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cytcnueo to the
lAelhUlU u lilt
isked for One Month's Extension,
Doctor McCoy Gives Two.
All Who Apply Before Jan. 1, 1898, for the Treat
ment that Has Become a Blessing to Our Time,
May be Treated at $3 Per Month Until Cured.
The attendance at the orflees of Doctors .
"McOoy atKLCovvden In October doubledeveu
thai of September, and at the close of the
month came again the inevitable cnilmi na
tion and criblfc, a flood tide and Hcod pies-
sure of belated Importunate-, t bat brought
a t-econdeuergenc , when Something must
be done."
Flea for another month' extension came
from everywb " H letter from patient
living hi the city who could not reach the
offices, in letter from people throughout
the country desiring to be treatinl by eorre
tilKHiilence, in pen-sual visitation of friends
w1k Mauled to bring other friends or rela
tives. Such was tiie pressme of work Incident
to the doce of the S3 period that during
Saturday aod Sunday, the :50th and 31t,
not go much as time for preparing ur pub
licly announcing the exleitblon Cuuld be
bpared. It was au unpiecedented occur
rence la iMitmcUcp. It the first time
in it litetury that It wa abt-olutel im
possible to prepare or make the usual an
liouneetnenlOn the public prints.
In response to pergonal leqap&u, to extend
the rale, Doctjtr McOoy aid: "I will do
lieUer thau your request. You a,k for one
inoatit, and I will give two. 1 will extend
the $3 rate until the end 1 the year. It
cauBot be said then that there ib ma abun
dant time."
Astuatsbed Irtmbeif by the situation, lie
frit that a ecmHi extension of one mouth
would eea like a put eiy babinens matter,
lie tJld not make the concession grudg
- -.il.lli. . -OOOUOOn
llf ill iliiti
That tiie eoone of Doctor McCoy's system
of iMeoieine ib & broad as the field of 1
"Medical Science itself, and not cramped I
witmn toe narrow limits of any single
tpeeialty. ban been demoiiKtrated repeat
edly, but never o clearly a in the case of
Mr. Davie and hi mother whose fitatc
iitentfi are prenu-d together here-
Charles Davis, T.lttle Kails ftoad,
D. C: "The stomach trouble of which Doc
tors MoCoy and Cowden have cured me be
gan about two years ago, and in a short
time 1 became a physical wreck. My Mom
a oh distressed me ail the lime, and nothing
that I ate did me any good. I got very
weak and run down, had no strength and
no appetite.
I Lost Flesh, Too, and IJecame Un
fit for Work.
"I tried a number of remedies that were
suggested by friends, and coubullcd one
doctor, but nothing did me an y good
'0n several occasions 1 had terrible
cramps that began la m stomaohand from
there extended all over my body. The last
one 1 had was accompanied by vomiting,
and was unusually fcevere, lasting over ten
hours It came oa during the night .and
it was late the next day before 1 got
any relief.
"If I attempted to eat ordinary foods I
One of Doctor McCpyV lec
tures a pou the condition of
impaired hearing relutes side
ly to head noises (condition
known hy the doctors as Tin
nitus Annum). This paper
will be mailed free to any nd
dress. would Moat up afterward, and there would
be a feeling of nausea. 1 got so 1 could
not eat anytsjfng but sort, liquid foods,
and part of the time lived entirely on milk
and stimulants.
I was fco badly run down when I went
to Doctor "McCoy and Cowden that 1 had
about given up alt hope or ever being well
and strong again.
2 Henlly Think Their Treatment
Saved My Life.
"I have told people so, and those who
know the condition I was in agree with me.
"I was discharged cured in November a
year ago, and have liad no return of any of
my symptoms. My stomach does not trou
ble me in the least, my appetite is good, and
I feel as strong and well as 1 ever did In
my life."
A Beautiful Piatter given awaj' at all our branches,
TODAY. Never lias there been suck a genuine offer ever
given before.
Golden Tipped Ceylon Tea
Is a new special blend of our own
and is the most delicate flavored
Tea in the world at the price ask
for it today.
HP Checks given with every 25c worth of Tea, Coffee,
j Spices, etc. to be exchanged for handsome and useful
presents. A $10,000 stock to select from.
9 5oi and 603 7th Street N. W.
Corner E Street.
2k , Branches:
1G20 i'ourteenth Street N. W. 815 H Street X. 33.
B. 3104 M Street, Georgetown. D. C.
58, 50 and GO Center Market. 101 Northern Liberty Market.
G7 and 68 Ear tern Market.
8 and 8 O Street Market. 01 and 02 Western Market.
B. A. Bowman, Manager for D. C.
ingly, sparingly or pcnuriously. He could
not deal out benevolence as we deal out to
bacco or culico, by pennyweight or inch
measure, ha he has given the benefit of the
rate for two full months which is time
enough to uiihwer every appeal and request
that has been made.
Such, then, is the logic of the -whole
movement for extending the benefits of
the McCoy system to thoe unable to pay
regular fees. Such is the logic also of the
finul and lengthy extension, the text
und subnauce of which is given above.
To repeat at length:
All deaf 1)ltnoiih applying before
January 1, 181)8, will be treated nt
the nominal rate of. 3 n niontli until
The offer applies, alike to office and
to mail patients and to old patients,
renewing; treatment and to new pa
tients beginning: treatment during
November and Ueeember.
