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r J
Lansburgh & Bro.
ll) B
g This Wrapper
q Now Reduced
excellent e
avr B
Wrap- e
made ol R
tie b
Flannel- S
in all de
lining-, Princess back, full
front, wide g-irdlc, turn
over collar, mandolin sleeve,
neatly finished with braid.
e extra width skirt. fiftj"-ninc n
b inches long-, with deep hem.
g Sizes 32-46.
Special Price, S3c n
This Skirt
Now Reduced
This elegant Underskirt,
made of fine black saline,
R flrorfliiifv! flirmirrTmiil. full U
to ,
o umbrella style, with deep b
H flounce, finished with rows gj
e of cording- and shirring-, G
a gored at the lop on a per- u
a Fi Kii: i ...:,i. .1.. u
fcct-fitting-3oke, with draw
string-. Length 3S-40-42. g
Special Price, 93c i
These special reduced prices ho'.d
good -while these last. A day might a
sell tttcm out. There is no need de- U
R layinjr when you havs an opportunity rj
like this.
I iQKrvf&iet.
:0. 422, 424. 42f 7lh St.
Reception Chairs,
Parlor Lamps,
Fancy Rockers.
We have made sweeping reduc
tions in tliece lines -nitli ttic finn
dctermtmitioii to cloe them out
y Fruiaj' nilit; -vve nrcd the
room llipy occunv for otlier tiling.
u jii uarpain sale 01 :vctt ieirs vi
neci"-sitips comes in tlie nick of time l
lor you andaMibual notiritlistand- vt
injr tiie Kreatly reduceil prices, you i
ure perreetly ivUomc to t;
Keception Clm.rs, in blue and
Kold. wlnte and K"'latid ctcaiu and
bilv ur. ISaiiQiicl and Parlor Lamps,
Willi decorated porcelain or hand
ollle silk hliades; 1'anpy lioelccrf-, in
oak and maliojrany si f-izej. and
bhapej). Home raiul uarpains m
Sideiianls. fcee the fcpecial values
at ?"r. Sis--root OaU Extension
Tables, 93.50. Carpets made, laid
and lined free no cnarye for wahte
in niatcliing fiRures.
Mammoth Credit House,
ft Sir-819-821-823 Till St.
Between H and I.
Tula Week ac
SX2-814 Tth St. 715 Market Bp&c
Because "wa e
uacted Ids tootli
wiUiout pain.
Gold and roroe
lain Crov,-ns.
Fine Oold and all
ver rilllnss-
Artificial Teeth
Hint nt.
incut and saving ot
natural teeth at the
- ........t-t- Hrnfl COn
blsteut with good
vvoru mbureo i'o
fect KatisracOoa to
eerybody bavins
A-ntlslry done in
this office. r
f We can make you a beautirul eet (0
tcjtb Tor only sPi'uu
.Uetal Tlates lliat fit and Po.c,ssl"S
11 the benefits ofGoldrialcs ..$10.00
Teetli extracted absolutely without
oaln by our new method ..soo
1 To demouatrale this fact, we vrlil. until
January 1, 189S. extract teeth t RLE OF
CHAUQC every Saturday, from 10 to ll.
Washington Denial Parlors,
N. E. Cor. 7th and E Sts. N. W.
Hay BuildinB. over A. & P- Tea Store.
OI nee Itours 8 a. m. to 6 p. m.: Bu
days, 0 a. m. to 2 p. m
SS riuMi fares, for..
B Si"?
H )S ft
i fi
Blisses Gooilwiu, Murpliy anil Leech
Grace Hie Opening Season.
Mr.. 3'-ftniIKe'. 3lPlii;lUfiil Vuvty-
Dniiei Xu tliu Son of Coiif-Ml-
enitu Veteran..
The fasliionnJjle Jnirrest ol lau night
was dlviilbd letwcii the dance for jounff
people, given by Mis Ffoulke, and Uic
reoitlon li,eld by Senator and Mrs. Murphy,
to intioducc their iluught'r, .Miss Murphy,
to the social w")rtd.
Ihe lx.at!ful and ..n iclou home ol
Alrj,. rfoulkc, which is leminisccnt of no
many socUl pleasures, was the centci of
att'hcllon for the many friends of he
pretty youiiK dauylitcrt of the house, ami
of their mother, Mr. Horace rfoulkc,
v. ho Id home from Harvard for tlicChilstinas
"ac-tIon, nccoxnpanied by his clasumate,
XI r. A l instead. The hostess, gracious and
lamdome, In ;elIoW brocade and pearls,
was assisted in iceemng the gues"'. by
tnc Mlhsoc rfoulUe, one wcarinK a guliMily
lovely toilet ofpea u-on, and the youimer,
who is lot ; et out, a pretty go vn f
while mull.
TYrnb with louche, of Christmas red
were the decoiations of the refreshment
rioin, and JIji- fireat leception hall, with
its majjnirieent lnngliiK5; or Barberlnl
tape-trie's, was gtouped wtli graceful
Among the tiancers were: UMiss Poor, the
Jlic. Hoardmaii, Mlw Harney, Mi 1-1-Lhib,
.Miss Topkins, MU- Ilorstminn, Mi
McMillin, Hiss. Anderson, MIks Sarlorlo,
Miss Gana, the MIes Owen, ainl Messrs.
Kirtons, Hlkins U-iy, 'icholaR Hlddle.
Fred M.iv, Wilsoii.Medwlcy, Ltel.qr, Capt.
Michler, Mr 1. O. llurctmaun, and the
group of ycaing collegians who ire lu
Christma yuc-th.
