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iiklp WAXTEn-MAi.n.
WANTED Experienced young man in lunch room
to take clrge at night; references ictjuired.
AUJrcn, L. II., this office- It
SLANTED Two voung white men; ?3 per week.
Call o'clock Mondav, CAPITAL MEDICAL
CO., Ctli and I).
WANTED At oner, wood turner; '(-toady job. C.
E. PINCH. Hear 1411-1413 V tt. nw. It
WANTED A pent to tell coal and wood; one
" tliat lias wine trade.5d and K te. auG-St-cm
WANTED Snglc mm to .work on farm; one who
nnderMands plowing. At 1409 F rt. nw.,
.? S p. m. It cm
WANTED-G-iod liarVr. Apply at once. A. C.
L17BUR, 1317 K st. nw. It-cm
WANTED Fire insurance folicito s, to r 'present
one of tne oldest and largest insurance com
panlet.; Intend eommltssion. R, E. SULLIVAN,
Manager. 1202 F sL nv. auG-3tem
-WANTED Boy in blaek-mith dop; one with
ionic knowledge of lutsetlioeing p cfirred. 4th
and ild. ae. ne. lt-em
WANTED-Colorcd waiters at KOZKL'S, 1S27 14th
it, nv. It-em
I'ACTORV, 1011 Pa. ave.; iteady work.
"WANTED Blacksmith"! helper, at once, to drive
on fchces. Anplj 1416 N. Cap, st. au8-3t-c"ii
WANTED Barbers; Kood wages; steady work.
Apply THOMAS HA HE, 315 Pa. ave. r.w.
WANTED Coed broiler for betel: wages $45; if
vxni want wo-k tee us. BUSINESS BUREAU.
71S 32th nw. lt-em
WANTED At cnee. a fi-st-cla s meat cutter s.nd
Ealcman. well recommended. Apply to II. I.
MBAHEE, 635 Sth fc. au3-t-era
WANTlSvroiicc. at drill hall. Fort iljcr. Va.,
25 carpenters and helpers. an5-3t
WANTED Fifty bicycle instructor:; jounx men
tinder 20 rears of age. Apply HIDING
FCHOOL, 1230 N. Y. ave. au3-3t
WANTED Good man to run poultry and vege
table 4and in Eastern Market. 223 7th -U
lie. au5-3t
WANTED White married man from country for
dairy farm; mut lc pood miller and worker;
clvj white single man with some experience;
must understand how to tale care of ttoek; ref.
required. Ajipb 23IC Cliamphiin ave. nw. auV3t
WANTED Young man with or more jeans ex
leriencc in drug business: must have pood
Tcfs. Address SI. S., this office. au5-3t
WANTED Two gentlemen to present an article
to the drup trade. CAPITAL MEDICINE
CO., Stewart Building, Cth and D sts. au5-3t
WANTED 2 younp men as night clerks in lunch
loom; with some experience Add' ess W. J.
F., this office. au4-3t-cra
WANTED Four pirls; finishers on fine pants.
Apply at M. HORN'S, 1000 Cth st. nw.
au7-3t "
WANTED Girl to help tailor. 1315 E st. nw.
WANTED A colored American woman with
?300 to open branch drci-s cuttinp school in
Baltimore. Addrt-ss A. M. R., this office. lt
WANTED At 7S Jlass. ave. nw., a girl for pen-
eral housework in family of two, immediate
ly. It
WANTED Dressmakers; first-class waist trim
mer; also a braider. Applv 1110 Conn. ave.
WANTED Lady partner with small capital to
join ladv fn Iipht business. Addrtsi SPEC
IAL, this office. It
WANTED Eight experienced sale-people at once;
ineAicriencfd weed list apply. HAINES'S
WASHINGTON STORE, Pa. ave. and Sth. auT-3t
WANTED A neat colored girL 1701 7th st nw.
WANTED Afs-itant liookkceper; lad ; must le
quick and correct at fipurcs. Addros, in own
handwriting, j-tating silaiv, BOX 9, this office.
WANTED An hornet woman for pencral Ikhw
wrk; email fjinilv ; references required. Ad
dress M. E., this office. lt
WANTED Gcod cook and gene-al liouseworker;
no warring or ironing; must stay nights and
bring city reference. 1109 F st. nw. It-cm
WANTED At "nce, woman for pencral lwuse
wrl; no washing; in family of 3; must stay
at night. 211 llthtte. " It-cm
WANTED A neat jounp colored woman as wait
res. Address J. A., this office. It-cm
WANTED Woman to do washing and cooling.
Apply at 2122 M fet. nw. It-cm
WANTED Younp pirl stenographer and tyiie
writer to tale dictation at her nun Immi- t
niphtc; 2 nights a weel; state terms. STRAN
GER, this office. li-oii
WANTED A white woman to cook and take
cfeaipe of house. Apply 317 Pa. ave. mv.; 2d
floor. Call 5 p. m. au0-3t
WANTED Girl or young woman; white; for gen
eral liousewwk and care of children. Address
HAMPSlIH'E,ilii6 office. au0-3t
WANTED Nt. indu'trious, reliable white girl
for peral ItoitecHork. 6S3 Stli t-t. nc.
WANTED By a Gentian girl, some plain kw
inp to do or place in store. Addicts ANX
IOUS, tltis office au6-St
WANTED Young woman who understand; cook
ing and bou-ework; ret. Apply liiO S3d st
nw. au.')-3t
WANTED White woman; widow preferrrd; one
wto is ued to children; al-o to assist in
light hoewwork; iiiut bring good rcf. Apply
WILLIAM E. LOVEJOV. 1230 N. Y. ave. au5 at
WANTED 2 mat colored girls; general houc
wwrl; one for Capitol Hill; other northwest;
Iwing icference. 004 5th nw. aut-3t-em
WANTED A reliald" white giil or woman to do
iriaiti general lnuework. with washing and
ironing; 4 in family; po-d home; 12 miles from
city; slate terms. Address B. E. 1L, Box 4, Lan
liam, Md. aut-3t-cm
SOUTHERN AGENCY-EstablMicd 1S92, 306 G st.
nw.; cools, chambermaids and help of all
kind. auC-3t
WANTED Sewing done cheap during dull sea
son or go out by the day. Address 30S 4 1-2
L nw. It
WANTED By respectable colored woman, place
to clean erbecs; washing to do at home or
out; or day's work; reference.1027 V st. nw.
auC St-cra
WANTED By 2 neat, honest, colored girls, places
as cbainlonna:d. nur?, prncral bou-work-
ers. EUREKA BUREAU, 604 3:1. nw. auC-3t-rm
WANTED A place as waitress in lunch room.
F. S., 21S B st. n w. auG-3t
WANTED By middle-aged lady of thorough ex
perience, po-ition as working housekeeper;
licst references; pood pay cxnectrcL Address. N.
K. G.. this office. au0-3t
WANTED Work, by first-clas laundicss and
eamstrcs; by day; reference Address DU
TIFUL, 1012 14th st. nw. au5-3t-cm
WANTED Bv respectable German pirl, work by
the duy doing office cleaning. Addres R. R.",
this office au5-3t-cm
WANTED By colored woman, place as cook or
house cleaner, or washing and ironing. 1G27
lull tt. nw. au3-2t
WAN! ED A respectable German widow lady,
w-bo is a good housekeeper, good in German
cooling and needlework: also perfect to assist
in store, desires portion. Address HOUSE
KEEPER, S.. this office. au5-3t
WANTED By a reliable lady, with child 10
years old, position as working henr-ekeepsr,
or -would take charge of invalid's home. Address
E. L., this office. au5 3t
WANTED Good, reliable agent and solicitor; for
the best accident policy is-rcd; big commi
pion and splendid t'nns to livelv agents; cither
male or female; even bod v should liave an acci
dent policy. Address P. O. BOX 1C6, city.
WHY WORK FOR OTHERS? Wlien you can,
with little cxptwe. start a business in jour
town that will pay well. AVrite jK-t.il to Whcat
on & Co., New Bedford, Mass., for particulars
and list practical money making receipts, trade
leerets and private formulas. It
WANTED Now; apents to sell sash locks
autl door holder); sample taish Ioct free
for Cc. ttamp; immense; better than
weights; burglar proof: S10 n clay; write
quick. Address BROHARD & CO.. Tlept.
