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x-ij-y ' " at.-
Senators Again Defeat the Brook
lyn by Good Stick Work.
The Toll Sycamore "Was a Little
"Wild, but "Vns Steady With lieu
on Uues A Game Full of Sensa
tional Plays mid Occasional Glar
ing Errors Other Games.
.59 31
New York... 53 36 .596
Cleveland.... 49 43 .533
Chicago 46 50 .479
7&J Louisville 43 53 .448
Philadelpliia..42 52
Pittsburg 41 51
Brooklyn 3S 53
Ulr asmngt0D...36 55 .396
&" J PI. T . - n- -, ns
Cl.LCUlS 40 l .OU
TtashitJStn, 7: Brooklyn, 2.
New York, 14; Boston, 5.
Baltimore, 8: Philadelphia, 1.
Chicago, 2; Cincinnati, O.
Cleveland, 0; St. Louis, 5.
LoaibvillL-Pit tfbu rj Not sched
.Brooklyn at "Vas.hiiiiton.
Baltimore at Philadelphia.
Boston tit New York.
St. LouK ut Cleveland.
Chicago at Ciucfnimti.
Louisville at Pittsburg.
Aga'n HilHry Swalm was theblgstoneof
the diiiiHond yesterday afternoon at Na
tional Park, and he and seven other Sena
tors defeated the Brooklyns in a game
replete with sensational catches and In
cideutally some glaring errors in the
out! iW. Only five hits were made off the
tall sveamore of the Buokeye Stale, and
be pitched with as much vigor as the
bide bound Populist shouted for Coxey
when the latter was nominated for gov
emor the other day at Columbus.
The Trolley Dodgers, tried every con
ccUablc way to rattle the yearling, but
lie kept right along, putting the ball some
v. horf- uf&r the plate. He was a little wild
and rent six. men to bases on bails and
bit one, but with men on bases he was
remarkably steady.
Abbey wa- exceedingly fast and hi
ligl-tning throw to Wrigleyin the first cut
Jones dow n atthird. He also captured two
difficult flies At the bat he found Payne
ut two opportune times.
The Senatorial shortstop's fielding was
as sensational as one of Tillman's anti
Cleveland speeches in the upper branch of
Congress DeMontreville went way out
of his way to throttle the desires of
several Trollej Dodgers, and he very gra
ciously 4td unostentatiously prevented
them from swelling their batting averages
by marvelous catches. His one error
was of the excuble kind, and it availed
naught, as a moment later be completed
a double play with Tccker in fast fashion.
At the bat be was progressive the first
two times up, and then fell orf.
Selbaoh covered a great deal of ground
In the latter part of the game and in the
last two innings he retired four m2n.
They were not diificult flies, but never
tholes." he had to get on a swift move
to handle the leather.
O'Brien bit the ball each time at the
bat, but onlj reached first once, but that
time his run was earned. He has fhowu
wonderful activity of feet and mind of
late and the spectators gave him much
encouragement. He retii ed the last man
of the visitors by Jumping in the air
and pulling down Ehindle's liner.
Tbd Old Roman of the Statesmen had Ids
strong right arm with him yesterday, and
two base runners died at second. The
old man. bovvever, got too gay at first
and Southslder Payne caught him napping
by about three f&it.
There were three men on earned bases
when Zeke "Wrigley came to the bat in
the sixth inning, and the visitors one run
to the gord The first ball was a btrike
Rnd the next a ball. "Hit at any old
ball ' yelled an enthusiastic rooter. Wrig
ley, suiting his action to the kindly advice,
caught the next ball square on the nose.
It wjpat Into short left center and two runs
bcored Cy S walm won applause by bang
ing a long fly to Jones, on which Abbey i
Tom Brown's humiliation was akin to the
little boy who stuck his finger in the pie
and was caught in the triok. He struck
out three times, muffed two files, and let
Barrill's hit get away But then these
Epclls come to good as well as mediocre
Payne was touched up in a lively manner,
hut he fielded his position in clever style.
Bhoch and G. Smith were also strong in
the field, and their work had much to do
-with keeping the score down
Giii'fiu again dropped a fly, although
his record only will be affected, as the
batsman got no farther than first bas",
Anderson horribly misjudged Abbey's fly
In the eighth, which resulted In two runs.
The Soaators scored two runs in the first
after they had retired the Brooklyns by
eharp fielding. Eelbach sent the ball
into the bleachers and tipped his cap
as he crossed the plate -with a homer.
DeMontreville lilt tafely, out was forced
at cecorid by McGulre, who came home on
Tucker's long two-bagger.
Paype was very effective until the
tlxth, tbfeu Tucker, O'Brien, Abbey, and
fy'rfgley HugU-d, and on Swaim's Hy to
Tight the third run went over the plate
Two more were scored In the eighth, on
i A marvelous caro Xcr
home It Is harmless.
' All drnzirifits. or wrlto
Renora Cbe-nlcal ijo, u roaa-vnv. kw vote.
.Pi W. L. Pet.
2 Boston 64 29. .68S
3 Baltimore.... 59 30 .663
CS Cincinnati....
