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the MORggsra timjss, sat un day, july 24, ism.
Doctor McCoy Has a Word to
There Are Those Who Will Never Believe Without
Personal Experience Now the Time When that
Personal Experience Can Be Had at Nominal
Cost $3 a Month During the Summer.
There always have been Doubting Thom
ntes, and there always will be Doubting
Tlioraaws. There arc Doubbr, TliomnRes
In "Washington, plenty of them, as there are
in every other city ana every town through
out the whole world.
"When Doctor McCoy announced his dis
covery for the cure or deafness, he expected
doubt. He knew that It wa& necessary for
him to give proof on prooC to cure, not in
scores of cases only, but in hundreds and
thousands of cates before these Doubting
Thoinates would be convinced.
The whole world, broadly speaking, has
acknowledged his masterly feklll, and has
accepted, because of the tremendous
weight of evidence, the fact that his treat
ment does restore the lost hearing.
But there are those ana there are many
)K 'u :i.iia- a
Two Bright Boys Whose Hearing Has Been Restored
by Doctor TlcCoy.
' Tlaymond Dickson, aged 10
year, Hrljrjitwuod (Vau View)
nv., was su di'tif tluit lit wis
taken from school. Hcurliif;
perfectly restored.
businkss jIax. .
tells of his
xt he5tor13d hearing.
t Charles Artiihtroujr. 103" !2 11Ul
fifnw.: Mr. Armstrong has for years been
engaged In the grocery InisinehS at the
above address, and Is "Well known and
highly xes-pocted in the northwest.
"My right ear was stone deaf.
"With it I could not hear one sound,
never mind how loud.
"My left ear was quite deaf.
"After being under treatment sometime,
my hearing returned to me suddenly.
Last Sunday I heard with my right car,
the ear that had bean stone deaf, the tick
ing of my watch, and that ear la now more
acute than the left.
My dearness began in my left ear
ten years ago and, growing worse grad
ually. In time it extended to the right ear.
My right car became deaf very rapidly
and in a short while stopped up luitirely
and lost all sense of sound.
"My deafness was a -constant source
or annoyance to me, I oth in business and
social matters. It was difficult for me to
wait upon customers, embarraw-eil me In
trying to converse with my friends. It
was very hard to understand when spoken
to and I was always asking people to
ropcat, and then to add to my discomfort
there was a rumbling noise in my head that
at tlmesalmost drove me wild.
"The unnatural noise in my head has
been stopped and I hear again distinctly.'
The "Water Company Held Responsi
ble for the Accident.
Matteawan, N. Y., July 23. The ad
journed meeting of the coroner's jury
In the Inquest of tlie Melsingah disaster,
in which seven persons lost their liverf,
this afternoon rendered the following
"That from the evidence produced to
this jury we are of the opinion that the
Fl3hl:i;i and Matteawan "Water Company
were in a large measuie responsible for
Shoes at Prices lever Before
Heard of I
1 these -were odds and ends and shopworn Roods
the wonder would not be so jrrent; hut they are not.
"We have size ntid widths for every oneand every
pair is guaranteed. Coino earlv iu the day mid -wo
promise to fit yon fit you for $1.05 with Shoes yon
would willingly pay $4 for and think you were get
ting them cheap.
Men's S4 and $5 Vicl Kid Tan -
Shoes B, C, D and E widths In I
KiinM-sii Huiido, Grecian and
Opera Shapes
Men's S4 and S5 "Willow Calf Ox
blood Shoes, in fashionable New
Opern Shapes B, C, D nud E widths.
All sizes
Men's S4 and .?3 Cloth Top Finest
Tan Shoes, In 'rt5 Opera Shapes
B, C and D widths splendidly made
and lined. All sizes
Men's S4 and S5 Metallic Calf Tan
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sizes Opera and London exclusive
shapes ....
Indies' S3 Pateut "Leather
all sizes and -widths insbloimble
shapes, at
Ladles' Bicycle Oxfords, iu bluelc
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brand nicked heels elegant finish
Ladies' Fashionable Tan Oxfords, I
all correct shades every width and
size at ".
Ladies "Crlsplne" Oxfords the
most popular shoe of the seasou in
Brown and Green new styles and
shapes perfect for summer -wear...
Extra Salesmen.
