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1 NEW lllli CHURCH
The Keller Memorial Chapel
Dedication Exercises.
Three- Interesting Services Coin-
uieiut.ru.te the Event Addresses
hy- Hev. Drs. 'Hiuipt, Weber nud
JJuher A Pew in Memory of
atlie r residents. Slot her.
Ttoe Keller .Memorial .Lutheran Church,
at tlie cornet of Maryland avenue and
Ninth street noitheast. was dedicated yes
lerday. "Hie interesting ceremony having
twea -wltMeeped by a congregation which
HHl the auditorium of the pretty little
Chanel to it utmost capacity.
Three servieefc were held Uie first at
11 a. m.. -when the pulpit was filled by
tfce Rev- C Elvin Haupt.ot Lancaster, Fa.
a raaito&n of Mr- Keller, in memory of
whom ttii- beautiful little church Ib named.
The Jtev. H. II. Weber, of York, Fa , tec
letary of tHe board of church extenafc'ti.
nmae an appeal for a special ofrerlng.
which was generously responded to. At 3
p in. there was a song and praise .r ice,
a -which the Kev. Dr. Weber spoVe on
U efficacy of conscientious gvlng.
Tins dedication service proper took place
at 7:80 p. mi., and was conducted hy the
Jtev. J. G Butler, pastor of Luther Flace
Mewortal Church, ai-sisted 'o the Hev. E
E. Baker, who preached the dedicatory
htrnKHJ- The Rev. Charles H. Butler, pas
tor o( Keller Memorial, offered the ciurch
fordedicc.tin,andthcRev. H H Weher.of
York, Pa., n.ade an appeal for financial
aid. Tite re-THr.be to the appeal for f hidii
cfal aiu was generous. At the three ser
vicer over $4,550 was pledged, besides
large banket offerings in caoh. At the
evening offering many took advauiag-j of
tltepp'rtHily to contribute by purchasing
iNMNorlal pews. The first of these will be
dedicated to the memory of SJf. 3e
Kmley, the mother of PreMdeut McKinley,
who died yesterday morning. Ti e Keller
Slowwrlal ChriHian Endeavor Society and
the Ladies' Aid Society subscribed to me
morial newt.
A special feature of tlie services was the
excellent limbic, which was- directed by
Mib. J. Millard, with Mrs. S. E. ReiU as
org&nii-t. Th choir was composed of the
foHawiug ladle- and gentlemen' Soprano -Mrs.
William T. Bawdier, Mrs. W. T.
Belts, Ml. LilHcBowdler, Miss Naomi Bos.-,
and Alls Henrietta. ClKwter. Contraltos -Mfi
Parkinson. Mis ElJtb Keck, Miss E'sie
Pailiusoii, Stiss Charlotte Chase and Mi
Itiec DeMontrevIlle. Tenors Mr. W.I
haif C. SouOer, Mr J K. Ileneh, Mr. A.
1 Hode-and Mr. J S. Manning. Bassets
Mr. 1). W. Keck, Mr. Adolph Bowlder, Mr.
Ctwrte F. Min nig and Col. Snow.
Kotier Memorial Church is tlte third mit
fcJon founded oy the Luther Place Me
morial Church. The building la constructed
of red brick, and In irUilicturnl design
is Romanesque. Rising auove the root are
tw casietlat&d tower, one over the chapel,
the other above the main building at the
northv t corner. Tle intenor is band
swnelj finished in oak. Tlie memorial
windows arc very beautiful, the one above
and iu the rear of the pulpit, "Cling to
tfee Crr," Iteiiig a constant rennnder to
all -who enter the church of their 'irst
a lat duty as Christians. On the lorth
Hide is a handsome memorial window to
the late Rev. Dr. and Mrs. S. D. Finkel,
beneath which ie a large picture f Luther.
The Lutlier window is dedicated to the
memory of Mrs. Ceeilli lloupt, the wife
of Gen. Haunt. On the west side is the
Ryneal n$emorial window, erected to the
Memory of the father and mother of Mr.
Georga Rvaeal, Jr, of this city.
The officer of the church are: Pastor,
C. II. Latter; elders, H. Boosch, treasurer;
li. A. Kalbach, O. A. T. Swain, M. D.;
deftoone, D. T. Batson, William Lohmar,
G. W. Sleln.
A social reunion of the congregation of
Keller -Memorial Church will be held this
evening at 7:30 o'clock in tlie Sunday
Botao&l loom.
The Brotherhood of Humanity Help
the Crittenton SH-sion.
The Brotherhood of Humanity League
met at Metzerott's Hall labt evening, when
addresses were made by Mr. Coffin and
Mrs. David I,. Gitt, on the reasoning
faculties of humanity.
This league dejslres to Iirtp the Florence
CrlUfiitoii Home. An appeal was made
to the members for the eighteen babies
wlio are taken care of there. The league
has a elans for young folks and children
at the hall or. F street every Sunday aft
wi'Mii MS o'clock, and Is trying to raise
nwney enough to buy a piano, so as 'to
ha"ie music to enliven the little folks.
Hnn a Child Down.
The four-year-old sou of Edward A.
Baulsir, an employe or the Bureau of En
graving and Printing, -was knocked down
and run over by a colored bieyolist in
front of his Jiome, No. 1009 D street
southeast, jesterday afternoon. The child
-was carried into its home, and Dr. Krog
etad, of No. 915 Sixteenth street, sum
taoned. He found that the little one had
sustained a fracture of the right clavicle,
and was otherwise badly cut and braised.
The cyclist -was locked up at No. 5 sta
tion, where he gave his name as Alexander
Officers Elected.
At the Inet regular assembly of En
oampment No. 23, TTnkm Veteran Legion,
oftioet for the ensuing jear were elect
ed as follows- Colonel, Ira Brasheare,; liuu-tcnanl-colonel,
John Jt. Stewart; ma;or,
Stanton Weaver; quartermaster, Lemuel
"Adums. surgeon, Alfred Pew. M. !., chap
lain, Bev . Stephen R. Whitney; officer of
th day. Peter Eager; trustee for th.-e
years, William "EL. Myers.
Your credit is good at LanoDurghV Fur
nlture House, 13th and F fata. ot3 u
Dr. Talmage Discourses on the
Ichthyology of the Bible.
