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ATTENTION Own your residence; from
CO Ui 100 per cent or value advanced;
eltbar to buy, build, or to relieve an
Incumbrance rrom your lionie; to he re-
gild in amounts not to exceed rent. Ad
rcBs A. I. T., this oflice be22-3t
LOANS rreoj 5 to ?B0 So reliable parties.
alo tiKmey advanced on tjli-vcles. Romi
8. Otrai Lldg..cor. 9th and Pa. ave. mv.
' S10 TO SI .000 TO LOAN
Without removal from posseau ufuWuK.
You ooa have the money tlie day you
apply foi !i Pa:tctti oh tUe pimcipal,
of nay amount . -will be received at auy time,
which wiU lessea oost oC loan
No cost to you if limn is not made.
Bttfc&iy cunfitlent'al.
Please r-i for further Information.
aall-tr-em G02Pjst :
PERSONS la vine idle money on liaud will
find a naie ti per cent real estate in
vestment at 17. i. BUILDING LOAN AS
SOCIATION, No. 1313 1" bt. mv. ce21-3t
LOANS from S5 to 50 to reliable cattliH:
also money advanced on bicycles. Jioom
8, GentrAl Bidg., Cor. 91b aud Pa. avs. n w.
LQAKb hum $5 to $50 to reliable parties,
alto ukkr'v advanced on bicvclcs. Room
B, Central 2fldg..cor. 9tli and Pa. ave. nw.
H. FULTON'S loan office, 1218 Pa. ave.
nw..untMry loaned on waicues, diamonds.
Jewelry, wHverware, etc aplO-Gra
emi. buett aj lire policies, tiockb, bonds,
oatiCU:; aweciation shure, bynaicate cer
tificates, cte No delay. y.it
BA.liR. 11 1Q F re. Tale elevator. tf
Loans made on Furniture. Pianos, Horses,
tVagotta, etc.. at lowest rates and quickest
possible Uinc. Strictly confidential. Pleas'j
call before fcecuriug loans elsewhere.
610 A' street northwest.
MUNl lo I.OAN at 5 and 0 per cent,
beeuiny. leal estate in District oi Coluiu
hin- ti.-i ilxlav Jmviiii! jm tnsilfctiun of Drop
erty aad examination of title. WALTER
. .. Hit i'lW Bb. u.
MONEY TO LOAN 51,000 upward, at 5
and 5 1-2 per cent ou D. C. real ebtate;
$250, $500, etc, at 0 per cent; all
traubactionb conducted wttu economical
consideration for borrowers.
apl6-tl 1407 F st. nw
"WANTED -One good prosper, one good
boomer. Call between 7 and & a. in.,
PHILIP l.F-DKRER-No. 1 FenlonbLne.lt
"WANlu iwo goodcanvajersforanew
linear, bumasi. m miseiiy. rare chance to
make uMlev. Address HUSTLER, 'li
offiee. Hj22-3t
WANTED -White yooog man Tor drag
store. (Mt does not tmoke. Call with
c 1702 1-2 10th s.t. nw. It
WANTED -Two tailor who under..taiul
lMMhei work: Ktoady employment. Call
1611 14tfc t. nw. be22-3t
WANTEO-Man. -witb experience as car
penter. Call after p. m., 1009 23d et.
WAKTEt J -AcarriagetritHincr . a t P E ARCE
& LAWTONS carringe works. 270S and
E71 M tsi. hw. se2l-3t-em
WANTED -Boy with cxnerience to feed
press- Apply S. V. MATCH ETT. 125
Dili ecbw. se21-3t-em
WANTED -A flrst-clgjts coach painter:albo
a boy that iuth worked at ltamttn 1 or
2 years- 21S 11th st. nw. i;e21-:it-em
WANTED A licensed engineer "wlo can
tie oord wood eawius and keep saws la
order. Apply at coal yard, cor. 7th and
I st. ee. se21-3t
"WANTED Two yoans men. Gall at
18S5 F tit. nw., bet. 10 and 4 o'clock;
baestwaat. so21-3t
WANTED One goad man; best thins out;
pay every night- BELMONT PORTRAIT
CO.. 4S1 Mlasoarl ave. nw. ?2il3t
WANTED Two KenWcmen of neat ap
pearance to sonoit and collect, xuod
pay Koaratiteed to eiMjrseUc workers; rers.
recpilred. Address COLLECTOR. tlnsoffice.
WANTED -A fine cake baker. WEi'MAN,
163-t-4.4tA st- nw. be21-3t
WANTED Flret-ciaes barber at 925 Gtn
et. aw. tc20-3t;ui
WANTED -Flrut-riass ladies1 tailors; but
pricefc; week or jaece work. DLLANY,
722 11th sU be20-3t-em
WANTED Cooks, dish -washers, waiters,
porters, driver, clerks, laborers, boys;
placat! frihed till suited. CJTi. 1S-
TELLIOEKCE OFFICE, 4S7 11 til fct.nw.
WANTED -2 lKe Workers, 2 pastry cooks;
white; 2 colored liouseworkers: small
fanifiiet,: no wasiriii- 728 13th st. nw.
"WANTED One waitress, one cttninber
matd who underatands dreiiiK hair;
m6t u excerienced and with best ret-.
only. 728 13th st. Jrw- It
"WANTED -Cashier in retail dry Roods
iMMMe: muot le ojuick, correct at figures.
Box 37 o. this office. lt
WANTED -A good girl, at 929 H st. nvr.
WANTED Sixteen white and five colored
loatalos; fiood wages; must be neat anu
reMftWe- 306 Gjst. nw. se22-3t
WANTED - 2 white Irls, German pre
rtsrrert; oae as cuuk. oUier as liousemaju;
good waea. 014 18th iiW; It
"WANTED -Colored cook, 14; chamber
liraid aud waitress, 12; private lamily;
regular places. 014 18th nw. n
"WANTED -3 colored cleaners for hotel;
go home at nights. 01-1 13th mv. It
WANTED Lady; one who understands
tailoring and busueliug. Apply ECON
OMY TAlLOUlNG CO., 1312 7 th t. nw.
WANTED Young white girl Tor general
lMoswork; references required; small
family; good iiome lor rignt person, cad
between 10 and 12 V.'ednesday aud Tlmrs
day. 1328 13th st. nw. It
WANTED Girt with experience on vests
and button holes, steady work and good
pay. 1000 7th at. nw. 1 WJ
WANTED -A girl for tailor burner, with
experience hand. S. WOLF, 727 N. Cp.
6t. se213t,em
WANTED Girl for general housework;
no washing. S1.5U per week. 1118
11th st. nw. It-em
"WANTED -White girl. 13 or 14, to care
for child 3 years old; must go home at
night. Address tL J1EN, uijb oirice. lt.em
"WANTED -Good white cook immediately;
also young wlrtte nurse. Apply Room
4, 031 F bu nw. It-em
WANTED Colored girl for light house
work: ao family wabk; no cooking: bnnp
rets.: S6 a month. 723 lltli st. nw.
WANTED -Experienced girls to work on
coats, and buttonhole makers. Apply
all week. aTANDAllD TAILORS, ntn
ondF ste. se21 3t
"WANTED Experienced millinery sale-iady
and apiWCMtuce to learn: rels. required.
ApiBy JUNG'S PALACE, 812-814 7th st.
aw. se21-3t
WANTED -A good cook and general
heubeworker; no -waslilug or ironing;
stay Bights; gtve reference. 1 109 F st. nw.
