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than thfe t)ther members of the Cabinet
expected to find him.
"Without any circumlocution, the
President brought up the Dupuy de
Lome incident. He briefly stated the
facts as they had been represented to
him by Judge Day and suggested that
until a lull report from Minister "Wood
ford was received that the subject be
laid upon the table. After some little
discussion the proposition met -with approval.-but
not until the Cabinet was
given to understand that the President
expected to receive a proper disavowal
bv the Spanish government of the sen
timents expressed by Dupuy de Lome in
his obnoxious Canalejas letter. It was
agreed that suflicient time should be
given Spain to make known her disap
proval. If it is not received before the
Cabinet meets next Tuesday, it is said
on high, authority the recall of Gen.
Woodford will be cabled and friendly
diplomatic relations with Spain will be
brought to end.
The Cabinet will, undoubtedly, at its
next meeting, discuss the Cuban situa
tion from the standpoint taken by
Dupuy de Lome, and also the proposed
commercial treaty for "effect," as the
minister put it. v
It was plalnlv evident yesterday that
the President had not the slightest
doubt but that Spain would during the
day make a satisfactory amende for the
conduce of her diplomatic representa
tive. It is probable that if it had been
known that tjie. message from Madrid
would not come, Minister Woodford
would have been cabled to insist on an
immediate disavowal by the Spanish
Judge Day leceived a cablcyidispatch
from Consul General Lee at Havana
lat night, which stated that Capt.
Sifirsbee.- of the Maine, had attended a
banquet-given by Gen. Blanco, and that
the naval vessel Gushing had arrived
at Havana.
MoreTlmn a Persouul Affront to the.
1 resident Seen in the Letter.
Now that the first excitement attend
ing the publicity given the De Lome
letter has passed away, public men and
statesmen are beginning to consider it
in the light of sober second thought and
calm judgment and reason. They see
more in that letter than the personal
affront to the President of the United
States. The letter is a remarkublj
frank and candid admission of the fact
long suspected in this country that
Spain was dealing with the Cnited
States after the fashion peculiar to the
politics and diplomacy of that govern
ment. De Lome admits in this letter
that the government of Spain Avas pur
suing a policy of duplicity: that there
was nothing at all in their pretended
desire for reciprocity arrangements be
tween Spain and the United States,
and that the whole thing was a scheme
and a device intended only to consume
time and to give Spain a way to pre
pare for the struggle, which she be
lieved was inevitable.
Thi is by far the most serious part
of the whole letter. It goes beyond the
I-eioiu.l expression of the minister
fiom Spain, because it is a declaration
oneerning the policy of his govern
ment, and that part of his letter must
either be disavowed by Spain or that
government must admit That it was a
party to De Lome's duplicity. The
mere acceptance of the resignation of
th Spanish minister, statesmen say,
will not be sufficient for this Go em
inent. If Spajn continues to remain
silent she admits that De Lome told
the truth when he said in his letter he
had made a dupe of the State Depart
ment and had wheedled it into consid
ering the .subject of reciprocity between
the two governments. There is a wide
difference between the open-handed
and trank manner in which diplomat
ic affairs are handled by Americans
and the underhand and sneaking meth
ods of the diplomatic school from v. hich
De Lome seems to hae graduated.
When, Uierefiue. the Spanish minister
represented to the American Govern
ment that Spain teally desired to con
sider the subject of reciprocity, with
a lew to bringing the two governments
nearer together and mutually benctit
ing the commerce of the two nations,
the United Slates accepted this proffer
in the belief that it was honestly ex
pressed, and that Spain was seeking
the new relations which reciprocity
would bring about.
It should be remembered that just
about the time the Spanish minister
began to suggest a discussion of the
subject of reciprocity the Administra
tion was seriously considering the ad-
isability of taking active measures to
put a stop to some of the cruelties that
were being practiced by Spain in Cuba.
Every movement made by Spai vas
carefully watched and she was i ven
full credit for every step taken that
looked to the amelioration of the dis
tressing conditions in that island. The
barbarities practiced upon the Cubans,
upon innocent men and women, and the
cruelties and indignities suffered by the
concentrados had almost, it ib asset ted,
aroused President McKinley to the
point of action.
Spanish Trickery.
Then it was in order to gain time to
make it appear that Spain was really
seeking to do something honorable that
the hypocritical suggestion for reci
procity came from the fellow who is
about to shake the dust of the United
States from his feet and return to his
ineyards in Spain, where he can pur
sue his propea- avocation away from the
society of decent men. Within the last
twenty-four hours many public men of
inlluence at the White House have vis
ited the President and urged bim to re
fuse to ignore that part of De Lome's
loiter which admits hypocrisy and du
plicity and the connivance of the
Spanish minister in the dirty work of
De Lome. The President has Veen urg
ed repeatedly to insist that Spain be re
quired to respond to a demand for an
explanation of this part of the letter.
