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Circulation yesterday, 22,500
Daily average last week, 37,797
(air and colder; northwesterly wincte.
ffsman in irniim1-HaS
&& i1 imniBiBiiiiiiiiwtmiim
NO. 1,349.
'-ft1'. ' " ---"1 P I I Am
British Resent Concession to the
- '-Russian Minister.
.SirClmi'lCK Dllke Doesn't Trust the
Mikado Sudden Dissolution of
the Japanese Parliament Hasoltt
tioii Expressing: Want of Confi
dence Offered.
- Shanghai, Dec. 26. It is reported Out
6 British fleet of seventeen ships, under
command or Vice Admiral Sir Alexander
Bullcr, commander-in-chief on the China
Station, Is ofr Chemulpo, Korea, i-uppnit-ing
Mr. J. X. Jordan, the Biitish consul
general at Seoul, who has delivered to the
Korean government aprotistwhichamounts
to at- ultimatum, complaining that t he ling
Is yielding the government of the country
to the Russian minister, M. Spcyjr.
Great Britain, through her consul, es
pecially piotesu, against the removal, at
the demand or Rus-iu, or Mr. J.McLenvy
Brown. tlie English financial adviser to
the Korean got eminent, and its chief or
customsand asnlnst the Russian monopoli
zation of the Korean customs .service.
This action on the part or Great Britain
has caused coivtei nation in Seoul, especially
in view or the knowledge that Japan has
a fleet of thirty warships awaiting the
result ol the British protest.
A dli-atch from Vienna says that .he
Nonet- Wienci Journal publishes an inter
view with Sir Charles Ddkc. a well-known
mcmhei of tlit British Parliament, who
is considered a high authority on foreign
arfalrs. He says the Mlu.itioti in c.isten
Asia is veij thieatemng and that hekiu-vs
for certain that Japan is making w i.vkc
prepai; tiotis Willi feverish activity. T'nt
country seems to piojeet an attack 01
China and Koiea.
Sir Charles says that he has no aith
In Japan's pacinc professions. He r--minded
the intei viewer that England .c
cupied Volt Hamilton in 1SS5 and lsS:-,
and said that Great Brita:n greatly need "d
a -naval station In north China.
The cable dispatches from Japan, an
nouncing t ha sudden dissolution of the Diet,
which convened only last Friday, is re
garded os wry significant Iiere.
"The Mlkade opened Die body in person
and dissolved It, owing to the opposition
or the lower liouse.
Thfliouse was about to discus a motion
expressing want of confidence m the gov
ernment who:, the decree or dissolution
was read.
The want, of conridence motion would
ucherwi.se have been adopted, as a l.irge
majority of the members supported it.
A"Cli'ange f ministry is inevitable, and
the Oriental complications will undoubtedly
enter into rhe new cabinet.
On 3ust what ground a lack or confi
dence v as Introduced does not appear, but
the opinion is general tliit it liad to dj
witli the' insular empire's attitude toward
the Hufcso-Gerinan raids.
If the powers now so strongly repre
sented in the East undertake to dictate
or mold the character or the new cabinet,
the mikado, who is somewhat strong
minded, and whose subjects at least think
they aro warlike, will resent it.
""The" t tmost secrecy is maintained re
garding tl e movements of the British war
Husband of May Yohe, the Actress,
.Likely to Succeed Newcastle.
St. Louis, lec. 26,-Thc Globe-Democrat
lias received the following cablegram
from London:
"The young Duke of Newcastle, who re
joices In the nickname of Lennie. and who,
wliile resemb'.ing in personal appearance
the little Arrerican humorist. Marshal 1'.
Wilder, possesses neither the latter's gen
iality, nor vet ids bodily vigor, was knocked
down the "other day by a cab in crossing
New Bond street, and was so seriously ia
JupmI that tht duchess was at once sum
moned from Mellon, where slie was stny
ing for Ui hunting.
The matter l.ab been kept very quiet.
Sage Advice of the Great Pro
The Hnekwardiiess of the Season,
j the Heavy Stock und the Natural
Desire to Make si Clea -Swp
at the End of the Year, Have Pri-
iluceci Inordinately Low Prices.
The great providers-say, "buy now."
The advice is good, especially in the
matter of clothing. Tlie coldest part of
the winter is still ahead of us, and prices
are lower now than they have been, or
will be -again.
Such ib the situation at the great double
store and annex. Heavy puichascs and
a slow-coming winter have caused a plc
ihora of goods.
A fctate of affairs that docs not suit
the great provider, as they never pack
goods awa from one winter to the net.
Theieroie.'Witn their usual whole-hearted
wapr of doing things, they have cut prices
In' two, at one fell swoop.
And fctlll the use of their most happy
credit system Is open to all.
