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Evening and Gaslight Shades.
36-iucli All-wool Cream Serge and Cash
mere 25c Jd
44-inch All-wool Henrietta in cream,
light blue, pink and cardinal. ..i;.'..:...
45-iuch Extra Fine All-wool Silk-finished
Henrietta, 50c yard, in white, cream,
cauar, pink, gray, uile, robin's egg,
blue, lilac, heliotrope, bishop purple,
cerise, cardinal, old rose and old blue.
This is the best Henrietta value ever
offered, being five cents less than the
cost to laud them in this country under
existing- tariff. They are German
goods, are very soft and velvety, and
arc worth 69c. While our present
stock lasts you can buy-the:u for SOc Jd
4o-inch Cream Jacquard, all wool 59c v
45-iuch Ail-wool Cream Batiste 59c yd
40-iuch Cream Bedford Cord, all wool T5c 3'd
40-inch Silk Warp Lansdowne in cream light
blue pink old rose nile old blue cardinal
and gra $-J .OO yard is the present price.
Like other lines, we anticipated our needs and
were enabled to secure at old price. New price
will be $1. 19. Better save 19c yard, and buy
now, because our present stock is limited.
420, 422, 424,
Charily Gives Five Thousand Then'
Clirislmns Dinner.
Unft it limit e IVople, Hill mid Little,
j-'otivi Koyolly in Public ami
Private Institutions..
It is, estimated lUat fully Hve llwwawl
people, youus and old, were recipients of
Christina dinners yesterday at the private
and bciteolent institutions or this city.
ChristmaK is tlie da which is looked for--vvani
to with the happiestantlclpation hy
tlie inmate of these institutions, and es
pooially by tlie as:ed and decrepit in tlie
alms-house and by the prisoners at tin jail.
Among tlie many places where the -work
or makfns the thousands happy was well
and cheerfully done weie the Central
Union .Mission, the Associated Chanties PI.
Ann's Asylum, the Children's Hospital,
the Prophetic Alarm Houe. the -Mutiieipil
Lodginc House, the Salvition Army, the
poorliouse, the jail, and fcl. Elizabeth'
Tlie Cential Union Mission does its for
mal and gicat 'ha li table work on Chriat
mttR Ha. but Mr. Bailey, chairmau -jf the
directors-. Mi. McMicliael. the superintend
ent, and M rs. McMicliael, who is known !o
all of the pool of the eltyforherjrood works
do not rorgetthelnniiitesand tlie transients
on Chibtnuis Day. rtiey were all given a
good breakfast yesterday morning and
last nifiht from 5 to 7 o'clock there iv.is
a dinner of n erit
It was sur.iething quite iiw and depends
for it. oriRin on tie: capacity of Weary
Wajrirh's ai.d ail the Old Hosses to saw
wood vigorously, say noiiung and waitou
developments. The dinner -was to be
soiiieihinjr rrcnerclie, an they say on the
road, to all thus" who have come to Well
ington with and without sliofs from ir-ir,
and especially tho-e who have for -some
Uajs b-cn viewing the Land of Promise
from the tiptop of the mountains on tlie
oast shore of the rototnac. 11 was a large
crowd that crossed the Potomac Thursday
They all complained of the length or
Long Bridge, but as a matter of fact some
of them looked as if they had come ;u
through the Lydecker tunnel. They tawed
wood to a man up to Friday night, and
last mght they ate celery and polished
turkey bones aTtcr the regular dinner.
Ordinarily, even at the philanthropic
Oentral Union ilission, such a dina.-r
would cost Dives or Lucullus 23 ceuts.
but last night the vicarious bird and his
funereal trimmings cost the mere tong of
15 centfe per head and c-ophagus. They
were all in a leautirul humor, singing
pagans or praisc and blessing the oppor
tunity Avhich comes to some such men
only one in a lifetime of eating the stuff
ing out or a turkey slaughtered for such
The glad ia torial t heoogy or these knights
or the cross-cut saw and woodpile was
a good thing to observe "working- overtime.
