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..MONEY TO LOAX-Fmm $5 to $50 to re
liable parties at legal rate of Interest;
money advanced on bicycles. ROOM 8,
Central building, 9th and T&. ave.
Without removal from possession of owner.
You can have the money the day you
apply for it. Payments uti the principal,
of any a mount, will be received at any time,
which wililesscncostofloan.
No casta, jm if loan is uut made
Strictly couridential.
Flense cull lor rurther Information
aull-tf-em G02F st. nw
LOANS made on approved cuUateraL such
as life policies, stocks, bonds, building
association shares, syndicate certificated.
eta No avlav YETIKES it BAKER. 11 10
F st. Taicc elevator. tf
MONEY TO LOAN a? D and C percent,
security, real estate la District of Colum
bia, no uttaj beyond au insi. tiou of prop
erty and examination trf title- WALTER
B. ACKEK. 704. 14th ft uw. mh2S-tf
Loai.s iii.uleou Furniture, Pianos, Horses,
Wagn, eu-., at lowest rate and quickest
tKMfitoie tim. Jlrctly confidential. Pleao
call before securing loans elsewhere.
610 F at. nw.
MONEY To LOAN- $1,000 up tvai.1, at 5
and 5 1-2 per eat on D. C real estate:
250, $&oo, etc., at C per cent; all
traumcrtons conducted with ecouoinlcaJ
consideration for oorrowers.
apJG-tf 1407 F st nw
iitiv w.ri2i aiale.
WANTED Young man in cigar More; at
H0e; wlUt good references. EXCHANGE
BUREAU, 721 13th st. nw. It
WANTED-A. registered drug clerk. Ap
ply 3E24 M s.U, Georgetown, D. C.
WANTED White barber Saturday.
Hsi. lie.
WAKTED Several boys, about 17 years
hi. Call. Aiuuuay morning, & o'clock.
61U E bt. nw. lt
WANTED First-class ladies' coat makers
and UtUtoBi at SGHUTZ'S, opp. tbe
Arlington Hotel. It
WANTED 20 aWe-bodled men to -wheel
iUwie. Apply offjee of CHARLES G.
SMITH & cON, 3205 K bt. uw. It
WANTED A colored boy to deliver
"orders, and attend to liarse. Inquire
Matket, lt and H sts. nw. It
WANTED -20 men at Columbia Theater at
. 13 o clock Saturday icraing- Apply
stage door. It
WANTED -At once, a pre, boy; one who
can make ready- THE SAXTON PRINT
1NC CO.. G19 E su nw. no27-3t
WwVKTlirf A young luan'-wlH) thorouglily
unAursuuiu care of ltrtts, "wuk imme
diately a. in- or coacaman. can gie
gfM. ret. H. B. W1LLIAMB, tWb oriice.
WANTLD -Collettor; small
ROOM 1, 004 D fct. nw.
cash iH.ud.
lUeia -A barber at 3l Pa. a-vc.nw.
"WAM t.Ii A firtt-ciasg white barber for
SatofOay. 226 1-2 C st. ne ltrem
Cooks, M6hwaure ami wait-
narLtv. uriver. cturka. laborer.
bwys: iMact. lunusiied till suited. CITY
INTt-.LLluKNCE OFFICE, 427 11th st.
iiw. iK.2f.-3t
HKI.I "V-NT12I3 FKiiwVLl-:.
4w nw.. oer luuch rootn. iirt-ciah
wwlc cook, for one lady, pay, 20, good
ffitfU! cook to m afctt and iron; 2 m family,
pay. 16 ten white girls for hotise
Tvwrk, pay. $15 to S18. it
"WANTED A young woman to attend in
a lundtt room: one who understands the
bttsMtObS. Gol La. ave. It
"VYANTIBD Cook in hotel. &ok in iMivate
ramuy; cotored norae; chamber maiu, other
eu nw. it
WANTED Girt to waett dishes and assist
c waKross iu lunch room. 500 lltli
st-w. It
""!ANTtl oirl for Uatwral bowewrk; nu
yewaHtas 1228 14th st. nw. it
WAK1.ED Not sin aboat 10 as ciiwn
bonuaid in pnvate ramHv; go nome
UigtH. Gl-1 Uih st. nw. it
WANTED White woman at once, to do
general housework, in small family. 316
gtfi st. c. it
WANTBD Whwc girl; general hose-
-vvofk; reference. S01 3 iiumbartou ave.
WANTED A girl for general house wurk.
tuiMiH family. Inquire 625 New Jonsey
a.vc. nw. it
"WANTED Colored girt to do Heat house
"wwfc, mosit stay at nighte. loi F sc ne.
"WANTEl A colored girl to do housework
at 810 K at. nw. It
LAUIf&i wajiUid to trael and appoint
jjawtHUs for old etaaiiHabeii hosae; ierma
pent iiwltKa; S4 par month and alt ex
ju. Addreae .. Box 2, Phtla.
n8-Tn cdat-ltSun4t
"WANi'jii-At unfit. -xprioed wai
hanOK. Alyaftsr G p. iu , 3 llili8t.ne.
WANTED A half-grown white girl for
Hght Iwusework. U38 tth at, nw.
"VAAT.i-ExpsftencHi lmUoultole mak
ers; well paid. Apply at oae at 501
rUt H. aw., Kootti lb. no2e-3t-em
WANTED ill women and 3 girts will
lw runtUtid places with. lots of turkey
aatl cianbcrry "sasn" at SHACKLE
Fti UD'ti, all this week. 427 11th st. nw
WANTED A situation as general hoose
wurkur. good rers; 2214 Gtn st. nw. it
WANTED Washing to do at home. 2214
Gtii bt- nw, - 1 1
"WANTED Po-itlon in linen room or store
room or auy kind of a poMtiou or trust,
byja settled woman. Address LLNEN, this
ofiee- it
"WitNTED-By a neat, resistctablc white
girl.n. place to do ligla housework. Call
iwiuedlately, 921 6th st. sw. it
"WANTED -By colored woman, washing to
do at itome, good i ef- lbOi ltitn st. nw.
WANTED By a white girl a place as gen
eral Itowseworkcr or cnambermald. oaU
MaKY C. KOARE, 206 Artnur place nw.
WANTED Situation as assistant cook by
oolorcd woman, references. Address
No. 8 Notth court mv. no27-3t
WANTED By colored woman general
housework Iu private family; good refs.
456 Brown's court, bet. N. Y. ave. and M
at. rfw. ft
WANTED Young lady woald like sewing
m private family, willing to assist m
lwusework. Call or -Uclflres DRESSAIAK-
BR. 40b O st. nw. lt.em
"WANTED By experienced stenograiiher
anil typewriter., -vork -nitJi reliable iirm,
rero.giien-aud required. N L. U., this
office. r.cCG-3t,em
"WANTED By an expert seamstress sew
ing uut by week or day. understands
cutting and mting children's clothes a
yjeCIaitj-; would sew nome. Address
SEAMSTRESS, 927 L St. nw. 1 t,em
WANTED Place as first-class cook or
chambermaid. Address 1G51N. J a.nw.
