,
a bure and safe relief in all woman's
complaints and irregularities; gold medal
awarded lor the science ot obstetrics from
tho University of Munich, Havana, strictly
confidential. MRS. DR. RENNER, No. 8
7th si. ne., near East Capitol St., Wash
ington, D. O.
Dr. Leatherman,
cure of all private diseases. Bydrocele,
Varicocele, Stricture, Impotenoy, and
Syphilitic Diseases positively cured. Ad
vice and Consultation Free. Both Sexes.
Hours, 9 to 12, 2 tc 5. Tuea., Thure., and
Sat. evenings, 7 to 8. No. 602 F st. nw.
(Closed Sunday.) Jel5-tf
MME. DAVIS, born Clairvoyant and card
reader; tells about buslucss; removes
spells and evil Influences; reunites the
separated, and gives luck to all; cures
plies aud drunkenness. 1228 25th st.
nw. jei2-lmo
TBE "3 DAYS" CURE-Sold In nearlv
every drug store; $1, Jell-lmo
Scientific palmist and card reader; know
your fate and fortune; open dally; German
spoken; 25c. and 50c. 929 B. tit. aw.
rwii1.'n"cek days-flTTSUTJUO E3.
i.f.JZ, LS.arlor anl Dining Cars, BarrU-
iihEoria.a SIeeplng. Dining. Smoking and
nnrVr01? ".llarrtsburg to Chicago.
inn.S ln"a,tf-diauapolls. St. Louis, Cleviv.
Jnnd and Toledo. Burret Parlor 'car to
1UFni.A; P KAiiT LINE-rollman Hurrei
rJ? r,ar Barrlsbtirg. burret I'arlor
s 40 V armsHur? w fRtsourp.
K", Sleeping Car Washlngtoa
rT- rrtiS?1?' ana Sleeping and Brnlnj:
Vi" ?iaiI?our? St Lou!, NMhTill.
7 lui' S?01111101!).-1111 ChiCBgo.
i - rn v., t s -evciana. uwiug
20 5n ?.,nc'nnatt. Dlncr Car . .
ZOnfftn V, '-.-1' PiFIC .VPKKSS-PUU-
7 kiT a ",v'-Jui.ar to ritisourg.
L. .an1 w,asara rails dally, exceps
10nJtr . r?r "'mira and ::enovo dally.
o1 "Eday. For Eocir Baven wee
? m. Wuiiauisporc Sundcys, 3:40
7?i?,r? u' ,ror Wltliamsport. Rochester.
HX. ? ttnd wtaKara Falls dally, excp
t HU.fdar "N' Sleeping Car Washington
in t.7 .fpf.naIon u"dge. vta uurralo.
r u h orrte. Canandatgua. Rochw
tf,p.J?rr?.10' ana Masara Falla dally.
k- pinR Car Washington to Elmlra.
jror irnilaaoipuia. .New xornc. oaQ
""U J1MBI.
jDlnlng Car), a.oo, 9.00, 10.00 IDlnlnz
Lar) and 11.00 t Dining Car fmrn WlP
T"-,V and ll.3d P M. On Sunday. 7. 00
mining Car). 8.00. 9.00, 11.00 (Dlnln
..rorn Wilmington) A. M.. 12.15, a5.
$. V.GO. 10.00 and 11.35 P. il. For
FhUadelphta only. Fast Express, 7.50 A
ij. Teek days. Express 12.15 P
M. wceK aajs, 2.01 and 5.40 P. M
ly. For Uoston. without change,
dku "week days, aud 4.20 P. AL
" J , AWantlo Clt7 (via Delaware River
Bridge, all-rail route), 3.16 and 11.35
P-- dally: (via Market street wharf.
10.00, ll.oo o.m 12.45 p-m. weeK
ST.? la 3B P- m- daJ1? Saturdays only,
y.oo a. ra )
For Baltimore. 6.25. 7.0C, 7.50. 8 00, O.OO.
Tff.5'.?;.00' 201j 3-15, fl.40 (4.00 lm
10.00, 10.40. 11.15 and il 35 p. m.
