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Lansburgh &. Bro.
$ 168.
cell e n t
house gar
ment is
made of
extra fine
in beauti
ful Roman
c ol o rs;
sometbin g
new ana
very styl
ish, with a
perfect-fitlliiK waist lining:; prin
cess back, full front, with fancy
black braid, forming: yoke; wide
girdle, turn-over collar, the new
style sleeve; skirt four yards wide,
fifty-nine inches long", with deep
hem. Sizes, 3244.
Special price. $1 68.
Now, this is a value. If we
would ask you two dollars and a
half for this you couldn't waver
giving: it, as it is worth it; but
it is a wav we have of showing"
our appreciation of your trade.
We Give Trading Stamps.
-This is a feature of the Washing-ton
shopping public now. You
are welcome to them. It won't
take you long-to fill your book.
Go across the way from our store
and see the pretty presents they
give you In exchange for j'our
420, 422, 424, 426 7lli St.
J Until I
1 Six o'clock 1
HE" t
you can take your
choice of our entire
stock of fine
Parlor Suites at
One-Quarter Off
Marked Prices,
and on Credit!
Our marked prices
are lower to beg-in
with than the
bargain prices in
the cash stores.
Carpets made,
laid and lined
free no charge
for waste in
matching figures.
Mammoth Credit House,
81T-819-821-823 Tin St.
uer. w ana i. ?s
are essential to
the beauty of
every woman.
Bad teeth would
make Venus herself homelj.
We can make you a beautiful
Bet of teeth for only S5.00
TEETH extracted absolutely -without
PAIN by our new method 500
To demonstrate tills fact we will for
Uie next thirty days extract teetli
Ewry Saturday from 10 to 12.
Washington Dental Parlors,
X. E. Cor. 7th and E Sts. N. "y.
May Building, over A. & P. Tea Store,
Office hours S a, in. to 5 p. m.; Bun
days, 8 a. m. to 2 p. m.
no 4 -3 mo -em
Special price tffi after Holidays, Artifi
cial Teeth on rublier plates, 5 per set
natural, com rort.il ile petrect fit. You can
not pet better eren at higher piice. Gold
and all modern materials u&ed if desired.
nS-2mo 1309 P st. nw.
720 14th St. N". W.
Special attention given to artificial teeth.
wellnuinsr.madeof Hie bostma-
IVUIIUUUUl J.U11 bCU ui lecui,
tcrial and executed by skilled
workmen. All work guaran
teed to be first class la every
For this month only.
.1 Metal plate, having all the ad
vantages of sold, much lighter,
non-irritating to the moutn.and
uabrealwable. Theraostdeslrabla
Couture that money will hnT.
The marriage of Miss Lucy Maude Itynex
and Mr. James Louis Murphy toolc plai-e
last night at the Tourth Piesbycerlan
Church the rector, Rev. Joseph Kelly,
officiating. The chancel was. masked 'ith
palms, arranged with pyramidal effect,
the b;.se being banked with white chrysan
themums, and the tall lamps wreathed
with vines. During the seating of an as
semblage that entirely filled the church,
the organist, Mr. Kelly, rendered operatiu
selections, chauging his strain to the
march from Lohengrin when the Vride
hau arrived. The ushers were Mr. Wylie
M. Harrows, Mr George T. Sabouiin, Mr.
Carlton WHIet and Mr. J. Archibald Bailey
The bride entered with the groom , wear
ing it, Into taffeta ,made with u Russian
"blouse. Her ell was fastened with lilies
of the valley, and a diamond ornament,
the groom's gift, and she oarried bilde'
roses and ferns.
The church service was followed by a
reception at the residence of the bride's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Uyaex, 515L
street Poithwesi, after which Mr. and
Mrs Murphy left for a wedding journey
The groom Is the nephew of Senator Mc
Euery.of Louisiana, and is lu the depait-inentab.-enlce
Ex-Gov. Cai mil, of Maryland, is negotiat
ing for & house for the seasou. llis t'ster-in-law,
Mrs. Charles Carroll, also intends
to spend the winter Id this citv.
31rs. Lanier Dunn is spending the autumn
at her country home in Virginia, and it is
among the piobabllities that sht will re
main there throughout the whiter.
