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The Rebuke Autocratical.
.We really must confess amazement at
the 'strange and Incomprehensible ef
frontery of former Confederate Lieut.
Gen. Wheeler, a member of the sup
pressed. House of Representatives Only
yesterdaj. while squibs and crackers in
fnli hearing were celebrating the triumph
of Thomas Brackett Reed of Maine over
the Constitution of the United States,
Gen. Wheeler bad the bad taste to move
the introduction and public reading of a
document that the Autocrat could not
fall to consider as a personal reflection,
upon lib. august sdf.
Gen. Wheeler had the audacity to In
terrupt Tbomns Erackett Reed while tlie
latter was trying to count a majority, by
calling for the. reading of the Declaration
of Independence! This was a bad accion
and -was sternly punUhcd. Iiamcdialely
tbereafter, it appearing that a quorum
was not present, the Autocrat declared
the House "in reeeEs" until Wednesday.
The Constitution docs not allow less
than a quorum to adjw.rn for more than
one -day; but "what is the Constitution
between friends," or in the eyes of
usurping Autocrats who rcfUhe to listen
to the Declaration of Independence on
the anniversary of its adoption-, or to any
other reasonable thing at any time?
The- IJipxets of Mr. Ilnnnn.
The New Tort Journal quotes Senator
Hanna as tajing: "I regret that the
coal mining troubles should come at this
time." Tills is a very proper sentiment,
bat one hardly calculated to excite sur
'prise In the minds of the business man
ager's friends, "at this time." Neverthe
less, it is a sad confession. Indicating
loss of Confidence In Ohio, as well as in
'"McKlnley prosperity" generally. But
be is good enough to observe that, "as
Goon as business revives," the rights of
the miners should have early attention.
.Like other prosperity preachers, Mr.
Manna has abandoned his confidence In
the actual, present existence of the pros
perity he would so much lite to see
anyway "until after the Ohio election."
But it Cometh not; be is aweary!
Small blame that is to Mr. Haima! It
must be bighly inconvenient for him to
start his life and death campaign for .Re
publican oppression in the Buckeye State
simultaneously with the inauguration of
the biggest labor disturbance in its his
tory. "Well may be "regret that the
coal mining troubles should come at this
time " We should say so!
The Greclc Capitulations.
Although on frcveral occasions The Times
lias been at pains to explain the meaning
of the expression, it Is very piobablc that
many leaders have been puzzled by refer
ences in oar European dispatches to the
repeated effort of tlie TurklEb government
to have the "Greek capitulations" vacated,
as one of the terms of peace between the
countries. In the July number of the
Forum Prof. A. D.F. rinmlin has an inter
esting paper on the subject of extra
territorial rights enjoyed by foreigners
In the Sultan's dominions. Be says: "The
capitulations of the Ottoman empire are
a series of grants of privilege and Immunity
accorded by various Sultans to those
Christian uations with which, they have
deshed to maintain commercial or polit
ical intercourse." Mohammedan Jnrispru
dcnccrecognizes lietween Mobaiamedanand
non-Molinmmcdan nations butonecategory
of relations, and that is a condition of
"holy war." Strictly speaking, the
Koran only penults to infidels the right
of convei-slon to the faith, with the alter
native of death at the bands of the true
The exigencies of government and inter
course, a well as the natural objections
of non-Mohammedan powers, have ren
dered the absolute exercise of plain Moslem
duty la tlie premises difficult and generally
Impossible The invading Turks conquered
a maritime position In Europe which they
had neither the commercial enterprise nor
the seafaring ability to utilize. Hence
sacceedtng Sultans, in order to supply
I their realm with the fruits of commerce,
liaye granted extra-territorial rights to
( resident snbjects of various nations, anj,
jjr modem tlmES, these rights have been
extended to all civilized unions, under
the "most favored nation" clause of Inter
national treaties.
The system is identical with that Im
posed upon China, and until very recently,
upcu Japan by the Western powers. Un
der It foreigners are subject to the laws
of their own country, aud entitled to
the protection of Its diplomatic and con
sular officers. If accused of crime they
have- the right of trial in the consular
court of their nation, and they cannot be
brought Into native courts under any
circunibtances, unless accompanied and
the proceedings supervised by their own
repieseutattvc. Their domiciles only can
be scaiched by permission of their consul,
and. In many such ways, they are prac
tically exempt from local control; In
Turkey being even exempt from all taxes
excepting customs duties.
