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Senators Lost the Last of the
Series With Philadelphia.
EmslleV Decisions Were All in
Fftrur ot the Home Team Slow
vllle Ajrjrrcjrutloo Cnptnred the
Gimie in the Lot Inning Tucker
Tat Out of the Gume.
Baltimore.... 87
Boston 89
New York... 79
h. Pet.
36 .707
37 .706
45 .637
54 .565
59 .524
67 .460
69 .452
69 .452
69 .444
72 .429
73 .411
$H DiDCinnat! 70
CA Glevsland.... 65
6 Si Washington... 57
7fd Brooklyn. 57
fea Pittsburg 57
Chicago 55
Louisville 51
St. Louis 27 96 .220
Philadelphia, 5; Washington, 4.
Boston, 12; Brooklyn, O.
yew YoiR, 6; Bultlmore, 4.
Cincinnati, 13; Pitthburg, 3 Pirht
Pittsburg:, S; Cinclnnuti, 4 Second
Cleveland, 18; Chicnuo, 7.
Ghiungu at Clevelnnd.
Cincinnati nt Pittsburg.
PMtephia, Sept. 22. The baseball
onsen bece was brought to a cloe today
with the Ittbt of Uie eenos of Washington,
and sftr another exciting game the Sena
tors 'were hfljrten by one run. It was to
coM fo owt-doer sport, the -wind blowing
ia a perfect gmle.uid as a result but few
spectators sal and shivered through the
S'wtdm nd Dunkle were the opposing
twitters, aDd both found great difficult
in geutag the ball over and both were
naadkined by poor support. The hils
made off Dunkle -were scattered, while
those wff Swatra all told ia the run get
ting. Umpire ErosHe had quite a day of it
Rome of Ms, declrionb were very question
able, and at least two helped the honn'
team to win He declared Oooley safe at
firt when he ww clearly out by a yard,
and a timi scored Then, too. on Shucart'i.
home-ran Mt, to those on the line it ap
peared foal- Hit- calling of balls and btrikes
also ciuue ia for a great deal of question
Ing- Hedley was fined for dirtying a new
ball, and Tucker -was put on the benchfor
load ooaobtne-
ftat at Miat it A6i good game. There
wafc mi sir of uncertainty about it. ant!
the god and Lad -work of both sides wab
so evenly Mixed up as to keep the crowd
on elp alt the -way through. There was
iHHty of good, hard hitting, fine fielding
and ridiculous errors, so that all that
goes K, ii.akf Imeeball interesting and ur
certain wa een- In spite of his error?,
Wristey played a good game, and some
of Ik'MontTfvlHe's stops were wonders
McGtHie -batted in great style, and so did
Geuauan, "while S!tach diew four bases
on ImHs out of five times at bat.
Sliagart d'fl some good -work for his.
side, awl his drive in the eighth over
the right field wall, -ivlrich sent Iti Lajoie
ahead of him, wr a terrific one
Tin Phillies t'oi tlie game in the nintli
-with nc oat, on & single by Cooley, a
sacrirk bv fiowa, and a hit to left, by
Lajotc TV SfnatMS made a bold bid in
tneir half of tne last, but a lightning
double plav by Shugart and Lajoie cut off
all nra-gecUug, and the season of 1S97
ended for the Phillies as it begau -with a
victory. Ttoc soure:
PimadolpWa. R. B.PO.A.E.
Cooley, r.f... 2 2 2 0 0
Dowd, c. f 0 110 0
Del&iaaty, 1. f. 0 0 0 0 0
Lajaiclb 1 111 1 0
EhuRart,s6 114 3 2
Cross. 2b 0 0 a 3 0
Nash, Sh 0 0 3 2 1
Boje,c 10 2 0 0
Doable, p 0 2 13 2
Totals. C 7 27 12 5
"Washington. R. II. FO.A.E.
GdiMCh,l.f. 2 0 3 0 0
Getuoaji, r-f 2 2 10 0
DeMoBtrerWc,2b 0 2 3 3 1
McGukc, c 0 3 5 10
Tucker, lb 0 18 0 0
Brown, cf 0 10 0 0
RcWy.Sto 0 0 110
"Wrijey, sb 0 0 4 2 2
Bwalm, p 0 0 0 2 0
Totals 4 925 9 3
0ne out whea winning run scored.
PMIaAetptttK 11000002 1-5
WaflMagton 2 00100100-4
Bar6d runs -Philadelphia, 2; Washing
Ota, 1. Two-liase hits-DeMontrovillc.Me-Gulre.
Home run -Shugart. Saerlfloohits
-Lajoie, UeMoutrerille. Stolen bases -Cooley,
2; Dowd. Selbach, Tucker, ReHly.
Left oh base-Philadelphia, S; "Wash
ington, 9. Struck out -Shugart, Cross,
Dunkle, Brown. Double play -Shugart and
Lajoie. First bascon errors -Philadelphia,
S; Washington, 3. First base on balls -Ddchanty,
; Lajole, Nash, Boyle, Sclbacli,
Gettmao. Passed ball -Boyle. Time of
game - 2 hours and 30 minutes. Umpire
Mr. EmtMe.
Brooklyn Team Failed to Score
Against the Bostons.
Boston, Sept. 22. Boston -wound up her
home season today, shutting out Brooklyn
-with ease. The visitors presented a patched -up
team, Dunn going to left, while Smith
caught, and Burrell ornamented the bent h.
nursing a sore arm. Boston piled up the
k A Tr?i'rMro n
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I home. It ts harralcss.