"WANTED-By a middle-aged lady, place
as companion for invalid or take care
of little girls. B-jx 24, East End, Alex-anflria-
Co., Ta. D026 at
"WANTED-By a first-class washer and
irouer, vork W do at home. or out day
or weqfc. Call or address 1524 2Glh bt
nw. no2G-3u
WANTED -A competent woman wants sit
tiniion h IxmiU; good city ref. 1405 P ht.
pwi.;' - no2G-3 c
"WANTED -By coloroil woman, situation as
ftrst-clas.-. cook, in private family, or will
takJU wnhing ut 1iome. 340 Elm at. nwT
WVNTED "ook and general houseworker;
&lsorgirlniajilbermaldor nurse JO. K.city
roftfrencs 1702 1'21 (lib st.uw. no25-;it
AAA "WANTED- Men and women, young
aud.oSd.-to work for us iu their ow n i.oiucs
In spare time, day or evening. Wc pay
Sl0-to $15 per week. No canvadsmtr. Anv 1
child can do the work. Send address to
dayJVe send work atuncsj. II, A.GRIPP,
Uept.294., jyrqne. Pa. oc2.i-satoaw -..ut
WANTED Agentik $20 tjj $25 a H eckjsure
to workers, no capital needed; new goods;
new plan, sells at sighK every iamily needs
ClnchinuU, Ohio.
WANTED Bookkeeper, stenographer, and
typewriter; has own muchine; will start
at no per week. Address B. S.T., thisoffice.
i per
WANTED By first-class sttmographer and
typewriter and bookkeeper, desirable po
sition; experienced in law and mercantile
work, best referenced. Address Box 13,
this office. no27-3t
WANTED By first-class cake-baker it
tuition; best rets. Address C.MC1 . thin
offic2. no2G-3t-em
WANTED By young man, position as
stenographer and typewriter, experienced;
prompt and accurate, moderate balary.
STENOGRAPHER.Uilsoffice. mu2G-3t-cni
WANTED -Old man, good penman, ac
countant's corresponuent. wishes care
of ofiif. TRUSTY, thisoffice.
WANTED Bv intelligent young man, po
sition js stenographer, under bookkeeper,
or secretary. VlilUlMAa., tins ouice.
By a young man, place asgor.d
give the best of ref. Call at
cook; can giv
once, 64 Donees st
nw. no-u-at
WANTED By white mail and wife house
to take care or, as janitor; or work
togethei, lefo. Address V., this office, j
HELP of all kind furnished free; make !
yot.rown selections at our office, or send !
postal. Telephone 1296 EXCHANGE
BUREAU, 721 13lh nw. uo2-lino
SOUTHERN AGENCY selects all help free
ol charge- Send postal. 300 G st. nw.
WANTED Place by -white man and wife
Trom country, -with girl, 8 years; wife
good cook, mau generally userul, good
driver, city or country; both will take ?a
and board. Address L., this office.
FREE help furnished to rarties desiring
AGENCY. 504. E st- nw. nolC-lmo
SERVANTS, clerks, typewriters or any
one wishing a situation will lie dealt
MENT AGENCY, 504 E st.uw.
NOT A . TirtY IMsror E. H,' mwiii
explainB, Sonday night, 7.30 o'clock; free
pews. Second baptist Church Auditorium,
4th st. and Ya. ave. se. ft
W . I'ED-Capable man and wife; no chil
dren, white or colored, to take charge of
Iw&utiful home, steam heated, and rent In
flats, rooms or otherwise, lnr. or unfur.;
high reference required. Apply D. H.
KENT, Owner, 514 5th st. nw.
WANTED -Cook, and dishwasher; also
carpenter. 218 4 1-2 st. nw. It .-ni
WAN TED -A man and wire ror general
fiouwiwork. Apply to 1731 Q st. nw.
WANTED Reliable men and women to
solicit stock for building association; will
pay liberal conimis-lon-; must bring refer
ences; apply between 10 and 12 o'clock.
st. nw. no25-3t
WANTED -Help of all kind, male and re
male. Call at No. 5 15th st. nw., ex
tended. no25-3t
WANTED -Bid for sod cnr.ugh to sod 500
yards, lor. 2oth and Pa. ave. Address
SOD, tills office. no27-iit
WANTED To buy a horse, harness and
delivery wagou or Dayton, must be
cheap. Call at ue. cor. Sherman ave. and
allach st. nw. no2G 3t-em
Ua:. TED- Ladies and gents' bicjdes;
wiate year of make, name and price.
CASH, thib office. no2G-3t-em
WANTED All parties having carpets to
lay toaddress WILLIAMS, 709 H st. nw.;
will work night or day. no25-3t-em
WANTED Second hand dayton -w agon in
good condition, real cheap; state price.
Address DA YTON, this oUice. no25-3t
OLD UOOKS-I pay caU for all kinds of
old rumceUaiieoua Lcxjks; will call, ex
amine and make orfer at residence. Drop
postal to WASHlfkiiTON HOU1C SHOP,
under Second National Bank, JAMES
O'NEIL, Proo.. 509 7th st. nw. oc2S-lra
LOOK at our famous $2 welt shoes for
men; all shape toes; every pair warrant
ed; box calf, tans ami enamel. SLLUt'S,
1903 Pa. ave.. no27-6t
"BARGAINS at SELBY'S for one week
only" Mis-jCb' bedroom slippers, 21c;
rnen's-Ttibburs, 39c; child's rubbers, size-,
7 to 2, 15c; ladies' $1.50 i-olid fhces,
95c; boys punts, tiize 4 to b, 1 0c; ladies'
tan oxiords, 15c, all sizes, 3 to a; hoys
odd vest, 15c; men's suspenders, 12c;
all kinds of men's working slices, 95c
These goous must be si,Iu quick. 1903
Pa. ave. nw. no27-Gt
COAL AND COKE -Buy at the dump, 3d
and K sts. se.; good coal, 5-4; coke, 40
bu., $3.Go; 25 bu., $2.40: wood, split,
1-1 cord, 1.65; send postal. GODI'R.l.1.
SPECIAL Piano instruction by Indy
teachei, 50c per hour lesson. Addiess
BOX No. 75, this office. no27-3t
WE "WANT you to think of uk when yon
want any" painting done We'll make
price low enough. Rooms papered, S2 up.
P. G. N0LTE, falO 9th bt. No branch.
no24 tf
DANCING Pi of. Caldwell's Academy,
5th and H l&. nw.: Tuesday and Fri
day evenings: piiate lessons given daily
b appointment. Addiess 70G 7th st.
hat. no26-7t-em
OLD CARPETS laid at 4c. yd. Fiue
carpets a specialty. By expert layers.
GUARANTEE, 1102 0 St. nw. no2G-3t
LACE curtains laundered equal to new;
no lime; JOc. per pair; mail attended to.
711 5th st. nw. uo25-3t
GO TO Creamer & Co. if you want y.mr
business advertised, bustled, and vild
quick; no delay. no2j 3c
BAD BILLS collected or no charge. H. D.
GORDON, Attorney, 1321 F st.nw.
DANCING Waltz and two-step taught in
a few lessons, no classes; private lessons
as cheap as class lessons. MISS MARIE
LEONARDO. 619 M st. nw. no24-Gt
THE KITCHEN -Try Mrs. F. C. Cnandler's
homemade, bread. 1820 7th st. nw.
LOOK HERE Hypera win clear your
place of loaches and water bugs iu. 10
dajs; no poison. Drop a postalfo rmrornm-
tlon to the HYPERA COMPANY, 930 Pa.
ave- no22-7t.em
&MITH, Premier, and ilemmgton Type
writers for sale or rent, machines In
perfect order JOHN C. PARKLK, 617
019 7th st nw. uo20-15t,em
TYPEWRITERS rented at reduced rates;
with nnvlleire of nurehn.se: stnnfinrd
makes, prelmiiuary instruction free. NDW-
st. nw.
aiav-s i'ym vvKn'Ki.' a ;ymr
AGENCY". Oil 7th
ROBERT M. HARROVER, Ranges. Stoves
and Furnace Repairing: Tinning and
Heating; Aluminum Cooking Vessels 433
Ninth se nw. oe28-lmo
WILL SELL your rurnlture. will stora
your furniture, will accommodate you
vrith a loan on same, no Interest cliargil;
liberal dealing; drop postal and will call.