There was something hli$r;il and beatific
in the atmosphere of the Central Union
Mission, it was scented with the Turkish
aroma or roasting meats, but tliat is .vhafc
they weie in the business for.
Anothet Interesting place was the Pro
phetic Alarm Soup House. An even liuu
dred, a centurion detachment, dined there
sumptuously at 2 p. m. They were given
soup, bread, potatoes, coffee and turkey.
This is not the order of viands on the canl,
but the things disappeared In that order.
.Mr. Cuddy has done all this without any
assistance except tlie invaluable aid of his
They vent abroad, asking iu aid of the
poor, and the responses -were fairly good,
showing their enterprise is being appre
ciated. Ecl such a good, zealous and
pious work lias its humors. Prophetic
alarm soup ft a good thing. Itis as honest
as the raltlcMinke that, always springs
his rattle iK'fore he strikes or bites. 'ov
there are soups "which arc insinuating,
and give no alarm, prophetic or other.-vlf e;
anilthxydcm''tdoa thingtoyv.u on Christum
night, owing to the concealed abominations
la the concoctions.
Tlioy arc iu point of dilution like the
waters of Ochcnna, not to mention
Marah, at d they lay you out with their
unknown triple extracts of canned beasts,
39c rd
426 Seventh St.
birds, and fishes. Rut the prophetic ilarm
soup is honest. Vim can't get too Milck
with it. You take it in the spirit of
p phe j. and Mr. Cuddy's, for it Is
not moan cr sneaking with Its seductions.
Y-ju know what you get. It is impossible
to be ungrateful" bout prophetic alarm oi p.
Xo contortionist has ever been known to
look this gift soup in the mouth no matter
what he may be able to do with a gift
honse. Xot Ihe least valuable and charit
able pail of Mr.Cuddy'sspicndld benevolence
was that thedinnei was absolutely free anl
no handicap.
At the Children's Hospital there was an
excelw-nt ditner, and, besides, many good
things else to amuse tnd make the lline
people very happy.
At the Municipal Lodging House Capt.
Culler die i.ot give a dinner to his ocoa
sionaW. They all worked and were able
to buy a layout for tli"inselvcs. Capt,
Caller, however, at. 1 p. m., made a
spread with tuikey and other tilings to
his seven employes. They had a right, sood
ami mcrry tim?. The speeches were in
formal but good.
The Associated Charities, while not
dining people, did a splendid work in con
nection with the churches. By the aid of
these, thirty families were commended to
the, good will of the CentralUnlon Mission,
and dinncs were provided for them all.
Tlie bcaucyof this work'is that there is no
imposition on public or private charity.
The SaU:-i:'! Army people "were at borne
all day. Three or the fairest of the evin
gclists were round washing the disties
after breakfast, more often the iwrtion
of Marj than or Martha.
'Going to have turkey today?" they
were asked.
"No." il chorus.
'Why lotV"
"Haven't gol ;.ny."
But they had a good dinner on
chicken, potatoes and plum pudding. It
was a family .ifTair, but on the ;JS)th
they are to dine 1,000 ioor women piicl
childrer at Central .Market Hall. Most of
the churches are co-operating. The -,taff
captain said that they are getting
supplies of money, and they expect large
consignments of provisions today. It will
be the charitable event of the season.
At the poorhouse SIG old ami decrepit
people att turkey ad libitum all day.
At tic jail Capt. Leonard supervised a
great ic-ist for his Four Hundred Whites
and noble Six nundrcd Black and Yellow
Brigade. They dined ul 3 p. in. in
great btyle and apparent happiness. As
between liberty and dipt. Leonard's
dinner, it it easy to guess what the diners
would have chosea. fcjrS
In 11 e morning the jail, workhouse and
almshouse weie limited by a committee of
the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Tim in
mates were given tobacco, cigars and rood
Tiie biggest crowd at anyone place was
at St. Elizabeth's Asylum. Elev.-n hun
dred sat down to a Christmas dinner at, 1
p. m The regulation turkey was present
and absent in turns. Tlie feast at this in
stitution Is always of the lirst order, and
there is nobody in Washington "who did
not viPli it s-i.
