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the" 'times, Washington, -SAJfepAY, eebruaj,? 12V. 1898.
ATo-. Kood art: steady Job. '"WANTED By respectable colored man. 29.
13 1?. 8th st se. It refs., general houseworker; $6 a month.
"WANTED -Colored boy. 16 veara. to help ' JOHN Tllu MAS, 810 10th st. aw. lti
In bqardiug house. noril2Uist. mv. It J WANTED-Posltion as card writer or col
"WANTED -A Nober atul ludustrlous young1 ,,Alr'vvl'u J"1. larcS firm: references
man. as solicitor; good references. Ap
ply No."640 East Capitol st. fel2-3t
"WANTED -A first-class barter, at once. ,
A. C. HAUDAlAiX. An. 1900 7lh Kt. nw. It ,
"WANTED Barber for Saturday. 332 ,
WANTEli-Llu clerk' lofltcl: pcrf-
enccil, jiml with refs., ouick. DICK'S
-V.'1 AUL.V1, U. 4 111. XL
"WANTED -A first-class colored barber:
steady employment If suited. Apply 503
14th Rt-fnw. It
WAXTJ2-D -Good barker.
11 11 st. ne.
WANTED A first-class collector; one well
acquainted with the installment business:
none other need apply. .Address Box 1:2.
lids office. It
WANTED At once. drlvers.watchmen.walt-;
era; and also bright Iwy. CENTRAL
EXCHANGE. COS 12tli si. nw.: basement
floor, ltooni 1. i J
WANTE)-Two barbers for Saturday?
Cor. 3dand 1J sts. nw. ll.em !
VANTLD Two wmtc barbers
315 Pa. ave. nw.
pplv at
WANTED A llrst -class white barber,
plv to J. F. GLRHOLD .1822 l4tn .4
fel l3t
-,. .,' UOUE1-' "- C bt- - 'eUKn.em
-.jjj -a iseiiieti. experienced hoMier
to attend to Hirer lmrsi-s. 1tirf w.imnii
and general housework: wng.s, $4. board
and lodging per week. A. B.. thisofifce.
"WANTED General utility manaround bar
room; German preferred. i27 7th .sU nw.
TelO St.em
"WANTED -At Citv tntellicence Office.
cooks, waiter. lsiivasliers. driver. Ia-
lK)ier.s.-wicli!iien. boy. Bardeners. JnnltorK.
427 llth bt. 11 w. fel0-7t
"WANTED -A reclsiereddruttciM.wlthSr.oo.
as partjier. have other biisine.ss. Address
fel t:.5t ,
KEGISTEKED, tills office.
WANTED Ulster team, soubrette. and
others; f lrst-clas amateur: write full n.ir
ticutaiK. Addre1- C. C 1'.. this office. It
WANTED -A woman, white or colored, for
general housework, must stay nlKlits.
Auares- A'lHoiAlA. thib office. fel2-;tt
WANTED A plrl. Trom 16 to 1. to as
sist in-housework. in small family. Call
nil s r. nw. It
WANTED -Cooks, chambermaid", laun
dresses. K'iieral hou--eworker. while and
Colored: places walling: good wages. EX
t UAAGE UCKEAU. 71 13lh st. 11W. It
WANTED Good dressmaker. flrt-class cut
ter and fitter, call earl v: bring references.
ExriIANGE BCUEAU. 721 1:1th nw. It
WANTED A smart A'ouhr colored woman
to work. Apply at VlKGl.MA HOCSE.
6J5 N st. nw. It
IF YOU want your business mined into
nionej without ilelaycall atTAULELLE'ri
BUKEA C, 7 :i 1 1 1 II st. 11 w. rel 2-3t
WANTED -At once; chambermaid, lauu
dress and girl for housework. CEM'ICAL
EXCHANGE. COS 12th st. inv.; basement
floor, ltooni 1. It
WANTED White girl for dish, pantr vs and
cleaners, for hotels; thin city; Quick, i
"WANTED- Several more lroners for Palm '
neacn. l-ia.. white or colored: from now
till April 15; railroad fares paid both wavs:
call quick
61.! 7th st.
WANTED White girl, who can stay nisrhts. ,
? i " wi- 1 "UU nw privileges 1
ranted. 2A, 2d st. nw It J
LADY with tact and energy to travel for
old established firm; permauent; $40 per
month. and expenses. Z.. this orficc.
WANTED A neat white waitress, at once.
6Mf ! st. xei i-:tt-em
ATED-A neat colored girl to do gen"
eral housework in small famflv; must
come wail lecommended and stav at
nights. Apply 431 Oth st. sw. lt.em
WAXTIID White girt for household work.
504 G st. nw. - lt.em
"WANTED-At Citv Intelheciie Office,
cooks., chamter maids, general house- '
vorkei,rfieccleaners. seamstresses, latin- I
dr -es. places lurnisiiea till suited. 1
SHACKLEFOUD'S, 427 llth H. mv.
A .N ii-.D Neat colored girl Tor general
housework in small family: must stav
nights. Apply 426 bth st. mr. rell-3t
"WNTED-A wyrkmc housekeeper in the
' ountry- tmist be very neat auu obligiug. !
plain cook and good washer aim irotter:
pleasant and comfortable home Tor a re- !
spctable white woman witn good rers.
ApplvJ107 1'arkplace no. fell-3t !
WANTED Young Iaily model of good fig
ure to pose for amateur photographer '
in priiute studio", pay cood. Address
auiPQD. this .office. felO-cit-em
WANTED-Lady to open new treatnemt
demonstrating parlors at your home or
elsewnere, .$25 capital reuuired: SI 5 to
$2r. weekly profits. Address NO TRI
1'LER, this office. rel0-3t-em
VANTEI A young sir! to learn tailoring.
II. WoLF.lliy Est.nw. felO-3t
"WANTED Young girl, white, for light
housework, and to assist dressmaker.
Call No. 70 lass. ave. nw. fe!J-3t-cm
"HOW a Virginian Made Them Laugh,
l'astor L. licz fciem explains Monday I
jiiiii, .hi u uuvh. rti-c it"v. oeeono
Baptist Church Auditorium, 4th st. and Va.
ave. sa. It
WANTED -Men and women to work at
home. I pay S6 to Mti per wvek for
making crayon portraits, new patent
method, anyone who can read or write j
can aoiue worK at uome.m spare time, aay
or evening. Send for particulars and work
at once. Address H. A. GRIP!, German
Artist, Tyrone, Pa. ja6-.sats.tr
WANTED Partner, lady or gentleman, to
help manufacture paying novelty; small
capital required. Call at Room 1&. 1006
F st., 10 a. m. to 1 p. ui.. on Friday.
It -cm
WANTED l.OOO dancers and amusement
lover lo attend the Barbers' Ball. Feb.
14th, at Grand Army Hall. fel0-5t
WANTED Good cook, must be clean aud
good bread-maker: only tliose with refs.
need apply. 100 B si. ne. rel0-3t
"WANTED A lady or gentleman, with a
little rapilal, to Join In the ladies' aud
gents- tailoring. Addres B. M.. this office.
fe9-3t em
WANTED Best help: all kinds: with ref.:
furnished free: drop postal. CENTRAL
EXCHANGE. 60S 12th st. nw. feS-7c
WANTED - Competent dressmaker wishes
work, by day or week, good references.
Address F. K., this ofT ice. fel2-3t
WANTED By respectable white woman.
general housework, iu small family; no
Cnlluren. bl7 1st at. ue. ,lc
WANTED By a colored girl, a place as
chambermaid, laundress, or general house-
-work. Call or address 200G 10th st. nw.
WANTED Place to do general housework:
leleienrc, 2220 7th .t. nw. It-em
WANTED By a colored girl. 19. a
place to nurse or assist with house
woik. Box SO, this orflce. lt.em
WANTED Bv a respectable colored wom
an, washing to do at home: nonest and
reliable. Address 40S Washington st. nw.
