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money watjeu Aypjroj.QAg.
.tnvcv T.n a KTn Frnm S5 to S50: DO
X collateral required- Room 8, Cential
) Building. Oth and Fa. ave. Open evenings.
' no20-14t.em
"WANTED $5,500 for five years at a
per cent gilt edge real etate; no com
missions. A. W CRITTENDEN. Ford's
Theater. 10th kL. nw. de7-3t
$10 TO SI, 000 TO LOAN
Without removal from pussessiouof owner.
You can have the money the day yon
apply for it. Payments on the principal,
of anyamount, will be received at anytime,
which wllllcssencostofloau.
No cost to you if loan is not ma do
Strictly confidential,
rienbu call for further Information.
602 P st- nw
LOANS maac ou approved collateral, such
aB life policies, blocks, bonds, building
association shares, syndicate ecrtifjeates,
etc No delay. YERKES & BAKER, II 10
F et. Take elevator. tf
MONEY TO LOAN at 5 and G per cent,
security, real estate in District of Colum
bia, r delay beyond au inspection of prop-
crty and
examination or tme. HAiiiiiu.
iS. ACK.EU. 704 14th fit HIT
MONEY TO LOAN- $1,000 upwairt. at 5
and 5 1-2 per cent on D. C real estate:
5250, -$500, etc, at 6 per cent; all
transactions conducted with economical
consideration for borrowers.
apl6-tf 1407 Fsl. w
Loans inadeon Furniture, Pianos, Horses,
Wagons, etc, at lowest rates and quickest
possible time. Strictly confidential, i'leaso
call before securing loans elsewhere.
610 F Et. nw.
WANTED -By Mrs. Dunning, Employment
Agency, 635 G si. nw., flrst-clas wlilte
butler; pay au; oring reiereuces. -it
WANTED Young man as collector, must
ltuve experience. Room 8, Central Build
ing, 9th und Pa. ave. nw. de9-3t
WANTED -A boy about 1 2 or 15 years
old; cume well recommended by respons
ible parties as to honesty. Address zS. B.
& I. CO.. 1424 N. Y. ave. It
WANTED- Place by bteady white man
as dJahwaslicr, pantry or bellman, or to
drive delivery wagon. F., this oriice.
WANTED A man to canvass and take
orders of office men. Address S. L. S.,
Mils offioe. Ic9-3t
WANTED 3 flrst-clas men to wdrk on
ladles' coats: hlglK-st salary and steady
wrtc wwil middle or June. DELANY,
722 1-2 11th St. W. It
WANTED -Cooks, dishwashers, and wait
ers, porter, drivers, clerks, laborer, boys;
rtfaoes furnished till tutted. CITY IN
TELLIGENCE OFFICE. 427 11th st.nw.
dc-:'t '
WANTED Two first-class canvassers on
salary; refs. Apply, S a.m. Friday,
Bank Bunding. It
WANTED Two firet-cJnas barbers. Call
at once. 742 14th st. uw. duS-3t,em
WANTED -A youth wlio has had fcnie
experience in feeding power printing
!&, ROYAL ULUL Co., 210 is st. sw.
"WANTED Two young men on good salary.
Call 2 to 4 p. m., at 303 Klugst., Alex
andria. Va. lucm
WANTED -A colored bey, to work in store;
bring reference. Apply, at once, PL Rl-
TAN, 0J th t. nw. lt-em
WANTED -At once, 2 salesmen Tor men's
fni sUlng department; only experienced
nee apply; must come well recommend
ed. BLUM BROS., 743-745-747 fath St.
se. deS-2t
WANTED Several salesmen to take con
tract from businessmen. Koom 3. uo
ldth St. nw. deb-3t
WANTED Good violin instructor, to give
lessons on violin; plea state price and
length of lesson. Address W. S. 11.. this
office. de-3t-em
irAKTKn rirht-o.iMi cMiivjiAaers for an
entirely new novelty, ing luoney: picture -r
itiMtrMiMV men mvfarcvd. Call JlOOtH
4, 725 7th st.nw., upstairs, rear of Kypsy
WANTED 5 first claas ladies taHirs, at
KEEN'S, 1310 F sU de0-3t-eiu
WANTED By Mrs. Duunlng. 635 G st.
nw., first-class whit- chambermaid and
waitress, pay $15; ten watte girls for liouFe
wrk. It
WANTED White cook, $20; Infant's nurse,
$20; waitress, $20; cliatnbermaid, $18;
private families. ' G14 13 Ui st. nw. It
WANTED Competent general house
worker, $12; two in family. 614 13th
6t UW. It
WANTED Typewriter and stenographer
frocn 5 to S p. m.: btate salary, etc
BUSINESS CENIEfK. tins office. It
WANTED A wldti girl or lady to work
ia kitchen. S02 E j,t. nw. It
WANTED Dressmakers,
WANTED General houseworkers, chain
bermaiils, laundresses, seamstresses, day
-workers, nurses", places f uruislieU till suited.
SHACKLEFORD'S, 425 llth fat. uw.
WANTED At 459 G st., girl for general
iHHH-ework; immediately, musttay bights.
WANTED A capablewomau, whlteor col
ored; to cook, wush and irou lu family of
atfiriu; must be thoroughly competent; go
Itoine nights. Apply at 1119 East Capitol
weet. lt.em
WANTED -10 white and colored girls at
once. Mrs. MOORE, 306 G st. nw.,
Southern Agency. deS-3t
WANTED A good reliable cook; must stay
at ntgiit. Inquire 1913 7th st. nw.
WANTED A neat girl for general houte
wtKk: mutt be competent. 1721 Pa.
ave. irw. dc9-3t
WANTED A nice white woman, who
wants a liome more than big wages, and
make herself generally useful; private fam
ily; town near city. Call or address 432
N. J. ave. iiw de8-3t
WANTED A respectable, settled colored
-woman for general liousework. Apply to
1-100 N. Capitol st. deb-3t
WANTED A German woman for general
housework; reference. Apply, after 4
o'clock. 1307 K st. nw. deG-3t
WANTED A hand on vest buttonholes.
527 llth st. nw.; on 3d floor. de7-3t
WANTED Atonce.aeeUled white woman
for general housework; small family, a
Eod home to light party. Apply 2023 14 th
bt. nw. de6-3t-cin
WANTED Cooks, chambermaids, wait
resses, dishwashers, and kitchen Help, at
onoe. DICK'S AGENCY', 613 7th M.
WANTED -A goodmarkcrinat the DEX
TER STEAM LAUNDRY, 344 I'a. ave.
WANTED Good tailoress improver and
young man to learn ladies' tailoring.
JAKOBY, 1410 I St. nv. de8-3t
ALL persons desiring help can secure same
free of charge by addressing LITTLE
lath st. nw. defa-7t
AGENTS WANTED-Agowl'tliing." '40
La. ave. J. A. BECKER. de!-3t
WAITED -Agents to sell latest novelty:
call between t and 9 a. m. or 5 and 6
p.m. A. L. SCOTT. 466 Pa. aye. nw 1 1
AGENTS WANTED-For Dr. Drummond'
Lightning Remedies for Rheumatism; 5-50
for au incurable case; restores stiff Joints,
drawn cords and hardened muscles. If your
dealer has not got these remedies, wg will
eend the full month's treatment or two
large bottles on receipt of $5. DRUM
MOND MEDICINE CO., 84 Nassau st.
yew York. Ee26-fau.tu,t,J-39t
WAN1 ED Medical agent or salesman, to
liaudie our Dry Air Cure for Catarrh.