Amciicnn Gets the Curler Prize.
New Haven, Conn., Dec. 25. -Word has
been received at Vale University that at
the session or tlie French Academy of
Sciences, held at Taris, December 13,
the Curier Prize of 1,500 fran -s was
awarded to Tror. O. C. Marsh, of Vale
University. This prize is awarded every
three years fm the most remarkable work
In the department of paleontology. 3 lie
prize is in honor of Curier, one -if the
world's greatest naturalists, and it rarely
comes to this country.
Some I nt testing Curios.
Antiquaries and lovers of curios should
not miss seeing A. Heilmuller & Co.'s ex
hibition at their new store, 1218 F street.
Among the many interesting objects the
following are specially noteworthy: A
guillotine of the last century, a double
edged beheading sword, iron thumb an.l
arm sen ws, a Spanish gaiter, a "spider.'
that curious instrument of torture used Tor
lacerating the bare backs of prisoners; a
Russian knot, and a metal mask, such as
wan formerly used Tor scolding women.
There are hundreds of objects both curious
andintereMicg which everyone is welcome
to cxamino. It
Do yon know that yon cap Uuvo
The Morning, Evening nnd Suuday
Timcstlie only CCOdPLEXK new
imper" 'ntihliKlietl in Washington
hcrved to you by carrier fin' fifty
cetitb o. month?
There Will Be Many Dances, Teas
and Ilcceplioiis.
Noble Work of mi Invalid Lady
YVlio Jlakes Clothes, for
I'oor Children.
Tlie Olympian lady who presides oVl"
tlie domestic hearth has stepped out of
mytho'ogy into the realms of capital so
cicty, ar.il foi a week bhe will rule its
queen, and family reunions and house
parties foim the cheery basis of all tlio
dances teas, and receptions with which
the week abounds, and many will be
the ireirj festivities at, which Saut.i
Clans il' ho the guest of honor.
Mrs. Sleiidan gave a small tea yester
day afternoon in honor or Miss nates, who,
since htr icturn to Washington, has been
the object ol mauygracerulattentioiisfroni
her friends
Mrs. Electa 13. Smith will receive New
Year's B& y at her home, Ko. 1 1 M street,
and has especially invited her friends of
the G A- 11.
Mrs. Cornelius T Celt has cards out
for a tea ou January G, from -1 to 0.
Mrs. Hi ward .Jiroolc will be at h.une
to her friends next Wednesday afternoon
at No. i'JO Sixth Street northeast.
Miss Louise Tucker will give a lard
party cr forty couples on Thursday even
ing next. ,
The marriage of Mr. Prank V. TiiCirU.
or this city, and Miss Mary K. Moore, the
diuiirhtcr -jf .Major S. J, C. Moore, who
Cits recently appointed judge of Clarke
county court, Vn., will, it is said, occur
the la' ter part of next month.
Miss Marie Webster, the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Webster, of "corge
towu, v IP be Introduced to society to
morrow afternoon at a 5-ocIock tea.
Master Leslie Brown, the four-year old
son or Mrs. Howard Brown, invited a num
ber of his tiny pluymatcs to hi residence,
No. 011 L street, last night, to enjoy tlie
delight of a very beautiful Uhi'stmas
tree, and to meet Santa. Clans, known
ordinarily to the little guests is 'Jtulie,"
who made them a speech and otherwise
contributed to the enjoyment of the vry
pleasatit event.
A public meeting of Continental Chapter,
1). A. H., will lie held tomorrow evening
at S o'clock, in the music room of the F.la
mere, v, J.eu a program will be contributed
which will include a lecture by Rev. Mr.