Senator and Mrs. Murphy pic-e'ded their
d;.ugiU'i, Miss Murphy, lo Kiclety Kt-i
i.ij-hu al a large and very brilliant reci)
tki.. Horn 9 o'clock until IU. Tiw host
andhosti's-. wilh their ilauglitr, Mrb. II igh
Grrut, or Xow York, and Uu debutante,
lfiued the receiving group, the latter
gov i etl wlih pretty diiuiitiess in white
am-, canying a great cliMcr or pink lose
bed. The decnratu.iiN of the dlninc room
were entirely in ureen, w Inch contrasted
rti'-tically aviUi tlu ivor-. white of thf
ruiniturt aud walls. The thiee ch ui
iV Iirsor th -va-stapartinentwere wreathed
will asparairu. and t h doors and window
.vtie cinlKiv.Litcl witli tiolly and I Uirel
bii.iiches. as wet' the drawiug-noni and
l.a'ls. Mr. .IimI Mis. Grant and th'lr
twr little ehildrcu will not return to Yew
Vork until somu time after Xew Year
d; y.
Mr Ilarioer Koe'.iile entertained la-t
night at hcrrcsular weekly reception, tne
quests representing a di-tincuished gatii
cring of Waslilngl'in's residential and of
ficlal World. 'llie liand'-ome voiing hofte.,
gowned in blue silk flowered AiitU piiil:
o-.ebuds, was assisted in receiving byMrs
.lames L. ri.gh, jr.; Mrs. MiMiUau, Mr.
V,'hvte am1 Mrs. Clifford Uoward, of Al
K-itluwn Pa , who is a guc-tof the house.
A pretty fi-luie of the evening wa. the
wonderfullv aitistie and grnecful dancinj;
ir Miss r.lizabUh Uee.ide, the Iitlledaugh
tor of the house Hon. and Mrs. Alfred ".
IlTmer. the parents of Mrs. Hecide, md
who reside with her during lh sessions
of Congress, an spending tne ClirNturi
holidays at their home in Philadelphia
Mr and Mr. Lars Anderso'i hnve ar
met' in Boston from their extended bridal
tup abroad ami are expected to arrive
in Washington shortly after the Sew
rI he cbupert.nes of the dance to be iven
ton orrow evezsnif; by the youtur ladles of
th' South to the Pons of Confederate
eterans, at Confederate Veteran TIall.
w ill be Mrs. John T. CaIIa;lia u. M rs- JonS,
wife f tlie Senator from Arkansas; Mrs.
e-r, 31is. Charles B. Howell, Mrs- Jamc
L Piigli, Mrs. j. T. Kfley.Mrs. Archibald
Y ting, and Mrt M.T. nickej-.
Mr. and Mr". Arthur T. Kemp, of Ns,v
Tork. aic spending the holiday week in
V asliinglon ei njute for Aiken. S. 0 ,
where they will spend the winter-
Two hurts received their sienl rtiplo nif
during the afternoon- Mrs. John V. Leech
17."1 Massachusetts avenue, presented her
d&imhter at a tea from 5 to 7, which
was lollowed by a dinner to the receiving
party, aud Mrs. Goodwin and Mrs. Cowper
irtu ducedMiss Uealnc Seymour Goodwin
a i very ue-tutiful and brilliantly attended
jifternoan tea.
Miss McCahill will give si tea Tuesday.
January 4, licm ." to 7, to meet Mips
Bellamy, of Wilmington, N. C Mm. and
Miss McCahill will receive Tuesdays m
On Jsmuarv 1 Mrs. Somers and Mrs.
rlrty will giv. a ." o'clock receit;oii to
meet Mrs. Xordhoff.
M rs. Hearst returned to .Yew York
Monday evening to make a brief visit
priot to i'er departure for Meiieo, where
she expects to remain f-ome time.
Mr. B. H. Warner the recently elected
president f the Presbyterian Alliance,
will entai tain thecleigymcn of that denomi
nation, to mest Mr. J. W. Totter at Jin jor,
at 7:30 oMock Tuesday, January 4.
There was an interesting meeting of "".h
Al.ri.eadabra Club at the home jf J'r.
ai d Mrs. W. A. Crof tut on the 22d. Mrs.
Jihii P.Chim read a paper entitled "T'jo
Interesting Experiments With tlie
Xew Stoiii.ich Eeiiiedr.
vot u Potent Iedicine, But a 5are
Cuic for Alt Forms of Iiu
The results of recent iniestigation have
catablHried, beyond question, the gre-it
i-aluc of the new prepaiatlon forindlg'js
tion and stomach troubles-; it Is composed
of the digestive acids, pepsin, bismuth,
Golden Heal, and similar stomachics, pre
pared in the form of 20 grain lozcuos,
pleasant to the taste, convenient to ca-ry
when traveling, harmless to the most deli
cate stomach, and probably the safest,
most effectual cure yet discovered for in
digestion, sour f-tomach, loss of appetite
and flcst, nausea, sick headaches, n limi
tation of 1 eart, and the rainy symp
toms arising fiom imperfect digestion or
food. They cure because they cause the
rood to be promptly and thoroughly di
gested before it .ias time to sour, fer.TJ.int
and poisin the blood and nervous system.
