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iff Stores
The loss is with the weavers of the fabrics. The profit js for our patrons who are prompt to take advantage
rvf fhJc mncf imnnrfint vnlup nnnnrtiini tv Fnr us it is pnnnch fn vjpnr flip Inurpk nf snr.h sp.11 trip- fn h flblP-to
distribute such Clothing-at such prices. It shows the breadth of our enterprise our strength as buyers our
ilUUlly Ub llult.Clo uui gciiv-iuoiiv ao icuuiuid. r uuiwuiauvii mai givv-j juu mv cuuiw. wnumig iu'"n
mornm? or nuncireas or
that from weave-worth and tailor-worth deserve a better fate than the bargain counters. But by the conquest
of our cash and the facilities of our workrooms they're yours at appreciably small prices. You'll find
them divided into two lots on separate tables. Regardless of the low marking we positively and fully
guarantee every inch of the goods every stitch of the making every detail of the fit.
- .1 I 1 - 'P ' i- i m 1-- ..!- . i- ,... .. . i. ill , ,.. -.. m . ' i . - -
The B
tt !,. iaoo t rri i r i
rnggest' Juiienng mis Mason.
m Jew
& T . !
1 H83fi rf BBralisKR
-" "- I I III ml HMMU1 ""' milll.lJ.l J Ull i . i- i. .1 r nmj!3JJX'l
Mow Holding Its Twenty-eighth
Annual Session.
0H)BitUee on Consular Service tuid
3tK HJfitien jo Commerce Pre-eiit
HiijItertiHS Hiwrt Tariff Coin
miHH) Recmiiieiidel to Coiifsie---
"Other SHbJeeth of Importance
Tle twentj--eigth anntHtl cotiveiitkitt
of me NnOonal Board of Trui ntet yes-
tfcT it, XJbn ti&wiaeC ball at the Slwre-tew-
There Mere about 1 50 delegates,
represent in: commercial Ixodies in .ill
KKite of ttoe Cnitd State. -
1He cut etk "wa. called to order at
12 o'clock to Scretrjr WMiafn R.'J'uciier,
f PWladdpI'ta , wbo moved that ex-Gov
51. O. Sutn&rd, of Missouri, )e mad tem
fponarr ctairnwu. After the convention
M acBirw!, Mr. Frederick Fraley, of
IIMa4l'tn., wat, re-eitirted irefikiiL by
OCtanatikMt Mr. Fraiey is one of the
. MCt members of the organ iit ton, ainl
9mm m re-elecded to the nrofetilency for
WM)' lietm.
Mr- Fraiey a not present, and wat
ttuUfi4 at I uiwyitniouh r--e hicUo b
iifi- Ga. Stanard wat. Intr in
'ltoeeon, cboeit as permaneHt chatrman
The Washington Board or Trade ife rep
rmtd bv Col. Henry F. Blount, Mr- F
i.. Moore, Gen. Georgp II- Harries, Mr. C. J.
Jfc, ad Mr W. S. Woodward.
Ctatinnan Stanerd amMiuted the follow
iat; comnXe on credentials adaiiliGa
Otm: Mam. Silas M. Giddins of Xew
,ortc, K. B. fimlth of Ohio, awl J. II. Allen
f Missouri The committee, however,
jdid not retort the oonveutiou roll until
the ttrnooc M?sfcn.
Secretary T acker read the report
t tiie eeeatle counoil, wWeh met during
i$m MKtmlHf;. The report called attention
to &h lact that rhe legislation reooin
ntenoed bv the national noaid during the
Ifc saioa of Congr reoeived but little
atten&Mt becaut o the fact of the Iatc
e of the meeting -f the board. '' ::li
oasvned in January. To .vrfd
tfcl daring the prent wton of Con
gve. the national convenfeioii is held in
Beomnlttt, and more satisfactory results
M lisped for.