Tuck'ji-'b fclnplp. O'Brien's sacrifice, Ab
bey's triple, and Wriglay's fly to Grirrin.
The visitors scored in the third, on a
base on balls, an out, and Shlnille'd
Bun-Ill's single mid Brown's two errors
nett"danoUir run hi die fourth. The score.
Washington. AB.Ii. H.PO.A. E.
Selbach, l. f 4 115 0 ()
Btown, c. f. 4 0 0
DeMontrevllk!, s. s 4. 0 2
McGuire, c .. 4 J. 1
Tucker, lb 4 2 3
O'Brien, 2b . 3 11
Abbey, r. L 4 2 2
"Wngley, 3b 4 0 2
Swalm, p r.. 4 0 0
3 0 3
4 2 1
3 2 0
0 2 0
2 10
2 10
12 0
10 0
Totals 35
12 27 10 4
Griffin, c. f
Shlnule, 3b.....
Anderson, 1. f....
A Smith, c
Blioch, 2b
Burrill, lb
Payne, p
G. Smith, s.s....
AB.R. H.PO.A. E.
3 10 3 0 0
3 12 4 0 1
5 0 10 0 0
3 0 0 10 0
4 0X30 0
3 0 0 14 0
3 119 2 0
4 0 0 2 3. 0
4 0 0 13 1
..32 2 5 24 12 2
..200 0 0 30 2.V7
..00 11 0 0 000-2
Earned runs "Washington, 4. Home run
Sclbaoh. Three-base hit Abbey. Two base
hits Tucker, DeMontreville and Shindle.
First basc"byerrors Washington, 2; Brook
lyn, 4. Left on Imees Washington, 5;
Brooklyn, 10. First tuse on balls-Ofr
Swalm, 0. Struck out By Swalm, 2; by
Payne, 3 Sucrlfice hit O'Brien. Double
plays-DeMontreville and Tucker; Sbooh,
U. Smith anu Burrill. Hit by pitcher By
Swalm, 1. Wild pitch Swalm. Umpire
Mr. EniElle.
Brooklyn Again Todny.
The BrooUyns will play their last game
thlb a'tcrnoou at National Pari:. This
-will be their rarewll apix-nrance for ISO",
and on form the Senators ought to win
hands down.
The Leaders" Suecumb to the Glunts
"With Hardly u Struggle.
New York, Aug. 13. -Klobcdanz was an
easy inaik for the New l'orks today and
the Bostons succumbed with hardly a
stiuggle. The Hub team offended In ways
not stoiable. McCreery, who succeeded
Mike Tiemaa, caught the crowd with three
rattling doubles and tome daring base
running. Da-vis, Clark, Gleasou and
Warner carried off the othar honors. Score:
New i'ork.
Van Haltren.c. i...
McCreery, r. f
Joyce, 3b
Davis, ss
Gleason, 2b
R. H. PO.A.E.
0 O
Holmes, I. X
Clark, lb
Warner, c
Sullivan, P
...14 15 2717 2
Boston. B. II. PO.A.E.
Hamilton, c f 12 2 0 0
Tenuey,lb 0 3 0 10
Long, bs 0 2 2 3 4
Dulfy, 1. t 0 0 2 0 0
Stahl, r. f 0 12 11
Collins, 3b 1113 0
Lowe, 2b 2 13 3 0
Bergen, c. 10 3 0 0
Klobcdanz, p 12 0 10
Totals 6 12 2112 5
New York 20405300 x-14
Boston .'.... 0014 00010- 0
Earned runs New York 5, Boston !.
Two-base h.ts-Yan Ilaltien, McCreery 3,
Davis, Clark, Sullivan, Hamilton, Tenney,
Collins. Thiee-base hit -Klobcdanz. Stolen
bases -McCieery, Gleason. Eirsl bass on
errors-New York.'S.Bjstoa 1. FirbUmseon
balls -Oft Sullivan 4, off Klobcdanz 3.
Struck out By Sullivan 3, by Klobcdanz 1.
Hit by pitcher-By Klobedaaz 1. Left on
bases-New York 9, Boston 10. Wild pitch
Sullivan. Time of game 2 hours and 10
minutes. Umpnes Mesrs. Lynch and Car
penter. Attendance 0,500.
The Phillies Narrowly Escape u
Shul-3ut at nis Hands,.
Philadelphia, Aug. 13. The Phillies'
complete inability to hit Nops and the
ease with which Baltimore found Fi field
accounts for the one-sided bcore today.
Baltimore played a perfect fielding game
while Philadelphia was as ragged as
ever In the field. Score:
Philadelphia. R.H. TO.A.E.
Cooley, c. f 0 1
DowJ, r. f. 0 1
Delehauty, 1. t 0 0
Lajole, lb 0 1
Shugart, s. b 1 1
Nash, 3b 0 1
Geier, 2b 0 1
McFarland, c 0 0
Plfield, p 0 0
5 0 0
0 0
2 0
9 0
1 2
3 1
3 4
2 3
Totals 1 626 12 5
Baltimore. R. H.PO.A.E.