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315 7th Street Northwest.
Xew Golf Hose.
417 "Ninth."
runs on the weak piny of the visitors
in tlie field, Sheckard and Shindie making
dibastrous errors Payne wasalbo a"inark"
for the locals. Score:
Boston. II H rO.AX
Hamilton, c. X 3 2 0 0 1
Temiey.lb 3 3 7 0 0
Lowe, 2b 2 2 G 4. 0
Stahl.r.f 110 0 0
Duffy, 1. f., b. f, 0 14 0 0
Collins, 3b 10 13 0
Long, b- s 0 0 0 10
V'eager, 1. f 0 0 0 0 0
Lake, c. 13 3 0 0
Stlvetts, p 12 0 0 0
Sullivan, p 0 0 0 0 0
Jones, r- f
Griffin, cf
Shindie, 3b
La Chance, lb
Sheckard, b. s
Smith, c
Payne, p
121421 8 1
R. H. rO.A.E.
0 0 2 0 0
0 12 0 0
0 0 12 2
0 0 7 0 0
0 12 4 2
0 110 0
0 2 5 4 1
0 0 10 0
0 2 0 0 1
Totals 0 72110 0
Boston 25 0 410 012
Brooklyn 000 0 00 0- 0
Earned runs-Bohton, 1 Two-base hits -Lake,
2; Griffin. Stolen bases -Hamilton,
Tenney, 2, Smith. Bases on unlls-Oif
Stivctts, 2; off Payne, 1. Passed balls -Smith.
2. Wild pitoh -Payne Struckuut
By Sullivan, 1. Double plays Long. Lowe
andTenney:Shlnd!eandLaChance. Time -1
hour and 30 minutes. Umpire Lynch
Attendance 2100.
Cleveland Team llnd an Ehhj Time
With Aiisou'h Aggregation.
Cleveland. Sept. 22 Todaj s game was
a spectacular farce. Cleveland hit Friend
with great frequency, but hitting was
quite unnecessary, for the Colts made all
kinds of imiHibSihlc errors. Anson was
put out of the game m the third inning
for addressing a breezy epithet to the
umpire. Score.
Cleveland. R. II PO.A. E
Burkett, 1. f 2 3 0 0 0
Chiids, 2b 3 3 4 4 L
Wallace. 3b 2 112 1
O'Connor, lb 4 5 12 0 0
Pickering, o. f 114 0 0
Beldeu.r.f 0 14 0 0
McAllister, s s 3 10 0 2
Zuiuuer, o . 2 3 2 0 0
Young, p 0 10 3 0
Totals ...
18 13 27 0 4
Chicago. It. ll.ro A. E.
Ryan, r.f 13 2 0 0
McCormiok.Sb 0 0 2 2 0
Laugc, c. f 110 11
Anson, lb 0 0 10 0
Griffith, lb & 1. f 10 0 0 0
Callahan, s.b 2 0 2 3 3
Decker, 1. f. & lb 1 1 S u 0
Connor,2b 0 110 0
Friend, p 110 1 4
Kittridge, c 0 18 0 1
Totals 7 8 24 7 9
Cleveland 20 01 3 2 31 x 18
Chicago 00110500 0 7
Earned runs Cleveland, 7; Chicago, 2.
First base on errors Cleveland, 2; Chi
cago, 3. Lert on bates Cleveland, S;
Chicago, G. First base on balls Off
Young, 2; off Friend, 4. Struck out By
Young, 2; by Friend, 8. Home run
O'Connor. Three-base hits Ryan, Lange
Two-base hits 9'Connor, Chllds, Zimmr.
Sacrifice hit Wallace. Stolen bases
Pickering, 2; Young, O'Connor. Umpire
Mr. O'Day Time of game 2 hours and
5 minutes.
Seymour'- Cnrii-h Prove Too IMucli
for the Orioles.
New York, Sept. 22. The New Xorks
played faster bnll than the Champions today.
TJiey found Amole in the first two innings
and also clinched matters off Hoff er in the
seventh. Seymour pitched a grand game
and Joyce's batting and fielding did much
to put the Champions out of it. Weather
cloudy and cold. The bcore:
New York. .R. H.PO A. E.
Van Haltren, c, f 2 14 0 0
Tiernan, 1. f 0 0 10 0
Joyce. 3b 2 3 14 0
Glca'on, 2b 0 2 13 0
Gettig, s. b 0 0 0 2 2
McCreery, r. f 10 0 0 0
Clark, lb 1 114 1 0
Warner, c 0 0 5 11
Seymour, p 0 114 0
McGraw, 3b.
Keeler, r. f...
Jennings, s. s.
Kelley.l. f
Stenzel, c. f...
Doyle, lb
Reitz, 2b
Robinson, c...
Amole, p
Hoffer, p
6 8 2715 3
3t. H.P0.A. E.
0 2 0 0 0
1110 0
12 2 5 2
0 10 0 0
0 2 2 0 0
0 19 10
10 2 3 0
10 7 0 0
0 0 0 10
0 110 0
Totals 410 2410 2
New York 1 2 1 0 0 0 2 0 x G
Baltimore 00001200 14
Earned runs New York, 2; Baltimore, 1.
Two base hit Stenzel. Three-base hltb
Joyce, Keeler. Sacrifice hit Warner
Stolen bases Joyce, Gettig, Stenzel, 2;
Doyle, rirst base on errors-ew York. I;
Baltimore, 1. First base on balls Of f Sey-
mour,i;orr Amoie, 2; orr uorrer, 2. Struck
out -By Seymour, 4; by Amole, 1; by
Hoffer, f. Double play Reitz, Jennings
and Doyle. Umpires Messrs. Hurst and
Carpenter. Time of game 2 hours. At
tendance, 5,500.
