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Chas. A. Dana's
Of Lincoln, Stanton, Grant, Sherman and
Other Great Men; of Battles; and of
Great Political Events,
Will 1)8 Published Serially in
ricCl ure's
Beginning with the November Number.
Mr. Dana recollections of tlie men and event of the Ciil "War were
ooiupieted lat spring. Indeed ttefore Mr. Dana was taken ill in June, a.
oowrttterable portion or tin. work luid been put In tvpe for the magazine,
ami He Hart read and rcvisetl the proor.
Mr Dana wasooe of the first men called to a position of high trust in the
"War Department l.j EdwtiiM jt Anion and from first to Inst lie had the
entire conflctenct of the sre.it War becretarj This confidence led to his
appointment to manv private missions. It was liifi report tliatinflue:i"ea the
action or lite Government at tuait critical period, No other tna.n taw so
man) ot Uie great battles or followed hj manv of the eteci-ive campaigns
No other man Had in hit, memor) w
Mr Lincoln referred to Mr Dana as
'The Eyes of the Government
at the Front."
He wa Ajwistant Secretary ot Wir and pasN-d through manv ot the
important campaigns av the re porter for Lincoln and Stanton, to give them
day l daT in nib dispatch s the truih as to ineii, their abihtie thLlr pur
pose at to the campaigns and th eir dev elopment a to plans and stratagems
Secretarj Stanton telegraplk. d to Mr. Dana on June 5, 1803 "Your tele
gr4ii area inH'.it obligation and are looked for with deep interest. I cannot
thank you as much as I feel for tlte service you arc no. rendering. '
Unpublished Documents and Letters.
These reminiscence contain many hitiierlo unpublished and very im
nnmn! iLvnimoub. itulunrt. tJmir nro IuiriuI lr,rrolx. imnri linnrlntpd m.nli rl.il
DAK A. j.
staling with startling frankueijs his opinion of the officers in Grant s Array
before icWwburg
Many HUNDREDS Or TELEGRAMS sent and received by Mr. Dim,
concerning admlnfstratlv e affairs of the War Department 1 he-e ti legrams
touch on I RAUDS of various descriptions ordir theARRESTOFbPII S
Secret History.
InnrlvatcleUerstoiiisfan llvthat have never before been printed Mr
He also described in imioriant dispatches to Mr. btanton the surrender or
"vieksuurg, and gives in dPtail what he saw of the capitulation These
disjiatcnes were LNKNOWN IN THE WAR DEPARTMENT before the
search for new matter for the- reminiscent e was made
WHEN RICHMOND SLRRLNDrRLD Dana -vent at Stanton s request
to reiwrt the condition of the cit) and to secure Confederate documents.
His EAST INTLRWLW W ITI1 LIM OLN was on April H, the
day berore the President & ssa ssinatton and be upent the night at LIN
COLN S DEATHBED writing dispatches at Stanton b dictation. He was
an lrw-Mit. -k ItnnKK .it thetrl.il of the COIlSnir.lt ITS
There is a remarkable description of the transfer of Jefferson Davis
from the propeller cijde ' to
a prisoner Thl- letter was supposed oj air uan.i niinseii to wave uecu
destroyed bv Mr Stanton on its receipt.
Many of his private letu rs to tanton are now first published from the
Stanton Family Iapers Besides his communications officially with
the War Department, h was in constant personal communication with Mr.
Stanton, and all of tins material has been at Mr Dana's disposal
fir. Dana's Recollections of Great Men.
These reminiscences will include many anecdotes, characterizations ot
tle great men with whom Mr Dana was intimately associated, a mere
listof them shows the imiwrtanco or this work ah a contributlor to Anicric in
History and American biograph) Among thu men with whom Mr Dana
was thrown in coiiudc'tiual lelation", in some ca$ for monthh at a
time often in the most critical per'ods of the Civil War, were
aad scores of men ofles hriluaM. posiiion, though of the highest character.
and all of them in coufnk-utial relations with the Government
The Uovernment Collection
or Civil War Photo;iaphs
DHmHermg more tt an 8,000. has
magazine for the illustration of
not been so arrangcii inat i
llloArtWRS will have almost ai
I Beginning in the November McClure's
witich is imw rcadv at aL news
Hollar it. u k.ii red at vour houH;
I of publication
141 E. 25tu St.,
1Mu.ii Adojited 13 Meuilr! ship o thi
Y. M. C A.
Tiie saHeonwrfttjee of tlie committee of
106 for the cairvase of the citj to irocurc
tuiiOBfor Ue new Y. M C A. building met
last night, aw! tliough Tew in number, con
riderahl" work was acoomiili.shcd. A
II 'Kh rft;rfie to the director has
Ik r i go'nt, oh for a week, and last night
indexed em's wore dl&plav;d: winch gave
niuK and addrtet, of prominent busiucss
Uin who are likely u contribute to tic
1 ii cards were divided i nto three groups,
v lute representing the tnaJortty red tluve
wlw Htive salM-bed but arc likely to
add to their contributions, and blue a
special lb of the w ealthv resident of the
c Ity wlio are atoply able to giv o large sums.