WANTED.-A neat "girl for light general
housework; refs. Call, after 5 p. iu
1303 3d Bt. nw. be21-3c
WANTLD-A white gtii to assist with
bHdri: mart stay nigh: wages, $5;
bring refs. to 1004 Vt. ave. - se2o-3t-eni
WANTED WUite girl to nakc lierbelf
gaaerally useful In a confectionery. Call
1209 H U nc. irc-3t,em
IF YOU waat a place as cook, chamber
maid, waitress, laundress, butler, call
1702 1-2 lUi st. nw. tc20-3t
WANTED -General ltouaiworkers, cliam
Bermaiab, laundrebsex, bt-aiiiretf-e.s. tlav
wurkiirs, nurses; places furnished till
suited. SHACKLEFORD , 45 11th st.
aw. se20-3t
WANTED- jokkeeper for tbelafctweek
la each month; lady preferred. Ad
drees with refs. ann KuUe salarv ex
peoted, Box 97. this office. se21-3t-em
"WANTED -Three chambermaids, 2 cooks,
3 housemen. 1 general houseworker. EX
CHANGE BUREAU, 721 13th st. nw.
WANTED -Ageiils for sick benefit insur
ance; will give twelve times, and no
lapae. Call from fe o clock until '.rjm a.
m., ai 019 F st. nw.,Room 6, bascnicnt.
srrr aiigns wanted- male.
"WANTED To Rive lessons on the piano
or string instiumenls in exchange Tor
weekly groceries, by an experienced leaclier
on (lie Instrument,. GROCERIES, tills
office. It
WANTED -A young man, IS years old,
"Would like to learn trade in bakery;
Address 1439 Ohio ave- nw. It
WANTED A home for an Armenian boy:
ageii 19; in gentleman's lamuy. Apply
to DR. KLECH, 424 E. Cap. Mi
WANTED Situation by respectable color
ed man, willing to do any kind of work.
00111907 12111 ri.. n w. te22-3t
vr anTKD A poMtiou by a yociit, ii.hu as
meat cutter; experienced at'kiiHiiK". A I
refs. Address B., 030 Acker bt. no.
se2 1-Gt.cm
WANTED -By a respectable colored boy, a
place in a private tamilv to workaround
ltoiise aud make jiliitsclf 'generally usoful:
can furnish rers. Please call or address
219 Q st. nw. sc2 1 -3t,em
WANTED A home for an American boy,
ajred 19. in fcciiUeman's lamily. Apply
to DR. KEi;CH, -124 E.Cap. &U lt.em
WANTED Suuation as fireman, or to
rnu a j-'oqm heater, or make himself Ken-
erally uf-eful: references furnished. Rear
1533 M st. nwj . se21-3t-eiu
WANTED Position by Rood loo!. keeper;
six years expenencu; five years in inht
position Al telercnces. Addres-s S. X. P.,
this offlee. It-cm
WAN1KD By a jouug; colored man, work
of any kind in the bottling business:
thiee years'" experience: or lo drive a do
llvety wagon at ihe Center Market. Ad
dies LEWIS, this office. ll-em
WANTED -A competent man wishes work
attending invalid: a home more desira
ble than money compensation. Address
TliUMAS DENTON, 908 12th St. nw.
WANTED By energelio boy. position in
mil etatcr law office; can furnishgood
rers. INDUSTRIOUS, this office.
WANTED -By a reliable young white man,
a place as engineer or fireman of sta
tionary engine; 4 years' experience; best
of ref. Address R.. 519 Queen -st., Alex
andria, Va. se21-3t
WAN'l tZD-By young colored man, position
as dibh-washor or to work around house;
not arrald or work; refs. Address J. W.
P., 820 10th st. nw. se2l-3t
W.Vft'l ED By a- vouugcolored man, place
to urive or hotel work. Address n3
lllhht.uv. b021-3t
WANTED By respectable colored man
situation in priiuvu ramilr ab waller and
to make himself generally useful; refs.
10133d bt- nw. se21-3t
WANTED By a young man of 21, em
ployment in some good businc-i.s; no cuu-
vasstng. Address or call at 15 9th bt se.
WANTED A flrs:-class while stableman
wantb work. Aauress Box 998. this
office. e20-3l-cm
WANTED By young white man, a posi
tion as Janitor, driver, work of auy
kind, can run boiler for steam heater.
J . S. A . . this office. se20-3t ,em
WANTED-Place as waiter in lunchroom
or liotel; inexperienced. Mr. W. B. B.
Cheirydale, Va. se20-3t,em
WA.SThu A place, by a fiisi-..las cook
in a rnv;-olaH familv. Please call at
780 10th st. nw. Fe20-3t,cm
IF YOU want colored waiter, butler, club
room keeper, bartender, address F. B.,
710 1st bt. se. se20-3t
WANTED By an experienced dressmaker,
work by any or week: remodeling u
specialty; terms reasonable; refs. Ad
drebs J. H. G., this office. It
WANTED Place for general housework, in
small lamily; good icrurences. Call or
address No. 1922 10th st. nw. se22-36
WANTED-By colored girl, situation as
nurse or do houseworK. 019 nair st.
sw. It
WANTED -By colored girl, situation as
chambermaid or nurse; refs. 1036 4th
st. n w. it
WANTED Washing or house cleaning by
very respectable colored woman; good
references. Call at No. 1912 14lh st. nw.
WANTED By nice white woman, situation
as plain cook in small family; reiereuces.
407 C st. nw. It
WANTED By respectable white woman,
fituaUou a.- ciuiu's nurse or invalid m
respectable family; besb of references.
Apply 50 C st. nw. se22-3t
WANTED Place by acolureu girnocook,
WHt-li and Iron, or uo general housework
m small family; can give good refs1. 942
thj-tnw. lt-em
WANTED Situation to do general house
work in fcmall lamily; good relb. 204
S st- nw. 1 t-em
W AN x u lis two i copectablecolored girlx,
plates as cliamleimald and cook in Louse
touuUier; go lHiiue at nights. Call 22 day
at 2404 7th st. nw. lt-2m
WANTED Situation asgeneral housework
w, small family. 2731 Rocks court nw.
It, em
WANTED -Situation to do gcnernl house
work In small family. 1909, rearor.l 2th
st. aw. lt-em
WANTED -A nurse place, by a colored girl
17 years old; good references. Address
.MABLL LEL, tills office. ll-em
WANTED -Situation as cook, chamber
maid or nurse: refs. Call or address
No- 450 Franklin st. uw. lt-em
WANTED Woman desires situation to
attend incubators, brooders, etc.; 14
years' experience. VAUGHAN, Garfield,
Fairfax county, Va lt-em
WANTED -Washing to fe home- Call
or address 450 Franklin sc. nw. lt-em
WANTED By a respectable colored girl,
situation In private family to do gen
eral housework; good rer. furnished. Ad
dress 1115 3d st. uw. be2l-3t
WANTED By colored Woman laundrv to
bring home; or work out by the day; ref
erences furnished. 2112 Va. ave.
WANTED -By a good laundress, washing
at ironic or out; refs. 1827 T st. m.
WANTED By two country'girls, general
housework, chambermaid, nurse, (lav's
work or washing. 1702 1-2 10th st. nw.