The Finnj Tribe us the Second
Course in the Menu o l'nridise
A Spirited Attach on Modern In
digestible "Viand, The Philos
ophy of the Net.
Rev 1. DeWilt Tahimec delivered tlie
oJ.vthothisseriesot sermouson "God Every
wherci" at the rirtt Presbyterian Church
yesterdty morning, his subject boing the
"Ichthyology or the Bible; or God among
the fiblies." Tlie text was Genesis l.xx,
"And God said, let the waters bring forth
almndai t.j tlie moving creature that hath
Dr. Talmage spoke in part as follows:
"lilt not strage that the Bible imagery is
so inwrought from the fisheries," when tlie
Holy Land ib, for the most part, an inland
"The -world's geography has changed
Lake Galilee v. as larger and deeper and
bctto stocked than iioav, and no doubt
the rivers were deeper and the fisheries
were of far more importance then than
now. Beside that, there was the Med
iterranean Sea only thirty-five miles a way,
and tlie fish -were salted or dried and
brougt-t inland, and so much or thnt
article of food was sold in Jerusalem
that a fish market gave the name to on;
of the pates of Jerusalem nearby, and it
was called the Fish Gate.
"So important was the fish that the
god Dagun, worshiped by tlie Philistines,
-was made half fish and half man, anil
that ib the meaning of the Lord's indig
nation when in 1st Samuel Ave read that
this Dagon, the fish god, stood beside
the ark of the Lord, 'and Dagon wab bj
invisible hands dashed to pieces, bec.i-ise
the Philistines had dared to make tlie
fish a god.
"Laynrd ;fnd Wilkinson found the fish
an object of idolatry all thiough Aiyria
aim Egypt. The Nile was full of fish, ond
thar explains the horrors of the pligue
that slaughtered the fyjny tribe all up and
down that rier, -which lias been and is
new the main artery of Egypt's life. It
preceded the bird, the quadruped, the
huuau race. The fish has priority of
residence over every living thing. Tlie
next tiling done after God had kindled
fo: our world the golden chandelier of the
sun and the silver chandelier of the iroon
was tc make the fish. The first motion
of the principle of lite, a principle that all
tn ILousands or years since have not been
able to define or analyze, the very first
stir of life was in a fihh to confound the
soientihts. It does not take the uni
verse to prove a God. A fisli does it
No vender that Lianaeub and Cuvler and
Ag&sslr and the greatest minds of all
the centuries sat enraptured before Hs
anatomy- Oh, its beauty, aud the adapted-
'The .Lord, by placing the fish m the sec
ond course of the menu in paradise, making
it precede beast and bird, indicated to the
worldtheimportanceof the tlbhasanarticle
of hun.au food. We mix up a fantastic
foodtltct kills the most of us 1 efoiv 'hirti
years of age. Custards and wliipj.ed silla
bubs ai dl.on an piinehehnudchickeusaiadb
at midnight are a gauntlet that few le
atreiifUl to run. We put ou it.any a tcmb
stone epltaplw saying that the one beneath
died of pulriotio services or from exhaus
tion ip religious work, wl-en nothing killed
the poor fellow but lolwter eaten at a Tarty
Tour hoursaf ter he ought to ha e been sound
asleep In bed. No man or woman eter
amounted to anything'ho was brought up
on floating island or angel cake. The
world mufct turn back to paradisaic diet
if it is to get paiadUaic morals aud iiara
disaic health. The human race today needs
more phosphorus.
"The fools -who become Infidels because
they cannot understand the engulfment of
the recieant Jonah in a sea monster, might
have sawd their souls by studying a little
natural history. The fishermen think it
best to ) eep the useful aud worthless of
the haul In the same net until it is drawn
upo" the beaoh, and then the division Caks
place, and if it is on Long Island coast, the
moss bunkers are thrown out and the 'jlue
fish and shad preserved, or if it is on
the shore of Galilee, the fish classified as
siluroids are hurled back into the wate
or thrown up the bank as unclean, while
the perch aud the carp and the barbel are
put in pails, to be carried home for use.
Fo in the church on earth the paints and
the hypocrites, the generous and the mean,
the chaste and the unclean, are kept In the
same membership, but at death the division
will be made, and the good will bs gather
ed into heaven, and the bad, however aia-iy
holy communions they may have celebrated,
ard however many rhetorical prayers they
muy haveoffered.andhowev'er many yeaw
their names mayliave been on the church
rolls, will be cast away. God forbid that
anj of us should be among the 'oast
awaj.' "
A Di.cour-.e by Mrs. Richmond on
WisdoniH Paths.
ilrs. Cora L. V. IUchmond addressed a
large gathering yesterday morning at
Haccabee'b Temple, on tho "Paths of
wibdom that lead to the light."
Some of the thoughts of the admirable
discourse were:
Self conquest, achievement over self, is
the highest wisdom, and includes in
tellectual wisdom The ancients -who ar
rived at this idea attained spiritual per
ception through the paths of wisdom.
The opening or intuition through spiritual
growth affords added scope ror the human
mind, aud added power to humanity. In
every age there are some who are endowed
with this raculty in a high degree, but
they have reached it through paths of
The question Is, will you come? Wherever
there is spirit there is power of splntual
perception. The temple of wisdom, the
Kidney and. Bladder Troubles Quickly Cured.
You May Have a Sample Bottle of the Great Discovery,
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, Sent Free by Mail.
Men and women doctor their troubles so often without benefit that they get
dS'jjouraged and skeptical. In most such cases serious mistakes aie made in doctor
ing and not knowing what our trouble is or ivhat makes us sick. The unmistak
able evidences of kidney trouble are pain or dull ache In the back, too frequent de
sire to pass "wat'r, scanty supply, fcaldlng irritation. As kidney disease advances
the face looks sallow or pale, eyes puffy, the feet swell and sometimes the heart
acts badly. Should, further evidence be needHl. to find out the cause of sickness,
then set urine aside for twenty-four hours: a sediment or settling is also convincing
proof that our kidneys and bladder need doctoring. A fact often overlooked, cr
not always underbtood, is that -women ourfcr as much from kidney and bladder
trouble as men do.
Di Kilmer's Swamp-Root is the discovery of the eminent phjsician and
scientist, nnd as s ach is not recommended for everything, but "will be found just
wjint is needed in cases or kidney and madder disorders, or troubles due to weak
kidneys, uoh as catarrh of the Madder, gravel, rheumatism, or Bright's Disease
which, in fact, is only advanced kidney trouble.
