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J1USE1 AT 5 PER CENT on real es
tate in D . C- No delay. Terms rea-oa-fcble.
3r- lm . 1008 F sir. nw:
LOANS from. 55 to 550 to reliable parties:
money advanced, on bicycles. Room 8,
CenlralBmldlng, cor. 9tfc and Fa. ave. nw.
510 TO 51,000 TO LOAN
without removal fiom nosfcsKion of o-wner
Wccimorrerxout he LdWEST RATES and
No delay, vou W1I lccerve the money
within a fev'aouifc after inaklns applica
tion for it Fai moots on Hie principal, of
any amount, will be i arrived at any time,
wh i will lessen cost of loan.
Pltase call for faitlier -nibim allon
e29-lo 602 1T st. nw.
U K. FULTON'S loanorri-c. 1218 l'a. ave.
nw money loaned on atcliea. diamouds,
Jewelry, stiver -ware, etc- apl-a
eral, cuch a6 lift.' policies, stocks. bonds,
building a5ctatioi shares, syndjeate cer
tiricaies. etc No delay lERKLS &
EAK.EE. 1110 F t. Take elevator. tr
Loans made on Furniture, Piano.. Horses,
Wagons, - tc , at loudest rates and quickest
possible Utne. Strictly confidential Please
call Iwro'e socuriug loans elsewhere.
fell" 1 tticct northwest.
liONEl TO LOA5-1.000 upward, at 6
anu 6 1-2 per cent, uu 1). C. jeal estate:
$250, 550u. etc, at 6 per cent: all
tnactio conuucO-d witu economical
t-imderation Tor borrowers.
gpl6-tr lt)7 P m. nw
llO&EY. TO LOAN at anil o per cent;
ecuuy, real esU-Ui in District or Co
lumbia, no delay beyond- an in-pectmn ot
propetty and eauiuituiua of title; "WAL
TER . ACi.ER,70X4th.uw. mb-iS-lf
WANT'ED Good cook for dining and
lunch room. Address E. M., this office.
Wfc i.D Colored hotel waiter for Potta-
vill, 1-n.. perui4 - post-ion; at ouce
DICK'S HOILL AUE5-:, 013 7tli bt.
WANTED A first-class carpenter, witb
.busbioss ability, to solicit and conduct
a joining shop. Address JOBBING, tills
ornce. 3r-S-3t
NOTICL-The roan who was not ant-ted.
Tor obtaining mouev uuderjust pretenses,
who Vent a b-cond-hand furniture More at
92L Now .orU ave has removed to Xt .i
Pmm ave. nvi., will continue to tell bed
room ,uil at 52.50 upward: oluer furni
ture in proportion. Signed, H- SAXMA.
WAiWED An engineer with Uccus.. fa-
fliar with lauuury work. Address W.
E. L., this office. Jy-Jh-Jt.em
WANTED Two men to workin dairy- RI-
t.ey BROS.. 15 D Ft. ne. j2-3t,em
WANTED Ileal estate agent, salary and
commission, best refs. requiied. Apply
A. E. HANDLE, Congress Heigbuv
WAJsiiiD Several reuable mea for m-
bumuce Avork; splendid opi-ortauny S
CO., 017 F fit. nw. jr-0-12t
"fANTJD Solicitors for insurance, a good
cnancefor nuabing- men to make money.
ClETy..5b Ljl ave. nw.;ltooxJ. land 1
WANTED White nurse for two children
and so to West Virginia to live Ifrnia
nently. Appljvwltli refs-iDlCKL'SAGl-NC I .,
bia 7 th st. Xt
W NTED Two -women, general house-
work. girluurbe; bettk-d wiilte woman to
go tote country. I13120th st.nw. It
WANTED Half-grown colored, girl in
surali mmilv; wages, $. Apply after
6 p. m., 1S30 Ninth, fct. nw. it
WANTED Ladvcam'asinsometlitnirnew;
cooks, white nurse, jreueral houseworkws;
reifrtcr fees reduced. 03L P st. nw.
WANTED-A girl to learn dressmaking;
small wages. Apply 08 L st. nw. It
3NTED- A nurse for confinement; must
be ieanahle; answer immediately. L.
C.S., Mils f floe. .yU:-3t-em
WjVNTBD Two colored -walttcsses for
rehait-oday. DICICS' HOTEL AGENCY,
613 7lh 6C. lt,em
WANTED-Coad cook tor dining and lunch
roam. Address E. M., this office.
WANTED First-class cook for coardlng-
hooee; must have good city rcrs. for cx-
ceHencennd lionesty, no others need opply.
201 E. Cap, st. lt-em
WANTED -Young colored girl for general
buework; must be willing to assist with
children and have first-class refs. 1134
25th stuff. lt-em
WANTED A girl for general housework;
no wasHtng, bring iels. 005 O st. nw.
WANTED Lady canvasser.; new qutck
hoallng soap for led. rough. burnlag skin;
runiMBg sores. Itch, pils, plmplos, falling
hair, dandrurt; the Usher the best ih'aling
bulve knovn; recomnsemls itself. 722 6th
rnw. Jy2S-3t
WANTED -A respectable colored "ivoman
t do general bousework; must bring
good refs. Apply at No. 1400 N. Cap. st,
WANTED Neat white -woman for gen
eral housework in small family; no wash
lng. 515 2d Et ne j y27-3t-em
WANTED By a middle-aged widower, a
refined working housekeeper, reply, stat
ing wases expected, WIDOWEEr this office.
WANTED Three- agents; 1 lady; 52 de
posit required, goou wages can be made,
anioleln use every minute during the day.
Call y a. in, and 0 p. in., 313 Pa. ave. nw.
WANTED 4 country girls, chambermaids,
general bousework-ers, cooks, and coun
try bovs; good wages. 441 G st.nw.
WANTED Two ladies and two gentlemen
as canvassers; fcomething new; big money
for nght people. Apply to A. S1EBERT,
400 H st. nw. jy27-3
WANTED At City InteUigcnce Office"..
cooks, waiters, general houseworkers,
porters, drivers, nurses, laundresses, chan
bennaids, cleaners boys, laborers, dish
washers; quickest place to get work.
WANTED To meet lady or gentleman
who understands florist business andean
owromand trade. Address SUNFLOWER,
this office. Jy27-3t
MALE and female help of all kinds flee of
6L nw., MOORE. Jy26-3t,em
WANTED A first-class bartender desires
position: thoroughly experienced in all
brandies of the business. Address P. If.,
tbiorrioe yU-3t
WANTED By colored man, situation to
work in grocery store, or place as head
cook. fc07 C bt. nw. it
"WANTED- By middle-aged "whitxT man,
sober and industrious, place as bartender;
highest refs ; salary no object. Address
W. A. R-, this office. y23-3t
WANTED By plumber and gaetitter, 15
years experience, position with build
er, or large real estate firm: best of ref
office. Jy29-3C
WANTED By high school graduate, with.
first-class ier. rrom prominent business
firm, eteuographlc wort and typewriting.
E. M. P., this orrico jy28-3t,em
WANTED Seamstress would sew for den
tist's wire in exchange for six teeth.
Address DENTISTRY, this office.
- WANTED By a colored man, age, 25,
place in private family; understands
bousework and careoC horses; wnl work. In
city or country; n, or trlaL 1011 11th
b. nw. It-era .
WANTED Work or some HndTby- young
man; has had, 2 years' experience a.
bouse painting. Address L W. C , tliis-
orxice. 3y28-3t
WANT1.D By a good colored man, a place
as coachinaB. or to make dnslt gen
erally useful, suburban placa preferxed.
J U. BROWN. Bethesda Postotfto:.
