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VAV.H "White coa-hman, $40, onW
those with 'el's, as micH nc-'d applv.
DItil 'g AGENC-, G13 7'h su It
WANTED Boy to kick pi ess.
G35 V 1.
lYAM'hD-Colored man ror a. restaurant-,
must understand shucking oysters. 733
y. Capitol st ir
S A LEj-MEN WANTED To sell by sample,
at wholesale and retail; goo-ls -ell on
hight: salary or commission. AddicssCCN
TENNIAT MFG. CO., 195 Sth a, v.. New
York Ctty. no!7-w, S.'-t
WAN'11 D Young whitcmiinjsteadvplace:
also ii an anil wile; at once." EX
CHANGE IiUKCAr. 72 1 13th iff It
WAN-Ei.) Lxperienoed. white second
l.'iai i5; white third man, $o, private
faintly refH. required. Oil 13".h st. .'iw
AN ANTED Competent manicurist!" one
experienced in facial treatment. 14
13th M. nvv. it
WANTED-Good, sober, industrious Mary
land Inrmer who understands truck r.irm
jng, with stock and bovs, to take farm of 325
acres op shares Tor three vears or longer
Ho. 6 Grtjit lfc-.ee, between 5 an 1 o p
m. de-!S3-t-em
WANTED A boy, 15 or 13 jcars. fir
cigar and str.tloi civ counter, in an insti
tutlpu; S.1 per week K. L.. this office
WAITED White uov; ab ml 10. to do r-
randi; can learn ladh's' tailorins in
spare titnc if desirable. Apply 1-30 14th
Bt de2j ti.m
WANTED Good colored barber. Apply
No. 8 Monroe bt., Anacostia, D- C.
"WANTED 2 good life insurance solicitors.
ASbOCIATlON.147 V st.nw. de28-3t
WANTED -A good, reliable salesman and
eanvasser; a grand opportunity ror tne
right pel
si. nw.
pet son. Call In basement ouo i.Jtu
WANTED One energetic mau to open
brancli orfjc in cltj, al-o one to travel:
mtiM have 25 cash: snap for the riplic
peroous. Address ItOUM 114. St. James's
Hotel. de27-3t
WANTED Cooks. lUhwasneis and walt-
eib, porter. rier. i Ierkv,laIor-k ia-.
places furnislied till suited. CITY" IX-
TELEinENCE OFFICE. 427 11th tr.nw.
WANTEn Awumau a cool: in .i -v
taurant -white preferred. Apply after
10 a. n ., with rer 1721 I'a. ae. nw.
de29 3t
AN'J 1 IJ WJilte and colored w., iiou cooks
loi r.-mllles $12 to $25: wuh ref"
tHlf. DICK'S AGEXCi', 613 7th si.
de29 fl
WANTED-2 white waitresses; one for
faiuilv. 5-20. and one for Iio'el. 13, at
once DICK'S AGEXfT. 'iltl 7luM.lt
t-OI uxii.v.s j.ui-x.tji.3ir.rv i Hiti.CL. a
G .s. i.w. -wants four white intt .i k
colore iciia lei- must 1 e neat and reluble.
Ill's. x'w)mi' Hr-ytir , jt
WAXT1 I A younK lady io -l-rfc In claar
and utws store: experience prcrenert:
state le'-renees and salary expected. Ad
dress CIGARS thlHoricj. It
"WjAin j .ij jv .oioreu-Vvaiiau whoih.in'x
penei ctdcootfoi dluing-rooin.Appiy3
F st-fw.. after 11 o'cloeW a in. It
"WAX! FD-reinale- eoolc that has vmie
f vix-rii'iicc id Uernian cuokinsr. Call
fron 2 tc 4 p. m., KEINnAKDl', iiooiu J
2 Jla: building, cor. Till and ii its.
li-2i.' at
"WAX IE I Competent Colored all nuo i
eo .1 for plftce near cttjr; aluo an iift
ant rook; rrt- il4 13tli sU iw. It
"W AN '1 E li Colored co k, $15; colored
cU.u.bt rn aid and waltrei, $12 to $14.
G14 lath st nw It
"WAMJ U MineiIiaiiit)friuaid.-lb vliit'
warr-"-. ?20; wliite cook, !?30; pnvite
family G14 uttli Kt. iw1 It
WA.s fEl 2 iris rorin-ntal dept.; also
whit, eliambermahl: wanes $15. E'--CIIAM.r
Ml'KBAl', 721 13tb nw. It
WAXT1 3 -A girl to tlo gen-'ral housework
Appb . w ith rcf ercm , to 520 1st st nw.
AnI &D Colored girlto do general hou
fork: briny refg. 1 Q13 X si . nw. Jr ',n
"WA.sThl- Wiiman to do general bo ts-
work. 11 ns-t bring good city r.-ri.. 511
T st. nw. 1 1 -n
wlvNTED A neat white girl to do light
homework. Call at 1202 E st. se
"WANTED A seamstress good cutter aud
fitter, S.T. lajiorsysfm, wishes tewing
in prn ale family; 1 eis. S T S., thisofflee
WANTED White girl for housework; in
small family. 3M r st- lie. eeLe .it
WAXTED A -white woman to c'ogci.eral i
lMiU'evors; iery snail family. 003 V
St. nw. ue.-.u.cm
"WANTED- Woman for geneial housework
without "washing or iionmsr: girl to do
chambervvork; good home. 1702 1-2 loth
st. nw. de27-3t
WANTED General houseworkers, cham
bermaids, laundresses, K'aiiistresscs, day
-worker, nurse: tilaces fmuihed till suited.
SHACKLEFORD'S, 425 llth t. nw.
de25 7t
Help ivani i:d male and f&
WANTED Cooks, waiters, bellboys, kltch
en hell), woman cooks, chambermaids,
waitress. nur,e, help of ail kind vvlib ref.
BUItGESS AGEXCa, oOl K'th st-nw.
HELP JurnlMied lr; drop postal. LIT
1117 10ri st. nw. de2i-3t
IVAMLD-.a piacea
524 l 2 13th st. s
"WAN J ii) -ty voting man emplojm ml In
pocij" desire tti learu the business;
good stenographer and tvperiter.
rw .MPT, tnis tiifice. .le-P .'.r
WAisTJiD Dy voung colored man. situa
tion il private family or boardltiR-nouse
r,.lr...nt-. 2 l'tii st. nw. l2J-?t
WANT-,1 Dl "' soher, industrious younsr
colored man pluce as Poiter. driver or
butl-r. not afraid of work. Adores u. t.
LOCKLAKT, G7 Fenton place ne.
de2R 3t-en
"WANTED Bookecper wants employment
ev enings: will take pay m goods. A ildress
A.M. T., this office. dc2S-3t
WANTED By two colored men. situa
tions ok wiuters or to worn around a
store; well recommended. 1312 7tb st.
nw. de2fa-3t
WANTED By ioung colored man. work
around store. Call at 337 3d st. sw.
"VANTED Position by young colored man;
willing to do anything; best of references.
JNO. HUNTER, o. 13 17th rt. se.
"WAXTED Situation bv stenographer and
tvpewritcr: undcrttandsi all lirauches or
clerical woik; rirbt class refs. X. L. R.,
this office. dc27-3t
TVAVl'hl By young ladv position incandj
01 provision store. Address LADY B.,
Uilg oflice. It
"WANTED By colonKl womnn situation 'is
ook in private famllv. can do pativ
work" must nave good pay. Xcrl tlG
P gt. nw. d e2j-:lt
WAN'' LD Competent stenographer desire'
ecning work. cmpIov"r" riice jr -esi-
desce ;ii.tei-stands jiatent work. Address
BPSTN'ESfe, this office. de29 3r
WAXTEE Situation as nurse; 'an give
ref Call or addess- Airs. HOBUS. oI
llthst se. le29 4
"WAXTED -A thoroughlyconipKent I'rench
cook requnes situation iu. orlvate family
where kitcbeimiald is kcpt;verj gcod ref er-
ences. 104 Penn- ave de2S 3tom
WAXTrD Bv rcat coloied girl place t
lo KtUfral housework iu small futnlly.
reft j :? 10th t. nw 1-em
"WANTED -By a colored woman, situation
as plain cook and general housework
411 -Gil. st. uw. It-em
"WANTED Br an experienced coot a sit
uation", good refs. 1009 N. J. ave. nw.
