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City Brevities.
wJ- " - -,'s;:-
The highway extension Jury of appraisers
met yesterday- A number of property
owners "were present-
Medals of honor have been awarded by
the Secretary or War 10 Jobepli E. Jtamd
and Joseph Taylor for gallant service dar
ing the war of the rebellion.
Di. Joseph MeKais was yesterday ap
pointed physician to Hie poor, with coui
pufltation at SaO a month, to serve during
the absence from duty of Dr. H. 1'. P
Thompson. Patrolman Samuel D. Edwards was -m
triitl yesterday for having been found
arieop on duty. Theic were extenuating
circumstances, and if he is punished at
ail tlie sentence will probably be light.
Th Commissioners yesterday authorized
the superintendent of the telephone and
telegraph service to place thirty new lite
alarm boxes in the city to be paid for
Horn the appropriation of $7,500, to ex
lend the fire alarm service.
The delegation of Washington Ep worth
Leaguers to the International convention
to !e held in Toronto, Canada, July 14 to
1.6. leftover the laltlmore and Ohio Kail
road vestenlay morning, as fully stated in
The Evening Times. The party numbered
about three hundred.
Desirous of organizing a Sunday-school
missionary toeiely, a number of colored
Sunday-School workers met at tin- re!
device of Eev. S. G. Lanikius, No. 245L
JJesstnore btreet, yesterday. The follow
ing cflicers were elected: President, "V.
G. Pajne: vice president, Mrs. S. G. Lani
l:iis, "iccretary: AV- B. Slater, abMstant tec
rctary, E. A. Smith; treasurer, Miss C.1I.
Obiecte an Outlined by
Articles of Incorporation.
Margaret Sullivan Burke, Marion Long
JoUow O'Donoghue, Mary Andrews I'enl
eon, Belle V- Sherwood, Jennie S. Cartp
bei:, Anna Sanborn Hamilton, Abbie G.
Baker, Margaret Wade, Mary Temple Bay
ard, Tillie W- Hays, Ada Cable, Nannie M.
Lancaster, Alice It. Morgan, Mattie Ham
ilton Flick, "Virginia King Frye, Emma
X. Trteple, and Anna B. Patten today
funned an incorporation to be known as
ihe League of American Penwomen.
Tlie objects of tlie association, as stated
In the articles of incorporation, is to pro-jm-te
rlielpgitimaie work of woman writers
and by co-operation secure certain p'ivi
lojfo and advantages to tliatend. 1 lie of f-cer-
are to 1 e a president, vice president,
twj secretaries, treasurer, a librarian and
throe deiegatb-at-large, all of whom shall
constitute an executive board, and the
ter-i or incorporation is fixed at twenty
joais. L , .
Several Hundred Persons Gather to
Cheer the Morton Cadets.
The drill team of the Morton Cndeis,
numbering forty-six members, left for San
Antonio at 11:15 tills a. m., to participate
In the contest there.
Liet. Tralles was in temporary com
rnaHd, snd will remain in charge unlit
Cpt. Scliilling joins the boys.
TJiere wore several hundred persons
at the depot to see the cadets take their
leave and to cheer the boys as they left
the city.
It is expected that the contest will be
dose aid Interesting, with the chances
tn jfftvor of the local soldiers.
City's Itijihth at Great Fulls.
Capt Galllard.of the corps of engineers,
to. whom was feTcrred the bill authoriz
ing the District to acquire by purchas: or
condemnation, for the water service of
the City- the land and water right sit the
Great Falls, has submitted a report to
tlie fiecretary'oTV.'ar. Capt. Gaillttrd does
not Uiink'the bill properly drawn and sub
mits a uitwUtute which accomplishes lh-
purpose. The Secretary of War has
returned the substitute to the Dfetricc
committee witli his indorsement, and .t
will piobahly be enacted into a law when
thr consideration of District business is
resumed by Congress.
l'nrlter, Uridiret & Co. Buy the
The entire stock of the Continental Clotn
lng Company, managed by Godfrey, Moore
it Co., Eleventh and F streets, has been
parohnscd by Parker, Bridget & Co. This
concern was open?d up a few months ago by
a couple of Parker, Bridget & Co.'s em
ployes, backed by a Philadelphia cloth
ing manufacturer. Owing to tlie condition
of the times and fierce competition In the
clothing business they quickly succumbed,
and it is Quite a scoop on tlie part or
Parker, Bridget & Co. in securing this
Mock, winch was necessarily entirely new
and very desirable. On another page they
announce the sals of the Godfiey, Moore fc
Co.'s stock at a big sacrifice at their es
tablishment, 315 Seventh.stree which an
nouncement will be rend with considerable
interest by tlie economically inclined men
who are acquiring as acute a taste for
Iwrgains as the weaker sex. Parker,
Bridget & Co. are progressive and aggros
fcive,-and are frim believers In the efficacy
of uewtpaper advertising.
