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i "3&f- sqpw.
.Jaraes N. Suddntb Snicidcs hy
Shooting Near Glen Echo.
iHc Mny Ilnvc Been In Finmiciul
Trouble. "While There Are Sllclit
Indication That It Mlfflit linve
Ileen Uccnnie He llnd Siiflercil n
UiMippoliititient in Lote
James Newman Sudduth, twenty-five
years of age, a clerk employed by the
Goodyear Rubber Company, ended his
lire yesterday morning by shooting him
self In the head.
His. lifeless body was found on the tow
path of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal,
near the bridge leading to Sycamore Isl
and, and not far from the Glen Echo
junction of the Great Falls Electric Rail
way. -No motive Is assigned for the deed,
and his friends say they are at a loss to
explain his action. There are indications,
however, that there is a young lady In
the case. The only Information left by
the dead man in explanation of his rea
so for wanting to die was a newspaper,
on which there had been scribbled with
a pencil several sentences, many of
which were unintelligible. This paper
was found lying on the chest of the dead
On the margin, in one corner, was writ
ten "Dear Aue." while in the oppofcite
corner was scrawled the following: "Dear
Ones at Homer For over a week past I
have been laboring under a great mental
strain, which I can stand no longer. I
therefore end my existence. God will
forgive me. Tender love to all my ac
Quaintances." Underneath this was written, "Lonely
I die, thinking of whom I was to -wed."
The word "funds" faintly scribbled over
some printing, when connected with the
reference to an intended marriage, is be
lieved to suggest that it was a lack of
funds that caused the mental strain re
ferred to. Somewhere else was written
the name "Joe "W. Hoover," and in an
other place it was stated that his insur
ance policy was in the safe at the store.
Jt was about seven o'clock in the morn
"ing that Conductor Bllncoe noticed a
young man who boarded the Great Falls
electric car ait Georgetown. He seemed
much amused or was laboring under a
forced cheerfulness. His actions attract
ed the conductor's attention and he ob
served as the car moved along toward
Glen Echo that his passenger held a
newspaper up in front of his face in an
unusual way. Subsequent developments
showed that it was at this lime that
Sudduth was writing his last farewell to
his friends.
At the Junction the young- min sudden
ly jumped from his seat, and, while the
car was still in motion leaped to the
ground. He immediately plunged into
the woods south of the Conduit road. At
this point a path leads toward the canal
and in the direction of Svcamore Isl
and. A bridge spans the canal and en
the south side of the towpath. It was
here that Samuel Deeble. a colored .a
nalman, found the body of a man with a
bullet wound in his head. This was about
one hour after the stranger had left the
electric car. Only a short time before,
Edward Jones, colored, employed at the
clubhouse on the island, heard two pistol
shots, when he started to investigate the
cause. He reached the body soon after
Deeble and noticed the revolver lying in
the mud and the nwspaper spread over
the man's chest. The alarm was given
and several county officials responded.
The man was dressed in a blue serge
suit of clothes, wore a. dark derby hat
and tan shoes. A pocketbook was founa
but there was no money in it. He had
a line gold watch, attached to which was
a Masonic charm. A number of cards
with the name of James Newman Sud
duch were alto discovered and this led
to the suicide's identity.
Deputy Sheriff Peyton summoned Jus
tice of the Peace Claud, and after an ex
amination the information was sent to
the Georgetown Police Station. Then
George Suddath, his brother, was located
and Informed of the tragic death. The
body was moved from the towpath and
viewed by Conductor Bllncoe and Motor
man Hell, who both Indentified It as that
of their caxly morning passenger.
After an investigation an inquest was
held and a verdict of suicidal death ren
dered. George Sudduth went to the junc
tion and arranged for the removal of the
remains to Undertaker Birch's establish
ment on M Street, in Georgetown.
Among the effects of the deceased was
found a small catalogue of F. p. May
& Co. Inquiry of the firm elic
ited the information that Sudduth had
called -there and stated that he was about
to go in the grocery business and wanted
to arrange for the purchase of some seed.
He was communicated with and the cata
logue &int him.
At the Goodyear Rubber Company the
employes s:oke in the highest terms .of
young Sudduth. He boarded at Xo. 928
K Street northwest, and was not known
to either drink or use tobacco. He was
at the store until after closing time
Wednesday evening and when he left he
bade one of his fellow clerks goodbye
In the usual manner and his actions indi
cated nothing unusual.
The Heil Cro Society Meeting "With
Much Kiicoiirngenicnt,
The Red Cross Society is exceedingly
gratified with the numerous and generous
contributions which are continuing to
pour in for the relief of the sick and
wounded soldiers.
During the past week particularly
bounteous donations have been received,
so that many posts have been supplied
with those articles most needed. Boxes
have been sent to Point Sheridan, Man
assas. Port Monroe, Jacksonville. Tampa,
Camp Alger, and "Washington Barracks
Among those who have recently aided
the society with gifts are the Ladies' U
V. L. Auxiliary. No. 2. of Altoona. Pa.
Trlnity Lutheran Church. Hagerstown'
Md., and Mrs. Bruce of New York. The
last-named lady has. at considerable ex
pense, fitted up a. diet kitchen at Camp
Alger, with full cooking apparatus as
well as a large supply of nourishments.