SVANTED By two reliable AVonien: gen
eral housework aud chamberwork: willing
workers; city refs. 1 1 11 R st. nw.
WANTED By settled, reliatle woman.
also young woman, general housework.
chainierwork or nurse: rfs. 1702 1-2 H)th
lit. nw. fell-3t
WANTED By icsnectable white woman,
place as good ouok or working house
keeper, city ref. Call 1332 6th st. nw.
- I
"WANTED By 2 respectable colored girls.
place to do general housework: willing '
to be useful: -go home nights. Call or ad
dress 223 13th st. nw. rcl0-3l,cm j
WANTED A country girl wants place as
nurse, or to do plain cooking. Call at 320 1
B bt. ne. rel0-3t-em
"WANTED By respectful colored woman j
place, as cook onlv. In private family ;
1238 20ih nw. fe9-3t-ein .
WANTED By icsuectful colore
place as general liouv-woiker
ramiiy. cooking prereired. iir,i
crcnt-cs. IO3018H1 nw. fe9-3l-em
"WANTED Settled white woman wishes i
place as general hons? worker Tor a ;
widower or small private lamilv: best of j
references. 2UB H st. nw. f9-:-u-eiu
WANTED Ritiiation as clamltcrraaid or
nshv.-nsncr, good :c.crom.c-..
St. sw.
on. mm
fc9-Ct-cm ;
1 SI
"..oun.iiooi.-vi. .vuuresb J. . W .. Illisor-
flCe' - -v Iel2-3t
I "WILL give SlOO In nv nno .-utlln.-
me position under the District government.
Addte.ss ; 1,-wAriiMiaTiAL. tills orflce.
Al.eKokt work" 'retf.
Box 55, this office. fell-3t.em
"WANTED To placea Ixivot 14 years' with
plumber to leant the trade. Address c. A.
., this office. fell-3t
"WAN TED Position, 'by a first-class
meat cutter: rers. Address .2012 9th st.
' ' " fel l-3t
"W'AXTEU-ly reJiaWemmm a placeas
porter. In grocery More, lioubeman in
i V.'ii v- HFW-t or groeerv wukoii. 1011
lt.th.st. fell-3t
'a. . i.u -y young mail. position as clerk:
have had some experience. Address G.
L. ji& office. rel0-4t
WILL, give ?100 for a Government posi
tion. Address CONFIDENTIAL B.. this
office. felO-lt
"WANTED All kinds of writing and type
writing t,Uo at homo: will work cliean.
i..C., ill Pj tiiw. felO-yt
"WANTED ty 'a first-class meat-cutter
una grocery clerk, pluce In meat market
joStiWV.'ILMV -4,i1re"
I doim county, Ya ' ,-""""-J VCtm
l - ,
JtELIAHLE help furnishea freeT a "nea
iitirNj wanted. Jilts. MOOKE," 306 G
U nw. it
FOR -RENT -Neatly furnlshetl 2d Morv
rronlroom, s. ( ; iiireL. uururuioiieil. -fi loor:
$i". oxu 1 hi. nw. - fel2-yt
F?11 1fiJX,T--V'a,Iy finished room, with
tmanl; all conveniences: terms veryreasou-
auie. ou.i .muss. ave. mv. 1 ei s-jl
rtUt ItENT h04 C . ,.. t,. . ...
fiont; also liall .bedroomr rent reason-1
,wv- rel2-3t
CtJK KENT-rarlora'nd beSrciom.rurnlslicd
or unfurnished: also oilier rooms: all
"odejrii uiiprovenieuts. ."507-G &t. nw.
Full KENT rirRe. nicely furnished room".
nice closet, lai rioor, heat, -gas and oath:
51 1-115 1' st. nw. fel2-3t
FOR RENT Three communicating front
rooms: newly papered and painted: i aid
on same floor, uoother roomer: Sa. to oulet
family. feOO K. I. ave. fel2-3t
FOR 11EXT -One large or small fur- room:
.southern exposure, lady ,or gentleman;
very quiet; only a few adults iu house:
owner, rent moderate. J412 North Caro
lina ave.se. fel2-3t
FOR 11ENT- D46 N. Y. ave.: two rooms.
rtirntMlifdor unfurnished. aUo a hall room:
location most central; reasonable terms.
I-OR RL.NT -Two or three rooms. Istor 2d
rioor, furnished or unfurnished, heat, iras
anil hum. rent cheap; witu references. No.
307A.st. se. felS-St
FOR RENT- 512 E st. nwl. larire. well
furnlshed room; heat, gas and 'hath.
FOR RENT -Fur. rooms. 707 H st. nw7?
FOR RENT 2ri-sif,n- hnii rr.,.,., n ,i.n
back room, suitable for 41. S7. 223 D
FOTl KKVT lt.ch-ni.i .......1 ,....i. "
bame floor; herdics pass the door; 3
mocics rroiu cable; 5 mlnntes' walk of
departments. JJL'O 22dst. mv. fell-3t
LET ME know what rooms vou are want
ing and are willing to nay: will rent
part of house single or en suite. C S.,
this office; rcll3t
FOR KENT Furnished: bright back room
on the parlor floor: heat and cas. 1124
Oth st. nw. fell-3t
flat; refs.
924 flth st. nw.
1st or 2d
FOR RENT A lave front room: fur. or
unfur. 735 11 til st. nw. fel 1-31
FOR RENT Rooms in all partsotxhe citv;
sec our list. WASHINGTON ROOM
AGENCY, 14 Central National Bank Bldg.
FOR RENT 4 "rooms and bath forIli:lit
housekeeping. 1009 M st. se.
FOR RENT 2 rooms., heat and cas. $10
or 3 rooms for 513. 231 T st. nw.
FOR RENT-An elegant newly furnished
suite of rooms, cheap, or will rent singly,
heat, gas and bath; "all holue privileges.
1321! 16th st. nw. fel0-3t,em
FOR KLXT-oOS K st. D .. parlor floor.
private:. hallt. 2d nntl 3d-story hall rooms:
2d-storyJjacK, imfurn.. bath.felO-3t-em
FOR RENT Furnlsued.irr partlyfurnlslied.
rooins.1321Nj.truw. fel0-3t
FOR RENT -1131 llth st. nw.. pleasant
liomc. tnvo nice nioms; rurnished: light
housekvwping: SI 4: back parlor, furnished.
S8: fine locality; no children, llth and M.
FOR RENT -1204 K st. nw.: desirable
rooms, board. 523. S25 and irvso: iugle
rooms. 2 iu room, correspondingly low.
FOR RENT Cheap, larce. nicely fur.
rooms for llcht housekeeping. 315 Mo.
ave. nw. fel0-3t
FOR KENT -Nicely fur. rooms: gentle
men preferred: 2d floor. 80S 9th st. nw.
FOR RENT 2d floor. 3 rooms. 2 fur
nished; southern exposure; -heat, light,
hot water; :sl5 month; no children taken;
north of T and west of 1 3th: one sauare or
rapid transit. Address DISCREET, this
office. fel0-3t-em
nicely furnished 2d-floor
front rooms; rent reasonable. 108 I st
nw. fe9-3t-eni
FOR RENT Large front room, suitable
for 2: second floor; heal, gas and bath.