The latter wUl be attt nded to b a hpecial
A complete canv as of the city will be
made, the ns'Jgn'neut ot cards being mad
to the different committees, and, a active
woik 'ias already te-gun, Secretary Multer
S. S. McCIure Co.,
much of the secret bistor) of that great
rorireM aonroi,, auu ui un iii uai a
bea generously put at tlie disposal of the
Utcne papers, and as the collection has
couin oe urnwn uiun iuuj uuuiuon, cue
much novcltv and historical value as lw
standi at 10 cents a copy For one
everv month for a year on the daj
New York, H. Y.
hopes that within nlnetv days a largo
iwtion ot the Sl-10,000 needed will have
been plcdgeO an J the erection ot the new
building v ill be spccdilv begun
The floor plans have practicallj been,
completed, and the ei-terloi plans will be
read forp.rintin a-verv few ds Piinted
matter giving f ull infonmtlon of the rooms
of the new building and their uses in al out
ready for distribution, and the committees
will meet everj evening next week
to forward the work as rapldl as possible.
The property bought bv the association
at 1407 New Yorl a-veaue his been tumpd
Into an office for the canvass committee
aud an additional sccretar has been
emplov ed.
laftu lo Be Installed.
The Re.. George Bradthage will be In
stalled at pastor of St John s Evangelic.il
Lutheran Church, at the corner of Tour-and
a-half street and Virginia avenue, tomor
row at 3 p in The ceremony will be
conduct-d b the installation committee of
the s nodot Mar land, consisting of Rev. J
G. Butler, patorof Luther I'laco Memorial
Church, president. Rev. A Homrighaue, and
i Rev. W. H. Gotwald.
Friends and Opponents of Mr.
George Unite in His Praise.
Some of the E-tinchsiotijj ot Sortovv
and Ijsteem tin Death of tlio
Plulosoiilici Hah Called rortli
His DKotiles tlie AVoild Ovei
"Mount HIh T.Ohh.
The death of Henr George at an time
would h u e been a matter ot international
interest Coming, as it ha, In the midst
ot a stirring political campaign, in which
he was the most comm aiding figure.it has
stirred the publlcpuNe as few recent i vents
have moved It. rollowing are some of
the comments upon the death ot the phll
Willi im Jennings Brvan The snd
dennes with which the summons came
will make more keen the Kirrovv whlcii
the public generally will feel at the death
of m gtit, so pure, an ilM) bruve a mill
Bcau e of hl own unaided genius he
made his name familiar to the reading pub
lic the world around Those who united
with his tl corits found in him an Ideal
leader, w hllc those w ho opposed him ad
mittcd his abilil and his moral courage
He was one of the foremost thinkers of the
world His death vv ill prov e a loss to lit
erature, soclct and politirs.
Seuator Mark Ilauna It is a slunk
to the countr. llo w ab an honest man, a
i inn of iiinvictioiis, but is furuo ids ust
fulness v.s coicerncd, it vs as neutral
ied bv hlsoncidei Had he been broader
In hivlPvs he vv ould hav c been i great
btnefa tor of his countr, but he was no
di ma'oguc What the effect upon tho
New York election will be, 1 cannot fcaj,
but George was vv fimln many votefe from
Ex Gov Altgeld Henrv George was one
of the great men of the age and ho in ide
a deeper impression on the economic
thought or this countr than an other
man He was pure, brave and patriotic,
and alwavs on the side of Justice and
struggling humanlt His Tame will grow
brighter with lim 2satfonallj his deatli
will not affect the Democratic partj
Tom L Johnson The death or Hcnrv
George is a lobs to huminitj throughout tho
vorld His heart alw avs t cut out to tie
oppressed, his great life-w ork vv as to up
lift and to Improve the condition of tlose
v ho t ill. lletlicdas hewould havewished,
battling in their interest Could behave
know n in advance that to keep out of this
contest would have meant a. ten tars
euse of dfe to him, and that to engage in
it would co"t his llf(, liLVvoiiId not have
heitateil n instant to enter the fight
Charles Y Dayton, candidate for comp
troller on the Geotfce ticket This Is a
terribi shoe George looked so well
yesterday, I can hardl believ e th.it he is
dead His soul goes marching on, mil his
arm will not disband 1 eu ill not with
draw 1 neve" got out ot a fight in m
life, ar.d I w ill remain it I am the last man
in tlie regi ucnt
Mavor fctrong Coming at this time his
death is a disaster From w hat I heardand
read aout him he appeared to me to be a
man of principles, and 1 have never he ird
anything tLat gave me such a shock.
Richard Croker It is drcadru.1 news.
I am verj sjrr , indeed, to hear or Henr
George's death very norr , indeed. I bhall
send a me-sage ot sv mpath to his famil
The deatli is so sudden I can hardlj reilize
John C Sheehan I can hardlj realize
thatltif true. Hewisa man of strong con
victionaud perhonally had many i iautis
to admire. I must decline to discuss the
etiect it will have upon the campaign "
Carter Harrison The death ot Henrv
George is a lo-s and a sorrow . W e cam
to New York to fight him as un apostate
Democrat, vvj remain to mourn his lovs as a
philoKipher and a gentleman
Cornelius N'. Bliss, Secretary ot the
Treasury I appreciated the ability ot
Air George and had profound regard
for the sincerity of his conviction5
He was indeed an honest man At this
time anl at this distance it would be futile
to predict the effect of his de ith on the
hv.uou in Greater New York-
Linan 11 Gage, Secretar of the Tr ts
urj I did not agree with Mr George s
theories of irv eminent He was, how
ever, a verj able, sincere man of the
nigtiest Integrit It seems to me that
his death will tend to still further com
plicate the political situation in Greater
New York
His death is naturally most mourned in
the ranks of the single taxers anil in or
ganized labor circles J II Ralston ex
presses the views of the single taxers in
the follow ing
The death or Henrj George comes as a
distinct prrsonal Ios to all single taxers
The have learned to admire him asa man
because ot his absolute honest and eour
age and unswerving fidelity tf his con
viotions wherever the might lead Fora
the 1-eginning of their career as single
taxers, lie have admired the beutj of
Mr Gc urge's w litlngb and the impregnable
logic of the roMMons he has taken upon
the fundamental Social and political ques
tiou Single taxers will not believe, how
ever great was Henry George, that his
death v Id retard the progress of his ideas
The wmko of Mr George have produced a
tremendous effect upon students of pullti
cal econom in cverj portion of the globe,
and critical observers of political affairs
ree gnlze that tlie issues formulated bj
Henrj George are becoming the practical
qi estions of the Immediate future The
hundreds ot thousands of adherents to
his political ideas will not falter in their
devotion to the caue of human freedom be
cauKe or the death of their chiertian
The rollowing voice the sentiments of the
laboring clashes
Samuel Gompers, president of the Amer
ican Federation of Labor I am shocked
and pained beyond description at the
news of the death of Henr George.