Inasmuch as it has been shown that
reciprocity was used by the Spaniards
simply as a cloak under which they
Mre pursuing war preparations, the
J resident has been most persistently
urged to withdraw his note offering
friendly intervention to bring the war
in Cuba to a close, and to give that
government notice that unless in thirty
days the war is ended and peace has
hen established the United States will
intervene, declare peace, and maintain
it with whatever force may be neces-
There has been a great deal of talk
along this line at the Capitol. Senators
and Kepresentatives who have a warm
spot in their hearts for Cuban patriots
are hoping that this policy will be pur
sued, for they believe the time has
come for this Government to act re
gardless of what Spain mav do, and
District Health Report, Feb. 3, i898.
Nervous Diseases . . 17
Consumption ..... 12
Nil pa. Ave.
Adj. Willard's Hotel,
The Third Reception of Presi
dent and Mrs. McKinley.
It Makes the Scene One of Striklmr
Hrlllhuiey The Decorations Arts
on a Most Extnivnsunt Scale
The Spanish Clm'rge d'Affairos
It, Among; the Many GueMs.
The reception given by Pres'dent and
Mrs. McKinley last night Tvas notably
the largest and in some respects the
most brilliant of the season.
The gold braid and brass buttons of
the army and navy made almost as
Calls attention to tlie Tact that Nervous
Discuses and Consumption caused 20 of the
100 oedltis in one iveeK. uumucsk Mraui.
e.ct"cej, lifcrh Jiving. ,tlic,itrulp or fashion
able lireeausinir nervous prostration over
work, on one hand, and neglected colds,
catarrh, a Miirht couch ami iliuiichtlesMie.s.
ll t lift nl flni ..... ... I. ,.-!.. ... ll n.wlil..
ntiirrt?i,Jt:rc spectacular a display as the court uni
ts the end. i forms worn by 'the diplomats on the o(--ru
i j m j r ua ' easion of the ilrst reception, aud to the
Charges low and Medicines Furnished oral decorations we.e added a patri-
- ., I otic gorgeousness of red, white and
. U4uv uiucc iioui-iun. m. 10 p- m.; iuou-. ,,, ... ,.,,, ,tcoH. , ,,,..,,,
. - ........ ,..! i.j.j.v. .V.JV...- ... .,....v..Jf
day. Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, 0 to i
8 p. m.- Sundiiy, 10 to li
especially is this true since the Spanish
policy has been unmasked, and De
Lome, who, as a diplomat, has been
playing the spy, has unmasked the des
picable policy of the government he
Gen. urosvenor. of Ohio: is one of
anchors and stars, some in immortelles
set high up on the surtace of the gicat
mirrors and fluted arches, and others
glowing in electric lights in the nation
al shades.
Each doorway and window was drap
ed with large Hags of silk, and bunting,
and over the arch that divides the cor
ridor from the official stairway Avas a
I gigantic frieze of crimson bunting,
tlinCA !, fllC hillDa 1l,k 10.V l.Cn,, ,.n-IllY
m, rw .i ', . . .. "t t from which a particularly aggressive
war PiSt th"s InenuSKote loo)da 11 eagl 'eyed. as if with
1,r nn,.r...Y..ll..l..i ,.... - i.. ....si.s i. ' "l -"" miu iicuuuc u muuc ui
V ii V ' '. . -r V ' largely the crowds below. The patriot
should be. forcible .f force must be ,sm of the however, was not dx
umkI. On tne Senate side Senator , pressed ,n the nlusi(, elther of the Ma
Chandler expresses the belief that the rtne bantl stationeu jn the conservn
President will take some active step t or u Fourth Artniery band ot
in the immediate future. Mr. Chandler tne Washington Barracks, which oeeir
takes the view that there is but one j pied the hai,way leading to the green
thing that can save the Republican room, Wh!ch rendered a splendid pro
party from defeat rn the coming c.ec- gram of operatic selections, but whose
tions and that one thing he says is an I ollIy number In tle least relating to the
aggrosssivo foreign policy. Mr. ( ban- , nature ot the event was a patrol en
dler is too much of a patriot and too j titled "The Blue and the Gray.'
warm a friend of Cuba to st-ek inter- The descent of the group of young
vention in Cuban uffairs as a political I friends of Mrs. McKinley. the daugh-
measure. but there is a suspicion that ters of the Cabinet and the o'ut-of-town '
tne political glory mat may come irom guests visiting the ladies of the receiv
it is the only tiling that will force the ing line was followed in a few moments
President of the United States to inter- , by the Presidential party, led aa usual,
vene. "The money question should be by Col. Bingham and Lieut. Gihnore.
ignored by both Houses of Congresss," President and Mrs. McKinley passed
said .Mr. cnandier. "and Cuba and Ha- ! into the blue room, where Mrs. McICIn
waii should both be annexed." Senator 1 ley, as is her custom, seated herself on
Chandler believes "in Cuban independ- one of the blue and gold couches that j
ence and, said yesterday that he thought j mark the receiving line. She wore a
that Independence would be proclaimed beautiful toilet of silver white satin
befoie this Congress adjourned. brocade and lace, and In her hair a
The Cnsliinu'a Mission I w,,lte ostrich tip was fastened with a
... . ,',, ; diamond star.