STOLLS "8io" 7th St.
here In Washington who are never con
vinced, except by a thing that happens to
themselves individually. It is to these
people-to these doubters, to these sick
and hopeless ones; to these who have' gone
from physician to physician, and who have
spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars
without relief -that Doctor McCoy has this
word to say: During thesesummer months,
while he maintains the nominal fee of $3
a month, there Is given opportunity to test
the value of ills skill, and to prove once for
all whether to you who have so long sought
and have so many times failed to find re
lier for your affliction whether that af
fliction be the loss of hearing or one of
those inanychronlccomplaints which cause
such a world of suffering he can bring a
Henry Oeliinnnn, 507 Stnnton
place ne., city, ugeil 12, wni
su dcnJ lie could not under
stand his tcnelier. .Now lie
hears as well uh uuy one.
Robert Auimunn, 1001 F t. ne.
Mr. Ammann for many years had charge
of the Uale School, and is very well kuown
in the nortlieast: "Doctors McCoy and
Cowtleu liave restored tlie hearing or my
son, who"...' light ear was totally deaf; and
have alto cured me of very severe Cat arm
or the 'throat.
S3 a Month
for the Summer.,
During: tlie vacation season tliut
is, until September 1 Doctors Mc
Coy and Cowden will treat all dta
cases at the uniform rate of $3 u
month until cured. This includes
Deafness and all diseases of what
ever nature.
McCoy System of Medicine,
715 I3th Street Northwest.
Orfice Uours-9 to 12 a. m.,1 to 0 p.m.,
GtoSp. m., dally; Sun day, 10 a.m. to 4 p. in.
the accident, insomuch as they maintained
and usl dams that were in a dangerous
and unsafe condition at the time of the
accident by reason of their not having
sufficient overflow or spill-ways to carry
off the surplus water in time of a freshet
or heavy rainfall like we had oa July 12,
13 and 14 last.
"We also censure said water company
for not providing a competent watchman
for said dams, and especially in time
of high water, Ui prevent, if possible, an
accident, and In case of danger, to notify
the ieople living In thu valley below
of any impending danger."
Oxfords i
Cool Store.
ft 4te&WW4t
An Official Report From Captain
Hooper to Chief Shoemaker.
Commander of tho Bering Sea Fleet
"Writes to tho lleveuiie Cutter
Bureau Vast "Wealth of the Klon
dike How tho Gold Is Taken Ifroiu
the River.
Iu an official report to Capt. C. F. Shoe
maker, chief o the revenue cutter service,
Capt C. L. Ilooper, commanding the
Bering Sua fleet, gives corroborative evi
dence of the rich finds In the Klondike
region. Capt. Hooper's report is dated
Uiialauka, .luly 5. Be bays:
"The Eteamer Excelsior arrived on tho
cvenluir vit the -1th from St. Michael's, and
leaves this evening for 3an Francbco The
Excel.Mor has on board about Torty miners
from the Yukon district, and about $500,-
000 in bullion. She brings wonderful ac
counts of rich discoveries in the Klon
dike, or ileindcer Hiver, where fortunes
arc being made in a few weeks. Ac
cording to these reports nothing has ever
bfcen discovered on the continent of Amer
ica approaching it In richness.
'The Klondike is a tributary or the
Yukon, and is wholly within Canadian ter
ritory. Gold was discovered last fall, and
during tho winter attracted miners from
all directions. It is said that over 2,000
men are located at Dawson, the principal
town, while Circle City, Forty Mile and
other places are nearly deserted. Owing
to tills euilden influx of people, provisions
were high, but, ho far as I can learn, there
was no actual suffering.
"Of tlie forty passengers on board the
ExccUior returning from these mlnes.lt Is
said, none have less than $8 ''00, and .some
have as high as ?r.0.000. Others who have
"mndet lielr pllenrecomlngon thebtcamer
Portland, expected here In a few days
Two packuges of coarse gold, one contain
ing $120 and one $130, are shown as tho
r"Milt of washing one pan of dirt each, by
a Mr. Wilson, agent of the A. C. Co., und
his wife
"The principal mines arc on the Bonanza
and Kl Dorado creeks, small branches of
the Klondike, and extend In the aggiegaie
sl.vtecn to eighteen miles. Being in the
bed of the river, these claims can only be
worked in the winter, when the suicoll Is
frozen The pay dirt Is melted by fire
built in tlie shaft and the gold extracted
by the usual washlng-out process. A
claim Is COO feet in the diiectlon of the
river, and from bank to bank, provided it
does not exceed CGG feet. The cost of
recording a claim Is $15, and the yearly
rental $100. Claims have been sold as
high as $?0.000, and a still higher price
has been refused for others."
A. Subport of Entry Created to Ac
commodate Passengers.
The Treasury Department Author
izes British SteamerH to Lund at
Dyeu, :North of Juneuu.