215 1st st. 11 w. fe-3tU-cm
FOR RENT 3 or 4 rooms, lurnished or
unfurnished; near 2 lines of cars; good
neighboihood; with heat and gas. 605 A
st. se fe9-3t-em
j?ou K.-h l 1 rn. r"iu 111 'With
out board 10S Carroll st. se. feS-7t-em
FOR KENT" -2 lur. rooms, 2d floor; suit
able for housekeeping: or will lent to
gentlemen: also lur. hall room: 55 per
monilt. ol.t N. J avc. nw. fe-7t
FOR RENT 2 fur. rooms. 2d floor: su.t
able for housekeeping: or will rent to
gentlemen, -ilso. fur. hall room. S3 per
month. 61 1 N. J. ave. nw. fe7-0t
WANTED Furnished room with nn-ileges
and no questions, by quiet single gent:
near Pension Office. Address QUIET.
tliIsoff ice- fel 2-3t
WANTED By gentleman, a Pleasant room.
with heat, gas and bath; bet. Vale and
Fark sts., on or near 14th st. Address
No. 5, this office. fel2-3t
WANTED By young couple, two or three
unfurnished rooms. 2d floor; light house
keeping; heat, bath: state terms. Ad
dress 1. W. A., this orficc. fcn-3tem
WANTED Three orfour unfur. rooms; must
be central and cheap. S. D. H.. this
ojTicc. Jcll-3t
"WANTED Immediately, bv married cou
ple, 2 or 3 furnished .rooms: light house
keeping; price moderate: looatlon central:
jiw.; rer.s. exchanged. Address BOX 8.
this off ice. rell-3 1
ANTED Three connecting rooms: un
furnished; for light housekeeping, with
heat, light and bath; no small children;
terms must be reasonable. Address M.
A. B.. this office. fcl0-3t
FOR RENT -901 M st. nw.. fine comer resi
deuce, 2d and 3d story front rooms,
southern exposure; first-class table board:
termsreasoiiable fel2-3t
FOR RENT Warm, clieerrul. 2d-storv
front room: board for two, 538: Ohio
Tamlly. 612 3d st. nw. fel l-3t
ROOMS AND BOARD 606 H st. nw
furnished rooms and board: 520 per
month; second and third floor f lont rooms.
FOR RE'Nl:--NlOKN 3d-floor front roc in.
with b Kixd. foi .two person, for 532 per
month: goo I location. 716 12th t, nw,
fey-6 fc
t 'O "TI I XJ '-1 lP - !ERTY.
JUSTICE, lil". 1
- 'V "j-.t-
V.'ANTPD -House, renting for not i;iot
than S.OMi'-rm'ttvrbV'on" having several
roomTs prcrerred. Addrebo .1. t-. this
ofnee. , "fel2-3t"
d woman" i - uU SALE -Large. 12.roop1.dwem1iS-.-q11
1, 1 ...-ll I l. "- V-'ii rro.iirocra.1. ill jum HilliU.
-cl"s nr- ! a,,"1 4 acres, oik buildings: will exchange
1 or- i;iu ' ini r-".--;Hiu-. ii. ii x
SU 1 U
FOR RENT Two unfurnished rooms. 2d
floor.' sultahleforliKhthousekeepliig' 11--
llth st. mv. fel 2-3 1
FOR RENTThree cheerful, unfurnished
rooms, for housekeeping; including Inrgu
storage room; heat, gas and bath: private
family; board It desired; southern exposure.
114? st. ne. fel--Jt
FOR RENT 136 II st. nw.; 2 nlcely
furnished rooms for light housekeeping:
second or third f looncheap. fel 2-3t
FOR RENT Three "comniunlcatlng unfur
nished front rooms; suitable for light
housekeeping; water, gas. 1203 11 : t.
nw. lt
FOR RENTThree rooms. 2d floor; south
ern exposure; appointments riist-class.
805 M st. nw.- fe!2-3t
FOR RENT Four large unrur. roonidi on
2d or 3d floors; together or separately.
Apnjy after U p. 111., 228 9th st. se. fall -at
FOR RENT 2 rooms; 3d floor; f ur. or un
fur:; 8 f urn. or unfurn. rooms on 2d floor;
closets in each room. 412 3d st. nw.
FOR RENT Unrur.; large parlor: cen
trally located; suitable for doctor or
persons in office. 314 E nw.
FOR RENT In Georgetown. 3 communi
cating rooms, 2d floor; a. m. 1.; in
quiet ucJghtxjrhnoii; one sauare fiom cars:
price. $14. Call3227 N st. fel0-3t
FOR RENT Unfur.. at 701 It. 1. ave..
three delightuil rooms: bathroom: no
roomers; convenient to three car lines:
refs. excliangcd. fel0-3C
FOR RENTThree rooms: third floor:
light; heat; cooking gas: $15 per month:
No. 401 E. Cap. St. fel.0-.3t
WANTED Toiio'"Wcns!i.e!.he1r in pads
orsingiy.stampsorthe Washington Trad
ing Stamp Co. Address TRADING
STAMPS, Uiis office. felj!-3t
"WANTED -To hire a Remington. No. 2, or
a Callgraph, tj'pewrlter; must be in good
order and cl
220 N. J. a
ave- 1
WANTED -Your upholstering. mattiesH
makitig, chair caning: send postal for
estimates. E. A. JOHNSON. 419 K st.
nw. fel2-3t
WANTED To buy for cash a light two"
seated vehicle, suitable Tor small Texas
pony. Address, stating price. BUYER,
tills office. lt.em
WANTED Ladies' dress skirts repaired
a ltd rebound. 705 K st. nw. fell-3t-cm
W.V.". l'liD- A Jerstsv cow- must be a good
milker and strictly healthy. Address A.
E. BUDD1NGT0X. Langdon. D. tj.
WILL PAY part cost of keep of, carriage
liorsa, for occasional use of same. II. C
this orficc. r--':,l
WANTED To rent, 5 acres of land to nut
under cultivation. BOROWITZKI, 300
G nw. fel0-3t-ern
WANTED Roofing, guttering and spout
ing; old roofs made right and painted:
first-cluss work done cheap. JOHN E.
POWERS, nw. cor. 8th and 1) sts. nw.
f e.l0-3t-em
WANTED Cab horse for his board: or wil
buy on time. Apply at No. 20 D st. nw.
DROP POSTAL or consult JONES. 100 I
Mass. ave., if you liave any furniture,
carpets, in he, etc., to dispose of. En
tire houses 1 specialty. Guarantee the
best results. fe9-tf
WANTED T ) BUY OR SELlTiiiacliinervof
all descrintinos: such as steam engines.
hollers, ele-.'tor.. electric motors, nlat-
form scales, ropes, nullevs. gas fixtures.
cu.ni. wat-r. and gas nines, also old Iron.
brass, copper lead, zinc, books ami paper
slock: for which I onv highest market price.
H. BERNHEIMER.930 G sU nw.
WANTED-Highest cash prices paid fpr
household 'urnlture, office and store
fixtures, etn . consult me first; drop postiil
or call. U ROSENBERG, 8th and 1 sts.
nw. fe3-lmoiem
bL.D BOOKS I pay cash for all kinds of
old, miscellaneous books will call, ex
amine and make offer at residence; drop
under Second National Bank; JAMES
JJ'XEIL. Prop.. 509 7thst. nw. jalO-lni
HIGHEST cash -prices paid for Eecoa'dC
hand furniture, carpets, pianos; entire
houses; stocks of ull kinds. Adclreis .JONES.
1004 Mass. ave. nw. de7-3mo
"We'll give you bargain whenever vou
let us work for you. rooms papered with
rich, stylish paper, all work done by skilled
hands, only 52 up. F. G. NOLTE. 810
Oth St., no branch. fel2-tf
59 other popular songs, with music. Post
paid, for 1 0 cents. O.MO NEWri CO.. 218
Ohio st.. Chicago. 111. It
HARNESS made to order: now on hand
several wagon and buggy harnesses, all
hand-made; best material: will be sold
very cheap; harnesses, repaired. Anplv.at
factory, 622 N. Y. ave. nw. fel2-3t
HAYS prints 500 cards, noteheads or
envelopes, 75c; cheapest nrst-class work.
2l 6 F st. ue. fel 2-1 Ot
THE VINTON 809 14th st. nw.. rates
51.50 to 52.00 per day. re 12 15t
NEW BIlckensderftT typewriter. 525. XEw"
7th st. nw. fel2-3t
persons interested in socialistic indus
trial co-operation are asked to send names
and addresses to B.C.C.. this office, lt.em
ROOMS PAPERED with latest style of
gilt paper, 82 up. LEPKEUX. 493 Md.
ave. ipyiS5-!4-''
DANCING -Waltz guaranteed: strictly
private at our residence, 019 M st. nw.
a diploma ot the National Association Mas
ters' or Dancing; our system is the per
fected one adopted by the teachers' as
sociation; protect yourself from incom
petents. fell-Ot
923 F StreetNorthwest.
CARDS, 39c per 1000.
fel0-3t-em 610 9th st. nw.
