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1313 F St. N. W.
(lt-ttabilsbed 18J.O.)
MONTHLY SAVINGfcdeposrted with this
AssooiaUon will earn COMPOUND IN
TEREST, 5, C and 7 1 er cent, and be
secured h FIRST MORTGAGE uk Heal
Estate. 31.200 of the Capital Stock
of the Association lias been subscribed
lor during the 1km ninety days. All pay
ments draw interest from date of de
posit. feelS-3t.em
Without ream ml from possession utowuir
Vou can lav the money the Cay you
apply for A Payuicou. on tie principal,
af any aMat. wiB be received atany time,
whlcti wiii lbea cast ot loan.
No ost tn you if loan is not made
Kfcrletfy auaftden-!.
11eae caM fo fitrUwr taXorKwtlpn.
. . m tn-. t ct: nw
002 F st nw.
LOAJstei ttow 5 tt SO to rehahte parties.
also money advanced on bicjcles Room
S. Central Bids .eor. 9tb and Pa. ave. nw.
"H. K. FULTON'S loan office, 1218 Pa-ave.
nw.,iMeite?IMUKdoa watches, diamonds.
Jewelry, silverware, etc- aplC-Gm
eml. eucto a Mce pondes, stocks, txinds,
beers -Husoettttian -bare, bymscate cer
uncattta, etc Ke delay. ilLREES j
BAJ-Blt, 1110 F st Take elevator. tf
Loans made ou Furniture, Pianos, Horses.
Wagea. etc. at lowest rates and qicke;t
posbe Orae. Strictly confidential. Pleasi
call Weov securing loans elsewhere.
610 F street northwest
MONK1 TO LOAN at 5 and C per cent.
security, leal estate in District oi Lolaui
bla; no oVlay beyond an inspection of pruw
erty aod examination of title WALTER
IS. ACKhlt. 7i 14th bc. nw. mli-'h-tf
MONEY TO LOAN $1,000 upward, at 5
aHd 5 1-2 per cent on D. C. teal estate:
5250, 5500, etc., at 6 per cent, all
EratisacfcfcmK conducted vIti economical
eoueideratl.Mi for borrowers.
apl6-tf ljpi J; st. nw
WAKTED PoTiers, drivers, waiters, cook
lwrir, HtaMeiiiea, dishwasher, Iwys.
nrMte, iatxren!. ptecu mreibhed until
iS.7 11th st. aw. 1 -t
WAKTED Ctain boy, wlw ttitderscanuV to
wt oa Uk teWe. 355 Pa. ave- nw.
WANTETJ-Good Harber at 1316 32d tX.
u-w.; Im. staip boy. 1 1
WANTEU-A cake halter ad ice cream
loalfcer. WEXMAN, 1C84 14th st. 11W.
WANTED - Barbw.ateady worfcvlinng toIk.
iOilUli at. ae.
WANTED -WteH barfecr at 92 S 9th rt.
11W. It
WANTED -Twb white lrers far Satur
day. a 19 Perni- hmq. iiw. It
WAXTEO -Two experienced viters at
bt. hw. t&l-3t
WANTEB -2 good baffors; 1 indtrbtrkMis
bar work In ihrtp eep. ELMfcK h.
CATLIK . CO., Central Tewer StaUoH
sc sr.
-Geaeral biackumitb.
012 I
WANTED By to learn cigar trade.
CfeH tt WM. CAR.V.. Cfeer Mai.u
hemw. S1 G st. sw. It .
WANTED-ExpertOHcad fatHiturc salosiHan
wtjo can loan employer JOU; must be
a hantter and t&pttble of running a sUtre.
17S1 Pa- ave. HW; sel7-3t
WAKTED tirn.-J&iij srfilesnian uriuU-
m&mg n, gses and specialties, i
n r ewtaHi. EQUITABLE RE
FINING CO.. Cteveland. O. " F13-eofl-rv
WANTED 10 first-clas paperuangers.
CH 22 Q b ae after 0 p. ' lt-em
WANTED- 2 young men- Ca bet 10 and
4 o dock; uMcwent; 1335 F st- nw.
WAXTEtl t KORts; Het tMug out;
00.. ASl aiioort ave nw sel6-3t-em
WAUTEtJ 10 good coat maker, at once.-
1417 Pa. aye, nw. sel6-3t
WAKTED A young, energetic man as
owurtde saln-n: smalt saiarr to begin:
mm havtj bicycle. Address G. A. C.
thfe office. selC-3t
WANTED -Hoy with not kits l-.an one
year's exinneice in uist-cli.s printing
office, Ui lltMKli learning the tr.nle. Apjay
HARTMAX Ac CADICK, 219 'i t. nw.
WANTED - CaWiirt-markers; f irctrdass men
only. At 1208 G st.nw. scl5-3 t.etn
WAKTED -A good meat cutter; one who
understands grcn preferred, bring
refo. JOHN W. KOOB.ue. corner 1st aud
H eta, nw. se!5-3t
WANTED -2 stair Utflders. Kenyon st ,
oar. 13Ui st.. Mount Pleasant, sel5.lt
WANTED Several boys. 15 or 16 years
old, to collect aad deliver after school
boat-. Address COMMISSION, this office.
bel4-t ,em
WANTED -SoHcHors for Industrial Fire
iBearawe. Aipiyiubasoment,907 Gnw.
WANTED 2 ooaectors aud 10 solicitors:
rtoerai terms ; eaa make from $20 to c30
per wek. Ajly, beu i and 9 a. m . at
09 Pa. ave. he. selO 7 1 0111
WANTED Geaeral Jsoaeeworkers, cooks,
atoatttbertuaMe, seamsirew-es, daywork-
ers; catereasets Hie only guarantee office
la tftecity. SHACKLEFORD'S, 427 lltn
A white woman to C00W and
take chargf of house; sood lKMiie. Ajiply
g!7 Pa. ?t. aw. , 2d floor. sclj-rit
WANTED -A woman for general lKMie--work;
stay nights. 1634 1-ltU st. nw.
WANTED -t"haoibernaids, general house--wertoers,
la iadree.tes.nurs s, seams rssm.
sotfks, room cJeaaers. etc. Apply CEN
tt. ay. se!7-3t
WANTED -German or Swede general
iMHKeworKar In private family, good
iee and wags. Gi4 1 3th 8t. nw. 1 1
WANTED -Oometnt ccok and liouse
worltr: twoiu l'amfly; wages $12 to $15.
114 I3tn st. nw. 1 1
WANTED -Woman for general housework:
mail stay ingots. 1412 12th ue.
WANTED A young white woman to take
care of aa artist's studio and assist as
madel. mornings only. Apply ROBERT
MIKCKI.EY, 1810 Mass. ave., before 12
e'eteck. It-cm
WANTLD -A settled woman or girl for
OHk or heaaework. 1857 11 st. nc.
sel 6-3t-em
WANTED A taWoresB ou coats; good
wases- E. HORGAN, 06 K st. nw.
WANTED A white girl as marker, etc.,
in laundry- AtWressinown handwriting
LAUNDRY, this office- 6el6-3t
WANTED WWte woman to take care of
hoone and colored Wwntan as Cook; good
wages. 1702 1-2 10th fit, nw. se!6-3t
WANTED White girl for housework:
family of t wo: a good home for a good
Vtfrt Apply 21ist et. se. e!C-3t
TED-A white girl for general house-woftC-
ti faiaBy. Call 1428 Md. ave.
nc- x sel C-3t
A lTribtr,l white girl u do light gen
Jn 2j"frk; Insh preferred. Call
24 Q at. nw , j sei5-3 1
WANTED -A itHite Eiri i0 fkc care ot
p. m. at tt-o Mass., n-p nt. sel 3-3 1
WANTED -A first-
Jas lady stenographer.
State experience
ana salary ovriireu.
tr. o. iwx. -ii;
WANTED -At once J
cook, chambermaid,
wsffng to do the
Call fc To'clocVaunary- 702 1Utu
laii s o uoo,. ,el 4-3t.em
rc. aw
WANTfTi an vansers to sell the Bar UHr,-AY
lneailicent gas lamp: similar to th.