SO. Philadelphia, Fa. fel3-2Ct.Su
WANTED norse for his keeping; may buy; good
care; lignt work and box stall. II. II. EL
LIOTT, 1520 14th st nw. it
WANTED Board for a child two years old in a
private family. Address MRS. L., this office.
WANTED Board and room within 15 minutes
of Government Printing Office, for $10 a
month or nice room for $L E. B. JONSON,
General Delivery. au5-St
YOUNG man wishes to learn the real eetatc or
flour and 'feed business. Address B. II.. this
office, au7-3t
WANTED A poFition by a competent drug clerk;
references; A No. 1. Address 1IARU. 711
King it.. Alexandria, Ya. au7-3t
WANTED By a tru-twoithy young marri'd white
man, with no bad habits, some kind of steady
work. Addrtes TRUSTWORTHY, this office.
WANTED By German loy 10 years old, place of
any kind; can give reference! Address GER
MAN.tl.isofllcc. auO 3
WANTED By stenographer employed in Govern
ment department, work evening? after 4; hai
fjpettritcr. Address STEXO., this office. auG-3t
WANTED By an experienced young man, place
as collector and general office work; can give
references. Add res-s BOX 0, this office. uul-3t
WANTED Position by reliable young man as
clerk in store; best references and recom
mendations. Addicss RELIABLE, this office.
WANTED For all-cash customer, hoti'o in north
west; not over ?4,000. W. SILAS SHEETZ,
1407 F Et. nw. auG-3t-cm
WANTED A good hou'c of seven cr eight too'iis
in nc or t-c section; price must le low; no
agent need answer. P. 0. BOX ICO. Citv. au0-3t
WANTED To buy. maM I.ou-e suitable for busi
ness in northwest or northeast; partly cash;
balance in monthly payment?; in fair location.
Address A. P., this office. auo-3t
WANTED Small businebS houc in northwest or
northeast; partly cash; balance in monthly
payments; in fair' location. Address A. P.,
this cilice. au5-3t
WANTED Large fiirniOicd front room, small
room adjoining, unfurnished; light housekeep
ing; nw.; strictlv clean; rent icjsonable. Ad
dress PEiniANENT.iisoffice. It
WANTED By young man, room and lo.ird with
private family or in refircd boarding-liousc;
location, aliout 10 niimitrs' walk from Oth st.
and Pa. ave.; terms, $5 per week; permanent.
Address AVENUE, this office. au-Gt
WANTED To rent; small or medium-sired jou
printing office Addrcsj PUBLISHER, this of
fice, it
WANTED Second-hand dres suit case at once;
cheap for cajh. Address CASE, this office.
WANTED A pood heme for a pet dog. 1017 14 th
st. nw. It
WANTED Second-hand typewriter; must be in
fair condition and cheap. LEARNER, this
office. It-cm
WANTED 20 teams to haul brick. THE MOR
RISON BRICK CO., Waterloo, Va. It-em
WANTED Grocer in nw., with large, high-class
trade, would take orders for wood and exal
for responsible coal dealer. Address I. II., this
office. au5-3t-cm
WANTED 2,000 housekeepers who want to have
their furniture uphohtcred and mattresses
made over; send postal; estimates free. JULIUS
HOLZLENG, 1011 24th st. aua-3t-cm
WANTED Light roadcart; must be cheap. Ad
dress CART. tr.U office. au5-3t
WANTED A horse; about 1,100 pounds; state
price. Address A. B., this office. lt-em
HIGHEST CASH PRICES paid for sscondhand
clothing, firearms and musical instruments.
005 D st. nw.; call or drop postal. jy23-tf-em
DON'T WORRY ABOUT WAR! Victory Is ours;
don't let jour gent's cast-off clothing rot
when you can recehe such high prices by drop
ping postal to SAUL BROS., 923 D st. nw.
iin 6-3mos
WANTED To buy or sell, machine: of all de
scriptions such as strain engines, boilers, iron
girders, elevates, electric motors, platform
scales leather lielrinf- mnpa niillpv-n mc fixturnc
I old harness, tcam, water and gas piprs; al'o old
l iron, brass, copper, lead, zinc, books and paper
I stock, for which I pay highest market prices. II.
ur.K.MtKiMKH. 330 C st. nw. mh S tf-cm
ROOMS AND BOARD Urge, cool rooms; very
cheap; table board; $3 per week; heme cook
ing. 512 13th st. nw. au7-3t
ROOMS AND BOARD Ijrpe room for two; f.rst-
I cia-s ioa a; leas niOle ttrin"; c.nt.al location.
1 No. 1112 10th st. nw. au7-3t
FOR RENT 613 K et. nw., large froiit roams;
second floor; suitable for two; with Ixiaril $40;
j also small rooms; opjosfte Mt. Vcnion Park. It
ROOMS AND BOARD 713 K st." nw., or Mount
! Vernon Place, beautiful third-tory front
room, with dressing room; bath on same floor;
I lxiard; au7-3t
NEW YORK CITY Large, airy ro3m- on 2d ami
3d floors; transients accommodated. 2C1 West
23d st. it
ROOMS AND BOARD 511 21st st., between II and
I. three doors from corner of H tt ; board
$3.50 per week. au7-3t
ILLINOIS HOIE7l3irPaTave7n:r:furn!she(l
rooms and bet table board. S-1S jcr mo.;
transients accommodated; $1 night; meal, 25c.
MRS. JAMES WOOD,Prop. auG-3t-cm
FOR RENT Ml st. "nw-.: 1 2d"-story "large
south-front room; 1 small rocm; best table
lioard; transients accommodated; terms mod
crate au3-3t
WE ARE FEEDING more people tlian any house
in Washington. Why? Because we fcrd them
right. 3,000 square feet cf dining-room, kept nic:
and cool by large electric fan?. Best Elgin
butter. Pure cream. French drip coffee. Home
made pastry- Steaks and chops all broiled.
Plenty fruit. No charge for duplicate or special
orders. Meals at nearly all hours. Only $4 "a
week; equal to anj ?0 a week in thk city. Wc
also have beautiful rooms witn private bath and
electric lights. THE GENOA. 03 and 60S 12th
st, nw. aul-2wks-em
ROOMS AND BOARD First-class rooms"-and
board. 218 3d st. se. aul-lwk-em
FOR SALE Cheap, 2 buggies; one cost $225; in
good condition; for S25; one cost ?150 one
year ago; in fine condition; for $40. STABLES,
th and I sts. nw. an5-3t-cm
FOR SALE 1 "fine roan marc; good drner; 2
buggies and harness. 1034 10th nw. au)-3t-rm
FOR SALE At 1210 Ohio ave. nw.; bargain; de
livery wagon: Dayton and husgv; alo lot old
wheels. WASHINGTON WAGON CO., 1st floor.
FOR SALE Two good work horses and 1 good
driving mare; kind and gentle; anjbodv can
drive; no reasonable offer refused. COAL
YARD, G14 1st. sw. au5-3t
FOR SALE Large black hose; fi years old; ex
cellent saddle and harness animal; absolute! v
pcntle and soumb WILL'S STABLE, N. J. ae.
opposite B. & O. depot n .
THE New Perfection Tjilcr System seen daily.
C22 3th st. nw.; mothers call with daugh
ters, it
THE Morning or Evening Times is free with evcrv
purchase at the OLD RELIABLE CIGAR
STORE, 13th and G sts. nw. au7-3t
DANCING--Waltz and two step; Mils" Marie
Leonardo, Premier Danscuse, 610 hi st nw.,
teaches the only true method. auC-3t
PRINTING 300 statements, envelopes, bill-head!,
note-heads cr cards, 75c HALEY, Printer,
00C F st, nw. au5-3t-em
ICE CREAM Special; pure and delicious; 70c
per gallon. LACEY'S, C07 N. Y. ave. nw.
Outing Shirts, 49e yes, 49c with 2 extra
collars and cuffs; fine four-ply 5c Linen Collars,
Cc; 5 for 25c; all the leading styles; 50c Sani
tary Summer Underwear, 21c; S2.50 Lightweight
Bicycle and Athletic Jerseys, $1.49; all colon,
50c Golf Caps, 25c; new effects in checks; 25c
Golf Caps, 14c; fine Summer Silk Neckwear for
men, 25c quality, 7c, 4 for 25c; English Madras
Washable Neckwear, 4c, 7 for 25c; lowest prices
for High-grade Goods ever known to man at O.