MARCUS NOTES, 637 La-ave. fee30-2mo
SHOES repaired while you wait; half soles
and httels, 40c. and 50c. 341 aud 229
Pa. ave. nw.; best work guaranteed.
REMOVAL of aluminum store from 1435
to 493 Pa ave. no2-lmo
Priutmg 500 cards. 75c; sou envelopes.
75c; 500 note heads. 75c; 500 state
ments. 75c; binding magazines, 50a;
miscellaneous books rebound. G. E.
WILLIAMS. 61? 7th 6t. nw fe6-tf
LO.sT Sunday, November 14, a gold chain
and blue locket. Reward if returned vt
028 F st . sw. no25-3t
LOST One large bay horse and lop buggy,
fetrajud off or was stolen from Iront
or 9o5 B st. nw. Auy intormatiou of tame
will be rewarded. SWEENEY & BRO.
ISTS, Temple, 513 9th st. nw. Mrs.
Com L.V. Richmond, pastor. ServicesSun
day at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.4. morning
Fubjcct, "The Soul, an Eternal Entity;"
escning subject, "An Analysis; Is the
Oriental Religion Penueating .and Over
thiowlmr the Iteliirfon i.i UiirisriiMoiir"'
Questions answered each discourse and
I poems improvised at the dcte; all sents
j Tree; public invited.- It
KEF0RMED CATHOLIC services at 7;30
1 p. m. Monumental Building, 133 Fa. ave..
near 2d st. Subiect ."The Relicinn of
the Futuie." bv Rev. J. T. McGvTFn, All
invited. t
cmfca--f-&k'"fi ,.tB.Qas !''"G-'1soaa.'s2T2
111111 omin ME- E$t & mm . 11I1
- I SAVE r
" ' ' ' ' ' WORRY
i.i , i,.,..ii.. i . ,.. 1 iiy making your wants known In
- The Times
'YOUR Waot
csROOLATserii ri
OVEiR A ik Tk I T C
FOR RENT-1 large fur. room; well lighted
aud heated. 722 11 tit st.uw. It
FOR RENT German private family ha
nicely furnished rooms, cheap; excellent
board. 122-1 r st.nw. no27-3c
FOR RENT -2 rooms on 1st floor and 1 on
2d rioor; fur.; good location; herdics p.isa
door. 2106 G st. no27-4t
FOR RENT Nicely fur. backroom in pri
vate family; near 2 lines pf cars. No. 418
D st. se. It
TOR RENT-1 or 2 fur. rooms; 1st floor.
119 Md.ave. ne. no27-3c
FOR RENT Want! two Congressmen;
also 2 students, or gentlemen of refine
ment; to enjoy a lovely house; nw.; small
Northern family of two; cars direct to
Treasury and Lapltol pass the door. Ad
dress PAXTON, this office. no27-3t
FOR RENT Large, sunny room: good lo
cality; 1 or 2 gentlemen; ref. 905 M st.
nw. no27-3t
FOR RENT To gentlemen; two pleasant
bodiooms: one on second the other on
third floor: rent $8; private famllv. In-
qulie at 217 I st. nw. it
FOR RENT 1 fur. room; suitable for lady
oi gentleman, in a quiet family of few
adults, owner. 812 N. Car. ave. e.;
Capitol Hill. iio2 7-3t
FOR RENT Bright, well-furnished rooms
aud excellent tablo board, terras very
reasonable. 1006 M st. nw. no27 66
FOR RENT 828 12th fit. nw., 2 2d-
floor rooms, 1 front; single or en suite;
fur. or uniur.. also other furnished rooms;
table boarders wanted. no26-3t,em
FOR RENT For gentleman, n back parlor.
rurnlshed; also a lull room, heat and gas;
private family 208 G st. iiv. iio27-3t
FOR RENT-NIcely-furnlshcd front rom;
2d story; heat, gas and Lath; no other
roomers; will rent cheap, or will boaro
two. 1411 12th st. ue. no26-3t-em
FOR RENT-1 nltelj'-furnlsned front room;
buy window; heat, battr-and gas; $6 a
month. 1214thst.se. ., t no20-3t-em
room, 3 windows;
:th st. nw., sunny
corner house; fur.;
FOR RENT -Well heated, furnished or
unfurnished, bay-window room, to re
fined party, 5 minutes' walk to 7th and
Avenue. DRUG STORE, 7th and B sts.
sw. lt-em
FOR RENT 307 E. Cap St., 2. nicely
fur. rooms, front and back; 2d anifc-ftrdv
floor0;oa. Met rjpallCancar line. lsquareDorn
new Library; gentlemen only; refs.
FOR KENT Furnished: one or two roorrw
on parlor floor; terms reasonable. Apply
821 utli st. nw. ( no20-3t
FoR RENT Two front Tooms on second
floor; unfur. or partly fur-;
iiul heated. 1304 R sc., , ,
well lighted
FOA RENT-809 12tnrst3 nw.; entire 2d
floor: also hall aud, basement; location
central. . no25-Gt
FOR RENT-Fur. rooms; heat, gas and
bath; very reasonable; board if desired.
Mrs. SALKELD, 821 4th st. ne. no25-3t
FOR RENT -3 Communicating rooms, 2d
floor front; heat, gas and Dath;$l 5. 7o9
5th uw. no25-3t
FOR. RENT Nicely fur. rooms, first and
second rioor; near Capitol and Library;
with or without board. Inquire. 220 .id
st. se. ; no25-3t
FOR RENT-1014 10th st. nwv pleasant
fur. rooms, with board;also table board.
FOR KENT Room ou the 1st rioor and
Tront room on 3d floor; cheap. 1017
14th st. uw. no24-3t,cra
FOR RENT 1201 Mass-, ave. nw., front
room; private family; fine location; very
reasonable. no25-4t
FOR RENT-Fur. rooms, with, or witt.out
board. 434 I st. nw. no25-3t
TORRENT -To two persons.either sex, nice
front room and excellent board; moder
ate terms. J:019 8th st. nw. no24-7t
FOR RENT -3 beautiful lux. rooms; suit
able for gentleman and wife or single
gentlemen; every convenience. 1110 5tn
st. nw. no23-7t
FOR RENT Furnished rooms; gentlemen
only; 310 13th st. nw. no23-7t
FOR RENT To gentlemen, nicely fur.
I'trge second story front room; bay
window; southern, exposure? also room on
parlor floor; well fur.; latrobe stove in
room; very suitable for gentleman. 1453
Q st. nw. no20-tf
FOR RENT A nicely-furnished room, suit
able for two gentlemen, with good table
board, $1 a ween apiece; a nice front room,
$2 a week; near E. Cap. st. oars, Library
aud Capitol. 12 6th sc. uej noo-it-em
FOR RENT Unfurnished, on 1st. 2d and
3d floors, en suites or stogie, with heat,
gas and bath; convenient to cars; good
neighborhood. 127 Indiana aye- no27-3t
"WANTED Small family to take half of
house, rent at cost. 109 F st. ne.