WANTED PoriUon by irclass grocery
cleric and meat cutter; can trrmn refs.
P. M., 708 Q st, rrw. lyG-3t-era
WANTED By- goog bartender, position
best refs. from preseat employer. Ad-
tfrcse H. B., this office. Jy2G-Ct
WANTED By a young white woman, an
excellent cook and laundress, a situa
tion in first-class family; good. ref. Ad
dresa M. A. P., this office. lfc
WANTED By two country girls from. Vir
ginia, eighteen, fourteen years, nurse,
chambermaid or absist. 1702 1-2 10th st.
nw. .y-a-3fc
WANTED -By 3 competent colored girls,
places to do general housework- 1003
M. bt. nw. y9-:lt
WANTED A lady desires posi&ouaa sten
ographer and typewriter, or to take
charge ot a confectionery store; low sal
ary. AddrebS Mrs. COLES, Substation 27.
ARESPECT ABLE colored -woman wfc-hesa
place to do general housework or plain
cooking. 1G17 P st. nw. It
WANTED By re.pectable -white woman,
with refs., a place to clean room and
care for sick person; small -wages asked.
K. C , this office. jy3t,em
WANTED A situation as chambermaid;
first-class refs. Call 228 0 st. nw.
WANTED By a young woman, situation
as compatnon to an invalid lady, or
light work of any kind. Address T M.,
tins office jy2S-3t-em
V.' ANTED By respectable colored woman,
place to do chamber work or to nurse or
to go out by the day. 2liJLst.nw. lt-em
WANTED By colored girL, place as nurse
or chambermaid; call until 1st. 1425 N
bt. nw. lt-em
WANTED By an excellent colored gill,
place to do general bousework; rets.
CUQ1-, -25 lttl st-Jiv j)y28-3t
Yr ANTED By a respectable colored girl,
place asnurse. 714 3dt. mv. wy27-3t-em
WANTED -By a fust-class white cook, a
place to copk, wash andiron in a private
family or only to cook; the best; ot refs.
935 1-t st. ne. Jy2.-3.-em
WANTED By a settled -white -woman
chamberwork or general house-work, in
a private family- 1124 Congress st. ne.
W ANTED-By woman, general housework;
also girl ,nune, chambermaid, or assistant;
O. I. refs. 17021-2 10th st. nw. jy27-3t
WANTED By Virginia -woman, general
housework; not afraid to work; also girl
assistant; city references. 1131 20ih it.
n-w-. jy27-3t
WANTED A good homo for a bright, half
grown -white girl among refined and
well-to-do J eople: "wages no object. Ad
dies II. E. S.. tbis-ofJicev jy27-3t
A WIDOW -vanf3 position as copyist or
correspondent. Address H. A. W., tliis
of Mce. y 27-3 1
WANTED Young colored women to cook
or do general housework. Call or address
M. A. S., 444 N St. nw. jy27-3t
WANTED Situation as cook and general
liom-eworker iu small house. 420 Wash
ington tt. nw. jy2-3tein
WANTED About 100 shures of Lan&ton
Tjpesettliig Machine siouir. quote price
and number of shares. Address J. IT., this
office. 3y-'J 2t
WANTED To exchange diamond ring,
lady's, for 2 bicycle-, ladies', new er a
good; will pay difiereuce if any. Address 1
. j., mis oo.ee. yy-c
WANTED A wholesale customer for a
few gallons of fine milk: not railroad
milk. Address HALL, this office.
WANTED To rent; or. if easy terms, to
buy, a farm ol about 4o acres; not more
than 8 mdes from Washington. Address
1'. d. P., tins office. . jy2S-3t
A LADl liMng at 714 K st. nw., would
like a lady in ofilce to share rooms with
he. CaRor address 714 K. st. nw .
ViMu-bood second-hand Smith Pre
mier typewriter. Address, ghlng price
for cash, bo.v sn, this otflce. jy2S-3t
A LADY living at 1714 K. st.nw., would
like a lady in of lice to share rooms with
her. Cxill or address 1714. K st.nw.
WANTED A corner store and dwelling
and stable, or room for oni-: ne . for cau
customer. C. BOYER & SON, 214, 7th st.
sw. jy27 3t
WANTED A family leaving 'own for the
bummer, wish to rind a bum. and kind
treatment for 2 pet cats, .'ompnsaUon
given. Address T. C. A.., this office.
WANTED Sewing, by a d.esamaker. Adr
dress M. M., this office. 3y2D-6t
Persons de.irluo; advertisementa
under this or any oilier clasjIca
tion heading mut not nddresa The
Times and sign only tlielr initials.
Letter, uddreed to iniliaU, unless
al&o addrehsed to a street uud num
ber, or a P.O. box, will not be de
livered tlirougli tlio mail. Sucu mat
ter Is uumuilable. For instance, "J.
-X. W," Alexandria, could not be
rejicbed tlirougn the postolflce.
TVTrtrgrc S DINING ROOM, formerly at
31 r. sL.nw ,is now located at 008 11th
st. nw , bet, F and G. For ladies'and gen
tlemen. It
WHOLESALE PRICES Freeh eggs from
the country, only iuc. At A. M. suaw
it CO., 917 La, ave. Jy29-3t
MONiv'S DINING ROOM removed to COS
11th st nw. jy29-4t
done in this city is the work we do. Let
us give you an estimate. You'll be mr
priil at our low prices. Rooms pap'-red
stylish paper 52 np. F. G. NOLTE, 810
9ib st. nw. No branch. jy2S-tt
FAMILY washing and Ironing done by
Drab-class washwoman; called for and
delivered. Address 937 2Gth st nw.
Lb the dealer or agent who sold the
Banner," No. 232, bicycle about Satur
day, the 17th, or Monday, the 19th, will
rurnish me his address, 1 will visit hiui
Address X. Z., this office. jy28-3t
ROOMS papered frm 52 up; send postal
ror me to call; latest styles ot" paper. 0.
SILENCEIJG st. ne. Jy27-6t
THEMADISONHOUSE, 333 Mlssounave.,
has nice cool rooms, ana meats can be
obtained: at all hours; terms reasonable.
LADIES', Misses', and Children's Oxford
Ties and Slippers, 75c., 51, 5L25, and
51.50, your pick lor 50c, Men's Shoes
from. 98c. up., at SELBY'S, 1903 Penu.
ave. nw. Come quick. jy26-6t
Is now located, at 923 F st. Sohmer
Piano Agency. y-19t
A NICE Blue Middlesex Flannel tailor
made Uni-orm Suit; st. cut; buttons
changeable, color absolutely last; worxh.
510; only S7; come quick If you need,
at that price. SELBY'S,.1903 Penu. ave.
nw. Jy26-6t
ROUGH DRY LAUNDR-Y- 5 cents per lb.;
strictly hand. work. 153.J 14th st. nw.
We proposethrough this medium to obviate
at the homes of our patrons the unwelcome
wash day; we use only thepurestsoapsand
filtered water, drop poStal; we will call for
and deliver; Each person's wash done
hjipajalcly. 3yl5-io
Printing- 500 cards, 75c.; 500 envelopes,
75c; 50O note heads, 75c; 500 state
ments, 75c, binding mnga-l.ies, 50c
miscellaneous books- rebound. G-. E-WlLLlAl-,
615 7th Bt. nw. re6-tr
I WONDER who pays the highest prices
Tor gents cast-oft clothing; drop postal
SAUL BROS., 923-D Bt.nw. myl5-3mo
AT THE Business Orrice of The Times
yon will find Window Cards of all de
ecilptlons "Table Board, ' "Furnished oi
Unfurnished Rooms, '"Unrurnished Rooms,"
"Furnished Rooms, With or "W-lhcu.