AUERBACH'S. T t H. Jyl6-tf
Printing 600 cards. 75c; 600 envelopes, 75c;
KX) note-heads. 75c; 500 statements, 75c; bind
ing magazines, 50c; miscellaneous books re
iKiund. CI. E. WILLIAMS. G15 7th it. nw. fe3-t!
FOR RENT Part of house In suburbs: present
occupant would board; liberal inducements
to right party. BOX 17, Langdon, D. C. au7-3t
until you let us paper your rooms. And wc
know you .will be so well pleased with our
work Uiat you'll tell your friends about us.
Finest work. ?2 up. F. G. NOLTE, 810 Oth fit.
ROOMS PAPERED, ?1.50 up; order work now;
atoid rush of busy season. LEPREUX &
PORT, C27 Va. ave. au5-3t
FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE Fine dairy or truck
firm; large, nearly new house and outbuildings;
large pasture; running water; 6 miles south of
city in Md.; cheap, and easy terms. Address
HEALTHY, this tQce. sui-Stta
FOR RENT Three beautiful rocms in private
familv; furnished or unfurnished; rent season
able. 163G Oth st. nw. It
FOR RENT Furnished room; very convenient;
bath adjoining; not connected with stores
underneath. 427 10th st. nw. au7-3t
FOR RENT Urge, plea-ant. nnvly-furnMied 3d
story front room; central; ?9. 723 11th nw.
FOR RENT A flat of two rooms for man and
wife; bay window; southern exposure; a. in.
i.; $0. S13 N St. nw. . au7-3t
FOR RENT At summer rates, fine, newly ftir
nihed rcoms, fronting McPlicrson Squate. 017
15th st. nw. au3-3t-cm
FOR RENT La-gc and small front roomF, $1,
$1.25 to 2.G0 week. THE HAYDEN, 1517 E
nw. It-cm
FOR RENT 3 rcoms 2d floor, with bath; no
cliildren; price $9. 209 10th st. sw. au0-3t-cin
FOR RENT Two front rooms; furnished com
plete for light housekeeping; wafer on floor.
120 C st, nw au-3,t
FOR RENT Cool and pleasant jrooms; -single or
en suite; furuiOird or unfurnished; a. m. i.;
centrally located. 037 I st. nw. au6-3t
FOR RENT Nicely furnished rooms, with or
without board. 612 Cth st. nw. au0-3t
FOR RENT SOS Cth st. nw., fine furnished rooms
by the day, week or mouth; charges lea-on-able.
FOR RENT $3; nice, large hall bedroom; nicc-
ly furnished. 301 C st. nw. '"L.
FOR RENT 225 1st t., 2 nicely-fur. rooms on 2d
floor, with use of bathroom andkitchen.
au5-3t- m
FOR RENT 2 large rooms, alcove, $10; neatly
fur.; bay window room, .$S; one ?4f central.
224 G nw. au5-8t-em
FOR RENT 931 L tt. nw.; front and back par
lor; fur. or unfur.; f?10 per month; also fur.
rocm, with loard for two, $C0. au5-3t
FOR RENT Two unfur. rooms; no children. CC
Myrtle st. nw. au5-3t
FOR RENT FurnMied or unfurnished rooms on
second floor; suitable tor light housekeep
ing. 627 5th St. nw. au5-3t
FOR RENT Fur. rooms with or without board;
in private family, at 434 H st. nw, au5-3t
FOR BENT 04 D st. ne., 2 rooms and alcove
suitable for light housekeeping; with use of
bath and gas; on 2d floor; ?13 per month for
summer. aui-3t-n
FOR RENT 2 large parlors; 1st floor; furnished.
$13; unfurnished, flO.; nrar Capitol. 207 II
st. ne. au4-3t-ein
FOR KENT-S15 14th st. nw., 1 rocm on Id
flcor; also front hall room. au4-3t-em
FOR RENT 91S New York ave. nw.. furnished
and unfur. looms; one with private bath.
FOR RENT Niccly-furni;hcd 2d-story,frpnt reo.-n;
fi. and c. exposure; all conv. on same floor;
convenient to cars and depts. 14 3d ,nvr. ,
FOR RENT Three unfurnished rooms; suitable
for light housekeeping; no children. S09 C
st. nw.; call after 4. au7-3t
FOR RENT Two unfurnished rooms; first floor;
?8.100Vaae. sw.. , au7-3t
FOR RENT Three large, unfurnished rooms for
light hou'ekceping, on second floor; bsth, and
gas to cook by. COO E. Capitol st.. SI p?r nunth.
It ,.
FOR RENT Unfur. room? for light housekeep
ing; modern improvements, 702 10th st.
au7-3t .fj' "
FOR RENT Clean, heated, light, 20x20. unfur
nished front room, .&; others, $5; hall. $4.
453 G st. nw. au7-3t
FOR RENT 2 unfurnished rooms, 2d floor, hath,
light and gas for exiokfng; use of large ya-d;
59. 252S L nw. auC-3t-cm
FOR RENT Parlor and dining-rcom on 1-t floor.
110 3d nw. auC-3t-cm
FOR RENT Two or three unfumi-hed rooms; new
house: northern and southern exposure; near
car line; heat, pas and la h. (MS G st. ne. auO 3t
FOR RENT 503 L t. nw.. large, cool, unfur.
rooms; seexmd and third floors; three rooms
each; closet in every room; new houe; modern
conveniences. auC-3t
FOR RENT Two or four large, pleasant rooms
on 2d floor; with bath; modem conveniences;
rent reduced. No. 62 M St. nw. au5-3t-em
FOR RENT 0 unfurnished rooms; references ex
changed. 1237 12th ft. nw. au5-3t-em
FOR RENT Two unfur. rooms on-2dflo-rf la-pe'
closets; southern exposure; $12. 927 -L St.
nw. au5-.3t
FOR RENT 2 unfurnished rooms, 1st and 2d
floors, ?4 and $7, with or without boaid. 1114
11th st. nw. au4-3t-cm
FOR RENT Furnished or unfurnished, flat to suit
tenant; four rcoms. Pa. ave.. between Oth
and 10th nw. Applv C. F. REYNOLDS, Box
Orlicc, BijouThpjtcr. lt
FOR RENT No. IS E st. ., 5-room flat; a. m.
i.; onlv $10; large vard; will rent to colored
people . W. P. METCALF, 1110 C. st, nw.au7-3t
FOR RENT Flat of three rooms; over store; 239
Mass. ave. nc; rent $10 per month; fine lo
cation. su7-3t
FOR RENT Elegant apartments of 3. 4 cr 5
rocm; with or- without hraf; rent'T'fro'ii $9
to $20.30; pas and baths. Apply NORMEXT &.
SMITH, Room 7, 491 La. ave. nw. au7-7t
FOR RENT Nicely furnished flat, 3 rooms and
bath; second floor; near Avenue cars; low
price. 2502 M St. nw. au7-3t
FOR RENT 3 rooms; newly papered and, paint
ed; communicating; bath on same fltor; nar
2 car lines. 2013 G st. nw. . Jtcni
FOR RENT Five roams and bath; housekeeping;
flat: a. m. i.: laree vards-rref. Tequircd; low
rent. Apply to JANITOR. 2C20 K st. nw. au3-3t
FOR RENT Flat at 2016 14th st. nw., 5 rooms
bath, pantry, clouts; a. in. i. -Apply to
E. P. THOMAS, Owner, at above address.
FOR RENT In large country liQUfe. Jar. flat;
light housekeeping allowed. Address SUB
URBAN, this office.... . , . au5-3t
FOR SALE Store and dwelling; 12th st., near
Pa. ave. se.; a. m. i.; will be finished August
18; G-foot alley; 9 rooms"nnd cellar; 1SS2 feet;
owner sick and not able to attend to business.