A Cure for Billons Colic.
Eesource. Screven county, Ga. I have
been subject to attacks or bdious colic
for bcvcial years. Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy is the
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One doso or it gives relief when all other
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Henry E.ans, Wholesale and Retail Drug
gist, S3S F street. and Connecticut avenue
and S street northwest;, and 1428 Mary
land avenue northeast.
To Quadruple Their Plant.
Tlie Capital Railway will begin Imme
diately to enlarge its power hoube and lay
foundation for Its large new direct con
nected engine and generator, which will
give the company four times Its present
power. In the meanwhile, owing to over
loading its present engine, repairs must be
made upon it, which will necessitate stop
ping for a few daje.
Pirates nnd Hedh Each Capture
u Game,
rittsburg, Sept. 2 2. Pittsburg and
Cincinnati teamb split even this afternoon,
the visitors winning the first game by
hitting Killen haul. The second was
won by Pittsburg without a struggle.
Cmclnatl had 110 pitcher, so Pcitz -went
on the rubber. He proved an easy mark.
It was reported that Pittsburg had traded
Horftaelstei and u money consideration
for Clements, of Philadelphia. Scored
Pittsburg. R. H.PO.A. E:
Donovan, t. f 0 2 2 0 0
Padden,2b 0 0 14 0
Smith, 1. X 0 0 2 0 1
Davis, lb 1 2 13 0 0
Hoffmclbter,3b 0 1111
Ely, s.s 0 0 12 1
Hrodle.c.f 0 12 0 0
Sugden.c 0 0 5 0 0
KiUeu, p 12 0 2 0
Totals 2 8 27 9 3
Cincinnati. It. H.PO.A. E.
Holliday.l.f 3 1 2 0 .ffT
Uoy.c.f 0 2 4 0 0
McPhee,2b 2 2 3 4 0
Becklcj.lb 2 410 0 1
Corcoran.s.s 2 2 5 4 0
Irwin, 3b 2 3 3 10
Rilchey.i.f 0 2 0 10
Sclrver, c 2 8 0 0 0
Dwyer.p 0 2 0 10
Totals 13 2127 11 1
Plashing 000 0110002
Cincinnati 1 0 1 0 12 3 3 2-13
Earned runs Pittsburg, l; Cinclnnnti. 9.
Two-i'dso hits Holllday, Hoy, lnin,
Uitchej. Tluec-base hits Becklej , Cor
coran, Daws. Home run Killen. Bases
on iKills Off Dwyer, 2. Struck out
By Killen, 2. Saciitlce hit McPhee.
Stolen base Donovan. Double play
McPhee, Corcoran and Becklcy. Hit by
pitched ball Uiodlc, Wild pitch Killen.
Time of game 2 hours and 20 minutes.
Umpire Mr. McDonald.
Second game
Donovan, r. f
Pauuen, 2b
Smith, l.f
Davis, lb
HorrmcNter, 3b
Ely, s. b
Brodic, c. f
Merritt, c
Hastingb, p
R. H.PO.A.. E:
110 0 0
2 12 2 0
2 14 0 0
2 1 G 0 1
0 12 10
0 112 1
112 0 0
0 14 0 1
0 10 10
8 9 21 G 3
R. II. FO.A. E.
0 13 0 0
0 10 0 1
113 4 0
119 0 0
0 10 3 0
10 112
0 0 2 0 0
0 10 0 1
10 0 4 0
Holllday, 1. f -....
Hoy, cf....,
McPhee. 2b
Hccklcy, lb
Corcoran, s. s......
Irwin, 3b
Rilchey, r. f
Sch river, c
Pcitz, p
Cincinnati. .. .. ....
.... 4 G1812 1
....2 0 10 2 3.V-8
....1 001011-4
Earned runs Pittsburg, 3; Cincinnati 1.
Two base hit Schnver. Three-babe hit
Smith. Buvia on balls-Off Hastings, 3,
off Peltz, 4. Struck out-By Hastings, 2.
Hit by pitched b.ill Padden, Hrodle, Beck
ic stolea ibises - Dav.s, hjy, I nvin, latency.
Double play Hoff melstcr and Davis. Sac
rifice hits Koffinelster, Davis. Time or
game -1 hour and 25 minutes. Umpire
Mr. McDonald. Attendance, 1.S00.
En-item League Gume.
At Syracuse
Syrricu-e 00001000 4-5
Burfalo 3 3 0 300 0 0 0-9
II its -Syracuse. 11; Burfalo, 11. Er
rors -Syracuse, 2; Buffalo, 0. Bat
teries -Uerudou and Ryan; Gray and Ur
qul.at t.
At Montreal
Montreal 2 0 003 1 010-7
Toronto 0 0 10 0 2 0 0 03
Hits-Montreal, ; Toronto, 6. Errors
Momreal, 4; Toronto, 5. Batteries 1'or
rick and Berger; Gaston and Layder.
At SpringHeld-
SpnngfiPkl 1 0 4113 0 0 0-10
Wilkesbarre 0 2010 00 0 0 3
Hits-Springfield, 19; Wilkesbarre, 8
Errors -Springrield, 0; Wilkesbarre, 2
Batteries -Korwin and Duncan; Keenan
and Diggius.
