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JSfef A
Circulation yesterday, 39,850
Fair; northwest winds, becoming- variable.
NO. 1,279
Kaiser William and the Emperor
of Austria in Danger.
AlarinloK Explosion in the City Dur
ing u V.s t of the Genran Monarch
to tht Emperor of Austria Au
thorities Concerned In Keeping
the Incident From the People.
"London, Sept. 20. A dispatch to tlie
Dally Mail from Vienna records au alleged
mysiorious incident in connection with the
arrival ot Emperor William at Budnpert to
day. It says that when the German Em
paror and Emperor Francis Joseph were
raued In their carriage and about to leave
the railway fetation, there was a tUarp de
touatlon, accompanied by a thick cloud of j At thl time the courthouse was packed,
smoke. 'J Ik crov a that had assembled to j Judge Pror objected to the prosecution
see the two Emperors were much alarmed (,r Hunter by the co-defendant, Gaines" at
and broke through the military lines: and i torney He bald It Had been clearly proved
fcwarmed around the carriage. ! that the indictment had teen secured to
Emperor Francis Joseph was greatly agi-1 defeat Hunter for Senator. After rrose
tated and shouted to the police to keep , idling Attorney Smith had made a short
the people back.
No further details are given, but it is
significant that the Iteichswehr and the
Neues Weiner Journal weie confiscated
this evening Tor publishing telegrams from
Budapest referring to the matter. This
1b rogarded as Indleatlug that more
happened than has been allowed to be
revealod. Doubtless strenuous efforts
will be made to hush the matter up.
Th- outer oorrehJKJiulenth of London
newiBneri make no mention In their
dispawdjes of the affair.
Itwdaiteot. Sept 20. -The Emperor Wil
liam of Germany arrived here at 10 o'clock
this mar-dug. He was greeted upon his
arrival by Emperor Francis Joseph and
his iirtnistvrp ami the Austrian archdukes."
Tins day was observed as a public hol
ldy. awl tlwasaiuls or people filled the
ttreetes to welcome the imperial visitor.
HOllBiiU OF niS I "URfcE.
Mllev Butlei's New Acquaintance
Stole His Money and Han.
Miley Utttlei, uu honest old colored man
f rm Priuoe George county, wat, robbed by
a new aeyaainiancr of a purse contain
ing $0.10 ttea- tlie Center Market about
1 obck iMh morning.
The M man came in with a Mr. Taylor,
hl6 eupkyor, with a load of produce, in-
tending to purchase his children some
slwes. He fell in with a young colored
mau, wu offered to tell him where lie
GotHtl get a lodging and bieakrast for lo
cent if he iiurclHU-ed a drink.
Tin Misuser nKed ihui if lie had any
meaey.aud rbni Butler produoed his purse
tlte btrat-er grabbed it and ran away,
leaving t.e eld nan crying for the im-lloe-
Be reixrted ti.e theft at No. 1 station.
... -.. i . .., ..-. ...!..... Im
I'erishcd in i Burning House "While
T'nrenls "Were at Church.
Columbia, S. C, Sept. 20.-Last night
Andy fci.iUB and his wife, colored, living
In the country, near Donalds, Abbeville
county, locked in their house eix children,
four of their own and two visitors from
a. neighbor. The oungebt was eighteen
nsnUts of jge, mid tlte eldest seven years.
The parents went to church. An liour
later iwiglibors beard screams in Smith's
bouse Tbey found the place in flames.
Negroes made heroic efforts to save the
children, but It was impossible to reach
them, ard all perished. When the parents
rcturnod tbey found a pile of human bones
In the ashe.
Bookkeeper Rogers Arrested for
Long Continued Embezzlement.
'New York, Sept. 20. Joseph Rogers,
who for tweotj-t-hrce years held the post
of head liookkeeper for the firm ot Fayer
Tveather t Laldew, dealers in leather belt
ing, was arrested today on the charge of
erHbeKZ-'ingtiierinn'sfunds. Theamountof
bls8tealiugls cslimaledat $15,000.
Bogeis admits stealing this much. He
ays he spent the money in betting on horse
Taces His stealings extend over a period
of from twelv e to fifteen years.
The Chill Breath of Klondike
Felt in Washington.
An Unusually Cool Summer to Be
Followed by Early Frosts Specu
lations as to the Coming Winter
Liable to Be a Cold One.
Busy day? Well, I should scy so!" re
marked one ,of the genial salesmen at
Maor &. Pettit's great double stores and
annex, in reply to the reporter's inquiry.
It was an idiotic question for the re
porter to ask, as he had already made
three unsuccessful efforts during the day
to see eiUter of the great providers; hut he
used it a an opening wedge to the con
versation, defying the time-honored cus
tom or always using the weather for the
Bur Whs wctrer wus bound to crowd ia
coiaewbere, and it presently came.
