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WANTED A good white barber. Apply
inn 7t.li st, sw. iiolbjt
WANTED -Good barber at once. SO 1 12th
st- mv.
bU nw.
A good barber.
Apply -M
WANTED -Registered drug "-"V,,,.0""?.
man: nominal salary to begin with. P-,;
mancnt position to right party. --
14th .. nw.
WANTED-A uocxl lmrlicr wWtP. NtJ
It . -
WANTED A first-class barber, at once.
613 15th st. nw.
WANTED Registered druggist; best refer
ouetur, one willing to work at moderate
KUnry at rirt; state salary expected, aci
dress DRUGS, tin office. noltt -it
WANTED-Wlnte boy between 3 G and 18
to make himself generally meruV, "V
from country with lef. prcferreu. Repij
T6th and E sis. nw-
WANTED-A good VVwuu
Satmdny. Apply to THOSIAb BAHR.
31 n 1-2 Pa avc nw l
WANTED A good barber, steady em
ployment. 713 1-2 Sthst.se. ft
WANTED-Four young men. Apply bet
9 and 4, bn.s.meui 1335 1 nw , hall
anlrinmt -J-L
WANTED -Tailor, at 1201
MOltTUN C. hTum a: -ir-
WANTED-Fim-class parorhangpr-,
once. II. F. KE1I, 320 12th .St. uv,.
WANTED-Au honest, Indus to Ipu" l03
about 18 or 19 jearsof age. to"1 " ,
tiibeful around u grocerj sU,l;e'Vn' Jii
ome knowledge of cutting ttI"I
028 3d Ft nc nol 3t-em
WANTED An American
niiw 117 Pa ae. nw
shoemaker, at
BALT1MOKE concern want a salesmau
for hotel and restaurant trade. imi; .iae
-.ri..,j. ami jienuaintancy; women anu
buys need not answer. Address RALLS
MAN, thin office.
no!7 .It
WANTED Two bushelmen.
at 019 12th t. nw.
Call at once
WANTED A joung man wtlb knowledge
-it double nntrv bookkeeping, n.ubt be
quick and accurate at figuies. Address, in
own handwriting, stating salary and ex
porlence, -TEADY POfclTlON. tin-office.
WANTED - Good bushelmannt once.
KETCHAM BAH LM AN, 503 10th St.
WANTED A practical UeumfiUer. to con
net boiler and engine, unci heating ol
wrelKiite- Address 1'- O ox -
nol0-3t .
WANTED-Good meat cutter and grocery
clerk wlshespositlon.low wages -Aian-ss
It. A. G., this office no 16-31
WANTED Boy, with one or two gears'
"experience in composing room, "teadj
position. Address b. D. 1'.. th office.
WANTED Ojster cook. Atll00 8thst.e
WANTED At once, a meat cutter, with
energj and activitj. Address SI A 1..
this otrice. nolo-3t.em
HELP "r1---K
WANTED--First-clahft lady's tailors
i..,. 1,7.1...--, m .i'iiittv. itnoosite
bushelman, at
fa CHUT'., opposite
A riington Hotel
jioIS 3t
v.'AXTP.n-A female nastiy cook, can
at 1209 Hst.ne.
WANTED-Two white girls for Oriental
department, one bwiseworker, at once.
EXUlIAMjfc, Bl KEAU. 721 13th st. nw.
It .
WANTED Three oulored cliambermaids
two houses orkers- Quickest .and j surest
7-21 13th bt. nv,.
WANTED V, hltc waitresses at once.
ELITE DINING ROOM. -25 G st- nv. It
WANTED By a respectable colored girl,
ilaoe as plain cook or general house
WrKr in a small ramlly. Adflrwh JOS o
bt. nw. nolb jl
WANTED Cooks, dishwashers, anil wall
as, porters, driver,, clerkd laborers,
boys; ptBcob rurnislied till suited. CIT1
3N?l-LlENcE OFFICE, mht.
WANTED- Good white cook, small family;
pay $is; ten w nice gins mi uuu-- u ..
iy $10 U $20. SIRS. DUNNING, 635 G
pay 1
bt nw
WANTED General tiouseworkers, cbam
benuaidx laundresoes. i-eamstresses, day
-vwrkere, nurses, places rurnlr-hed till suited.
HACKLt.FORD'S, 125 11th St nw.
WANTED Evpenenced white nurse and
beamstres, over 25. to go south, chil
drcn 5 and b; ie. ujohi nw. -t
WANTED-Two apprentice girls for dres-
maltiiig. Apply. 2d floor, G18 12th
U nw. iL-
WA-sTBD- A respectable while woman to
tufcc ciiarge of an infant lwiby Ijoj. state
terms. Addres. W. D. C, tlut office
WANTED-Neat colored girl, about 1G, as
chambermaid; must live near 0rli and P
g. 614 13 th nw. lt
WANTED First class colored cook, with
wrlvate family, clt references. $25. G14
IStli n w. ll
"WANTED -Colored girl as waltm. stav
Hlgbts. age, 18 to 25. 917 II st.nw.
WANTED Girl, to do general Itoufcework.
CB7 L st- ne. Item
WANTED White girl, about 1 5 years old,
ns iwrse, and make herself generally use
. Call 9 to 12 a. m , 1007 S 61. nw.
WANTED A German countiy girl, small
iHoiily and good wns-S a good hota" for
h Slrl. Apply SI. ROBINSON, 1311 14 th
sc nw. Item
AEL KINDS of help fuiaihed free of
oharge by SIRS E. C. SIOORE, 300 G
L w.. this agencv has been established
rfoee 1892, and Is known as one of the
beat in the District nol 7 3t
WANTED A girl K, to 1 years of age
to learn to sew carpet. Apply to FLANK
FKEEMAN. carpet contractor, Room 40,
4h floor, L. S Trea.ory. nol7-3t
WANTED Girl who has experience at
biigheliiig men's clothing none other.
Meed apply M. DYRENtORlH . CO.,
028 Pa. ae. Dol7tf
WANTED Eight girte for general liouse-
wroilc; at once. NATIONAL EMPLOY.
M16NT BUREAU. 141 G st nw. nolG-lt
3V ANTED -A neat and tidy girl for gen
oral housework In small farnilj; sta
Mtgbw. Call at 2929 15th st. nw
WANTED Two stylish young ladies good
position ami salary. Call 9 a.m. 906
1 it. nw. iM15-3t,em
'WANTED ong white girl as chamber
maid and waitress; refs. 2100 ISth st.
nw. nolo-Jt, em
WANTED DresSuiHkera and improvers
S0 9Ui t. nw. nolo 3t em
WE HAVE today requests foi follow
ing situations A bousekeepei, a lady in
Wuen room, a halesladj , a governess, ex
perienced: a skirt hand, 2 butlers, 6
cooks, 3 ladies-' maids, one coachman,
wliHe, 3 janitors ooloied rurnushed all
MKM AGLNCY, 504 E 6t nw. nolf 3l
govemess, snleadieR, seamstress' ap
prentice, white, colored, male, female
Jielp furnished free CAPITAL CITY
i .
AGENTS wanted on a good selling spe
1011 Pa,, ave. nw . 1 1
AGENTS WANTED-For Dr. Druuimond's
Llgnuiing Kennedies for Rheumatism. $50
for an lncuruble case, restores stiff joints,
drawn cords and hardened muscles. If jour
dealer has not goi thes- remedies, we wUl
bend t4ie full month's treatment of two
Jnrgc bottles on receipt of $5. DRUSI
2.0ND AIED1CLNE CO, SI Nassau st
rfew York 6e26-su.tu,ti-a9t
WANTED By man and wife place In cltv
or country, both will work for $8. wife
good cook; man jrenerally useful. Address
L. G., this office. nol0-3t
SERVANT, clerks, tjpewi iters or auv
one wishing a siluaiion will be dealt
JU!i.&,y. ?,,..rI'JTAr' CITY ESIPLOY
ilENT AGENCY, 501 E st.nw.