Eighteen dollars was received vester
day from some patriotic little children
&t Takoma Park.
You'll Get the Bcxt and Pay Par Lens
At stores of P. C Garden, at G33 E Street
southeast Fourth and H Streets north
east. Ninth and Florida Avenue north
west. Seventeenth and O Streets north
west.and Nineteenth and H Streets north
west, prime rib "beef, I21-2c; shoulders,
6c; California hams, 61-2c; chickens,
121-Sc. Vegetables received daily from
my own farm.
WceU-End B. & O. Seashore Eicnr
nlonn, Beginning June 24 to Atlantic City, Capo
May. Sea Isle City and Ocean City, N. J.
Tickets good, going, on 10:00 a. m. and
12:05 noon trains, Fridays and Saturdays
valid for return until Tuesday following'
et rate of $5. w&f-tose3 '
Dr. Cowden Yields to a Popular Rate on the Re
quest of a Multitude of Applicants The Offer
Limited to the Month of AugustThe Treat
ment That Cures Prescribed and Adminis
tered in All Oases Nothing Cheap But the
What $3 a flonth Means.
When Dr. Cowden offered a free month to
all patients taking up a regular course of treat
ment, he- felt satisfied that this method of pro
cedure would co-t less and result in mo-e cure?
than any other plan that cculd be adopted for
the wnson mest fjorahle to the treatment of
catarrhal diseases. That hundreds of buflcrers
thought the same is evidenced by the large
number that took adantagc of his generous of
fer, and arc now under this mild, curative
method of medication.
It seems that the free month method invched
a slightly greater immediate outlay of money
than was possible to be met by a great many
people, who were not only anxious to take treat
ment, but whose ca'cie absolutely needed imme
diate attention. All this has resulted in a great
and popular demand for a rate that could be
paid by the neople in general. Furthermore, the
I knowledge that Dr. Cowelin had for the past two
summers extended a ?3.00 rjtc for a limited pe
riod, lias resulted in his receiving requests to
renew that offer by a number of people which
runs well into tht hundreds.
There Las neer been a time during the three
jca:s that Doctor Cowden has been established
in this city that he has not always been willing
to accede to what, in his opinion, would result
in the greatest good to the greatest number.
lie was the first to establish tliU principle of
practice in this city snd will aluajs be the
first to meet the just and honest requirements of
its people. With this gteat object in iev he
makes the following effer and requests that pa
tients needing and anxious to be given treat
ment apply at once, for two reasons, first, that
they may get advantage of all warm weather pos
sible and second to avoid the usual rush and
crowd that alwajs take place during the last
few dajs.
Glen Echo "The Daughter of the
In these days of '"wars and rumors
of wars" nothing; could have been more
appropriate than last night's rendering
of "The Daughter of the Regiment," by
the Jaxon Opera Company at Glen Echo.
A goodly portion of local amusement
lovers seemed to realize this fact, for
they turned out en masse, filling the
big amphitheater comfortably, and ap
plauding; nearly every number in the
"The Daughter of the Regiment" is
one of those tuneful works that in some
way or other is lost in the lapse of
time, and brought only at rare intervals,
when some musical antiquary, eager for
additions to his repertoire, remembers
its existence. It is only then that the
public notes the picturesque qualities of
the piece and its general beauty. Don
nizetti's opera abounds in daintily-catchy
airs that are sure to fill the mind of its
auditors for days after they hear it. The
story is novel, and often delightfully
quaint, while the chances for excellent
work, both vocal and histrionic, are nu
merous. The work of the company last night
was, as usual, of the highest order. The
offering was cast to advantage, and the
individual work could hardly have been
improved upon. Six of the principal parts
were in the hands of Payne Clarke. Mile.
Diard, William Carleton, Louise Engel.
Winfred Goff. and Bertha Lehman. The
chorus looked attractive and sang well,
while the staging given the piece was
nil that could have been desired. "The
Daughter of the Regiment" will be the
bill all the rest of this week.
i Xatinnnl Clevclaml-AVil.'Hon'w Mln-
There were thirty-two adjectives used
on the programs last night at the New
National Theater, when one, judiciously
placed, would have served the purpose
quite as well. The Cleveland-Wilson Min
strels are, on the whole, very good in
deed. There were faults, as there are in
everything, and some of the enjoyable
passages were carried to a point where
patience ceased to be a virtue, but the
show was well balanced and so much
above the standard in most particulars
that one could even forgive the excessive
number of war jokes brought out and
the age of thoe quips which did not dab
ble in .the present difficulty. The audience
present and it was a large one, if some
what top heavy appeared to appreciate
everything and applaud, regardless of
One's Initial impression of the perform
ance Is bound to be a favorable one. A
great deal of money has been spent in
mounting the first part, and the result is
a scene of tastiness and elegance that
cannot fail to catch the eye. Almost si
multaneously an effort is made to reach
the ear, though it is by no means espe
cially successful. The best thing that can
be said of the Cleveland-Wilson orches
tra is that it is industrious no band of
musicians could try harder or more con
scientiously to spoil an entertainment.