Gen. and Mrs. Augur have returned to
their residence in Georgetown arier hav
liigppeutthi season inBurfnlo. Mrs.Goorge
B. Russell, their daughter, who hu joined
thtm and will pass the winter with then.,
spent the season !u New England.
A reception to the Woman's, Federated
Clubs of the District will be held Wednes
day at ZtSo o'clock at "The Oaks," the
residence of Col. and Mrs. Blount, at
Thirty-fjrbt and U street, on which oc
casion Mrs. Abby Alortcn Diaz will make
an address.
An interesting addition to the list of
November weddings is the marriage of
Mrt.. Mary Siwyer Foote, ot this mij, to
Austin Thoinai-, M. D., of Unity, Md.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman have announced
the engagement of their daughter Cora
to Mr. Hoben. Lee Kerngooil, or Baltimore.
The engagement is announced of Dr.
Hough, or the biMllhsoniun, to Ml Marie
Zuck, ot Arizona.
Gen. and Mri. Ordway, who have been
traveling abroad and are now in London,
will embark for home in a few dayt, and
upon their arrival here will take poves
fckiu of their handKHtie new residence on M
Capt. Caperton, L a. N., with Mr
Capertou and their lovely little daughter,
Marguerite, sailed some time ago for Sitka,
Alaska, on the Marietta.
Mr. and Mr. William II. Walker have
issued invitations for the marriage of their
daughter, Muyday Louise, to Mr. William
Hriiton. The ceremony will take place
at the Calvary Baptist Churrh, No ember
17, at S o'clock p. in.
Mr. Ed. H. Droop has gone on a brief
trip to New York.
The Able Jurist I'n&es, Away ut
His Home.
Mr. John Lyon, one of the Assistant
Attorneys General for the Department of
the Interior, died at his home yesterday
morning. Judge Ljou has been ill for
tne past two moutns, una dentu rrjulted
from a disease of the liver.
Seven years ago he left Vhginlu and set
tied in ashliigun, where he engaged m
the practice or law. His conspicious ac
quirements soon won hm signal success,
especially iu lund office cases before th"
Department of the Interior, and about
me years ago he w as appointed an Assist
ant Attorney General. Ho has alwavs
been quoted as the highest authontv in
land office caes, and was highly' es
teemed by all the officials with whom he
came In contact.
Air. Lyou was lorn in Petersburg, Va ,
seventy years ago and was educated in the
Luiversity of Virginia in loth litcrarv and
law classes, graduating with rirst honors
and acting as valedictorian for his class.
His legal career began at PeterMiurg, and
during his long term as practitioner hi
V lrgmia he twcatue distinguished as an able
and successful lawyer.
Tlie funeral, which will take place from
nis late residence tomorrow afternoon at
5 o clock, w ill le attended by the officials
at f Petwsba"VUOnt "iwnt will be
Itching I'ilcH. Dr. Agnew's Ointment
ia proof against the torments of Itching
Piles Thousands or testimonials of c ure,
effected byitsue. N6 case too aggmvac
lng or tK long stdnding for it to soothe,
comfort and cure. It cures lu firm three
to six niirhts H5 cents 31
How to Gure Bilious Colic.
"I suffered for weekR with colic andpainb
In my stomacli caused by biliousness and
had to take mediUne all the while uutll I
ued Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea P.en-edy, which cured me.
have "nce recommndeiI ir to a good many
people." Mrs I. Butler, Fairhaven, Conn.
Tersonx who are subject to bibou colic can
nird of tht- attack by taking this remedv
as soon as. the first symptoms appear. Sold
by Henry Evans, wholesale and retail
drugg-'su. 938 F st tnd Conn aye. and S
st. nw. and 1428 Md. ave. ne.
$2.00 To Philadelphia and S2 00
Ileturn via Peinih.vlvanln Ruilroad
Tickets good on 7, 8, 9, and 11 a. m.
trains Sunday, Nov. 7, going, and on all
trains returning same day except the Con
gressional limited. noa-.INom
40th Anniversary.