HELP of all fud furnished free. make,
your own selections at our office, oi bend
postal. Telephone 1296 EXCHANGE
BUREAU, 721 13th nw no2-lmo
A ANTED By welPexpenenced coloreil
man. situation as porter of store or Janitor
of building. Address 1220 R st. mv It
WANTED- By an experienced young man,
position or anv kind, able to rurntsji
bonds, speaks seven dlffeient languages.
SPEAKER, this office. "Qlb 3t
WANTED Position as salesman, collector
or solicitor: city or outside. Address
RELIABLE, this, office. nol8-2t
WANIED Bj bookkeeper, experienced
and competent; understands tj pewrlter.
good correspondent; can take charge or
off lee, Aeiy moderate salary. B, this office.
v ANTED Situation by j oimgcolorcdmai'
in restau.ant, boarding-house, hotel or
private faunlj. Call 810 Will fct. nw
uol" 3t,em
WANTED Bj voung colored man, place
. u lou-ework In pi hate familj. refs.
923 L st. mi. lt'u,n
WANTLD -A colored man from the coun
trj, wisl.es place as driver, dishwasher,
or to wcrk around the house. Aildrcss
KAY, 2la7 th fct. nw. nol-3t
WANTED Bv voting man, position as
bookkeeper, clerk or salesman, rers
from piesent employer. Addresti K. N Jl. ,
this office. nol i3t,em
WANTED SIecbanlc.il draitsman -wishes
deigning, patent and detail drawings
ceniiiu Addre DKAWlNtr, this office.
WAMJ-tood second hand on cakes or
bread wWies situation; hotel or bakerj.
Address HAKclt, uiUof flee. no!7-3t
WANTLD Employment by a good stenog
rapher, but will take ork of any kind.
AUdress A P., tnis office. nulb 3t-em
WANTLD -Place by joung colored man
as driver ror doctor, or private family
122 25th t-t nw. nol0-3t-em
WANTED Bring your torn gnrments to
the Washington Slcnding Parlors and see
how ulcelv they will be mended. 936 E
st. nw. nolG-St
WANTED Like a place as Tim-clns man
cook, with tlrst class rcn.., In private
famllv. Addrc 1713 Oregon avc. nv.
nolO 3C
WANTED A joung Englishman desires
situation, willing to make himself useful.
501 E st. lie. nolG-3t
VANTED -Position as candy maker, by
a. voungman with 7 j ears' experience in
wholesale and retail ,oods; ref. Addiess
C. U. T this olfice. mlG-3b
WANTED -Place as coachman, driver, or
any kind of deliver v wagon. 1323L St.
WANTED By joung man. from tho
Ciiintry, place lu grocerj store. Ad
drets A. B, this office. nolG-3t
WANTED -Bj an experienced hotel man,
a position as head waiter. 12 j ears' ex
perience, best of rets.; Address II.. T., this
oITicc. nolG-3t
WANTED Bj Oung white mau, place as
hotel porter, best rets. C. P W., this
office. nolo-3t,cm
WANTED Work of anj kind, b rcspecta
ble colored man from thecouutr . 1005
L Ht. nol5-3t,em
"WANTED B a colored -woman situation
to do general housework, refs. given
201 G at. sw. It
EDUCATED woman wishes position; un
derstands teaching, housekeeping, office
work, or would be companion, nlgncM. ri-r.
Address R. V., 401 N J. ave.se. It
HONEST woman wants flats or offices to
clean; experience and ref. Address
HONEST, 4ol N.J. ave se. It
WANTED Colored woman wants place
to sew or do cleaning morning. 1615
Gth st. nw. It
WANTED Situation by white woman,
place as general houseworker; make her
eir generally useful. 2031 lltli st-uw. It
WANTED Bv a rcspectablo Colored girl,
situation as plain cook or chumbcrmald.
Call at 1712 10th st. nw. It
WANTED - By Mrs. Dunning, G35 G st.nw.,
situation lor thorougnly reliable white
woman for general housework; wants $12.
WANTED Bj a vouug white g'rl, place
to learn dressmaking, uuderstancib areat
ileal of sowing. Address E. W.. 1 321 II st.
ne. noI7-3t,em
WANTED By young woman of teftne
ineut, place as chambermaid or sewing In
fir&t-class family, city refs. Call or ad-
cbeos 1719 13th bt. nw. uol7-t,eiu
WANTED Situation as geueral house
worker or ciianibennald. good reference.
Call 136 Va. ave.sw. nol7-3t,cm
WANTED -A situation to cook, w ash and
iron or general housework, by competent
colored woman. 1320 L st.nw.
nol-3t em
WANTED Situation as laundress or cham
bermaid. Call 2237 9th M. nw. It-em
WANTED situation as general house
worker, good refs. Call 439 Ridge
St. nw. It-em
WANTED A joung colored woman as
chambermaid and seamstress: or adult's
nurse and seamstress, 5 veais' experience
in dre-niakmg Address H. A , this office.
WANTED -By colored girl, place as diMi
washer or chamberm.Utl in a boarding
nouse, with ref. AddreSa 311 G st. sw.
WANTED By a respectable girl, place
as chambermaid oi waitress, can do good
sewing. Call at 2429 F et. nw.
nol7 3t,em
WANTED -Situation as cook or chamber
work Call 4 days at 420 N st. nw.
uol7 .It
WANTED A place by colored cirl; cham
bermaid or nurse. Address 123 N. J.
ive. uol7-.lt
ANTED Rooms to cl eau in flats or olfice
rooms. Address C. 1, this office.
uol7 3t
WANTED Place as general lousowoiker,
good refs.. flrat class cook. Call 421
lbt st. nw. nol7-3t
WANTED Bj competent dressmaker en
gagement by the day in rirst-class
lauiiiiHh. Addic-s SlODlSsTE, this olfice.
no 17 3t
WANTED -By German woman, situation to
do Keneral housework in small ramilj;
ref. given. Address B. H., this office.
WANTED -Situation
chambermaid or
Call 1S20 Rlggs
nurse in small family,
Place nw
WANTED -By respectful colored girl, place
as ihnmhermalu, or general housework.
2511 10th nw. nol6-3t-em
WANTED- Young lady desires positiou as
stenographer and typewriter. SI. S., tills
oft ice. nol 0-3 1, em
WANTED By an experiemed white girl
situation to do general housework: with
out washing. Address PROTESTANT, this
office. uolG-3t
ANTED Place as nurse, or helping with
jioueworK. liu- v. st.nw iioi.i-3t
WANTED -Bl 2 colored women, places;
1 as general houseworker, 1 as chamber
maid. Address 1912 12th fct. nw.
WANTED Bj a middle-aged widow, bit
uation to keep house for a gentleman or
would take a position as nurseij governess,
oi -would be willing to take care of an in
valid ladj, refs. furnished. Inquire for
Sirs. L. E. A., W. C. A., 1719 13th
st. nw. no!0-3t
WANTED Two competent women, gen
eral noifework or chTinbcrnidld or nurse,
em rers , call 6 davs. 1702 1 2 10 th st.
nw. no!o-3t,cm
WANTED By a girl, a place as nur6e or
chambermaid or asslbt with housework.
Call or address, for 3 days, 2017 8th st.
nwj no!0-3t em
WANTED By respectable colored woman,
place .is laundress by week or month.
Address JW., this office. nol5-3t,em
WANTED Place in private" family to
Cook, wash and iron. 1612 5th st. nw.
WANTED Position as
general hou'-e worker.
chambermaid or
717 Vt. avc nw.
1 OR KENT -Flat of 3 or" 4 rooms, 2d
rioor; hath on same; heat and gas; will
rent separate rrom S4to $8; table be arders
ut-bired at reasonable rates. 57 II sr. nw.