PIANO TFNIXG $1 .25: factory expert:
all work guaranteed: drop postal. J AS
R. DURITY30512th st. e. fel l-3t
THE-widow of D. M. Young is still car
rying on tailoring with a reliable man
at "414 K nw.. where she would like to
see all the old customers. fel0-3t-em
SHOES HALF SOLED and heeled. 35c;
while you wait: for 10 ilavs onlv: noth
ing but oak tan leather used. 239 Pa.
ave. nw. Teio-Jt
MME. M. STERN, late of '. Y.. Scientific
Massage for Nervousness. Insomnia.
Rheumatism. General Debliltv: also Mani
curing and Hairdresslnxr br the day. week
or month931JL5n'sv- reio-dt
11. D. GORDON, Lawyer, 1335 F base
incut. it j-di-Liu
5 VFES Ne v and second-hand: one 4,000
"pound steel bank safe, one Miller's vault,
filled door; cue Mosler cheap: all kinds or
repairing an I locks looked after. II . B.
TRirPE. ljJG E st.nw. feS-tmo-em
HIGHEST cash prices paid for second
hand furniture, carpets., pianos; entire
Douses; stocks of all kinds. Address JONES,
1004 Mass- ave. nw. do7-3mo
610 llthst.,opp. Woodward & Lothron'K
work equal to the best", prices what they
should be no higher. Jaai-lm
W ANTED Old postage stamps: depart
ments especially desired. J. M. BAT
TELS & CO., 702 14th st. nw.
WANTED -Old postage stamps; depart
ment; foreign stamps wanted especially;
collections bought- F- W. BRADLEY. 617
14th sunw. Jal8-lmo
FOR RENT Bakery and fixtures for bakiug
bread, and 5-room dwelling, and confec
tionery store; separate or together. 151
Harrison st., Anacostia. D. c. .inquire of
photographer" above. fel2-3t
FOR RENT Fine-toned upright piano on
long time at 84. 222 New Jers.y ave. se.
felt) 3t-em
FOR RENT Space in a store on one of
the most desirable corners in the citv:
suitable for kid gloves or other ladles'
-arrHle-. Address A. It. C. this office.
. f-cio-yt-cm , - -
TYPEWRITERS for rent, with privilege
or piitcliae: reduced rates; all standard
makes: ask 'o cc the "Jewetr." NEW
7th st. ja28-lm
J- .. - - --v--
SPIRITUALISM Mrs. Zqller.medlum, 1102
Now lorK avenue n-itu and I sts. nw.)
Circles Tuesday and Prlflay Evenings. In
terviews dally. Sunday evening meetings.
Typographical Hall. 425 G si. nw.
fell-71-om l
Tile world's most famous'' clairvoyant
and palmist; can be consulted ou all busi
ness and affairs of life: !;., 25c and 50c:
hours, 9 a. in. to 9 p. in. 817 8th st. nw.
fel 1-3 C V 1
FOR RENT Fur. rooms.wJth or without
hoard, at 709 8th st. nw. fel0-3t-cm
The Oldest Established Clnlrvovant. has
cut his prices for a short time; ladies. 25
cents; gentlemen. 50 cents: tells from
cradle to grave; business. love or familv
affairs; alxuit lawsuits, divorces; specu
lations, etc.: brings separated husband or
wife together; removes spells, bail luck or
mysterious feelings", 10 to 10 dailv. 489
list.sw. fel0-4t-em
' hurd; we can save you big money on a
first-class suit of clothes that have been
slight! v worn, give us a chance. JUalH S
OLD STAND. 619 D El. nV. fe8-7t
The Gre.i; Ch.lrvoyant and Palmist,
tdvlcp and help In a'l affairs of life.
.Fee, 50c ind 51. 1303 G si. nw.
The "3 Days" Cure
(for men) lends all remedies In this city:
a prompt and permanent euro or no charge;
consultation free. Dr. M6 SEE II AN. 710
12th st. nw. Offlco hours. 10 a. m. to
1 P. in.. 5 to S p. m.: Suuda. 2 to 4 p. m.
3o2G-lmo .
In obstetrics, gold medal awarded for tho
bclenco of obstetrics from tho University
Of Munich, Bavaria: treats successfully
women's complaints and Irregularities; pri
vate sanitarium for ladies before and dur
ing confinement. Ofrice hours from 3 to
0 p. m. No. G10 Pa. ave .mv., Washing
ton. D. C. Ja27-tf
"dr. leatherman,
EXPERT SrECfALIST. 2G years' ex.
penence.l All private diseases quickly and
permanently cured. SYPHILIS positively
cured iu any stage. Consultation tree.
lloura, l) to 12 a to 5. luen.,
TIiui-h. mid Sat. Evenings, 7 to 8.
No. 002 F bt. nw. Clotted Sunday.
Medium and card reader: Washington's
most famous clairvoyant and palmist.
Consult her on business, love and family
afrnlrs, reunites the separated; removes
spells; causes speedy marriages and gives
good luck: open dally: German spolceu;
25c ami 50c 929 H stnw. fe2-14t
MME. LA RUE. Medium, tells past and
present: gives luck, and spells taken off.
1223 1-2 F st. nw. Walk upstairs.
Jail -I mo-em
.Vlien Otli-jr-8 Full, Con-mlt
In all Nervous, Chronic, Skin and PRI
outfit of modern appliance. X-RAY, Static.
Faradlc and Galvanic Electricity, in Ca
tarrh. Rheumatism. Dyspepsia, Kidney and
Bladder Diseased, Sexuul Weakness. Stric
ture, Hemorrhoids, Syphilis and Diseases
of Women. Consultation from 9 to 6.
619 Pa. ave. nw. - Ja27-tf
'national dentIl parlors
008 F Street Nor tb went.
Gold fillings and bridge 'work a spe
cialty, at the lowest price, amalgam fill
ings, 00c: full sets of teeth on plates. 55:
extracting cither by gaa or local spray,
absolutely painless, 50c, without, 25c; all
work done by experts and guaranteed tho
best; open on Huudaya rtom 10 to 3
o'clock. j mh22-tf-etu
FOR SALE An American Optical Co.
test uanr. Iu perfect condition; cheap: at
103 Pa. ave- nw. fel2-yt
FOR SALE -Handtomeoak bedroom suite:
pictures, and a lady's wheel, new. Call
at 931 Fla. ave. nw., no dealers anplv.
fel 2 -3 t
FOR SALE Set tlnsmrth machines, hand
tools. ladders, etc., cheap. Address
MACHINES, this office. fel-:t
FOR SALE Portable" blacksmith force In
good order. Apply at WIRE WORKER'S.
Rear 921 Dbt.viiw. It-em
FOR SALE Cheap, seven niCelv bound
volumes ot first and second Star Route
trials, at No. 21 R st. nw. lt.em
FOR SALE- Cheap; a fine loft or pedigree
homer pigeons. Call alter 4 o'clock. 2138
I st. mv. fell-3t
FOR SALE Smith Premier typewriter:
good as new; cheap. 606 13th st. nw.,
Jatsemcnr. fell-3t
FOR SALE-Cheap: few hundred feet of
cut building stone. CLARK, 937 D st:
n w. fell-3t
All our" SI!, 52.50 ami $3 "
Snxony AViol German Hand
Knit Jackets and Sweaters.
C. AUKHUACD, 7 & JT, E-t. 1872.
FOR SALE -Latest style D9 ball-bear"
ing Wheeler & Wilson sewing machine:
all attachment-s: or will exchange for
gent's bicycle. 812 D ne. fel0-3t-em
FOR SALE A bargain: my sauare nlano:
6 3-4 octaves: stool and cover: 525 cash.