1 he story has been repeatedly given j Mrs nobart( Who stood beside Mr.
out at the Navy Department that the I McKinley, was mognlHcently gowned in
toipedo boat Cushing was to sail to ' white corded silk, the low corsage out
Haana with provisions for the Maine. . line" with white ostrich plumes. Hei
Th- ..nnxtanr rpitomtlnn f n,i m.mr, uriiamems were uiamunus.
J -? i
WW T n iTt
? We;are
HAVE you seen the latest ? Woven Wire
Springs with wnite enamel frame
making a beautiful metallic surface rendering
the bed vermin proof. 'Just the thing for
white enamel and brass beds. NO EXTRA
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saving opportunities for you to seriously consider. You have never seen such values before. They are not normal. The prices
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any way you wish. Never hesitate to take your own time in paying.
iinclunr raitAcntlnn .- tlin nnri
., , ,. , ., . ... r Mrs. Sherman wore garnet velvet and
to the belief that if Secretary I , . ,.. ti ...1.1. .
Long were to tell the country that the cade with Jeweled front and diamonds:
moon was tilled with cheese, the conn- 1 Mrs. Griggs, vellow satin and white
try would be compelled to believe it. 'lace; Mrs. Gary, white brocaded satin
The Cushing is going to Havana, but I with a dog collar of crimson velvet and
she is not going there to carry supplies ' diamonds, and Miss Long, blue satin.
to. the battleship. She could not possi- j Invitations to tl.-e reception had been t
bly carry a ton of coal or a case of 1 issued to the diplomatic corps, which
meat more than is absolutely neces- 1 were generally accepted, a number oC
sary ror ner own purposes, uiie only them arriving so early that they pass
supplies she takes to Havana consist of ed down the receiving line befoie the
two or three naal cipher code books, j presentation of Gen. Miles. Among the
one of which goes to Consul General , earliest to pay his respects was Minis-
Lee. These books are never trusted j ter Wu, resplendent in a robe of sky
either to the mail or to the express, blue satin, and with a huge diamond
They are constantly under the personal ' fastened to his silk cap that shone al
supervision of the naval officers of the j most as brilliantly as his wonderful
United States and the critical condition i eyes. He was unaccompanied by Mad
of affairs in Havana may be under- . ame "Wu, and immediately after paying
stood when the department reaches the ' his respects passed behind the recelv
conclusion that it is high time Consul ! ing line and stood at the back of Mrs.
General Lee be put in possession of ' McKinley's lounge, where he was an
the naval cipher. ! interested spectator of the nas
Once in the harbor of Havana the show, showing his smiling approval as
I ' Hi jsISS
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1226 F Street
Cushing will remain there. She will be
come a dispatch boat for Commander
Sigsbee, and the moment the cable be
tween Havana and Key West is cut
the Cushing will start on a Hying trip
for the rendevous where the North At
lantic squadron is being held under full
steam read to sail when the signal is
There is constant fear that this cable
may be cut by the Spanish authorities,
and Gen. Lee and Commander Sigs
bee are taking no chances on being left
in the lurch when that accident shall
have happened. It is shown that on the
night of the big riot in Havana, the
Maine, then being at Key "West. Gen.
Lee had a man In the cable office at
Havana and Commander Sigsbee in the
olllce at Key West. These men com
municated with each other at frequent
and agreed upon intervals, and by these
means w6re enabled to know that the
cable was not being tampered with.
The battleship Maine was under full
steam and had that cable ceased to
work for one half hour. Commander
Sigsbee was under orders to at once sail
for the city' of Havana. If now tho
cable is cut. the Cushing will carry the
news and the American warships will
soon reach the harbor of Havana.
When fire Pull Committee ! Pre-ent
Favorable Action I- Expected.
The nouse Judiciary Committee held
Hon A. "W. Gunder. Mr and Mrs. C. Watterson. O. O. Stealey. John L. Steele,
Hacketl. Mr. and Mis. Hall, Mrs. Hall, , W. G. Sterrett. Mr. and Mrs. H C
ti... - V xi.ii fn ...,.i lUrc Tnhn Stpven-. Tin rnld Snnwden. William
mirnvf,!11. ' Hancock. Mrs. Irene Sessions! Mi", and Ryan AS. Stofer. John T Suter. 1
approval as ( ,. t, T, ,.. 1 m n n ChnrlM T Thnmnsnn. Howaid N.
his official household, passd. bowing 1 " ",": " m 77 ' Thompson. J. S. Van Antwert. C. II. !