TOR KENT Flat of two bas"inent rooms;
steam-neat, range in kitchen' no children:
rent $10. 210 T st. nw. nol7-0t
FOK RENT -A desirable Hat of 2 or 3
communicating rooms In a private fam
ily; well heated; would rent soparatelj.
Call at 1202 O st.nw.; modeiaterent.
FOR RENT-Sanltary flats, for white ten
ants only; Bates St., between P and Q,
1st and N Cap. sts. nw.; 34 rooms; bath,
cellar; modern Improvements separate en
trance for each flat; prices, S9 50. $12.50,
erected by Washington Sanitnrr Iitmrnvo-
I mentlo; orflce. 119 Q st nw.;S-9a. m.;
. 12 -l 30 and 47 p m. nol6-3t-cm
FOR KENT Furnlhhed roomK 1 large, back
parlor; 2 rooms on 3d floor' $ and 5o,
furnace heat. 1123 5th .st. nw. nclS3t
l'OU KENT Furnlsliedoi unfurnished front
parloi. 705 8th st. nw It
FOK KENT 807 8th Ht.
lront pallor, cheap.
FOK KENT Pleasant furnished room; good
location, pilce, $5.50. SllSstnw. It
SOUTHERN rooms; with or without board;
furnished or unfurnished parlor flat;
central. 203rant place. nol8-7t
FOK KENT 1131 11th st nw.; pleasant
nonie, back parlor, $8: another nice room,
$8; neatly furnished, rirst class situation,
nol 8-3 1 .
TOR KENT rur.; 3 bright, stylish rooms,
with or -without board; Georgetown, on
electric lino. L. N., this office.
nol7 3t-em
FOR KENT lM-btory large front room;
-will rent cheap. bl-i lltli bt. mv.
1 tern
KENT-1 rooms, furnished or un-
furnibhed; very cheap, heat and gi
ugle or en suite. 2217 SI st . nw. lt-t
FOR RENT -Pleasant fur. room, with
heat and gas, atreasonahlerates; smaller
rooms. sr. liOl I) st. nw.; near cars.
FOK RENT-Eovely large parlors on 1st
rioor; suitnl)le for Slember or studio;
cheap. 1017 11th st. no!7-3t
FOR KENT t rooms; 2d floor, and use
of bath; $8. 1031 2d St. no. no!7-3t
FOR KENT-Fur. front rooms: heat and
gas: with or without board. 7115th st.
FOR KENT Three neatly fur., 2d floor
well-heated rooms, forllglit housekeeping;
all mod. Imps., terms moderate. 231 1st
st. nw- nolb-3t, en
rOK REN1-1014 10th st. nw., pleasant
fin tilBhed rooms, with board; also table
board. nolO-bt em
FOR KENT Furnished rooinR with good
board; home cooking; table board a bpe-
clalty. 1707 Pa . avc nol7-lt-em
FOR KENT -Nicely furnibhed rooms, 2d
and 3d floors, at 929 N. 1'. ae. nw.
no 1 G-7 1
FOR RENT Nice front room, furnished,
with heat ami gas and board: suitable
for man and Avlfe; price, S40 per month.
702 T st. nw. nolo 3t
TOR RENT Large back parlor, nicely
furnished, with board, or front parlor;
also hall room cheap, Willi board. 951
Slass. ave. noltKJt
FOR KENT G 13 N J. ave nw .two com
municating fur rooms, suitable for house
keeping: alo furnished hall room, cheap,
nolo 3t
TOR KENT German private family has
nicely furnished roonm. excellent board.
tertiiB reasonable. 1 224 I st.nw. nolO 3t
FOR KEN1 Two unfurnished rooms on
2d floor for light housekeeping; gas and
bath 625 4tU St. nw. nolO 3t
FOR KENT -2 2d-storj front rcom6, com
municatnig: lur. or unfur.; private fum-
llj; ref. reciulred. 1G27 Uth st. nw.
FOR KENT I large room; 1 square Ll
brarv building; bultable ror gentleman.
307 A st. so. nol6-3c
FOK KENT -Pleasant, newly fur. front
room; good board, conveniences; central
to cars and Capitol; no housekeeping. 213
C nw. niilG-3t
FOR RENT-DelightJnl, sunny rooms, nice
lj fur.; fronting park; prices from $5
t $25. 808 19th st. nw. nol6-3t
FOR RENT-Nicely furnished room: bright
and bunny; very reasonable. 722 11th
bt. nw. nol5-3t-em
FOR KENT 918 N. Y. ave., desirable,
large front room, 2d floor; nlbo small
room 3d flror; transients accomodated.
FOR RENT A nicely-furnished room, suit
able for two gentlemen, with good table
board, $1 a week apiece; a nice front room,
$2 a week; near E. Cap. st cars, Library
and Capitol. 12 Gth st ne. no!4-7t
FOR KENT Unfur Iwo pleasant rooms
on 2d floor, welt lighted and heated.
1301 K st. nw. nol8-3t
FOK RENT Two unfur. 2d-storv Trout
rooms. $4.00, light housekeeping. No.
17 P bt. nc. It
FOK RENT Three unfurnished rooms on
2d-floor, bath on some floor. 1006 E
st. sw. nolS-3t
FOR KENT 3 rooms and bath; whole 2d
floor, gas and heat, new house, beautiful
location, southern exposure; $15 month.
522 C st. se., fronting Pa ave. It
FOR RENT-Entire 2d floor. 3 unfurnished
rooms and bath; no other roomers. 218
5th st. se. nol7-3t-em
FOR RENT Two unfurnished rooms on
2d floor for limit housekeeping" uas and
bath. 625 4th st. nw. nol7-lt
nw. Unfur. rooms at
.29 K st
nol 7 3t
934 L, st.
A or
4 unfur. rooms. Inqulie
10R RENT -II unrur. connecting 2d floor
rtKjms, southern exiosure, heat, gusand
bath: S20 per month. 1415 P st. nw.
iiol7-3 1
TOR RENT Two unfur. rooms, or one
mcelv-fur. 2d rioor; with bath, plenty
heat, southern exposure; moderate price,
to adult only. 40 Q st. ne It, era
FOR KENT $ uufuriiihed, 2 sub-basement
and one 2d storv room; house-keep-Ing.
420 N. Y. ave no 06 3t-em
FOK RENT -214 A st. se.; three or four
unfurnished rooms; 2d floor; hulf block
east of Library. nol6-3t
FOR RENT -Three large bright rooms, un
furnished, and one I'all room, heat and
gas: excellent location. 812 Gth bt nw.
FOR RENT Unfurnished basement for
caterer, rent taken in meals, near Palais
Royal. 723 11th st nw. nol 6-3t
PARTY renting li--room house, cent rally
located, steam healed, newly pa pored, de
sires number oi adults to take uururiiisncd
rooms. Address RELIABLE, this orrice.
lOR RENT-To gentleman and wife, 2 un
furnished, communicating front rooms,
on 1 1th st. nw.: steam heat; rent, $17.
Address FIRST CLASS, this office.
TOR RENT Willi "first-class board, two
large runnshed rooms, at 620 I st.nw.
FOR RENT With board, one lid-story front
room; mcelj furnished. 131b B st.
sw. ro!8-3t
COSIF0RTABLE rooms and :
1014 12th 4.. nw.
;ood board at
FOR RENT- Large and umall rooms; good
table board; $14 per month. 916 H st.
nw. nol7-3t
Pa. ave. ave. se
rooms with board. 600
. nol2-7t-em
WANTED Boarders Four gentlemento
room and board in piivate family at $12
per month each; near cable line. Applv
716 G st. sw. nol8-3t
ONE or two gentlemen; large, light room
Southern cookery; private family; rea
sonable terms; refs. 1248 11th st. nw. it
FOR RENT A large 2-storj brick stable;
room for 8 horses, and carriage house;
alley bet. II and I and 3d and 4 1-2 sts.
sw. B. LEONARD, 530 4 1-2 st. SW.