Mr lucfeer aJ- read the repert of Ue
toRT. which showed a caeii ualanee
ot uearly ?ftOO
IFfcli ooftreaUon adloarned at 1:30 p. m.
and when it reooawned at 2:80 p. in. b
acmHatttee reported An election for vce
HWrdetnt. was then fsotte into and resulted
m e chofrc of tlie following gentlemen
C. II CauipbeH. American "Varehoue As
0iattNt- G'. IhiNard, Georgia, Atlanta
CIoter onimcrce.JamehM. Wilson. Marx
i4, BaHiinore Iard of Trade, J. WiMinl
Midoieton, Balthnore Chamber Coninu-rce
Aloet Speat. BoMon ChainlrtT Cominerce-
John A. Lane. Boston Merchantfc' Asfocia-
tfoa; George "VV. Coleridge, Boston Pupr
TPdeAociatiirtt.AlonzoR. James, Buffalo
! American Exchange; Rich. Douseman, Ches-
iter li&ardof Trade, JohnA.Gauo.Cincinniti
i, Cf cinbcr Commerce; II. A. Garfield, Cleve-
lant Chainlier Commerce; J. C. Raymond.
, J'ltt oit Board or Trade; W. P. Grickett, In
dial apolisBoardorTrade, W.S. Covc-ard, W
B, RJoerNew England Shoe and Leather A t-
for you. We
In I C
111 JLUL
Hi let mi. G Waldo Smith, New York Uo.ird
of T ji trlaUon Warreniiiiith.ew Y rk
Cottor Lchange.IIon. Jolm L Yanct,01no
Valkj 1 raii-port:4tvuu AxKOcUlion, W. -M
C)Ht-h Phtlatielptu i Hoard of Trade. 1'rank
Halpia. Philadelphia UrocerMind Importers'
Eclage, ItotnirtE PaUim, Phil.iih-'phw
Trjl- League, D. M Thonron. ProMile ice
Board of Trade, JoJin Findley PHWi'rg
Chan-iier Commerce Ed T. Ep-on, Peoria
Board of Ttade, W. A May.hcranton Boaid
ofTiIfc, E. O bt.uiard.St. Louis- Merclu nis'
nxciiaugL; E. li Smith, Trader's Produce
EclMge, W. C Buchanan, Trenton Board
of Trade, J. C Hoie, Ilhae.i ( liamber of
Cri.iinjrcp. l'.W Tavbir, WHliiuiigtoii Boj'd
of Trade: 1). B Wood William Itaothe, K.m
s Board of Tiarte, L. M Miller, Knnab
Clt'inler of Coinmerce William T. Barker,
Aiiierican Paper and Pulp Aori.itHiii.
The greater part of the .lftemwm bC-r
akm was taken up with the discussion
of the report of the committee on consular
Hjrvjce, read bj Mr. Jonathan A. Lane,
representing the Cbanilierof Cfjmmerce and
Board of Trade of Bo&tcn, .Mas-. The
comiutttee, at iu previous jears, recom
mended tliat borne European port should
Je chosei bj the (tovernnient, and that
tile coumiI in charge should annually com
pile a full report of the condition of ccm
inerc. It. connection with the report, Mr.
Lam- related a comeriallun he had with
Judge Uaj. .fMant Secretary of Stae,
on the subject, and also submitted a copy
of a letter &uit President McKinley. He
was informed by Judge Bay that it was
Mnpofiut. to make such an appointment
a, was asked by the Nation hi board of
Trale, lwcause all the consulships ,vere
either filled or already promised.
In the djMMMssion which followed th
reading of th report it was noted that
of ail the organizations comprising the
lUJlionaltxxli, only one, th Trades League
of Philadelphia, had taken action on this
i subject.
The report -.as u!:mi dkctihsed at lengt.i
by Mr Hey, of BoMon, w:.o said it was
necessary tliat some immediate steps, be
taken to open up the markets of the
world for the surplus products of the
"United States. Mr. J- R. Learson, also
of BoJ-ttm, gave an interating account
of liow tid- Government was defrauded by
easy evasions or the tanrf laws.
The rejiort Avas intaiiKiioiiMy adopted.
The Philadelphia league offered the fol
lowing resolution
Resolved by tlie Xationnl Board of Trade,
.That the great interests of our couutry
demand the creation by Congress of a non
partisan tariff couiiiiNlon w1iom duty it
will be to collect, digest and recommend
to Congress from time to time such changes
in the tariff as will protect the manu
facturing and shipping interests of the
Mr. .Anderson, of Philadelphia, moved
tiat the ieolutlon be made the special
cider foi thi afternoon nt tl.30 o'cloik.
Mi. Alden Speare, of Boston, reported
oh bankrupicj, which was accepted and
i-eferred to the committee on that subject.