"B-:", :..," ..... J-"?. "?? 1 i II. Harriman. Gen. H. Haunt. Mr. and j Merrilatt, Mr and Mrs .It. u. Mattnexvs, a i0I1g session yesterday on the Lati-
il"- uiuuuutuwib i uic ritramrai T ,. T, TI, ,.... r xj I Col. 1. H. HOOd. .MISS IU3 Jrlllimail. -irs. ,.. t,;,, ...ui,.x. ,
.Mrs. josepu n. nui uun, .niaa -ij.. j.. i - - - t , , .. A,.. t jiici um, iiitii pi
Hayes. Mr. Henderson. Col. and .Mrs. .- - -" ti"-"uuS,IV 'Ir
. M. T. Merrick, Mr. and airs. C. Marriott, Huxfor- e VfItsesT."I"'T ;
MV. J. E. .Tone's. Mrs. Josephs, Mrs. Jud-' ZnTTk '
. r irn t-w. ir wnA un -vrf.rt gnus, atiu jaiss iveiiot .
i LMI. 1MI. IVfUll, 11. 1- HtUU, tlIJ XUICCO
and Mrs. McKinley were made as usual
by Col. Bingham and Lieut. Gilmore,
and the as isting officers were Capt.
McCawlej and Ensign Ward.
Senor Don Juan du Bosc, the Spanish
charge d' affaires, was In attendance
and in company with the Austrian am
bassador. Among the guests were Mrs. M. J.
Adams. S. A. Albertson. Dr. and Mrt,
Keon. Miss Kehoe, Mr and Mr. R. C.
i Kerens, Mr. Richard Kerens, Mrs.
Diana Kerney, Miss S. C Kerr, Mrs. N.
Ketcham, Hon. A. B. Kittndge, Miss
Ladd, Miss Emily Larned, Mr. and Mrs.
Burslm-M Make n Bir Haul.
Burglars entered the store of D. N
"Walford, No. 809 Pennsylvania avenue
proposes to give to each
J State and Territorj- the control of the
I whisky traffic within its borders. A
I vote was taken, resulting in sis for and
six against a favorable report
' were five members absent.
ihe consideration of the bill will,
however, not be dropped. Another
t OFFICE of the Commissioners of tb.-
, ihstrict of toiumbia.- February 1 . 1&U&.
tinii upon he rollo-vinfr property having
wn canceled by the Supreme Court of
the IhHnctof Columbia, since the paisuge.
or the ac t of Congress appruveu April 24.
' l3.(i. providing for reasseMiiient. viz:
Petitioner, Mary J. Tynan, square 140.
the eat 12 jO feet of lot (5, tor paving
Jiti-foot allc, the 12.50 feet of lot t. next
the east 1'iol) fet. ff.r nnvinp- :tfi.ru.t
tUU , nii,., . .,,,,1 tlf I o nn ru. i... .. " .
ilrere i cal 115 fc-t. for nvin in.r.f .in.r
... ... . " r. . "-"n " hcj.
Notice Is
amounting In all to S70.a3.
T' T Alpvnndpr Hun Cbnrlpt; H M- i'- L.arraoee, -Mrs. jonn u. juawier, i "u sutn:cucu m (.5"iub u....u ,nm
Ion Sites Allison Mr' L Vmes Sfiss ' -rs. M. E. Lawton. Mr. Frank Lieber, 1 nearly S00 worth of cutlery and sun
Ames. Mr. W. -W.' Armstrong, Mr. and Gen. F. I. Lippit. Miss Marion Lowry. dries, including BOO pocket knives re--ir..
1 ah... a u V.. d ' M"rs. S. C. Lvford. Mr. J. S. Lvon. Gen. i vol vers and bicycle lamps. Mr. Wal-
, ' . -, , , i ji--ui-iiik win ue irau on xuesunj" next.
northwest, some time Thursday night I Ml. r.ntim- i .t.,n o ,ili ,
-. ...... .w.u t.u..w x. c.v.c.1, uiUt jl
line Bachelor, the Misses Baird, Irs.
N. P. Ballard. Gen. G. "W. Balloch. Mr.
Bancroft. Master and Mrs. Barnes,
Brig. Gen. Batchelder, Mr. and Mrs. H
I .T. T). TiioRrirtP rt. l: :m.i AtiK Ai. ford did not discover the extent ot his
Cahill, Mis. C. McClurc, Col. J. J. Mc- loss until he took an Inventory yester
Cook. Miss McCook, Capt. J. S. McCoy, day. A hasty examination of his stock
Mrs. H. A. Fadden. Mists McKinstry. ( on Thursday led him to believe little
-That collar! I've
b.oken my fingernail over it!"
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launder soft "anti-swear" button
hAs on all starched linen.
Cor. 6th and CSts. N. HI
EtalIMied July, 1875. T'honc 1537.
Sagu-itu Say. Tlmt It fl'ni Most
Madrid, Feb. 11. Tlie Impaicial pub
lishes an interview with Prime'Minister
Sagas ta, in which he says that Senor
de Lome's conduct was most imprudent.
He adds that the content of the letter
are the exact antithesis of Senor de
Lome's official dispatches, which repre
sented President McKinley in the most
favorable light. Senor de Lome never
complained Qf, Mr. McKinley's attitude.
Senor Sagasta admitted that the oc
currence might possibly influence the
relations between the two countries, but
he hoped only slightly.
Senor Canalejas. to whom the letter
was addressed, says that when he was
visiting Senor de Lome the latter always
refer reo to Mr. McKinley in teims
warm approval.