Cold, etc.. all physiciaus commend It. Call
personally, Vendom Hotel, city, or ad
dress CONLIN AERATOR CO., Pougii-
keepsie. N. Y ?i:9 1
DR. GRAY'S Pain Cure Ointment; cures
corns, bunions and all other aches and
pains: sample free. Call afternoon, 125
lod. ave. nw., agents wanted.
WANTED- To rent, with privilege of buy
ing, small farm; convenient to city by
railway. Address, witn particulars. A.
y. N-. 713 7th sU nw. de9-3t
WANTED-Flaccs by two first-claBS Sut
lers or drivers; a first-class laundrcsH and
two chambermaids or cooks. Address
163 5 Yt. avo. de9-3t
"WANTED By young man, position as sten
ographer and typewriter; experienced;
Iirompt and accurate. Address STENOG
RAPHER, tills orfice. de0-3t
WANTED By young colored man, a place
in minstrel troupe; have had experience
in funny doings; a good head for the busi
ness. Address MINSTREL, this office. It
WANTED By expect stenographer and
typewriter, situation; rets, given and le
quired. N. L. R., this off Ice. de8-3t
"WANTED By young man with thorough
college and Uusinesa cdunition, good pen
man and typewriter, position as clerk In
lawyer's, real estate, or any orfice. Ad
dress M. A. M., this office. de8-3t
WANTED Bv m.irriwl man. care of farm
or country residence; A-l refs. Address
P. ci. Box 14, Lewiu&viiie, va.
WILL give $30 to anvone securing idea
Government position paying i50 or $00
a month. Address CONFIDENTIAL, this
office. do7-3t,em.
WANTED B v experienced meat-cutter and
grocery clerk, position m btore; single;
best refs. Address J . II. COGHLIN, 457
1 st. sw. dc6-3t,em
WANTED -By colored girl, bituation as
uur.se or chambermaid in private family,
can give refs. 432 8th st. iny. It
WANTED-By first-clasa white cook; has
had good practice in all kinds cooking.
Address CAPABLE, tlilb office. 11
WANTED-By white woman, situation to
do cliauiberwork or general housework:
references. Addrebs liuUS&VtOuK, tins
office. u,
WANTED Position as chambermaid, wait
ress or. washing anu ironing at home.
Xiao u st. nw. it '
WANTED A most excellent cook and
lauudicbS, colored, "Wihiies situation in
pilvate fumlly; refs. Address VA., this
office. defl-3t
WANTED By youngwoman of experience,
position as stenographer and typewriter:
aibo typewriting to do at home. Address
i-i. ji. r., li
this office.
WANTED-Two women: cook and cham
bermaid; small ranuly; good wages.
1702 1-2 10th st. nw. de-3t
WANTED Situation bj two women: gen-'
oral flouseworker; chambermaid: and half
grown girl; also student. 1717 Vt. ave.
WANTKD By a white giil a situation
as chambermaid lu pilvute family or to
assist m nouse woik. good liome pieferred
to high wages. Call for two davs at
1105 lOtn st. nw. " it
WANTED "Widow desires position and
good home as housekeener for widower.
Address MRS. V.E. TARRlE.sub station
No. 2. de9-3t
WANTED Place as nune, to go home at
night. Aadress 2004 Columbia Ter
race, 20th st. uvr lt-em
WANTED A place a general houseworker
in small ranuly; good rets. Address
2004 Columbia Terrace, 20th st. lt-em
WANTED -By a neat, respectable, hon
est white girl, a place to uo light house
work, and will assist with plain sewing.
Call or address P2UB 2d st.se. ded-St-em
WANTED Situation to do plain cooking,
nurauig, and general iwuhework. 10U7
3d st. uw. lt.cm
WANTED Washing to take home. No.
915 Desmond Court, bet. 0th and 10th,
E and F sts. lt.em
WANTED A Norwegian seamstress", good
cutter and fitter, wishes bewing in pn ate
family. Address X. ., this office.
WANIED-By colored girl, situation to do
general liousBWorkiu private family. 328
Sprucvxt.nw. deS-3t
WANTED By respectable colored girl
place as dressmaker, or will assist with
children. 45 D st. nw- de8-3c
WANTED fcrituatlou as nursei good refer
ence. Cull 1300 22d t. ii w. deb-3t
WANTED Bv an experienced dressmaker,
l)ain and fwicy drosea; reasonable
pricey. rit.finisnaiHistjlts guaranteed. 400
A st. se., opposite St. Mark'b Uhurch.
WAN 1 Ei By a highly recommended -n bite
girl U'roleauiut) siuiulion to cook, and
general liousework; no washing; Wages
expected $10. ENERGY, this office.
WANTED A place as general housc-
worKcr in a small family; refs. Call at
113 L st. nw. de7-3t,em
WANTED Situation to do general house
work in small family. 1819 13th bt.uw.
WANTED Ladies' costumes
$3 to $5, at 110 F st. nw.
made from
WANTED A lady wbo can sew nicely and
neatly by hand, and is also a gocu readei,
would like work or either kind. Amlress
A. H. F., this office. de7-3t
WANTED By re-pectable colored woman,
washing and ironing to take home. Ref
erence given. 1709 9th ht. nw. de-3t
WANTED By young colored girl, situation
as nur-j or to help in general housework.
Call 1220 M st. uw. de-3t
WANTED By respectable coloied woman,
wasluug to take home; houestand reliable;
witn rers. 408 Washington st. nw.
WANTED Situation as first-class cook or
nuiee; refs. 1408 12tu st.nw. de0-3t-cm
WANTED By a good white girl, a place
as ciiamDermaiu, or to assist witu
housework; a gcod home. GOOD HOIE,
this office. dc6-3t-em
SOUTHERN AGENCY" selects neat, reliable
help Tree of charge. Ain.s. MOORE, 3u
G st. nw. It
WANTED Reliable help furnished free;
drop postal or tel. call 1290. E.X.
CHANT.L BbKEAU, 721 13tll fct. nw.
bend postal for country
aud city servants, as usual. VI
EXCHANGE BUREAU, 709 G nw.; ref,
FREE help furnished to parlies desiring
AGENCY. 504 E st. nw. nolO-lmo
SERVANTS, clerks, typewi iters or any
one wishing a situation will be dealt
MENT AGENCY, 504 E st.nw.
WANTED -Brick; 6,000 second-hand brick:
Address J. D., 102 Mass. ave. nw. It
WANTED- FrotnT-2 to 2-horse power elec
tric motor; in good condition; atonce; also
one roll-top desk. Address CASH BUYER,
this office. de9-3t
WANTED At SINCLAIR'S, 626 La. ave.,
show eases, counteis, office fuinltuie,
consignments received, up to hour of sale:
sales Tuesdays and Saturdays. de9-0t
WANTED By a young, honest man, a
young lady or widow with means, to
start business; manJagc in sight; strictly
couiiuciiLiai. Auuress ne.si.'.t,UTA.tJLiE,
this office . dc8-3t-em
WANTED Mending by day or week; to ex
change organ for board. MRS. AUSTIN,
2908 N st. nw. lt,em
WAR DEPARTMENT clerk, class $1,000,
A . G. O., wishes traii'sfec with clerk, same
grade, some other department. Address
A. H., this ortiqe. lt.em
WANTED Promoter; one well acquainted
witu men oi means, to laisesmali amount
of mom'V for a uew enterprise. Address A.,
this office. deS-3t
WANTED To buy a kodak camera; state
make, size and price. Address X, this
office.. de8-3t
WANTED- Rolling chair, for invalid. Ad
dress CHA IK, this office, stating price.