Over sK thousand people in the Stvite
of Michigan alone in 1894- were cured of
stomach troubles by Stuart'a Dpcps:a
Full sI7ed packages may be found at ill
druggists at 60e., or sent by mail on
receipt of price from Stuart Co., Marsh ill,
Mich. Send for free book on stomach
disuses. de27,20,3l
Tom of the Great Lakes," which :,ive
in rcli matter of historical value. Mr. Dc
Witt Croissant entertained the mcmlrrs
with an able essay on "Aesthetics," .viuch
auiaccl considerable discussion, in whkli
ITor. Kitk. Dr. Crorfut, Mr. L. D. Clar'.c,
Mrs. Brock, Mrs. McCrecry and o'.h TS
participated. Prof. Clum read some nu
iiioioi.s selections, after which the olftnn
in.r liostess funiishcd lavish refreshme.-ts.
Airong the visitors were Dr. Battle und
Miss LiUiati Carpenter.
They Iteply to Secretory Alger'r,
Answer tt ml Quote I.nw on Him.
The Commercial Tlonsts' Association held
another meeting to discuss the practice of
giving awiy cut flowers from the Gov
ernment consenatorics, at the Hotel John
son, last nijr'it.
A reply to the letter or Secretary Alger'o
answer to their plinsr was drafted, and will
be forwarded lo him today,
it follows:
Toniic llouoiable Secretary of War:
"Ala meeting of the Commercial rionsts'
A"sociatlm of theDistrict of Columbia, held
tonight, the following was a creed upon in
answer to your letter, addressed to Mr. N.
St uder and other llorists, complaining or
the distribution of flowers and other pro
duets of the grc iihnueaurt mirnenes under
the charge of the superintendent or public
buildings and ground-:
'Wc beg to e.preis our ngret that you
should deem it inadvlKable to sive the
subject under consideration your personal
attention, or at least rerer the matter to
a disinterested p irty for consideration and
"It could hardly be expected that either
thechierof engineers, lately superintendent
of public buildings and grounds, or tlie
present commissioner of public buildings
and grounds would condemn their own
actions, and therefore wo are not sur
prised to receive a practical aipyof letters
written by Gen. John M. Wilton. Lieut.
Sewall and Col. Binghim. respectively,
'evcra' months ago, all of which seem
to have been inspired from the same
source, and which, in no way answer the
criticism of the florists of Washington.
"We Itisitt that very huge sums of
money are being diverted from their
legitimate puipoee-, viz., Ihe decoration
of public icservatlons, and are being used
for tlie production of flowers which,
undo! no circumstances, can be used for
the decoiatlon of the public reservations,
but are dlsti United to a ravored class,
greatly to thu detriment of snid reserva
tions which arc shamefullv neglected, con
sidering the enormous sums appropriated
for their adornment, and also greatly to
oui dciiiment as citizens and business
men .
"We tn-lsi that all of the money appro
priated be legitimately expended. The
various parks and reservations can be kept
in a veiy much higliT .state of bea-tty. and
i hat such I'cinjr the case, all cltl7cns or
the District of Columbia, and of the United
Plates, visiting here, would have an efj lal
share n the enjoyment of -such Improve
ment aud adornment-
'Believing that this subject deserves
more respeellul and consldetatc trea'ment
than has thus far been extended to It, we
again ask jou to give the matter the
earnest consideration it deserves.
"If it is jour pleasure we should be
glad touppouit n committee to personal!
present our side ot the case to you, be
lievmg that we can throw new light on
the subjext, thus enabling jou to sec the
matter from a different ixiint of view .
"In con j ti net ion with our protest, we
respectfully call your attention to the
following luw, which stands unrepealed.
"Piovided. That hereafter only such
trees, sj.n he, mid plants shall be propa
gated at tl.e greenhouse and nurseries as
are sUitat)ie for planting in Che public
reservation, to winch purpose only the
products of the greenhouse and nurseries
shall be applied.' Respectfully yours,
"J. K. ritKEMA.Y,
"President Commercial Florists Associa
tion.'' Mr. Joseph K- Freeman s.ild to a Times
reporter last night.
"The florists will push this fight as
fai as they can. They arc not through
with it jet, as the' feel assured that the
people will be whh them in it. The
people ind the cil' are injured by Miis
growing of flowers to ? given away as
much rs the florists are.
"A few people benefit bj receiving cut
flowers, but much Government money is
spent wrongfully and contra rj- to law,
which should bo put into flower beds that
everyone!1' could enjoj'."
A FAT.S3: S'lOlir OF hoi3i:hy'
Mrs. Sc1i1oss.it Told It Utcuue
She "Was Poor.
Mrs. Kate Schlosser, who has been re
corded at police headquarters as a victim
of "pockctbook snatchers," went o In
spector Mittingly's office yesterday and
dei hired that she had not been robbed at
all. and told the inspector of police that
she was impelled to invent such a storj
becausc she was in want aud thought it
would brins help.
Unltimore and Ohio President--,.
The recent annual meeting of the ".ilti
n.ore and Ohio Railroad Company, which
was its seventy-first, brings to mind the
fact that Baltimore and Ohio has had ten
presidents in seventj'-one years, as 'olio ah:
Philip F. Thomas, Louis McLane, Thomas
Swan, William C. Harnsoi, Chauney
Brooks, John W. Garrett, Robert Garrett,
Samuel Spencer, Charles F. Majer and John
K. Cowen The line was put in operation
to Harper's Ferry in lS.1t, was built to
Winchester, Ya., in lSUG and to Strasburg
in 1S40. Wewaru it w ent to Cumberland
u: November, 1S-12, and on to Wheeling, W.
Ya., by January 1, lSo.3. The Purkjrs
burg branch, from Grafton to Parkersburg,
was opened May 1, 1837. It is the only
great railroad company that is bcmgoperulcd
under its original name and charter.
Tlieir Benefit n Success..