Until closing time tonight we shall con
tinue to give away Mandolins, Guitars,
Music Boxes and Banjos with each and
every Piano sold graded in accordance
with the amount of your purchase wheth
er square or upright, new or second-hand.
We are also quoting special prices on all
Pianos sold this week. A number of bare
ly used Uprights at a third to a half less
than their"- original prices.
925 Pa. Ave.
mmmmmmmmmmm ATI llflifl
iOtli, llth and F Sts. N. W.
of Our Wonderland of
On the Spacious 4th Floor
Our new Toy Department oc
cupies the great fourth, floor, extending-
north, and south 140 feet
and east and west 175 feet, and
is the Jarg-est, most convenient
and best equipped Toy Depart
ment south of New York.
From every toy center of Eu
rope and America, from every
where such things are made, we
have gathered the contrivances
of ingenious brains to entertain
and amuse young folks.
Toys that are novel and old
fashioned, intricate and simple,
marvelous and commonplace. A
wonderland of playthings em
bracing many novelties brought
out this season, and which are
ours for Washington.
All the old favorites are here,
but mpnj' of them improved.
The elephants, camels, goats
and donkeys on wheels are now
on strong iron wheels, so that
the children can ride instead of
pulling them. Games and puz
zles of all sorts, including the
latest novelties as well as all the
old and popular sorts.
Mechanical Toys, "Wooden
Toys, Iron Toys, Skin Toys,
Tin Toys, Musical Toys, Paper
Toys, Rubber Toys Toys of
every possible sort and kind.
A feature of this department
is the classification of Toys
each kind being displayed in a
separate section or on a separate
counter. You will find this ar
rangement very helpful in
making your selections.
A visit to this department will
interest the old as well as the
Our Assortment of
Large Toys
Comprises every new tliinjx, every
Uood .sort that i.s worth Iiuvinjr, in
eluding; Velocipedes, Tricycles.
Chair-,, Doll Carriages, Doll Go
Carts, Cluldreii'.s "Wooden Carts.
Wheelbarrows, "Wooden and Iron
"Wukoijs, Uuckbourds, Sulkier, Pa
trol "Wagons, Shoo-Fly,, Swinging
Horses, Ifandy "Wagons, Pool- 'ruble-,
DomIw, High Chairs, Ultitlc
hoards, Hiireaiih, Chift'onler.s, "Wash
Stands, Doll Trunks., etc.
Special in Toys
for the Opening Are:
5?,fi' Leat0" Rugby Foot Balls.. ..S1.00
Roller bkates. oqc
Extension Roller Skates "".".;."dOc
Wooden Express Wagons S1.00
Tion Express Wagons $1.25
Velocipede Sl.60
Bolls' Carriages 25c
China Tea Sets 25c
Pewter Tea Sets 25c
Skin Horses 5c
Wooden Carts ioc
Rubber Balls .- 5Q
Humming Tops 5o
Wash Set& ioC
Dolls Trunks 25c
Drums ..25c
Magic Lanterns. 50c
Iron Stoves ... 25c
Toy Guns ...25c
Toy Hanks mc
Children's Chairs 25c
The Handy Wagon $3.95
Our Doll Department
Is one of the most complete depart
ments of it.s kind ever opened. It con
tains Dolls of every known kind
tiud nationality, China Dolls, Bisque
D-)lLs, Nesyio Dolls, Jap. Dulls, Chi
nese Dolls, Indian Dolls, TUd-Uorty
Dolls, Xnnkeen Dolls, Hag Dolls,
Dressed Doll.s, Patent Dolls, Float
ing; Dolls in all positions, French
D.,1N, German Dolls, Hnbber Dolls,
Paper Dolls, Papa and Mama Dolls,
Boy Dolls, KcMtner Dolls, etc., etc.
Prices range from lc. to $37.50
Also n complete line of fine Ger
man Dolls in all hlzes, with full
ball-jointed body, life-like faces,
beautiful curly hair, exposed teeth
and moving eyes. These are of our
own direct importation, and range
in prices from 91.00 to 12.50 each.
Also a complete lme of French
Dolls, dressed and undressed.
Also Dolls Houses, Dolls' Furni
ture and everything pertaining to
Dolls. "We make a specialty of Dolls'
Outfits or Troussenux, including
boih long and short dresses, hats,
cups, underwear, stockings, shoes,
overshoes, etc., etc.