Finally, the minstrels themselves were
introduced and the fun began.
Despite its brilliancy, the first part was
one of the kind dear to the hearts of all
who have memories of old-time circles.
Though the bones and tambourines were
conspicuous by their absence, the end
men were there, and they did their best
to please. Burt Marion, Billy Pearl, E.
M. Hall, and John Queen worked hard
and had the satisfaction of winning
laughter out of jokes that certainly were
not more recent than the 'Farmers' Al
manac" of twenty years ago. After each
of the sallies between the comedians and
Interlocutor George Shields occurred a
more or less pleasing musical specialty.
Mr. Marion -and his partner, Mr. Pearl,
gave a comic ditty that would have been
funnier could they have made themselves
heard; Mr. Hall rendered the ever-popular
"Nigger, Nigger, Never Die;" Lewis
Powers and Charles Weber contributed
two ballads, and a quartet, composed of
Messrs. AVlxon, Powers, Johnson, and
Shields, sang the usual formula with a
banjo imitation at the end that is far
superior to anything of the sort yet
heard in this city. George Wilson and
Billy Emerson were the final additions
to the circle, and each managed to tell
a few characteristic rib-ticklers before
the curtain fell. Mr. AVilson introduced a
cake walk that is a novelty in its way
and won a hearty recall with it.
After three discordant minutes with
Claude Menkee- and his collective "solo
ists," the olio work was taken up by E.
M. Hall, who gave a history of the banjo,
its inventor and himself, before beginning
what turned out to be a wonderful per
formance on that instrument. He did a
number of new things in a new way and
wound up by playing a unique jig that
kept tho house calling for him for five
minutes after his exit. The quartette al
ready named contributed a neat turn filled
with good music, and Billy Emerson ap
peared to deliver his ancient monologue
and repeat some imitations held over
from the first part. He also sung "If I
Could Only Pick the Winner," as ho did
"some eighteen years ago." If Mr. Em
erson has paid royalties on that song all.
the time he has been using it one need
not wonder that he is still working for
a living. It is hard to conceive how a
comedian of Mr. Emerson's peculiar abil
ity can stick to matter so old.
Swift and Chase, the next people on the
bill, made a few poor instrumental so
los their excuse for Introducing some ex
cellent comedy, and George Wilson, as
funny and a trifle more popular than
ever before, made hia appearance. His
material, like that of his rival -worker,
was very antiquated, but his manner car
ried it and brought him favor that did
not even vanish when he brought forth
a pocket edition of Anna Held's living
The Offer.
All pntientH tukjiigr treatment
during tlic month of AUKimf, t"otli
mow mill old, will lie treated at the
uniform rate of JpIt.OO u month until
cured. 'I'll In include all, viMitK and
medicines, anil nnplieH to all, dln-
There is nothing cheap about this treatment
except the price, which is merely nominal, and
every patient under treatment will, receive
the same careful attcntien and medication that
relates to other seasons and higher rates. There
will be no evasion, no neglect. Under this rate
all will receive the same application of treat
ment that has restored thousands to their hcar-
, nig. Under this rate the same treatment wilt
be administered that has lifted the blight of the
' word incurable from thousands of cases of dis-
j ease of the throat, bronchial tubes and lungs,
which reaches every sore spot from the orifice
or tlie nose to the deepest recesses or tne lungs,
not irritating and inflaming, but healing, soothing
and curing. Kheuniatimi, skin diseases, diseases
of the stomach, blood and nerves, and in fJCt
all chronic disease, will be carefully diagnosed
and given the treatment that cures.
Consultation Free.
Di J 1VL Cowden,
715 13th Street Northwest.
Office Hours 0 a. m. to 12 m.; 2 to 5 p. ra.; 7
to 8 p. m. daily; Sundays and holiday s, 10 a. m.
to 1 p. m.
music sheet. "Wilson Is always laugh x
blo. A golf drill followed, probably to
bring the show up to the quarter of elev
en mark, as It could have had no other
use, and Keno and Welch brousrht the
entertainment to a close v.ith some ex
ceptional grotesque acrobatics. The per
formance will be given all this week with
a matinee Saturday.
It AilvnnecH Viiclcr the Order
CoiumlNaltm Houncs.
New York, Aug. 11. Advancing markets
for securities are proverbially bare of in
cident and are rather uninteresting, bave,
of course, to those who see their invest
ments or speculative purchases enhanc
ing in value. It is safe to say, further
more, that today's market was interest
ing also to those unfortunate speculators
who, for one reason or another, found
thembelves with commitments on the
shorL side, for they received short shrift
In today's buoyant trading. The market
was one of uncommon breadth and
strength, and these characteristics were
based altogether upon the same factors
that have been present in the situation
for two weeks.
Today's market, however, suggested
that the circumstances in question had
obtained a general recognition that has
heretofore been missing, because It was
evident that what Is styled outside Inter
est was present in considerable propor
tions today.
It was chiefly the buying orders of
commission houses under which the mar
ket advanced today.
No support came from the operations
for foreign account, and the professional
room traders were practically of one mind
In considering the rise in prices overdone,
and their ventures in the day's market
were plainly conducted on this theory.