All persons nfflieted with Catnri'li,
lilieiimatiMm, AMtimu, Incipient Con
sumption or any other so-called In
curable ailment or Infirmity, and
who makes application before Jnnu
ury 1, 18U8, will be treated at the
nominal rate of $3 a mouth until
This, offer applies alike to office
as to mail patients and to old pa
tients renewing as to new patients
beginning treatment during Novem
ber or December.
"Mrx. Kliza A. DnvlK, Little Falls
Road. D. C: "I had my first attack of
asthma years ago. After that it did not
trouble me again seriously until alwut two
years ago. That fall It came on again, and
as the weather grew colder, 1 grew stead
ily worse.
'The shortness of bieath Increased, and
there wafe a constant reeling or pres-uie
about m y chest, just as If there wat- a hea vy
weight upon it. The attack never came on
during the day, butat night, an hour or two
after I bad ictired, '
I "Would Wake to Find Myself (.(lisp
ing for UrcutlL
"There would be no more iest that night,
for when the attacks weie on sleep was
'J he leader may obtain the
full text of Doctor McCoy's j
puper explaining the relation
of catarrh to consumption by
calling nt the office or by
writing for it.
impossible. I could not even lie down,
but would have to sit up eKlier in a chair
or propped up in bed. Night after night
1 have spent In thib fashion, until I was
atxiul exhausted.
"The cough troubled mc greatly, Tor it
was Mich an effort to raise thy lough mucus
that fdled my lungs.
"What sent me to Doctors McCoy and
Cowden was the cure they had made in
my son's case, and seeing the published
statement of
Mrs. Jenny Smith, of GOG Sixth
Street Southwest.
She lind been cured of Asthma; why should
not I be cured also?
"Before I began treatrncnt.'if I tlid very
much about the house, I was sure to
have an attack that night. Now I can do
a good day's work and not suffer from it.
My cough has stopped and I breathe per
fectly." McCoy System of Medicine,
Doctor McCoy's National Practice,
7i5 13th Street Northwest.
Office Hours 9 to 12 a. m., 1 to 5 p. m.,
C to S p. m. daily. Sunday, 10 a. m. to 4
p. m.
Sppcinl Blends of Java and
The result of a lifetime experience
In blending, roasUng and pulveriz
ing. A fragrant and delicious cup of
33e A POUND.
Succeeds the Lute Thomas F.
Miller on the Bench.
Highly Commended by Judge Cole
and Mnny Other Member of the
Bar "Will l'rertlde in the 1'olioe
Court Monday Next Sketch of an
l'ventful T.lfe.
Charles F. Scott, a justice or the peace,
was appointed police judge by Pre8ltlent
McICIuley yesterday afternoon to succeed
the late Judge Thomas F. Miller.
The official announcement or the ap
pointment was made at the White House
at U o'clock in the afternoon. President
McKluley instructed Attorney General Mc
Kenna to make out Mr. Scott's commis
sion early m the morning. This the At
torney General did, and the President af
fixed his signature to the document dur
ing the afternoon.
While the appointment, of Justice Scott
was ualurull disappointing to the oilier
candidates, and their supporters, it was
no surprise to tho-e besL ucijuuuiied avKU
the situation. .Early in tut: morning promi
nent members of the bar expressed the
opinion that Justice seoic v.ouiu probably
secure thu appointment.
During the morning a delegation, headed
by Justice Cole, of the District supreme
court, called on the President m Mr.
Kcott's behalf, aim tome of thooe ex
pressing the hope that Justice Scoit would
secure the appointment, were Justice iic
Comas, of the District supreme court;
Juuge Jere M. Wilson, A. A. Uirney, ex
distrirt attorney; Tracy L. Jeffords
James Coleman, M. M. Parker, Chapiu
BroAvn, and others.
Justice fecott was That told of his ap
pointment by a newspaper man. When as
sured that it was a inct he said:
"I sincerely appreciate the eirortsor my
friends in my oehair," said the Judge,
auU 1 hope i shall justiiy their opinion
as to my anility to dlbonarge the dutle.s of
the position.'
When asked whether he would enter upon
his duties In the police court Immediately,
Judge cott said h thought It would hardly
be possible for him U) ilu oo unlit Monday.
He stated, however, that if Judge Kim
ball desired his assistance today he would
endeavor to take on- or the courts.
juuge Cole, wntn uskeu io oswpreis. his
opinion us lo the appointment, said:
T nere--can he no uoul t 'what 1 think of
the appointment- I think 1 resident Mi
Kinley could not have n.ade a heller
choice, ami ftirtheiuiore I think the people
or tne District are to be congratulated upon
securing sucn a man lor tin police juug.
snip. 1 have known Judge Holt tor thirty
yeur-s,and I know him to be j ttuharly wejl
(loulifiud to discharge the dunes of a
police judge- -As a number ol lie legis
lature of AVen Virginia, wairnnt ciem
m tne Department ot justice, justice oi the
peace and also on tie lollre court bench,
judge Scott has gained a know ledge ot the
law and of men wnichniakeshiina nioKtex
eellent man for the place. 1 haAO fre
quently had to peiute judgments rendered
bj mm as justice of the ptae which have
come to the in Ihe court, and I liaAe al
ways found them to le lirst tlass. 1 am
sincerely glad Judge feeoit nas leceived
the apiKiinttuent."