Four Specials in Dolls
for the Opening Are:
German Dolls, with bisque head, curly
wig and Cull ball joints, at
290 each.
"Brownie" Stockinette Dolls, in tix
diHerent kinds, at
SGc each.
lG-inch German Dolls, full jointed, curly
wig, shoes and stockmgs, at
50C each.
16-inch 'Kestner" Kid Eodv Dolls, real
hair, moving eyes, shoes and stockings, at
$1.00 each.
Woodward & Lorhrop.
Hqckt & Company, 515 Seventh street whose liberal crqdit system have enabled thou
sands to dress well who could not if they had to pay cash.
is far more sumptuous than it has ever been been before because of a sale of
jackets and capesspecial bargains in millinery a purchase of mea's suits, etc. Competi
tion turnscold at these offerings. You get credit when you want it and not only credit
but the'privilegc of easy payments.
Specials in Millinery.
Today we ehall give you
an opportunity to get all silk,
satin double-faced riblran
3 l-2incheswide whichsolla
regularly afc 35 cente a
yard, for XSO
Tor these days weshallglvo
to all who come for them
Handsome Electric Seal Col-larettesj-linad
with silk full
ripple silk high col-lar-for
Ladles' Saltz's best silk
seal plush capes guaranteed
the latter have Watte'au
pleat backs, and both are
trimmed with Angora Tur
and lined with rliadame slllc
worth no less than
56.98 $4.98
Stylish brown, black and
blue cheviot, cheviot serge
and tan coierb cloth tailor
made suits ny front, sllk
lined jackets strap seams
proper width or skirts and
splendidly niadei and
S18 values for ..$13,98
Ladles' black kersey cloth
capes, with Watteau hack
velvet inlaid collars-strap
seams irowsofstiuhingand
finished ,with small
Mlk buttons to go..S3.9S
300 Men's $8 and $9 Suits, $5.25
just purchased from one of the best makers of Mea's Clothing-in tho country, at a big re
duction from original wholesale cost.
Go on sale this d
morning at Pe5
Choice of stylish Cheviots, fancy mixtures etc. Perfect fittings garments good, reliable
qualities; that have never sold before for less than $S and $9.
Better get in today while the assortment is at its best. Early comers will get the
choicest picking.
That you may avail yourself of the advantages of our liberal credit system you must
already know. Pay us as you like.
The Big
Boys' ; cheviot knee pants
suits luiround-collar si7es
G to ID years the most de
sirable hard-wear patterns
thoroughly made andfiidshed
S2.50 valuer every
whereto go for..$x.39
Boys' black and blue and
fancy cheviot suits all wool
reefer aud-llouble-breasted
Jackets pants have double
seats and knees Italian
cloth lining the ?4
suits about .town
to gofor...fR $2,49
Boys.' tine all-wool cheviot
and cassimere knee pants
suits blue., and blaok aud
fancy plaid- effect. f me lin
ings andflne trimmings
Ms .
We give Trading Stamps
with every ioc. worth pur
chased. STERN'S
Appeal to every one ot au econom
ical turn of niiiid. A few cents hero
and u few cents there soon mount
up into dollars, mid there b not an
article in the dry goods line that
you cannot save a few cent's 011 by
buying heie.
and colored, plain and brocade; full
width; well lined and velvet bound;
starting vith j .....95c
black and colored flannels, outing
flaunelsaudcaUcos;some as low as 250
Capes; plain, braided or fur-trimmed;
"Weotfer plain Cloth Capes at 9O0
19c Cashmere Gloves X3C
19c Merino Underwear 3?c
19c Ladies' Ribbed Vests 13c
9Sc Night-gown 690
49c Corsets ...-3TC
So Best Ammonia - 4C
23c Hair Brushes ......15C
GQcUmbrellas 44C
10c Celluloid Pocketbooks 4c
19c Side Satchels XOC
25eFaseinators.., ITc
25c Intents' Sacqucs X9c
15c Infanta' Bootees 9c
39o InfnntV Silk Cap 23c
49c Men's Unlauudered Shirts 39c
39c Men's Outmg.Shlrts .....23c
39c Heavy Canton'Draw ers 23c
50a Heav y CantohDrawers 35C
98c AUwool Red UndemeAr 69c
SI. 39 Red All-wool Double Breasted.. 950
10cIIoe, Men's,Ladies aud Children's 5c
G9c Double Blankets 450
G5c Bed Con-forts 50c
Do notforet to ask for Premium Stamps.