Welsbacti uorHer. Address UARTHOLDI,'
taisafrice. eel6-3t-cm
WANTE D - Crayon portrait artist: lady
CO., 4S1 Missouri ave. nw se!6-3t
WANTED - Oyster cook, man or woman.
CaU 437 11th st. nw. selB-3t
FIRST-CLASS help furnished: cooks.cfcam
bennnUls and nurses, good reft, fur.;
also seamstress and dish washers. Call
820 10th st. nw. sel4-3t,em
WANTED Singers, tenors and bassos.
for chorus. Apply immedla'elv BIJOU
THEATER. Box Office. 6el3-tf.enj
LOANS from SB to a50 to reliable iwtl s.
al money advanced on Mcvart,. Kwm
8, Centra! Ittdg.. cor. Uwh and Pa-are. 11 or.
WANTED - By widow, place as housekeeper
for widower with small children, or for
lady In office; competent to tuke entire
cha.-ge. and kind to children; heat of refs.
Address O. B. F., this omce. lt
WAMfaD-Dy good woman, place as
humurexs, nurse or will ao plain cooking
and laundry, lias 2aa st. 11 w. -n-
WANTED - By a colored woman, as cook
in private family or boardlug house; best
: references given. Address-ANNIE
GLESTON, 1333 lOth st. nw It f
WANTED -Situation as help, to do gen
eral housework or chaniberwork. Call
1425 11 th st. 1 1
WANTED-By colored woman, a place to
do general housework; albo washing; ret.
2010 Fla. ave. ee!7-3t
WANTED-By settled woman and young
girl, generalnousa work, and chaniberwork
or nursing; ref. 1702 1-2 10th st. nw.
WANTED Situation as cook; small fam
ily; g'od reference. Call 1023 Oth st.
n w. bel75 1
WANTED -A tituation by a German girl
as seamstress in family (Cathobct. k.
U.. this office. sel7-3t
WANTED Place asuurbe or chambermaid;
good ref. Call 1 Chester court nw. It-em
WAN 1 Kl Situation as plum ccok In small
family. Call 1020 4th M nw. It-am
WANTED - Young woman, place cook or
nurse in plain family. Call or send word,
815 22d at. nw. sel0-3t-cm
WANTED By respectable colored girl,
a situation, general housework in private
family. Aduress 221a 9th st.nw. It-em
WANTED -Situation by young girl from
country, as chambermaid or nurse. Call
24 Mass. ave.' nc. It-cm
WANTED Young lady desires position
an secretary, can attend to correspoiirf-
enoir and use typewriter. Address CARY,
tills office; Item
WANTED Situation by neat colored
woman, as general houseworker. Call
2230 1 st. nw. sel0-3t
WANTED-Situation ajs cUaml.ermaid or
general lwuseworker. Call 2047 fcih st.
nw. sc 1 0- 3 1
WANTED By settled German girl plain
cooking or cnamoerWorU, 110 carus- 1(00
Sth at., cor. Q nw. sel6-:it
DRESSMAKING, plain and fancy, very
reasonable; children's a specialty. 903
Va. ave- sw.. sel0-3t
WANTED -By respectable colored girl, sit
uation as plain cook, nurse, chatnber
maid. 1912 14th st. nff. selt-3t em
WANTED -A jxung girl wishes position
as copyist. Aauress Miss VOLLAND,
130 F st- nw. tel B-3t-em
WANTED A place to do general house
work by a competent colored wonuiu:
refs. M., 427 11 th st. nw. selu-3t
WANTED By a respectable colored girl.
plac as general houseworker or ohaiu-lH-maid
or waitress. 1903 12th st. nw.
WANTED A place as chambermaid or
nurw- CaH No. 631 romeroy st. . bet
G and 7. sel5-3t
WANTED- Situations by two women to
cook; one as first-olons cook, the other
to cook or do chaiuberwork. Call 1G17 1
st. nw. ficlu 3t
WANTED By colored woman, washing
and iioumg by day or week, refs. glvon.
409 Q st. nw. 6 e 1 5-3 1
WANTED -Situation as first-class cook
by rospectabteculorcd woman. Call 1 533
M st., roar, nw. se!5-3t
WANTED-By a respectable colored wom
an, a place as cook in ftrst-cluas family;
small family Address 1507 L st , bet.
loth andlCtlists. bel4-3t-cm
srrr.vi ic n4 avanted alk
WANTED- Young white man wants place
Ms first-claM cook; can make bread and
all kinds of pastry. Address G. , this
omee- It
WANTED -By a young colored man. place
as oyster stabber; not afraid of work.
Aduress SITUATION WANTED, this of
fice. sel7-3t
WANTED -Work as general farm hand;
3 years experience in dairy; good references-
Address J. T. 1'., Cherrydule,
Alexandria co., Va. Eel7-3t
WANTED -Small trudi or stock farm to
work on share, or take care of, by man
and wife from country. FARM, this of
fice. se!7-3t
WANTED -By an experienced slioe clerk,
with 12 years' ciLy experience, a i-er-
manent situation; first-class references.
Address SHOE CLERK, 716 22d st- nw.
WANTED-By a young colored man, a
place, coachman in a private family or
place in a grocery store, or
a place as waiter in a cafe; reference last
plac. Aadress 1737 Johnson ave. nw.
WANTED -By respectable col. man, place
as waiter, worker in store, lunch-room,
2d cook. Address F. B., 710 1st se. -sel
WANTED By respectable man. place as
driver or work atound house or store.
Call 343 G fct. sw. It-cm
WANTED Situation to work around store
or 111 private family; ref. 331 L st. sw.
selG-3t-em ,
WANTED By a first-class oyster opener
a place behind raw bar: can guarantee
sutisf action. WM. HALLBACK, 1625
11th st. nw. sel6-3t
WANTED-By young man with 20 years
experience among slock, a position in
a btable or work of any kind: city or
country; best of refs. Address EXPERI
ENCE, this office. sc!6-3t
WANTED A riryt-dnss meat cutter and
grocerj- clerk wishes position: best ref
erences. Address CUTTER, this office.
V.'A N TE D - Resnstered drugmst Wan is
situation 270b K st nw. se!6-3t
WANTED-By young German, place as
bread or cake-wagon driver; has experi
ence and good rccommendntuin:can also as
sist in bakery. BOX. 19, this office.
WANTED By a strong white boy, aged
18, place to learn plumbing and gas fit-
ting. Address G. G. L . this office. so!5-3t
WANTED-By young man, place as houe
servant, to drive horse and make himself
generally useful 450 I nw. sc!4-3t-cin
WAKTED fcj stenographer with three
years' experience, position at once. Box
333 this office. Eel4-3t,cm
HELP FURNISHED -Male and female;
cooks, waiters, drivers, seamstresses, but
lers; all kind of help at short notice.
1421 Sth St. n W. se!7-3t
PROPRIETORS, send postal for country
and city servants. VIRGINIA EM
PLOYMENT EXCHANGE, 728 13th -it.
nw. 1 1
WANTED Roller-top desk; must be cheap
for cash. DAWSON, Printer, 807 9th
st. nw. sel7-3t
WANTED -A milk route; 25 or 30 gal. Ad
dress W. J. SELF, Lewlnsville, Va.
WANTED Desirable party to share ex
pense of G or 8-room house, in any good
locality. Address TREASURY EMP.,
this office. 6elG-3t-eni
WANTED -Orders for Boston baked beans,
10c and 2()ca pot; send orders Tuesdays
andFrldaysforWedncsdaysand Saturdays.
MRS. F. C. CHANDLER, 1826 7th st. uw.
WANTED A cash register; cheap; also
a few good second-hand carpets. Ad
dress REGISTER, this office. Bel6-3t
WANTED -A 12-ft. counter suitable for
drygoods store, with shelves; must be
cheap. Address 1824 7th st. nw. m'1 g-3t
WANTED At the big second hand
store, SINCLAIR'S, G26 La. -ave., show
ca'jcs, store fixtures, cook stoves and furni
ture of all kinds, money advanced on stor
age without interest. Attend our Tues
day auction sale. sel5-Gt
WANTED To buy good second-hand Dav
lon. give cash price: must be cheap. Ad
dress G- G L., this office ee!5-3t
WANTED Upright piano In exchange for
my interest in building lot on electric
line, or as first payment on citv house, 0
rooms. Address OWNER F., this office.