FOR RENT 2dand 3d floors, at reasonable
rates to refined aud otherwise desirable
parties; house lias all m.i.; location central
an acomenlent to herdics ami cars. Address
BUCKINGHAM, this office. no27-3t
FOR RENT Three nice uufurnished'rooms;
desirable location; rent low, to party with
no children. 00 G st-sw. no27-3t
FOR RENT Two unfur. front rooms; bay
window; sunny; tiled hall; 'tiled bath
adjoining; one-halt block Llbrar" Capitol,
and cars. 213lst st, se. ip26-bt,em
FORRENT $7;unfur.;2sub-ascmentand
1 2d-floor rooms. 420 N.JYv ave. nw.
' e ho26-5t-em
FOR KENT One large fur. room; well
lighted and heated. 722"llth st. nw.
FOR RENT 3 or 4 desirable rooms, with
bath; light housekeeping; alLmod. imni..;
cars convenient 1333 U bt. nw. no26-t
FOR RENT 2 unfur. room8RUitable for
housekeeping; heat, gas, private, bath;
rent very reasonable. 717 6th -st. rie.
FOR RENT Unfurnished; 1322 lath" st
nw., 3d story, two adjoining front rooms,
lai!-'f'isets; bay window, neat, gas, tain.
no25-3t '
FORRENT 3 nnfur.commu ideating rooms;
light housekeeping; a. in. 1. 85 K st, uw.
FOR RENT A suite of 4 rocms: heat and
gas; best location in city. Call 621 Mass.
ave. ne. no25-3t
FOR RENT Three unfur. rooms on second
floor, heat and light; price .$15. 1521
12.tlxit.nw. 'no25-.lt
FOR RENT -3 unfurnished rooms; heat,
gas and bath; 2d floor; $13 per month.
219 Ninth at. sw. no21-3t-em
FOR RENT Unfur. basement for .caterer:
rent taken in meals; near Palais 'Royal.
723 11th st. nw. Jra243t-em
FOR RENT A first-class, upright piano,
to private parties; $4 monthly, 1408
10th bt., near 0 St. o24-3t-em
VVi"lIN 8 O
Way In WhicJi;to Reach the People
and stable, 1113 11th, and 913 G nw.,
15 rooms and three baths each; all bteam
heated, entire or in riats; fur. or unfur.
rooms: single or en suiter also in northeast
a few left of my five and six-room flats,
with bath, steam heated: perfect beauties,
price low. Apply quickly, D. H. KENT.
Owner, 514 5th st. nw. no25,27,28
FOR RENT 2 story and basement brick;
mod. impiovements, with stable; neatly
painted and papered; suitable for dairy;
near B. Ai 0. depot, key witrt owner. 44 1
New Jerseyave. n w. no27;3t
FOR RENT Desirable 8-room brick house.
603 1-2 4th St.; opposite Pension Office;
m.i ; Key at 614 3d st. nw. no26-3t
FOR RENT 5l38thit.ee.. $11
310 Del. ave. ne.
FOR RENT 132 Q st. nw.; house open:
6 rooms, hall, range, bath, gas; new
papering; back building; parking; large
bacc yard, arranged for fc families; inv
provenienls finished. $1 8.50. no25-3t
FOR RENT-$22.50: the best for the
money; nearly new three-story brick,
seven rooms and bath; a . in. 1.; on wide
avenue, 20 yards from Metropolitan Elec
tric road. ne. Applf HEISKELL & 11c
LERAN. 1008 F st.nw. no2-l-4t
FOR RENT Six rooms and Ixith, with
all modern improvements; newly paper
ed and painted. 1G03 5th st. nw. Apply
1009 7tn st. nw. for the key. no25-.Jt
FOR RENT- Cottage; 915 P st. nw.; five
rooms: latrobe, gas, bath, etc.; large yard,
cellar and stable. no25-3t
FOR RENT -Furnished, new, 1 1-room buff
brick; all modern improvements, cheerful,
handsomely decorated; very desirable. 42
M st. nw. no21-7t-era
FOR RENT No. 1014.0th st. nw .7 rooms
and bath, hot and cold water, reduced to
$20.50. S J. SP1A.R, 450 Pa. ave.
FOR RENT-The best for the money:
nearly new three-story brick, seven rooms
and bath; a. m.i., on vide avenue; 20 yards
from Metropolitan Electric road, ne. Apply
HEISKELL & McLERAN, 1008 F st.uw.
no 2 4-4 1
FOR SALE Dining and lunch room, cigar
store and pool room, grocery and milk
dairy; also half interest office paying big
money; all located central, nw., tnreeof the
best bargains offered In Washington atone
time; Investigate them now. EXCHANGE
BUREAU, 721 13th nw..., It
FOR SALE-$250 will buy valuable pat
ent ngnt lor District of. Columbia; a bar
gain for right party. Address P. O. Eox
506, City. no27-3t
$500 CASH; sfock, flxtnrcs, horse and
wagon of old fstablistled grocery; good
stand. Call 119 Pa. aye,, nw., cigar store.
It -.
FOR SALE-Grocferr slore. exceptional
opportunity to secure-old established
pajmg corner stand, price, $250; rent, $18.
i-L'NLAP, 90G F st no27-3t
FOR SALE rialF interest in a good
paying business; price, $100; nothing
to lose and all to. gam; bargain. CREAM-
ER & CO., 015 I4th st. no27-3t
FOR RENT Seven sets' of furniture com
plete, embracing bedroom suites, dining
room and kitchen.1 Address FURNITURE,
thisoffice. t i no27-3t
LUNCHROOM; central location; near Pat
ent Oiflce: small investment required:
oirered at bargain. DUNLAP, 906 F st.
FOR SALE-Bread route, clearing $1 to
$7 per day. Address RARE CHANCE,
tnis ofrite. no27-3t
FOR S A LE-Pool room and cigar store, 7th
st.nw.;3 new tabtes;doinggood business;
$800 cash; owner has other business. Ad
dreas POOL, this office. no27-3t
FOR SALE-Country store; $4,000 stock;
doing $15,000 business; good location;
sales could be increased by handling feed:
reason for selling. Address COUNTRY,
this office. no20-3t-cm
FOE SALE -One of the finest grocery and
provision stores in Washington: invoice
$1,000; no reasonable offer refused. CaU
or address, after 3 p. in., at 2021 9th nw.
FOR SALE Grocery at a bargain, 4 1-2
st. sw., doing good business: good reason
for selling. CREAMER & CO., 615 14th St.
FOR SALE Stores, groceries, cigar, pool
rooms, lunchrooms, saloons in best loca
lions in city. Call and see us, purchasers,
before von buy a business. CREAMER &
CO., 615 14th st. 5.3;3tL.
WANTED Partner, who desires to invest
$500; snap. CREAMER & CO., 615 14th
st. no25-3t
FOR SALE A paying- milk route. For
particulars address T. M., this office.
FOR SALE A small licensed hotel In
Maryland; leuse, license, etc.: cheap.
ALBERT, thib office. no24-3t-ein
FOR SALE-Stock and fixtures; small
grocery. 617 Mabs. ave. nw. no24-3t-em
FOR SALE Drug store; good corner; es
tablished 15 years; price only $800.
COMMERCIAL, 510 F st. nw. no24-3t-em
STORES sold quick for cash by the OLD
Bro., proprietors, 510 Fnw. no24-3t-em
FOR SALE Wholesale and retail gro
cery business on 7th st. nw.; old estab
lished stand- will sell at inventory. COM-
MERCIAL 510 F st.nw. . no243t-em
FOR S AL E Fin' v grocer store; doing
good business; rent cheap; must sell to
settle estate; price, $800. COMMERCIAL,
5101;' st.nw. no24-3 t-em
FOR SALE Coil yard; good location; low
rent and long lease, in good running order.
