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WANTED -Colored man for housework:
jilso sules-iiau; at -ouc-e. EXCHAMiK
BUREAU, 721 13t1i nw. It
WANTED -Ah errand
win-el; 53 per week.
113 4 1-2 Ft- uw.
boy: must have
WAKTKU Experienced wliite second
'-txnau; 5?ao; private lainlty; reference re- I
yuuuu. uii -iclii m.aw. it
WANTED Oyster cook; white waiters; to
Ua y; cook, chambermaid, waiters: brio of
all kinds. BUKGESS" AGENCY, 503 10th 1
!. u.v. 15
WAviD-tte canvassers, good pay:
y3 a day.aud tip. ' UNCLE SAM CYCLE
CO.. tiiu y .t. nw cle22-3t
rS&L-aii'j-.n, vvilivTLiJ '.losell by .i ample,
at wholesale and retail; goods tell on
sJgut- taiary wr cOmmlbcdon . .-ddrer CEN
J rfS'NiAL MFG. CO.. 495 clh avc, New
York city. .. o37-w. S-52t
WANTED Salosmau; cite and lubiJcants;
side line orpiincpal: lihcral commission.
Addles LUBixlU.T, this -office. de21-3t
W'AXTED Partner with 500; business
-tuOn,!ied: goods tsviiiiiK ranidly-. will 3
pay good naiy and give real -estate se
cant. AGureas 11. COMMERCIAL, this
office. de2l-;t,em
WANTED-A man tu manage and instruct
an amateur dramatic company. Address I
JJKA31AV tills orrice. ,de2 0,3t
YANTEDi Aliitt-clabbColaredstablenian;
noli- cut g.jo.1 workers need-applv. CEN
TRAL STEAD LES, 1 11 F tt. nw. -de20-31
WANTED Cooks, dishwashers anu wait
ers, porters, drivers, clerKs, laborers, boys;
places lurnihhed till suited. CITY JN
U'EUilriAci3 OFFICE. 427 11th bt. uw.
j iieuj w.vroa)- fkjjalk
st- uw., good wlilte cook to wablu and
iron, Miijli taiuily; pay. ?-lo; wutlc girl
ror genual lioubeworiv, binau lamuv; l-aj,
Sli. It
A a.- j i.iJ vyiute and colored chamber
Jiiuids; alsu houseworkers; at ome. JiX-CHANUi-.
JjiL'KEAL, 721 13th nw. It
WrAWUio Situation to li general house
work, good rer. 423 N.j.ave. nw. It
W'A NTED1 Colored chambermaid and wait
iev; also a .couipeient cook. 014 lbth
St. I1W. It
J.ti niij-a. near, pictty youi'g lady to
attend cigar btanu. Appiy, vwm leis.,
HTELL.-i i icEriclijj.. ai axvu. It
WANTED-Reliable white girl to take
care or children and abist with hoiibe-
Wurk. 331 " st. ne. It
WANTED A good tailorebs; at once. 0S
CAIC 1IEL,;K, 41V Eatt Capitol bt.
de'-Ht '
WArs 1"EU A coinpetent girl to do general
iKiuneworK. gooa rets, reytiiroa. 1-
lid. ave. ne. del-3t.em
WANTED At once, a girl wtio can mjiv
Hveli Apply lino evcuinir, 1-- t bU ne.
t - - ...
WANTED Steady reliable woman for
general housework; only good worker
ned apply. 120 14th bt.nw. It-em
WA'KTED An experienced nurse to go
oatn fot winter in charge or an inraiit;
muvt no well H'Cuinmendeu. Apply in per-
tsot av K10 2d bt. nw. 1 t-era
WANTED Good -girl lor general hoiifae
wt.rt, bring refb.. btay msnis. 51.r 3d
st. ne. It-em
WA'NTHIJ Young while glil to do gen
cml iouswork. must t.Uty iiiKhts: iefb.
Applyl 100 n st. ne. lt-era
WANTJ:d" Two good shiit lroners'with
rert.;n-jjj;s; "3.5U per week. Call net.
G and 7 p. m., Mib. liAUias,130 N St.
uvrz" - " lt-em
WANTED- Woman cook; no washing or
ironing; also binall girt to nurse; .oou
ivageb. iu21-10thbt.nw. uc21-bc,em
WANTED General hoUhcworker, white or
cohjr,ed atJL?lH 11 it. mv. fic21-3t
"VVA NTED A wlilte cook, German prelei rod.
Appivt with Tererencis.1540 llithit.nw.
"WATiCD-YouncrrotehUmr wlilte woman,
who can give good relerences, ab a
nnfbe' Hr 'a child t yeaia oliU Adarets
K. W- B., this office. - Je2 0-3t
WANTED- fiy wealthy bachelor, white
housekeeper. Prince Ueorse countj" also
wnite ,r colored cook for City. 1702 1-2
lOthH. uw. de20-3t
M'i u.vrioy.s wA.vnci)-.mau:
WANTED - By a boy 1G, a permanent Job
In htort'. or learn tradi. Addre&s ulJi ll.
lllOlU w. jt lt
Wam tu-iiutler, KngllMi, oetlres situa
tion, tnoiougnl j'conipeiezit.ttriLUytsmper-
atc; willing and obliging; bett reierences.
AudreM ucIIjEK, mib ottlce. It
WANTED A position by a young white
man of i years, with a diamatic
company; can give best or city rets.; small
wagea'acOeptpa. "A duro.- nLl.vx -vA l-
EOK. Alexandria. Va. dc22-3t
WANTED-By young man, work of any
klud; has good ref. Address II. M.
BEALL, this oTriCe- de21-3t-em
WANTED- Flace as coachman or butler in
private famUy; good reis. 1327 Cedar
,. nw. lt-em
WANTED By ex-Union soldier, jobbing
iu plabtriiig, calciininiiij; and cenieut
work. ACilreos A. D. S.T this office.
WANTED SittiaOou by firj,t-cla,s cKUand
waiter; willing to do anything, leafcon-
able wageb; rets. L. L., 133 1 Ucuar st. nw.
WANTED By a reliable young married
womuMif with child of lb mouth; rery
neat and quiet; position of any kind, m
private familj, experience, housekeeping;
Miiall salary; object good heme. AUdiess
LADY tills ofjfice. de22-3t
"WANTED By young widow, iositiou in
office to address envelopes and circulars
or as copyist- Address 1UJSSELL, this
office." It
WANTED iBy two competent women;
geneiai houtework for one and chamber
maul. mnc r laundress for otter; refs.
1702 1-2 lMh St. nw. dc22-3t
'WANTED By bottled woman place as
cook i,r cleaning by me day. 1G27
I lth st. nw. It
WANTED By a spttlod white woman who
is an exporlenoed.nurse, a place to nurse
the ssck. or will do housekeeping; best of
rererense. Address A. E. E-, tills office.
WANTED A neat, agreeable young wo
man, would .-isMt-t agreeable young or
middii--aged wquuiti living alone, with
housework and sewingfor room andljcard;
or wjjulit pay iLpcr motitiim sewing Jor
large, uufui..su'hnyrooni, healed. Address
NO QUEMIONS, Ihib olfice. lt-em
WANTED - Situation as cook or to do gen
eral housework; .good rets. 1 622 Vt. ave.
nw. de 21-3 t-c ni
WANTED" Situation ns cook or to do gen
eral housework; good refs. 1327 Cedar
Bt- nw. de2l-3t-em
WANTEDSituation to do general house
work In mall family. 132:: lotn tt. nw.
.., -. , jsMALK.
WANTED White young giil; also a boy
f or general oik and waiting. 355 Pa.
ave. mv . dcl-3t-eni
WANTI.li Wallers Employment Agency
will fjanii"liilp of all kinds lree. Of
fice. ldS5 Vt. ave. nw. cel7-7t-em
s - "r. XT) l-'KM AXJ-.
YOU CAN.ACVun reliable help free. Drop
postal or tcl. 1296. JiXCilA.AuE hu
REAU, 721 13th St. UAV. dc20-6t
WANTED Kooiu and beard in ne, Let.
McUmul 7tn. li and F; ilO per month.
L.1N D ON. t his orficc . lv
I'OK RENT -No." 210 N. J. nvc nw.. next
lo Alallby. newlv fur. rooms, with or
without board; well heated and lighted;
near nil ear lines; Capitol. Library and
schools; room, with board, ?1S.7G per
month anil upward. de2l-6t-em
POR KENT With Tjoard Fur. or unrur.
rd-sury lront room; also liall room, 3d
floor... 1112 4.0th et. nw. de21-3t
I'Olt RENT Lar,ge desirable, warm room,
with gojd board, Tor couple or tuo
gentleineji; vJ!er mouth. 33S ! st. nw.
de20?X -
BOA III) -Two in room. $17 Par month; near
Government l'rintins Ofticc. 19 I st.
ne- del7-7t
KOOM andboard,$lBnnd$20a muiitli:one
square from -city ball. JND1.VNA HOUSE,
cor. 3dandlnd. ave. nw. del7-Ut
ROOM AltD BOAKD-$30 per month, t
THE-VlNTON, S09 14th bt. uw.