He was a splendid man, and one of the
Lighcattps of American men, Lrllliant
am1 lirnv e, honest ind aggressive Though
in iraic n atters of ecouomics w c differed,
I en loved aud valued his rcrsonil acquaint
ance and friendship He was one of the
most companionable of men, withojt frills
orfeather He was in ever thing a manlj
man. In his death liter lturc loses a splen
did contributor, economics a deep student
rud human! a devoted advocate and
John W Hayes, general scretar-treas
urer of the Knights ot Labor The com
mon people who earn thur title to a
full suppl of food, shelter and cloth
ing because thej labor for it, ha' e lot
a champion whose place will bo h ird
to fill, hut let u" hope that some one
will he lound equal to the occasion, who
will tas, i p the crusade against the
Ignorance and treed of thoe w'io live in
luxury, although the ''toil not, lelthtr
do the spin. Henry George, although
dead, v ill be enshrined in the hearts ot his
countrymen who love liberty without
licence and his spirit will stand out as i
beacon to lead them out of the bondage
which plutocracy has imposed.
Mr Milford Spohn, president of the
Central Labor Union I very much re
gret the death of Mr George, particular
at this time when he represented those
principles vv hloh I have nodoubt w ereindors-
cd b everv clement in New York which de
sires honest political mJfhods He was the
representative not onltf ti( cleaji polities,
dlstl'ic' lv el t aviraple1 () the -w age-earn-crs
of tlir countiy.nnd his death is bv far a
greater loss to those who desire honest
pokllcs pud w holesomej economic changes
than would be the passing awaj of any or
all of the active machine politicians in the
countiy ' i j
W. II G Slnmkins. t is a most serious
blow to tlie reforiji moveme ntin New York
and, consequent1, to. the rest ot tl o
countr Ihere aie sq few men of that
character that neither the Demoi ratio
partv nor the countrj at large can spare
one at this time Mr George has alva8
b"e a stanch friend of 1 ihor He wan
easj ot apprcach, always gracious and
gave kind itttntlon and consideration to
the worllng classes, and did all in his
piwcr to better their condition As a
member of the greatest bod of oiganlzed
labor in Amciica, the Knlghta of Labor, I
ver; niueh regiet the death of Mt George
particular! at this time "
A M Law son, master workman D. A.
No G, K ot L In the death of Henry
George the working clusscs, especially In
New xyi-e. citv, have lost one ot the most
intelligent and ardent Workeis for the In
ti rests uf the toiling masses. I believe he
advocated truo Democratic principles, and
was lion est in his convictions, and had tho
Djuragi to express tl cm. The doctrines
enunciated bj him, If put into practice in
anv mmicipalltv, would go a long w iy to
alleviate the distress ot the "working people
I am notable to say what will be the result
politically, xcept that it will ret ird the
progress ot icforin until some one is fouud
w ith conruM) enough to carry out the work
he began.
Attornej Ch tiles II Turner, formerly a
Tominnii Cone'ressmau Mild "Mr.George's
deaMi id Immutable occurrence I km.vv
him personallv aid itguu'ed him as a man
of sterling oh dlties I think his death
w ill advance the interests ot both Sett. Low
and Vat' Wck All tlie George -votf d will
be illvided betw een these two mi it, but the
probability Is that Mi. Low will get more
of thm that the Tanun&nr candid Ue. It
will cerlalnlj have a crushing effect on the
camlldacv of Tracy,"
)I II Mmlth, of Michigan, ex-Journal clerk
of the noilo who hasljeeii keeping a close
w itch ot the situation, said "Mr Georges
death w lii undoubtedl help the Low peo
ple Incalculnblv I cannot see how anv
oi e cm rigure that Tamilian will prolit
b the imfurunate event The Geoige peo
ple hava b. n fighting Vnn WCk relenfc
iesslv and thev cannot reconcile them
selves to hUcandidacv A s an of f-hand pre
d'etiou I would sa that Low will get 90
per cent of the George votes "
Recoidei of Deedl Cheatham said "Mr
George's ui Unit J deatlt vv Hi result fa
vorabl to Mr Trao and the Republicans,
rtom wh'tt I have lenrnedof the situation
a gruit man j Uepubllcans intended toioto
for Mr George These voters weie to be
found espi oi tllv among the Irish and negio
Republicans lhev were going to stand by
him on ae ount of? his personal popularlt
Now, hjwever, tliev will go btck to th.
rcgulai pattv candidate and Mr Tracy
will get tin b ntflt of their votes "
Grx. ghei;Lyi lectuhk.