The ei tertainment given last night at
Central Ha 11. for the benefitof the employes
of the Belt Railway Company, many or
whom have been in destitute circumstances
for the past two or three weeks, owinsr 'o
thefailureof thecompany to pay them their
wages was a large success. The luge hall
was filled, and the fine program was en
joyed. Xv. .TacltKon AYill Heeover.
Willis-m B. Jackson, a member of the
firm of JackKon i. Ayers, biej'cle dealers,
was seen by some men in the shop to swal
low the contents of a bottle ypstor.lay. It
was said Ly some that he attempted to
commit suicide on account of oeins jilted
by his sweetheart. Restoratives were ad
ministered and he is in a fair way to
Prof. Daniel L. Dowel, teacher of physical
cultuie, died of consumption yesterday,
at his home, in New York, which was
also the location of his academj' for
physical training and voice culture. Mr
Dowd was boin forty-five j'ears ago, at
Kelson Tints, K. Y. Fifteen years ..go
he came to this cltj and he has since been
well known as-a teache'r of athletics.
Miss Mary Ann Yan Buren, a niece of
President Martin Van Buren, died at her
home, at Kirderhook, N. J., yesterday
morning. She was beventy-f ive j ears old.
The President and Mr. Sherman
Arrayed Against Each Other.
-, j
'Hit; IJavvnllntr-lnpaitesu Iiideiii.iity
niiel Citi7ensliii Claims as Labi
Wefore the Stnte ih-pu ltmeiit to
Obstruct Annexation Tlio resi
dent MuihIh for Immediate Aotlan.
There is n variance irritating to the
frlendf of Hawaii in annexation bct.vjeii
the plans of Mr'. Sherman. Secretary of
State, uinl Ficirtent McJCinley. The l ce
dent is not deceived at all by the course
or Japanese diplomacy as it is being 'aid
before the Stnto Department, while Mr
Sherman is helug victimized by the i'iij-3se
or the Japanese representative.
It can be stated that the Jmeilcin
Htwailans are pleased with the nggr -jsje
policy ol tlie President, and are becojilng
alarmed al what they know, and more pel
licular! at what they lon't know, or
the negotiations now In progress bet.vori
.Mr. Shern.au and the Japanese mlulst r,
Mr. Tom Hoshl.
'ihe President, It is stated, and his
message bears out the statement In part,
Is anxious that the Senate shall proceed
with Ihe ratification of a trei'ty of annex
ation. He Is urging this regardless of
any picseut or prospective interest Japan
may hnie in the Hawaiian group.
Japan's play is iust now for delay m tlie
amierv.'ttion scheme, and if possible to de
feat It. Her bluff hasalready been made at
the State Department, where the latest in
structions to her minister have been lied.
These instructions include a demand for a
gnaiantee of unimpaired Japanese citizen
ship in case of annexation, and a guarantee
by this eotinti J of the ?200,00n indemnity
claimed by Japan because the Dole go -eminent
excluded certain Japanese, .u-t as
al.govcriunciitsexcliidewh.it they consider
to be objectionable citizens.
It has been stated that a claim of
$200,000, $2 a head, nKainst Hf.vnil
wo'ilrt ini-an a claim ag'Uusl this Minliv
on the same basis of $1 10,000,000. ilus
shows the giievoUsnesH of the burden at
tempted to be imposed upon Hawaii I j'
Japan's lJuif consists not in demanding
tills liideniiiltj, but in delavmg the collec
tion or II if it is a rood claim. Th-re
Is a good deal or time being wasted now
ovei It ami all with what Uavvallan-Am 'rt
Ci'ii believe to be with a. shrewd purpo-e.
ir aniiexotion Is, defeated by pressure on
Hi. Sttte Depantnient. or ror any other
reason, 1l will be.' assumed by Japan that
this count rv'i ftctj' interest in Hawaii v.Il
c ase; and in thatcasp 1! will beat liberty
topioceeil to Hawaii and collect its alleged
debl or to take tlie, island for the d.
Japan will then be In position to av to
this country. haucW ff, as the countrv
shall have osten-ibly dechued against an
nexr.tiou i r
The Jaiunesc-niiglish alliance hinted at
jeslerd: j Ii Thiv Times would make this
seizure. f Hawaii a good thins for 1 oth
Japin and Tairope from a strategic point
of v lev .
What tic America n-Hawaiianswa ut rrom
the State llepartnievitr is sgnn; plain state
ment thot tins Government will not under
anv circumstances tenipuile v ith Japan
on anv question which jro"s to retaid the
annex tinn movement. Such a state
ment thev cannot get, notwithstanding the
straightforward talk of the President.
It has been said that annexation u ius
th saddling on this country of a debt of
?1 000,000, the debt of the Dole vovern
n ent. It was stated last night hal
the debt is guaranteed by bonds, w'dch
do not mature for fn or fifteen years, mid
that $500,000 or the total is bonds to
secure depositors in tlu postal ba.iks or
Hoi oiulu. The interest on the bonds is
rejrnlaily pJd, and the chances are that
th bonds will be paid at maturity whether
or not there is annexation.
It is a somewlnt strange but, in the
light or ciiiicnt events, a rational theory
that tl.e Dole goven.ment willnotbei..' iv
to Joinunr the English-Japanese allianc in
case America fails to carryo'ittheschenie.,r
annexation. The advantage to Japan would
bcagnarautet of non-interference vvit'ihcr
citizens in Hawaii, and the advantage lo
Hawaii would be that England would not
permit tl e entire control of Hawaii to ras
ii to the hands of J ipan ir. however, Mtre
is no laiglisl.-Japanese alhince, if annex i
turn falls, there is nothing to prevent tre
seizure or Hawaii by Japan, either for a
long term to .vcci re its uHeinnity, r . b
solutelj', ii it can stir up a Jarans. in
surrection on tin island.
coi.ohfd an:x n coxvi:.vriox.