Havana Niwiper Say De Lome Is
Not nil Able Diplomat.
Havana, via Key West. Feb. 1L A
very stiong editorial article was pub
lished in La Lucha this afternoon
against Senor Dupuy de Lome. It says
De Lome enjoyed unjustly the repu
tation of a wise diplomat. The letter
Bayly, Mrs. N. P. Ballard.' Mrs. Becker! faJ01' ? E- Mallam, Miss F. E. Mar- had been taken. The police are at
ts Cauor Pfinilaiao cit-j T i T imlm J
a document unworthy of-a diplomatist. ,rf- ?' S,Ea"' , C' ' Earle- PaJ"
Miss A. M. Becker, Mrs. M. L. Beck
wlth, Miss Bennington, Gen. William
BIrney, Mrs. James Biddle, Mr. It.
Bingham, Mrs. W. BIrney, Dr. and Mrs.
II. Bolton, Gen H. V. Boynton, Miss i
Bessie Bourn, Dr. John E. Brackett,
Biss Bradley. Mrs. Briggs, Mr. E. S.
Brandt, Mr. and Mrs. E. Palmer, Major
Paul Brodle, Miss M. P. Brown. Col.
Joseph M. Brown, It. M. Lamer, Sen
ator and Mrs. Warren, Miss. Estelle
Reel, Mrs. Larner, Mrs. Sullivan, W. S.
Lamer, Alfred Henry Lewis, Mrs. Lew -is,
O. B. Brown, Mrs. Brown, Miss
Brown, Mtss Bromwell, Miss Bryan,
Dr. J. H. Bryan, Rev. S. L. Byant, Mrs.
W. W. Burch, Miss E. Burnett, Mrs. D.
K. Burnham, Miss Burns, Miss Lucy
Burns, Dr. Busby, Mrs. L. W. Busby.
Gen. Cyrus Bussey, Mr. and Mrs. Lew
is Call, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Campbell.
Capt. Charles Campbell, Sir Roderick
Cameron and the Misses Cameron. Mr.
and Mrs. W. E. Carter, Mrs. W. L.
Carpenter, Miss Emma Dent Casey,
Mr. Casey, Mrs. Cecil, Lieut. O.
Charles, Miss L. C. Chew, Gen. W. T.
Clarke. Major Joseph C. Clements, Miss
M. G. Chilford, Lieut. Col. R. A. Clum,
Miss Cole. W. T. Colgate, Mr. E. F.
Concklin, Miss May Cook, Mr. and Mrs.
John J. Cook, Mrs. Alvin Copeland, Mr.
and Mrs. James C. Courts, Miss Caleb
Cushing, Mrs. Cutler, Mr. and Mrs. J.
T. Dare, "Miss Eva Darnelle, Mrs. J. H.
Davis. Mr. C. H. Davison, Mr.
Day, Assistant Secretary of State:
Mrs. Day, Miss Day, Miss Da
vidson, Col. Deane and Mrs. G.
A A. Deane, Mrs. W. A. De Calndry,
Miss A. Demma'ne, Mrs. J. F. Denin
ser. Miss Deninger. Mrs. D. A. and
Miss Deninger, Major J. E. Dexter,
Mrs. Dexter. Mr.. Mrs. and Miss De
Young, Miss M. Dickey, John T. Dillon.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Dix, Miss L. C.
Demavin, Miss K. A. Dougral, Mrs
Capt. A. C. Ducat, Hon and Mrs. C. II.
Duell, Mrs. A. I. and Miss B. Dupont.
.miss is-atnnne vurant, Colonel and
Other Spanish newspapers comment
on the affair, though with more len
iency for Senor De Lome. It is a fact
that the uncompromising Spaniards
here do not like De IEne.
Npnuiui-a Claim That He Hiis.
Written Letters Agairrbt Spain.
Haana, Feb. 11. Some Spaniards
here try to charge Consul General Lee
with having written letters against
Spain to the United 'Stales, but the
charge js utterly false.
Rewards are offered for compromis
ing letters fi'om Mr. Lee," but they all
ill prove useless.
At r. o'clock this afternoon tlm TTnit.
ed States torpedo boat -Cushing enter- I A. Graham, Mr. rjid W D v Gr
ed the harbor.
i jjireetor c ti. isiaricige. Senator Till
man and Mrs. Tillman, Mrs. L. C. EI
linger, Mr. Emmons, Mr. and Mrs. D
N. Esters, Mr. F. Evans, Hon. U. Clay
Evans. Mrs. and the Misses Evans
Mrs. J. O. Evans, John Ewart, Mrs.'
Adele A. Farrar. Mr. Faucett. Miss
Freeman, Mis3 Fox. Mr. and Mn
Foote, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Fuller MrV
J. G. Gale. Mr. and Mrs. Graman.
Mrs. E. H. Gardner, the Misses Gaul-
ner. mv. and Mrs. E. S. Gary. Colonel
and Mrs. J. L. Gage, Colonel and Mrs.
Gillespie, Mr. Gary and Mrs. E. S.