9O4. Seventh St.
Four Children Killed and Mutilated
by an TJultnown Terpen.
MouLrei-J, Xov. 5 Particulars were re
ceived heie todayof the murdernear Raw
don, yesterday, of Elizabeth Nulty, aged
eighteen: Annie Nulty, aged sixteen; El
Ion Nulfcy, aed fourteen, and Patrick
Nulty, aged nine. They were the chil
dren of Michael Nultv, a farmer who liveo
In a secluded spot about four miles from
Rowdon Thft bodies were horribly mu
tilated and the eldest girl showed, traces
that she had been violently assaulted be
fore death had taken place.
The murder is Eupposed to have been
the work of a tramp. Why ho should
have so mutilated the children is a mys
tery. To Cnre Cold in Que Day
Take Laxative Bi'omo Quinine. Tableta. All
druggists refuud ihe money tf It fails to
cure. 25c fie2-tf
' fy ltJi AjJf v-J lJa& AMSa
flenu for Saturday
Ladles and Children's un
trimmed felt hats which are
nowsostylish In alltheery
nowostcolors which are sold
in all stores about town for
00c, will be orrered to
day lor 390
The Sale of Wraps, Suits, etc.
As a special offering you
may have a handsome black
bouue tan covert or a black
kersey aJl-slIk-lined coat
made with all that is ncwt
in styiu-coats-sucliasmany
stores are selling for
Lot of striped camel's hair
skirts -made splendidly per
fect inhang velveteen bound
and lined with pcrcaline
$2.50 value to
go for $1.S9
Ladies' black-rigurcd bril
linntme skirts well made
well liued well bound -with
a hang which distinguishes
all or Ilecht's. skirts
S2 value for SX.X9
Children's blue ami brown
and red cheviot reefers, with
extra Cape, collar trimmed
with soutache braid.iH
value $2.98
green kersey cloth coats
with velvet inlaid collars
flap pockets lined with dif
ferent high colors of satin,
duehesse fly rront
to go for $10
Values in Boys'
reefer and double-breasted
sizes nobbiest garments $5
ever bought to go
for $3.49
Lot ot 698 pairs of boys'
Cheviot knee Punts good2c
values good wearable quali
tieswell made will be put
on sale at the uuusually
low price of...... X4C
Lot ot about 500 boys'
blue pleated flannel shirt
waists, such as every store
ia town sells for G9c to go
for today at 49c
Boys' blue chinchilla reef
er.s with plaidliningtr bound
with Hercules braid deep
sailor collars suca. a reefer
515 Seventh Street.
At Pickford's,
By th
Our prices are within reach, of the
masses. Our recent large purchases for
cash enable us to undersell any dealer in
the city. We deliver all orders promptly.
'Phone 922. Place your orders today
Fruits and Vegetables at Low Down Prices.
10 lbs. N. Y. Buckwheat for
10 lbs. Roll Oats for
Mocha and Java Coffee lb.
3esC Buttenne, - lb
N. i". Burbank Potatoes, bu
Carolina Rice, lb
2-lb. packages Roll Oats....
S-lb. package N. Y.B. Wheat,
2 packages for
Wines and Liquors.
Old Rye musky; gal .. .. $1,50
Old Dominion Whisky, 4(PO Pfi
yrs.old; equal to 3;gah. 4Z.0U
Bargain Hunters
secure the biggest bargain ot
their lite when they purchase
Coke. Better than any other
fuel yet cheaper. Send a trial
40 bu. Coke, uncrushed, for..$2.90
40 bu. Coke, crushed, for $3.70
Washington Gas Light Co.,
413 Tenth st. aw.,
or at tho following places:
East Station, liltn and M sts. se.
"West Station, :26th and G sts. n"w.