-Many other lawyers expressed their
gratification at the appointment or Judge
Chnrles Fletcher Scott was born Sep
tember b, 1617, in Brooke eounty, Va., of
Scotch-Irish parentage. Ills lather died
m 1S48, his mother In lc52. The fall
of the latter year he attended school in
Ohio, but at the end or three years re
turned in poor health, and went west to
Iowa where he remained eighteen months.
Returning east he attended school m
In lsoi Judge Scott graduated at the
Albany Law School or New York, and im
bibing the spirit of the hour, enlisted in a
company then forming, but Trotn injuries
received while recruiting men, was not
mustered in, and returning to his Brooke
county home In 1sg:. he became connected
with the movement in that section which
resulted in the formation or the State or
West v trginla. He thus unintentionally at
tracted the notice and ravor of tne voter,
who sent him to the house or delegates m
lau-l, and re-elected him to that o trice
in loorj.
In lb67 Judge Scott moved to llltchie
county, and edited the Republican paper
or that count j in connection with his law
practice. I'e was appointed prosecuting
attorney to rill a vacancy in 1809, and then
In lfaTO wase'ected to the orrice and also
chosen State senator, serving three terms,
from January, 1871, to 1877. In the
centennial year he was nominated for Con
gress for his district, and although he
made a prudent and vlgo'ous canvass, yet
he was defeated, the majority of the
voters still being Demociats.
Judge Scott In la77 moved to Parkers
burg, w heie he practiced law, and fur a tune
owned liipartneishipltn A.B. White and
edited the State Journal, a weekly news
paper then coming U the fore, in 1878
he was appointed by the President post
master at Paikersburg, and held the re
spunsible position for the succeeding seven
years, lealg'ilug soon after the inaugura
tion of a Democratic Admiusitrntiun.
Judge Scott Is as pronounced in his re
ligious as In his political faith, and Is a
member of tne Methodist Episcopal Cnureh,
He hasalways been active in Sunduj School
work and other churoh duties, and has
represented the church at general con
ferences and other legislative iwdies.
He served his party in leadership, as
chairman or the Congressional Executive
Conduce, and in the opening of the cam
paign in I6i6 was elected secretary or tne
State League of Republican Clubs cf West
Virginia, In which difficult position he
proved himself an organUei , and was again
chosen at the annual convention of IStj'J
for the ensuing four years.
During the war Judge hcott ranked as
second lieutenant in the proost inarshal's
department, and was discluirged Irorn the
service April J8t lbGo. He conducted a law
partnership rrom 1808 to 1875), in Ritchie
county. W. Va., with Judge Charles C.
Cole, at present one of the judges of the
supreme court of the District. Mr. V. L.
Cole, the brother of Judge Cole, and a
present member of the bar of the District,
was also connected with the firm.
Judge Scott came to Washington from
Paikersburg, W. "Va , in September, 1889,
when he was appointed attorney In charge
of pardons, Department of Justice. At the
conclusion of the term of his office he was
appointed a justke of the peace for the
District of Columbia, which office he has
held for about three years, and as such has
acted as police judge during the absence
of the. regular judges.
Judge Scott is a member of George G.
Meade Post, Department of the Potomac,
G. A. R. He is also past grand commander
of the Grand Cotnmandery of West "Vir
ginia, Knights Templar, and by demit a
member or Columbia Comniandery, No. 2,
tills city. He is also a member of the
Giand Commaudery of the District of Co
Equity court No. 1 Justice Cox Brown
vs. Chesapeake and Ohio canal Company
trustee authorized to deliver deed to Dis
trict or Columbia. Roberts vs. Roberts; sale
ratified nisi and trustee authorized to
insure tille. Bailey vs. Bailey; testimony
before Mrs. Margaret Murray, examiner, or
dered taken, wood vs. Ashford; leave to
withdraw answer to demurrer granted. De
ment vs. Richards; pro conresso against de
Tendant Richards granted. Gallagher vs.
Falrrax; rule on derendant Falrrnx made
absolute. Reynolds vs. Bean, vacation of
pro conresso on conditions granted. Perry
va. Perry; H.T. Wiswall appointed guardian
ad litem. McCormick vs. Husy; pro con
resso against Bessie Dillon vacated. Granger
vs. Moriarty; Robert E. Bradley appointed
receiver, bchnelder vs. Schneider; sale
finally confirmed.
Equity court No. 2 Justice nagner Ves
try of St. John's Parish vs Bostwick et al.:
rererence of demurrer ror hearing to Ohler
Justice Bingham, the two equity Judges be
lli uisuualiiid to hear same, loison vs.
Burns et al.: decree pro conresso against
ueicnunuts narry iiurns, James jj. burns
and Charles T. Yoder; rule to show cause
returnable. November 12, 1807. Steffani
os. Htetranl, divorce a yii.jprat, granted.
Circuit court No. 1 Justice Cole Estate
of Mary uane," veidlctl sustaining win.