WANTED- A second-hand hotwaterheater;
perfect order; medium or small size. Ad
dress HOT WATER, this office.
W.-iis 1 1 Piano lor stoiage or will pay
small rent, by musician; best of care
guaranteed. Addie&b C. M., thlsoffice.
WANTED -Piano pupils with use of piano,
50 cents; music furnished cheap. M. D.
F.. 1234 13th st. nw. de7-3t
WANTED Department clerk having nice
room with private family in nw., would
like roommate; loom and board, $25 per
month. Address SCOTLAND, this of
fice. de7-3t
LADIES' COSTUMES; evening gowns, $5
up; shortest notice: children's clothes
a hpecialtv, Baughmaii's oress cutter, 3.
90S ". Y . ave. dc2-lmo
gnrtjTT RJ3QMS.
FOR RENT-Ono large front parlor and
bedroom, with or without board. -Ida
I st. nw clcO-Ot
FOR KENT 1015 L st.nw., nice, largo, 2d
floor, south front, room; newly furmsned;
with excellent table board. defl-Jt
FOR RENT Third 3tory back room, nicely
furnished: morning sun; near Palais
Royal. 723 11th nw. Ue0-3t
FOR ItENT Large, well-lighted back
room; suitable for mechanical purposes.
B. B. OIIASE & CO., 41L 11th st. nw.
FOR KENT Delightful suite of rooms on
2d rioor, for a gentleman; with break
fast served in rooms; up town. Address
FOREIGNERS, this office. delKJt
FOR RENT Large and small rooms in
the home of a private family; opposite
Capitol; clean and beautifully furnished;
moderate pneo. lis tst hi. ne. uey-ai.
FOR RENT Two large parlors, open grate
fire, nicely furnished, suitable for gen
tian .'n .) nioiitn; otner rooms, $5 up.
17 E st. nsv. de9-3t
FOR ItENT Neatly furnished and unfur
nished rooms, Avith heat, gas and bath.
728 10th st. uw. dc9-3t
FOR RENT 1 large nicely fur. front room:
suitable for 2 gentlemen; with board if
desired; terms reasonable; also a large
backroom. 415 2d st.nw. do8-3t-em
FOR KENT- Cheap; G large rooms in fine
condition. Inquire after 12 in. at 1513
Columbia st. nw. de8-3l-eiii
FOR RENT -To couple with not more than
1 child, part of fur. house in nw.at nomi
nal rent of $15 per month, In addition to
board for 1 person. Addrebs OWNER, this
orfice. de8-3t-em
FOR RET Fur. rooms; light housekeep
ing lr desired; house and neighborhood
very desirable,' private family; refs. 1535
15tn st. nw. deb-3t,cm
FOR RENT 210 N. J. avo. nw.; neat;
new: next ttie Maltby; near all car
lines; Capitol, Library, etc; rooms, &1.2o;
room and board $5 a week and upward.
FOR RENT-A nicely fur. room Tor gen
tleman, at 1223 Oth st. nw., boarding
hoube opposite. dc8-3t
FOR RENT-Fur. for housekeeping, flat
of three Iront rooms or half of house;
rent verv reasonable. 1133 13th St. nw.
4 It
FOR KENT-307 E. Cap. St., 2 nicely
fur. roouiK; trout and back; 2d and Jd
floors; on Metiopolitau oar line; 1 square
from new Library; gentlemen only; rets.
FOR RENT Four fur. front rooms,
communicating or hinglo; $0 to $15 per
mouth. 1212 New York ave. nw. deo-.tt
FOR KENT 2 nicely fur. rooms; heat,
gas and bath: $8 and $9; private fam
ily, adults. 709 5th st. nw. de8-3t
FOR RENT -Neatly fur. front room; heat
and gas'. $0 per montii. 1J3 New York
ave. deS-.lt
FOR KENT -Second story front rooms,
furnished; also small hall room; for UgliL
housekeeping; price, $S; or gentleman, s6.
1334 7th St. deb-St
FOR RENT Five rooms; 339 Monroe st.,
Aii&custia; watar m jaru unu niiuiiug
closet; rent. $7.50. de8-3t
l'OR KENT Two nicely furnished rooms,
on 2d floor, for ligni housekeeping; heat
and gas; terms very reasonable. 31
1st st. nw. "C8-.it
FOR KENT Furnished rooms.
st. nw.
203 G
FOR KENT 61 N. Y. ave- u.. sunny
rooms: from $5 up. 1. CHESTER. Room
19, 615 14th st. diM-3t,em
TOR KENT Furnished room; heat
gas; also kitchen and dining-room, un
furnlslipil: snilnlili- for lunch room. -05
i'a. ave. nw.
rOK RENT-Large, v.-elMlghted, nicely
fumlbhed room; 2d floor iront, hot and
cold bath, near Agricultural Uept., Bureau
Eiigravitu. Nut. .Museum, $8 per uipittti,
qt 235 13th sU sw. . oe7-3t-eiit
FOR RENT-1 nicely furnished, 2d-fIoor
front room; heat, gas ana buth. llo r
st.nw. de7-3t-em
FOR ItENT -Single or en faulte, four
nicely furnished rooms; bath, heat and
gas. 51 2 12 st. nw dO i - Jt-em
FOR RENT 613 N. J .ave. nw.; two com
iniinic.itJnir fnrnlhlied rooms: 2d floor;
completefor Housekeeping; twollnes of cars.
RO O.M RENTING -Fur., unfur., light house
keeping; no ihaige foriuforination- VIR
FOR KENT Nicely f urnlsiied. south rooms;
1st aud 2d-btories; In good location, nw.;
at summer rates. Address MRS. K.. this
office. de7-3t
FOR RENT Unfur., large, elegant 3d-floor
front room: also 2 2d-floor front and
back, communicating; a. m. I.; 2 closets In
each; light housekeeping permitted. 803
Oth st. nw. de7-3t
A LADY just taken a house in the north
west would like some roomers, witn privi
leges. Address P. M. L., this orfice.
de7-3 1 ,
FOR RENT Second-story front room,
with or without Loard. 709 Sth st.
iiir. de7-3t
FOR RENT Two nice rooms on 2d floor;
hall heated and furnished. 1005 15th
st. nw. Terms reasoiiaole. de7 3t
TORRENT Furnlshedorunfurnibhedrooiiis
with heat and gas; rent reasonable. 914
Va. ave. sw. de7-3t
FOR RENT -Two newly furnished rooms,
with table board: new house; Washing
ton Heights; all modern improvements;
steam heat; convenient to two car lines;
gentlemen only; references exchanged.
Address W. M., this olfico. de6-3t-em
FOR RENT 3 rooms; entire 2d floor; heat,
gas unu bath: will furnish one, if desired.
1017 N. J. ave. uw. dt0-3t-em
FOR RENT-Furnished room, suitable Tor
2 or 3 gentlemen: also other rooms and
table board. 101410tn fat. nw. de6-6tem
FOR RENT Two nicely furnished rooms,
with or without board. 1820 13th st.
uw. de2-7t-ein
WANTED One square and one hall room;
Willi or without board; by man, wife, and
mother; terms must be reasonable. Ad
dress, stating terms, Room 49, Corcoran
Building. it
WANTED 4 rooms; 5 minutes' ride Bu
pont Circle; fur. or unfur. Call at once,
EXCHANGE BUREAU, 721 13th st. nw.