Gary, Colonel Gillespie arid Mrs. G L
Gillespie, Mr. W. W. GiUiss, Mrs. Gil
more and tl-e Misses Sto'kes, Mrs. H
M. Glover, Ernest G. Walker, Mis. D.
Pratt Mann'x. M'ss Mannix. Miss Mer
rinm. Mrs. and Miss Godfrey. Mr and
Mrs. 'A. H. Goldsmith, Miss Grace
Goodwin, Mr?, and Miss 'Go wen, Mr. W-
Lute Local Happenings.
Secretary Gage will delier an address
befoie the Marquette Club at its Lincoln
banquet in Chicago tonight.
Workmen were employed all la&!t night
tearing up the Capital Traction Com
pany crossing at the corner of Fifteenth
street and New loik avenue.
low, Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Marsh, Mr. and I work on the case.
Mrs. D. B. Martin, Miss Matthews, Mr.
and Mrs. W. T. May, the Misses Menitt,
Majot S. C. Miller, Miss F. Miller. Mr.
and Airs. D. M. Miller. Miss Mills, tlie
Misses Mohun, Mr. F. D. Maufort. Col.
aud Mrs. Moore, Mr. and Mr. I. L.
Morehead, Mr. and Mrs. II. G. Morse,
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Marlon, Mrs. J. F.
Mcser, Miss Helen Closer. Miss Mulli
gan, Mr. and Mis. O. A. Ncsmrth, Miss
Neuman, Mr. and Mrs. M. C. O'Don
nell. Airs. S. Oldberg, Mrs. W. H. Or
cutt, Airs. J. H. Ring. Miss Martha Rob
inson. Miss Rader, Air. D. W. Round
hill, Miss Rusk, Surgeon A. C Russell,
Airs. John Ryde, F. II. Hoover, Senator
Butler and Airs. Butler, Mis. AI. B. Saun
ders, Brig. Gen. Sawlelle, Airs, and Miss
Sawtelle, Alajcr S. W. Saxton, Aliss J. J.
Schade, AIIss Julia Schenck, Atlss Sallie
Schenck, Aliss Olive Seward. Col. G. A.
Shallenberger, Col. and Mrs. Siebert,
AIIss Simpkins, Air. G. Smith. MY. and
Airs. W. H. II. Smith. Major S. W.
Snow, Air. and Mrs. B. F. Snyder. Air.
and Airs. H. T. Shelding. Capt. and Airs.
Steedman, Air. and AIis. F. C. Squires,
Air. George II. Stewart, Air. J. P. Story, I
jr.; Airs. Story, the AHses Stuart, Airs, i
H. G. Sydenham. Mrf arid Mrs. C. B. j
Tanner, Aliss Taylor, AfK diaries Ter- J
rell, Sir. and Alrrf .R$ P. Thian,
riiiM Iinrrtno MIloc T'MVcr ATflac! flat. (
SnmiiPi Thomns. M.'i.Frank nmi MiJ i staff of life from in front of his place
Thompson, Air. and Mrs. :R. Thompson, j of fness at an early hour yesterday
Air. and AIis. AI. R. Thorp. Airs. F. P. morning.
Tibbetts. Afr. and Airs. A. M. Todd, ' Chief Justice W. J. Alills. of New
Aliss Tomlinson. Mrs. A. Tawnsend. Airs. , Mexico, arnveu in tms city last mgnt
Charles Tram, the ftllsses
and Mrs. John S. Tunnicli
hereby siven that thft nnnnnKnnnpr. r.r (h
I)i-trictof C iluinuia.by virtue of authority
vestert In them by said actof Consres..pro
1). se to reassess the at'ove-mentioiicU prop
erty for the lor-nl ImnmrpmnniL ...n,i
hard work on the measure in thp Partie inter"3tel are hiT-bv nniiriofi rh,.t
House, for when it wv.s Introduced It ,sail, Con-iiiKsUmeM of the District of Co
lumbia will "ire a hearing .-it rhp mtri
ButlilmcoiitliPlTTH DA VOP vkrwita r v
1&08, AT 1 1 OCLOcK A. 11.. to any ami
all persons who may deMre to object to
salit reaesriiients beins made. J. TV"
KOSrf I. B. WKJUT, V,-. M. BLACK. Cone
iiiKiotierj ) fel.2.11.12-eni
District of Coltimbin Washington. I), a.
. December S, 1897. To Whom ft May Con
cern: The commission created by eectlon
j 2 of the act of Conpresf approved March
I 2, 1893, entitled "An act to provide a
I permanent fiystfm of nlcliwavs in that
L 1 norf et tliA liht.ln, .r r.l..n.(iln lln ....
tion of Dallas B. Smith, to be postmas- i side of cities.'' haa received from theCom
ter at Opelika, Ala. Charges were ' udloneri of the District or Columbia a
preferred against Smith and the com- ' certiml CW ot a maP showing a pro
mittee reported LS? in m IT KM.KHSfc-HfS .?8 i?