Board, "Furnished Rooms, With Board,"
Furnished Rooms." Five cents is the
piice of each card. ap21-tf
FURNITURE moved; largest 2-ors-lnad,1
52.50; l-horse loads. 5L.D; pianos, 52:
rurmture packed and shipped; experienced
men only; storage. COLUMBLA TRANS
FER CO., 323 4 1-2 st. nw. rnono uo
WANTED Boarders; near Fauquier Sul--phur
Springs; beautiful scenery;- fine
spring water; mountain air; ice: milk;
bathing; fishiug; piano; terms, 516" per
mouth. A ddtess. MISS. GRACE H"AHT
Shade P. O., Fauquier county, Ya
FOK SALE Greafrbaralrrrarm37e"acres;,
-Xliracresln t-mberlQ-roombricJ-hoaser,
bams, QUtiousesetr.near Gnesatin
R . IT- & F. R. R- the fine crops growing'
attest- the traah.y ot the rand; price-, only
4,000. S. AT. JONES-, SLQ 10th st. aw :
FOll IiENT ltOOilS..
FOR RENT Second-story front room, fur
nished, "with good hoard; 5-32 tor two;
53 per-weelr. 917 IC st.a. d5-9-3t
FOR EENT Takoma Park: Mnpic are.;
3 nice- rooms, 2d floor. $8 per month.
App to 520 21st Bt nw. jy2-30
FOR RENT 1102 New York ave.; fur
nished rooms; light, housekeeping- two,
512; others. jy9--
F0R RENT Two rooms- on third, floor
or three on second; with bath, yery
cheap. 425 Mass. ave. nw. jy29-,
FOR RENT -Pleasant rooms. $8 up: with
board. 2 in room, 518 each; gentlemen
preferred; convenient to B. & y'nJ-nt-at.
nw. jy29-3t
FOR RENT First floor; 4 rooms, complete
ly rurnished for housekeeping; from Aug.
l. 1851 9th st. nw., 525. Jy29-3t
FOR RENT A nice front room
No. 3 . st, no.
CaU at
FOR RENT For single, gentlemen, turn.
bt. ne.
55 and 5 per montu. J--"'
FOR KENT rwolmmeuse-nns.;uewhouM3,
conveiiiences, near G. P. O.; iiouiekeep-
ing; reasonable. 1104 North Capitol' sc
Jy28-3t,em .
FOKKENT-One room ror 2-gentiemen,or
a married couple; cheap. 418 aeconti
st. ne. lt-em
FOR RENT Desirable, cool, bny-wlndow
loom, fur. or nufur. cheap; "e; baWiJ
all convenience. 2l5 9tlist.sw. y28-.-eni
FOR RENT Cool, furnished or unrur-
nislied rooms, from 54r to VI 0. 11-1
1 st. nw. jy2H-3l-oiu
FOR. KENT- ur.; largo second-story Tront
room. 1225 E st.nw. y-3-cm
FOR RENT Large front room, furnished
or unfurnished; also basement, dining
room and kitchen. G22IvJy28-3t
FQR. RENT Fur.; large, bay-window front
room: bath on same noor, wjinu itj
able. 223 R st. no.
FOR RENT To gentleman; hall room; 55
-.r... . nl.l-t., 1IIMt II KtT I11V- 1vS-fr
per month. 1003 O st. n.w
FOR RENT 2 largo rooms on 2d floor,
with eyery convenience. L402 Cth nw.
FOR RENT For light housekeeping, 2
rurnished rooms, 2d iloor; 2 on 3d Iloor;
water; gas; all complete. No. 308 10th
st. aw. jy2 -t-em
F0RRENT 925 II st. nw ; nicely fur
nished trout room with bay window; on
second, floor; also two good sized hall
rooms, both on same floor, summer rates
REXT Rooms
suitable- for light
. u 85 JC st. nw.
housekeeping; a. m
FOR RENT Rooms; 9 24 9th st nw.
Furnished or unfurnished. jyi--C
FOllTtENTFor liousekeeping. 2 pleasant
communicating 2d-floor rooms; alcove nnd
bay window; convenient location. i08 Q
b. nw. jy2JB-3t-cm
FOR RENT Large, cool room; fur. or
uufur.: summer rates; cars to all parts or
city. 908 N. Y. ave. Jy -
FOR RENT Nicely furnished front rooms;
one on lbt floor, with bay-window; rent
very reasonable; gas ana uaui m-iuueu,
smaller rooms. 55: near cars 201 D bt.
smaller rooms, 55; near cars
nw. -
FOR RENT To gentlemen, two cool, pleas
ant small rooms; 5 ana u per mon.u,
mrd it desired. 608 A st. ne. jy27-3t
FOR RENT 13G It st. nw.; 2 rooms, fur
nished for light housekeeping; also a
single room; cheap. jy2i-t
FOR RENT Nicely fur. room, 2d floor;
opens on a veranda; 1.50 a weekj-aard
If desired 12 OTh st no., near E. Cap.
st. cars and CapitoL 3Jr,c'L
FOR RENT SID 14lh st.nw., fiont hall
room. jy24rat-em
FOR RENT Rooms on second and third
rioors, 939 Pa. ave. nw.; suttablo for
living rccmb, ofrices. or photograph gal
leiy. Apply to CROCKER, the Shoeman,
on pie-uisea- jyl7-tt
WANTED Two' communicating furnished,
rooms- by gentleman and daughter, cen
trally located. Reply immediately, statiug
price and particulars. Box 35, this office, lc
WANTED -1 fur., 2 un.ur. rooms; rooms
with board; nw. ROOM RENTIN-f
AGENCY, 631 P st. nw. i
WANTED A neatly-furnished room by-single-
gentleman In nw.; must not
exced 55 Address N. W. this office,
lt-em ,
WAN-TED Room, by quiet couple: no ques
tions to be asked. Address O.UIET. this
office. It-em
WANTED Fur. room for light house
keeping; by couplfr with no children, In
quieC nouse; no other lodgers. Address,
with terms, H. L. S., this office.
WANTED Two connecting rooms with
board for gentleman, wire and girl, 5
yeais old, fn strictlv private ramlly;
New England family preferred. Addiess,
stating terniM, and location, PERMANENT,
W., this otice. Jy20-3t,ein
FOR RENT -Reduced rates; rooms and
board 515 and 518 per mo.; one block
from City Hall; on Metropolitan car line;
table board 53 per week. INDIANA.
HOUSE, cor. 3d and Ind. ave. nw.
FlKa'lM LASS BOARD and lodging In
close proximity of Congressional Library
and Capitol, competent caterertn charge of
dining rooms; special rates for the- sum
mer months. ALEXANDER GEORGE, Ca
terer, 218 3d st. se. jy28-3t em
BOARD atShellfield, three miles from Co
lonial fceach.one-halL mile from WUkin
son's wharf: large yard, good shade and
first-class table, boating, bathing and fish
ing free: terms, 53 per week, 51 per day.
G. J.GOULDMAN, Maple Grove, Va.
BOARDERS At a beautifur country place;
situation high, healthy; -with large de
lightful lawn; good table; ail homo coi
foits: terms reasonable. 919 Hut nw.,or
House, Va. 3y2S-4t
AUGUST among 5iarylanI peaches: good
table; good beds; good times. Address
Box 47, Clicstertowu, Md. Jy28-6t
iTlTHlA bl'KlNGS RESORT One of" the
mosc health-g-ving waters known In the
World. Benutirul scenery. Excellent ta
ble; boating, hunting, rishing.horsebaclrrid-i
mg, driving, Scc Water almost sure cure
ror all kidney troubles, dyspepsia and ner
Tousues'. quarter mile rrom city. Terms
&20, 520 and 530 pec month. Special
rates to lamlhes. Address PROPRIETOR
FOR SALE New J.89T Victor, with No.
