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WANTEDl carpenter who understands
jobbing... C. bunAis. 1503 Fa.avc.nw..
kiue gate. ,il
AVANTEl) Colored lov to work about
home, must nave ief.; wages ner
month,.Apply 0$0 Pa. avc. uw.. up-
Btaira. I reiu-3t
"WANTED A good salesman for t be grocery
trade- 'Auuiwi J. c'tm-s olfice-
lif YOU a lit good places call at EX
CHANGE UKEAU, 721 13th St. inv.
lt ,
"WANTED At once, a bartender; must be
wed recommended. Addiess HONESTY,
this orfice. It
AA'AN'TEDA good while Darner, at 2r8
Ttli st. kw. It
AY-ANT?El")--A registered druggist as mana
ger, Addiess CAMi 11 cut, mis in f ice.
AA'ANTEDHrigut, reliable white boy, about
18, with -bicycle, to collect "bills: Mate
use, aUUiesb, leierence, awl wages, ex
pected. Addres STEAD 1' JOli.this orfice.
It i
AVANTED. Drivers, gardeners, waiters
typewriters; at once. CENTJtAL EX
CHANGE, Co8 12th st. nw., basement
itoom 'I. " It
WANTED -Smart boy to clean shoes and
make himself userul. HOTEL JOHN
"WANTED A colored waiter,
ave. nw.
349 Fenn.
AVANTED 4 hod. earners, 12th and Co"
lumhiu road It-em
WANTED-Be-st help: all kind-.: with ret.:
rurnisnetl Tree, uroii postal. CE:s i KAL.
EXCHANGE. 008 12th st. mv. fel5-7t
AVANTED A boy of rood character to'
assist in men' luruislung Uept. Address
A. G. B., this, otfice. fel5-3t
WAft J'jc-D i HM-la.ss hreail baker, one
capable or baking for 250 people. THE
GENOA. SOG, bOS, and 810 12th it. uw.
"WANTED A young man to work
aroimti bakery aim ni.uo mmsell general
ly useful; small wages. Apply 2814 l-lth
bt. nw. fe!5-3t
WANTED -Canvasser,: big money in if
call tier. 10 and 11 a. in. Applyor write
HARRY BARBOUR. 1321 F st-uw.
f el 4-3t-em
WANTED -At City Intelligence Office,
cooks, waiters, dishwasher, drivers, la
Iwrers. watchmen, boys, gardeners. Janitors.
427 11th $t. nw. fel0-7t
AVANTED Tailoiess to alter men's clotl.
mg: must be e.vpeneiieeu; none other ncea
appiy. ifc.V YOKlC LiuiiH-Mi HOUSE,
il 7th st. u w. lt
WANTED A reliable woman to cook,
warn, and iron. Apply, itn reieience,
arter p. m., 1123 iui .s. nw- It
WAN"! ED Coloieil woman, auptv after 10
o'clock. ia40 U St. nw., basement door,
WANTED Chambermaids, housekeepers,
and girl, -aged 17. CENTRAL. EX
tliA.U., 0u& l2tn st. nw., tuisemeut
Kuom 1. It
WA NTED Firsi-lass wait ress; wages, 25
also cooks, chambermaids, nurses, and
hi impresses. EXCBANuE BUKfcAi , 721
13th sr. nw. It
"WANTED Eudy for our new department:
one having experience as saleslady pre
ferred. Apply 10 a. in.. WAftiiiNuTON
PHOTO.'' li.MAui,iIh.T CO., 42l 7th
bt. II W. , ... It
y I
Hi mill 18 yearh, a.& a niouel; good pay
tn suiuHDle partj.
Auuie&s j. r. u
i hi
ALU .iO"J Jemales can get employment
by having goouielerence: European help
a speialti. "JCA..LitLiL.E, &Ai.il.U'iib,
736 HID st. lltf. It
A'ANTED--Lady of education, not under
20. Inour order depart ineut; 56 weeklysal
arj Apply Wednesday at 10 o'clock to
.I. M. EtaACH, lOOG F st-. 2d fluor. It-em
AVANTEI By 2 respectable girls place
as chambettnahl-. or lo clean office. 1 020
N J. a.ve- felo-3t-em
"WANTED A, woman lor general house
work, must stay nights. 324. 14th st. sw.
WANTED A stromr healthy woman tor
general liuuMS'uork, to ko to Atlantic I
tuy for the summer; must be good rook
aud laundress, tall at 812 12th t. inv.
WANTED At once; reliable salesladies;
must Jsiive experience m drj- goods; none
other need apply; reference required. BEE
HIVE, 31 UM St. n w. felo-3t
WANTED Canvasserb for House, ore. and
orfice; article new to Washington. Ad
dres.s PINE PILLOWS, this otfice.
"WANTED- Woman to do plain cooking.
also girl as chambermaid. 2 in lauuly
1 702 1 -2 10th st- inv
WANTED 3 ladles lor light work; $7.50
per -.reek guaranteed. Call 308 lOth
bt. uw., 2d floor. fel4-3t-em
AVANTEDr-At Citv Iutelhgccno Office.
cooks, chambermaids, general house
workers.iifOce cleaners, seamstressies. Iaun
tiresses. places ruruisbed till suited.
SHACKLEFOKD'S, 427 11th st. nw.
AVANTED Several liustler& of either tex.
with energy and perseverance, can make
$15 per week. Apply at Koom 4, 608 !
a- &t. nw. it
WAXTEDTWhlte man and"Avife7uo child
ren, to work, woman for housework: man
fur rarmwork, or a settled white woman.
c all a r 20 N st- se., after 5 p. m.
AVA N Tia jty competent white woman and
colored woman, general housework; cham
bermaid or nurse; rers. 1702 1-2 10th st.
nw fel4-3t-em
AVANT.EDFJrbt-cla.ss help with Rood refs.
fut- free of charge, drop postal. COM
AVANTED Clerical position by educated
man; aged ay; ood bookkeeper and
correspondent, 25 yeans' mercantile ex
perience. United States and England, would
travel: excellent lererences. Address
CHALAVO, this orrice. fel6-3t
AVANTED Situatioiidnvinggroeery -wagon,
will take wages out in groceries. Apply
or write 1425 32d st. fel6-3t
AVANTED By young man of experience.
Position as clerk or collector; bond and
rers. furnished. Addiess j. o. L., this
orfice. feiG-3t
WANTED Carriage and Avagon black
smith wants joU wood hand. Address
SMITH, this office. rel-3t
ANYONE procuring me good position,
paying .SM',5 or more a mouth. I will
pa j Si 5 per month as long as retained',
t ongresioual Library preferred. Address
DISCREET, this office. felC-3t
WANTED Situation by first-class market
KniUenex, or conservatory work; wire
cm manage poultry; bea: or reference. H.
,N I LO R,cu re Mr. Balingcr, Alexandria , Ya.
AVANTED Young man, 23, practical busi
ness expetieuce. accurate, methodical.
quick, good at figures, reliable, sober, best
AA'AN i ED Position as manager, by a
thorough meat cutter and grocery clerk.
Afldres-j II. A., this office. fel5-3t
AVANTED Situation by colored man, 22:
experienced waiter; also elevator run
ner; references. PATRICK. 1210 10th st.
nw. 1I r,-3t
AVANTED JJy yoUng Ehocmaker or re
pairer; will work cheap for a start: can
fumish rer. SHOEMAKER, this office,
f el 4-3 tra
AVANTED Situation by white man: firstT
class meat cutter and grocery clerk;
liest reference. SINGLE MAX. tins of
fice. fel4-3t
AVANTED Position by a first-class meat '
cutter and grocery clerk: reasonable
wages, references. 2012 0th st. mv.