Metiibets of t lie,N;ii.i:ml Gpogiaphle
SocietT 'Enioy Jt.
Gen A W. GreeivoCarctlo fame.dcliv
ered an interesting address before the Na
tional Geographic, -Society at the Congre
gatlonal Church last night. Gen Greely
gave a reMijne of the results ot rercnt ex
ploratlons In all partb of the world He
spoke at length qrtjlnfvork of recent ex
peditionsin Thibet? tffutral AricwOceatt
i en, New Zealand and South Vmerlci
In speaking of fN'orch Amsricah. ep!ora
tion, Gcu Grecly said ' It is rather
interesting to note that Mount .St Llias
has been scaled by Prince Lulqi, an Italian
nobleman Another feat, which created
considerable discussion, was the "uccess
ful ascent of the Enchant. Mesa b Par
Libbey faiveral important expeditions
have been sent into Graham Lanil and
ttc Anthrctic b the Belgian government.
The Danish government has established i
tnissionar post on the eastern coast ot
Greenland, and sends vessels there year!
The Audree point epedit!ou b. the
balloon iout wns, perhaps, the most
novel aud Interesting in ears It was
Shown that the balloon lost 4 per cent
of its gas dailv, yet, And roe had the
courage of ccnviction and on Jul 11
last, made his ascent under rather un
favorable conditions, losing two ot his
drag ropes He expected to land in
Ametlca, but the chances were rather
against him It eemed verv Impobibie
that he would land ou either America or
Siberia Tiie balloon, lu mj opinion, could
onlv hav e remeiued upt .venty six dayb, and
in Audiee's most optunistie opinion, abrut
fortv davs When It was rumored th iL
he had 1 mdpd in Siberia about the middle
ot September, I gave the storj little
credit, because he would then hive been
s tiling in the balloon sixtj five das,-whlch
was quite impossible "
Invited to Vlhlt tho Y. M. C. A.
It hns for seune time been the custom for
t' e Sunday chool teachers ot the elt to
meet at the rooms l the Young Men s
Christian Association at G 10 on Saturday
evenirg for the study of the lqsson of the
day follow lug
Thle evening Charles Bird, major and
quartermaster, United States Army, will
tale el'trg of the meeting Major Bird
brlugs to the class a w ealh of experience
and he Is a v ery Interesting te tcher
Ail interested iu the study of the Sunday
school lessons are Invited to this me ting
Buoj Colorist'fe Examination.
The United States Civil Service Com
mission announces that it will hold au
examination in this and other cities where
there are applicants., on Nov ember 27, 1897,
for the purpose of establishing a register Tor
the grade of buoy colbrist in the Coast and
Geodetic Surve, saTar, $720 per annum
The duties of the occupant of this posi
tion consist in marking charts of harbors
sounds, etc , so as to 'sliovv the location of
buovs i
The first graue exUfn I nation, consisting
of spelling anthmetlc',letter writing, pen
manship mil copymgjlrom pi lin cop and
Troai rough draft, vbc given in this ev
uminatloa, and In ad htion, applicants wi'l
be tested on their knowledge ot United
States geography VThe will also be re
quired to copv, en a blank chart the loca
tion of the buos indicated on a prepared
cha-t The first grtcde examination will
be given i weight oi J geography will b
given e weight of $aud the chart test a
weight of 2
Only n ale applicants between the ages
or twentv aud fortv will be examined
Perfect eyesight Is an absolute csm ntlal, as
is also phsical strength, as the occupaut
ot the position is required to move heav
Those who believe Chronic diarrhoea to
be incurable should read what Mr P E
Grlsham, of Gaars Mills, La , has to say
on the subject, vi7 "I have been a suf
ferer from chronic dlarrhoi a ever since
the war, and have tried ail kinds of medi
cines for it. At last I found a remedy
that effected a cure, and tnat w is Oiiain
berlain s Colic, Cholera and Di urhoc i Item
ed) " This meelicine can alwa)s be de
pended upon for colic, cholera morbus
dysentery and diarrhoea. It is pleasant to
take, and never falls to effect a cure
25 and 50 cent sizes for sale by Henry
Evans, "Wholesale and Retail Druggist,
938 F street and Connecticut avenue and
S street northwest, aud 142a Mainland
av enue aortheast.
gssq Q9sta asasGasGssQ sssq
g "Tlie cheapest
8 clothing house in
the world,"
427 Seventh Street
(green front)
puts on saie mis a
S morning 200 little boys' 8
g all-wool, indigo blue
beaver reefers, with
$ Italian cloth' lining
bound with Hercules
g braid, in sizes 3 to 8
S years, finished with
8 brass buttons which $
8 you cannot duplicate $
a elsewhere under 4 for
p And 363 boys' 3 to 16 8
P year short pants suits 8
thoroughly made, splen- 8
did wearing garments 8
S which cannot be equaled $
S about town, for less than g
$3 for
fine man's
coat or a blue kersey or &
beaver overcoat for $
$5.35 such as you'll be $
asked $9 about town.
The President jlakes Him Wiule
Hampton's Successor.
flitch Pressure neeitilied to I'laej
the New Hail mail CoumilM-iioiier
Otliei Po'-ttioiis, Filled.
Tho President, in view ot his departure
for Ohio arid the possibiilt ot a long
sta there, made mat appolutmeuts es
One ot the mote interesting appoh t
meats was that of Gen Loncstreet, In
place of ex senator Wade Hampton, as
commissioner ot railroads The nressure
Ir. favor of Gen Longstreet apparently
outweighed the sentimental politics In
'ttvor of Hampton.