The mild und extraordinary effect of this great remedy is soon realised. It
stnuds the highest for Its "Wonderful cures. Sold by drucgists. price fifty cents and
onedollar. So universally successful has Swamp-Rao'- been in quickly curing even
the most dibtressing cases, that If you -wish to Prove its wonderful merit you
may have a sample bottle and a book of valuable information, both sent abso
lutely tree by inatl. Mention The Morning Times, ai'd send your address to Dr. Kil
mer &. Co., Blnghnmton, N Y. The fnct hat this liberal offer appears in this pa
per is a guarantee of genuineness.
temple of light, is the temple of human
souls who have achieved the conquest
over self.
Precaution Against a Visitation by
the Scourge- Next Year.
There lb no doubt that grave fears are
entertained by experts in the emnloy of
the Government that an epidemic of yellow
feVer will visit the United States next year.
It lb a well-known fact among those who
make a study of this scourge that the sec
ond year's visitation Is muoh more bcvere
than the preceding.
Surg. Gen. Wynian, "when seen by a
Times reporter last night, said that a thor
ough ond scientific Inquiry was being
made by experts as to the nature of the
disease and more adequate means for pre
venting Its entrance into the United States.
Kent Criticises Contentment
With Poverty.
Ho Inveighs Agninst tho TJn charita
bleness of Certain Business
Methods and Principles.
Kev. Alexander Kent, pastor of the
People's Church, addressed his congrega
tion yesterday on "A man's life." Be J
drew his text from Luke, 12,xv: "Take i
heed and keep yourself rrom all covetous
ness, for a man's life coiiblsteth not in ttie
abundance of the things which he posses
beth." Dr. Kent stated that this text is usually
employed by the pulpit as an antidote
to tlie discontent arising from poverty, and
to remove that sense of wrong and in
justice which so often rankles in the
human breabt In view of the disparities in
human conditions.
"But," baid Br. Kent, "this interpreta
tion not only mibses the whole point of
the text, but arrajbit against the general
trend of Jesus' thought. And "hatls far
more important than this, it is unethical
and immoral, becnusu It teaches men to
rest content under wrongs and iujustlce
which they should oppose with all their
energy and might.
"One of the multitude that gathered
to listen to the now prophet bald. 'Master,
bid my brother divide the inheritance with
me.' But Jesus replied. '.Man, who made
me a judge or divider among ou7' This
was the province of a court, not of a
teacher, alien Jesus, turning to the people,
spake a parable unto them of a certain
rich man, who, when his barns wcie full,
built Mill larger ones, and then bestowing
his goods in these, congratulated himself
that as he had enough goods laid up for
inuny years, he 'might take his ease, eat,
drink and be nierrj, careless, of course, of
the need and miberj of his brothers about
him. But the time came when Death
stood at his door and demanded his life,
and then he realized what a fool he had
beon iu concentrating all his thoughts
and affections upon things from -which
he mubt part.
"So, bald Jesus, he that iajeth up
treasure for hinibelf who is concerned only
about hib own ease, his own comfort, his
own happiness, and is not rich toward
God is not rich in those divine affections
and activities which give one fellowship
-with God, und which is their sphere of
action m enlarging and enriching the 11a es
of others. Now, there Is nothing in all
this to warrant any poor man in being
content with his poverty, or in being sat
isfied with a sjbtem that brings iiulllons
to the few and misery to tho many.
"A nation that makes material gain itx
chief end and aim will always be ruled
by the men who hold the bulk of its
wealth, and especially by those who Control
its medium of exchange. Our only hope
ot salvation today is the hope that men
may be induced to see the folly and
wlckednebs of this miserable Hrife ror ma
terial gain hy the "t arious legalized methods
of exploitation and robbery which men
have dignified or have sought to dignify
with the name ot 'business," and that,
in a spirit of mutual regard and brotherly
kindness, they may be led to put a-ay
every form of device for exploiting and I
defrauding each other, and adopt a system
In which justice and the law of reciprocal
service bhall have recognition."
Bessie King, Colored, Arrested
for Infanticide.
The Ancient Order of Hibernians
Elect Officers City Council
Tal.es Cure of the Poor.
Alexandria, Dec 12. Bessie King, aslx-toen-year-old
colored girl, is detained at
the Alexandria Infirmary, on suspicion of
having murdered her infant child. Annie
Clark, an auut, will probably be charged
with being an accessory to the crime. Tlie
dead infant was found In Bessie King's bed.
On examination by Dr. Jones for the
coroner, marks ot violence were found on
the child's body. An inquest will be
held tomorrow.
Tlie annual meeting of Alexandria Di
vision, Ancient Order of Hibernians, took
piace this arternoou at .1 o'clock. The lol-
lowing onicers were eiectea tor me ensu
ing year. President, 'M. It. O'Sullivan;
vice president, William Desmond; secretary,
George F. Bradley; financial secretarj , Ed
ward W. Berrill; treasurer, William II.
Sweeney; sergeant-nt-anns. M. J. ilcFar
land; doorkeeper, Daniel McCauley; chair
man standing committee. William H.'Breen.
The residence of Mr. Chnrleb H. Herbert,
at 111 South Columbus street, was burg
larized at an early hour this morning, and
robbed of $5.
Daniel Corbin, colored, wab arrested this
evening by Policeman Knight, charged
with selling liquor on Sunday and without
a license.
Harry Bryant, colored, "who has been
-wanted by the police here for some time,
was captured this evening by Policeman
The committee on poor of the citv council
has awarded the contract for furnishing
wood to the poor to Mr. T. J. Fanncn, at
$3.13 per cord.
Ung-Punehing Contest.
The Violet Social Club will entertain
its friends tonight at Typographical Hall
with an attractive athletic and musical
program, to be followed by a hop. A
feature of the entertainment will be a
bag-punching contest. A handsome gold
medal will be given for the best exhibi
tion of the art- A number of experts in
this line of athletics have entered for the
Lew Fee Covers Full
Treatment and All
Cor. 12th and P Sts.
Treats successfully all dlsca-.es of the
Nose, Throat, Lungs, Heart, Nerves, Brain,
B'ood, Skin, Stotmuh. Kidneys, Bladder,
Mglit Losses, Sexual Weakness, Syphilis
and all Special Diseases of either sex.