At Providence
Providence 10200303 0-9
Scranton 0100510007
Hits-Providence, J 2; Scranton, 14
Errors -Providence, 2: Scraiitou, 1. Bat
tcrico Hudson and Dledon; Johnson and
Bo j d.
Candidate.-, Answer Call for Posi
tions on the Eleven.
Tne football Feason was inaugurated a
Columbian yesterday afternoon, when
thirty applicants for positions on the
team responded to the call of Manager
Nichols Tl'oy donned their war paint and
pissed an hour in preliminary work, such
as "pa-is-ng" and falling on the hall.
The resignation of Capt. Tugitt left a
Vdcanry, which was filled by the election
of Granville Lewis, the last year's captain
of the M. A. C. team.
The candidates ate a promising lot of
pl.iers,d:tdnearly all have had experience
and kiiGW the game. Harlan, last j ear's
center, will ha"i a hard time holding his
place against the several applicants for
the position. Cummings, guard, Loucks,
tackle, and Weavpr, Beall, Tiudall, and
Falls, backs, all of last year's team,
weie also out Beside these Capt. Lewis
has an excellfiit man In Rye, who is
trying fot end
The bos will practice every afternoon at
4 o'clock, and if good, hard work counts
for anything Columbian will make a big
bid for Uiu Southern championship this
S2.00 Philadelphia and Return via
7:05 and 9-00 a. m. trains going, re
turning on all trains, Sunday next.
Bear In Mind
That the Pennsylvania Railroad runs the
only through trains to Atantic City. $2.00
round trip next Saturday.
6022,23,24.2581022,23,2 Jpm
No Smoking
This Sign
it is time to take a
chew from your package of
I ill! Plug. I
f For either smoking or chewing
k A 2-ounce package 5 cents. A
The Marvelous French Remedy
wU REb...
Lumbago, Neuralgia.
Dyspepsia and kindred diseases. Polynlce
Oil has been used with, remarkable success
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kins, and tlii Marjiand Hospitals. We have
thousands of testimonials.
Special arrangemonis made for treatment
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604 12th St. N.W.
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Yale Football Captain Badly Needed
by the 'Virhlty Eleven.
New Haven, Conn., Sept. 22."! expect
Capt. Jim Rodgers- on Saturday," said
Manager David C.fTwitchelI, or the Yalo
roottiall eleven, tonignt. Manager Twitch
ell has just received a letter rrom the
blond-headed tackle, baying that ho hn
Just become able to leave his room. He
has buffered from a severe attack or ty
phoid fever at his Toledo home, butrealizeb
the importance of showing up at Yale &s
soon as he to able 'o get there
RodR'TS alone Knows the exact line of
playB Yale Is to try to deelop this year,
and imtQ he arrives the work of the can
didates will he desultory. It is an un
fortunate thing to be obliged to depend
on an acting captain for development, and,
although Benjamin is doing as well as
could possil ly be expected, the return c
tho regular captain will be hailed with
iellght by all concerned at Yale. There
seems no hope of Itodgers being able to
play tins fall, but he will keep the team
steady und make the eleven pursue a cou
fclstent line of work.
More new candidates showed up today
Warrui, for two years captain and end
rush of t tic Syracuse University eleven,
took his p'nee at right end on the 'varsity,
Capt Dick Schweppe, of lust year's
fieshnen eleven, played left end. Mc
rnrlniul, tlie bicycle rider, was kept at
center, and the indications an that
he will be gien a thorough trial there.
De Silica, who was out of college last
year, has relumed and lb playing quarter.
He is the favoiite candidate for that posi
tion. Thompson, the star halfback of Barnard
school, of New York city, lias catered tlie
freshman class, and will be a leading
candidate behind Yale's line
Fred. Murphy, captain of last year's
eleven, ana Acting Captain Benjamin
coached the candidates today. Orders
were given out tonight to evpect the first
practice game of t,e season tomorrow.
Princeton Kleen Will Be Mostly
Composed of Lht Yenr'i Men.
Prlncion, Sept- 22. Capt Cochrano
sent out a gemral call to ail the football
players in college this afternoon, asking
them to reiwi t at the 'varsity field dressed
for the game. The resputibefrom the enter
ing olns-men was ery discouraging, both
in point or numbers and ability, and it lb
clearly evident that Princeton will havo
to rely "ntirelj uion last year's "varsltj
and scrub players for the; team that is to
repiesen the university la the big games
this rail.
All of the promjnent players belonging
to last 1 ear's teajn jveron Uie He'd thib
afternoon, with the exception or Church,
Smitn and Biokav , who graduated last
June and will not reMirn to college this
season. Most of Qie men are over weight,
and it lb intended to bend them on six-mile
crnbs-ooimtry runs every morning to bring
them Into proper condition.
Tlie 'varsity aiid scrub training tables
will be started next.week. Alex. Moffatt
coached the candidates todav for fullback
orfolk & VAashington
Steamboat Co.
Every day'ln tho year for Fortress
Mouroe, Norfolk, Newport News and
all polntb South by the 6uporb, pow-
. erful bteel palace steamers "New-
port News,' "Norfolk" and "Wash-
ington,"' on tlie following schedule:
Leave Washington 7:00 p. m.
Leave Alexandria 7:20 p. m.
Aine hurt .Monroe J au u. in
Arrive Norfolk 7:30 a. m.
Arrive 1'urit.uioittii to 00 a. m
Leave Portsmouth 5:50 p. m
Leave Norfolk 6.10 p. ni.
Leave Foit Monroe 7"20 p. m.
Arrive Alexandria 6.00 a. m.