The appointments were as follows
Nufflln W Glbbs. of Arkansas, consul at
lamatuve, Madagascar
Jumea Loncstreet, ot Georgia, commis
siouer of railroads, vice Wade Hampton,
Henr s. Pritchett, of Misoi rl, super
inteudo it ot the Coast aud Geodetic
lames K Stlllman, ot Honda, eol'ector
ot cu-tom8 at Pensacolu
lsaao N'. Moffatt, collector of internal
revenue for the first distiict ot New
ZoethHouser, marshal of the LnitedStates
Tor the district or Oregon.
Pa luspcitor Albert S Kennv , United
Slate- Nav, to bo paj director, with rela
tlve rank ot captain.
ASMStaut Surgeon Charles E. Ricgs, to
he passu! assistant surgeon in the Navj
with relative rank ot lieutenant, junior
I he nomination of Gen Longstreet to be
the succt"!Sor of Gen Wade Hampton a?
commissioner ot railroads was discounted
fconu davs ago. rriends ot the South Caro
linla i are Mid to have tried hard to bring
influence to bear for his retention, but old
arm rriends also worked for the Georgi ui
During the fir-t Cleveland Administration
the late Gen Joseph E Johnston, or lr
ginla, wau commissioner.
Frof Pritchett, the newlv appointed su
pirintem'ent oHheCoastand GeodetlcSur
vey, is pronineiitl connected with the
Washington Universitv, in St Loui He is
a seientiricman or note, andit is believed
th it he w ill mat e a most competent head
of this Guv cmncnt bure iu HiFapi oint
ment is thought to be dueto the influence
largel or tie edutatioiial and sr-iuitiric
clement though he also had the backing
of the Kercn-Dav is wing of the Missouri
M 'V Gibbs, of Arkans is, vv ho goes to
Ttmatavc, asit,nsul,l"u promiti' ni colored
po'itui tn of tint State, and his prineipa'
backers were Minister Pow ell Cla on and
Col Dick Kerens, both of whom have
he.tv fmarcial interests lu Arkansas.
Fiifjliteiied b the Servant.
Mr George Bacon, living at No 170S
Nineteenth street northw est, last cv ening
reported to the i oliee that his house vv as
entered yeterdij morning b) an un
know n negro The intending thief ran
sacked a trunk belonging to Kate Roberts,
a servant, but did not succeed in getting
anything, as he vv as frightened off bv
her approach
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2205 14th st nvv oc28 3t
WANTED-Partner a young man with
sin ill cash capital, to invest In a good
payin ', cstablisiied business Address at
once CASn 2, this orfice oc27 3t em
TOR RENl Grocer) aud provision store
doing good business, stock and fixtures
Tor sale Address J K, this office oc27 7t
FOR RENT Store, 13 12 oth st. nw , ;io
Apply 1316 8th st. nw. oc28-Jt
FOR RENT ror a term of )ears, the coal
dump, located cor 1st and G sts ne .
couuected with B & O tracks, the largest
dump m the citv, and the one nearest the
cit)'s center Apply to THOMAS W.
SMITH, 1st and ld ave nw oclSlmo
TYPEWltllERB rented at reduced rate
K7ltn ,irl11pp-n nf TinrntlR'tn fllimdarrt
miUa tirollmlniirr lnHtriirl.lnn fri NRW.
st, nw. au2H 3m,eai
s $
a A
2 covert
FOR SALE Riders, attcntlonl By order
of the difreront storage houses we repre
sent, I am ottering all nigl-grado bicycles
and tandems for ladies anu gents at the
greatest attractive s'aughterlng prices or
the car. Advances made on ttieee goods
must be collected, and, therefore, above
sacrifices will be made. Such hfl -grade
bicclcs as Syracuse, Rambler, Columbia,
Worlds, etc , etc , now aud slightly used,
will be offered at this the greatcut bar
gain salj or the year Sundries and parts
will be sjld, al'o, and no reaonalle orfer
will be refused Bicycles bought outright
ana exchanged, and takPtt on storage
FOR SALE A lable counter 18 feet long
and shelving, also a 1 foot table, cheap,
or stoic foi rent with fixtures 9 H st.
nw oo30 Jt
10R SALE Cheap, one .100 egg incuba
tor Call oi aduiess 1 JO Jackson st . An
acostla oc30 Jt
rOR SALE Splendid driving horse, har
nensandbiigg,for$75. Address HORSE,
this office oc303t
TOR 8A LE Largest stockof horse blankets
in the cit, from 75c. up, also lap robi a
front ?1 30 up, very handsome patterns,
wholesale, retail, gieat variet ot har
nes", at $10 for a good set, finer ones
in proportion FERMUILLEU llARNEhh
FACTORY, Oil La. ave. ocJO 3b
roil S LE-Cheap-plano,
cost 700
Mass ave no
A Stcinwa square
new. Adores 10 Z
TOR SALE -Barber pole, with lamp $5,
cost $2.1. Ull 9th st uvv ocJi 3t
roil toALE Good Elgin butter, 25c per
pouud, best Elgin butitr, frcdi froii. tho
churn, G pounds, $1.35. 11 B YOUNGS,
70 and 77 O st Market, anil t0 Rigs
.Market, postal orcers prompti fillcii.
oc30 Jt
FOR SALE-20 wrought iron beams, 15
ft long bv lui-iin wide, 8 cast iron
columns, 2u ft lung b 8 iu thick. ,11.