Mi. Gano, of Cincinnati, reported on na
tional quarantine, which was suppleme'i''d
with a icfcolution recommending thnr Coi
greea be memorialized on the subject and
asked to enact proper quarantine laws.
1 he repoi t on land title regirnition, sub
mitted by Mr. Ebonoii, which recom
mended the formulation of a unifoirii
law l?ed ou the Torrence Austiaiian
st stem, provoked much discussion.
It was argued that such legislation
would be national, and the o.ird had no
light to recommend such a proposition.
T1h report was finally adopted.
Among the important subjects which
will lc Cfnsldered during the pnent
scsiior- are the establishment of national
headquarters, pooling of railroads, inter
state commerce laws, a sound money sys
tem the national monetary system, coast
line waterways, and reciprocal trade relations.
rour-buttou Single
brqastud Sack Oxford
Mixed Suits, made Willi
corded seams, silk-taped
facings and Italian Cloth
lining. Good, honest,
(utistantl.il wparltigSultb,
of quiet effect-
Double breasted Sack
Suita. made up in Brown
and Gra Mixed Chev lot,
lined with Black Claj;
wide facings, taped with
$12.50 $1250
Brown Cheviot Single
bieasted Sack Suits,
with btoken plaid, iu
green effect; made with
Double-breasted Vests,
ami lined with fancy
casbimeje, silk taped
Blue Mixed Cheviot
Doul)lc-tre.isted Sack
Suit, warranted all
wool; lined all through
with Italian cloth, single-breasted
vests. The
price doe-u't half tell
the value
$1250 $750
Any Overcoat in the lot
HiRl'-umrt Brown Ker
sey ftwrcuulH, out regu
lation leHgth. made Itli
full back nd wide it nip
warn; the body lining is
or fine Imported plaid
cosMiuere; deep yoke oT
Skinner's satin actoss
the blioulders and in tlie
sleeves anil tapings on
the facings; silk velvet
Double faced n n d
Double - milled Covert
and full back, skeleton
lined, showing plaid back
of fabric, satin yoke and
l apings; bellows jxickets
and strapped seauia
Brown and Black Irish
Frieze Overcoats, cut
Coerl length, with broad
stitched seams, brown
plaid wool lining, with
silk across the shoulders
and In sleeves, Brown
velvet collar, made on
frieze, wide silk taped
Black Brandon Chev
iot Ovcrcorits; all-wool
and Hisf color, finished
with double stitched
edges and wide beams,
and lined wltti Italian
cloth: velvet collar; short,
jaunty coat
we wouldn't couple them with this Suit and Overcoat offenngif in their way they were not equally as remarkable
can assure you of one thing these values beat anything that" have ever been seen before.
1 Finest of English Worsted
1 Trouserings, in neat and dressy
perfect fitting-equal to custom made.
Regular $5, $J and $7 values for . ...
1 1 l 1
en Evenings Until Xmas.
Mr. Wilson Thinks Boys Should
Be Somewhat Restrained.
Impoi tnnt and !nteri-.tlnjj Proceed
iniis. of till' Boa id Lut Nij;tit
Promotions. Assignments uud '
T.enres of Absent Colored Y cul
liistructoi Kinpluj-ed.
Public School Trustee Wilson fired the
first gun atfoothnll so far "as It affects
pupils Uiidei the jurisdiction of himself
and his colleagues, last night. Be intro
duced a resolution at tre regular ineeliu
of the boaid, placing certain restiictions
ou the game as plaxcd by the local hign
school teams. He summaii7ed the acci
dents which liae happened heie during
the past season, pointing out that there
were two injuries in the Business Hih
School pla.M'is, cau dug a loss of 'l.e
days fiom school Aork, eight cases in the
Western High School, causing thirty-thre
days' loss four cases m the Central,
reusing thiee Jas' loss, and two cases
in the Eastern High School, causing no
loss of time
The followug mles had been formulated
bi Jiisconimittee.andpreseiited witlireto-n
irendations for their adoption"
First Xo boy shall bcome a member of
any school football team against the wishes
of his parent or guardian after notifica
tion to the principal of the school.
Second All contests shall be confined
to teams of about total average weight.
Third Games shall be played only with
teams connected with some educational
, institution.