It Is this state of things, as far ns the
Greeks are concerned, that the Sublime
Porte Is determined to end If it can. In
that case the 200,000 Greeks resident in
and around Constantinople would be left
absolutely without protection against Mos
lem hatred and the fanatical fury of tho
Turkish lower dosses. It ir not a mat
ter for wcouer that their government
should strenuously appeal to the conscience
of Europe to avert such a doom.
Yet It may prove to be the portion of
the unfortunate Gieeks. The German Em
peror has been understood as actively sup
porting the demand of the Sultan in this
regard, and it is not certain that Russia
is not favorable to the samedclgn, though
we hope It may not prove to be s at last.
A vacation of the Greek capitulations
would be a crime against humanity.
Molnsses for Flies.
What! Are we to have another Iiou
tail-twisting manifestation from Mr. Mc
Kinley, similar to the Venezuelan warines
sage of Grover Cleveland?
Reports are current that the present Ad
ministiaticn is preparing us for just Mich a
melodramatic surprise. It appears that
a strong note has been sent to the British
foreign office complaining of England's at
titude and conduct In connection with the
Bering Sea seal fisheries question. This
note, it is said, while not directly charg
ing Great Britain withbad faith, does charge
exactly that by Indirection and inference.
Turther, It is alleged that a message,
just bristling with fighting Americanism,
shortly Is to appear at the bar of tlie Sen
ate, and that Messrs. llanna and McKln
ley will avail themselves of the oppor
tunity to show their admiring country
men everywhere, but particularly in Or.io,
that patriotism is their regular beveruga
and British blood their favorite food.
We may be forgiven for regarding the
whGle business with suspicion. If there is
anything in it, the purpose is a Eiltiah
arbitration treaty, and not gore. It Is ex
actly like the gameot Cleveland and Olney,
and weare astonished that the united wis
dom of Foster, Hamlin, Day and Rockhiil,
not to mention "Uncle John" Sherman,
could not have evolved something mure
In the former case, the Venezuelan war
message, which was a genuine surprise
to th!s country, was not at all so to the
British government. Indeed, it came as
much from Lord Salisbury's office as it
did from the American State Department.
It was a thrcwd bit of Machiaveliaa
diplomacy lc was defcigned to scare the
business Interests and women of the
Tnited States with the prospect of a
sanguinary war. It accomplished that
purpose, end then the way seemed open
for springing the main object of the con
spiracy, which was a general treaty of
arbitration, providing for the extinction
of the Monroe doctrine, revival uf the
Qlayton-Btilwer treaty, and to bring under
the Jurisdiction of a European monarchical
tribunal the question of our liability to
pay the rorcign holders of American na
tional bond in gold coin.
The last and most important of these
designs Is alive and kicking today, and
the Administration is firmly committed
to the idea of fastening it upon the na
tion while yet the government of the
gold and bond syndicates, the trusts and
monopolies. Is in power.
Any assumption, nominally made by Mr
McKlnley, that the powers represented by
him are ready to defy Great Britain will
be accepted with doubt and perhaps
ailarity. "We have been too often told that
he, or his principals, could not take the
risk of a reacef ul, legitimate act of com
mon humanity, like recognizing Cuban bel
ligerency, forfear that Spain might go to
war with us! Now to tell us that the Ad
ministration will assume the chances of
active hostlitles with a first-class po'n'err
in consequence of differences about the
fast-vauishlng seal herd, Is a little too
much for popular credence.
Hut we need not worry ourselves Into
any state of dog-day madness or even
nervous exhaustion. The first Salisbury
Cleveland war scare failed to work suf
ficiently to land the scheme of which it
was the advance agent. If the high Joint
contracting powers of the present think
they can work a bigger oner there can bs
no reason why they should not try it on
But the American prople have about
reached the point where they neither will
scare nor arbitrate!
According to a recent and, as reported,
an expert estimate of the Wilson, the
Dlngley and the Senate bills, based on
Wilson results in 1SSG, would show about
the following comparisons:
Specific duties.
imports. amies. Pei cent
Wi!on bM..S3S'J.57D.lE" S155.C00.SS2 40.25
House bill.. 473,1,5,118 SrtiOl.OTO 5S.fil
btnate ullL. JSj,0.3,30J i(5i.71&,i93 5T.C2
Now wonld be a good time for Mr.