Arrive AVnshington U 20 a. m
"Visitors to Cbnmberlin's new hotel,
"The Hygcia," and Virginia Beach
will find this the most attractive
route, insuring a comfortable uight'a
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by steam and fitted throughout "with
electrlcllghts. Dining room senlce la
a la carte, and is supplied from the
best that the markets or Washington
and Norrolk afford.
Tickets on sale at U. 8. Express
office, 817 Pennsjlvunla avenue; 513
619, 1421 Pennsjlvunla aienue; B.
& O. ticket office, corner 15th street
- and New York avenue, and on board
steamers, where time table, map, etc,
can also bo had.
Auy other information desired will
be furnished on application to the un-
dersigned at the company's wharf,
foot or 7th St., Washington, D. C.
Telephone No- 750.
JNO. CALLAHAN, General Manager.
"re 28
is conducted strictly upon tho European
piati lor the summer mouths, with cafe
chaiges as moderate as any rirst-clasa
restaurant in the (State. Uooq rooms can
ne nad ror l.t'J per aay and upward,
XT H 81SLDEN, Prop-r.
W. R. TELLER. Mgr.,iate ot Belie
lonte. Pa.
52. CO to 54 per day.
Pennsylvania ave., bet. Otn and 7thoU.,
Jy7-3nio Washington, D. O.
Huntington Avenue and Exeter Btieet,
New, elegantly appointed, strictly fire
proor. Location unsurpassed in the city,
'lhree to eight minutes from principal shop
ping centers, theater?, etc. American plan,
53.50 pei dayandupward. Europeanplan.
&I.D0 per day and upward. P.B.KisTEER
&. OO. aulG-Smo-om
Cor. 11th Etreet and-Untverslby place.
One block west ot Broadway. Noted
tor two things
i'lrst-ctass rooms, at 51 per day and
upward; on the European plan
In the Amphitheater.
This Afternoon at 3. Tonight at 8.
Prima Donna Soprano.
Echo Table D?Hote Dinners,
From 5 to 9, "7 5q
Service a ia Carte at All Hours.
ON COOI NIGHTS tllc ,ncl03ed Caf0 wi ' b0 u,cd and closed car will
uULU IVI Dl Ai Announcement.
Ir. James Paitra Vooitas
Will repeat his
Successful Lecturc-Monologuo
Out of the Past,"
Being a continuation of the unrinifched
lecture course of his illustrloub
father, the late
Senator Daniel VV. Voorhees.
"Mr. Voorhees Is a genius." Cincin
nati Encmircr.
"The Raen was a remarkable effort
ot Mr. Voorhees' theatrical powerb."
Washington Times (Sept. 13).
Prices 25, 50 and 75 cents.
Seat" on bale Mondav, Sept. 27, at the
box office. It
CIOLU.MHIA , Momo or Opera
' The Famous
TONIGII . and Balance of thi Week.
Saturday Matinee at i;50.
PRICES -Nights, 2Gc, 50c, 7GC, boxes
S5: matinees, 2Gc and 50c, boxes, $1.
Next week Gorgeoub Revival or "The
Fencing Master '-A $1.50 presentation.
First timeatpopulurpnceb.
4 MA
AT. SATURDAY -25,50. and 7??.
Joseph Hart and a Special Company.
Next week-Seath now on sale.
Mon., Tues, and Sat and Mat Wed ,
Wednesday and Thursday night, an elabo
rate production or the
Friday and Mat. Saturday
Last Matinee Saturday.
D.BIERbE CO. '& Grand Scenic i roductiou,
By Charles Alfred Byrne, Louis Harrison
and William Turst.
With an all-star cast, including
Richard Golden and Katherm"Germaliie.
Augmented Orchestra of 20.
Donnelly &Girard
Seats now on sale.
Popular with
the people.
Note the prices for
reserved .-veats.
Bok office open from S 30 a in 'olOp in
DAVID HIGGINS In his great (Southern
Next week Eugenie Blair will present
'Cannlle ' and "The Ironmaster."
se22 tf-ein
era House
Kernan & Rife Managers.
Week of September 20.
Matinees Wednesday and Saturday at 2.
Grand ReallnicSpectacularComedyDrama,
Patent Applied For.
A worthy successor of 'THE LIMITED
MAIL," with the famous Beatrice."
CEC , auceaW,lTTLE W ONDER" tho
Introduced at Every Performance.
Next Attraction ''FALLEN AMONG
THIEVES." be20 Gt
EVERY NIGHT, 10c , 20c, 33c.
Alf Grant, Rosalie Moihe.
Bijou Burlesque
Opera Co
Miss Louise Moore as Serpolette; Mr. Eu
gene Harvey as Jean.
Nexb Week-Jas. F. Hoey, Frank McNish
and 2 0 others.
KijitSA.VB ia lam.TWKAiisi;.
All This Week.
Matinees Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Big Gaiety Spectacular
Next Week May Howard's Burlescuie Co.
FOR HIRE To drummers and Business
men, horse and buggy or Da j ton, S2 per
day, and bpecial prices ror pleasure driving.
Apply to the REX STABLES, rear G15B
et. nw.; telephone call. 109. ap30-tf
STRAYED Sept. 20, at Ecklngton, black
cow with red calf. Anyone giving Infor
mation will receive liberal reward. JOHN
DEN'EKAS, 3510 Hrightwood ave.
Broadwayand29tbst.,New York.
Henry J. Bang, Prop r.