BLttvuiilMLK, OJU C st nvv ocao-Jt
iron bed
-lo sell a. nice single foldiug
Callatl27Indianaave. It
FOR SALL-Onc fine upright piano, S1S5,
sheet music very cheap, piano tuning
SHOEMAKER'S, 1107 G bt. nw . It
FORSALE-Stovc S45 UaillantHnme jlf
Teeder parlor stovo, price, Sb. Call 227
Xst ne It
FORSALL A Sticff Upright Piano, nearly
new, must leave cit, will sell for 223
cash. Address N'LCL&SIIY, this office
TOR SALE Will sell Remington tjpe
writer. No 2, for 528 cash cr ient fcr
$3 a month GREbHAM, 1213 V st nw
oc29 3t,cm
TOR SALE 10 and 12 gauge double shot
guns for half the listed price, the best
makes, also - parlor etoves 9 18 New
York ave oc29 3t,em
10K SALE Sec of Monarch cubhions,
livel as new. Address CAKkUVi, ttiis
office oc29 Jt
FOR SALE At a bargain, 5 pointer pup
pies, bred b celebrated South Carolina
strained Appi bCHMID'S BIRD SI ORL,
712 12th st nvr oc29 Jt
TOR SALE A vcr hattdsome bedroom
suite, cost 75, v. ill sell lor $JO, bed
anu v ashstaudforSlu.J burner gnsetovc,
$1.50, child s bed, polished oak, cost!-1,
for 5. some bedroom chairs kitchenchairs,
rockers, ice , for less than cost Can be
seen at 1J20 10th st nw oe29 3t
FOR SALL-A twin tab carriage, useel
but two months, and as good as new.
Appi at 1J15 Lmerson st ue.
FOR SALE Hubbard portable oven. In
good condltiou Address 308 Monroe
st , AnacosUa oc28 3t em
1 OR SALE Total adding National Cxsh
Register nearl new, cheap Canleseeii
at 1128 7th st nw. oc28 Jt
FOR SALE Remington tpewrltcr No.
J moUeru mac nine pcriecc condition
cheap for cash 001 4th st nw. oc23-3t
FOR SALE $1 a week for pianos and or
gati". We are closing out 50 silendid
square pianos and organs at lowest price
fvn named ill Li is t,cilliL uiKil t,i w
and organs from SJ5 up Terms, $1 a
wee 1. G SMITH, U5 Feniisvlvania
qve. oc27 3t em
FOR SALE One three burner Quick Meal
gasoline stove, with oven, in good condi
tion 815 N Cap, sc. oc27Jt-em
rOR SALE The contents ot a rurniture
store, retiring Trent business, at auction
Moudav, Aov 1, will sell without re
serve or limit, handsome chamber, dming
room and parlor suit e, iu oak,,mahogaii
and waluut, odd tables, chairs, rockers,
hall racks, book cae, sideboards, car
pets, stoves, cooking unte iils, counter
ayd show case, horse and wagon, folding
beds, springs and mattresses. Private sale
everv Uaj until auction, 1721 Pa ave.nw.
oc27 Oc
FOR SALE--Sample lotof fine shotguns at
sacrifice, call earl) and get a bargain
JULlUb COHEN , 1104 7tU st nvv .
oclC tf em
FOR SALE-Hounds, pugs, fox terriers,
St. Bernard, bull terriers, collios, pup
pies, Malles" and Angora cats bCHMID S
BIRD SIORE.712 12th st nw. se21 tf.eis
FOR SALE YoungCubauandMcMcan par
rots, monke)s, gold fishes, dogs, pigeons,
canaries, incubators, Spratts and Austin's
dog bread, send for catalogue SCHMID'S
BlHD STORE. 712 12th st nw. ocbtf
FOR SALE Ten oil stoves Tor heating
small rooms, nine lovely oak bedroom
suttes, fourteen cook ranges besc make,
eighteen Iron beds three parlor suites six
fiuo rolding beds, all braud nev. , and sold
on easy pa)inents. or very low for cash
st aw.
se30 lm
FOR SALE-S2 9S for a G f t oak ex
tension table, lounges, 2 50, gasoline
stoves, 50c week, parlor and bedroom
suites, SI per wcv RLDMOND'S
J1J 7th st n V, ocl.ltx
WANTED -One or more persons, with
some capital, to Torm an association or
corporation to raise tobacco, vegetables,
fruits, &c , in Polk count), lit , I have
a 700 acre plantation, nov, under cultiva
t on, on which to commence pi mtmg im
tnetilatelv for winter and Miriag crops
15,000 tomato plants now read) lor
planting, a German or competent gardener
v ho understands raising tobacco, vege
table and sUlii tropical rruits, also a bo)
or )oung man, will be glve,n an interest,
in the net proceeds for their work Ap
pU b) mail, or in person after I ji in ,
to Col lOHN HANCOCK, 401 Pa ave
TOR SALE- Hair interest in established
buiness, no stock to carr) nothing to
lo-e EXLHANuE BUuh-U,, 721 Uth st
nw . It
FOR SALE Cheap notion store, Krocerits,
saloons, market stands UNA Ha.fsui
BUREAU, 721 Uth st. nw. It
TOR SALE Confectioner) and cigar store,
with sort drinks, cheap, at 2 o clock
toda) LXCHAJNUE HLitbAU, 721 Uth
st nw. It
TOR SALE Corner grocer v satisfactory
reason for selliug, cheap rent, terms
re isoiiable Address J II A , tills off ic.