WANTED We can rent your rooms quick;
see us at once. EXCHANGE BUREAU.
721 13th st. nw. de7-3t
WANTED By man, wile and grown son,
3 or 4 unfurnished rooms; all mod. imps.;
for light housekeeping; on Capitol Hill:
Southeast preferred. Addiess Mrs. L., No.
13 9th st. nc. de8-3t,em
WANTED A furnished room by quiet
couple, where people don't meddle. Ad
dress S. L., this office. deS-3t,ern
WANTED Three or four unfurnished rooms
by quiet couple and little boy 4 vears of-
age; rent must be low. Address M. A.
H., 1013 B st. ne. de8-3t
WANTED In nw.; three pleasant unrur.
rooms; private bath and privilege of
ligin, uouiehiciiiiig; liitji.isicAe i euoiis need
not answci - Address X. Y. Z., this office.
WANTED Furnished rooms in nw.; state
price. Address J. B., this office. It
WANTED By a couple, furn. room; rent
must not exceed $10; no questions asked.
PERMANENT, this office. de7-3t,em
WANTED Board and room near War,
State and Navy; by young gentleman
who doesn't care to pay over $25 per
month. Address promptly S. F., this office.
WANTED Three unfurnished rooms In
northwest, by young couple; rent must be
low. PROMPT PAY, this office.
TABLE BOARD, $3 per week. 709 8th
st. nw- de9-3t
MEALS served out, or in the Cafe; rea
Ponable prices. At the LUZON FLATS,
FOR RENT 2-story brick stable in af
ley bet. H and I and 3d and 4 1-2 sts.
sw.: stable room for 8 horses; carriage
house, $20. B. LEONARD, 530 4 1-2 st.
sw- de4-6t-em
FOR RENT 30 acres of garden land; near
the District: Improved by 6-room dwelling;
witb large stable and necessary outbuild
ings. WALSHE & SCHWARTZ, 606 F
at. nw. del-tf
FOR RENT -Two'largTunfiirniBhed rooms:
every convenience Tor light housekeeping;
near cars. 622 3dst.no. de0-3t
FOR RENT -21 4 A(st. sc., two or three
unfurnished rooms;, kecond floor; halt
square east of Library. de9-3t
FOR KENT-Sunny -room unfur. flat;
over baspmnnhr now: heat, i
as. bath; $10.
644 Morris st. ne.
FOR RENT Unfurnished, 3 or 4 very
deRirable roomv, light housekeeping; bdtli
and all modern impiovements- 1338 U st.
uw. deS-7t
FOR KENT-2 unfur. rooms, with heat;
SG.50. 113 E st. ne., near G. P. O.
WANTED Two unfur. well heated rooms
Dec 15, for Ilgntr. housekeeping; not to
exceed $12 per month. L, this office.
FOR RENT Twobrighl, unfurnished rooms
on 2d floor; gas, 'heat and hath; $10.
1541 Columbia St., near R.I. ave. nw.
do 8-3 t
FOR RENT -Unfurnished. 2d floor; 2
rooms for housekeeping; all convenience:
hot and told water same floor; SO. 233
13th bw. do7-3t-em
FOR RENT-Unfur., flat of 4 rooms,
with private bath on 2d Moor; also double
parlors on 1st floor.; suitable for physic-Inn
or dentlbt; all have been newly papered and
painted: corner hoilbc. OWNER, 337
11 st. ne. de6-3t-em
FOR KENT -3 unfurnished rooms ou 2d
floor; heat and light; $15. 1521 12th
nw. de6-3t-em
FOR KENT 3 unfurnished rooms; bath,
heat and light; 4 squures Iroin Capitol.
218 5lh st. se. dei-3t-cm
FOR KENT Unfur. basement for caterer;
rent Liken In meals; good business loca
tion: near Palais Koyal. 723 11th st. uw.
NICELY fur. bay window front room,
with board for 2, $38 per mo. 012 :id
st. nw. de8-3t
FOR RENT To 2 persons, either sex;
nicely furnished front room; with ex
cellent board; moderate rates. 1019 8th
st. nw. de8-3t
FOR RENT Pleasant rooms and homelike
boarding. 2141 Pa. avo. nw. de8-6t
TWO men will find good room and board
at 604 Dst.se., reasonable. de7-3t,em
FOR RENT .Plcisant, well-furnished rooms;
heated; and tirst-class board; $18 and
upward. 10 4th st. ne- de7-6t
FOR RENT Rooms and ioard, $4 per
wuek; heat and gas 720 8th st. nw.; half
square from Patent Office- de7-3t
FOR "RENT 912 12th st.nw.. rooms and
rirst-class board, $18 up; location de-
sirablSj de6-8t-etn
NEWLi' fur, rooms, with good home ta
ble, at $4430 to $7 per week. 809 11th
at. nw. de5-2w
FOR RENT Elegant rooms, with board,
$45 per montn; 2 gentlemen to a room.
At tne VINTON, 609 14th st. nw.
fancy front, sidewalk, ciotii real estate
signs; ulsplay cards, price tickets, enameled
letters; .ill .tiivertlslng devices. NIAGARA
SIGN CO., 102 Oth bt. uw. dc9-3t
100 FINE business or vigitlmr cards
printed, 50c, programs, tickets, and en
velopes very low. SKINNER, Printer,
1110 9th st. nw. de0-3c
WEATHER STRIPS furnished and applied
2 1-2 cents foot. MACKEN, cneap-
est rirst-class carpenter, 1811 Gtn st.
nw. de9-6t
Grace Church, Petersburg, Va., says: "I
am tlnnkrul to add my testimony to the
great valujof the Blue Ridge- Water. Ithas
been used in my Tamily, with the most de
cided improvement in our physical health
and counort. It seems to be a heaven-provided
remedy for many of the ailments of
our tide-water region." A fresh supply re
ccivedon Monda v at SHAFBR'S MINERAL
WATER DEPOT, 103 Pa. ave. deS-3t,cm
DANCING Waltz and two-step; no classes;
strictly private; same terms as class les
st. nw.; Spanish castanctte, skirt, aud
fancy- dances also taught. de8-6t
1VAT?T T'.tPl.'ltH in :BYl In to?.f:T. W.v tv-.i
ii ,1-1 rir.ro," rrm tV tin- f'lliyi Urt I VHtV
1341 1 st. no.
l'.ir.-., 4.w.. . "1 w...:. uiuui-vu,
de7-3t-etu "
INCANDESCENT (Jaa Lamps Dealers
and agents dun'PfaH befoie making yoor
purchases in lumps and mantles to sec
ours, send 70c ror complete lamp. SUN
SHINE LAMP CO., 15 Postoffice ave.,
Baltimore, Md. de7-3t
A SOUTHERN lady having "Gen. Lee's
original fruit cake ' receipt will make a
few cakes at reasonable prices- Address
FRUIT CAKE, this oftlc?'. de-3t
LACE CURTAINS laundered for 35 cents.
st. nw. de7-3t
Washington elastic roof paint
Roofs painted, $2.50 and up; and all
leaks reimired rree of charge: wcrk guar
leed from 3 to 5 years. F. G. NOLTE,
810 Oth st. nw. de7-lmo
LACE CURTAINS laundered equal to new
at 35c. a pair, mail orders receive prompt
attention. No. 25 F st uw. de7-3t
1 ,000 BUSINESS CARDS, with 1898 half-
tone calendar on back, for $1.75, at
DAWSON'S. 807 9th st. de6-3t,em
WALLER'S Northwestern Employment
Agency will furnish help of allkinus free
of charge. No. 1635 Vt. ave. de6-6t-em
only a few sample offerings from tne
Bradbury Manufacturers' annual Christmas
reduction sale, now in progress; lowest
prices and easiest ternib ever named in
Washington. These splendid instruments
on $1 weekly installments: Sioo Stem,
S20; $100 Knabe, $35; $150 Schumacher,
$60: $300 Haines & Bros., $95; $300
Decker, $190: $600 Bradburv, $200.
iaora. ave. 0e3-6t
1,000 BILLHEADS, Jn tablets, from 75c.
