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The Washington Times Company.
SuBSCRirriox Kates.
Moxthit, ur Gakiuer:
Morning, Evening and Sunday, Fifty Cents
Morninj; and Sunday Thirty-live Gents
Evening and Sunday Thirty-five Cents
One Tear, Horn., Eve. and Sunday.. 5.50
Bix Months, M " " " 3.00
Three Months," " " " .. 1.75
One Year, Morning and Sunday. 4.00
Bix Months, " ' " 2.25
Three Months, " " H 1.25
One Year, Evening andSnnday 4.00
Bix Months, " " " 2.25
Three Months, " " 1.25
Bnnday only, one year. ... 1.00
Orders by mail must he accompanied by
rabscrlplion price.
Tklupiiokes : Editorial Rooms, 48G;
"Business Office, 1C40.
Circulation Statement.
The ciiculalion of Tiir TniKs for the
vctl: ended Saturday, XmcmbcriO, JS97,tcat
at Joiiotrs:
Sftidav, Xevanler 14- 23.24G
Honda?, Xcrcmbtr IS. 39,200
Tvetdag, November 13.... 40,034
IVc&ncsdap, November 37 39,859
Tt,urt d ay, Xooetnber JS 40,181
Friday, Xexwmber IS 40,050
ta-vrday,yonenibtrS0 40,8S0
Total 2G3,4S
Dai'y average Sunday. iS,ZJfi. ex
cepted) 40,035
Ct immmications intended for publication
iv The Times should be ter&ly and plainty
tcrttten and must in all oases be accompanied
by the name and addrea of the icriter. Jlz
icded communications will not be preserved,
and only manuscripts of obvious importance
ifrffl be returned to their authors.
Jtra&ers of The Times wio JHay at any,
jime be unable to procure copies of it at any
nevis Maud, railroad station or on railroad
tr.eAws loJH ufer a favor vpen the manage
ment by sending to this ojXcc information of
the foot.
4 T1TOST1A3T. NOVEMBER 23. 1897
Fro-pcrily ond Bond-s.
Ootac right along with your bond Issue,
llr. President. Don't permit the Secre
tary of the Tieasniy to delay mutters
until spring. The Dingley bill is a flat
rail are and the deficit is here forty-five
millions strong. Screw back yourcourage
te tLc place It held in war times and ask
CtrtifMssn bluntly for the bond? you need.
It vvts a maxim with three of your
p i cle colors, Jefferson, Jackson, and
Llwoolo., always to trust the people. Fol
low !r. the footsteps of those wise men
aud tell the coontr-, the truth that; you
must have bonds and that prosperity and
lMHidt fro bend in hund together.
The wicked Democrats who dispute
thls you can deal with in 1898.
Spanish Humor.
'A Spmuah diplomat" has leplled to
the declaration of Fenor Ebtrada Talma
Uiat the government, army and people
of the Republic of Cuba on no coni-idera
tlon iwild be induced to accept anything
tfttort of Independence, in terms of posslbly
uhmmjs humor, nut humor Just the
sume. I'ere is what the "Spanish diplo
mat" rtrts out with:
Scnor Palma's arguments are invalldat
ol by his declaration that his party is
J1rly resolved to reject any possible
rwm or autonomy which Spain ndghtotfer.
This remark puts him out of court, as it
is useless trying to satisfy a man who
is determined to remain discontented.
"Well, mUier! When a country declares
that it -will have nothing but freedom,
and hs organized a civil government and
Hn arrav, and lias conquered its inde
pandeace in 90 per cent of the territory
involved, it is out ct court, is It? Senor
Estrada Palma is "out of ccurt" because
nothing -will satisfy him but the one
thing for -which bin brave people have
sacrificed lortune, Itome, a hecatomb of
vioims to Spanish cruelty and bestiality.
But wc rtall see whether he and the
CuImiR netriots are out of court. We
need not stop to consider the "Spauisu
diplomat's' defense of the uutonomy
KCfccme at large. It ignoroR, Ob similar
Aracrje-ai: arguments have ignored, the
right of the Cuban people to be cxmsld
ered as an ultimate party to the consid
eration. It is a question -which cssen
tlatty Concerns only themselves and the
lioropcan government with which they.
as an American republican n-ition, are
at -war.
The rupfsmic of Cuba, through all of
its authorized aud recognized' exponents
awl agencies, has refused autonomy and
declared its unalterable determination to
'CfHsont t'i nothing but complete political
independence. That decision being no
torious and absolute, the question of au
trawiay and not the attitude toward it
of Gen. Estrada Talma and his patriot
fellow-countrymen Is "out of court."
The "World Pence.
The vieor jnd suddenness with which
the Gonnans have seized, garrisoned and
ptQpared to hold the Chiue.sc harbor of
Kluou Chou has created some surprise
"nnfl not a little gossip in the diplomatic
circles of the continent. By some author
Jtios it is taken to mean a retort to
the RusBo-Freni'l! alliance; by otherh, a
menlfestatiou of anger because of a most
effective hint to keep out of active inter
ference in Turkey hereafter.