, b"nday, 7 00, S 00. 9.00, 9.05, 1050:
J-"0 a-ni.. 12. 15. 1.15. 2.01. 3. 15. 3.40.
4.00 limited, 4.20. 5 40, 6.15, 6.60.
7.10. 10.00. lu.40 and 11.35 p. m.
or I'ope s Creek Line. 7 50 a- m. and 4 39
p. m. dally, except Sunday. Sundays,
o 06 a. m.
For Annapolis. 7.00, O.oo a. rn., 12 13
and 4 20 p. m. dally, excopt Sunday.
Sundays. 9.00 9 in. fcd 4.20 p ra. ,
Atlantic Coast Line Express for Flori
da and points on Atlantic Coast LUc,
4.30 a. rn.. 3.46 p. m. daily; Richmond
only, 10:57 a. m. week-days: Atlanta
Special, via Richmond and Seaboard Air
Line, 4.40 p. m. daily. Accommoda
tion for Quantico, 7 45 a. m daily, and
4:25 p. m. week-days.
Ticket offices, corner Fifteenth and Q
streets, and at the station. Sixth and B
streets, where orders can be left for th
checking or baggage to destination troni
hotels and residences. '
J. B. HUTCHINSON. General Managex.
J. R. WOOD. General l'ossenger .Agent.
Scncduleln errect June 5.1897
Leave Washington from station corner ot
New Jersey avenue and 0 st.
For Chicago and Northwest, Vestlbuled
Limited trains 10:00, 11:45 a m., 8:03
p. m.
For Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Indianapo
lis, Express, 11:45 a. m. Vestlbuled Lim
ited, 3:40 p m., express 11:30 p m.
For Pittsburg and Cleveland, express
daily 10:00 a. m. and 8:50 p. ra.
For Columbus, Toledo and Detroit, 11:30
d. in.
. For Winchester and way Etations, tS:00,
Ul:45 a. m., 15:30 p. m.
For New Orleans, ilempnts, .Birmingham,
Chattanooga, Knoxvllle, Bristol and Roan
oke, 11:20 p. rn. dally; Bleeping Car
through. j
For Luray, 3:40 p. m. dally.
For Baltimore, week days, 5.00, 6.30,
x7 05,x7.10.x7.30.x8,8.30.x9,30.xl)p.i)p;
ii .'Hod a. m. xl 2.05. 1 2X1 0,x 1 2.4(1, x3.007
3 20. X4.30. 4.35. X5.05, X5.10, X5.30,
x6 20, 6.30, Xb 00, 8.15, X9.20. 11.15,
xll 50 p- m. and 12.01 night. Sundays.
x7 uS: X7.10. x7.3o, &.3u, X9.00 a. m.,
xl2 05 X12.40. 1.00, X3.00, 3.20, 4.35,
X5.05, X5-10. 6.30, X6.00, x9.20, 11.15,
xll.50 p. m.,xl2.01 night.
For Annapolis, 7 10 and fc.30 a. m., 12A0
and 4.30 p. m. Sundays, s.30 a.m., 4.35
P For" Frederick, week days, 8.00 a. m..
11.45, 4.30, 6.30 p. m. Sundays, 9 00
a. m. 1.15 p. m.
For Hagerstown, 110.00 a- in. and :5.30
PFor Boyd and way points, week days,
E 00 a.m., 4.30, Sundayi.
0 00 a. m.. 1.15. 7.05 d. m.
For Gaithersourg ana way points, week
clavH S00.9-UO a. m.. 12.50. 3.00. 4.30.
a -1H 5 30, 5.35, 7.05, 11.40 p. m. BUB
UOT8. 9.00 a. m.; 1.15, 4.33. 705, 10.H
For Washington Junction and way points.
KOO a. m.. 4.30. 5.30 5. in. week dayv
huo a. m.. 1 15 P- m. Sundays.
Kor Bay Ridge, week days, 9:15 a. m.
and 4:30 p ui. Sundays. 915 a.m., 1:30
n(i 3:15 p. m. 1
itoyul Blue Lino tor New YorU
and FhllndelpUla.