"You tee, the sudden cold snap has
reminded people that they will have to
buy some heavier clothes, and it has- kept
our olotSiing department hustling, and
the !tfg bargains we advertised naturally
made ue busy in the furniture depart
ments. "Our easy credit system comes mighty
handy When the mercury takes a sudden
Elide; 5hoy can come right here, get an
overcoat, or a mit any time at all, and
pay for it When ttiey get ready; oh.It'sa
"Do you kfiiw, I think we are going lo
have a hard winter. A cool summer
generally means either a mild or a very
hard winter, and I fancy we are going to
have a cast iron one this time."
Lumber, mill work, hardware.
Frank Libbey & Co., 6th and N. Y. ave.
ArguuifDlK Coueluded and the Cubes
Given lo the Jury.
Frankfort, Ky., Sept. 20. The speeches
In the indictment cases against Hunter,
Wileon, Tranks and Guinea for an alleged
attempt to bribe members of the legisla
ture were resumed this afternoon. Hon.
James Andrew Scott made the rkbt argu
ment for Hunter. There was a .sensational
seme at thcnut&et when Col. Scott accused
Judge Julian, attorney Tor Gaines, of niak
big the rt'ttement that all men "were for
sale from ;!.e bar to the bench."
Juchje Julian arose and interrupted Col.
Scott, faying
I did in it say it."
Gen. Scots then lead a jtatemeut he
claimed to have taken down. "I did not;
make i and bittcily rc.sentlt,"sald Julian.
'Go ahead, then," replied Bcnlt, ad
vancing toward Julian. The Judge took
his seat a. d the Incident ended.
Attorney Poli-grove reviewed the testi
ni(ny of Gaines, whom he declared he
wanted convicted rather than any of the
other. Pome one, he said, had been guilty
if perjurj. He was unable to locate the
guilty parties or he would prosecute on
thU blunge.
Ex-Chief Justice W. F. Pryor concluded
the argument, beginning at 7:30 tonight
stateii'ent, the case, at 9:,"0, went to the
jury. No -verdict is expected tonight.
Terrible Eate of Workers ill a
Blaziii": Mine.
Conflagration in a Pit car Bloc
ton, A In. Five Men Dead and
Others Missing.
Birmingham, Ala., Sept. 20. At least
five men perished in a fire In Belle Ellen
No. 2 mine, near Blocton, today. Several
other men are missing, and it is feared
have perie'ied.
The known dead are- Frank Jones, Henry
Reaves, Ritlv Fnurfax, HubbardBolling.aud
Iieranm Kamsr.
The fire ia .supposed to have originated
from a hurtled steam in pe. When dis
coveredthe flames liad gained considerable
headway, and it -was with much dif
ficulty that the mln-rs were rescued.
A bjicetal train was sent to Bloctou for as-
ststaijie. and e.iiuy men lespondpd
,,nnrtvin..r,,i'.h,ni- in.f.in
' - ' "ea"L" -". " - " ...... ,
which neatly 200 men. were at work,
were afire.
There w&sao hose to beccered with which
to fight the flnries.nnd the men fought the
fire with what means they had. Atone time
it was Iboughl the flames were lining sub
dued, but iu a few Moments the mines
looked like a volcano.
Every effort was made to reaoh the
entombed miner, but in" vain, nnd it was
decided late this afternoon to leave the
men to their fate, and the mouth of the
slope wa sealed up for the purpose of
smothering the flanes. It is believed that
the mines can be saved, though great
damage has already been done.
Outdoor Demonstration Against the
Hazleton Trngedj-.
New Yoik, Sept 20. A big mass meet
ing of organized labor and other bodies
to protest against the killing of miners at
Hazelton, Pa., will be held next Saturday
night, probably in Union Square, under tho
auspices of the Central Labor Union.
Prominent speakers will be invited to ad
dress the meeting.
The Young Men's Debating Club, which
has been organized in this city on the
Debs plan, will take part In the demon
stration. The Central Labor Federation
and other trades and labor bodies will
he invited to join.
The Plasterer:.' Society will probably
cease to influence organized labor to
stop wPrk on Saturday because work on
many buildings is urgent and the loss of
time and wages will be too heavy.
Conflicting Reports About the Elec
tions for President.
New York, Sept. 20 Dr. Eugenio San
chez Agramonte, chief surgeon of the
Cuban army, wno .arrived In this city
yesterday, called up-on Delegate Estrada
ralma today and delivered to him several
dispatches with which he had been in
trusted Delegate Palma has been informed that
owing to the non-arrival in Camaguey
tome of the wentern representatives the
national assemblj had not convened up
to September 7, and consequently, all
reports concerning the elections for Presi
dent and other officers should be received
with reserve.
Dr. Agramonte brings official advices
from Gen. Garcia concerning the capture
of Victoria de las Tunas.