Since Uie Greek -war the Sultan has
nmi affiicied with s-wollen head, and
hi? affliction has not been at all dis
couraged by the German Emperor. It is
tto Kaiser, indeed, -iho must be held re
sponsible for a gcofi deal of it. "With
a jpicp the Grecian Indemnity he ar
ranged to build ships, furnish armament,
uniforms and various other things suggest
ed by vanity and ambition, and make
Turkey a great armed stute once more,
and very much under the influence of
the -war lord at Berlin.
Such ,a Mate of affairs could not be
considered suitable by Russia, and the
prospect for it -was completely upset by
the thn-at to present that old bill for
the -war indemnity decreed by the congress
of Berlin in 1S7S, and a peremptory de
mand for its immediate settlement. That,
and RubsIu'k assistance to Austria in as
Burning a stronger position Jn the Balkans,
has taker, thevlnd out of the Sultan's
sails. In fact, he finds himself reduced
to about the condition or tutelage that he
occupied oefoie the lute war.
There is r chance that direct trouble
may arlse'f rSm Iheselzure of Kiaou Chou, If
it be true Germany eutertainn the design
ol permanent occupation, though China
lta5 already given this identical harbor to
ttufpla in certain contingencies. Under
t-'nch circumstances, -wp may not have
heard the last of Jthe incident.
In some European quarters, the question
is nSked; " haC-wfll the American Govern
ment say to the-fceiaure?" This shows a
lack of knowledge concerning the American
Government. The acquisition of the
nawailan Islands by us, and the prospect
fhat -wo shall -control au interoceanlo
canal across Nicaragua, added to the ad
vance of Russia to the -western Pacific
shores, tends to transfer the scene of the
International struggle for commercial
growth and profit, and, perhapa, for ex
istence, from the waters of Europe to
the Pacific. Japan has grabbed For
mosa; Russia has all but done the bame to
Korea. Great Britain is entrenched at
Shanghai, Trance practically controls Siam,
and now Germany comes along and takes
a piece of China.
It does not clearly appear that all th'3
particularly concerns this country So
the others keep out of our sphere of in
fiuence aud refrain from interference in
the Hawaiian matter, the partition of the
China empire Among them, -while It might
not please ut, would not justify us in
making any invidious remarks. America
must have Hawaii, control of the isthmus
and the Cnribteati Sea, and the pai amount
IKsljon In the Antilles A ensiule com
mercial policy will give us a great ex
pansion of t-ade In Central aud South
America. With these things on the right
sidcot our account, and a navy growing
rapidly enough to keep pace with the
increase of'ouf interests and responsibili
ties, out European neighbors may have
the, other shore of the Tacitic, and "wel
come We shall not need it in our busi
ness. But is is impossible to conceive
that it ever can be parceled out without
tne occurrence ;r more or less trouble, very
likely amounting to armed hostilities By
no nK-ans is t he world's peace assured at
the present time.
Future Cleveland History.
Retiring from the effulgence of light
into which he had been brought by the ap
pcarance of his f-on, G rover Cleveland
sinks slowly into oblivion. Hereafter his
name will be heard no more. He cut eff
the last hope or that when he called his
son -Richard. He Is the only original
Grover; copyrighted.
The fact is, however, disseminated from
Chicago tbat the young Cleveland has had
his horoscope cast. This is the newest
idea foi prominent babies. In f ict, it is
about all that can be done with thorn for
the public benefit at the early age of
one month. In Chicago, that home of
cosmopolitan men and customs, where you
may cnt anything, from ash-cake to pate
do fobs gras, and drink anything, from
the fines'.. Trench wine to beer in a tin
can; -where people of every color, creed
and natioualitymingle in one crowd
like a Fuburb of the Tower cf Babel
in Chicago almost any kind of thing can
be secured; and it was there that this
horoscope was cast. The Cleveland baby
has Saturr. for his ruling planet. This
dpes not Ojcaaiithat he is saturnine at all.
but simply that the young gentleman will
not talk muv.h except to intimate friend?,
a prediction -which is emphatically true
thus far It is also said that he -will be
a good friend and a determined enemy,
and -will oe something of a ma&cct, likely
to succeed in all his undertakings. In re
gard to hit. domestic life, it is stated that
his first marriage -will not be fortunate,
but that indications are more favorable
for a second. Warning is hereby extended
to the first Mrs. Richard Tol.s'.m Cleve
land There Is one thing to be emphitlcilly
stated, h"oweei,in order to set the mindr.
of various worried editors at refct;the horo
scope does net indicate that Cleveland,
jr., will ever be President, or try to oe
His talents do not appear to lie in that
Gen. Ordivnj'.
The community ha pnotained a great
lossinthcdeatli of General Albert Ordway
how great and how pervading will be
better known ai the months go by and
the cuieipri-es to which he gave form
and support surfer for lack of 'lis never
flagging zeal and energy.
Gen. Ordway was a man small In stature
but of colo-sal force. "Weighed down by
a distressing malady as he has been for
the last two years, it only slightly re
tarded Us progress. -Three trips to Eu
rope two of them in the mot inclement
fceasons prove how thoroughly his mind
and will controlled his 1-ody, and set
aside as naught serious physical imper
fections. General Ordway may be said to have cre
ated the inliltia organization of the Dis
trict of Columbia, and until his Important
business lnt'-rests took him away from
"Washington a good pare or the y-iar it was
permeated and vitalized with his energy
and determination. With all his force of
character and restles.s achievement he was
one of the most gentle souls that ever
lived. In manner, In speech, in method, no
man could be more gentle or suave, without
the least suspicion of u. lack of candor.