Gas Appliance Dx., 14:MN.Y.ave.
Clearing, out- the. entlro stock of
To settle the estate of H. King, Jr-812-814
Seventh street,
715 Market Space.
Today we shall place on
sale a lot of handsome Os
trich plumes bold else
where for 39c for.. ..axe
Black Ostrich Piumeb for
"Which others ask 98c
go today for...... 690
Here Is a fine black brll
llantinc jr serge, which it
la impossible to duplicate
elsewhere under $5 lined
throughout with, rustle per
caliuo vel vetbound and per
fect lu hang which
we're offering for.. $3.98
Ladles' Kersey coats -have
now fly fronts new coat
backs-well stitched seams
storm collars which button
high, on the neck
nappockets togo..$a,s
Exquisite eleqtricseal.(first;
quality) coat and capes
both lined with ImndnomB
satin coata liave new coat
back and. new collars capea
are full ripple-$40
valuea-for $25
Handsome brocaded gros
grain silk skirts -best of lin
ings and velvet bound with
tuevHtyllsn Hecht hang,
$9 values, for $5.98
which usually coat you $2.25
and$2.Q0,andare cheap
at that, to go for ..$1.49
BojV chinchilla reefers
Miiall sizes with reerer col
larn large hizes with velvet
eollarN plaid lining lound
and trimmed with Hercules
hraid ,plendldlv made and
perfect in fit; S3.00
and $3.50 values,
to go for $1.98
Boys' winter weight gen
uine blue Worombo chinchilla
reefers In- reefer collar and
round 'velvet collar Mzes
bound and trimmed with fine
Hercules braid splendid lin
ing $4 and $5 values
to go for $2.98
e To
9th and La, Ave.
Old Tom Gin; gal
Pickford's Pnvatc StQCk, 6r I flfl
years old, qt 41.UU
N. C. Corn- Whisky; qt 6uG
Old Dock Tort, gal $i.U0
CaL Sherry, gal $1.00
Swecu Catawba, gal 7uC
Old Blackberry Brandy; qb.. 5 0 C
CaK aged Tort; botUc...... ZOC
Cal. aged Sherry; bottle.... 2uC
CaL Claret; bottle 25C
Key West Cigars, 50 in . nrip
St, and La, Ave,
'Phone 922,
:i:;;: ;:::(
Kindergarten Normal Institute
The Training of Teachers
Model Kindergarten and Graded School.
No extras for French or Uerman.
Miss Susan Plessner Pollock, Principal.
Mrs. Louise Pollock, Associate Principal.
Inquire for particulars at the PRUEUEL.
INSTITUTE ,1420 Qst. nw. Bcll-3mo
and Business College. Eoan and Trust Build
lng, 9th and P. Day and night session.
Catalogues. aal&2 l-2mo
. ,. ANIMAL EXTRACT'S. Eree book
K ,i . vvasniugion uuemical
Washington, D. C. oc30-
0 R. Harris & Co.. cor. 7th and D sta. S
Sw Today is your last oppor- V?
tunity to secure one of these
a Solid Silver gifLs -ve are gly- f-J
g iiilC away with every pur- R
gchuhc of $1 or more. In com
mcnioration of our Twentieth S
a AnniverMiry. Head this lht a
0- ot gift: g
S Silver-mounted Rabbit's S
S Foot witji every purchase of S
$1 and over. v
t, A Sterling Silver Penknife S
K with every purchase of S2.50 S
g andoer.
S A s lerhng. Silver Salve Box, S
Button Hook.KailFileorScIs- "2
2 sorswitheerypurchaseofS5 f2
? or over. w
1 A SterlingSmerShoeHori ?
v or Bonnet Brush with ev-ry "
g purcliasc of S10 and over. Q
g A SterlingSiUer Hair Brush g
w with every purchase of 15 i
V or over. t5
g AGcnuineSolitaireDIamond $2
65 Ring with every purchase .f
8 25 and over. w
A chol cc of a fine S-da v C- O
Sthedral Clock or Silver "IV at. h Sf
with every purdiaaeof Sudor
Sover. a
A Silver Tea Bet of 5pici 0
B "rclth. every purchase of S 100 0
a and over. a
Inasmuch as Diamonds run
into so much higher figures,
we propoi-e to give
In lieu of the mvenirMgift.
making this a.n opportunity
to buy a Diamond lor Christ
mas at a price that makes It
a profitable investment and a
value uiiapproached. by any
sort of competition..