AddresCOAL, this olfice. 1 o4-6t,em
FOR SALE Drug store; proprietor In 111
health, desires to sell a drug store, in
northwest", will sell cheap to proper party.
Apply to GEORGE W. DREW, Att'y at
Law.Mertz bids-. Hth and F sts. nw.
OC28-1 mo-em
"WA'NTEtf To buy direct from owner
house with 6 or mote rooms; good loca
tion; must be che.tpTor cash; no agent-j.
Address SMILBY,-- this olficc. Uu27-3t
THOSE who haviThoufees for rent will
do well to place them in our hands;
special attention to renting. RILEY ic
TAYLOR, tor. 8th aud F sts. nw.
4PECIAL SALE this week of building
lots at Balistoti, on the electric car line,
about two miles west of Washington, be
tween the city and Fails Church. Size of
lots, 25 by from 100 to 151 feet deep,
running back to ntt-Toot alley, and front
ing on streets SOfeefe Nvide. Price $100
per lot. Terms, f $5 djown, balance $1
per week; no .taxes, Joe interest until lot
is paid Tor; ia perfect Utlo given. The
electric road runs through Baiiston every
half hour to aud from Washington; fare
& cts each way. '-.herejare two churches,
three stores, U.r. pustoffice, a large
graded school, and the cur house&, station
and repair shopsotthe railroad companyat
Ballstou, and uuly 8 ,muiules' ride to the
city on electric car. Call at my office
for map and plats. J. E CLEMENTS,
1321 F Bt. iiw. no24-3t,em
m5 "Sioyio
Who Need Help.
FOR SALE One good Estey organ, only
$20 cash: one Chickering square, $35
cash. W. H. SHOEMAKER & SON, 1107
G st. nw. it
FOR SALE Steinway square piano: in
excellent condition, a bargain. 1224 I st.
nw. no27-3t
FOR SALE Baby carriage,, crib, ice chest
and high chair, cheap. Inquire 642
1 0th bt. ne. it
FOR SALE-Cheap-Excelslor, 200 egg.
incubator. 1013 G st-se. uo26-3t
FOR SALE Boarding house, with 12
rooms and 10 boarderaiwlsh to sell fur
niture and rent house. 208 lnd.ave.
FOR SALE $18 heating stove Tor $9: one
$10, $5: one $40 No. 10 shotgun for $18.
9-18New York ave. uo25-3t
FOR SALE First-class electric horse clhv-
ping plant. Address CD., this office.
FOR SALEf-8-horscpower engine, cheap;
only run about 6 menths; perfect condi
CO., Hot: E st. nw. no25-3t-em
FOR SALE-A lot or Christmas tree orna
ments at half price, sheet music, 90c
per 100 shpets to elude, gold, silver, fancy,
tissue ami brick paper; tin dhingles for doll
house. 10c per 100: Christmas cards, 60c
per 100, wonders for children. J.JAY
GOULD, 421 9thst. no2l-6t
FOR SALE Three show cases, with, table.
no20-0c . J
FOR SALE YbungCubauandMexlcan par
rots, monkeys, gold fishes, dogs, pigeons,
canaries, incubators, Spratts and Austin's
dog bread, send for catalogue. SCUMID'S
BIRD STORE. 712 12th st. nw. ocH-tf
FOR 8 ALE $2.98 "Tor 6-ft extension
table; lounges, $2.50; Cook stoves, $5;
heater, $2.50, parlor and bedroom suites,
$1 per week, cheap cash and credit. RED
MOND, 313 7th st.nw. oc30-tr.em
FOK SALEii-Sam'pIe lotof fine shotguns at
sacrifice; call arW and get a bargain.
JULIUS COHEN, 1104 7th st. nw.
1-OR SALE A cheap house In offered
near Go' t Printing Office; $2,700 will
buy it; bay window brick; 6 nicely
papered rooms, and bath, lot, 16x100;
30-ft. paved alley; lot worth $1,600;
bouse cost $2,000; total cost, $3,600; you
will never get a better chance. STONE
& TA1RFAX, 806 Fst. nw. no27-3t
FOR SALE $1,000 below value; that
good room house, 462 G st. sw., can
be purchased for $2,600; in excellent re
pair, large bath; hot and cold water: sta
tionary washstand; stable. STONE
& FAIRFAX, b06 F st. nw. no27-3t
FOR SALE Fine investment, sold to set
tle an estate; $2,600; renting for $22;
lot, 25.4xl0i,AbncU;"oii a numbered at.;
near Pa. ave. nw- STONE i FAIRFAX.
806 F at. nw, ,, no27-3t
FOR SALE As,, an investment or home;
brick; 8 rooms and bath; lay window;
near Pension Office, rented permanently at
$25 month; price only $3,300 RILEY &
TA YLOR, cor. Sth and F sts. nw no27-3t
FOR SALE- Here Is a bargain; brick house,
all modern; ou cor. 17ttx nw.; 22 large
rooms; large lot; reduced from 18,000 to
$12,000; 10 per cent investment. C.
B0 YER & SON , 214 7th sw. no25-3t-em
FOR SALE-Trame house, on 3d st. sw.,
11 rooms; 'lot, 24.3x75; will rent $25;
must be sold: price reduced to $2,000; near
U. S. Capital. C. BOYER & SON, 214 7th
s-t. sw. no25-3t-em
T ,-
FOR SALE One of the finest homes in
South Washington, near Smithsonian: all
m. i.: steam heat, all in first-class order;
$7,060 was offered 2 jears ago. now, on
account of -sickness, $5,750 will buy it.
terms to suit C. BOYER & SON, 214 7th
st. sw. no25-3t,em
FOP. SALE Cheap, as owner must have
money; nice 6-room and bath brick, $600
below cost; I n excellent order;alwa ys rented;
only 1-2 block from Columbia cars; will
take $200 cash, balance monthly. Apply
to OWNER, 1151 5th st. ne. no25-3t
FOR SALE Only $50 cashand $12month
ly, including interest, will buy a 6-room
press brick house on L st. se.: price only
51.500. For Turther particulars apply to
ALLEN W. MALLERY & CO.f 624 F st.
nw. no25-7t
FOR SALE Fine new house, No. 119 2d
st. ne.; one square from Capitol grounds
and new library; English basement, stone
and buff brick, with copper trimmings;
hot water system of heating: electric and
gas lighting; suitable for professional resi
dence. Apply to OWNER, No- 121 2d st.
ne. no25-12t
BUY WHILE dwellings arecheap, andean
be purchased thruughour company upon a
plan which requiresonly payments not more
than rent paid month!y;pnces andrent will
go up. Address PURCHASING CO., this
office. no23-4t
FOR SALE The greatest bargains in bl
cycles and sundries ever offered iu Wash
ington; 175 high-grade unredeemed new
and second-hand bicycles at one-fourth
valuer Just received from storage hout.es In
New York and Philadelphia: buy now and
save money; suudriaa at a sacrifice; bicycles
bought outright and ' taken in storage.
nw ntf25-7t
FOR SA1.F. Very .cheap; good 97 wheel,
with all equipments. Address H. K.,
this office. ' no25-3t
FOR KEn't PrHate family', owning their
own' house, would like to have two or
three mechanic- boarders, good board:
comfortably furnished front rooms, with
halli; rateiJ very reasonable. Address
448 H st. nw., near Pension Office.
FOR RENT Comfortable rooms and good
board 1 at 1014 1 2th st- uw. no 27-3 1
COZY, warm dining-room; best board: c 1
veuienp departments; car lines; home
cooking. HOG 6th st. uw. no25-'Jt
FOR RENT A good 2d-f!r,or room and
board, for 2. Inquire at 103 Ky. ave. fee.;
opositcJLincoln Tark no24-3t-cm
FOR RENT 230 A st. Re., nicely fur.
rooms, with good table board. or tin-entire
house ir desired; one square from Capitol,
corner house. no22-7t,cm
FOR RENT Warm, cheerful room, with
good board, for couple or two genth-
mcii, $35 per month. 3338 P st. nw.