Ladies handsome cloth capes, fur trim
Oned, SU-1&' ladies" stylish seal plusb capes,
fuU sweep; trimmed with fur. Regular
price. $3; now, S3. 9b; Jadies splendid As
trakhan capes, trimmed with fur; full length
and sweep; regular $6 goods, $2.73; ladies'
all-wool cloth suits, excellently made and
tailored," j.?0; stylish cloth jackets, per
fect In cut and most lavishly made, ST.oO:
ladies.' fine Astrakhan jackets, handsomely
trimmed; regular price, $10; now, $3.50;
ladies" plush capes, extra length, hand
somely beaded, fui trimmed; marked $11.
Frank tfbbey & Company,
Sixth, street aud Sew Tort avenue.
but crippled as tlie duke has lccn from
childhood, the injuries themselves, as
well as the shock which he has bustaiucd,
have been of so serious a matter that his
lire is In danger, and it is doubtful
whether he .will recover-
In that event, his brother, Lord Trancls
Hope, becomes Duke or Newcastle, while
it ay Tohe, tlie popular American actress,
becomes Buchess of Newcastle and rnlstioss
or Clumber, one of the most superb country
seats in that fair part or England, which
is known -a the Dukeries, for it is hardly
necessary to suy that Duke Lcnnie, now
believed to be dying, lias no childien.
"In Tact, his marriage to the daughter
or Majoi Ctndj, the well-known sparing
man, ariused a good deal of unfa or le
comment, for, not only was Miss Candy
entirely dissimilar to the duke in tastes,
being devoted to dogs and horses, '-nt
moreover, sl.a is as divinely tall ami fair
as he ii stunted, deflected, and hoi u My
in appearance.'
Chinese. Government. Turns Awiy
From England.
London, Bee. 26. A dispatch to ill
Times fron l'ekin says tlat China lefuvis
to replace the likin (the inland customs)
under foreign control as security fcr the
loan proposed by the HongKongand Sin lg
hai Bank, and declares that unless the loan
-an be pocured without this condition it
will forthwith arrange for a fiufsian guar
anteed -1 per cent loan of lCO.000,000
taels, to le issued at 93 net.
The security forthv) loan will bo the land
tax, which will lem.iin under Chinese
administration. China, in return for the
loan, will give Russia a monopoly or
railways and mines north or the Great
Wall, and an open port as the terminus
or a Uusslau railway. She will aloagr.3
that the successor of Sir Robert Hart,
the English director or the Chinese no
pciial maritinn. cu.stoms,.hall ba a Russian.
Music in Beethoven's Writing.
Dresden Dec. 20. The composer Rejn
liold Becser recently discovered in the Li
brary of the Society or Music Lover.-, in
Vienna a piece or music in Bcothirv:f6
writing. It proved to be a selt'ng cf
Goethe's ''Erl Koenig," which was rom
posed hv Befthoven in 1S10. The m Mody
is beautirul. The music has just been
published in Leipsic.
Mnj- Hi- ,t Kino Chou Bny.
Berlii.. Dec. 20. The East Asiatic Cor
respondence says that China will lease
Kiao Che ii Bay in perpetuity to Ger
many fot a small yearly rental, and that
Germany will cxeir-lce sovereign rights
over the teuitoiy as England do.i.s .ver
Hong Kong.
Spends an Evening in Washing
ton and Returns to New York.
Ii-.s. Peary Visiting Her Mother in
Wnshiimton Explorer Talks rn-thiisiu.-!ic'ally
of Ills Kcccptioii ay
Seii-ntlfie Hen in England .:n.l
Scotland- llis Next Trip.
E5iut. Kobert E. I'eary, accompa-iW
by hk ivife, arrived in Washington Jate
jestcrdey afternoon, having lauded from
the American line steamship St. Paul ui
New lork jceteula morning. ile e
turned last night to New l'ork. '.Ls.
Peary remained here with her m0thr.
Lieut lear talked with enthusiasm
in repaid to his month's trip to England
and Scot 'and. Though his visit was made
primarily Tor tlie purpose of addressing
scientific bodits in London and Edinburgh,
he accomplished much more. He -vis
offered and accepted tha services of a
fine Aictic ship, in which lie will sail
northwatd next summer as far as pos
sible before making his dash for the pol .
'I was much gratified with this result
or my trip,' said Lieut. I'eary. "It was
my intention to look Tor a ship while
abroad, but 1 did not kuo v that it vmM
bo offered to me. After my address be
fore Hit- IloyM Geographic tl Socie'y In
London, TeCember 6, "I met Mr. A. C.
Ilarmsworih.f young business man of Lon
don, who is Interested In Arctic exploration-
He volunteered tlie services or the
Windward for iny expedlliou next summer.
The limner was made unconditionally,
with lite exception tbafc he expiessly in
slstef II r.t he !tou!d V Used as a fje-.vill
"The Windward is a fine Aictic vessel
of 230 tons, brigantine rigged, and fur
nished with engines for auxiliary power.