WANTED A respectable colored woman,
can furnish rels., from last place, 5
years, would like a place as cook in pri-
vate family. 010 2d st. sw. sc2l-3t
WANTED Lady, stranger in city, would
like sewing in dressmaking establish
ment, or in families. Address BOX 15,
thiofficc se21-3t
WANTED Situation as chambermaid or
general houseworker. Call 627 R. I.
ave. nw. se20-3t-em
FIRST-CLASS cooks, laundresses, nurses.
chambermaids, waitresses, butlers and
coachmen can be had at 1620 Madison st.
PROPRIETORS send postals as usual for
your country and City servants: besL n-f.
Tl'ft 1 MM. cr.. nw moo..
728 13th St. nw
THE EXCHANGE RUREAT7 furnishes all
kinds of help free; references investl
gatcd. 721 13th Et. nw. se2-7t
IF YOU want reliable help drop a postal
to Mrs. MOORE, 300 G st. nw : no com
mission. se22-3t
WANTED -A Virginia family experienced
in hotel iMisiuess. can accommodate a
few more boarders, with nrst-class board
and homo comforts; reasonable. 951
Mass. ave. nw. se22-3t
BOARD Wo can furnish you with first
class table board for $15 per month. 718
12th st. uw. be22-3t
"WANTED"-Small" truck or" stock furmto
take care of. or work on shares, by
man and wife from country. Address
FARM, this office. sc21-3t
WANTED -Will rent small farm for 1, 2
or 3 years, at or near a railroad station
Mil. preferred: give mil description and
price. Address TENANT, this office.
IVAM'hU- For cash, all kinds or old Untied
Stales postage and department stamps;
collections also bought U. i. DUNK
HORST, 1005 7io st. nw. au9-tx
WANTED 7 rm.-house, Oct l; rent. 15.30
to 18. Address PERMANENT TEN-
ANT, this office. sc21-3t,em
WANTED -House to buy, near Washing
ton Clrcle,or 1 5th and P, on lettered street,
south side preferred; large back yard; 9
rooms; cash, or exchange for suburban.
Address E.. this office. se21-3treni
C'ityi'& 8S.-,V' -.'-','p '9'jyb 3k.'' 0 I I
HUH onuv ohe ctT i iqh . HHH I
$ : I
" r 4 " " WOiiRY ' I
.1, 1....,..,, . , ' i ' ., , ,.,., My makiiig y our wants known in
t The Times I
! . YMBA Want ?
. Columns 5
I Circulation Guaranteed. .Mifcf-1--
$ The Way in Which to Reach the People Who Need Help.
0 J
I HHii oflvrt mi- GT 1TOB- BBB I
WANTED Bv dressmaker, 8 or 4. un
furnished rooiris, fitbt-or second floor;
irus. heat and bath: or a small flat bet.
Pa. ave. and K St.. 9th and 14th sts. nw.
Address Box 25. this office. Eo22-3t
WANTED By married couple without chil
dren, two or three furnished rooms tor
light housekeeping in nice iielghhornood;
convenient to G. P. 0.; no fanoy prices;
give price and location. G. C. J., this of
lice. sc22-3t
WANTED -3 unfur. rooms; heat and gas.
rent not to exceed iiii. Address a i
E., this office. se22-3t
WANTED -1st floor, 3 rooms; unfur; rent
not to exceed $12. Address E. II. F.,
this office te22-3t
WANTED -A large fur. front room on the
9th st. car Hue; north of F; for gen
tleman and wife. Address ROOMER, this
office. It
WANTED -2 or 3 unfurnished rooms; light
housekeeping: letwcen7tli and 12th and
below K At. nw.; not more than $15. II. F. ,
tlilb office. se 22-3 1
WANTED 3 unfur. rooms on 1st or 2d
floor, with water on same floor; not to
exceed $10 per month. In nw. Address
E. K.., this office. se22-3t
WANTED Two unfur. rooms; 2d floor;
west of 17th st.; mubt be cheap; state
price.Addreai 17, this oftlce. It
WANTED Two unfurnished rooms, and
board, in a prhate family for young
couple; price not to exceed $30; aud near
car line, no answer considered unless price
is stated. Address BLOOM, this office.
WANTED -Lady with one child wishes
to rent oue or two unfurnished rooms;
rent not to exceed $5 or 56. M. "W., this
office. lt
WANTED By October 1, 3 unfur. room,
3d floor, for light housekeeping, by lady,
in cleau, rerinea bouse, between , il and
5th and 12th sts. nw. Address NEAT,
this offico. se21-3t-em
WANTED By a young lady a nicely fur
nished room with board, In private fam
ily, terms reasonable; miiiX be near car line.
Address T. H.,thls office. se2l-3t
WANTED 3 unrur. rooms and board; 2
adults; must be near G. P. 0. Call
after 5 p. in., 74 K. st. ne. se21-3t
WANTED Fur. room In private family
not too inquisitive. Address WILLIS,
this office. sc21-3t
WANTED 3 unfur. room6; heat, gas, and
bath; privilege of friend; bet. C and C,
1st and 11th sis. east. Address E. E. E.,
this office. se21-3t
WANTED By young gentleman room and
board in refined boarding-house, nas
some furniture; 2 or 3 meals a day. B.,
359 l-2Pa. ave. nw. se2l 3t
WANTED - 2 unfurnished rooms; rent ndt
to exceed $10; with heat and light; in
nw. Address QUIET Z., this office
bt . - it e n
WAN. r.D-By settled lady, 2 unfurnished
rooms, northwest or 7th st.; $6 per
month. Address PUNCTUAL, tills of
fice. sc20-3t
FOR RENT Pleasant rooms; good I oard;
near Patent, Post and Pension Offices:
refs. exchanged; 612 3d st. nw. be22-3t
FOR RENT-718 12th st. nw., entirely
renovated, quiet home: large, well-heated
rooms, rurnishedor unfurnished, with hoard:
Southern cooking; terms moderate: table
boarders taken. 6e22-3t
FOR RENT With first-class board, fur
imbed 2d btory front room, with alcove.
1112 10th st. nw. 6e21-3t-em
ROOMS and board, at oil 13th -bt. nw.:
house newly furnished and under new
management- refs exchanged. se21-7t
FOR RENT-215 A st. se., 7 doors rrom
new Library; 4 large, sunny rooms In fine
house; private family of 3 adults; English;
gentlemen only; board and room, $20 per
month each; room for bicycles. se21-3t
FOR RENT $4.50 per week for lovely
front room lor two, wMi good board;
splendid location. 716 lath ht. nw.
sel9 7C
WANTED Paperiianging done at the
lowest prices; first-class work. Drop
postal to F. PARRIS, 1210 5th st. nw.
WANTED -Light carriage in good" condi
tion; surrey preferred. Send description
and price to J. E. F., this office. It
CASH paid for old gold and silver at ANS'
. LEY'ta JEWELRY STORE, 505 4 1-2
St. sw. se22-6t
WANTED Piano; good make and service
able instrument; pay cash or iustall
ments. Address C. E., tills ofllco. b e2 J -3 1
WAAlr.D-At the Dig secouo-haiid store,
SINCLAIR'S, 620 La. ave., show cases,
More fixtures, cook stoves and furniture
of all kinds; money advanced on storage
without interest; attend our Tuesday auc-
tion sale. 6e21-6t-em
WA NTED Second-hand steam table. 1428
N". T. ave. fee21-3t-em
WANTED Second-hand open Franklin
coal s'ove. Address Dr. FRANKLIN,
this office; se21-3t
WANTED A few young men to learn
shorthand from a stenographer experi
enced in court reporting; terms $5 a month:
special traiuiug will be given Tor civil
service examinations. Address TREAS
URY, this of flee. se21-3t
WANTED -Party or adults want a tmall
family to take a first-class hoube with
them in the nw., near 14th st. Address
SCOT"!', this office. be2u-3t-em
WANTED -Sewing in families, or at home.