"WANTED -Slluatlon as cook or chamber
maid: best references. Address A. E. C,
this oflice. de2S-3t
BUY" a lot for hi vestment or home: Con
duit Road and tircat rails Electric Kail- .
837 D st. nvv. de7-Imo-eai i
FOh RENT A farm of 71 acres: half mile
from Seabrook sta Mon, on B. i P.R.K.: r
conv niciit to churches and school; rent, SI:
lr month; house, 8 rooms. Apply to
1IUGII .VASTERSON. 2313 I t. nw.. or
toR 1 fcUSTBED, on premises. de20-7t
VI . V - second rioor. com., rooms;
liirinshed or unfur.; suitable for parlor
a rd bedioo'ii: bay window; facing south;
- ':"ateR Ka. bath; board if leslrod
30 (.t M. nw. it
FOR 1'Ji.M JUfN X. ave; desirable fun
trout ami-back rooms, 2d floor: single
or,ei.'..iV.l,e: transients accom undated.
l'Qlt .J.e.n 'i com. rooins,fttr. or unf'ir ;
" t3 4rh st. nw. 0c2-3t
FOE RENT-SOS Oth St. nw, luruishedor
Until. I'isl i.il looms. Willi iirilt.,,..,.- ...
reasonable; convenient, to all parts of the
J-OK lil NT-Two lurnlMied rooms; second
iloor: suitable for houf-ekecplnt:: slove
and utensils: rent reasonable. 613 N. j.
"!;': , diL
FOR EI".l'-To lw. gents, sunny 2d floor
room and ood home table, at & 1 each
Per wi PkJ 140 JJth St. nw. clT'29 ;
jrji. jvi, - i-um iiaik i(x;m, iiiuu iiuor.
cn-r,nV,,' .'" ' "letrmiily. 1.25 ,ier week.
S0 JRt h h t n w. c;c29-3t
FOK 1.KM'-1 uriiishert -riwrT 3 rooins;
o.Mf7r.C?11,t"1' ,0 fI"l?c P-irtie... board.
239 lkt st. se. Je29-7J
FOK KENT 3 desirable roornT. So. TTt
5tU st. se. d(.j l
FOR KENT-MO ll-lh"st. nw; bright
K-Hiis; .-8 and ?iy, furnished: corner
honst. 0e2'.Kit
FOlt HENI -2 liriiiherl rooms. ,vltl
or viliiiut Iriaid. uoir -ablc ; linn olectru
mm t-tiiii'- witn an pans oi the cito;
n: unliable. 02a E w. leJf-7t-ein
lOK KENT 2 nlteU furnislied parlor
rooms- : n mmuiilcatJnjr 2d lloor rooms,
nice furnished: vill lent imi Miite or
single. I innate hat. 1212 New Voricave.
l de23-3le-m
IpR KENT -Excellent itimished or parti
rnniisheii rooins, .,t 91 o li. taidtoi st
lllit l.(iet:eepliiK, it desired.
I OK 11ENT Furnislied or unf itriiihlied. coti
nc'lmj. rirts, 1st, 2d floors; hot and
told -niter: all m. i.; reference. 905 M
2i-J,w J,-'2b 3t-em
i m ivr.M-i or 2 funu.lied rooms, to
i.tfad younsmeii. in priv.i te la -uliy; nou
tint firs; elds need apply. Impuie- oi
C. is. i IILXhi, 12 1& I'a. ave. nw.
FOR RFNT- 1 or 2 funuslied room
WAN ll i Iv.o lurniMiPd. communieaim
ioo.li'. mil boiui: lor irputleman ail
diuubter, bet. X. Cap. and I2tb M. i,,v;
.Tai . l; leims must b- macerate, a Idrst.
this office
t, 'rn
13i h n i
floor i i t
Opposite rnuklln IMric, 909
i.. jiwly rmtni; 2d n'ld il
al-o medium rooms: table
boaril a
P" laity
Ie2.--Gt em
in. j ..iinu.rAntK-, to i
13 12 RIkits tt. uw. de2s
IUK liftil 1 -lvi . ... ..L lt., ltO. itv
.Mnltby. newly ttrnuUed i-ooms; with
wittioul lard. well heated and Im'ticd.
near all car hi e.s, tuittol. l.tbrarv.M i.ools,
etc.; rooms ami beard siS.75 aim uwaids
in.-! mo. reie-ir,cn
FOK ilEXT-Mtely rurnisiieil room, in '
tpne. faiudy; coitenieaces; new bouse.
near c. lib. orns. 00h I" M.nw.de2ii-3t-em
FOU KENT 3d-ttory back :oom; newlv'
furnlKhetl; morning un. laige; pleasant; i
near Palais Koyal. 723 11th st. nw I
de2S-3t I
1-Uiucr,iVJ lwonleccoinfortablyfiirnished
rot mi' for light housekeeping, with heat:
cheap. Appij 732 llth m. nw... in l.m
brella tore. de2S-3t
FOU KC.NT Nicely-'furnished rooms,"with
heat and gas: at reasonable lates: small
rooms-, .so; near cars. 201 D st. nw. !
de2s-7c '
FOK KENT Furnisned looms at OCU M st
nw.,w.tn or 3 ithjjtitboaril. de2fc-3t
lOK KENT 213 C st. nw.. .'arj;e, ele- T
Santly furnished moms, with heat. kis .
and bath; terms reasonable. de28-0t
FOK KEXT-Ll;)il housekeeping: uicely-
furnished rooms, with heat and gas;
water on the Door. J 20 c si . nw. de2 3t
FOK JtEXr-2 large, brigln. nicely lur
ni'hed, well-heated rooms; no other room-1
ers. 1310 Corcoran sr. de27-3t-em
FOK KEXT-5I2"i: st. nw., large, Tur '
mshed loom; heat, gas and bath
de27 3t-em 1
FOR KEXl -XicelyluriiMictl front rooms,
.. iJn.t 1, .ill
alionf'ten s
eeplng. ifrle-
incaniiescent iiglit: lurnace
lullv furiiishril. central local;
verj reasonable: light liotiseke
sired. 511 bth st- Jiw. de27-3t-cm
IO K REXT-2012 V
nw.. 2d-riooi
fnmt room, wit b alcov
ml 3d floor hall
hhiii,. w Kb closer; with or without Ooard.
de27-3t em
FOK KENT Fur. rooms, with gas.. ?1
pei month and up. 114 0th st. nw.
FOK KEN. Near the Capitol and Librarv.
nicely fui. light 100ms. Xo. 210 1st
st. lie., near D. de27-3t-em
huK jt.M 3 rms. ou 2d lie 01 for light
nouseket'pnig: 2 rms. caii.eted: bath oji
same floor; to gentleman ami wife, or la-
1 dies In oil Ire. 20S X. '
ae. de27-3t.cm
FOK KENT Furnished. 2d-stor-, -outIi
front room, SO, mod. Imp Call, after 4,
G3G I st.nw. de27-3t
rOR KEX'x Xewly papered, :'d-story front
room; nlLeiy furnished, open fire, vacant
Jan. 1. 723 11 in st- nw de27-3t
WAM LD Colored
oth st nw.
to ledge.
TOR KEXT 1021 Sth st.nw.. 2 neatlv
fui. looms on 2d floor; Tront and back
rooms front mom wltii alcoves: heat and
gas. with 01 without Loaid. teinis mod
crate. de2J-Gt-cm
roil 11EX1 Fiirnl-hed rooms, for gentle
inen ouly. 517 7th st.jiw. dc2i-7t
FCR KEXT- Large, sunny rooms or -l-room
riaLs.witb private baft. rooms;rcut low. (51
N. ave., corner of 1st st. dcG-tf
IH-O-jS A X13 BO Ann.