Tried, a." he nas been most cruelly by
domestic misfortune, we -doubt If any per
son outPldc his family or legal counsel ever-
heard him speak of It.
In every sphere of life or activity General
Ordway was a model man, a winner of
golden opinions from all .sorts of men and a
modest wearei of them as well.
The November Crop Report.
The crop report of the Department of
Agriculture for November nab been pub
lished by Mr John Hyde, departmental
statistician, and. as is usual with the
Studies and. collaUns Issued from his of
fice, it Is cnrcriu'ljjEouservativo, and cal
culated t satisfy tlte commercial and ag
ricultural classes of the country that the
organization of J-he Government's statistical
work in tide line is in competent hands
'To'thc general reader, the uualysls of
the foreign croi." situation presented in
tha, report Is. of the most Immediate in
terest, as it bears directly upon the ques
tion of our surplus for export, in relation
to tlW prices' that American farnidrs are
likely to realize.-; in vhnv of foreign de
mand. On the whole, the indications are
ravorablc, althwiShihereire some factors
the exact value or which It is uot yet
possible to define. For instance, the
cereal cropv of Xtvhsiu uie much in doubt
That there have been serious crop fail
ures in some, und perhaps many, provinces,
is unquestioned; but what the damage may
amount to us to the total production of
the empire no one Is in a uoHtion to
state uniisiicnll For some time past
thn Russian grain exports have exceeded
those of the corresponding period In 1S96,
but the department appears to think that
this will not last, and that it IS not necea
aurlly to be taken as an Index of the
general situation. Taking all the In
dicia together, the outlook seems to hj that
the Influence of Russia, in competition
with our export trade in -wheat will not
be seriously detrimental for the ensuing
The official figures of the Flench crop
show a. CnilhiK off of 26 per cent from
last year in wheat production There is
au undoubted und heavy deficit in the
wheat crop or Austrollungary. Pre
liminary estimates of the Italian wheat
crop promlue a h'.avy shortage. Uncer
tainty burrounds Vhe condition f the
what crop in Argentina. Favorable reports
come from India.
As yet, It Is not practicable to estimate
theworld'K bhorlago, If any, but from
ivha' the Agricultural Department offers In
lis November report, the appearances re
that the luck of the American agriculturist
has not jet run out. If we are correct
In this deduction, it is ground, as well as
the appropriate season,' for Thanksgiving.
Thcie seems to be an idea on the part
of Sir Julian Pjtuiccrotu and the Adc-iinis-trativn
that a general treatj of arbitra
tion between this country and Great Brit
ain will be wallowed by theSenatelf only
It Is couched in temiK or glittering gener
ality -which will not be found to mean an v
thing In particular until a European tri
bunal gets hold of 'hem. The shrewd In
ternr.tlonal word jugglers of the British
foreign office Late done their tefct under
that conception of the matter, but -whether
their wei k vlll stand the analysis or a tcv
truly Ameiicaa statesmen who "will regard
it criticallj is another thing.
The Xcw Tori: Herald of Sunday morn
ing contained the following Incoherent an
The Ecning Telegram oeases to appear
from yesterday for the time being, la ac
cordance with Abraham Lincoln's wise say
ing that "you can fool all the people .some
of the time and some of the people all the
time, but you can't fool all the people all
the time."
And he was right. The public also can
lool publishers all tne time and advertiser
can fool publishers j-ome of the time, and
tuey seem to be continuing to fool them all
the time. But the Evening Telegram
doesn't propose to be fooled all the time.
Au up-to-date evening paper utone cent
doesn't pay. Therefore those who aro
publishing evening papers at one cent are
eltucr fooling the public or fool lug them
belves. As the Evening Telegram doesn't iutend
either to fool itself or fool the public It has
ceased publication until the time becomes
ripe when it can stop being fooled and
stops, fooling.
The Telegram was not prlnt.-d Sunday
eveulng, as a n attci of course. Monday
morning the Herald publishr-d the follow
In view of Its many outstanding adver
tising contracts and large circulation, and
for other considerations, the several edi
tions of the Evening Telegram will con
tinue to appear as usual every day, with
ar the latest news and the numeidus bright
features that have made the Telegram the
favorite evening paper of Greater r-Tew
This is the quickest death and lesurrec
Uon in the history of journalism, but we
doubt if It will do the Telegram any good.
Newppnper making on the European plan,
as practiced by James Gordon Eennett.
Is not xiroductlve of very valuable results.
It would require an absolute genius to
kill the Herald, but Mr. Bennett may be
able to do It If he lives long enough.
It remained for the New 1'ork Herald on
-Saturday to publish a panegyric of "Wcyler
No other journal in this country ever before
went that far.
Mr Tienholm, who was Comptroller of
the Currer.cy uinlei the rirst Cleveland
Administration, has a plan for cuirenoyre
fcrm which includes the retirement of tbe
greenback aud Treasury notes and tire
tsuein their placeof out, two and fi"edollat
gold notes. He proposes a few othei things
of equally rainbow diathesis. Will some
body come along -with a scheme which
is not all gold, gold, gold? It is time, be
cause gold does not promise to be the win
ning card at the next bession of Congress.