4 frame-- no use for same. Address
BICYCLE, Forest Glen P. 0., Montgomery
county, Md. y29-3t
FOR SAEE Eady's Lovell Excel, bi
cycle; in perivct condition; piice, 520,
Address U, tills office.
WANTED Parties ot 10 to purchasefirst
class bicycles at 523; direct from a fac
tory that has faded. J. MORGAN, care
Dorcmus & Just, star Building. y7-Jt em
FOR SALE Riders, attentlonl By order
of the different storage houses we rep
resent, L am offering all high-grade bicy
cles and laiidems for ladles aud gents at
the greatest attractive slaughtering prices
of the year. Advances madeonthese goods
must be colleebed, and, therefore, above
sacrifice will be made. Such high grade
bicycles sis Syracuse, Rambler, Columbia,
World., etc., etc, new and. slightly used,
wiU be offered at this, the greatest bar
gain sale of the year. Sundries and parts
will be sold also, and no reasonable offer
wiU be retuscd. Bicycles bought outright
ami exchanged, and taken on .borage.
FOR SALE Tlvree acre garden-farm, two
miles from city; highly cultivated; good
water at door of O-roomhousa; fruit, veget
ables, etc.; clear title. Address MRS. JANE
GOULD, Cherrydale, Va., Alexandria
county. jy29 3t
FOR. SALE. Elne. farm; great bargain;
I 3. 2 miles from, Manasbas, Va,, 164r3 -4
acres; 100 acres under cultivation; balance
timber and. pasture, with ever running
springs; ice pond; 10-room house; 2 barns:
ico house; chicken houses; corn crib; large
orchard; owner going a,way; price, 2,
800. Address Box 84, Manassas, Va
FOR. SALE Small farm, 20 miles from
Washington- on Alexandria As Freder
icksburg E. B-; 5-rm. bouse and outer build
n!E in first-class condition. Innni.B. of .r
jt H- SPRINGMAN,, Suringmanv, Va
WANTED Far cash, aillands oFolrUnlte
States nostr-ad dartmentst-n.mnRr
!' coilectioHS- also baught. H". E". DUN-"
OlB,TM005 lt.t.B. ay-t
FOR RENT Three unfurnished rooms: 12.
432 N. Y. avo. nw. Call between 7 and
8 a. m. oc between 4.3Q and' 5:30 p.m.
FOR JiENT Unfurnished; 1322 13th st.
nw., near Iowa circle; 2d-floor, 3 rooms
and: bath; light housekeeping permitted.
FOR RENT Capitol Hill, one bloclf from
library, one large unf ur, room, first floor.
Inquire at 320 2d st. so. jy27-3t,em
FOR RENT Unf ur. room, 1114 11th- et.
nw., for 50V j) 27-3t,em
FOR RENT Second floor, 4 uufur. rooms,
with bath andgas. Cor.7thandMass.avo
ne. jy27-3t,em
FOR RENT Two large uuf iirnished roams,
2d Uoor; centrally located; suitable for
light housekeeping; very desirable and
cheap. 430 1-2 1L st. nw. jy27 3t
FOR R10N-T 518; 4 rooms, unfur., 1st floor
ot 2-story house; nw.;mod. imp.: occupied
by owner. Address REFERENCES, care
Letter Carrier 98. Jy27-3t
FOR RENT Four unfurnished moms, 2d
Uoor; three lront; housekeeping. 100
Mays. ave. ne. Jy27-3t
FOR RENT No. 70 Massachusetts ave.
mv.,0 rooms, newly papeied aud painted.
Inquire P. DILLON, 025 N. J. ave.
I j 28-3t,em
FOR. RENT-SWro: atad dwelling, Nos
101-3 11th st. &.e.,.riewly papeied and
painted; 7 looms; large stable; will rent
together or separate: rent reasonable.
LOUIS P. SKOi-MAlCDR, 920 F st. nw.
dy27-3t-em 7.
FOR RUNT 1815., Q a sc. nw.; sanitary
plumbing; newly papered and painted;
large, cool rooms; everything- complete;
moderate- rent to a caruful and prompt
tenant. Apply to WESTCOTT : WILCOX,
1907 Pa. ave. Jy27-3t
i'OR RENT Crercpn. St., Merlilian Illlf,
one stjuaro above Florida ave , -room.
house; !j-9 per month; to whites only. In
quire WM. F. OGLE, 1024 Crescent St.,
Meridian Hill. Jy26-3.-em
FOR KENT 509 btb, st. se., 7 roomsT
largo yard; 514. EUGENE ARNOLD,
45tt La. avoi dy23-7t
FORSALE Abargain;owncruep.lsmoney;
two houbes ne., on mala 8t.;, large lots;
rents $120 per year, good tenants; price
reduced to .500 for each. C. BOYER &
SON, 214 7th St. ST. Jy2T-3.
WANTED SmalL houses In East Wash
ington, from 51.000 to 52,000, for cash.
JOHN F. D0NOHOE, 308 East Capitol
et. Jy28-7.
Would you buy
Would you seli
Would you rent
Would vou loan-
Would you exchange
$4$ &&&$ 5 3x. 8SJ$ 49
Try an ad in the Want Colums
or the Times and
NOTICE The man who was not arrested
for obtaining money under just pretenses,
who kepta .set cnd-haiid furniture store at
921 New York'avo., has removed to 1721
Penn. ave. nw will continue to sell bed
room suits at $2.50 upward; other furnl-
f ture in proportion. Signed, 11. SA1MAN.
i OR SALE Threa oak bedroom suits, 510,
512. 510: two walnut bedroom suit-, 58
and 5111; fix haiidsomo oak dmmg ciiairs,
?u. mirroc rronr. oai lommg ueu, --,
M.ihi chwrv fnldincr beil.ll, mantel bed.
53T cherry rocker, 53, cost 512; 3 raarWe
Ice cream tables, 52; oak extension table,
53.50; cherry table, 52.50; portable Jear
bonized wardrobe, oali, 59, large show ca.e
and counter, cheaji; handsome French mir
ror, 53; leather couch, 54; long curled hair
mattress, 57; one 55iildione 52; dictionary
stand, water cooler, silver pitcher, linen
portieres, -owler springs, ..o, woven
wire spring, 51 ; odd rpekers,
bureaus, beds
and waststanil. , easil.lace'curtaiu stretcher,
crockerj', oUcloth, linoleum, stair carpet,
piano stool, brass- cages-.-and a fine lot of
house furnishings. The above is out of the
Executive Mansion. A rare chance for
b.irgnin-Pfc-kers. 1721 Fa. ave. nw.
FOK SALE To builders: 3 marble man
tels, Colonial style; In first-class order;
to be removed from parmr 1010 13th St.;
for sale tomorrow; also new laundry drying
pipes-and rack; alitor sale cheap.
1'RINTERS One ton modern bievier, in
cases; any amount: cheap. HAYWORTH
PUBLISHING HOUSE, 626 E. Jy27-3t-em
FOR SALE The large tent used as an
Ice cream tPtitlast summer eor. 14th st.
and Columbia road; size, 18x24. Apply
to MRS. RQN3AVILLE, N. E. corner
Howard, ave. and Center St., Mount Pleas
ant jy29-3C
FOR SALE Store fixtures, cans, scales,
etc., cheap if taken now to allow room
for new ones. Apply to ALBERT N.