POit SALE By owner, a raveu-room brick
house; mod. mips., papered and painted;
reduced fmui 3,000 to $2,330 If told at
once.' "'-lOB'ith tl se. del9-4t
FOE SALE Some of the most attractive
liouses on 18th st. and At the most
reasonable prices. JOHN SUERMAN, CIO
I4tht.nw. delo-tt
F0U RENl'-Two handsomely furnished
conimuniealing rooms, wltii beat, .gas
and bath; rent reasonable to desirable
parties; also back parlor. Apply J03 11
st- ue. Ue-2-3t
FOR REXT-Elcgnut fur. tulte of paTlor
rooms, first floor. S3o; also 2 rooms 2d
Jlour. $15. 121 2X. V. ave. uw. de22-t
l'Uit REM 3 nice light looms, 2d floor:
mod. imp.-.; furnihhed h h. V;' Lcat and
avc. It
FOR RENT 04GN. X. a-vc., tbree rooms,
fnnilbheil or unfurnished; single or en
suite; tennis reasonable-. dc22-3t
POk RENT Pleasant Tront and icar
looms on third. Jloor' suitable for light
housekeeping: a'dults onlj. 142 A -t.
xie. f it
FOR KENT To colored, a nice, large
rurnisbed front 40am, witli or witiiout
llnnrxl. for (.onHnitwm nr f. ,i-ntit1nfimil
and wile: all modem iniproveinents; a !
lovely ionic. Withnnice people. .2025 .
11th st. uw. . r lt-em ,
. f..,
FOR RENT Several well-fur. rooms; also
office room: breakfa.st if desired: very de
sirable for Meuib.rs Uml-l'apiiol employes.
Apply at 1 C st. se. de21-3t-em
FOR RENT -No. 210 N. J. ave. nw.. next
to the .Ualtby, jjewly fur. rooms, with or
without boarn:. well Heated ana lighted:
near all car Hues, Capitol, Library and
schools; room, 'wiih boaul, $18.75 per
month and upward. de21-3t-em
FOR RENT-SI-1 H si. nw., nicely fur.
rooms. de21-3t-em
FOR RE.'T-Tlirce"rpleasanl, suuny, 3d
floor rooms; nicely furnished lor House
keeping; near-, DUpont. circle; ?ir per
month. 1613 roth st." nw. de2l-3t
POK 1CEKT Several-well-furnlslicd rooms;
also olfice-room; breaklat if desired;
very desirable for Members and t.apitbl em-
liloy-H. Apiily-at 1 C st.. se. deJl-:tt-em
FOR KENT Large; pleasant 2d -Mtorv front
room, with good table board; turnace
heat; suitable forj-t,wo gentlemen. 220
ind. av. v de21-3t
POlt RENT Two ruralshed rooms, 2I
rioor; suitable for housekeeping; near
Capitol; rent very cheap. 613 N. J. ave.
nw. . de2l-3t
FOR KENT-VOST-fcth st. nw Rooms on
Uist and seco'riil floors: no objections
to light Housekeeping; cent 1 ally located.
FOR RENT 830 12th st. nw.; bright
rooms, ifS-OiQc-Sl-O; tunilMten; corner
house. de30-3t
FOR RENT -.Three or four light, clean,
papered, partly "furnished rooms; con
veniences ror housekeeping; in. i.; one
bquare rrom cars. Call after G p. m.. 21
M st. nw. del 8,20.21
FOR RENT 101-4 -10Ui st. nw., pleasant
fur. rooms with hoard; furnace heat;
also table bouid. delS-Bt-em
FOR RENT 213 C -st. nw., large, elegantly
fur. rooms; heat, gas and bath; terms
reasonable. del8-0t
FOR RENT Large, tunny rooms or 4-room
flu t.wunprh'at' bath rooms. reullow. 61
N. Y. ave. . corner of 1-st st. deC-tf
FUR RENT S10. Fvo laige and oi.e lall
room. S12 for fom; good and con
venient. 2Clt.ne. :e22-3t
FOR RENT 2 unfurnished looms. J?7,
ror ligut liousekeepmg. near u. 1. O.
No. 113 E st- ne. de21-3t-em
FOR RENT -5 rooms, unfurnished: light
housekeeping t unilsiied witn lioard: lh28
9tn st. nw. - de2l-3t-em
FOR KENT DcMrafile unfuniislied double
parlors and second floor; heal, gas; will
furnish, jij-t- uw' oe21-3t
FoR RENT 3 deslrablcuurumished rooms
011 2d floor, iyi5thbl.se. de20-3tem
FOR RENT 2 JTurnlbhed fr;.nt rooms, 2d
floor; also 2 uhturnished back rotms;
rent cneap;with gab and heat. Call 60b
utn uw. ue2o-3tem
FOR RENT2000 F bt. nw., beautiful,
well-heatetl unrurnibi.ed rooms: two on
2d and tnree on 3d Hours, with gas.
de2 0-3t
FOR Rfc-NT Unrur'., three communicating
riMjnib, 2d 1I0017 heat, light, bath; terms
reasonable. 522 2d st. ne. ne2u-3t
FOR RENT Uufur. rooms. 3d flout; op
posite Capitol GxoooOs; to gentleman and
wife or lady in office: pmnte lamily:
refs. exchanged; Tent $5 to $9 per month.
I'lease call 30 B st- ne. de20-3t
WANTED - Three .unfurnished communi
cating loams, no b'er ?7 per uunni, lor
two adults. AddTet4 IANDuVElt, thiNof-
fice; de22-3t
WANTED Room and tjoard for gentle
man and wife; ninot be central location
and rirst-elaJ house: not over ?r.O icr
month; bt-ite particulars. Acdress box
33, Falls Church, Va. de21-3t,em
WANTED Bv man and wire, suite of
fur. rooms for light housekeeping; rent
must be reasonable. Address, gi ing terms
and locution. U. . W-, this orrtce it, em
WANTED By married couple, two or three
unrur. rooms for tight housekeeping;
near B. Jt O. R. -R- depot. Address E..
this of rice- lt-em
WANTED Several furnished rooms near
the Capitol. EXCHANGE HI' REAU,
721 13th st. nw. de2 0-3t
WANTED Several fur. ami unfur- rooms
at once: near Duj ontCirde. EXCHANGE
BUREAU, 721 13th st. nw. de20-3t
FOR EXCHANGE A fine house in nw.
for small house or lots", will take in
cumbrance. Address M. T-, this oHice.
FO XCH A NGE-rSuburban lots for house:
will take incumurance, aim pay some
difference In cash. Address M. T., this
office. de22-3t
FOii S A L.E Cheap Bicycle repair shop
and renting wheels. CREAMER & CO.,
015 14th st. uw. de22-3t
SEVERAL desirable houses in ilw. sec
tion to exchange for lots; Columbia or
Washington Utcgnts preferred. Addrei-s
NORTHWEST, this orrice. de22-3t
CHOICE NW. LOTS, clear or incum
brance, to exchange for a business prop
erty. Address M- T., this oriice.
SEVEtt.vL 0-rooniand bath houses, nw.t
to excnange Tor lots, preferably in nw.,
or will sell eneap and on easy terms. M.
T., this office. I de22-3t
or lots. M. T, this brficc. dc22-3t
I HAVE some small properties that I can
excnange lor lieaviiy incumbered large
houses. $1. t., this orficc. de22-3t
LUNCH ROOM-fentral. down'town lo
cation; dally Vales' ?40; owner leaving
rlty; genuine uuigam. DUNLAIN 90G F
st. Tv de22-3t
FOR SA Grocery 'ore. at 4C0 Frank
lin st. nw. " ' it
OK&CEKV store; .pcymiocut, Iju-sy t-orner;
rent house, store iiild stable, 25; 1 rice
5300. Dty.NLAP. (ftlr'Ftt. dfc2-3t
FOR SALE-MHk da'ry, $150; counters,
shelves, Ice boxes iind grocery fixtures;
permit granted. mJfjt.'sEaS iv-vCii Ar.Uij,
1321 F st. NK' de21-3t-em
FOR RENT -Cafe under first-class hotel;
centrally located; rent reasonable. Ad-
-.dRs5 CAFE,thl8 orrice. de2l-3t-em
FOR SAEE Stock and fixtures of corner
grocery; wiir sell Cheap i0r cash. Apply
at GOO Otli st. sw. tle21-3t-ein
FOR SALE Poolroom, vigurtorc, groccry
and dairy, baruec -siiop, cij.ar anu lrurt
store, 2 ouiry iuuuiroums,jMaurain Jtnu
eating hoiibe, baKcry; we can sell jou a
good business; sec 'us. EXftiANGrv UU
REVU, 721 13tk IIWj dc20-3t
FOR SALE-Cigar store. Pa. ave. nw.,
under promiucnC. hotel: price. $30r;
rui ii.iKuuauli!. -snap, k aJbLAP. !0ti
F st. mv.. . . de21-3t
FOR 5AL.E Cigar confectionery, station
ery: corner store; established 25 years;
low rent: ?lCo: . 7,4-1 '4lh st. nw.
de2 0-3t ' '
S-Small s'toclc of groceries and
cheap. Address W., this office.
le2 0-3t,em
STORES sold (iliick for casTi bv tile OLD
Bros., Vropr,ietors,Gl)p.rF sL nw. de20-3tem
$400 WILL BUYdrug store on busy
corner, vvith branch postol'fice: rent
only $25 Tor store audllouse; big bargain.