Apply 110S I St. se. ' ' au7-3t
FOR SALE Cheap, -J0-room Jrifk and S stall
brick stable: large yard, paved, on e-orner lot:
4C94; suit baker or. dairyman. OWNER, 1302
3d st, se. ' au-3t
FOR SALE Cheap; a. 2-story dwelling on M st.,
between 4th and Sthsts nw.; pre?? brick,
bay window f-ont; 7 rooms and bath; size of lot
2013S. 9 to 30-ft paved allev; 2-storv stable on
allev; reduced from $8,000 to $5,700. A. S. CAY
WOOD, 933 Oth st. nw. au7-3t
FOR SALE Store and dwelling on Pa. ave. se.
by owner; cheap; terms to suit. Address
GOOD CHANCE, this office. auG-3t-cm
FOR SALE Near Takoma, JMd., 3S acres. 700
fruit trees, fine water, $4,500; 12 acres, $1-
500; 7 acres and new- houc. $2,000; 3 1-2 acre.
$700; bargains. W. PARKER SMITH, 1105 F
st. nw. it
FOR SALE Model dairy farm; fenced in; 20
acres fields; 12-room house, large barn and
outbuildings; 21C acres; 50 in wcod; one mile
from Mt. Vernon. Va.; near Washington. Apply
1). W. BALLINGER, 21S 10th nw., Washington,
U.C auC-3l-em
FOR SALE For $5 down and $1 per week,
building lots at Ballston; price 100 each, on
electric road; six minutes ride on 5 cent fare;
also suburban property for sale or rent. JAMES
E. CLEMENTS, J321 F st. nw. "au3-Gt .
FOR SALE Suburban property; 20 acres near
station; very high; plenty of shade; will be
sold, at a great bargain on easy terms. Address
L. S. GORDON, Falls Church, Va. au2-0t-em
FOR SALE Tracts of from 1 to 5 acres of land,
beautifully located for suburban homes; loca
tion high and healthy, with fine large oak sr.d
hickory trees for shade; public Potomac water
supply, and within 5 minutes' walk of Chevy
Chase electric read on Connecticut ave; terms
easy. LOUIS P. SHOEMAKER, 020 F nw.
WILL exchange a ten-room house on 4 1-2 st. and
two court houses, all in sw.; total rents $42;
for a small house in good section in nw. Call at
303 E st. nw. at 5 p. in. it
WILL exchange a suburban lot, clear of incum
berancc; valued at $200. for a horse and tiap
nw. au7-tf
FOR EXCHANGE High-grade wheel in good con
dition, for groceries, provisions or coal. Ad
dress COAL, this office. auG-3t-cm
FOR EXCHANGE 3 houses, under rent for $77.50
permonth; in nw.; for house of 10 rooms in
good locality. BOX 49. au0-3t-em
FOR EXCHANGE Alaska-Klondike stock; prom
ising good returns this fall; will exchange for
a piano. AuurcEs sivun, mis oiuce
W. II. BARNES &, CO., C27 E ST. NW.
C00 Md. arc. ne., 12 rms 2 batlis, steam
heat ,...,. $60
? J.st nw- 10 rmsm. i 5
fi20 6th st. nw., 8 rms.. m. i
2823 nth rt. nw., 9 a, '"i ".::".
501 T st. nw., 7 rms, m. i
225 Est. nw., 11 rms..m. i 10
?2,nh CaPito- st. rms., m. i 32.
'Ji;iiJ!2; ave "c. s.. ". i 25
lJ2V7?n2LT Et 8 nns.; m. i 30
C22 22U st. nw., 8 rms., in. i 30
410 Spruce st. nw., c rms., m. i 25
Petworlh, D. C. several cottages. 7 rms.,
" , $25 00 to 30
47 Quincy st. mv., 0 rms in 1 30
1512-14-18 5th st. nw 8 rms. m. i 23
507 Spnice st. nw., 7 rms m. i -2
1928 6th st. nw . o rms.. m 1 22
20 Quincy st. ne, C mis., m. i 20
1525 ntli niv tt .. ' !
7$. Slm st n"v irnisV,"m!"i". '.!.'. ".".".. "."." lc
uu iiuii. MVL-. ne- p rms, m. l "
42C Elm st. nw.. 5 rini .' m i ls
1119 C st. ne.-, fl jjy.ff. !..... 15
' Stores.
-?? llV 6t' mv- t5rcrpt)ni and cellar 65
JoL'i. '- nw" or44"m and cellar $50
1308 th nw., str.hind'tlwg., 0 rms., m. i.. 33
39 ith st. nw., rreond 'floor; 4 rms.; ro. 1.. 80
P st. nw., 0 mis $18
1535 Sth nw., 6 mis I'"
713 2d et. sw.. 6 rms., m. i 15"
37. 43, 45 Fenton st. ne., 6 rms 12
81-83 Fenton st. ne., 5 rms 1
UO-M.G-8-lOVu Shcpatd 'alley nw.. 4 rms... '8
2012 Columbia Terraccvnw., bet. E and F;
20x21; 4r .' $
i Gorilon ave. nc., 'betA F and G, 2d and
3d; 4r C
1727 Hayes Court nw., bet. 17th and 16th,
D and E; 5r 8
1307 Fristoe Courtnw., let. V and W, 13th
and 14th; or 9
237, Pomcroy st. mv; 4r 9
114 D st. kc., 2d and 3d floors; 4r 9
423 Franklin, Let. '. J. and 5th, P and
Q; 4r 12
2223 Cleveland ave.. bet. 12th and 13th,
above W; Cr 13
1208 Linden st. ne., lict.- 12th and 13th, G
and H, 7r 15
504 4 1-2 Et. sw., store and dwelling; 7r... 10
32(13 Prospect ave. 'nw, (Georgetown); 7r.. IS
2500 7th st. nw., store and dwelling; 8r.... 20
123 4 1-2 st. sw., store and dwelling; 7r 21
03G French sL nw., bet. Oth and 10th, R
and S; Sr 26
lt!18 Reeves st. nw., bet. 2d and 3d, Q
and R; Sr 8
1C25 Marion st. nw., bet. 6th and 7th, Q
and R; Sr , 22
1202 NT st. mv.; llr $100
13S Providence st.; Cr ,- 8 00
.439 Oth et. nw., Riley Bldg., single
rooms $5 00 to 10 00
-BIaclstane'8 Island, 4-room cottage;
' season $25 00
1007 7th st. nw., store.and cellar $40 00
K9 2d st. nw , 25 00
123 4 1-2 et. ?w store and dwelling; 7r.... 21 00
2300 7th st. nw., store and dwelling; Sr CO 50
Rear 120 C st. ne., 2 stables (each) $12 50
1320 15th ft. nw.. stable and shop 8 00
Rear 932 O st, nw 3 30
Rear 910 Oth st. nw...f. - 4 00
For balance of list sec store.
A. S.CAYWOOD, 933 Oth st. nw.
-au7-3t ? ""
FOR RENT Nice 6yoom house. 515 13th st. se.;
inquire 1233 Est.,Ec.; rent $11.30. . au7-3t
FOR RENT S1S.50 lor $25 hou'c; nw.; stone and
brick; electric lighting; stationary range;
cabinet mirrots, double parlors, hot water: facing
Columbia Heights. 24C3 Brightwocd ave; cars.
FOR RENT $25.50; 24 3d st. nc., 8 rexms, bath
and cellar; near E. Capitol st. Applv C. T.
YODER. C15 E st. nw. "au8-3t
FOR RENT Only $13 per month for nice G-room
brick; a. m. i.; hay window; near cars; 121S
Linden Place ne., bet. G and II, 12th and 13th
sts. au3-3t-cm
FOR RENT To colored people, 2 nice rooms,
unfurnished, on 2d floor; hot and cold water
on same floor; rent reasonable. 1322 Sth st. nw.
FOR RENT 1524 14th st. nw.; excellent loca
tion for physician; 2-story And cellar brick
dwelling; 10 rooms; 2 baths; furnace heat; good
order: cheap at $40. per month. G ASCII BRO.,
1307 F st. jiW; " , au5-4t
EpR,RENT--2204 13th st. nw., t7 rooms, bath,
'eel., shed; slsb 509 ,N. J. ave. nw., 7 r., ba
pantry,-eel.; botR-have1 large yards. au2-Ctcm
FOR TlENT Store fronting on two streets; 1007
7th st. nw.; also entrance on N. Y. ave.; a
splendid store rhom and cellar; suitable for
either bicvele or drug store; rent only $40 per
month; will be rapei-ed and painted to suit. A.