KoomB with board $2.50 per day and upwards-
Rooms without board il and up
wards. Most central in the city; near all elevated
roads, street car lines, principal places or
amusement, business centers and the lurge
retail stores-
Broadway Cable cars, passing tho door,
Jronsfer to all parts of the city.
BTEAM HEAT. Jyl0-3mo
Ht Pinpv OsflfFP 5
Sturtevaof House
From the
R. 0
Cor. 12tn
J andFSts.
Treats successrully all diseases ot the
NObC, Tin oat, Lungs, Heart, Nerves, llraln,
Blood, Skin, Stomach, Kidneys, and Blan
der, Mght Losses, Sexual Weaknebs, Strict
ure, Varicocele, Hydrocele, Syphilis and
all Special Diseases of either sex. Cou
buitatlon and Urinary Analysis Free.
The highest fee charged, whether you
have one or more diseases, is
S5.00 A rOlTH,
Which Includes All Medicines.
, Hours -lo to 1 2 and 3 to 5, daily; Sun
day, 11 to 12. he22-tfexSu
tells life from cradle to grav; luck given
free for one week;, fee, 25c and 50c. 7J
H st. nw , from 9 to 8. It
MADAME RETTA, clairvoyant, medium,
and card reader, 25c and 50c No. 510
E at. nw. be22-lt
Medium and card reader, Washington's
most famous clairvoyant and palmist: con
sult her on business, love and family af
fairs; reunites the separated, removes
bpehbj causes speedy marriages, and gives
good luck, open dally; German spoken; 25c
and 50c 929 H st. nw. be22 14t
MRS.E C CURTI!s,702 9thst. nw.,gles
massage bath, manicure and chlropodlbt.
till 9 p. m. (e21-7t,em
MR. BRACKEN, assisted bv his wife,
the celebrated test mediums; sittings
daily, from 10 a. in. to 8 p. m.; gents
J1, ladiea 50 cents. 5b H st. nw.
MADAME LA RUE, medium, card, and
palmistry; tells past, present, aud
future; takes off spells, gives good luck.
Call aud tee the gifted lad. price, 50
centh; hours from 9 am. till G p. in.
1223 1-2 F tt. nw. be21-7t,em
THE "3 DAYS" CURB (for men) leads
all remedies in this city: a prompt and
permanent cure or no tbprce. consultation
free. DR. McKEEHAN, 7iR 12th ot. nw.
PROF. CLAY-Oldest established medium
advertising in this city, consult him on
busine"", lawsuits, divorce, speculations,
separations, love or family troubles can
tell you anything you wi&nto know; brings
separated husband andwife together. maki's
sweetheart or lover true; causes marriage;
removes (.pells or mysteriou" feelinsis gives
luck, fee, 50 cents; hours, 10 to 10 daily.
489 H fet- bW. Ee21-3t
municate with OWNER, No. 312 10th
bt. s New York papera pleats copy.
NO CHARGE for consultation. H. D. GOR
DON, Lawyer. 1321 F st. nw. se21-3t
COME on, get 'em while thej're hot
We have a splendid lot or elegant custom
made suits and oercoats (worn a trifle)
for a price that will surprise even vou.
Don't wait any longer. JUfcTH'S OLD
STAND,G19Dst.nw. seCl-7t
SlRS. BRIGGS, clairvoyant; advice on all
subjects; chronic diseases cured", no
medicine 821 11th bt nw Mat cot col-
o rs on sale se20-3t-em
If you wish to consult a medium, why
not see the beat?
fme, LAMONT,
The Master Mind ot
The Exponent of High Grade
Will give you truthful and reliable infor
mation and advice on business afrair-s,
marriage, love, divorces, separations, pen
sions, ueeds, wills, lawsuhs, travels, lost
or stolen property, etc., names given, no
matter what trouble you may have, call on
this gifted woman; she can help you ont of
ail difficulties:, absolute satisfaction cuur-
auieed. Ccriiiin and English spoken. Resi
dence, 1303 G st. nw.
oercoats made to order; best custom
work: first-class fit guaranteed; credit ir
you desire; easy weekly or monthlv pay
ments; business btrictly confidential. Ad
dress PHOENIX. TAILORING CO.. this or
flee. sel2-tf
MME. DAVIS, born ClalrvojMtit .ind card
reader; tells about busmes.-. removes
spells and eil influences; reunites the
separated, and gives luck io all: cures
piles and druukennebs. 1228 25th bt. nv.
In obtetr!cs: gold medal awarded for the
science of obstetrics from he University
of Munich, Bavaria; treats succesbfully
womau'b complaints and irregularities; pri
vate sanitarium for ladies before and dur
mg confinement- Office hours from U n
in. to 6 p. m ,No 619 Pa. ave. nw.
UUU sstreot JNortlrwe&t.
Gold fillings and bridge work a spe
cialty, at the lowest piice; amalgam Ml
lngs, 50c; rull sets ot teeth on plates, $5;
extracting, either by gas or local spray,
absolutely painless, 50c; without, 2Cc, all
work done by experts, nnd guaranteed the
best; open on Sundays from 10 to 3
o'cloct. mh22-tf
Dr. Leatherman,
cure ot all private diseasns. Hydrocele
Varicocele, Stricture, Impotnncy, and
Byphllitic Diseases positively curod. Ad
vice aud Consultation r ree Both Sexes,
nours, u to 12, 2 to 6, Tueb., Thurs , and
Bat. evenings, 7 to 8. No. G0.3 F st. nw.