The gold fever has resulted In the crea
tion of a sub port of entry at Alaska to
enable British vcel-s to train-port passen
gers to the gold fields. This was brougnt
about by in application made to the Treas
ury Department for permission forCanadian
vessels to enter at Dyea, Alaska, and laud
passengeit and baggage there.
Dyea is about fifty miles north of
Juneiu, and it Is desired to save pnssea
gers the annoyance of disembarking at
Juneau and awaiting another steamer for
Dyea, the head of navigation on this route
to the Yukon frontier. If this applica
tion should be granted, li would be ncccs
saxy In all case"' ot vessels clearing Tor Dvea
to give a spi c.'oJ permit to the deputy at
Juuenu In the case of each vessel. In
order to obviate this difficulty, the Secre
tary of thv Treasury has constituted Dyea a
sub-port of entry In the District or Alaska.
This action is taken under the authority
of the act of March 1G, 1896, which au
thorizes the Secretary to establish sub
ports at such places in Alaskaa as he may
deem proper Some objection was made
by Representatives from the Pacific coast
to the granting of the application to per
mit Canadian vcsseln to pioceed to Dyea,
but on full consideration of the question it
was thought advisable by the Secretary to
exercise the right clearly given him by
statute to make Dyea a subport, thus re
lieving i assengers from the annoyance of
disembarking at Juneau and awaiting
other means of tiansportation to Dyea.
lie launches a Klondike Company
Upon the ?trket.
New York, July 2.1. J. Edward Addlcks.
belter known as "Gas'' Addlcks, whose
meteoric but unprofitable operations in gas
stock will be recnlled, has lately been
attacked by the Klondike mining agitation,
and now figures as thepiesidcntof a com
pany fonr.ed to explore and develop the
gold fields of British Columbia.
Politically Mr. Addicks has twice been
defeated in the Senatorial campaigns of
Delaware He Is now president of the
Yukon-CarlbooBritlsh Columbia Gold Min
ing Development Company, with a capital
of $5,000,000. "Gas' Addicks asks the
public to buy at $1 per share.
Exploring parties in the region where
gold has been discovered will be sent out,
fully equipped, from time to time, in charge
of experienced mining engineers. The dis
tricts Into which the company's agents
will penetrate include the Cariboo and
Klondike section"., at the headwaters of
the Yukon River. Every party which leaves
the United Stales will be furnished with
every means for the discovery and develop
ment of the ore, so Addicks says.
Indian Head Zephyrs.
There are hundreds of people who sit
around in the evening after on excessively
hot day In town and wish for cool breezes
and comfort, as if there was not a place
at hand where both these can be had.
That isjust what the trips to Indian Head
on the Macalcster furnish, though. A
ride on the majestic Potomac of more
than four hours cannot help but brace
one up, and the beauty of the scene and
the music makes up the pleasurable part
of the sail. Both going and returning
stops are made at Marshall Hall: the priv
ilege of the grounds Is accorded those who
caic to take advantage of them. Tnnels
allowed fora few dances while the steamer
is making the extra run to the Head.
These are eminently the most popular trir.s
that go out of the dfy. A boon for the
gentlemen is the barber shop on the boat.
Better than hurried town shop atten
tion. Every Thursday, Friday and Sat
urday evening in July and August at 6:30
p. m. Round trip 25c.
A marvelous euro for
can bo ;! ven sccrotly at
Dome, it is narmiess.
All drnrrelsts. or writa
Renora Chemical Co.. 80 Broail-vjiv. New Vork.
Per visit In our only charRC nil
cluded. All diseases of a SPECIAL NA
TUHI3 ure treated for ouo dollar
per visit "UNTIL CURED.
OLD MEN buffering from the vices and
errors of youth, and troubled with Nervous
Debility, Loss of Memory, Uashfuluess.Con-fu-slon
ofldeus. Headache, Dizziness, Palpi
tation of tho Heart, Weak Back, Hark Cir
cles Around the Eyes, Pimples on tho Face,
Loss of Bleep, Tiled Fupllngjii tlie Morn
ing, Evil Foreboding". -Uull, atupld, Aver
sion to Society, No Ambition, Bad Taste
in the Mouth, IMcaniH and Night Losses
Deposits iu the Urine, Frequent Urination,
sometimes accompanied with slight burn
ing, Kidney Troubles, or any disease of
the Uenlto-Urlnary Orgajus, can here find
an houoht, safe and spceify cure.
out operation. Hnvo you the seeds of any
past dlsenso lurking in your, system, 1M
POTENCY, or loss of Sexual Power, and
do you contemplate MARRIAGE? Do you
feel safe in taking this step? You can't
afrord to take any risk. Like fattier; like
son. We have a never-falling remedy that
win puriry the Blood and.' poiitively bring
buck Lost Power. Our hjme&t oplulon al
ways given.