The strength of the market was shown
not so much in the extent or uniformity
of advances as in its ability to with
stand the heavy profit realizing sales and
the constant hammering of the traders.
Aside from the yet more definite pros
pects for an early conclusion of peace, the
day was bare of Important occurrences.
Tho Government's monthly report on the
growing crops met general expectations.
the Improvement in condition of Spring
wheat being to some extent offset by the
deterioration in corn since the last re
port. Competent authorities calculated a
yield of wheat from the Government's fig
ures of over COT.OOO.OGO bushels, as against
a yield of 530,000.000 last year, and it was
estimated that the Spring wheat crop
would furnish 258,000,000 of this year's
harvest. St. Paul and the Northern Pa
cific shares were the features in respect
of strength and activity, but tho transac
tions elsewhere were notably heavy al
so. The market was not withoutjits weak
spots, Manhattan being the most note
worthy, and in the afternoon Sugar Re
fining broke sharply. The general mar
ket also became rather heavy in the lat
ter dealinss.
Xevr York: StocU Market.
Corrected daily by W. IS. Hibbi & Co.,
members of the New Yok Stock Kschan'c,
U-J7 b' Street.
OD03 Hlzti Lovr Clos
Arreiican Snlrits 13 13?,' I3J4 1354
American Spirits pfa.... S8 38 3S 38
American sucar. 1E9 H0i 1H8H I38H
Am biurar. pfd 1H& U4& IHJ. 1144
American Tooacco. .... ViA i3ic U9-," 120
Atchison. HH U H'S UU
Atchison. rop& S F.pfJ 36H 36JS 35 15J
Bay S. ate Gas 3 3, 3J 3J$
Canada Southern 54? bin 54 &4&
CUcbupeake & Ohio .... 25 25 4 ui$
O.aC & St.L 45 45?i U 45'
C.H &li, IHH 115?i 114 114J,
Chicaco & Nortnwestern 13454 134J4 133 13S;4
Cnicaeo Gas, 103 103;, 101 J 102f,
CM & bt. Fain. 105'i 106ji ICBJi lUbli
C It. IPaciUc 1U3.4 10J? lOiJi llrj-
Consolidated Gas 00 s.0078 19 190
Den. &H10 Grande pld.... 51 $2i ni'f bi'.i
J2ne W7 U 137s 14
General Klectno 4154 i 40 404
Illinois Central 103J4 lOO.'t I0t iu
Louisville U Nashville 66 15 5SJJ 507J
Metropolitan Traction 159& 169V4 158JS 158
Manhattan Elevated 100 108H 103 105
Missouri Pa ciile 38 38s 27 B7'a
M , K. and T. pfd 30 37 30, S6i
National Lead Co 37 87 3t3f 36
New Jersey Central 925 9JJ 92 iy
New YorK Central 120 120 lly uo?i
Northern Racine 32 3JU 3i 33
Xoruiora Puclnc, pfa.... 737, 74 735i 73
PaclncMau S2Ji 33 324 33
rnuaiSKeaaini; 18 18 18J my.
Southern Kaliway, pfa . 33U SS 33H 3.Ji
Texas PaciBc. 13? I3? UH 138
lenaeasee Cool ana iroa 28 23 L74 27
Unloj Paciac. new x6X & 25;8 x5?i
U, fc. Leather pfd 71 71 G9y, 70
vuba,n. pfd 20 20)4 2u? 2d?
Western Union Tel Vi'i i 17 t3?$ 4
U. i pfa C37i w M UA
A. S, Wire. 38Ji 3J ;t3jf 38.a
U. S. Rubber 42 UH 41 41
U. b. Kuooer pfd D9 W.-j i UbU
Yesterday was one of the "off" days
in the boom of the stock market. There
was a good advance in the morning
hours, but It was not well held during the
later trading. London bought and the
opening in New York followed "this1 le'ad.
The weakening later seems to have been
a profit-taking venture for the most part.
The announcement made by some of the
news agencies that the War Department
had Issued orders suspending hostilities1,
although It was not tne truth, had the
look of truth for a time and made the
street almost believe that the culmina
tion of the peace negotiations had come.
Those who had been trading for this
alone took profits then and caused some
what of a sag. It was noticeable, how
ever, that there was no selling by the
buyers of the last two weeks who have
gone Into the market for investment. This
shows the real strength of the market
more than any temporary fluctuation. The
Qflfl flfin Dnnk and DruS Inebriates re
uUU.UUU stored by the Keeley Cure. Au
thorized Institutes, 005 E st. nw.,
Washington, D. C; 1418 Madison Ave., Balti
more, JId., and Greensboro, N. C. Write con
fidentially. Je7-tl
prospects for Immediate peace do not
seem to bo any better today than they
were yesterday. Indeed, the failure of
Spain to authorize Cambon to sign the
protocol had Its dampening effect on a
few people who have not been entirely
confident of Spain's good faith from the
The weakness of Manhattan during the
last week has been a matter of interest
to many people who are fond of specu
lating in the stock of the "Elevated."