WANTED -Washing and Ironing to do at
home: ladies or gentlemen's flannels.
1743 Oregon aye, nw. el-3tem
ajjTed Small store and dwelling,
Oie Mr n..ccihtn Llnlii to,t T T? ,
this ..ffli-n ijukiu.u iu.u -c"" "-''
f$r cash, all kinds orold United
"Me and denartmeut ctamna:
Statca uos
and department Gtomps;
collections also
HOKbi, 100
uougnc u.
7th t. nw. auy-tr
FOR RENT-Plensant room; homelike
cno-lni?? terms to SUlt you. -lJ- !!
ave. 11 w.
FOR BENT Very reasonable; to adults
only; 5 large rooms; 1st floor, dlnmg
room, kitcheu and. cellar; 2d floor, parlors
and large bedroom; will rent partly f ur.or
unfur.; nice house and neighborhood. 11-4
Gth. st- mv. Bel0-3tem
Voom- hon"t7d bv
- .' c5tewDr
PlY - OBl st. nw.
FOR RENT-Basement floor; large frpnt
steam; rent, iu. ap-
FOR 1U3NT Three rooms; heat and gas.
423 ti st. nw. lt.em.
FOR RENT Large, bright rooms; gas and
heat; table board excellent; use of par
lor; home comforts; couvenient to cars and
denart-neuts. 951 Mass ave. 8elo-3t-e.ni
FOR RENT Nicely furnished, checrCul,
newly-papered rooms; $8, $9 and S14 a
mom h. tioard, If desired. 1112 0th st. nw.
FOR RENT Erout parlor: first floor; un-
funilaiied; with heat and gas; 10; also
other rooms furnished: will rent cheap:
first-class neighborhood. 207 G sc. nw.
FOR RENT 2 medium and hall rooms.
on 3d floor; light, heat, cocking gas;
$15 per month. 401 E.Cup.st. selO-31-em
FOR RENT 2145 K Bt. nw.; lower half of
house; parlor, bedioom, dining-room,
Jcitchun, large yard; fine location; rent :s0
per month Apply to owner on premises
after 4 o'clock. sel0-3t-em
TORRENT Two nice rnif..: Turn. or unf urn.;
f rout and back. 71 S Gth st. mv.
FOR RENT 507 2d st. nw.; furnished
suite, 1st floor: handsome imfurnUhed
rooms, 2d floor; large hall room, 3d floor;
furnished ifdc5lred- sel 0-3t
FOR RENT-Nicely furnished rooms: with
light and heat; at moderate prices; board
nearby; no housekeeping allowed. Apply
to 1015 P st. nw. sel -lt
FOR RENT -Rooms on 2d or 3d floor: rur.
or unrur.; suitable Tor housekeep
ing or single parties. 817 12th st. nw.
FOR RENT -Furnished rooms tn private
family; convenient to cars; good neighborhood-
900 M st. nw sol 6-3 1
FOR RENT One furnished room, with
bonrd, in private family; for gentleman.
700 Q sunw. selG3t
FOR RENT -2 nice, neat fur. rooms;$l.50
and .?2 per week. 228 F st. nw.
FOR RENT Two communicating fur
nished rooms, complete for housekeeping.
613 New Jersey ave. nw. i.cl0-3t
FOR RENT 830 12tli st- nw.; desirable
front aud other rooms; furnished; corner
house opposite Park; reasonable, hall 100m.
FOR RENT-Large, nicely fur. front room".
ba window, turnace heat, biutable for
one or two gentlemen. 33 1 st. iie.sel 0-3t
FOR RENT Furnished rooms, with or
without board. 223 13th tt. nw.
FOR RENT 645 2d st. ne.. two nice
second-tory rooms, fur. or unfur., for
light housekeeping. large alcove in front
room; uuwly papered and painted; u. in. i.;
rent moderate. tel 6-3t
FOR RENT -2 large, fur. rooms; all mod
ern improvements; central location. 8n9
12th.t.nw. selG-Ot-cm
FOR RENT Roomson second floor, fur. or
unfur.; hair block from new Library.
206 Pa. ave. se. sel5-3t,em
FOR RENT Large back i.arIor with two
windows, will rent to one or two gentle
men, one square from U -t. cars. 1718
Fla. ave. nw. el5-3t,em
FOR RENT 1344 R st. nw., 4 large com
municating rooms, on 2d aud 3u floors:
a. m. 1.; excellent table board; terms mod
erate. scl5-3t-em
FOR RENT Furnished
without housekeeping.
rooms; with or
123 A st. ne.
FOR RENT -Rooms, fur. or unfur.. to re
fined adults, two In ramlly. 641 4th
st. ne. sel5-3t,em
FOR RENT -Four beautiful fur. rooms,
suitable for gentleman and wife or single
gentleman; all mod. Imps. 1110 5th st. nw.
sel5-2 W-cm
FOR RENT Tinea nicely papered and
painted twins on secoudfloor: light and
heat; rent $10, In advance; 1401 5th st.
,11,' w.1 fU!Mom
FOR RENT -At 220 Ind. ave. nw., pleas
ant fur. front and back rooms; board l
desired; reasonable rates sel5-3t
FOR RENT-Double parlor, unfur.; reas
onable. 1250 8th st. nw. sel0-3t
FOR RENT -Cheap; large, nicely fur.
rooms for light housekeeping. 315 Mo.
ave- sel 5-3 1
FOR RENT-3 furnished rounis, with iras.
heat and bath, together or singly; low
rent. 444 1-2 H St. nv.,ne..ttostore
FOR RENT-On Capitol Hill, one block
from New Library, 3 fur. rooms; first
floor; bath same lloor. Also 1 unfur.
room; first floor. Apply at 320 2d st. ac.
FOR RENT -Nicely furnished. 2d-storyrront
room, $15; 3d-story front to gentleman,
$8 per mo. 821 13tb st.nw. se!4-3t em
BEAUTIFUL romps, near Capitol; fur
nished or unfurnished; with excellent
board, at very reasonable term's 114 t.
st-ne. f.el4-3t-em
FOR RENT One furnished room.
F st. nw. sel4-'i
FOR RENT -Nicely fur. room, 2d floor:
opens on a veranda: $1.50 a week; board
If desired. 12 Gth st. ue., near E. Capitol
st. cars and Capitol. sel 2-7 1
FOR RENT Desirable fur. Tront rooms;
1st and 2d floors; single or en suite;
transients accommodated. 918 N. Y. ave.
nw. sell-Gt-eni
PLEASANT rooms and first-class board,
$10 and $17 a month; two blocks from
Congressional Library. No. 16 4th st.
ne. H?16-5t
515 & $18 MONTH.
FOR RENT Second parlor, fur., with
board, for a couplcor two gentlemen; $35
a month; richly papered; cabinet mantel,
heated In winter by furnace; private fam
ily. No. 3338 P st nw. sel 5-3 1
FOB RENT -4 rooms and bath 2d floor.
642 C st. ne.; by owner. sel 7-3 1
FOR RENT 924 9th st. nw., next Mt.
Vernon Flat, 1st and 2d flats; large;
light; modern; refs. sel6-6t-em
FOR RENT Flat; 4 rooms and bath; 2d
floor; gas range; with" heat and gas,
fur.; $18 per mo. Apply, after 5 p. m.,
904 22d st. nw. se!6-3t-em
FOR RENT West End Flats. 2620 K st.
nw., 4 and 5 rooms: bath, gas meter, coal
vaults, extra storage: references required.
$12, $17. Apply to Janitor sel2-7t
FOR RENT- Brick stablerear of 1 109 10th
st.nw.; $4 per mouth. Inquire atalxive
number. sel5-3t
FOR RENT Corner store and dwelling,
in nw.; 5 rooms, bath and stove; rent re
duced from $30.50 to $20.50. GRAHAM
& CAMPBELL, 017 14th st. sel4-3t-em
FOR BENT -Store and 7 rooms; gro'ery
and provision store; good corner and
good business. 400 K St. no. sel3-7t-em
FOR RENT Lady breaking up house
keeping would rentfurnitureln exchange
for room and board for self and two boys.