The National Medical and
Surgical Institute,
JSS-nr Fourteenth Street N. W.
OFFICE HOURS -9 a.m. to S p.m.; Bun
days, 10 to 12.
Consultation free nnd Invited. lt,em
The World of Business.
A Vail Street Yesterday.
New York, July 23. The Independence or
the Indifference of the local speculation to
the disposition of the operations for foreign
account in tliib market was again stioiui
tills morning, when, for the first time
this week, London houses on balance were
buyers ot a moderate amount of stock
Co far the foreign purchases proving an
additional stimulus to prices, local opera
tors wre clearly disposed to realize profits
and after a very strong opening the
market underwent a general reaction,
though the recessions were as a rule frac
tional. Washington advices reported the likeli
hood of the passage of the compromise
tnrlff bill In the Benatc.and the shipments
of gold by tomorrow's steamships will
amount to only SSOO.OOO, none of which
was taken from the subtreasury today, so
the day! news was not unfavorable.
As was the case yesterday, the granger
shares furnished a large proportion of the
total transactions, S5 Tnul and Rock
Islnndbeing the leaders In activity. The
efforts making to have It appear that the
sugar schedules of the new tariff furnish
Inadequate protection to the rerinlng In
dustry were successful in the early denl
lngs only, and thestocksubsequently rallied
A decline in General Electric followed
the announcement of an unfavorable ju
dicial decision in the patent suit and re
action In the National Lead common stock
was on continued realization of profits.
Tobacco advanced sharply on the refusul
of the governor of the Ktatc to convene
an extraordinary court for the trial of
the dlre tors of the company. Among the
specialties there was a fa(r degree of
activity in Chicago, Gieat Western, the
Kansas and Texas sharesand in tlie South
western stocks generally. On the final
dealings the whole market developed re
newed' strength and activitv under the
lend of the Granger shares, arid the close
was at or about the best figures of tho
New "York Stoolc Mnrliet.
Corrected dally by "Wl B. Hlbbs ft Co.
Banker an6 Brokers Members of the
S. Y. Stock Exchange. 1427 F street
Or. Hlsh.J.nw. Clo
American Spirit ilSTf ViH VA J3,V
American Spirit, rud... 3vf.a2?ff 3H 31
Am. ugar Refinery M2 iii li mv
mericin Sugar pfd... 11! Ill my us
.mcrlcnn Tobacco. Tgjf S "4 ,W Vu
Atclilion. Ton. fc H. F.. J3V, 13VS IS ri
Atcli..Top.-nd3.F.Trd.. COW ICJi 16 16
Mneriran Cotton Oil
Raltimore & Ohio
B-xySlateGn 13 13Jf 12.' 13
Canada Southern ...
Canada Pacific
'l:esapoakoiOhIo 18's lSV IS. IS','
C..C. C. ifcSt. L :S.f 2k 23 2S
Chicago. Bur. &. Q.utncr. Si3. iSf so?,' SSTJ
Chicago A Nortlrw'n.... HS-,1 tlSH tiT, US',
Clilcnzo Gas. 19. 83 tSS 18
r. il. an I St. P. 8f SSi S7K 3-M
U., It. 1. mid 1 61 S2 S'lJi K'
Pousolldatea Gas 163 1j9 160 PSi
Dsl.. Lac. & West. ISTJi h7$ 157?f 157
Uelawaro it Hudson.... 1 Z'A 113,. lir,,j 1139.