There are rumors that another expedi
tion to Tlburon Island, in the Gulf of
California, has been cb-aned out by the
fieri Indians, who solely inhabit it.
TiburoD Itland is Mexican territory, and
if the government of that lepublic is satis
fled with the occupation of the Seris, it
is a little bit hard to see what adventurers
from this country hate to do with it. If
they go there and get killed, wc may regret
the fact. But they could avoid all un
pleasantness by remaining away.
The Hon. William E. Chandler makes
the announcement subjoined:
I am In Washington ready for the
work of the next session. I want to see
the annexation ot Hawaii, the freedom of
Cuba, the enacunent of some measure that
will bring bimetallism, the prevention of
pooling among the railroads, and the wip
ing out of the truits that have grown up
in this courrtry. If the Republican party
acts along these lines it is good for a
long lease of political life; if it declines
to consider these measures, and give the
people the remedies for which they are
asking, it will meet the fate it deserves
and pass into a hopeless minority.
Mr. Chandler was elected to the Senate
as a Republican, and yet the Democrat
does not live who has better btated the
Democratic political position. Is the New
Hampshire Senator about to break away?
C.oildn'l the Evening Stui have waited
until Gen. Ordway was buried?
Buy Mr. Stead.
(From the New STorkSun-)
Mr. W. T. Stead designates New i'orkas
the thhd ot the great modern hells, thi3
town following London and Chicago in
order ot discovery by him. Mr. Stead Is
doing pretty well for an amateur, but he
is yet siv hells behind Dante Alighieri.
Mr. Lincoln's. Pessimism.
(I'rom the Chicago Record.)
From a man who acquired a new joband
a new son Inlaw on the same day, Robert
Todd Lincoln Is acting In a very sour and
pesslnii'itlo way.
After the Ball.
fFrom the New York Tribune )
Mr. Low is still president ot Columbia
Cnlverslty aud Gen. Tracy if. still the law
partner of the son ot ThbmaB C. Piatt.
The old story is being revived at tiro
Ctpitol relative to the effort on th-i part
of the silver niPn lo oust Secretary of the
Bijiiato Cox aud substitute former Senator
Fred T. Dubois, of Idaho- It is sold mat
the silver Senators who have coruo to
Washington &o lar have held txn informal
conference on the subject and have reached
the conclusion that it would bo a good
thing to have Mr. Dubois with them uttho
scat of war, If such a thing be possible.
He is young and energetic and during hla
term in the Senate stood at the frout did
took the hardest ot the blows in battle
for bimetallism. ne is u shrewd, vl de
awake statesman, full of resources, and
if he were with thatpurty here In Wash
ington his ncvict and counsel would add to
the influence or the tree silver clement in
the Senate .Not, that Ins presence is
nrcef-sary to keep 'the bilver men In line,
but his good geji"-ral.shtp would ba coaiued
upoi. to aid theyi in passing through critical
situations such as frequently arl.so When
matters are peiidinir. and fine maneuvering
is neees-iary.
D. is hardly thought, though, that Mr
luibols will betliatritxt secretary of tie
Senate It is said'luit when the scheme
was discussed' durin'g the last fcer-sion, it
was found to .be 7m possible to solidify fio
silver vot" of, all parties upon the ex
Senaior. To apKUjie the question nov
would be to rebpei, the whole question o
Senatorial patronagp, aud all parties seem
content to leave ih'at question art it now
fctauds. upon thehasld ot an equal division
of the spoils Jfp one party Is' stiff jcienrli
poverriil to dictate the patronage, and on
the important ofricu of secretury, it 's
hardly thought the silver men of all pa.
ties could unite, for there are several
bllver iiicu who are loyal still to the Re
publican party, who would not be -villlng
to put lutu this place n man who bolted his
party, and who would, by Virtue of his
orriei be brought into close olficial le
lutlous -with the Administration
Senator Ilawley is back in Washington
and does not hesitate to say that he l a
candidate for re-election to the Seriate.
There 1 :i suspicion that the venerable
gpncr.il is di.omed to defeat this time, for
there are several aspiring Republicans
In Connecticut who believe he has. been
luden with honors." in sufficient degree, and
that now borne one else .should have a
chance to represent the Nutmeg State in
the United St.itec Senate. Chief anion,:
these aspirants is Congressman R-tss-H.
Gen. Hawley is takinu more Interest in
his own fight just now than in antaarj
Congiess may do at the coming 'csaion.
although he Is heart and Soul for anything
the Administration may want. He is
loading irp for ampaigti purposes Mid will
:unke several speeches in the Senate fr
home (.iniHumptltn. 1
'lhost- who know the general km.w that
It does not take much provocation to
Induce hirn to t3'e the floor: and with i
contest on hls( glands and informatl..:i
needed for his constituency relative to his
service in theSeqate, he may reasonably
be expected to fill several column of the
Record If the politicians of Connctlct't
believe they will lie able to retire this old
war horse and s"nd him back to toe
edltmlal den of the Hartroid Commit,
without a fight, they mistake the man.
Thcie Is ot tit fight 'till left In the old
soldier aud ho will give the younger men
or the party a good run Tor their monef,
but the prophets who are now drirtlng
in from that State do not think he will
win the prize.