TOR RENT For a term ot years, the coal
dump, located cor. 1st and G sts. ne.;
connected with B ic O. tracks; the largest
dump In tho city, and the one nearest the
city's center. Apply to THOMAS W.
BM1.TH. 1st and Ii.u. ave. nw. ocl5-l mo
TYPEWRITERS rented at reaced rates;
with prUllege of purchase, standard
makes, preliminary Instruction free. NEW
et. nw. au2S-3m.eia
WANTED Bj couple without children. 5
or 6-room house, good ropdlr; rent not to
exceed $12. Address BOX 12, this office.
WANTED -6 or 7 rocm, riibt class brick;
cellar; good location; of party who can
offer a bargain; half or more cash down.
Address, -with description and price, BUY
ER, this office. nol6-3i
FOR KENT 614, toTierolrTuhTtTjuid
Tennessee ave. n. e , with 8 room
dwelling; concreted cellar; splendid loca
tion rorgroceryor dry goods newl vpapered
aud painted, only $20 per month, r. J.
DIEPDONNE. Ohio Bank Building,
no 18 4t
WANTED Tluee el Heated imfnr
nlshcd rooms, suitable fojr light house
keeplngr ent not to exiwed ?10 pel
month, r. 0. B tins 'office. It
WANTED To rent a furnibhed hou&e In
good location, rent must be moderate.
H. A. W., this offlcd. . nol8 3t
A GENTLEMAN will rent n piano in cx
chango for room rjjdj orjwlll sell nt a
bargain and will take board In part pay
ment. P. S, this office. nol8-3t
WANTED -We want them, but do not
employ solicitors or collectors; any
person thus engaged is anilmpouter and
should be arrested. Orrice, Koum 24,
Le Droit Bldg., 802 T st.nw. nol8-3t
AVANTED 2 or 3 fur. or untur. rooms;
heat and gas, light housekeeping; 1st
or 2d floor, moderate pilce. 10 minutes' of
Ireasun for 2 adults. 17C0 lllh st. nw
nol 6 .U-ein
WANTED By refined mairled couple, 3
rooms, second floor; suitable for light
housekeeping, partly furnished; not to ex
ceed $15. AddressGOVEKNMENTCLERK,
this office. uol7-3t
WE ARE HAVING calls foi rooms; moTO
than what we have on hand; come and
list your rooms with us. CREAMER tc
CO., Room 11, G15 11th sfc. nol7-3t
WANTED- 1 or 5 unfurnished rooms, first
fioor, or will join party with small fam
ily in renting house: nw., near G.P. O., pre
ferred. Address H. C, this office. nolO-36
WANTED 3 unfur. rooms ti,r genttemnn,
wife and child, in sw.; must be cheap;
With gas. Address S. B. F., this offlcc.
WANTED -Unfur. room for light house
keeping; pormunency ueslred. Address
PROMPT PAY, this office. no!0-3t
WANTED Flat of 3 or 4 rooms, 2d floor;
central location. Address, giving par
ticulars. REASONABLE, this office.
WANTED Small, furnished room, heated;
S5 or $G; no questions asked. KOOSi,
this office. nolb-3t-pm
WANTED One large furnished room foi
very light housekeeping; with heat, gas
and bath, for man, wife and baby, answer,
With prlcp, to THERESA, this off ice.
WANTED 3 rooms for light housekeep
ing, with privilege of bath; Convenient to
the SletropoUtan power honfe; rent not to
exceed &10. Address 1114 E st.se.
nished, unfurnished, and for light house
keeping; all prices; all locations. Get
our list. No ctiarge for information EX
CHANGE BUREAU, 721 13th nw.
iio2-l mo
WANTED One good parlor organ with
mirror top; musUkbe cheap. Address
CHEAP ORGAN, tTIis office. nol 8-3 1
WANTED A piano on storage for use.
A ddress WITH G REAT CARE, thlsoff Ice.
WANTED To buy a good second hand
upright piano cheap. Address PIANO.
this office. It
WANTED To buy a first-class side bar
leather too buecr. must be of ccod make
and in perfect order, also a flMt-clUss
huggA harness cheap ror cash. Address
BURKART, 605 Pa. ave. It
WANTED A nice lightcoupeorcoupeiock-
awa). will trade canopv top phaeton for
same, hire or buy ir a Largain. Address
It. A. C this office. nol 8 3t
WANTED -Second-band rookaway or
brougham; must b in fair order and
cheap. Address RIGHT, thb office,
nol 8 3t
WANTED Dressing gla&, oc large mirror,
cheap. Address SIIRROR, this office.
WANTED Tin tvpe photographer to
run gallery on shares. Address C. V.
S., this office. It
WANTED -An incubator and brooder
house man. must be well recommended.
Address A. NE1LSON, Elk Kldgc, Aid.
nol7-3t l
WANTED A good, gcutle.buggy horse, and
harness. Call at Room 113, S02 Fst. nw
WANTED About 100 feet of second-hand
Iron fence, must be cheap. 337 H st.
no. nol7-3t
WANTED-A set of Hopkins' Plat Books
of the District of Columbia. Address
L B. H., this orficc , nolo 3t-em
WANTED -To buy a route of customers
for butter; onl v paying oustomers wanted.
Address F. SI. K. nolo 3t-em
WANTED Horse. wami and harness:
must be all right in every respect, cov
ered wagon. Address B. i R., tnis office.
AM ED An oak roll-top desk che-ipfor
cash. Call or address A. F N., 713 7th
st. nw. nol6-3t
N ANTED Furniture , of every descrip
tion, merchaiidi'-e, show cases, store
fixtures, stoves, etc, if vou I.ave am thine
to sell at auction, send for me. J. G
-lN.LiAUi, auctioneer, sales every Tues
day and Thursday, 626 La ave 617 C sc.
nw. nol4-6t
OLD BOOKS -I pay cash ror all kinds of
old miscellaneous books; v. Ill call, ex
amine and make orfer at residence. Drop
uuder Second National Bank, JAMES
O'NEIL, Pron.. 509 7th st. nw. oc23-lm
MONEY TO LOAN-From $5 to $30 to re
liable parties at legal rate of Interest,
money advanced on btcjcles. ROOSI 8,
Central building, 9th and Pa. ave.
PRIVATE MONEY to loan on first and
second deeds or trust, no delay, small
charges. SUMNER, 023 F bt. nw.
$10 TO $1,000 TO LOAN
Without removal from possession or owner
You can have the money the day you
apply for it. ravmentb on the principal,
of any amount, vviilbe received at anytime,
which will lessen cost of loan.
No cost to you If loan Is not made.
Strictlj confidential.
Please call ror further Information.
602 F st.nw
LOANS made on approved collateral, such
as life polities, stocks, bonds, building
association shares, syndicate certificates,
etc. No delay YERKE3 ,. BAKEK, 11 10
F st. Take elevator. tf
S10NEY TO LOAN at 5 and G per cent;
security, real estate In District of Colum
bia, no delay bejond an Inspection of prop
ertj and examination of title. WALTER
E. ACKER, 704 14th st nw. mh28-tf
MONEY TO LOAN- $1,000 upward, at 5
and 5 1-2 per cent on D. C real estate:
$250, $500, etc., at 6 per cent; all
transactions conducted with economical
consideration for borrowers.
apl6-tf 1107 F st. nw.
Loans madeon Furniture, Pianos, Horses,
Wagons, etc., at low est rates and cmickest
possible time. Strictly confidential. Please
call before securing loans elsewhere.
010 F st. nw.
FOR HIRE -Nice horses', buggies and Day
tons, $1.50 to $2 per day. J. W. PRES
TON'S STABLES, cor. 8th and! sts. nw.
no 1 8J5J5
FOR HIRE -Full dress suits, $1 only. JU
LIUS COHEN, 1 104 Tth st.nw.