, Itlver Queen to Chnpel 1'olnfc.
-Every -Sunday during the tnuntltsof July
and AuRUfct aud lliver Queen will make
tlie run to CtiapCl 1'oint and return. She
will leave hci wharf at 9'10 a. m.. give
the guetLs aliout four hours at the Point
and land all home again at 9:;.0 p. in.
This resort is an excellent place to spend
a day. Bathing, fishiug and crabbing will
he found in abundance. Meals can either
he had in tlie care ou the hteamer, or at
the hotel at Chapel Point. Tlie tail of
fifty-five miles down the river assures ab-
Folute comfort for .tiie entire day, aud the"
coolest of bieezes from the salt water
makes the htay at tlie Point a most en
joyable one. The tound trip lias been
placed at 5 cents. JUver Queen every Sun
day, July and Augubt, at 9:30.
i JC-Ca.se of 24 bottles only $1
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8 In Hot Weather 1
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arc pure, wholesome, and
satisfying. Forraer is
Itfkl 4ller is drk.
JI7-QM 1Ml Afttrt
mWlTWrxt witH for it Jl
Humanity Holding Its Own Some
what Better Than Usual.
Death Iluto Lower Than In Any
Fiseul Your for a Lous Period.
"Z3'HotIn Diseaej" Have Di
minished Not So Muny BIrtlis
Itenurted Incruu.su of. StilcldeH.
As shown by tlie recent police census,"
the population of tlie District of Columbia
was, in the spring of tills year, 277.7S2,
of which 189,457 were whites and S8.325
colored. Approximately 32 per cent of
the entire population is, therefore, made
up ot the colored race. Tlie average
annual increase bince the last preceding
police census (December, 1SIM) has been
LIS per cent; for tlie whites 1.43 per
cent, and for the colored, .08 per cent.
The vital statistics for tlie fiscal year
just ended will be based upon the figures
given above.
There occurred during the year 5,737
deaths. Of these 3,21G were whites, and
2,521 colored.
The general death rate was, therefore,
20 71 per thousand. It has fallen below
tills figure only once during tiie past
twenty-two years (in lfeUS, 20.57), the
aicrago death rate for that time being
2:i 36. Among tlie whites the death rate
was 17 11, the lowest point readied at
any time during the above period. Tlie
death rate for the coloied race was, how
tier, 2S.50, the lowest, except in 16!I5.
when it reached 28.18.
The most satisfactory feature of the
year's mortality table is tlie very con
siderable diminution in the deaths from
''y.ymotir diseases " Tlie entire number of
such deaths recorded was 891, while dur
ing the pieceding year it was 1,051. In
certain dlseas?s of this class the death
list shows an increase- Thus the number
of fatal cases of diphtheria rose from 75
to 110; of vhoplng cough from 22 to 05;
and of grippe from 53 to 118. The de
crease in the total number of deaths of
tltis class Is accounted for by the diminu
tion in the number of fatal cas.!s of measles
from 70 to 3", of scarlet fever, from 13 to
l; or crr.up (so-caliedi, from 9 to G; of
typhoid fever, from 228 to 1 17; of malar
ial fever (so-called), from 81 to 57; and
ot diarrhoeal diseasas, from 108 to 358.
The number of deaths front diphtheria
is hot excessive, as, except dJring the
ye&T Jmm.-dlately preceding, It has i-ot
during any previous year fallen so low
since 1R89. The actual number of cases
of this disease which were reported was
There is no previous record of any year
passing with but a ehmle death from
scarlet fevr. Tlie prevailing mild type
of this di5ca.c is indiraicd by tlie fact
that there wore 100 cases registered dur
ing the year covered by this statement.