S. CAYWOOD, 933 Oth'st, nw. au7-3t
FOR SALE '97 Spalding in perfect condition;
owner leaving citjJ; will sell cheap fo c-h.
1341 W . nw. k i it
FOR SALE Lady's wheel; cheap. 72S 4th se.
GODFREY. auG-3t-cm
FOR SALE A laiiyts. Rambler wheel cheap. 1017
14th st, nw. g J . aufl-3t
FOR S.VLE Bicycles;. "one lady's; one gentle
man's; nearly "new; cet $125 each; alo pair
Palmer road races tires; new. 1S26 ICtli st. nw.
RIDERS. ATTENTION! This change In the
weather means a Change in our already low
prices on high-grade wheels, new and slightly
used: '97 and '9S; wheels must be sold at a
sacrifice; look the field over, take notes of
other grades and quote price1; of other dealers,
then come to us: ingle-tube tires, mechanically
put on, $1.50; bic,velc& bought outright. NEW
YORK CYCLE CO.. 434 Oth st. atil-7t
FOR SALE Patent fence; something new; will
sell State rights cheap. NEW YORK BUSl
NESS BROKERS, No. 1008 F st. au7-3t
FOR SALE Thoroughbred fox terrier. Addres?
FOX, this office. au7-3t
FOR SALE Larpe Home Comfort range; cost
$70; hotel, kitchen table, cooking utcnsiR
wardrobe, etc. 1710. Gjst., basement door. au7-3t
FOR SALE A fine watch; suitable for lady or
gentleman; very cbeap. Address J. P. M.,
this office. , ' au0-3t-em
FOR SALE Fine icelxix, cost $75. for $25; holds
COO or 800 ice;. 1 showcases; cheap. 10th and
C ne.; see them -at -once. It-cm
FOR SALE Oak sets at $7; and other house
hold goeds; stove, bench; cheap. 1017 14th
st. nw. J? auC-3t
FOR SALE -Bip1 ba'rgains fn sewing machines,
New Home. Singer." Domestic, White, Wheeler
6 Wilson, which we have taken in exchange for
New Domestics; perfect and warranted for five
jears; from $C up, to makcToom. C. AUERBAC'H,
7 and II. au6-3t
FOR SALE Cheap, child's oak folding crib, with
spring and hair mattress. 314 D st. ne.
FOR SALE Baby carriage, roll top desk and
large framed picture; cheap. 1213 New Jer
sey ave. nw. au5-3t-em
FOR SALE Baby carriage, cheap; 2 fine pic
tures and hansomc parlor organ. 501 M st. nw.
au5-2t-rm -
75 CENTS PER 1,000 for Cards Billheads, State-
niDiilu nr VnliOinrirlc TV WQAV Tl. rl
et First-Class Pririter; 15 years' cvperience. 807
Oth nw. - au5-8t-'cm
FOR SALE A genuine .McClelland saddle; in cx
cellent condition; mfg. Allegheny Arsenal,
IStil. Inquire 483 F st. sw. au4-3t-em
FOR SALE Barroom license. Apply to ROOM 22,
Atlantic ' Building. au2-3t-em
500 PRINTED STATEMENTS, 50c; 500 envelopes.
75c; motto, good work, low prices. 631 F
St. au2-Gt
FOR SALE Safes; second hand and new; ier air
ing, and keys made to order. HOC K n.v.
FOR SALE Fresh cows; always on hand; would
also exchange for dry cows. JNO. DENE
KAS. 3510 Brighfwood ave. jyl9-lmo-em
THE "3 DAYS' " CURE (for men) Sold at
EVANS'S DRUG'-STORE, 933 F st. nw.; $1.
jyl9-3w '
FOR SALE A 25c box of Milburn's Malaria Cap
sules will cure anyt case of malaria, chills and
lever; criui n.srj w.j . uiupa. jj-i-imo
FOR SALE Ash"- pews, with hair cushions; seat
ing capacityl,CQ0; also carpets in Congrega
tional Church, yitlind G sts. nw.; make pro
posal for ail or any part; will deliver about July
15; examine on' the premises. Address TRUS
TEES. i ' Je25-tf
dog medicines; jjamphlet on doga and bird
diseases free; birds mounted by expert taxfder
mists. BCHMID'S BIRD BTORE, 712 12th st.
nw. - mh25-tf-em
FOR SALE $2.98 fr 6-ft. extension table;
lounges. $2.-50; "-refrigerators and gssolin
ttoves. parlor and bid-room suites, SI per week;
efcesp cask and credit. REDMOND. 813 7t!l
at. aw. ocW-ttea
RenI Entutc Broker and Auctioneer,
917 F Street N. W.
013, C15r 017 Burk's alley, f. h., 4r
(each) $900 03
428 Limerick alley, f. h., 4r C03 00
024 L st., b, h., Cr.; a. m. i $3,500 00
014 L, b. h., Cr.; a. in. i 3,500 00
17 17th st,, stoic and dwelling $1,000 00
New Hampshire ave.. near It; 25x93 ft.. $10,000 00
S. between 18th and 19th, 22 1-2x100 ft. 8,003 03
Ne. cqrner Mass. ave. and 2d, 3,104
square feet 0,180 00
M st. near 11th, 20x50 feet 4,:03 00
Sq. Ft.
ICth st,. bet. P and Q, 4Sxl00 ft.. $5 00
South side R. I. ave., near Conn, ave., COx
-100 ft .-. 4 53
R st.',' bet. 19th and 20th., 43x93 ft..., 3 50
1915 I st., lot 34x115 ft 3 00
Entire block bounded by 15th, ICth, W and
Y '. 3 03
1200 21st, lot 35 foot front 2 2".
921 N. J. ave., lot 22x120 ft 2 03
O, bet. 21it and 22d, 40x100 ft 2 0J
Corner 21st and L, 45xC3 ft 2 00
V. bet. 14th and loth, lots 20x115 ft 1 75
Huntington Place, bet. 14th and 15th, 50
145 ft ." 1 30
24th, bet- L and M, 52x1 it ,..., 1 50
19th, bet. E and F. 00x155 ft 1 23
11th, bet. Tand V, 22x93 ft 1 25
N, bet. 2Ut and 2id, 25x100 ft 1 23
P, bet. 33d and 34th, 47x130 ft 75
Va. ave., bet. 27th and 28th, 110122 ft CO
Wisconsin ave., near St. Alban's Church,
50x200 ft 40
101 11th St.; fur.; per year; 15r $1,500 00
20S Delaware ave, lOr 43 01
1014 3d st; stable; Cr 15 30
(24 3 1-2 St., Ir 8 30
140 Sehott's Alley, 4r 7 03
1518 Norrls st.. 4r C CO
1125 Q St., 5r COO
1520 Turner St.. ur 5 50
000 Va. ave., Sr $25 42
911 O St.. fir 25 00
939 O St., Sr 22 50
029 C St., Cr 20 SO
420 Sth St.. Cr : 10 SO
1211 I) t 7r 13 30
331 13th st.. Cr..' 14 30
439 Del ave., 3r 13 SO
32G N St., Cr.". : 12 50
1309 D St., Cr. 12 30
C30 Md. ave.. 4r .'.'. 11 S3
1329 Union St.. Cr 11 00
C17 1-2 Del. ave., 4r 9U)
1020 S. Capitol St., Cr 8 33
Call at 911 F St. for sefliim3ntiily
FOR SALE Patent on adjustable heel brace for
, bicrclc ,pedal.jij practical brace tliat must
be seen to be-appreciated; will 11 ) part or en-tire-,pcrOnql.iptervievv
requested to explain its
thorough utility. Apply to J. P. PRICE. 85 R
st, nw., any dav alter 4:30 p. m. au7-3t
WANTED Horse and busgy or hore and trap for
building lotin-citv. JtOOM 62, Atlantic
Bldg. au7-3t
GROCERY, Sl.OCO-Corntr; ne.; 7 rooms; fine
trade. FULTON R. GORDON, Atlantic Bldg.
CIGAR AND STATIONERY 14th t.; (1 ro?ms;
rent $2S; $223. FULTON R. GORDON. At
lantic Dldg."" au7-3t
MILK ROUTE 22 gallons; pood wapon and
horse. FULTON R. GORDON, Atlantic Bldg.