FOR HIRE To drummers and business
men, horse and buggy orDajton, $2 per
day, and special prices for pleasure driving.
Apply to the REX STABLES, rear 615 E
Bt. nw.; telephone call. 109. ap30-tf
FOR SALE norse and dayton wagon;
cheap. Address HORsEr-.thIs office,
nol 8 -3 1
FOR SALE Nearlj new Uap, grocery
wagon aud , road cart cheap. CAR
RIAGE WORKS, N. Y. ae , bet. 4tli and
3th bts. nw. noI7 3t
TOR SALE Horse, wagoti, aud harness,
dirt cheap. Call 102S Bladensburg road
ne. nol6.3t,em
FOR SALE 2Mde bar buggies, 2 phaetons;
3 builders' wagonsr 1 fluo business
buggy; 1 coupe, 1 line, light brougham,
uevviy painted pole and shafts; 1 dayton;
1 bet double hack harness, a full line or
now and second-hand harness, 1 jump
seat surrey, l cutunder suirej. 211 uud
213 I lth st.nw. uolG-St
FOR SALE -Adarksorrelhorse.gentle.gcod
driver; avcU bred. Inquire 625 N. J.
avejiw. no!5-3t-em
TOR SALE Prettiest pair of ponies inthe
city; with two traps; perfectly sound; sold
for want of use only Address W. E.
LEWIS, Hutcluns Bldg,. uo9-loteiu
1-101 IGth st nw, b h, 25 rms....?80,000
"is sc nw, a a
J110 Ostnw, bhk17-rms....
lj-0 20th st nw, b h, 12rms
133K stnw, bb, 12rms
1323 Vtave nw. h h. firms...
1114 Sid ave. sw, b h. 10 rms 4.800
905 K and 902 and 904 Mass ave
nw, th
, 9,000
. 5,500
.. 0,700
.. 0,500
.. 4,000
.. (.,000
.. 5,000
.. 4,500
1915 13th st nw, b h, 9 ims. .
41 SI st nw, b li, 10 rms
lol5 2Slh ut nw, b li, 8 rms
Wk' :ilfat -t nw, b h, 9 ims
;22 2d st nw, bb
-18 N J ave se, b h, 14rtna
1128 Gth t nw, b U, 9 rms
bOlR t nw.bn.Crms
-2and81 Defreesstnw, bh,7ims
515 G sfc ne, b h,7 rms
blO N C AMj se, b h,9 rms,
01o R sfc nw. h li R rms
402 12th st sw, b h, I2rms
121o I bt ne, b li, o rina..
359 O st sw, f h, 5 rms..
019 H stnw, 10 rms
212 N.Tavenw, 9rmh
1306 W stnw. 8 rms
$10 V
. 40 60 ;
:u tilJ
25 50
11 9th st sw. 10 rmb...
1 0th and Providence sts ne, 0 rms.. 20 00
"ii i wt ne. 7 rms
10 80
933 C st Sw, 6 rms.
2(1 30
16 35
14r 30
14 30
ID 30
10 00
8 30
""I -ottist se, 7 rms
191 C st sw, 5 rms
133 1-2 Del ave ne, 6 rms
) corl2thandK stsse, 0 rms....
1133 24th st nw, 4 rms
1022 S Cap st, 5 rms
Str & dwg, 1001 & 1003 P fit nw, 0
..rooms $10 00
Hall, 3d floor, 419 10th St. nw 35 00
btr it dwg , 1213 N. Y. ave nw, 6
rooms .. riDU
Str & dwg, 1275 25th fit. nw. Grins. 20 00
air it dwg, 2211 7th st. nw 18 00 I
Storeroom & 1 rm. rear 608 Laave.. 20 ()0
Stable andbhoo. rear 1417 K stnw.. 16 00
Stable, rear 1629 O st nw 15 30
Backroom, 1st rioor, 1114- G H nw.. 15 00
Shop, rear 1233 Blagden's lllev nw. 2,50
The above is only a portion of the
property on my books. For Tull list call
at office for bulletin issued on the 1st
and 1 5th.
THOS. E. WAGGAMAN, 917 Tst. nw.
TORRENT 68Est.nw.,Groomsand bath
a. m. I., all In best condition, terms,
$20.50 per month. Apply on j rem
ises. nol8-3t
FOR RENT-llouseNo. 513 0th St.nw., 18
rooms, 2 baths, $60, house No. 232 1 th
st. nw., 4 rooms, $10.50: hruseNo. 938 Uth
st. nw., 1 rooms, $10.25; house No. 921
Grant ave., 4 rooms, $10.45. Bv owner,
SI. FRANK RUPPERT, 10 24 7th.
FOR RENT-1014 0th et. nw., 6 rooms
and bath, rent reduced to $20.50. Ap
ply 450 Pa. ave.nw. nol7-3t-cm
FOR RENT -6 rooms; a. m. 1., only $12.
2018 2d Bt. nw., Le Droit Park. 2016
2d 4. nw.,, pleasant location, 6 rooms; $11.
TOR RENT Nos. 11 and 51 Dcrree3 St..
near Gov't. Printlnir Office, six rooms
and oatn, reduced to $13.50'. mutable Toi
division; colored; good order. ICoys at 16.
nol7-3c v
FOR KENT 432 Q st. nw. rou'eopen. 6
rooms, hall, range, bath gas. new paper
lug, back building; parking, large back
jard, arraugedfor 2 families improvements
finished, $18.50. iiol0-3c
FOR RENT-1 G-room brick, 126 Q st
sw., $5; 2 6-room frames; nice order,
pump in yard; Burnt Bridge road, near
new Pa. Ave. Bridge, $8; 1 3-room frame.
No. 131 Harrison st. Auacostia; rent,
&5. Apply to ow ner, B. B. EARNS HAW,
1105 11th st. se. nol3 6t
FOR SALE Several nice rings, Includ
ing one diamond, 114 carats, $75, and
one diamond setting solid gold snake
ring, $12.50; rare bargains. Address
RINGS D., this office. nol8-3t
FOR SALE Parker double barrel hot gun,
12 bore, pilce, $12. Apply 313 Pa ave
nw- P0l 3t
FOR SALE Fine thoroughbred setter
pup, 4 months old. cheap. 1220 1 3th st.
nvr. i)o!7-3t
CALL Immediately and will sell cherrj
wardrobe bed, mirror rront, for $15;
cost originally $60. 118 B st. nw.
A few excellent, square pianos, of such
old reliable makes as Bradbury, Knabe,
Decker, Chickerlng, Weber, Hames, etc, at
$20 up, and on $1 weekly payment. Anj
iwdy can afford a piano on such terms.
FGSSIITII, 1225 Pa. ave nol6-(,t em
FOR SALE 30-horse-power engine, with
35-horse boiler, in good order, ror bale
cheap, as I am puttlug in a larger plant
in mv warehouse. u;o. A myeks. 129
New Jersey ave. nw. nol6-3t
FOR SALE Two stoves, beds and other
liousehold errects. also home made put
up rruits. Gla M st. nw. nolo-Jt
FOR SALE A lot of guinea pigs, at 729
N. Capitol st. nolG-3t
FOR SALE Cheap; platform sprmgwagon;
single or double, at SIcLAUGHLIN'S,
2d and E. Capitol sts. nol6-t
FOR SALE-Boat and 130 fathom seine,
all rigged, outrit complete, bb is st. e.
FOR SALE 1 oak double folding bed; been
used a snort time; ariginol price, $35; will
sell for $13. Inquire at 010 Whitney ave.