Recretarj Oage is awaiting tie d.ii3ii
or tl-j'Sollcilirof theTvea&ury on the Brady
ca-with.some impatience. When CoiicPtor
Brady removed hU deuuties and the Civil
Service Commission filed its protest, the
Attorney General was atked to give an
opinion as- to t,he Ijalit,y of the aeU nt
the collector. Assistant Attorney General
Boy1 preimredad-l4-rori,hpldliig that Colleo
tor Brady haait-e.a'uUiorityforbis art if,
but the Attorney 'Genpra.1 deolined to father
theoplnion and refund to deliver any at all.
Then Secretin y -Gage referred it to the
solicrlorof hibown'lepartruent and will .e
guided absolutely P.whatUrat legaladvraer
Secretary Gage f-ald yesterday afternoon
that he dldnor, now;hiok fortbe decision for
several days, -al though it wa undeistood
to have been-read Saturdav night. The
tollcitior, itrseontctided, hold.s that the law
reating the pteia revenue bureau and
providing for, the appointment of collectors
and their deputies was uot amended or re
pealed by tlfcljl j-ervi.e law , which was
enacted atala,tcrilafa,andthatii. removing
deputies andapnoiptng thohe of hid own
selection Cc-Heior lyady ha acted rlearlv
within the Ia,v anrLis not amenable to the
criticism of tie Civil Service Commission
erU.rpliargenfliayingioIatedany statute
"Wh?n this decision Is handed down Sec
retary Gage will wash his hands of the
whole business and permit collectors to
chop off beads at will. The decision is in
accordance witL the wishes of the Secre
tary of the Treasury and the internal rove
nuu bn. eau, both of which hold that in
asmuch as the collector is bonded and re
sponsible for the acts of his deputies, lie
should be at liberty to select the men to
whom he believes he can intrust the du
ties ot hisoffice-
A prominent member of the Cabinet said
yesterday afternoon to a Times repre
sentative that all the talk ot Secretary
Sherman resigning, from the Cabinet was
i.ure fictiGii. For obvious reasons this of
ficial would not permit his name to be
used, but he is in such clobe relations
with Recretarj Sherman that he knows
absolutely of the accuracy of the state
merit he made.
"I know," said he, ''that Mr. Sherman
has no intention ot resigning, and never
has such a thing, been hinted at by the
President or any or the members or the
Cabinet. Ine talk that John Sherman is
growing mentally weak is the veriest
bosh. Ct course, his memory is not as
good as it was a revv years ago, but it is
probably better than mine will be when
1 am his age. But a loss ot memory in
the degrpe with which he Is afflicted is
far removed from the condition in which
he is re-presented by the pres., which
seems to delight in misrepresenting the
Secretary of State. When he discusses
the affairs of the nation with his as.
ciates there is no evidence of any lac
of energy. lie Is simply annoyed by te
stories he sees in priut. Eeyond that he
takes uii notice of them. President Mc
Kiniey would not let him leave the Cabi
net if lii- pergonal influence could per
suade him to remain, even were Mr. Sher
man s.) disposed. No, indeed, John Sher
man will not resign; I know that to be a
'Tes, sir,'" said Senator Elkins yestcr
day, "I believo tne courts will susraln
the clause ot the tariff bill which Imposes
a discriminating duty of 10 per cent on
coods imported and brought in traustt
through a contimious country. That war
the plain intent of the Congress, and I am
glad that the-, matter is in su;h shape
that the question may now get into the
courts for settlement. I intend to push
she matter anyhow, and will again intro
duce my former bill, providing for this dis
criminating tax. 1 thought the clause In
the tariff bill was sufficient, but we will
pass a law about which there can be no
doubt and upon .which the opinion ot no
officer ot the Government will be neces
sary in ordei to interpret Its provisions."
Mr. Hannn- Sandwiched.
(rrom the Chicago Rpcord.r
The situation seems to be that th6 Ohio
Republican editors are Tor Mr.Hanna.
-nnile the Ohio" Democratic edit,ois are
after him. --
Little Zavvrence Dennis, o Atlanta,
Has Made Manj- Conversions.
Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 22.-Preaching in a
little meeting-house on Auburn avenue,
Atlanta, yesterday, was Lawrence Dermis,
three vcarsold, who, for some weeks, has
been exhorting sinners to repentance.
Standing at the rpar end ot the hall, he
raises his voice and bpeaks like a preacher
of mature years. He Is not over-large for
his age. Lawrence has large black eyes,
that rove continually from one end of the
room to the other while he Is talking. On
the whole, he appears to the casual ob
server to be only an ordinary boy, except
for his h-ad and voice. Ills brow pro
trudes like that of a mature man, and his
voice Is strong and of great volume.
He can neither read nor write, being still
too young to attend school, but this does
not deter him from knowing the Bible. So
thoroughl docs he know that book that
he cau repeat many passages from It aud
can answer almo3tall questions pertaining
to It. Thla knowledge he obtained by hav
ing hla parents lead to him. It Is evident
that he has a wonderful memory, for arter
having heard, a passage ot Scripture once
or twice he never forgets it.
In hla section ot the city he Is regarded
as a wonder, and people flock to hear him.
That he produces a deep Impression on his
hearers is evident from the many conver
sions he has made.