CONNER, corner 4th. and N sts nw. It
FOR SALE Cheap; 'good watch dog, 3
reef high; black and white long hair.
704r Rhode Island ave. nw. lt-em
FOR b.
ALE Ono 60-gallon oil-tank; lit
;d. Call 2401 is-- nw. lt-em
tie used.
FUR SALB 1 large double oven range.
rire-in. center, also a 30-gallon boiler.
306 E. Cap. st. jy2.T-3t-em
FOR SALE A. very smalt black and tan
female, dog; a pet for children. 1311 T
bc nw. .y27-3t-em
FOR SALE Cheap; onel". or P. uniform;
complete. CUU aC613D st. nw jy27-3t
FQR SALE Walnut ide-.wail showcase,
plate rroatr, with mirror made to order;
cost 200; will sell for. i?30j must selLln 3
days. 606 13th st. nw ly27-3t
FOR SALE-Stock of wooleub nndtallors'
trimmings; also fixtures; good reasons
for belling; call at once. Apply to No.
629 D st. nw. jy2T-3.
FOR SALE-Complcte-ixturesin agrocery
stpre. and balance- of stock, on small cash
payment and balance month y. Address V.,
this otflce. Jy27-3fr
FOR SALB-So will buy a full-sizo
Haines' mao square piano, it sold.
within 10 days. 932; E st.-nw. jy27-3t
FOR SALE Fresh cows; always.on hand;
would also exchange for dry cows- .TNO.
DENEKAS, 3510 Bilghtwood avenue.
i y 17-lmo-e.u
FOR SALE Cuban poodles, black and
tans, pugs, fox tuiTlers, spaniel pup
pies;, also young Cuban pairots andcauar
es, etc SCRMID'S BIRD STORE, 712
12th st. nw- Je2-tf-em
H ALF-P RICE High-grade
chines, to close them out.
611 7 that
sewing ma-
Oer boilers, 100 horsepower each, in ex
cellent condition, with a 100 horse
power Atlas engine; for sale cheap
ir removed soon. Apply to STrLSON
HUTCHINS, Hutchlns Building; whereboil
ocH uad engine-can btt seen. Jy2-t"
FOR SALE Coull yard;! on. account or ill
health; if suitable? Ceims can be. secured,
I will dispose of my branch coal yards, lo
cated at 511 A stl ne., and at.X-02 llth,
st.nw. Apply to V. BALDWIN JOHNSON,
main of lice, 1101 ,K. 1- ave. nw.
LOST PocketbookJ owner'sname oncover,
Will be obliged if same is-returned to L.
W. IK, this office. v ; It"
PARTX finding-ore 7tlr sir., hcfeL andFlaT
ave. ne., a blue Ijeprt setin pearls, will.
jji.u.e iu tu HJunuuE.uu. . t., u.uv ,
flnil ripplv rownVl 1 h
LOST Female sk.e terrier; recently had
pups; liberal reward if returned to 404
7 tin st. sw. ,; jy2'ir3.em
LOST-On Fridayjnlght, a
fos terrier:
black head; whitsfaee, spot ontaii,. tad' , for business; charges' extremety low;
will come by. trierua-ue Pat; Iibetal' re- , patronag.ei from. 22: states, A-dre. fop
ward if. returned 'tdr 704 K st.nw. ! illustrated catalogue. It. A. McNTYI.
3y26-3t-em near Warrenton, Va. 3e2S-26teoiL
Per foot.
16th st, bet. 0 and P nw 55 00
10fu st-.bo-.pand Quw .
R I ave and P siiw.
it si, bet.lOthnnd. 20thuw ..
1 st, bet. 19th and 20thnw
21at and M st nw
N J ave.bct.I audK nw
O st, bet. 21st and 22dnw....
V st, but. 14th and 15th nw
Wiiiurd st. bet. 17th and Ibth, T
and U nw
24Uist, bet. Land Mnw
N st, bet.21stand 22duw
Sumner alley, bet. 16th and 17th,
L and M nw .. ..
19th st, bet. E ami En w ,
Dumbarton ave, bet. 30th and 31st
3 5Q
3 25
2 50
2 50
2 00
2 00
1 50
, 2 I
Str aud dwg, 13th st, bet.E aud F,
ne. 7 rms
909-11-13, aud 19 1 et ne, f h
lur s. ne, b n, rms
614 L st ne, b h, Onus
1609 King place ne. 6 rms
1222 Wyhe SC no, 6 rms
1112 st se, 5 rms
359 O bt sw, 5 rms
1026 S Cap bt sw, 5 rms
2000-11-13J aud 15 Gales st no,
6 rms
Alley, but. 4 1-2 and 6th, U and I
613-15, and 17 Burk's alley w, 4
639 20th st ne, 4 nns......
428 Limerick alley sw
1733 R st.nw., 10 rms
439 2d 6t.se., 6 rms
153115th sc.iiw ,8 rms
1201 llth st.nw., 7 rms
1307 0th st.nw., 6 rms
1831 Vt.ave.nw.,7rms,
519 11 hcuw., 7 rms
1602 8th ft. nw. , 6 rms
6-2aad63D ss.s.,6rms...
927 4th st.ne.,6 rms
37 and 41 Myrtle st. ne.,7 rms
2011 L bt.nw., 5 rms
535 10J1 st.se., 6 rips
209 L st.nw., 4 rms
1210 llst.nw.,0 rms
624 L .t. ne., 6 rms
92Ua.ave.se., 6 rms
241 13 1-2 st.sw.,5 rms.......
29047th st.nw., 6 rms
1922 Ns..iiw..4rms ...,
545 OQ
25 QO
35 00
25 65
24 00
23 00
25 50
22 50
13 35
15 50
16 50
16 35
14 30
14 00
15 30
10 00
. 10 25
12 00
12 50
The above Is only a portion of the nron
erty on my books. For full list call at of
ticc tor bulletin, issued on 1st and 15th.
917 F st. nw,
Would bult some city gentleman; all in
a good statorcultivation: plentyot good
water and all kinds of fruit. Address Box
11, Hemdon, Va. it
Hovr sure are tbo returns
from a Times adlet.
S3 3$&'S'$ ; ! &J-S $x
FOR SALE A gasoline route; wagon, can,
horse and all complete, will sell separate
If desired. Cull 42S 15th st. se. It
TO WHOM this may concern Pipserve
your hair by using my External CoCKtaU
Tonic, now selling at 50c and 25c per
bottle; reduced from 51; I am giving free
sample with each haircut. N. B. This
PULLINGER, Practical Halrcutter. 10th at"
is oe.tcr man a ary shampoo. W. P.
, and N. x. are. iv'l-r
FOR SALE A meat and provision store;
worth buying; doing 0. cash buamess of
over 52,000 a month; with a 5200 ice
box, for keeping meats; price, 5900, cash.
COMMERCIAL, 310 F sc. nw. jy29-3t
h OR SALE $330 will buy a. fine Corner
grocery worth 5600; largo stock; good
lJUS!n:as anu cueaP reat. COMMERCIAL,
510 t st. nw. jy29-3t
1 OR SALE Less than inventory, a blcvcle
renting and repair shop. wellstocked with
bicycles tools and bimdrie.; price, 500.
COA1MERCIAL, 510 F st. nw. jy29?lt
FOR SALE Ten fine grocery stores, two
confectionery stores, two cigar storea.and
r,-r ,f?X)(l. .business chances COM
MERCIAL, 510 F st. nw. jy29-3t
FOR SALE It yovr want your store sold
quick for cash without publicity see COM
MERCIAL, 510 P st, nw. y29-3t
FOR SALE We have a grocery store with
. ?,. n saleable stock, doing a
?,U,MnP43ri?i,,.au'- Price, 5375 COM
jl.CC.IAL, olO F t. nw. Jy29-3t
FOR SALE We have a fine meat and pro
vision store; wilisell or tradefor cityreal
estate. COMMERCIAL, 510 F st. aw.