DAWSON, 807 Othst. deU-3t,em
GO TO SELBY'S "great $2 sale Men's $3
and $4 tailor-made pants, smart colors,
500 pairs lo select from, $2; your pick;
all sizes and colors ou the calendar. 1903
Pa. ave. de4-6t
SON'S, Cheapebt First-class Printer,
807 Oth st. de6-3t,em
THE GREAT $2 shoe sale at SELBY'S
Men's fine patent leather bals.,$2; men,'s
fine box calf, $2; russets and all fine
leathers which gents' shoes are made of;
must be sold quick at 1903 Pa. ave. del-Ot
BARGAINS in small wears, such as hoys'
underwear, 19c; child s rubs., 15c; men's
rubs., 39c; boys' pants, 4 to 7, 10c; child's
shoes, 53o; men's underwear, 24c; ladies'
Oxford ties, 45c; men s Xmns embroidered
slips, 48c, at SELBY S, 1903 Ta. ave.
Printing 500 cards, 75c; 500 envelopes,
75c; 500 note heads, 75o.; 500 state
ments, 75c; binding, magazines, 50c;
miscellaneous books rebound. G. E.
WILLIAMS, 615 7th st. nw. fc6-tf
WANTED Dwclling-store in northwest; 5
or 6 rooms; owners, only. Address CASH
BUYER, this office. de9-3t
WANTED To buy house; about 6 rooms;
ndar car line; on easy terms. Owners
only address QUICK, this office.
WANTED To buy a' house and lot for
atKuit $1,000. but in no ulley. Address
M. K. , this office., t de7-3t
FOR RENT 911 G st. nw.; storerooms,
1st floor, with show window, $35 per
month; 911 G bt. nw., large office room,
3d floor, steam heat, $10 per month; 1320
7th st. nw., near O-street Market, large
store, 3 floors; rent low; 2039 9th bt.
nw.; 5 rooms, Including water rent, $14
per montn. inquire at KOOMS 5 and 6,
911 G ht. nw.
WANTED-Board, In exchange for gro
ceries at wholesale prices: none but
strictly first-class place need answer.
Address EXCHANGE, this office. de7-3t
FOR SALE 1 gray mare; 8 years old; good
worker: cheap. 476 L St. sw.
FOR SALE Two good horses: cheap.
piv at i
piy at lboo 14th St., cor. a st.
FOR SALE Horse, delivery wagon and
harness; $50. Call 1625 II st- no.
do 7-3 t
FOR SALE Horse and wagon; cheap; suit
able for grocery delivery. Call 317 Dsw.
3117 N et. nw., b. h 11 rms
222 2d st. nw., b. h., 8 rms
316 Del. ave.no., b. h., 8 rms
1515 28th st. nw., b.'h., 8 rms
117 11th st. ne., b. h., 10 rms
306 Oth st., no., b. li., 8 rms
824 13th st. ne., b. li., G rms
82 & 84 Derrees at. nw ., b. h. 7 rms
2143 Pa. ave.nw.. f. h.. 6 rms
. 5,000
, 3,250
2140 K st. nw., b. h., 4 rmB
1525 S st. nw., b. h 8 rms
,. 7.01HI
801 R st. nw., b. h.. 6 rms
Store and dwelling, 1120 II st. ne.,
b. h., 6 rms
018 K st. nw., b. h., 8 rms
515 G st. no., b. h., 7 rms
810 N. Cave, bc, b. h., 9 rms
1218 I st. ne., b. h., G rms
48 and DO Myrtle st. no., b. h.,
G rms each....
402 12th st. sw., b. h., 12 rms....
1400 Jackson alley ne., 3 rms....
333 E st. se., b. h., 6 rms
019 Morris placo ne., b.h., 6 rms..
o, i uu
410 Oth st. nw., 18 rms.iperyr)..$l,000 00
1335-37-J9 L st. nw., 13 rms.. iiKOO
009 14th st. nw.. 14 rms 200 00 I
15th st., bet.K and L sts. nw.,
14 rms. ifur.)
1311 20th st. nw., 9 rms. (fur.)..
1224 17th st. nw., 10 rms ,
723 Sth st. nw., i3 rms
719 Sth st. nw., 13 rms
17.13 R bt. nw., 10 rms
525 T st. nw., 12 rms
2031 1 st. nw., 14 rms
3319 O St. uw.. 12 rms
1319 Corcoran st. nw., IV rms...
3 Orme Flats nw., 8 rnis
919 H st.nw., lo rms
221 N. J. ave. nw., 9 rms
210 Nj J. ave. nw., 9 rms
212 N. J .ave. nw., 9 rms
2024 I bt. nw., 9 rms
1023 22d st.nw., 11 rms
901 2 1st st. nw., 11 rms
1226 6th st. nw., 10 rms
2008 14th st. nw., 10 rms
1418 llth st. nw., 10 rms
508 R st. nw., 6 rms
Upper part 1 800 9th st. uw ., 6 r..
5 Orme Flats nw., 0 rms.
1903 4th st. nw., 7 rms
1300 W tt. nw.. 8 rms
130 00
b5 00
66 67
65 69
63 00
00 00
50 65
50 00
45 50
45 00 ,
45 00
40 85 I
40 60
40 60
40 60
40 47 '
40 00
40 00 1
35 50
35 00
30 55
30 00
30 00
30 00
26 00
25 50
The above is oi.Iy a portion or the prop
erty ou my books. For full list call at
office for bulletin Issued ou the 1st and
FOR SALE-A good paying business, about
$150 per montii, and enough advertising
matter ror one year; don't nusa that.
CREAMER & CO., 615 14th St- It
FOR SALF.-Cheap-Three-chulr baioer
shop; now doing a good paj ing business.
Reason Tor selling, leaving city. Ad
drses BARBER, this office. de9-3t
FOR SALE Dentist's engine, vulcanlzer,
lathe, bracket, forceps and other tools.
M. D. S., 1025 7th st. nw. It
FOR SALE Now Is your time to buy a
grocery business; I have the best in
town, and tne prleeislow. GONNEY, this
office. dc8-3t-em
FOR SA LE Milk route; 20 gallons; horse,
wagon and fixtures; no reasonable offer
refused. BUtelNE&S EXCHANGE, 1321 F.
FOR SALE Big bai gains in stores.