Lawrence does not like to play the rough
games vhlcl- are the favorites of the other
boys In hlsnelghborhood. He would rather
stay at home and ponder over the words
of wisdom and advice that have been lead
to him from the book which furnishes the
food for almost all his thought. Neither
does he like girls,, the reason being that he
legards all girls as wicked. He "ays he Is
riot a favoiite With the sex because he tells
them of their sins, and they, therefore,
have nothing to do with him.
Fears the Hone 5iy Act HecSsivelj
ns Regards Cnbn.
One of the most .significant statements
yet made on the probable result or the
Cuban vnr and its present complications
is attrtbufd to Senator Hale. He wad
the vindcrs.t.wd spokesman of the Admin
istration on the Cuban question in the
Senate. Yesterday he was quoted as
saving, .substantially, th.it there was
danger that the House might embarrass
the Administration policy aud so plunge
the country into war.
Nearly all of the politicians yet giving
views lo the public agree that the near
future may be loaded with explosive hls
tor . This 13 possibly the reeling, nut only
In this country, but aIo In Spam. The
two nations arc awaiting with an-iltty
the development or the attitude ct Con
giesb uponliifCubanque-tion. Thetcurse
pursued b.v the Senate and the Iiou.se or
Roprp-seif ntlves will determine, in a Iarue
measure, whether the relations between
America .and Spain are to continue cordial,
or whether they are to be fctrainpd to
-uch an extent as to produce apprehen
sions of hostilities.
The Houte may prove to be the safe
guard or the Administration. As to the
position of the Administration there is no
longer any doubt. Spain is regarded as
having made substantial concessions to
public penthnent in America. The new
minisfy ii. Spain asks that time be
allowed to determine whether peace can
uot be restored by the operation of this
new polity, and President McKInley be
lieves that It is the duty of this country
to allow Senor Sagasta and Gen. Blancc
a rcatonabletlme in which to demonstrate
whether or not they can succeed by
more liberM methods where Senor Canovns
and Gen. Wcyler failed.
Senator ' Perhins "SVlll Bring the
Question Before Congre-ss.
The dlscoverv of gold in Alaska and
tne large Increase of the American popula
tion in tl at Territory will cause the sub
ject of a new government for the Terri
tory to hav-e unusual interest during the
coming session of Congress.
There is a divcrsitj of opinion as to
what "-hould tie done. Among some states
men the idea teat meets with approval
Is. the creation of a territorial form of o.
ernment similar to those by which the
other Tprritories are governed. Members
from the Pacific coa.st, who are, perhaps.
bette1 posted as to the conditions prevail
ing in that Northern country than n.pnar-th-r
East, oppose this, and suggest that
the Territory should be divided into suita
ble subdivisions politically and governed
by commissioners appointed by the Presi
dent and authorized to enforce the laws
Senator Perkins, ot California, who has
given the subject careful study, will
intrcdu.ee a joint resolution providing
for the appointment of a commission to
prepa-p a civil and criminal code for the
Territory, and subsequent to the completion
of that work, the appointment of eoraiui.s
s'oners empowered to carry thoe lawa
into erfect. The existing conditions In
Alaska are such that good government
cannot be molntamed without something
ot this sort being done.
Reorganization Committee Pay
Treasury JU3,&.15,250.80.
Secretary Gage was notified yosterday
nvrning that the reorganization comndtts
had paid into theNatlonalCity liankof New
York the sum ot $13,G-i5,230.bO, wriich
aggregates thp value ot the bonds held by
the Government in the sinking fund of
the Union Pacific read. The bonds will
be delivered at once to the syndicate. The
National City Bank will distribute the
amount received pro rata among the other
Federal deponltorips ot New York and the
total will be credited to the fund of avail
able cash in the Treasury.
The next payment on the purchase price
of the road is due early in Decern'. er.
The entire purrhase money will be readily
absorbed in the rayment or current nllls.
Several million Union Pacific bonds are
due January 1, and the several rnIULns
put into the Treasurj by the Union Pacific
syndicate v. ill not diminish the detii It to
any appreciable extent.
Governor and Senator.
(From the Statesville, N. C, Landmark.)
Gov. Russell said in his famous inter
view that he stood out for two months
agalust the offer of the railroads to give
him passes, and at the end of that time
"yielded." It had not been supposed that
a more humiliating confession than this
was possible: but Butler lias sounded a
deeper depth of degradation when he calls
on the law to step in between him and
the railroads and stop them from giving
him their passes.
In three handsome quarto volumes, the
Ilureau of American Republics has issued
a workof muchinterest to custom honseof
ficlaU, courts, statisticians, consuls and
others vvl'ose duties or studies make it de
sirable for them to have a book ot reference
which easily and reliably will give the
nomenclature of the various matters and
merchandises Involved in the tariff, in the
languages of the. several countries with
which vv maintain commercial relations.
In the present v,oik Director Smith
presents more thau 28,000 commercial
terms in "he Latin-Amerlc-in trade, printed
side by slds in English, Spanish and
Portuguese For the technical purpose for
whscti It is intended it must be regarded
as an CKcllont and valuable addition to the
literature or our hemispherical relations.
A Literal Translation of His Speech
Before the?Tres.s Club.
(From the New York Journal.)
"It has me deeply touched, my gent'e
men, here x hospitably received to he
from colleagues o ut o f my own prof ession, in
this from my own home so far distant land.
My heart is full or gratitude, but my puv
erty or German words forces me to greater
economy o" the expression. Excise you.
my gentlemen, that I read oft, what I you
say will.