Wellington to make a speech on the
debt we owe to China for discovering the
If the Senate Committee on Foreign Re
lations were to ask Mr. Barker, our consul
at Sagua la Grande, about some of those
Rockhiil letters, and could guarantee him
protection, a partial light perhaps might
be shed upon a great mystery of state!
To vary the amusements of his "pacifica
tion," a number of prominent ladies of
Guanabacoa have been seized and carried
away from their homes by "Weyler's orders
and their friends are warned not to make
any f nsa about it. Within, a few days he
has captuied another Cuban hospital,
butchered fourteen wounded inmates, witn
tbelr nurses and surgeons, and five children,
ThlB is tlie "McKlnley prosperity" Cuba,
Prince Bismarck's organ, the- "Nncht
nchtcn,trexpresses anxiety over the alarm
ing growth of the United States, but.
comforts Germany with the reflection that
it Is more likely to operate to the disad
vantage of Great Britain than of anyother
power. There is considerable sense In
Prince Biniaick'8 organ.
Well, renlly! If the Japanese are going
to begin their reprisals against the United
States by beating American young ladles
In the Ktrects of Honolulu, It is time that
we were offering apologies. The -Jap1
arc quick to recognize tlie precedent of
our "protection" of American citizena In
Id the Meantime Mr. Wellington
Is by No Means Tdle.
A well-known member of the Senate
Committee on Commerce, before which the
nomination of B. II. Warner, Jr., to be
consul at Lclpaic, Is pending, is authority
for the statement that a favorable report
will be made, and that Mr. Warner will
be confirmed. Mr. Wellington, on the
other hand, is quite confident that he
can secure the youug' man's defeat. The
case was taken up by the committee yes
terday along witti several other nom
inations, in the course of the rou
tine business, and would hava been
disposed of exeppt tor a suggestion from
vMr. Vest that the committee postpone ac
tion until Mr.Gornian was able to be present.
"I have said all there is to say regard
ing tlie subject,' said Senator Wellington,
when questioned "It is simply preposter
ous to talk of sending this young man to
Leiptic, and I do not believe the Senate
will -ouseiit to the appointment.','
Messrs. Dudley andMichener. well-known
Republicans, have joined In a letter to the
Senate Committee on Commerce, teotifylng
to thescrvtces rendered the Republlcau party
in the last campaign by Mr. Warner. All
the pressure that can be brought to bear
uponthecominittce by Mr. Warner sfrlend3
is being used in the Interest of young
Mi. Warner, while he would say nothing
about the pending rontroveroy, has pre
pared tlie following statement:
"The statement contained in feme of the
papers regarding my visit to Annapolis dur
ing the Senatorial campaign is Jurwrect. I
never visited Mr. Mudd'B house with Mr
Fcaga nor without hlrn, nor went with Mr.
Mudd and Mr.l eaga to callupon Mr. Well
ington, No money was used by me or by
nuyone else with my knowledge to Influ
ence or bring about the election of Mr.
Wellington asUnitcd States Senator.
"Mr. Mudd knows why he was Induced
to postpone Ids Senatorial aspirations, and
I.cf caursc.kiiowthesamething. Mr-Mudd
and I understand eacii other, and several
others know about the matter. Great In
justice li.is been done me as well as Mr.
Mudd aud Mr. Wellington by the intimation
tnat there was any improper Influence
eitited by us, or to which either of us
was a party."
Mr Warner states that he and Mr Mudd
understand each other, but Mr Mudd Is
not at all certain en that point He says
that Mr Warner may understand him
but he does nor, exactly understand Mr.
Senator Wellington, referring to Mr.
Warner's claim that he made the Senator's
election possible, said: "Mr. Warner
came to Annapolis after the fight was
over and made a allow of great activity
"lie called men oft to one side andtalked
to them In a mysterious manner, which
might have created the impression that he
was Tcally doing something, but as a fact
be did not affect a single vote, and could
not have affected one had he been In An
napolis during tlie entire session of the
legislature. It was merely a case of pre
tense upon his part, which should not have
deceived any one."
Old Farmer Suicide.-, aud Two Per
mods Jump From Trains.
Kenton, Ohio, July 5. Kenton had three
sensations today. Peter Pfeiffcr, aged
sixty-five, fanner, living In Goshen town
fchip, committed suicide by hanging. Ill
health and financial reverses were the
An unknown woman boarded the wrong
train and Jumped off while It was in
motion. She will die.
An unknown man, having a tlcta't Tram
Cincinnati to Detioit, Mich.. Jumped from
a Big Four train shortly after midnight.