Denr. &. R. Urande.pfa
Erie 15V 15V 15 15V
Ooncr.il LCiecttic. 35 J 35 51 3i
Illinois Central
Lake .-.lioro 171 171 JT1 171
Louisville .Nashville.. KIM 5Z 52 itih
.Met. Traction IQvi 112 Hlv4 112
Jlaul.att.in ir.Ti l2 t' flU
Michigan Ccn
Mo. Pacific. 221 23 22 22i
M., K. AT. pfd 35 3 31 31J,
XatioiMl Lead Co LoJi 3i& 34 35t
"tw JersovCentrAl....... BS s&v$ 8 SS;a
.New 1'ork Central l'2;j 102,'. 10. 102J,
Northern Pacific l. U UK UH
Northern P-citic ytd i.yt j.jj i i.A
Ont trio Jz Western 16 Id loi lojg
Puci-cAlall 3iS il'f liu 31J4
Plula. & Roadiug. :; .3?;; Wi 23,'i
ooatheni Kallw.iy.pld.. 3Jhi 2 30 bVi
lexasFaeitic Wi i-K VA U
euu. Coal & Iron -.3i -ox 2i?, 23
Union Pacific "! 7?i 7 J
U. fc. Loather ptu t2H L24 12 te
uaba-.li. pi d 15. IU 15 15;j
Wheeling .fcLauo Erie. i?& l?i i' lh
Woat.UuiuuTu!. Co fc(S t8 blJS lay
The market was in the main strong yes
tciday, tlie trust stocks and the grangers
showing excellent advances up to and at
the clo.o. The bullish tone is thought by
some to be the result of the near ending
or the tariff fight and supposedly favor
able natural conditions, but there Is a
strong belief among a generally better In
formed crowd that there is tremendous
wool buying and rank manipulation, the
resultof which can be anything but healthy
and lasting advance.
Two or three brokers tell me of this,
but Mr. C .rley sends me this statement,
which, besides giving the fact, touches on
other matters of interest. It will be inter
esting to note how near Mr. Carley Is to
the truth:
Syndicates are putting up the market
with a furious erfort, and will probably
try to do bo during the short session of
Saturday Some time Saturday or Mon
day they will try to sell more stocks
and the market will give way under the
sale. Sugar will be put up tempestuously
and othei stocks will be sold during the
advance of Sugar. Then the whole market
-will have a general reaction, the extent of
which will depend upon some develop
ments which wc will show up during the
next few days.
The Sugar Trust yesterday advanced the
price of .soft refined sugar, grade 1, 10 and
12, 1-16 cent.
Mr. ireene: supposed to be acting still
for the Rockefeller Interests, as he was un
questionably two weeks ago, on the sugar
spurt, was bidding the market up very
adroitly yesterday without guying any
thing. Wilson and Wells bought 2,000
Sugar. They are Standard Oil people.
S. A. "Walsh took all the Sugar at 1-1 4 yes
lei day that he could get. The insiders
were certainly buying Sugar &ctiveiy.
There .s.eema the liest of reasonsf or believing
that Sugar will have a strong advance
today, and if it can be bought at y ester
day 'u closing figures it looks to be very
nearly a sure thing.
Gas and Tobacco were both strong with
Sugar yesterday, though Gas did not
quite beep up to Thursday's figures. Hous
mnn A Content, supposedly working for
the pool, bought and put up Tobacco.
The stock looks well for further advance
this morning. Gov. Flower predicted two
years ago that the reorganization scheme
would put the Gas to par and that point
is all but reached. Everything seems
favorable to its passing 100. However,
100 has been a tough number for Gas
In times past. A pood many people lost
money when It reached 98 before.
It cannot quite be said as yet Just whatr
effect the decision against General Klec
trl't In the United States court or appeals
In New York will have. Dow, Joued&Co.
"People cIofc to the management of I he
Geneial Rlectrlc Company say the decision
in the trolley arm patent Just rendered by
tlie United States circuit cou-t of appeals Is
of no consequence, for the reason that, the
ngieemf-nt between the General Electric
Company and the Westlnghouse for royal
ties is not affected thereby, and for the
fuill.er reason that the patent hai only
about a year to run. It tU-ea not apply
U the underground trolley."
Burlington and Rock Island had a large
advance- yesterday. Doth of these stcoks
are being pushed. On Thursday also this
advance was large. Good stories are put
out about their condition nnd prospectK,
but these hnve very little to do with tho
present movement;.
The Town Topics people say: Of the
grangers nothing too good can b said.
Rock Island will be around 00, Burlington
and Qulncv hugging par and St Paul at
100 before September 15. How, Joue &
Co. arc of much. the same opinion.
M K. T. is a favorite.
The Xew York Times says: "American
Spirits arc again a subject of much dis
cussion In Wall street. This time most
nf the talk Is bullish. The popular theory
Is that theie are soon to be changes In
the management of the company, which
will involve the placing ot several new nnd
strong namci lu the directory. That the
business rccoid or the American Spirits
Company lu the past has been bad la not
denied, but there Is now developing a feel
ing In the street that by the aid of tarifr
patronage and with a shake-up among the
men who have hcietofore controlled Whisky
Tiust affairs, there will be belter things
heard from the'eompany In the future than
there have been in the pas.t."