WANTED Best help: all kinds: with ref.:
furnished free; drop postal. CENTRAL
LXCHANGE. COS 12th sU nw. fe!5-7t
AVANTED Lady agents to take order. Ap-'
ply 493 Ta. ave.: rif-vrnst.nir foin.it
ply 493 Ta. ave.; downstairs. felG-3t
v.vu WW, uroucB jjosuiou in or out oi i nrfce. BOX 30. th s office. It
tiiwn lC'1i.'U ,.. ..fn.. , - o. ' lJllv-,- UV-1- ", lino mini. -It
TOivrfn 7t7 Zi : 1 AVANTED Experienced lad' wants to
tri-er 7T" ,.,? i7omn a? cor1nilln l rcnt a H'nlng-rooni, well located. E. P.,
drier, bj an intelligent gentleman of this office. fel5-3t-cm
pleashiK address. Address or call. 401 I - - ujuji iui
Md. ave. sw. fel5-3t-em AA'ANTED What have you in furntshed
WANTED-rrcash. nil kinds of United
States postage and department stamps;
Collections iIsq bought. H. r. DUNK - t
XIOUST. 1005 7ch bU uw- "e7-tf-ein
"WANTED A reliable womatf, who is in
necessity, wouldjike to.na.vc uress cutting
ami rittlug, aud doing sewing also. Ad
dress 1(11 9th st. nw. lt
"WANTED By colored girl, situation to do
general housework? reierence given. Call
Sn uerrees st. nw. "" It
"WANTED Arespectable girl wants a place
as chambermaid or. nurse: can rurnish
reference. 1925 12th st. lt
"WANTED By" colored woman, washing or
cleaning; reierence given. Call t rentun
plice nw., MRS. CROSBY fe!6-3c
.DltESSMAKER, good cutter and "fitter;
tailor system, will sew in private house.
Address Box 687, City P. 0. fe!G-3t
"WANTED Good white cook wisiies place in
country; will attend poultry. EXCHANGE
BUREAU, 72113.Hi st. uw. It
WANTED General lioiue or cbnnilierwork,
by young colored girl. 85 Penton Kt.
ne. - , fel!-3t;
WANTED General housework, cooking
or laundry work, bv young colorcii girl
with lefs. 952 Grant ave. felG-3t
WANTED By a respectable colored girl. a
place as general houseworker in t-mnll
family, no washing. Apply 615 4th st.
nw. -- . fel0-3t
WANTED Sewing bv first-class dress
makerorNcw York. Mrs. L. A. CROUCH.
517 L st. nw. fel6-3t
WANTED By colored woman, washing to i
do by day; or housework: references.- 1241
25th st. uw. ' ltem
WANTED -By cdlore'd girl, general liousc
work or chambermaid. IH03 12th st,
nw. felo-3t-em
wivtpii "tlv iio-ii r.lroil .r,rl nWro ni-"0lt RliiN'J Coilllot table rooms at 1WI
AIl.ll lij Heat Coioreu girl, place as I miiviIiIp mlis- rnn. russ flu. ilonr HR1
thambermaid oi nurse place; can lurnish i uimri .,S uJ P S roir, -r '
reierence. Pleas; call ur address 158 btn i!i,S;0lln -l " lel &
! ' ""'
nw, Jt-em
i-tT hV7ii 7iTriI7i .MTroinr.A-iirT,
or hotel
days, or send 732 4th su nw
WANTED By -widow with her baby; place
in a private family. Address letter-, to
HOME, this orfice. It-em
WANTED A icspccta ble colored girl wants
a good home m a nice family. Answer
y man, 2-id.i tn st. nw. reir-at
"WANTED By Colored woman to do general
housework, cooking, or laundry work, m
boarding-house; reference. 1 300 5th st. nw.
WANTED By flret-clas lnunilres, wash
ing to do. refs. 1.752 T st. nw. fel4-3t-em
WANTED By nice colored mrl. place to
cook or do general housework. 1401 8th
rt. n w. fel4-3t,em
WANTED -Place to do housework in
small fumily;-orciiatuhermald'ur nurse.
A. DAVIS. Uoodhope P. 0.. D .C.
WANTED By respectable colored wo
maii.wasiimgto doathome: none.-1, with
refs.. Address -108 Washington st. nw.
"WANTED By a thoroughly competent
woman, a place as cook; wants fioni
?ir to $20. Address E. C J., tins ojfice-.
iei4-3t i -'
"WANTED By white Woman, situation as
pLiin cook; references. 1503 N. Cap.
st. uc. fel-l-3t
"WANTED A good lathe, must lie jii good
tiiiiditioii. ami Cheap. Auutcss E.Vi HE.
this orrice.
WA'NTED Dlmngrooiu license.
St. uw.
f el 6-31
52S 12th
or pawn
WA.VTED-Totlniy a solit.-ihe
ring or studT alout":t airats.
ticket for .same; must 1 cneap.
CAilAJ', tnls office, iriving details.
rel-3t -J
AVANTED Second-hand wheel; 26-inch
lrame. Acdrc&s, with price and descrip
tion, HA Id, lh!$ office. fel6-3t
AVANTED A sef of1 black&mith'i tools:
must lie cheap. Address 415 ti 1-2 st. sw
fel6-3t '
AVANTED Small Miapliot koctik: with or
wltliout outfit, state lowest price. Box.
Ill, th is ofrice. felo-3t-em
AVANTED A grocer's icetnix in good con
dition: hold 600 or 800 ice. J. E.
CRITTENDEN, 10th apdC ne. It-em
AVANTED To sell or trade for good cow
or buggy, one sound black horse, suit-
able for milk
delivery wagon. Call
R. K.. Kiisslyn, Va.
or address B. Jc P
AVANTED 1 ca'sn"Tegi?ter, 1 counter. IS
ft., Avit h brackets; l corree urn, l milk
urn: IS tables, 3 or doz. chairs. Apply
at i7o; :i5tn st , between tne hours or
o and G o'clock. fel2-7t-em
AVANTED 25 to 30-h. p. engine and Iwiler,
saw null and planer. AUuresx fcAV MILL,
this orrice. J felo-3t
AVANTED 25 good" dairy cows. Address
COWS, this office. fe!5-3t
AA ANTED-A Secouil-hanil Smith Premier
or Remington tviwwriter: mus le m
good cuiidition and cheap. Address H..
this office. fel3-3t
AVANTED I want to do vour typewriting
at 25 cents ier thousaail words: K-it-
lsraction guaranteed. Send manuscript
to U., 102313th st. nw. fel."-3t
AVANTED To buy n peanut riister and
popcorn outfit. 12,30 G st. nw.
AVANTED An- emerald, weighing from 1-2
to Ik. Address M. A. C, this office, giv
ing weight and price. fel5-3t
DK0r POSTAL or consult JONES. 1004
Mass. ave. If you have any furniture,
carpets, m l'c.. etc to OIspohc of. En
tire houses i specialty- Guarantee the
best results. fe9-tf
WANTED T J BUY OR SELL machinery of
all descriptions: such as steam "engines,
ljoilers, ele-?tor;. electric motors, "plat
form scales, ropes, nullevs. cas ffxtures.
steam, v.at-r. ami gas nines-, also old iron,
brass, copper, lead. zinc, books and paper
block: for which I pav highest marketnnce.
H. BEKNHEIMEU.930 C st. nw.
WANTED Highest cash pneca paid" for
household 'uruiture, office and store
fixtures, eto . consult mo first: drop postal
or call. H KOSENBEKG, 8th and D sts.
nw. fe3-lmo,etu
OLD BOOKS I pay cash for all kinds or
old, miscellaneous books; will call, ex
amine and make offer at residence: drop
under Second National Bank; JAMES
O'NEIL. Prop.500 7thst. nW; JalC-lm.
HIGHEST cash prices paid Tor second
hand furniture, carpets, pianos: entire
houses: stocks of all kinds. Address JONES.
1004 Mass. ave. nw. de7-3mo
AVANTED By March 1, 3 unfurnished, com
municating rooms, for light housekeep
ing; heat, light, andgns for cooking; price
not to exceed $11 month; nw. preferred.
Address GOOD PAY, this office. rclG-3t
WANTED Fur. rooms Avith heat. 1st
floor, bet. 7th and 13th; $e, payable
every 4th; by timet couple with one child.
Address EMPLol' ED, Uiisoffice. lt
AVANTED By a lady, on a lettered st.
nw., 2 unf uniished rooms, for light house
keeping; with gas, heat, in one room, and
one small furnished bedroom: pay in ad
vance; price not to exceed $10 per month.