(Closed Sunday.) 3el5-tf
LOST Bet-n een Capitol and city postoffice;
bunch of kevs. Finder please leave
at this offices It
LOST Sept 20. one plain gold ring with
letters G. II. K. to S. C. K. Reward, if
returned to 660 B st. se. lt.em
LOST Sept. the 15th, a common tau-
colored dog; name Nellie; short hair;
face turning gray. Reward ir returned to
814 4th fit. nw. lt.em
LOST Small silver watch at 8th and
F sts. nw., entrance to Patent Office,
young girl was seen to pick up watch.
Return to WATCHMAN, or 301-lCambridge
Place. lt.em
LOST Black and tan pup; ono which an
swers to name of Prince. Liberal re
ward if returned to 23 0 st.ne.
LOST Monday, between 11 and 12 a. m.,
a Russian terrier; color, bUaggy dark
gray, with a collar, but no tag attached:
tlie collar has n lock; $5 reward: 1428 Mass.
ave. nw. SENATOR C. K. DAVIS.
LOST Near Langdon, Sunday, two ice
wool shawls; blue and white. Liberal
reward; A. L. LIOYD, Langdon, D. C.
LOST Sunday morning, a gold medal in
First Presbyleilan Church or on ears to
Brooklaud. Reward if left at this office.
FOR RENT Flat of 2 rms. on basement
floor: lnrco front mi., heated bv steam:
I rentlow. Apply 208 Fst.nw se20-3t,em
r. ALEBeinK Pressed for money, I
orrer m beautiful Peek& Son's upright:
Piano, ten months old, Tor $195, cash;
former price. &400. A,t.ir..Rv oprim
PIANO, this office. ic
F0, ,SALE-An oak folding bed. $8;
Krf7w. hair mattress, $3. Call a6
No. 131 Maryland ave. ne. sc23-36
F9;R r A,LE . Sharswood's Blackstone,
s4-0. Lacey's Kent, 4 vols , $10; Pat-
Tii .i """-j, t um , 9iu JQOUVier'8
Dictionary, 2 vols., ?5 50; Byles on Bills.
c.J.oO: Parson's Iaivsi r T(i,uin.UJ a.
a" ff S30. Address LAWYER, thisof rice
F9J$. SALE -Good parlor suite, 5 pieces,
Slu.oO. CalllOO? S st. nw. se23-3c
F?,SAfE-Pawn ticket for 14-fcarat
Solid gold watch, nearlj new: will sell
cheap. Address Z. C, this jfrtr..
FOR, SALL-Large magic lantern, all
complete: canvas; 70 pictures: cost $150r
Will b(- sold cheap. H. B. COHEN, 14.24
'th St. nw. s,e22 3t.em
FOR SALE-Singer tewing machine, $7:
Home. $15; drop leaf and drawers; war-
NEW IintP! acpatt r.u o,h ,
plaiting and pinking, 2c. per vard.
iOR SALE -About 3 2 fancv pigeons,
cheap; also 2 thoroughbred better pups.
Call alter i. 122013th 11 W. be22.3t-em
F?It.SALE A liandsome walnut bedstead
se22 3c CDeap G20 L &c- avr-
mm.VA nn.e Jerr cow and at'ood
milker; cheap. Address WASH., this of
fice. K222-4.C
?. ?ALn -Chlckerlng upright piano,
nearly new; will sell for 5200 on easy
wUui,ly.payL,,0n-tS; STIEFP PIANO
VVARLROOMS, 521 11th st. nw.. near
' fce22-7t
FOR SALE -Best Eiyrin butter, 5 pounds
for 1.25. R. B. YOUNGS, 7G and 7T
O Street Market, or 69 Riggs Market
postal orders promptly filled. se22-3c
FOR SALE -Fresh cow. Apply 1S20 33d
. m:. nw. se22-3t
FOR SALE Samplelotof finesliotgunaat
, ttcnrice; call early and get a bargain.
J LLILSt'UiifcN,lio4.7tnai.nw. se22-3l
r0If ,aALE A large hanasome imported
iiiink boa, cobt 435, will eeil for S10
cash. Address CASH, thlsofrice. se22-36
FOR SALE -Household furniture cheap,
-ol n45cou',t 'f breaking up housekeeping;
oJiJth st. be. se22-3t
FOR SALE Party leaving the city would
fcell entire household of elegant furni
ture, etc. at a sacrifice. Call after 3
p. 111., ,ib K it. mv. sp 21-3t,em
FOR SALE-Cheap for cah, sciuare, T-
octave piano, stool and cover; good make:
excellent condition. Address PIANO, this
omce- EC21-3 1
FOR SALE-Chickering niaboganv piano,
round corners, carved legs, 7 1-3 "octaves,
sv eet tone and in niceconJitlou:S9o: easy
payirents. Address M., 2729 P st
FOR SALE-Complete set ot bookkeeping
books for Wood's Commercial College. 26
1 st- nw. bel'0-3t-em
FOR SALE- Steam boiler and eteam oyster
box; ail complete: will sell cheap. Apply
Oyster House, 1307 32d st. nw.
FOR SALE-Fine Shetland pony. 510 6th
' svr' be0-3t,em
FOR SALE- Splendid baby carriage; cheap.