Fine comer drug store, price $800
Fine corner urocerv btore. t-rice 225
Contrail v located lutieliroom, price.. 400
2 first-class centrally located wnolesale
and retail grocery stores and otner tme
businei-s chances. COMMERCIAL. 31U F
st. nw. deo-3t,em
STORES sold quick for casli by the OLD
Bro., Proprietors, 5 10 F st. nw- dea-bt,em
FOR SALE Cigar, confectionery, station
ery; corner store; established 25 years;
low rent; bargain. 741 4th st. nw.
de 8-3 1
FOR SALE Plumber aud gasfitter store,
stock, tools, etc. 616 Pa. ave. se.
FOR SALE One of the best stands in the
best market In Washington and can clear
$20 per week in hard cash over and above
expenses; investigate. CREAMER Jc CO.,
61514th st.. nw. de8-3t
FOR SALE Corner grocery; stock, and
fixtures, sell clieap for cash. 400 3d
8t..hVf. deS-3t
FOR EXCHANGE Choice vacant lot on
electric line for equity In small dwelling.
CLARK BROS., Room 36, 937 D st. nw.
FOR SALE-Grocery stand In KSt. Market;
first-class cash trade. Stalls 330 and
352, Northern Liberty Market. deS-3t
DESK room ln centrally looated office
free to good stenographer and typewriter.
Address DESK ROOM, this Qirice. deS-3t
CIGAR STORE, attractive, central loca
tion; so arranged expenses only 50c per
day; price, $150. DUN LAP, 906 F st.
nw. de8-3c
GO TO DTJNLAP to buy or sell out a
business quick. BUSINESS AGENCY,
906 F St. nw. de8-3t
GROCERY STORE, located on prominent
corner, nw.; daily sales, $30, price,
$450. rent, $0. DUNLAP,906 F st.
POLLTRY FARM Near Chevy Chase; 400
fowls-, completely equipped; improvements
cost $2,000; pilce, $450. DUNLAP, 900
F st de8-3t
OLD established paint and oil business;
owner retiring rrom business; first time
orrered; price, M.B00; satisfactory terms.
DUNLAP, 906 F st. deS-3t
LUNCH ROOM, near Patent Orfice; doing
paying business; small investment re
quired; exceptional opportunity. DUN-
LAP,906r, st. deS-3t
FOR RENT-Excellent place Tor laundry;
rent, $15, 1406 M st. nw. J. CHESTER,
Room 10, t15 14th st. 0e6j tf
FOR SALE-Drug business on most prom
inent corneriu city; offered at a bargain.
CREAMER & CO., 615 14th st. nw.
FOR SALE Cigar btore; Pa. ave. nw.;
attractive fixtures, established, paying
ing business, price reasonable; rent, only
$25. DUNLAP, 906 F st. de7-3t
FOR SALE Cheap for spot cash; store
aud fixtures; in East Washington; a bar
gain to right party, sickness reason tor
selling. Address O. K., this office.
GO TO CREAMER & CO. to buy or seller
exchange business; quick cash buyers on
hano always. 615 14th st. nw. de7-3t
WANTED I'artner in lunchroom or will
sell out entirely; good chuuec. Address
GOOD SWAP, this office. de7-3t
FOR SALE Meat, provision and groeery
store doing good business; good casn
trade; clieap if bought immediately; close
to laundry and senool; reason ror selling,
leaving town. 41 G st. nw. de7-3t
WAN T ED P artucr
food investment.
5 14th st. n w.
with $500 capital;
FOR SALE-Oystcr house; doini
ness. 40 5 II st. nw.
FOR SALE At a bargain; one of the old
est and best fruit and produce stands in
prominent market; can cjear cost of stand
in next two weeks; owner has other busi
ness. Address W.B., this office.
PORTRAITS in crayon, pastel, etc.,
promptly attended to; perfect likeness
guarauied; we only emploj Mr. L. Crowe
as our agent; business exclusively trans
acted by Charles Wlllers, Mgr., COS
MO PuLli AN ART Co., 493 Pa. ave. nw.;
ground floor. de3-3t
BONDS furnished in civil and criminal
cases. Taxes paid at a uisco'uii. ie
fective titles to real estate straightened.
Will act ab receiver, assignee, guardian oc
trustee. Financial assistance furnished to
litigants. Those about to bring suit should
consult the company before taking action.
Rooms 5 and 7, 472 La. ave. nw.
de5-tt Telephone 1118.
FOR SALE Old established dining-room;
$1,400 cash; splendid chance for two
young men. DINING ROOM, this office.
FOR SALE A nice garden or poultry
farm; twenty miles from Washington, ou
the Alexandria and Fredeiicksburg Rail
road; good house, barn, and orchard. Ad
dress J. SPR1NGMAN, Sprlngman, Va.
FOR SALE The greatest bargains In
bicycles and sundries ever ofTered in
Washington: 175 high-grade unredeemed
new "and second-hand bicycles at one
fourth value; just received from storage
houses in New York and Philadelphia:
.buy now and save money; sundries at a
sacrifice; bicycles bought outright and
taken ln storage. NEW YORK CYCLE
HOUSE, 434 9th st. nw. de9-7t
FOR SALE Pneumatic; perfect; $8 cash.
1811 Oth st. nw. de9-3t
FOR SALE Ladies' highjgradc wheel:
cheap for cash. Address BICYCLE, this
office. lt-em
FOR SALE Home; northeast; 6" rooms;
papered; water and gas; terms low. Ad
dress QUICK, this office. de9-3t
FOR SALE 5 elegant two-story brick
houses: 8 rooms; bay window; pressed
brick front; stone trimming; a. m. 1-; in
good condition; favorably located; ne.;
cheap; as an investment or for specula
tion; easy terms. POWELL. SOU dthst.ne.
FOR SALE-5-room cottage, $1,600; 7
room dwelling. $2,200.5u; store and
dwelling, $3,700.50. Inquire T. E. REAR
DON, owner, 3i7 Moutoe St., Anuiostta.
FOR SALE Bargain; now 8-rm. brick;
large lot; price, -j3,800; only 5100 casn;
balance $20 per month. EASTERDAY ic
IIALDEMAN. 1424N. Y.ate. lt-em
FOR SALE New 6-room house on electric
line; $11 per month, without interest,
until paid for. CLARK BROS., Room 36,
937 D st. nw. de7-3t
FOR SALE Fine new house. No. 119 2d
st. ne., one square from Capitol grounds
and new Llimiry, English b.isement; 8tone
and buff brick; with copper trimmings,
hot water system or heating; electric and
gas lighting; suitable for professional resi
dence: 11 rooms. Apply to OWNER. No.
121 2d st. ne. de7-10t
FOR SALE Handsome house, near Canl-
tol; $4,000; 8 looms, bath, cellar: lew
hundred cash; rest easy. Address KLON
DYKE, this office. dc6-3t-em
FOR SALE Fine new house. No. 119 2d
st. ne.; one square from Capitol grounds
and new library; EngliHh basement, stone
and buff brick, with copper trimmings;
hot water system of heating; electric and
gas lighting; suitable for professional resi
dence. Apply to OWNER, No. 121 2d St.
ne. no25-12c
FOR RENT Nos. 1309 and 1311 Georgia
i ave. se., near 13th and 1 sts., G-room
i bricks, water, sewer, stable, etc., $11.30.
, Apply 1H48 5tn st. nw LeDroit Park.