101 1 LM Large, neatly fiirtu-h.si rooms,
wit. gcod board. 1 educed rates for two
in room 220 Indiana a v . de29-3t
TOR RENT Nicely furnished bav viniow
front icom; with board for two. ?3e
tier month G12 3d st.nw Je29-Jt
TOR RTX1 -Bright. comrortablv furnl-Jhcd
slcam-heated 3d front and adjoining
hall rooir . with board; ao large 2d bats,
loom, niceij ft,rnlshel; terms very reason
able; lot. tlon central: opposite park; tirst-c-lass
tjtbleboard S10 lO01M.iss.ave. nw
dc2S-3t em
NICE looms, with wod board, -?16 to .$20
per ii nutl . 1010 8tli st. nw-.
de2S-7t en:
TOR RENT 210 X J. av nw., nec"; The
irti.o. new u 1ur11iM.cn rooms: with r
without twiard; wu heated and hghfal,
near allcar hiie. Capitol. Elbrary,ctojs
etc.: room ami board, 'H'.to and iiftwi d
per 1110. dcl'P-Rt m
PLEASAXT, -well heated RKiins, and
rirst-cias- board, from felG to S20 a
month. 16 Ith st. ne. dc2S-6t
FOR RENT Fur. rooms; table board; de-
lighttul room; first-class table; terms
reasonable. 003 F st. nw. de27-0l-uin
TOR RENT -Furnished or unfurnished: 2d
floor frout room; central location: terms
rea-souablc. 1112 10th st. nw. de27-3t
WANTLD Oentlemaii desires ,uiall fur.
room- batlr heat: private family; rent
S.I. Adres OUIKT. tHH of nee. oe2'VMt
"iVAM KD Koran a nd toird for two v oung
men-private rimiivpreferr.'d;reaonar,lt..
CENT'tvi tbK ..ric-,.. k It em
u ,
"WANTED Couple partly 01 unrur. rooms
tor Up 1 1 housekeeping; most be cheap.
Address ' . X. IL. 1 tils of fire. It-em
WANTED -By Dec. 31, 2 furnished, Ha
story rooms for light housekeeping; family
ot 4; on 6th, Mb or loth sts.nvv., between
C or 1 st.; answer lmincdlatclv. Address
HlTKi: Y, tnis office. de27 3t-em.
WANTED Two communicating rooms,
well heated, with use ot bath; light
houiekeepimr or board; for mother and
baby; in house with no other boarders;
good pay for comfortable home with sensi
ble, yet refined persons. Address EOX
3o, this olfice. de2S-3C
Foil h .x-. 1 cur .raiiie. 101..-1 era ixmes
pe. ret t. SO each: rriie. cnly-f4."u each;
need of money the cause. C. U0YEK ,
ROV. 1'14 7tb Ft sw.
FOR SALT Brick hot'fce; -o.; not Jar'nm
Lincoln Park: o'liy uou, rent. jG st,;
must sll. C. JJ0YEK& SON.21 rtlst,sw.
de2P 3t
FOR SALE No cash down and onlv 55
per month will buy new G-room house on
Florida ave. nw-. near 3d st. Address
0"WNEK, this office.
FOR SALE Some of the most attractive
nouses on itu St., and at the most
14tu EU nvr "clt,tf
Do toii ltnovv that you can li.ive
The JMoriiinu, -"veninj; nnd Stind ly
Timo llsi
only COMPLETE news
paper published In TVashlntou
served to voti by ctirrief for fifty
cent- u tiionth?
40,000 DAILY. $WFllit S
Circulation Guaranteed.
k &&&
i UT.T
Foil hi:xt-u-CFiiitN"isRi:n booms
KEN'l CnfurnlMietl iloo.s. nirror;
kitchen, 'tlnii.jr-room roi catcrbirr; would
rent all buihtiu eheip. 1107 .v York
a-ve. i tai Oxfoid Hotel. It
FOK RENT 1909 17th M. in'., two un
furnished rooms, with beat nud kul;
S7.5t dt'29-lr.
r o.k ij. 1 - otr-outt llmr, lira' HI
rooms fci lijtl.t hou'ekeepliig. a. .
JCi t" ' Marion 't. nw .'
11. i
roit KENT I'nfurnls-hed or pirtly fur
nished, 3 blight looms on the 2d floor,"
sultaoii tor ligut housekeeping; water on
the a:n fhsii; roi adults omy 112 1
Hth ft. nw .i10-".0 ,
FOR KENT Entire 1st floor of 3 large,
pleasant rooms; cheap- 1114 5ih ne.
de27-3t cm
FOiv Ui..w-1-tt ! st. nw-, uiuurinsiej
am! li.tni'lied looms-, 'ingle or en suite;
suitable for light I ousekeeping: a. m- 1.;
from 5 l.p' b(anl If desired. le28-3t-eni
roil KENT Unf urnishwl, Id rloor, con
taining 4 cl.eerrul room, with dining
room and kitchen below, ir desired; nice
huii'e; eMPln-nt iiPichhorhood: hot .valor,
heat: 11 derate. OWXEK, 19 55 13th nt.
de2fc-It em
HJK r.. 1 L.11P11. parlor floor, :j koou
rooms, a i.d small trunk room, bath on
same rn or: south bay front hrirk: with
heat am' gas' .fio In aihanw. 712 A st
ne. de2S-3t,em
rolTi;t.iT tin- uiiftirniilied looms: d
rioor 01b N 1 ave. nw. dej !-,tt-em
FOK Ki:.N'I 2 2tl flor communicalhig
rooms: Iarg- 100m fronting sourh unfur-.
back room fur., or bath unfur : us. jf b ith,
board I' d'slrcd. 1110 II si. ne.
FOR RUN 'I Unfurnished, 2uiiiimiinicntmg
2d floor rt oms, heat, sas mil bath m
samerloir 70J j jst. nw. de2 3t-em
FOR l:l "si 1'or Iiglit liiMisekeepipg, - un
furnished 2d floor rooms, newlv papered;
'ieat and gas; ne'ir Capitol. -lo. .Ill
Del. ave- nc. It-cm
TOR KENT Two unfurnished and one
inrmntedroom. 70ttatiiM.nw - ie2'-ot
"FOK RENT Three imrurntshed rooms. 2d
floor. I.Rht hou-ekeepl ng. . 521
--lhst.ne. deo 3t
roil Kfc.NT -Large, unruimsneu ci-iioor
room; neviy iwpenti; larne closet; heat,
ca and bath; $b per nuinth. 1115 I
st. de2S-3t
nu unsTT
d floor.
nice rooms.
light housekeeping; privale fau.lly- 12
, A St. ne. de27-3t em
i FOR KENT nifuni.. In suites 01 tingle.
1st, 2d and 3d llotis. lcat.gaw.hot and
cold water, convenient to cars. 12ilnd.
ave. (Ie2i-3fc,eiu
FOR RENT BeauTirul suite or unfurnished
rooms. 2d and 3d floors, gas and heat.
J,. G., 1000 E st. nw. de-7-3t
FOR lFEXT Two, five or ten rooms; hear,
gas; unruniisheii.no questions, central lo
cation. Address X.MAS, this oMice.
1 dc27-:;t
i-Olt ta.-Mc iiali lIllet III Ctabhs'1-t.
evi it bii'iness. controlling tne bestaencjc
for Ifc'hs business (aying JrS.ttai vi-trlr
gotideliance for pa rtyvvitn 3.000 to..t-Ob
Addre's . S.. this office i --P 3t
Ll'NCllKOOl Dailv Kiles S4 0. pric and
cent reasonable: satisf ictorj reiois
glvei v t orlercd. Dl'NLM', 1)00 F st-
!! M-J -
JLWLLl't b'lOKL-Attractive rixtures.
compute set tool': clein stu-;k; pr'e-
SCOt- lov 1 cut; location, Pa. ave- nw
geimim Imrgain. DDNLAP, 00G F st-
le2l-3l r
FOR i .ILL-Cigar and news stand; i-a
Wllaid S20u; owner leivimr city if
fiulck. lifSINESS EXCHAXOE, 1321 F
at- de- 3t
WAMbu lrtner ivitu iM50 to pusii
receitiv patented hoimselioM article.
Addre's ' O.vl.MEKCIAL EX IIAXGE. M0
F si i.v
de2 31
l'Oi sul c'toeery s:ora: beat location
in leading marker,: established, pnylnj.
j a that will stand investigation: m iau
invi-sruinL reunlred. DL'NLAP, 000 T
s r. n w de20-3t
FOK PL !' Iioiel and bar. 30 rooms: riv
ture and ru'niture practically new: low
rent: ba' sales, S25; offered at bargain:
owner engaged other business. DUNLAL',
00G r- s' de20-3t:
$150 wiP bur pnotl gioc-ry stock and
fixtures; 1 w.; rent only $15; mu'itbe sold
at ince- gooc business, vill take diamond
ring lu part payment. CO.MMERCI VI.. 510
F 11 w (le28-'5t-ern
WANTED Wood turner or mill man, with
SI, 000, tojoin carpenter with likcamount
in starting mill for stair and mantel work.