The train was stopped and backed up, hut
no trace of the man could be fcund.
A Chicago Saloon-Keeper and Hit
Wife Fatally Shot.
Chicago, July 5. Patrick Grace and
h!s wife were fatally shot last night In
t'ont of their saloon by three masked
men, who tried to hold them up. Grace
grappled with one of the robbers, where
upon the other two opened fire ou both
the saloonkeeper and his wife. Grace
was hit In tlie right temple by one of tho
bullets, and the other entered the fonr
head of his wife. After the shooting the
robbers ran into the stock yards and
made their escape.
Coxswain Sadler Drops Dead at
the End of the Race.
Boston, July fi. The eleventh annual
regatta of the New England Amateur Row
ing "Assoc'ation was rowed over the old
CharJee River course today. The principal
Interest centered In tlie senior eight-oared
shf-11 race, won by the Riversides, of Cam
bridge, with the Millstruams, of Chelsea,
second. The cockswain of the latter crew,
Sadler, dropped dead as he stepped from
the boat from heart disease, brought ou by
the excitement and heat.
Entertains His Countrymen In
Honor of the Day.
Koine, July 5. A reception in honor of
the Fourth of July was given at tlie
Grand Hotel by Gen. William F. Draper,
the American ambassador. About 250
Americans attended, as did also SirFrancis
Clare Ford, the British ambassador The
affair was a brilliant success. There was
a MirnpUioua buffet lunch and the music
was good.
Queen Marghereta will receive Gen. and
Mrs. D raper tomorrow.
Celebration at Hagerstovvn.
nagcrstown, Md . July 5. Over 5,000
people were present at the dedication of
Doubleday's Hill, Williamsporfc, Washing
ton county, today. Addresses wore made
by Judge Louis E. McComas, Washington;
Hon-. John Findlay, Baltimore, and State
Senator Norman B. Scott, Hagerstown.
A feature of the exercises was a shain
battle between Maryland and West Virginia
Senator Ctil'um yesterday Introduced a
bill previously" Introduced In the Housfc
authorising interested. persons to Intervene
in tlte equity eailse of the- United States
against Morrte and othersrnow pending iu
the District 8upemu court, and to share
in such awards as may be made by the
In accordance with the terms of the
highway act, the United States Treasurer
yesterday submitted" to Congrew a copy of
the decree of tho jsuprenie court of the
District in the case Involving the anb
division known as Dennison and Lelgh
ton'.H subdivJsionoCa partof Mountrieas
ant ami Pleasant Plains.
Assistant Secretary Roosevelt has gone
on one of these "inspect'on" trips that
form sueli deliglitrul outings for naval offi
cials. He is looking after the naval re
serves. Altera tour of the East Mr. Roose
elt will start for Mackinaw, where he
will Join the Detroit, Saginaw and Bay
City militia on bourd tlie Michigan, July
17. The Assistant Secretary will make
the trip from Mackinaw to Detroit with
thu reserves. This is delightful weather
iu which to "inspect" the reserves of the
Northern States.
The speed with which the end of the
tarirf bill Is reached depends upon tho
result of the caucus this morning It Is
hardly expected, in view of the chreatT
the Democrats, liave made on account of
the proposition to revive the bounty
scheme, that' the caucus will insist upon
Mipportlng the proposition. If It should
so decide, however, there is no telling what
tlie outcome will be. The Democrats are
utterly opposed to the idea of a bouncy
on anythttig and will resist the proposition
to give a bounty ou beefi sugar to the
last ditch. The scheme Is full of hidden
pitralls for the Republicans It cU;.y
give a bounty on bei-t sugar how areihey
to make themselves solid with Mr. Mc
Enery, of Eouisiaua, who, mindfuL or the
interests of the Louisiana BUgar planters,
favors a protective tariff, and must needs
see that If a bounty is good for the be-it
sugar people It Is equally good for the
Louisiana cauo sugar growers. It is
understood that if this bounty scheme
goes tnrough and Louisiana cane sugar
is lcrt out, Mr McKnery will not give the
bill his support. If the caucus gives the
scheme its sanction it ia probable that
Sf-veral Senators will do as Mr Teller did
four years ago bring their winter clothes
with tlif-m. There are too many daugers
in the pathway of this bounty Idea, and
if tho Republican caucus Is sensible it
will promptly and emphatically reruse
to have anything to do with it. If it
docs not, President McKlnley will have
Congress on his hands for several weeks
to come.