COMMERCIAL. 51 0 F slnw.ue20-3t,em
BONDS furnislrd in civil and criminal
cases. Taxes paid at a discount. De
fective titles to real estate straightened.
Will act at, receiver, assignee, U:irdlnn or
trustee. Financial -assistance! furnished to
litigants. Those about to bring suit should
icousult the company belore taking action.
Rooms 5 and T.Vs La. avcl-aw.
de5-tr Telcplkine 1118.
FOR SALE A largo quantity of new and
practically n;w typewritcrsof various
makes; ranging 'inptlcewfrom ?20 to $50;
an opportunity if aiifetitue; can you make
yourself or Clilid a more useful Christmas
present? MOORE- BROS-., UP) F Bt, -nw.;
.Uooraa 2 aud a. del7-6t
The "3 Days" Cure
(for men) loads all remedies In this city;
a prompt and permanent sur or no charge;
consultation lree. DR. JMclCEEHAN, 71t
12th st. nw. no23-lmo
Meilium and card t)ailer; Washington's
most rainous clairvoyant and palnilht: con
sult her on business, love and family af
fairs; reunites the separated; removes
spells, causes bpeedy marriages, and gives
good luck: open dailj" Herman spoken; 25c.
and 50c. 020 II st. nw. de22-14fc
DON'T fail to visit MADAM AVIAH;
tells lire from cradle to grave; gives
good luck; fee, 25c and 50c. 58 II bt.nw.
MADAME UETTA.cardreader.clain oyant
and tmnce medium; 2Cc. 50c and 51.
913 N. Y. ae. uw. del-2t,cm
OIIi N01 ViE DON'T crucify the truth;
we are now selling the most elegant
custom-made suits and overcoats (a tiltle
worn) for a price tlia. wUl Convince you
of our veracity; how does this strike you?
.JUSTirs OED STAND, 010 D bt. 11W.
J Ht CASSILTS vT HEUVE has removed
liisorrice To No. 19 Dth st. se..audolfers
his professional services to the public.
Skeptics and unbelievers invited; true
palmistry; 3 gifted wonders; Madge. Stella
and .luauita; come and be convinced; only
10c; no other charges. Gypsy Camp.
725 7tli .t. nw. liiistnir.s. doUi-jt
"Wlicii others Kail, Consult
"lite n-.ost able and successful Specialist
in tuo treatment of all Nervous. Chronic,
COMPLETE outfit of modern appliance.
A.-it.i.x; sialic, .raraiuc auu uuivaiuo r.iec
tricityenatilsslihnU) treat with buccuss,
peclally In" Catarrh, Rheuiuatisni.Dysncnslii.
Kidney and Bladder Disease), Sexual ' nk
boss, Stricture, Hemorrhoids, Syphilid and
Diseases of Women; freo consultation from
a To U. Olli la. ave. nw.. Washington,
D. u. noio-ti
Three expert fortune tellers; .your life
read from cradle to grave, without mis
take; everyone should vlblt The Camp; 10c;
725 7tli t. nw. UpMnirs. deHti3t
DRESb SUITS for line at Garner's. 71U
and H sts. nol0-tf
Dr. Leafherman.
EXPERT SPECIALIST. (20 years-experience.
1 AH private diseases quickly and
permanently i-ured. SYPHILIS notitlvely
cured in anj stage. Consultation lree.
Hours, i) to 12. 2 to 5. Tuus.,
Tliin-s.. and Sat. evoiiinj., 7 to 8.
No. 002 V ix. nw, Closed Sunday.
IVirs3 DRn REiEii,
iu obstctri&s, gold medal awarded for the
science of obbtetrics from the University
of Munich, Bavaria; trcata cucccssfully
wuinau's complaints and Irregularities; pri
vate saultaiium for ladies befoic and dur
ing confinement. Office houis from 0
u. m. to 6 p. m.. No. 019 la. ave. uw.
003 F Street Northwest.
Gold fillings and bridge work a spe
cialty, at the lowest price; amalgam rul
ings, 50c; rull sets of teeth on plates, $0;
extracting either by gas or local spray,
absolutely painless, 50c. without. 25e; all
woik done by experts and guaranteed tho
best; open on Sundays fioin 10 to 3
o'clock. nh22-ti
Madame LAiViOiT,
The great Clairvoyant and Palmist; advice
and information on all affalra or lire:
names in full: satisfaction guaranteed:
lee OOjcand $1 . 1303 G s tnw. de-llmo-cm
MME. LA RUE, Medium, tellspastamf
present: glvcsluclc; freountilNew Year's.
1223 1-2 F bt. nw.; walk upstairs.
WANTED-A clear, bright diamond, about
one carat: stati size and lowest cash
price. Address X. X. X., this office.
WANTED At once, large rug or carpet;
1 screen and small rugs. Address
CHEAP, this Jirflc.. de21-3t-.Mii
WANTED Walnut or imitation mahogany
bookcase: must be in good Order aud
cheap- Address 436 1-jt bt. ne.
WANTED By a responsible pnrtv. a good
horse to keep for his reed; light work
and excellent care guaranteed. Address
CONT1NENTA L, this ofrjee- 1 t-em
WANTED Colt's -15-cal. Army style" re
volvers'; also Winchesters, -lo-OO: state
condition and price. C. P.O., this office.
WA NTED To buy a good set ofdairy lunch
nxtures Tor cash. 0 . R., this orfice.
WANTED To rent, possibly purchase,
wheel chair. Address GOOD CONDI-
Ti?:C tllts orfict'- lt-em
WANTED To exchange brand new S25
overcoat for second-hand bicycle. COAT,
this office. del8;3t-em
WANTED 100 customers to buy pure
Jersevjnilk ct 0 cents per quartr sweet
skim' n'uik, 4 cents j.er quart, and puie
cream at 15 cents i.er quart. Adaress
JERSEY MILK CO., this orfice.
WANTED At Sinclair's Auction. House,
iuniiture or all klttas: store rixtun's; store
goods, showcases: regular sales Tuesdav.
626 La. ave. nw.; 617 C st.jiw. dcl7-6t-em
OLD BOOKS-1 pay cash for ail kinds or
old miscellaneous books; will call, ex
amine and make offer at residence. Drop
under Second National BanS, 3AMES
O'NEIL, Prop., 509 7th st. nw. dclG-lm
HIGHEST cash prices paid for second
hand furniture, carpets, pianos; entire
houses: stocks of all kinds. Aodress JON ES
1001 Ma.-s ave. 11 w. ut7-3mo
XADIES' COSTUMES; evening gowns. $5
ud: shortest notice; children clothes
a specialcv; tiaugiiman's ureas cntier, 5-5.
DOS N. Y. ave. de2-lmo
PROPOSALS Tor f urnlthing asphalt paving
blocks Olfice of the Commissioners, Dis
trict or Columbia, Washington, D. C, Do
camber Hi. 1897. Sealed proposals will
imj received in this orfice until 12 O'CLOCK
M., Dr.OEMBER 30, 1897, Tor furuhhlug
asphalt paving Llooks. SpeclMcations,
lilank rorm of proposal, ano nil necessary
htrbninilon oiay i- obtained at thlsofrice.
BLACK, ComiiiUMouers D. C. fle22-3t
Fiii! .'T.K-nRSKS c CAKHIAG-Eg.
FOR SALE To save storage, nearlyrncw
cutunder surrey and delivery wagon at
-sacrifice. UAKRlv.EW vHKa.N. ,-nve.,
bet. 4th and Cth sts. nw. dc21-6t
FO R S A LE -Horse, harness and trap: horse
young, sound and good mover; no plug;
trap In good condition. 1000 B st. ne.