; ihe nouynation came up yesterday and west of Itock Creek. This map and plats.
apparently had but few friends on the
committee. The tie vote yesterday in
dicates a great change of sentiment,
and there is a prospect that with a full
attendance the committee will recom
mend the passage of the bill.
Smith' Case Is llecoinmitted.
The time of the Senate in executive
session yesterday afternoon was con
sumed in a discussion tf the nomina-
iTp u-iiri tint Tip t-r,Q,.- c.:n. t iKjt are now on exuiuiuoD in room
i i knew Smrth years ago No. 47. fourth floor or the District build-
in Alabama, and he was a good man. ! Ing. All pyrsons Interested are invited to
The nomination was recommitted to I examine the map and plats. The coru-
the committee.
The explosion of a gasoline stove i31fnat,OI Tuer of Washington, asked fi'0?!! dnlaHh?!,ot an, tra9
. t - .. ;iri:iiiiftonriirti-ri-Vi. w .:.& . i vw-v & ljuuouca o w Dicin Lf.
cau?e(1a.fa2nau "re yesteruay auernoon : ,, , ' or;i:" " ,""111''- higlnvays, are now oh exhibition in room
at .no. jl t- our-anu-a-nau street soutu- j
west, occupied bj- Emma Smith. i
The central fire alarm gong has not J
been in working order for a week on ac- i
count of the work of transferring the
wires of the Western Union Telegraph j Leniency iu Minor Offence-.
Company to the new building at the ! A bill was Introduced vesterday in the
corner of Fourteenth and F streets. . Senate by Air. AIcAIIIIan "relating 'to pris-
jHarry L,. Johnson, tormeny an agent oners charged with minor nffpnP ifnM
the po ice court cf the Dlctrlct. ft pro
for i-"abst Brewing company, on
North Capital street, was yesterday ar- j
rested by Policeman Kreamer upon a t
warrant sworn out by William A.
Engle, the local manager of the com- ,
pany, charging him with embezzling
55.10. - J
Louis Linkin. a srrocer at No. 50 AI
street southwest, reported to the police ' ment of the balance of the fine due.
that a thief had carried away a nread
box containing thirty loaves of the
uiksion will consider any suggestions oc
poiesis uuoceraing tne vocation or nnj
highway or portion of a highway as shows,
on the map. The suggestions and pro
testa must be in writiup and must pet
forth cle&rl the reasons for the changes
and show the property owned or controlled
by the objector. All protests, and so forth,
must bu Mibmitted on or before the
vides that, in cases where the only pen-' Je addressed to the Chief of EaoiteTn,
my on conviction la a flnp nnt tt - y " '"'"J.t " ul i-ciratuucui. luaiuK
ceeti -ou, oonds may be given for ap
pearance at a further hearing, and wl"re
a defendant is sent to jail or to the work
house in default of the payment of a
fine he shall be released upon the pay-
To Quiet Land Titles.
Tlie report of the House District Com
mittee on the bill to quiet land titles In
the District has been printed. The com
mittee recommends a substitute for
ton. D. C. The commission will meet Aur
14, 1898. at 9:30 o'ciook a. m., Jn ths
office of the Secretary of War. to dispose
of all objections, and will then hear orally
from thos. vho desire to thus support their
written objections-
B. A. A LGEK, Secretary of "War.
C.N. BLISS, Secretary of the Interior.
Chief of .Engineers, U. S. A..
det0-13t-ex3 Illghway commission-rel-15t-exS
! MOUSe hill IV.-V) wliipli nrni'inoa )iiaiF3i...
Train. Mr. ' im.. s a m.uh , i iu .muu.c, person claiming a title to property
iff. Air. and General Griggs and Mr. Porter, the i vested , - , ,yi e
Vandernost. . secretary to the President, and some fn,. it ro.-.n,-,- s n,.. n:.-. .?.. "..
. otner tnenus.
evening train to assume the duties of
hi3 new post. Judge AIIIls is accompan
ied by ills wife and two children.
Itclilnir, H inning, Creeplna:, CrnAV
linjc Skin Diseases relieved ina few iiiiiuitcs
by Agnew's Oiutment. Dr. Agnew's Oint
mciii relieves instantly and cures Tetter,
Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Eczema, Ulcers,
Airs. John Truesdell. Airs
Alajor and Airs. Von Hooke, Air. and
Airs. Vrooman, Airs. iE. A. V adhams.
E. G. Walker, Air. G.-W.. Wallace. Aliss
Wallace. Air. E. R Wpeks, Alajor Weide.
Airs. Welde and Aliss Wjide, Air. and
Airs. C. AI. Wellbonv Miss Westerman, '
Hon. F. F. AI. Wetherhald. Hon. S. E.
and Airs. Wheatley, Air. and ATrs. E. D.
Wiggins, Air. G. W. Williams, the Alisses
Wilson, Airs. Wolcolt, Aliss H. C. Wol
cott. Air. and Airs. It. II. Woods. Aliss
Helen Worthington, Air.' and Airs. J. J.
Wiiber. Air. and Airs. John C. Williams,
AIIss Cardine F. Wollliey, B. F. Woof.