The most Impoitant feature in tiie im
provement In the death-rate In the zymotic-
class is the very marked decrease in tlie
number of fatal cases of the filth dis
eases, viz., typhoid fever and diarrheal
diseases And while malarial fever itself
cannot be properly classed with such dis
eases, the extreme rarity of fatal cases
of"suth fever, in this climate, in the prac
tice of many of the best-infonncd physi-
clans, renders it not unlikely that many
ot4he deaths reported as due to this dls-.
ease were due to typhoid fever. So that
the apparent decrease in tlie prevalence
of "malarial fever" may also be considered
in this connection.
This decrease is as follows:
Typhoid fever 228
Diarrhoeal diseases
4 OS
Total 780 IjG2
"Wliile it is cot entirely safe to bate
conclusions upon this improvement in the
dea'Ji rate for a iincjle year, yet its coin
cidence with tlie cloMnsj of a very consid
erable number or fciirfacc wells, with tlie
leplucen.ent of more than a thousand box.
piivies by water closets, and tiie proper
drainage of the premises, and with a
closer supervision of the milk supply, is very
Higeestive ot some relation of cuube and
rrect, and posvibly justifies us in pn not
ing Mill further Improvement In the future
The present fall in the typhoid fever death
late ia especially satlsf actor y, as it had
continually increased since 1887. The
death rati- from thib disease for the past
year, .53 per thousand, is the lowest bince
3S84, and is considerably lower than that
for the past twenty-two years, .04.
The number or deaths fnm tuberculOM's
was 85S, wliile during the preceding year
there were 977 deaths charged to this
From violence there were 228 deaths,
a df-creasa of C during tlie year. Of th se,
9 resulted fromin juries received fromstreet
railway cars, an increase or 3, and 15
rrotn Injuries received froms team railways,
a decrea-12 of 2. The figures in relation to
steam railways are in excess, or co'iv-c,
of the number of fatal accidents fioiusueli
conveyances which actually occurred with
in tlie District of Columbia . as not infre
quently persons who have been .eilo-jsly
injured in adjoining States are brought
here for treatment and die, wliile the
ievur.se seldom occurs.
Tlie number of deaths from suicide was
47, an Increase of 9 over tlie correspond
ing fip-ures for the preceding yi-ar, and an
increase of G , or almost 15 per cent over
tl-c highest number previously recorded.
Tlie avcraga number of suicnls per an
uuiii during tlie past twenty-two years has
been 17.2; during the five years' period,
lf7& to l8S2,ic was 12; from tSS:5 to 1887
it lose to 17.4: during tlie following five
yeiiis, 1S8S to 1892, it was 23.2, and
during the period just ended , 1893 to 1897,
it was 39.4. The population has nut
diublPd, but the n'inibcr of suicides has
increased more than three-fold.
The number of births reported was 4,-
573, which is probably at least one-third
less than the number which actually oc
curred. Marriage returns were received from 1,
358 casei, a decrease of 879, due prob
ably to a very general ignorance of tlie
fact that the recently enacted marriage
law did not repeal the ordinance requiring
that such ceremonies be reported to the
health office.
Tlie frequent failures to make the returns
of births and marriages is greatly to be
deprecated, but since a knowledge of such
t eciirrences does not reach the health office
unless such returns be made, It Is very dif
ficult to secure the evidence necessary to
enforce the law through the courts.
The mortality in the District during the
p.ist week was 120, as compared with 12s
in thr one preceding. Classified as to race.
Gl of the d-cedentu were white and 59
r.tnrcd The annual death ratei- cird
Imeir were 1-S fer the white, 34.8 for
thrlort4!.afHl S 5 per thousand of total
par Part trmm Clarrlwea! 4M.v-.
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relieved of w.nrning cardB, Ierning nine
teen In qunrantine. For K:arlet fever four
bouses were placed in quarantine, five
released tbererroin aud eight remained In
Tlie weather conditions during the week
were a mean temperature of 79 degrees
and u mean relative humidity of 84, with
a barometric pressure of 29.93 (mean-actual).
There were sdx fair days, with mild
toutherJv winds, and a total range or
temperature of but 2D degrees
Fire on Flovidn Avenue CnuKe.s a.
T-ows of ."rn.OOO.