FOR SALE-One gray mare: sound; .good
worker and driver; S35 for cash'. Call
485 1-2 C st. nw. deZ0-3t-em
A SUITABLE Christmas Girt for man.
woman and child. Never belore 'liave
such values been offered In Elcjcles, both
new and second-hand, of high standard
makes, as at present. Columnias, Small
eys, Niagaras, Worlds and Daytdhs, nt
one-quarter their value. Stock'"b'ri hand
must be disposed or by Jan. 1,. in, order
to rej ay advances made by the different
i-.astei.j .storage nouses, tne goods b'i'M'incii
have been consigned here. Bought and
taken in storage. NEW YORKJ3YCLE
CO., 434 9th st. nw. de21-7t
BUY a lot for in-vestment or hoine; Con
duit Road and Great Falls Electric Rail
way; within District; healthy: elevated;
terms easy; plats, etc. CLARK" BROS-,
P37 D Bt. nw. de7-lliioem
FOR RENT Corner store and dvveHlng: 5
rooms, bath anu store; 1S01 5th t. nw.:
520.50 per month. GRAUAM & CAMP
BELL. r714th Bt. nw, del9-7t
Do you know ttint yuu can' Huvi
Iitt aJorniiig-, Kvenlug: anil Suud.iy
Times the only COMPI.BTB'iifcwis
luiper published in WQahiiiftton
served to .you toy carrier tor" fifty
centts a month?
J.E. FRECHIE& C0..generaraucu"oneers7
81G-10 8th st. nw.; rurniture bale ovcry
Tuesday anil i-rioay. 10 a. m.; uoekery
trade sales Thursdays 10 a. m.: couslga
ments received dally foe abovo salea.
The Commonwealth of Virginia against
Timothy Rives, curator of George Dus
uer., deceased; Timothy Rives, adminis
trator of Gedrge Duller, deceased, and
the Board of Education of the State of
Virginia, defendants.
The object of tlds buit is to recover by
the Commonwealth the sum of $3,i90.DD.
principal and interest, being the property
or estate of George Dumilt, decuubed, in
the hands and possession df Timothy Rives,
his adniiuistrator, tho eaid George Dusnrr
having died In the county or Prince George,
in the State of VirglliiaVIn the spring of
1893, intestate, and whose nativity Is
unknown, the Comniuawttalih churning uald
estate, in coiisuquencMpfltlle said Dusnor's
leaving no known heJcKilt his death.
All persons claiming an Interest iu said
estate are hereby required to appear
before this court mid tial:e themselves de
fendants lo this suit, 111 or before the 1st
day of March, lbU8'uiM do what Is nec
essary to protect lheirJnter.'Kt in sold suit.
E. M. RO WELLE, Clerk.
"ft. K. McTCENNEYGJCuiiipIuliiainVs Atty.
Nov. 26, 1897. , eel-law. Smog-em
CHEAPEST sign work on earth; cloth
signs, 63 sq. ft.r S4,50; other signs
at proportionate prfces KUUAiiA hiuN
VOKKS,402 6th St.-nw. de22-2t
W ANTE U- IJloutfewalstTalnrTatest style
waists to make. Ajiply DRESSMAKER.
726 7th st. nw. dc22-3t
a saw ttiscovkky.
In dlamondx and precious stones; these
btohes are round m the norm of Persia, and
contain Mxty-five per cent of carLdir, and
will cut glass, stand washing iu acid, am
iiMiia, lurpuntine, alcohol, nudimy test
that the highest uiumoud will standr the
most severe test is" the file; guaranteed
never to lose brilliancy: awarded first
premium at World's Fair. 1803. A.
SAM AHA. Gem Cutler, 13-i:i J? st. nw.
Prepare our pianos tor AUias. oEOUGE
.7. BECKER. Everyone knows him. Oil
G st. nw. de21-3t,eoi
GREAT Xmassale at Selby's Slippers at
your own price, 4Cc tp; ladies' button
shoes, all shapes, OCc elsewhere SI .50:
child's shoes, bCc, 7Cc and 9cc, all tolld
and alllzes 1903 Pa.ae. ie21-6t,em
"XMAS OY8TERS 20c. per qt. at WINS
TON'S", large, fresn sntickeo; 25c. every
where elsj. 184b 7th st. uw; drop card.
IF YOU intend to buy a box of cigars for
holiday presents; save money: buy from
TORY'. J 011 Pa. ave. de2l-3t
1 HAVE two thousand pounds or home
made coudy to seh; cream, lon-bons and
chocolats creams at 10c ner lb.; laucy
cream, mixed with chocolate, two pounds
for ,25c; fruit taif y, cocouuut ana wiiluut
tnrriis, and all klud of taffies for thre
pounds for 25c. No. 31,7 J'a. ave. nw
GTJSTAVE SEBILLE, the -French bird
man, has come buck to his old stand.
1725 Pa. ave. nw. de21-3t
PIANO TUNING, SLGO; ratlory expert;
works renovated; urop postal. JAMLS R.
D U RITY, 3U5 12tli st.se. de20-3tem
SENSIBLE iiolldaypreteuts An uitc-date
hat, dei by or ledora, black or Lrown,
S1.2&; men's line neckwear, 19c eHe
wnerc 20c; silk suspenders, lfc blse-v.-nere
25o; child's rubLcrs, lCc; ladles',
24c: men's, 39c. SELBY, 11 tb Pa. a-ve.
"SAY, BILLIE, I thought you said John
would never change his lunch-room."
"I did. Wliv; has he':" "He has Indeed."
"How comes that?" "Wny. he went to
the Crescent, 015 F st. nw., the other day
and took a meal there with a ladyfrieno,
and after eating one of those delicious,
well-cooked, clean and quick-served 13c
and 20c meals, and tne politeness of
those tidy and active waitresses, lie could
not resist the change. He lb a regular
now delU-6t
SAT, Charley, why is It you go by three
or four uic-J lunch roomsto get your meals
every day at the Crescent, 15 F st. nw.?
Why. because 1 gel lite bust tne murKet af
fo.us, aud that cueap. You go there and try
their elegant meals at 15c aud 20c, and
sje those pretty anu polite aiirese,ijutc-i
and clean service, and I Let you will go
there as regular as J do. tlelS-6t
Do the best work: and ask you to pay
the very lowest prices that really fine
work can be done for: rooms papered,
stylish papjr, $2 up. F. G. NOLu-j. 810
9th sU: no branch. del 0-7 1
PR I V ATE SNAP For men; bure cure; sale
by all druggists: 5p cents. nol0-lm-em
WE PRINT everything: will print for you
1,000 business envelopes, 76c; work
guaranteed: liners. iV,c. pltg. get our esti
HOUSE, 516 fcth stnw. del9-7t
HORSES " CLIPPED byelectric power,
$1.75. 603 G st. nw. ctel6-lmo-cm
VERY low prices in meii's and boys' cloth
ing for the holidays! men'., all-wool
blacK cheviot suits. $4.75-elsewhere$7.50;
bovs' suits, all shades.and sizes, 7c. 95c,
$1.25, $1.50. $2.00'a'ud $2.00. SELBY,
1903 Pa. ixve. "' r de21-6t-em
HIGHEST cash prices1 'paid Tor second
liana furniture, carpets, pianos; entire
houses; stocks of nil kinds,. Address JONES,
1004 Mass. avp. nw. de7-3mo
Printing 500 cards, 75c; '500 cuvclopea,
75c; 500 note heads, 75c; 5uo state
ments, 75c; binding magazines, 50c;
miscellaneous books rebound. G. E.
WILLIAMS, 615 7th st. nw. feO-tf
FOR SALE-Pool table; nuall size: suit
able Tor privale house: make your boys a
present cheup. Call 1708 Pa. nve. de22-3t.
FOR SALE A good paying grocery buti-
itess; eounci to sell; gom;, to Csliiorum;
rent, S10.30; More and two rooms. 1st
and D sts. sw. de22-7t
FOR SALE-Sold Tor repairs, S4.34; w"
& W. sewing machine. 46 F st. nw.
FOR SALE-To candy maker; cheap; 1
adjustable caramel cutter. 1 plait candy
machine. 1 roollug candy macmne, J. ma
chine with roolers for assorted candy toys,
3 setb of candy roolers for drops, etc., 30
metal molds assorted for clear candy
toys: all the above articles in good con
dition aud will be sold cheap. Apply
at 1122 4 1-2 st. sw. de21-Jt
TOR SALE -Cheap; small lot of very rine
diamond--; must realize the money. 1514
14th si- uw. de21-3t
FOR SALE Oak sideboard, $10; cham
ber .suite. $20. cost -t2UU; extension ta
ble. $4.50; laige oak vvardrohe, 15. cost
$10; china closet, ?8; chiffonier, $7-50,
cost lu; nalr mattress, $t7 large neatsr for
chinch or hall, 12; tcreen, $1.50; odd
-wash stands, tables, lounges, chairs, rock
ers, desks, diMies, mairetses, pitturet-, nook
shelves and lot or lii.e fuinlttre. 1721
Pa.ave. inv. de2G'-3t,eni
FOR SALE Printers! 200 lbs. 10 pt.