Seemingly the stock has no friends. Its
downward path has been an uninterrupt
ed one. Manhattan has many enemies,
and is regarded by them as a stock that
It is very much the better part of valor
not to speculate in. It is so entirely con
trolled by its clique that the outward
seeming of the situation very often bears
no relation to its movements. Just at
present there is talk of the clique in this
decline, and It may be that there will be
a rally of sensational character before
many days. On the other hand, there is
quite as much probability that nothing
of the kind will occur. It Is very cer
tain that the preparations of-thc Metro
politan Street Railroad to harfdle its traf
fic by electric power is having a depress
ing effect on Manhattan, ty Is thought
that President Gould will take up the
question of an electrical equipment for
Manhattan next month, Immediately up
on his return from Europe. 'it is possi
ble that this will have a good effect on
the stock. Some of his directors shrink
at the expense, but he usually has his
way in everything pertalningpto the road
and it Is generally belleverj hat he Is con.
vinced that the electrlcaKegulpment is an
absolute necessity. "
There has been great strength in North
ern Pacific common receritly, and it is
provable that there will ibe rumors of a
dividend for the stock in the next few
days, as there always Is when a stock
has a good advance. There is no reason
to believe that such, araove is contem
plated by the directors, however.
The earnings of the Missouri Pacific
for the first week in Augu3t decreased
$21,000. From January 1 the Increase has
been 51,700,000. The earnings of Chesa
peake and Ohio for the first week in
August declined 519 000. vFrom July 1, the
decline has been $21,000. The gross earn
Ings of Waihasli for the first week of
August increased $18,000. From July 1
tho increase has been $120,000. It is under
stood that the annual report of the
Chesapeake and Ohio, which will prob
ably be issued early next week, will show
over one per cent enrnid on the stock
after charging operating expenses with
large amounts expended for betterments
and improvements.
There is renewed talk of a probable re
duction of the capitalization of the Gen
eral Electric Company. The improving
business of this company Is also a mat
ter of considerable comment.
Washington Mocic Exchange.
Sales. Mergenthaler Linotype: 10
1S51-2; Lanston Monotype: I016 1-2;
American Graphophone, preferred: 4S1
131-2, 34$13 3-S. After Call Capital
Traction: 20073 3-S.
OOVMiailSXr liON'D!
lift. Askal
vsi.sniMTQj :nv
US 4hC 19JJ yj . . 1U2
U S 4'b, 1925 127
US4?,192. 127
U fc5'-t 1C0IQF 112
U S3'sl9WQF 104,
U S 3's 1908 Q F U)4,'
12b H
nurture o oj'jt u .00 r t
6's, If S9 "20-ycar funding"
L'bUJl "JO-year fjadlnsf," gold
i't19Jl, 'WatersiJsi" curraaey.
5V1UJJ, "WaterslDc'tt" currenc
Kunalna" currency. Z-i'n 112
Men: It 5'S. 1925 117
tietit It Couvo's 12OJ4 .
Met H H Cert Indebtedness, A.... 110J
AletK it Cert Indebtedness, B.. 107f
Columbia It U 0'i 1911 iib4
belt K 1(5' j. 1921 48
EcklngtonK K6's. 1895-1911 100
Wash Gas Co, ser A, 6's 19tK-7.. 112
Wash Ua tCo, ser U. o'8, 1901-V3.. 113
U b Llectnc Light. Debenture
lmp,MandN ,.. 103 105
Ches and Pot Tola's 1838-101:, 13J uo
Am bee & Tr 5'S. F and A, WW. 13J
AmSec&Tra's, A andO, 1905
W uah Market Co 1st 0's, 19JJ-1J11,
i'.OOU retired annually
Wash MarkotUo Imp 127.. b90. '....
Was.li Market Uo exi'a ti'a. Ui-1T.
Musonlc Hall Association 5'3,'M.
Wa&hLtlnf lbts. 6' 1091.... j.
Uankof Washington 235
MetropoUtan. ! '305
Central (new stock) ,.,.... jHO
Farmers ana Mechanics' 1SJ
becond 140
Citizens 137
Columbia 1JJ
Capital ;..,.. 118
Weal End 1... 85
Iraders ....-97
SAFEDaposir .1:0 T.-itur cdjpiih
Nat SafeDeposit and Trust 112
Wubh Loan and Tniit 126
Ainer Securityand Trust 149
Wash safe Deposit
Firemen's 23
franklin 36
Metropolitan 0
Corcoran -. 51
Potomac 57
Urlington 124
Acnuim American 185
National Union 10
Columbia 10
Kiggs T. 8
Peonlc's J
Lincoln 9
HcalEstate Title 70
Columbia Title 42
Wash. Title
District Title
Capital Traction Co 73K 74
Metropolitan '.'.... 121
Columbia 75
Georgetown & Tenallytown.
Washington Gas 47Jf 4SJ4
GeorgtownGus .. 47
U. S. Electric Light 101 103
Chesapeake and Potomac. 43
Pennsylvania 37
Mergenthaler Linotype 185i
Lacbton Monotype 1(5
American Graphophone 1J-S
American Graphophone, Pref. 13
Pneumatic Gun Carriage 28
Washington Mantet,
Great Fall Ice 110
Norfolk & Washington Steamboat ....