Lynching Awaits His Capture.
Wichita, Kan., Sept. 20. Word has been
received here from Shawnee. Oklahoma,
of a brutal murder Saturday. John An
derson, a negro drayman, had a quarrel
with Dave Estus, a white boy, fourteen
years old, who stole a ride on his wagon.
The negro Intercepted the boy on his way
home at night and almost severed his
head from his body with a razoi;. Ander
son will probably be lynched if captured.
Joe St n rch Defeats Richards.
Cincinnati, Kept. 20 Three thousand per
sons at Hillsdale Fark witnessed the glove
fight tonight between Dave Richards, of
this city, and Joe Sturch, of Chicago,
for the lOu-pound championship of Amer
ica. John Simcoe, of this city, was ref
eree. Sturch excelled iii ring generalship
and coolness, and in the tenth round
won with a right uppercut that sent
Richards to the floor and out of the
frght- The battle was for a purse of
$1,000, and was to have been for fif
teen rounds.
The "Weather and the Coal Strike
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His Steamer Anchors in a Cape
Breton Port.
Encountered Stormy Weather .in
Baffin'-, Buy Relics of the Grey
ly Expedition Secured at Capo
Sabine Eskimos With. TeutN, Dogs
uud Sledges on Board the Hope.
New York, Sept. 20. (Copyright)-Thc
fcllowing dispatch wus received today from
Lieut. Peary, dated Sydney i C. B:
"I arrlveu at this port with my party at
5 p". n; today. AK arc well.
"Tha Ilopi camelnio thihport burning her
labt, ton of coal and with her bulwarks
smashed. Her decks had been repeatedly
swept by the furious seas of the unusually
sloru.y summer. Shu is nearly as aeep in
the wat'r as when she left here fullof coal
for the hugj Cape York meteorite, the larg
est In the worlu, is in her hold, heckled in
tens or ballast. I have ako on board six
Cane York Eskimos with tents, dogn,
fledges and canoes.
"1 n.ei all my old friends, the Eskimos of
the Smith Sound region, and they are
eager i. co-operate with me In the work of
exptor.uba to ilu north or Greenland, which
1 expect to begin next year.
'We vicJled Cape Subine and secured
relies there of the Greely expedition, most
of whose members perished of starvation
at that point. On the way North we land
ed the several parties who went with us
on the Hope, anil took them up again on
our journey south. Mr. Porter and his com
rades landed at the whaling station at
Cape Haven, uii use west side of Davis
Strait, on August 3, and re-embarked on
September i:j. Mr. Hutch Lee and his
wife left us at God Haven on August 7.
and came on board again on September 7.
Prof. Schneheu landed at Omenak ford
uu August 8. and re-einbarkedon September
2. Mr. Robert Stein went ashore on August
10, and wrb taken up again on Sep
tember 2.
'The summer in Biffin's Bay wasmarked
by almost continuously stormy weather ami
unusual scarcity of ice.
'The Hope will remain here only long
enough to coal, and will then proceed to
New Yoi'V- to land the meteorite.
'It. E. PEARY. C. B. U. S. N:"
About forty-five years ago, when Ingle
field went hack to England after his ex
plurations along the northwest coast of
Greenland, he retorted that the natives
iu the jiPighl-orkood of Cape York tipped
si.me of their weapons with a metal which
they said they obtained from some big
stones. Inglefield did not find thc-e Fioiien
nor were they discovered by any later ex
plorei until Peary, i'urii-g his second visit
to northwest Greenland, brought them to
light. Be mude a Medge Journey from his
winter quarters in Inglefield Gulf far
6oulU, to Cape York, and after diligent
search he diicovered the stones near the
nyrth shores of Melville Hay and some
distance east of Cape York.
As was suspected, the thiee rocks he
discovered pioved to be meteorites of un
common size and one of them proved te
lle by far the largest meteorite known.
Doubtless for. many generations before the
Cape York Eskimos ever saw a white
man they had chipped fagu.ents from
thet stones to give fa hard edge or point
to their knivcand harpoons. But theyaro
no longer useful to the natives, because
whalers for years past have supplied them
with knives and herpoon heads of Eu
ropean manufacture, so Peary determined
to bring them home.
In 1805 he brought back the two smaller
meteorites, but before he was able to move
the largest ot them the ice began to form
on r.lie baj and to avoid being caught in
the ice, with cerLalnty of spending tho
v inter there, he started homo without
further delay.
One ot tl.e purposes of his visit to Green
laud last year was to secure the big
meteorite, but before It was transported
to the water's edge bin machinery broke
down, aud the prize had to be abandoned
for the season. This year's attempt to
secure it has been successful, and through
the generous efforts of Morris K Jesnp,
the American MuKeum ot Natural History,
in this city, will be the future abiding
place of these objects, which, in their
fcize, and history, are the most interest
ing meteorites ever discovered.