1. L. L., this office. se20-3t-em
WANTED To purchase, a wall case, suit
able for a circulating library. At 319
4 1-2 st. sw. se20-8t,em
WANTED A second-hand Dayton wagon;
2 or 3 seats. Address T. M. L this
office. - e!8-7C
FOR SALE One wheel; used a short time;
cheap. COOPER'S STABLES, bet. 13th
and lath, aud H and I sts. nw. se22-3t
FOR SALE-Lady'e Columbia bicycle in
good condition: cheap. 941 o et, nw.
FOR SALE-$S5; brand new '97 wheel,
used one week; need money;for$28. Ad
dress $28, this office. , se20,3t,em
FOR SALE A new $80 high grade bicycle
to an Immediate purchaser ror $30 cash.
Apply to NEUMAN & SON, Oil 7th t.
uw. sel9-tf
FOR SALE-Bidcrs, attention! By order,
of the different storage houses we repre
sent, I am ofreriug all high-grade bicycles
and tandems for ladies and gents at the
greatest attractive slaughtering prices of
the year. Advances mad1 on these goods
must be collected, and, therefore, above
sacrifices will be made. Such hlgh-gradu
bicycles aa Syracuse, Bambler, Columbia,
Worlds, etc., etc, new and slightly uueu,
will be offered at this, the greatest bar
gain s-ale of the year. Sundries and parts
will be sold also, and no reasonable oifer
will be refused. Bicycles bought outright
and exchanged, and taken on storaire.
FOR RENT Large first and second floor
front rooms; terms very reasonable. 1735
G st. nw. e22-3t
CAPITOL UILL-Funilshed rooms, in
suites or single; on 2d and 3d floors;
facing north and south; furnace heat; op
posite the Library?., bet. .Met. and cable
liiieb; no children. Address OPPOSITE,
this office. Be22-3t
FOR RENT-70G "13lh st. 'nw., large
rooms, 2d and 3d floors; front roomv.
have three windows. te22-3fc
WANTED Columbia student desires a!
youug man to share hia room, to reduce
expenses. Ai'dress STUDENT, tills of
fice. 6e22-3t
FOR RENT ricasant furnished rooms;
southern exposure: very reasonable;
smaller rooms, $5; heat, bath and gas: near
cars. 201 D st. nw, se22-3t
FOR RENT -2d floor front room: fur.; with
board: suitable for 1 or 2 persons; all
conveniences: terms very low. 003 Mass.
ave. nw. . se22-3t
FOR RENT At 830 12th st. nw.,parloi
berirfiiu, Lall room, id story Iiout. cor-
house, opposite park. se21-3t,em
FOR ItENT Large room, furnished, or
very large from room, furnished; with
or without Loard, price very reasonable.
946 L st. nw. lt-em
FOR RENT Comfortably Turn, mm., S5,
$6 and $8 a month; German and French
spoken. 2317 M St. nw. 1 t-em
FOR RENT -214New Jersey ave. nw.,large
2d-floor rront room, Tor rent with or
without board; best of references.
"Miit uNT Rooms, Apply to 1017 14th
st. uw. 1 t-em
FOR RENT Large, uicely furnished front
room; all conveniences; quiet neighbor-
hood. 1347 F st. ue. te21-3t-em
FOR RENT Nicely furn, rms.. opposite
Peuslon Orflcc. on 2d and 3d floors; at
So. $8 and $10 per mouth; private family.
449 G st. nw. It-cm
FOR RENT 940 N. Y. ave, nicely fur
nished and unfurnished rooms. se21-8t
FOR RENT Two lovely 2d-floor rooms;
furnished for liglit housekeeping. i23
2d atnw. se21-8C
FOR ICENT-Comrortably fur. rooms; $6
and $8. 423 4th st. nw. se21-3t
FOR RENT-Large rront room, furnished
or unfurnished; hot and cold water;
reiit cheap. 627 9thst.ne. se21-3t
FOR RENT-Vcry reasonable, to adults
only, 5 large roqmat lat and 2d floarsi
will rent partly fur. or uniur.; privilege
of light housekeeping.' '1224 6th st. nw.
--. 1 se21-8t
FOR RENT 645 2d at. ne.. two nice
2d-story rooms, fur", or uniur., lor i.ght
housekeeping, large alcoye In front room;
newly papered and painted; a. m. 1., rent
moderate. ' -1 . se 2 1 -3 1
FOR RENT Three furnished rooms, with
heat, gas and bath; together or singly,
low rem. 444 1-2 U st.YW., next to store.
I OR RENT Rooms; furn. or unfurn. 203
G st. nw. Ee20-3t.ern
FOR RENT Two or , three nicely fur
nished loums, u.dr bureau, and board:
very reasonable. 216 13 1-2 St. sw.se20-3t
FOR RENT -One "front room, furnished;
corner house. 1437 U St. nw. se20-3t
FOR RENT-Twbco'mniunicating rooms,
2d floor; furnished or unfurnished; also
furnished hall rooro,o$3,-per month. 613
N. J. ave. ii w. bc20-3t
FOR RENT- 1422' N 1st. nw.; 2 large and
elegant communicatingrooms, on 3dfloor;
furnished or unfurnished; single or en
sulte se20-3t
FOR RENT -1102 N. Y. ave. nw.-Large
jur. nidius, ivitiror witnout l ard, .
liglit housekeeping: fine location.
FOR ItENT-Fur. rooms: 3 roomi on 2d
floor; $9, $10 and $15; 2 rooms on 3d
floor; $5 and $7. 1013 16th nw.
FOR RENT Nice fur. room, with bath,
for department gent., cheap. 2131 Ward
Place nw. Eel8-6t.em
FOR RENT-Desk room at 610 9th st. nw.;
$1 per week. sel8-7t-em
FOR RENT Fur. and unfur. rooms: $7
upward. 929 N. Y. ave. nw. aelri7t
FOR RENT Front parlor; first floor; un
furnished; with heat and gas; $10; also
other rooms furnished; will rent cheap;
first-class neighborhood. 207 G st. nw.
FOR RENT-Four beautiful fur. rooms,
suitable for gentleman and wire or6ingle
gentleman; all mod. imps. 1 11 0 5th st. n w.
sel5-2 w-cm .
FOR RENT Unfurnished rooms on 2d and
,r.u, oors; reasonable rent to quiet parties.
704 L st. nw. se22-3t
FOR ItENl 3 rooms on second floor, un-
furnished, $14; 2 on third, $10: hall room,
furnished, $4; month; board, $14. 17 E
st. nw. se22-3t
FOR RENT-3 nice unfur. rooms, with
heat, gas and bath; on 3d floor; suita
ble for light housekeeping. 215 1st st.
n-y- se22-3t
FOR KENT -2 unfur. front rooms; pri
vate family. 9 1411th st. nw. se22-a t
FOR RENT Unfur., three large rooms on
second floor for housekeeping; heat, gas
?S V,atn. ,,,J other roomers in the house.