She was built for a whaler and was ior
merly owned by tlie Hudson Bay Com
pany. Mr. llarmswortliDought I he vessel,
and she was used Tor three years in the
to Franz-Josef Land. The Windward is a
little smaller than the Hope, which I mod
in my voyage to the North last summer.
Mr. Harmsworth will h.ne her thoro ighly
overhauled and lilted with new engines
and boilers, and will send her over here
in the spring. Then I shall have her
examined thoroughly, and strengthened in
some particulars, so "that the vessel will
be in fine fchapp for the voyage.
"1 enjoyed my visit to London and
Edinburgh ery much. Something like a
score of well-known Arctic explorers neurd
my address before tlia Royal Geographical
Societj in Lcndon.aud I had thepioisnre
or mcelin" thtm personally. Among them
were Sir Leopold McClintock, who was
first tt discover tlia fate of tb? Frauiin
expedition; Admiral Narcs, Atoiiral .Mark
I.S.IU, Frederick Jackson, of the Jackvn
llannswoith expedition; Sir Martin Con
wt.y, f- nd ot hers.''
Lieut. Tear addressed the Royal Scot
tish Geographical Society in Edinburgh,
where he and Mrs. Peary were gtM'-t"
of Dr. Join Murray, one of tlx scientific
directors of the famed Challenger expedi
tion. While there Lieut. Peary was
honored with a special medal of the
Royal Scottish Geographical Scciety, In
recognition of his Arctic work.
Leading scientific men of Loudon, Lieut.
Peary said, examined a fiagment of the
meteorite wblUi he brought from Green
land last summer, and pronounced it to
be of undoubted meteoric origin. Prof
Ramsa y, the discoverer or the gases argon
and helium, whom Lieut. Peary mt .n
London, will examine drillings -jf the
meteorite to ascertain if these gases aie
present In it.
Wc keen everything; in lumber and
ieIH work that enters iQ or about buildings, I
Means Alliance Against Amer
ican Commerce.
No Convention Between European
Sovei eiiis and tl.c 'pekin Gov
ernment .Should Be .Permitted If
Hostile to This Country's Bights;
Jli-wnii Key to Pacific.
There has recti very little information
given out at the State Department with
reference to the attitude of this Goern-mcnt-ttwai.l
the movements of the Euro
pean powers en the Chinese coast As a
matterjor fact, all th.it has been Dbta'ud
related only to the dispatching of the
Raleigh to strengthen the American squad
ron on the Asiatic station.
Senator Morgan, or the Foreign R-Iatlonb
Couimltt'v of the Senate, said a good
many Interesting things fn a talk on the
situation in the East, and especially with
reference to America's present and prospec
tive place in the picture, yesterday. He
said that America could take no pait in
the combination to obtain territory from
China. We should be content, ha said,
with our national territory in the north
Pacific, the Hawaiian Islands, and the
Midway IMands, though wc have twice
hoisted our flag on territories GOO miles
west of the Hawaiian chain.
There are two questions which, in the
opinion of Senator Morgan, should demand
the attention or the Government ,vhile
the spoliation of China is now in rrogress.
One of these is the protection or Americans
under all circumstances, and the uiri'r-a
much broader one is, in wfrit lesp-'et A' ill
the occupation or territory by different
nations affect American citizenship ai.d
interests m the sectionn bcized. America
should be advised whether the territory to
be ceded to other nations shall be at solute
or whether the parts ceded shill be only
temporarily or Jor an indefinite period
ir tin; cession is absolute then Ameri
can InKrtM .s must be taken care or through
tlie treaties between America and the
couulrijs to which the absolute ces
sions ate mtitle, respectively. If the
territory is given up merely for a time
and theic will be a mixed responsibility,
Senator Morgan thinks it a ,iood place
for tin intervention and exercise of
American diplomacy.
Senator Morgan said, however, tint it
would require some material disadvantage
to justily intervention, but the sltuit'oii
should be considered and watched care
fully. He believes In A inerica keeping ui
of th.i gt me s it Is now beluir playjd on
the Chinese ctics-, board. He regaids the
German occupation of a part of China
and the ptospeciive occupation of osii-T
parts by various European nations as on
erfort to complete a cordon of oftense to
American commerce all the way aro md
from VlLdlvostock to Marseille, or to
Liverpool. That cordon Is being stretched,
he said, to contract the irads of six hun
dred millions of people who have direct
trade and intercourse with the Pacific
'I have no doubt," he ald, "that the
motive Is Inigelyone otrcentment againcC
the McKinley larirr. Tin European nations
are now endeavoring to retaliate by cutting
ofr the fade or the Xorth Pacific Ooan.