Three alarms of fire were turned in
yesterday morning for a big blaze In the
lonj;, two-story stable of the Washington
Brick Company on Florida avenue, near
the Bladensburg road northeast. The fire
started in tlie loft about 7:4 b o'clock and
was supposed to have originated from
spontaneous combustion in a load of new
The roof fell In and the upper part of
the structure was destroyed. Tiie jiollce
estimate of tlie loss is $4,000 to the build
ing and about $1,000 to the stock or hay
and corn. Two valuable dogs were caught
in the burning building and cremated.
Will of Susan It. S. Quick.
The will of Sub in It. S. Quick, dated
March 29, 1.S02, was filed yrbterday, and
names Mrs. Susie C Uryant as executor
After several bequests of jewelry and
wearing apparel, the testator directs that
all hoi stock in the New Brunswick, N.
J Gas Company he given to Kate Stelle.
A mortgage for SS00 on the property on
Eighteenth street, Brooklyn, N. i, is be
queathed to- George E. Stelle, and all In
terest in premises No. Ill Fourth street
southeast, and No. GI5.A street southe.itt,
tliie city, to Mrs. Susie C. Bryant.
Indinn Head.
Again tonight and tomorrow night the
speedy Macalester will make the run to
Indian Head and return. The delightful
comfort on this trip is not equalled in
any other to be taken from Washington. A
warm or breezeless night on the river is a
thing not known. These trips of tlie Ma
calester afford one a continuous sail of
over four hours. Everyone knows the beauty
of a river ride at night, and this one is
more especially so in the moonlight that
lights up the stream Just at present. There
is music both going and returning by
Shroeder's band, which adds to the at
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down ou the early boats may take the boat
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Brighlwooil Park Found Bright
wood Napping.
He Held the Place Thirty Yenr.snud
Did ot Thiuk He Hud mi" Op
ponentGrocer Van Horn "Worked
for the Place aud Finally Se
cured It.
W. R. Van Horn has been appointed post
master at Brightwood, U. C , vice A. G.
Osborn, removed. As a eonsequenceof this
action that enterprising suburb is all agog
with excitement and comment The Bright
wood postotfico district is about one mile
Equate In extent that is, people living
within a mile radius ot the postofficc gen
erally get their mail there.
The puMoffice conducted by Mr. Osborn
is at the intersection or terminus of five
populous highways, Brightwood avenue,
Fourteenth streat road, Military road,
Magnolia avenue and Milkhoutc Ford road.
The new postofficc will he located about
half a mile souih on the Brightwood ave
nue.ln what is known as Brightwood Park,
a large subuivision. The new postmaster
keeps a grocery at that point. He is a
native of Pennsylvania, is thirty-seven
years of age, and has been a resident of
the place about five years.
The retiring postmaster is an elderly
man, known as "Squire" Osborn, from his
having been a Justice ot the peace. Squire
Osborn has been a life-long resident of
Brightwood, and has- been identified with
the postorncc there since 1862, at which
lime hn was made assistant postmaster.
In May, 1872, he was appointed postmas
ter, and has held the office continuously
since. He is also a grocer. The store
and potorfice have been on the same site
for thirty-five years, surh a long period
of time, indeed, that the change ot pott
masters has come in the nature of u sur
prise to a majority of the residents ot tlie
suburb. Both the retiring and incoming
postmasters were candidates for the office
of postmaster.
According to Mr. Van Horn, his backers
in hih candidacy for the place were Sona'.cr
Wellington, Congiessman MeDonaIdofMaTy-
land, B. 11. Warner and Louis D. Wine. He
was strongly indorsed by Mr. Fred Grimme
and others, of Brightwood Park. He will
probably receive hlscommlsslon in a few
days, and will take 'charge of the office
August 1.
A Times reporter, visited Brightwood
last night, and looked the ground, mer.
After gaining a couple of pointers as to
the topographical situation, tlie reporter
icpaired to the residence of the retiring
postmaster, some distance up the ioad;aud
later to the residence of fchcincoming post
master, adjoining his store.