West O. S.; nev cr been used; iu ipw cases;
a bargain for cash. Address PRINTER,
this orrice ' de2t-3t,em
FOR SALE 100 horse whips; $1 whips,
35c'to LOc; 75c wmps, 25e. 1500 L st
nw. j de20-3t
TbR SALE Double-barrel shotgun. 515;
repeating rifle, 22-callber, ru; lrlsn
setter-pup, cheap. 722 6th wt. nw. de20-3t
FOR SALE Two pedigreed fox terrier
dog puppies; born Oct, 11; also collie
dog pup; 3 mouths Old. STEV1NSON,
1013 16th st. nw.
FOR SALE A sampleIot of mandolins,
guitars, banjos, violins, accordeons and
cornets; will be sold at half price; call
.early and get a bargain: it will make a
splendid Christmas gilt. JULIUS COHEN,
1104. 7th St. nw. del7-14t
FOR SALE Bay horse, good Harness, li
cense, and coupeletto: complete. Call rear
QUO 11 st. nw. del7-6t
$125 ORGAN reduced to $8o; $5 cash
and $3 per mo.; 1 nke square, :S60; we
jnovc pianos, pack, haul and ship them.
1 1UGO WQRCH.923F,nw. ,dei3-6mo-em
F0R SALE-Christtnas gardens at FRED
REITS. -l8iuthtu,pw. deio-l 5t-em
FORSALE YouugCubanund Mexican par--rots,
monkeys, goldfishes, doga, pigeons,
canaries. Incubators, ;Spratts and Austin's
dog bread; send for catalogue. SCIIMID'S
BIRD STORE. "712 ..2tp st. nw. octo-tf
FOR SALE S2.98- "for 6-ft extension
table; lounges, S2-0;lcook stoves, S5;
heater, $2.50; parlor aud bedroom suites,
SI per week: cheap cash and credit. RED
MOND, 31 3 7th st. ii-s oc30-tf ,em
iTUH HlHte.
FOR HIRE Full dress0 suite, $1 only.
JULIUS COHEN, 11047 7th St. nw.
nolO-tf-em , i
FOR HIKE To druinmer3 and business
roen, horse and bujgy or day ton. $2 per'
lng. Apply to the REX STABLES, rear
15 St. mr.; telephone call. 109. upi-0-tf
Uintrlctor Columbia Wusliincton. W. C.
Decern ber:8.atJ07.-To Whom ft May Con
cern; IheiHiinmlssiou created by section
- or thegact of Congress approved March
2, 1893, .'entitled "An act to provide a.
permanent system of highways in that
pact of the LUtriot of Columbia lying out
side of cities.'' has received Trom the Com
misRUjnertruf tho District of Columbia a
certified roiiy of a man showlnir a -nro-
posed permanent system of highways In
tlln ll,V.I. ,-...1'. 111.1 .!.
tho District of Columbia within the area
West Of Rock Creek. This tnmi aYul nl.-itH.
showing iii detail how each lot and tract
is affected by the proposed system of
highways, aro now on exhibition in room
No. 47, fourth floor or the District build
ing. All persons Interested are invited to
examine tho map and plats. The com
mission will, consider any suggestions or
protests concerning the location or any
highway or portion of a highway asshowe
on tho map. -Tlie suggestions and pro
tests must be In writing and must set
forth clearlv the leasons for the changes
and show tile-property owned or controlled
by the objector. All protests, and no forth,
must be submitted on or before tho
THIItTY-l'tuaT OK MARCH. 1808, and
be addressed to the Chler of Engineer!?,
U. S. Armj War Department, Washing-'
ton, I). C. The couimisn'on will meet April
14, 1898. at 9:30 o'clock tu in., in the
offlco of the Secretary of War, to disposo
of nil objections, and will th.-u hear orally
rrom thos- who desire to thus support their
written objections.
11. A. ALGER, Secretary of War.
C N. BLISS, Secretary or the Interior.
Chiotot Engineers, U. S. A..
del0-15l-exS' Highway Commission-fel-15t-c;cS
FOR fi i A LE AN T KKy.
1401. lGthbtiiw, b h,25 rms
618 V bt mv, U h
1114, Md avc sw, b li, 16 rms..
.. 55,000
. 4,800
05 K st.and 002 and 904 Mass.
ave nw.bli S35.000
1706 it I ave nv, stone, rrrni
il st, bet JHth and lUth nw, b li
13 ruts
13th st. bet T and U nw, bh, 0 rim.
N st, net alst j.nu :iu in. , o. .c
and blow;
218 ft" J ave to, b h, 14 rms ,
M Ht.t, t.N Can and ltt. lth. 1 c. tins.
LJ61543liiht uw, b h, 8 rms
2dst,bjtBaulC nw, bh.Sims
222 2d st 11 iv, b h.o rms
2143 Pa ave, and 2140 Kstnw
02 12th st sw, b h, 11 rms
Gst. bet 2dand an nw.b n.7 ins 58,000
6 Hi s, bet L and M uw, bn, y rms... 7.5U0
Rot,Iet stnaiidOthnvv.b ji,6inib.. 6,700
Ust , het 0tnatid7thnw.b h,c in .-.. 5,t;oo
1 120 ILst ne-.-strand nwg, b n,u i n s. 5,000
905 C tt ue, li h, 8 lii.e 3,e00
OlO Morris place ne, b u, Orion...... 2,UOO
1218 I H lie, b li, 0 ln.b 2,750
810 N C ave te, b h, 0 in.s O.OtO
33: E bt se. U n, 6 in.s 3.20U
38 and 40 Itstiiw-, bls,7rms 4,t00
1601-1626-28-30 and 32 Cook's
place ne 4,500
3ujio:ui9 R atnvv, oh, 0 rms 2,ooi)
1706to 170B34tiistnw.uIi.bin.s.. 2,t00
Keokuk aud'-iCth tt. 9 rms ?35 00
1-Ubllthfct, lO nii 30 55
50a R st, 6 rms 30 00
Upper part 18L0 tn tt. 6 rms 30 00
423 2d st, 7 rms -... 30 00
1905 4th st. 7 rms 26 00
1519 P St.-.IT rms 25 00
4;thst Wesley Heights), Suns 25 00
1433 Ohio ave, 8 mis 25 00
1307 6th st, 6 ims 24 10
1614 8tn st, 6 mm 22 50
530 21st St, 6 litis 22 50
1602 otn bt, 6.11HS 22 50
Upper part 102 G st,6 rms 20 75
1616 8tn st, 6 mis 18 40
2207 1 st, 8 HU8 18 30
2111 M st, (rims 165
1532 5th st, 5 rms 16 30
47 Defrees st, 6 rms 15 40
1602 4tn st, 6 lms 15 40
1930 14tnst,5ims i- 13 30
816 N. H. ave.O mis 15 00
Tnealwve Is Only a portion of the prop
erty on my lxjoks. For full list cad at
offic-for bulletin I JU2d on tlu Island 15th.
Til OS. E. W AGGAMAJ. J17 F st. nw.
Should be read daily, as changes may
occur at any time.
FOREIGN MAILS are forwarded to
the poets of sailing daily, and the sc-bedule
or closings Is arranged on tne presumption
of their uninterrupted overland transit.
1-i.r tn- week, enuiug Decemtjer 25 the last
connecting doses will be made at this
effic-c as follows:
TrtiUhftJlaiitie flails.
WEDNESDAYr-tc) At ll:i0 p. m., for
Cape Colony and Natal, pec s- s- Strathord,
from New York. Letters must be directed
"Per Strathord.'
FRIDAY-(b) At 0:10 p. m. for Europe,
per s. s. Lucania, Trom Nttw York, via
Queeiistown. Letters for France, Switzer
land. Italy, Spain, Portugal. TurKey
Egypt and UritisJi India must lie directed
'Per Lucania." (b) At 9:20 p. m. for
Frauce, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Por
tugal, Egypt and Britisn India, per s. s
La Nbrntandie, from New !ork,via Havre.
Letters for other part3 of Europe must be
directed "Per La Normandie." (c) At
11:10 p. iu. Xor Netherlands direct, per s.s
Rotteruam, from New York, via Rotter
dam. Letters must T2 directed Per
Rotterdam." ic) At 11:10 p.m. for Norway
dlreot, pr s. ,s. Island, from Ssf l'ork.
Letters n.UsL be' directed 'I'er Island."
steamers tailing rrom New York on Tues
days, take printed mattor, etc., Tor Ger
many, and specially addressed printed
matter, etc.. Tor other parts ot Europe.