Parker vs. Washington ia?m Georgetown
uuiiroad Company, supplemental motion
Tor new trial, toillns s. tkeamng Fire
insurance C'omi any, clerk order it to i a v to
plaiulirf or attorney of record money de
jiosued in registry m tins cause- .lieu rtsun
vs. Baltimore and uhio '"ailrcad tunpany.
on trial. iSasuvootl vs. Morjatt, deittn of
plaintiff suggested and scl, Ta. ordered.
Crawford vs. Ward; judgment by actault.
emu vs. Garragny, juu,nTeni' by deiault
Assignments for Monduyv November 8
tab, A'oniMMi vs. Luimnorc ano IjIuo Rail
road Company; on trial. Appeal cases 1
lo 15, 17, lb, 20, 21, 2, i-i to tU, 03
and b9.
Criminal Court No. 1 01uC Justice Bing
ham united males vs. Arthur Chamber
lain; larceny; nolle prosequi by united
oiaies attorney, detenuum oruered dis
charged. United States vs. Helen Ran
dolph, raise pretenses; verdict guilty;
ueieiiduuii lemaiiued. Uuiieu btaies .
Frank Minor; larceny.uolleiirossed. Herman
iTieuiuuuer, urresieu on i.encu warrant
issued on requisition from governor or
Jfeunsylvanlui and hearing set for batur
day, ac. 1 p. m. Assignments for Mommy,
November 8 Unuea falutes vs. '1 nomas
McMahou; United btaies vs. Roa iiluc;
United States vs. A brumim Coleman.
criminal court No. :. justice urudley
United Hiatus vs. Patrick Duffy, larceny
Iroin the peisoii, veruict guilty; defendant
lOIIIIIIILlOU. lUllletl UiVv'.l ,o. ..
Perry, alias Poodlum Perry; assault lo
kill; on trtul. AsMgiiuienui lor aiouuuy,
Auvemoer o Uniteu israte.s s. Noah War
ner, united btaies vs. Helen Uundulpti;
Appeal cases Nos. 31 to 41, except ab.
circuit Court, Division AShininents
for .uonua, .oveuinei o nuiieunower s.
Riley, executrix, et ah; Clurk urothers
s. ivuusueii, Asiuous. commissioner union
AnMirniiCe Cumpuiiy; bcniotierueck,. jr.,
trustee, vs. NMisou. ocott s. iirovutiiK,
garmsnee; Melbourne s. Jordan, et at;
Jiumoiiu.s vs. uuMuiiKlim uiai tieorjeiown
ivuuioau Company, Ci an well vs. bcbueiuer,
Jeimmgs vs. euo.
i'roi-uie court justice Hagner Estate
or j. M. U. Clit7. the uslliui;iuit Loan ai.tl
Trust Company appointed ndinlnlstiator.
Estate ol tnaries c. lenn; jnoor or i.uhik.i
llou filed and granting leuerti ol adinin
irftration lo Henry S. Merrill, bond it'Jou.
Stewart for letters oi administration riled,
i-.siaie or Zcptiauiau ones. amendment of
petition riled and order or publication,
estate ot Mary C. liouglas, codicil, sik
nalute and lestumentaiy capacjtv. Es
late of Daniel trowe lccwpi ,mmi letters
lied- Estate of Soloinoa i oner:iece!ptf.r
passbook file-!. Etatj of AiloeT. Hawkins;
order uppumtmg Ua national Sale tvposlt
avni(,o aitu irusl Coiii..uii oi ueij.sinei
ol Columbia admmlsiraicr, Malier ot cita
tion and afiidavll filed. Estate cf Joseph
P. lieruiun. consent or lnu.. r-t,i ojijjKi1
iieimer liled. Estate mi iu C. J)ci.t,iss,
will aduulled to i lolate s.i.u ctteis ie.st.i-
tiientary granted to John "U Douglass, boml
v""- ixjuxiuui iiuuii. uunieii, iiu.,iiu.tu
Duniel T. AVorden ami W llliam D. wneeier.
Ijond (U0. Estate or Etnii-a J . 1'ltk, order
appointing E. U. Kav administrator, bond
$1U0. Estate of Marv A. Lut?; citation
returned served. Estate of Alovsitm T.
Geier, will admiited lc j tol ale ana letters
tesiamemary granted io Julia T. Gcier,
bond $8,000. W. McGulre, guard
tan, exceptions io account filed.
Ellen E. Williams, guardian, petition to bo
appointed guardian granted, lond $1,60(1.
Patriik Wall, guardian; do. lo Patrick
Wall, bona $,uuu. Amie L. Clark, guar
dian; order granting leave to encumher
ward's real estate. Estate or Susan J.
Weeden, order instructing administrator.
Esiat. of Jeremiah Quiun; final account
approved andpasscd. Estate or John W. V.
Iriemin. no. ,-switeor Euward J Sullivan:
do. EstaOor John F. Ennldo. Estateof
Marcla M. Lloby, do tstate or William E.
Enrie; do., and withdrawal qf- exception
filed. Isabella B. Marin, furmerly Bjt
tlnger guardian, accoaiic npproved and
passii. John Angeriuaim.' guardian; do.