Addiess S. PERMANENT, this office.
feJ6-3t .
WANTED Nicely furnished room: be
tween 5th and 10th. .and E and II sts.
nw.; bj- 2 gentlemen. Address, stating:
rooms, light housekeeping; answer ns
to price and conveniences. HIGBY. this
office.. fel5-3t
AVANTED Furnished room with privileges
and no question1, by oulet single gent:
near Pension Office. Address QUIET P.,
this office. fcl4-3t
.ROOMS PAPERED with latest style" of
gilt paper, $2 ,up, LEPUEUX, 493 Md.
ave. fell-6t-em
FOR RENT Beautirul 3d floor front room;
with good lioard; $32 Tor two persons;
fine location. 710 12th st. nw. fel6-3t
WE AVILL give one year's board free" to
any person runiishlng seven bills of fare
tone week) from oiny place in this or anj
othercity, where $5and $6 a Avcek Ischarg
cd, that will compare with our $4 a Aveek
table board: we also have nice rooms, with
M cam heat and electric lights. "THE
GENOA, SOG, 808, and 810 12th Ft. nw.
1- OR KENT Rooms. Avilh hoard; suitabhe
for young men; home comforts: terms
reasonable. 051 Mass. ave. fcl5-26
AVAXTED 2 boarders" for a nice front
room: first-nlft'SH linnnl: host: nH
gas: $30 per month Tor two. 2037Hst.nw.
FOR RENT-Fur. room with board. '709
. 8i1( SL'JL5L' fe!4-3t-em
TyFa3fVTOioQMTSfc ftO TRt
- 21,ui2 & ner ay- felwist
NICE ROOMS and excellent board, $15 to
$20 per mo. 1019 Sth st, nw. fel3-7t
FOR HENT Rooms; 2 in suite, with
private t)ath; for light housekeeping:
from 7 to $1.0. 103 2d at. nw. fcIU-Bt
l?Ott RENT U05 8tn st. nw., fur. or un
lur., for light Housekeeping; 1st and 2d
floor; all conveniences. JtolO-3t
FOR RENT 1 to 5 bright., attractive
rooms; 1809 l&lh st, lor lignt house
keeping; hot water; heat: prhate family:
price very moderate. fe!K-7t
FOR KENT 512 E st. nw.", well furnished
rooms; heat, gas, and bath; $6 up
L.1U11T HOUSEKEEPING 2 front rooms:
2d rioor; fur. complete; Cooking utensils:
disne, Datn, hot water, sewing machine;
15 per mouth. 810 6tn sU sw- lt
"FOR KENT oTaT E st". inv.; Jarue. well
furulshed room; heat, lias andsWith.
fel2-3t-eod . i
FOR KENT 2 fur. rooms with light. Heat
aiidpnvil3ges,?6. 2HQst.nw :
fel5-3trem , ' j j- - ,
FOR KENT -3 rooms: 3d floor: llglll, hdat.
gas Tor cooklisg; $1 5 per mo. f4.0lf,Es.t
Capitolst. fel5t-um.
FoiC RENT Fur. rooms; 1 4th floor yodm
table board. 707IIst.nw. feJL5-3irm
FOR KENT -Elegant rooms: lsf. '2d and
3d floors;fur. ami unfur.; a. in. i-126
F st. nw. felO-3tem
FOR. KENT Fur. rooms on isl.dlf and
3d floors; mi to one parry .ri.iyi.inite;
a. in. i.; by the day. week r jnonth.
1338 H St. nw. fel5-t
FOR KENT 2 very desirable rooms, on
third lloor; very reasonable, with hoard.
1)5 1 Mass. ave. nw. fel5-3t
lou kk.nt-nai ntn st. nw.: pleasant
i10!''; wo nice rooms; furnished: light
JFOit KENT 2 lar;e rooms, furnished or
unfurnished, with privileges. AVI DOW.
this office. fcl4-3l-ctn
FOR RENT 16 I st. tie.. 3 desirable
rooms, with or without board; .southern
' exposure; terms reasonable. fel4-3t-em
FOR RENT 2 large rurnisliea rooms; fully
eciuipped Tor light housekeeping. Apply
116 D st. nw. el4-3t-eiu
FOR KhNT-918 N. Y. ave., nicelv Dir-
nished rooms. 2d rioor: well luinted;
transients accommodated. feI4-3t-em
"fou'rENT - 1304 L st. nw.: 2d floor front
room: nlceiyf ur.; furnacehe.it. fel-i-3t en
FOR RENT Fur. rooms, with or without
board, at 709 Sth st- nw. fel0-3t-em
FOtt KKr 1 i-vack parlor, or two rooms
on third floor, for light housekeeping.
No. 1129 5th st. nw. rel4-3t
FOR KENT Fur., two rront rooms, suit
able lor light housekeeping. No. 1225
Lst. nw. rel4-3t
FOK KENT Nicely fur. front and back
rooms; completely furnished for light
housekeeping. 317 Pa ave. nw., 2d rioor.
FOR RENT 4 rooms and bath for light
housekeeping. 1009 M st. se.
FOR RENT 4 large rooms: unfurnished: 2d
and 3d floors; together or separately, no
children. Apply niter 6 p. in., 228 9th
st. se. fel6Gt
FOR RENT 2 nice unfiir. rooms: uKo.
Tur. room, with gas and heat. 731 (Jth
st. ne. fel6-3t
FOR RENT Unfur.. 2d fljor, 3 rooms. $0;
3d floor, attic. 3 rooms, $1. 251 3d st.
bv. fel5-3t-em
FOR RENT-.", large Hiifur. rooms, entire
2d floor, kll front; handsome corner house:
on car Hue. private family: terms moilente.
301 Mass.ave. ne. fel5-3t-em
FOR KENT-2 rooms: with store. $9. and
3 rooms above store for $7.50; water
on each floor. 62 II st. ne. f el 0-31
FOR KENT 3 unfurnished rooms, second
floor, bath: housekeeping; desirable:cheap.
11 K st. nw. fel3-3t
FOR RENT 2 or 3 unfurnished rooms;
light housekeeping: exceedingly low rent.
I2:i5 G st. uw. fel5-3t
FOK KENT 4 unfurnished rooms, lst
and 2d stories, with bath, also 1 large
uiiturnfslieo room; cheap. Address 1. P. T.,
'1200 20th sunw. rel4-3t- em
FOK KENT 214 A st. se.. two or three
unfurnished or furnished rooms: half
block east of Libiary. fel4-3t
AVANTED A Virginia lady, about to take
-a house on lathst.. near v.. -would nke to
have some nice gentlemen larders, every
thing homelike, with first-class board.
Address AIRS. A., this orrice. ful 6-3t
FOR SALE Corf ec mill. No. 18 1-2. En
terprise: cheap.1425 32d st. It
FOR SALE Lady's Fleet whig bicycle; '97
pattern; good as new; cheap for casti, at
212 lth sc. sw. fel-3t
FOR SALE Several cheap horses. 309
6th st. nw. IelG-61
FOR SALE A good trap, one roundabout
one side-bar buggy, one Jump-seat surrey.
1105 nth st. nw. fel6-3t
FOR SALE-16.000 feet of .1oTst. I2.0007
feet of lwaids; at the new postoliice.
Impure for PLASTERER. it
FOR SALE or exchange for horse, nice
two-wheel herdic cab; with inside lamp;
cheap. 27 2d st. nw. fet6-0c
All our S2, $2.30 anil S3
Suxotiy AA'ool German iland
Kiilr Jackets, nnd Swcatui.s.
C. AUEKBACJI. 7 fc H, Est. 1872.
property or ror rent, a nice home in Falls
Church, A'a., S-room brick: porches: shade;
large grounds. OWNER, 1126 6th st. uw.
FOR SALE A Haines' Bios, piano: A'ery
ciieap for cash. 2319 I st. nw.