The American and White Star steamers
sailing Tropi New York on Wednesdays.
th German rfteamers on Thursdays and
the Cuilard, French and German steamers
on Saturdays take printed matter, etc..
ror all countries for wnich they arc ad
vertised to carry mails.
3Iailb for Soulti nnd Central Aaior
icn, "West Indies, &c.
WEDNESDAY (c) At 11:10 p. m. for
Venezuela and Curacao, per s. s. Philadel
phia, from New York. Letters for Colom
bia inu(t be directed "Per Philadelphia."
THURSDAY-(d) At 6;25 a. m. ror La
riata countries direct, per s. s. Georgian
rrlnce, from New l'ork. (c) At 11:10 p.
in. lor New Foundland, per s. b. Siberian
Prince, from Philadelphia, (c) At 11:10
p. in. for Campec-hc, Chiapas, Tabasco and
Yucatan, pers. s. Orizaba, Jromew York.
Letters for other parts ot Mexico must
do directed "Per Orizaba." ic) Atliuo
p. in. for Barbados direct, and North Brazil,
via Vara and Manaos, per s. s. H ubert, Irom
New l'ori.
FRIDAY (d) At C:2o a. in., fcr For
tune Island, Jamaica, Savanilla aud
Carthagena. per s.s. Alleghany, from
New York. HD At 6:25 a. in., lor Haiti,
tier s. s. Andes, from New York.
SATURDAY D At 12:05 p. n... for
Newfoundland, per steamer from Nortn
Sv-dney. (D At 12:G5 p. nt., for St.
I'teire-Miquclon, per steamer jrem Norm
Mans for.Newfoundland, by rail to Hali
fax and thenc-e via steamer, close here
daily, except Sunday, at 12:05 p. in. and
on Sundays only at 11:35 a.m. (d)
m.iIIh for Mlouelon, by rail to Boston
and tncnCc vlt steamer, close t.ere daily
at 3:20 p. m. (a)
Malls, lorjCuba, by rail to Port Tampa,
Flu., and thence via steamer sailing Mon
days aud Thursdays to Havana, close
here daily it 3:00 p. in. (e)
Malls loi-teMco.ovenuuu (except those
for Campechc, Chiapas, Tabasco and
Yucatan, which, alter the Tuesday over
hand dispatch, will Ikj forwarded via New
York, up to and including the 11:10 p. :n.
closing Thursday), closs here daily at
7:10 a. 'm.Cd) .
T'rn.bsrmcifle ilafls.
Malls for China, Japan, and Hawaii, per
8. s. Doric, from San Francisco, close iiere
dally up to 6:40 p. in., December 22. (d)
Mails for Hawaii, pers. s. Australia, from
Pan Francisco, close here daily up to 6:40
p. m December 22. (d)
Mails for,, the, Society Islands, per ship
Tropic Bird, rrom San Francisco, close
here daor'up to 6:40 p. m., December
25. id) k'-
Malls fqviChina and Japan, specially ad
dressed only, r.cr s. k. Empress 0r India,
from "Vancouver, close heto daily up to
6:40 p. mif December 27. .(a)
Malls for, Australia (except those for
"West Austi.ilia, which are forwarded via
Europe), Nhv Zealand, Haw-ill, Fiji and
Samouii .islands, per s. s. Monna, from
San Francisco, close here daily up to
6:40 p. in., December 31, (d)
Malls' toir China and Japan, per s.s. Vic
toria, f romyTacoma, close here dally up to
6:40 p. in;. January 2,(d)
Malls for, Australia (except West Aus
. tralla), New- Zealand, Hawaii and Fiji
Islands, per s. s. Miowera, from Van
couver, close here daily after December
31, 'up to u:40 p. m., January 3.(d)
aj Registered mail closes at lo a. m.
sametUjv1 , .
(b) Regbstercd mall closes at 1 p. m.
auroe day. '
(c) Registered mail closes at 6 p. ni.
same day. ., . '
(d) Registered mail closes at 6 p. m.
previous day.
e) Registered mail closes at 1 p. m.
TuCBaays ana sararuoys.
Washington, Alexandria
Mount Vernoti. Railway.
From Stntlon 1H 1.3 r. & Fn, Are.
In Effeet Xoveirihjer 14, 187.
For Alexandria (yrvekfiajfii, 6.30, 7.05.
7UIC. ox.; 8.00. 8.35. 8V59. 0.50. 10.05,
ex.: 11.00. 11.45 a. m.- 12.05. ex.; 12:20.
x.10, 1.45, 2.00, ex. Z.40, 3.20, 3.0,
! ex.: 4.15, ex.: 4.50. 5.05 5.20. ex.
.X- "". ex.; UJO. T.Oti, u.oo, O.OO,
10.00, 11.20. 11.50 p. m.,
For Alexandria (Sundays). 7.45. 8.4.5.
0.45, 10.30. 11.15a m..l2.()Onoon. 12.45
1-dO, 2.15, 3.00. 3.45 4.30, 5.15, 6. CO,
G.45, 7.30. 8.15. 0.00. lQ.OO. 11.20 p. m.
For Mount Vein on (weekdays)' .30,8.00.
10.05, 11.05, 11.00 n. III., 12.00, 1.15,
2.05, 3.50, 7.0G p. ni.
For Mount Vernon (Sundays), 7.45, 0.45
a. in., 12.00 noon, 2.15. 3.45 .and 6.45
p ra L. ,
PorArllngtoa andAtluedticCBrldg'! iweeU
Cays). 8.00. 8.50,10.05. and 11.00 a. m.,
12)5, 15.20. 1,15,2.05. 2.40. 3.20; 4.15,
5.20. 0.0D, 7.0Q and. 8.00 p. m.
For Arlhigto.i and Aiiuetiuct llridge
(Sunday), 7:45.. .45. 9:45. 10:30 11:15.
. :u., 12.00 Jioon, 12:45, iio. 2;ir..
3: 00. 3:45, 4:30. 5:15, 6:00, 645,
7:30, 8:15 p m.
llaggage checked free for passengers
holding flrsl-ciass tickets at station Bl
cycJes. 25 cents each. Parcels carried.
Tliroiisb H:e Ginndest scenery at
Ainericn, All Trains VexiiMiled,
Electric: Lfglited, Stcnm Ile-Uuii.
All iU-nlH .Served In IMtiinix Cain.
.Station SIxtli nnd B Streets..
Schedule In errect November 14. 1S7.
2.20 P. M. DAILY l.lui.iuiiati ami st
Loins Special fcolld trahr for Cincinnati.
Fuilmuu Sleepers lo Cincinnati. Ij-xinglon,
Louisville, Indianapolis, nnd St. Louis
without change. Purlor Cars, Cincinnati
to Chicago. Connects at 0ylngtou, Va-.
for Virginia Hot SpriugH.
11-10 P. M. DAiLX .V.Ta V-Limited-Solid
train for Cincinnati. Pullman Sleep
ers to Cincinnati. .Lexlngtne. iuid Louis
ville without chauge. open for j-eccption
of passengers at 9 p. m. Jlullman Com
partment Car to Virginia Hot Sj) rings, with
out change. Tuesdays. ThuRfllas, a ml Sat
urdays. Sleepers, Cinclunkll M Chicago
aud St. Louis. S f b
10:57 A. M.. EXCErT BUSISXY Parlor
Car, Washington toRlchmonfla'nd Richmond
to Old Point. Only roll line, via Penn.,
R-. F- & P., and C. & O. Railways'.
2:20 P. M. DAILY For GordousvUIe,
Charlottesville. Staunton, and Tor Rlcli
inond, dally, excent tf uuday.
Reservation and ticket-; at Oesapeakc
and Ohio offices. 513 and 1421 P'-nnsyl
A-aiila avenue, and at the station.
nol6-a.m-tf General Passenger A gent
Jforfolk ct y-ja5iiin;ton
Steamboat Co.
. Every dav m the v'.r for I'ortreiw
. Monroe. Norfolk. Newport Kuvn and
. all poiuts South by Ire superb, ixiw.
. erfut steel palace steamers. "XeTT.
. port News. "Norfolk" und "Mash.
' ingtou, ' on tlrelolhrwiug schedule:
lienve Washington 7:00 p m.
Leave Alexandria 7:30 p.m.
Arrive Fort Monroe .-..--..7:00 a.m.
Arrive Norrolk ..i.S:00 a. in.
Arrive Portsmouth 8:15 a.m.
Leave Portsmouth ,...,...5:30 p. m.
Leave Norrolk 6:10 p.m.
leavu KortMutiriK-. ...... 7-Op.tu.
Arrive AleNandrla .........G:30 a.m.
Arrive Washington i 7:00 a.m.
Visitors lo Clui mlier.ltiV new lioM.