FOR SALE-One 29-jd., all-wool, best
ingrain carpet; nearly new; for $12;"
cost double. Call 700 H st. ne
FOR SALE YoungCubanand Mexican par
rots, monkeys, gold fishes, doga, pigeons,
canaries, incubators, Spratts and Austin's
uog bread; send for catalogue SCHMID'S
BIRD STORE 712 12th st. nw. ocS-tf
FOR SALE $2.98 for 6 ft extension
table, lounges, $2.30, Cook stoves, $5;
heater, $2.50, parlor and bedroom suites,
$1 per week: cheap cash and credit. RED
MOND, 313 7thst.nw. oc30 tf.era
FOR SALE--Sample lotof fine shotguns at
sacrifice, call early and get a bargain.
JULIUS COHEN, 1104 7th st. nw.
FOR SALE OR RENT A business place
suitable for manufacturing put puses;
pieferable Tor bakery, Including steam,
space 30x100. Addiess . A. V., this
of fee. nolS-Gt
FOR RENT OR SALE-A most desirably
located 9 room dwelling, with large
grounds, in Rockvllle, Sid. Apply to o w ner,
R.T. VIERS. no!7 3t
FOR SAiTe Lady's 1896 high-gradc.Hght-ruuning
wheel; lamp, bell, tools, etc.;
25. Call from 3 to 5 p. in., 6o6 3d St. nw
FOR SALE 1897 bicycle; cheap. ENGI
NEER, cor. 14th and B sts. sw no!7-3t
WILL EXCHANGE music lessons on piano
or siring instruments for one ton ot coal
monthly. Address PROFESSIONAL, this
office It
WILL EXCHANGE operatic and classic
Tor popular und sacred music. Address
AEOLIAN, this officu. uol8-3t
FOR EXCHANGE Handsome canopj top
cart; compensating springs, etc . cost
$123; will "ell oi exchange for ladj's
hlim-grade blcvcle, or groceries or coal
Address R. G., this office. nol8-3t
LAND In Florida 40 acres of higl roll
ing pine land in Citrus county, within 3
miles of stores, postorTlce. schools, etc.,
delightful climate, plenty of game, fish
Ing, etc.; nn ideal homestead, will exchange
or sell cheap; owner has no use ror t and
is paving ta.xes. Address HO.MESTEAD,
this office. nol 8-3 1
FOR EXCllANGE-Paperhanglng for a
camera. Address PAPERHANGER this
office. nolU.St-eni
ing. Address- PAPERHANGER. this
office. nol6-3t-em
FOR EXCHANGE Lots on Kcnesaw a"Ve.
Columbia Heights, for one or two medium-sized
houses, with yards, Capitol Hill
preferred: also lovely house In Falls
Church, Va., for city home. Address
OWNER, 1126 6th St. uw nol3-Gt-em
FOR SALU A bargain; sw.; large name
11 rooms In good order; lot 24 3x75 rent
$25. former price$2,750; reduced to $2,050;
location 3d st. sw., near Capitol. C
BOYLR & SON, 214 7th St. bW. UOlO-Jt
-oocoo -lyrueutne. iiii.orrab.eacu. -:,
1220 3d stnw. h. lrms 1,
-'09 to 215 I stne. bh. 4 rms. each.. 1,
b27tofi.il "iIhT, in. li n l rriiK.ennh. 1.
Washington, Alexandria
Mount Vernon Railway.
From Station 13 1-2 St. & Pn. Ave
In Effect November 14, J 807.
For Alexandria week days), G.30. T-05.
7.35, eo; 8.00, 8.35, 8.59, 9 50. lO.Oo,
ev.; 11.00, 11.45-a. m , 12 05, ex ; 12:20,
1.15, 1.45, 2.05, ex.; 2.10, 3 20, 3.59.
ex.' 4.15, ex.; 1.50, 5 05, 5.20, ex.;
3.10, 6.05. ex.; 6.30, 7.06, 8.00, 9 00,
10.00, 11.20, 11.59 p. m
1'or Alexandria (Sundajsi, 7 45, 8.15,
9.15,10.30,11.15a in ,12.00noon. 12.45
i-30, 2.15, 3.00, .1 15, 4.30, 5 15, 6.G0,
6-45, 7.30, 8.15, 9 00. 10.00 11.20 p. m
For Slount Vernon ( week davs) 6.30, 8.00,
10-05, 11.05. 11.00 a in , 12.05. 1.15,
2.05, 3.59, 7.06 p in.
Foi Slouut Vernon (Sundays), 7.15, 9. 15
a. m., 12 00 noon, 2 15, 3.15 and 6.15
p. m
For A riington and Aqueduct Bridge tweek
days), 8 00, 8 59,10.05, and 11.00 a.m.,
12.05t 12 20, 1.15,2.05, 2.10, 3.20,4.15;
5.20, 0.05, 7.00 and 8.00 p. m.
Tor Arlington ana Aqueduct l?ridge
(Sundaysi, 7 45, 8 13, 9"4&. 10 30 11 IB.
a mi., 12 00 noon, 12 45, 1 20, 2 10.
3 00. 3 15, P30, 5 15, 6.00, G 45.
7 30, 8 15 p m.
Baggage checked free for passongers
holding first class tickets at station Bl
c ycles" 25 c ents each Parcels carried.
& Ohio Ry.
Tliimi-li tin Gruiideit Soeiierj of
America, All T ralnx Vestlbuled,
Electric T.tgMed, Mcum IJeiUed.
All Meals Served in Dininjr Cars,
htntlon Sixth mid B streets.
Schedule in effect November 14, 1897.
2 20 P. SI. DAILY Cincinnati and St.
Louis Special -olid train for Cincinnati,
Pullman Sleepers to Cincinnati. Jexington.
t iitt, in iiii,,tn,ifaiM nmi Rr. T.nui
without change. Parlor tars, Cincinnati
l0 Chicago. Connects t Covington, Va.,
ror Virginia Hot Springs.
J.J. iv i. 31. HAiiuJ. r r . j-umi-ciJ
Solid train for Cincinnati. Pullman Sleep
ers to Cincinnati, Lexington, and Louis
ville without change, open for reception
or passengers at 9 p. in. Pullman Com
partment Car to Virginia Hot Springs, with
out -hange, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sac
urdays. Sleepers, Cincinnati to Chicago
and St. Louis.
10 57 A. SI., EXCEPT SUNDAY Parlor
Car, Washington to Richiuondnnd Rlcnmouil
to Old Point. Only rail line, via Poun-,
R., F. & P ,and C. & O. Railways.
2 20 P. SI. DAILY For Gordonsville,
Charlottesville, Staunton, and for Rich
mond, dailj, except Sunday.
Reservation and tickets at Chesapeake
and Ohio office", 513 and 1121 Pennsyl
vania avenue, and at the station.
nol6-a.m tf General Passenger Agent.
partment, Nov 11, 1897. There will be
sold at public auction, at 10 O'CLOCK A.
Si .NOVEMBER lb. 1897 within the court
yard of thLs building, a lot of Baskets,
Buckets, Carpets, Chairs, Tjpewntlng
Slachlnes, Furniture, Slatting. Rugs, etc
Terms of sale, highest bidder for casu
Artlclcs to be removed without delay, at
risk and expen-eor purchaser
nol5-3t-cm Chief of Supply DIv
FOR SALE $550 U buj fine comer
grocery sore, stock and rixtures, cheap
at $800 doing good business; good roasou
"or Celling. Address CASH A, this office.
FOK SALE Slagnlficent restaurant on
7th st , building large enough for hotel.
eoulnpedln everyway
ray. bargain at $7,000
CRE.1SIER & CO., 613 lllh st
nol 8 3t
LET us sell your business (tuick. we have
cash buyers. EXCHANGE BURE W,
721 13th St. nw. It
WANTHD Cigar store; nw., ne., or se ,
not exceeding $175. CREASIER & CO.,
613 11th at. nol3 Hi
FOR SALE Good lunch room: fine loca
tion; good fixtures and cheap rent, ouly
$100 COS1S1ERCIAL, 310 F st. nw .
nol 8 3t
WANTED Partner with $500 to put m
a good, paying business- CREAMER &
CO., 0T5 11th st. nw. nolS-3t
FOR SALE $225 will buy best lunch
room in the citv for the price, doing
fine- business; cost $400. COMMERCIAL,
510 T st. nw. nol8-3t
WANTED -Grocery store In nw; rrom
$300 to $300. Address C. C, this office
FOR SALE Ovsterhouseanddming-nx in:
this Is a snap for right party, reieipt
average $20 per day;rentr 15 per month.
will seir on a-y terms; (awe-fur selling.