The famous explorer has completely
succeeded in the purposes ot his visit
this year to northwest Greenland, ne
bus been as far north as the entrance to
Smith Sound, which he expects to ascend
next summer on the way to his next base
ot operations, at or near the extreme
northern coast of Greenland. He had so
fully gained the confidence of the natives
during his fortj months' residence among
them that hiB report of their willingness
to take pirt in the work he will begin
next season Is no surprise. The scien
tific parties which he landed at various
points had time to carry out researches
of value, and altogether the seventh Tearv
expedition to northwest Greenland has
promoted the large sesheme of Arctic work
ro which the explorer is giving so many
Midshipmen in the Navy.
Annapolio, Md.. Sept. 20.-Nlne alter
nates have passed successfully the examl
nallonsfor naval cadets, as follows: Walter
N. Vernon, Michigan; Charles T. Hutchlns,
Pennsylvania; William P. Bowne, Penn
sylvania; n.mlamin B. Wigant, Florida; W.
B. Fogarty. Ohio; Louis G. Cox, jr., New
Jersey; Wallace Bertsoir, New Jersey; Frank
McComr.ion, Missouri, and John D. Gillmore,
Counterfeiter Glendiein Captured.
Richmond, Va., Sept 20. William Glen
diein, the leader ot the notorious gang
ot counterfeiters at Duffleld, Va., on
whose head the Government set a price
some months ago, was captured In Floyd
county today. The output of the gang
has been very large,
Drowned in Luke Desclienes.
Ottawa, Out., Sept. 20. While crossing
Lake Desclienes, W- Holland andAlbert
Kenn, ot Hull, were upset from their boat
and drowned. A companion named Jam
ieson was iu the water all night, but
escaped by making Brittany Bay this
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Cubnus Elated Ovtjr the Latest
Filibuster Achievement.
New York, Sept. 20. Tlie Cuban colony
of New Yorit is interested ami elated
over the issuance of an "extra" by "El
Forvenli," the organ of. thc-revolutlonary
party, in wliiols the anmmnrenient id made
of the simultaneous lancllngjof three cur
goes of arms, ammunition and medical
stores en the Avestern coast or the island.
El PoTvemr says Unit the expeditions
reached a successful culmination between
the 1st and 12th of September, and that
success "was achlcvud'wilh.olttruny violutlon
of the American neutrality laws. The
credit Ib given lo the, Cubap. revolutionists
abroad, for ic is stated that the operations
of the partv of liberation, are-, not confined
to - in erica.
In the bauds of tho army of libera
tion the three expeditjons have placed
these supplies- Two luilllon cartridges,
1,200 rifles, 2,000 rounds for howitzers,
3,000 suitu of clothing, 2,000 pairs of
shoes, 300,00(1 quinine pills, a number
or boxes of surgicar Implements and med
ical stores and a quantity of dynamite.
Today's news Is the most important of
its kind that has been published since
the present Insurrection began. No previous
expeditions hnve equaled the aggregate,
of these three.
Low Buried in the Primary Elec
tion ol' Delegates.
Death of an Agedt Man Da ring:
Disturbance in" One of tho
Election Districts.
New York, Sept. 20. The Republican
city primaries tonight resulted in a prac
tically clean sweep for ttic machine. Its
delegates to tho assembly district con
ventions were elected in every district,
Including the Twenty-seventh, where
the Low men were expected to make a
strong showing. This district takes in
the Union League Club and Murray Bill,
and large eectlous of Fifth avenue.
Uf ihe x.s- u-jieuatVs elected in inui dis
trict there will probably bo a majority
or CO or more against Low when the
delegates to the city convention are elect
ed. A lively fight resulted from the pri
mary in the Thlrty.Eecond election dis
trict of the Thirty-fourth assembly district.
Tin- excitement was too much for Her
minlus lireUacher, ue-venty-two years old,
ami he died shortly after the disturbance
had been quelled- His son William is the
chairman o" the boaid of inspectors of
the district, and the primary was held iu
the Dreisacher home
Tiie young man Is a strong Low man',
and it i said that he had arranged to
bar out of the primary all but Low men.
Tl.ere -ire 123 Republicans registered In
the district. Only 'nineteen ot these arc
said to have gained admittance to the I
primary. ,
The leader ot ihe mitl-Low faction,
George B. Vorrell, jr.,, with his father,
and Francis R. Boll, a -.colored politician,
and a half-dozen, others forced their wy
Into the piimary.
Uur.ng me row that, resulted over an at
tempt to eject them, Mr. Dreisacher, the
eldr, wlio had no Imprest In the primary,""
came down stairs in bis nightEhlrt. Picking
up a cane he sailed into the fray and struck
Hell over the head. The Worrell crow d was
finally ejected. The elder Dreisacher
died within an hour. Hit son, the Worrells
and Bell were arrested.