Cull 304 C st. nw. lt-em
TYPEWRITERS rented al. reduced rates;
with privilege of purchase, standard
makes; preliminary Instruction free. NEW
sC; nw. au28-3m,em
FOR SALE -Ladles' 96 Crawford In good
condition, for $15 cabb, if sold at once.
12011 lth st. nw. bc!7-3t
FOR SALE -Twoladles' high-grade wheels;
call and see them; at your own price; in
first-class condition and guaranteed. 802
K st. r.w. sel7-3t
FOR SALE New Wilhelm ladys bicy
cle, only used three times; new Vim
tires, lamp and bell; good reason for sell
ing; $25 cash, $30 on time. 1532 10th
et. nw. It
FOR SALE Good man's wheel; cheap,
$16. Call at 405 10th st-nw. se!7-3t
FOR SALE-6 ladles', 5 gents and 1
combination tandem bicycles; Falcons;
all in perfect order; must be sold at once;
$20 to $25. G. B. VAN NEST, Adminis
trator, 1236 12th st. nw. sel4-?t-em
WANTED -A small house, not over $13,
with mod. imp6. Address RENTER, this
office. sel6-3t
FOB RENT 3 nice unrur. rooms; suitable
for light housekeeping; with heat, gas
and hattu 215 1st ny. se!7-3t
FOR RENT-3 unfur. roonta and bath; $10.
321 Spruca st-, Le Droit Park. so!7-3t
FOR RENT Two unfurnished 2d story
front rooms; private, family. 914,11th
si. nw. Bel7-3t
FOR RENT -Light housekeeping; 2 lovely
2d-story rrunt rooms, .Tur., in n private
family. 912 Va. ave.'sw. sel7-3t
FOR RENT-Uiifur.. at, 1314 T st. nw.,
3 large, newly-papered rooms on parlor
floor, with hea t and gaJs; $18. ol63 1 ,em
FOR RENT Fur. robmJ with or without
board; convenient to departments. 514
Gth st. nw. lt-em
FOR RENT Large, room, uufurn, 6.50;
furu., $9; also hall room cheap. Call
after 5 p. m., 1405 Gib st. nw.
FOR RENT Three unfur. 2d story rooms;
suitable forllght housekeeping: also base
ment for business purposes. 142G N. Y,
ave. nw. fcel6-3t
FOR RENT-Two large rooms; porch:
bath same floor; housekeeping; private;
ntw house: reasonable. 1104 N. Cap. st.
FOR RENT-3 uewly-paperedunfurnlshed,
com. rooms, private bath, every con
venience for housekeeping; refs. 1320 Rlggs.
st. sel5-3t-em
FOR RENT -Unfur.. 56.CQ In advance,
one front and ballroom, third floor; heat
and gas; light housekeeping. 148 A sc
ne. sel5-3t,cm
FOR BENT 3 unfurnished rooms, second
floor: heat and gas. 123 F st. no.
FOR RENT-Uufur. 2 rooms, $12, and 2
rooms, 510; delightful; communicating;
bath, gas and heat. 413 N. Y. ave.
sel5-3t .
FOR RENT-1412 11th fct. nw.
rooms on third floor.
, 3 unfur.
FOR RENT-Unfurnlshed, 706 13th st-
uff, large, ommuuicaUng, 2-floor
rooms, .suitable for dot toror deutlsf.loratlon
central. sel4-3t-em
FOR BENT 517 2d st. nw.; 3 unfur.
rooms. 3d floor; water on same floor, heat
and gar. furnished price, $15, 2 large
nicely furnished rooms on 2d floor: prlco
?10 and $12. sel4-0t
FORRENT-2 large unfur. rooms; 2d rioor;
bath on same floor. No. 3 K st. ne.
WANTED Two or three furn. rms. for
housekeeping, near public school. Ad
dress COUNTRY. West End. Va. It-em
WANTED -Room and board for ludy and
daughter 9 years old; German family
preferred. Address GERMAN, this office,
WANTED By Oct. 1, three-unfur. rooms
for light housekeeping: heat, gas and
bath; second story, conveniently near 22 d
st. aud Pa. ave. Address L. M . thin of
fice. Sel6-3t
WANTED -By young couple, two large
and one small unfurnished rooms, with
board, must be ueur car line, aud reasonable.
AdOrex. YOUNG COUI LE, this office.
WANTED Three medium and 1 small
unfurnished rooms, by young couple; near
car Hue; rent must be reasonable. Address
BOX. 880, thin of flee. L0!"!1
WANTED A flat of four (4) rooms in
Georgetown, with hca,t, ga6 and bath,
for light nousekcepjng; xefs. Address Z.
Y. .. this office.1 J selG-3t
WANTED-Octohef 15 or November 1, ten
blocks rrom Patent1 Orr ice, two commu
nicating first or second! floor rooms, un
furnished or nliely.caneted. state lowest
terms, with or without r.oard. Address
REASONABLE, this' office. Pel-3t
WASTED -By a younjjr couple, 3 or 4
2d-floor, unfurnished rooms for light
housekeeping; Canity! Wl: northeast pre
ferred; must be reasonable. Address H.
L . W., thiboiflce. ' ' ' sel4-3t-em
WA NTED-Four or riVe'iinfur. rooms: suita
ble for light housekeeping; light aud
heat. Addrecs. staUDgiitermS. FAMILY
TU REE, thiB office. sel4-3tjem
WANTED -3 or 4 communicating rooms
for small family at once. Address M this
office. " sel3-6t.em
Unions. $8; NuwHomeS. $10; Domestics.
CHANGE, 327 C st.se. tel5-3t-em.
FOR SALE-Grocery and .dairy, estab
lished 11 years; nw.; doing nice cash
busiues-N. Aduress SAGE, tills office.
FOR MASON'S quart jars call or send
postal to J. S. FARRELL.cor 2d and G
sts. ne. fe!7-3t
FOR SALE 40 gals, pure milk, cheap to
permanent buyer. Address 1033 N Cap.
sU te 6-3t ,em
FOR SALE Organ, In good condition,
vei y cheap, alio other houseliold articles.
909 N. II ave. lt-em
FOR SALE Party leaving the city would
sell entire household of elegant furniture,
etc.. Jit a sacrifice. Call or address after
3 p. in . 36 R st. riw. se!6-3t-em
FOR SALE-Bedroom suits, bed lounge,
bedding, carpets, odd furniture, at 813
Gth st. ii w. sel6-3t-em
FOR SALE -Physician's cabinet; new; tost
$60; win sell for $40. Address CABINET.
tills o iflcCj; sel6-3t-ero
FOR SALE-Several full-blooded fox ter
rier puppies. UNION TRANSFER COM
PANY'S STABLES, 1358 D st.nw. sel6-3t
FOR SALE-NewIy-lnventcd automatic
steam heater; heats 5 to 10 rooms and
regulates Itself; also Parker Bros.' double
shotgun, $20: lot of ladles' hair switthe
from 25c to $3. 9 IS N. Y. ave. sel6-3t
FOR SALE-Two bootblack chairs; al
most new; oue black and white En
glish setter dog; small puppy, black and
tan. Apply iSATlONAL TU
FOR $xVLE Two thoroughbred pointer
dogs; cheap: ready to break; pood match.
Apply at 723 E- Cap, st. se!5-5t
FOR SALE Thefurnltureof an Army offi
cer from Fort Myer; elegant bedroom
Piiite, cost $lo5, lor s-o5 biuenoara, $ .
cost $35; chiffonier, $15, cost $10; oak
folding bed and hair mattress, $12: hair
mattress, $5; 3 oak bedroom suits, $9.50.