Call at 1206 I st.se. fel0-3t
FOR SALE-Cheap; a lot of cedar Posts:
alllengthsandsizes;delivered anvwhere in
District Tree. Address FARMER, this or
flce. fel0-3t
FOR SALE Two-horse farm wagon and
harness. Apply PRESTON STABLES.
8th and I sts. nw. fel0-3t
FOR SALE A fine Gabler piano, cheap.
1528 Corcoran st. fe9-3t-em
FORSALE Young Cuban and Mexican par
rots, monkeys, gold fishes, dogs, pigeons,
canaries, incuoators, Spratls and Austin's
dog bread; send for catalogue. SCHMII) S
BIRD STORE, 712 12th bt. nw. ocS-tf
FOR SALE-S2.98 for 0-f'tr extension
table; lounges, 82.50; cook stoves, 5;
hepter, $2.50; parlor and bedroom suites,
$1 per week; cheap cash and credit. RED
MOND, 313 7th st. nw. oc30-tf-em
FOR EXCHANGE-SI ,000 etiuitv in 9
room house and stable: nw.; for city,
county or Alexandria property, stocks or
personal property. OWN Ml, this olfice.
FOR SALE if you think of purchasing
a model home or or making a good in
vestment: call and Inspect the corner double
house, 12th and I sts. ne.: alo the two
story and basement house. 1127 I st. ne.
These houses arc substantially built with
all latest improvements open plumbing,
tiled baths and vestibules, plate glass
storm doors, cabinet mantels.-china clasets.
etc. One square rrom,pablp cars. Low
price, and very easy term. Apply GEO.
P. NEWTON, 1125 1 ft. ife.. or 802 F
st.nw. ' fel2-6t
FOR SALE 11-room andbath briclT
dwelling; 2 bav window: lot 20x84:
house is in good location, northwest: rents
for $60: price reduced to SG.500. HALL
&. JUSTICE, 613 F st.' - lt.em
FOR SALE lth St. dw.. .ot 17x64: 5
frames on property: rented for 550 per
month; price, 511,000." HALL & JUS
TICE, 613 F st. Item
FOR SALE-S3.500 wH.tb.uV a house on
I st. near 2lst; 3-storv. 9 room brick:
nice lot. HALL & JUSTICE. 613 F St.
lt.em x
FOR SALE-Large 12-room dwelling on
B. & O. and electric cars in Maryland;
alxiut 4 acres; out buildings: will exchange
for citv property; bargain. HALL &
JUSTICE. 013 F st. lt.em
FORSALE Two-story and basement brick
house. 6 rms and bath; good vard: good
part Delaware ave. sw.; bargain. at$2.750.
st. nw. fell-2t.em
FOR SALE Brick house: nw.: S rooms: a
bargain: owner leaving, city. Address
SACRIFICE, this office. fell-3t
FOR SALE 8-room, press brick house:
a. in. i.; Q st. nw., between Oth and
8th sts.: 55,500: Address HOME, this
office. JC11-3C
FOR SALE-53.300; No. 210 5th St. se.:
large frame house; lot 30x100: cheap
at $3,700. JOHN F. DONOHOE. 308 E.
Cap. st. . felU-3t-em
"WANTED Tabic boarders: a first-class
New Yew Yorlccatcrcrr first-class table
board at 53.00 and 53.50 per week. 809
llth st. nw. - ' felT-3t-cm
FOR KENT Itetluced: -only' $35.75 mo.;
x-room urick dwelling; all imps,; per
fect repair; 008 5th st. nw. W. C Du
VALL, 925 F st. nw. fel2-BD
FOR RENT 1210 and 1214 7th st. nw.;
rent, $22.50 aud S3.0.50 each; 5 living
rooms; 719 7th st. nw.. large store and
living rooms; rent, reduced from 590 to 575
per month. HALL & JUSTICE. G13
F at. ' It
FOR RENT-205 K st. mv.; SI 5.50: a nice
6-room brick house: no objection to col
ored family. Apply 822 7th st. mv.
FOR RENT 201 D st. nw.; 3-story brick.
2 bay windows; rent reduced from S60 to
510 per month. HALL &. JUSTICE. 613
F st. ' lt
FOR RENT Brick: 7 rooms: m. I.: 1503
10th st.nw.: 822.50. C. BOYER SON.
2 1 4 7th st. bw. fel 1 -tf-em
FOR RENT OHO and 3G4 IfJa. ave. nw..
CHAS. E. BANES, 14th and G sts.
fell -Tit
FOR RENT-64 II st. ne.. stor6. cellar,
stable, etc., 515; 1309 and 131 1 Georgia
ave. se., 0- rooms, $11.30: 4120 Conduit
road. 6 looms, water, stable, grazing, itlO.
Apply at 1848 5th st. nw. fell-3t
FOR KENT No 60 Myrtle st.. 8 rooms
and bath: .'II modern improvements, and
In first-class condition, will 'be-newly pa
pered for a good tenant: only Si 5.40 per
month. Apply to SYNDICATE PUR
CHASING 00.. -123 7tn st. mv. fefl-7t
t - BY
905 K and "n)2 and 904 Mass ave
nw 535.000
G23KAtnw 22,000
170G R I are nw 13.500
Mst, bet 18th and 19th nw 11.500
13th st bet T and U, nw 9.000
218 N J ave be 9.000
M st, betN Cap and 1 st 8.500
3310 O stnw 8,000
6th st, bet Land M, nw 7.500
21431'aavcnw 7,000
1515 28th t mv 0.500
21stst,btLs,ndM nw 5.500
2d st, bet B and C. mv 5,000
G st, bet 2.1 .md 3d. nw
R st, bet 8th nnd 9th. nw
R st, bet 6th and 7th. nw
38 aud 40 R st nw, each
1120 H st :.e
905 C ne
619 Norris place ne
1213 I st ne
316 1-2 and 318 I st se
1112K stse
1134N Jave -e
1-tOtol-lGM tse
419 1st st w
359 0 stsw
1026 S Cup st
Alley, bet 4 1-2 and 6th and H aud
I sw
72 D st ne, 6 mis
74 K. bt ue, 6 niis
615 3d st nvy, 7 nns
213 1st st le. G rms
219 10th sts.-. 10 nns
647 A st .e, 5 rms
415 Del ave .;w, 5 nns
725 2d stsw, 3 rms
2264 Oth st nw, 4 rms
2329 8th st. nw. 5 rms
.. 521 00
.. 10 50
.. 25 00
.. 20 34
.. 15 0O
.. 15 00
.. 12 30
8 00
8 50
Stable rear 1314 Mas. ave nw $12
otrand dwg, ll-6 loth st uw.10
Str and dwg, 19th and E sts nw,
1 0 rms
Str and dwg, 60S La ave nw, 9
Str amVdwg, YY3'N"i:"ave"hV,"
6 rms :..
Wa reho use, 9 1 3 M d a ve s w
60 00
40 00
30 00
25 50
35 00
30 00
20 00
2d floor, 90S F l nw
t-. '-..i , .... r.s - - .
Strand 1 rm. 60S La ave
Str and dwg, 1200 Del ave sw,
5 nns 18 00
The above ''s only a portion of the prop
erty on my oooks. 1-or lull list call at
office for bulletin issued on the 1st and
fe7-tf-em . 917 F st. nw.
aiONEY TO LOAN at the lowest rates
Of Interest, on improved and unimproved
property, in the District of Columbia: no
delay beyond examination ot title. WAL
TER II. ACK':r.7Q4 14th st.nw. fe3-tf
MONEY confidentially loaned upon furni
ture and other good securitie.. without
removal or publicity. 512 13th st. nw.
WANTED -Loan of 52.000 on real estate
at 6 per cent, audone-firth profits. Ad
dress BONANZA, this office. fel0-4t
LOANS made on approved collateral, such
as life policies, stocks, bonds, building
association shares, syndicate certificates,
etc.; noHlelay. YERKES &. BAKER. 1110
F st. Take elevator. tf
EXCELLENT accommodations at the
Northwest -to-age House. 316-31S 8th
nw., for the storage aud care of all kinds
of furnltur". indse.. etc.. iu open, airy
rooms, advances made: goods Insured.