Fourth Each team shall be supervised by
some school official, to be designated by
1 the school principal, who shall have abso
j lute power to decide upon all questions of
its membership, the proper clothing and
I physical condition of Its members, and no
l match game shall be played without Ids
I authority.
j The December meeting of the trustees
nas held last evening in the Franklin
school building. There were present
Messrs. Barnard, Harries, Wilson, Bruce,
Drs. Brown, H.i7en am' Richardson, Gen
Spear and Mesdamcs Tulloch and Terrell.
A communication from the East Wash
ington Citizens' Association was read, ask
ing about the expediency and propriety
of the association offering a gold medtl
to be contesttd for by the eighth grade
scholars of the northeast section of the
city in writing essays on th2 subject of
the dangers and Inconveniences incident to
steam railroad grade crossings.
Mr. WH&on opposed the idea and said
that "the board ought to shut do.vi on
these public presentations."
Gen. Spear ilso opposed the idea To
allow the puollc distribution of medals to
the scholars of the public 'schools woild
establish a bad precedent. Tho proper
thing to do was to teach the pupils to
have an inherent interest in their work
of the school.
The eighth grade teachers of the city
submitted to the consideration of the bo ml
the question of an increase in their sal
aries, asking that they be paid not less
than $1,200. The teachers of physics in
Xinth, Tenth and Eleventh divisions also
asked that their sa'aries" be increased,
but did not state any desired amount.
lie question of the appointment of a
director ot music for the coloied Hch'Xls
in the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Oi-
Any Suit in the lot is yours
Plain Black and Blue
Ribbed Cle lots, made up
lu Three-button, Double
bieasted Back Suits,
witti uairow lap seams.
Italian body lining, and
Ntiiped 8leevelinltig;dcep
Cheviot facings
Doublc-bieasted Sack
Suits, madei.p in liasket
weav e Cnev lot; plaid pat
tem; all wool and brown
shade; lined with iron
frame serge, facings Tiu
ished with tat in-
Royal Blue Kersey
Overcoats, cut medium
length, with full badk,
made with wide strap
seams, lined with import
ed plain cussimere uud
deep lopping of Skinner's
warranted satin, the
same in the sleeves and
tapings to the facings,
silk velvet collar, wide
pocket flaps, faced with
$1250 $12-50
Black Kersey Over
coats, warranted all-wool
and fast colors, cut pied
ium length, lined with
good quality of serge; vel
vet collar and wide fac
ings j7,
(j: r7 r
In I Pit 9
111 LUL
J ' and natty effects-all sizes and perfect fitting
. They're regular $&.50 valuer for
tisions was again brought up for c n
Hderatlon. Mi. Will H.C-Hik, who is stated
to haie been an applicant for the t!tl
tiuii, tt uta cwnunlcation, protestiiigagaiust
the decisiou of the board at its list meet
ing that nothing but the teachers of that
duision be considered ia applicants for the
Picsldent Whelpley announced to the
board the receipt by him of a large num
ber of letleis recommending Prof. J. T.
Layton as director.
Chairman brown, of tlie committee, read
a report. The committee had engaged the
services of Messrc. Henry Xauder and
HeuHlou Morsell and MI E. B. Wdson
thai they might examine into fhe jnerlts
of the appllcauu for thV place. At in
examination held recently the inusi
t examiners avoided tliat the claim of
Miss Alice C. Davis was, lu their opinion,
th st ongest, ami they recommended lar
apt ointment to the position. Their re
port, was adopted, and a ote of tlnnks
tendered the examiner.
Miss Mai giu rite Lassier was granted a
leave of absence ot three months from
Jniuaij 1 next. The resignations of S.B.
McNantz,. a teacher ot the third grade
in the seventh division, and J. II Stick
nev a teacher in the Western lligh cho il,
we.-' accepted. r'
"A request or tho -residents of T.ikoma
for a school at that place wab pree.i ed,
an 1 the matter was referred to the com
mittee on ways and means.
1 he following changes in the personnel
ot public school teachers was announced
Third Divibion Promote A. L. Ambrose
from sxth to seventh grade. aud from $775
to i?S25 per annum, vice S. B. McNant7,
resignation accepted; L. V. Snowden.froin
nun to siviii grade, ana from $7 uo to $775,
vice A. L Ambrose; M. A. Kuhnel from
rourth tof ifth grade, and from $l50 to S70O
per annum, vice L. V. Snowden; M. M.