FOR SALE 1 second-hand Emcr.son up
right piano, for $r(). and 1 second-hand
Bradbury organ, lor $25; IkUIi in fine
condition. Apply to GEO. E. BARBER,
1002 D st. sw. - fel3-3t
FOR SALE-Wardrobe. $4: book case, S3:
desk, $4. Mdeboard. $10: hall rack, $11:
massive silk parlor suite, $35; 4 oak cham
ber suits. $6 to $20; French clock. $1;
lamps, chairs, rockers, tables, rugs, con
tentsor 12 rooins.alsoSt-Bernartlpup.ll iros.
old.JL72l Po. ave. uw. fel-J;3t-eni
FOR SALE Singer machine. $7; Domes
tic, $13; New Home, $14; High Arm
Singer, $15: all have cover, drop IeaT, and
drawers and warranted, at OPPENHEIM
ER'S NEW HOME AGENCY, 514 9th st.
mT- fel4-3t-cm
BAD BILLS collected or no charge. n
D. GORDON, Lawyer, 1335 . base
ment; ; j-e 1 4-3t
FOR SALE AVe have a few more of those
$100 '97 Kimball Bicycles Tor $50: call
and sec them: they are the best bicvele
built. The '98 Kimballs will he in this
week, and we can show you the best $50,
$63 and $75 line of wheels then in the
811 G st. nw. fell-3t
RIDERS, ATTENTION! By ordered differ
ent storage houses we represent I am
offering all '97 high-grade wlfeels at one
third value. NEW YORK CYCLE CO.,
434 9th st; fe!3-7t
ANY Domestic Pattern in the house, 5c;
good S. H. Sewing Machines, $G up; our
new "Standby" Machine, light as a feath
er, strong as a Hon, S 17,50; New Hand
Machines, $0.50; the new 1898 Domestic
beats its own brilliant record of 34
years; McCall perfect-fitting Patterns re
duced to 10 and 15 cents: our Rent and
Repair dept. is unsurpassed: postal and
telephone connection. C. AUERBACH.
7 & II. Estahliahed1872. fel2-tcm
A- DISCOUNT of 80 and 20 per'cent on"
Saxony AVool German Hand-KnifeJagkets
and Sweaters: we've beenselling these 26
years at $2, $2.50 and $3; 98c now yes,
98c; too many on hand for a mildjyinter.
"C. AUERBACH, the Knit-Jacket Man,"
7 & H. fel2-6t-em
FORSALE Soung Cuban andMexlcanpar
rota, monkeys, gold fishes, dogs, pigeons,
canaries, incubators,-Spratts and Austin's
dog bread; Bend for catalogue. SCHMID 8
BIRD STORE, 712 12th jst nwJL ocfi-tf
FOR SALE-$2.98 for G-ft extension
table; lounges, $2.50; cook stoves, $5;
heater, $2.50; parlor and beOvoom suites,
$1 per week; cheap cash and credit. RED
MOND. 313 7th at. nw. oc30-tf-em
FOB RENT A handsome billiard and pool
parlor under hotel; centrally located;
steam heat. Address BILLIARDS, this
office. ", Tel 6 -3 1
TYPEWRITERS for rent, with privilege
'of purchase; reduced rates; all standard
makes; ask o see the "Jewett." NEW
7th st. Ja28-ltu
EXPERT SPECIALIST, (25 years' ex
perieuce.) All private diseases nutcKly and
permanently cured. SYPHILID positively
cured in any stage. Consultation free.
Iluurs, D to 1-, i! to 5. Tims.,
Tim iM. and Snt. Evenings, 7 to 8.
No. 02 F t. nw. Cloned Sunday.
Medium and card reader; AVashlngton's
most ramoiis clairvoyant and palmist.
Consult her on business, love, and family
an a Irs; reunites the separated; removes
spells', causes speedy marriages and gives
good luck; open daily, German spoken:
25c and 50c. 929 H st. nw. Tel6-14t
The Oldest Established! (UnlrvoynnU has
culi his prices for a short xvs ladles, 25
cents: geiltlemen. 50 cents; tolls from
cradle lo grave; business, love or family
affairs; about Iawsidts, .divorces: (specu
lations, etc.; brings separated husband or
wife together: removuB.'nelrs. bad luck or
mysterious reelings; ill to 10 daiiv. 489
II st.sw.
i& (r
The famous English Clairvoyant and
Palmist, is iiowloratetlfiitf817 8th st. nw.,
where he can be consuljd daily on all
matters of business, love." and family af
fairs; can tell you anything you wish to
know. -ee, 25c and 50d, this weelc only.
fel4-3t-em b. tr
WE shan't try to hiillAifc'e you. as this is
straight. We are suVAitt i ,- ..icd .suits
and overcoats, slightly ' worn, on ex
ceedingly low prices. cDrop in aud see
us. JUTHS OLD STAND. 019 D st. nw.
fel4-7t,em r ,
SPIRITUALISM Mrs.Z01!er,niediurmri02
New York avenue UltU and I sts. uw.)
Circles Tuesday and Friday evenings. In
terviews daily. Sunday evening meetings.
Typographical Hall. 425 G st. nw.
MME. LA RUE, Medium, tells past and
present: gives luck and spyjis- taken off.
l'i 1-2 F tt. nw. Walk upstairs.
Tel 4-1 mo
The Grox: Ch.lrvoyant and Palmist.
Advice aud help in a'l affairs or life.
Fee, 50c mil $1. 1303 G st. nw.
fe 7-1 mo-em
Ths "3 Days" Outre
(for men) leads all remedies in tl Is city:
a pronmt and permanent cure or no charge:
consultation free. Dr. McKEEHi K. 710
12th st. nw. Office hours. 10 t m. to
1 p. m.. r. to 6 p. m.: Sunda. 2 to I. p. m.
In obstetrics, gold medal awarded far the
science of obstetrics rrom the' University
of Munich, Bavaria, treats successfully
women's complaints and irregularities; pri
vate sanitarium for ladles before aud dur
ing confinement. Orrice hours from 3 to
G p. m. No. G19 Pa. ave .uw., Washing
ton, D. C. ja27-tf
AViien Others Full, Consult
In all Nervous, Chronic, Skin and PRI
outfit of modern appliance. X-Rl Y. Static.
Puradlc and Galvanic Electricity, in Ca
tarrh, Rheumatism. Dyspepsia, Kidney and
Bladder Diseases. Scxuul Weakness, Stric
ture. Hemorrhoids. Syphilis and Diseases
of Women. Consultation from 9 to 6.
619 Pa. avc. uw. Ja27-tf
5)00 F Stiet-t Northwest.
Gold lillluga and bridge work a spe
cialty, at the lowest price, amalgam fill
ings, 50c. full sots of teeth on plates. 35..
extracting either by gas or local spray,
altsolutely rainless, 50c, without, 25c: all
work done by experts anil guaranteed the
best; open on Sundays from 10 to 3
o clock. inh22-tf-Bni
IWoss&y t Loan, on
Household Furniture, Pianos, etc., with
out removal Irom owner's nossesslon: pay
ments received on principal jvhlqli reduces,
the cos of carrying. ,,al( buMness strlcUv
confidential; no expense to applicant if
loan is not made: efficlenljsprvlcc. enables
us to act promptly n nil applicailons.
See us before going elsewhere.
OapSiaS Loan Guarantee Qo
602 F Street N. W.
Tell-tf f i
' TT-T-Tl
MONEY confidentially loaned upon furni
ture and other good securities; without
removal or publicity. "5r2-l 3th st. nw.
AVANTED To borrorSfifroO'ror 5 years,
at 5 per cent, on a piece or property worth
$6,000; renting ror $41 per month: good
location. Impure 1.355 Md. ave. ne.
TO LOAN on city real estate, $1,200.
$2,000. $2,500 and larger amounts. AU
RA H AM FISH EU , 5 lliEst.nw. felo.l 7, Jj)
MONEY TO LOAN at the lowest rates
of interest, on lmpioved and unimproved
property, in the District of Columbia; no
delay bevon.l examination of title. WAL
TER H. ACKR. 704 l Itti it. nw. felMf
LOANS made on approved collateral, such
as life policies, stocks, bonds, building
association shares, syndicate certificates,
eto.; no delay. YERKES & BAKER. 1110
F st. Take elevator. tf
EXCELLENT accommodations at the
Northwest 'Mo-age House. 316-318 8th
uw., for the .torage aud cure of all kinds
of furniture, mdse.. etc., in "open, airy
rooms: advances: made; goods insured.