326 T st. nw. se20-3t,era
i2,- A tAUuKAl-ll '1 -PfcW'M-lSK. 55
55 per month will tmy a Callgraph
Typewriter; machines guaranteea and
preliminary instructions given free; prices,
540, $50 and $gu. aEWMAN's, en
'" at- selS-lmein
FOR SALE Complete amateur photo
graphic outfit. 5x7 Rochester Optical
Coinpaii) s Ideal camera, with 7 plate
holders; 5xb Bausch & Loiub lens and
shutter; 6 l-2xt 1-2 Uundlth lens and
shutter, reducing camera for making
lantern slides, and all necessarv acces
sories, thi' two lenses alone cost over
$100; make me an offer HYPO, this
office; ela-6t
FOR SALE roung Cuban and Mexican par
rois, monkeys, gold fishes, dogs, pigeons,
canaiics. lncubat'ira, spratts and Austin'
dog bread, send Tor catalogue SCHMID'S
BIRD bTOKE, 712 ltn st nw nu4-tr
FOR SALE-$2.9S for a 6-rt. oak- exten
sion table, lounges, $2.50, gasolina
stores, 50c wek. parloraudbeilroomsuites.
AND CREDIT HOUSE. 313 7th st. nw.
FOR SALE-Austlu'a and Spratt's freah
dog cukes, also Glover's dog mediaues;
pamphlet on dogs and bird' diseases free;
birds and animals mounted by expert tax
idermist. SCUMID'S BIRD STORE, 712
12th st. nw. au21-tf
313 Ifc IHh lucky number arawn at the
rafne for the beuerit of Mrs. Golaberg;
holder will please call at WALSH'S ana re
ceive watch. se23-3t
IT WILL COST you very little to have
any Interior Decorating done -If we do
the work Our prices are wonderfully
low. Let us give you an estimate Roonw
papered new rich paper $2 up- F G.
NOLTE, 810 9thst No branch se23-tf
LACE CURTAINS laundered equal to new;
no lime; 30c. per pair. 711 5th st. nw.
A PROFESSIONAL mow her will teach,
a limited number of bCbohuj. Box 18,
this office 3e22-iit-em
LADIES'haud-sewed shoes, mnde'by well
known makers, sucn as Hisaorr ami Erltc
& Bros., Baltimore; sizes, 2. 21-2.
3, 31-2. 4. -11-2. SELBY. 1903 Pa.
ave. te22-Gt
FOR one week we shall nut one hundred
nairs of men's line mints on our count
ers for vou to select rrom: vour nick ono
dollar. SELBY. 1003 Pa ave. se22-6t
A JOB lot ot men's satin, calf, bals.and
cone, will be sold auick. all sizes; 6 to
11. jour choice SI. bELBY.1903 Pa.ae.
I WILL PREPARE pupils for the Corcoran.
School of Art and will give Ie-sons in
Irawing, oils and jrastels. Address ART
IST, this orrice. se0-3t-em.
BAD bills collected, or no charge. H. D
GORDON, Lawyer, 1321 F. se22-3t
LADIES, have .our dresses made by the
latest French system, all the newest
stjles to select from: rerfect nt and fin
ish guaranteed; terms moderate. 718 12th.
st. nw. se22-3t
HAVE yor curtains laundered equal to
new at 40c a pair. 503 E- st. nw.
se21 7t,cm
MRS. A. EIZNAR, 1235 11th St. s
Anacostla cars pass the door: ostrich,
feathers curled aim dyed in the latest
French stjle, boas renewed. Call or send
postal card. se2l-3t,em
UOOD PRINTING 1,000 business- card,
35c. circulars, 40c. billheads, 60c.
HAYS, cheapest printer in Washington,
441 Jist. nw sc-lS-lm.em
FOR SALE-Gent's wheel; good as new;
$1S. Apply at 209 Center Market.
LACE CURTAINS laundered equal to new
at 35c per pair; mail orders receive
prompt attention; No.25F st.nw. se21-3c
1,000; circulars, 65 cents; other printing
iheapin proportion. ZIEGLER, Printer.
81 6 F bt. nw. se21-3t
1,000 Good Business Cards 40o
1,000 Circulars 50o
1,000 Bill Heads 75o
At -DAWSON'S, 807 9th.
se2o-'it-eni 15 years experience.
I WILL PREPARE pupils Tor the Cor
coran Art School, and will also give les
sons iu drawing and painting pastels. Ad
dress ARTIST, this orrice. sc20-3t-em
GOOD PRINTING-oOc. per 1,000, neat
business cards; a belter grade for SI
HAYS, cheapest printer in Washington.
441 G st. nw. selJb-lm.em
FURNITURE moved. largest2-horse load.
$2.50; l-horse loads, i -o, pianos, s.
Printing 500 cards. 75c; 50O envelopes,
75c-; 500 note heads, 75c; 500 state
ments, 75c; binding magazines, 50c:
miscellaneous books rebound. G. E.
WJLL1A M S . 615 7 th st. nw. fe6-tt
WALL TAPERS Latest style.-., rooms pa
pered from $2 up. CHAS SILENCE,
iau I st. ne . or 2a7 II ne. sel8-6t
PORTRAITS -I will make and deliver a
tree-hand crayon or pastel portrait, with
frame (8 different stjles on payment ot
$1 per week; no charge unless satistactory;
best reference In Washington given, bend
postal and I will call with specimen. ART-
IST, this office. se20-7t-etu
OUR PRICES ror interior decorating are
wonderfully low, easily the lowest in
town, we think. Butour workls the finest
that bklll nnd good taste can finish. Rooms
papered, $2 up. F. G. NOLTE, SIO 9th
st. No branch. te9-tf
WILL bfcLL your rurniture; will store
your rurniture, will accommodat, yoo.
wun a loan on same, no Interest charged;
liberal dealing, drop postal and will calL
MARUlia -lOThS, 637 La. ave. au26-lm

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