Stricture, Varicocele and Hjdrocele cured
for life without operation. No pain. No
loss or time. Urinary Analysis fiee.
Houis-iu to la and 3 to 5 daily;
Sunday, 11 to 12.
del 1-tf-em
District of Columbia nslihigtoii, D. C,
December 8, lb.97. To Whom Ft May Con
Seni'.i e c"!niIssIon created by section
T, 0,r0He act of Congress approved -March
- 1893, entitled "An act to provide a
permanent system of highwuys in that
part of the bistrlet or Columbia lying out
side of cities, ' has received rrom the Com
missioners of the District of Columbia a
certified copy or a map showing a pro
posed permanent system of highways in
the District of Columbia within the area
w-est or Uock Creek. This map and plats,
showing In detail how each lot and tract
s afreoted by the proposed system of
highways, are now on exhibition in room
No. 17, rourth rioor or the District build
ing. All persons interested are invited to
examine the map and plats. The com
mission will consider any suggestions or
protests concerning the location or any
highway or portion or a highway as shown
on the map. The suggestions and pro
tests must be in writing and must set
Torth clearly the reasons for the changes
and show the property owned or controlled
by the objector. All protests, and so Torth,
must be submitted on or before the
be addressed to the Chief of Engineer,
U. S. Army, War Department. Washing
ton, D. C. The commission will meet April
14,1898. at 9:30 o clock a-m., In the
orrice of tlie Secretary of War. to dispose
or all objpotions, and will then hear orally
lrom thos w ho desire to thus support their
written objections.
It. A. ALGER, Secretary ot War.
C. N. BLISS, Secretary or the Interior.
Chief ot Engineers, U. S. A.,
delO-lut etS Highway Commission.
SPIRITUALISM Miss Maggie Gaule" will
be at 905 II street northwest every day
during this week. Woun s Hall. Friday
night, as usaal. de!2 7t
SPECIAL NOTICE By a vote of the
stockholders, taken on the 7th instant,
the OHIO NATIONAL BANK Is to go into
voluntary liquidation on FRIDAY,
DECEMBER 31, 1897. The ob
ject Is to change the lmnk into a
Savings Bank, which will also receive de
posits subject, to check. The new Bank
will open in th- same building on or
beroro January X, 189b, and we will be
glad to have our patrons transfer their
accounts froui the Ohio National to the
new bank, which will he called the WASH
will be S100.000. Interest "will be paid
on depotits, and eVerv erfort will be made
to accommodate our patrons. J. D. TAY
LOR. President. Ohio Natioual Bank.
COLLECTOR'S bALE-Bj virtue ot au
thority vented in me as collector of
taxes lor the Second collection district
or Charles county, Md., I will sell at pub
lic tale to the highest bidder Tor cash, on
the premises, on DECEMBER 20, 3 897,
between the hours of 11 and 12 a. in., the
following real estate, or so much thereof
as may he necessary to satisfy State and
county taxes, due ror the year 1895, by
John C Lang, to wit:
One tract of-laud containing 10 acres,
more or less, sittiated in the 4th election
district and Ijlng on the southwest side
of the II. It. near Lothalr, and asses-sed in
the name of Samuel Thomas.
Due ror county tax for 1895 S2.00
Due for State tax. Tor 1895 30
Interest from January 1, 1890
The proceeds of the said sale will also
be applied to settle the following taxes,
also due by wild John C. Lang, tax on land
assented in the name of Jno. E.Ware
Dae for county tax Tor 1&95 1.03
Dues Tor State tax ror 1895 18
Interest rrom January 1, 1896 . ..
Alo on tract or land nssesNod in the name
or W. W. Ware's heirs.
Due Tor county tax ror IS05 .. 552.37
Due Tor State tax Tor 1895 9.02
SO 1.39
Interest from January 1, lt9G, to
June 22, 1897...; 5.52
By cash paid by A. Toscy 5.00
Ealancc due 01.91
Interest from June 22, 1897
The above property will lie sold by the
collector as authori7ed bj article 81, sec
tion 56, or the Code or Public General
Laws, entitled Revenue and Taxes, sub
titled Sale by Collectors, and the proceeds
"will be applied to the pajment of taxes
for the above vear, with all costs that
may Accrue under this sale.
WM. J FRKRE. Collector.
Harris Lot P. O., Charles Co., Md.
FLO 5TD On Sunday, December 12, 1897,
at r.:25 a- in., DELIA L., beloved wife
of C M. Floyd.
Funeral from her late residence, 908
New Hampshire avenue, Tuesday, Decem
ber 14, at 9 a. m. It
DAVIS On Saturday, December 11,
1897. at 8 30 p. iu., HARRISON, the be
hived husband of Bertha Davis, in the
thirty-first year of hib age.
'Tis hard to break the tender cord,
When love hub bound the heart.
"Tis hard, so hard, to speak the words:
"We must rorever purt."
Dearest loved one, we must lav thee
In the peaceful grave's embrace.
But thy memory will be cherished
Till -we see thy heavenly face.
By ins WIFE.
Funeral will take place from his late
residence, x.o. 1302 Hnlf street southeast,
on Tuesday, December 14, 1S97, at 2
p. m.
Boston papers please copy. it
, dS- CKMAN On Saturday, December 11,
189 it at i o clock p. m., BARBARA L
HOCKMAN, (nee May), beloved wife ot
John R. Hockman, aged thirty-two years
and six months.
Funeral fiom her late residence, No. 1627
Twelfth street northeast, on Tuesday, De
cember 11, at 9:15 a. m. Requiem massat
thelloly Isame Church at 10 o clock. Rela
tives and friends are respectfully invited
to attend. i
ico-L,L,AD0n SundaV. December 12,
t..iV.V -i ,' "Airily u., Deloved
AvlTe of James O. Holland.
Funeral Services Tuesday, at 2.30 p. m..
from her late residence, No. 20S F street
northwest. Funeral private. del3-2t
BATEMAN On December 11, 1897. at
7:30 a. m., JOHN BA1EMAN, aged twenty-four
years, beloved sjn or Annie E.and
the late Thomas J. Bateman
Funeral will take place from parent's
residence, No-3410 O street northwest, on
Monday at 9 a. m. , thence to Trinity
Church, where requiem mass will be said
for the repbse of his soul. Friends and
relatives invited. it
Jack Daly Goes to New Orleans.