"The German language speak I uot
good, but I have numerous connclseurs
mc assured that I her write like an angel
Maybc-maybe I know not. That coms
later when it the dear Go-l please it has
no hurry.
"Since long, my gentlemen, have I she
passion-ac longing nursed a .speech on .Jrr
man to hold, but one hai me it not per
mitied. Men, who no fpellng for the art
had, laid me ever hindrances in the way
and made naught mydeslre- sometimpi by
excuses, olten by rorce. Always saM
these men to me: 'Keep you still, your
highness! Silence! For Ucd sake see
another way and means yourself obnoxious
to mak?"
"In the present case, as usual, It is
me difficult become, lor ine the pern's
sion to oMain. The committee sorrowed
deeply, but it could me tne permission
not grant on account of a law w'noh
from the Concordia detuends she bhall
the German language protect. Du Hebe
et! Howso had one to me thl say could
might -dared should? I am, Indeed, Uie
truest friend of the Gerrnun lunguage and
nut only now, but from long since yes.
before twenty jears already. And rjever
have I the desire had the noble language
to hurt: to the contrary, only wished die
to improve I would her only reform. It
is the dream of my life been. I have ,.l
ready vf.sifcj by the various German piv
ernments paid, and for contracts prayed.
1 am now to A astria in the same tuk
come. I ivoutd only tome clmnge-J erfpet.""
I would only the language method "he,
luxurious, elaborate construction compress.
The eternal parenthesis suppress, do away
with, annihilate; the introduction of more
than thirteen subjects in one sentence for
bid; the verb so far to the front pull that
one it without a telescope discover an.
With one word, my gentlemen, I would
your beloved language simplify so that,
my gentlemen, when you her for praer
need, One her yonder-up understands
"I beseech you, from me yourseir coun
sel to let, execute these mentioned re
forms. Then will vou an elegant language
possess, and afterward, when you .some
tning say will, will 3011 at least yourself
understand what you said had. But often
nowadays, when you a mile-long bmtence
rrorn you given and you vourscir.sornewhat
have rested, then must you a touching iu-qulsitlvt-ness
have yourself to determine
what you actually Fpoken have. Before
several dayt, has the correspondent of a
local paper a senten'-e constructed which
hundred and twelve words contain, aud
therein were seven parentheses smuggled
in, and th subject seven times changed.
Think you only, my gentlcmpn, In the
course of the voyage of a single sentence
must the poor, persecuted, fatlirued- buff
ject seven times change position!
"Now, when we the mentioned reforms
execute, will It no longer so bad be'.
Doch noch eius. 1 mlglic gladly the Sep
arable verb also a little bit reform. I
might none do let what SchHJpr did: he
has the whole history of the Thirty Years
War between the two members of a Sep
arable verb in-pushed. That has eveuGer
many itself aroused, and one has Schiller
the permission refubed the History cf the
Hundred Years' War to cumpi.se God tie
it thankcrt! After all these reforms estab
lished be- will, will the German language
the noMest and the prettiest on the vc rtd
"Since to you now, my gentlemen, the
character ot my mis.sl..u. known Is, bs;
seech 1 you so friendly to be and Co
me your valuable help grant. Mr. PoeWl
has the public believed make would that
I to Vienna, ct-mc am in order the bridges
to clog up and the traffic to hinder, while
I observations gather and note. Allow you
yourselves aber nit from him deceived. My
frequeut presence on the bridges has au
cntrrcly innocent ground. Yonder give It
theuece&saryspace.v-onderc.an one a noble
long German sentence elaborate, the bridge
railing along, and his whole contents with
one glance overlook. On the one end of
the railing pas-te I the first member or
a separable verb, and the final memner
cleav e T tc the other end then spread I
the body or the sentence between it out:
Usually are for my purposes the bridges
or the city long enough; when I but
Poctzl's writings study will ride I out
and usethculorions endless imperial bridge
But this is a calumny; Poetzl writes the
prettiest German. Pprhaps not so pllahle.
as the mine, hut in many details much
better. Excuse jou these flatteries
These are wpII deserved.
"Now I my speech execute no, I would
say I bring her to the close. I am a
foreigner but here, under you, have I you
it entirely forgotten. And yet again and
Boagaluprofferl you my heartiest uianks."
Treasures in tlie A moor River R
gion Beyond Klondike Yielding.
San Fran Cisco, Xov. 112. Russell E
E. Dune, a mining engmeer, who hns just
returned from Siberia, declares that the
mineral wealth of the country it tne head
waters of Amoor River is enormous. He
developed some mining properties for a
French syndicate, which were located In
tbe mountains, from which flowed stream
that fePd the Amoor. Kear that place
placer miners were taking outf ortunes that
make the Klondike seem poor In compari
son. Out of one gulch two miles long ue says
coarse gold and nuggets amounting to
$10,000,000 were taken in a compara
tively short time. The country Is no place
for prospectors, however, as only corpora
tlous cm get concessions.
ix jjeaiohiam:.
Lay her down tenderly!
Pillow tier head ou violets sweet, on roses
Go gather lilies Tor the -waxen hands;
The riowers themselves may weep soft
Against tnose tenuer lips, whose gentle-
Still lingers, speaking to our aching hearts
Of the lovedspint gone!