HOTEL, $5,000 $3,000, cash; CO furni-hed Toom;
nw.; no liquor. FULTON R. GORDON. At
lantic Bldg. au7-3t
FOR SALE Groceries', cigar and drug store: if
vou want a business see u. COMMERCI vL
EXCHANGE, 510 F st.nw. au7-3t
FOR SALE Dining-room; old established stand;
paying business; centrally located; can be
bonpht leforc the 15th at a preat bargain; ec u?.
FOR SALE Grocery store: old established stand;
dailv sales $30; will sell at invoice; owner re
F st. au7-3t
FOR SALE Hotel and bar doing a laipe business;
paving well; owner selling on account of
Fst. f!-!31..
FOR SALE Cigar and 'confectionery store; rent
only $S per month; cleariig$3 per dav; prom
inent street; a great bargain. NEW YORK BUCI
NESSBIWKERS, Np.JlW F t. f-7-3t
FOR SALE Small proccrv store; cheap; rent,
$11.50. PAT OTOOL, 33C 22d St. nw.
FOR RENT At Takoma Park, store and dwell
ing of 0 rcoms; only one other grocery; pop
ulation 1,500; stable; concreted cellar; has coun
ters and shelves,; center of town; fine chance. M.
B.MILLER, Ja'soma!D.JD. au6-3t-em
WANTED A thoroughly reliable party with A 1
rcfeunces wishes to purchase a horse, surrey
(or carriage), ami harness, on monthly install
ments. Address OITFIT, this office. au6-3t-em
FOR SALE Grocery, meat and provision store;
cheap if sold at once; no better neighborhood
in the city. Address C. W., this office.
FOR SALE Old-established cigar, tobacco and
stationery store; on Pa. ave.; one of the
best pajinp stands in se. Washingicn; will sell
verv reasonable, as owner wishes to retire. Ad
dress CIGAR, this office. lt-em
FOR. SALE Bicycle store: old-established stand,
including fixtures and stock; prnr.t $S to
$10 per day; rent cheap; $300 cash. Call or ad
dress WILLIAM LOVEJOY, 1230 N. Y. ave. nw.
FOR SALE Ten-room hou-e, hand-omely furnish
ed, on Pa. ave.: a paying business; rent onlv
$30: a bargain. NEW YORK BUSINESS BROK
ERS, 1006 Fst. nw. au6-3t
FOR SALE Dairy lunch; no opposition; two
months' rent paid; price $150; rent. $10.50
mo.; owner has other business. E. II. GORDON,
1009 E nw. lt-em
FOR SALE On account of sickness, grocery and
provision store doing pood business. Address
A. W., this office. au5-Ct-em
FOR SALE Extraordinary batgains; prccery
storcs. $200 to $1,500; cigar store. $150; lunch
rooms, S190 to $700. DUNLAP. 003 F St.
FOR SALE Grocery and provision store; full
stock, good dwelling and stable. 82 K st. ne.
WANTED Partner, with $100, to take charge of
light business-, paying from $3 to $3 a dav.
Address P. O. BOX 50, City. au5-3t'
FOR SALE Grocery and provision store: cheap
fcr cash; good reason fur selling. 233 7th
st. sw. au5-3t
FOR SALE Dining room doing a good business;
owner has other business. 1907 7th st. nw.
FOR SALE A grocery, meat and proviiicn store;
good stand; at 141 i North Capitol st. nw.;
chcan au4-3t-em
FOR SALE A first-class saloon; doing go d busi
ness; no agents. Address A. S., this office.
LOST Wednesday evening, on car between
Chevy Chase and lake, pocketbook containing
$1.50; two keys, scaled envelope, and several
cards. If finder will return to COS II st. nw. he
may keep money as reward. au7-3t
LOST On July 30 or 31. lady's small, gold
watch, hunting case; Elgin works; No. 4,
707.770. Reward if returned to 144S N t. nw.
STOLEN $5 reward and no questions asked for
any information that will lead to the re
covery of an instrument and box that was stolen
from the Bathing Beach about July 15. Address
1324 5th st. lt-em
LOST Aug. 2, one skid-board on New Jersey ave.
near K-st. bridge; reward if returned to
FRANK HUME, 4 1-2 and Pa. ave. nw. lt-em
LOST A gold tassel belonging to a watch, on
34th st., between O and P sts. nw.; return
to 18 C St. nw. and receive reward. lt-em
LOST Scotch terrier male; answers to name of
"Raggs;" return to 1011 Md. ave. sw. and
receive reward. lt-em
LOSTZCarriage badge No. 204 Thursday night.
Reward if returned to 2122 Sth st. nw.
LOST Bunch of keys going from gas office to
citv postoffice; finder pleae return to GAS
OFFICE. au5-3t-em
FOUND Ice Cream A No. 1; ab:olutely pure; nona
better; 90c per gallon; bricks, $1. LACEY'S,
607 N. Y. ave. jy23-tf-ein
CALVERT MANSION Fine large rooms and
grounds; plenty of shade; always cool; board
very reasonable, G. T. RHODES, Riverdale, Md.
FOR "HIRE Fine horses and buggies, surreys or
day tons; cheapest rates in city to drummers
and business men. PRESTON'S STABLES, 8th
and I sts. nw.; phone 817- ' ifl-lm
Washington & Great Falls
Electric R. R.
Only Direct Route to Glen Echo
and Historic Cabin John
i0.? sHt May 21 cars will leave Onion
station, 3Sth and Prrspect ave. (terminus of the
Metropolitan and Capital Trectioa Compatj'
lines), as folluws:
Every 30 minutes, from 6 a. m. fo 0 a. m.
Every 20 minutes, from 9 a. m. to ti. m-
Every 15 minutrs, from 2 p. m. to S:i) p. m.
Every SO minutes, from 9:33 p. m. to 11:30 p.
Returning leave Cabin John Bridge and Glen
Every 30 minuter, from 0:30 a. m. to 9:30 a. m.
Every 20 minutes, from 9:S0 a. m. to 2:30 p. m,
Every 15 minutes 'r"t 2'3 p. m. to 10 p. m.
Every SO minutes, from 10 p m. to 12 p. in.
Or oftencr, as traffic demands.
F. II. FOWLER, Superlntecdent.
Norfolk and Washings
Steamboat Co
Every day fn the year for Fortress Mon-
roe, Norfolk, Newport News and all points
South, by the superb, powerful steel palace
cteamerg, "Newport News." "Norfolk.1' and
"Washington," on the following schedule:
Leave Washington
Leave Alexandria
Arrive Fort Mcnroe ,
Arrive Norfolk
Arrive PorUrcou th ".". ."..
Leave Portsirouth ,
Leave Norfolk
Leave Fort Monroe.....".".".' ."..".
.. C:S0 P. XL
...7:00 P. M.
...7:00 A. SL
...8:00 A M.
...8:15 A.M.
...6:00 P. M.
...5:13 P. M.
...6:45 P. M.
...C30 A- M.
nirjve Alexandria
Arrive Wa.Mn-i,,.,
7 -00 A.M.
isiiors to Cliamberlin s new notei, i '
Hygeia." and Virginia Beach will find this
the most atrractive route, insuring a c0113'
fortible night's rest . .
' Earge and luxurious rooms, heated by
eam and fitted throughout with elec-
trie lights. Dining-room service is a la
rte. ad Is supplied from the best that
the markets of Washington and Norfolk
Tickets on le at U. S. Express office.
817 Pennsylvania Avenue: G13, 619. H21
Pennsylvania Avenue. B. & O. ticket office.
corner Fifteenth Street and Ne York Ave-
nue. and on board tteamers. where time
table, map, etc. can also be had.
Any other information desired will be
furnished en application to the undersigned
at the company's wharf, foot of Seventh
Street. Washington. D. C. Telephone No.
General Manaser.
Queen of Summer Trips.
Boston by Sea. Providence by Sea.
Merchants and Miners
Transportation Company.
Steamer Baltimore to Boston every TUESDAY,
Steamer Baltimore to Providence, every MON
DAY and SATURDAY at 4 p. ro.
For tour books and further information addrrsj
C. R. GILLINGHAM, A:rent, Long Dock, Bjlto.
Md., or 619. 817, 1421 Pa. ave.; N. Y. ave. and
15th St.; 15th and G sts.; Oth and B its. Wash..