Brutal Murder of H1h Mlntreww by
Henry jShover.
Easton, Pa., July 5. Mrs. Sarah Doden
dorf was fatally-cut with a hatchet this
morning by Henry Sliover, a retired farmer,
with whom she vas living. Cries of
"Murder' from the Shover house attracted
jtficcrs and led them to an upstulrs room,
where they found the woman in bed and
Shover tcantlly dressed sitting on her and
hacking at her with, a hatchet. The men
sprang at Shover, and after a flcrce-'con-test
put the handcuffs on him. Mrs Doden
dorf was found to have a fractured skull
aud f rlirhtful cuts and gashes In her head,
face, shoulders and arms. She lived until
2 o'U-iek this afternoon.
Siie was fifty years of age and besides
her husband leaves two adult children.
Shover, the murdcrt'r, has four grown
children. Ills brother committed suicide
several years ago Sliover declared alter
being in Jail some hours that a big black,
man attacked the woman aud ho went to
her assistance. He says he was not In
the room when tlie officers arrested hlm
Thls afternoon he was told the woman
was dead. He was greatly arfectcd by
the announcement
Shover says his financial affairs have
troubled him for some time.
Horrible Outrutjes Said to Have
Been Committed hy Them.
Athens, July 5. Two thousand Turks
and Albanians besieged the town of Kala
baka last Thursday. The Greeks defended
the place until they were overpowered,
several of the attacking force being killed
in the fighting. A majority of the Greeks
fled to clip mountains for safety. The
remainder were massacred or imprisoned.
It la alleged that the Turks captured all
the yuung women in a village near Kar
ditza, and that they were violated by
their captors.
It is stated that, in consequence of the
protests of Greece, the ambassadors at
Constantinople have been instructed to
Inform the Porte that the powers are
determined to terminate the Insupportable
Uneu.siness Among: Europeans on
Account of the Chitpnr Riot.
Calcutta, July G. -The uneasiness caused
by the recent killing of officials and the
rioting of the natives at Chltpur con
Unues, although outwardly everything is
quiet. Spies inform the police that
further outbreaks are being organized.
Isolated assaults, especially upon Euro
pean ladies continue.
The native casualties during the recent
riot are said to have been very large.
A low estimate places the number killed
at 600.
Burplnrs Break Into His Place
While He Is Celebrating.
Three colored burglars broke Into the
laundry of Moy Gop Sou, at No. .112 Third
street northwest, about 10 o'clock last
night, while the Celestial was celebrating
Independence Day With his countrymen in
Chinatown, and stole 23 ftcm Moy's
trousers. Entrance was effected by forc
ing a window In the rear of the place.
Tho robbery was committed, evidently, by
persons familiar with the place, but in
their haste the housebreakers overlooked
a considerable sum in the Iaundryman's
till. A colored woman residing in tho
rear of the place saw tlie men as they were
making a hasty escape over the fence in
the back yard, and notified the pol'ce.
Detccfhe Weedon made a careful in
vestigation of the circumstances, but no
clews to the robbers could be discovered.
Fractured His Daughter's Skull.
During a family row In Mills' court
southwest yesterday afternoon John Bax
ter, colored, struck hia step-daughter,
Eliza Chirley, on tlie head with a stove
lid, fracturing her skull. The woman
was brought to the Emergency Hospital
An operation was performed later in the
evening by the home surgeon, and It is
expected that Eliza will pull through
Pension Committee Needed.
A resolution of fered in theHouso yester
day by Mr. Ridgely of Kansas seta forth,
the fact that 2,000 "pension bills have
been introduced and requests the Speaker
to apikjtnt the Coirimlttee on Invalid Pen
sions, o tliat It can sit during the recess
and putits business Intoshape in order that
Conjrress can act upon the bUla when it
meets in December.
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Salt opportunities for men who ride wheels and men who
don't. You know us and our ways well enough to know that the
qualities are safe and sound no matter how low the prices.
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ent shades of giuy.cutondnr regular
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made In our own workrooms. For
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A Happy Day for Children iu the
City Asylums.
While tho petted, feted child of luxury,
with bis quantities of expensive fireworks
and the sturdy little street gamin forced
to be content with one pack of firecrackers,
were mating merry yesterday, each in his
own peculiar fashion, the friends and direc
tors ot the several orplian asylums in the
city bad seen to It that the Inmates were
provided with all kinds ot glmcracks
will which to celebrate the glorious day.