As we discriminate against European n niu
l'actures, they discriminate agajnst A:n-ri-can
Senntoi Morgan said that it was rcison
able to assume that when the Europ-in
cordon lad been stietched along tlie
eastern Aslntic coast.it would not belong
before one of the powers would be asked
by the others to seize Hawaii. The foreign
possession or Hawaii, wlncii is essential
to the laying of a cable, means a terrible
disadvantage to Ameilca.
"The fleet of America, in case of war,
would have no means of rapid mrer-
comtr.uiiicailoii, and if it be, true that the
present movement of the powers is rjally
dircctcd against America, this country
would do well to fee the importance of
getting and keeping Hawaii at all h uaris.
There is a great deal in the Chinese prop
lem." concluded Mr. Morgan, "that vjtaliy
interests Americans, and which seems to
demaiif immediate consideration from the
State T-opartmont and Congress.''
Sad Ending of n Pleasure Parly In
Northern New York.
Kingston , N. Y., Dec. 26. Edward Mc
Micliael. twenty years old, of Kit ton, was
swept ove: the Daslivllle Falls, on the
Wall Kill Creek, late yesterday afternoon
and dtowned, In a vain effort to save
twenty-two-v car-old Mary C. Van Barber
from drowning.
Yesterday afternoon the Wall KillCr;ek
was covered with Ice, and Miss Van Barber
had bier, skating. She ventured too near
the Dashvillo Falls, and broke through.
McMichael, lying down on the ice, en
deavored tj S2i7e her, and loslnghls balance
was hurled inlo the water. Hours after his
body was found. MlSh Van Barber wa-s
rescued bill died soon afterw trd.
Tragic Results of a Quarrel Over
Christmas Cold Ments.
New i'oik, Ben. 26. John Mooney, of
.rer.ay City, and his wife 'Mary, iuir
relcd at the dinner table today. Mowicy
insisted that he ought to have something
el5? to cut besides what w.is leftover Trom
Christmas. Mrs. Mooney finally lost her
temper and made a slasfi'at her husband
with the carving knife.
The blade etruck him over the right ear,
nearly cutting it off. Mooney insisted
that the cutting wasanac-cldent, but when
the police went to look for .Mrs. Mooney
she had fled. Mooney was taken to tiie
Sensational Report About Wst Vir
ginia's Governor.
Wheeling, Va.. Dec. 2G. -Today the
Wheeling News, (Ind.), tried lo create a
sensnUou by the publication of the details
of a plr.ii to impeach Gov. Atkinson.
An inteiview is pi in ted with "a promi
nent politician," who is evidently afiaiii
to give his name.
Little stock is taken in "the icported
None better; $25 a year; day or night.
Winter Is the dull season for the
lumber business, hence we cut prices.
Detectives Awaiting to Arrest a
Passenger on the Etriuin.
New York, Dec. 20. Hair a dozen Plnk
erton detectives waited at the baige orfice
tonight expecting to be oidered to Quar
antine, where tjie .steamer Etruria had
anchoied. The detectives had been em
ployed by the Rpsslan consul in this city,
who has been directed b his govenim-nt
to cause the arrest uffnci mann Yapriano
witz, a. Russian embezzler, who Is supposed
to be In the steerage under, the name
or Itzlg Tabke.
The detectives were sent away alter
learning that tlie custom house officuls
wo'jld allow no oncjto board the ateamer
until toiiioriow .
Yaprianowitz, jr is stated, stole 25,000
fioni his employers In St. Petersburg two
years- ago, and nlnoa'thon, It Is alleged,
ne has robbed other Russian fhms of
several thousand dollars.
Report That Tin's Country Seeks
Territory in Greenland.
Con "iipintes Establishing ti Coaling
Siai.Jii in Thnt Country Over
tures Made to Denmark.
London, Hoc 20. A dispatch to the
Dally Mall fiom Copenhagen says that
the United States hn made overtures to
Denmark lor the purchase or a narrow
strip of land in northwest Greenland. The
dlspatclr adds that the United States con
templates the establishment of a coaling
station theie without delay.
About a month ago ,v rumor was cir
culated in London that the United States
was making an atimpt to secure Green
land from Denmark, The London Evening
News, commenting' en the report, said
that under o'dinary circumstances, the
matter would exctte little interest, but
coupled with the hoisting of the British
flagovei Barfing La ndf it became of great
The papei poinledout that Hudson Strait
was destined to liecome a part in the
ruture of a ical grain-carrying route,
which would be a poweiful rival or the
American land rqutes, and that if the
American were to obtain any of the
advantages or the Hudson Bay loute
they must secure some island or penin
sula neat thnr route".
State Department officials ridiculed
the leport, and deelaicd that the United
States had no designs upon territory in
that part of the wor!d.
3IotIier and Ninu Cliildicii 'Banftd
to Death Oiii'istmas Night.
The Father In a Tlosnltal 111 From
Con.snm,tIon Dies Without Knowl
edge of the Tragedy.