D. C.
Traffic Manager.
Gen'l Pass. Agent.
Cor, 12th
and F Sts.
Olde&t in cge ; longest located;
Regular graduate two schools;
Authorized by the District Government to treat
AH diseases of the Nose. Throat, ar J Lnnss, Heart.
Serves, Brain, Blood, Skfn, Stomach, Kidney-, and
Bladder, Night. Losses, Sexual 'Weakness, and all
fcpoclal Dtacs of either sex. Stricture, Varicocele
and Ilynroc-ele cured without cuUin? o. operation.
Xo pain. Ko lo.s of time. A- prompt and per
manent cute jraaranteed. s-ypb'.ns (an stage' cured
fcr life without mercury or potash. .o expo sure.
Dally Office Hours- 10 to 1 anj 3 to 6. Sunday .C
to 12.
His Rcadincs to
Ladies. 25c. Gents, 50c
Oldest established Clairvoyant, tells you busice",
love affairs, family troubles; about lawsuits, di
vorces or anything vcu vvi-h to know; brings sep
arated together: causes speedy marriasca; re
moves family troubles; bad ludc spells, or ;ys
teriou fceliiijrs: 10 to 10 daily. 4S9 II st. sw
For the first time in three years AY. E. nEID,
the elicit maeur, will remain in the city dur
ing the Snmcr month-, and K prepared to give
massage, electricity and electric vapor baths.
Superfluous hair removed by electricity. Estab
lished over nine years. References: Prominent
physicians, senators, memlicrs of Ccngreis, dip
lomat", and other p-ominent citizens. Office and
residence. 130C G st. nw. Ladies and gentlemen
are invited to call and arrange for treatment.
Reduced to 25c to all. 9 to 9 daily.
917 G Street northwest, aul-3t
THE Great European Clairvoyant and Card
Reader can be consulted for a short time at
407 Gst. nw. It
MME. DAVIS, born clairvoyant and card reader,
tells about business; removes spells and evil
influences; reunites the separated and gives luck
to all;cures piles and drunkenness. 122S 25th st.
nw. au-lmo
Early Decav and
Abuse, Impotencv,
Lost Vigor and Health fully restored. Varicocele
cured. Parts enlarged, strengthened. 30 vears
Practice. Book on Special 1 L? J C fcl R
Diseases sent free. I r LVDD
91 ft North Fifteenth St. Philadelphia. Pa. Call
" ' or write. Hours, daily and Sundays, 9
a. m. to 9 p. m. myla-su-ly
Ierr o rs cf youthT
Book mailed free to any address. DR. LOBB,
320 N. 15th at., Philadelphia. Pa. jjl7-su-tf
"GLEETINE" for gono-rhca, gleet and leucor-
rhoca; cure guaranteed in 4S hou-s; pric
50c; no stricture, nausea or stain. CAPITAL
MEDICAL CO., Stewart Building, 6th and D sts.
HARD TIMES. NO DOUBT, but you can dress the
same as ever by buying elgant custom-imde
suits, slightly worn, at a very low figure; it will
surprise you to sec them. JUSTH'S OLD STAND,
019 D. aul-lwk-em
Mctiium and Card Reader. Washington's mot
famous Clairvoyant and Palmist. Consult her on
business, love and family affairs; reunites the
separated: removes spell; causes speedy mar
riages and gives good luck. Open daily. German
spoken. 25c and 50c. 929 II st. nw. jy27-14t
MME.PERRIN, Scientific-Palmist, Card Reader
and Cljir7oyant: your destiny revealed with
wonderful accuracy. 500 5th st. nw. jy27-14t
MME. DAVIS, born clairvoyant and card reader,
tells about buiness; removes sp?!M and evil
influences; reunites the separated and gives luck
to all: cures piles and drunkenness. 1223 25th st,
nw. 7-lm
Dr. Leatherman,
EXPERT SPECIALIST In the cure of all private
diseases. Hydrocele, Varicocele. Stricture, Ira
potency and Syphilitic Diseases positively cured.
Advice and Consultation Free." Beth Sesea.
Hours, 9 to 12, 2 to 5; Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday Evenings. 7 to 8.
0 K Street Nortlnrest.
(Closed Sunday.)
Mrs. DR. KE3NNBR.,
In obstetrics, gold medal awarded for the science
of obstetrics from the University of Slunlch. Ba
varia, treats successfully woman's complications
and irregularities- private sanitarium for ladies,
before and during confinement. Infants adopted.
Office hours. S to 0 p. m. 619 Pa. stc. nw.. Sletro
polltan Block, Washington. D. C jelO-tt
ooo st. jr. av.
Gold fillings and bridge work a specialty, at
the lowest price; amalgam fillings, 50c; lull seti
of teeth on plates. $5; extracting, either by gas
or local spray, absolutely pairdess, 50c; with
out, 25c; all work done by experts and guar
anteed the best; open on Sundays from 10 to 3
o'clock. -2-tf-ca
Dr Yon
Washington, Alexandria
cf , . ,
Mount Vernon Railway.
cm Station. 13 - St. and Pa. Ave.
Iu KflTcct Mar 1. 1DS.
TF?ra3le",t2ndria "week kjL 8:3. 7:05. 7:35V
9-tK. ' . ' -:5-9. I0'P0- 11:0. 11:45 A. M ;
Z-n'tt 122- 1:15, li45. 2:05. ex.; 3:00, ex.;
5-40 r-o-' -: i:15 : -50. 5:05, 5:20. ex.;
":2b. naapJfC0- T:M' 7:30-.a:00' 0:C0- W:0-
100 iV.a,l?rfa" (Sondavs). 7:45. 8:45. 9:45.
8:00 S- A "' :W wSn. 12:45- 1:30' 215'
10:00. it Vp-M5:13' G:0- 6:i5 7:S0- S:W-.?:C0-
lofoo JIi"oStiVei7on t'weeIc "rt. 6:S0- 8:0
7:oc s:o6 p. it. :05 1:15 2:03, 3:C0, 3:59:
lm no?nnt2n? .Sui--ys). 7:45. 9.45-.V.-..
For VrHT " 3:i5 ,Rd 6-. 9:00 P -1-davs)
g.onRBon a"d Aqueduct Bridg ivtetTt
12 a 8:.5: "co and 11:00 A. M-. 12:05.
-tOanVsW'M3100' 3:25' 5' M'
T:r8nat.X a1nd,A'ue,lcct S (Sunday).
l'45 i. o." U:1S A- "- 12-W V
felS?.:2 If' 3:45' 4:- 5:05" G:0-
pSScto ISJT Staton on,r-
apia-tf on a11 traini -ss -
Parin, je'da-" PITTSBrRC EXPRESS,
burg. lmnff Cars Harrisburg t Pittj-
"nn siJfr P?NSTI'VAS,A EIMITED.-?ull.
nwn Seeping. Dining. Smoking and ObservatleB
a Si. ".lsb,ursT - Chicago. Cincinnati. lndfa
Kr?!i n h' Cleveland and Toledo. Buffet
in ri to narrisb"r.
cVr'V-Hrf1, "NE.-Pulla Buffet Parlor
taw to Ptttfe 3Ufltt ParIr " "
3:siJ;rM'niCA0 A ST- WU-S EXPRES3
aieepirg Car Waehington o St. Louis, and
Imi. ?r nd D-in? Car Harrisburg tn St-
- Z? ' i,asI'---e (via CincinAifi). and Chicago.
' cL.,1 ZU W'ESTEBN EXFRESS- Pullnia-
h,,S r to p'sbury. C cago. and Hacr-
- Cleveland. Dining Car to Chicago."
? .f!eePng Cars Washington to Pittsburg
Dnin"ac"-UrS t0 St" Loui " Ciacinnati..
Sleepme Car to Pittsburg.
vr.1" il'JF Kane Canandai-rua. Rochester and
inr "1U daflj'' "ccPt Sdar-i-
J!vfor E,m:-":- acd Renovo daUy. except
- uV' r Wil-faPOrt daily. 3:30 P. M.
'"f?? 1I-Jr-:,wUnport, Rochester, Erie, Bui-
Z 1L Jfsw Falls, daily, except Satnr
esteV S-'eping Car Washington to Rcch-
10n.?r P M-. for Erie. Canandaigua. Rochester.