oc30 3t
S375 WILL buv fine lunchroom, doing
good business, first class location near
Government aud large orrice buildings
COMMERCIAL. 510 F st nw. lt.cm
AAN1ED V. waist hand, 1V-0 )ouug girl
with some experience in dresMuakiug
9 II st nw 1 t.etn
1 OR SALL Hair interest in established
patent business Address Box A. this
orrice oc29-3t em
FOR SALE-0)ster saloon and fixtures,
doing good business, cheap Appl) 1st
and K sts ne oc2f Jt
ANYONE SUFFERING from chronic kid
ney or bladder trouble can learn of
something to their advantage b) address
ing BOX 17, this office. oc29 3t
FOR SALE Drug store, proprietor in ill
health, desites to sell a drug btore, lu
iiorlliw est, will sell cheap to pioper part).
Appl) to GEORGE W. DREW.Att'y at
Law , Mcrtz bldg ,11th andF sts nw
oc2ti 1 mo em
GREAT BA.RGA1NS In stores We now
have some ot the best business chaucea
we have ever off ered COMMERCIAL, 510
r st nvv. oc2S Jt,em
800 WILL bu) fine comer drug store,
fount im cost 3e00, fine business chance
CO MMERL1AL, 510 F st nw . oc28 3t,em
FOR SALE The best located grocery and
provision "tore on corner ol prominent
street Address DIXIE QULEN, this ot
fice oc-S 3c
STORES sold quick by Hunter & Bro ,
propiietors ot tiie OLD RLLIABEL COM
oc28 JC.eui
FOR SALE Milk uusiness, only 5100, S
cows, 2 heifers, 2 horses, waj,on and
harness, 15-gallon route, rent ror house aim
barn, 50 acre lot, $20. COMMERCIAL,
510 F st. nw oc-27-3t em
I "POTf RAT. P. A fillf LToniTV stlirn uivl
! stand cheap rent, a bargain if told at
once. 629 2d bt sw. oc28.3t
or ses an
Seventy five head TODAY at our Auc
tion Stables, 205 11th st., 10 o'clock.
Harry Bloom, of Hagcrstown, Md , win
sell a carload of good, heavy workers fifty
head of horses and mules, belonging to
other parties. Also horse, carriage and
harness sold for want ot use.
- Item Auctioneers.
N J CURRY 508 13th st nsi Jobbing,
bricklaing or all kinds, grates, furnaces,
latrobes ami ranges sc, sn.ok ihirnnevs
cured. ocJi6t
HAVE our rooms papered , the STOVB
BROS . $2 up 711 5th st nw oc30 Jtr
LACE CURTAIN'S laundered equal to new;
no lime. JOc per puir, mail attemled to.
1 11 Gth st. nw. oc3t-3t
I'HILADELPHIAN'S temporarily here can
get their home favorite cigars ar home
prices at the OLD RELIABLE CIGAIt
SlOKt, corner uth and G sts. nw.
oc.10 Jt
THE McDowell Academ of Dress CtittiuV;
Open da m. and evenings, fine dressmaking.
1210 New Hampshire ave. nw.
PIANO TUNING-51 50,byrctory ejepertr
works renovated, drop po-tal. JAS.
DLRITY', J05 12thst se oc2-3t-em
COAT SLEE ES altered by an experienced
tailor hand, price reasonable. 1SW0 14th
st.nw. oC28-3t,era
PA Y UP FIRST-Actor tplaymg tho part
or Hamlet In solemn tones; ' V.liere, can
I find rest autl peace " Voice (from the
gallery) "Nowhere, until ou have paid
me for those new boots See the Klon
dike shoe at Selby's for S2, also tlie Klon
dike hat, 50c 1003 Pa. ave. nw
oc28 Jc
FOR SALE On account of moving, will
sell at a sacrifice portaWe rane for
58, good a now cost $40 Call iiiune
uiatv nt 1112 Part st., Mount I'ieasant.
yon do'" said the crab to tlie lobster;
"how is your dear little baby "Very
well, indeed,'" said the lobster "We
haven't named her yet names are so hard
to find." Why not call her Claudia?"
sutrcested tlie crab Wo have ntce little
shoes called the Edna for children and
for 75c
Why not buy a pa
and $1 1903 Pa
a pair at Selby'a
ave nw.
oc2S Jt
ROBERT M. HARROVER, Raiuges. Stov es
and Furnace Repairing Tinning and
Heating, Aluminum cooking eseek. 43S
Ninth st nw. oc2S-lmo
ROOMS PAPERED, $1 75 up. ni all orders
receive prompt attention, we are now
exhibiting the .finest line ot goods In the
city at the lowest prices LEPREUX &
GAINES, 19J Md ave sw. oc2S-8C
INDIES' RUBBERS, ail styles and shapes.
5c SELBl.iaoa Pa ae. oc27 bc
HIGH CLASS Men's rubber boot,, S2.50.
SELB1, 19QJ Pa. ave oc27-6c
MEN'S and boys' suits to close at cost
pnce.SELBY, 1903 Pa ave. oc27-6t
A DEAD swell overcoat for men, S5 and
$0, at SELBVb, 1903 Pa ave oC27-65
A FIVE-DOLLAR BILL will huy an up-to-date
all wool suit at SELBY'S 1903
Pa. a ve oc27-6t
MEN S $J black and brown derbies, aU
shapes, $1.3. SLLB1, 1903 Pa. ave
ocJ7 0 c
ALL-WOOL bovs suits at SELBJl'S for
$J. all sizes, 5 to 15. 190J Fa. ave.
ocJ7 Gt
THE BEST $2 men s shoes can be had at
bLLBl s, 190J Fa ave. oc27-6t
LADIES suits and ev enlng gowns at very
moderate prices, satisfaction guaranteed.