London. Dec. 2C A poor woman named
Jarvis, aged thirly-nine years, who was
employed as a match box maker, and her
nine children, ranging in age from siiteeu
years to eight months, were all burned to
death in a few minutes in .the East End
of London this morning. The family
occupied two rooms, on the top flocr cr a
house in a narrow alley known as Dixie
srreet, in Bethnal Green. The members
or the household went to bed at a late hour
Christmas night.
At 0:30 o'clock this morning a workman
living below trc Jarvitcs was awakened
by a dense smoke. Jle jumped out or Led
and learned that the hoiue was on ffre. He
removed his own family, but saw nothing
or the Jan Is family: An engine and a fire
escape anived through the slippery fog
five minutes artir the fire was discovered,
but by that time tjie building was already
ablaxe. Theflames vvcre.-oon extinguished.
The firemen when tliey entered the burbl
ing found the ten member or the Jarvis
family, ail of wliom had been brnied to a
crisp. The mother held the younge;.s
child in her arms.
Thciatbiror tre family had been rcmovd
to a hospital some time ago. he being a
suffere. from consumption. He died tcday
without, any knowledge of the dirastcr
Friends and neighbors of the family are
taking up t ubscriptions fcr the expenses of
the funeral.
Dead Bodies of a Father and Mother
Found by Their Son.
Bla'trsville, Pu., Dec. 26. John Milton
Neat and his wire vveiC killed last night
at their farmhousa near Jacksonville.
Their bodies were found by their son, who,
upon letmning home, fiunfl his mother
sitting in a locking chair dead, with the
top or her head blown orf? -Mr. Xeal's
body lay on the floor. He had been
shot In the head. Both had. been killed
with a shotgun
Young Neal says that his father and
mother lived on tho best or terms. Robbery
could not havabeea th2 motive, as nothing
was taken from the house.
The theory or suicide is dispioved by
the fact that the woman was killed by
blrdshot and the man by buckshot.
Reminder tq the Piiblle of the W rtk
itiess of the Movement.
New York, Dec. 26 William E. Strong,
chairn an, and Secretary Peabody, ot the
committee having charge of the Henry
George memorial fund, report that more
than $13,000 h.-isnhendy been subscribed,
and remind tlie public that tlie sacnfice
made bj Henry Gc-yrge was a real one,
and mat the general appreciation of this
fact ought to be evidenced by widespread
contributions to the fund.
The list of contributors of $100 or mere
includes Seth Low, Joseph Pulitzer. zi
drev CaincgiiyEdward M. Shcpatd, James
A. Heme, OhaTieiE.Falrchild, Elihu Root
and George Foster" Peabody.
Accident to Mrs. Franks Conger.
Mrs Frank Conger, wife of ex-Post-
mastei Coagcr, ell upon an iqy pa-cm-nt
yesterday at Twenty-first and M stretts
northwest, and broke her left knee-cap.
Clear North.Carollna flooring $1.75
per 100 ft; all one width and one length.
Uis Condition Causes Concern
Anions: the Patriots.
Simula ids Hlnme Hlnnco for Invok
ing: Lee's Aid Tantamount to Of
ficial Ileco'Anition of America ns
Third Parly to the Quarrel
Mudrisnlon u Mission of Peace.
Havana, Dec. 24, viaKey West, Dec. 20
Advices from Puerto Principe say the
president of the Cuban republic, Barto
lome Maso, is ill. Tee news has made a
great impression in the Cuban army, lor
Mas U a man wlthouteneinles auwig :he
Cubans, beloved by all, and whose election
was considered a happy solution of the prob
lem hew to avoid all possible discon'ent
among the other candidates and th ir
Maso is a man of reeble constitution
and has been sufrering for a long time
from the hardship? he endured during the
ton years' war, beginning in 1868, and
which ir.dued a disease of the liver. Dr.
Eusebls Hernandez, a famous physician in
the Cuban army, and a candidate himself
for tuc presidency of tlie republic, has
been summoned to Maso's bedside.
Tlie vice president .of the republic,
Domingo Meade Capote, Is in gharge ad
interim nt Maso's office- Mendez Capoce
writes to a friend In Puerto Principe
"The illness of oun good and honest
Maso greatly alarms us. more on account
ot his delicate health t,hin because of
the violence of the attack itself. The
loss of Biich u man would be a giett
misfortune fr the Republic of Cuba."
There is giea indignation in Havana
among the uncoinpion.ising Spaniards
because Gen. Blanco personally called
on Coi su. General Lea to ask his inter
position with the insurgent leader, Aran
guren, to save Col. Ruiz's life. Tlie
story that La Lucha published here and
that was cabled to New York to the
effect that the Kussiatf conul ask-d
Gen. Lee to send his secretary to ra-i-guren's
camp on behalf of Ruiz is not
The fact is that Captain-General Blanco
hlmseir, accompanied by Secretary '-on-gosto.called
at the American consulate, N.