MONEY TO LOAN 51.000 upward, at 5
and 5 1-2 per cent on D. C. real estate:
S250, 5500, etc., at G per cent; all
transactions conducted with economical
conslderatioa for borrowers.
aplO-tf- 1407 F st- nw.
Without pti-lieity or removal, and the
day vou ask for It. We have an euultable
payment plan which greatly reduces the
cost of carrying the loan, aud we will
give you a year's time It you want it
to pay tho same. Business strictly con
fidential. Please call and convince your
self that our rates are the lowest.
fe3-t 610 F St. N.W.
$10 TO 51,000 TO LOAN
Without removal from possession of owner.
You can nave the money the day you
apply for it. Payments on the principal,
ot any amount, will be received at any time,
whlcfi will lessen cost of loan.
No cost lo you if loan Is not made.
Strictly confidential.
PJea-o calt for further Information.
aull-tf-3tn 602 F st.nw.
LOANS of $10 and upward made on Fur
niture, pianos, norses, wagons, etc, at
lowest rates and ou the day you apply. It
can be returned in installments, which re
duces the cost of carrying it- Loans also
made ou the uuilding and loan association
plan. Call and get rates, Trout room, 1st
625 F st. nw. Ja31-t-em
MONEY" TO LOAN on chattel, collateral"
and personal security: diamonds. E. B.
McCO WAN. Room 19, 1410 Est. a27-lm
Y0U CAN borrow money on your rurnilure,
carpets, pianos, mdse., etc. NORTH-
WBSl' STORAGE HOUSE, 310-18 Sth nw.
FOR SALE-Onc big, heavy truck wagon,
suitable Tor hauling of meats or rurul
ture; will sell cheap it sold this week: aUo
a brand new buggy. Address PADGETT.
916 La. ave. nw. rel t-3t
FOR SALE Horse and wagon: cheap; suit
able for driving; no reasonable offer re
FARM, Md. fell-3t
FOR SALE-Fine Virginia horse:' age 6;
weight, 1.000; sound, speedy and hand-
so'ne. 721 8th st. nw. fell-3t
FOR SALE 125 second-hand buggies.
phaetons, traps, surries, buckboards. tea
carts and dayton wagons, express and
delivery wagons: also 100 sets of second
hand single and double harness. 209-1 1-1 3
llth st.. nw., A. J. STABLER & CO.
FOR SALE Side-bar buggy and runa
bout. 1105 llth st. nw. fe9-3t-em
FOR S ALE -Nil e two-wheel herdic cab,
with iusldi lamp: cheap. 727 2d st. nw.
fe8-7t -
quired; nearly new two-storv and attic
dwelling at Brookland D. C: nice, lot; all
kinds rrult; near station: stable and
chicken houses; price reduced to S3.000.
HALL & JUSTICE. 613 F St. lt.em
"WANTED 'lors.stol'o.rdatSirinmonth:
satisfaction guaranteed- jood teams for
hire. OXFORD STABLE, rear 913 N. J.
"ave". nw. te2-tf-em
Washington, Tilexandria
l M
Mount Vernon Railway.
rrom Stntlon, 13 1-2 St. and Pn. Ave.
Ill J-ffecf. No vein her-14, 187v -
For Alexandria (week days). 6.30. 7.05.
7.3o, ex.; 8.00, 8.35, 8.59, 9.G0. 1 0.05,
ex.: 11.00, 11.45 a. m.: 12.05 ex.: i2:2o,
1.10, 1.45, 2.05, ex.; 2.40 3.20, 3.59.
.m, e..,, -i.du, o.on. o.zu ex.:
n .in ci nri .'. .;,. -r..r. n,7Lr -.'..;.
'-' J't J.t :. u.nii. --iiri .til -r.itii. lirill n in
nFor Alexandria (Sundays). '7.45. B.tft. '
9.45, 10.30, 11.15 a. in., 12.00 noOn. 12.45
1.30, 2.15, 3.00, 3.45, 4.-30. 5.15, 0.00.
6.45, 7.30. 8.15, 9.00. 10.00. 11.20 0. lit; i
I-or.Moiiiit Vernon (wceko.iyAi.rt.rtO.rt.i.ii, i
10.05, 11.05. U.OO a. hi., 12:05. 1.15,
2.05, 3.59, 7.06 p. in. ' '
ri' ilouiit Vernon tdundays), 7.45. 9. 15
a. in., 12.00 noon. 2.15. 3.45 and G.15
p. m.
rw Arlington and Afiueducr Bridge
days), 8.00, 8.59, 10.05 and 11 a. m.:
12.05,12.20, 1.15, 2.05. ,2.40. 3.20. 415,
5.20,6.05, 7.06and8.00 p. in.
For Arlington and Aoueduct Bridge
IR(tT ..ui T ATI Q .tn o atl t n on ., -t
a. in.: 12.00 noon. ' 12.45. 1.30.' 2.15.
3.00, 3.45, 4.30, 5.15. 6.00.
I .Ul' CUlt J. III.
Baggage checked free for passengers
holding first-class tickets at station. , Bi
cycles. 2.-, cents each. Parcels carried.
& Ohio By.
Through tlu Grandest Scenery ot
America, All TruliiM Vewtlfrulod,
Eleetrle Llnted, Stuuin Heated;
All 31 en Ik Solved in Dining Curst.
Station Sixth and H Streets.
Schedule in effect January 5. 1898.
2:20 P. M. DAILY Cincinnati and St.
Louis Special Solid train for Cincinnati.
Pullman Sleepers to Cincinnati. Lexington.
Louisville. Indianapolis, and St. Louis.
, without change. Parlor Cars, Cincinnati to
1 Chicago.
I ll:lO P. M. DAILY F. F. V. Limltcd-
Solid train for Cincinnati. Pullmau Sleep
. ers to Cincinnati. Lexington and Louis
ville v, itliotit change, open for reception
of passengers at 0 P. ni. Pullman Com
partment Car to Virginia Hot Springs, with
out change, Ttiesdn vs. Thursdays, and Sat
urdays, connection daily. Sleepers. Cin
cinnati to CWcugo and St- Louis.
10:57 A. M., EXCEPT SUNDA1 -Parlor
Car, Washington to Richmond and Rich
mond to Old Point. Only rail line via
Fenn. R.. F. & P.. and C. & 0- Railways.
;:'J0 P. M. DAILY For Gordnnville.
Charlottesville. Staunton, and ror Rich
mond, daily, except Sunday.
Reservation and tickets at Chesapeake
and Ohio offices, 513 and 1421 Pennsyl
vania avenue, and at the station.
nol6-am-tf General Passenger Agent..
WE rurnlsh European females-specially.and
some country and city help. ref. r.VU-
LELLE EXCHANGE. 736 llth nW.
FOR SALE Stock of grocery and feed
store, and coal yard: stable and dwelling:
store ror rent. cor. hherman m;- aim
Sherman si., jut. rieamuu. "--
FOR RENT -Space In a store on one of
the most desirable corners in the city;
suitable for kid gloves or other laaie'
articles. Address A. B. C. this ofrice.
FOR SALE -Small milk route- Apnlv
710 4 1-2 st. aw., call in afternoon
FOR SA LE - Enterprise Dairv Luuch room.
525 10th. doing cash business: averag- j
ing 512; open for iniestlgauou: business,
can Ue doubled by a live man who will give ,
it attention from Gov't buddingalone. 5250;
owner engaged In other business, fel 2-3t
For SALE -Grocery store, this stand is an
exceptional bargain, investigation so
licited, established cash trade: rent only
522; store anil Hat: excellent neighborhood:
price, 5350. DUNLAP.906 Fst. rel2-3t
FOR SA LE -Lunch room, splendid location:
near department building; dailys.iles.S20:
lns rent, reasonable price, uus LAP. 900
' st. rel2-3t
FOR SAL!. Cigar store; satisfactory
reasons glveu why ofrered: regular mint
to party understands business; pnc. $350
l"Al,.c Jiowii and balance easy. DUNLAP.