New York, Dec. 12. Jack Daly, of Wil
mington, Deb, left for New Orleans today.
He has been matched to meet Jack Ever
hardc before the Tulane Athletic Club, on
December 30, at catch weights, for twenty
rounds, for h purse of $2,500 aud a per
centage or the gate receipts. Sam Fitz
patnek, Daly's manager, who leaves for
the South tomorrow, said tonight that he
would try to arrange a match for Daly to
fight Dick Burge at London, in April next.
If the Burge match falls through Sam
says Daly will tackle the winner of the
Lavignc-Griffo contest.
"Will Bo Iteinstatetl.
Cincinnati, Dec. 12. The Wehtern Turf
Congress will hold a called meeting De
cember 20, and formally rembtate the
owners, trainers, jocke8 and horses out
lawed for participating in thePimlko races
after December 1. It Is quite probable,
too, that the congress will formally agree
with ths jockey club at the meeting on the
Jurisdiction question.
Do j on liiiovv ti.nt you can have
The ilorniii'i, Evening mid Sunday
Times-the o. ly COMPLETE new
paper published in Washington
served to you by carrier lor flc'y
ccnts a mouth?
Dr. Stafford's Views of the Power
of Christianity.
Some Seasonable Heniinisccnees of
the Birth und Progress of tho
Christian Heligion.
Dr. D. J. Stafford preached at St.
Patrick'b Church yesterday morning an elo
quent sermon on the lessons of the Christ
mas season.
The preacher said that when we look
back to the beginning of Chu&tianlty and
the great moral and religious revolutions
that followed, the more we think about
It, the more it seems to be the work of
God. Homer among the poets and Plato
among the philosophers were called divine,
but the were only bo In the broad sense.
The Lord -was divine in a literal sense.
In tlte early days or the Roman empire
Christianity -vvab iu Its cradle. Eighteen
hundred years afterward a traveler visits
Rome and sees the Roman forum a place
of rulnbund the spot v here Caesar's house
stood a place or vlblons and bats. He bees
whut Christianity is, but where ib the
old Rome.'
There must needs have been- some
cause Tor this great change Christ caused,
and we ask Who is this Jesun Christ'.'
It Is the supreme question ot life, and
the most Important that has ever agitated
the world.
Christ could have gained popularity bet
ter than the Gracchi; et He .did not.
He refused to appeal to the sword. He
did not use the power of genius, for He
chose as disciples men dull ot mind and
blow of belief. He was cither God or
au imposter, and no man can pass him
by like the agnostic without considering
Him either oue or the other. No man,
school, philosopher, scientist, or govern
ment can be indifrerent to Him. lie was
divine, and we see that He set up a
great center ot Christianity in the very
center ot paganism. Christus rcgnat,
Christus vineit, Christus imperat.
Don't be nersuaucd into bujiiig liniments
without reputation or merit Chamber
lain's Pain Balm costs no more, anil its
merits have t een proven by a test or many
ears. Such letters as the following from
L.G.Bagley.Huenenie, Cal., are constantly
being received "The best remedy for pain I
have ev cr used is Chamberlain's Pain Balm,
and I say so after haing used it in my
family for beveral years." It cures
rheumatism , lame back, sprains and swell
ings. For tale by Henry Evans, wholesale
andretaildrugpUt,938P st. and Conn. r.ve.
audS st.nw. and 1-128 Md.avp. ue.
Tour credit Is good at Lansburgh's Fur
niture Houso, 13th and F bts. oc3-tf
Should be read dally, as changes may
occur sit any time.
FOREIGN MAILS are forwarded to
the ports of bailing dailv, and the bchedule
or closings is arranged on the presumption
or their uninterrupted overland transit.
For the wccjC ending December 18 tLe last
connecting cJobes will be made at this
rfKe ab follows.
Transatlantic Alalia.
MONDAY (b) At 7.20 p. in., tor Ger
many, Denmark, Sweden, Norway (Chris
tiana), and itussia, per s. s. Trave, from
rsew York, via feoutnampton ana Bremen.
Letters for other parts ot r-urope, via South
ampton, must be directed "Per Trave .'
iuUBDiH (UiMb -Op. nu, lor Europe,
per s. s. St. Louis, from New York, via'
(Southampton. .Letters lor Ireland must
be directed "Per St. Louib." tc At
ll.lo p. m., for Europe, per a s. Teutonic,
trom isevv iork, via Queenstown. tc) At
11-10 p ui., lor Leigium direct, rer s. s.
Noordiand, irom New iork, via .Antwerp.
Letters must be directed "'Per Noord
land." FRIDAY (b) At 9.20 p. m. for France,
.Swti7erlaud, Italy, bpalu, l'ortugul, Tur
key, Egypt and Bntisn India, per &. s.La
Gascogue-, from New York, -via Havre.
Letters for other parts of Europe must be
directed 'Ter La Gascogne." (c) At 11 10
p. m. for Genoa, per &. s. Ems, from New
York. Letters must be directed ' Per
Ems." (cj At 11 .10 p. m. for Lurope, per
s. s. Umbria , from New York, via Queens
town. (c)At 11 10 p. iu. ror fccotland
direct, per s. s. Ethiopia, rrom New York,
via Glasgow. Letters inuot be directed
"Per Ethiopia."
"I'KiNTivU MATTER, ETC. -German
steamers sailing irom New York on Tues
days take printed matter, etc., Tor Ger
many, and specially auuressed printed
matter, etc., torotner parts or Europe.
The American and White Star steamers
sailing rrom New iork on Yv eunetua , tne
German steamers on Thursdays, and the
Cunard, French and Gcrmau steamers on
Saturdas take printeu matter, etc., for
all countries tor which the are auverilseu
to carry malls.
Mails for South and Central Anieiv
ica, "West Indies, &c.
MONDAY (c) At 10 05 p. m., for Be
lize and Guatemala, pei steamer trom New
Orleans, tc) At 11 10 p. m., for Venez
uela and Curacao: also bavnnilla and Car
triagena, via Curacao, per s. s. "Venezuela,
from New York, ic) At 11 10 p. m ror
lnagua and Haiti, per s. b. Saginaw, rrom
New iork. (c) At 11 10 p. m. Tor New
foundland, per s. s . Portia, lrom New York.