126 D8t. no. se22-3b
FOR RENT -Unfurnished, 2 large rooms on
1st or 2d floor; north and kiiUii i
sures; all modern conveniences; no house
keeping 6.12 iUassaynsji21:;3t-eni
FOR RENT-Unrurnlshed rooms, large and
small, with all conveniences; hot and
cold water. 622 I st. nw. se21-3t
FOR RENT -2 unfur. communicating rms.
on 2d floor; heat, gas and bath; $10; 2
squares rrom electric cars. 214 1 1th st.
fce- se21-3t
FOR RENT-Cheap, 2 2d-floor, unfur. com
iiiunlcating rooms for housekeeping;
all mod. imps.; nice neighborhood. 158 Fat.
ne- " sel8-6t,em
FOR RENT-A flat of 3 rooms, fur., on
""'" . ou tuigu lunula uu jlbi. iioor;
light housekeeplng;rentrea6onable. 2106 G
st. nw. sel7-3fc,em
uu RENT Flat of 2 rms. ou basement
flooi; large front, rm heated by steam:
rent low. Apply 208 F at.nw. se20-3t,er::
FOR RENT-924 9th st. nw., next Mt.
Vernon Flat, 1st and 2d flats: large;
light; modern; rets. stlC-6t-eni
FOR RENT Nice upright piano; cheap.
Address UPRIGHT, thisoffice. It
FOR KENT Good stablS, with 2 stalls.
also sheds for 2 wagons or carriage:
only $6 per month-. Apply 438 Mass-.
avc-jnw. ! se21-3t,em
TYPEWRITERS rented at reduced rates,
With privilege of purcnase: standard
nJaVi?.s,: P'ellminary'instruclionfree. NEW
n"w- au28-3m.em
REAL' Es'tATe' riUTLETIN , -
2110 O stnw.b h,17 rms $20,000
1420 20th stnw.bh. 12 rms 10,000
1733 R btnw.b h,12nn& 15,000
1731 R stnw, b h, 12 rms 10,000
467 Mo uve, b h, 13 rms 10,000
1313 D st uw, b h, 12 rms $25,000
1309 2otii stuw.b h.9 rms.... 22,000
u Wisconsin ave nw, r h, 17
rms ..
53 I st nw, b b, 14 mis
44 M stnw, b h, 10 rms
1833-1839 Corcoran bt nw, b h,
9 rms
413 N Y avenw, b h, 8 rms
014 loth bt uw, b h, b rms $25,000
Kl. ig O'Brien court, b h,4rms.. 20,000
inoJ ai.&c.fet w, t h ir,,ioo
909 and 911 llthbt nw.f h,7rms 12,500
rrame cottage, Wesley Heights, 9
,,r'us 7,500
110b 21st st nw, f h, 5 rms 6,150
1819 Vt ave and 1810 10th 6t
nw, 0 aud 7 rms 6,000
194011th bt nw.b h, 8 rms 5,500
1003 19th stuw.bh. 6 rms 4,270
p- L 6t uw.b h, 6 rms 3,500
1115 N J ave nw, f h. 6 rms.; 2.X00
?, , - "rf uu.u aiB l st se, b h, 4 rms 2,400
iiir. iwoeuaio st ue.o n, onus....
iV9,?-lnK I'hice ue. b h, 6 rms....
310 O bt sw, b It, 0 rms
?lf2 K. bt se. f h. 5 rms
359 O st sw, f h, 5 rms
2024 I st.uw.,9 rms
1909 13tlist.uw., lorms
919 H st.iiw. ;.
319 S. Cap. st. se.,10 rms
91 1 N.O ave. se., 8 rms
410 9th s;.ne.,6 ims
1121 12th st. ne., 7 rms
2000 12tl!st.nw.,0rms
513 S st. nw.,0 rms
420 8th st.sw.,6 rms
1014 3d st. ne.,6 rms
219 10th st. be., 10 rms
l-il2 Sampson st. nw.,7 rms ....
1807 6th6t.nw.,4rnis
Stable rear 1314 Mass ave.uw.
Stable rear 334 C st. uw
Str.anddwg., 2211 7th st.nw..
Str.anddwg., 1029 4th st.ne. .
.$125 00
50 00
18 00
16 00
15 30
Thl lrV tti nillv 1, r.r.rtA".V Ihn nw..
erty on my books, tor full list call at
of lice Tor bulletin issued on the 1st and 15th.
i i 1-' street northwest
iOR BALt, OK RENT-At Herudon, Va..
11-room house aud outbuildiugs; 12
acres or land; apples, pears, grapes, etc.;
2 minutes rrom railroad station. For
further particulars call at room 11 3d
floor Treasury Dept., or addresb OWNER,
box 27, Herndou, Va. sel5-7t-em
FOR RENT -Oct. 1, ToiS F st! ne; 7
rooms and bqth; electric bells and light
ing; Slb.50. Apply 517 1st ne.
FOR RENT-llouse; furniture for sale; 16
room house; completely furnished; lor
room renting; only five minutes' walk from
Pa. and B. O railroad stations; cheap
to a cabh purchaser. Inquire at 009 E
st- nw. sc22-3t
FOR RENT-432 Q st.nw.; house opeu;"5
roomb; hall, range; bath; gas; new paper
ing; back building; parking; large back
yard; arranged for two families; improve
ments finished; $20. se22-3t
1313 Georgia ave. se., 6-r. brick, water,
yard, stable, etc., $11.30; also
4122 Conduit Rd., 6-r., porch, cellar,
stable, water, crazing, etc.. near
. Wash. G. Falls R. R , $10.
Kejt1848jith st.nw. se22-3t
FOR RENT-413 Spruce st., Le Droit
Park, large cellar, piazza and bide
yard, la desirable neighborhood; posses
sion Oct. 1. Apply 815 T st. nw.
FOR RENT 1433 Rhode Island ave , 12-
rooms; basement, eligible bituatioii; $05;
visible rrom 2 to 4; afternoon; condition
KoL elLt
FORRENT Elegant 8-room and bath brick
nousa.withall modern conveniences, near
Mt. Pleasant ; reduced to $19 oer month, to
immediate tenants. Apply to LOUIS P.
SHOEMAKER, 920 F st.nw. sel9-tf
FOR RENT-119 N. Y. ave.. press brick,
bay window; 7 large rooms and bath; a.
m. 1.: concrete cellar. Apply 1L'4 N at. nw.
FOR SALE-Neat cottage, In Langdon; B.
& O.; all modern improvements, water,
heat and gas; terms very easy. GEO. L.
STABLER, 103 Pa. ave. nw. se22-3t
FOR SALE Store on 7th st.; brick front,
3 storios, 9 rooms, cellar and stable; lot
20x90 to 12-ft. alley: $8,500; $2,500 cash
DANIEL & ARMAT, 1313 F st. nw.
FOR SALE 5-room house; all mod. imps.;
for $1,360 cash; 1509 Gale st. ue. In
qulre 1507 Bcnning road ne. 1 1
$1,000 CASH, balance on time, will buy
property worth $7,000: tenanted and
renting for $59 per month. Address
OWNER B, this office. se21-5t,em
FOR " SALE Eight-room presse d brick
and cellar; No. 1 location, $3,350;
6-room brick, D st. ne., near 2d, $1,600;
5 room frame, 11th st. be., near D, $1,250.
JOHN F. DONOHOE, 308 E. Cap. st.
FOR SALE-Choanest house In Washing
ton; new 3-storyi bay-window pressed
brick, on 4th st. ne.; containing 7 rooms,
bath and reception hall; only $3,600-$300
cash, balance $20 per month; cheaper than
rent. GRAHAM & CAMPBELL, 017 14th
st. nW. sc21-3t
FOR SALE-Homes built to order in North
west Ecklngton, adjoining the city; guar
anteed to bo an 8 per cent invest,. .ei
on purchase price when rented; little cash
required to own your own homo aud stop
paying rent. Call for particulars, DANIEL
& ARMAT, 1313 F st. nw. se20-3t,em
..-. i- .iUHIA ,'.