Eldridge. who will take for hissubject. Cur
Til" District Federation of Women's Cl ibs
at Its last ex-board meeting reported a
gratifying progress of the work of com
mittees on police inations at each station
and on the bill for free kindergartens in
the public schools. It was decidjd to
hold t hree public and socia 1 meetlugsduring
the winter, when these topics shall be cis
cussed. Mrs. llartie Webster will introduce i'Ks
Webster at a tea tomorrow afternoon, 'rom
1 to 7, at No. 1523 Thirty-first str-wt,.
Froni -t to G tomorrow also Mrs. MoLana
hau will entertain at a tea to meet Miss
Caroline Suydam Uuer, atNo.lfSO 1 Twenty
first street.
Miss Early, the young daughter of Mr
and Mr.s. Charles Early, of Connecticut ae
nue, will gie a large dancing party to
morrow evening at S:30 o'clcck.
AnothPr delightful arrair arranged for
tomorrow night is the first meeting of the
Monday evening dancing clafs under the
patronage of prominent society matrons,
among whom are Mrs. Barney. Mrs. -nJer-son
and Mrs- Arnold Hague.
On Tuesday a net noon at r, o'clcck Irs.
Norton, No. 1023 Sixteenth Mreir, will
give a tea in 1 on r or .Mrs. Paul .fyh;son,
and simultaneously Mrs. Goodwin anil Airs.
Couper will entertain at a like function
to introduce Mifs Beatrice Seymour Good
win. On Tuesday evening Senator ami Mrs.
Murphy will present their debutante daugh
ter at a reception, and Air. and Mrs.
Ffoulke will hold a reception at U roiock,
followed by dancing.
Miss Maud C. Lambert', the gifted daugh
ter of Mr. and .Mrs. Taimage A. Lambert,
will make her debut Wednesday ;.r a l
o'clock reception. No. 1210 Massachusetts
On the same date Mrs. Robert. Kan lolph
Towell, No- 17'M K street, will present
Miss Powell at a tea, and Miss ErrollCuth
bert, Brown, No. 1710 Connecticut avenue,
will give a dancing party.
At noon, ou Tnursday Miss Lucre tin
Beatrice Kinsman and Mr nenjamlu Holiy
Scott Woodford will be married at the
Church of the Epiphany. Bishop Satteflec
A luncheon will be given on Thursday
by Mrs. E. V. Andrews in lienor or Viss
Annie Powell and Miss Du Pont.
Mrs. John It. McLean will give a lunch
eon I'riday in honor of the Misses Owen.
Miss Kaurfmann will give a tea at 5
o'clock. Saturday, No. 1-121 Massachu
setts avenue.
Mr. George Hale formerly of this city,
but now located in business in Brooklyn,
paid a brief visit to his boyhood homo
during the week for the purimsc of cele
brating his twenty-first birthday with
his mother, Mrs. Georgia Hale, and Ms
many friends. He was tlie recipient of
many social courtesies and congratulations
during his slay.
Mr. "Wagner MacVengh, ex-minister to
Italy, hasten ed the old Lowery mansion, at
Vermont avenue and K street, which was
occupied last winter hy Mr. Cornelius
Miss Byrde Adler, of Allegheny, Pa.,
and Miss Byanca Aarons, of Pittsburg, are
the guests of Mis Sallie Aljel. At home
this evening, at i21 JC street northwest.
The Misses Clara nnd Minnie Brandt,
Baltic Brntltijgeyer, Mary T.ilburg, Mrs.
F. C. Haines, Mr. George Gcrliolf. and
Santa CUais (Mi. II. J. Li-.ibarh), of thc
Christinas Morning Santa Claas Club paid
their fourth annual visit to the children
of Ilia German Orphan Asylum early yes
terday morning. Each little heart was
made glad, for Santa clans carried i
sack. Jn which weie presents for one and
Dr.Gcorge A. Spautditigr.of Avoca.Iowa.
is spending his Christmas holidays with his
uncle, D. P. Ro well, No. 122 Mas'saonuseits
avenue notlheast'
TIi.t- wore hundreds of Utile children
in tlie alleys and back streets yesterday
Going for a Song.
Big Doings in Jackets and Capes.