FOR RENT 7 -room house on Grant road,
Tenleytown; halls, cellar; large lot; sta
ble: -13 month; near Chevy Chnse aud Ten
leytown cars. ANDREW PAYNE, Tenley
town, D. c . de7-3t,cm
1231 I st. ne., 6 rms-: m.l $15.30
. 521 14thst,ne.,6 rms.jm.l 15.00
503 14th St. ne.. 6 rms.;m.i 15.50
1007 C st. ne.. 6 rms.;m.l 18.20
27 9th st. ne., 3 rms.; frame; ail In good
repair; $13.50; fine location.
de7-3t 308 East Capitol st.
FOR KENT 507 Sth St. se $14; 7 rooms.
A RNOLD, 45S Laave. de7-3t
FOR ItENT-6-room house, stable and
iaigj in.iiiHjuf"-, ' iui u o..i 4 acres or
land, near Benulng Station, D.C.: rent $10 j
Ln airln Inquire of J. M. FOWLER
No. 93rf Oth st. nw . after 4 p. in. de.-3t
FOR RENT 432 Q st.nw., tome open, 6
rooms, hall, range, bath, gab; new paper
ing: back building: parking; large back
vard: aimnged for 2 families, improv emeu t.
finished; $15.30. de7-3t
FOR KENT -Handsomely furnished house
of 9 rooms and bath, butler's pantry;
closets; crystal chandeliers, lurnace, a. m.
i.: 1-2 block rapid transit; $50 per month,
by the year; $60 by the month; owner
uould lak" board, if agreeable. 1927
15th st. n w. de6-3t-em
FOR RENT A few houses on Decatur, be
tween O and I sts. and N. Cap. and 1st
sts. east; new bricks; In good r-ondltlon
and appearance; 5 rooms and hallway and
bath; only to white tenants; rent reduced
rrom $-y.3U to i.7u. Tiiese are really
good houses and the cheapest rents we
Know of; street paved with vitrified brick
and clean as a new pin. Apply at 50G
llth st. nw. de2-lm
FOR RENT 2 G-room, new frame bouses,
at Twining City, ou Burnt Bridge road,
$8 each; 1 Groom brick, 126 Q st. sw.,
S-5. Apply to owner, B. B. EARNS HAW,
1105 llth bt. se. del-lOt-em
ROR SA1 One good Estey organ; $20
"cash, one square pianp; very clieap, new
upright pianos at reduced prices; 5c. sheet
music. V. II. SHOEMAKER &. SON, 1107
G st. nw. de9-3t
FOR SALE 2 nearly new heating stoves,
1 self-reeder; for nair price: 1 double
barreled breech-loading, ducking gnu:
cheap. 948 N. Y. ave. de9-3t
FOR SALE Crieap?14-ft. counter. 2 show
. cases, shelving und partition; also large
oak table. Address T. FC., this office.
FOR SALE-"Prairie" State Incubator.
300-egg capacity; used only once, with
satisfactory results: will sell cheap if taken
before Dec. 15. 123 7th st. ne.
FOR SALE Household goods; cheap; At
803 K St. nw. House for rent.
FOR SALE Show case; four feet; oval
front; oak frame. At SHAFER'S MIN
ERAL WATER DEPOT, 103 Pa. ave.
FOR SALE-The furniture or a IG-rocm
house, nearly new; separate or together.
1721 Pa. ave. nw., down stairs. des-Jt
FOR SALE New sideboard,$10;oak ward
robe, vli desk, folding ned, $7; cham
ber suite, 9; Fowler springs. $1 ; china
closet,$9; book stieif.$l -.extension table.$4;
hair mattress, $5; dining chairs. 50c, one
extra large Llack walnut chamber suite,
$20; brass trimmed iron bed, $4; leather
louker, t-i.Su; willow rocker, ctiirfonier,
$7; whatnot, $9; pier mirror, $15; and
a lot of fine houscrurnishtngs. 1721 I'a.
ave., down stairs. deS-3t
FOR SALE Oak bedstead; bureau, large
bevel glass; wash stand: sprint: nair mat
tress: no reasonable offer rerused. 1939
14th st. deS-3t
FOKSsALE A bargain, 45 yardsuew bodied
Brussels carpet; price, $18. Apply 1918
Pa. ave. deb-3t
FOR SALE-7S acres good land, 6 miles
Pa. ave. bridge; only $300 cash: balance
in monthly notes to suit. .1110 K et.ne.
FOR SALE Horse, harness, coupe, and
license; $100; in good condition. 2125
I st. nw. de7-3t
FOR SALE A fine feather bed; cheap;
aN light jacket. Call at 1918 Pa. ave.
nw. dei-3t -
FOR SALE A good mandolin and 20 les-
sqiis for $13 by au experienced teacner.
AddressMANDOLIN.tbls office. de7-3t
FOR SALE Cheap 1 Prairie State incu
bator, capacity 200 eggs, with gas and
oil heat, fixtures complete, used but 3
months. Call or address 1120 7th st. ne.
de7-3 1
FOR SALE Stove, wardrobe, single bed,
POO quarts or tomatoes, and otner odds
and ends- 618 M st. nw. de7-.!t
FOR SALE One square piano; Haines
Bros.' make; a bargain at $30. No. 929
E st. nw. de3-4t
FOR SALE A 100-egg Prairie State In
cubator. Address INCUBATOR, this
orfice. de4-7t-etn
FOR SALE Great bargain; steel steam
yacht Dioiie; 70 feet long; laige pilot
house, cabin and stateroom, just tho noat
for hunting and fishlug; would trade for
property; can be seen at Alexandria, Va.
Addiess WALTER B. TYLER, Fredericks
burg, Va. de3-7t-em
FOR SALE YoungCuban&nd Mexican par
rots, monkeys, gold fishes, dogs, pigeons,
canaries, incubators, Spratts and Austin's
dog bread; send Tor catalogue. SCHMID'S
UlKlSTORE 712 JL2th 6t. nw. oc8-tf
FOR SALE $2.98 for 6-ft extension
table, lounges, $2.50; cook stoves, $5;
heater, $2.30; parlor and bedroom suites,
$1 per week: cheap cash and credit. RED
MOND. 313 7th st. nw. oc30-tr,em
FOR SALE Sample lot or fine shotgunsat
sacrifice; call early and get a bargain.
JUL.1US COHEN, 1104 7tn st. nw.
PR I V ATE SNAP For men; sure cure: sale
by all druggists; 50 cents. nol9-lm-em
LOST Sky terrier; black spot over left
eye. Return to 800 llth St., and get
reward. de9-3t
LOST .At corner 9th and C sts. sw.. on last
Thursday evening, a brusselscarpct. Lib
eral reward if returued to J. H. CRON1E,
515 4 1-2 -St. sw. de8-3t,etu
LOST A ladles' gold collar pin, set with
pearls, Tuesday evening, while going to
or ieturning from New National Theater
from Dupout Circle. A liberal reward for
its return to E. T. GILMAN, 1420 N. Y.
ave. de8-3t,em
LOST-On Sunday, Nov. 28,1897, white
and yellow hound puppy, about 8 mos.
old. Finder will please return to 1 024 25th
ht. nw. and receive liberal reward.
LOST December 6, near 13th and O sts., a
ladles' gold hunting-case watch; liberal
reward. Address 1302 -1th st.nw.
BUY a lot for investment or home; Con
duit Road and Great Falls Electric Rail
way; within District; healthy; elevated;
terms easy; plats, etc. CLARK BROS.,
937 D St. uw. de7-l mo-em
PROF. CLAY-CldeTtcstablisliWcIaTrvoy-aut
advertising in thi lily; consult Urn
on business, lawsuits, uivorie, speculations,
separations: love or family troubles; can
tell you anything you wlsb u. know; brings
separated husband and v.lfe togetn
iuukes sweetheart or lover true; t-aiwes
marriages; removes speiU or n ysterh.ua
reelings; gives luck; Tee, 50 cents; hours.