Cnarlc's Hurt, iruarulan. do. i James O.
j A kefs, guardian, do. EstatuottDavid Fitz
gerald, win paruv proved. J-.state or Mary
u McPhdrson. win dated May 31 l58.
partly proved. , , .-
Court or appeals Algunnait.: for Mon
day. November Patent appeal", Nos. 71,
72, 73, 77, 78, 80, s5. Regular call, Nos.
m , , i. special eaieiuuir, ium rio a,iu kh.
The appeal docket will In;, called on Mon
day, Novemherb. 18S'. jjjifei, thirty cases
in circuit court No- 1, ajf second thirty
oasis in criminal court No 2.
Hen! Ks,tnte Trans-ferv.
John J. Byrne to James W. Pumphrey,
Paits lots !),iu anu li, sijuure ii , ?!.-,
quit claim. c
joiin .. Cor win et ux to'Mary R. Mou
fott, all interest in cslttVe i K-beita
C. uuiburo, dec-eused; -0; tiuit chum.
Riciiaru worsey io aitoltit Ciarn., IdUs
J, 3, -J, 7 and 10, Good lirreMPark':2,
bOo. John 11. DeAtlcy et ux et al., heirs of
Alii c May, to i.iiiuu oilsoli, pan. n.ta
3 and 1 in Herron et al. subdivision of
square -ioi; J,-oo.
joim H. irgcM.o to Jetsc'C. Ergooil, un
diin.u mteiest in pari lot' l, square -lXC,
dim part lot o, Miuure b77;lu.
csiuncs tr. Jrui lo'eburan u. tasn,( re,
lot lulof k.iiiimiu'.s submvisioii or square
157; Slo; subject to trusts lor 12,700
Juda .v. i-oiu, Clara r.Csesblt et vir,
Charles F. anu j liomas u. ilensev et ux
to Blautne C. ,cm, lot ti-l in Moiribon
et ai subdivision oi square li; :?, oo.
Joseim R. Johnson ct us toAuiuuna D.
Sterrett, lot lilt m JotnM.n's subutvis
ion ot squurc 133; Slo; subject u, trust
rot ;s5,0uu.
ueorgian.i M. Klinglc to Elmer E Simr
sou. partsuf I'rLtt;. iTospett" uua"Uift,
known as "Linnocan Hill," county; l o.
William P. Lolkwoou to Mainew M.
Builey, lot 27 in Ijicmoii's suDdivisii.ii or
Uiock 22, Roseuale anu lsherwood; suu.
uosaleir Moxiei et vir, JtidScn T., to
Maggie l'feirer anu William T. Alvey, lot
23 in Moxley s subdivision of square ioi7;
.lumes y. Miller to M. L.. Welfley and
Joiiu C. Weedon, lot o-j. In ctessiora s bub
dlvibiuu of square 9bo; Slo; subject to
tiust for $2,500.
Mary G. .-elson ct vir, Joseph H , to
Eleanor G. Preston, Tot 205 in Millers
subdivision of squaie 2o; lo; suudevt
to trusts for So.oOo and $1 ,200.
Abigail C. Newman et vir, Charles It ,
to Arthur T. Bnce.three, acres, part In
Montgomery county anu pan in District
of Columbia; ?1 0.
Cnartesit. Newman etux. to JohuRIdout,
an unuiviued nau mtereMt m lots 1, J, 3,
8G, bl, and 82, block 8, 10, Glendale.
Charles R. Newman et ux- to Charles C.
Hflmick, lot til, hi aierricK's suooi vision,
square 181, lots 1, 2, 3, and 1, block l,
lairview Heignts; lot 14, block 15 and lot
1 blocic us, ivaiorama Heignts; 5-
Charles R. Newman et ux. to B. Elwood
Kelley, all interest in lot 12, b. 3, and lot
1J bo, subjecctotrunr.iieiau rif-inta. io.
Clarence F. Norment et ux. to Maitland
C. iteunett, lot 40 m Harrys subdivision,
Uock io. subject to trust i,ou; 10.
Henry W. Offutt and Walter C- Carroll,
trustees to George V. Orrutt, soutn half
of lot 33, square 340, in Davidson's heirs
subdivision, b920.
Elmer E. Simpson et ux- to J ohn C. Heald,
parts 'Pretty Prospect" and "Girt," now
called 'Lmnoean Hill," $10.
AiUumia D. Menett et mi, J. Mcllride,
to Joseph R. Johnson, lot 83, square 100,
in Degge's subdivision. $10.
William Siiigleton to James A. "Watson,
southeastern hair or lot 14, section 7,
Barry Farm, suoject to trust $lnO, $100.
Samuel S. Shedd and William E-Edmon-ston.
trustees to James J. Shedd, lot 3,
square 191, $11,000.
Edwin F. Townsend to Mary D. Heyl,
part lot 2, In hclrHof L.Palro'ssiibrllvision,
Wldow'sMlte.oa Wyommgavenuc. $14j"00.
The United Danking and Building Com
pany to Harry H. Klopfer, lots 34 and 35,
Clarks Mills estate, in Frisble's subdivision,
John A. Watson etux-toMtfry Singleton,
southeastern hair of lot l4,6ection 7, Barry
farm, subject to trust $150, $100.
Louis Winck to Nathaniel L. Fitzhugh,
part lots 20 and 21, square 973, subject
to trust $700, $10.