Fight of a Deputy Sheriff "With
Angry Strikers.
Wntcrrord, Me., Sept. 20. Deputy Sher
iff Bussett and half a dozen Italians were
shot last night in the course of an ex
citing and successful attempt to rescue
two Eostou contractors, Albert Davis and
L. F. Wilson, held by. the 225 otrlklng
railroad laborers in the camp here as
hostages tor unpaid wages.
BaVsett'a experience was a most thrill
ing one. That he has nothing more than
a bullet wound in the arm is almost a
miracle- Be had a running fight for al
most a mile with the Italians, over 100
shots buinff oxohnngVd, and the air was
full of waving knives, clubs and stones.
The Rtiikers had threatened to kill the
contractors:. Bassett decided that the
captive contractors should be rescued by
strategy rnther than by force-
Be and Ptato Deteotlve Wormell drove
over after dark fiom Bethel, in two wagons,
which were left at a point Just beyond
the camp. While Worniell talked ivlth tho
Italians Bassett got an 'interview with
Wilson and Davis and gave them the hint.
All four worked their .way gradually to
ward the edgo of thecrowd, andata signal
made a dash for the wagons. Davis and
VHoii and Wormell leached theirs, and
the driver whipped up and galloped away.
Basse tt, who started laut, was surrounded
by a yelling mob of strikers, who llouriah
d knives and pistols, shouting, ''we kill,
we kill."
The flash of a dozen pistols lighted
the seem-, aud Passe t returned the fire.
Bullets whistled in every direction about
him as he clambered into the wagon and
lashed the horses. Several Italians fell:
one had a had scalp wound, another was
shot in the chest, a third had a broken
leg, and others got flesh wounds. Bas
sett was hit in the right shoulder.
The co nip is like a hive of hornets to
day, and the Norway militia company has
been notified to be Teady to march.
Suicide of an Army Veteran.
New York, Sept 20.-Adolph Lowel. a
Grand Army veterap, committed suicide
jubt bef-jre noon today in the New York
Bay Comelerv, Jeisey City, by shooting
hin.selt In ihe forehead.-AVith a revolver
l-owcl's body was founddying on a grave
adjoining the one his wife is buried in.
It is supposed that he ihteuded to shoos
himself on his wire's grave, but as none
of th" gravcsisn.atked.he inadeamlsr.ake.
His wife vas burled early in February,
Socialist Lender ,Str token.
Rome, Sept.. 20. While Signor Imbriani,
the leader of the. Socialist party in the
chamber ot deputies, was delivering an
oration today at the base of the Garibaldi
monument at Siena, the occasion being the
twenty-seventh anniversary of the entry
of the Italian troops into Some, lie was
stricken "Kith apoplexy. His condition is
very grave. -7-
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Eighteen New Cases Reported
in New Orleans.
The "Well Instead of the Sick to Be
Taken to Detention Camps and
Those "Who Are Stricken Not to
Be Taken From Their Homes to
New Orleans, Sept. 20. Tho yellow
fever record bhiudrt tonight as follows:
New Orleans, 18 new eases, total 58
Noble, one new case, total 30; Hllor.i, 4 new
cas, total 4C. an a oni death; Edwards, 11
new cuH.'o.total C8.
The local Ixinfd of health today decided
to establish ltx detention camp at Oakland
Riding Park, on Meluirlc Ridge, hi thu
rearot th1; city. It has also decided that
all persons taken sick shall be treated at
home. When yellow fever is discovered
n houses where there are a large numbei
of persons, it has been the custom in
the pubt to rem.ive the patients to the
Charity Hospital. The directors ot the
Charity Hospital arc strongly opposed to
this, and jsohit to the fact that 50 per
cent of those removed die, against only
16 per cent of those treated at home.
They attribute this greater mortality to
the shock caused to the patient by the
ltrhan been decided to remove the well to
a detention camp instead of the sick. The
biiard of health and the mayor have de
cided not to have a cleaning-up day to
morrow, as originally proposed, believing
that the digging up of the gutters would
do more harm than good, so the cleaning
is lo b" gradual and continuous.
The New Orleans publicllbrary, on recom
merdatlou of the board of health, lias
closed Its circulating department.
The quarantine sltuution continues to
Improve Tne Mississippi State board of
health has withdrarwn all quarantine
against the mall. Bayou Sara, Ii , is the
first of the Louisiana towns to accept
the proposition or the New Orleans com
mercial bodies that all goocU shall be
allowed to be brought from New Or
leans which have been disinfected and
are dccHvcd by the United States Marine
Hospital Service not to be infectious. On
the other hand Shreverwrt lias practically
shutdown alt trains Meridian, ilia,., has
adopted n curfew law, and Greenwood,
Mlas-, has ordered its churches closed.