Keeler, r. t 1
Jennings, s. X
Kelley, 1. f 1
Stenzel, c. f 1
Dovlc, lb 1
Iteltz, 2b 0
2 3 0 0
2 3 3 0
10 0 0
2 2 0 0
2 8 2
2 2
1 1
Qulnn, 3b 1 1 1.1
Clark, c 2 2 7 0
Nops, p 0 2 11
lotals 816 27 9 0
"Cooley hit by batted ball.
Philadelphia 00000000 11
Baltimore 12 2 0 0 0 12 03
Earned run Baltimore, 3. Ihree-base
hits Shugart, Lajoie, Stenzel. Sacrifice
hits Kelley, Stenzel, Doyle, Qulnn. Stolen
base Xelley. Left on bases Philadelphia,
7; Baltimore, 7. Struck out Cooley, 2.
Double plays Dowd, Lajoie and Me'rar
land, Qumu. First base on errors Bal
timore, 3. First base on balls Nash,
McFarland, Fifield, 2. Tune of game
2 hours and 30 minutes. Umpire Mr.
Turner and Hurley Are Injured,
the Former Seriously.
Cleveland, Ohio, Aug. 13. -Cleveland won
a poorly played game today. Turner was
hit by a fast pitched ball on the head,
knocked unconscious, and late tonight was
reported as still rambling in his talk.
Uarleywasalsolnjured by falllngiu making
a sensational catchof what wouidliave be en
a home run. Sctkalcxls played today, and
ga e a sorry exhibition, being unable to
field or run. Score:
Cleveland. R. H.FO.A. E.
Burkett, I. f. 2 110 0
McKean, s.s 0 0 2 3 1
Childs, 2b 13 3 7 2
Wallace, 3b 110 10
Sockalexis.r.f. 0 10 10
Tickering, c. f. 13 4 0 0
Tcbeau, lb 0 111 1 0
Zimmer, c. 12 5 0 0
Wilson, p 0 1110
Totals 6132714 3
St. Louis. It. H.rO.A. E:
Douglaslb 12 8 0 0
Turner.r.f 0 0 0 0 0
Houseman, r.f 1
Hartman,3b 0
Lally, 1. f 1
Hallman,2b 1
Cross, s. s 1
Harley, c. f. :... 0
Murphy, c. 0
Hart, p.- 0
0 0 0
2 0 0
2 3 0
14 0
5 0 0
5 0 0
0 0 0
Totals 5 10 24 8 0
Cleveland 3 0 010 2 0 0 s-6
St. Louis. O 00211100-5
Earned runs-Cleveland, 4; St. LouiS,-!.
First base on errors -St. Louis, 2. Left
on bases Cleveland, 9; St. Louis, 8. First
base on balls-Off Wilson, 2; off Hart, 2.
Struck out-By Wihon, 4; by Hart, 4.
Home run Douglas. Three-base hits Wal
lace, Pickering, Lally. Two-base hit
Tickenng. Sacrifice hit-Harley. Stolen
bases Cross, Harley, Houseman, Hartman.
Double play-McKean, Childs and Tebeau.
Hit by pitther-By Wilson, 1. Wild pitch
Hart. Parsed ball -Murphy. Umpire Mr.
Hurst. Time of guiue-1 hour and 45
A Pitcher'.s Buttle in "Which Grif
fiths "Win, Out.
Cincinnati, Aug. 13. The Chlcagos shut
out the ClncinnaUs today, the batting on
both bides being light. Rliines and Grif
fiths were the star twirlers, and the
"Windy City outshone the former, and a
good bit to spare. Score:
IUtchie, 1. f
Hoy, c. f
Corcoran, ss
It. H.PO.A.E.
0 10
0 0 3
0 12
0 10
1 1
0 0
3 0
1 0
2 0
0 0
2 0
1 0
1 0
0 0
lrwin,3b 0 0 3
Miller, r. f 0 2 3
McPhee,2b 0 0 4
Fritz, c i 0 12
Rhines, p -0 0 1
"Sclirlvcr .' 0 0 0
Totals 0 G27 11 1
Chit-ago. R. H.PO.A.E.
Evcrett,3b 0 2 2 2 1
Decker, I. f - 0 12 0 0
Lunge, C. f 2 2 4 0 0
Anton, lb 0 2 12 0 0
Ryan, r. f 0 2 0 0 0
Callahan, ss 0 0 4 3 1
Connor, 2b 0 0 2 4 0
Grirfnhs, p 0 0 0 10
Kittridge.c 0 0 12 0
Totals 2 9 2712 2
"Batted for Rhlnes.
Cincinnati 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Chicago 00010100 02
Two-base hits Corcoran, Miller, Decker,
Everett. Stolen hoses Lange.lrwlu.ltyan.
Bases on balls Off Griffiths, 3. Struck
out By Rhlnes, 2. Hit by pitcher-By
Griffiths, 1. Time of game I hour and
53 minutes. Umpire Mr. O 'Day. Attend
ance, 3,000.
Amateur Hall Players.