They Hear He-ports nt Tlieir Initial
The first session of the annual meet
ing of the Nearo American Academy was
held yotrrtlayin Lincoln Memorial Cliiirch,
at Lleventh and R streets northw est. Rev.
Alcxan.'ie' Ciun.me II, pastor or St. Luke's
Lpisfopal Chapel, presided, and T. W
Cromwell acted as secretary.
President Crummell made his annual
address, outlining the plans and objects
of the academy. It was organised fui the
purpose of developing literary culture and
refinement among tlie colored ru'o in
America. Rev. A. P. Miller, pastor of
Lincoln Memoii.il Church, offered prayer
aud Secretarv Crou.wellread the reportsof
the last meeting, which were approved. He
then reiHirteei that during the year the
acaeleu y had published a thousand copies
ot papers relating to the negro race.
The secretary's report was adopted on
motion of Rev. P. i.T. Gruuke. Tl.e re
port ol tae tieasurer was read and re
ferred to the auditing committee, con
sisting or .?. Hi. Smythe. W. II. Ferris
and W. B. Kaywua Kelly Miller moved
that the meetings of 'the academy be held
quarterly and tlie matter was rererred to
the executive committee.
Tlie evening session was devoted to an
addressed by President Crummell on "Tlie
attitude of the American niiiid toward the
negro intellect,'' and an address by Rev
J. Albert Johnf-bn on "The critics of the
negro.'' I
The papers tojbe read today are: "Ob
stacles in the way oD the negro's progtesa
in the United States;'' by Rev. Matthew
Anderson, of Philadelphia; William H
Ferris, of New Hilvcn, Conn., will rj i J a
paper on the bearing and the theory of
Christian evolution on the destiny and
progress of the negor race.'' In the even
lug G. M. Grisham will talk of "A.;ms
in negro citucntion.'' "The outlook c f
scientific work among the negroes' ,vill
be discussed by J. W. Hoffman. At the
evening session Paul Lawrence Dunbar
will read an original poem.
Iectine Postponed.
Tlie Irctuie which was to have been de
livered last evening betore the Bethel Liter
ary and Historical Society, by Mr. C. E.
Messen. on "Art," was postponed until
some future date.
O'lernlives Ueciele to Strike.
Fall River Mass., Dec. 2S. The Fall
River operatives tonight, after a pio
tiacled conference, decided not to strike.
DECEMBER 29, 1897.
Sir Julian Fnuncufote CnllK nt tlio
Stntc Department.
Sir JiUan Pauncefote paid u p2rSoaai
visit to the Slate Department jvsterday
anrt opened negotiation with John A
Kassoti, the icciproclty commissioner ap
pointed by President MfKlnley for securing
agreement- for reciprocal lariff exchanges
between the United States and theBritlsh
West Indies.
Similar ugi cements were made by the
Govcrnn ents of the United States and
Great Britain under the Harrison admin
istration, but were abrogated under the
terms of the Wilson-Gorman tariff act.
Columbia J toys Get I'i.sfiits From
Then Christinas Tree.
The Columbia Athletic Club boys mde
merry last night around a twen-y-fij "oot
Christina, tree- '1 ho tree v,is erect d in
the hrge gymnasium, on the Top floor of
the club'iouf-e., where everything ha 1 beon
airingcd for the occasion. The ir"e w.is
lavishly decorated with tinsel and tovs
and was brilliantly lighted with ioo multi
colored ii candescent lights. On a platfcrm
near the tree was a table 1 ideu with 150
bundles of presents for a many members
of I he club.
Thc.v were ellstributed by Mr. Howard
Perry, "who, disguised as Santa Clam,
gave each person present a "liooby pres
ent." He made the premutations with
ncafc Impiomptu talks, and each ot the
JOO pre-ci'ts was hauded out with a
different speech. Hach present had some
special significance, some members get
ting jumping Jacks, and danclnjr rigures,
while othcis received canes, whips, hour
glasses, and kluetred artich's. Music was
furnlsi'e'rt Ij Prof. Hal.'s Orchestra
The success of the afralr is due to the
energy id thC'Chiistmas tree committee,"
composed as follows: II r. J. O. F.xner,
Me'ssr.". Thomp-on, Flynn, Koi i, and
Asmus'ei .
J. r-lincr Kills 31ylii In u Xevv
York Flat.
Yew York, Dec. 28. "Bud" Fills is
dj'Ing. The "on of the founder of the
Kills locomotive works and who spent
$50,000 In tlie lenderloln is fatally
sc'izcd with the typhoid fever. He is at
tlu home of Mrs. Peacock Webb.
Hjs mother Avails in a fashionable hotel
for news of her ton's dines, momentaril
fearing the worst. There is a reason
whv she i" not at the b'dsld' or her ly.
J'lliS Avas only located at Mrs. Webo's
after a Jong hunt. His mother, th'n s-t
the LHis home in Schenectady, heard Mac
bcr boy AvaS siek somewhere In New York
citv-justa vague report. She startedau
lneiuirie-i were maele at the hotels, the
pc lice stations, even the morgue. Xo trite
At last, just as -Mrs. Hills Avas beginning
to give up hope, some or Bud's fro ids
located him at Mrs. Webb's. She has Iijoii
a friend ot Hills Tor year.
Lllisiusa wifesomewhere. She probably
doesn't know lu Is ill.