Bradstrccfs today will say:
The widespread confidence that there
will be a marked revival In general trade
In the fall continues to grow and with It
material evidence that It is well founded.
The world'H wheat crop outlook con
tinues to favor the United States much as
It did eighteen years ago. The outlook Is
that Russia alone or all other wheat
exporters will be able to compete with
the United States The advance is more
than 20 cents a bushel compared with a
year ago, In the face of a domestic wheat
crop probably 100,000,000 bushels larger
than last year, and the prospect is for a
continued higher level for quotations.
Dun's weekly review of trade will say:
The end ot uncertainty regarding dut'es
on Imports gives great confidence alike
to those who have opposed and those who
have favored the change. The great
strength In stocks, paiticularly In thotc
of the Granger list, reflects assurance
ot heavy crops The remarkable rise
in wheat notwithstanding that assurance
is based on heavy buying for export and
belief that the To reign demand will be large.
To theEu must be added another element
of confidence scarcely observed a week
ago. The heavy Increase In receipts of
pold, whether from one side or the A laska
border or thu other swells deposits at
the mints and in the banks or ih.s country
and if the yield from new regions answers
cuirentexpectatlonsit may have an influence
akin to that of gold discoveries in Cali
fornia The one retarding force, the
strike or the coal miners, has caused closing
or a few manufacturing works for want ot
fuel, but negotiations for settlement are
still pushed with hope.
The wheat market is the sensation ot
the month. Since July 2 the price has
risen 12 cents by Wednesday, when a
reaction of four cents occurred.
Coin exports aie still heavy, 0,635,305
bushels In July, against 2,421,089 last
year, which, pciliap, icflccts more cer
tainly that the wheat movement the
actual conditions abroad. Both beciusn
of the seaeon and because of ponding
action on the tariff, indnstii.il operations
are waiting, and yet with an Improvement
which, under the ciicumstances, is signif
icant. The textllelndustrieshavc lostno ground,
as the curtailment ot production In cotton
for a time Is really a gain. The demands
for woolens increase as to low and medium
grades, with reported large S3les at
advances of 5 to 10 per cent over last
There were 220 business failures re
ported throughout the United States this
week, against 247 last week and 280 In
the week a year ago.
"WnKiilnKTon Stock F.xormnjrc.
Sales -Capital Traction, 35 at 541-2;
American Graphophone.SO at0:rneumatlc
Gun Carriage, 100 at 46, 100 at 45: Lan
ston Monotype, 5 at 15 5-8, 100 at 15 3-4,
25 at 15 7 8.
Rill. Ak.
U. 8. 4's. R1W7Q. J llt, mii
U. - 4'?. C 1007 Q,. J HIS H2-K
U- S. 4's. lfctf 124JS I25i
U.S.6's.l00lQ, F 1H;S 115
5s 1S99 "20-yoar Fundlus" id
03 1902 '30-j ear Funding" gold.... IVZ
7s 1901, Water Stock" currency.. 112
7sl9j'i t atcr Stock" currency. 11-
''Funding" currency 3.05's Ill
MetR. Ros.1925 116
Met.ll ROoiiv. 6s 113
Mot. It It Cert. Indebtedness. .A .. 103
Met. RRCert.Indobtedne53..R.. 103
belt It It $8. 1U21
Eckincton RRTs
Columbia R lib's. 1914 1 G
Wash Gas Co. Ser A. G's. 1902-' 27... 110
W ash Gna Co. Kcrll.h's. 1801-'2D... Ill
U. S. Elcc. Light Debenture Iran.
M. &N 100
CliesaudPotTcl5s, lSOtt-lOiil 103
Am 3ec&Tr5s. Fand A. 1905.... 100
Am Sec & Jr. Vs. A and O. 1905.... 100
Wash Market Co 1st G's, 1902-19I1.
$7. OtO retired innuaUy 103
Wash Market Co imp 0's. 12-27 .... ltd
Wash Market Co ext'n G's. lll-'27.. UG
M&sonic Hall Association 5' a. 11)03. l'Ji
Wash Lt inflates. 1901
Rank of Washington 2G0
liaulf or Republic 200
Metropolitan "j;" 310
Central 25-5
Farmers' and Mechanics' !7u
Second 131
Citizens IJ2
Columbia 125
Capital 118
West End 101 107
Lincoln 102 107
Ohio 00
Nat. Safo Deposit and Trust 115
Wash. Loan and Trust "118 121
Ainor.Sccurlty and Trust Ui
Wash, Safo Deposit 55
qapital Traction Co 54 51
Metropolitan 1U1
Columbia 6u
Belt 20
Kckington 20
Georgetown fc Tonaallytown
1 963 men's $1.50 and $2 "
I straw hats, 48c.