MONEY TO LOAN 51.0P0 upward, at 5
and 5 1-2 per cent on D. C. real estate;
$250, $500, etc.. at 6 per cent;' all
tiansactions conducted with economical
consideration for borrowers.
apl6-tf. J : 1407 F st. nw.
AVithout puohcity or removal, and the
day you ask for it. AVo have an cnuitablo
payment plan which ercatly reduces the
cost of carrying the loan, and we will
give you a year's time if A'du want it
to pay the same. Busiiios.-n strictly con
fidential. Please call and convince your
self that our rates are the lowest.
fe3-tf 610 F St. N.AV.
LOANS or $10 and upward maoe'on Fur
niture, pianos, horses, wagons, etc., at
lowest rates and on the day you apply. It
can be returned In installments, -which re
duces the cost of carrying it. Loans also
made on the uulldlng nnd loan association
plan. Call and get rates, front room, lst
62 G F st. nw. ja31-tf-em
MONEY TO LOAN on chattel," collateral
and personal security; diamonds. E. B.
McCO WAN, Room 19, l419Fst. ja27-l m
YOU CAN borrow money on your rurniture,
carpets, pianos, mdse., etc. NORTH-
AVESl' STOKAUE HOUSE. 316-18 8th nw.
FOR HIRE Horses, buggies and daytons.
to drummers or business men, $1.50 and
$2 per day. J. AV. PRESTON'S STABLES,
8th and I sts. nw. Thone 917-2.
DRESS SUITS for hire at GARNER'8. 7th
anoH sts. nol6yL
FOR HIRE Full dresB BiUts, $1 only.
JULIUS COHEN, 1104 7tb st. nw.
FOR HIRE To drummers nnd business
men, horse nnd buggy or flayton, $2 per
day, and special prices for pleasure driv
ing. Apply to the REX STABLES, rear
615 E at- nw.; telephone call, 109. ap30-cr
FOR 8 ALE-Lot, 28xlt00, -to 10-ft. alley;
ill fine "residence locality; nw.', price,
$3,000. Address BE iQUK-'K, this office.
felG-3t -
FOR SALE Cheap, for cash, if taken this
month, lot 21, block 35, Kenesaw ave.,
Columbia Heights, between 13th and 14th
sts. Address OWNER, 1126 6th st. mv.
EXCHANGE -New house: 8 rooms: in D. C:
price, $3,500: also 9 lots, Springfield.
Mass., $400; each cleir: for farm, stock,
and tools or propertyVlri tcalirornhi. Ad
dress OWNER, 1321 G st.hw.
District of Columbia AVashlngton, D. C.
December 8, 1897. To AVhom ft May Con
cern: The commission created by section
2 of the act of Congresr unproved March
2, 1893, entitled "An act to provide a
permanent system of Highways in that
part of the District vt Columbia lying out
Bide of cities," lias received from the Com
missioners of the District of Columbia a
certified copy of a map showing a pro
posed permanent system or highways in
the District of Columbia within th area
West of Book Creek. This map and plats,
ehowlng In detail how each lot and tract
is affected by the proposed system of
highways, arh now on exhibition in room
! No. 47, fourth floor of the Distriot build
ing. AH persons interested aro invited to
examine the map and plats- The com
mission will consider any suggestions or
Jirotesta concerning the location or any
ilghway or iOrttou. or u highway as shown,
on the .map-, TKe suggestions and pro
tests muat be. in writing, and must set
rorth clenrij"the reasons for the changea
and Bhtiwilthtf property owned or controlled
by tho objector. All protests, and so forth,
must bu ( .biibmJtted on or before Mie
be addressed 10 tiic Chief of Engiitoera,
U. . 'Arriiyi JAVar Department, vasuing
lon, D: Gi'IThe commission will meet April
14. 1898. a 0:30 o'clock a. m., in tba
office of the Secretary of AVur, to dispose
of all objections." and will then hear orally
from thos. who desire to thus support their
written objections.
11. A. ALGER, Secretary of War.
C.N. BLISS, Secretary of the Interior.
Chief of Engineers. U. S. A..
delO-lot-exS Highway commission-rel-15t-exS
Hotel Lincoln, cor 10th and II sts.,
6 stories, 08 bedrooms, elevator,
electric bells, etc $80,000
1513 N. H. uve. nw 40,000
2110 0 st. nw 17,000
1420 20th st. nw 16,000
1733 R st. nw 15,000
467 Mo. ave. nw 10.000
415 AVls. uve. aw 18,000
911 19th st. nw 10,000
Gst., bet. 2dand 3dts. nw 7.000
1323 Vt. ave. nw 7,500
424 II st. nw 6,750
1519 P st. nw 6,000
6M 19th st. nw 0,000
2129 Va. ave. nw 6,350
1520 0 St. nw 6,200
lSlOlOlhst. aud 1819 Vt.ave.nw. 6,000
1940 11th st. nw 5,500
413 O St. nw 5,200
houses, cor. 7th at. and SoldierV
Home roa d
1922 and 1924 8th st. nw
1,2, 3, and 7 Goat alley nw
82 L st-. nw.
Cottage at "Del Ray"
1227 M st. ne
1122 K st. ne
48 and 50 Myrtle st. ne
1609 King place ne
26 G st. ne
43 and 43 1-2 Jackson alley ne..
, 3,500
1208 M st. nw., fur., 15 rms...
910 II st. nw., 10 rms
1335-37-39 L St. nw., 13 rms
206 D St. nw., 9 rms
3008 P st. 10 rms
22$ F st. nw., 6 rms
911 V .st. sw., 8 rms
918 Va. ave. sw., S rms
3 L st. nw.. 6 rms
1318 Flu." ave. nw., 7 rms
Stable. rear 1314 Mass. ave. nw.... $125.00
StoreanddweIling.114615thst.iiw. 60.00
Store, 1114 O st. nw
Store auddwp.. 1213 N. Y.ave.nw.
Store and dwei.. 600 2d st. sw...
500 5th st nw., room 10
Stable, 1629 O st. nw
Storeroom. 2006 L st. nw
Hull. 2d rioor, 228 7th st. se
Shop, rear 1233 Klagden's alley..
Theaboveisonly a portion or tne property
on my books. For rull list call at orfice
Tor bulletin issued on the 1st and 15th.
Tnnn. E. AVAGUAMAN, 917 F st.nw.
FOR BENT 2 7-room houses; Grant road,
near Chevy Chase and Tcnlcytown cars:
halls, cellars, .table-: lare lots; $13 and
$15 month. Address ANDREW PAYNE,
Tenleytown. fe!6-3t
FOR RENT Cheap. Le Dioit Park: '!
story and cellar; brick house: nil mod.
imps. 1905 4th st. fel33t-ni
FOR RENT -1215 13th st.nw..brlck hoir-e.
nine rooms and bath, win rent to colored
tennnU Key at 1219 13th st. fel3-3t
FOR ltENT--507 E ne., 6-rootu brick;
oath; alley:3334-3336S nw.,5 room bricks.
Call 12 Md. ave. ne. fei2-3t-em
FOR RENT ileduced: oiily $35.75 mo.:
12-room briCk dwelling; all Hupi,; Per
fect repair: 508 otli st. nw. AV. C. DU-
VALL, 925 F st. 11 w. fel2-6t
FOR RENT Brick. 7 rooms; m. i.. 1503
lOlliSt. nw., $22.50. C. B0 YE ICte SON.
214 7th st. sw. fell-tf-em
FOR SALE A bargain at $2,650; only
$200 cash, bal. $25 a month, including
interest; a new bay window, brick, on F
St.. ne.. 6 large rooms, and buth; large
back vard, tins house could not be built
unuer "3,00o. bTONE Ac AlKr-AX. 806
Fst. jiw!. fel6-3t
FOR SALE $1,000 under value: No. 462
G st. sw.; $2,600 will buy it; a good 8-
room house; bath; stationary -wash stand:
stable. STONE it FA1RFAX.SO0 F St. nw.