The Fourth comes but once a year, for
which the directors of these institutions
aru devoutly thankful. On such occasions
iroun'-asi rules are set aside In honor of the
period, aud if noise counts for auythlug
thetw homeless little ones are the most
ratriotir citizens we have. It was a clejr
cas? of tic in some of the places as to who
madcthc greatest amountor noise, the boys
or the girls.
Exhaustiou and want of more material
with which to celebrate forced the young
sters to subbide at last, aud It was with
a sigh of relief that the matrons saw each
little one once more safely at rest, and if
x-ias could have been used last night
and the dreani3 of each happy sleeper pho
tographed, the poster signs of Btardsley
would have sunk into oblivion beside them.
The matron said that it would be nei-es-sary
to t earch each pocket at bedtime to
g.-eif matches and l.recrackers had not
been preserved for today.
When the reporter rang the bell at St.
Joseph's Male Orphan Asylum on G fctreet
it was answered by a d minutlve lad not
mauy Kizes larger than a g ant firecracker,
and the welcome, meant to be cordial, was.
given with one eye ou the reporter and the
other on a group of lads on the back porch,
arul ran something like this:
-Walk in, lady, till! there. Jim; stop
stealing my firecrackers.) Walk in the
parlor. (That's raj punk: you let it alone.)
What's your name, lady? (Jim, I Let I'll
fix you if you don't keep your bands oft
those tIJngs.)" And so on, unt:l finally
the sister in charge relieved the anxious
little dooriwper from bis task, and be
scurried l:ackto bis companions with wrath
wtitti-n on his brow
The large, shady yard In tlie rear of
the asylum looked, at first glance, like
a miniature battlefield. One urchin
reached gravely up to the sister aud pie
sented tier with a yellow firecracker, some
times found among a package of these
cotnhue tlbles, and remarked that she might
have it, as he didn't want any yellow
kid firecrackers red was what he wanted.
Mr. William Gait recollected that once
he was a boy himself, and evidently ap
preciated that happy fact, for it was
thiougb his generosity that the ninety-five
boy." at St. Joseph's were provided with
firecnirkers, roman candies, sky rocKets
and lb'' hundred-and-one other exploMves
that an- so dear to the heart of the
juvenile patriot After the pyrotechn-aI
display at night, an Ice cream feast was
in order, and the boys did full justUxs
to the good things provided for them.
At St. John's Church Orphanage Asso
ciation each child was provided with fire
crackers, flags and candy, and Mrs. Dr.
Chntard furnished ice cream for tliriu at
Through subscriptions by the Vanderbills,
ex-Secietary Whltneyand Rev.Dr. Mackay
Smtth a beautiful country home has been
built foi the inmates ot the asssocialion,
near Alexandria, Va.
One of the boys, George Washington by
name, was presented some time ago by a
fiirud With a number of packages of fire
crackers and hid them, as be supposed,
beyond the restless fingers of the other
children and betook himself to the coun
try home with a calm, self-satisfied spirit.
Yesterday he returned and the rest of
the day he spent in mourning for his c-x-
ploded tieasures for they were not. When
last seen, or rather heard, Miss Lucy, a
diminutive maiden, was seated In an up
stairs window, cnlmly lighting them and
dropping them dowu in a delightful, hut
dangerous manner, among a sea of up
turned, admiring faces. Fortunately Miss
Lucy's aim was bad and no damage re
sulted. Yesterday was the regular visiting day
at the Washington City Otpliau Asylum,
and relatives and friends helped to make
the occasion one of keen enjoyment to
the children. Boys and girls alike were
each given two packages of firecrackers,
and iu the evening the grounds around the
.building were kept brilliantly lighted with
a continued and varied assortment of fire
works. The large concert hall was decor
ated with flags and bunting, and In the
evening an impromptu musical and literary
program took place. After the display
at night the children were treated to ice
cream andcake.andweatto bed, ttoroughly
happy, but tired, wishing that the Fourth
of Jnlr was of weekly occurrence
At the House of Mercy, 2408 K street,
the day was observed more quietly, but
with quite as much enjoyment.