We ttefy?iiiiyone to meet prices such as ours! We must and will
clear out all oitr stock of Cloaks and Capes rapidly at once. Prof
its are forgor.teii"-the cost has not been taken into consideration.
We bought tHe'gpocls cheap and we will sell them cheaper. The pick
of the inarkep is onrs at less than half the proper prices.
$3 Cloth Capes
A very stylish and effective
lot of Ladies' and Misses' Cloth
Capes, slue. 1 .-or double tniim c 1
with braid Mime A"ae -velvet
collars full sweeps you can
choose your fancy at
$4 Cloth Gapes
We are in desperate ear
nest, as this irreat liarirain
will show Kersey l!eaer
Capes braid orJur trim
med full sweep. They
all goat
$5 and $6
Jackets and
Capes, $2.48.
Piush Capes, plain
and embroidered, tnibet
fur trimmed, silk lined,
full length and sweep.
Kcriey, Beaver or -Astrakhan
Capes, single or dou
ble; plain, jet embroid
ered aud fur trimmed, run
Mvcop. Kersey, Bt'aier
and Boucie Cloth Jackets.
plain and strap seams.
some satin llnea blues,
blacks, tans; splendidly
$9, $10, and $11
Jackets and
Capes, $4.75.
Plush juid Cloth Capes, handsomely
embroidered and Jetted; extra good
mutiny Seal I'lush or Fine Kersey,
Beavers, and Boucles; black and fancy
silk linings-, fur trimmed, full length
and sweep. Kersey. Kougli Cloth, and
Beaver Jackets, blacks.
blues, tans, greens, and a II
the latest fashionable
shades, some plain, some
sin; stitcneu, some strap ,
who coub produos convincing proof that
Santa Claus Is a. woman, and that she
lives right here. This gracious rival of
the Tuny saint of .Santa land Is known
to few or her little proteges, but they have"
found out Inn. tOjdirect their letters, tell
in? jut what tojr, or .cornrort they want
and when Christ joas eve conies they get
them without fall,. ,
it wa libout eleven years ago that the
orphiii daughter.,- .of one of tlie mott
prominent lef-al men the District Ins
ever known I'egau her work by maki.i a
complete outfit fr a baby,' born just be
for Ciirr Unas, Whose 'mother was vjry
poor. Since then she has clothed hundreds
of CluiKtuias babies, and others have
Joined her iu her work year by year, until
now siie has a regularly organized society
with a roll of nearly 300 members, that
includes every condition of women, from
the loftiest social standing to t base who
lalior mai.ut.lly for their dailv bread The
requirements of the society are simple, .mil
consist in making an annual contribiitim
iu money or iu sewing, and by giving at
least oni child a happy Christmas by sup
plying the little petitioner's deMrs is
expressed in letters ail tire sd to the Christ
Lady StMita, who is an invalid and never
lea vex h-r lveaiiliful home in the fashion
able northwest, cuts out every garmeir for
the hundreds or poor children she clothe,
and under her direction the members make
them and then act as beneficent carriers
through whom all gifts are liestowed. Th"
letters an very pathetic and earnest, and
of the thousands that have been sent to
the Christ Child Society not one has been
.Mrs. Sf.muel Ldward Douglass of Xinv
York City, is spending the holidays with hpr
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank X- Carver, Xo
1-101 L street.
.7inliri"s Jb'ul Leniently AVitli the Of
fenders Owlii!? to tlie SwiMin.
Everything taken into consideration, th-'re
were not 1 eay dockets in the two police
courts, presided over by .ludges Kimball
and Scott, yesterday morning. The "dr.uik
and disorderly'' brigade had not made many
recruits since last Christtnas's court tes
sion, as was evidenced by the number of
old offenders who answered the roll call.
IL was plainly a Christmas crowd, and
the police judges dealt with them ac
cordingly, being very lenient in imposing
sentences in all cases not of an aggravated
nature. As a matter of fact, nearly all
the offenses charged were the results of
Christmas spteces In which no one was
seriously injured. In an, there were forty
se'en prisoners called to the bar to answer
to various charges.