The Pabst team defeated the Anhcuser
Bushs by a score of 2G to 10, yesterday
The feature was the battery work of the
The A A. 0. Jr. defeated the Island
Stars by a score or S to 4, this being
their fo-irth straight victory. They would
like to arrange games with any team In
the DIstriQt whoe members are under
sixteen ears of age. The players are
Eubank, r. f.; Skelly, lb.; Bragaw, s. s.;
Gardner, p ; Waters, c; Kelly, 3b.; Jacobs,
c. f.; Hnrtftall, 1. f.; and Posic 2b. Ad
dress challenges to Frank Gardner, No
300 Fourteenth Etreet northwest.
The Rattlers, who claims the champlon
rhlp of the Dhtrlct, and whose average
age is fifteen years, would like to hear
from any team of the came age The
Rattler" are composed of the following
plavers- Lynch, c.; Beckett, p.; Vogel, lb.;
G. Farrell, 2b. Nash, s. s.; Eagan, 3b.; A.
Farrell. 1 f.; Dawson, c. f.; Savage, r. f.:
and Donchue and Mike Laden, muscots
Address challenges to Manager U. Vogel,
No. S19 Second street northeast.
The Young Athuitics defeated the Ameri
can Stars and the Westminster Stars
yesterday bv the scor'-s of 14 to 3, and 12
to 1. -The line-up is Grau, c; Boyd, lb.;
Reed, 2b ; F. Grau, s. s.; Hahn, p. and 3b.:
Lothrore, r. f.; Bond, c. f.; Neidfeldt, 1. f .
and p. Mres and Sholp, p.
Davis pjt up a remarkable.game yester
day. It was a bad sun yesterday for some
The weakest of New Yorks pitchers won
his game from the Bostons.
Joyce was back at second, and although
he fiilcd to make a hit, he made two runs.
"Pop' Smith, once with the Bostonh,
Is umpiring In the New York State League
The Bosrons have .scored more runs than
any other League club, the Baltimores see
.The New York Club may purchase the
release ot Catcher Duncan, of the Sprlng
fleldn .
Catcher Clements has fallen into dls
Taor In Philadelphia and lecelves more
jeers than applause.
La Chance has had more put outs thau
any League first baseman, and Werden
has made more assists.
"Pat" Tebeau said he would like to be
on a Jury that trios "Tim" Hurst. "Pat"
and "Tim" are not the bestof friends.
Jesse Hofftnelster, whobe thumb was
split by Tommy Corcoran's hot liner, left
the Pirates at Cleveland and went home
to recuperate.
Swann came very near making "Wrigley
lose Payne in the fourth on a bunt. Cy
had to fall down In order that Zeke
could throw the bali.
A (liicinn.itt paper confesses that "the
Baltimores now have the biggest hunch
for second place they have had since they
took their last Western trip.
President Young has sent out over 400
doen balls to National League clubs.
The number generally runs about forty
doen to each club during the season
The Philadelphia baseball writers have
been having lots of fun with their team
tills year. One said that Shugart, the
new shortstop, found the company very
much to bis liking.
Herman Long hnd the Charley horpe
yesterday no doubt. Four errors in one
game were a whole lot for a high ball
short stop. The fans rave when De
Montreville makes one and two.
Morgan Murphy, of St. Louis, leads the
League catchers in Helding, with an aver
age or .983. "G. O. M." Anson tips t'io
list of first basemen, with .994, having
made but four errors this season.
Jess Tannehill fell from grace at Cleve
land and was taken out or the game Tor
failing to run after a grounder that he
thought was in Capt. Donovan's territory,
and the captain benched hull and seat Tom
Leahy to center.
Each Senator was at the bat four times.
but by reason of O'Brien's sacrifice ac
according to the rules, he was not credited
as being at the bat, although Manager
Hanlon mokes the claim that a sacrifice
hit counts in an earned run.
Since Corbett started playing ball,
And donned the mighty first base mitts,
He's put so many fellows out
It makes him sad to think about
The time he didn't put out Fltz.
Philadelphia Record.
Tom Brown has been talking about
the small scoies at Eastern Park and says
the damp atmosphere there spoils the balls.
So? Probably the balls that were In use
when the Reds scored a dozen runs there
in one inning, and when the Trolley Dodgers
makes tho young feel old and the
old feel that life Js not worth the
living. It is a danger feiguul of.
Kidney Disease. It can be
I was troubled for several months with
pains in my back and kidneys I rarely
slept well, and life seemed a burden. Every
medicine failed to help 1115 until I bought a
box of Dr. Hobbs' Sparagus Kidney Pills.
Since using them the pains have dlsap
naaied and 1 color good health,, l am
sorry I Old not use them before; it would
have saved ma many hours of pain. D. F.
Mcrtze, 3314 P st. nw., Washington, D. C.
Sparagus Kidney Pills,
HOBBS REMEDY CO.. Pbopbietoes. Chicago.
plied up ten in ono turn at bat.off the firm
of Corbett and Nops, were kept in an
"I think wo will liold" our own on the
Eastern trip," said' Field Captain Irwin
yesterday. "We will get a good start, I
thmk, in Philadelphia, and rorn there we
go to Wellington. Now, these two clubs
should prove easier for us than the Baltl
miires, Bostons or New Yorks, and if wis
get a good start Ave will be able to hold
our own with those clubs as well."