Address MILL, this ofricc de2S-3t
WANTED Partner to attend to outside
Business or sign-writers; hair profit to
man or good adurcss-. Address .1 . J., this
ornce. dc28 3t
WANTED To buy grocery store; stock
fresh and clean, and low rent. Address
CASHilAN, this office. de2S 3t
TOR SALE Grocery and meat store; rix
tures; owner has other bulness: excellent
stand: cash trade. Apply 115 11 st.nw.
FOR SALE-Urgent need,S75- will sac
rifice a one-fourth intei est In U. S. pat
ent wortli$l O,00Oes!ly. Addles' WORK
ING JIODEL, this office. oe27-3t-em
r,w a . T r
x Vin. m.iiT
$lo0, hum
Grocery, 740 10th st. nw.,
idsome store; must be sold at
1321 F st. de2i-3t-em
FOU SALE -Coal yard, ?050; wwinill,
engine, stable, office; cost 52,000: great
barcalu. "BUSINESS EXCHANGE, 1 321
F st. de27-3t-em
FOli SALE The best aud cheapest grocery
and provision store in ine cuy: nne lo
cation. ALBERTHA, this office.
FOR SALE-Cigar store; Pa. ave. uw.,
bet. 4 1-2 and ICth sis.; so arranged,
rent reduced to ?25; prlca, .j375; at
tractive fixtures; snap. -DITNLAP, 900
F st, dc27-3t
GO TO D'JNLAP to buy or sell out- a
business musk. BUSINESS AGENCY,
90S F st. de27-3t
TOIt. SALE Clgai, confectionery, station
cry; cornei store: established 25 years;
low lent: 150. 7-14 4th st. nw. Ue27-3t
BONDS furnished In civil and criminal
cases. Taes paid at a discount. De
fective titles to real estate straightened.
Will act as receiver, assignee, guardian or
trustee. Financial assistance furnished to
litigants. Those about to bring suit should
consult the company Lcrore taking action.
Rooms 5 and.7,472 La. ave. nw.
dc5tf Tclcphono 1118.
rOUND A bobtail texiler with black
spot on tap and white ears; tag 287:
ownei pleac call and pay costs. 400 li
st. sw. It-em
GERM'N lessons by tmivetsity graduate
fron- Europe; easv. practical met hod: 24
le-Mins., S5. 1020 7th st. nw. It
QUE Zlfi k 1QRD.
Way in Which to Reach the People Who Need Help.
. w. k av.'s3.
The choice of 3 gyprv fortune tel'ers
Mndge Stella and Juanlta. Map of land
free, a ell all for only 10 "ents. Camp
72.". 7th ft. nw. upstairs, over auction
store. de2 -H
PROF. CLAY Oldeit established clalr jy
ant ft(.titlhig in tlila eiry, consult him
on buslnis.', lawsuit?, divorce, -.poculatioiis
separations, loc or family trouble-.' can
tell von t 3 thing you wih 1 1 know, brm-t
separal d husband and wire togeth 1
makes sweetheart or !o;er true: causes
manligts; remove- speos or niystinous
rH?H?Br'.i-:iiC ' hH ,.."'
.ltO IOuiHIV. IMi H st.-tT. llP-ti t 1H
Jut'K; iee t.0 cents, nuura
ANY ners-on knowinc the address of the
Hales faiuilj will confer a ravor by
communicating with N. E. Hales, Xo.
235 locust t., WilllamsiRirt, Pa.
TSiefifc3 Days" Cure
(for men) leads all remedies la this- city;
a prompt and permanent euro or no charge:
... ....'. ' -. in. i-i nu n T 1 .1
coiiMibatlou tree. 1K. itcKE
nit. iicKEEHAX.
12th st. nwT Office liotiri, 10 a.
1 P 1
5 to 8 n. 111.; Sunday,
to 1 p
2 1-1 mo.
WE'RE not Kivlng you the "dink . -dink;"
plain truth; wc are selling elegant custom-made
suits and oV'ureoais tnardiy nuy
vorn) at prlcestb.it Will make you iliink;
drop around, juttiiio uuu maivu, oiy
DstiiW. " t de2i-ot-em
.MOSES, the Called Reformat or, needs free
help and money.,, Rlease send right
awav. auilress musks, kiskokjutok,
this office.
- .i.-w.-r 1
irxiE. theo.
Medium and card reader: Washington's
Liu ..1...WU ',''" ".'"" "" ii.v. -"- , ;eW orK. via lojoii- letters ror uuute
?u to.ber ,!,,.,bc 'Ih6'' 'o and amlly af- Rmltl ,nust ,iirected "Per Finance."
ralrs: reunites the separated; removes (cjAD n 10 p. Itu for S3an,ip0 Ue Cuba
bWnLn&Zg 'I11' Hjl" a'1 Colombia, pr s.s. Panama, from New
gowl luck, open daily. -German spoke Ji. 2oc. 1 York. Letters must be directed "Per
and 5 0c. 020 II st, nvv. de22-l it , Panama." (cJAt. 11:10 p. in. for Jamaica. 1
-mm .1.1 iriit f ..
Ildl CJtUers Ia!l. CoilslllL
DUr.SS SUITS for hue at darner's
, -....-'i, .t.
nolG-lf 1
and II strt.
Dr. Leather-man,
J-Xl'ERT S3IECIAL18T. (25 years ex
pcrlente.) All private diseases quickly and
permanently cured. SYPHILIS positively
cured iu any 6taKe. Cousultatiou free.
Hon I?,, 0 to 12. J to 5. 'lues,
TtiuiM. and Sat. evciiingi, 7 to S
Nu. OOU V Rt. nw. Closed suiidny.
In obstetilcs, gold medal awanlfd for the
eclcnce of obstetric from the University
of Munich, Bavaiia; treata successfully
wuman's complaints and Irregularities, pri
vate saultailum for ladies before and dur
ing conriuemont. Office hours from 0
a. m. to G p. m., No. 01 0 Pa. uve. nw
a0r5 F Street Northwest
Gold fillings and bridge vvork n spe
cialty, at the lowest price; amalgam fill
ings, 50c; full seU of teeth on plates, S5;
extracting either by gas or local spray,
absolutelv painless, 50c; without, 25c, all
work doe by experts and guaranteed the
bfcst; open on Sundays from 10 to 3
o'clock; rnh22 tf
Madame LAMQmr,
The great Clairvoyant and Palmist; advice
and information on all affairs of life:
names in full; satisfaction guaranteed:
fee oOcand $1. 1303 G st. uw. de41mo em
A1ML. LA RUE, Medium, tclis past and
present: gives luck; free until New Year's.
1223 1-2 J st- nw.; walk upstairs.
tti f- Lc Luniner inii -ah: atKut i(
. OOi feet 2-inch lumber and aOO pafrs
cish. stock sues. Address LUMBER, 'his
office . de29-3t
y.. ... .- . .i.i-, I. u it li.
'ood order; all nttaenments
"'ww?li' - 1 .i 11 wt
n-COlltH aim
I'TT iW1 -t
ri: a.-v.t -rarur UIS.
frames; good condition:
rack. 5-S. 1710 ctn t. nw
l le ;j, i.tny
S12: fik rail
Je -' i.i
rOR SALE -Stearns's diamond tandem;
best condition; $10 cash. 509 E st. nw.
FOR SALE-BIIckensderrer typewriter:
good as new; cheap. Call at bOG 13th
fit. nw. ,,.?,. de2S-3t
FOR SALE rurniture of a six-room cot
tage; nice clean j mattresses, chamber
suites, dining room suite, odd chairs and
pretty shaped tables'. Id be sold nt once.
i71 Pa. uve. nw-.. down stairs. de2S-3t
FOR SALE rhst-c'Iass"coupelette: used
a short time, also'phu'eton; suitable for
doctor. Addres2L7 H st. uw. de2S-3t
FOR SALE High-gradeipneiimatlc tire bi
cycle; perfect; ?G cash. 1S11 6U1 st.
nw. ' de28-3t
FOR SALE A Hopklnsmap of Washing
ton and vicinity,! roldlng and bound in
morocco; albo wanted, .a roll-ton desk in
. ... ptnt- .-i num Y ci 1 tt
CAUl'UHi; 1UL i.J.ii iui. r. . ... . .i.i.