At the rear of Jhehousa is an Immense
yard, the length of it bpanned by a grape
arbor, which affords shade Just now, but
later on the purple fruit will appear as
the vine is loaded with the green fruit. Jt
was under this cool, green canopy that a
long table was spread, and from every
conceivable point the American Stars and
Stripes were displayed. The table was
beautifully decorated with sweet peas and
trailing vines, and tho bright, Binding
factBot those seated at the table testified
tc the fact that patriotism is a virtue held
by even this unfortunate class. In the
evening Sister Dorthea.the sister In charge.
wa- given an entertainment by thegirls.fn
which, a play was skillfully rendered.
Saks and Company.
We can duplicate tne offer or a
week ago and give you tbie great
choices in three gteat lots of Wool
Bicycle Suits
LI gnt -wel gbt Al L- wool
Suits, in neac plaid pattern,
made intuelateststyie Suits
that are worth 53.75 ol
terea at
Ait-wool .brown .English
Plaid Suits, regular ?5 value.
Sizes aa to 38
Lot looo and 1BOS Nobby
Brown Plaid Ail-woul cnev
iots, made in tnelateststyie
nearly all sizes a S4.C0 Suit
The Formal Opening of tho Eck
iugtun Engine-House.
The new Eoklngton fire engine-bouse.
No. 12. at the corner of North Capitol
and Quiucy streets northea&t, was for
mally aud very auspiciously opened yes
terday. About 1,000 enthusiastic citi
zens assembled In honor ot the event
A temi-orary platform, was erected for
the occasion on the large vacant lot
adjoining the new engine-house. Here
the crowd was gathered to listen to the
oratory, to enjoy the music, to witness
the flag presentation, and to view the
testing ot the apparatus.
Arranged on the platform weie Presi
dent Henderson, ot the North. Capitol
aud Ecklugton Citizens Association,
Chief Parris, of the local iiie department;
Rev. Dr. Duncan, pastor ot tne North
Capitol Street Presbyienau Church, and a
nuuilwr of invited guests and prominent
Mr. Williams, chahniau of the fire and
police committee ot the North Capif.I
and Eckington Citizens' Association,
opened the celebration with a few brief
but appropriate remarks, staring the pur
pose of the meeting, namely, thepre1
tion of a stand of colois to the engine
company by that association. It was
through the activity of the citizens' asso
ciation that Uie question ot the need of
an engine-house in that section was agi
tated and fcteps taken toward the securing
ofthcaame. Tbatassociationwasnownot
content to lie Idly by, but having before
them a vUible result of their labors, would
work yet even harder In the future for
the accomplishment of the good of tr.e
community. He said that through the
same association a handsome new public
bchool building will soon be erected at
the coiner ot First and Qulncy streets
northeast, at a cost of about 530.000.
The honor ot presenting the colors de
volved upon Mr. Henderson, president ot
the association, who iu a neat and well
wor.led addres-S made the presentation to
Chief Parris. He responded with a few
wurds suitable to the occasion. The stand
or colors consisted ot a large American
flag, a torra flag and a pongee inscribed
with the name ot the company.
The next event, and one which was -sn-thuJastlcally
received was the hoisting
of the" banner to the top of the flagstaff.
As soon as this had been done Rev. Dr.
Duncan, th' orator ot the evening, paIJ
an eloquent tribute to Old Glory, dwell
ing at leuglh upon the significance of the
Stars and the Stripes to the ropulace.
It was altogether an appropriate thing
to do this hoisting ot the nation's emblem
over the home of the fire Iadd'es, the men
who go out and right for the preservation
of homes and municipalities in the time of
Chief Parris then had the firemen draw
the new engine out ot its new home and
give it a public test For nearly half an
hour the crowd were given an exhibition
of fancj as well as effective throwing of
The firt event was what is technically
known to local "neve rsw eats'' as "slaml
6ng cf two lines Into one." The second
was the using of the single line with a
one and c-ne-eighth-lnch nozzle, and this
was followed by two single lines from the
same engine.
During the ''twin stream" throwing act
the hose was turned up North Capitol
street by order of Chief Parris. It r.eems
that tlie purpose of the chief was tugive
the assemblage a le&son in hydrastatics
as well as patriotism, but In the execution
of that conunand it seems that the people
were given a drenching. Of course, it
was all a mistake on the part ot the
chief, who was on Qulncy street when
he gave the order, and unaware that
he was ordering the hose to be turned
upon the crowd.
"Turn tlie hose up rforth Capitol street
and show the people how far you can
squirt," eaid the chief to the men at the
nozzle. The crowd did not hear trie
exact words of bis order, but when the
water came their way they soon under
stood the full import of the same How
ever, the fireworks were not soaked or
damaged in the least, and tins was all
that saved the chief from incurring the
displeasure ot the unfortuuate ones.