Air. Jacob Waldeck. F. T. Whitehead, I
Airs. Whitehead, Air. and airs. F. S. Lit- . 35 cents a box. Sold by P S. Williams
tie, Air. and Mrs. C. H. Lockwood, Air. j,-,Iltll m, F btreets: JCdmonds & Wmi8,nis,
nur? ATi-c: A IVfaiiiiPA f,nu' Afr ind rilra '-.... . ,.
W. E. AIcLeod, E. T. AIcNeely.Angus Arc-Sir-ppn
Crilfpnftnii Mori bit r. Mrs. Mnrri-
Alrs. Gramage, ' att, p. Michinard. Lovlck Aliles, Mr. and
in IlS?P; rinirl- ' r -, t Arin.. ti, t ji,.i, tt 1
.iis. ncuiye 111. -uiiui, duuii in. iiiuiirw. 11.
F.Michlnard. Lovlck Aliles. Al.r and Airs.
preme court. The substitute will mob-
ably pass the House. It is considered
an Important piece of legi-Iatiou. as the
committee states there aie many titles
Conirrcssnien to Witness the Trial.
The opening today in New York of
circuit No. 2 of the pneumatic tube
system, built for the transmission of the
J. wi:l,:lt.a.:m: lee,
332 Ta. Are X. W.
i'ltt-cliis service. 'Phone. 1385.
Dioiunes, aim an lrupnoni or tne fcKin. i mails, will be witnessed by a number
It. is soothing aud quieting and acts like of members of Congress and Gen. Shal-
magic in all Baby Humors, Irritation of lenberger. Circuit No. 2 extends from
the Scalp or' Rashes during teethluir time. ! ,e Kevv" York postoflice to the Grand
Cjciiuai ut-'pui.
Third and Pennsylvania avenue.
A Monument to Lincoln.'
The Senate Committee on Libraries
has reported favorably the bill to aD-
George E. Aliller. John- E. Monk. II. r propriate $50,000 for a monument to
Alirnlinm T.t-rt1 n f n V i c In rP
Mr. and Airs. Joshua Griffith,'
Germany refuses to receive Ameri
can fruit because they say it is un
healthy. Dr. Henry's Blood Tea has
It Fixes Days for Hearimji.
The House Comm'ttee on Foreign and
Interstate Commerce will have hearings
on February IS and 10 on the'qu?stlcn of
a national quarantine, at which the Dis
trict hearth office and other local medi
cal authorities will bp heard. On Tises.
day the committee will hear argument
Abraham .Lincoln at Gettysburg. To
day is the birthday anniversary of the on the proposition to establish a depart
uiunj ieu jrrediuem. - i mentor inuustry and commercK
IIOLLIDOE Diedat her home in Fairfax.
a., February 0. I8ud. at 9.30 a. in., of
l consumption, .MRS. MARTHA A. HOL
LIDGE, wire of ,7. B. Hollldce.
Interment Friday at 1:30 n- tit., at Glcn
wood Cemetery. Relatives and friends in
vited. It-em
MACARTHUR On Friday. Februarv 11.
1SU8. at D:15 a. m.. CL.RE.NCE L. MAC
ARTHUR, at his late residence. ll03 New
Hauuishlre avenue, in his fiftv first vear.
Notice of funeral hereafter- 1 1 em
, ed TV-re: Tliomas JeiTerrcn, William
Williams, and Edward lioblnson. house
breaking; William E. Arclntlre. alias
' William Ward. William NoJan. anil
William DeWitt. larceny: Frank Barkley
-and Patrick T. Dreaney, larceny frotrv
the pei-son: Harry Henson and Thomas'
Jefferson, recend offense, petit larceny;
Otto P. Smith, alias John Oto Mashe,
and Ami J. Inlins. false pretenses.
Wheels are "built like
a watch" - absolutely
i ,... n i UDPVmiiD rivtr ii !yi u.u i.
never been refused because it cures ' and New YorkMvenuc.
Kidney, Liver and Bladder Troubles. w Z Tr
.4 positive cure 'for Constipation. At Mlifr
l .M M. M M J
drug stores 25 cents.
An Alleged Itlns Thief.
i Knnn.'i Gray, a colored servant girl,
j was angled last night by Detectives;
. AfkiM I r r "inrl f nnm r,H.- . ..ti
Charles Winston, the colored map , chase c.i Xorth Capitol stieet. chanred
larpred with the murder of bii vrir tt- i... -ir. -,r.. ,.SL L- .."JtFV1.
STAR LAUNDRY DOES fSj J hcla by.. th5 ?r,a.n(? Island ""avenup with theVroeny of a
j- j j w. ....,. nioiuii mi lviiieu uiamonil rinr vn nod nh ntn ts. .i-i
w;ife and tried unsuccessfully to had until recently been emnloved bv
. i': "
Giand Jury IndietuieulH.
rles Winston, the coloreil
charged with the murder of his wife De-
mH 636 Q St. N. W.
kill himself.
Other indictments return- i Mrs. Winn.

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