ROOM, with large Ice box, in wholesale
market; suitablcforwholesale-butter busi
ness; rent reasonable. Call at 917 Louis
iana ave. 3y29-3t
FOR SALE Bread and cake bakery store
and. loute; cheap. Address BAKERY,
thisoffico 3i'29-3t
WANTED To buy a bread route "with
about 230 loaves. Address ROUTE, this
office. Jy28-3t,em
FOR SALE Good will, lease, license of
roadhouser near city; or will sell the
piope.ty with, the above- SICKNESS , tills
office. y28-3t,em
FOR SALE Cigar and news-stand; rail
road depot; ip200. BUSINESS EX
CHANGE", 918 P st. nw. Jy28-3t,em
FOR SALE Saloon; 7th sc.nw.; rent, 540;
8 rms.: stabfe; 4 yeais lease; 51,200
AVANTED -Saloon, croccryorcoodbuslness.
in exchange- Tor house-in ne. under rent.
BUS. EXCIL, 918 P. .y28-3t-em.
WANTED Single young man with $50
ab partner in photography business; to
travel. Address B. S., this office.
FOR SALE Rare opportunity to get two
small houses on large lot;, well rented;
in an elegant neighborhood in northeast;
one- square from H-st. cars; trade or sell
on monthly payments. Address JOSrAH,
thisoirice jy28-3t
FORSALE Cafe and fixtures, doing-good.
business; exclusive location; must sell;
owner leaving city. Address R- M., this
office jy28-3tr
FOR SALE 565 will buy store. If sold by
1st; bad health. Address AT ONCE
this office Jy2T-3l?em '
FOR SALE" Snap Groceries, notions, fixa
tures, aval show cases oak folding bed'
5300. B. A., this office. Jy27t-em
FOR. SALE Cigar store; doing-good busi
ness; good reason for selling. 7.19 D st
n-w. jy27:3t
WILL EXCHANGE 600 equity in beauti
ful 6-room, house for stock of groceries
or other merchandise. Address MER
CHANT, this office. jy2T-3t?
POR SALE Best-paying two-chair barber
shop in town: will sell' cheair for cash.
BOYD'S, 212 9th st. nw. y2T-c-
FOR SALB-Cheap Stock and rixtures
small ctry and fancy goodsr store. 23T
12th st. sw. .y27-3
POR S ALE Elna graceryr storer casltsalesi
from 51,000 to $1,500 per month. Call
at 82 K ne. forinformation. ,y26--3t-em
GlNIA- Value,, 5100-.000; located 56
miles from. Washinaton. in. Northern Vir-
! ciuia: nreuares for advanced; study aud.
Schedule in effect JUno 5. 189T.
Leave Washington from station corner of
rsew jersey avenue and C at
For Chicago and Northwest. Vc.tlbuled
Limited, trains, 10:00, 11;45 a. m.. 8.05
p. m.
For Cincinnati, St. Louis and Indianapo
lis, Express, 11.45 a. m. Vestibuled Liin-
"-" ; p. in., express .u p. m.
For Pittsburg and Cleveland, epres
tJ J.W..U ib iu. ttuu. O.U- 1. ill.
For Columbus, Toledo aud Detroit, 11.30
p. m.
1 or Winchester ami way btations, a:00,
all;45 a.m., a5:o p.m.
For New Orleans.. Meiup'ns, Birmingham,
Chattanooga, Kuoxville. Bristol ud Roan-
OKe, i:u p. in. uauy; meepiug uars
' through.
r For Juray, 3:40 p- rp dally.
For Baltimore, wccK-aavs, 5 00, 6.30,
X7.05, x7 10, X7 30, x8:00. S.30, x9 30,
' xlOiOO, X12.00 a. m., X12.05. 12:10,
Xl2;40, X2 00, 3 20, x4:30, 35, X5.05,
X5 10, X5 30, X6.20, 0:30, X 00, 8:15,
X9.20, 11:15, xll.50 p. m., and x2:0i
nignt. Kundajs, X7.05, X7.1'J,X7 30, 8:30.
x9:00 a. m., X12.05, X12.40, 1:00, x3 00,
3:20, 4.35, X5-05, X5:10, 6...0, X8.00,
U, 11. J 5, xil.0 p iu., xI..Ul night.
1-or Annapolis, 7.10 aud fc.30 a.m., 12.10
and 4.30 p. m. Suaduys, b.ao a.xn., 4 35
p. m.
For Fiederick, week dayH, s.00 a. m.,
11.45, 4.30, 5.20 p. in. Sunday., 9.00
a. m., i.io p. m.
1'or Uagerstown, alO.OO a. m.anda5.30
p. m.
i-or Hoya and way points, week day..
8.00 a. ni., 4.30, 5.30. 7.05 p m. Sundays,
9.00 a. hi., 1.15, 7.05 n on
For Gallhorsburg" and Way points, week
days, d.00, 9.00 a. . 12.C0, 3.00. 4.30;
4.33, 5.30, 5.35, 7.05. 11.40 p. m. Sun
days, 9.00 a. ni., 1.15, 4.33, 7.05, 10.15
p. m.
For Washington Junction ard. way points,
8.00 a. m., 4.30, 5.30 p. m , week days,
9.00 a. m., 1.15 p. m., Sondajs.
For Bay Kldge, week day.. 9.15 a. nx.
autl 420 p. m. Sundays, U.'3o a.m., 1.30
aud 3.15 p. .
Koyat sii.o liie- ror New- .orl and
AIL trains llluiiiiiated with L'lntsch light.
For P;nladeJhl;,NuW York, Boston and
tri Laat. w..ek days, 7.05, 8.0u, 1O-.00 a.
m., 12.00 (12.40 Dining Cars), 3.00,
15.05 Dining Car), (12.01 night, sleeping
car, open atl O.OO o'clock). Sundays, 7 .05,
9.00 a. in., (12.40 Dining Cars). 3.00,
(5.05 Dining Car), 12.01 night, bleeping
ear, open 10.00 o'clock. Additional trams
Tor PhUadelphla, week days, daily, 8.00
p. m.
Buffet Parlor Cars on all day trains,
ior Atlantic city, 7.05, 10.00 a.m.,
iK.ua noon, 12.40 and 3.0O p.m., week
uays, i.40 p. in., Sundays,
lor Cape May, 12 noon,
atxrept Sunday. -.Express trains
Baggage called for and checked from
hotels aud residences by. Union Transfer
Co., on orders left at ticket orr.ces, 619
Pennsylvania avenue north west New York
avenue and Fifteenth street, and at Depot
Gen. Manager. Mgr. PasTraffla
MRS. BRIGGS, 82t llth st. nw., clair
voyant, sittings dally; diseases cured, aad
sad hearts made happy. It
WILL the gentleman who purchased cash
leglster at 9.i0 C . t. nw. pieate letura
lodge receipts left in drawer,
j y 2S-3t,em
A CARD-Mrs. Kate Potter and family,
496 bt. mv., take tms means ot return
ing their heartfelt thanks to the many
f i lends who showed their great kindness
during the illness and obsequies of the
late NeBle Potter. May the Lord bless you
and reward you for all your good works.