Pittsburg and Brooklyn' have thumped
Cincinnati ten games out of fifteen played.
One-third of their defeats can be charged
against these second division teams. Talk
about the game's uncertainty there's an
album full of yellow tinted Illustrations on
the Reds' center tabla.
They More Than F.lll tho Graud
Stnml at Saratoga.
Saratoga, Aug. 13. Thisjwns another
ladies' day, and the crowd-was the largest
thai has been seen hero in many veais.
The grand stand was ;iot large enough
to seat all the womenj and they even
took possesion of the press stand. The
first affair brought aboift a stirring finish
between the two favorites, Ma Petite
and Juliana, and resultedtin a dead heat.
The mile selling race fujniisljcd a hot fa
vorite in Good Times, "but the 4 to 1
shot, Lord Zcnl, beat 'him ' home by a
length. Summaries: , ' '
First race-Five furlongs; dead heat
between Ma Petite, 104", Hewitt, 11 to
10, and .lulinna, 93, Garrlgan, 2 to 1
Spanish PUnre, 102, Waller, 9 to 2, third.
Time, 1:04 3-4
Second race-Six furlongs. Green Jack
et, 110, Martin, even, won; Eastern Ray,
103 1 2 , He wltt, G to 2, second; Courtship II.
105,Clayton,10tol,thIrd. Time,l:17 1-2.
Third race-One mile. Lord Zeni, Hi,
HennesBy, 7 to 2, won; Good Times, 116,
Martin, 4 to 5. Fecund; Little Buck, 101,
Nutt. 30 to 1, thiid. Time, 1:40 1 I.
Fourth ruce-One nud an eighth miles.
Bernadlllo, 102, Hewitt, 8 to 5, won;
Bing Bluger, 102, Martin, 6 to 5, becend;
Kiugstone, 102, Nutt, 7 to 1, third.
Time, 2:00 1-2.
Fifth race -Five furlongs. Mary Black,
109, Clayton, 9 to 5, won; La Ventura,
103, Hewitt, 4 to 1, second; High Jinks,
102, Beauchamp, 8 to 5, third. Time,
The Fuatnro a Superb Struggle Be
tween Sun Up and BuckwiT
New York, Aug. 13. The feature of
the sport at Brighton Beach today was
the superb struggle between Sun Up
and Buck-no. In the third event at one
mile and a Eixtcenth. All but this pair
declined the issue. Buckwa was a favor
ite and all the plungers suppoited him.
The pair ran head and head for aearly
a mile amid the greatest excitement and
then Sun Up drew away and won by
nearly two lengths In the -very fast time
of 1:47 3-4, the first mile being run hi
1:40 3-1. Few horsemen have witnessed
grcv.ter Bights of speed, and there was
never a moment when either racer had
the slightest advant age. It was decidedly
a day of surprises, Michael HI and Maurice
being tln onlv winning faorites, and the
talent lost back to the layers a good
liortion won. during the early days or the
week Summaries:
First rate-Six furlongs. Rocsirer, 101,
Blrsch, 9 to 2, won; TUlman, 100, A.
Barrett, 6 to 1 , second; Hurry Up, 97,
Thompson, 5 to 2, third. Time, 1:15 1-2
Second rai-e-Six furlongs. Cherry Pick
er, 1 04, Hirsch, 5 to 1 , won; Nosey ,95, Claw
son, 9 'to 10, second; Julius Caesar, 100,
A. Barrftt, 5 to 2, third- Time, 1:15 1-4.
Third ra"e-One audit sixteenth mllea
Sun Up, 11 0, Perkins, 3 to 1, won; Buckwa.
107, Clawson, 3 to 10,r second: Time,
1:47 1-4 ? s,
Fourth ruce-One' niile, -Concord, 114,
Simms, 6 to 1, won? storm King, 127.
Porter, 3 to 1, fcecond; Tire-Swain, 130,
Van Kuren, 8 to 5, tlHrd. Time, 141 3-4
Fifth rac2-Slx furlong Michael lit.
122, Simms, ewu, wo'nT Mr. Baker, 108.
Scherer, 15 n0 l, second; Mout-d'Or, 108.
Hamilton, 3 to 1, third Time, 1 15.
Sixth race-One and-one-sixteeath miles.
Maurice, 114, Perkins, 1 to 2, won; Manas
sas, 90, Clawson, 8 to 1, second; Bastion.
91, O'Connor, 40 to 1, third. Time.
1:48 1-2.
Seventh race One mile. Campania, 93,
O'Connor, 10 to 1, wtjn; Ldbdnguelu, 107,
Simms, 9 to 20, second; Formal, 107,
Scherer, 6 to 1, third,Time,.lMl 1-2.
rri ,
Detroit Summaries.
Detroit Aug. 13. The fourth day of
the meeting saw a light attendance, but
good betting. The sensation was the Win
ner of the mile, Corrlgan's Geyser, in
1:40 1-4, in a gallop. Summaries:
Tirst race Five and one-half furlongs.
Ben Frost, 12 to 1, won; Phillip Byrnes
second, GoorgeB. Cox third. Tiine,l:o8 1-1.