G23 F St. it dc27-3t.cn
FOR SALE Black aud taa pup: 6 mo.;
vi'iv watchful. SFable rear 1&16 L st.
TOR SALE Poultry bench in the leading
market. Address POULTRY, this office
FOR SALE A new Improved S55 Do
metic sewing machine; with all modern
appliances, and the company's guarantee
lor 5 years; tnustbs sold before Dec. 31, at
great sacrifice. Address B.F. C, thisoffico.
"$125 ORGAN reduced to 83: $5 cash
and $3 per mo.; 1 nice square, S05; we
move pianos, jmtk, haul and Milp them.
HUGO WORCH'.023 F nw. del3-Gmo-erq
FORSALE YotiugCubaiiand Mexican par
rote, monkeys, gold lishea, dogs, pigeons,
canaries, incubators, Spiatts and Austin'a
tlog bread; send Tor catalogue- SCHMID'S
BIRD STORE. 712 1 2th st. nw. och-tf
FOR SALE $2.88 for 6-ft extension
table; lounges, $.50r cook sUivos. 5;
heater, $2.50; parlor and bedroom suites,
$1 par week: cheap cash, and credit. ItED
M0ND. 313 7th sr. nw. oc30-tf,em
W.t" TED- Colored men or talent and pc.d
audi ess to .solicit for an estahllsred
Buili.iiig and Loan Assoclatio 1. "-1.
B., this office. -Je29-3t
!- 3 ft fPUtlP
UK. UArlrlA
u. tne treatment of all N'rvous,5hron
-kin and PRIVATE DISEASES. xllH PETm k.u V-lc) A 11-1U n m for
COMPLETE outfit or iwdetn appliance. r-frnnechP CnuTnjs TnU-iJ'o ?'im1 Y11S
X-RAY; Static, Faradit and Galvanic l.ie&- J Cutijpeche, Lhiapas, laoasjo, and luca-
iiii.i.v-vuuiciiiiii vo .rcac.vriuiuccHsa,i.9- I attn fnr other nnrti nf Jcvlcn mnr
ueci.itlvinCatarrh.Rheum'iiisni. urni.nu.i. (Letters for otncr pans or .vicmco must
Kidney and Bladder Diseases. Se-vnlai W-ak ; ,Dl ,,,'lrec!.e AZLZffi; ,,V(Ix, Tr., , , ....
lions. Stricture. Hemoirlioid. Syphilis and l;1". S '&,, S .'rt V .!'
ni..t.. r f..i,.no rr.v .,.ir ri.. r-. 1 tier' s. J'retoria. irom -vew lork. Letters
$ making your wants known in
The Times
Should be read dally, as chamtes may
occur at any time.
Fottt,Iu AtAlES are forwarded to
the port-i or sailing dully. and the schedule
of tlubhijrs 13 arranged on the presumption
of their miiuU'rnnileii overlundlraiiMiC Ftir
the week ending January 1 , 1808, the last
connecting cljses will oe made .it this
office :i? follows
Tinimutlnutie -lulls.
WEDNESDAY tc) At 11:10 p. in., for
Genoa, per a. s. Kaiser Wilhelm II, rrom
New York. Leltern must be directed "per
Kai-ier U illielm II.'
FUlDAY-ib) At 9:20 P. m. for France.
Switerlan.l, Italy, Spain, I'ortugal
k K,..nt -,i lrltin India, linr
er s.
La Cli.iiiiuamie.' troin New YoriC. via
Havre Letters for other parts or Lurope
must be oireited "per La Chainpajnie."
tc At 11:1 op. m. Tor Xelheriands direct,
via s s. Obdam, from Xew York, via
Rottt-rdaiu. L.etters mint be directed "per
Ondum." (e) At 11:10 p. m. for Europe,
per h. s. Ltrurra." from New York, via
Queenstowu. (c) At ll:lu p. in. for
Siotland direct, per s. a. Anchorla, from
New io'rk, via ItlasgoW. Letters must bo
directed "per Anchorla
PRINTED MATTER -German steamers
sailing trom New York on 'luesdavs take
prjuted matter, etc., for Germany, and
specially addressed printed matter, etc.,
for other parts or Europe.
Amerkan and White Star steamers sall
imr from New York on "M ednesdav's. Ger
man steamer on 'lnursdays aim tlieCuuard.
1 French and German steamers on Saturdas
take printed matter, etc., Tor ail Couu- '
tries Tor wnitli they are advertised to
earrv mails.
for sxuitli and Central Amer
ica, Wesat Indies. Etc.
ITn ic.l V-t, 11.11 .. ,- Tnr-
fo".Jirr,,".x, ArXt.,..1'..."'; ...
J auuth Pacific iKrts. p.r s.s. Finance, from ,
I Per s. 1. Ardanrone. fromXevv York. Let-,
f ,.,r fnr TIIIzh-. I'r.rfi (Virf.. nml fln.nt-
mali must be 'directed "Per Ardunrosc." i
f (c)Atll 10 p. in. for Nassau, X. P., pr .
. Antlha, f rotti Xcvv York. Letters must be
directed "Per Aiitilia." (c)At 11.10
f- ' "u"!' i rlnirtad and
be di-e. ted "Per Pretoria."
1 KlUAY (d At 6 25a. iu
1 rfiurta't .iwl Tbhago imp
for Fortune j
! I.1....1 lo. ....-. Sfni11-l mill r.r.fli,n. .
"mui ii'-i '"i u".ju,
per s. s. Alene, from Scvr lork. Letters
for Coota Rica must
directed tier
Alene." (d) At 0 25 a.
bantu Martha, per s. s
n., for Haiti aud 1
Kitty, from New
SATURDAY" (dl At 12 0." p. m., for
Newfoundland, per steamer from North
Mail" for Newfoundland, by rail to Hali
fax, and thence, via steamer, close here
dail. except Sunday, at 12.05 p. in., and
on Sundays only, ar 11 35 a. in. (d)
Malls for MItiuelon, by rail to Boston
and thence via steamer, close here daily
at 3 20 p. m.(a)
Mails fm Cuba (except those for Santiago
de Cuba, which will Le forwarded via
New York, up to and including the 11 10
p. in., close Wednesday), close here daily
at 3 p. m , for forwarding via steamers
soiling Monday and Thursdays, from
Fort Tampa, Fin., to Havann.(e)
Mall for Mexico, overland (except those
Tor Campcche, Chiapas, Tabasco, and
Yucatan, which, alter the luesday over
land clo-ing, win be forwarded via .Vew
York, up to and including the 11.10 p.m.,
close 'tnursdayi, close here daily at 710
a. m.(d)
Transpacific !uils.
Mail foi C'.ina ami japan, specially ad
dressed ouly, per s. s. hmpress of India,
from Vancouver, close here oallv up to
6:40 p. m .December 27. (d)
MalN forChitia and Japan, per s.s. China,
from San Francisco, close here daily
up to 0-40 p. m December 31. (d)
.Mails ror Australia (except thoi-e for
West Australia, which are forwarded via
Europe). New Zealand. Hawaii, Tiji and
Saiiuau Islands, per s. s. Moana, from San
Frati"lsco. close here dally up to 0:40
p. in., January'-, (d)
Mails rorCiuna and Japan, per s. s. Vic
toria, from Tacoina. clofe leie daily up to
0.10 p iu. January 2. (d)
Mails ror Australia texcept WestAustral
ia. New Zealand, Hawaii ami Fiji Islands,
per s. s. Miowera. from Vancouver, close
here after January 2 up to 0:30 p. m.
January 3. Id)
Mails. for Hawaii, per s.s. Australia, from
Sau Francisco, clo"-e here daily up to 6.40
p. in. January 19. d)
Mails for tre Society Islands, per ship
City of Papeiti. from San Francisco, close
here dally up to G: 10 p. in. January 25. Id)
(a) Real'.tcred mail closes at 10 a. m.
same da,V.
(b) Registered mail closes at
same day.
(c) Registered mail closes at
1 p. m.