As is customary oni Christmas morning,
the prisontrs .were all given an' "extra"
for breakfast. "Yp tenia y it was turkey
Kuidyii.hes wliicli were served by big
hearted and big-l)odieiJ Michael Flj'nn, the,
special officer in.qharge of the court pris
oners. There were mutual recognitions be
tween Mr. Flynu and many of the pris
oner.;, and Christinas greetings pawed be
tween them.
Amonjr tlie first to face Judge Kin.b ill
was William Eastman a resident of Han ly
Springs. lie A"as accused of cutting
William Wlllb-ms. with a knife. lie ad
mitted the charge, but said It was tlw
result of too much- (iliristmas. He wis
sent to Jail for sjxtyj days iu default of
$20 fine. ,. (
Tlie following .named, round guilty of
assault i:d battery, were sentenced ,s
follows: William Goodman. St 0 or twenty
days- L-na Harris, same: Annie Magruder,
three months in Jail, and Mary Cox, SlO
or twenty days.
Cliarh-s Owens, convicted of stealing i n
astrakhan cloak, valunl at $-5, from Mrs.
Elinbein. in. default or. $.!00 bond was
Rent. dowt.. and Hlcliard Hanks, who Mole
a basket, ol provisions belouglng to Mr-,
Harry L. Froze r, for want of $10 v.;nt
down for twenty days.
Judge Scott found James Owens, John
Campbell. John Itynn, John Kelly ami
John Hiker guilty of being drunk and tliey
were git en light sentences
Da you know timt you can have
Tlie Mo ruing. Evening: nnd Sninl.iy
Times tJlo ni.ly COilT.ET news
linpui published in TVnshlnijtoii
bcrvert to you hy currier for fifty
cents ti mouth?
$12, $13 and $14
Jackets and
Capes, $6.55.
1'hiMi Capes plain. Jet, embroidered,
and fur trimmed. Magnificent quality
of seal plush. Black or fancy silk
lining Hill sweep and length. Hand
hoiue Roucles, Beavers, Kerseys, and
Bough Clot lis magnificently made.
Ker.syand bouole.l tickets,
all tlie new shades and
blacks plain or strap
seams extra duality of
material handsomely tail-,
$20 Electric
Seal Capes,
A most magnificent lot or fasliiorir
able and tasteful Capes .'JO inches
long satin lined roll
sweep made in the latest
style witli the most rare- an 4
ful attention one of the T ul
greatest bargains we ever .ft f TIB
offered y iUU
' and Giiil-
S3 Cloth Coats, $148.
$5, S6 and $7 Cloth
Coats, $2.98.
Beep Sailor Collars Wat tea u aud
Empire bucks plain and fancy effects
well made and perfectly cut-as fine
a lot as was ever offered for sale.
then 3 ,
1 Uptil Japuafy st !
I At 1297J0
. We have never offered a greater value, as
I all these instruments are guaranteed for 6
f years, tuned free for one year, and you get
) a lovely cover, stool aud instruction book
I 925 Pa. Avenue.
Come to the Diamond Depot for diamonds! We save you two profits!
The Jobber's profit by imitorting tlie stones direct, and the manufacturer's
profit by mounting them in our own ractory on the premise. cing
o erstocked we are offering concessions that mean a saving of from
.13 to 40 per cent lower than other jevi eiers" prices!
ssa ssss ssss ssssssasc SsSasossassso ssss
When Interested Tliey Do Well,
Savs 3It. Dakin.
He Cites Instance. TVbere They Hire
Displayed Sitnirisine: Ingenuity
in the ilefferson School.
"Girls in manual training?" said Wil
liam A. Uakin, teacher at the Jefferson
school, in answer to a question.
"i'es, they arc admitted to our classes
when they want to come nnd are strong
enough. Sometimes they do first rate;
that's when they arc really interested.