$12 and $14- 1 walnut suite, $12; 3 other
sets, $7; dishes, curtains, what-not, bird
cages, bookshelves, matting, prettv and odd
shaped center tables, 2 folding beds at $3
each; 1 at $6; large wardrobe, $5; while
Iron beds, springs and mattresses; very
handsome ottoman, docks, lamps. lucvclc,
wheelbarrow, commodes, letter riles, toilet
scts.odd beds; must be sold this week. 172 1
Pa-uve nw .downstairs. sei4-.tt-m
FOR SALE-1 cut-under surrey. 2 side
bar buggies, 2 phaetons, 1 Gnggcr
wagon, 1 delivery wagon, 1 light et
double harness. We also have a new lot
of harness of all descriptions, new aud
second-hand. 211 11th st. nw. se!4-7t
FOR SALE A self-playing orcheslroneand
40 rolls of music: cost $250. will sell for
$75: a rare bargain. CaU ; 1315 7th
st. nw. ' el3-7t-em
FOR BALE Young Cubt iMexlcanpar
rots, monkeys, gold Hs dogs, pigeons,
canailcs, incubators, xpr i and Austin's
dog bread; send Tor catal6.de. SCHMID'S
BIRD STORE, 71212ttisc. nw au4-tf
FOR SALE-S2.98 for a 6-ft. oak exten
sion table; lounges, $2.50; gasoline
stoves, 50c week; parlorand bedroom suites,
$1 perweek. REDMOND'S CHEAP CASn
AND CREDIT HOUSE, 813 7th St. nw.
SEWING MACHINES A few mole lefts
to be closed out atDalfpilce. high grade
makes only. NEWMAN'B, 011 7th st.nw.
FOE SALE Fresh cows; always on hand;
would also exchange for dry cows. JNO.
DENEKAS, 3510 BrighCwood ave,
FOR BALE-Austln's and SpratVaTresh
dog cakes; also Glover's dog medicines;
Eumphlet on dogs and birds' diseases free;
irdb and animals mounted by expert tax
idermist. SCUMID'S BIRD STORE, 712
12th bt. nff. au21-tf
FOR SALE Ten acres ot garden land; 20
minutes' walk from Highland Station.
FOR SALE Cheap; fifty-two acre farm;
8 miles from city on Temple road; five
room house, stable, well, rrult, and out
houses. Particulars at 722 7th st. se.
FOR SALE Cheap, small farm, house,
fruit, well, good water; Congress Heights,
near electric cars. Apply 1112 K st. se.
FOR SALE Farm, 20 miles trom Wash
ington; on Alexandria and Fredericks
burg Railroad. Address J. SPR1NGMAN,
Springman, Va. se5-2w
FOR SALE Sound, large mare.i 7 years
old; will sell cheap. 459 Q st. nw. it
FOR SALE 2 wagons, 2 buggiea, 2 gur
ries ,1 trap, 6 sleighs; also 2 cheap horses;
these goods are left to be sold, nothing In
.reason refused. 927 D St., next Meichants'
Parcel Delivery Co Jy29-tf.em
jfer root.
16f.h Kt. llDh T nn.rn .,,
3 50
2 50
2 00
P stundltl avu, near Iowa Circle..
R st, bet 19th and 20th uw
N J ave and 9th st nw...,
O st.bet 2Iataud 22d nw
N st. bet 21st and 22d uw.
Wlllard bt, bet 17th and 48th, T
and U
24th st, bet LamlMmv
Sumner alley, bet 16th and 17tU.
L and M nw
19th et, Oct E and F nw
Va ave, bet 27thand 28th nw
J) st, bet 18th and 19th nw
Linthicum place, bet 31stand 32dst
K st. bet 13th and 14th se
18th and A etsse.....
1 25
Frame cottage, lOtliandrrovldence
sts, Brookland $6,000
Frame cottage, Plney Branch road.. 6,500
ti frume 1-oftnirMH. Il:irnv.-in,rl ni-nl.. 3.0(10
o uric-K houses, Pleasant Plains
Lots at Autrey Heights, Md
Lots at Bcrwln HeightsMd
Lots at Charlton Heights, Md
Lota at Ar wick, Md
Lots at renleytown
Lots at Tiinlaw road
Lots at Rosslyn, Va
Lots at Trinidad
Lots at Tnkoma Park
Lots at Sli-ro, Md
2220 Pam-a nw 1 vmu SC.TZ Of)
81Q NC avese (partly fur)Va'nii.." 35 00
rrV; y5tn st- -w.6 ns
1419 S st nw. 7 rms
Upper partl603 7th st nw,7 rms..
1519 p Bt nw, 4 rms
1831 Vtave nw, 8 rms
4i Defreesst nw, G rms
37 and 41 Myrtle st ne, 7 rms
59,01,03 and 05 L stnw.G rms..
1123 20th fit nw, 6 rms
1009 u st nw, 6 rms
600 and 024 L st ne, 6 rms...
1249 I st ne, 6 rms..
411 8th st sw, 6 rms...
2904 7th et nw, 6 rms
603 Florenco st ne, 0 rms
2l 12th st se, 6 rms
703 L st se, 7 rms
1111 10th st se. 6 rms
G 50
28 30
25 00
25 00
23 00
10 40
16 00
15 00
14 30
15 30
15 00
14 00
12 00
12 00
10 30
10 00
9 30
Tho above Is only a portion of the prop
erty on my hooks. For full list call at
orflce for bulletin itbued on the 1st and
917 F street northwest.
FOR SALE OR RENT-At Herndon, Va..
11 room bouse and outbuildings: 12
acres or land; apples, pears, grapes, etc.;
2 minutes from railroad station. For
further jiartlculara call at rjom 11 3d
floor Treasury Dept.. or address OWNER,
box 27, Herndon, Va. 8il0-7t-em
FOR RENT -7 la's" St. nw". 6-room "brick.
and bath, to desirable colored tenant.
CLARFVCE TnOMAS, 58 Kellogg Eldg.
RENT reduced on following houses:
No. 319 C st.nw., 12 rooms $56.13
No.2030G st.nw., 13 rooms $40.67
No. 4SI st.nw., 10 rooms 37.50
No. 1510 Columbia st. nw., 8 rooms.. 25.30
These houses have all mod. imps, and are
being put in thorough repair.
A. S. CAYW00D,
sel6-3t.em No. 9339th st.nw.
FOR RENT Reduced from $20.30 to
$18.30; these houses are ou T st , bet.
14th and 15th sts-nw ; they are two-story
bricks. 6 rooms aud bath, hot and cold
water, hall antl cellar; in good order;
parking in front Inclosed by Iron fence.
,. j ui-iwuuu, 5oi yui n,i ir.v
FOR RENT-Reduced to $18 CO; nice" cor
ner brick dwelling, 6th and F sis. ne.;
G rooms and bath; bav-window side and
front; a. m. I.; yard and wide parking
all around; inclosed by iroa fence. Apply
to I. W. BURKART Jr., G05 Pa. ave.
nw- sel6-3t
FOR RENT -Only $15 per month, new 6
room house; reception hall, porches, Po
tomac water, near station. Apply M. E.
FISHER, Owner, 10th St., Brookland, D-C.
I-OR RENT-Eight rooms of 12-room
home; 4 1st floor, 4 3u floor. 2nd floor
occupied by married couple: lovely neigh
borhood, very convenient: reasonable rent
to family furnishing good refs. 303 M st.
FOR RENT -608 13th st. ne.: nice brick.
6 rooms and hath; newly painted, var
nished and rapered. good as new. $12.50.
inquire 1341 Md. ave. ne. sel5-3t,em
FOR RENT $30; No. 310 N. C
7 rooms, a. m. t.; 20 feet front,
, ave. pe.,
near new
52-store and dwelling, No. 1230 11 th
!., i rooms, store and large stable, a.
C. T. YODER, G15 E st.nw. sel5-7t
m. L
FOR SALE -To whites only Own your
own home -By paying $55 cash and $10
per month it cau lienrcninplUhed.and you
won't miss the money; nearly new and
finely papered 2-story frame, with about
uuo leet or ground; fine parking; large
porch, hydrant water at kitchen door; sta
ble; 30-root rear alley; within 2 squares
electric car line; east of Lincoln Park, In
an improving section or city; price 51 ,425.
title perfect. 0 M BRYANT, Owner.
Warder Building, 1th and F sts. se!7-3t
FOR SALE- Or exchange; to good colored
party, 2-story and cellar, rood. Imp-, bay
window, brick residence; good rurnace;opeu
fireplace; cabiuet mantels, etc., good and
central location, nw.; close to schools and
markets; price right, and easy term. 0
M. BRYANT, Warder Bldg-, Otuand F sts.
sel 7-3 1
1-OR SALE -Three-story, mansard roof
frame; 10 rooms and bath; all mod. imps.