Bud's father Avas Indulgent, ami gave
him all the money he wanted o ap nd at
fir-t. The young man seiuanilereil thousands
he vvasthr sensation of the Tenderloin.
Ilnglam! Not Specinlly Kavoied by
the- I'lt'fcieiitnil Turlff.
Ottivva, Out., Dec. 2-5. Despite th2
claims made, the preferential tariff has
not brc ught al-out an ineiease of British
imixu-f. to Can.id.1. This m shown by the
Canadian trael and navigation -eturiis-While
the gtovvth of imports from America
has been cosiderable. those from Grat
Britain ha Ac decreased over ?.5'00,3u3
this year, as compared with last year, while
the increase in imports from the Tinted
States A', as ?::,07.',02'.t over tho-e a year
Can.io.i's exports to the X "nited States
this vear am unte.1 to .i:i,901,l?.". nearly
sl0j'00,000over the previous year. Greit
Britain took $G&5.T'.,C!52 worth of Cina
dlan proc'uets, and tlie balance jf "r.ide m
lbt0-'(i7 as between Canada and Great
Britain, is in Canada's f ivur by 10,121.
601. As between Canada and the United
States, itis in favor of tli.'Aniericiii govern
ment bv M , ,057,""G. ThUb, av h.le Canada
sellsfitt percent more to Great Britain tlriii
America sjte imports more thin twice a
much from . nieriea as from tlie mother
I.OItll AI)i:iil)i:i,X,.S FANCY HALL.
litilliaiit 3-iitei tniiiiiicnt Given hy
L'aiihdu's G(ivirimr Gciu'rul.
Toronto, out-, I) -c. 28. -CanadaS Gov
ernoi General and Lady Aberdeen gave the
l.T-gest and most co-tly fancy dres- Stall
here tonight ever wltneed in Toronto.
Tl ere were :',000 invitations. The cos
tun es were elaborate, representing charac
ter., u. the Vii torlanei a. in politics, pioneer
lil' Ii- Canada, literature. North American
ndneis. Indifus, rarmers cliaracters rep
resenting advance In machinery, teleg
raphy. Ivpesettiug. printing, sports, art
ai. music.
Lorel Haddo. ot Lorel Aberdeen's suite,
appeared as a harvester. Lady M tone
Gordon, the governoi ueneial's daughter,
n-prc'senied the forests of Canada: Lorel
David nrskiue. another of the governor
general's suite, a lumberman. The ball
was held in the Yolunteers Armory, the
d toratlons were Aery elaborate, aud tlie
af fail cost SI 5.000.
Soiimls From a Box Disturb a ttail
road Crew.
Dallas. Texas, Dec. 28. The express and
baggage car I orces on tlie Missouri. Kansas
and Texas day tram from D iHas to G H ies
vllle had a surprise at noon today.
The tiain pulled out of I.ewisville, aud
a man rushed up AVith a box, and h inding
H to the ex-press messenger, said: "He-e
is a delayeu Christmas gift for the station
agent a( Gainesville. Handle it carefully,
so as not to bleak or injure it-" .lust be
tore rcae lung Gainesville the car 'orces
were startt'ed by a cry emerging fiom the
box. It sounded like (he distressed voice
or a child. Th" box wnsopaiieil and there
laj" ' pretty girl baby. only a few days aid
Tl.e city orricial placed the child in the
Oiphans' Honn-i. No clew hasbet-n rbund
as to Its parentage.
A fJothnm Tot'.s Chrlstmns Present
Bore This Address.
New Vcrk, Dec. 28. -A little goleleiJ
haired glri brought a brown paper iack
agc to the postorfice j'estcrday and asked
to have it stamped It Avas addressed:
"Robert MtiYaughtun, Heaven." The clilp
said herlttle brother had died a Aveek ago
and she Avas afraid that, being new to
heaven, he Avould get no present. She
therefore wished to send him one of her
own toys.
Fat Alen Elect Officers.
The Jedly Fat Men's Club, at its meeting
last night, elected the following officers.
President, J. H. Buscher: vice president.
J. C. McGirr recording secretary, J. T.
Scott: financial secretary, 32, L. Boffjr
treasuier, J. J. Spauldiiig: sergeant-at-arris,
J.LIpphaid: sentinel, D. M. Woo lard:
tiustces, .Tolin rit?moins, John Beck-r,
and l. J. Long.
Isn't abetter to take oiirguraiiree of 30- years' wear on Sllvrer-nlated
Knives and Forks than experiment with the Inferior grade-, that coot ypif'iilr
asmucnclsewhere? rismedesU is a in the solid silver goods! Set l IX
Teasnoons for $2- Set of six dessert Hpoot.-, or Forks, s.j. bctof six Table
spoons or Forks Js'l.uO. S-t if !c Ktnvcf. i i tabling 1; clwts of silver Kh.
doeu, withscimetai-aped blade .iiitl swedgi t' edge, in sets of six, for - -w.
Tlireateiieil Witli Lynching by Trate
Depositors in Oklahoma.
Institution Recently Failed and J)is-
Iionest ('omliict Is ciiii-getl
ITlion It- 31nnagers.
V.'ichita, Knn.,Dee 2s!. Lxcltement vv.w
at rover licit In 121 Reno, Oklahoma, this
arternoon. More tlian one hundred de
positors or the defunct Stock Exchange
Bank held an indignation meeting and sev
eral speakers advocated going to thecnuuty
Jail, where the bank Jfficials are con
fined, aud talcing them out and hanging
them to the- nearest tree. It rt-quircil the
gr.'atesr coolness ard courage on the part
or those opposed to lynching from keeping
the more lio'-headed onia from carrying
out tl.Ir tnreats.