6 p. m.
6 p. nr.
same day.
(d) Registered mall closes at
previous day.
(e) Registered mail doses at
1 p. in.
Tuesdavs ami oacuruays.
1 Postmaster.
WAN1ED Two or three good ictlve horse-
101 t. r.i I. -s i -tr. Uia "Jiiier. lue.i . .
r .1 . T-t ii : xtnnrlfiri anil Hi'hT ti irL
marai'terd Apply 645 1 .t n.. u-.
L- I
did 4 p. "i
!2P-at I
WA.N'ttL Tvpcwrltmg- to do a3 7c. 1 cr
page ciJcuiar letters tjpewntt'.i at S-'
period Address WORK, this olfue. It
W'A NTEI - To trade
dehveiv wagon,
, a lwugy for a light
Address J. V.. tnis
WANTED To rent sccotid-hi-id cash reg
ister, state tcrm-. 227 N. J. ave. n v.
WANT I'D A jennyliud table. Call loty
7(1 st- nw. de2S-ir-rn
WANTED -A Remington typewriter. cheap.
Address G. M., Mils office. de2S-3t
WANTED A few common kittens at 1120
7tb st. no. de28 3t
OLD B00KS-I pay cash for ail kinds of
old miscellaneous books; will call, ex
amine and make offer at residence. Drop
under Second National Bank, JAMES
0'NEIL, Prop., 509 7th st. nw. del5-lm
HIGHEST cash prices paid Tor second
hand furniture, carpets, pianos; entire
hoases; stocks of all kinds. Address JONCSi
1001 Mass jive. uw. jc7-3iiio
LADIES' COSTUMES; evening gowns, $5
ud; shortest uutlco; children s clothes
n. speclaltv; Baugbmau's dress cutter, 5.
UOS N. Y. ave. de2-lmo
FOR SALE-One work horse; price $10.
400 8thstvne. dc28-Jt
FOR SALE Gentleman leaving city will
sell cheap dapple gray mare, U years old:
guaranteed perfectly tound and gentle;
thorough, trial allowed; also trap and har
ness. Apply at. 4.00 .M st. nu. de28-3t
FOR SALE Panel coupe Rockaway, gen
tle hoise. hariias- and Dayton; all in nice
condition; no reasonable offer rerused;
can if Ken at No. 1841 Gth st. nw.
Washington, Alexandria
Mount Vernon Railway.
From Slatlon 13 1-2 St. & Pn. Ave.
In Effect -Joreniber 14, 18f)7.
For Alexandria (week days), 0.30. 7.0G.
7.3D, ex.; 8.00. 8Jo, 8.B9, y.50, 10.05.
ex.; 11.00. 11.45 a. m 12.05. ex.: 12:20.
1.15, 1.45. 2.05, ex.; 2.40, 3.20. 3.59,
ex.; 4.15, ex.; 4.50, 5.05, 5.20, ex.;
DV10. 6.05. ex.: 6.30, 7i)6, 8.00, 9.00,
10.00, 11.20. 11.50 p. m.
1'or Alexandiia- (Bundas, 7.45, 8.45.
0.45,10.30, H.15a. m.,12.00noon. 12.45
1-30, 2.15. 3.00. 3.45, 4.30. 5.15, G.OO,
C45, 7 30, 8.15, 9.00, 10.C0, 11.20 p. m.
For MountVcrnon fewcekda.s)G.30,8.00.
10.05, 11.05. 11.00 .. in., 12.05, 1.1C,
i:-U&, 3.50, 7.00 p.
, o.uw, ( .uii 0, m.
r Mount Vernoa (Sundays), 7.45,9.45
., 12.00 uooa, 2.15 3.45 and G.15
a. in.
P- m.
days), 8.00, 8.59,10.05. and 11.00 a. m.. i
12 05, 12.20. 1.15,2.05, 2.40. 3.20: 4.1C.
5.20. 6.05, 7.00 and 8:00 p. m.
For Arlington and Aiuieduct Bridge i
(Sundaysi. 7:45, 8:15, 9:15. 10:30 11:15,
a m., 12:00 noon, 12:46, 1:30, 2.15.
a: uw, ;i:.io, 4:30, D:io, 0:00, 6:45,
7:30, 8:15 p. m.
UayijaKe checked free for paT'enger1
holding firA-claHs tickets at station. Bi
cycles. 25 cents eacb. Parcel curried-
TDinugti the Gmiidest fecenery ol
America, All TruliiH Ve.tll-uted,
Electric T.iulHcd, Steam Heated.
All Men Is Served in Dlnmj: Cuts
Station Sixtti nnd B trectH.
Schedule In effect Xovemher 14. 17. '
2.20 I. At. JiA IL. Cliicmu.itl and HE.
i Louis Special Solid traiu for Cincinnati,
Pullman Sleenera to Cincinnati. Lexington.
Louisville, Indianapolis, aud bt. LouU
without change. Parlor Curt. Cincinnati
) to Chicago. Connects at Covington. Va.,
lor irglnia Hot opriugs.
1 1 10 P. 1. DA ILY F. F V. Limited
Solid train Tor Cincinnati. Pullman Sleeo
ers -0 Cincinnati. Ije.-clugtun. and LouU
rille wiMiout change, open for reception
ol p.iaeugs;rs at 9 p. m. Pullman Com
partment Car to VlrgiulaH.it Springs, with
out change. Tuesdays-, Thursday-. a,'d Sat
urdays, bieepers. Cinciuutl to Chicago
and St. LouU.
10:57 A. M.. EXCEPT SUNDAY Parlor
Car. Washington toKichmontland Richmond
to Old Point. Ouly rail lliu. ia l'can .
II.. F- & V . and C. & 0. Railways.
2.20 i: M- DAILY ror Gordonsvlllo.
Charlottesville, Stuunton. and for itlcli
mond, daily, except Suuday.
Reservation and tickets at O trsapeake
and Ohio offices, 513 and 1421 Pennsyl
vaula avenue, and at the station.
nol6-a.ra-tf General Passeurer Acent-
!. en c -.r
JOriOIK CC lAaSIlinprton ;
. 1 1 T f f! 1
Steainboat Co.
Every day in the vr for Forlresa
Monroe. Norfolk. Newport rCevn and
all points South by the superb, iww.
wiui meei uuiiiu; -Learners, "iverr-
I cort
News. "Norfolk" and "Waad-
! - mgi
lou, uii the following schedule:
Ijeavo Wasnlntou ,7 00 p m.
Leave Alexandria 7:30 p.m.
Arrive Fort Monroe 7:00 a.m.
Arrive Norfolk 8:00 a. ra.
Arrive Portsmouth 8:15 a.m.
Leave Portsmoutu 5'30 p.m.
Leave Norfolk 6:10 p.m.
Leave hurt Monn- 7 "SOp-m.
Arrive Alexandria 0-30 a. m-
Arrive Washington 7:00 a.m.
" iiitor to Cliambertia'ci uew hotel.
. "The Hjgeia" and Virginia Beach
- will find this the most attract! v ,
. route, icsurini; a comfortable ufgbt'4
. rest.
. Large and Insurious rooms heated
- bv steam and fitted throughout Witts
electric lights. Diuing-rooin service a
. a la carte, aud in supplied from Lba
. - best that the markets of Washington
and Norfolk afrord.
- Tickets ou sale at IT. S. Express
office, S17 Pennsylvania avenue. 51H
bit?. 1421 Pennslvaula avenue, ii.
& O. ticket office, corner 15th street
and New York avenue, and on board '
steamers, where time table, map. etc,
can also be had.
Any other information desired will
be furnished on aunhcatlou lo theun.
dersigned at the con:any'fi wharf, 1
. UBMc,iH.u Vk. U--UJ """
- root 01 lp st.. v. aauiuton. u u.
J Telephone No 750.
O. UA.L,LittAf, ueuerai Mauazai.
1 1U1 lGth st nw, b h, 5 rms. . SSO.dOO
Glfa. k st nw , b h 55,000
1114 Md ave sw, b h, 10 rms. . 1,300
U05 li. st,aud '.'02 and 004 Mas.
ave nw,b h
1700 R I ave-uw, stone, rms. ...
M st, let ISth and lDth nw, b n
13 rms ,
13th st, bnt T and U nw, bh, 9 rms.