The Untied States detention eemp at
Fontalnebleau is now in full operation.
There wero in all fifty-eight persons at
i the camp this morning. Some fifty will
reach tltere frym Mobile tonight aud 100
tomorrow. The camp will be ready for
800 by Thursday and will, it is thought,
be rilled. Those who have come to the
camp from Serunlon, Biloxi and Ocean
Springs did soon passes.
Health Officers Inclined to Believe
the Plague "Will Be Arrested.
Mobile, Sept. 20.-The following bulletin,
issued today by the board ot health, gives
a clear Idea of the situation here:
"The board of health has great cause
for congratulating the citizens ot Mobile
on the nature of the report of the status
of yellow fever during the last twenty
four hours, ending this day at noon. But
one new cae has been reported, and no
df-ath haa occurred during tho same time.
'The reports from cases under treatment,
as far as can be heard from the attending
physicians, are favorable and promises ot
speedy convalescence iu many of the catea
seems to be assured. The work of isolation,
quarantine and disinfection of the local
ities infected has been actively continued
and the board views the condition ot
affairs with much more hope and satis
Condition of Yellow Fever Districts
Given in Dispatches.
Burgeon Geneml Wymau has directed
Dr. Gulteras to go to Point Pleasant,
llo., from which point the dredge boat
Alpha broughi the two cases of yellow
fever yesterday. He is to inspect the dredge
boatstherefor other casea, and isinstructed
to put Into operation all necessary measures
for the prevention of the spread of the
disease. j
Passed Assistant Surgeon J. O. Cobb, t
who has been stationed at St. Louis, has
been ordered to Cairo Dr. Kalloch has
been ordered to look after the Alpha,
which is now on the Kentucky shore, op
posite Cairo, and to disinfect the boat
Surgeon Carter, in charge at New Or
leans, telegraphs Dr. Wyman that he
has made arrangements with the Ten
nessee; and Mississippi State boards o"
bet'ith to admit freight from New Oileaiu
on certificates to be furnished by the
Marine Hospital service.
Surgeon Gcttings, at Jackson, telegraphs
that there are two new cases of fever at
Euwardf, and that there is no fever at
Champion Hill.
Surgeon White, at Fontalneblcau, re
ports tnat six people were admitted to
the camp yesterday and that from sixty
to one hundred will be admitted today.
These people are mostly local but large
numbers of applications are coming in
from Mobile and New Orleans. Tho work
on the camp is nearly completed. It was
sontinued until 2 a. m. yesterday.
Surgeon Glen nan at Mobile telegraphs
that there Is one new case but no deaths.
The weather is clear and cold and people
are feeling easier. Jle has arranged with
the railroads to fumigate all baggage
and Issue certificates to passengers.
Surgeon General Wyman will today issue
a bulletin of the spread of the fevr to the
present tinie,iprluding the number of cases,
deaths nnd recoveries at each point where
the disease has been cliscoveied. Hereafter
during the continuance of the fever there
will be a daily bulletin.
Rumors of Yellow Fever n Feature
of "Wall Street Topics.
Now Yoik,Sept. 20. There was a rumor
abroad In Wall street this afternoon that
a case of yellow fevet had been discovered
in this city.
Dr. Ashbell of the contagious diseases
bureau of the bonid of health, said that no
case of the fever had been reported at the
bureau, nor were there at the present time
even any case's which were held under sus
plclou for Investigation. It is surmised
11 you want a rellnble carpenter
call Libbey & Co., 6th and N. Y. ave.
that the report was started for stock
jobbing p-irpojes.
Flight From the Fever.
St. Loulrf, Sept 20. The general offices
ot the Mobile and Ohio Railroad, driven
out ct M'.bilu by the yellow fever, opened
up in St. Louis Mils morning, the bonk,
cleiks, etc.. having been brought through
on a imcJ'iI train last night. The change
is only temporary.
Drculgintr Suspended at Mobile.
Wilmington. Pel., Sept. 20. -The Na
tional Dredging Company, ot this city,
wl lcli has the contract for dredging Mobile
harbor, huss'ispended operation!' because
of the prevalence or yellow fever there.
I'urty Differences Smoothed Over
A fro i' the Killing of Bordn.
New York, Sept. 20. According to a
cablegram rcrelvpd today by Thomas A
Eddy, or Flint. Eddy & Co., consul for
Uus-nay In t'.ls city, peace has been du
ctal ed iKiween the government of Uru
guay ami tl.e Insurgents, aud has been rat
ified by congref-s.
A speedy termination of the trouble,
in Uruguay was to have been expected
after the assassination of President Borda,
on August 20 last. The opposition to his
government was In great part personal
matter, so that the commissions which
have been trying to arrange a settlement
since his dath have found it possible to
smooth over party differences for a time
at least. TIip terms of the pacificatioc
have not yet been cabled.