"I had noideaot the cliangcin contempla
tion," said Mr. Osborn, "until quite re
cenUy, and the idea tliata change Would be
made In the office of postmaster was so
far removed from my mind that I did not
think it necessary to secure the support
of myfriends for my reappointment. Wren
I learned that I had a competitor in the
field I at once circulated a paper and se
cured every name In Brightwood, except
two. Two gentlemen, one a physician,
named Stone, and the other a
department clerk, named Cox, re
fused to eign, saying that they would prefer
not to sign either the paper of myself or
that ot my competitor."
After reciting the fact ot his long con
nection with the office, Mr. Osborn said:
"The change virtually discontinues the
Brightwood office and establishes one a
half a mile away from the most con
venient aiot in the postofficc district.
Close by the postnffice under my-chargo
Is the public school, and It has been found
to ne a matter of cnldcrabte conveni
ent Jo the sitia-n8 ot tao vicinity to
! thrir ehMnR tp into U office
a tni eiwe an tefce bomn truAt frmn
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office lias been centrally and most con
veniently located.
Mr. Van Horn assarts, however, that
the new office will be in the geographical
center ot the BrJghtwod postoff ice district
"The district practically extends," said
Mr Van Horn, "from Petworth on uie
south to Itock Cieek road on the north, and
from Blair road on the east to Blagden
load on the west. There are about sixty-five
families in Brightwood Park, and
I easily secured their Indorsement for the
I-ostmastership; I suppose largely becau-e
th-jy wanted a postoffice near at hand
Brightwood Park is a large and growing
place, and should liave the samj post
office facilities as Brightwood It is
much mor; convenient to the residents in
everyway than the old office. Mostoftliu
people who get their mail at the Bright
wood office come from this direction, and
the n?w crfice will undoubtedly be recog
iilzcd as a general convenience.'
The Brightwood office transacts con
siderable business In the course of a day
Mail arrives at 7 a in. and 1 and 5 p
m .and departs at 7:30 a. m and 1:10. ind
5:.10 p. m., and it is rarely that the mail
IKJuch is not well filled with mail matter
J n attempt was made by a few of the resi
dents of Brightwod recently, through the
medium of a petition, to secure a fre
delivery system for the place, but the ef
fort has not met with success.
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25c Boxes Toilet Soap C
10c Sweet Chocolate O-
15c Cans Cream iJ-
Cal. Evap. Teaches 02c
Cal. Evap. Apricots Oc
cal. sweet 1'runes 2 C
12c packages Macaroni C
15c French Candy, lb C
12c Cans Baked Beans O-
JOHNSTONS. 729 fill St
33333333333333333333:3 3333
Ward Off H-e-a-t
by cooking with a Gas Stove.
Tlie beauty of a tJas Cooking Stove
lies in the fact that although ic
cooks quickly, ull the heat is ie
tained in the stove, and not thrown
off into tlie room or iuto the face
of the person cooking, we have
every good kind and size in our
stock at prices that uresurnrislnsilv
low S8 aud up. The gas consumed m
will cost very little Ir or truly com- a
ioiuioic summer coo&ing ouy one
of these stoves.
I Gas Appliance Exchange,
n H24 New York Ave.
sssassssasGSSQ aassscsaassQ
are doing all the business. You t")
canuot blame customers for not ii
wanting to shop in hot, stuffy ifl
stores. But in lilectrlc Fans and 19
& increase your business. See us 61
J3 about cost of elcotnclty. iff
S U. S. Electrlo Lighting Co., g
213 la Ht. nw. 'Phone. 77. tf
g &9
Removed to 932 F Street, j
Roam 13. i
InitrvctUns re a Hvtittd eta rry wwht t
c lb
A1. I
e- - M f ?-
The Busy Corner,
Stb and Market Space.
Seventh St. eatnnc.
Family Shoe Store.
QurSecondGrand Rebuilding
efo re- Sto c k-Taki n g Sale,
deep, so they tay. Loolz afr us in that
light until we are through with our Irfi
piovements, and then compare us to a
thing or beauty.
Lee our interesting values be your bar
gain guide and let our low prices act as
your wage-earners- We mean more than,
business when we make such sacrifices
on seasonable summer wash goods a
quoted below:
Dc. a yard for Satin-stripe and Laco
iirrect fcfieer Organdy-finisned Lawns.
About five styles m tnls assortment, but
the patterns are very desirable and equal
the kind which, some houses sell for
12 1-c.