(C) At 11 10 p. in. for Grenada, Trimdad
and 'iobago, per s. b. Grenada, from New
port. '1 LESDA Y (d) At 1 2 05 p. m., for New
foundland, per bieamer rrom Nortn bvuney.
(a) At 3.20 p. m., ror Jamaica, per steamer
from Boston, lcj.it 10.05 p. m ,for Costa
Rica, per s. s. lrom New La-leans, tc) At
11 10 p. ni., for Jamaica, per s s. Phila
delphia, (c) At 11.10 p. ni , ror North
o.-aii, per s tciciue, rioiu iew iork,
via Para, Maranham and Ceara.
WEDNESDAY (o) At 11:10 p. m., for
Bermuda, pir s. s. Trinidad, trom New
York, (o At 11:10 p. m., for Nassau, N. P.,
and Santiago ue Cuba, per s. s. Niagara,
from New York.
i muAi -vc; -at 11 10 p. in. Tor St.
Thomas, St. Croix, Leeward and Wind
waru Islands, per m. t,. Fontnbelle, rrom
New York, tc) At 11 10 p. in. Tor Fortune
Island, Jamaica, Savamila and Grey
town, per s. s. Adirondack, Trom New
iork. Letters lor Costa Rica imu&t he
directed "Per Adirondack." (c) At 11.10
p. in. tor Haiti and Santa Martha, per " r-.
Hoistein, from New York. (c)At 11:10
p. in. Tor Campeche, Chiapas, Tabasco and
Yucatan, per s. s. Seneca, from New York.
Letters for other parts or Mexico must be
directed "Per Seneca."
SATDRDAY-(d) At 105 p. m. for
Newfoundland,, per steamer from North
Mullb for Newfoundland, by rail to Hal
Iiax aim tnence via steamer, close Lere
daily, except Sunday, at 12:05 p. m.,
and on Sundays out at 11:35 a. in. (d)
Malls for Miquelon, by rail to Bobton
and thence via steamer, close here daily
at 3:00 p. ni. (a)
Malls tor Cuba (except those tor San
tiago de Cuba, which will be torwarded via
New York up to and Including the 11 10
p. m., clobe Wednesday), close here daily
at 3.00 p. m., tor forwarding via steamers
sailing Mondays anil '1 hursdays from Port
Tampa, Fla.., to Havana, (e)
Mails for Mexico, overland cexcept those
for Cnmpeche, Chiapas,! ababco.and Yuca
tan, which, alter tne ednendny overland
closing, will be forwarded vln Now York
up to nnd including the 11 10 p. in., clos
ing Friday), close here daily at 7.10
a. m. Id)
Transpacific Mails.
Mails for China, Japan and Hawaii, per
s. s. City ot Pekin, from San Francisco,
close here daily up to 6:40 p. in. Decem
ber 12. Id )
Mails for China and Japan, pjr s. s.
Tacotna, from Tacoma, close here daily
up to 0.40 p. m. December 12. (d.)
Mails for Hawaii, per s. s. Australia,
rrom San Francisco, close here daiiv up
to b 10 p. m. December 22. (d.)
Mails tor the Society Islands, per ship
Tropic Bird, rrom San Francisco, close here
daily up to G 40 p. in. December 25. (d.
Mails ror China and Japan, specially ad
dressed only, per s. s. Empress of India,
Trom Vancouver, close here daily up to
0:40 p- ni. , December 27. (d)
Mans lor Australia (except thoe for
West Australia). New Zealand, Hawaii,
Fiji and Samoan Islands, per s. s. Moana,
from San trancisco, close here daily up
to 6:40 p. ni. . December 31. (d)
Malls ror Australia (except those for West
A ustraha) New Zealand, Hawaii aud FIJI
Islands per s. s. Mlowera. from Vancouver,
close here daily after December 31 up
to 6:40 p. in. January 3, 1898.(d)
(a)Registered malls close at 10:00 a. tn.
same day.
(b)Registered malls close at 1:00 p. m.
same day.
(c)Regibtered malls close at 6:00 p. m.
same day. ...
(d) Registered malls close at 0:00 p. m.
previous day.
(e)Registered mails close at 1:00 p. m.
Tuesdays and Saturdays.
JAMES P. WILLETT Postmaster.
2 'otir Cicdil Is Good. "
from the number of orders we
have already taken to be he'd
till Christmas, the fashion of
ma', ing- gifts of Furniture is
more pronounced than ever
this year. We are weU pre
pared with an excellent line
of holiday goods, and will
deliver them when you wish.
ROCKER Cobbler
Beat polished oak or
mahogany finish. Hold
Ui .. . .1, i l
hoHda price
A hundred other different styles
in all kinds or wood from $d to
TABLE, solid polished quartered
oak or mahogany finish under-
miL-ji. uic iCKUinr m t j
Our holiday price nrg
Fully a hundred other styles of
tables In mahogany, bird's eye
maple, quartered oak, brass, with
onyx tops, etc., at prices from
S4 to $50.
WRITING DESK, in solid pol
isued oak oi mahogany rlnibh.
Splendidly finisheuin- ' g
side and out a regu- $. U, h p g
lar?8.50 value. Our ,! gig
holiday price is .... WU3UU
Fully thirty other styles of Desks
In bird's eye rnaple, solid mahog
any, quartered oak. Inlaid mahog
any, etc., from S10 to 50.
CHIFFONIER Solid rolished
Oak, five drawers, large mirror
top. You could not . . yj
duplicate it under K" BS 3?jfl
?14. Our holiday
price is
We've dozens or different klnd3
of Chiffoniers in mahogany, quar
tered oak, white enamel, bird's eye
maple, etc., with or without mir
rors, from SI 5 to $75.
LAMP AND GLOrjE, complete.
The Famous Rochfrf- ... -. ,u
ter Burner. $4.50 fe" fill
is the usual pilce. . Ti TSl
Ours yJ&.3-UlJ
Fifty other styles st least, ranging in
price from iSJiO to iS.
So many things we might
mention Toilet Tables,
Cheval Glasses, Shaving
Stands, China Closets, Book
Cases, single pieces of fur
niture for the parlor Cor
ner Chairs, Divans, Easy
Chairs, Fancy Chairs in
gilt or enamel, Tabourettes,
Sideboards, or suites for
every room. All make
most acceptable gifts.