Illness. -Address HASTE, this oftke.
I-OR SALE Billiard and poolroom and
cigar store 313 6th st. nw., four good
tables anil everjthing complete a tmr
gain ITsold ttifc, week. Apply to OWNER
oii premises. nol73t,em
FOR SALE For $300, a well stocked
grocerj store, cor. L and 5th St. se..
lent $12 for store and five rooms. nol7 3t
LACE CURTAINS laundered equal to new
at 35c .i pair; mail orders receive
prompt attention. No. 23 F st. nw.
IF YOU h.ne gout, rl.qumatism, or unc
o-id troutt-s, rarmvllle Lltlila Water
will cure vou. SHAKER'S 103 Pa- ave.,
and HEltU-1-Kl's, 1309 G. no!7-3t
FOR SALE 3 Columbia chair barber shop,
centrally located. Apply JANITOR.
G12 F st. nw. nol7-3t
WANTED An Investor with small cash
capital to advance a valuable patent just
completed, promoters need not reply. Ad
offle. iiol7 5t
LUNCH ROOSI, extraordinary bargain,
satisfactory terms nutde right party;
price $200, snap. DUNLAP, 906 F st.
GO to DUNLAP to buy or sellout a busi
ness quick. BUSINLfet, A.LhiCY. 906
F st. nol7-3t
opportunity ror person who can give
bufcine-s personal attention. DUNLAP.
906 F st. no!7-Jt
$200 will buy attractive corner cigar
store, nw.. so arranged rent only $7-
DUNLAP, 906 T st. nol7-3t
FOR SALll-Ifboughtmthc next three ( J
days, $75 will buy the best barber shop
in the bv. B. F., this office. nol6-3t-em
BAD BILLS collected or no charge. H. I).
GORDON. Lawyer, 1321 F st, nw.
nol6- It em
FOR SALE Cigar store, good location,
cheap; $200; bargain. CREAMER & CO ,
615 lltli st.nw. nol6-3t
FOR SALE An old-established grocery;
stand, 4 1-2 st. sw.; doing good busi
ness; good reasons for selling, cheap.
CREAMER &CO., 615 14th st.nw nol6-3c
FOR SALE Three-chair barber shop;
come i.uick if jou want a good busi
ness cheap. CREAMER & CO., 615 1 lth
st. nw. nol0-.$t
FOR SALE Corner grocery, doing $2,000
per month business, guaranteed, can be
bought cheap or invoice. CREAMER &
CO., 615 14th st. nw uotd-Jti
FOR SALE Corner grocerv: southwest.
small store, big btock and big business;
can buy cheap. CREAMER "t CO., 615
14th bt. nw. no 1 6-3 1
GROCERY STORE-Old established comer
stand, owner retiring rrom business pricr-
reasonable, bargain. DUNLAP, 906 F st
STOP and think, how long have vou been
trjlng to sell jour business and railed
Call and sea us und sell quick CREAMER
. CO., Business Biokers, Room l i, in
11th st. nol0-3t
FORS LE- Barber bhop, $20. good reasons
for selling, or will rent same to steady
barber, low rent. 3050. st nw. nol6-Jt
roR SALE A first-class stockand fixtures
ot a grocerj, will sell cheap. Call at
317 D st.sw. nol6-3C
FOR SALE Small steam laundry; splendid
oportunity for the right party: business
has doubled itself In the last 7 weoks.
Call at 3419 S st nw. nol6-3t
i OR SALE Big chance for little monej.
rirst-ciass luucn ami cigar store, good
tusiness cornel, must be sold at Mice.
Apply 429 9th St. nw., F. STANTON
FOR RENT Store, fixtures and dwelling;
2012 7lh st. nw.; 13 rooms, large yard;
room for two or more horses; suitable for
huckster, butcher, baker or blacksmith,
water, gas; $33 a month. OWNER, 132a"
R. I. ave. nw. no!5-3t-em
FOR SALE Drug store; proprietor in 111
health, desires to sell a drug store. Id
northwest; will sell cheap to pioper party.
Apply to GEORGE W. DRBW, Att'y it
Law, AIert bldg., 11th andF sts. nw.
oc2-imo em
7.50 A. M. week days -PITTSBURG EX
PRESS -Parlor aud Dining Cars, Harris
burg to Pittsburg.
-Pullman Sleeping, Dining.8nioking,aii'i.
Observation Cars, Harrisburg U Chicago
Clnilnnati, Indianapolis, st Louis, Clev
laud and Toledo. BuMet Parlor far t
Id 50 A. M.FASTLINE-Pullman Rufret
larlor Cur to Harrisburg Buffet Parfor
.. Cir, Harrisburg to Pittsburg
Express -Sleeping Car Washington toSu
Louis, and Steeping and Dining Cars Har
risburg to St Louis, Nashville (via Cin
cinnati) and Chicago.
7.1u P. M. Viifc.i.it. EXPRESS Pull
man Sleeping Car to Pittsburg, Chkragu,
ami Harnsburg to Cleveland. Dtulng Cur
to Chicago
Pullman Sleeping Cars Washington to
Pittsburg and Harrisburg to St. LouIj
and Cincinnati. Dining Car.
man Sleeping Car to PIttdburg.
7.50 a. in for Kane. Canandaigua, Roches
ter and Niagara Falls, daily, except Sun
day. 10-30 a m for Elmlra and Renovo dally,
except Sunday. For Williaiusport daily,
3.40 p.m.
7.10 p. m ror Williamsport, Rochester..
Erie, Burralo and Niagara Falls dally,
except Saturday, with Sleeping Car,
Washington to Buffalo.
10.40 p. hi for Erie, Canandaigua, Roches
ter, Buffalo and Niagara. Falls dally.
Pullman Sleeping Car Washington to
Rochester Saturdays only.
Fox fiuludc'lpiiia, e York and the
ITED," uaily. all Parlor Car, with Din
inn Carrrom Baltimore. Keularnt7.0O
tDuiuig Car), a 00, 9 00, lo OO Dining
Car, and 11 00 Dining tar from Wll
n.lngtou) a. m . 12 45, 3 1. 4.20, 0:50.
10 00 ana 11 35 p m On bunday, 7:0o
(.Dining Can, a 00, 9 00, 11 00 tDinuuf
Car from Wilmington a. m , 12:15, 3:1,5.
4 20, 6 50, 10 0o and II 35 p. m. For
Philadelphia only, Fast Express, 750 a.
m..week days. Express, 12 i5p.ru. week
dajs. 2 Ol and 5 40 p tit. daily. For
Boston, without change, "30 a. in week
days, and 4 20 p. m dally.
tor Baltimore, t 25, 7 00, 730, 8:00.
9 00, 10 00. 10 50. and 1100 a. in..
12 15, 12 45, 12.30. 2.01. 3.15 3:40
(4 00 LliiittccD, 120, 136. 5.10. 6:15,
0 50. 7 10, 10.00, 10 40, 11. lo, and
11,35 p. m. On Sunday, 7.00. &00.
9.00, 9.05, 10.30, 110O a. Hi.. 12,15.
115. 2.oi, J. 15. 3,40. ( 1.00 Limited 1.
1.20. 5.10. C.15, 6-50, 7 10, 10.00
10.40, and 11-15 p. ra.
1'or l'ope o Creek Line, 7.30 a. m. and
4.16 p. m. dally, except suaay.