FOR SALE-Cheap; two elegant grocer's
wagons; two pony pnaecons; all second
hand. FLYNN & BLOUNT, 217 7th st.
sw. it
FOR SALE A handsome and stylish rig.
831 22d at. nw. .se22-3t
FOR SALE -Sorrel horse, 6 years old and
sound; alsj good business horse; 1 lady's
phaeton buggy, nearly new, cost $200, ror
75. Cnll after 4 o'clock, 941 M st. nw.
FOR SALD-Gray mare; fine aTIikand
good driver; owner has no use for her,
and needs money; must be sold this week.
FOR SALE-Cheap; 2 buggies, 1 spring
wagon, lhorse. Apply-in rear of Meyers'
Hotel, Pa. ave. bet. 41-2 and 6th sts.
nw. se21-3t,em
FOR SALE 1 covered wagon; 1 phac
toii. cheap. SOU H st.nw. Esi-4l-em
FOR SALE 2 wagons, 2 buggies, 2 lur
ries ,1 trap, 6 sleighs; also 2 cheap horeei;
these goods an left to be sold: nothing in
reason refused. 927 D st., next Merchants'
Parcel Delivery Co Jy29-tr,em
From Station, 13 1-2 St. & Pa. Ave.
In Effect May 9, 1597.
r- ?r Alexandria (week days). 6.30, 7.05,
iR:. ex'! 8-00- 8.30. ex.; 9.00. 9:50.
t,' cx-' 11-00. 11.45 a. m.; 12.05, ex.;
12.20, 1.15. 1.45, 2.05. ex.; 2.40. 3.00.
ex.; ;j.3o, a.oo. ex.; 4.15, ex.; 4.4G. 5.03,
O.20, ex.; 5.40. 6.05. ex.: 6.25. 7.00. 8.00.
9.00,10.00, 11.20, 11.59 p. m.
kJ,r Alexanh-ia. (Sunday only). 8.00.
9.00, 10.00, 10.30, 11.00. 11.30 a. m.;
12 noon; 120, 1.00, 1.30, 2.00. 2.30,
p0',3'a0' 4.00, 4.30. 5.00, 5.30, 6.00,
bJ0, ,.00, 8.00, 9.00. 10.00, 11.20 p.m.
torMouafc Vemon.Dyke and WavStationa
VSI't days), 0.30. 10.05. 11.00 a. m.
105, 1.15, 2.05. 3.00. 4.00. 4.15 o. ni.
l'or Dyke aud Riverside, 7.00, 8.00 o.m.
ia or. iIo'ut' Vernon and Way Stations.
JA1natty on'y'i 9.00. 11.00 a. m.. 2.00.
4.00 p. m.
For Arlluirton and Aaueduct Brldce
I week days), 8.00. 8.30. 9.00. 10.05.1 1 .00.
iv5.a- m- 12.05, 12.20.
3.00. 3.30, 4.00. 4.15. 5.20. 6.05. 0.25:
7.00, 8.00 p. m.
for Arlington and Aqueduct Bridge
'Sunday only), 8.00, 9.00, 10.00. 10.30,
11.0Q, 11.30, a. id., 12.00 noon. 1230,
1.00, 1.30. 2.00, 2.30, 3.00. 3:30, 4:00.
1.30, COO, 5.30, 6.00, 6.30. 7:00, 8:00
p. ra.
Bnggt-ge checked free for passengers
holding first-class tickets at Station. Bi
cycles, 25 cents each.
Br. T0DS&,
Cor. 12th aadF Sts.
Treats SUl-cesMiillv nil dlsensi'S of ttin
Npse, Throatj Luiigs, Heart, Nerves, Brain,
Blood, Skiu, Stomach, Kiuueys, anu iiiau
der, Night Losses, Sexual Weakness, Stnit
ure, Yarlc-ocele, Hydrocele, Syphilis and
all Special Diseases of either sex. Con
sultation und Urinary Analysis Free.
The highest fee charged, whether you
have one or more diseases, is
5.00 A
Which Includes AH Medicines.
Hours -10 to 12 and 3 toC, dally; Sun
day.JitoJLJ se22-tfexSu
tells life from cradle to grave: luck given
free Tor one week; fee, 25c- and 50c. 73
H st. nw.; from 9 to 8. It
MADAME RETTA, Clairvoyant, medium,
and card reader, 25c and 50c No. 510
E st. nw. se22-4t
Medium and card reader; Washington's
mo3t famous clairvoyant and palmist: con
sult her on business, love and family af
fairs; reunites the separated; removes
spells; causes speedy marriages, and gives
good luck, open daily; German spoken; 25o
and 50c. 929 H st. nw. ae22-14t
MRS. E. C. CURTIS, 702 Othsi. nw., gives
, inassage bath, manicure and cbirot.odtbt.
till 9 p. m. se21-7l,cm
A GEN"lMAN would like to make the
acquaintance of a young lady fond of
geueral pleasure and enjoyment. L.,
S. M, this office. It
MR. BRACKEN, assisted by his wife,
the celebrated test mediums'; sittings
daily, from 10 a. in. to 8 p. m.; gents
$1, Indies 50 ceutb. 58 H St. nw.
se2 l35,em
MADAME LA RUE, medium, card, and
palmistry; tells past, present, aud
future; takes off siiells; gives good luck.
Call and see the gifted Iadv; price, 50
cents; hours from 9 a. m. till 9 p. m.
1223 1-2 F Et. nw. se21-7t,em
THE -3 DAI'S" CURE (for men) leads
all remedies in this city: a prompt and
permanent cure ir no .bp.re". consultation
free. DR. McKEEHAN, 7ifi 12th at. nw.
PROF. CLAY-OIdcst established medium
advertising in this city; consult him on
business, lawsuits, divorce, speculations,
separations, love or family troubles; can
tell you anything you wish to know; brings
separated husband and wire together;iiak'is
sweetheart or lover true; camvsinarrlngea;
removes spells or mysterious Teellnejs. gives
luck; Tee, 50 cents; hours, 10 to To dally.
489 H st. sw. se2l-3t
WILL MRS. CHAS. 8TEPPEN kindly com
municate with OWNER, No. 312 10th
st. sw. New York papers please copy.
NO CHARGE Tor consultation. H. D.GOR
DON, Lawyer, 1321 F st. nw. se21-3t
COME on, get 'em while they're hot.
We have a splendid lot of elegant custom
made suits and overcoats (worn a tririe)
for a price that will surprise even vou.
Don't wait any longer. JUSTH'S OLD
STAND, 619 Dst. nw. se21-7t
MRS. BRIGGS, clairvoyant; advice on all
subjects; chroulo diseases cured; no
medicine. 821 11th st. nw. Mascot c.!
ors on sale. Be20-3tem
If you wish to consult a medium, why
not see the best?