FOR SALE Young mare; 0 years old;
round. Call 327 Lincoln St., Anacostia.
FOR SALE Fine saddleand driving horse,
harness and buggy for $40. Address
SAN LOUIS, this orficc. no24-3t,era
FOR SALE At all times, horses, wagons
and harness; horses to suit all purroscs;
satisfaction guaranteed or no sale: at my
Stables, in rear of 212 4 1-2 st. nw.
FOR SALE Cheap for cash: a phaeton.
KKOULK & KID WELL, 416 fctnfet.nw:
Washington, Alexandria
Mount Vernon Railway.
From Stntion 13 1-2 St. & Pn. Ave.
In Effect November 14, 1807.
For Alexandria (week days). G.30. 7.05,
7.35, ex.; 8.00, 8.35, 8.59, 9.30. 10.03,
ex.; 11.00. 11.45 a. m.; 12.05. ex.; 12:20.
1.15, 1.45, 2.05, ex.; 2.10, 3.20. 3.59.
ex.- 4.15, ex., 4.50, 5.05. 5.20, ex.;
3.40, 6.05. ex.; 6.30, 7.06, 8.00, 9.00,
10.00, 11.20, 11.59 p. m.
For Alexandria (Sundays), 7-45, 8.15,
9.15, 10.30, 11.15a m., 12.00 noon. 12.45
1-30, 2.15, 3.00, 3 45, 4.30. 5.15, 6.C0,
6.15, 7.30, 8.15. 9.00. 10.0O. 11.20 p. m.
For Mount Vernon (weekdays) G.30.F.00,
10.05, 11.05, 11.00 a. m., 12.05, 1.15,
2.05, 3.59, 7.06 p. m.
For Mount Vernon (Sundays), 7.15, 9 45
a. in., 12.00 noon, 2.15, 3.45 aud 6.45
p. m.
F01 Arlington and AqueductBridgs iweek
days), 8.00, 8.59,10.05, and 11.00 a. m.,
12.05. 12.20, 1.15,2.05, 2.40, 3.20; 4.15,
5.20, 6.05, 7.06 and 8.00 p. m.
For Arlmgtou and Aqueduct Bridge
(Sundays), 7.43,8:45, 9-46. 10:30 11:15.
a !)., 12-00 noon, 12 45. 1:30. 2 15.
3:00, 3.45, 4:30. 5:15, 0:00, 6:45,
7:30, 8:15 p. m.
Baggage checked free for plssengers
holding firbt-class tickets at station Bi
cycles. 25 cents each Parcels carried.
& Ohio Rv,
Tliroui;li the Giandest f-ceuery of
America, All Trains VeMibaled,
EIctric I.iylited, Sttim Heated.
AH 3IealN Served in Uininu Cn&.
.Station Sixth and B Streets.
Schedule in effect November 14. 1S97.
2 20 P. M. DAILY Cincinnati and St.
Loins Special Solid train for Cincinnati,
Pullman Sleepers to Cincinnati, Lexington.
Louisville, Indianapolis, aud St. Louis
without change. Parlor Cars, Cincinnati
to Chicago. Connects at Covington, Va.,
for Virginia Hot Springs.
11 lo P. M.DAiLi F F. V. Llmited--Solid
train Tor Ciucinnati. Pullman Sleep
ers to Cincinnati, Lexiugton, and Louis
ville without change, open for receptiuu
of passengers at 9 p. m. Pullman Com
partment Car to Virginia Hot Springs, with
out change, Tuevlays, Thursdays, and Sat
urdays. Sleepers, Cincinnati to Chicago
and St. Louis.
,10.57 A. M., EXCEPT SUNDAY Parlor
car, Washington to Kichmondaiiu Ricbraoa 1
to Old Point. Only rail line, via Penn.,
R.. F. & P . and C. & 0. Railways.
2:20 P. M. DAILY For Gordonsvttle.
Charlottesville, Staunton, and for Rich
mond, dally, except Sunday.
Reservation and tickets at Chesapeake
and Ohio orficed, 513 aud 1421 Pennsyl
vania avenue, and at the station-
nol6-a.m-tt General Passenger Agent-
1401 16th st nw, b h, 25,nns $80,000
bl8 F st nw. b h 55,000
2110 Ostnw, bn, 17rms 20,000
1420 20th stnw, b h, 12rms 10.000
133R stnw, bb,12rms 15,000
1323 Vtavenw, bh.Orms 7.RO0
1114 Md ave. sw. b h. 16 rma 4.800
905 K and 902 and 901 Mass ave
nw, bn $35,000
1915 I3tn st nw, b h. 9 ims 9.0O0 j
ii ai st nw, b b, 10 rms
1513 28tb at nw, b n, 8 ims
Ais' -lat bt nw, b h, 9 ims
222 2d st nw-, b h
1128 6th stnw, b h, 9 ims $7,50o
801 It stnw, b h, G ims 6,700
82 and b4 Defrees stnw, b h, 7
rooms ... 6,500
515 G stne, b h, 7imn 4,000
810 N. C ave se, b h, 9 ims G.O0O
01b K btnw, u n, a una 5,0o0
402 12th stbw, bh, 12 rms 4,oU0
1218 I stne, b h, 6 ims 2,730
48 and 50 ilrytie st ne, bb,li
rms each 2,000
I2u Sdscnw, r u, 4xma 1,500
209 to 2151 stne, bh,4iseacb.. 1,500
827 to 831 2d. st ne, th.,C ims
each I. ..".. .. 1,500
359 O stsw, th. 5ima 1,400
N H ave, near R nw $10,000
a st, bet lath aud 19th nw &.000
Ne cor Alassave and 2d stnw 6,le0
South side of M st.near lltnnw.. 4,506
...- 1'er rot.
16th st, betO andP sts nw $5 00
P st and R I ave nw
R st, bet 19th and 20th nw 3 30
I st, bet 19th and 20tli nw S 2b
15th & lGth, w & Prospect sts uw .... 3 IK)
Cor H and 11th ne 2 25
V st, bet lith anu loth nw 2 00
Wlllardsl,betl7tnil8th,T JtUaw. 175
24th st, bet L and M nw 1 50
N st, bet 21st anti 22d nw 1 25
Pa ave, bet 12th and 13th se 1 00
ath st, bet A, E and C sts se 1 10
Jv st, bet 3ft and 4th ne 1 Oi)
Ne cor llth and E sw 1 25
I st, bet 4 1-2 unu 6th sw SO
U st, bet 12th and 13th nw SO
P st, bet 33d and 34th nw 75
O st, bet N Cap and 1st 05
Calliomia si, Lt it, anci 2d ne 5J
K st, bet 13th and 14th 30
S st, bet 33d and 34th nw 30
Cor lbtandO sts se 25
1-4 acre, iemevcowu 25
7 acres, Tunlaw Road 15
Lots in Trinidad 121-2
Lots in Takoma, Md 9
Lois in Takoma, Md 1 2
?.G?i S l ave I,-Rr I1) 16 rnib. $500 00
3117 N st mv, 10 rms 30 00
-ix a st se.ii rms .