Only $500 cash needed; price $3,850.
Apply after 5 p. m., at 904 22d st. nw.
FOR SALE-Columbla Heights, an at
tractive, well-built home; 10 rooms: a.
m. l.; will be sold Tor 20 per cent less than
its actual value, within the next 30 days.
DANIEL & ARMAT, 1313 F tt. nw.
sel5 3t-em
FOR SALE Three frame dwellings on
Gtn St., bet. N and 0 nw.; 40x100 to
alley; rent $39.90; price $0,000. JAS.
F. BROWN. 930 F st- nw. se!4-3t,em
WANTED-Partncr with $500to invest
in an established, paying and growing
business; will clear $20 per week each;
investisrate this; a very rare opportunity.
1721 Pa. ave. nw. ?FJ3 1
FOR SALE Cheap, one of the best cash
grocery, meat and provision stores In
South Washington. No. 126 G st., bet.
1st and 2d sts. sw eel6-7t,em
$100 CASH and $75 on time will buy pay
ing dairy lunch; fixtures worth $350;
bargain, actquick. 615Fst.nw. sel6-3t
FOR SALE $750 will buy fine corner
grocery; fine location; doing big business;
rent of store and house $25.67. COM
MERCIAL, 510 F nw. sel6-Jt
FOR SALE Fine grocery; new- fixtures;.
good 4-ck; house and store rents for
$20.30; price $375; fine business. COM-
MERaiAL. 510 F nw. se!6-3t
FOR SALE Wanted all kinds of stores
to sell, we are having calls every day.
C0MMEUC1AL, 510 F nw. Sel6-3t
WANTED To buy good grocery store at
once for cash. Address E. E. H., this
ofricc sel6-3t
FOR SALE Grocery doing good business;
reason for selling other business; cheap
rent; good location. Address D. J. K.,
this office. sel6-7t
FOR SALE Barber shop in se.; doing
good business: price, $225. Address
BARBER, this office. selG-3t
FOR SALE Cigar and stationery store
In southeast section. For further par
tIcular3inqulreof M. LCOLLARD.037 1-2
D st. nw. sel 5-3 1
FOR SALE-Half interest established pay
ing patent business: good chance for
young man. PATENTS, this office.
WANTED -Partner: sober, active and re
liable; with $300 tan find a very, very
rare chance for business. Address MONOP
OLY, this office. selS 3t
FOR SALE -Cheap for cash, stock ond fix
tures of grocery, meat and provision
store: monthly sales $700; no reason
able offer refused if Bold at once; cor.
14th and F sts. ne. W. L. MANTZ.
FOR SALE-Saloon, $1,250; near 7th st.
and Pa. ave. nw.; leased. BUSINESS
EXCHANGE, 1321 F St. Eel5-3t
WANTED Saloons, groceries, lunchrooms,
cigar stores, etc., for cash buyers. FUL
TON R. GORDON, Bublness Exchange.
1321 F st. sel 531
FOR SALE Grocery; se. cor. 8th and
Md. ave. ne.; $500. make offer. BUSI
NESS EXCHANGE, 1321 F st. e!5-3t
FOR SALE Bakery.ln goodlocatlon, cheap.
314 E. Cap, st. sel4-3t,em
$1,000 cash, balance on time, will buv
proporty worth $7,000: tenanted and
renting for $59 per month. Address
OWNER B, this office. se!4-5t
FOR SALE Grocery and provision store
doing a first-class cash business: will sell
cheap; good reason given for selling.
Address PROVISION, this office. sel4-7t
WILL exchange carpenter's work or
brick work for horse and day ton or cab.
Address BUILDER, this office. se!7-3t
From. Station, 13 X-2 St. fc Fa. Ave.
In Effect May 9, 1897.
, For Alexandria (week days), 6.30. 7.05,
7.35, ex.; 8.00. 8.30, ex.; 9.00. 9:50,
10.05 ex.; li.oo, 11.45 a m.; 12.05, ex.;
12.20, 1.15, 1.45, 2.05, ex.; 2.40, 3.00.
ex.; 3.30, 4.00. ex.; 4.15, ex.; 4.45. 5.05,
5.20, ex.; 5.40. 6.05, ex.: 6.23. 7.00. 8.00.
9.00,10.00, 11.20, 11.59 p. in.
tor Alexandria (Sunday -only), 8.00.
9.00, 10.00. 10.30, 11.00. 11.30 a. m.:
12 noon; 12.30, 1.00, 1.30, 2.00. 2.30,
3.00, 3.30, 4.00, 4.30. 5.00,5.30, 6.00,
0.30,7.00, 8.00,9.00, 10.00, 11.20 p.m.
ForMount Veruon.D vke and Wa-vbtatlons
(week days), 0.30, 10.05. 1 1.00 a. m.
12.05. 1.15, 2.05. 3.00. 4.00. 4.15 O. m.
For Dyke and Riverside. 7.00, 8.00 p.m.
lor Mount Vernon and War Stations,
(Sunday onlv), 9.00. 11.00 a. in.. 2.00,
4.00 p. m.
For Arlington and Aaueduct Brldco
(week days), 8.00.8-10. 9.00. 10.05.11-00.
11.45 a. m., 12.05. 12.20.
3.00, 3.30, 4.00, 4.15, 5.20. 6.05. 0.25:
7.00, 8.00 p. m.
For Arlington and aqueduct Bridge
(Sunday only), 8.00. 9.00. 10.00. 10.30.
11.00. 11.30. a. m, 12 00 noon, 12:30,
1.00, 1-30, 2.00, 2.30, 3.00. 3:30, 4:00.
4.30, 5.00, 5.30, 6.00, 0.30. 7:00, 8:00
p. m.
Bnggt'Ke checked free for passengers
holding first-class tickets at Station. Bi
cyales, 25 cents each.
Cor. 12th
land F Sts.
Treats successfully all Diseases of tho
Braiu and Nervous System. Diseases of
the Blood. Skin. Stomach, Kidneys and
Bladder, Night Losses, Sexual Weakness,
Stricture, Varicocele, Hydrocele, Syphilis,
aud all Private Diseases of either sex.
Consultation and Urinary Analysis Free.
The highest fee charged, whether you
have one or more diseases, Is
$5.00 A
Which Includes All Medicines.
Hours-10 to 12 and 3 to 5, daily; Sun
day, It to 12. sel"-tt
WILL witness to accident (by which lady
btc-yriist was injured on Sept- 6, 13th
and lowa Circle), please notify C. A.
COREY. 920 F st.nw? It
PROF. CLAY-Oldest established .-je'ilura
advertising in this city; consult Hm on
business, lawsuits, dnorce, speculations,
separations, love or family troubles, iuu
tell you anything you wish to know, brings
separated hushaadand wife together. n akes
sweetheart or lover true; causes marriages;
removes spells or mysterious feelings; gives
luck; fee, 50 cents: hours, 10 to 10 dally
489 H st. sw. sel t-3t-em
of Providence. R. L, Test and Business
Medium, tells you Just what you wish
to know without asking yju any ques
tions; gives you full names; satisfaction
guaranteed; arter others have failed try
him; positively for a short time only;
sittings daily at 58 H st. nw. Ladies,
50 cents; gentlemen, $1. Hours, 10 n.
m. to 8 p. m
Test circle every Wednesday evpnlng.
Mr. and Mrs. Bracken will both give
tests and show spirit races; 25 cents.
Mrs. Bracken, test and business medium;
also slate writing medium, sittings daily
at 58 H st. nw., ladles, 50 cents
If you wish to consult a medium, why
not see the best?