FOR SALE Very cheap, to close a syndi
cate; no reasonable orrers refused: 221
G st. ne.; baj window brick; 6 rooms and
bath; lot, 16 by 120, to 30-ft. alley; 151
Fst.ne.,newby window bnck;6 roomsand
bath'.verycosynome. STONED FAlltPAX,
806 F st. nw. ' fel6-3t
FOR SA LE 7-room houe. Highlands Sta
tion. Md., on easy terms; would take
good upright piano as first payment: bal
ance small monthly payments. M. E.
SHIPLEY, residence, Highlands. P. O.
address, Hyattsvllle. fel6-Gt
FOR SALE -Look at this, white or black,
rich or poorf very cheap; $200 cash and
SI 5 per 1110.. title perfect and abstract fur.
free; nearly new 2-story, bav window: mod.
imp. brick residence; 6 rooms, bath, ward
etc. in most excellent repair and ready to
move Into in same block thenewN.L.temple
and market house are In. hou'-e ought to
rent ror at least $20 per mo.", price. $2,475.
O. M. BRYANT, owner. Warder bldg..
ith and F sts. felj3t-cni
TOR SALE A big bargain: ' room press
brick dwelling; newly papered and
painted throughout; lor $1,500. By J. D.
SULLIATAN, 13th and G -ts. nw.
FOR SALE Cheapest house in nw. AVash
lngton; an 8-room bay window brick;
furnace heat: lot, 20xS0, to alley; price.
$3,500. J. D. SULLIVAN, 13th and G nw.
FOR aALE A splendid corner house: 8
rooms,, bath, cellar; 1.600 feet of park
ing: splendid location: 1 square from cable
cars; $3,G00; this is $800 below value:
good trade. Inquire of OAVNER, 1355
Md. ave. m. fe!4-3t-ein
FOR SALE 2 very pretty homes: well lo
cated in Anacostia; 1 square from car
line: each 6 rooms, batli and hallroom:
new; lots. 21x130; only $2,000 each If
sold quickly. STARGARDTER &. GRIF
F1THS, Gil 7th St. nw. fel4-3t-em
FOR SALE-Pretty G-room and bath brick
on respectable short st. nw.: south front;
good yard: rents steadily at $16.50: price
$2,250; only $4.50 cash: balance on time.
$2,250; only $450 cash: balance on time,
st. niv. fel4-3t-em
FOR SALE If you think or purchasing
a model home or of making a good in
vestment: calt and Inspect the corner double
house, 12th audi sts. ne.; also the two
story and basement house, 1127 I st. ne.
These houses are substantially built with
all latest Improvements, open plumbing,
tiled baths and A-estlbules. plate glass
storm doors, cabinet mantels, china closets,
etc. One square from cable cars. Low
price, and very easy terms. Apply GEO.
P. NEAVTON, 1125 I st. ne.. or 802 F
st. nw. ,t i fel2-6t
FOR SALE At a sacrifice: a 10-room
houseisDjrgcrUarn and 35 acres of land,
improved by a large apple and near
orchard: situated about 2 miles from
Washington city; an electric car line
runs through the center of the tract:
very edsy terms: an offer solicited.
JAMES E. CLEMENTS, 1321 F st. nw.
FOR SALE or rent Farms and suburban
property, near AVashlngton: send or call
for list; also building lots at Bal Is ton, on
electric railroad, for $100 each; terms, $5
down; balance $1 per week; no interest or
taxes until lot is paid for. Call for plat.
JAMF.s B. CLEilBNTS, 1321 F St. nw.
"WANTED To rent house in -Georgetown;
6 or 7 rooms: mod. Imps.; not over $25;
owners only. E. C. CLARK. 937 D St. mv.
Washington, Alexandria
Mount Vernon Railway.
Trora Stntion, 13 l- St. and Pi. Ave.
In Effect November l, 1807.
For Alexandria (week days). 6.30, 7.05.
7.35, ex.; 8.00, S..35, 8.59, 0.50. 10.05.
ex.; ll.oo, 11.45 a. m.; 12.05 ex.: I2:2u,
1.15, 1.45, 2.05, ex.; 2.40, 3.20, 3.59.
ex.; 4.15, ex.; 4.50, 5.05. 5.20 ex.:
5.40, 0.05, ex.; 0.30. I.UC, 8.00. 9.00.
10.00,11.20, 11.59 p.m.
For Alexandria (ounuavsh 7.45. 8.45.
9.45,10.30, 11.15 a.m., 12.00 noon. 12.46
1.30, 2.15, 3.00, 3.45, 4.30. 5.13, 6.00,
0.45, 7.30; 8.15, 9.00. 10.00. 11.20 p. m:
ForAfount Vernon tweeiC days). . O.o. ,
10.05, 11.05, u.oo a. m., 12;05 1.15,
2.05, 3.59, 7.06 p. m. .
ror .Mount Vernon (Sundays'). 7.45. D.45
a. m., 12.00 noon, 2.15, 3.45 and 6.15
p. in.
jr Arlington and Aoueduc Briilgc
days), 8.00, 8.59, 10.05 and II a. m.;
12.05, 12.20, 1.15,2.05. 2.40. 3.20,4.15.
5.20,0.05, 7.06and8.00 p. m.
For Arlington and Aoueduct Bridge
(Sundays). 7.45, 8.45, 9.45. 10.30. 11.15
a. m.: 12.00 noon, 12.45. 1.30, 2.15.
3.00, 3.45, 4.30, 5.15. 6.00. 6.45.
7.30, 8.15 p. m.
Haggage checked free Tor nassengers
holding rirst-class tickets at station. Bi
cycles. 25 cent3 each. Parcels carried.
afpfe Chesapeake
ST? & Ohio By.
Til rough the Grandest Scenery of
Atnei icu, All Traiiih VeNtihuled,
Elect lie Lignted, Steam Heuted;
All Meals served tu Dining Curs.
Station Sixth and B Streets.
Schedule in efrect January 5. 1898.
2:20 P. M. DAILY Cincinnati and St.
' I-OU- rSI'CLIUl OU1K1 liMlIt ID' .ll.illnn.
Pullman Sleepers to Cincinnati. Lexington.
, Louisville, Indianapolis, and St. Louis,
without change. Parlor Cars. Cincinnati to
i Chicago.
1) -.10 P. M. DAILY F. F. V. Limited
I Solid train for Cincinnati. Pullman Sleep
ers to Cincinnati. Lexington and Louis
ville without change, open for reception
! of passengers- at 0 p. in. Pullman Com-
. partrhentCar to Virginia Hot spnng-. with
out change, TUPMiavs.'i iiuihuuo. i' ,pnv
urdays, connection dally. Sleepers. Cin
cinnati to Chicago and St. Louis. .
10:57 A. M.. EXCEP'l SL'NDA i-l'armr
ur, vwisiimguiu iu uihihu;ii ..;
inond to Old Point. Only rail line ia
Penn. R.. F. & P.. and C. & O. Rnlwavs.
2:20 P. M. DAILY-For Gorilunsv He.
Charlottesville. Staunton, and tor i.icu
mond. daily, except Sunday.
ReseVvatioii and tickets ?t Chesapeake
and Ohio oHices. 513 and 141 1 ennsvi
Vania avenue, and at tne i
nolG-am-tt General Passencec Agent.
FOR" SALE Lunchroom; doing ,: d busi
ness; excellent locality: goouluture ror
party understanding tne busine-s: r.ae
seveii rooms upMair-.. ir sale can be made
in two or tliree Oays will take ,oou.
iwrty warns u leave ciry at once. AdiUps
S. AV., this office. relb-Jt
FOR SALE "oal yard: doing a good busi
ness; rent low. 228 3d st. sw., apply
before 10 a. 111., orarter 3 p.m. rel--jc
FORSALE I'hotogrji on gallery; welleiitnp
ped; nice running business, rare chance:
best location; bet. yth and I 3tn. Pa. ave.;
good investment; witn or without ex-
Address ANWER. till-, otfice. fel6-.it
i-OR SALE butter stuudin market. cheap
ir.sjld.it once. Address H. AV.. lfu orrice.