900 F st. fet2-3t
HOUSE for rent; furniture for sale; 16
rooms, completely furnished: cheap to
cash purchaser. Intiuireat 509 E st nw.
FOR SALE The best corner grocery store
in the nw., rentofhouse. store nnostiiiio.
oou, ciean stocic anutixtures. trice.
c... nne location, witn no oppo.lti
worm twice tins amount.
510 F at- nw.
rUK SALE-LUIirh room. With 5 furnished
rooms upstairs and hceu.se, 5400: sure
money-maker because so arranged. 2 living
rooms and store cost free rent. 467 G st. '
"- fell-3t-
FOR SALE A grocery, meat and Pro
vision store In the northwest, cash sales.
5350 to 8400 weekly, owner desires to
leave city. GROCERY, this office.
FOR SALE Two fine grocery stores: both
In good locations; fine fixtures and stock;
no reasonable ofrer refused. COMMER
CIAL, 510 1" st. nw. fel0-3t.em
FOR SALE $200 will buy best-paving
grocery store In city: rent only $15: good
reason why offered. COMilERCIAL. 510
F st. nw. fel0-3t,em
FOR SALE A rare chance Tor a good
mecliainc or an office man to buy a
one-third interest in a wcll-establisncd
business doing model making and genera!
machine work; alv. gold, silver and nickel
plating and chandelier refinishing; bi-
cycle repairing and sundries: can
for selling is sicknes... Price. $1,000.1
Call on or address GEO. S. DOREJH'S.
414 llth at. nw.
FOR SALE Stock of grocery aud feed
store, and coal yard: stable and dwelling:
store for rent. Cor. Shermauave. and Sheri
dan st.. ait. Pleasant. fel0-3t
TOR SALE Stock or groceries, rixtures.
horse and wagon, business established 25
year, splendid corner: rent. S35. including
rooms anu o.itn: o years lease on nuiid-
Ing: good reason for selling. 666 Mass.
ave. ne. fel0-3t
SHELDON & NEELY. Philadelphia barbers.
are cutting hair in the latest style, for 15
cents. 13th and G sts. nw. fel0-3t
FOR SALE Poolroom. 5350: ccst 5550:
dally receipts, 55 to 56: rent. SI 5
Fl'LfON It. GORDON, Atlantic bldg.
FOR SALE Coal yard, saw mill, engine,
horse and cart; canal and O st. sw.:
851)0. uLTO-i It. GURiJUN. Atlantic
Bldg. fel0-3t
FOR SALE Lunchroom: near new Dost-
otrice:S7o0: sle. 8:0 to 84o daily. rtiL-
TON It. GORDON, Atlantic Bldg. rel0-3t
FOR SALE Furniture, boarding-house:
10 completely fur. rooms; all occupied:
respectable, central location: rent reduced
532; genuine bargain. DUNLAP, 906 F
st. ?10-3L
FOR SALE Stock groceries and fix
tures; awning; horse and wagon: no rea
fonable orfer rerused: must be sold at once.
82 K st. ne. fe9-3t-em
FOR SALE Lurch room and oyster lioue:
doing fair ..isiuess; cheap. 8th and E sts.
se. fe7-7t-eni
LOST -Strayed from 917 19th St.. a hair- '
bred collie dog: named Mores. Tag No.
2254. A suitable reward will be given
on return. fel2-3t
LOST On Feb. 9. a package containing I
15 Cabinet nhotos of a Iadv..addressed
to L. t. Dow. Ho 4 1-2 st. sw. Finder j
will be rewarded by returning them to Mr. j
Dow or J. J. Faber, you ru. ave. it
LOST Female collie: answers -to name r
Lassie. Liberal reward if returned to
aiR. STRONG. 511 1st st. ne. fel2-3t
10, from No. 2. Whyler's court nw.,
brown cocker spaniel: Fritz: spotted white:
bhort tail: tag 38760: reward K returned.
CHARLES G0RDEN. fell-3t-em
LOST One p. in. of Feb. id, cor. 12th
and F sts. nw.. or Columbia Theater,
lady's gold watch: engraved. Howard if
left at 512 13th .st. nw.e - ell-3t
LOST A box with skirts inside;, reward If
returned to 1208 5th st.'tiw." fcl0-3t-em
LOST An Odd Fellows-charm: hand and
S. G. P. on one sine: three links on the
other; reward. PULLIAM. 507 2d St. nw.
" felO.tuCthu.xit.tt
LOST- S5 .toward On morning of F6b.
8. small male lorkshiro terrier; answers
to name D-mdee: license 7.96 1. Mr.
ACOSTA. 1743 N st. mv. fe9-6t
5 FOR RENT I'A'ltaiS.
FOR ItENT Six mils from citv. 15
acres or clear lima: 3-mom house: well,
chicken house: one . small outbuilding:
good roads $S. FARM-r-W'SEU-. this
ofrice. fel I -3t
7:50 A. M. week days-PITTSBURG E2C
PJCESS Parlor and Dining Cars, Harrls
- bur to Pittsburg.
Pullman Slecplng.Dining. Smoking and
Obhervrttlon Cars, JJurri .borg to Chicago.
Cincinnati. lrifil;in;iDItx. Ht. l-nil-;. I'lfvi-
laiifi mid Toledo.
Buffet Parlor Car to
i ... - .."...., -. .
I'nrVir (.'ar to HnrrlNburg. Buffet Parlor
Car, Hirrlrthurg to Pittsburg.
.".'lb f. M Clin AGO AhlJ ST. LOUIS
Kxprun -HJe'pJng Car Wasblngtoa to St.
LmilR, and Sleeping and Dining Cars Har
rloburg f Ht. Louis. Nashville (-ia Cin
''nnatii and Chicago.
man Sleeping Car to Pittsburg, Chicago,
and HarflAbiifg to Cleveland. Dining Car
to Chicago.
, Pullman Sleeping Cars, Washington to
I'lttslnirg, and Harrtshurt: to 8t. Lf.uls
and Cincinnati. Dining Car.
10MO V. il. l'firu, riv-icESS Pnlt-
.IV.aIl R,eVin. Car .5 riUsl.urg.
" .-"' t-uin, .uaiiu.tiKuu. iiocnes-
ter mm Niagara -ulls daily, except eiun-
10:50 A. J., for Elmira and Renovo daily,
except .-tutiiUy. Por Williamsport daJlv.
8:40 p. in.
7:20 P. ai. for WilJiamsport. Rochester.
Erie. Buffalo, and Niagara Falls, daily. -except
Saturday, with Sleeping Car.
Washington to Buffalo.
10:40 P. M. for Erie. Canandaigua. Roches
ter, Buffalo and Niagara Kails dailj',,.
Pullmau Sleeping Car Washington to
Rochester Saturdays ouly.
For Philadelphia, New York and the
4:00 P. ar. "CONGRESSIONAL Liar-
. ITED," daily, nil Parlor Cars, with Din
ing Car from Baltimore. Regular at 7:0O
(Dining Can. 8-00. 9:00, 1000 (Dining '
Can. and 11:00 Dlnlng Car from Wil
mington) a. m.: 12:45.315.4-20.6:50.
10:00 ami 11:50 p. rn. On Sunday. 7:00
f Dining Can. 8:00. 900. 11:00 (Dining
Car from Wilmington) a. in.; 12:15, 315.
4:20. 6 50. 10:00 and 11:50 p. in. For
Philadelphia only, fast express.. 7:50 a.
m., week days. Express. 1215 u- ni..
week days, 2:01 and 5:40 p. in. dailv.
For Boston without change. 7:50 a. m..
week days, and 4:20 n. in., daily.
For Baltimore. 6:25. 7:00. 7:50. S:00.