The Stock i;"clinge Bank failed about
ten dajs ago. iJutac Thelan Avaspr-st
dent, Michael I2!chhorf. cisluer; C. A
NcAvman assistant cashier, and Louis
Eichhoff a ditector. All of thern arc
now in jail. George M- Smith was ap
pointed as chairman of the committee of
five Avho swore out Avarrants for the
arrest of the bink officials.
They arekncAvn to ln-.'c received $GG,
000 after the bank was In an inseJvent
condition. They avUI be given a hearing to
morrow, when cverv effort Will bo made
upon thr part oT the depositors to keep
tlie offlti'ds from being admitted to bail
Tlie Bherifr has the jail Avell guarded
against an attempt to lynch theprl-oiiers,
should one be nude
Uridi of l'lrtecii Zx'ovv Sorry She
Changed Her Name.
New York. Dec. 2e. -The pretty joung
actress. Gertrude Coghlan. as wnsroun Out
wlen she sued for annullment of her mar
riage to Reginald Cameron, was a bride at
The wedding that until today has been
kept secret from all except the closest
friends of the family Avas the result or a
su miner rot anc( tAVi years ago. She was
then a bright and wm-ome schoolgirl. Part
of that summer Avas.spent by her friends at
Prince Edward's Island With tm-n went
Mibs -Coghlau.
Ihey attended the I'resbyterlan Church
at Souri. Its pastor was the Rev. Wil
liam Cameron. His m, Reginald, a hand
some, but none too studious er industrious
lad. saw Ml Coghlan and her leauty
m ide him hei "lave at first sight.
But Dr. Cameron put his foot down hard.
Miss Coghlan was handsome and wellbred
that he conceded but lie had the instinctive
diihke of the Calvmistic clergyman for
tiie stage and its people.
Love laughed at obstacles, as usual
Cameron and his girl sweetheart Avere
Avedded n. secret. amerou, sr.. made the
best of it then, and the young man and bi,
girl-wife lived aviiIi his father anil mother
still keeping the marriage a secret rrom
her father.
But piarrel came, Reginald proved him
self unable to support a wne, and the
girl bride returned to her father. Now
she seek-, to right the mistnk"of hr young
she Got I3im hj- Aiisw erinij an
New York. Dec. 28- Henry Merger was
a prisoner n. Yurkv die court today cliarged
with li&ving r"bbed his wire. Lthth, of
$000. He was held in $1 000 b.ul for
Mrs. Brger'fc tale was a .atl one. She
said "Until three months ago wri"i I
a, as married to Berger I had a prorir.i'.le
boarding-house iu Amsterdam. -Y. Y. At
that time I noticed an ndvertisem nt .n a
New York newspaper. It av.is signeil
"J N.." and av.-.s an of re r of marriage to
a woman with $000.
"I answeud the advertisement and for
some Aveeks was in communication vrith
Berger. I finally sold my bushier lor
'I then came to Yew Yorkr where we
were Married.
"We lived together for a few dnvs,
Avhen Bi'ger told me lie wanted .-GoO
or $7ti0 ti, secure a Iitpjor busme-ss I
gave him Hie moiie;. an 1 never since hive
seen him."
Betger Ava" arrested with a lot oT ct
tcrs froir other AVomen m hispoik't.
Chestnut "street Haul; Stockholders
"Will A'oteon the Question Jan. 27.
Philadelphia. Dec. 2$. -At the instiga
tion of Comptroller Uckcls the directorsor
the suspended Chestnut Street National
Bank met this afternoon and called a meet
ir.tr of stockholders on Janu try 27 to vot
on the c'ucstuin of (hitting the bank into
voluntary liquidation, or the 5,000 sl-ares
of stock 3,351 are pledged to the plan
of winding up the bank's affairs.
Deputy Comptroller Corfm gave out a
statement tonight explaining some f e.ture
of the proposed plan or reorganization,
framed fci the purpose of preventing a
receivership and a consequent sacrifice
of the bank nnd trust company's assets.
The first preferred stock is intended to
retire the mortgage against the Record
property. The second prer erred s'ock pro
vides for the present capital stock and
other liabilities of the Record Publi-diiig
Company and the new issue or common
stock goes to the depositors and other
creditors ot the bank nnd trust company
and Avlllbeceiiceled as paymentsare made
out ot tl c assets in processor liquidation
Meeting; for Men Only.
A service for men only will be 1 eld in
St, Mark's Prr.-Catrcdral on Sunday e.-en
mg. AddreM.es on :'"Per-oua! Purity" Avill
be mad; by the Bishop of Washington; ev
D. Parler Morgan, D. D.,of New York, and
Howard - .Kelly, M. D.. ot Johns Hopkins
special price tin
after Holiduys. Ar
tificial Teeth on
rubber plates, $5
per set natural,
comfortable, pcrfeO
fit. You cannot get
better even at high
er price. Gold nnd
all modern
materials used If desired.
no5-2mo 1809 F t. mr.
It- HARRIS JL CO., Cor 7thandDSt-s
& CO.,
Cor. 7th and
D StS.
Expressions ol'the Pontiff on 3Iaiii
toba Schools.
Enough IIas Not Been Done There
for Catholic Ediicutloii Warn
the li ess to Ho Decorous.
Montreal, Dec. 2S. A -,u.:iary of tik;
Pope's cncvolfcnlon Manitoba sefacsoft Iu
been cabled to Ottawa. It condemn. tl
school law passed in 1590, and lay down
tlie principles of Catholic education, and
speaks of the rights of parent.