NO IMPOSITION Nothlngbus facts given
.11. LitilUM,
the world's most famous clairvoyant
and palmist; her predictions- are ao-crate-
and reliable, her Information
and advice on business, marriage, di
vorces, separations, pensions, deeds, wills,
lawsuits, etc, are truthful, names given;
absolute satisfaction guaranteed. Hours,
'- a. m. to p.m. Residence, 1303 G st
nw. Jyl4-26t,d
MME. NOLAN, trance medium, 602 H st.
8 p. m.. clairvoyant sittings dail j . 50c and
51; circles, 25c. namea given. jy27-4t
WANTEIj Ladles' dresses- made, 53 up;
perfect fit; Baughman's dress-cutter, 0.
MADAM HYATT, 908 N. Y. ave.
;eo, THE MEAT,
REMOVED to 708 10th Sr. N. W.
World's greatest spiritual medium and ad
viser Sensatloaoti-Ondun aud Pans. Only
medium who teils- just what you, want.
Reveals all important affairs accurately
Removes bad Influence.. Brings success tr
ail things, Love marriage, uivorce, s.ck
nes., business, property, locating lost treas
ures, absent friends, reuniting separated,
causing marriage, giving names, dates,
lucky days, etc. Saves you tune, trouble
aud money. Can and surely will help you,
rich or poor. Fee, 50 cents and 51 for few
days. Hours, 9 to S. Sunday 1 to 3. Let
ters with 51 answered. jy27t,em
A BIT ot advice Is al-ways welcome; let
"fake" bales alone; for the real thing
come to ua for a nice suit ot clothes cvvorn
some) that are tailor-made; one price in
plain figures. JUSTH'S OLD STAND,
619 D st. nw. Jy27-7t
PROF. CLA Y tells business, luve affairs,
losses, etc; brings separated husbands,
wives, sweethearts or lovers together; re
moves spells, bad luck; 30 cents: 10 to 10
daily. 489- H st. sw. 3y20-3t,em
Cor. 12th
j and F Streets,
Treats- successfully air Diseases ot the
Brain and Nervous System, Diseases of the
Blood , S kin, S tomach. Kidneys. mil Bladder,
Night Losses, Sexual Weakness. Stricture,
Varicocele, Hydrocele, Syphilis and all
Private Diseases of either sex. Consulta
tion and Urinary Analysis tree.
The highest fee charged, whether you
have ono ormoredi-ea.es. la
S5.00 A
Which includes all medicines.
Hours, 10 to U aud 3 to 5, dally; Sun
uay.il to 12 jyu-tf
F. H&LEE, Medium,
Scientific palmist and card, reader; tells
your full name, reveals your past, describes
the present, and foretells your future-life;
also tells about business deals, lawsuits,
love affairs, family troubles, reunites tho
separated, brings quarrels all ri-,ht, re
moves spells, caues marriages, and gives
good luck, etc. Address P. O.. care
Gen. Del., Atlantic City, N. JT WIU re
turn, here in Sept Satisfaction guaran
Scientific palmistandcara reader; know
jour fafce and fortune, open daily, German
spoken; 25c-and 50c 920 H st.nw.
000 F Street No rt Invent.
Uoltr rillinga and bridge work a. spe
cialty, at the lowest price; amalgam nil
iugs, 50c; rull seta- ot teeth: on plates, 55;
extracting, either by gas or local spray,
absolutely painless, 00c, without, 25c all
work doue by experts, and guaranteed-tfca
best; open on Sundays rrom. 10 to 3
o'clock- , nu22-tr
LADIES needing. conridentlaL treatment,
a sure and Bate relief In all woman a
complaints and irregularities, gold medal
awarded for the science oC obstetrics from
ttu University ot .Munich, Bavaria, strictlv
confidential MRS. DR. RENNER, No. 8
7tn et. ne.. near Last Capitol st.,. Wash
ington, u. u.
610 Pu. Ave-. N.T.yWnainingroCjD. C,
Specialist la chronic and private-diseases,
rile., stricture- Hydrocele, Gour, Catarrh,
Dyspepsia Blood Poison cured; vitality re--torod.
Consultation rre and confidential
to both -exe-: Dally. 0 to-12, 3 to 6.
MME. DAVIS, born Clair ayano and card"
rcadac; tells about business; removes
spells and evil Influences; reunites tha
separated, and gtve3 luck to all; curea
pile, and drunkenness. 1228 25th at.
nw. . Jyii-lmo-em
Dr. Leafherman,
cure oC all private, diseases. Hydrocele.
Varicocele, Stricture, mpoteacy auu
Syphilitic Diseases positively- curea AcV
vico, and Consul tatloa Preei Both Sexes.
HoursNS to 12, 2 to 0. Tues.. Thma.-eio
Sat. evenings, 7" to 8. no. 602 Fst. uw.
(Closed-Sunday.) Jel 5-tf
WVNTED To"buy o rent a small farm
within 25 miles of Washington. Ad
dress J. U. B., 820 4th st- nw. It
From Station, 13 1-2 St. 3?a. Ave.
la effect iUy 9, 1897.
CI !J 3U. 4;-llll m -r r A. .IS. ficO-t.
u r,i. e,K ' 5:4. -05, ex.: 6-25. 7:00. 8:00,
W:00, io:oo. 11:20, 11:59 p. m.
i,V.r ,A1exaudn (Sunday only), 8:00,
".,"" io:oo. io:30, 11 00, 11 30. a. m.
-""-"Mil. 12:20.1:00.1:30. 2.00. 2:30,
j?-"u 3-30, 4:00, 4:30. 5:00, 5:30. 0:00.
J!'7 oo. & uii.u-iii), io-oo. n.20 p. m.
J, F MountVernon,Dykeand WayStatlona
(week days) 6:30. 10:00. 11:00 a. m.
L.?.?:h ,13 'uo- 3 uy -:oO. 4.16 p. m.
ror Dyse and Riverside, 7. 8 p. ni.
cf.i,r. A,out Vernon and Way StaUoni.
a Hnllay 0Illy, 0:0. 11-00 -a- m., 2:00,
.wu u. ni .
Arlington aaa Aqueduct Brtdga
n m
For Arll,ir.rn m a ....... tlM..
ibJUUay only), a ou, 9-00. lo:00 10:b,
i .:.V.U',lx-3 a- Q- iZ'-M hoon. 12:30-,
LOO. 1.30, 2:00. 2:30. 3:00. 3:30, 4:00,
4 30, 5.00, 5:30. 6:00. 6:30, 7.00, 8.00
P- in. '
luggage checked frea for passengers
holding rirst-class tickets at Station. IS
cycles, as cents each.
Pm,-.. weet daya-PITTSBrnta EI
i,,,r . ""TFlor anu Dining Cxs, Haxria
burg to 1'ittcburg.
r7iSii,,a, hI;uPbig, Dining, rimoking and
jusecvatton. Cars, llarrwourg- to Lleago,
Uuciunatl, Indianapolis, St.Lot, Clevu
Hairibr'0lea0 BuXreC -P-1" c
10f.'i,J,A ,-"-tAST LINE-Pullman Butret
rnlL L .lo Harrlsburg. Buffet Parlor
h n ,i.Ha1;riHiI,f8" to Pittsburg-.
Express - Sleeping Car Washington
7f a--,.i-oui8, aud Sleeping and Dininc
Uars Ti.irnuiinrw . -i ., n- i7Tr
rr Hdrmburg to Cleveland. Dinfbs
Lar to cnicago.
TT.i,111.--1-11-1 Sleeptajr Cara Washington to
Pittsburg and Harrisburg to 5tT Loi
ii?H twlnSL Dinirr Car.
i S'?n b,I?LPbig Car to Pittsburg.
fi rrane. Canandahrua, Rociei
suu.n -Nla''ara P-iia daily, except
10.50 a. m.for Elmira andRenovo, dally.
w?nPl fc-nuays- Eor Lock Haven and
lUianisport, daily, 3:40 p. m.