All trains Illuminated with Pbjtscn Ugbt-
Car'open a!l0a00 o'clock). Sundays. I08
suulin! (12.40 all Dining Cars). S.00,
IB I 03 Dining Car), 12.01 night, hleeplnj
wironen 10.00 o'clock. Additional trainj
ror Pnuadelphla. weet days, dolly. 8.00
P'TmTfrpt Parlor Cars on all day trains.
lor AtfanWo aty. 10.00 a. m.. 12.00
noonf and 12.40 p. m-, week days. 12.40
p. m., SundayB. ,
v For Cape May, 12 npn. !
lExcept Sunday. DaUy. :Sunday
only. xExpresa trains.
Ratrcace called for and checked front
hntpls and residences by Union Transfer
cS on orders left at ticket offices. 619
Pennsylvanta avenue northwest. New TorX
Se and Fifteenth street, ann at Depot
Gen- Manager- Mgr. Pass. TraftlB.
(Schedule in effect May 2, 1S97.)
All trains arrive and leave Fenusylvanla
a -DanUy?ocal for DonvUie Char
itto knd way statlons.connecta atMana
ias for S trasburg. Barrlsonbtirg, and
K?n.intnn daUy, except Sunday, and
btaumon, u"i . r-.f,.!,. An(1 wet-
1 1 ir m -Dally.the UNITED STATES
cVt MAIL, carries I'ullman duffel
fiAr- New I'oric and Washington to
iSSSrlile Tunning at Salisbury with
?.a?h nn siJcwr ror Ashevilla and Hoi
YSXS N C KnoSrtUe. Chattanooga aud
ehn e TenoT. and at Charlotte with Pull
?,U Sooner r Augusta: Pullman Butrel
S boer New YorktoN'ew Orleans, connect-in-at
Atlanta for Birmingham and ilem-
nrlr'ans without change. Suuset personally
S,i?ia.r?i. tourist exclusion througn sleeper
oTtffirwaevery Wednesday to SanFraa-
Kffl Front Royal. Stras
biirtt and Harrisonburg, with eonnecUon for
k? iVinton. daUy, except Sunday,
btaunion. JJ.niy. local ior Charlotte-
Vir?a n m. Dally. WASHINGTON AND
n"iH composed 6f Fullmau Vei.tlbuled
1 v muln'- cars and day coaches.
,6.lL,cpe.?n sleeners New York to Nash-
f'Tenn "a AshevlUe. Rnoxvllle
v,U?Vit?nnoori: New York to Tampa.
and ,c,Va"a.nLJ''Columbia, aavannnb and
rtaSiXKoff York to Memphis, via
JaCKbonyiue. i,u Orleans,
.fuartaontlMontKomery. VesUbuleo!
X,a, ihVasfclnstoa toAUanta. South
er Railway dining car. Greensboro to
nrcMSlON leave Washington 9:01 a. m.
daUr 100 r. 111. and l 4:45 p. in. daUy, ex
rVt Sunday, and 6:25 p m. Sunday only
?oPRound Hill; 4:32 p-m-dady. except Suu
rtiVrnr r.eesburg, aud 6:25 p m. daily foJ
a.L.?on Returning, arrive at Washing
? r-6 a. m. and 8:40 p. m- dally anil
00 n rn. dally, except Sunday, from
to,undPHUL und'7;06 a. m. daily, exceps
toudiy, irom iieniuou, anu o.o-t. a. iu
aaily except Sunday, rrom Lcesburg.
Throuuh trains from the South arrive at
Washington 6 42 a. m., 2:20 p. m., .and
9:2ti p. m. dally. Harrisonburg, 12:40 p
m.. and 9:25 p. rn. dally, except Sunday,
and 8:30 a. m., daily, rrom Charlottesville.
Ticketa, sleeping car reservation, and in
formation lurnished at offices, 511 and
1300 Pennsylvania avenue-and at Peaajy
vanla,Itailroad Passenger Station.
W U ukeen, uen. apt I
J. Al. Ctil. araltic Manager.
l w A. xuiui, Uen. fas Asest.
1 U. Brown, ties. Agt. l.'m. Uvya;
. -r! S"
vj vjs

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