Sues for a Divorce.
Suit for divorce was instituted yesterday
by Samuel Ivees rrom his wife, Janey Kee.s.
They were matried August 20, lS7,Mrs.
-Kees' maiden name bcinc Cronan. Mr
Kees names Robert M. Frost as co-res
pondent. The complainant In his bill says
that for a long time he has been aware
ot' his wife's infidelity, and that some time
ago she notified him that ''she was tired
of him; that she wished to rove in wider
and sweeter fields, and that hfs presence
was distasteful to her, and that his voice
had no music for her ears."
Marriace ""Licenses.
Marriage licenses were Issued yesterday
to the following:
John "W. Mueller and Louise Hefner .
Richard Manning and Sarah Banks.
James Henry and Anna M. Anderson.
No Heart Too Bud to Be Cured.
Testimony could beplled high Inconnnendu
tion of the wonderful cures wrought by
Dr. Agncw's Cure for the Heart. No case
stands against this great remedy where
It did not relieve the most acute licart
sufferings inside of thirty minutes. It at
tacks the disease In an instant after be
ing taken. 29
Fine Turnout at Auction.
"Will be sold at auction, at the auction
rooms of Walter B. Williams & Co., corner
Tenth and Pennsylvania avenue northwest,
Saturday, November G, at 12 o'clock m.,
two stylish Bay Horses, handsome Extension-top
Carriage, Side-bar Buggy, Double
and Sincle Harness, Robes, etc. It-em
3Iany Unfounded Humors Demoral
ize the Stock Market.
t?upir and Consolidated Gas Score
the OrentCHt Deelllne Chicago
Wheat Market Weak.
New York, Nov. 5. Unless the unfounded
rumors which wore circulated in the stock
market today were cited It ayouUI be
difficult to account for the extraordinary
price movements. Tile uneasiness In regard
to the settlement of the Cuban question
resulted in a vqi y demoralized stock market.
At, no time since thu appearance of the
Cuban question upon the field ot financial
influences have tho apprehensions felt in
regard to it been so acute a1" they were
today. The local apprehensions In icgard
to the status of our relation with Spain
were evidently not shurod In abroad, as all
the divisions of the London market were"
firm and the arbitrnge houses bought a
considerable umount of stocks here.
The only actual news of the day was
In the various leports or railway trarric
returns and in the Tinner tone to the
foreign exchange market. Except In re
spect or the greatei or less losses scored
the market was somewhat reatuieless.
Sugar was the most active (.lock, and to
gether with Consolidated Gas, scoied the
greatest decline. In the gnneial list the
average decline up to the la5t hour ap
proximated two points, and thereafter the
trading was less active and the piessure
leas urgent. Aside from Sugat the deal
ings were largest in the grangers, Louis
ville and Nashville, Missouri Pacific and
Chicago. The close was stiong and ani
mated. New Yoik toctt Market.
Corrected dally by "W. B. Hibbs& Co,
Bankers and Brokers. Members or the
N. Y. Stock Ex..r.ange, 14 27 F street.
On Illsh Low Clus.
American Spirit- " QX Vi 8"1
A.iiericvi ' hits. pfd.. 2C '.'h 20 20
Anu Siigu- ltihncry.... i3l 185t I " nu
Am. Sugar, put liu I'i'.C" 1 0 ila
Am. Tobacco. SO. .-Oi ;&' TSJi
Atchlsof, Top. ami S.K. Wi l-'JSi 12 12
A tell.. Tup & S F. pM.. 27?t 27, 2d?,' 2G
Baltimore .fc Uhio i"'" 13Jf 13; 13.
Hay fstnio Gis .' ls 4,s -"
Canada outhfrn s4 51 5.', C3'-s
Canadian Paeiile
hesapeakotOhio si. 2IW 20 20jj
V (J. i.' i St. L. 38 S3 .I,.'., :s
c'h c-igo. Unr. it Quiiiey. 1-3, HL. VI D2
Iiicjco .m.i N l'uf ias 117f U8H
Chicago Gas 'J I Si Ui iKi 1)1;..
. .. n .-r Paul ulf 9L'i Sj UU
C. ill it I' S3. Bi-i blii &h
U. n uliilateil Gas lUs 101 l'Jl 1
lie. Lack. W csiern.. 162 162 idO.S .nl
Doiavvare a iluuson ... ill) 110 lila,1, I $
Er.o i'A iih lj. U
General EKctriu 3 32 SO al
Illinois Central KU 'Ji 9J 9J4
Lake Hiore i"U 10 170 170
L.u sville JS Nashville, hi 51 5. 5 U,
.et. 'lractiosi 300; 0. ItO luO
Manhattan UW loUj-i . 9s
Mtchlgau C ntrul
Mo Paoilic rfy. -'b., ' hi. -$ -
.i., Iv. X P. piU TO CO :b .bX
-Naiiunu! Leal co Sli IZ :tlrs 'St
.cvv -ersey I'umrai .... t&S SM X s7
.Nuh iork ueati.il 10j loo lviu ;Ui
-ur.lern Pacine. i7 17 itH lu,
Nortlnrii Paciltc pld... aiV-i 5I4 4b - vO
OutJtiu it estern 15ij lii -i4& Ht-U
i acitlc Mui '1 H 1$ ta H
Pln.H. Ji K aduiK -l-i 2it4 lui iu,k
.suu.hern Railway, pit!. '.8 4 :S4 '.7 '-7i.