Ac dusk, following the water display,
the crowd was treated to an assortment
of all kinds of pyrotech nlcal displays
given by Messrs. T. B. Kane, Humphreys
and Waters, the committee in charge ot
After this the new engine-house was
thrown open for public Inspection. It
was well worthy of more than a casual
glsncc, being one ot the largest and most
thoroughly equipped In the city. It Is
three stories high, constructed of Venetian
brick and stone, and Is the most roomy
structure of its kind in the District. It
has a hose tower, hot. water apparatus,
dressers, foreman's room, library, sleeping
aprittrocutH and other rooms especially
adapted for tlie comfort and convenience
of the men during their leisure hours.
The roster of tlie men at the new engine-house,
all of whom have had thor
ough experience in battling with fires,
having scon long service with the other
'local companies, is as fallows: Howard
W. "Wright, foreman; Timothy Brown, as
sistant foreman; F. C. Dodge, engineer;
B. L. Hunter, fireman: C. T. O'Brien,
hostler, and privates J. V. Lewis, P.
McGarry, P. It- Davis. W. E. Boyle, B.
F. Shngru, and Harry Thomas, watchman.
The commi ttee o f ar rangemen ts was com
posed of the following members of the
North CnpJtoI and Eckington Citizens' As
sociation: T. B. Kane, Bernard Water.
M. Tingley and T. F. Moore.
10th. nth and F Sts. N. W.
Following our annual cus
tom, beginning- today and
continuing until September,
store will be closed at 5
o'clock; Saturdays at 1.
July Opens the
Outing Season
and we were never so well
equipped to meet any de
mand that might be made of
us in the way of Outing Re
quisites and Sporting Goods
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using them. Clothes for trav
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Navy Blue
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general outing purposes, and es
pecially desirable for business
women's wear.
Harper's Bazar says: "Serge and
Mohair are in great favor for Bath
ing Suits this year. The reason for
this is that they do not retain
the water, and consequently do not
cling to the figure when wet, which,
is certainly a great advantage."
Our assortment of these fabrics
is now splendidly complete.
Navy Blue Storm Serge.
. Navy Blue Cheviot
5C-inch. Peryard 75c, Sl.OOand $1.25
Navy Blue Marine Serge.
Manufactured In England; fine twiH;k
rough surface
43-inch. Per yard ............Too1
46-inch. Peryard $1.0O
oL-inch. Peryard ....Sl.25t
Navy Blue Mohair Sicilian.
Per yard ..........6u&
Per yard Sl.00
Navy Blue Mohair Brilliantine.
44-incn. Per yard
45-incn. Per yard
Gt-inch. Per yard ..
First floor.
. ..75c
Black Mohairs.-
Fashion calls for the silk-like
Mohairs for street and traveling
dresses, separate skirts, bathing
suits and bicycle skirts. We have
a complete line of these goods in
the best English makes, and they
are finished with a very rich and
high luster.
Black Mohair Brilliantine.
3a-inch. Per yard 37 1-2o
43-inch. Per yard ...50a
4-inch. Per yard 75c
4C-incn. Peryard $1.00
Black Mohair Sicilian.
Per yard 50c
Per yard -75c
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Per yard $1.23 and $1.50
Blaok Mohair Grenada."
54-Inch. Peryard $1.23 and $1.50
First floor.
Today we offer a number of
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Toilet Linens, Muslin Sheets and
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Heavy Cream Damask Fringed Clothu,
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Fringed Doylies to match $I.00doz.
Fine Bleached Damask Pattern Cloths,
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2 1-2x2 1-2 yards $2.50
2 1-2x3 yards $3.00
72-inch Cream Table Damask, extra
heavy. Per yard 60c
Hemmed Huck Towels, all linen and
a very superior quality. Size 22x36
Inches. Each 23a
Cotton Bedvear Dept
A special purchase ot ready-to-use Muslin
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1tx2J2 yards.
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2x2K yards.
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Pillow Cases.
Each 33c
45x36 inches.
50x36 inches.
54x36 inches.
White Goods Dept-
500 yards Silk and Uncn Batiste, very
fine and sheer; natural flax color, with
greenplnk, lavender a nd black silk stripes.
A very beautiful fabric for waists and full
aults. Special price,
37jc yard.
Reduced from 75a
Second floor.
Woodward & Lotlirop.

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