7u4 L st. nw oc27-7g .
w e expect to get it. If you have aur in
terior decorating to bo done we want, to
give you our cMituate ot the cost. We
promise fin est worK. F G N'OLrB,Jsl0 9tU
st. No branch oc27 tt
Home-made Bread, 5c a loaf. 1S2C 7th
st. nw. oc27-6t
JOHV WALSn, mason and plasterer brick
and cement paving- calMimtning, cement
ing, pointing up Rear of 323 C St- nw.
All orders promptl) attended to oc2b-6t
OlSTERS' OYSTERS! -Large fresh
shucked oysters. 20c Qt., delivered any
where in city. WINSION't. Oyster House,
1S48 7th st- nw. Postal "We give trad
ing stamps." oc26-Ut
"WALL papers In all the latest styles;
rooms papered from S2 np. C1I LRLES
C. SILENCE, 1J41 1 st. ae. oc25-0t
W e promise you, if )ou 11 let us da the
interior decorating that is needed in your
home, we do finest work, rooms papered,
new paper, $2 up F G. NOLTB, 810
Oth sc, no branch oc24 tf
LATROBES, ranges and furnaces repaired
at M B FLYNJrfa, GoL Pa. ave se.
oc23 9t em
"WALL papers in all the latest styles.
room simpered from $2 up CHARLES C
SILINEU, 1341 I st ne oc23-6t.em.
SING LEL, first class laundry. 5o 10th
st. nw , threo doors above B st, next
to Ford s old theater building; price Ilstr
Shirts Bo
Collars 1 l-2o
Cuffs, per pair ...3a
Undershirts .. . 4o
Drav.ers 4c
Handkerchiefs lo
Clothes will he called for and delivered,
on notice b) postal card or otherwise, all
kindsof washing neatly executed, ocl 9-156
NOTARY FCBLIC, collections, stenograph
and typewriting Kooin 65, Ailautlo
bldg , 9 to 5, rates reasonable oclG-imo
908 N. Y. ave . ladies' costumes, $5 up;
coats, tailor made suits, and children'
clothes a specialt) . Baughman's ad-
justaWcjlress cutter, So ocl 4-1 mo
MME DAVIS, born Clalrvoyiut .xaa card
reader, tells about business, removes
spells and evil influences, reunites tna
tepurated, and Mves luck to all. cure!
pile mil drunkenness 1 22S 25ttt st- nw.
oo7-l mo
Matchett, now located at 425 9th st.
nw , is prepared to do all kinds of Job
printing at lowest prices, promptly and
in best style oc2 lm em
ON CREDIT -Easy payments Gents' Suits
and Overcoats made to order, fine work,
perrect nt guaranteed credit given, small
weckl) or monthl) payments taken. Ad
office. ocl-tf em
WILL SELL your rurniture, will store
)our furniture, will accommodate you
witli a loan on same, no Interest onargid:
liberal dealing, drop postal and will call.
MARCUS NOTES, 6J7 La ave seJO 2mo
FUKMTURE moved. Iargc3t 2-horse load,
52 50, 1-horse loads, SI 25, pianos, $2;
furniture p icked and shipped, experienced
men onl), storage COLLMBIA TRANS
FER CO , 323 4 1-2 sc nw. 'Phone 19G0.
Printing 500 cards, 75c , 500 envelopes,
75c , 500 note heads, 75c., 500 state
ments. 75c; binding magazines , 50a;
miscellaneous books rebound G E
WlLLIAMb, 615 7th st. nw feG-tf
FOR SALE Cutunderrockawa) good con
dltiou, $50, also jump seat carriage
baetou and carriage jole NORrHERN
bet 4th and otli sts nw oc30 3C
FOR SALE 1 excellent gra) draft horse,
weight about 1,400, 1 fine ba) driving
horse, weight l.Ooo, also a driving horso
suitable for carriage, all Just from Vir
ginia, 0 vears old and sound Call at 721
8th st. nw. it
FOR SALE Horse, harness and light
wagon; $35 Apply 350 II st sw. It
FOR S VLE-Small mare; cheap Call at
1J41 I st ne oc2S-3t em
FOR SALE I irst class coupelette. used
a short time also phaeton buggj . suitable
fordoctor Call at -17 H st.nw .after 4:15
p m. oc27 3t,em
FOR SALE The finest pair of driving and
coupe horses in il"e city, they are bay
geldings. Kentucky bred, 6 and 7 yeara
old, perfectly matched and sound, both are
Al saddle horsed, with several gaits, ow nee
Will illspose of team at rea-ouable price;
satisfaction guaranteed Apply blLSBY
& CO , stock brokers, 61J 15th st nw.;
phone G05 se30 tf
FOR SALE Left on sale, quick andtmeap,
1 trap, 2 surreys, 1 wagon, 1 phaeton, 2
side-bar, 1 end spring buggtes, 2 horses,
1 pony cart or surre), and haruest, all
complete, particular and prompt attentloa.
given to selling for other parties, call or
write us horses and carriace for iiir.
I W L. W. aud II. Co., 027 D st. nw.
iBM3i.ii.nm jt

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