Texas PacillcT U, 1U;S 1U lolj
Tbiiii. coai .ui.l Iron.... "o .5, "Z -',:
Union I'aciUc ai?f 2toM iwjM o,f
Cl 6 LuatlKr. pld 01 oi iO wa
Wabash, pld I, ' I7.i la Ibh
Wheeling it LaKe Erio
Western Ciulon J el b,., Ssi kik &',i
There was a continuance ot the bad
slump yesterday, and It was worse thau
on any previous day, a climax of the whole
previous movement. Large blocks of
long stock were liquidated stocks were
sold short, and stop orders- caught on the
decline. Dispatches which the street con
siders unfavorable from Madrid were the
principal udded lev cr, though the election
slill seemed to have Us effect, and the
scare over the sickness ot Mr. Ilav emeyer
is not entirely over. The tumble really
amouuted to a Hurry, if not quite a
panic. On the whole, it was a very sick
market from which there was nothing
of consolation to be gotten by the bulls
except tho old Idea that such a flurry
generally comes before a rally, an idea
thai sometimes holds and sometimes does
not. The safe estimate, is, probably, that
it disturbing news continues to conic trout
Spain the market will fall to rally today.
Otherwise, there should develop a little
better tone. It will require c,ustderable
nerve, however, to buy anything after the
Condition of things yeaterdaj.
The earnings of Wabash for the fourth
week of October Incieased $C3,00:i. The
Southern Railroad for the same period
earned ?577,971, a deciease of SilG,
831. For the month the earnings were
$1,900,000, an increase of $7,000. Tho
Louisville aud Nashville for the same period
the last week ot October earned $G12,
000, a decrease ot $33,000. For the
month or October the road earned $1,000,
000, a decrease of $00,000.
Dow, Jones and Co., say of Union Pacific:
The opposition to the Union Paciric re
organization plan is directing attention to
the present position or the plan, claim
ing that there must be a change either In
its terms or in the arrangements made with
the syndicate. It takes the ground that
there are agreements with tho Kansas Pa
cific security owners to include them in the
reorganization of Union Pacific, and with
Hie Union Pacific security holders to In
clude the Kansas division in the reorgani
zation. Interests connected with Union
Paciric reorganization say there Is no diffi
culty or question at all except with regard
to the purchase of Kansas Pacific.
I hear good stories of Metropolitan Street
Railway and talk that it is to have a large
advance in the near future. There are
also bull tips out in Manhattan but these
would better be received with more circum
spection, probably.
Dun's weekly review of trade will say
to-lav. St:ongerproofof thegreatchunge
than is found in the detailed report of
the failure by branches of the business
for the month of October. Though swelled
by a few large speculative or brokerage
failures, the aggregate was smaller than
in any other month for years, except In
July aud August and one month in 180-1.
During the four years, iron manufacturing
failures have not been smaller except In one
month, wool manufacturing except In
two months. leather and shoes and unclassi
fied man ifacturlm: except in Tour months
and cotton except in six months.
"In trading classes rnilure.s have never
been smaller in groceries, jewelry and
books, except in one month; in clotlilng,
rurnlturc aud unclassified trading ex
ceptin two months; and ten manufacturing
and trading classes out of fourteen, each
never have reported smaller failures in a
third of the past forty-eight months."
Bradstreet's review will say: "Kill
ing frosts south, the raising of quarantine
embargo, aud at nearly all the points lu
States invaded by yellow fever, the re
sumption of tiaffic and a prospective re
vival In demand for staple merchandise
constitute the trade features of thu week."
Washington Stock Exchange.
Sales- Capital Traction, 15 at 5i 3-4:
Pneumatic Gun Carriage, 100 at 55 cts.;
Mergenthaler Linotype, 15 at lMr 5 at;
131 l-'i;Tjanstou Monotype, 200 at 18 1-2.
After Call-Metropolitan Railroad, 5 at 1
121 1-2.
mil. Afk.
IT. 8.48. H 1907 Q. J. m? 113tf
U. S-. 4's. C 1907 Q. J IIS? llti
U. S. 48. 192 127). 12S.S,'
U.S.5's.lWUCi.F 114,1 1133
190 5 'TO-year Funding" lOlJi
a 1802 '"30-year Funding" gold.... 112
TtlOOl. "Water Stock currency.. 112
TsiyoS. i' ator Stock" currency. 112
"p,undinc"ourrenoyT.05'8 Ill 115
K'b Hog. 2-lOs. 1893-1001
Met.Il. Rfis.1923 115
Viet. It H Conv. 6a m
Met. It It Cort. Indebtedness.. .A.. 122
it i?jL"3r
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Met. RRCert.Indobtcdae3...B.. Ill 112