The Pope r-ogni7es the fact that '
thing was done to remedy the law of 1S90.
ind saysthat- theManiloliugoverHroentAVs
incpued with a Ioac of Ja-,ticeand prahie
Avorth intention in the uV-cifion iU 'ir
nved at. but adds that the law inculi to
remedy tho evil is derei-tive. imjl-irfec
and IiisKfficient.
The Catholics, he ays, demanded, and
have the right to demand, much more, as
the arrangements mad may fail ot ettxat,
owing to Iccal Circumstances. Enough
had not been elone in Manitoba for Ca'liollt?
education. lie writes that the resKUw
desired by thr church must be aeiiuird, iwit
by distiller, but throagh moderation,
gentleness and brotherly love, anil says the
respeetilup to the neighbor must not be for
gotten. As regards particularly the CTij.'i
ohes of -Vlanitoba, the I'ope expresses thtr
ntmost confidence that, God helping, they
will win and retain full satisfaction.
IntLe ni antiiiH1, let them, he says not re
fuse partial satisfaction. The Pop
peaks of the necessity of highly tra-neel
teachus for Catholic schools, and finally
warn4 tlit pre.-, ut be decor ju and not sen
sational. The encyclical also condemns tho
dictatorial aliunde of the majority or the
bihojs of the province of Quebec.and ai.op
a more liberal view.
Mr Philip W. Avirett attorney for Gov.
Russell in his suit Avith tin? Southern
Railway, is at the Raleigli Mr. Avlrets
was formerly r well known Washingtoofcirt.
He is the son of Rev James Avirett, for
merly rector of th- Episcopal church al
Pllver Springs. Mr. Avirett is a great
admirer of Gov Russell and believes that
his fight against the Southern Railway i
a fight against unjust corporation exi-e-tions,
and sure of the ultimate approval
of the people He sanl last night to a
Times reporter:
"Go-.. Russell believes ;nt the rime rs
coming when the people will be forced
to own the railroad-, and maybe other
coriHjrations, In order to preAent the or
poratlons fnm owning theiu. He be
lieves that luws should be made and en
forced to prevent their taxing the People
to pay dividends on watered stock. Tins
fight will re&ch the Supreme Court. It
will prove to he ot Iinn-sue mipurtaMe
s-me do y as the first of thefiglit betw-'ca
the (icople and the corporations.'
Senator Wellmgton was in the ciy yjs
torday. He stayed a short time at, the
Normai"lie, and had conferences with
several important Republican poiitidHMo-
Mrs. J- W. Needham, the wife of J. W
Needhair.. the manager of the NetherMlkU
Hotel, of :'ew York, is at the WJhagtOM.
Tiiird A nditr Youngbloed, of the Treas
ury Department, has jst returned from ,u
twi-weeks vac-lion at his home in AJu
bama. He is at the Raleigh.
Mr. George Harris, of Lead ilk. Col .
a practical miner, in the employ ot cae e
the largest of the Colorado mining eouecviw.
is m the city. He is stayinsr at the HUcre
ham. He is on his way t North Caroflnti
to look into a jtold mine that prowi'. bfB
things for it-ell . Mr. Harris said last night
"Gold mining i more active than for
many year- pat alloVer th? Puttee! States
There are two reasons for the renewwl
activitj. the low price of silver, rliicli is
almost prohibitory, anel the tlicov.rie m
AluIa aral the Xirthwest Territory. I
don't know how much the Klondike fine
have :.Rjiied interest in gold mlnea in
general, but certainly it tuts been U a
considerable extent There is more ar
pectiug and the large mining concerns aie
spending more money.
"Alasl-a started it, but there is im
doubt that the neve effort will be a profit
able one ii. Colorado ami elsewhere. There
arc as fine mines in Colorado as erer have
been discovered there heretorbre without
doubt. On the whole, 1 elon't believe the
chances of a man making a fortune in
Alaska ate any better than they are in
mv State. I ndouhtedly the Klondike mines
are very rich. Then- is a great gamble,
though, ami health as xvell as money and
time bav to he staked. I shall not
leave Colorado for the new El Doraelo,
though I xery nearly went two yi
Mr. J. VT. Boyle, the gentleman who
J'as been somewhat conspicuous in the
newspapers during the last few days as
a ti an trom Pawson. who knows the over
land trail in winter by actual experience
and who will attempt to take a relief ex
pedition in this winter, will leave the
city this morning for New York. He salt!
last night with regard to Ins reported con
nection with the proposed Government
expedition. ,
'I know the situation. I know that the
trip can be made to Dawson by the right
people. As your paper quoted me as say
ing on the night I arrived in Washing
ton, I had arranged to carry in an ex
pedition during February. I came to
Washington hoping that the Government
AVould allow me to co operate with it. I
brought excellent letters, and Gem. lilies
indorsed them. They are now in the hands
of Secretary Algr.
"However, no action has been ta!cn
on them as yet, and I believe that the
Secretary is not inclined to seek outside
aid or to agree with my aIcws as to the
terms of my contract. I propooed to nlm
that I Avould take into Dawson 150 tons
of provisions not to be sold at greater
than double summer rates.
I orrercd to take hm Government hir
s-rvectors alone to see trnt this contract
Ava lived up to. 1 will now make alt
haste to get my own expedition away on
my own responsibility. I feel quite con
fident of being able to reach Dawson .fc
list a mor th ahead of the rHnrfeer."
Did, Burge to Retire.
London, Dec. 28. Dick Burgc. the pflufr
list, has announced his retirement- fryut
the ring.

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