Second race Six furlongs. Governor
Sauscnthaler, even, won; Jazebel second,
Barometer third. Time, 1:15 1-1.
Third race one mile. Geyser, 5 to 2.
won; Time Maker second, Umbrella third.
Tune, 1:10 L-l.
Fourth race Seven furlongs. Cousin
Jeerr.s, to to 1. won;,,. Alamo second,
Ramon a third. Time, 1:2S 1-1.
Fifth race One mile and a sixteenth.
Charlie Christie, 4 to 1, won; Kinney
second, Oscuro third. Time. 1:48 1-4.
St Louis Results.
St. Louis, Aug. 13. The races at the
Fair Grounds this afternoon resulted as
First race Three-quarters of a mile.
Tava Harris, 3 to 2, won; Ultima second,
Practitioner third. Time, 1:16 1-2.
Second race Threc-cpiarters of a mile.
Dcwdrop, 8 to 1 , won; Minnie W. second.
Reel third. Time, 1:15 3-4.
Third race Eleven-sixteenths of a mile.
Bonnie lone, S to 1, won; First Born
sciid, Myrtle third. Time, 1:10 3-4.
Fourth race One mile. Belvudell, 6 to
1, vron: Aryan second, Forsythe third.
Time, 1:42 3-4.
Fifth race Thirteen-sixteenths of a mile.
"Horseshoe Tobacco, 2 to 7, won; Our
Bishop second, Consuella third. Time.
1:12 1-i.
Sixth race One mile. Joe O'Cat, 5 to
1, won; Uncle Pat second, Llberati third.
Time, 1:43 3-4.
Ilnrlein Races.
Chicago, Aug. 13. Harlem summaries:
First race Six furlongs. Seiona, 6 to 5,
won; Lottie, second; Little Tom, third.
Time, 1-1 5 3-4.
Second rare Five and a half furlongs.
Dagmar, 6 to 1, won: Sacket, second;
Hosie, third. Time, 1:08 3-4.
Tlilid race One mile. Brother Fred, 4
to 5, won; Swordsman, second; Treeby,
third. Time, 1:42 3-4.
Fourth race -Seven furlongs. Imp, 6 to
1, won; Greyhurst, second; Nlmrod, third.
Time, 1:27 3-4.
Fifth race Four furlongs. Billy Mason,
12 to 1, won; Fair Deceiver, second; Tom
Collins, third. Time, 0:47 1-2.
Six race -Six furlongs. Lew Hopper, 2
to 1, won; "Travis, second; Ida Wdgner,
third. Time, 1:15 1-4,"
Newport Results.
Cincinnati, Aug. 13. -Three of the five
races atNewport today were won by the
Dr. E-. F. McLean estate 'stable.
First race-Six furlongs. Belzara, It
to 1 0, won; Lulu M., second; True Light,
third. Time, 1:15 3-4. ;
Second race Five and a half furlongs.
Gallivant, 1 to 4, won; Pcoteus, second;
Tin Craft, third. Time, ,1:0,8 1 4.
Third race-One mile) Lockhart,3 tol,
300 of the late Continental
Clothing Cos fin
est lien's Suits at
A good many of the lots are breaking up under the pressure of the tremendous
selling of the past week. That means bigger bargains for you. We've picked out all
the small lots of Men's vSuits where there were only 2 or 3 of a kiud left some 300 in
all and we" re going"to "jog" the prices down a good bit lower. These include some
of the nattiest and smartest Suits of the Continental Clothing Co. 's stock. You are
sure to find your size in some of the lots. Half price was "dirt" cheap for them, but
now we'll let you take your pick of any Suit in the collection at $4.25 which, in many
cases, is not more than a third of the original value. Same old guarantee "money
back if you want it."
JBoTOwing to the extremely low price asked for these Suits sales are absolutely
Spot Cash and alterations are extra.
The other clothiers can't begin to get down to this figure for a good Suit, and
we'll probably never be able to make you such an offer again, as all cloth fabrics are
now advancing under influence of the high tariff at the rate of from 10c to 15c a yard a
ljo you own a ooyr
if so, you are personally interested in these special
offerings we make today. We want the mothers espe
cially to come in we want them to feel that they are
perfectly welcome to examine and handle our goods as
much as they please, whether they desire to buy or not.
Once you find out our qualities and get our prices you
are bound to become a customer here. Just now dur
ing this sale of the .Continental Clothing Co.'s stock the
bargain opportunities are unusually plentiful. Every
bit of this stock is brand new made for this season's
wear, and we are selling it at precisely half the regular
, prices. L,et us show you some of these goods you
don't have to buy.
Boys' Wash Pants, 5c.
The balance of those Boys' Wash
Pants, in sizes 3, 4, 5 and 6. For
merly sold at 10c. pair. Your choice,
Boys' Wash Suits. 95c
Boys' Little Blouse "Wash Suits, In
sizes 3 to 9 years. Worth up to S3.
Your choice,
$3 to $6 Boys'
Suits, $i.5o.
We have picked out all the small
lots and single Suits from the stock
or the Continental Clothing Co. from
lilies that sold at from 3 to 56 and
will offer them at
won; Faunett, second; Mertie Reed, third.