Gardner, troiu third to fourth grade, aud
from SDoO to 050 per annum, vice M. A.
Kuhnel; F. W. Potter from first to third
grade, aud from $500 to $550 per annum,
viciM.M.Garduer, audappointbraceCauId
well, teacher of first grade at S-100 per
annum. The ulovc changes to take effect
December 1,1897.
Fourth Division Appoint Jessie M. Peck,
teacher of flrbt grade at S-100 per annum,
vice J- L Pearson, transferred to Western
Hisrh School, to take effect December 1.
Sixth Division Appoint E. Schlesser,
janitor Langdou school at $1J5 per annum,
to take effect December 1. 1Pu7, vice E.
D. Smoot, resigned.
Eighth. DivMou AssUtn F. M. Costin.
teacher, transferred from tenth division,
(o seventh grade, aud promote rromS775
to $t25 per annum, vice Emma Patterson,
transferred to teuth division.
High schools-Central, B. M. King,
teacher, promoted from $650 to 700 per
annum, vice J. II. Stlckney, resigned;
Business, promote A. S. Hazolton, teaoher,
from S600 to $650 per annum, vice B.
M. King, promoted: Western, appoint Julia
L. Pearson, teacher, at $600 per annum,
vice J. H. Stlckney. Tenth Division,
transfer r. M. Cestui, teacher of sixth
grade, to Eighth division, in place of
Emma Patterson, received by transfer, to
t.nkl pTfoot Tlpr.aTnVtnr 1 ?l 1Q'7 cnlirv
fit. JsTflO TWr miniim TMr.,-fiTifr'h ,1 l.f.(r.n '
appoint Trances E. Pa yne, teacher of first
grade,, at 500 per annum, to take effect
November 29, 1897: appoint Sarah E.
Jenkins teacher of first grade, at $500
per annum, to take effect December 15
Cooking Appoint Janey T. Freeman tem
porary teacher of cooking from November
1 to 10, both inclusive, at $425 per
Night schools Appoint Louise P. Kelly
teacher, at $1.50 per night, vice H. R.
Bunnell, resigned; appoint J. E.Anderson
teacher, at $1.50 per night, vice F. E
Payne, resigned. The above to take effect
December l, 1897.
Chairman Bernard, of the committee on
teachers and janitors, recommended that
certificates as a result of the examination
held November 19 and 20 be .granted the
Third class, Jessie M. Peck, LIHard
Goudin; second class, Harvey E. Hanes:
first class, Elia E. Cronmlller, John A.
Russell, Rose L. Hardy, William R. East
man. Julia L. Langille, Annie E. Douglas,
Grace E. Palmer, Pauline Mueden , Emma J.
Maloney, Clara M. Upton, Virginia Bukey,
Bessie L. Yoder, Alice F. Mitchell, Mary
A. Zurhorst.
The recommendations were adopted.
Noveltv Stiincd Single
breasted Sack Cheviot
Suits, with Double
breaited Vests;lined them
with double-warp .tuliuu
cloth, and tailored them
to perfection
Black audBrown Check
Cheviot Four-button Single-breasted
Sack Suits,
with Black Clay body lin
ing anddeep jokeofsilk;
Mile-taped facings
$1250 $1250
Brown Plaiil All-wool
Cheviot Suits, in Four
button, Single-brettbted
Sack stjie, owl lined
With cxtia good quality
of Blown Serge- The
making is an worthful as
the weave-
Brown Novelty Plaid
Cheviot, Four-button.
Single-breasted Sack
Suits, one of best ef
"er ts fn tre IoU French
faced and Italian lined:
ail-wool and perfect fit
ting $750 $750
is yours-
Black Kersey Over
coats, cut in tin latest
hox style, with wide
strap seams and double
stitched edges, the lin
ings are of Black and
Blue plaid wool, with
Skinner's guaranteed
Black Satin yoke and
sleeve linings, bilk vel
vet collar backed with
Genuine English Double
milled Tan Covert Clolli
Top Coats, with wide
strap beams, self collar,
deep Trench facings,
double warp Italian cloth
body lining and silk
sleeve liulngs. A Lou
don Top Coat
Blue All-wool Kersey
Overcoats, strictly fust
color: made conservative
length; lined with neat
fancy wool that adds to
the warmth; velvet col
lar, and 3-button .cuff
affect ,
Blue Kersey Over
coats fastco lor andevery
thread good honest wool;
lined with iron serge:
striped sleeve linings and
velvet collar; cut just
right length-
- - Choice of 9 different styles of
Cheviots and Cassimeres, in
Pennsylvania Avenue and Seventh Street
It Goes Over Temporarily, But He
"Will Probably Bo beuted.