Ex. Rights
H ,
An Alarm Among: Short Started ly
.MeNsntrej. From Kvixhrh City.
Chicago, Aug. 11. Wheat early, be
cause of the Government crop figures,
lost three-quarters of a cent a bushel.
It recovered the loss, and closed 1-2 cent
over Wednesday for September. The
strength all developed in the last thirty
minutes. The arly sellers did the buy
ing. The alarm among shorts was
started by messages from Kansas City
and other points, reporting cash wheat
up 2 cents to 4 cents a bushel. Here
the cash market acted easier, until the
last moment. Shippers thought up to
noon that there was less urgency for
the seaboard demand for spot. It was a
narrow market, and the change of tone
in tho last few minutes on the part of
professionals made it look as if the news
had suddenly turned.
It was true that receipts were no
larger. Liverpool was 7-SaLl-S cents
lower. Paris was a little- higher. Sea
board clearances were G98,)90. bushels. The
-i-i-i-M :: : M 1 1 i:
I $75
Ktrfili Ti?itTi trraAnm
nnlv n fnw lffr df.
Agent, COO F s(. ,,nw.
Eclipse Bicycles,
iy21-tl t,s-
Hecht & Company.
7 A great "Hour Sale" today.
Circumstances go to make today's the greatest "Hour Sale" of the season. The need for
room and the need of disposing of Summer merchandise, require us to do some extraordinary selling.
Our whole time and attention is now given to this work, while the buyers are at the market se
curing the new Fall and Winter merchandise.
.,Pu,rtllases are "charged" during these sales just as though you were paving full prices.
Satisfactory terms will be made regarding the payment of the bill.
On sale between
'"'V,8 and 9
Corset Vbvcrs, 5c.
Lot of ladles' corset covers, made
from good-quality muslin, plain but
well finished, such as sell for 12 l-2c
about town, to so for 5c.
On sale between
9 and 10.
Drawers, 9Kc.
Corset covers, 9c.
During this hour you may have ladies'-
muslin drawers, trimmed with
three rows of , tucks, all seams felled,
and embroidery-trimmed corset covers,
also with felled seams, such as sell
for 10c garment, for 0 l-2c each.
Vests, 3-c.
Lot of ladles' plain white Swiss rib
bed vests, such as sell for 12 l-2c about
town, -with low neck and no sleeves,
run with tape, for 3 l-2c
Knee pants, 6 4c.
Lot of boys' washable knee pants,
choice of several different materials,
including linens and Galatea cloths,
such as have been selling for as high
as 19c pair, for C l-2c pair.
On sale between
10 and U.
White duck skirts, 39c.
Lot of ladles' white duck skirts,
which sold for a dollar first of the
season, v,m be sold today for this
hour for 39c
Child's hose. 4c.
Lot of children's fast black ribbed
hose, which nett-r'sell for less than 9c
pair, will -go at -just half price 1 l-2c
Ladies' collars. Qo.
Lot of ladies' linen collars, In all
styles. Including tho most desirable:
these are the collars which are sold
regularly for 12.1-2c, will go for this
hour for C l-2c.
Rihhons, VAq. yd.
Lot of plain moire and brocaded rib
bons, which sell for Sc yard, will be
closed out at 1 l-2c yard today, this
Boys' crash suits. 99c.
Lot of boys linen crash double
breasted suits, in sizes from S to 15
years, which sold for as high as S2.50,
will now be sold or rather for this
hour today for 59c suit.
"Dewey suits. 39c.
Lot of little boys' "Dewey" suits,
trimmed with white braid, made of
blue denim, will be sold for an hour
today for 3)c.
Umbrellas. 39c.
Lot of men's fast black Gloria um
brellas'. In a variety of handles, good
umbrellas, sold for as high as 9Sc, will
be sold for an hour today for 39c.
Crash hats, 19c.
Lot of men's crash hats, with black
under brim and bands, which sold for
39c, Will go for an hour for 19c.
Hecht 6i Company, 5S',L
Northwest had clear weather, just the
sort desired. The cash situation Is of
the kind to create these momentary
Chicago Grain and Provision .Market
Corrected datlv by" W. li Hlbis & Co ,
memDcrs of the New Yori Stock Exchange,
1427 F Street
WHEAT. Opsa Htzh Low Clo".
Sept 65 fCVs Co 66'X
Dec C3H MH 63J4 ?i
Sebt S2H E2f S3- 324
Dec. Z'Zii 32U t"'4 3i
Sept 20"-: 20f 20'', 0j
Pohk: '
Sept 9.12 0.20 9.10 9.17
Dec. 9.15 9.27 9.12 9.23
Sept 5 35 5.42 5.35 ft. 42
Dec 5.45 o.5U 5.42 5.5J
Spake Ribs.
SeDt 5.3J 5.37 5.30 5.S7
New York Cotton Market.
Opea High Low Clos.
September 5. 63 5.8J 5.S7 5.63
October .... 5 92 5.93 5.S9 5.92
November 5 93 5.95 5.9J 5.94
December 5.9S 5.93 5 91 5.97
John R. McLanc'n Purchase.