"Cash or Credit."
ui iistui o u
1 226 F St,
Elegant Silver plated Ware, great va
riety ot styles. Rogers' celebrated Cut
lery ot every ueKsrlption. and many uviful
articles suitable for presents.
Saleroom. Corner loin uiid Pa. ave. nvr ,
AT 11 O'CLOCK A. M. and 7 30 P M.
Tho-e Intending to purchase bhould call
early, vvulle the stock is large to select
from. Ladies are particularly invited,
and chairb will be provided for their com
J. P. HALL, Manager,
WALTER B. WILLlAMt & CO., Auc'rs.
By virtue of that deed of trust, dated
November 20,1804. and duly recorded in
liber 195.5, folio 154 et serj., of the land
records of tho District of Columbia, de
Tault having been made In payment and by
request oT the holder or the Indebtedness
described ihereiu, the undersigued will of! er
at public sale in front or the premises on
THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10, lb97, at 4.
O'CLOCK P. M., sublot dne hundred and
twenty-nine of the National Capital Invest
ment Company's subdivision ot lots In
square eight hundred nnd rifty-sK, as per
plat recorded in the office of the surveyor
o" said District, in liber No. 16, folio 62,
with all thR Improvements thereon, subject
to an incumbrance of $1,500,1 ull particu
lars of which will be announced at time
or sale. Terms, all cash, above the arore
said incumbrance. A deposit ot 5100 re
quired of purchaser, and terms to be com
plied with in ten days, otherwise a re-sale
at risk and cost ot defaulting purchaser.
All conveyancing at purcnaser's cost.
CHAS.G. SLOAN & CO., Trustees.
Auctioneers- deO-d&da
By virtue of a deed of trust given to me
and duly recorded in liber 2150, at folio 390
et seq., one of the land records for the
District of Columbia, and at the request of
the party secured thereby, I will offer for
sale, at public auction, In front ot the
premises, on I'UhbDAY, THE 14TH DAY
O'CLOCK P. M., the following described
real estate situate In the city of Washington,
District or Columbia, known and distin
guished as lot thirty seven (37), in square
rivehundredandeleveu lolD.lnllnrt augtfs
and others, commissioners, subdivision of
lots in square rive nunured and eleven
(oil), a said subdiviouin is recorded in
the office or the t-urvejor of the District
of Columbia, iu book W. F., page one hun
dred and Mxty-onetlCl), together with the
improvements, rights, &c.
Ihis property will be sold subject to two
prior deeds of trust for $4 ,000 and ?30 0, re
spectively, with accrued Interest, the bal
ance in cash.
Terms: Over trusts cash. A deposit of
5000 required at the time of sale. Terms
to be complied with within fifteen daja
from the day of sale otherwise the trustee
reserve the right to re-sell the property at
tlu rink rtiui cost or the defaulting pur
chaer after five days' previous advertise
ment of such re-sale In some newspaper
published in Washington, D. C.
All conveyancing, recording, et cetera, at
the cost of the purchaser.
, , BENRY WEX, Trufetee.
deS-d&dsxS-l Ot.em
By virtue of a decree ot the supreme court
otthe District ot Columbia, passed in equity
cause 18,137. the undersigned tnibtee. .viil
orrer ror sale by public auction in Trent
otthe premises on THURSDAY, 231) DAY
OF DECEMBER, A. 1). , 1897,at4 O'CLOCK
P. M. , the following described real estate,
situated iu the city ot Washington, District
oT Columbia, to wit: Lot No. 6 Iu McWlIl
iams' subdivision of lots in square 53G. to
gether with all the Improvements, rights,
etc. Thisproperty vvillbjsuld.subject.liow
ever, to a former deedor trust for SI, nun,
which is duly recorded in Liber 2,121,
fol. 220 et req. of the land records for the
District of Columbia.
Terms lover trust) Cash or deposit of
9100 required upon acceptance of bid; terms
to be complied with In firteen days. Con
veyance, etc., at the purchaser s cost.
dell-eod&ds 412 5th st. nw.
J. E. FRECHIE& CO., general auctioneers,
316-18 8th st. nw.; furniture sales every
Tuesday and rriil.ij, 10 a. in., crockery
trade sales Thursdays 10 a. m.: consign
ments received dally for above sales,
de 1-3 mo-em
IS 4
Fnan45.AySVswa Universal Favorite
.mureas UOX. 6, this orrice. del 3-3 1
FOR SALE Baker's Portable oven zrnnii
If Taken' nl V -i$?D.T&rIato
orrice 1U Ck' Adllr3 MILLARD, this
until. del3-3t
for26. Address Wthfa otncefe VJjfeg
FS7 sSU)Lt7Flrst-clH feewlns machine.
ji.jiu, lo, o years guarantee Pirvtr-i
BC 8e' del2-3t
EKWRg gffa,na - lj
aVat Sh
n del-' 4t
FCcI,ib,Li:AA, 7-eKS rnrirta State In
i.r; .. or- Atluress INCUBATOR, this
ortiu.. cell-Item
F ?mir P-- !nU,a shaw! at,e tHa,
Half price. 501 M at, nw. dell-Jt
FOR SALE-A -B.-B.-C" -US Union
j.Ti r,rr ,7;:r;r -."'? v . fl. u
l riU. ,,hi " "L V0"' crai terms to
'orrice P y AaUre8 CANON, this
FOR SALE Stein way square pfctao. ia
-.. wiiuitiuu w (lira i j, an c)?ehii( WuriHt
mas gift. 122-1 I bt. nw. dell-St
Fo,.,s,AL,E";Chrlst,"ai gardens at FRED
REH e, us loth st. nw. delti-lBt-wu
J? Olt A l.K Vniint. I,,,.. .. .L...I luin
rots, moBKeyb, gold riahes, dogs, pigeons
cauaneb.incuOv.tors, bpratta aud Austin's
uo bread, send ror catalogue. aCHMID'S
BIRD bTORE.712 12th sSnwroc3-U
FOR SALE-$2.98 for 6 ft extension
table, lounges. $2.50; cook stoves, $5:
heater, $2.50, parlor and Dedruom suites,
SVA'.'vS "?'.?,:.kctie"1P ca&si ana credit. RED
MOND, J1J uhaCnw. oe30-tf,em
FOR SALE Sample lot or fine shotgunaat
sacnrice; call early and get a bargain.