The non-action ot the Senate Committee
on Privileges and Elections yesterday in
the Corbett election caw; is regarded as
significant. The committee was cahed for
a special meeting yesterday, but It wis
postponed at the last moment'by the sub
stitution of the name of Senator Tarley
for that of Senator Faulkner as a mem
ber ot the committee. Everything had
been arranged for a favorable report on
the case.
Senator Chandler told The Times reporter
early last week that the committee would,
by a part vote, report tiie Corbett case
favorably. There are nine members ot this
committee four Democrits and five Repub
licans. The case Is not regarded as a party
Senator Turley, it will be remembered,
was. 'appointed to a seat in the Senate
to succeed the Hon. Isham G. Harris, who
flied iu June last. Ot course, he was
seated upon the governor's appointment,
and, naturally enough he is ot the opinion
that a Senator appointed by the governor is
entitled to a teat. Now that Mr. Turley
has been made a member of this committee
it is asserted with much positiveness that
he will join In reporting favorably to Mr.
There arc several Democratic Senators
who are certain to vote for seating Mr.
Corbett, and. with practically Solid sup
port from the Republican side of the
chamber, the probabilities are that Mr.
Corbett will be seated, with several votea
to spare.
Seeietury Blis Calls Attention to
Unlawful Occupancy.
Secietary Bliss sent to the House yes
terday a communication in which ho
srated that he had submitted affidavits,
from citizens ol this city to the effect
that New York avenue is unlawfully occu
pied between Tifth and Seventh streets
northwest, by the tracks of the Eckmgton
and Soldieis Home Railway.
Sitnilai affidavits concerning alleged
illegal occupancy by the Baltimore and
Ohio Railroad of a tract of land between
Delaware avenue, B btreet, G street and
First street northwest. Tho Secretary
stated that he had recommended the At
torney General to take action in these
cases if in his judgment it should be
Secretary Guue Asks for an Appro
priation of $173,000.
Speaker Reed received yesterday aftei-
1 noon a communication from Secretary
Gage, m which the latter recommended
an additional appropriation of, $173,000
to complete the new city twst-of flee. It
is possible that there may be consider
able difficulty in getting this appropria
tion, Uecause ot the extreme anxiety of
the Speaker and Chairman Cannon to ex
pend as little money as possible, so as to
lessen the deficit that the Dlngley tariff
law has created.
It Vill Precipitate a Warm Fj;ut
in Congress.
The liousei Judiciary subcommittee has
completed a bankruptcy bill which Is
certain to bring on one of the greatest
battles of the present session. A deter
mined effort will be made to pass the
measure, and the committee believes that
the piospects for so doing are very favor
able. 4
One of the propositions in the bill which
i ? JS ff
I K A : '" ' '
' i -
a purchasd
r OC
has just been settled relates to the con
ditions which must eist which may
force a man into Involuntarr bankruptcv
The bill as now drawn provides that non
payment of a note for thirty diy suouH
he considered evidence ot infeolvency, and
a sufficient reasn for bankruptcy pro
ceedings, Mr. RroSius of Pennsylvania believes
this time not long enough, and he la
trying to have it extended to sixty days.
As soon as this point is determined the
bill will be reported to the full committee
It is expected that the report will be
made t the committee today.
Joint Resolution Providing for h
Duect Vote Reported Pa.Trnbly.