"The Kygcia' aud Virginia Beach
. will rind this tne most attractive
- route, Insuring a comfortable night
. rent. .r.
Large and luxurtouvrooms heated
by steam aud filled throtignout with
- electric lights. Dtuiug-ioo.u service is
a la cane, and In supplied rrom tbs
. best that the markets of Washington
und Norfolk afford.
. Tickets on sale at U. S. Express
olfice, 817 Pennsylvania avenue. 513
61b, 1421 I'eiuisylrauiA avenue, li.
. it 0. Hckot oL'ite. corner 15th street
and New York avenue, and on butrd
tea:iier. where liu.e bMc. map.etc-
can also be had.
- Any other information desired will
- be furnished on u;.pUcaiiou lo tlieun-
dcrslgued at the coin pan y's wharf,
foot of 7th st., Wasningtou. D O.
Telephone No 750.
JNO. OALLAHAr.'. General Managar.
-?-i''iJ!?''xT1':i AXD TO LOAN.
nuasEs. era
Loans madeun Furniture. Pianos. Ilorsas.
Wagons, etc-., at lowest ratev and quickest
losslbl time. ?triily oonrulential- i'lense
call before securing loans elsewhere.
61u F Et. nw.
MONEY loaned in sums rrom S5 to $50
to reliable parties nu t-ullatcral required;
open evenings. HOOM S, Central bld'g.,
9th and Pa. ave. deT7-lm-em
YOU CAN borrow money on'your Icrnitttre.
carpets, piano, md?e., etc. NORTH
iVwj oTOivau HobaE 310-18 8th nw.
S10 TO SI, 000 TO LOAN
Wilhoat removal fromiKiaSessior.of owner
You can have the moncv the day you
apply for It. Payments on the principal,
of anyamount, willbe received at anytime,
which will lessen cost of Joivu.
No cost to du if loan is not made.
Strictly confidential. .
Please call Tor further informatlon-
602 F et. bt?
LOANS mace on approved collateral, such
as lire policies, stocks, bonds, building
association shares, syndicate certificates,
etc. No dtlay YERKES BAKEK, Illo
F st. Take elevator. tf
MONEY TO LOAN at 5 and 6 per cent,
security, real estate In .District cf Colum
bia, no delay beyond an inspection of prop
erty aud examination oT title. WALTER
E. ACKER. 74 1-lth nt UW. mu2S-tf
HONEY TO LOAN- $1,000 upward, at 5
and 5 1-2 per cent on D. C. real estate:
S25o, S500, etc, at 6 per cent; all
transactions conducted with economical
consideration for borrowers.
npl6-tf 14o7 F st. nw
LOST At 7Ut and TJ its. uw.. Bee 4,
gray cat with brown spjts; oa her head
nnd body; white breast--" Edward if re
turned to 010 R st-atw. is . It
STRAYED OR STOLEN -'Erom the rear of
310 E. Cap. St., a Domujecker rooster: a
pet; answers to name br Dandy. S" re
ward ir returned to 323 E.'t'ap., and no
questions- asked. It
FOUND Astray, red and" white burralo
cow. Douglo Place. -Eenping road ne.
LUST A leather, rob ami watch charm.
in front of" Sihims' drug stare, and
puked up ly a tall colored man. IT re
turned lo Sliiuns' Drtg ttlbre a lueral re
ward will be, given- ,,, ce21-3t-m
LOST Tuesday morning, Dec. 21, 8 card
cases, un lltn st. car. ' Reward ir le
arned to Mibti MAMIE BOUCHER. 1 1 05
F st. nw. de2t-3t-em
LOST A bunch of keys, on j)a tent keyring,
with small spring lock'inall chain at
tachsd. Fiuuer win -pleasj return to
Jtoom 4.0, Paclli Builoing, and receive
suitable reward. , de20-3t-em
STOLEN -So reward will be paid for In
formation leading bo the, arrest and con
viction Ofth persoit or persons who stole
our sigh rrom 937 D at. nw. SPR1NG-
MANN EXPRESS. - ; lt-em
LOST Wednesday, a beagle hound; white
vitn black ears; blackou the back; short
legs, heavy body; named Bud;"strap rol
lar; tag No. S.'JO I; S" reward. MUS. T.
GRIFFITH, 3037 K SUnw. de2(i-3t-em
LOST One blat-K and Hvbite female Tox
terrier, about a lddiltlis'old, with locked
collar, and lag o. 28.-ir; reward if re
turned to 1677 3J, st. de2o-3tem
LOST-$25 reward; .Uiampiid pansy pin,
Saturday night, oil C st. or Ot.o ave.,
bet. I3tli amll15tti sts.,"lir 14th st. , bet. O
bt. and Ohio ave. The. finder will please
return tol3j7 U a. audfeceive the above
reward. , de2o-:it
FOR RENT 30 acres of garden land; near
,the District: improved by 6-room dwelling:
with large stable aud necessary outbulldf
St. 11W. lle4-tf
Do you .know tr.at yon can lm.v
Tho loriiliig. Evening; nnd Sanday
Tlmeis the .only COMPLETE' n-vv.,-pnper
iiablfshed In'' Vashlnston
nerved to yon by enrrier for JClfty
cents a month?
V,(i,M-?jM-t.wc,-k 'lays-Pl'rrsBURii U
txiTr.. ..axl,,T a,ui Dinlns Curs. Uarrt
tbo Pittsburg. .
r.7. hrat.,.ou. Lrs "arrisburg to Chri-aoT
,V',natl. Indiauapolii. St Louis. Clevo
liam'r1 ?'it- 1Jl,'f. la.rto.- Ca.r"tti
1(llri.V AL VA3J -INE-Pnllman Buffe
iv ir, Ca,r," Harrisburg. Burrcc Parlor
a 4iV'n a71!,.,.rr" t0 FRtsburg - -
r.xprt jlcepmg Car Wjiuiangtou tJJCi
rth ,; .auu 8,c-'l'i"giiil Dining Cars liar
!?i.3?. !t L""t3. Nashville (via Cbv
clnnatlt and Chicao
" i. AI. lv h.s i rii-.s' EKPKKS4 PjiR
i' ,?,CePln ca" to Pittsburg. Chica-:o, '
U .-. :"risbur; tc Clcveluna DiUug Car
io Chicago .
".,. .,nan Sleeping Cars Vaiblngton to'
...rsi,r'' a:u "arrUi.un; to a ta Louis
ii.u,H V.'lc.naat1, Uium;; iSr.
- rufi.' a,eciMK Cjir lo Plttaborg . v
T," n.- 'or i.ane. Crtuandaigua, Eochcc
ter and Niagara r'all daily Except Sua'
1o,nV fJ.r Elnilra and Renovo daUy?v
o40 p r" r i"'r 'VfllLll"Pt,r' 0aD.'y
7VVi iu'.. "T "''-iinsi-ort. l.-ncne-terf-'-V,S'i
,uf-o aufl NIagant FnlLi daUy,
v?.. .p. 3aturday. witn Sieeplnz Cr
tvitiington to Burralo. s
10.40 p. iil for Erie. Canand.ilgua.Roci'e?'v
cr. Hurialo aud Niagara F&l d--Jly.
lullniati Sleeping Car Waobiugtoa 'W
Rochester Saiurciayd only
trui i'ii.laUi.-l.m.. .New I'tnk 'und. tiia'
J-J131. s,
llEt. iialiy. all 1'arior Curs, with Us
leg bar from Baltimore. Regular nt 7:00
mining Car, :oo. y.oo. lo.oo iinixi
Car,, and ll.ou (Diulng Car from WU-.
inhtgton; a. in . 12.45. a.lZ. 4:20, 6:50.
ff-b ami 11:50 p. m. Un Sundav- 7:00:
(Dining Uari. b:Ob. :oO. 11:00 llinla
tar rrom Wiluungton) a. at, 12:16, 3:1 zr
4.20, 6;to, io.Ou and IltOO p. m. Poet
lmiladeiphia only. J-usC Kxpresit. T-.BO ol
in.. week-days- ExpreL,12:l5p.in. week-
days. 2.01 and 5:40 p. in. oally Foci
lioolon. without cuauge7:5U- a- m. weolc
days. and 4:20 p. m. claUy.
For BcRhitore, 0.25, 7:iV. 750, 8:0S, .
a.OO. 10:Oo. 10:50. and ll:oO a. m
12:15. 12:45, 12-sy. 2:01, 3:15. 3:40,,
(4:00 Limited!, 4:20, 4:3C. 5:40, 6:15,'
6:3o. 7:20. lo.oo. 10 40. 11:15, and
ll-HO p. m. On Sunday, 7.00, 8.00,
l.oo, 9.05, 1050. 11.00 a. m., 12,15,
1.15, 24)1. J.13. 3,4U. (4.J0Llndd.'