The largest real ce'tate transaction
which has taken place in Washington was
consummated yesterday, when the deed
transferring sixty-four acres of land on
the Tenleytown road to John R. McLean
was recorded in the office of the record
er of deeds. The property which Mr.
McLean gave for the land mentioned is
contained in the square lying between
Nineteenth and Twentieth Streets and
Florida Avenue and S Street. This prop
erty is valued at $192,000. In addition to
this amount, it is said Mr. McLean paid
$GO,000 in cash to -gain possession of the
suburban fact o )nna" on the Tenley
town road.
The Tenleytown property was owned by
the Richmond. syndicate, which was rep
resented in-jthe, transaction by Richard
Goldsborough.- Originally the land belong
ed to the Georgetown College, and was
known as the College Villa tract. It was
about ten years ago .sold to Mrs. Ana
tasia -Patten and John E. Beal for ?60,
000. When the Richmond syndicate pur
chased It it paid $105,000 for it.
The Rev. W. B. Costley. of Stockbrldge
Ga while attending to his pastoral du
ties at Ellenw6od, ttt State, was at
tacked by cholera morbus. Ie says: "By
chance I happened to get hold o a bottle
of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Di
arrhoea Remedy, and I think it was the
means of saving my life. It relieved me
at once." For sale by Henry Evans,
wholesale and retail druggist, 93S F Street
northwest, and Connecticut Avenue and
S Street northwest, a'nd 1428 Marylcnd
Hecht & Company.
On sale between
and 12
Odd lot wash blouses
and wash suits, 14c
We will pile on a" table an odd lot of
boys Galatea cloth washable blouses
and an edd lot of Galatea cloth suits;
the blouses are In all sizes, but the suits
are in sizes 3 and 4 years only. There
are not many blouses or suits either
for that matter, but at 11 o'clock they
will go on sale, and If you are prompt
you will get a bargain. He. for your
choice and some of the suits sold for
as high as Jl.
Wrappers, 98c.
Lot of ladies' fine high-grade wrap
pers. In fact we give you the choice
for this hour of all the high-grade
wrappers in the house, no matter what
they're marked, for Psc. All of these
are fine lace-trimmed and embroidery
trimmed garments; all trimmed with
wide ruffles, in the finest manner
some of which sold for as high as
"Thin" suits, $2.
"We give you the choice for an hour
of all the ladles' white pique, duck
and linen suits in the house, which
sold up to ?S and J9, for $2.
Ladies' hose, 8c.
Lot of Ladies' fast black full seam
less hose, with spliced heels and toes,
which usually sell for 15c pair, will
go for this hour at S l-2c pair.
Finest waists, 69c.
Today, between 11 and 12 oclock.
we shall let you have your choice of
the very finest shirt waists in the
house with the exception of the plain
white and black India llnons, for 69c.
These include fine ginghams, mad
ras, percales, lawns and batistes, the
highest grade waists to be had, with
the new yoke and new blouse, the
very stylish waists of the season, in
the very choicest patterns. Some of
them sold for as high as $2.50.
Wash suits. 49 c.
Your choice for this of a lot of boys'
Galatea cloth, duck and linen washa
ble sailor suits, in sizes 3 to 1G years,
which sold up to $2 for 49c. This is
the most remarkable value we have
ever offered in the boys' department
because it includts the fine high grade
Men's shirts, 39c.
We make up a wonderful offering in
men's shirts today for this hour.
We bunch together a lot of men's
percale negligee shirts and a lot of
fancy percale and madras bosom
shirts with white muslin bodies at
39c. They are shirts which sold for
as high as $1.S, but they're broken in
sizes now and as It is so near the end
of the season we shall sacrifice them.
In the lot are some fine percale negli
gees, in the choicest patterns of the
Silk ties, 2 for 25c.
Lot of handsome silk ties for men,
in the very newest .patterns, hun
dreds of them from which to select;
regular 25c silk ties, to go for this
hour 2 for 25c, instead of 23c each.
Men's straw hats, 15c.
Lot of men's soft and stiff straw
hats, which sold up to 59c, will go to
day for this hour for 15c each.
Washington, D. C
Issues Letters of Credit for
Avalleblo in AU Porta of tho World.
Sells Foreign Exchange.
Makes Cable Transfers.
Charles C. Glover. President.
Thomas Hyde, Vice President.
James M. Johnston. Second Vice Pre
Arthur T. Brlce. Caehler.
William J. Flather. Assistant Cashier.
Money to Loan
At 5 Per Cent -
On Real Estate In D. C.
Jy2S-tf iocs F ST. N. W
We have crery facility for the quick execution
of orders in stocks and Rraln. We take pleasure
in giving our clients advices whfch we rearularly
itcelve from reliable New York houses. "Use ou?
telephone to secure quotations.
Lappin & Davis,
Stock Brokers,
C29 Seventh st. nw. (e, cor, F.)
Telephone 1761-
A.: o :i..
-imcrnjcin oecuniy
and Trust Co.
Money to Loan.