10 to 10 dally. 489 U st. sw. do6-3t-em
ftflme Van Oerver,
The Renowned Adept in Palmistry,
Now In Washington, repeating her Kew
York success. Her wonaerful powers of
divination and ler aMlitv to lomasi the
future make her readings of the hand or
remarkable interest.
Hours 10 to 12 to 5 p. m. de3-!5t
Hr Choflrt'i niloridumDiscoveryforCon
U I. ii ii dli D 0 'umptton. Diabetes, and
u wBngnfs Disease. Reduced
in price.
Also treats successfully. Nervous and
Bruin D it-eases. Throat, Lungs, Catarrh,
Heart, Kidney, Liver, ajadder.aiid Stomach
Trouble, and Chronic Diseases. Price re
duced to- those beginning before the new
Tear. 1898. CmiSnltnlmit frH nn Unmbir.
i Wednesday, and Friday, a end Tor booklet
and symptom blank for "Dome" treat-
1232 14th St. Washington, D. C
ALL because lie didn't know the war. No
excuse now, as we are selling splendid
custom-made suits and overcoats, "worn
a little," at figures that'll make you stare.
Jt .- : H'S OLD STAND, 619 D st. nw.
BAD BILLS collected or no charge. H. D.
GORDON, lawyer. 1321 F. de7-3c
V. ANTED A lady of means, say $50,000
to $luo,000. to correspond wit,: a gentle
man with a view to matrimony; ex-U. S.
commissioner to Australia, ex-State Sen
ator a., px-U. S. consul to England. Ad
dres3 F. F. V .. P. O. Box 193. de7-4t
N. Y. ave. I llth aud I nv?.); circles
Tuesday and Friday evenings; interviews
daily; Sunday evening meetings, Typo
graphical Hall, 425 G st. nw. de0-7t-eni
Everbody8 Advisers.'
1 7
Queens of palmistry and scientific won-
ders, your life from cradle to the grave;
consultation on all matters. aU questions
answered, choice of 3 exuerts: Queens
answered, choice of 3 experts; Queens
8teila, Madge, and Juanlta. price within
reach of all, 10 cents; no otner charges?
spiritualists, mediums, and palmists Invited.
llll'Sl C.i', &V
th st. nw; trostaJrs-
Hours, ft 30 to li
a. m... 1 to 6, and 7 to
10 p.
Medium and card reader; Washington s
most famous clairvoyant and patentee; con
sult her on buMiieea, love and family af
fairs; reunites the separated, removes
spells; causes speedy marriage, and gives
good luck, open daily; German spoken; 2S&
and 50c 929 H st. nw. de-l5
nn ynniiP specialist,
Hi I Nli Cor. !2th
Treats successfully all diseases of tho
Nose. Throat. Lungs, Heart. Nerves. Brain.
Blood, Skin- btomach. Kidneys. Bladder.
Night Losses, Sexual Weakness, SypWrfa
and all Special Diseases of either sex.
Stricture, Varicocele aim Hydrocele cared
for life without operation. No pain. No
loss or time. Consultation and urinary
analysis free.
Tne nignest ree charged, wneuier you
have one or more diseases, ta
$5.00 A MOftlTH,
Which. Includes All Medicines.
Hours-10 to 12 and 3 to 5, ctaiiyr Sue
day, 11 to 12. de3--tf
The 3 Days" Cure
(for men) leads all remedies ia thin eJ7?
a prompt aud permanent care or uncharge;
consultation trva. DR. McKEl- ii v 716
1 2 th bt. nw. no23-lmo
MASS AG E. Manicure and Chiropmli-t 702
9th st. nw. de2-7t-eia
&1adarne LAi10fT5
The great Clalrvovant and Palmist, advice
and information on all affairs of life;
names in full, satisfaction guaranteed;
fee 50c and $1. laoau st.nw ue41moin
"When Others Fail, Consult
Xhe ii-osE able and successful SpeclaH35
In tne treatment of all Nervuus. Chronic,
t?klu and PRIVAl'E DIoEAbES- HIS
COMPLETE outfit of modern appliance,
X-RAY. Static. Faradic and Galvanic Elec
iricitv enables him to treat with success, es
pecially in Catarrh, Rheumatism, .Dyspepsia.
Kidney and Bladder Diseases, Sexual Weak
ness, Stricture, Hemorrhoids, Syphilis and
Diseases of Women, free consultation rrom
a to 0. 619 Pa. ave. nw., Washington.
u. U. nolO-tf
If you are ruptured, you should hava a
propuriy adjusted truss. One that will
retain the heruia. and yet be comTottable.
Our more than twenty years experience in
fitting, enables us to give satisfaction.
All trusses guaranteed.
Abdominal supporters, Elastic
Hosiery, Suspensories, Etc.
WasMngton Surgical MfdM House,
1 108 F btreet N. W.
DRESS SUITS for hue at Garner's. 7lh
and H sts. nol6-tf
Dr. Leatherman,
perience.) AU private diseases quickly and
permanently cured. SYPHILIS positively
cured m anj stage. Consultation Tree.
Hours, 0 to 12, I to 5. Tttes.,
Ttiurs). and Sat. evening. 1 to 8.
No. G02 K fit.
inv. Closed bnndtty.-
mxs DR. i
lu obstetrics, gold medal awarded for the
science of obstetrics from the University
of Munich, Bavaria; treats successfully
woman's complaints and irregularities; pri
vate sanitarium for Indies before and dur
ing confinement. Office hours fiom. 9
a. m. to 6 p. in., No. 619 Pa. ave. nw.
OO'J F Street Northwest.
Gold fllliugs and bridge work a spe
cialty, at the lowest price: amalgam rat
ings, 50c. full sets of teeth on plates, $5:
extracting either by gas or local spray;
absolutely painless, 50c, without, 2Bo- all
work done by experts and guaranteed the
best; open on Sundays from. 10 to 3
o'clock. mh22-u'
Docket 2-1. Issued Novemler 30, 1S97.
Application haviug been made to the
supreme court uf the Distnct of Columbia,
lioldlng orphans' court, for letters of ad
ministration on said estate, by James A.
Cas, his son, this is to give notice to ail
concerned to appear in mid court on FRI
A. D. 1897, at 10 O'CLOCK A. M., to show,
cause why such application should not be
Att-M.: J. N0TA McGILL,
de2.9.10-3t Register of Wilis. 1). C.
FOll niHE.
t FOR HIRE Nice horses, buggies, and day
tons; $1.30 and $2 per day. J. W.
PKhsTUN's SlABLES.bthaHCt 1 sts.nw.
FOR HIRE Full dress suits, $1 dnly.
JULIUS COHEN, 1104 7tn St. nw.
FOR HIRE To drummers and business
men, horse anil buggy or dayton, $2 per
day, and special prices for pleasure driv
ing. Apply tu the REX STABLES, iear
615 E st. nw.; telephone call. 109. ap30-tf
F5 4 ?
mmm mm as
FOR EXCHANGE Frame house; 5 rooms.
on N st. sw.: for diamonds or other jew
el ry. A ddress F . A . E. , this office.
deG 3t-em

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