Hecht's "surplus sale" so thoroughly cleaned out the g,
straws that the hat man had to go into the market again, o
and here are 963 split, inilan, and sennette straw yachts
and soft brims the identical shapes and qualities as those g
which sold readily in our regular stock for 1.50 and $2.00. a
Went on sale yesterday just out of shipping boxes. On
easy payments. v
Men's furnishings at
about a third.
Hechts have -just purchased the greatest portion of $
the furnishings stock of J. Schenthal, of Baltimore, at g
about a third under price. The whole purchase has been o
distributed among their six stores, and this store's portion S
was ready 3'esterday morning. You can judge the values g
you're offered by these. You get the privilege of credit. a
G50 dozen Men's 4-ply 2100
Linen Collars anil Cuffs-there are
twenty different styles arnoni: tlie
Collars, anil they're the itluiitieal
htyles vvhlch sell for 15c-Catra lor
"oc. They'll go like this -
Collars, 6lc.
Cuffs, 9Ci
212 ilozen Men's BalbriKRanSWrts
and Dra wers -aflnequalitvof yarn
double-clastic stitched -taped seams
" shades li ili t blue and mode
Usual 35c sort for Hie.
You cannot care much for economy if you neglect the
reduction we've made in the men's all-wool suits. A1I the
S10, $12.50 and $15 suits are now $5.75, and you get credit,
Hechts offer the men a rare treat today. A good size
lot of men's striped cassimere pants have become broken in
sizes and we've decided to hand them over to you for less
than bare cost, giving you the privilege of easy payments.
1 hey are on a center table, and not a pair originally sold
for less than $4 yet you get the choice for $1.29.
There are just 515 men's $6 crash suits, and they go
down today to $3.50. Notice that they've taped seams, and
that they're made just as thoroughly as all-wool suits are
made. The crash was thoroughly shrunk before the shears
touched it.
There's a snap here for stout men some $1.25 and
$1.50 white duck pants for 45 cents.
Hecht's store never was so
Washington Gas .....' llfi .
Georgetown Gas II
U.S. Electric Ustit IK) .
Firemen's CO
Franklin 3S
.Metropolitan (.6
Corcoran 6ii
Potomac (7
Arlington 133 .
Ueruijii Aucricau 10
National bmou IU
Columbia 12
People's oi .
Lincoln S,S .
cuinu.ercia ii .
Real Estate Title
ioIuu.bU l'uie. a
usniutou lulo
I'ennsylvunla SS
O'lics-ipcaUcand Totoinac. o3,S
American Ur.i;tlioiiuoue &Jf
American Uraiiiioiihonc, pfd lu
fucumatlc Ouu Carriage 43
iiiaCEr.r.AKEous sroc.es.
Mergcutlialer Linotype (new) HSJi
Lii&ton Monotype la;,
uSlmmtoii Maruet 10
Great Kails Ice 115
Xor. .mil abii. riieamboas
Lincoln Hall
Chicago, July 23. There was a -sveafc
wheat market today, September t one
time Miuwlng a loss of 3 1-i cents front
the dobe Wednesday. There was a good
deal ot realizing, particularly bythe'South
ivcec. The ruaTket has advanced so fass
that it looks as it it would take a break
to start up trade. Oa much decline there
ironld be Rood buying aain.
Com v.-as sJow , but fairly steady.
Chlcmro Grnln nnd Provision Market.
Corrected daily by W. B Hibbs & Co ,
Bankers and Brokers. Members of. the
K. Y. StocK Exchange, 1427 F street.
8 .
8 WW
Open. Illgb. Low. C103.
Sept...- 73'i 73 'LV HK
Dec 74 i ;2J -.1
Sept, 2GH :67 -JiK- ZGX-7i
Dec Hk-K 2 5 -iTJi
.Sept I7.V 17-5; ',7X 1755
Dec IS ISK :-; '.lSi-k
10 KK. -
Sept. 7.60 7.7.1 7.60 7.07
Sept. 1.10 4.12 4.07 4.07
Dec 4.17 4.10 4.17 4.17
Si'ake Ribs.
Sept. 4.45 -1,50 4.45 4.50
New Xorlt Cotton Alarkot.
Hisjli. Low. CIos.
7. 0 7.S7 7.4
7.-9 7.21 7AC
7.12 7.' 6 7.7
7.01 6.90 7.0 1
ovo.nber .