"I had in one of my classes a few
years ago a girl hardly old enough to
handle a plane. But she was enthusiastic
and went in "ft'ith her whole heart.
"I worked along with her through the
first year and she made several little
things veiy nicely. Then in the vacation
she vent up to her home in Vermont for
the summer, aiunvhnt do you suppose she
brought back as baggage'.' A trunk full
of stove wood from her grandfather
woodpile. It was bird's eye and curly
"At tht chinch which she attended they
had a jnctty table She took the meas
urements of this and used it as a mcdel
She worked away hard Avitb plane and
snv' and out of that trunk ful of stove
wood she built as pretty a table as you
please. She wasn't able to lift It and
I carried it homo for her.
"At another tirncv two girls, one .)r.
Purvis daughter, were in tlie high -school
and leading Caeser. They came to tl.e
story of the building of the bridge. That
gave them an idea ami Miey went out to
Takome. 1'ark and broueht" in a wbole
raft of poles. Out or these tliey built a
mode' r Closer's bridge across thekliine.
"i'es:, girls do very well In maa-ial
training when they like It.'
First in the Field.
A Great
Clearing Sale of MllllUCry.
29c and 35c
Wings anOMs, 3c.
Spread out ou one of the center
tables a splendid lot Of Wings,
Aigrettes, Birds, and Fancy .Feath
ers all tlie fashionable colors.
Wortti up to39e. Your choice at
25c Eandkerohiefe, 9c.
Slightly soiled by handling- soslightly
that In ino-t case yon wouiu not
know it unless we told Joti. tint-Is-
embroidered Ladles' Ilandker-
ctiler.", In different; designs. Not
more than - to a customer,
$2, $1-78 and $1-25
French Felt Hats,
bct quality, iu all the latest
latest f
snapes, ou cio.en 10
from. Your choice ....
100 dozen
tfutrimmeel Hats,
that are worth
Si, 7oii aud 50c-
In all the latet shapes, ln'st
quality American felt, wire
velvet bound, at
$2-50 and $1-50
Chenille and TelYet
Hats, 48c.
The latest and most clue
styles, closely following Bans- j
time at inch a price HM
$3-00 Trimmed
Hats, $1.48.
$5 00 and'$6-00
Trimmed Hats, $2.48.
Trimmed according to the latest of
rashlon's decrees, with the best quality
or material most fashionableand taste
rul. Every Hat Is worth more than
Toys at Half Price.
As we only sell Toys at Christmas
time, and will not pack any away,
all the To vs. Wagons, oarnacc.-. Chairs.
Mechanical Toys, Dolls, etc., that we
have ou hand will be sold at IIALt
812-814 Seventh St.
715 Market Space.
We shall continue that special offer of pj
three makes of leading- pianos in six differ-
ent beautiful woods M,
& CO.,
Cor. 7th and
j for New !
for New
j Year '5 Day!i
The very thii)s that yon
need nio-t are Sotng; to tie
sacrificed here this w-'ek -nnd
on credit! Help ytuirself
and pny the bill as you can
spnre the money weekly or
Reception Chairs,
Parlor Lamps,
Fancy Rockers,
On Credit !
We nre uoinjc ta siU'r'tke
thesething. beiiui-.i we vant
the room for other fhims.
Reception C 'hull's iu white
anil old, blue anil i;o!d, nnd
cream niid silrei-. I'nrlor
Limiis with decorated porce
lain or silk shades. Fjiiicj
Hoebers in all styles end
sizes u surprise price on
eviM-y one.
Mammoth Credit Houst
81T-819-821-823 Ttll Sf.
Between H and I.
The TNIorniim, Kvenine; md Sundny
Times for fifty cents u mouth.
Palais Royal
ATREADY prepared for
the New Year, as re
gards requisite for
evening wear. On Monday
our introductory sale, with
special prices.
Eyening Gloyes.
For $3.50 Quality.
We Terer to the 20-button length Whlta
and Itlack fuele Mousipietaires. Son
better produced at any price.
$2.25 or $2:75 Gloves.