N t, bet 31st and 32d mv, brick
auci stuue ,
21t N J ave- se, b h, 14 rms
M st.nvN Cap and 1st, bh.lOrms
1515 2dthst nw, b h, S rms
21aCat,,bi:tL audM uw, bh.tf 1113.
2d t-t,02t B audC nw, bh,;jriiis....
222 2stu.r,bh,0 rms ..
2143 I,aavc.ami21 10K stnw
402 12th st sw, b n, Il rms
. 11,500
. 9,000
Gst.het2daiid3dnw,bli,7ins $8,000
6th st, Det L mid M nw, bh, 0 rms... 7.500
Rot, bet istbandOthuw. bh.Orms.. 0,700
Est, bet Gthand7thnw,bh,binis.. 5,000
1120 Ust i:e,stranddwg,bn,6in.B. r.,000
905 C sc ue, b h, b rms 3,600
019 Morris plate ue, b h. Orms 2,000
1.1s 1 sc ne. o 11. u litis ,oU
blO N C ave se, b h. 9 rn.s
333 E st se. b h, 0 rms
3Sand40 Rstnw, b h,7rms
1CO1-1026-2S-30 and 32 Cook's
place ne 4,500
3-1.03 10 3 li9 R st nvv. bh.G rms 2,000
1700to I70S 31tustuw,ub, turns.. 2,000
Keokuk and 45th st. 0 rms.....
1418 llthst, 10 rms
50S R st, 6 rms
Upper iart 1800 9th st, Grins...
423 2d st, 7 rms
1905 4th st, 7 rms
1510 P st, G rms
4thst( Wesley Heights), Snas...
14:jJ Ohio ave, S nns
1307 Gth st, 0 ims
1014 Stn st, 0 nns
530 21st st, 0 nns
S35 00
30 33
30 00
30 00
30 00
20 00
25 00
25 00
25 00
24 10
22 50
22 50
I 1G02 btn st, G Iin3
1 Upper part 102 G st,G rms
22 50
ion. 8tn st, 6 rms
2207 I st, 8 nns
241 ji s,t, 0 nns
1532 5th st, 5 mis
IS 40
IS 30
1 35
10 30
15 10
15 10
15 30
47 Defreea st, G nns...
1002 4tb st, 0 nns
!'" liUI,uiu
S1G N. II. ave, U nns
15 00
The above is only a portion or the prop
erty on -iy books. For rull list call at
officeforouIlethiiMiiedon the Istand loth.
THOS. C WAG GAMAN, 0171" st.nw.
FOR RENT Furnished hmise, or put 01
it. Addrs;.M.E.II.,thiJolfice. uet-jt
de2 3t
roitl" N"T 1116 Fiorldave.ne.:s room-.
batlr 1 1: 1.: $1 G per mo.; 1349 1 st. ne..
G 11 ns: 512.50 per mo. de20-3t
1105 1 st ne.; c.np'iss:nlso&-roomfr 1
In goor repal". 12 7th s't. ue.; 5-1." 1 1
Apply to bib Maryland ave. ne. It ti
F0RliENT-132 Q st. nw.; house opcti;
0 rooms; hall, rauge, bath, gas; new
papering; back building; parking; large
baik jard; anaugeil lor two iamiiies;im
proveiiients -unshed, $1S.50. de28-3t
FOU RENT Nine rooms and bnth: central:
unfurnished; uo cpiestlons- Address ,iiii.,
thl office de27-3c
FOR RENT Most desirable part of city;
all mod. imps.: S1.90O unfur.; or $2,500
fur. per year. Iuciuire at 17G1 R st. nw-
i'Ult HIKE.
FOU HIKE--Full dress suits. $1 only.
JULIUS COHEN, 1104 7th st. nw.
FOR HIRE To drummers and business
men, horse and buggy or dayton, $2 per
day, and special prices for pleasure driv
ing. Apply to tho REX STABLES, rear
615 E st. uw.. telephone call. 109. ap20-tf
d5eeta..J5 i nacanoa?a -&- - " ;r.
it ani p i:
S & Ohio Rv. :3a&aP
ruiiriisi lo; rjouceu rroni 51-0; 'louse 1 iii,.iar sleeoera ncv. iui " .jwvip,
233 i.8Sf-ave. ne.: 0 roomi; wafer; key Tcnn. via y shevllle. Ivuoxvi'ie awlCbat-
ttt, JC'i. 2ro. GFO. FRANCIS WILLIAM iartooaai New i' rk to Tan pn. -;a Char-
152 J) st nw. de2S-Jtem Stf.en:iimbta.Savana-ih.anil Jaclopn-ilIa
FOR RENVS10.30, G-rooti, franTe; ITn. gfe-ifAK. ",12
cellar anil v aril: stable ind wniron slut' om uicu " f, "ia. M. f:.- vw
station Corn-EC of si-ora and n
:.ni ,r 8TREET3
hiirTi . ?""T?.ar,or and DinhisCar. Harrl.
tnrg.l Jittsbufg.
rtmSf aV.on. Cars- "arriaburg to Chicago.
hfn,i '"'"" Indianapcrjg. St. Louis. Clevo
Sarxl h ioiedo. "Ourfet rarlor Car to
1rn(rlr ,-STi.i.vcp0ltnaB Ttuffe
A?t .11 tu.r tf "nrrtsburjf. Uurrec Farloe
h ?i ,i,0,7,aSurn tf Pittsburg
tlrnr-,0"4?,0 AND ST LOUI3
t .?if ?L".CPD': -ar Washington to BE.
rth ,''a?a peeping and Dtoins Cars Hat
2?. ,. to St Louis. NasbvUie (via. Cbi-
- Slnn.t,.nntI Chicago.
' m ,M- V'KSl'liKN EXPRCSS-Piilt-?.?.?
,?,cePJr Cor to Pittsburg. Chicago.
f',jJjour'rt(,tlev'jlana Uining Car
7""i,i.!n l- .t-'TinVKSTERS EXPRESS-
tTi.. .Inan S1eepfng Cars Washington to "
i.,.tta.b.?r'f an(l Harrisburg to St. Lout
in 7o i,?.a?- stains Car
mi. -. -M KAVlPi'J t.xpki:ss-pu.
-Sf- a,eeP,DC Car to Plttabure.
"fiL" Jyr KaJ'"- Canandalgaa, EocliM
Jerand Niagara fdlls, dally, except Soa-
10lt:,- fo.p Smlra nnd Denoiro dally,
except Suuday. For Wiiliamsport, daUr
r " -
in 1 1 1.1 ma port. Kocrc
Niagara .alia uauj,
with Sleeoiaic Cr,
Canandalgaa. ilocfe
ATI - r,. ba t itn nr
Pullmaa Sleeping Car "Yasbingtou ut
-"-"wu aatuwaya only
l fr i-Ji(Iauel;lHu, .evv Vork and ilia
IlLLi," dally, all Parlor Cars, with Dla
.,? Carfrora DaJtitnpre. Kegular at 7:0U
luuing car;, d.oo, 0.00. lo.oo tulnhoc
Car 1, and 11. 00 (Dining tar from Wll
inlugtoni a- in . l..r. 3.1C, 4.U0, 6:00.
IG-Oo and 11:50 p.m. On Sundaj 700
(Dining Can. 8.00. 0:00. 11.00 lldnioff
Car from WUiuiugtoul a- m , 1-.15, 3:lv
?;...' 0:50' 1" 0u and 1150 p. m. F
I hliauelpbia outy. Fast Express, 7.50 n.
xn.. v-.-cck-days iixprets. 1 .i G p. tr weak
days. 2.01 and 5 40 p in. oaUy Fot
iioaton, without change. 7 50 a. in. weelc
dya. ana 4:"0 p. m dailv.
For Dcitlmore. 0 5, 7 00. 7 50, S.00,
0.00. 10 0O. 10 50. and 1100 a. m..
12.15. 1-.45. lSO, S.01. 3:15 3:40
4.00 Limited. 4.20, 4.30. 5.40. 6:15,
.5o. 7.L0. 1000. 10 40. 11.15. and
11.50 p. in On Suialav, 7.0o, 8.00,
0.00, 0.05, 10.50. 11.00 a. rn., 12.15,
1.10. -".Ol. 3.15. 3.4U. 11.00 Limited).