The Master Mind ot
The Exponent of High-Grade
Will give vou truthful and reliable infor
mation and advice on business afralra,
marriage, love, divorces, separations, pen
sions, deeds, wills, lawsuits, travels, lost
or stolen property, etc.; names given, no
matter what trouble you may have, call ou
this gifted woman, she can help you out of
all difficulties: absolute satisfaction guar
iiu'eeo; German aim English spoken. Resi
dence. 1303 G st. nw. seI3-lmo
MISS SCHWA HN, magnetic treatment, 10
a- m., to 10 p. m. 319 1 2 Mu. ave. For
ladles and gentlemen. sel 6 3t
MADAME RETTA, clairvoyant, medium,
and card reader, 25c and 50c. N'o. 510
E at. nw. sel4 7t
PORTRAITS -I will make and deliver a
free-hand crayon or pastel portrait, with
frame Is different styles, on payment of
$1 per week; ho charge unless satisfactory,
best reference in Washington given. Send
Fostal and 1 will call with specimen. ART
ST, this office. tel5-5t
TAKE a tumble to yourseir-a "fair suit
Is now necessary. We have 'em; 'le
gant ones, custom made and only a'trifle"
worn, at figures that'll please all hands.
Keep this in your head. JUSTH'S OLD
STAND, 619 D st.nw. se!4-lw
overcoats made to order; best custom
work; flrst-ilass fit guaranteed; credit if
you desire; easy weekly or monthly pay
ments: business strictly confidential. Ad
dress PHOENIX TAILORING CO- this- of
fue. sel2-tf
MME. DAVIS, born Clairvoyaut wid card
reader; tells about business; removes
spells and evil influences; reunites the
separated, and gives luck to all; cures
lilies and drunkenness. 122S 25th st. nw.
Medium and card reader; WashlngtonTi
most famous clairvoyant and palmist; con
sult her on business, love and family af
fairs: reunites the separated; removes spells;
causes speedy marriages, and gives good
luck; open dally; German bpoken; 25c and
COc. 929 H bt. mf. se7-146
THE "3 DAYS" CURE (."or men) leads
all remedies In this city: a prompt and
permanent cure or no ehprge. consultation
.free. DR. McKEEHAN, 710 12th st. nw.
g 512 13th Si. N.W.
Treats and cures all private dispasos.
Emissions, Varicocele, Hydrocele, Strict
ure, Impotency, Blood Poison and Lost
Manhood. Consultation free.
Hours 9 to 5, except Sunday.
'iT- 2-S
In obstetrics, gold medal awarded Tor tha
science ot obstetrics from rbe University
ot Munich, Bavaria; treats successfully
woman's complaints and Irregularities; pri
vate sanitarium for ladies before and dar
ing confinement. Orrice hours from y a
m. to 6 p. ro ,No 619 Pa. ave. nw.
uuu street isorthwesst.
Oold fillings and bridge work a spe
cialty, at the lowest price; amalgam idl
ings, COc; rull sets of teeth on plates, $5;
extracting, either by gas or local spray,
absolutely pnlnless, 00c; without, 25c; all
work done by experts, and guaranteed the
best; open on Sundays from 10 to 3
o'clock. mh22.tr
Dr. Leatherman,
cure ot all private dlseasAs. Hydrocela
Varicocele, Stricture, Impotnncy. and
Syphilitic Diseases positively curd. Ad
vice ami Consultation ree. Both Sees.
iiours, 9 to 12. 2 to 5, Tues., Thurs , and
Bat. evenings. 7 to 8. No. 60.2 F st. nw.
(Closed Sunday.) Jel5-tf
LOST Small black gun-metal watch, with
-1-I - T .-.- S .. ..... -1 -.... ....
uuaiu, on -u ui j. ob. ut;i. lab uim oil
nw.; valued as a keepsake. Rewurd If re
turned to 513 3d st- nw. it
LOST-On 9th st. nw.. het S and T, a
check for $25 on tho City Bank of Rich
mond, Va., payable to Leila B. Austin
Finder will please return to 1817 9th st.
nw. It
LOST-On New York ave., near N. Capllol
t: n Imllv'srlnr-m trio .if niui-Tfi ,il cO.-or
oniTJivprt P. T. N." (Jnnorniisrpivnril fnr
lts return to 69 N st. nw. sel6-3t,em
T.. , -vm-,-, rr . -it r--. ...I.i.i..
1. 4 , I nil ill ii'ii. liu niiiiiii iuiiii n iliiiii
smuii iarmmii
five miles ot city.
L st. nw.
m. x. uu.;. 'Ul
WANTED-To rent a farm for poultry
within 5 miles ot city. M. F. DUNN.
411 L St. nw. feelG-3t
FORHIRE To drummers and nuslnesa
men, horse and buggy or Dayton, $2 per
day, and special jirices for pleasure driving.
Apply to tho REX STABLES, rear- 615E
tt. nw.; telephono call. 109. ap30-tt
7.GO A M. week days -PITTS BURG EX
PRESS Parlor and Dining Cara, Harrls
burg to nttsburg.
I ullwan Sleeping, Dining, Smoking and
Observation Cars, Harrisburg to Chicago,
Cincinnati, Indianapolis. St. Loul3, Cleve
land and Toledo. BuKet Parlor Car to
10.50 A. M. FAST LLNE-ruIIman Buffet
Parlor Car to Harrisburg. Burret Parlor
.. Car, Harrisburg to Pittsburg.
Express Sleeping Car Washington
to St. Louis, and Sleeping and Dining
Cars Harrisburg to St. Louis, NaabvUU
. (via Cincinnati) and Chicago.
bleeping Car to Pittsburg, Chicago,
and Harrisburg to Cleveland. Dlninjj
Car to Chicago.
i uiluian Sleeping Cars Washington to
J ittsburg and Harrloburg to St. Louii
,,aPd 4uclnnatl. Dining Car.
man Sleeping Car to Pittsburg,
i -50 A. M. for Kane. Canaudaigiia, Roches
ter and Niagara Falls daily, except
10.50 a. m. for Elmira and Renovo dally,
except Sunday. For Williamsport dally,
3.4U p. m.
7.1 y p. in. for Williamsport. Rochester.Erle,
Luifalo aud Niagara Falls dally, except
Saturday, with Sleeping Car Washington
to Buffalo.
10.40 p. m. for Erie and Elmira dally;
for Canandaigua. Rochester. Buffalo and
, "oi.iij.ra Kails. Satnrdav nights only.'
Pullrjan Sleeping Car Washington to
Rochester. '
For Fiilladelphln, New Tork and
the East.
II fcu." dally, all Parlor Gars?, with Din
ing Car from Baltimore Regular at 7:0O
I Dining Car), 8.uO. 9 U0, 10:00 (Dining
Car), and 11:00 (Dining Car from WlP
mlngtoni a. m.. 12.45, 3 15. 4-20. B50,
10:00 and 11.35 p. in. On Sunday, 7:00
(Ulnlng Car), fe.OO, S.00, 11:00 (Dining
Cur frnm U'llmin..l,ml o ... ID-IS a-1 L
4:20, 0:50, 1000 and 11:35 p. m. Fot
Pblladelphia only. Fast Express, 7:50 a.
m., week -days. Express. 12:15p.m. weeS
days. 2:01 and 5:40 p. m. dally. For
Boston, without change, 7.50 a. in week,
days and 4:20 p m. dally.
For Baltimore. G 25, 7.00. 7.5U, 8.C0. 10.50,andIl.uOajn.,l2.lS,
12.45,12.50,2.01,3.15,3.40 (4.0U Lim
ited,. 4.20 4.36. 5.40. 6.15. 6.50. 7.10,
10.00, 10.40, 11.15, and 11.33 p.m
On Sunday, 7.00. 8.00. 9.u0. 9 03, 10.30.
11.00 a-m., 12.15,, 3.15, 3.40
14.00 Limited), 4.20, 5.40. 6.15. 6.oO,
7.10, 10.00, 10.40. and 11.35 p.m.
For Pope's Creek Line, 7 50 a-m- aud 4.3ff
P-m. dally, except Sunday. Sundays.
9.05 a.m.
For Annapolis, 7.00. 9.00 a. m.. 12.13
and 4.20 p. m. daily, except Sunday-
. Sundays. 9.00 a. m and 4.2o p a;.
Atlantic Coast Line Express for Florida
and points on Atlantic Coast Line, 4.30
a. m., 3.46 p. ra. dally; Richmond only.