JUi.iU.5 CouE. 1104 7m st. uwT
PJ l v A.TE SNAP For men, sure cure; sale
hy all druggists. 50 cents. nolO-lnvem
Last Weekllere or
Advice on all affairs of life.
505 12th st. nw.
C. M. R. would like to hear rrom G. M. R.
eail at the house or say where I can
see 3ou, very important. del 3-8 1
The 4'3 Days" Cure
tfor men) leads all remedies In tkln olfcy
a prompt antf permanent cure or no charge,
COUMiIuitlou Tree. UK. McKlSEIIAN. 7 ib
12 th st. nw. no2S-lmo
ASTROLOGICAL, hand, and card read-
-J.'.!!? iS dates given, ntttsg this
dei'?3 aml $I" " st
Your life from cradle to grave, past
preeut. and f more, without mistake luv.-,
marriage, and divorce, lost and stolen
articles traced; advice on all bustsess mat
ters, a chance for every man, woman, and
child; the rulers of fortune tellers, choice
of a full camp, the Romany Gypsy Village,
where other fail we meet wta soocev,
epiwuit Madge. Stella, and Juamta, Gjpsy
Camp, 725 7th st. nw.. price this week,
toe no other charges, no fKe. hours.
9:30 tp 12 in, 1 to 6 and 7 to 10 p. m.
MMK. LA RUE, Medium, tells past ai.d
.PIS"1! ives ,u'; 're New Year s.
1223 1-2 F nt. nw., wate upstairs,
MADASIE RKTT.A.card reatler.cJairvovant
and trance medium. 20c, 30c and 1.
ul N. i.ave. nw. delo lo
ALBUMINARIA and Dropsy ia Brlght'i
Disease of the Kidneys promptly reliev
ed. Over 100 testimonials, amoag tfieru
Gov. W. Y. Atkinson. U. a. Seaators Bacnu
and Clay, Members or Congress, on f Ue in
offfcv. Correspondence aorictted. J. A.
AVESTLAKE. M. D.. Rooms 12 and It
Metzerott Building. Hours. 10 30 to 5
P- m. cte0-6t-em
ALL becau-e lie uidn t know tu w a - n
excuse now. as we are cebing sphuud
custom-made suite and kverroats. "worn
a little.- at figures that'll iwi,? you st ir
Jl'STH'S OLD STAND. 61 D ft. aw.
N- Y. ave. illth and I nw.), eirclea
Tuesday and Friday evenings, latere ws
daily; Sunday evening meetings, Typo
graplilcal Hah, 425 G Am. ueti-Tt-em
Medium and enrd reader, Washington's
most famous clairvoyant and paliutet; coa
sult her on business, love and family af
fairs; reunites the separated, removes
spells, causes speedy marr.ages, and gives
good luck, open daily, German spoKen. 26C
and 7Mt. 929 H st- nw. de6-13t
iadame LAfViOftT,
The great Clairvoyant and Palmist, advice
and information on all affairs of life:
names in run, satisfaction guaranteed;
fee oQc and Si. 13u3 u st nw de-llmo-em
W hen Others fail, Consult
I ne most able and successful Specialist
in the treatment of all 2iervuus, Chronic,
fcktii and PRIVAl'E DlfcEASES- HIS
COMPLEI'E outfit ot modern appHanee,
X-RAY, Static. Faradlc and Galvanic Elec
tricity enables hhn to treat with success. b3
peclally in Catarrh, Rheumatism, Dyspepsia.
Kidney and Bladder Diseases, Sexual Weak
ness, Stricture, Hemorrhoids, Syphilis and
Diseases of Women, free consultation from
a tod. 010 Pa ave. nw., Washington
n. U. noio-tf
If you are ruptured, you should have &
properly adjuster, truss. One that wnl
retain the hernia, and yet be comfot table.
Our more than twenty year' experience 1r
fitting, enables us to give satisfaction
All trusses guaranteed.
Abdominal iMipporters, Klnstic
Hosiery, Suspensories Etc.
WasWngton Surgical Mnimsnt Ib&.
ilUS F btreetiN. W.
DRESS SUITS for hire at Garner's. 7th
and H sts. nol6-tf
Dr. Leatherman.
EXPERT SPECIALIST. (25 years' ex
perienc e.) All private disease quickly and
permanently cured. SYPHILIS positively
cured m any 6tage. Consultation free.
Hours, U to 12, 2 to 3. Tues.,
Thurs. und Sat. evening?,, 7 to 8.
No. 002 F st. nw. Closed Sunday.
tyirs, OR, REfflNER.
in obstetrics, gold medal awarded for Uw
science of obstetrics from the University
of .Munich, Bavaria, treats successfully
woman's complaints and irregularities; pri
vate sanitarium for ladles before and dur
ing confinement. Office hours from 9
u. m. to 6 p. ui., No. G19 Pa. ave. aw.
sc3 tf
aOIi F Street North-west.
Gold fillings and bridge work a spe
cialty, at the lowest price, amalgam rul
ings, 50c. full seta ot teeth on plates, 55;
extracting eltner by gas or local spray,
absolutely painless. 50c. without, 25c; all
woik done by experts and guaranteed ta
best, open oa Suudavs from 10 to 3
o'clock. nih22-tf.
CEASED. No. 7349. Docket 22.
Hannah Kelly, administratrix, has, with
the approval or the Supreme Court or the
District ot Columbia, holding a special
term for Orphans' Court business, appointed
FRIDAY. DEC. 31, lS97.at 10 O'CLOCK
A. -M- as the time, and said court as the
place, for makingjpayment and distribution
under tlie court s direction and control;
when and where ail creditor? and persons
entitled to distributive shares or legacies
or a residue, are notified to attend in per
son or by uRent or attorney duly author
ized, with their claims against the estate
properl vouched Provided, this order be
p lbllshed once in each ot three successive
weeks before said day in the Washington
Law Reporter, and Washington Times.
Signed, Dec. -1,1897.
de6,13,20 .Register ot Wills.
FOR EXCHANGE-Houses for Tots; large
properties for small houses; city property
for country property; send me a descrip
tion or your property for trade. ABRA
HAM FISHER, 512 E st. nw. dell 3t-era

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