The House ComiuUte on Elect to of Pri
dent. VicePresMieiit. and R'pr tentative in
Congress has .reported favorably a joint
resolution on proposing an amendment to
the Constitution providing for the election
of Cnited States Senators by the peop'e
and a bill allowing electoral returns to be
sent by express and reentered null, .n
stead of by messenger, as tin law now prj
Increased Military Appropr utious
A meeting was held today by the House
Committee on Military Affairs, at which
it was decided to increase the appropria
tion or $50,000 to $55,000 from the
unexpended no lame or the appropriation
Tor "pay, etc , of the army, 1S97," to meet
deficiencies n. the last-named appropriation
The subcommittee having iu charge the
appropriation for tile Anr.y will meet it
10 o'clock. Today. Gen. Stanton, pay
master of the Army, will be present,
and cive his views relative to the require
ments in his department,
Si-bcommittees 'Appointed.
The nidi Civil Service Reform Republican
Committee appointed at the conference of
Rerubhcaus Saturday ni,;ht held a meeting
yesterday andouthued its work It was de
cided to appoint two u.trnmmlUes,oni lo
chaw a bill changing the law, and theothr
to obtain all the information possible re
lative to the defect in the existing law.
Messrs Hepburn, Pearson and Evans will
prepare the bill, and Messrs. Towney, Od-H
and Steele will hunt up the defects.
Contested Election C.i-ses.
Consideration of the contested election
cases r-y the Hous committees will go over
until after the holiday recess. The Ways
and Means Committee will meet today and
decide upon a recommendation to the House
concerning the recess, it is believed that
the committee will recommend that the
Haute adjourn from Saturday until Jan
uary -1.
On Indian Reforms.
A meeting v ill be hetd. by the House In
dian Committee tomoirow, and the mem
bers will lieai what .Mr. Tains. Bixby, of
the Dawes Indian Coinmis-ton, may have to
sa y concerning the i enirms a mong tlie Char
okecandChlckasiw Indians.
Railway Pooling- Bill.
The railroad people are quietly working
their plans to have the Ho.isf Committee jn
Commerce to take action on the-pooling: hiU
"cry toon after the holiday recess. This
bill will probably create a lively debate
when it reaclie-b the House.
To Change. Library's "ame.
The bill to change the name of the Con
gressional Library to National Libnry
has been reported by Mr. Qulgg. It creates
for the libiarian the high bounding title of
"Director of the National Library "
S szS iff i
.. II. LII-. .IIL...J- 1 ...Ll.l.i .-l II.IJII --... ...I .IL.I.
B J.
We do all kinds of
Plaiting, acco-rdion,
knife or side plaiting.
Sun Plaiting.
6 rts made and
I yon watt Qper yd .
t I
Special discomits to
New Home Agency,
5i4 pth St. N. W.
Delegate- to Be Sent to St. Louis
Trades. Convention.
The Building Trades Council met last
evening at EJectrical Workers Hall. In
the absence of President Silver, wbe fsr
attending the annual cunvenuun ot te
American Federation ot I-nitor at Nashville.
Ten., Mr William Magohn, pre-fcienfc at
the Bricklayer's Union. wa called to the
The committee appointed to arrange fer
the sending of a delegate to represent the
council m tne trades convention whiuh
will meet in St. Louis December 20, re
ported all plans perfected, and that Mr.
J. P. Healv would leave for St. Louis on
Saturday. Mr Ilealy was marr acted to
use his best interests to secure ffrac
for the residents of the Dtatriet and ftn
tfcedefoatof the Sherman-CoilomaHir-tiofc
et-scalping bill.
Pretest Airniiist .7 P. Ilealy as Rep
resenting Building Trades.
The local Federation ot Labor, at a
large' v -attended iceetinj last evening, de
cided to enter a vigorous protest agnfwt
the recognition of Mr. J. P. Ilealy as a,
representative of the buildings trades
this cut by tlie national trades organisa
tions which will convene next weje&JRt
Sb. IuIb. i
A special lommlttee was appointed h
formulate the protest, which will staft
that the local Trades Council does net
properly represent the building tracks
interests of the District. It will further
charge that tlie local council refused lo
receive delegates from one of the local
building trades' organizations unless it
would surtender Its charter to the national
body with which it is affiliated.
TIk protest Vv-ill further state that tkere
are sevei. building trades organizations, in
the city not counected with the local
council w hick are ready to affiliate with
any legitimate organisation of buildfng
Tne Federatiou adopted resolutions ask
ing for more complete statistics as to mart
gag -a ami foreign ownership ot lands in
th.- tabulation ot the next census report
The Plasterers Union reported five nev
menrrers enrolled at the last rfteeUnganri
fout'.cer. permits to work-

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