' w!,rfP1 m- for WifliamBport, Rochester.
Rfr. i ulu,XIagara Falls daUyexceps
to mz&io sleepiae c,ir Waj-hinstoa
10i),p IU-,for rle and Elmira. dailyr
ror Canandaigua, Rochester. Buffalo and
Niagara Falls, Saturday nights only. PuII
ter" t!ieeP11':0ar Washington toRoclies-
For I'Diiudeiphia,, New Xorlr and
tile East.
dally, all Parlor Cars, with Din
'"K Car from Baltimore. Regular at 7:00
(Dining Car), 8 00, 9 00, 10.00 (Dining
Car), and 11 00 (Dining Car from Wil
mington) a. in.. 12.45, 3 15, 4:20, 6:50,
10 00andll.35p m. On Sunday. 7:00
(Dining Car), 8.00, 9.00, 11.00 (D!nhe
Sa.r..m4' Wilmington) a. in.. 1 2.1 5, 3: 15.
-V'?50'100andll3P-m. Por
Philadelphia only. Fast Express, 7:50 a.
m. weekdays. Expres,12 15p.m. week
days, .oi and 5-40 p. m. dally. For
Boston, without criange. 7 50 a. na. weelc
days, and 4 20 p. m. daily.
Saratoga Express (Parlor Car), O.OQ a.m.
week days.
For Baltimore, 6.25, 7.00, 7-50, 8.00,
1-;15' 3.15,3.40,(4.00 Lim
ited) 4.20, 4.36, 5.40, 6.15, 6.50, 7J.0,
lo.oo, 10.40, 11.15, and 11.35 p.m.
On Sunday, 7 00.8 00. 9.00 9.05,10.50,
1L00 am.,,2.01,3.15,3:40,
(4.00 Limited), 4.20, 5.40, 6.15, 6.50,
7AO,IO.OO, 10.40. and 11.35 p. m.
ror Pope's Creek Line, T 50 a. m. and. 4.36
P. m. daily, except Sunday. Sundaya.
9.0o a m.
For Annapolis, 7.00, 9 00 a. m., 12.15
and 4.20 p ra. dally, except Sunday.
Sundays, 9 00 a. m.and 4.20 pm.
Atlantic Coast Line Express for Florid
and points on Atlantic Coast Line, 4.30
a m., 3.46 p. m. dally; Richmond only.
l.-DLa- m- week-days; Atlanta Special,
via Richmond and Seaboard Air Line,
4.40 p. m. dally. Accommodation for
Quantico, 7.45 a. m. dally, and 4.23
p. m. week-days. j
seasttore Connections. J
For Atlantic citv (via Delaware River
Bridge, all-rail route), 11.00 a.m- 3.15
aud n.35 p. m. dally: via Market street
wharr, U.oo a. m. (Saturdavs only),
10.00, 1L00 a.m., and 12 45 p m. week:
days. 11.35 p. ni. daily, tsuudaya only,
12.15 p.m.
For Cape May. 10 00, 11 00 a.m., 12.45
p. m. week days, 11.35 p. m. dally.
Ticket orflccs. corner rteenth and G
streets, and at the station. Sixth and B
streets, where orders can be left ror tfca
checking of baggage to destination frora
hotels and residence-.
J. B. HUTCHINSON, General Manager.
J. R. WOOD. Ceneral Passenger Ageni.
(Schedule in effect July 4. I89T.1
All trains arrive a.ai.v I'enaaylvanla "
I'asseuger Staiiou.
8J.2 a.m. Dally, local for Danvole, Char
lotte and wayacaUou,aiineCi aiJias
sas ror Strasburg, Harrisonburg, and
Staunton, daily, except Sunday, and as
Lynchburg with the Norfolk and Western,
dally, and with the Chesapeake aud Ohio,
diuiy. ror the Natural Bridge and Lex
ington. 11.13 a. m. Dally.the UNITED STATES
FAST MAIL, carries Pullman buffet
sleepers. New brk and Washington to
Jacksonville, uniting at Salisbury with
Pullman Sleeper for Asheville and Hot
Springs, N. C, Knoxville, Chattanooga and
Nashville, Tenn., andatCharlotCewi.h Pull
man Sleeper Tor Augusta. Pullman Buffet
SleeperNew Yorkto New Orleans, connect
ing at Atlanta for Birmingham and Mem
pins. So ha train, Washington to New
Orleans without change. Sunset personally
conducted tourist excursion througlhiepr
on this trainevery Wednesday to baaFruu
cisco, without change.
4.01 p. m. Local ror Front Rovat, otra
burg andHarnsouburg-. with connection ror
Staunton, dady. except .uniiav.
4.51 p. m. Daily, local for CharIoUc
ville. 10:43 p.m. Daily. WASHINGTON AND
ITED, composed or Pullman VesUUtiled
Bleec-ers, dining cars and day coacnes.
Pullman sleepers- Ne-w 3.ork to Nash
vUle, Tenu., via Ashevllle, KnoxviIIe
and. Chattanooga, New York to TadTpa,
via Charlotte. Columbia, Savannah and
Jacksonville, New York to Memphis, via
Birmingham, New Xork to New Oileans.
via Atlanta and Montgomery-. Vestibuled
day coach Washington to Atlanta. South
ern Railway dining car, Greensboro, to
DIVISION leave Washington .ul c
dally, 1:00 p. in. and 4.45 p. m. daily, ex
cept !nnd-y. and 6:25 p m. Sunday only
far Rcund Hill; 4:32 p. m. dally, except Sun
day Tor Leesburg, aud .2o p. m. dailyrfbr
Bcrncon. Returning, amvo at Washing
ton 8 26 a. in. and s 40 p. m dady, and
3:00 p. m. dally, except Sunday, rrom
Round Hill, and 7.06 a- m. dally, except
Bundy, from Herncon, and t5i a m.
daily, except Sunday, from Leesburg;
Through trams from the South arrive, at
Washington 0:42 a. m.. 2.20 p. m. and
9:25 p. in. daily. Harrisonburg. 12:40 p.
m. and 9:25 p. m. daily, excepG Sunday,
and S.30 a. m. daUy from Cha-Io-iesvUle.
Tlckets, sleeping car reservation and in
ronuatrou furnished at offices, 511 and.
1300 Pennsylvania avenue, and at Penn-.ylvaula-
Railroad Passenger Station,
W H. UHiSlUN, Ucn. bupt
j. ai. Ut-I', lntmc Aiunaeer.
v. A. . iiiti-, uen. i'at Agent.
L. S. DUUWN, Uefl. At. !. Dcptl "
"Oi.ALl--On the erectric road at Balj
fon, building lot, 25 by 150 reet, for 5100;
terms, 55 down, balance 51 per week, or
590 cash; S minutes nd& from city, on a
5-cent rare:, buy a home and stop paylncp
rent. JAMES E. CLEMENTS, 1321 F st
nw. y27-3t-cm
FOR SALB A splendid property; 20 min
utes from city on tho B. S O. R. R.; a
10-room, nearly new houso; large lot;
eligible location, 300 reet from tha depot;
young, thriving fruit and oilier trees, ex
cellent water; fine open country; fronting'
on large, beautiful lake, full of the tineas,
rish. Address Olli 7th aa, basement.
FOR RENT A gentleman.il vlng alone in a.
suburb..wtslies.iQXcut a parcothouse toa-"
well recommended small family; rent low
location healthy; house roomy and wslu.
adap'ed for two famUiea. Addrfess A. B..
thlsomcei 3-J3rlj. t

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