Might Possibly Be a .Republican
Compromise Candidate.
OdIj-, However, After the Straight
Outs Have Nominated Their
New York, Sept. 20. Quite unexpectedly
today a boom for Cnauncey M. Depew for
mayor of Greater New l'ork was launched
by that gentleman's friends. Whether it
was will! or without his consent is not
known, but it Is presumed thai Mr. De-I-ew's
name would not be used no freely by
his f r'endi wi thyut home authorization by
him, or understanding that he was not
ave.v to becoming a candidate. Mr. De
pew has gone to Newport, and will re
main tliere H-iveral days- His friends today
do not hesitate to my that Mr. Dtjpew Is
the only man whose name has been men
tioned in connect fori with the mayorality
of Greater New York iu whose favor Seth
Low can withdraw.
The Low men regard the mention ot
Mr. DepeW s name in connection with the
mayoralty nomination as a good omen.
It is, tt'ey say, the only practical solu
tion that has been ottered up to date,
and, al'.hiisigh they know that Dr. Depew
has announced himself as an organization
man, they claim to believe that IfcT'niay
yet be the compromise candidate.
DiMtkb Atiorne Olcott, however, will
be uouiiuatedhy the Republican convention.
"What deals may be made after that for
the withdrawal of both Olcott and Low
from the field and the patching up of a
peace between the Plait Republicans and
the Citizens' Union and thenaming of a can
dldate acceptable to both organizations
remain to bedevdop'-d. Anlntimation that
efforts were being made to luduce Low
to withdraw in the interest of pence was
given our, by Mayor Strong today, who
bald thai the outcome or the present mud
dled condition of affairs would prubaHy
be such as outlined above.
"While I should like very much to see
Mr Low miivor .t Greater New York,"
he continued, "there is no use denying that
he would not be elected by going it
alone. He must have the indorsement ot
the Republican macuine I don't mean to
say the machine is wrong about this mat
ter, either. I f I wei e a " machinist' I would
do as they are doing.
"Seth Low Is a very plucky man. He
seldom gives up when he has once de
termined upon a course of action. He is.
however, a sensible man, and it he Is con
vinced that he cannot be elected under the
prevailing condition of affairs, I have no
doubt Kume other arrangement will be
made "
ilePnrtlnnd nnd Daly Meet.
Philadelphia. Sept. 20.-Kid McPartland
and Jack Daly were mated at the Arena
tonight in a six-round wind-up to an ex
cellent program. The two men were in
good condition, and well matched in size
and weight. There was a big crowd
present. Much disappointment wan evinced,
howr-ver, as the bout was one ot tne tames;
seen in t lis city for some time. Neither
man slid any effective fighting at any
time. Daly bad u shade the tetter ot
theencounter. Nodecisioa was announced.
Grout. Parade of "Workinjjmen.
Budapest, Sept. 20. A mass meeting of
30,000 vyrklngmen was held ia this city
today, and after the speechmaking the
vast crowd formed in procession and
marched through th-principal streets citry
ing fligs, banners, etc. Placards bearing
the rofcHpti.,n. ''No rights, no father
land, ' and diMiiandiug universal suffrage
were freelv displayed The police made no
attempt to Interfere with the meetiiig or
the parade.
An Anti-Exchange Decision.
Topeka, Kan., Sept. 20. The decision
rendered today by Juilge Foster, In the
United States circuit court, in the case
bryught, by the government agaiast the
Kansas City Livestock Exchange, is one of
the most sweeping ever inidein theFederal
court. It practically wipes the exchange
out of existence by eujoining its officers
and members from enforcing Its by-laws
and regulations.
Killed the Peacemaker.
St. Charles, Mo., Sept. 20. Herman
Mciser, a well-known young man, was
Instantly killed yesterday afternoon. Sev
eral meir became Involved In an alterca
tion and a general fight seemed imminent.
Young Meiber, it is claimed, sought to
pacify the men, when a shot was fired,
and he fell dead.
Yellow Fever In Washinm
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Minister Woodford Has Made
No Demands As to Cuba.
Sensational DIsputcli to tho Paris
Temps From Sun Sebastian An
nouncing That the American Min
ister Called for the Ending o$
"War "Without Foundation.
The dlspntch from Madrid to the Paris
Temps, published yesterday, concerning
the interview of Minister Woodford with
the Spanish minister of foreign affairs,
was premature in jumping at the condu
Ion that the statements mude by our
minister were In thesLapiOf .nultimafjim.
Tnere appears to be no warrant fur such
a conclusion being reached, although there
In a possibility that the contention of
Americ-v wtsl ultimately take that grata
The dispatch to tl.e Temps said:
"Gen. Woodford did not present any
olalir. foMndesnnity.buCconfiiicd nimself to
a very moderate exposition ot the American
commercial and induttrial looses owing
to the prolongation of the war in Cuba.