UuaIo and NiaSara Falls daHy Pullman Sleep
"onlv ""shinston to Rochester Saturdayi
por -PH-delpliIn. Sew Yorlc and
the Enat.
ail larlor Cars, with Dining Car from Balti
more. Regular at 7:00 (Dining Car). 8:00. 9:00.
10:00 (Dining Car), and 11:00 (Dining dr
from Wilmington) A. M.: 12:45 3:15. 43
i, ii, rr trorn Baltimore). 6:50, 10:00 and
11:50 P. a. On Sunday. 7:00 (Dininc Car).
6:00. 9:C0. U:00 (Dining Car from Wilralng
ton) A. 5L; 12:15 3:15. 4.-20 vD:ninjc Car frors
Baltimore). 6:30. 10:00 and 11:50 p. M. For
Philadelphia only. Fast Expres3. 755 A. M.
week-days. Express. 12:15 P. 1L week-days.
2:01 and 540 P. M. ditr
For Boston without chan-re. 7:50 A. .VL week
days, and 4:20 P. M. JIy.
Fcr Baltimore. 5:20. 7:00, 7:50 .00, 9:00, 10:00.
10:5O. 11:00 A. JL; 1215. 12:45. 12:53. 2:01.
8:15, 3:30, (4:00 Limited). 4:20, 48. 5:40.
6:15, 6:50, 7:20. 10:i0. 10:40, 11:15 and 11:53
P. M. On Snndav. 7:00. S.-ro, 9:00. 8.-U5. 10:58.
11:00 A. JL: 12:15. 1:15. 2n)l. 3:15, 3:S0, 4:0O
Limited). 4:20, 5:40, 6:15, 6:50, 7:29, 13f0.
10:40 and II-j0 P. M.
For Pope's Creek Line, 7:50 A. SI. and 4:36 P. M.
week-days. Sundays. 9:03 A. M.
For Annapolis. 7:00 A, JL and 5:0 P. SL daily,
except Sunday. Sundays. 9:C0 A. SL aad tzSa
Express for Florida and points en Atlantic Coast
Line, 4:30 A. M. 3:46 P. If. daily; nichx-Mod
only 10:57 A. SI. weik-day3; Atlanta 'Special,
via Richmond and Seaboard Air Line. 4:49 P.
M. dai'y. Accommodation for Quantico, 7:U
A. M. daily and 4:25 P. SL week-days.
Scnshore Connection.
For Atlantic City (via Delaware River Bridge, all
rail route), 11:00 a. m., 3:15. (1:00 "Congres
sional Limited") and 11:50 P. M. dailvt
12:45 I. SI. cIc da (through Pull
man Buffet Pailor Car); via Market Street
"Wharf. :0.C0 and 11:C0 A. M.; 12:45 P. SL
week-days. 11:50 P. SL dailv. and 12:15 P. SL
Sundays only. Saturdays only. 9:C0 A. L
For Cape Slar. 10:00. 11:0) A. SL. 12:43 P. SL
week-days. 1150 P. 1L da3y. Satcrdays only.
900 A. SI.
TicVet offices, comer Fifteenth and C Sttcets.
and at the Station. Sixth and B Streets, wfcers
orders can be left for the checking of baggags
tc destination from hotels and residences.
General Starer. Geo. Pass. Accnt
. ChasaneakB
Through tlie Grimclet Scenery of
America, AH Trains Vcstibnled,
Electric Lighted. Steam Heated.
AH steals Served In Dlniiip-; Cars.
Station Sixtlt and B Streets.
Schedule in Effect May 1, 1S93.
2:20 P. SI. DAILY. Cincinnati and St. Leuis
Special - Solid trains for Cincinnati. PuHniaa
SJecpers to Cincinnati, Lexington, LauisvUle. Ib
dianarolis and St. Iouis. without change. Con
nection for Virginia Uot Springs. Parlor Cars,
Cincinnati to Cbiejco.
11:10 P. M. DAILY. F. F. V. Limited. Sed
train for Cincinnati. Pullman Sleepers to Cin
cinnati. Lexington and L uiiville.wiih-'ut eh nge.
Pullman Compartment Car to Virginia lict
Springs, without change. Tuesdays. Thursdays and
Saturdays. Observation Cir Hintcn to Cincinnati
Sleepers, Cincinnati to CLicso and St. Lairs.
10:57 A. M., EXCEPT SUNDAY. Park Car.
Wafhington to Richmond and Richmond to Old
Point. Only rail line via Penn. R.. F. : P., and
C. & O. Railway.
2r20 P. M. DAILY. For Conlonsville, Char
lottesville, Staunton and for Richmond, daily,
except fcuncay.
Reservation and tickets at Chesapeake and
Ohio" offices. 313 and 1121 Pennsylvania. Avenue,
and at the station.
nol6-am-tf General Passi-nzcr Aijcnt. -
Southern Ey, j
(Schedule In effect May L. 1833.)
All trains arrive and leave Pennsylvania, Pas-,
scngcr Station l
S:12 A. SL Dally. local for Danville, Char--lotto
and way stations at Manassas dailv for
s-trasburg and Harrisonburg and at Lynchburg
witli the Norfolk and Western daily.
1115 A. SL-Daily. the UNITED STATES FAST
M1L ca.ries Pullman Buffet Sleepers. New York
and Washington to Jacksonville, uniting at Salis
bury with Pullman Sleeper for Asheville and Hot
nrinrs N. C-: Knoxville, Chattanooga and Mem
nh's Tenn., and at Charlotte with Pullraaa
aleener for Augusta. Pullman Buffet Sleeper.
York to New Orleans, unitinc at Cha rlotta
with Pullman Sleeper fur Birmingham. Con
nects at Lvechhurg with Chesapeake and Ohio
Bailioad fof Lexington daily except Sunday, ann
Vatural Bridge, daily: Solid train. Washing
ton to New Orleans without change. Sunset
ncrbonallv conducted tourist excursion, through
sleeper on this train every Wednesday to Saa
Francisco without change.
i-01 P- M. Local for Front Royal, Slrasburg
ind narronu.K. -".. ""--i-' '""?:
,.- .Ttl'l
u iii" i ". -;;--:: , r , ---"
DOSed Of rUliman cuiuiu oicrrs, uinin;
Cars and Dav Coaches. I llman hleepers New
York to Nashville. Tenn., via .vsheville, Knox
ville and Chattanooga: New York to Tampa, vis.
Charlotte. Columbia. Savannah ad Jacksonville;
Vew York to Memphis, via Birminglum, New
York to New Orleans, via Atlanta and Mont
gomery. Vestibuled Day Coach. Washington to
Ulanta Southern Railway Dining Car. Greens-
VISION leave Washington 9:01 A. M. daily. 1
P SI "and 4:45 P. M. daily except Sunday, an
: "p JI. Sunday only, for Round Hill; 4:32
P"s! "daily except Sunday for Leesburg, an,
; i SI daily for Herndon. Returning, arrlv.
t"Vashington 8:26 A. SI. and 8:40 P. SL dally;
bi "45 P JL daily except Sunday, from Rouni"
Hill ""and 7:C6 A. M. daily except Sunday-from
Herndon. and S:3t A. M. daily except Ju v
T addUiolto above trains all of whU, ste
at Dunn Loring (Army station), following train
leave Washington for Dunn Loring prerer: S:G.
AM 11:01 .V. M. and 3:20 P. M. daHy. ani
n-in P SI Sundavs only. Returning, arrive -Washington
1020 A. M., 12:45 P. SL and 6:31
P SI daily, and 3:00 P. SL Sundays only.
Throuch trains from the South arrive at Wa3h
ingTcn 1:42 A. JL, 2:20 P. M. and 9:35 P. SL
Harrisonburg, 12 noon daily except Sunday, and
935 P. M. dails. and 8:30 A. M. daily from
Tickets, sleeping car reservation and informa
tion furnished at offices, 705 15th st. nw.. 511
Pennsylvania ave.. and at Pennsylvania Railioad
Passenger Station.
FRANK S. GANNON, Third Vice Pr-sident and
General Manager.
J. M. GULP, Traffic Manager.
W. A. TURK. Gencial Passerger Agent.
I 8. BROWN. Gen. Agt. Pass. Depot.

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