AVANTED Partner, with $125, not afraid
of -work; legitimate, established iutnes, 1
$6 day eas.Iy made. Addxcs1- X. OPPuit
TUNli'Y, this oifice. rel6-3t ,
GROCERY' store, old e-.tabtished s,tand;
7th st. nw.; daily sales $80; low rent:
owner retiring; price, invoice: genuine
bargain. DCNL.AP. 900 F st. felJ-3t
BOAicdlmj-hoLsE Furniture for sale; ,
clearing $75 per month; location cen
tral: price reasonable: snap. DUNLAF.
906 F st. fel6-3t
FOR SALE Grocery store: doing gocd
busiuos; good reasons ror selling; corner
of 2lst and K st-j. nw. fel5-3t
FOR SALE Two fine saloons on Pa. ave.
and near F st., a profitable boarding
house businevC house filled with board
ers; three of the best paying groceries in
the northwest, at sjOO. aboo. ana $1 .000:
two cigar stores und piXit rooms 011 7th
and in heart of city at $300 and $000;
also jewelry store, lunch rooms, and 1
oyxter house: thpwj tire bargains: if vou
want to buy or sell a business call at 1
EXCHANGE BUREAU, 721 13th st. nw.
FOR SALE $250 buys lunchroom: 525
10th St., next Government building: good
cash trade; owner has other business. I
FOR SALE Grocery store; tlii-, stand is
an exceptional bargain: investigation
solicited; established cash trade; rent
only $22; store and flat: excellent ii4gn
boruood; price, $350. DUNLAP, uoo F
St. - fe!5-3t
FOR SALE Lunch room: near Piitent
Office: daily sales over $20; low rent:
price reasonable. DUNLAP. 906 F st.
AVANTED A partner, lady or gent; small
capital required to enlarge ladles' and
gents' tailoring busine-v,, established. Ad-
dress G. E this office. fel-3t
FOR SALE $133; cstublished 25 years:
cigar-confectionery; corner store, good
business; must sell; rent, $10.23. 741 4th
St. nw. fe!5-3t
FOR SALE Fine bread route.$4 to $7
per day: sare Investment; owner going
to Klondike; sacrifice": outfit, all. $500
cash. G. M. COOKE, 2439 AVIsconsin avc.
nw., 32d st. extended. fel5-3t
FOR SALE Grocery and provision store;
if sold at once will sell dirt cheap. Ad
dress LA AV, this oftice. fe!5-4t
FOR "SALE or" trade-Cheap-One milk
JSstill.'SSu on" 50t r harness. CEN'i kal
STABLES, 111 F st.nw. fel5-3t
FOR SALE Cigar store; Pa. ave. nw.; 1
regular mint to party understanding the
business; part down and balance easy.
DUNLAP, OOP F at. nw. fel3-3t
FOR SALE Biggest bargain in grocery
and meat market: be;t cor. in nw.; no'
Cuttintr nnd n nnnncltiAn' mm., . ,.i
'Avithin a few days: best 'of reasons "for
jKsmii;;, ii koou c-uauce tor somebody.
COMMERCIAL, 5L0 F. feli-St-em
FOR SALE $150 will buy a first-class
grocery store; good stock and fixtures;
good location; a big snap; be quick. COM
MERCIAL. 510 F nw. fel4-3t-em
FOR SALE Grocery: oldstand. Inouire at
ave. nw. fel-4-Tr-nm
FOR SALE Oil business, complete: hor-,e
liarness, wagon, etc,; average profits.
oluo u mourn, .-.puiy to u. '. ha V IS, 002
2d sfc. sw. tatA'irn
FOR SALE Paper box factory, with
machinery complete and established busi
ness; no reasonable orrer refused. Address
AT. H. C, this office. fel4-3t
FOR SALE Paper box factory, -with
machinery; established busine-: no rea
sonable offer refused. Yv'. 11. c, this
office. fe!4-3t
PROPOSALS will be received at the
Bureau of Supplies and Accounts. Navy
Department, AVashlngton. D. C. until 12
o'clock noon, F-bruary 19. 1898. and
publicly opeoHl immediately thereafter, to
rurnish at '.id Navy Yard. Washington.
D. C, a quantity of white pine. Blank
proposals WtU br furnished upon applica
tion to the Navy Yard. AVashlngton. D. C.
or to the Burea'i. EDWIN STEWART.
Pa5 master 'tuneial, U. S. N. fctMG
The Commonwealth of Virginia against
Timothy Kives, curator or George Dus
r.er, deceased; Timothy Iiives, adminis
trator of George Dusner, deceased, and
the Board of Education of the State of
Virginia, defendants.
The object of this suit is to recover by
the Commonwealth the sum of $3,490.53,
principal and Interest, being the property
or estate of George Dusner, deceased, in
the hands and possession oC Timothy Rives,
his administrator, the said George Dusner
having died in the county of Prince George,
in the State of Virginia, In the spring of
1SS3, intestate, and whose nativity Is
unknown, the Commonwealth claiming Bald
estate. In consequence of the said Dusner'a
leaving no known heirs at his death.
All persons claiming an interest In said
estate are hereby required to appear
before this court and make themselves de
fendants to this suit, on or before the lst
day of March, 1898, and do what is nec
essary to protect their Interest hi said suit.
E7 M, R0AVELLE, Clerk.
TV. R. McKENNEY, Complainant's Atty.
AOV. zo, 18(. uel-JLaw,inoa-em
8TKEETS, ' " "'
7:50 A. M. veek days-PITTSBfJRa EX
PRESS Parlor and Dlrijdg-Cars, Hjirris
burg to Pittsburg.
Pullman Sleeping. Dining. Smoking and
Observation Cars, Harrisburc to Chicago'.' ,
Cincinnati. Indianapolis. St. Louis. Cleve
land and Toledo. Buffet Parlor Car to
10:50 A. M. FAST LTNE-PuIIman P.urfct
Parlor Car to HarrMiunr. BufCct J-'arlor -,
Car. HarrMmrg to Pittsbu'rir.
Express-Sleeping Car Washington to St?
Louis, andSIeepingand Dining Cars Har
risburg to St. Louis, Nashville (via Cm--cinnati)
and Chicago. ,, -, ,
maii Sleeping Car to Pittsburg, Chicago,
an4.iIJarrlsu,irK to Cleveland. Dining Car
to Chicago.
Pullman Sleeping Cars, AVashlngton' to
Pittsburg, and Harriaburg to St. Louis
and Cincinnati. Dining Car.
10:40 p. to. t-Ciiic r.A. rtESS Pull-
iiiiiii nieepmg car to Pittsburg.
:.i0 A. M. ror Kane, Canandaigua. Roohes
j j'Ty1"11 "'aa'' aiu daily, except nf
j 10:50 A. M. for Elmira and Renovo daily,
except .Sunday. For Ailliamsport uaiiv.
! 8:40 p. m.
J 7:20 P. M. for AViliiamsport. Rochester,
Erie, Burfalo, and Niagara Falls, daily.
. cci?,t S-u'dav. with Sleeping Car.
I AVashlngton to Buiralo.
10:40 p M. for Erie. Canandaigua. Roches
ter, Burfalo and Niagara i-alls daily.
I Pullman Sleeping Car AVashlngton to
Rochester Saturdays' only.
; For Philadelphia, .ve- York and tho
'4:00 P. M. "COSi.KRHSTfiYlT. r Ttc-
lT' daily all I'arlor Cars, with Din-,
hip Car rrom Baltimore. Regular at 700
(pining Can. 8:00. 9:00. 10:00 (Dining
Can, and 11:00 IDinipg Car from Wil
mington) a. m.: 12:45. 3:15. 120. 0:50
10:00 and 31:50 p. m. On Sunday. 7:00
(Dining Can. 8:00. 9:00, 11:00 (Dining
car f rum AVilmington) a. in.: 12:15, 3:13."-
tr,?' ,G:,5?; 10:0 ana if-BO n- m- for
Philadelphia only, fast express.. 7:30 a."