This company has money to loa
m luted collateral lecurUlei a?
lowest ra
(rate of Interest,
O. J. HELL. President.
W. B. HIBBS & CO.,
Members New York Stock Exchange,
1 427 F Street.
Correspondents of
Ktw York.
Hecht & Company.
$6 crash and linen
suits go at $2.
Two hundred suits the fin
est made and .finished, suits you
ever saw go at $2, the identical
suits which sold for as high as
$6 earlier in the season. There
are all sizes in the lot; the pants
have taped seams, the coats are
finished with pearl buttons and
have shaped necks; every gar
ment has been thoroughly
shrunk. They were great value
at $5 and $6; they are wonders
at $2.
Duck pants, 47c.
A lot of men's good white duck
pants, with wide hems, and in differ
ent width of legs finished with belt
straps and well made in every way
will be sold for 47c, though they're the
same grade pants as are selling for a
dollar about town.
Office coats. 25c.
'A lot of men's office coats, made of
striped sateen the same coat which
Is sold for 50c about town will be sold
here today at 23c.
Men's $8 suits, $2.50.
"We have a lot of ten men's all-wool
suits all-wool fancy mixtures. There
are two acb of sizes 3f. 3S. 03, 40 and
42 they've wide facing and they sold
for JS when the lot was complete
your choice, if your size is among
them, for $2.50 and you get a bargain
$2.50 crash pants, 89c.
Lot of men's crash pants some
which we sold for J2.C0 first of the sea
songo on sale today for S3c
Lot of crash vests of same, to go for
25c each.
$3 golf pants. $1.
We bunch several lots of men's
Scotch plaid, cheviot and homespun
golf pants at $1. which sold up to $3.
and ask you to take your choice.
$2 youths' pants, 75e.
40 pairs of youths cheviot pants. In
sizes 14 to 17 years will be closed out
at 75c pair.
On sale between
2 and 3
Gowns. 29c.
Lot of ladies' muslin gowns, plain
but finished with greatest care: all
seams felled, will go for 23c for this
hour; they are such gowns for which
you pay 4Dc usually.
Skirts. 49c.
Lot of ladles muslin skirts, trim
med with tucks, full umbrella width,
to go for 40c for this hour; garments
which are usually sold for 69c.
Sailors, 17c.
Lot of ladles plain white rough
straw sailor hats, which sold for 73c
earlier in the season, to go for an
hour for 17c.
The entire day you may
have 25c rihhons for 12 SA c.
We are making a grand clearance
of the odd lots and remnant pieces
of ribbons. We have filled a table full
of ribbons of every sort, in all widths
and all colors the highest grade of
pure silk ribbons plain and plaid,
all-silk taffeta and fancy taffetas,
which sold for as high as 23c yard
at 12 l-2c rard.
WANTED To borrow ?50 by reliable Government
employe, who will furm-h gcod indorsement;
liberal eommi&ion for same. Address BOX 73-
Sh aull-at'em
WANTED To borrow ?20 from p-ivate prtp-
will pjve pood secanty and commiesion; re
payable ?o0 per month. Address BOX 26, this
ofil: aull-3t-em
MONEV TO LOAN on D. a real estate; paj:abil
in small monthly installments, ifinv n
Loans made on furniture
pianos, etc. without publicity
or removal, and the Say you
ask for it. We have an equita
ble payment plan which greatly
reduces the cost of carrying the
loan, and we will give you a
year's time If you want It to pay
the same. We will as cheer
Jujly make you a $10 loan a
1100. and no charge or ezpense
If loan Is not made. Business
strictly confidential. Please call
and convince yourself that our
rates are the lowest.
Washington Mortgage Loaa
No. 61 0 F Street N. W.
Loans of $10
and upwards MADE
IFflfron tf at Tnirpsf rta m i. t
you apply. Loans may be repaid on the build
ing association plan, in easy weekly cr monthly
payments; every payment reduces cost of car
rying loan. If you. h.-ve a loan with some other
company, we will pay it off and advance yon
more money, if desired.
Loans made anywhere in the District- Call
and pet rates. Front room, first floor. Scitntiflo
American Building.
National Mortgage Loan Co.
625 F St. N. w
Money to Loan on
Household Furalturs. Pianos, dc. with
out rtinoval from ownsr's possession; pavnunts
received on principal, which reduces the cost ol
carrying; all business strictly confidtntial; na
expense to applicant if loan Is not made;" ef2
cient service enables us to act promptly en all
applications. See us before coins elsewhere.
Capital Loan Guarantee Co.,
602 F Street N. W.
MONEY TO LOAN at the lowest rates of interest,
cu improved and unimproved property in tha
District of Columbia; no delay beyond exam
ination of title. WALTER H. ACKER. 7M nth
It. nw. tt3.a
Rooms 40 to 44, Metzerott Bid?.. 1110 F st.
If ONE Y to loan on real estate; f2S0 asd aeull
sums, 6 per cent; $500 and larger sums, 5 pet
cent; $2,500 and larger sums, t and 1 1-2 per
cent; all transactions conducted with economical
consideration for borrower. WU. H. SADNDKRa.'
ft CO.. 1107 F st. aw. aoU-tP
A -

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