4-20. 5.40, 6.15, 0.50, 7.20. 1O.O0.
10.40. and 11.50 p. in.
For Pope a Creec Eine. 7i0 a. m. and '
411! ;i. m. Uaily, except Sunday.
For Annapolis, 7.00. V.00 a. m.. 4.20
and 5.4o p. m. dally, except Sunday. ,.
Sundays, b.oo a. m. and 4io p- m-
AUantic J.-oast Line Express Jor Marina. .
and points on Atlantic Coast" Lin., 4'0
a. m 3.40 p. m. datln Richmond only.
10.57 a. m. week-days; Atonta Special,
via Lichmonil and Seaboard Air Llus,
4Ai) ii. m. daily. Accommodation for
ijuanttco, 715 a. in. dally, and 4-25 p.
ii,- weeic-days. - '-'
-M.-usiI-.oru ComiectiotiH.
Fot Atlantic City (via Delaware River
Bridge, all-rail route;. 3.15 p. "m.'Oaily:?"
Ma Market street wharf. 1U.OO and 11:00
a. in.. 12.45 p. m-, .veek uayf.und 11:30''
p. in. daily.
For Caee May. II 00 a. m. week day
1150 p. m. dally.
Ticket orfices, JCornr Fifteenth and O
streets, and at the amtkm, sixtb and B.
ttrecu, where orderj can be left fur tho
checking of oaggage o dCijtluatioa from
boiels and residences. $-
J.R. WOOD. General Ptseug-r A gea5.i,
Kchedule la of rect Nov 14. 3S-J7.
Leave Washington Iro,i stjtKm corner -
of New Jersey avenue and C street.
For Chicago and Northwest. Vestibular!"
Limited trains 11.05. 11.25 a. in.. 8.05
p. in. '
For Cincinnati. St. Loui? anil Indlnnapo
Us, Express. 11.25 a. m. Vestlbnled Lln
lted 3.40 p. m.. express 11.55 p. m.
For Pittsburg anil Clevejaud. exprosSj
daily 11.05 a. m. and 8.30 p. t
For Columbus. Toledo and Detroit. 11.53
P- ,n- .
Winchester nnd way stations, t8 a. m -
3.40 and 15.30 p. m.
For ,vew urieaus. jt.upuis, uirmingnam,'
a. lv.UOKVI.Ie, HTislnl :iul ICOa-
noke, 9.00
dally; sleeping
cars -
T.-,r 1 .tirn tv t J O r.
For Ualtiniore. week days. 5. 6.30f
x7.0o. x7.10. X7.30. x8. 8J10. x9.30
XlU.OO a. in.. X12.UO in.. Xl.lO. I.s.15.
Xl.15. X3.00. 3.20. X4.30. 4.33. Xo.03..'
X5.10. X5.30. xd.20. 6.30. xS.OO. 8.15. -it
20, 11.15. xll.50 p. m. and x.12.01
iilghS. Sundays, x7.05,x7 lo, x7.30, 8.30,.
xa.00 a. m., xl2 10. xl.15, 1.2b, x3.00.
3.20, 4.35, X5-05. X5.10, O.30. xb.OO,.
ib.20, 11.15. xll.50 p n... xl2.ol nlght.
For Annaptdis.7.10 and 8.30 a. m.. 4.30
and 5.30 p. iu. Suadys. b-0 a- m.. -i-35
p. in.
For Frederick, week days, 8, 11.25 o. rav;
4.30. 5.30, p. m. Sundays, 9 u. m., 1.13
p. in.
For Hagcrstown, tll)oa. m- and taO
p. m . ' " "
For Boyd and wav poln'n, week days.
8.00 a, in., 40. 5 JO. 7.05 p. n. Sua-v
days, 0.00 a. m.. 1.13. 7.05 p. m.
For Gaithcrsburg and way points, weeXf.
days, 8. . a. m-. 12.50. 3.16. 432.
oJio! 7.05. 11.43. p. iu. Sundays. 0 a.
m, 1.15. 4.33. 7.05. 10A6 p. m.
V'or ashingtonJuuctionaad.wav polntit
8 a. ni., 4-30. 5-10 p. m. week dayj. 9
a. in.. 1-15 n- m. Sundays.
All trains Illuminated with Plntsch light.
For Pniladelnhia. New York, toston aud
the East. week. days. 7.05. 8. IU a. in-l-'.05ClAr,
tall Dining Cars). 3, (5.05 Din
ing Car). (12.01 uignt Sleeping Car open
at 10 o'clock). Sundays. 7.U5. 0 a. m.
(1.15 Dinlne Car). 3. (5.05 Dining Car).
12 oX nigm.: Sleeping Car op-u 1 U o'clock.
AddiUonal trahis lor l'uiladelubia. week
days, daily. 8 p. . "
Parlor Cars on ah day trains.
For Atlantic City. lO a. ifl.. 3i0u noon,
and 1.15 Ul1 a p" ni- week, days: Ua.Hi.
B Fofcape May. 12f-05 noon.
Kr.caa'e called Tor and checked from fco
ls al"resldencps by Union Transfer Ccv
tExceot ounuaj. .vu.uici-jiau.
e-c'it-lulc in effect NovemLer 21. 1897.)
Ail trams arrive and leave Pennsylvania
ra8-S12 "a! m-Dally. local for Danville,
n.nri.ttte aud way stations, connects at
KSw ror Straiborg. HarrUonburg and
Staunton, dally, except Sunday and. at
LySffiis vii tut -Norfolk ami Western,
d'lVri5 a.m -Dally.theUNITED B PATE3
vxa'V MAIL, carries Pullman Buffet
SccSers. New Yoric and Washington to
vT.si.tivillc. uniting at SaH.stJury-wiUv.
it .7.. ?.TlsReDer for AshevUle and Ho5
".trin-s. N.C: KnoXvUlo and Chat-
" ......iiv .iiiniiii tect t, art
Vhr,..,lisleeiieron this train every Weducs-
day and Saturday to san J-ranctsco. wjth-
OU4iapfm .-Local for FrcntJJoyal. Stras
burg and liarnsouburg. daiiy, except Sun-
il' p- in. Daily, locat for Cnarlottes-
ilf 43 u. m. Dailr. WASHINGTON ASD
1TED composed of l'ullman VestiMlled
Eleepcfs. (lining cars and day coaches.
l'uUiiiatt slemrs New: loik lo NasMiIK
Tcnti via iiievllie.KroxviUe-. aim Chnt
laiooga. New Ycrkto Tarrpa. via Char
o"te?CoI-iA.bla. Sttvanaab, and JacLsonvilie.
imlllng at "Danville witn Puinn-vn Sleeper
From Ricnmid v Augusta, via Columbia,
with conictiou for Aiken. S. C... NjbWm
York to MemphU.via hirmingham: New
V nrtr tn INCW v.-livaiu, ...u. " "i
Vesilbuled day coach Wash
igtiiu to Atlanta, .s-outncrii r.itivvay .ajning,,
r-ir Greensboro to Montgomery.
TiIVISlOJ leivvo Ma-siiiuiiiou u vt. i- iu.
K";!. .,.,., n,rii-u nf: Washlr.irton
item i ui b . " - - - . ,,---- ,,-:, , ,,-,, ,T
in. and ti.oop. m. j, 'w"i ,
and 7-U6 a. m- dally, except bur day. from
Herudon, and S 3 in- in. dally, except Sun
day, rrom Lceaburc ..,.
Tnroiign trains from the South orrl"ve a
Washington 642 a. m., 2.20 p. m. and
B-25 d m. dally. Harrisonburg. 12.40 p.
n and 0:25 p. m. dally, except Sunday,
nd 830 a. m. dally from CharIott3vUle-.
Tickets, Bleeping car reservation, nnd Itf
formation rurnished at offices, 703 15th
"it. nw. "11 Pennsylvania avenue, awl as
Pennsylvania Railrna" Passenger Station.
tV. II. GHEEN, Gen. Suul. .--
J. l. CXfl.t. '1 ruf. fie ifauoger.
W. A. TUitK, Gen. VnSw. Agtnjt:
( . S l)HvVVN.O'ii- a. l'uis. uepU
on orders left at ticKet oinces. oiu rena
avlvania avenue northwest. New iori
av-cnue nd FiftceEtn street, and at denoC
ei VI GREENE. D. B. MUtTn.
' MV. Mn-r. Mr. Piss.Trafri'i. '
maiflceper tor Augusta. Pullman Buf feft;
d eeper. New Yor toNevr Orleaus.tonnct-
fnr urn ii rn iitri
?Vri to Nevv orleatis witiiout change. Sim-
t excursion
and 0 25 p. in Sunday otllyfo. Uouiicllilli:
4 32 p in- dally, except Sunday, for Lees
i;.'.. mi -23 n. in. dailv for Herndon.

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