Mme. LAf$OfT,
The Master Mind of
cii Ant voy a :s c y,
Tjhe Exponent of High-Grade
Will give you truthful and reliable infor
mation and advice on business affairs,
marriage, love, divorces, separations, pen
sions, ueeds. wills, lawsuits, travels, lost
or stolen property, etc.. names given, no
matter whaUtrouble you may have, call on
this girted woman; she can help you out of
all dirflculues, absolute satisfaction guar
anteed; ieriuan and English spoken. Resi
dence, 1303 G st. nw. sel3-lmo
overcoats made to order; best custom
work: first-class fit guaranteed; credit ir
you desire: easy weekly or monthly pay
ments; business strictly confidential. Ad
dress PHOENIX TAILORING CO., this of
flee. sel2-tf
MME. DAVIS, born Clairvoyant nnd card
reader; tells about business; removes
spells and evil influences: reunites the
separated, and gives luck to all; cures
piles and drunkenness. 1228 25th st. nw.
In obstetrics: gold medal awarded for the
6dence of obstetrics from fhe University
of Munich, Bavaria; treat3 successfully
woman's complaints and Irregularities; pri
vate sanitarium for ladles before and dur
ing confinement. Orrico hours from -J a
ui. to 6 p. m.,No. 619 Pa. ave.nw.
UOO street iNortnwest.
Uold fillings and bridge work a spe
cialty, at the lowest pilce; amalgam idl
ings, eoc; full sets of teeth on plates, $5;
extracting, either by gas or local spray,
absolutely painless, 50c; without, 25c;- all
work done by experts, and guaranteed the
best; open on Sundays from 10 to 3
o'clock. mh22-tf
Dr. Leatherman,
cure or all private dlseasos. Hydrocele
Varicocele, Stricture, ImpotPncy, and
Syphilitic Diseases positively curod. Ad
vice ann Consultation 1- ree. both Soxes.
Hours, ! to 1", 1' to 5; Tueo., Thurs , and
Bat. evenings. 7 to 8. No. 003 F st. nw.
IClosed Sunday.) jelo-tf
LOST-Tuesday evening: small white Cu
ban spaniel: long white silken hair, pink
and brown nose; name and addresss on
collar: tag Ao. 1H4. 55 reward ir re
turned to Miss PRALL. 920 16th St. nw
16 r
LOST OR STOLEN Some time between
Thursday and MondnjVia nair of blue
enameled cuff buttons. Hndor willl plbe
address REWARD, this office. It
LOST Black and tan pup; one which an
swers to name of Prince. Literal re
ward if returned to 2S 0 st.ne.
LOST Monday, between 11 and 1 2 a. m.,
a Russian terrier; color, shaggy dark
gray, with a collar, but no tag attached:
the collar has a Icck. 1428 Mass. ave.
nw. SENATOR C. K. DAVIS se21-3t,em
LOST-Or taken by mistake, at S. Kann,
Sons & Co., 8th st. and Market Space,
a changeable blue and green silk umbrella
with silver-mounted handle and band with
the name of A. GALLAGHER; a liberal re
ward if returned to 2323 I st. nw. se21-2t
LOST-Ncar Langdon, Sunday, two ice
wool shawls; blue and white. Liberal
reward: A. L. LIOYD, Langdon, D. C.
LOST Sunday morning, a gold medal in
First Presbyteriau Church or on cars to
Brookland. Reward if Ierc at this office.
STRAYED -Sept. 20, at Ecklngton, black
cow wnn reu cair. Anyone giving infor
mation will receive liberal reward. JOHN
DENEKAS,3510 Erlglttwood ave.
PeHHsvIvaila "
7.50 A. M. week days-PITTSBURG ES-
PKLSS-Parlor and Dining Cars, Harrla-
I . A"ir,s Pittsburg.
uilman Sleeping, Dining, Smoking and
j Observation Cars, Harrlsburg to Chicago,
Cmclnnati. Indianapolis, St Louis, Cleve
land and Toledo. BuWet Parlor Car to
1 Harrlsburg.
10.50 A. M. FAST UNE-PuIIman Buffrt
' riftoPar to Harrlsburg. Buffet 1'arlor
iixpresB - Sleeping Car V.'as'jlngtpa
to tt. Louis, and Sleeping ani DInin;
ar!. harrlsburg to St. luls, Naslivills
'via Cincinnati) and Chlcngo.
4 "inn X Is,11- .WESTERN EXPRESS -Pullman
bleeping Car to Pittsburg, Chicago.
B-oS "arrlbburg to Cleveland. Dining
Car to Chicago.
l.1 -J'- M- s"t 'Til WESTERN EXPRESS
J uilman Sleenlnc Cars Wnshlmrton to
livt-iur? nu Harrlsburg to St. Louli
.. ... i"iiiii.
ll!:ilnf 7'nr
10.411 !
" fif, -fcplag Car to Pittsburg.
4 til. J1; loS.Kaae' Canaudaigua, Roches
ter and Nlnirnr.a V.r,ll .i-nit- .-.,
Sunday. -- . t-
10.50 ... m. for Elmlra and Rcnovo dally,
fcept Sunday. For WilUamsport daUy,
7'l"Pr '." for'-VHIloinsport, Rochcster.Erle,
Luffalo nnd Niagara FalU dally, except
Saturday, with Sleeping Car Washlngtoa
lO XiULl'llO.
10.40 p. m. for rje an1 Elmlra dally;
for Catiandaigua. Rochester. Buffalo and
Nl.ipra Fall-. Saturday nights only.
Pullnan Sleeping Car Washington ta
For Piilladelptiln. Nov Y"or and
the Enst.
r 4:00 n m. "roKi:nt.sinvai. T.THf.
ITbD," uaily. utl Parlor Cars, with Din
ing Car from Baltimore. Regular at 7:00
i Dining Oar). 8:0i. 9.o0, 10:00 iDlnlne
Car), and 11:00 (Dining tar rrom W
?HD.Kl01" a ,''-" 12.45, 3.15. 4:20, 6:00.
H.y aaU ll 35 P "i- On Sunday, 7:00
(Dining Van, 8:Oo, 9:00, 11:00 iDlnlnac
Car from WUmiugrum a m.. 12.15. 3:1S
tr,0' i5y. 10:00 and 11:33 p. m. Fos
PhUadelphla only. Fast Express, 7:50 a.
m.,week -days. Expres.s,12:l5p.in.weex
dayg. :oi and 5:40 p m. dally. Foe
Boston, without change. 7 50 a. ax. weelc
days and 4:20 p m. dady.
F(JfJJa.Ul",or. 6.25. 7.00, 7.0U, 8.00,
9.00. 10.0O.10.50, andll.00a.m.,12.18.
12.4o, 12.00. 2.01, (4.00 Llm
'tfd, 4.20 4.36. 5.40. 6 15. 6.50, 7A0.
10.00, 10.40, 11.15. and 11.35 p.vZ
Oa Sunday, 7.00,, 9 05, 10.00.
1100 a.m.. 12.15, 1.15. 2.01, 3.15, 3.40
14.00 Llmltedi. 4.20. 5.40, 6.15. 6.50,
7.10, 10.00, 10.40, and 11.35 p.m.
For Pope's Creelc Line, 7.50 a-m. and 4.3S
g.in. dally, except Sunday. Sunday"
u.uo a-rn.
For Annapolis, 7.00. 9.00 a. m., 12.18
and 4.20 p. m. dally, except Sunday
, Sundays. 9.00 a r. and 4.2U p. m.
Atlantic Coast Line Express for Florida
and points on Atlantic Coast Line, 4t
?-,S; 3-4G P- n- daily; Richmond only,
1.-57wa- ta' week-days; Atlanta SpeclaL
via Richmond and Seaboard Air Lino,
4-40 p. m. daily. Accommodation foj
Quan tlco, 7.45 a. m. dally, and 45 nt
ni. week-d&ya.
seiisiiore Connections.