Cor. 7th and D Sts.
Are umuntchnble ia their
Nplendur. Such real -v-alne at
Mich rt(llcuIotu,Iy low prices
ure snffieleiit to attract yoar
Ladies Boucie or Beaver Jackets.
Mlk lined, made in the very latere
fashion, such as other stores are
selling as high as $10, for..S4.BS
Ladies tan covert cloth teats,
with inlaid velvet collars, moot
sU-Iish garment made this season
Value 12 S5.98
Ladles' black, blue, or green, im
ironed Kersey Cloth Jacket, satin
lined, handsomest garment to be
found; worth 15 ST. OS
Lot of Braided and Jet Trnumed
Plush ( apes, guaranteed best qual
ity, bilk lined and tuibet triu.'iied
12 value, at
98c for 2 flota Double Capes.
S1.S9 for 2.50 Braided tapes.
$2.49 for 4 Beaver Capes.
$3.98 for G Kersey Capes.
&.&& for S Astrakhan Capes.
One lot of Children's Eiderdown
Coats. Angora trimmed. Worth
1.25, Special 69c
One lot of MissW Chevron Jackets
In Muf or black, latest make,
5 -value, at, $s.ss
MisM-a" Handsome Boucie aiMl Vs
trakhau Jackets, silt Mned new
storm collar, & aud 10 value.
for S4.SS
Lot of Children's Xovelty Ch-th
Reerers, very pretty effects which
other stores a re selling at 2.30
anda. Ourprice $1.39
Children's Kersey and Novelty
Reerers, with large sailor collars,
prettiest styles ever shown.
Worth $0. At S3.98
Cut Prices in Indies' Skir's,
Skirt s.-
weU made.
"well Jined.
flf1! CTKV uuuuu, U11U
rcJ!vliStr full tc-iiith.
NkST t -. rEInSk SIT iftliiofii
itck;!j.;-.- -"'
Another lot of our Celebrated
Brllli.tntine Skirts, lined, and velvet
bound, worth 2 for 98c
Lot of Black rr Blue Serge Skirts,
full width, hest nnnlit.v TinitK. s?i
value, at Sx".98
Ladles' Domet Flannel Skirt, full
variety or colors, worth 29c... X9C
Some Sprcial
Saturday Values.
Children's Merino Vests 5c
Ladles' 23c Ribbed Vests; neck
run with tape 140
One lot of Ihx for Ladies, Men
and Children; worth 10c and l-'c:
will goon Sale Saturday at 50a pair
Boys' Tleece-lined Shirt and
Drawers; worth 39c. To go
for S5C
Mens Fleece-lined Shirts and
Drawers; G5c value. For Satur
day 39c
1,000 Ladies fancy Garters,
with metal buckles, worth Joe
8C6 7th It If. "W. 1924-1926 Pa. ave
j Electric Lights i
8 Will do much towards making
an old fashioned dweUing hor.se
look up to date, and will help
you In obtaining- tmintn. tinnt.
f let your -houses lie idle for lack
1 ?lect,rj n"nts- They cost but
g little. Why not Investigate-.'
I u. b. Hiieotris Lighting Go.t
213 14th. Bfc N.W. 'Phoas. 77.
"j5Hj; Lauies
""KTlv Kersey
Tv -f Jackets, M
Vp-Jf new fly 3
TciLKS front. storm m
irfkl XPW1 collar, tai- m
vfeCocLJI lor raa'ie
Wi a 1 3 vaiue at 9
- I Ladies H
AyHL. Beltz's best a
JHfHi Seal Plush
i-5L tapes, full m
ftfl Sweep, M
tfPVjjE. fancy or M
yHEIlRiv, black lined a
J&!B?3tf9$ wiih Tiilbec 3
mW&K-W'-S w"t' no ?
SrSls-fe-W less than 1
oWfMigSzfr ?7'J0
tmm q q

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