He recalled that Secretary of State Sher
man had already represented to Spain,
that !t was evidently impossible thao she
would succeed in quelling the rebellion in
a reasonable time, and pointed out that if
the war was cont-uued the island would
be to eompletelv devaluated tifut It would
ue valueless to Spain or the Cubaus.
"Grii. Woodford courteously, but firmly
urged the necessity of finishing the war,
adding that if it was not terminated beforer
tlie- end of October the United Stated
would consider itself justified iu taking:
measures to assure the independence of
the Island.
'The Bul: of Tptuau, while protesting
against the pre tensioasof the United Stated,
I underst.Kxl to have taken note of Gea.
Woouford's communication, and will fornfci
laie an official r-p;y as soon as the court;
returns to Madrid.'
The State Department knows absolutely
nothing that Ii any way justifies ich a
dispatch as the above. Minister Wood
ford, in a four-word cable to the depart
ment, says simirfy and tersely: "I ha-re
seen Tetuan." Later a longer cipher dis
patch was received, stating that the in
terview was satisfactory and or a re
assuring character. That i the sum and.
fcubstan',p of all the information received
bj the State Derartmeiit. Last night Sec
retaiy Shermai. .'aid be knew of nothing
in the nature of the press dispatches, and
beyond that declined to talk. A.Utant Sec
retary Day. in whose charge this fcufcinees
is. could not he found. Whether pur
posely or nor, he succeeded In evading:
the reporters, but frcm other sources 1c
has been ascertained that high officials
hxuph-at the. sensational features sabled
from France. Just why this news, wlrtcn
comes under the old war caption of 'ira
portant f true.' should leak out by tte
way of Paris, is n t understood.
A high otlicial of the State Department
lat ni-'bt polnt-d out to The Times the
weak features of the Parts dispatch. "I f,"
said he, "it is the intention of the United
States 'j finally give an ultimatum toSpuin,
as everybody bt-llevei will be the reswlc
of this business, the Government wonkl
not be so foolish as to do it at the
fipsl interview our new minister held with
the Spanish authorities. That is not the
usual mode of conducting matters uf thia
Eort, and the McKiiiley Administration 13
not going out of its way to do ttikigs
that are not only unnecessary aud uncalled
for, but foolish and ridiculous.
"Minister Woodford will present the case
m a diplomatic and courteous, but firm
manner, and will wait until he sees how
ids representations are taken by the Span
ish government- If no attention hs paid
to the suggestions of this Government they
will undoubtedly be followed by still more
urgent .suggestions and eventually, doubt
less, an ultimatum, or something that
might he construed as such, will n.How.
Certainly, the first stage of the proceed
ings will not be or so serious a char
acter, either by the wish of the Presi
dent or through the possible blundering ot
our minister."
The President spent a great deal of time
over the construction of the letter which
Minister Woodford took with him, a copy
ol whir h he is authorized at thepropor time
to give to the Spanish government Every
poKMl-Ie effort was made to so word that
letter tLat exceptions could betaken neither
to itstextnorlts tenor Assistant Secretary
Adet, who has h.-.d long yea rs of experience
in theconst-ructionof diplomatic notes .was
called into the conference and his advica
was accepted in the drafting of tre note.
Mr. Adee knows well how to construct
a letter within the bounds of diplomatic
courtesy and yet firm to the point. That
official studied the subject carefully and
when the letter was wriUn It was agreed
that there was no word that could give
offense, even to ,1 government that was
seeking for something offensive in any
thing that this Government might do
Onc copy of that letter was given to
Minister Yooclford, with Instructions to
guard it as he would hU life, aud the other
was sealed and carefully put away in tho
strong box ot the State Department No
copy was filed with the records ot the
department, so careful was the Adminis
tration tnat It should not get out.
It is understood that the mediation of
tliis Government was offered to Spain in
tho settlement of tht- war ia Cuba, and
that our good offices were extended Iu
tne hope that the trouble could be speedily
brought to a close. Tlie independence o
Cuba was suggested as a happy way out ot
the difficultv, and on terms which should
prov.de a suitable indemnity to Spain for
the amount she has expended in her ef
fort to suppress the insurrection.
The VreMdent Intimates to tho Spanish
government that It has absolutely lost
control ot the Island, that it has and is at
present impotent to protect the lives and
property of American citizens in Cuba. Ia
support ot this .'iss-crtion the letter enters
into details with many of which the Ameri
can people are thoroughly familiar. Tho
rhargc Is also made that the Spanish gov
ernment has failed to comply with her
treaty obligations, and In support ot this
contention abundant evidence ia furnished
of the illegal arrest, incarceration and de
tention ot American citizens.
The President takes, the ground that it
Cuba wins her own freedom Spain cannot
Continued on Second Page.
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