10.57 a. m. week-days; Atlanta Special,
via Richmond and Seaboard Air Line,
4.40 p. m. daily. Accommodation for
Quantico. 7.45 a. m. daily, and 4.25 p.
m. week-days.
S'euMiiore Connections.
For Atlantic City (via Delaware Elver
Bridge, all-rail route), 11.00 a. m., 3.15
and 11.35 p. m. daily; via Market sue t
wharr.lO.uOa.m and 12.15 p.m. week
days, 11.35 p. m. dally.
For Cape May, 10.00, 1 1 .ou a. m. weekday:
l-3 p. m daily.
Ticket offices, corner Fifteenth and O
ctrcets, and at the station. Sixth and B
streets, where orders tan be left for tha
checking ot baggage to destination from
hotels and residences.
J. B. HUTCHINSON. General Manager.
J. R. WOOD. General Passenger Agent.
Schedule In effect June 5.1897.
Leave Washington from station corner ot
New Jersey avenue and 0 st.
For Chicago and Northwest. Vesribuled
Limited trains, 10.00, 11.45 aan., 8.05
For Cincinnati. St. Louis and Indianapo
lis. Express, 11 46 a-m. Vestlbuled Lim
ited, 3.40 p.m., express 11.30 p.m.
For Pittsburg and Cleveland, exprea
dally 10.00 a.m. and 8.50 p.m.
Fur Columbus, Toieuo and D-cruit, 11:30
p. m.
Fo- Winchester and way stations, aS:00,
all. 45 a. at., a5:30 p. m.
For New Orleans. Muiopals, Birmingham,
Chattanooga, Knoxville. Bristol and Roao
oke. 11 20 p. m. daily. Sleeping Car
through. For Luray, 3"40 p. m. dally.
For Baltimore, week-days, 5:00, G:3Q,
x7-05, x7:10. x7:3U, x8:0O. 8:30. x9:S0.
xl0:00, xl2:00 a, in., xl2:05. xl2:10.
xl2 40, x3 OO. 3.20. x4:30. 4:35. x5:05.
x5:10, X5.80, xG 20, 6:30, x8:00, 8:15,
x9:20, 11:15, xll:50 p. m.. and 12:0L
night Sundays. x7.05,x7 Ju,x7:3o,S:30, i
xa.00 a. m..xl2-05,xl2.40, 1:00. x3:0O. '
3:20, 4:35, x5:05. x5:lb, 6:30, x8:00.
x9:20, 11.15, xll.50 p m., xl2:ul night-
For Annapolis, 7 10andS-30a. m.r 12:10
and 4:30 p. m. Sundays, 8.30 a. in., 4:35
p. m.
Jfcor Frederick, week days, 8.00 a. m
11.45, 4.3, 5.30, p. in. Sundays, 9.00
a. m., 1.15 p. m. '
For liagerstown, a jlu.uu a. m. ana
a 5-10 p. m.
For Boyd and wav points, week days
8.00 a. m.,4.30,5 30. .03p. m. dunduys.
9.U0 a. m., 1 15, 7.05 p. m.
For Ualthersburg and way points, week
days, 8.oo, 9.00 a. m., 12 50, 3.00, 4:30,
4-i3, 5.30, u-35. 7.05, 11.40 p. tn: Sun
days. 9.00 a. in., 1.15. 4.33, 7.05, 10:11.
For Washington Junction and way points,
8.00 a. m., 4.30, 5.30 p. m., week days,
9.00 a. m., 1.15 p. m. Sundays.
Royul Blue Line for New Tork and
For Philadelphia, New York, Boston and
tho East, weekdays. 7.05, a.00. 10.00 a
m., 12.00. (12.40 Dining Cars), 3.0O,
15.05 Dining Car), (12.U1 night. Sleeping
Ca-. open at 10.00 o clock). Sundays.
7.05,9.00 a. m.. (12.40 Dining Cars', 3.00
15.05 Dining Car), 12.01 night. Sleeping
Car, open at 10.00 o'clock). Additional
train 'or Philadelphia, week-days, dally,
B-00 p. m.
Bufrei fnrlor Cars on all day trains.
For Atlantic City. 7.05, 10.00 a.m.
12.00 noon. 12.40 and 3.00 p.m.. weeK
dais, 12.40 p.m., Sundays.
For Cape May, 12.00 noon.
aExcept Sunday. xExpress trains.
Batrgage called for and checked from
hotels and residences by Union Transrer
Co on orders left at ticket offices, 619
Pennsylvania avenue northwest. New York
avenue aud Fifteenth street. and at Depot.
WM. M. GREENE, D. B maktin.
Gen. Manager. Mgr Pass. Tmtflo
"southern railway.
(Schedule In effect July 4, 1397.)
All trains arrive and leave Pennsylvania
Passenger Station.
8" 12 a in- Daily. local for Danvillc.Ghar
lotte and way stations, connects at Maaaa
sTis for Strasburg. Harrisonburg, and
Staunton, daily, except &undav. and at
Lynchburg with tr.e Norfolk and Western,
dallv. and with the Chesapeake and Ohio,
daily, for the Natural Bridge and Lex-
inii.lb a. m.-Dally.theUNITED STATES
FAST MAIL, carries Pullman biifrec
sleepers, New York and Washington to
lacksonville. uniting at Salisbury with
Pulltimn sfeeper for Asheville and Hot
Snrlngs! N. t'-. Knoxville. Lhattanooea aatt
Nashville. Tenn., and at Charlotte with Pull
man Sleeper for Augusta. Pullman Buffet
Sleeper New Yorkto NewOrleans.ouuneet
lng at Atlauta tot birmiiighAmaml Mnt
nlfls. Solid train, Washington to Ifew
Orleans without cnange. Sunset personally
cotiducted tourist excursion througn sleeper
on this train every Wednesday to San Pran
cisco, without change.
4 01 p.m. -Local for Front Bo vol. Stras
hur" and Harrisonburg, with connection mr
Staunton, dally, except Sunday.
4.51 p' m. -Dally, local for Charlottes
10 4S p.m. -Dally, WASHINGTON AND
TED. comuosed of Pullman Vestibufed
ITPTl r,.T. t.inspd
sleepers, dining cars and day coacHea.
Pullmau sleepers Now "tork to Nash
s dining cars and day coacnea.
m sleepers Now York to Nash
Vnn.. via Asheville. Knoxville and
noo'a- New York to Tampa, via
tte.tolumbla. Savannah and Jack-
ville. T'
r-i.n,.i..t, rilmnhlfl.
fconville; New York to lemwiis. via nir
mineham New York to New Orleans, vto
Ulanta and Montgomery. Ventlbgled day
coach Washington W Atlanta. Southern
Railway dining car. Greensboro to MonC-
DIVISION leave Washington 9.01 a. m.
dally, LOO p. m. and 4.15 p. in. dally, ex
cept Sunday, and o.o i m. dummy nnir
fnr MnnrTd TTlll: 1.32 B m. dally. eXCeiltSUtt-
, day Tor Leeburg, and 6.25 p m. datiY for
' Herndon. Returning, arrive at ashing-.
j ton 8.26 a- m. and 8.40 p. m. dally. and
8 00 P- m. uaiiy. except ouuuav, irom
! Round Hill, and 7.06 a. in. daily, except
. S11IIIII1V. Hum uuuuuu, .mu -J...-C ii. hi.
' -- . . r ...
,n v VMnt Sunday, from Lccsburg.
, .ni' ,-h tiwiiis frim th So.itll .irrive at
I Waahiuuton 0.42 a. m., 2.20 p. m. ana
' o ?r. n. m. clail:
o r. n. m. dauv. iiarnsoiiuursr. i:.u n.
m. and 9.25 p. in. dally, except Sunday
aud 8.30 a. m. dally rrom CIiarloUesvHle;
Tickets, sleeDimr car reservation and in
tonnatlon rurnlshed at orflces. 511 and
1300 Pennsylvania, avenue, and at Penn
sylvania Railroad Passenger Station.
W. H. GREEN, Geu Snpt.
J. d. CULF, Traffic Muoajjer,
W. A. TURK. Geo. Fuss. Acnt.
I- S. UUOWN. Geu. Am, i'uss. D-pu

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