ash Gas Co. feer A.oS. l'Jttr-'-.7. .. Ill
Wash Uas Co. bor H. Vs. IMI-'i)... 112
U. S. Elec. Light Debenture Imp.
M.O.S 102
Cliesanal'otlelffs.lSW-lQsl 101
Am Seo iTrS'a. h and A. 1903 103
Am Sec lr..s. A and O. 1805 .. 103
Wash -Market Co Uttfs. I0OM91L
J7.0C0 retired annually HO
Wash Market Co imp tt's. 12-27 .... 110 ,
Wash Market Co oxt'iiffs. IlI-'27 lib
MsouicHall Ajsociatlouo'a. I'JOj. 104
Wa&liLtluflstG's. l'JOl 9J
Bank of WasUlnztuu 270
Metropolitan WO
Coutral 250
Farmers' and Mechanics'.... 173 131
second U5 -
CltiOUS ;
Columbia ., U0
Capital 120
West End 103 l'JS
Nat. Safe Denosit and Trust llo.S 120
vv ash. Loan and Trust 113 1-5
Amer.aecurlty auu Trust H5 U0
Wash. Salo Dqjxjsic 0 ......
Capital Traction Co Z4H Sih
Metropolitan 121 12
Columbia to
Washington Gas ioh 46
Georgetown Uas 4S
U.S. electric Lixht UOf 111
Firemen's 30
franklin 3S
Jletropoiiuu bo
corcuran J?
foiuuiAC $i
Arlington l-U
ueriuju American 1S5
National Union 10 U
Columbia 10) il
Uiggs "H
I'eople's !ft Ji
Lincoln U
Commercial 5
Real Estate Title 01 100
Columbia Title. -LY 5.1,
.k ashiugton Titlo 2 ay,
Pennsylvania C9 to
Chesapeake aud Potomac do 7u
American Graphopbone 0 ilji
American Graphophouo, ptd 11
Piiuuuiatic Uuu Carriage 61 .55
Morgenthaler Luiotypo 133 13l?i
Lanstou Mouot3"iiii 17 i!
Washiunton Market 10
Great halls leu Hi J2o
Nor. & Wash. Steamboat KM;
Lincoln Hall 'JO
Chicago, Nov. 5. Wheat was weak
throughout the session today, losing rrom
5-8a"-8 rrom yestei day's close. There
was nothing in tho way of foreign suppoit,
and a majority ot the local tiaders weie
arrajed on the bear side. The bear in
terest was moie aggressive than on any
previous day.
Com was dull, with a modciate export
Chicngo Grain and 1'rovislon "Market
Corrected daily by W. B. HIbbs Jc Co..
Bankers and Brokers. Members of the
N Y. Stoclc Exchange, 1427 F btreet.
Con v.
L VllD.
Spare Ribs.
New Yoii; Cotton Marlcet.
Open. High. Low. CIos.
November 0.60 n.t,S 5.8i 5.0b
Docomber 5.68 5.73 6.B7 5.69
January. 5.71 b.7S 5.71 5.75
March 5.S0 6.b0 6.79 5.81
Open. High. Low.
Oil C4 ; 923i
01?i 9I7t 93
23V -0 25"$
vo 2a;i-3o 2a-,s
19." 19i W4-X
21, aX 21
7.02 7.07 7.57
1.25 4.25 122
4.45 -US 4.42
Best Quality Corduroy,
Brown or Dark Blue
$1.25 Bicycle Leggins.
P. Genuine Dongola Dressy
u. Button and Laced Boots
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' The "Ideal" Dress Shoes,
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i "Cork-sol
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W".' B. HIBBS & CO.
Hembers New York Stock Exchange,
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Correspondents of "'
New York.
Members of the New York Stock Ex-
change, 1419 F st,. Glover Euilding.
Correspondents or Messrs. Mwire& Schley,
No. SO Broadway.
Bankers, andDcalers mtio ernment Bonds.
Deposits. Exchange Loans.
Railroad Stocks and Bonds and all
securities listed on the exebauged ot
New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Balti
more bought and sold.
A specialty made or investment securi
ties. District Bonds and all local Rail
road, Gas, Insurance and Telephone Stoclc
American Hell Telephone Stock bougho
and sold. mhlS-tf
Stocks, Bonds, Cotton. Grain .ind Provisions.
-otton Exchamre: Lan.sim Bros. . rv...
Board or Trade, Chicago.
1335 F St. N. W.t Adams Buildlngv
ocG-tt-em ..
The National Safe Deposits
Sayings and Trust
Of the District of Columbia. I
Chartered by special act of Congress, Jan.
1S07, and acts ot Oct., 1S90,
and Feb., 1892.
Money to Loan
At 5 Per Cent.
0.1 real eBtate In D. O.; no delay: tern
3r-tt lOOSFat-nw.
I Money to Loan.
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W lowest rate or interest. W
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Loan & Trust Co.
Loans in any amount mad? o
approved real estate or collateral a)
reasonable rates.
Interest paid upon deposits oa
daily balances subject to check.
This company acts as executor, ad-
mlnistrator, tntee,agcnt,treasureI,,
regUtrar and in all other fiduciary
Boxes Tor rent In burglar and fir.
proor vaults for sate deposit and
Btorage of valuable packages.
JOHN A 8WOPE Vice President
H. S. CUMMINGS Sd "Vice PresldenS
JOHN R. UARMOuT...., Treasure
ANDREW PARKER...-.:-: 8ecretar"

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