9:00. 10:00. 10:50 and 11:00 a. in.:
12:15. 12:45. 12:58. 2:01, 3:i5. 3:10.
4:00 (Limited). 1:20. 4.36. 5:40. 6:15.
6:.o, ,:20, 10.00, 10.40. 1 1:15 and
11:50 p. in. On Sunday. 7:00. 3:00.
9:00, 9:05. 10:50. ll-.OO a. ni.. 12:15.
VIZ' "Jlr ;:15- y:i0- l-on 'Limited).
V,'n 5:1?.G:-1'' 6:5- 7:20- 10:0.
10:40 and 11:50 p. m.
For Pope's Creek Line. 7:50 a. rn. and
4,.(, p.m.. dally, except Sundav.
For Annapolis. 7:00. 9:00 a. in.. 4-20
and 5:40 p. m., dally, except Sunday,
isundays. 9:00 a. ni. and 4:20 p. ni.
Atlantic Coast Line -"Florida Special."
for Jacksonville. St. Augustine and
ia.."?ia.:-0 p.' m- eek-days: Express
for I-lorida and Points on Atlantic Coast
Line. 4M0 a. m. .2:16 p. m dailv. Rich
mond only. 10:57 a. m. week-da vs? At
lanta Special, via Richmond and Sea
board Air Line. 4:0 p. ni. dailv. Ac
commodation ror Ouantleo. 7:45 a. ri.
dally and 4:25 p. m. week-davs.
Seashore Connection-..
FRri,iM.'an.,lc rity fia Delaware River
.i(Jrr" Pn'raU route' 3-13 o- - daily;
Ma Marketstreet wharf. lO.OOandll 00
p" in" iafii5 P" '" wcek "lays and 11:30
". "e '. u:oo a. m. week-iLivs:
It III. IlitllV.
-,1-kl-l omces mrn.r iriri..,.,.i. -., r
i ,rc?t;s w'ler.e oroers can be left for the
, .,"':', r "??lf1ce to destination tront
V r m"A-,irrvo- r.
r S" 4-7kS Usu-N' "funeral Manasrer-
...... ..v,v., -.jiui.i t -s'tK-er.iseiit.
southern Railway,
a u fScteduJe in effect Jan. 17. 1898 )
All trains arrive and leave Pennsylvania
Passenger Station cunHi-aiiia
F .ST3 VI,i7Da,lir-theU-VITE, STATES
i-Ater MAIL, enrreg Pullman Rurrer
Jacksonville, uniting at Salisbury ..ItU
SrJrin"," "leeJier " AshevlIIe and Hot
Springs, .,. C, Knoxvilie and Chatta
noogji renu.. and at Charlotte with Pnll-'"i-Vr.
SieSPer Cor Al,!-'sta. Pullman Buffet
Sleeper.New York to New Origins, c .innect
i,llfalA,Ian.a Birmingham and Mem-
phis Connects at Lynchburg wit cK:
peake and Ohio Railroad Tor Lexington ami
Natural Rride. iiniiv s.ii.rv Jr.. V..,ill
ItigtontoNewOrleanswithout change Sun-
set ners.m'itl v- . r..i-.,,..i .......... "
through sleeper on t lis train SrVTrViiS EL
dar jm1 Saturday to s-nn Feinriat. -!M.
isco. with-
uu' ciwilge.
4:01 P. III. Local for Front Rnr.il fir ..
burg and Harrisonburg, daily, excent Sun-
4.19 n. in. Dnilv lnc.il fnr rhnrlntloo-
ville. "
6.00 p. m. Daily, except Sunday. NEW
posed or Pullman's latest Drawing-room
Compartment. Library. Observation and
Dining Cars, for Jacksonville and St.
Augustine, and drawing-room" car ror
' Augusta, with connection for Aiken.
j 10:43 p. m. Daily WASHINGTON AND
ITED. composed of Pullman Vestibuled
sleepers, dining cars, anil dav coaches.
Pullman Sleepers New York to XasIiriftV.
Tcnn.. via A shvlte. Knoxvilie and Chat
tanooga: New York to Tampa, via Char
lotte, Columbia. Savannah and Jackson
ville, uniting at Danville with Pullman
Sleeper from Richmond to Augusta, via
Columbia, with connection for Aiken. S.
C: New York to Metnphi. via Birming
ham". New York to New Orleans, via At-
' lanta and Montgomery. Vestibuled day
mHoh Wnshinirtm n. itKmo ..fi,.,.
Railway Dining Car. Greensboro to Mnnr-
i gomery.
lllrtiS lis liASHIMilUN MI OHIO
DIVISION leave Washington 901
dailv and 4: 15 p. m. dailv. excent Sundav.
andi,: 10 p. in. Sunday onlv for Round Hill;
4:32 p. in. dailv. except Sundav. for Lees
burg. and 6-1O p. m. dailv for Herndon.
Returning, arrive at Washington. 3 -26 p.
and 3:00 p. m. dailv. from Round
yj ani 7-06 a
I .i-l-' rr,..n Tiom.V
daily, except Sun
day, from Herndon. and S:.4 a. m. dailv.
except Sunday, rrom Leesimrg.
Through trains from the South arrive at.
Washington 6:42 a. m.. 2:20 p. m. and
9:35 p. 111. dailv. and 9-45 a. m d.-llv. ex
cept Monday. Harrisonburg. 12:40 p.m..
anil 9:35 p. in daily, except Sunday, and
S:30 a. m. dailv. from Charlottesville.
Tickpf. sleening car reservation and in
formal ion r nrnisliPd at otrlce-. 705 1 r;tb st.
nw.. 511 Pennsylvania avenue, and at
PonnsvlVAm-i PnltroP'' l'iienr SMnu.
F. S. OA.VNOV, :M Vice President
ami Go'ipml Jiiinnfer.
.7. ai. CT.T. Traffic Armiajrr.
AV. A. Ti-l'K, (Jen. Vn--. Aivnt
L. S. UltOlV.V, (.on. Azt. TV.s. Dept.
Norfolk and Washington
Every day In the year for Fortress
Monroe. Norfolk. Newport News and
all points South by the superb, pow-
erful steel palace steamers, "New-
port News," "Norfolk" and "Wash-
mgton," on the follow ins schedule:
Leave "Washington 7:00 p.m.
Leave Alexandria 7:30 p.m.
Arrive Fort Monroe 7:00 a.m.
Arrive Norrolk 8:00 a. m.
Arrive Portsmouth 8:15 a.m.
Leave Portsmouth 5:30 p.m.
Leave Norfolk 6:10 p.m.
Leave Fort Monroe ":? P- '"-
Arrive Alexandria 6:30 a. m
Arrive Washington 7:00 a. 111.
' Visitors to Chamberlln'a new hotel,
"The Hygela." and Virginia Beach
will rina this the most attractive
- route, insuring a comfortable night's
Large and luxurious rooms, heated
by steam and fitted throughout with
electric lights. Dining-room service la
a la carte, and Is supplied from the
best that the markets or Washington
and Norfolk afford.
Tickets on sale at IT. S. Express
office, 817 Pennsylvania avenue, 1 J
619, 1421 Pennsylvania avenue", B.
& O. ticket office, corner 15th street
and Now York avenue, and on board
( steamers, where tuna table.map, etc..
cau also bo had.
Any other information desired will
be furnished on application to the uu-
derslgned at the company's wharr,
foot of Seventh St.. Washington, D. t.
Tel.phona No. 750.
.TNO. CALLAHAN, General Manager,
re 23
w-ANTED Pr cash, all .ml
f United
States postage and i!eourtm..it stamps.
.coili'Ot.'cm 'dso bought. ..- r- 1 ..h. -UuRST.
10-J5 7lh st. u . fiM-tr-em-
a. HI. M.-I1-- Ir-l r. ..
Statmton afiV,ay Kattoc- connects at
t.JI, "' da!,?r except Sundav. and at
Lynchburg with the Norrolk and Western
aianassa. for Strasbnr,. irr.iV..h...r.':

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