4.1'0. S.4t, 0.15, G-50, 7.20. 10.00.
10.40, and 11.50 p. to.
for I'opo s Lreef Line. 7 .50 a. m- and
iJU p. nu daily, except ijuaaay.
For Anuapolb, 7. CO. UJ)0 a. m., 4.20
anil 5.lo p. m. daily, except Sunday,
bunduys, IMJ0 a. m. and 4.20 p. m.
Atlantic Coast Line -Express for Florida
and points on Atlantic Coast Lin. 4Jt
b. in- 316 p. nt. dall. Iticbmond only,
10.57 a. m. week-days. Atlanta Special,
via Richmond and iseuboan". Air Lin.
40 p. ra. dally. Accommodation Tor
tlunntico, 7.45 a. in. dally, and 1. 25 p.
iu. weeC-days.
.-'ii..ioi i OinneciioiiM.
For Atlantic City tvla l)ela.wartt Rrl
Bridge, all-rail route). 3:15 p. m. dally;
via Alarket streat wharf, 10.00 aadll.00
a. m.. l-:45 p. m., week da. y, and 1150
p. m. dally.
Fur Cape -lay. 11 00 a. m. week days,
tl:SO p. in. daily.
Ticket offices, cornir Fifteenth and O
streets, and at the station. Sixth and S
nrecta, where orders can bo left for tbs
checking or uaggage to destination trots
hotels and residences.
J.K- WOOD. General I'-ioatugsr Agea
chf?duIe tn i-rrect Nov 1 t. lSi7
Leave Washington t.o1 1 station crnr
of New Jersey avenue and C street
For Chicago and North-vest. Vestlbuljd
Limited trains 11.05. 11.25 a. m.. 8.05
p. in.
For Cincinnati. Sr Louis and Indianapo
lis, Express. 1X.25 a. in. Vestibulea Lln
ttud 3.40 p. in., express 11.55 p. m.
For Pitcsburg and Cleveland, exprs
daily 11.05 a. m. and 8.50 p. ra.
For CotauiOua. Toledo -ud DecrOlC. 11. OS
P- . . -
Winchester and way stations. t8 . ra
ta.40 and t5IO p. m.
For New Orleans. M,"iiiphi-, Birmtr.cham,
Chattanoi.ga. Knoxviile. Bristol fnti Roa
noke. 0-00 p. m. daily; sleeping car
For Luray 3 40 p m dally
; For Baltimore, week days. 5. B.3U.
X7.05. X7-10. i70. xS. 8J0. x0.30
I XlO DO a. I" X.12UO ii.. xl-.Iu. l"-.l-"j,
Xl.15. X3 00. 3 20. 1 1 30. 4.35. -5.05.
I X5.10. xr30. x6 20. 6.30. yS.00. 8.15.
-y 20, 11. ia. 5li..)U p in., aim Aii.ui
iiishS Sundays. x7 .05. x7 10.X7.30.S.30.
X-.00 a. m., X12.10, Xl 15, 1 20. V.3.UO.
3 20. 4.35. x5 05. x5 10. 0 30. X8.00,
x9 20, 11.15. xll o0 p i.... xlJ.Ol'iilsnc
For Annapolis, T 10 and 8 30 a in.. 4.30
and 5.30 n m. Sundays. S 30 a- in., 4.35
ror Frederick, week dayn.8, 11.25 a-m-4io.
5J0. p. m. Sundays, 9 a. m.. 1.15 C
For Hagerstown, til4oa m. and 50
p. m.
i For Bovd and war poln'. week days.
I 8.00 a. m , 4.30. 550. 7MQp. m. Sun
1 days, 9.00 a. m.. 1.15, 7 05 p. m.
I For Ualthersburss and wav points, wee
dajB, 8. 9. a. m.. 12.50. 3a5, 4-33,
. r. T-? 7 .us n.i.1. ii. m Sundays. 9 o
m., i.15. -L33. 7.05. 10.15 p. m.
For Wasiil'igton Junction and way polnta,
8 a. r.. 4.30. 5-30 p. in. week day 9
a. in., 1.15 V- m Sundays.
411 trains illuminated with Plncsch Ihrhtt.
at 10 o'cIockuou, .....-..
11.10 Dinius w.ri u. m-v ..i r ."
12 ol nigiit.; Sleeiui Carnpen I O o'cKiOiC
Addilional Uabu for l'lnladelDhla. wea
days, daily. P- ra-, . .
Parlor Cars on all da v trams.
For Atlantic City. IO a. m 12.05 oooa.
and 1.15 and 3 p. nt. week days. 0 a. au
8 Fofcape May. 12.05 noon.
tExcept Sunday. xExpress trains-7!.-.n.
r.iitMi for and checked from ho
i tela and residences by Cnlon Traiifer Cx
I JSTnrders left at ticket offices. 619 Penn
. -- 7 -.....-..,- n..rrhvnaf K tmr vrtT
Vvpnui: fii Fitieeuth street, and at deDoC
" -VvA.Marier Iter. Pass. Traffic.
ilVCIlU- UUt '""'I " .v
raeuger ftaUoQ Jojal fjr Danuift
rh.,r!ntte aud way stations, connect as
SS ror Straiburg. Harrisonburg and
Btauntca. dally, except Sunday and at
Lynchbur;: "" the Norfolk and Western.
ai"iyi5 a in -Dalty.theUNITED f FATE3
v -f mv;L. carries Pullmaa Burret
iieepers. New York and Washington to
la-Koultt-N uniting at Salisbury with
"r, ti. ... Kleener Tor Ashevllle and 'lot
; J" s. C.: Knoxviile and Chat-
S?-a Tenn-iandat Charlotte with 1'ull
angfeeper for Augusta. Pullman Battel
L ecoer. New YorlitoNevv Orleans, connect-
lLcy-w -,". fl , iar?,i1nrjiii anil'cm.
B5 AW.i i.w-. "--------- "-..--
Lif nersonally couduited tourist excursion
ihroUKlfsteeper on this .train ever j. ednoi-
day and Saturday 10 ;u .mvU. ..u-
OUi"OiaSSm .-Local for Frcnt RoyaL Stras
burg and Harrlsouburg, dally, except; Sun-
Attf' n. m. Dally, locat for Cbarlottea-
p. m- Dally, locat
iii .4?. n
ITED composed "of Pullman Vestibulet!
:.,.;. limine cars .and day coaches.
V pOlllUUiV Ul
York to Menu-UK via airmingnara. evv
v?,t- tn Kev.- Orleans, via Atlanta and
Mh-omerv. V-itlbuIed day coach WMtt-m-ton
to Atlanta. Southern railway dnilns
iSr Greensbon. to Montgomery.
tn vision" leave Washington 9 01 a m.
SJAi and 4 15p m. dally, except Sunday,
1 Slid 6 25 rn. Sunday om for Uouiid Hill;
4 32 p m. dally, except aumlay, for Leea-bur-
and 3-25 p. m. dallr for Herndon.
Hetu-nlng. arrive at Wasbiagtoti a M a.
and 3 00 p. in. dali, Trom Round IHIL
Sid 7 06 a.m. dally, except Sunday, from
Herndon. and SJbi m. duHy.axsepcSua
dar. fromLeesburg
. Through tralii3 from the South ant7e aS
Washinstoa. 642 a m, 2 20 p. m. aud
fi-25 D m. dally. Harrisonburg. 12 40 p.
m. and 9:25 p. m. dally, except Sunday,
mnd 8-30 a. m. dally from Charlottesville.
Tickets, Bleeping car reservation, and m-
I formation furnished at offices. 05 loth
st- nw 5tl Pennaylvani. vvemte. and a
I'tniisi'lvanla Railroad r.is-e? -r 'sntlon.
YV. H. CUCEN, Gen. Suj.t
3. 1. CUI.P. Tniffie il.. aire--.
YV. A. TUKh, Gen. Vn". j.oit:
' "L. S. BHOWN. G' Jl... 1 u. -rtr
1 the East, week day. ( .Ou. S. 10a. p,
12.05,1.1" a1 Dining Cars), 3, ta.Ou Din-
. r--M M". ill r.iriL aiccuiu m uuiu
Lvaml Ohio l"allway fur Lexington and
iSturVi Bridge, daily. Solid train. V.h-
1. nu wiiLuiM -w.wmw -ci - - -

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