111., week days. Express. 12:15 n- m
week days, 2:01 and 5:10 p.m. daily.
For Boston without change. 7;30 a. hi..
week days, and 4:20 p. in., dally.
For Baltimore, 6:25. 7:00. 7:50. 8:00.
9:00. 10:00. 10:50 and 11:00 a. m.:
12:15. 12:15. 1.2:58. 2:01. 3:1 5. 3:10.
4:00 (Limited). 4:20. 4:36. 5:40. 6:15.
6:00, 7:20. 10:00. 10:40, 11:15 and
11:50 p. m. On Sunday. 7-00. 8:00.'
9:00, 9:05. 10:50. 11:00 a.m.. 12:15,
VI?' .lr 3:15- 3:40 ,:0 f Limited!.
10:10 and li:50 p. m.
'Fo1r...?ope's Crfi;V L,ne- 7:'" a- n- and
4...G p. rn dally, excent Sunday.
For Annapolis. 7:00. 9:00 a. m.. 4-20 -and
5:40 p. in., dally, except Sunday.
Sundays. 9:00 a. m. anil 4:20 p. i.
Atlantlo Coast Line -"Florida Specwl."
for Jacksonville. St. Augustine and
Tampa. 0:20 p. m. week-rtoTii: Expr !i '
for I-lorida and Points on Atlantic Vast
mlnAtK'-S5 1G"P' m- "ally: Rich
mond only. 1 0:o7 a. in. week-days; At- -lanta
Special, via Richmond and Sea
board Air Line. 4:10 p. m. daily. Ac
commodation for Ounutlco. 7 45 a. m '
dally and 4:23 p. m. week-davs.
1 seasonrc Connection-.
L;"MLlc City f via Delaware Jtiver:
1 Bilde' i1""'011 ro,,te'' n-15 n- "- daiif
ia Market street wharf. 10:00 and ll:0o
p. in'.' oail'y? "' m" t'wawl H-'50 ''
I'Vii.-nPe ifay; .I1 00 a- ,n- week-itevs:
I 1 .til Tl. TH I'illTT
Ticket offices corner Fifteenth and G
streets, and at the station. Sixth and B
streets, where order can be left for toev
checking of baggage to destination from
' hotels and residences. - .
' i' ' "CTCHINSON. General Manager,
t J. R. WOOD. General Passenger Agent.
(3chedule in prr..ot-Ton -i-t tcniii '
All trains arrive and leave Pennsyp.'dnia
Passenger Station.
8:01 a. m. Dally. local for Danville,
charlotte and wh.y stations, connects at
Staunton, daily, except Sunday, and at
Lynchburg -with the Norfolk- and Western.
Manassas for Straburg, Harrisonburg and
vl iul-.".HT Hanv.theTNlTED STATES
1-AbT MAIL, carries. Pullman Ruffet
Sleepers. New ork and Washington to
Jacksonville, uniting at Salisbury with
I unman Sleener for Ashevllle ami Hot
Springs, .. c. Knoxvilie and Chatta
nooga, Tenn., and at Charlotte with Pull
man Sleeper for Augusta. Pullman Burfet
Sleeper.NewTorlcto xew Orlc-ms.cnnnect-mg
at Atlanta for Birmingham and Mem
phis. Connects at Lynchburg -with Chesa- '
peake and Ohio Railroad Cor Lexington and
Natural Bridge, daily. Solid tram. AVash
lngton to New Orleans without change-Sunset
pcntuiiall)r oti,liir-tfil touimt T-jLetIrS!o
through sleeper on thN tr.Un every Wedne.
day and Saturday to San Francfsco, with
out change.
4:01 p. m. Local for Front Royal. Stras
bnrg and Harrisonburg, daily, excent Sua- ,
4:19 p. m. Daily local for Charlottes
ville. 6:00 p. m. Daily, except Sunday. NEW
posed of Pullman's latest Drawing-room
Compartment. Library. Observation and
Dining Cars, for Jacksonville and St.
Augustine, aud drawing-room' car for
Augusta, with connection for Aiken.
10:43 p. m. Daily WASHINGTON AND
ITED, composed of Pullman A'estibulecl
sleepers, dining cars, and day coaches.
Pullman Sleepers New York to Nashville.
Tenn., via. AsheviJle, Knoxvilie and Chat
tanooga". New York to Tampa, via Char
lotte. Columbia. Savannah and Jackson
ville, uniting at Danville with Pullman
Sleeper from Richmond to Augusta, via
Columbia, with connpction for Aiken. S.
C: New York to Memphia. yla Birming
ham; New York to New Orle.in. via At
lanta and Montgomery. Ve.-4ibuled dar
coach Washington to Atlanta. Southern
Railway Dining Car. Greensboro to Mont
DIVISION leave AVashincton 9:01 a. m,
daily and 4:1." p. m. dailv. excent Sunday.
and;:l0 p. m. Sunday onlv for Round Hill:
4:32 p. m. dallj , except Sund.iT.for Lees
burg, and 6:10 p. 111. daily for ITerndon.
Returning, arrive at Washington. 8:2R 3.
m. and 3:00 p. m. daily, from Round
Hill, and 7:06 a- in. dailv. except Sun
day, from nerndon. and 8:31 a. m. dailv.
except Sunday, from Leesburc.
Through trains from the South arrive at
AVashington 0:42 a. m.. 2:20 p. m. anil
9:33 p. ni. daily, and 9;45 a. m. dally, ex
cept Monday. Harrisonburg. 12:40 n..ra..
and 9:33 p. m. daily, except Sunday, and.
8:30 a. m. daily, from Charlottesville.
Tickets, sleeping car reservation and in
formation furnished at ofrice. 70.". 1 r,th st.
nw., 511 Pennsylvania avenue, and at
Ppnusylvanla Railroad Passenger Si!'on
F S. GA.VSON, Bl Viee P resilient
nnd General Mnnnsor.
J. 31. CrT.P, Traffic Alatmsrpr
W A. Ti'ltK, Gen. Pass Airent
T. S. BBOAA'N, Gen. Agt. Pass. Pept,
Norfolk and Washington .
Steamboat Co
Every day in the year for Fortress
Monroe. Norfolk, Newport News ana '
all points South by the superb, pow-
errul steal palace steamers, "hevr-
port New a," "Norfolk-" and "AVasu-
lngtoa," on the following schedule:.
Leave Washington
Leave Alexandria
Arrive Fort Monroe
Arrive Norfolk
Arrive Portsmouth
..7:00 p.m.
..7:30 p.m.
..7:00 a. ui
..8:00 a. m.
..3:15 a. m.
Leave Portsmouth 5:30 p. m.
Leave Korrulk .:10 p.m.
Leave Fort Monroe 7:20 p. in.
Arrive Alexandria r."..G:30 a. m
Arrive AVashincton 7:00 a.m.
Visitors 10 Cnamberlm's new hote.1,
"The Hygeia." and Virginia Beach
will flnu this the most attractive
route, insuring a comfortable night's
Largo and luxurious rooms, heated
by steam and fitted throughout with
electric lights. Dining-room service s
a la carte, and Is supplied from the
best that the markets of AVasluugtou
and Norfolk atrord.
Tickets on sale at U. S- Express
office. 817 Pennsylvania avenue, ol 1
619, 1421 Pennsylvania avenue: B.
& O. ticket orfice, corner 15th street
and New York avenue, and on board
steamers, where tlma table. map, etc,
can also be had. .,,.,,
. Any other information desired will
be f omlahed on application to the nu-
derslgned at the company s wnarr.
foot of Seronth St., Washington, D- C.
Telephone No. 750.
JNO. CALLAHAN. General Manager.
IF- YOU HAVE furniture-.'' mtlsrsrctcs. tor
dispose of. sc. J. E. Frechie & Co4
prompt settlements and beit result. JLA
FRECHIE . CO.. General Auctioneers.
31G-31S 8th nw . above Pn. ave. P. S.
GooiLi taken ou storage: uihuucp made:
goods InsureJ- fe& tC

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