70 Cuba street. Not finding Gen. T-ee
there, they went to the Hotel Be 7n
glaterra, where the consul-general lies,
and talked with him for about two hours.
Then the A merican consul-general oe
cidedupon the formal requestor the captain
general to send Mr. Tosca.a secretar.-of
the American coneu!ate, to the insurgcit
The uncompromising Spaniards here be
lieve 4h3t the incident a humiliating to
Spain, in view of tlie allusions in Presi
dent McKInlev's mesage to forcible In
tervention by the United States fn Cuba.
They consider that the step taken by Cap
tain Gcnci.il Blanco Is an ofricial recog
nltion or the United States as a third
party in the Cuban war.
The mission or Mr. Madrigal, consul or
the United States in Sancti Spiritus. is
believed here to relate to matter.-, o noch
more impotttnce than the delivery by
Gen Gome, or the belongings or the late
Amer'can correspondent, Mr. Crosby. Mr.
Madrigal is said to have been intruste 1
by the American Administration with
the mission ot receiving officially Trom
Gen. Gomez the final word ot the Cuban
commander-iii-chier as to the possibility
or a peocerul arrangement between Spain
and tl c patriots.
Everyorn here reels sure that Gei.
Gomel's answei will be that the Cubjus
will ai.cpt only complete Independence.
It is more than ten days since Mr. Madrigal
started fiom Sancti Spiritus to the camp of
Gomez and up to this time nothing has
been heard of him. It is certain that no
premeditated evil could befall him in Gen.
Go:ne:'s camp. The general is a close
friend or Msdrignl, knew of his proposed
trip, and wrote that it would give him
mud' pleasure to receive an official repre
sentative of the United States.
The dangers or the trip would come
from the savage Spanish guerrillas, who
swarm aiound Sancti Spiritus and are not
accustomed to respect even the passports
issued b the Spanish generals. Neverthe
less, th( distance is so considerable and
the roads are Bo xntr that, for ome days
longer, there is no serious cause for con
Christinas Function Hecoines i n
Anti-Ainerlcnn Riot.
Havana, via Key Wcr, Dec. 26. TIk:
Spanish character was well illnstriteJ
here Saturday night. It is volatile, un
reasoning, and, under excitement, imbecile.
Two Spaniards .ft cm different parts of
the mother countrv cannot jieet without
reviving interprovinci.il feuds, and Christ
mas TJ ve a llti le blood-letting always tak-s
place on this very account.
Friday night the usual brawl assumd
the proportions or a riot, and incidentally
demonstrated that Cuba will not accept
In Havana the Cubans are too ioyil;:n
the interior they are too patriotic.
In accordance with their custo n, tne
Spanish population gathered in the Parque
Central to cclchratc Christmas by dancing
and ringing songs peculiar to various
provinces of Spain. Almost all were armed
with knives aud clubs, fights being fre
quent between groups from different provinces-
A laige force of police were pres
ent, but there was no interference with tie
festivities until about Jfc o'clock, when
mbst ol the crowd became fren.ied front
drinking aguardiente, and hostile cries
were rt.lsed-
"DeMli to American;1'' "Down with
autonomy'.' "Down with Blanco!" "Viva
Weyle;!'' "Viva los Voluntaries!" wne
some t-f the cries. Then the police closed
in and a squadron of mounted gendarmes,
drawn up In front of the German Cl is.
ohm ceil with iTrawn sabers.
A panic ensued, the mob, in which were
many woman, fleeing In every direction, but
the crowd was hemmed in on an aides by
the police, mounted and afoot, who strjek
out savagely with their swords. This con
tinued until the mob vvastliorougtilycowod.
many bomg wounded and then the police
forired a cordon around the square arid
proceeded to make prisoners of the .ing
Iejolors ot the demonstration.
Two hundred prisoners marched to pre
fcetura. Among them were many of "leers
Good, sound N. C. flooring, $1.50
per 100 eet; all one width and length.
of the vcluntears- On four of the officers
were found bundles of circulars declaring
Spaln'.s honor Ji.id been compromised t-y
granting autonomy, and calling on all loyal
Spaniaid.s to resist to the utmost- Copies
of 11 est circulars were also round scattered
in the stieets thlH morning-
Spanish Reverses Still Heporte-1
From the Interior.
Santa Clara, via Havana ami Key West.
Dec. 26 A correspondent In Santa Clara
writes that Gen. Gomez Is again in the
saddle and using all errorts to prevent the
grindlug or can . Work on sugar estiterf l.s
practically suspended. The proprietors or
the Caracas estate, the second largest sugar
plantation In the world, have been notified
that the slightest attempt to grind will be
the signal for tlie total destruction of this
valuable property- The Spanish troops
ar- chiefly In garrisoned towns and are
unable to afford adequate protection. Six
estnten In Havana province were burned
this week.