G 3-4c. a yard for more than a hun
dred different styles of Fine Sheer Lawns,
in pretty Dresden and floral designs, neat
and gaudy styles, Including black and
white etrects.
b 3-lc a jard for French Organdy styles,
piinted on sheer domestic cloth; also the
real French lappets, which are worth 180
a yard.
l-c a yard for 40-inch Fancy Ba
tiste; also white ground witn navy, pink
and black, stripes, including the best as?
sortuient of American Organdies seen thl3
1 2 l-2c a yard for genuine French Dimi
ties, which represent nothing but neat little
effects suitable for women, mlsaea and.
lbc a yard for French Organdies which
sold right aloag for 2y ani 35e. No old
patterns at this price. All showy designs
of this season's production.
G 3-4c a yard for Colored Ducks, with
cither dots, or figures, in Xiivy Wee, Pink,
White, Light Blue, Ked and Black.
U l-2c a yard for Plain Black Dimity,
just as good as any 15c quality you ever
B 3-lc a yard for Flaln Black Organdy
Finished Lawn, worth 10c.
11 l-2c- a yard for extra fine, yard-wide
Black and Navy Blue Organdy Lawn.
10 3-lc a yard for Cotton Coverts and
Mixed PiKe Suitings. These are the regular
15c quality.
10 3-ic a vard for wnitc satin fiDianed
lluck and yard-wide linen finished Crash..
12 1-2c a yard for fancy silk Btripe'
pure linen Dress Material. These goods
are v-ry near a yard wide, and alwaysaold
ior 25C.
22c a yard for 35o quality fine French
Organdv. in plain black, elegant width and
verj sheer.
2c a vardforourbestFrpnohOrgaadies,"
the cream or our stock. This line Includes
those pretty broad stnpes in navy, blaclc
and light colors.
.Everything advertised can be found op
our nrst floor.
0 I
8th and Market Space.
Seventh street entrance through
Family Shoe Store.
Rents reduced to $10 per month.
Corner house, with large side- lot
and stable, $25 per month. ,
Tnese nouses are bant oC the bes
material by day labor; have eight room
ana bath, verandas, sanitary phimblnj,
city water, gas, sewers, porcelaln-llnea
roll-rim bathtubs, electric bells, range,
hot ana co hi water, speaking tubes,
Bouthern edge grain pine floors, tiled
hearths auo rire places, handsome man
tels, ana beautifully papered. They ara
erected on terraced lots, with substantial
copings, steps and walks, shaded by a
beautiful grove. They are near the Sol
dters" Home and not farfrom 31 1. Pleasant,
on the Brightwood ElectrK Car Line. For
particulars apply on premises or to
611 Seventh Street N. W. ;
ie22-tf '
Kooms 5 & 7. 472 La. ave- nw. ,
This company will purchase ileal Estate,
the title to which Is defective or In dis
pute, or will clear up said titles for tea
owners. v ill pay bacK taxes at a discount, i
Vill rurnish bunas in criminal and civil I
cases. Will act as receiver, assignee, 'I
guurOlan or trustee. Will prosecute claims
of all kinds and will BU X A.NU SELJ- aaca '
as are assignable.
Street and Steam Kallroad Accident ;
Cases a Specialty. No cbarge Tor Consul-
tation. Financial Assistance- furnished to
uugants ou .ttcasonaDie -terms. ,i
Never order before getting an esti
mate from
Jas.A. Nicholson &Son,
i'honoCOrr. I2.lt E Streot.
Wo-rentTents and FlasDecorationj.
ie7-ow-em -
tf SI to S3 PER MONTH.
S B. & O. Storage Co.,
10 TO 15 E ST. N. E.
Je2tfem Private Rooms. 53,
cssscsssassassssss cssassss
And Facial Cream make a grand com
bination for the skin, senip ana com
plexion. They are used by oO.OOO.OOO
or people annually, and are sold every
where. Send 10c- for a sample c either
Soap or Cream and 132-page book on
Beauty. John K. Woodbury, Dermatolo
gist. 17 "West Forty-second street. ew
it 'j . stii i Klldeut thr fcrtow'ftite of
Ihr-pntlrat Ze tra8rrt '- f toti W
S t frmxltrr' nn 1 yMT iti lfcr if
M.fln SfCIFIC CO, Ffws, Cia. .
& I
ir -j- llalhoMtU:

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