423 2dstne-.7rms
30 00
25 00
23 50
20 75
22 SO
46th st, Wesley Heights, a rms
Uupei partI02Gstnw,6rms..
1602 Sth st nw. 6 rms
uvu OU 11 , I HMO...
I st nw, 8 mis.
8 30
5th st nw, 5 rms iu 30
ait 4tn st nw. 7 rms 16 00
603 Archerstue,6rms , 15 00
616 Md ave sw, 6 rms 13 So
1259 25th stnw, 6 rms 12 So
1013 U st nw, 6 rms 14 30
86 D st sw, 5 nns..... 12 30
1022 and 1026 S Cap stsw, 5 rms. 8 30
1134 N J ave se, 4 rms s 30
406 K st se, 5 rms goo
1325 1 st ne, 5 rms S3o
The above is onlya portion of the prop
erty on my books. For full list ml! at
office fpr bulletin Issued on the 1st and
15th. Til OS. E. WAGGAMAN,
no23-tf-em 917 F tt. nw.
unfurnished, and for light hou--e-keeping;
all prices; all locaUous. Get
nH5 VxKT,NV,5uarsK XoT Inrorniatioa. EX
CHANGE BUREAU. 72L 13th nw.
no 2-1 mo
WANTED Furnished room, in private
family. Address, stating price, R. B. F ,
this office. it
WANTED "By Dec. 5, by an elderly couple
3 or 4 good-sized communicating rooms.
on 2d floor, for I. h. k.: heat. cas. and
WANTED Room and l-oard for gentleman.
wue auu son, Deiween . and o vears.
Address. Mtatlng terms, T. JtiFFEirsuS.
thisrfice; no26-lt era
WANTED Young man, would like to en
gage room and board where there are no
otner boarders, a house occupied by a lady
preierred. Address EUGENE, this office.
WANTED -Furnished rooms, also board;
all locations; for departmental people aim
Congressmen, register now; no charge to
Room 24, 802 F st. nw. m 25-3t-em
xVNTED-By a young couple, two unfur-
nished 1
",'!e'i TS01$'?7, iVlWEr l,iXnilyLlV:
.jtzz-sz: "?' "-- uovoi,
WANTED- 2 imturuishcd, communicating
rooms uy Kuceet matneu couple lor
light housekeeping; 1 front; with beat and
light, or without.liiprivatelamily preferred;
state lowest price. Address NORTHWEST,
thisoffice. no21-3t-em
FOB UlitK.
FOlTRENtcTharsI.s,, buggies aiid day
tons. Sl.GOand $2 perqay. J W.PRES
TON'S STABLES. Sth an'd I st.uw.
no24-9t.em ,
FOR HIRE -Full dress suits. $1 only. JU
LIUS COHEN, 110.4 7th at. nw.
FOR HIRE To dmnimers and nustness
.iB"ruoiae auouuBW " "J "". ,-Jr Mt
men , horse and buggy or Dayton,
AVSS. WZTrTxti ,Sr.rrAV
''"J - w .--. .-, .. w
tolephcmo cull 10a. ap30-tf -s
l HO rlinr- fVilr ohnshruit. rtvn.imrirn nln
locust: wnarr, etc., at door. Goddard, '
938 G sw. no27-3t
ft nnfi
bath required, must be we-,t of 5th. eaxt Jacksonville, umvui ". "i. ",1rt .
of 22d. north of F, and south of It sts I Pullman &ieei' '' uc and Chat
clesirab e rooms state price: must be VTi"?s Jl'n ciSr ctte with Pull
reiivouable or please, don't answer. Ad tanooga, Tc-va?","aI.,;Iiman ifTi
dress THOMAS, this office. nn?7A. mau deeper for -lugusto . I ullman Butfet
7.50 A. IX. week days-PITTSBURG BS
PRESS -Parlor and Dining Cars, Harris
burg to Pittsburg.
-Pullman Sleeping, Di n lug, Smoking, an U
Observation Cars, Harrlsburjc to Chicago;
Cincinnati, Indianapolis. St Louis, Cleve
land tnd ToJedo. Bufret Parlor Car to
lu 5o A. Al.FASTLINE-PuIlroan Buffet
Parlor Car to Ilarrisburg Buffet Parlcr
Car, Harrisburg to Pittsburg.
.Express -Sleei.iug Car Washington to St
Louis, and Sleeping and Dining Oars Har
risburg to St Louis, Nashville via Cin
cinnati! and Chicago.
7.lu P. M. xvtsrtiO! EXPRESS-Pult-man
Sleeping Cor to Pittsburg, Chicago,
and Harrisburg to Cleveland. Dining Car
to Chicago
Pullman Sleeping Cars Washington to
rittsburg and Harrisburg to St. Lotus
and Cincinnati. Dining Car.
inan Sleeping Car to Pittsburg.
7.30 a. m. for Kane. Canandaigua, Roches
ter and Niagara Falls, daily, except Sun
day. 10.30 a. m. for Elmlra and Rcnovo dally,
excrpt Sunday. For WiUlamsport dally,
3.4'j p.m.
7.10 p. in. Tor Wiiliamsport, Rochester,
Erie, Buffalo and Niagara Falls dally,
except Saturday, with Sleeping Car
Washington to Buffalo.
10.40 p. m. for Erie, Canandaigua, Eochea
tcr, Buffalo and Niagara. Falls daily.
Puilman Sleeping Car Washington to
Rochester Saturdays only.
tor x'n.iudel.jUiu, pff Yorlc and the
ITED," ually.all Parlor Cars, with Din
ins Car from Baltimore. Regular at 7:00
(Dining Can, o 00. 00. lv.00 (Dlnlm;
Car 1, and 11:00 (Dining Car from WU
nJngton; a. m.. 12.45, 3.15. 4:20, 6:50.
lO.OO and 11 35 p. m On Sunday. 7;00
(Dining Can. & 00, 9:00, 11:00 (Dining
Car from Wilmington a. m . 12:15, 3:15,
4-20. 6:50, 10:0o and 11 35 p. m. For
Philadelphia only. Fast Express, 7:50 a.
:.i., week-days. Express, 12.1 5 p.m. week
days. 2 01 and 6 40 p. in. daBy. For
Boston, without change, 7 50 a- m. week
days, and 4.20 p. 111. dally.
For Baltimore, 0 25, 7.00, 7:50, 8:00,
9:00. 10 00, 10 30. and 11:00 a. m.,
12:15. 12:15, 12.50, 2:01, 3:15. 3:40
4:00 Hunted). 4.20, 4:36, 5:40, 6:15,
0:50. 7.10, 10.00. 10:40, 11:15, and
11,33 p. m. On Sunday, 7,00. 8.00,
94)0, 9.05, 10.30. 11.00 a. m. 12.15;
115, 2.01, 3.15. 3,40. U-00 limited),
4.20. 510. 6.13, G.50, 7.10, 10.00,
10.40, and 11.35 p. in.
For Pope s Creek Line. 7.50 a. m- and
4 -JO p. m. daily, except Sunday.
For AnnaiiOiis, 7.00, 9.00 a. m. 4.20
and 4.36 p. m. dally, except Sunday.
Sundays, 94K1 a. m. and 4.20 p. m.
Atlantic Coast Line -Express Tor Florida
and polnte on Atlantic Coast Line, 4.30
a. m., 3.4G p. m. daily. Richmond only,
10.57 a. m. week-days. Atlanta Special,
via LiCbmnnd and Seaboard Air Line,
4.40 n. ra. daily. Accommodation for
Ciuanuco. 75 a. m. daily, and 423 p.
m. week-days.
benuore Connections.