For Annapolis, 7.00, 9X10 a. ru., 4.20
and 4.36 p m. daily, except Sndny
Sunday., 9.U0 a. m. and 1.20 p. m.
Atlantic toast Ltne-Expres ror Florlda
tmd points on Atlantic Coast Line, 4.30
a. m., J. 46 p. n. dally, Richmond only,
10-37 a. m week days. AUaata Special,
via Kicluiiond and beaboard Air line.
4 .40 p. in. dally. Accommodation for
Quautico. 7.45 a. m. dally, and 1.25 p.
in. week-days.
cuiiore Connection..
For Atlantic Citv Ivla Delaware River
Bridge, all rail routej, 3.1& p. in- dally;
via Market treet wharf, 10 00 and 11:00
a. m., 12 43 p m week day, and 11:35
p. in. dall.
For Cape Alav. 11 00 a. ra. week days,
11 35 p. m. dally.
Ticket orrices, corner Fifteenth and G
streets, and at the statiou. Sutfe aud B
streets, where orders can be let for tho
checking of baugage to detinalon frora
hoteI3 and residences.
J.R VOOD. General Paeus:er Agent.
Sctu.dlU in effect Nov 14 lbO.
Lcrve tsi.mgton from. -tat5 corner
or New Jersey avenue and treet-
For Chicago and Northwest Vestlbuled
Limited trains 11.05, 11 25 a. ru., 8.05
p m.
For Cincinnati. St Louis amlInHnnaio
lis. Express. 11.25 a. m Vestlbuled Lim
ited 3.10 p in , express 11-58 p m-
For Pittsburg and Cleveland, express
daily 11.05 a. m. and 8.50 p. m.
For Columbus, Toledo and DetieH. 11.55
p. ro. .
Winchester and way stations. 13. U1.2--a.
n., t3.10 and toUiO p. m.
i u .nc" j Kts- ici k BtrmRKtmiM,
Chnttanooga Knoxvtne, BrStoi MM Roa
ituke, 10 5 p hi. uaily. feepK cara
For Lnrav 340 p m dailv.
For Baltimore, week days. 5. 60.
X7.05, X7-10. X7U30. x3. 8410. x9.30
1UW a. nu. M- UD !.., X M. 1 IS
xl 15, x3 00, 3.20- X4.30. 4.3S. xu.OC.
X5.10. XT. 30. xrt.20. 6.30. xS 00, S.lff.
x9 20, 11 15, xll "0 p n , and X12.01
night Sundays, x7 05, x7 10. x7 30,3.30.
xl 00 a m . xl2 10. xl 15. 1.20. x3.00,
.1 20, 4 35, X5.05, 5 10, 0.30, xS.00,
9 20. 11 15. xll.50 p in., xlJ.Ul night
For Anuapoli, 7 10 and 30 a m., 4.30
and 5.30 p m. faumluys. 30 a. m., 4.35
For Frederick, week days. 3.
a. ni-, 3 10, 1-10, 5.3o, p m. Sneday-.
9 a. m., 1 13 p. in.
For llageratown, tll.Ooa m. aa to.30
P- m. .
For Boyd and wav point, week dajs,
S.OO a. ni., 4-30. 5-tO. 7.U5 p. Bt- San
da j's, 9 00 a. in , 1.15, 7.06 p. m.
For Galthersburg and way points, week
days, S, 9, a. -. 12.50. 3.15, 4-i3,
5.i5 7.05. 11.43, p. in. bondays. 0 a.
ni., 1.15, 4.33. 7.05, 10.15 p. m.
For a stiiugton J unction aim way points.
3 a. m-, 1 30, 5-JO p in. wee tiays. u
a. in., 1.15 p. m. SumWys
VII tram's illuminated with Plntsch light.
For Pntladelphla. New ork, fcoetonand
the East, week days. 7.0a. 8. 10 a- m.,
12.05 11.15 all Dining Cars. 3, o.fo Dla-iu-
Car). tl2.ol uigiiT; Meepms car ofkin
at 10 o'clock Sumlay, 7-(5. a. m.
1 1.15 Dining car, 3, (5.05 Dinlns Car),
l.ol iiigm. bteepins tar open in o'cfoCK-
Adilitional trains for Pmiadetn-ta, "wreeKr
days. dadv b p. n-
Parlor Lars on all day trams.
For Atlantic City. 10 a. m.. 12.l noon,
and 1.15 and 3 P- ro. week days, 9 a. hi.
sunday. .-.
For Cape Slay. 12.Qnoon-
tLxcept huinlay. xExpress trains.
Baggage called Tor aiHrcrtcelred trwn -tela
and residences by Union Transfer Co
on orders le-rt at ticket ofilces.b 19 Pean
svlvania uvenue northwest. New kk
avenue and Fittntb dre.ailat depou
Ueu.SIanaire-r. Slgr. Paae.TraKiCT.
Passenger Station ..
Charlotte and w ay" statln, connect at
Marmilas for StraiW, Harrisonburg, and
Staunton, dallj. except Sunday and at
Lviictuiurg wiiu the Norfolk n Western,
drill v, and with the Chesapeake anrt Onto,
dnilj. for the Natural Bridge and Lexlng
t0ii.l5 a.in.-Dalty.theUNlTED STATES
FAT SIAIL, carries Pullman Buffet
sleeper1. New York and Washington to
Jacksonville, uniting at Salisbury writh
Pullman Sleeper for Ahevtl!e and Hot
amines. X. C. Kuoxvllle and Chat
tanooga, Ten.... and at elutriate thVvM
man Sleeper for Augusta. Pullman Burfet
Slcenc-r, New York to New Oriean-.tenect
imr at Atlanta for Birmingham and Sleto
phls. Solid train. Washington t. New
Orleans without change. Sunset personally
k thaluctcil tourist excnrsir.n thnwch s4eeppr
on this train every Wednesday t San
Francisco, without change.
1 Ol p. in. -Local for Front Royal.Stras
burg and Harrisonburg. daHy, except 3uu-
i'.m'jj m.-Daily, locat for Cbarlottes-
V,llo43 D- m -Dall j. WASHINGTON AND
1ED contposeil of Pullman VestibMleil
sleepers, dining cars and day coaches
PiiUman heper New York it, Nabhvll'e.
Tenn. via sbev Hie. Knoxvj'Ie. and Chat-lanoo-a.
Naw York to Tan pa, Kia Cbar
Utte Colimtbla, Savannah, and Jaekson
viiie' New York to SIeniphfe,la BirOIng
liaiii New York to New Orleans, via At
Uut and sroiitgomerv. Vestlbuled dai
toach Washington to Atlanta. Southern
rail wav dining car, Greensboro to Mont-
DIVISIQS leave Washington 9 01 n. m.
dally and 4 15 n m dally, e'eept Sunday,
and 6 25 p in. Sunday only for RnanilHlll;
4 32 p m. dailv, except Sumlav, for Lees
burg, and 6 25" p m. daily for Herndou.
Returning, arrive at Washington 826 a.
m and 3 00 p m. dailv, from Round Hill,
and 7 06 a m. dally, except Sunday, from
Herndon. and 8 34a m dal'v, except Sun
dav, from Leesburg.
'lhrougb trains from the South arrive at
Washington G 42 a m . 2 20 p. m. and
9 23 p m dailv. Harrisonburg, 12.10 p.
m and 9 25 p in dnlh, except Sunday,
and 8 30 a m. dallj rrom Charlottesvilla.
Tickets, cleeplng car reservation, and In
foimatlon furnished at offices, 511 and
1300 Pennsylvania, avenue, and at Penn
sylvania 'Railroad Passenger Station
y. H GREE Geu. Mint.
.1. SI riTLP, 'lra-flo Stunuijer.
Y. A TUKK. Gen. Pnss. Ag;onit
L. i. BllOWS, Gen. Agt. Pass. Dex),

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