The "War Bcpailiiienthas issued tfce fol
lowing: JLeavc or absence for one month, to lake
effect upon the completion of his duties
pertaining to the national guard of Tenn
lvanla, is granted 1'lrkt Lieut. 0. Uarry
Iiuval, Eighteenth Infantry.
First Lieut. John Little, Fourteenth In
fantry, Is detailed for the two years'course
of Instruction commencing at the school
September 1, 1897, nnd will report In
person to the commandant of the school
on that dute.
The leave of absence grnnted Capt. John
McClellan, Fifth Artillery, is extended
oub month.
At the request of the officers concerned
the following' transfers are made, to take
erfect this date: First Lieut. Feter Mur
ray, from the Fifth Infantry to the Twenty
first Infantry, Company G; First Lieut.Ed
mund L. Butts, from Uie Twenty-first In
fantry to the Fifth Infantry, Company B.
Leave of absence for two months anil
ten days, to take effect on being relieved
from temporary duty at the Soldiers' Home,
near this city, is grauted Capt. Charles M
Candy, assistant surgeon.
Capt. George McCrecry, assistant surgeon,
is relieved from duty as attending surgeon
aud examiner ot recruits at Boston, Mass.,
and will report in person to the governor
of the Soldiers' Home, near this city, for
temporary duty, to relieve Capt. Charles M
1 Gandy, assistant surgeon.
32a dozen Men's Finest Quality-Ten-ale
Neslisee Shirt, wjUi at
tached Collars ami cuffs -haiHl-fln-Ifctoed
and hand-ironed -50 hand
6tHn, s;.yi!t,ri patterns -made to
sell at retail tat SI and $1.50-for
39 cents,
Nearly 500 pairs lien's Blacfc and
Tan Half IIum -rfwtiokiraml seani
lens-usual 12 l-2c quality to K
for l l-2canoir.
iiai(itK -rasivo
quality to go
overflowing with bio- values.
515 7th St.
;iifk Matters anything you may
I ft! io v" a"L Knuw alMxit mining
U Dd mining properties. 703
FOR RENT-The beit way to lielp your
buMneas or proressiu!) ja tu inovuiuio tne
larKe:t.Arid bt-kaown ofticc braiding fn
the city,
A rew ihoice rcomsnow available: mod
erate rental; n extras; perrett Janitor
fcervite; Hre-proof surroundings; 3 ele
vators; 10 stories commodious bicycle stalls
and Tree telephone service
Jjtt-l nio-tu,tn ,sat
Loan & Trust Co.
Loans in any amount. mao oa
approved real estateor eollaterla5
reasonable rates.
lnterett paid upon deposits oa
dally balances subject to check.
This company acts as executor, aa-
mtnistrator, trusUe.iJgent.trtfasurer,
registrar and in ail oilier fiduciary
Boxes for rent In burglar and flre-
proor vaults for safe deposit and
hUiracc of valuable packages
JOHN A frWOPS Vice President
11. S CUMill.NUS ZU Vice President
The National Safe
Deposit, Savings
and Trust
Of the District of Columbia
Chartered by special act or Congress.
Jan., lbl7, and act of Oct, 1S0O. a
Feb.. lbB'J.
Capita!, One Million Dollars.
I Money to Loan.
This company has money to loan
on listed collateral securities at
g? lowest rate or interest. 3
g C J. BELL, President
Members or tha New rorlc 8toci Ex
change. 1419 F et.. Qlover buildlni.
Correspondents of Messrs Mooh . ttcliiey,
bO Broadway,
Cankers and Dealers in Uovernment Bonds.
Depo-Mts. Bxcnange. Loans.
Railroad Stocks and Bonds and all securi
ties listed on the exchanges ot New Yorkv
Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore bau-S
ana sold. ,
A specialty made orinveatmentsecurlUss.
District bonds and all local Railroad. Gs.
Insurance and Telephone Stock dealt la.
American Bell Telephone utock bougj
anc -old. amia-ar
W. B. Hibbs & Co.,
Meil)cr3 "c-7 York Stock EioaaaiA
1427 F Street
Correspondents or.
New York.
Hodgen & Co.
Brokers and Dealers,
Stocks, Cotton, Grain and Provisions,
Eooes 10 and 11 Corcoran Balliinj.
Corner IJth and Pstroou. amltOi 7th. st ntr
MONEY AT 5 TER CENT, on real etat
Iu 1). O.: no -delay; terms reasonable.
i yU-lmo 1008 i' st. nw.
BO n STORAGE CO.. 10 to IS Est.
, 06 U, ne. S. to S3 per month.

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