For Atlantic City I via Delaware Rive?
jJwuKi.-, iui-ruu rouiat, h.uu a.m., o.i
aud 11.35 p. in. dally: via Market stre
wharf , 1O.O0 a.m and 12.45 p.m. wee
days, 11.35 p. m. dally. !
For Cape May.10.00, 11.00 a. in. weekdays;
II .3 o p. m. dally..
Ticket offices, corner Fifteenth and Q
ctreets, and at the station. Sixth and 9
streets, where orders can be left for tha
cheoklng of baggage to destination from
hotels and residences.
J B. HUTCHINSON. General Manager.
J. R. WOOD, General Passenger Agent.
Schedule In effect June 5.1BB7.
Leave Washington from station corner at
New Jersey avenue and C st.
For Chicago and Northwest, Vestlbuleo,
Limited trains. 10.00, 11.45 aa., 8.0S ,
For Cincinnati, St Louis and Indianapo
lis, Express, 11.45 a.m. Vestibuled Lim
ited, 3.40 p.m., express 11.30 pjn.
For Pittsburg and Cleveland, exprea
dally 10.00 a.m. and 8.60 p.m.
For .oiu:ub, Toledo and Detroit, 11:30
p. m.
Fo- Winchester and way stations, aS:00,
all:45 a. m. , a530 p. m.
For New Orleans, Memphis, Birmlnghaix
Chattanooga, Knoxville. Bristol and Roan
oke, 11.20 p. m. daily; Sleeping Cars
through. .
For Luray, 3 40 p. m. dally.
For Baltimore, week-days. 5:00, 6:30
x7:05, x7:lo, x7:30, xS:00. 8:30, x9:30,
xlO:oo, xl200 a. m., xl2:05. 12:10,
xl2:40, x3:uo, 3:20, x4:30, 4:35. x05.
x5:10, X5:30, xG:20. 6:30. xS:00, 8:15,
x9:20, 11:15, xll:50 p. in., and 12:01
night. Sunuaye, x7:O5,x7.lO,x7:30,8:30,
x9:00 a. m., xl2:05, 12:40, 1:00, x3:00,
3:20, 4:35. x5:05. x5:10. 6:30, x8:00,
x9:20, 11:15, xll:50 p. ra.,xl2:01 night.
For Annapolis, 7:10 and 8:30 a. m.,12:10
and 4:30 p. in. Sundays, 8:30 a.m., 4:35
P. m. ,
tor Frederick, week days, 8.00 a. mj
11.45, 4.30, 5.30, p. m. Sundays, 9.0QJ
a. in., 1.15 p. m. I
For Hagerstown, a 10.00 a. m. ana;
a 5.30 p. m. I
For Boyd and way points, week dayz
8.00 a. m.,4.30. 5.30. 7.05 p. ra. Sundays,
9.00 a. in., 1.15, 7.05 p. m.
For Gaithersburg and way points, weeX
days, 8.00, 9.00 a. III., 12.50,3.00, 430,
4.33, 5.30, 6.35, 7.05, 11.40 p. m: Sun
days. 9.oo a. m., 1.15, 4.33, 7.05. 10:1b
p.m. i
For Washington Junction and waypoin,
8.00 a. m., 4.30. 50 p. m.. week daytt
9.00 a. rn-, 1.15 p. m. Sundays.
Iloyal Bine Lino for New York and
For Philadelphia. New Y'ork, Boston and
the East, week-days. 7.05, 8.00. 10.00 a
m.. 12.00. (12.40 Diumg Cars), 3.00,
15.05 Dining Car), (12.01 night, Sleeping;
Car, open at 10.00 o'clock). Sundays,
7.05,9.00 a. m.. (12.40 Dining Cars), 3.00
15.05 Dining Car), 12.01 night. Sleeping
Car, open at 10.00 o'clock). Additional
train ror Philadelphia, week-daya. daUy,
8.00 p. m.
Burrnt- 'rlor Cars on all day trains. .
For Atlantic City, 7.05, 10.00 a.m.J
12.00 noon. 12.40 and 3.00 p.m., weelt
days, 12.40 p.m., Sundays.
For Cape May. 12.00 noon.
aExcept Sunday- xExpress train. '
Baggage called for and checked from
hotels and residences by Union Transror
Co., on orders left at ticket offices, 619
Pennsylvania avenue northwest. New Yorlc
avenue and Fifteenth street. and at Depot
Gen. Mauager. Mgr Pass. Traffic
(Schedule in effect July 4, 1597.)
All trains arrive and leave Pennsylvania
Passenger Station.
8 12 a. m-Dally, local for DanvUle.Cbar
lotte and way stations, connects at Manas
sas Tor Strasburg. Harrisonburg, and
Staunton. daUy. except Sunday, and a6
Lynchburg with the Norfolk and Western,
dally, ana with the Chesapeake and Ohio,
daUy! tor the Natural Bridge and Lex-
'"iib a. m.-Dally,theUNITED STATES
FAST MAIL, carries Pullman buffets
sleepers. New York and Washington to
Jacksonville, uniting at Salisbury wlta
T.,iimnn sipuoer for AshevlllB and Hoc
SnrlnKS. N. C. Knoxville. Chattanooga and
Nashville. Tenn.. and at Charlotte witaPull
man Sleeper for Augusta. Pullman Bqffec
Orleans without cnange. Sunset personally
conducted tourist excursion through sleeper
on tins train ;veri i raucauuj w . . au.
clsco, without change.
4 01 p.m. Local for Front Royal, Stras
bur" and Harrisonburg, with connection for
Staunton, dally, except Sunday.
4.51 p. ni. -Dally, local for Charlottea-
Vlio."4& p.m. -Dally. WASHINGTON AND
ITED, composed of Pullman estibuled
sleepers, dining cars and day Coachea.
Pullman sleepers New iork to Nasn--ville.'
Tenn.. via AsheviUe. KnoxvUle and
Chattanooga: New iork to Tampa, via
Charlotte. Columbia, Savannah and Jack
Miuvllle: New York to Memphis, via Bir
mingham. New Xork to New Orleans, via
Atlanta and Montgomery. Vestibuled day
coach Washington to Atlanta. Southern
Railway dining car. Greensboro to Mont-
DIVISION leave Washington 9.01 a. n
daily, 1.00 p. m. and 4.45 p. m. daily, ex
cept Sunday, and 6.25 d. ra. Sunday only
lor Round Hill: 4.32 p. m. dally. excentSun
day Tor Lcesburg. and 6.25 p m. daily for"
Herndon. Returning, arrlvo at Washing,
ton 8.26 a. m. and 8.40 p. m. dally, and
8 00 p. ro. daily, except Sunday, from
Round Hill, and 7.06 a. m. daily, except
Sunday, rrom Herndon, and 8.64 a. m.
daily, except Sunday, from Leesburg.
Through trains from the South arrive at
Washington 0.42 a. m., 2.20 p. m. and
9.25 p. ra. dally. Harrisonburg. 12.40 u.
ni. and 9.25 p. m. dally, except Sunday,
and 8.30 a. in. dally from CharlottBsvllle.
Tickets, sleeping car reservation and in
formation furnished at offices. 611 and
1300 Pennsylvania avenue, and at Penn
sylvania Railroad Passenger Station. ,
TV. II. GREEN, Gen Snpt. j
J. I. CTJXP, Traffic Mttnuger.
"W. A. THUS, Gen. runs. Aeut.
JU S. BROWN. Geo. Act. uaH. Itepfr

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