The rebels raided Encrucljada, a to vn of
several thousand inhabitant-, near Sagu.i
la Gii-rdt1, on the night of December 21,
artd c.iriledotr all the supplier tlic.v found.
Five dj.ys ago twenty-seven volunteers or
Ciimanayagua went over to the rebels.
Insurgents looted the to-vnof Rodrlgoon
last Monday evening, carrying away a
large sun- i.f money, in uddblon to cloth
ing and food. In Santa Clara province
trains are constantly derailed iiid traffic
is pra tidily slopped-
Gen Pairudo, with ids force, returned
to Havana last night after a fruitless
attempt to sui round and capture Col.
Aranguren, who l.s not officially admitted
to be alive. The rebels had all fled to
Plnar del Rio province after the execution
or Col Ruiz. Gen. I'arrado will take
the rield again in a rew day.
La Lb'.iin. in an editorial yester.I.i.;.'.
lamented th factthat tlnrlsnocnthuslaxm
among the people over autonomy. The
paper says nobody dares to state In puIic
just what he thinks about.th-i new regime;
confidence In It Is more apparent than
real La Lucha adds tint everybod Is
looking into the sky, expecting something
from an unknown quarter.
Sails from Punt.i Gorda. FJa., for
Cuban Waters.
Largest Expedition That Has Vc"
Left American Shores Sn-i;ecis
Searched nt Mobile:
Mobile, Ala., Dec. 20.. On Friday night
the largest filibustering expedition that
has ever left the shores or the United States
sailed loi Cuba from PUnta Gorda, Fla.
Thefleet consisted or threeof the most pow
erful tugs in Southern waters anil ine
schooner. It Is learned that the Dauntless
Is at rensacola.
On Wednesday la-t the steam pilotbaat
Sommers N. Smith left Pensacola for
.Mobile, arrl.ing here Thursday mcriing
in charge of Cape. Dunn and Commodore
BazzeP, of the PHotboat Association of
In August Ialt the same boat came
here and vent through the same opera
tions, and on the night of August 25 was
loaded with arms aud ammunition Tor
the Cubans and got awiy with the cargo
without the Government officials having
any knov ledge or the expedition.
The appearance of Smith again caused
the orricsts of the revenue cutter Se vard
to search the ves-el thl afternoon, but
they failed tc discover ajy contraband
goods aboard.
It is thought that Smith came here to
attract tlie attention of Government of
ficials to enable an expedition to leave
for Cuba from the vicinity ot Pensacola.
Prominent Havana Lawyer DTere
for That Purpose.
Mr- Artuco Amblard. one of the most
prominent Spanish lawyers in Havana,
wealthy and an autonomist; Mr- Ximeno,
oTv-mayor of Havana;, and Mr- dc La
Rlva, their interpreter, were in the oity
yesterday, staying at the Shoreham. .Mr.
Amblard was here for the purpose ot a
seemingly most important interview with
.Minister d Lome. He tjok dinner at the
legation on Saturday night, and was with
Mr. de Lome nearly all da y yesterday.
Mr- Aa.blard said to a Times reporter
yesterday, in answer to question", reluting
to the autonomist sclienu on the island, and
in regart' to the distribution or the he'p
which may b. given, in answer to Presi
dent Mel inley's appeal:
"The better-lnrormed opinion in this
country, I believe, the best-inroimcd public
opinion, i in favor of the justice or Uie
cau-e of Spain in the .struggle which tlie
maintains for the subjection or Cuba. I
have faith, and no one could fail to have
faith, in the loyalty of the repeated declar
ations of tins country of friendship for
Spain; -nd it would be a lamentable afftir
if this Government could not, by it., laws
and organizations, repress public conspira
cies against a friendly nation."
As to tne reconccntrado, he sai I
"Everything is being dune for Hum which
the tend r charity of tba case lemands I
have no doubt that the supplies to b,j sent
will be distributed with equity, justice, end
exactitude, considering the persouno: of
those who will attend to the distnbi
tlon, among whom is the consul general
of the United States. I consider the
appeal of the President of the United
States for aid to the suffering people or
Cuba an act ol the Tinest charity, aud I
am sure that it will commend Itseir to all
good Spaniards-, as such."
Mr. Amblard "aid that th old fceformist
party and the- Ductal party, reorganized,
have united to sustain Cuban autonomy
under the sovereignty of Spain.
These distinguished Spanish-Cuban gentle
men left Washington yesterday afternoon
foi Tampa, Fla., where they will embark
for Cuba.
Choctaw s und Chieknsnws V.ay Lo
cate on the Ilio Grande.