Lay her down tenderly;
Bid the winds hush that sigh above her
The brown-eyed thursh trill forth its softest
Even the stream must ripple gently down
The hilNldc, -where she sleeps; its murmur
ing voice
Might break the stillness, which should beit
Surround such rest as her's.
Lay her down tenderly;
Few have been better loved, at hqme,
Over few head3 such anguished tears will
As those which wet her quiet lids today:
One little riower I fain would costrupouher
blerr - - -
A lily, Trom whose petals drop.my tears;
Tears of a rond heart riven.
Lay her down tenderly; " " "
Oh! gentle ending or a. blameless life!
A life, that shed its "fragrance like the
O11 all around ber; Saviour, Lord, most'
Whom she loved well;, on! teach us how
to live " "
Without- her lovely preeryie, und to die
As she did In Tltitie arms!"
j. a. l.
lOfch, 11th and F Sts. N. W.
Today and Tomorrow
We Have Made Preparations for a
Special Sale of
China Ware, Glass Ware,
Table Linens, Kitchen
Utensils, etc. at which
time we shall quote prices
remarkable for their low
ness aud which should in
terest every housekeeper In
and about Washington.
Our Housefurnishing- De
partments on fifth floor are
now replete with the new
est and best outfittings for
the modern kitchen and din
ingroom and they do not
cost as much this year as
The exceptionally low
prices on the goods to be
offered during this two
days' special sale are made
possible by large purchases
and recent price breaks In
the markets.
New English
Dinner Sets.
"We are now offering choice Decorated
English Dinner Seta at price aSfced Tor
American wares. We call especial atten
tion to the finish of the&e gwods, as titer
are guaranteed to wear well and loot aa
well after use as when new. "VTe nljr
carry reputable makes and offer the boat,
possible valuer in best gcods
, 100-plece English Decorated
Dinner Sets S5.95
1 1 --piece English Decorated
Dinner Sets ST.50
114-piece English Decorated
Dinner Sets SS.OO
115-pieCe Engliib Decorated
Dinner Set $10.00
HC-piece English Royal
Blue Dinner Sets $12.50
Also several open stoct pat
terns which can also be bought by
the complete set at $n.oo andi
Toilet Sets.
The spare room may need a toilet set.
Our more than 100 styles offer an un
usual opportunity to get the riglm color,
shape or effect. Xo matter what tke
color of your room, our assortment will
provide a suitable set. Only the best makes
are found in our stock, and the prices
are as low as best wearing qualities ena
be offered.
Wc otter tbe new raised-work effect In
toilet cts, in several CotorwsH and in
white ami gold, in complete 111-pteae aife
sortment. including jar, at the low pride,
quality considered, ot
$6.5o per set.
Other styles and qualities from
$1.35 to S12.50 per set.
New Champion
Every modern kitchen sliowld ase a
Champion Grater. It grates crackers, eo
cuanut, chocolate, cheese and similar sub
stances. We are now demonstrating tbe
utility of this grater in or Rouser urn la tain:?
Only $1.00 complete
Also the Rotary Nutmeg Graier
10c each.
Fifth floor.
Thanksgiving Day
Glassware. O ur presp n t of f erin g of Glassware eelifrsea
anything yet shown, and the prices are re
markably low considering up quality and
superior finish ot the goods. Many ef the
styles are found only with us In Washington.
We quote a few items from a large atoek
and request an examination by every Wash
ington housekeeper. Many styles are United
m quantity, and the early purchasers
will find a complete assortnraat. Weqwote
in part
Cut Glass Decanters, with en
graved fie ur delis Sl.OO
Cut Glass Olive Dishes 95c
CutGlassBowIs SS.OO
Large CutUIass Salad EowlS.. $12,50
Cut Glass Ice Cream Trays S3.0.00
Cut Glass Butter or Cheet-e
Fiates SS.S5
Cut Glass Tumblers, do S3.50
Cut Glas-s Whiskys, doz S3.00
Cut Glass Carafe-i $1.25
Thanksgiving Day
Roasting Pans.
Every turkey or other fowl should be
roasted In a Double RoasUng Fan, as the
steam generated keeps the fowl moist and
it requires no basting. Wo carry the beat
four makesof thte pansia stock antiorrer
them at lowest possible prices. Measure
your oven and w. will fit it with an up-to-date
Double Roasting Pari. We quota
three srzes with prices and invite an Inepea
tlon of our complete assortment
, No. 1 Double Roasting Fan 29c
;o. 2 Double Roasting Fan... 5SC
No. "i Double Roasting Fan 65c
If you want a tender turkey use
a double-roaster.
Thanksgiving Day
Kitchen Requisites.
Xo matt'T what you need for yow kitchen,
you will doubtless find it la our complete
Housekeeping Department. We announce
the arrival of a large assortment or the
newest and best Foreign and DoweaUc
Molds. .Many new shapes and ef fecw tiom
10c to $1.23 each.
Wc name a few Thanksgiving Day ac
cessories and Invite an Inspection ot our
immense stock
New Squash Sieve 25c
New Jelly Molds lOc
New Oil Droppers 25c
New Steamers 20c
New Pudding Molds 45c
New Melon Molds. -.- -45c
New Carving Sets $3.00
New Knife Steels .- 25c
New Black Roasting Pans.... XOc
ooitaul Liirof

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