Time, 1-42.
Fourth race Five furlongs. Lady ot the
West, '.', to 1 . won; Locti'-t Blossom, second,
Ada Russell, third Time, 1:01 3-4.
Firth race- Six furlongs. Motllla. 2 to
1 , won; Carrie Lyle, second; Pete Kitchen,
third. Time, 1:14 3-4.
Two Clever Colored Boxers "Will
Dave a Twenty-Hound Bout.
Monk Robinvm, who recently got the
decision over Toady Banks, by reason of
the latter breaking his thumb, will have
a twenty-round go with Toba Parker within
the next thirty six hours.
The affaii will be pulled of f atasuburban
roadhouse and promises to be a rattling
fight. Recently the men fought a six round
draw and since then there has been much
speculation among thelrfriends as to which
was tie best man.
The youngsters are In fine condition
and both will go into the ring full of
confidence and pluck. The Bohemian Club
has the affair in charge and they are em
ploying every means to pull off the fight
in proper style
Cricketers at Chevy Chase.
The local cricketers will receive the
Baltimore players on their Chevy Chase
grounds today, where a match is to com
mence at 2 p, m. The match committee
or the Washington club have selected the
following to represent this city: Morris
Hacker, captain; G. II. Morley, A. V. Lake,
S. A. Robinson, A. Portman, J. P. Plgott,
W. Warren, H. C. Workman. C. C. Binney,
H. Bullen and A. W. Cherrlngton.
Vnquero III Captures Another.
Newport, R. L, Aug. 13 The thirty
footer race today was won by the Vaquero
III, which finished a minute and thirty
eight seconds ahead ot the Wawa. The
starters were Vaquero III, Waitts, Puck,
Esperauza, Dorothy II, Veda, and Mai.
The Kaiser's Yacht Loses.
London, Aug. 13. The race for
Commodore's Cnp off Ryde, Isle of Wight,
today, was won by the Duke ot Abrusls'
Bona, which beat Emperor "Williams' Me
teor. Crnclt Oarsmen Matched.
Philadelphia, Aug. 13. A professional
rowing match between James Ray, of
Australia, and E. D. N. Rogers, of Sara
toga, was arranged In this city today The
race will be tor $500 a side with privilege
To sell those 50c. Crash Hats for two days only at 44c.
We have a few more of those $1.00, 75c. and 50c. Neg
ligee Shirts left that we are closing out at 35c.
M. & N. LUCHS, 518 9th St. N. W.
The HalSwood
sS 2i.31.au7.14
-f 9 I
All Other Boys' Suit
Half Price.
Boys' $4.00 Suits for $2.00
Boys' 5.00 Suits for $2.50
Boys' $6.00 Suits for $3.00
Boys' $7.00 Suits for $3.50
Boys' $8.00 Suits for $4,00
Boy's Mackintoshes
and Rubber Coats, $i.
The balanceof several lots of Boys
S2.50, 53,54 and 55 Mackintoshes
and Rubber Coats. Your choice,
315 Seventh Street.
::::::: i:::;:;;;: ;;;: -
to Increase the amount to $1,000, and will
be rowed on Auguss 23 at either Saratoga,
Sheepliead Bay or "Worcester. The mea
have deposited $100 each with Eugene
Buckley ot the Boston Globe.
Tariff Law Defect Will Cause TTncle
Sam to Pay.
Canadian stone is to be used in the
construction of the breakwater at Buffalo,
N Y., and yesterday Secretary Gage issued
an order to admit the stone without duty
until it can be ascertained who should puy
the duty This actfon will prevent any
further dflay on the work.
The question of who Is responsible for
the duty on the stone arises from a 'erect
in the tarirt law , which does not, like all
other taritr laws, provide for the free
entry of all articles for Government Uae.
Itlookannwaslf theWarDepartmentmuat
pay the duty.
Ohstnclo In the "Way of Kentucky
Gold Democrats.
Frankfort, Ky , Aug. 13. The National
Democrats In this Stats, like the Populists,
will be forced to secure a petition In order
to get on the official ballot. The National
Democratic committee today made a
formal reoieat ot Secretary of State Finley,
and he Informed them that the 5,000 votes
cast ror Palmer and Buckner was not the
required 2 per cent ot the total .ot cast,
necessary to give them a place ontheofriclal
ballot, -nd they would be torccd to secure a
petition Attorney General Taylor sus
tained Secretary Finloy.
The Na'ional Democrats have already set
to work to secure the petitions through
county chairmen.
Tells of the Plot to Overpower tho
Prison Guards.
Boston, Aug. 13. -Everett F. Willis,
who is at the Massachusetts General Hos
pital, suffering rrom the wounds which he
received at the State prison last Tues
day, made a statement concerning thear
rair to Patrolman Neal, who guarded the
prisoner j-csterday. Everett said that ever
since Herbert had been In prison he had
felt bad about it.
He visited his brother regularly, and
they talked on each occasion as to some
method of escape. It was not until the
visit one month ago, however, thatthe plan
was determined upon. At that visit he
Cash Register.
A flarvel of riechanical 5kill.