For Atlantic cty (via Defctware Erver
Bruise, all-rad route), 3.15 p. m. dally:
via Market street wharf. 10 00 andll:00
a. m., 12 43 p. m.. week days, and 11.33
p. ra. dally.
I For Cape May. 11.00 a. m. week days,
11 35 p. m. daily.
I Ticket offices, corner Fifteenth and G
i streets, and at the station. Sixth and B
j ttreeis, where orders can be left for the
' checking of baggage to destination from
' hotels and residences.
J.R. 'JOiJ, General Passenger Agent.
Schedule in effect Nov. 14. 1S97.
Leavp Washington from etation corner
of New Jersey avenue and C street.
For Chicago ana Nonnwest, Vestlbaled
Limited trains 11. Oo, 11.25 a. m., 8.05
p. m.
For Cincinnati. St. Louis and Indianapo
lis. Express. 11.23 a. m. Veaiiboled Lim
ited 3.40 p. ra., express 11-55 p. m.
For Pittsburg and Cleveland. expre33
dally 11.05 a. nu and 8.50 p. ro.
For Columbus, Toledo and Detroit, 11.55
Winchester and way stations, tS a. m-,
t3-lo and T5-30 p. nx.
For Atrr orteuio, MempBls, Btrralngham,
Chattanooga, Kno.xvtlle, Bristol and Boa
nuke, 10 6 p. m. daily; sieepmga cars
Tot mray. 340 p m. daily.
For Baltttaore. week days. 5. 6.30,
x7.05,rVl0; X7-30. x8. 60. x9.30
III; IJ(J i- IU.. Xl-iUO UJ., ii-.iM, 1-.I5.
x' 15, x3 OU. 3.20. x-1.30, 4.35. X5.05,
X5 10. X&.30, xG 20. 6.30. xS.00. 8.15,
x9 -0, 11.18. xllSO p m., and X12.01
ntebt. SaaTs.x7.05,x7 10,x7.30,8.30.
xf.0O aTuZ XI2.10, xl.15, 1.20. xf.00.
30. 4..15. X5.0S, X5.10, G.30, XS.00,
x 20, II. IS. xiIO p. m.. xlJ.Ol nigat
Por Annapolis 710 and 8.30 a. 10.. 4.30
and 5.3 p- .u- Sundays, a. 30 a. m.. 4.35
PFor Frederick, week days.8,115 a-m5
4H0. 3-3U, t. ' Sundays, 9 a. m la3
Vor Hagcrstown, til. 03 a. m. and 15U30
Fur Boyd and wnv points, week days,
S.00 a. in.. 4.30, oiQpG p. m. aua
davs, 0.00 a. m.. 1.15fU)5 p. m.
et Gnxrticrsburj; and waapouits, week
S: 78050uabicoites93a:
mi. 15. 43. 7.05. 10.15 p.mS
For N aumstoa J imcliun ana. waf joints.
S a. m.. 4.SO, 50 p;;-2SrfOTs. 9
a. m.. l-lo p. in.-Kuirr-r 0F
All trams illuminated with Plntsch light.
For PDiiaueluuia. New. Xork, tostonand
iho &ist wceiC days, 7.05. a. 10 a. m.,
1 05T.15 all Dlnmg Cars). 3, (5.05 Dln
ta" Car). (12.01 nigut. Sleeping Caropea
..in im!tl snndavs. 7.05. 9 a- m.
(1.15 Dining Car). 3. (5.05 Dlnlnir Car).
lU.ol nigut. Sleeping Car open iu o'olooi.
Additional trains lor Pnuadelnhia, week-
U,fi'riS?&S-ffi-Iay trams.
For AUantic City. 10 a. m.. 12.0o noon,
and 1.15 and 3 P- m. week days; 9 a. m.
S FoCape May, I2.05nooa.
r.. i cimiMT. iTcnress trains.
Ha"'a'e called Tor and checked from ho
iW.Tmi residences by Union Transfer Co
SToffiS. 'feet; at ticket offices, 619 Fen
.i rwuinnroH
nurtbwest. New York
sylvania avrauc
. .miA find llfte
v- ., V Dtroar flTuf Q rT ffAruitl.
avenue auriu; VrSZ iTpttn '
wm. m. grefj:;e
Mgr. Pass. Traffic.
Passenger StoUun Danville,
Cbarrotte and way stations, ronnect ai
i niivsa.- lor strasouri;. muiMuuxiuft v.
itmo, daily, except Sundayand a
Lyi.omTC wimi t.,e Norfolk and Western.
daiiyTand with the Chesapeake and Ohio,
dally, for the Natural Bridge and Lln&-
t0l I 15 a.m.-Dnily.theUNITED STATES
t-Vai." v?T.. carries Pullman Buffes
. - .. -T- - nn.l It f whltlf iiT t n
iSeW lum aui o. , " iJ.iT
to New
1 rleans without cnange. ouiw vciyuaj
ronductcd tounsT-cicurajoji nuulis,o.CcuC4
on this train every Wedoesday to San
Francisco, without change.
4-01 P. in.-Local Tor Front Royal, Stras
bur'g and Harrisonburg, daily, exiept Sun-
4? p. m.-Dally, local for Cfearlottea-
Vii!3 a. m.-Dally. WASHINGTON AND
SOUTHWESTERN. YESilflUi'M), juiai-
iTED composed of Pullman Vestibuled
sleeiiers dinmg cars anu uay t-uuuuca.
Pullman sleepws New iork to Nashville.
I .Vi?!! .7. v..w Ynrk'to Tan. oa. via Char-
I IoitC:eol':mbla.Sannab,aud . Jacksguvflle.
unJun at
TJnnville with Pullman Sleeper
, . iT...Dr,.mni tn Amrusta. via Columbia.
with connection for Aiken, S. C; New
York to Memphis, via. Birmingham; New
York to New Orleans, via xVtlanta and
Moiitgomerv. Vestibuled day coach Wasa
insiou tu Atlanta. Southern railway dining:
car. Greensboro to Montgomery.
DIVISION leave Washington 9 01 a. ray
daily and 4 15 p in. daily, except SunUay.
5,000 13 14151 ra-jvsm SPnlHrk
FRAME aai&aAa,i7A kJ si VUAW
.!.. nore
. aiamier. New lorsto .-.: u.ucrw-ur
I . .. i . ... T)i.nin(r!i.tm nnil lipm.
'n " iV.V "L".. ir..hTh.n
I and t -o p iu. ouuuii) .uiiy ... ..uuni.ui..
I 4 32 p. m. daily, except Sunday, for Lee"
f burg, and 6-2o p. m. dallr for Herndc.,
I Returning, arrive at Washington 8:26 t
n. and 3:00 p. in. daily, from Round HI- w.
and 7 00 a. m. dally, except Sunday, f u.J
Herndon. ami 3 34a. in. daily, except Sua
: dd.fromLeesburs. .,... , v?
Thro-igb trains from the South arrive qp
Washington G 12 a. ra.. 2 20 p. m. au
na n"m riail' Harrisonburg. 12:40 11
! Rx an'd 9 25 p.' m. dally, cjcep.t SundsJ
0 ..pi - -.,.
aim S 30 n. m. dallj from Charlottesville
- Tickets, sleeping car reservation, anu in
formation furnMied at offices. 705 IfH
. nw.. -311 Pennsylvania avenue, and, as
Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger Statio3i
AV. n. GREEN, Gen. Snpt.
J. il. aUI.P, Traffic Manager.
V. A. TURK, Gen.Pa.is. Acentr
L. S. BHOWN, Gen. Agt.russ. Derj

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