These are the lG-botton length.
White uede Moumietaires, reliable in
every respect", warranted: tried on at Our
Evening Silks,
Honga'-ine Silks are to be au fait for
1808. Special values at only $1 and
$1.25 a yanl. In all the- correct evenlnj;
shadea .
Satin i'lichesse, in eTery wanted s-hade
in here at 83c $1, ?1.3r,, $1.30, nnd
and $L' a yard. Special valtie la whitest
8."c to 3."0 a yard.
.A jjrand lrirain in tlie .Moire Velotir
Slll, in eveniiiK shndo, at OSc instead
of $I.-5 a yard.
Another lursiiir 3 a ywnl fr 2T
Inch Filmed -Silk Crepes.
44c Ins-tead .f 30c a yanl for Japanoe
Silks, hi fortv sliade. -J4c, 50c, and
r.Pc for White Halxitiii ailk, 24, 27, and
.16 incle wide.
Wool Fabrics,
30.- a jarrt for 40 and 43-inch Albatro
N'un's Veiling and Henrietta, in white,
crcau r.lie, lavender, irtnk, yellow, red.
73r lcead of$t yard for 45-inch Tinei
Gauze Tvith luce lnertion. Newly beau
tiful, p
Sl.nr to $. a yard for Embroidery
Silk Chiffons, 22 inche Mile-. Eluoir,
white, and all colors. '
68j for the $1 N'eck rfeccs, In luterfi
jabot and bow effects. N'carly a hfilT
hundred styles to select from.
08c to $3.30 for Rhinestone I'ompadotii
Combs and Hair Ornament, ou spiral
$2.50 to $3.93 for the I'earl N'ieltlflced,
3 to strnnds, with Rhine-tone clasps.
73e to $3 8 for the Imported Jewelttl
Hclts Fame as generally retailed up 10
$5 raih.
Sole Washington aseuts for the Da
Veaux White House l'erf-imes. Violet.
the odor bein now asked for by sci-lety'3
1898 Calendars.
33 per cent discount one-thinl off thi
pries of tho-e here and the larc-t ami
best collection in Washington, is at itii
G street corner.
Goodi- suitalile for Xew Year pre.-'jii
auioriK those left over from the C!irjfr.
mas collection.
33 per cunt off marked priced on alt
.Miir-.inum Toilet Sets iiiarked varfiMSly
Horn 1.19 to $6 s;ct. Oue-third ofr all
Celluloid Toiler Sets winrked $1..iS to
$12 .Thiid off any Doll marked ?l,ru
or more One-qiicrt cr off the pclce
marked on any Leather Writing raht':t.
rortfoHo. Coliar and fort lloxes Herefrom
19c to $3 Quo-third off the little
prices marked on the expensive Arfi-ps-,
Saucers and Plates
Bargain Tables.
3OC -3c and ISc for ohoice of a Sfco.i
sand and one fancy articles sold until
now at various prices up to$t each. 1.00k
for these bargain tables on all five floors.
Best Toys.
Hobby Horses at less than wfjob-Hde
$6 for the $0 Horse'. GScfor the fl.L'fl
norses, and reduced prices for tlNs-; at
various prices bctv. een tlieee extreme.. ...
$1.08 for the $3.23 BucRboards complete
to the brake....$2. IS for the $3.3e t'nnt
iiiK Presses, with two drawers contJiimnjr
type, ink, cards, ctc....$l.$S fortho2.;3
Oak Wilthuc Uc-ks of oIld oak on fonr
lci;s. with drawers, pi.seon hole?. ctO-
$1 IS Tor the $2.3n Velocipedes for!iuy.s
1 v years of ase. 30e for the $1 3lio-FIy
79c for $1 Dolls,
79c for any $1 Dull in the Jfcr-o .. '.'c
for any ."oc Imll .... !Sc for aily 23c Doll
33 per cert .ff the price merle Ml n
the rnore expensive JioU jou srlct I ere
G and Eleventli Streets.
Palais Royal

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