Persons contemplating the purchase of
a Cash Register should not fall to see the
NEW HALLiWOOD, manufactured at Co
lumbus, Ohio. These Registers embrace
Within themselves complete business sys
tems, suitable for any and all kinds of busi
ness, large or small. They are the most
complete Registers manufactured, and the
only Keglsters In the world hnlng DE
TOTAL of the Department Totals. Ac any
hour or minute of the day tho proprietor
can tell at a glance the exact condition of
his business, both in detail and In total.
Please call or send for catalogue.
Haliwood Cash Register Office,
1304 F STREET N. W.
Boys' Linen Collars, 5c
25 dozen Boys' Linen Collars. SIze3
12, 12 1-2,13, 13 1-2, 14. For
merly sold at 15c, or 2 for 25c.
Your choice,
King Waists.
You have bought eo heavily from
those lots of Boys' "King" Shirt
"Waists that some of the sizes are
missing, but jou can still find sizes
5, 6,7, 0, 13 and 14. Continental
Clothing Company sold them at SI.
Our price,
60c to $2.50 Boys'
Leather and Cloth
Tarn's, 30c to $1.25
A little lot of Boys' Handsome
Leather and Cloth Tain O'Shanters,
silk lined, which are marked 60c. to
52.50. Take your choicest just half
price that Is,
30c to $1 .25
Boys' Derbies and
Fedoras at Half.
"We shall close our a lot of Toys'
Fedoras and Derbies, in seal nrown
and black, at precisely halt price-
CO., ass
agreed to bring two revolvers with aim on
the next visit.
The moment the time was up for the
visit they intended to hold up Turnkey
Darling and Officer Townsend. When the
day arrived for the execution of the plot,
they were surprised at the presence of
Orficer Abbott, but this did net alter
their determination. The words, "Time
is up," came, and Everett passed the re
volver to his brother and the shooUng
While Everett was telling his story to
the patrolman he embellished It with a
sneer or a laugh at the officer's expense.
He said ir his revolver had worked right
he would have done more execution.
50 Head Today 10 O'CLOCK-At Our,
Auction Stables, 205 11th st. nw.
FAGAN &. JONES will sell 23 Head
shipped direct from Frederick, Md.
riagrath & Kennedy,
Morfolk & ashington
Steamboat Co.
- Every day tn the year rot Fortress
Monroe, Norfolk, Newport Newa and
. all points South by the superb, pow-
. erful uteel palace steamen "New-.
. port News." "Norfolk" and "Waah-
- lngton," on tho following schedule: '
Southbound. :Nortbbund.
Lv.'W ash.'gtou :3"pir Lv.Portsza'th . Opia
Lv Alexandria": 0p Lv. Norfolk... 6: Opia
Ar. Ft. Motiroa 6:" an Lv. Fr. Monroo 7:J)pia
Ar. Norfolk... 7: 0 an Ar. Alexandria t:"X) am
Ar. PorUm'tli.. SAO an vr. Wasbi'gton biH) am
Visitors to Chamberlin a new hotel.
"The Hygela," and Virginia Beach
. will find this the most attractive
- route, Insuring a comfortable night's
- Largo nnd luxurious rooms heated
- by steam and ritted throughout wlti
electric lights. Dining room bervlce U
v la cart. and is supplied from ths
- best that the markets of Washlngtoa
and Inorrolk afford.
- Tickets on sale at U. a. Expmi "
. - office, S17 Pennsylvania avenue; 013.
. 610, 1421 Pennsylvania avenua; B.
. & O. ticket office, corner 15th sureeB
. and New York avenue, and on board
. steamers, where time table, map, eta,
can also bo bad. J
Any other information desired win
- be furnished on application to the un-
- derslgned at the cotunany's wharf,'
foot of 7th st.. Washlngtoa, D. O.
Telephone No. 7G0.
JNO CALLAHAN. General Manager.
fe2Sm&su :
MR. BRACKEN, or rrovidenceTR. I., will
speak and give remarkable spirit testa
at Wonn's Hall, 72t 6th st., Sunday ev.jn
ing at S o'clock: silver collection. It
"L & R." ROUTE.
Horn Inn is one of tho
most charming of road
houses -Just a nice rido
away fiom town past;
Chtehe.tcr'a KnaU.b. Diamond BranO.
Original amd Only Genuine.
OArC, llWiJ, ttllltl. LADIES XtX
DrujcUt ar Cktctucrt Znaluh Di-
,mmd Bran J In Ktd ud Gald mcUIUoX
sous. t-lal -wltS tlse rttboa. Take
no other. JTr fute damewuM us!ifu
tUmt aid (mUaiHu. At Dragglxi, or lend 4.
la stuspt for partieulAT., ustliooaUU aa4
" Keller ror l,niiea utur. o rcsarm
IoldbyaULoclDrJijli-a. F KILAUA, PA.
' i
$. a &
Y. W ,-CX.
i m
gift s
XvVC I - ' I
- f
N - .-.
nMt -nl w J' ..o "!u: AjSfcZiigSgigt f "-u - J. flRM- -vt.vS.lX-?'. f-J it,. '"SttriTtK J'fl'l-'tfi

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