San Arlonio, Texas, Dec. 20. A delega
tion of twelve Choctaw and Chickasaw
Indians pnssed through here last night in
charge ol Kansas City parties on their
way u Insp -ct a tract of 3,000,000 acres
of land In ihe States or Coahutla, and
Chihuahua and fronting for ISO miles on
tlie RIoGrnnde- IT the Indians are pleased
with the property they will pun-hare the
entire tract, either as an investment or for
the colonization or disgruntled members
of tl. -ir tribes. i
Sound common X. C. flooring $1.25
per 100 ft.; all one width; kiln dried.
Now in the Hands of the Min
istry at Madrid.
Communication TJenls With Fili
bustering and tlie American State
Department Declares Thnt It Has
Done Its Hest to Prevent Expe.Rp
tions New spnjier Comment.
Madrid, Dec- 26. The ministers have
examined tlie reply of the Washington
Government, dated Iecembcr22, to 'pain's
note of Ottolier 23. It differs greatly Tom
the first note presented to the SiMnish
government by Gen. Woodford, the Ameri
can minister, but contains statements tl.at
will be disputed. It i iiwpired vith the
same sentiments as were expressed by
President McKinley in his me-ngu to
Congress. Scnor Gullon, minister f for
eign affairs, will draw up a reply winch
will travers. the points of the not".
The Imparcial urges, in consequence tt
the Anierican note, that ic l.s neeessury io
increase the Spanish fleet, In view of the
possibility of a conflict with the United
States. "
The reply dwells upon Spain's com
plaints regarding filibustering and" ltn?r
moral and material assistance givjn by
the United States to the Cubans, whjch
the American Government again averts It
has done all in lt power to cheek.
The newspapers here say that the note is
very friendly, and that it pran-es the
present home rule policy of the Spanish
government. The consenMH of oidnioa is
that the official relations of the two gov
ernments are decidedly reassuring, but
the newspapers of all shades of political
belief declare that the American Govern
ment's compliments on the new colonial
loliey dc- not excuse its pretension o in
terfere In Cuban afrairn, wwtt Hvm re
peatedly lieeix put forward in note- and
niesage3, and by such acts is Secretary ol
State Sherni.nV appeal for relter for the
Spain will take some time to prepare
her answer to the not?.
3Iiss Clara Shields, a Society Lead
er, Severely Burned.
Cousin of Assistant Secretary Day'.-
Wife and Whs to Hcirc Iftnifui
tlie Winter-in Washington.
Canton, Ohio, Dec 20. A prominent so
ciety Woman of this city, Miss Clara Shields,
met with a distressing accident this morn
ing, which it was feared for a time would
prove fatal. She was standing in front
or a gas-burning fireplace when her skirts
were drawn over the fire, and almost in
stantly she was enveloped in flames. Ilr
cries of distress attracted her fasher from
a nearby room, and lie sueceedert in smoth
ering the fire before it had reached her
head or face.
Physician', who were immediately nn
moued, found the lower part or tfte tody
very sevetely burned and blistered bntr-o
evidence of internal injury, although ne
shock was so severe that for a time it was
feared stie would not rally She ts resting
easily this evening, and it is thought :ne
nil recc ver.
Miss S. ilelds Is tlie daughter of Hon. R.
S. Sneldt. who was United States attoriey
for this district, during Cleveland firtt
term, aac: Is a consln of Mrs. Day, v!f
of Assistant Secretary or State Day. She
was to have Ieen a conspicuous figure In
the V. hite House festivities this win'er
and had arranged to accompany the Days
back, to Washington when they eml their
vacation here-
Committee Selected to Propose Plu'ns
of Permanent Organization.
New York, Pec. 26. Henry A. Goulden,
chairman of the Jeffersonian Demoer-cy
conference which decided on DeCemfter S
to perfect a permanent organization, r.n
nounced todav the committee to prepare
a plan for such organization.
This committee Is composed of two
members from each ten council districts
or the greatei city. No one who is very
prominent in Democratic politics Is named
Most or the committee ire enthusiastic
Bryan men and singlc-taxers who swp
ported Henry George for mayor.
The Ailed Host Choked by a Piece
of Turkey.
Westminster, Md., Dec. itf. What procr
ised to be a merry Christmas gathering n9
tlie home of Philip Crart, at Pleasant Gap
this county, ended in a tragic manner.
The host, whe was cighty-se-Jen yarj
ofoge, invited a number or friends -o iir
take of a monster turkey. In the midsS
of the feast Crart was observed to gasp
for bream and turn black in the face.
He was choking to death on a pifo ct
turkey. Medical aid was called nt fcufc
the old man passed away just as She
dinnr was half over.
Old Alan Frozen to Death.
Elizabeth, X. J., Dec. 26. John Erametti,
aged sirty, wandered away from his honi
last evening during u Christum celebra
tion, and this arternoon his body wai
found covered with now in a sheltered.,
part ot a field just out or the city limit.
It Is helieved that Emtuett lot hi.- war
acr leaving his home, and wandered
around until he became tired out. Then
he Ia dowi. and during the night rroza
to death.
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